CVS Live Guest - 2023-01-07 - Brett Mitchell

Author Streamed Saturday January 7th, 2023

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Brett is back to discuss dinosaurs, dragons, and effeminate academia. Always fun chatting with this guy.

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so we are live I'm here with Brett Brett how are you doing good thanks for having me David yeah thanks for coming back uh I'm going to post your first interview on my YouTube and everywhere but uh I might have to edit it first because we didn't we did talk about some controversial stuff that first time back in August I think it was in August right yeah but uh glad to have you back and we've been uh chit chatting just a tiny bit on Twitter about uh bones and uh dinosaurs dragons and I think you've got some interesting uh stuff to talk about so I'll let you take the reins and then we'll just discuss from there yeah uh so shall we start with the dragons then uh sure why not yeah okay uh so you know growing up I was you know super into dinosaurs like that was like my obsession basically uh all throughout childhood and as I got older I got interested in different things too and uh but it was actually dinosaurs that got me interested into the uh to the Bible into Theology and how I ended up getting a theology degree and everything uh yeah because you know Genesis and creation and all that uh and how dinosaurs connected with that that's kind of how I got started in that but uh in recent years uh especially uh after uh reading uh James Jordan and also reading works by uh I don't know if you ever heard of Sarah from Hamilton uh yeah or yeah hit some blog posts of his as well as uh there was also a video I sent you uh that that team before uh about uh dragons and uh yeah it's really kind of uh brought a whole new perspective uh to uh how I view the dinosaurs overall huh so uh we we can uh and not just dinosaurs but uh even other animals in general that would kind of fall under the grouping of dragons which uh I would also include uh even certain modern animals like snakes and crocodilians in that category as well uh so uh to begin uh let's start with uh Genesis chapter one uh verse 20 most uh both translations will say something like uh great sea monsters or great sea creatures or some even say great whales which all due respect to the great doctor of the church Saint Jerome who was the originator of the translation of great whales uh I think he got that one incorrect uh because biblically speaking I think whales kind of fall under fish you know if uh assuming that the great fish that swallowed Jonah was a whale which I think that's a safe assumption to make but uh but the Hebrew word is tanin which uh generally translate to like great Serpentine creatures or dragons uh all throughout the rest of the Old Testament uh so uh this uh group uh what's interesting about them uh start off with this first of all the uh he uses the Hebrew word in front of them meaning create and the text kind of implies that that was creation X knee hello out of nothing whereas uh yeah a lot of the other things uh were made and the text implies that they were formed out of like say dust or water uh there's only three times that God creates ex-nilo uh at least uh if you interpret Hebrew in that way uh there's Heavens in the Earth the great monsters and the human soul uh at least I think that's referring to the human soul and then the human body was formed from the dust uh so it's interesting that of all the animals here's this one group that's made directly ex-niolo uh which indicates they kind of a special place in Croatian uh and then uh this was something that James Jordan uh points out that I was like wow so when God gives man dominion over all the animals you know it says vicious e birds of the air livestock creeping thing Beasts of the Earth the great monsters or dragons are left out so implies that man was not given dominion over them at first uh and even job seems to support that like uh we'll talk about Leviathan God says who can hook his nostrils and you know he says no sword or spear or anything can Pierce Pierce his armor and all that so it plays that man has no ability overall to subdue these things so a little bit about Saint George the dragon slayer is only by a supernatural Aid that he can slay the dragons uh yeah so it seems uh in fact uh that was something that uh the uh video I uh showed you sent to you uh kind of goes into that implies there's an implication that so just as uh you know the Gentiles were originally left out of you know God's covenant uh but then uh with the coming of Our Lord they were brought into it so it seems that uh you know man uh while initially not getting dominion over the monsters just like Israel did not have dominion over the Gentile Nations uh and uh with the coming of Our Lord that Dominion seems to have been given to man finally to where we could subdue these things hence some of these stories okay okay okay well I think I uh correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Jews were supposed to be the priesthood to the to the whole world and it's only because they were a stiff-necked and rebellious people that God reduced the the range of their Authority and you know it was supposed to be all of the Jews that were the priesthood then it got reduced to a smaller and smaller categories until it's just the ancestors of the descendants of Aaron if I'm not mistaken so there was a an adjustment made by God in that in that domain but I think the initial idea was supposed to be the Jews would be the priesthood to the non-jews is that something you've heard before yeah yeah true uh they were supposed to uh be uh intermediaries between God and you know all the nations around them but even with that they still didn't have like they had no ability to subdue Babylon or Egypt right these other nations militarily right right right there's this tiny Kingdom wow it's it's off topic but I'd like you to just uh talk a tiny bit about uh Melchizedek how does he fit into the priesthood of the Jews do you have any idea about that well uh actually uh I I forget who it was uh who went into this uh my I don't know those getting Lazar or uh Sarah from Hamilton or whoever it was uh a uh but uh it was actually from uh melkit Melchizedek that's where where Abraham got his priesthood uh so the priesthood passes from from the kilzidek to uh Abraham and then to Isaac then to Jacob to Levi okay okay yeah so so when is so it really is the superior priesthood uh you know as told in uh the book of Hebrews uh because the levitical priest is basically a subset of the Melchizedek priesthood and uh and crisis of that priesthood and it was a better priesthood right it was a better priesthood yeah more pure more uh sovereign yep fascinating so yeah it's uh another example of devolution instead of evolution things are falling apart since the fall right [Music] yeah and and one one thing uh on that note uh I've been learning just how much the fall is like obviously there are some things that we know like the natural world was affected by the Fall like uh predation and stuff but you know I've been reflecting upon the categories of animals uh and like how did the fall affect our relationship with each of them like it actually want to occur to me just uh like a couple weeks ago that I never thought of like you know I've always wondered why it is that people look at disgust with uh like spiders insects rodents and all the rest and then just I was just thinking about a couple weeks ago and then it dawned on me these creatures are creeping things Brown creepers and the ground was cursed so it's like the Wonder and it also affected our relationship with the dragons as well uh now uh I don't know exactly what it would have looked like to not have dominion over them pre-fall like what what would that have looked like but obviously Post Falls that relationship turned to one of fear and like okay we need to keep away from these things that that goes from everything from like you know obviously the big predatory dinosaurs and other dragons like they obviously want to keep away from them but even like snakes like you know those are just little things slithering on the ground yet there's a there seems to be a fear of them that is different from anything else and uh it's it's interesting too that uh you know I figure that snakes are are dragons uh based on two things uh first of all if uh if you look at uh the uh levitical uh you know clean unclean animals uh both snakes and crocodiles although some translations include crocodiles but I think the better translation is uh monitor lizards in that context uh but uh they're left out of the creeping things uh you know like unclean craving things uh but then also in uh The Exodus uh when uh Aaron's staff turns into a serpent uh it the Hebrew word uses tanin and I think there's an I think there's a reason why uh that is because it might have been God saying to Israel like you don't have dominion over this great uh monster that is Pharaoh in Egypt but I do and another reason why I think crocodiles are probably in that category as well as because in uh I remember uh what chapter is but in Ezekiel it uh talks about uh it Compares he pharaoh to a river monster the Nile River Monster and that sounds to me like the Nile crocodile yeah what about what about Satan was he a dragon or a snake or a lizard or uh I think uh I think uh those creatures are symbolic of uh Satan and but uh I don't think that they're literal I think uh it was Satan in the garden himself and that you know uh scripture just used it is the imagery of the the serpent to uh okay well uh he didn't take on any form uh I mean he could have uh it's possible I'm open to that interpretation uh okay I just you know it might have just been if we saw a photograph or a video of the scene it might have just been Adam and Eve and we couldn't see any we couldn't see Satan because he's pure Spirit that's how you see it it could be uh yeah um but by the way an interesting point on that you know uh it says uh you know the serpent was you know the mole most clever of all the creatures of the earth uh well something interesting recently about like some of these uh I think dragons dinosaurs uh like first of all as far as snakes and crocodiles go we're finding out they're more intelligent that we've actually given them credit for before but recently it's been found that Tyrannosaurus Rex was as intelligent as a chimpanzee like how do they determine that uh CAT scans on the brain brain cavity seeing uh like uh how how it uh would have functioned uh really wow yeah yeah it's fascinating stuff that sounds pretty Advanced some pretty Advanced science to uh because there's there shouldn't be any soft tissue left after all these millions of years or whatever you would think but you have to keep on finding more and and not even even uh going past like dinosaurs some of these uh old supposedly older forms from like the Permian uh they found uh soft tissue in them so now not only do we have to go like all these things that are 65 million plus years old they have soft tissue well now we have things that are 250 million plus years old allegedly but uh as a soft tissue some big problems some big problems for them in the they like to boast about their natural science but they've got some big problems yeah but but you know I think it's great that you know they're looking into the things they are like go ahead pursue Evolution to the uh ultimate conclusion like keep searching because I'm that confident in our position that uh inevitably the evidence will lead to truth yeah yeah seek and you shall find right yeah so they may be reluctant to admit it but it's the same is true from our position like uh just as uh Christians you know if they found allegedly the tomb or the burial site of Jesus and found these bones and said their scientific proof or evidence at least that they're the bones of Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified uh we would fight against that tooth and nail and it would take a lot to convince us that our faith yeah like okay uh even if the tomb said Jesus of Nazareth like okay which Jesus of Nazareth like I'm sure there are probably at least 100 of them yeah yeah yeah yeah there so my point here is like where both sides are gonna fight tooth and nail before accepting the evidence that's why evidence-based um knowledge is not the best approach the best approach is to know who and what God is and to submit to the church that God took the trouble to build when he came to earth right like that's the best approach so you have the dogmas we have the teachings of the church and we can't go wrong and so in the modern Church a lot of modern prelates and those in the hierarchy have started to become worldly and they've always been worldly but to uh you know they've always been worldly people in the hierarchy but uh in the past since Darwin it's been a disaster where a lot of the priests Bishops and popes have seemed to giving too much respect to the Natural Sciences and I find that sad and it might not be I'm not condemning anyone's heart but it you know it might just be uh we have to pick our battles I'm not going to fight that battle I'm going to fight a more important urgent matter so I'm not going to fight all the you know this wave this cultural wave of secular science I'm not going to fight that as pulp or bishop or priest yeah and you know I'm not that invested in it and I'm just going to go along to get along but after after a couple hundred years of that it gets pretty entrenched that and uh also if you're if you're someone that like isn't well versed in this like The Sciences at all uh you know you don't want to put your boys out there and then make be made to look like a fool in in the eyes of anyone of Goodwill who might uh be convinced otherwise if they had listened to someone who doesn't know what they're talking about but then they listen to you know like say candovan for example and they hear you know some of that uh stuff and they're like these people are crazy I want nothing to do with this so what are the weak points of Kent Hoven because I find him entertaining he's got a he's got a funny character but I know he's entertaining all right but what but what is it what are the um some of the uh black marks on his uh record when it comes to the Natural Sciences because I've been warned against him by um you know uh Byzantine scotus and I've heard other people bad mouth the quality of the scientific work that he does I mean he's just he's not a trained scientist anyway but um what are some of the black marks on his record because I don't really know his work or probably the biggest red flag would be and this is this has always been a red flag with me uh the fact that his uh PhD comes from what's called a degree Mill uh where basically you do a little bit of work and you turn something in something really really bad it could be potentially uh and after a few weeks you get your PhD and you know most people who do that they're not looking to actually you know try and expand the knowledge or wisdom of humanity they're just looking to be like hey look I have this degree you should all listen to me so that's always been a red flag with me for anyone can't open her otherwise uh but uh and just you know some of his arguments I like his uh flood model where an ice meteor crashes into the Earth and you know freezes woolly mammoth standing up and you know starts a chain reaction and causes it to fly like it's all sounded kind of out there uh and plus uh I don't know if you uh saw this a couple of interviews uh done with uh the Ex-Wives of Andover like there's another flag right there Ex-Wives being married multiple times and but uh inspiring philosophy did uh interview with two of them and then paleo logos uh I don't know if you're familiar with him he's a young Earth creation scientist I highly recommend checking his videos out uh but uh he did an interview with one of them uh and just some of the stuff coming out of there like like he kind of thinks he's above the other people like he like he thinks of himself as almost like a new Moses it sounds like uh at least based on how they were describing it sounds almost that way yeah but everything you've said other than you know his speculation about how the flood might have come about everything you've said was sort of irrelevant to my question I'm asking about like the hard science that it gets wrong we can all speculate about how the flood came about you know I think it's pretty cool yeah I think it's pretty clear in the scripture that it came from The Waters from underneath from the uh from inside the planet right the sprung Springs that welled up and stuff isn't that how yeah it was not the major source so whatever like if he wants to speculate about is he's free to speculate just like everyone else right but I mean uh uh I mean we don't need to dwell on this but I mean to attack his character or whatever might be uh meaningful to you know because as Christians we're supposed to walk in the faith and to be uh to to strive for virtue um but uh uh yeah I don't know it's it's uh it's probably more his abrasive character and his uh some flaws in his character yeah more than you know the actual natural science that he's doing I don't know but I mean then again you know the to Endeavor to come up with a theory or a hypothesis about the distant past using natural science it's always going to be flaky no matter which side you're on now you mentioned a few names that you respect in the field of young Earth creationism and so maybe you have more respect for a whole bunch of people in terms of the work that they're doing in the Natural Sciences I know I know there's a lot of work being done it just bores me silly looking at it but um even even they admit that it's a lot of speculation and that they could be wrong and that they probably are wrong about a lot of stuff right oh yeah I mean uh there's always a little bit of speculation and whenever you're doing natural science uh always at least some if you're if you're dealing with something that you're you're not totally like known on uh like well remind me is uh it's not your Warehouse yeah or or not even just that like if you're if you don't know the answer to a question that you're seeking out to on some level you're doing some speculation even like you know like what like uh just a you know simple one uh what what's gonna happen uh you know that classic uh experiment of like oh uh when the moths are in the uh that are turned darker because of the uh pollution you know pollution uh like uh you could do that experiment not not know and uh like okay I speculate that these mods are gonna turn darker huh but you don't know until you've actually seen it like yeah yeah I don't know I think they I think I think we've seen uh this sort of um I think we've seen I think it's conclusive like we have seen that if you aren't as well camouflaged you're more likely to be eaten by the Predators by your Predators yeah and therefore the other ones will have uh yeah a more chance to reproduce that's basic Common Sense there's no one's arguing again no one is arguing against that yeah thing right yeah I just brought it up as an example of like until you you know kind of do it on top there's I mean yeah maybe it's not the best example but I'm just to point out that like on some level if you don't know if you don't have the answer in front of you already exactly pulling into the natural world trying to find an answer on some level you're doing some speculation because you want to have a good answer in your mind and then sometimes you might turn out to be wrong and like oh like it turns out to be something totally different uh yeah right what I find interesting about the Natural Sciences especially with um cosmology is we can so easily hide because it's such a complex large complex question and you know things like Star formation I think that's uh a difficulty for the secular uh scientists now we're getting into some real speculation there what's the best theory they have for styroformation because I mean uh I don't know I don't know what the best secular theory is for that but yeah I don't know either because most of that stuff goes over my head I'm I'm more interested in things that are either currently living or at least we're once living you know like animals fossils that sort of thing yeah stars and stuff I mean yeah they're pretty to look at in the planetarium but uh but if you're trying to break down the the physics and stuff to me it's like well it's pretty remote a remote subject matter for sure what was that what was the image that you shared with me was that a tooth I can't remember you shared a big yeah uh that was a uh I actually just bought that on uh Monday that was my most recent addition to my fossil collection it's a wooly mammoth you could show us if you want yeah uh sure uh yeah I got all my fossils to my left here uh see where did I ah there you are yeah this is a whole uh Woolly Mammoth tooth wow one in the North Sea is it real or is it a reproduction it's real it's real yeah wow well how much you have to pay for something like that oh this was uh it was like a hundred fifty dollars yeah especially since like some fossil dealers that I typically look at online and I have bought from for the same exact tooth with probably like 800 on there well yeah well yeah I would imagine yeah amazing it looks like uh it looks like a roast beef or something like it's like it kind of does some meat that's been uh roasted for a long time how heavy is it it doesn't look too heavy uh um it's not five times yeah yeah but uh but the uh Crown Jewel of uh this collection here uh let's see here uh is this right here this is a dinosaur egg oh okay I'm looking at it on my screen here wow yeah dinosaur egg yep crazy if you open it up what would you find inside uh minerals I mean uh yeah I mean maybe there's an embryo on there I don't but uh it would be long dead of course there's a movie about that where they accidentally rehatched the life or something uh you mean you mean Jurassic Park yeah I've never seen it really uh you should check it out sometimes the classic is it good oh yeah uh I would stay away from Jurassic world though uh uh is that another movie it's three movies uh uh okay okay yeah like and the the last one was kind of ridiculous because uh they uh so one of the lead characters and that is Chris Pratt uh and uh there's a scene in the third Jurassic World Jurassic world movie uh where he's chasing after these Paris or loafers some of the duckbilled dinosaurs with the long Crest behind uh and he's chasing it down with a rope on on a uh horse and he manages to rope the thing like like that eight ton monster wanna just drag him and the horse along for the ride the magic rope is a magic lasso well my theory is is that Chris Pratt in those movies is secretly Superman and that's why he's able to do things like that and when he survives pyroclastic flow in a volcanic eruption in the second one where the temperature inside is like 800 degrees Fahrenheit wow suspension of disbelief I think that's the term yeah you can always suspend it so far though [Music] it's hilarious you know we we're so proud we humans are so proud We want to present ourselves as intelligent and we know this and we know that and we're pretty sure we understand this and that and you know human health is another issue it's just like you really think you understand how my digestive tract works are you sure about that no yeah I mean I as someone posted something on Twitter the other day uh I I didn't get a good look at it but uh it was something new from uh like Health scientists or something and uh supposedly they're saying now that uh what did uh like cereal certain cereal uh I think was uh Lucky Charms I think or something is actually healthier than like a steak what I mean uh don't quote me on that that was just you know something I saw on Twitter but it wouldn't surprise me oh yeah yeah yeah it's when you it's when you uh can't see the forest for the trees see like you've got your dumb analysis that you've done as part of your grandiose Theory and you've zoomed in and you just obsessed over some detail and this these minerals or nutrients or whatever and you make your dumb conclusion without stepping back and using common sense and saying well what am I saying here okay is is it possible that this sugary crop is better than a wholesome know food that's close to the source I mean you can't get much closer to the source than like a chunk of meat right it's like yeah yep and uh by the way I you know going back to uh you know speculation uh I have a little bit of speculation here uh a uh hypothesis I've kind of had been developing for a while uh but you know I'm not quite in the place to prove it as a yet uh but uh I think I might have an idea of where uh After the flood the diners version some of the others might have actually gone uh okay because uh so and they come and what it com comes down to is what was the uh bio biogeography like during the Ice Age that's the big key thing uh so most of the earth so when flood happens all the forests have been knocked away and it's going to take a while for them to grow back and most of the Earth for a while uh is covered in basically treeless grassland and that's the dominant environment and for a while and the and the fauna that comes to dominate most the other time are the animals that can live off of grass or are fast enough to run down the grazing animals so like big herbivores tend to be like elephants horses you know bison and uh you know Saga Antelope you know all those uh woolly rhinos all that sort of thing uh and then the big predators tend to be you know the the dogs the Bears and especially the big cats uh which which I think is in God's Providence because the lion is symbolic of uh Christ uh so I think he allowed for that uh for cats to become the apex predators over basically the entire Earth and even in uh even America by the way they actually had Lions uh American lion was actually uh a lot bigger than the African Lion it's crazy uh but uh but there was one part of the world where tropical forest did seem to grow back quickly uh and it wasn't the Congo in Africa that was almost non-existent for a while or even the Amazon uh was much more fragmented but in Southeast Asia and in uh New Guinea and Northern Australia it was extensive rainforest and uh and also there was a lot more land back then because the sea levels were lower so a lot of the Indonesian Islands were connected to Mainland Asia it was called sundaland and then the island of New Guinea as well as some other Islands were connected to Mainland Australia and that was called Airline mass is called sahul so uh you had a lot more land and a lot of tropical forest and the plants there are right uh for them uh their uh prehistoric-ish uh and uh and also uh there's a lot of uh animal kinds there that are not found anywhere else on the earth uh obviously there's Australian marsupials and whatnot uh but even going past that uh there's uh the Tuatara of New Zealand which is looks like a lizard but it's actually not and this family used to be widespread throughout the Earth uh but now it's only found in New Zealand then there's also Gibbons orangutans tree shrews uh it even in there's various birds that are unique to this part of the world uh even flying ones if you can believe that ones that could fly wherever they wanted but they're only found here uh and and even in the sea there's a you know many holdouts uh that seem to be kind of prehistoricish like the coelacanth for example is exclusive to the indo-pacific sees uh and three of the four horseshoe crab species that are living today are found there and so many fish species are uniquely found is there it's called the Coral at the heart of it it's called the coral triangle which has more animals they're native to there than at least an ocean wise than anywhere else on Earth even more than like found in the Amazon they think there's a lot more species that are not found there so and what I think this part of the world is is uh the area that probably recovered the most quickly from the flood and is probably most analogous to what the Ancient World Before the Flood was like and I think this was a refuge that God provided for certain animal kinds that were not able to survive elsewhere and I think some of those creatures could have possibly included dinosaurs and some of these other dragon type creatures uh in fact even some of the stories uh like uh there's a story of Alexander the Great uh I don't know how true this is but supposedly his army went by a cave that was hold to under dragon and this was in India then Marco Polo has his story is about seeing a dragon that was in China and then there's that image from the Cambodian Temple that looks like a stegosaurus so it's like okay maybe maybe this part of the world could have been a holdout for some of these things and so I think the most likely Place uh try and if there are any dinosaurs or any other quote-unquote prehistoric creatures that are still out there they're probably in New Guinea which is the world's second largest island and one of these Explorer like this this place is so fragmented David there's oh there's literally over a thousand languages unique languages on the side of this entire Island like like that that's more languages than most continents yeah wow what about uh Loch Ness in Scotland I I don't think so because first of all I've if I I might be mistaken but I think that lake was formed by glaciers so that that Lake was not there I'm pretty sure at the end of the flood it was formed by glaciers carving it out I'm pretty sure that's just a legend it's just a colorful legend that uh yeah and if there was a plesiosaur type thing living in Loch Ness uh you have to come up for air sooner or later so uh you would think that uh we would have spotted them a yeah I I had no particular attachment to that legendary yeah it was colorful thought I'd mentioned it but you mentioned you mentioned pre-history in the Ice Age and all that sort of thing I don't really like the term pre-history because I think yeah that's my air quotes uh okay okay because I think Genesis uh starts history in the beginning and then all the way up to up to Revelation at the end and so it's all part of history but there are dark periods obviously where we don't have access to uh information right yeah and I think for those areas I mean maybe there's a better term but prehistoric can sometimes be useful in that sense in the sense that it's before written records right no like we don't know the history of the Australian Aboriginal people for example up to the time of the Europeans coming there like we know enough of that so in that sense you could say it's prehistoric yeah yeah uh or an a historic period or whatever yeah um what about the uh writing is it cuneiform or Sumerian or what's the earliest writing that people think that we have cuneiform is supposed to be the earliest riding uh that we have and that's the writing of the Sumerians on clay tablets when it's soft yeah and it hardens yep is is anyone still using that or is that dead language that that is very much a dead language it's been pretty we got uh I think it got replaced with uh Greek pretty quickly in in Syriac and then more recently Arabic and Turkish okay yeah interesting I've got a book here I'm gonna uh pull it up just give me one second I'm gonna pull up my book for you yeah foreign I don't know if you know answer there's I don't know who this is there's um Don bat Don baton PhD got uh Ken Ham you know him right you like him you like henna uh I appreciate him uh although uh I wasn't a big fan of his debate with Bill Nye but for all that he's done I do appreciate him do you know Jonathan surfati uh yes I do know him Carl Weiland yeah they did this little book it's uh answers book I don't know if you can see that but it talks yeah most asked questions about creation Evolution yeah I I don't have that book but I've seen it uh on Croatian masteries International uh that okay do you know uh Dr Andrew snellick uh yeah Snelling he did a sort of colorful book that I got which I think you would like oh yes I I have that book uh that Paul Garner uh yeah so that one's okay oh the forwards by smelling okay the forwards by smelling the illustrations are by Gene Elizabeth and the book Itself by Paul Garner okay good so uh there's a lot in here there's a lot of stuff to look at and I remember reading about the coral reefs in particular yeah yeah they believe uh and I think this is a very interesting uh model that actually they have the the pre-flow world there were stromatolite race I think uh I think that's actually kind of a cool concept so uh there are bacteria that build up these mounds and they're only found in certain plate key locations today but in but fossils of them are really big and uh so that uh indicates that there was this unique ecosystem that uh went extinct as a result of the flood well we're watching uh my wife and I like watching Survivor but uh we're watching the South African uh uh series of Survivor and in this particular season that we're watching a couple of the guys have been removed from the show because they just got lightly scratched by some coral and the infection set in right away oh and they had to leave the show so it seems like it's uh it's got some self-defense built into it it's a living organism right yeah they're they're animals uh crazy enough but yeah some some corals you want to keep away from like most Coral is harmless there's even some that you can keep in uh aquariums and stuff which I hope to do myself someday I'd love to have a reef aquarium uh with like clown fish and blue tang and all that fun stuff uh yeah but uh yeah some some corals uh you know the ocean is not always the most friendly place like you like obviously you know everyone knows about sharks and stuff but yeah some uh there's some nasty things in the ocean jellyfish uh stone fish uh that uh they're they're the world's most venomous fish uh and actually I just watched a video a few uh weeks ago where this guy Australian guy uh he he was uh yeah this aquarium and he was going into a low tide uh and he was picking up these stone fish and putting him into this aquarium like this is this is a fish that could kill you if you touch if you just accidentally hit his dorsal yeah wow like you'll be dead within the hour if uh if you get in venomated by this thing and he's picking them up like it's I'm trying to find the name of this guy that I want to know if you know this guy um and just give me a second Hazen Ardell do you know him no he did a series of shows I think it's still ongoing my wife and I enjoy watching it it's called Primal Survivor and it sounds familiar so he's very comfortable handing poison handling poisonous frogs poisonous snakes and all these sorts of things tarantulas all these sorts of things and he he travels around I don't know how fake it is or how real it is but it seems you know he's got a camera crew and all this sort of stuff so obviously you know they're playing up the drama a little bit of the survival aspect but probably you know but you know when he reaches out and grabs these things it's just like I would not I would not do that well there's one guy I watch on YouTube I don't know if you've ever heard of Chandler's Wildlife but he and there's also some other YouTubers like this but he's like the biggest one and uh he he owns at his house uh he has venomous snakes and crocodilians uh so he has like king cobras rattlesnakes uh Black Mamba and uh and big uh crocodiles he he actually got bit by uh one uh one of his crocodiles that he was he was getting it and trying to bring it but uh he had to try and find it underwater it was a cubing crocodile which is a very aggressive crocodile species and it bit him in the leg uh but I mean it was a small bite it was it got better after a while uh so not no major damage but still uh and what's scary about this Croc too is uh they can actually literally Gallop on land no joke like you can look it up on YouTube look up Cuban crocodiles Galloping and it's scary looking it's like a Gallop like a horse wow so this is a young looking uh cool looking dude here this Chandler guy I'm just looking them up now yeah uh does he have more courage than brains or is he pretty much know what he's doing uh oh uh to to own those animals you have to be trained in it like it's the law like you have to spend so many out hours with uh working with whatever venomous family like like Cobras for example belong to a family called lapidae so if you want to own cobras or black mambas or any others in that family you have to work like a thousand hours or something with the alapa day valley whereas okay he also has rattlesnakes which are vipers so you have to spend another thousand hours or whatever working with the Viper family wow and you also have to have the skateproof room and you know uh some bigger snakes they microchip in case of escape and they also have a like a plan in place in case the air gets bit what's the nearest hospital like all all that stuff so everything is all figured out but but yeah sometimes he does some crazy things like like once I was like oh if I get such and such uh many subscribers I'll do the kiss of death where he would kiss the king cobra don't do it lots of times so we should never be motivated by notoriety and fame or money or any of these stupid things but if you think about it in a sense like are what they doing is is that really more dangerous than what any of us do like in our day-to-day life like driving or being at our jobs like it's just that that's danger is more acceptable and it's not as in much in our face but this is more weird and more in your face novelty yeah for sure the novelty of it what's the most dangerous uh animal or plant or animal that you've been around other than that other than humans yeah uh like uh like you mean like close up yeah like where you were in danger what's the most danger you've been in because of an animal or a plant oh uh I haven't been interacted with too much dangerous stuff uh in particular uh as of yet uh May and I suppose theoretically when I was uh walking around in low tide in uh Zanzibar in Tanzania I could have theoretically stepped on something because stonefish are actually found over there but there's also women and children out there barefoot in the low tide collecting stuff uh for their respective like businesses and stuff so if you think there was anything dangerous in the water they would be aware of it being as they're out there every day uh then there was also one time uh it wasn't literally I guess it wasn't really dangerous situation at all uh definitely uh but it was with the potentially dangerous animal but there was once When The Circus was in my area and in the uh my uh high school when I was a young kid they brought their elephant over there and actually touched his trunk or her trunk rather uh female um never worked with Bulls so uh unless you're planning on breeding them um but uh yeah I was touching her truck a lot of people were feeding her uh so yeah theoretically dangerous animal what a captive Fred raised one probably well yeah the the I would have to say for myself God only knows what the most dangerous situation I've been in is but uh just based on adrenaline and whatever I would say is when I was tree planting up northern northern Canada and I ran into a moose have you seen how Big Moose the Moose are yeah yeah do they kill people they look like they could yes give them the chance you know their history and their family tree and all that yeah they're the deer kind yeah the uh largest living Deer uh anyway during the Ice Age there was a deer that was larger than a moose uh it's called Mega Lazarus although most people know us the Irish elk oh and had these really big antlers that uh for like as long as a man what do you think of Hearn the hunter in the uh Robin of Sherwood Robin Hood yeah her and the hunter was the green man who was the spiritual father of Robin Hood in the Robin I thought that was Prior tuck well there's a there's a British BBC production called Robin of Sherwood I recommend you check it out and they incorporate some of the more mystical uh Legends in with the Robin Hood stuff oh nice so they have uh I mean I don't know what the what the purists would say about it about this but um I think with Legends you can mix and match uh as long as yeah you do it respectfully right yeah I I would have to check that out sometime uh because uh I didn't see the uh 2018 I think it was 2018 Robin Hood film but that one looked like a total disaster and from everything I've heard about it it was a disaster not surprising there's a lot of disasters out there but this this series is uh I should look it up actually but it's uh it's my wife's favorite uh television series of all time Robin of Sherwood yeah just a few months ago me and my wife we watched uh Merlin that's another BBC series about Merlin Arthur okay so this was 84 85 and 86 1984 to 1886 okay so um you know it's a little bit you know corny and camp and uh there's some ridiculous scenes there's some very ridiculous scenes series and the music is good the music is very good it's uh clenard I don't know if you know clinard's music but it's a sort of Irish flute stuff whatever wow very nice okay won a bafta award apparently I'm just reading it now oh yes so uh definitely check that out and if you're you said your wife uh likes the Merlin one is that what you said oh yeah uh she she liked it uh she had seen it before and I had never seen it before so we sat down and watched the whole series together and it was actually pretty good overall I think yeah I like uh I like mythology stuff uh and actually I give a lot more Credence to mythology than a lot of people normally would uh I think I think we have to uh yeah well I mean just pick up a children's book of fairy tales or an adult book of poetry or whatever and or flip through a fictional TV show on Netflix and guess what they're incorporating reality and real life stuff into each and everything because you can't just create something try to create something that has no connection with reality and good luck with that product yeah and you know crazy thing about that even like science you think of science fiction movies or shows take Star Wars or Avatar we just watched the new Avatar recently in theaters so and like every species in there is like basically an earth animal just dressed up as an alien like uh like there are these creatures in the new Avatar that are basically whales uh like I don't know if you saw the first avatar but that one was saved the trees uh this one was saved the whales black whale lives matter so don't forget about that mm-hmm yeah so yeah I mean it's just like uh people make fun of us for believing in God but like God is creative and you're not buddy you are not creative God Is Creative you know yeah or or if they do come on come up with something really quote-unquote creative uh it's very like outlandish and silly like the blob for example Jabba the Hutt oh congratulations on your Genius creativity he's a worm he's a worm with uh with eyes and arms sounds kind of like Satan actually yeah yeah I mean uh worms are are images of Hell uh worms I think they we refer to dragons as worms too right was there a w-y-r-m yeah okay for wyvern huh okay did you like the fantasy movies like that one where they ride around on the furry creature Greatest Story Ever Told or whatever it was I've never seen that one actually you should check it out you should check it out yeah I've heard good things about it uh I'm a Lord of the Rings fan okay okay so you still like you actually like the movies too uh-huh yeah uh very much how many have there been there was a three Lord of the Rings movies and then there was The Hobbit movies which were all right uh they uh they had their flaws uh the movies did and then there was the time in Xenia yet but the uh what I've heard is a disaster Amazon series Amazon and TV like Amazon yeah Amazon Prime yeah yeah oh okay a whole series yeah just sounds bad overall so uh when it comes to Fantasy and sci-fi and all this sort of things is uh Evolution being tackled and creationism are there any Christians pushing for a creationist uh fantasy or does it doesn't make any sense to to make a fantasy story about creation right because it's like I mean I mean I guess you could uh but uh there hasn't really been much uh there was a uh and I I recommend it it's it's not the greatest uh work of literature I've ever read uh but it but it's a pretty fine overall uh there was this Trilogy that was released by Answers in Genesis that's ties into the ark encounter theme park the official backstory to the Arca encounter like trying to create a history for the theme park for the the version of Noah that they basically present and it uh that's a fictional Trilogy about the life of Noah ah interesting have you read The Book of Enoch uh I have it I I read part of it uh having gone all the way through it I'm I guess that's kind of my problem I'm good at starting books I'm not going to finish yeah well maybe you could jump to the parts where they talk about nogs I've heard some good things about that oh really yeah so is it a big book no it's actually a pretty thin book uh okay I could probably find it for my Kindle pretty easily yeah you're probably good I'm sure it's available for free out there okay I'll check that out anything to do with Noah and the flood I'm definitely interested in that and yeah he's he used to be my Arch Enemy when I was an atheist when I was uh anti-christian atheist I hated Noah so that's pretty interesting the way Satan Works in our heart right when we we hate the because he's basically like uh he's an the father of us all because we only eight Souls got into the ark right well oh yeah he's a he's our uh for forefather our great patriarch other than uh and then you know the ones before that up to Adam of course uh but uh as far as the last common ancestor that would be Noah and his wife but did Noah's father and grandfather did they die suddenly because of the flutter did they what happened well uh I mean lamech uh clearly died before the flood based on the genealogies but uh what's interesting with Methuselah is uh it depends on which uh version of the genealogies you go with whether it's the masoretic or Septuagint but if you go with the masoretic the foods will actually did die in the year of the flood but uh it's not believed that he died in the flood itself uh by most people even even though it doesn't really say either way uh but I would given that he's the grandfather of Noah and the son of uh Enoch uh I doubt uh God would have allowed him to perish in that um they were considered pretty much uh holy the these long lived Patriarchs I think uh the ones that are listed in the genealogy are probably all uh holy uh okay and uh you know there we can maybe make some criticisms of Noah within reason about uh you know yeah I mean he got drunk After the flood yeah how do you interpret the story of uh his son discovering and uncovering his nakedness what does that mean for you how do you have you settled on an interpretation of that I'm uh I'm not quite settled on uh an interpretation of that yet I've heard all sorts of interesting ones and that's that's one I'm you know kind of figuring out I suppose um Timothy Flanders talk about that he has a rather interesting one oh yeah what's that I'm not meeting you Catholic uh okay yeah uh basically uh uncovering his mother's nakis means he slept with his mother yeah I'm covering Noah's nakedness meant he slept with uh Noah's wife yeah yeah yeah his mother that's a common that's a common interpretation I've heard over the years for sure for sure yeah I've heard that for sure Timothy Landers was the first one I've heard that one from okay yeah I've heard that uh it was a common one that I that I heard but um it doesn't really matter we don't really need to know that to go to heaven but um yeah you know we have to treat we have to treat these stories with respect and the people that are in the stories with respect but do you have any theories about the because there are a lot there's a lot of speculation about the uh Greece was formed by uh japheth or whatever it was um yeah do you have any uh hunch about these like sort of building great civilizations they all went in their own Direction and formed great civilizations yeah uh so japheth generally speaking was father to the Europeans which I think would have included the Greeks uh okay and uh I think I think it was uh and I think the uh founder of Greece uh the Greek people's uh forget which one I used to know all uh these uh Nation the table of Nations uh haven't looked at it in a while but I think it might have been kitten okay or shop I don't know there's a job in there uh I think I've heard that one yeah his name was yeah remember that he was considered one of the founders of Greece for sure yeah and of course you know there and of course you know the Greek people himself there's you know been many different peoples coming and going and they're like the Greeks today aren't necessarily quite the same as the uh the Mycenaeans for example or the Minoans there's been all sorts of mixing and matching over the many thousands of years what's your uh hypothesis on Atlantis total New Age bologna or something the truth to Atlantis well uh I mean from I don't know if Alliance itself as Plato described it existed but what I do know is is that during the Ice Age sea levels were lower and there was a lot more exposed land than there is now like Florida where for example was double the size it is now and of course I met earlier I mentioned uh much of Indonesia being connected to Mainland Asia and New Guinea was connected to Australia and the bearing straight was non-existent there was a land bridge between Asia and North America so we do know that there was a lot more land back during the Ice Age and then when the ice melted the sea levels Rose and whatever happened to be there close close to the coastline which is by the way where people usually build cities is usually close by a river or coastline they got flooded so regardless of whether Atlantis exists as players described existed or not whatever there was there got flooded hmm uh this next question is something I ask a lot of my guests and you don't need any expertise to answer it but I just want to get sort of the heartfelt answer from you you seem like a sensitive guy um I'm a bit troubled by the treatment of the Aboriginal people's uh by the Western conquerors and there's a I'm torn because you know I'm supposed to be cheering for Christianity to civilize The Barbarians and the Savages but at the same time I don't like the way that they've been treated so what's your take on that how can I sleep better at night being a sort of a European male that has this you know I come from uh Christendom and I'm cheering for Christendom as long as it's done lovingly and respectfully you know I don't want any abuse I don't want any abuses on any level from the church well first of all we have to consider the fact that the Christians who brought Christianity to the to the Australian continent were British therefore Protestants uh and it seems like all the uh the racisms that have ever come out like the uh the connecting thread always seems to be protestantism uh okay because it seems like Protestants can't quite seem to grasp the idea of uh baptizing cultures or interracial marriage like you know you go back to like the Puritans for example who thought that the Native Americans were people of the devil and they wanted nothing to do with them whereas the Catholic Spanish were trying to evangelize in the Americans and made them equal to you know native born Spanish citizens uh so you know like you look at the history of the christianization of Europe they didn't you know violently they generally didn't violently subdue people and try and take away their identity they baptized it and washed away all the Demonic elements of their cultures and brought out what was good and oriented it towards Christ but uh the Protestant you know conquest of the world seems to be more of like on the only culture that's compatible with Christianity is European culture and all these you know Savages around the world need to basically become honorary Europeans this is a narrow-minded approach so you don't have any legitimate um concerns about Catholic history I know that the pope sometimes have made apologies here in North America and yeah I've been very uncomfortable with any apology that's offered like with Galileo or with the uh you know the aboriginals here I'm very uncomfortable with any apology that's offered by a pope or even yeah or a priest well uh a series I would definitely I would definitely recommend watching meaning of Catholics videos on the history of like Spain and Catholicism in the new world uh I think they have a pretty good uh series on that uh who's the head of that uh it's Tim Planters is the okay the main one but he also has like Kennedy Hall uh Jeremiah Bannister and a number of others on there oh really okay yeah okay I think Kennedy oh he's he's a rat Trad right huh yeah he's sspx yeah he's Canadian uh-huh and uh I happen to like him I happen to like his Vibe and his face and everything and his voice and so yeah he's one of the few red tribes that I can listen to he's a little bit you know and he doesn't pull bashing from time to time yeah a lot of people do yeah one thing I agree about the channel that they all do together meaning of Catholic is you know they're like okay we have you know these different schools of body and Catholicism like you have over here you have your Scott Hahn you know Catholic answers conservatives and then over here you have your sspx trades and we need to kind of come together and talk stuff out instead of just screeching each other on Twitter yeah so uh you know I interviewed uh Jeremiah Bannister years ago like in 2017 or something like that and uh he's an interesting he's an interesting character with his presuppositionalism and all that I can't remember if I asked you about presupposition we did we did uh yeah uh I can I can definitely understand the uh reasoning behind going along with that's definitely very tempting but uh I'm not comfortable with uh you know falling back onto circular reasoning as much as I can avoid it right right right right uh another big name uh who's getting popular uh who used to be around Trad is Michael Lofton I'm interviewing him on Tuesday yeah yeah I saw that uh you were on the very pumped up and excited uh I watched a little something today talking about he had a guest uh David Gordon I don't know if that's Tim any relation to Tim Gordon yes his brother yeah oh yeah he looks like him but um you know the idea was they were playing with was should we scrap the tlm and just uh let everyone settle their differences with one United liturgy or whatever and you know I don't get too excited about these sorts of uh details myself yeah I don't think there should be like any one liturgy per se I mean I mean I I don't uh I try not to get too much into like the controversy around the nervous Ordo but but within you know the wider Church you have you have the Latin Ripley of you know the Byzantine right the Coptic right and all these others like so I don't think we should try and uh get rid of all these other all these liturgies and be like okay this is the right liturgy we're doing and we're gonna have it everywhere and you're gonna like it you know yeah I like diversity well there's that saying from Vatican II in Essentials Unity but in non-essentials a healthy and balanced diversity and in all things charity so a lot of the trads don't like the the charity part you know you know yeah that's unfortunate because you know that's one of the three cardinal virtues like that's you have to be charitable you're going to be judged on how charitable you are absolutely so what was it like in uh remind me you may have told me before but what was the most like in Tanzania is that where you is that where you uh brought yeah did you meet your wife there or did you meet her yes uh I met her there uh and she's a Lutheran uh but okay but you did attend a mass in Tanzania yes uh yeah in uh in the city of Dar es Salaam there's uh a few uh Catholic churches there uh including uh I like uh Saint Joseph's a lot probably because I've always you know felt a little bit of a connection to Saint Joseph like uh I have I've been trying I've been starting a little bit of a Devotion to Saint Joseph uh trying to get kind of closer to him as a saint uh you know just as a you know husband and father uh I think he's a good uh saying to kind of look to uh for sure but but yeah I went to uh Mass there and uh and uh it was pretty nice uh it was uh we went to the one in English uh they all they have a ones in Swahili as well uh that's the main language in Tanzania Swahili uh there weren't uh really any uh land masses there that I'm aware of unfortunately it was the singing nice uh yeah African African music in general is very Superior to uh most of what we what filth we have um in the western world today uh -huh and the church music too is uh on the whole a lot better uh yay they're gifted they're definitely gifted in Africa with a lot of uh charisms and I think music's one of them yeah yeah it's a it's definitely a different uh role they're much more celebratory than we are like everything's kind of more of a party yeah well even even the Latinos I went to a Spanish mass here by accident and uh at St Joseph's oratory actually which is a huge oratory here in Montreal built from scratch by a little uh future Saint brother Andre but um you should look into the history of St Joseph's oratory in Montreal modern Miracles a lot of Miracles but um yeah I went to accidentally went to a Latin or not a Latin Mass but a Spanish language mass and yeah I thought it was in a party because the energy was high and everyone was singing loudly and participating and you know just just the energy was over the top and I'm definitely not used to that I'm used to a more somber Tower kind of atmosphere you know when uh I'm not saying one is better than the other but I you know I was a little bit taken aback and a little bit you know wondering I was wondering if it was reverent enough but uh to each his own and I may be a little bit morose in my in my Outlook on yeah background it's good to counterbalance sometimes yeah yeah and that's why you know like for example I like sometimes like I like listening to you know Latin hymns but sometimes I'll listen to like Coptic or Greek or Armenian or some of these other I think that's a pretty healthy to do try and bring in these other liturgical rights uh yeah yeah have you been to an orthodox uh literature uh no uh not as a yet I haven't uh okay there's not too many that are near me where I'm at uh right yeah but uh another thing another topic that I you know did want to get into as well that I had mentioned you was uh what I call uh effeminate Academia versus masculine scholarship and uh you're gonna you're gonna offend a lot of people here go for it yeah well so the reason why uh so you know you know I went to you know uh you know Bible school and uh which you know is a great you know conservative School uh but in the uh some of the students you get more you know liberalism and stuff and I did kind of fall under that so I guess I'm in kind of an interesting position to be talking about because in a way I kind of fell into the whole effeminate Academia thing a while ago where it's basically about being in the club uh and you know saying the right things and and uh part part of the reason why I care about talking about this uh is because I don't want people to try and go into the Other Extreme which is just be turn off your brain and being like Oh books are for nerds and I'm just gonna be interested in going to my you know job at the warehouse or construction or whatever and then I come home bring on my beer turn on the sports game and talk with my friends about cars and girls and that's basically my entire existence like like that that's a picture of masculinity that I think a lot of men tend to fall into but the ones that do care about masculinity anyway so I'm you know I want to show like no they're toxic that's called toxic masculinity yeah uh so I want to say like no there's you know middle way between being just a uber nerd who you know might know you know the latest gender studies thing and versus being just you know a grunt um like and I call that masculine scholarship where it's like okay uh you're interested in what's true good and beautiful no matter where it leads you and that's what you care about and you're not interested in being invited to fancy dinners or being presented Awards which is what effeminate Academia really is all about it's about the distinguished career and award ceremonies and the fancy dinners and the presentations the ultimate example of that is uh who we probably cannot name for YouTube a certain doctor uh related to a certain illness he's a saint yeah he's the archetype just say the science he's the science okay yeah uh-huh yep uh and you know a lot of people think it's you know oh it's just the university system like okay yeah there's a lot of corruption in that you know he was educated Jesuit right really no that explains a lot but uh but uh but uh you know it's not merely just you know like oh ridiculous tuition or I mean it's easy to pick on gender studies for example but uh you know Cole's Beyond even that I think it's you know just this uh overall uh lacking and masculinity like that comes down to it and their people are getting trained up in careers that exist purposefully for University system and they're not learning real world things uh or even like real world like Scientific careers for example like uh like like so uh what would you say if I could tell you you could get a job at Nasa for like 160 000 a year and all you have to do is all day is speculate on what alien life might be like in an ecosystem that's astral biology that's astrobiology that's a legitimate career yeah like that's a thing I looked it up wow you should apply yeah but uh kiss yourself respect goodbye yeah but you know uh but you know I think the The Way Forward is you know not just to say oh University's bad I think just the way forward is you know like study but also do a thing that's in the real world like uh like you know get it whether that's your job and whatever you do uh or even in your private life like raising you know livestock for example or gardening like you know be into books but also be in the dirt you know perhaps you know go work work out and some of these you I'm preaching to myself as much as anyone uh you know like I you know I've worked on myself to do but uh you know I think uh I think a lot of people recognize you know that there's a problem but it's being like misdiagnosed in some ways and the solution is just to you know reject all you know learning in some ways uh that but the solution they're proposing I'm saying like no don't they'll turn off your brain um you know get into you know the great sayings the you know read philosophers and read you know science obviously use a Stern mention all those things but uh you know get into it uh but you know don't only be into that yeah if that's making any sense you need you need to um do some self-examination every human does you have to know yourself you have to know uh you have to have a BS meter like am I spouting BS right now is my is my am I getting a high salary to preach BS uh just be honest with yourself and then sort of try to change your course in life and uh the sad thing is I guess money and uh status can behind us can blind us to all the BS that we're pushing right it's like it's like we make fun of pimps and drug dealers because shouldn't they know better and these sorts of things but we're no better if we're if we're just pushing Big lies and uh yeah and we seem respectable like I always use the example of the uh really wealthy successful salesman who sells uh sugared water like Coca-Cola Pepsi whatever it's like everyone thinks that you've achieved something and you've got the sports cars and the mansions and whatever but you're just selling foreign drugs it's sugar like I'm a drug addict myself with sugar I love sugar I'm addicted to sugar and I I like Coke I like Coke more than Pepsi but I try not to drink Coke and I try not to eat too much sugar because it's a drug and I'm addicted to it okay so that's a penalty for you in general yeah so why why can we not see through this why can we not say uh instead of saying I'm proud of my son because he bought me a house and a country house and this and that with his Coca-Cola career why don't we say you know that we're ashamed of him and that he he went down the wrong path you know and you're not going to hear you're not going to hear the mother of a successful businessman saying that they're ashamed of their son because they sold their soul to the devil you're never going to hear that what you're going to hear is my son wears these clothes he's got this job he's got this money he's got this house he's traveled here here and here and here and he knows this person and that person that's famous and so on and so forth that's what you want to hear yeah I hear hear about all the you know the uh the fancy shiny stuff the worldly topics World they travel yeah I'm so success and that's the uh that's the uh very image of like a feminacy in some ways there it's you know liking you know any uh basically you're addicted to a pleasure and uh you're not willing to go through any kind of suffering at all like you just want to stay comfortable like you want to have you know the the comfortable lining clothes and you know the fancy cars the money the big house like that that's the that's the very thing with the femicy and that's you know what a lot of Academia has become it's just you know this like I'm gonna get in with this guy and this guy and I'm gonna have a big successful career and you know uh I think there's one uh movie that pictures it perfectly uh which I don't know I don't know if you ever heard of uh Sarah's Matt Damon uh it's uh Goodwill Hunting I've heard of it I I may have seen it but I tend to forget films that I've seen but uh yeah um Robin Williams in that yes uh and it's a it's a very great film overall but there's a this particular scene in there I think public illustration I love this scene it's a a bar scene where uh Matt Damon and his friends Ben Affleck is one of his friends in the movie and uh they're out drinking and Ben Affleck sees these girls over at the uh over by uh the stools uh and they're having a drink over there and he goes over there and starts you know flirting with them uh and uh and this uh and by the way this bar is nearby uh I don't know if it's Harvard or one of these Ivy League schools uh so a lot of the people there that go there are students of uh at school uh and uh then this uh guy comes up who's a college student they're like a graduate student or whatever he uh he comes up to him and starts you know trying to make him make benev like look like an idiot uh and uh you know he comes up to him and he's like I'm curious as to your thoughts on the development of the market economy in the southern colonies my contention is that the the economic modalities in the colonies prior to the American Revolution especially in the southern colonies can be most aptly be characterized as agrarian pre-capitalist and then that's when Matt Damon steps in his character is like a genius character and he basically makes this college girl look like a fool who's plagiarizing stuff and he can identify the source material that he's drawing him or what yep yep word for word like the book The Page and uh but but you know what and then uh you know uh and then Matt Damon says like oh you you dropped 100 grand an education that you could have gone for a dollar fifty in late late fee charges at the public library and uh then then the student is like uh yeah and maybe but but I'll still have a degree and you'll be serving my kids fries on our way to a skiing trip and and there it is right there it's all about uh oh I'm gonna have lots of money so I'm gonna go and take my kids on a skiing trip to some fancy expensive Resort while your you know work slaving away at like McDonald's or something that and that's really at the essence of what I call a feminine Academia it's the career it's not the pursuit of knowledge or wisdom it's the career exactly yeah I remember how naive I was when I went to University I I signed up for physics and I thought now I'm going to delve with the greatest minds and the brightest professors into the nature of Ultimate Reality and then I get into a university and it's just just training you for industry that's all yeah they're just training you for industry and uh you know that's fine Industries fine whatever if you're into that I wasn't into that I thought I was going to be learning pursuing the truth about Ultimate Reality that's what I thought physics was because in my reading of of uh philosophy physics is the highest Natural Science because it's about nature physics means nature it's a study of nature and so I thought I was really going to be going into a pursuit of knowledge of the the Ultimate Reality but that just isn't the case I was very naive and very disappointed pointed and I actually dropped out and just I had enough like I'd been there for uh from 92 to 95 and it's a co-op program so I was working at the same time I got to work in a lot of different places but I wasn't interested I wasn't interested in the application of physics I wanted to understand reality you know so yeah yeah and another thing too with that scene I mentioned another sign of it in in that scene uh the grad student I was kind of trying to say as best as I could his uh work like word for word I was quoting him hey you did a good job I could never do that yeah and uh and there's a reason why I do it like that because I'm trying to you know kind of showcase exactly what that looks like you know the the mannerisms and the uh and the wording like uh so obviously he's talking about uh you know economies like in the you know southern colonies before the American Revolution he uses words like he uses these big you know unnecessary words like uh you know the economic modalities of the southern colonies and then he's like characterized as a gray and pre-capitalist translation they were farmers like okay you know there's some you know areas in that in uh you know scholarship where you have to use you know big terminology like or not even just seeing Nolan's scholarship but just you know in certain subjects like okay we as Catholics affirm transubstantiation that's a big term you can't and that's a term that we have to use you can't break it down any further than that but when you start making up terms like agreeing pre-capitalist when you could just say Farmers like you're just making stuff up try and make yourself sound smarter than you actually are I think that's a lot of what Academia tends to be like like I have uh you know books around here about like uh you know literary Theory and stuff and they're using terms like post-structuralism and you know queer Theory and you know post calling colonialism Theory and this and that like have you ever seen have you ever I recommended that you watch all of Woody Allen's movies because they're great but I mean he he may be some kind of sexual deviant but his movies were highly entertaining and I think he's funny I think he got he got better as he went along and then like he peeked and then he started going downhill again but uh Annie Hall is a classic you should check it out if for no other reason than the scene when they're waiting in line at the movie theater and he's pontificating I forget who it is it's pontificating about Marshall mcclue and the the medium is the message and this was all hip and cool you know at the time to talk about Marshall mcluhan who's a Canadian by the way talking about the uh you know his his theories and it just so happened that uh as he's pontificating you know waxing large and all this sort of stuff uh who should turn around in line but Marshall mcluhan himself and he just says you have no idea what I'm talking about you have no idea what uh what my what my uh yeah so then have you seen it no yeah uh at some point I might do that that uh but you know one thing uh that uh really you know show just how you know it's become corrupted by this you know feminine Academia stuff uh I don't know if you uh saw some years back uh there were a series of bogus papers put forth in the scientific literature that used the right words but they were coming to purposefully bogus conclusions but they were using the right words so they were being published that guy one of those guys has become very famous as a James Lindsay yeah critic of uh post-modernism a Critic of uh uh you know uh this whole um hegelian dialectic and all these sorts of things and uh he does uh he does pretty thorough analysis from what I've understood yeah and and even and where it especially gets bad is in uh like the realm of Theology and biblical studies because like and this is where it really relates to me because I used to be on the side of women's pastors and I think on deep I think deep down while I was in it I was I knew understood that it was bogus that I was doing word games with the Greek but I was so committed to the ideology that I kind of tricked I guess tricked myself out of it uh because I was listening to some of these you know great Scholars you know who were being like Oh if you look at the cultural context of Saint Paul you know yeah the Temple of Ephesus and you know the Temple of Artemis and the women priests and that would have caused problems with the church and blah blah blah like the word salad uh and you know it's like you know uh you know what recently uh like a month or so ago I got into a Twitter argument with a guy who put out there like why is it that you know people go on to YouTube for their commentary on like religion and philosophy and politics and stuff like uh because they're actually you know men who actually believe what they're like they're following the truth and you know they actually know their stuff and they're not selling me a car um and you know the university says it's corrupt Ed by a feminacy and we kind of got into back and forth but it's like you know like some of these people like Gideon Lazar or you know Christian Wagner or Sarah from Hamilton or you know Tim Gordon you know Tim Flanders okay all like all these people I'll take whatever they have to say on scripture or theology or provision or any of these things over you know some guy coming from like Princeton Theological Seminary like by and large not not to say that everything that comes out of the mainstream is bad like Scott Hahn for example he's you know a mainstream scholar but he's one of the really good ones like he's you know good model I think of like a masculine scholar like he actually does he's even though he comes from that Cesspool uh by by and large he came out of it but uh you know like he's he does seek after what's true good and beautiful like and I enjoy his books you like Peter craft I I've I haven't read his books but I've heard good things about him I've seen a little bit of him on like Matt Fred and stuff like okay check out his older uh check out his older content on his website and on uh YouTube he's apologetics pretty pretty cool pretty cool stuff uh what about uh Bart Ehrman or Airman yeah Herman uh I do have a whole story yeah uh he actually one of the schools that he went to was actually where I went to school yeah so did he lose his faith completely or what happened yes he did uh he's an agnostic uh but uh but I think in some ways he's kind of a victim of some some of that because uh you know the professors that he was engaging with with his questions about the Bible they just couldn't answer his questions like they weren't prepared can you answer his questions can you answer properly uh it's a big topic you know the yeah I don't know if you've seen the video I did on the the um the Bible and how we don't have the Bible here it's I call it the mystical Bible because it's up in heaven no one's ever seen it yeah and all we have here is a shadow and it might be very very close to the Bible but it's not the Bible you know it's like it's a shadow it's a shadow of the Bible and it doesn't pose any problem whatsoever for me because I'm Catholic I have the living magisterium I have God Almighty directing this Arc this ship yeah and I think I think that might have been his problem too because being as used race Protestant he was committed to solo scriptura and then once that started falling apart uh then you know well how do you feel do you are you like right on board with my attitude that as long as we have the Holy Spirit guiding us and protecting us in the church oh yeah then yeah it's like it's like uh you know what would there be a church if God never put a Bible together and I would think yes uh because you know Noah didn't have a Bible uh Abraham didn't have a Bible and Moses you know I mean at first he didn't have a Bible but obviously he wrote the first few books of the Bible uh so that was when the bible really got started was with Moses but we had this long Faith tradition of going back to Adam well do you think that Moses had uh a very graphic mystical experience where he could see the Garden of Eden or is it just a tradition that was handed down he just wrote it down because he believed it or did he get to experience something mystical probably both okay pretty cool when you think about it right yeah and when did Moses live relative to Adam how many uh years was that roughly um forget the math but uh probably [Music] three to fourth out maybe four thousand years and how long ago was uh Moses now from us uh like 3 500 years okay so you think the universe is about eight thousand seven eight thousand years old probably about that and I base that off of the sub two agenda I go more with a Septuagint than the uh masoretic you know the Jews uh think that the universe is not yet six thousand years old and at six thousand the Messiah is Gonna Come yeah that that was actually an interpretation among some of the early fathers too like uh Saint Justin Martyr for example uh he kind of had that interpretation too would you do you think it's too extreme for a Christian to adopt the less than 6 000 uh age of the universe I mean I I guess you can try and make an argument based off of some of the scriptural variants but in terms of like the history that we do have uh I think lesson 6 000 is a little bit of a stretch uh then you have to you know try and you know squeeze in there like the Ice Age how many Ice Ages were there just one thank you there's one uh yeah I would recommend reading Michael Lord on that uh he postulates that the Ice Age was probably about 700 years that's pretty long well it's less than uh the uh two million or so years that mainstream would uh and that's a and that's just you know his uh maximal analysis he's given like the maximum there okay okay so I have I have another interview coming up so I gotta let you go but we have a lot more to discuss uh next time later on it was a pleasure uh seeing you I'm talking to you yeah very good talking to you all my all right I'm not talking about all these things all the best to uh your wife and child how old's your child now she just turned a year last month on the feast day of uh the Immaculate Conception December 8th wow yeah which ended up working out great with her name her name is uh Mana you know just like our Our Lady carried within her womb the bread bread of life you know he had she's a new ark of the covenants of the old Covenant had the bread from Heaven Manna wow that really worked like we didn't plan for that but just because we we coming we came up with the Amanda prior to her like like a month or so prior to her birth but but then it just happened to come out cool she came out on December 8th wow very cool congratulations and uh do you does your wife speak Swahili or what's her native uh dialect Swahili yeah do you know if there's also does mana means something in Swahili Mana uh not I I don't think so I mean Mana as far as I know those that sound man it might mean something you'll be cure I'd be curious to know what it means in Swahili if it means I'll have to uh ask you that sometime about she also has a tribal language that you know uh because there's different tribes in uh that's the language she uses when she's angry at you no yeah no uh the tribal language you would use with her uh grandmother uh when she lived with her okay because you know it's sort of like how uh you know English is you know the main thing here but then you know you have families of like Mexicans or polish and they're speaking their respective languages when they're in the house you know of course of course yeah I'm married to a Greek and she spoke Greek and Macedonian she learned she learned Macedonian because that's the secret language the parents would use when they didn't want the kids to understand so they switched from Greek to Macedonian so kids are pretty smart right they could pick up so all right well all the best we'll talk what's that but I hear somebody fussing out there well I'll let you go you can go and take care of the family and uh God bless you please remember me and mine in your prayers and uh I last time we spoke I enrolled you and your family in a Perpetual Master you're getting those Graces all every day till the end of time thank you uh and uh maybe as we close out maybe maybe uh because you could say a prayer for uh the soul of saint of uh Pope Benedict you know since he just passed away sure in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit amen dear God we love you we thank you today for all of The Graces and we're sorry for our sins and we thank you in a special way for Pope Benedict XVI you gave us a great grace in that Holy and sweet man and we hope that Pope Francis will continue to reign as the Vicar of Christ and that we will continue to benefit from the teachings of these two great and holy men and these two popes and all the popes that came before them and we thank you we thank you for the church we thank you for the papacy we thank you for the infallibility of the church the indefectability of the church and the inerrancy of scripture and the tradition that is passed down and we thank you for the holy spirit that you sent when you ascended when your son Jesus Christ ascended into heaven he sent us the holy spirit to guide and protect the church so we have so much to thank you for today and every day and uh please continue to protect us and to guide us into all truth Amen in the name of father son holy spirit amen well thanks for having me on again thank you so much we'll talk soon on Twitter yeah we'll do huh all right my brother God bless you God bless