CVS Live Guest - 2022-06-28 - David Wemhoff

Author Streamed Tuesday June 28th, 2022

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My Aussie friend Matthew suggested I reach out to David Wemhoff, who was kind enough to accept my invitation. David is a Catholic author and a practicing lawyer. Today he asked to discuss the recent overturning of Roe v Wade.

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sure sounds good and we are live i'm here with david wemhoff david how are you doing very good david thanks for having me did i pronounce your last name properly you did is that dutch no actually it's german but i'm also part flemish oh from belgium or netherlands it was from belgium i lived a couple years in belgium in uh liege with my wife yes it's a nice town i've been there it's you know it's old fashioned it's very comfortable uh it's nice to walk through i still have family in the area nice yeah i loved uh i love that part of europe we could bike to germany bike to holland you know it's crazy yeah that's right very nice so tell us a little bit about yourself i don't really know you or your work but i was uh suggested to reach out to you because one of my listeners is a good friend he's become a good friend over the years i've never met him he lives in australia but he sends me uh interesting uh links and sometimes he suggests hey why don't you invite this gentleman on so uh i don't know that much about you if you could just sort of talk about your background and i know it's a lot to ask but if you could start in your early childhood give a fast overview of how you were raised how you came to be uh what you are who and what you are today and then you can talk a little bit about your career if you'd like and then we'll get into other topics okay that sounds great well uh i'm a hoosier i am from indiana born and raised here quite frankly i had an idyllic childhood uh it was a two-parent household dad worked mom stayed at home and raised us went to catholic schools grade school and high school that was really a great experience went to the university of notre dame that was not such a great experience that's where i lost the faith everything my parents had taught me i lost it all there and then i went i went into the army for a while then went to law school and um after law school i practiced law in california for a while and came back to indiana where i've been now for what now 27 years about 27 years i've been in indiana i'm a lawyer i have my private practice i do mostly federal criminal defense and i also have uh the american proposition website it's just the american proposition dot com uh i wrote one book john courtney murray time life in the american proposition uh which is on amazon it's a two-volume set black and white cover which details the doctrinal warfare program by the united states government and the united states media against the catholic church from about 1945 to about 1965. i also edited a book called redeeming a father's heart it's about men and abortion this is many years ago about 15 years ago and i dabbled in poetry i don't think it's particularly very good some of it is i got a little poetry book out there but all this is available on and i'm here in northern indiana where i submit and write you know to the blog the american proposition and that's kind of me in a nutshell what are your uh what's the faith uh like in the family your parents or siblings if you have any siblings are they all faithful catholics are they all over the map well that's a very good question and when i went to notre dame uh of course i lost the faith and i really just stumbled around for about i don't know 20 years and it's very interesting because i really came back to the faith in a very big way right around christmas of 1998 when i found a little pro-life leaflet in the back of the church and i picked it up and i read it and i got boom you know there's a lot there um so then i came back in a very strong way to the faith my brother i've got an elder brother still alive he's very strong in the faith i had a middle brother who passed away several years ago he was not so strong in the faith um and he fell away and it's kind of kind of odd because when we were all kids we were all real strong in the faith we all went to notre dame we all lost our faith and then it all came back you know later in life my parents were very very good people very devout people and like i said before it was an idyllic childhood they did everything right and um we were very fortunate and um i i wish everyone could have a childhood like that amazing i thank god for you and your family it's just such a beautiful thing uh one of my favorite things to see is a big family you said you had just a couple of siblings how many are you kids i i just had two brothers and i'm the youngest one and and you know my fam my parents were very religious i mean we prayed to rosary went to church uh uh they they you know mom stayed at home and cared for us we all sat down to dinner at night you know we all had breakfast in the morning we talked about what happened we spent time together my dad taught me how to golf and i still golf to this day and we did it as a family we did everything as a family and i miss them they're really good people they were good people yeah amazing um so i was wondering about phil donahue in the catholic league that's his name right phil donahue is that right yes uh is he i don't know that much about him either but it sounds like maybe you might have something to say about him and the work he's doing is there any overlapping interest in the work that he's doing or no i don't follow phil um uh no it's not what it's donahue yeah i don't know if it's phil donahue now that i think something donahue yeah something donnie i and i i bill i can bill donny so that tells you right there i don't follow him very much yeah so uh there we go is he a lawyer i think he was trained as a lawyer yes i think he was he seems a bit like edgy and pushy like kind of uh he's a new yorker you know people from new york and from the big city are pushing people from indiana were a little bit more mellow if you want to put it that way i think we're more conciliatory and collaborative someone in my life live chat's amazed that i got you on my show because i got a very small audience but this guy says you're the man to talk to when it comes to the cia and stuff like that so maybe just talk is that true and maybe talk a little bit about that why is that the case well i i wrote a book john courtney murray time life in the american proposition now the cia's doctrinal warfare program changed the catholic church and what what i presented in there is how the cia tried to change catholic doctrine now the cia never works alone it always works in conjunction with the american media and american big business they all work together i call big business the plutocracy and what the cia did is basically to fund a lot of operations that were ostensibly catholic but would basically present the american proposition which is the ideology upon which america is based it's liberalism with capital l and it would present that as the ideal and acceptable uh in catholic circles well once you accept the american ideology or liberalism um you really have a different society from the catholic confessional state you have a different society from the catholic societies that we know in europe and elsewhere and you have a society which has things like the first amendment in it and what the first amendment has been used to do is to give a great deal of power a great deal of influence private interest the influence is over what is written and said in the media it is influence over the culture it's in its influence over the entertainment it's even influence over the religions um and it's a very powerful tool if used for nefarious purposes as it has been as we've seen at least in my life that's been the case but that's what the cia did the cia funded these organizations like prodeo and father felix morleone john courtney murray was worked very closely with henry luce henry loose was the founder of time life time life worked very closely with the cia i uncovered a number of uh documents that showed that time life just gave its files to the cia and said here we go but you know the media has always been that way correspondents have always for lack of a better term and to simplify it correspondence have always been spies i that that's the reality uh they go they find out what's going on they write stories well they have names and numbers and address and so on and so forth so that's what the cia did and you had the most powerful uh media in the world working with the cia to say america is the ideal america is good and this went on for 20 years right after the second world war second world war was a horrible war i i believe the only winner in the second world war was america and europe came to look at america as the ideal and why this is important is because vatican ii started just 17 years after that and the church leaders the council fathers they knew they were under pressure but from the communists and from the americans they just didn't quite know how but they knew they were under pressure and so they pushed back they pushed back with a document called intramurifica which came out in december 4th in 1963 which i think is a great document a strong document it sets out how the media is supposed to be controlled by the government and by the church and they also came out with dignitaries humane which which very clearly says you can limit other religions uh if it hurts the common good and that has now been incorporated into catholic catechism so the church pushback its doctrine did not change stood up you know to the americans into the cia and said no uh but what happened is you had a lot of americanists like john courtney murray and others who believe america is the ideal who went forth and spun all the documents from vatican 2 to give it an american a spin to say america is the ideal and this is how we should organize ourselves so as a result many of the leaders of the catholic church are now taking america as the example on how they should organize and run this church and i think that's what we've experienced for the last uh what is it almost 60 years now uh the church has kind of run like america uh you kind of say whatever you want but i i think you know with the with the dobbs decision coming in i i think we see several things and we can speak more about dobbs but i think one thing we see is actually the power of the catholic church um you know not all the leaders were behind the pro-life movement but the leadership of the catholic church at least the local bishops here in uh in the united states certainly were rousing themselves from about 2008 on from what i can tell what i can remember uh now you know uh pope saint john paul ii obviously had written evangelion vitae in 95 but that was really a powerful document that allowed the church to orient to support uh this movement now now we can argue that you know the movement moves too slow you know maybe it did but you know the the ultimate plan that they had um worked is americanism a condemned uh heresy americanism so you know you know about gallicanism back in the day in france they were trying to nationalize the church uh is american is because i've heard about americanism but i don't know if it's an actual heresy that's been formally condemned by the church pope leo the 13th condemned it and testament a testament of valencia no australia which issued on january 22 1899 and uh in it he said well i'm not condemning the american people or the american character i'm not condemning patriotism what i am condemning he said is this belief system that we should have um you know liberalism within the church basically and that you should doubt that we should downplay um all of this uh we should downplay parts of our doctrine and and uh pump up other parts of our doctrine so as to bring in um converts um you know what he was condemning there he was saying that rome teaches america because he was talking about the attitude in america that well america got it right rome needs to be like america and so he was condemning this idea that was circulated and associated with the name of father isaac hecker who was a ballast priest and it was pro and that was and his and father heckler's life had a biography written about it that biography was touted as an example of a good american and a catholic and that was used by certain people to say america got it right and the pope just kind of swatted that down so is it really first of all what is liberalism just in bullet points and uh is it implemented in this cia program in terms of just emphasis is that all it is is a shifting of emphasis or is there actual uh doctrinal like you suggested doctrinal change being introduced or attempted to be introduced well the the uh the american government the american media did try to introduce doctrinal change and liberalism or the american ideology the heart of it i submit is contained in the first amendment which is uh free speech free press uh religious liberty and uh disestablishment of religion among other things those are the four big ones okay and so and so that what those things do is is they disestablish a church they they weaken the government um and they also uh control the mob for lack of a better term the american founders were very concerned i'm reading the life of eldritch jerry right now and they were very concerned these were merchants and these were businessmen they were very concerned about a couple of things they were concerned about a very strong government like a tyrant or a king um and they were very concerned about a mob a democratic mob that would just take everything over they also did not want a strong church and so that's why you had madison come up with a declaration of religious liberty in 1785 in virginia and those ideas were largely adopted and brought at the national level so they did not want this kind of society they wanted a commercial society because america is fundamentally a commercial society that's very important because when you have a commercial society that that controls relations between people not just you know does it establish a certain political economy but it also tells you really how to interact with people i mean when you buy and sell things you can't be extreme you can't make hard moves you got to be kind of a salesman you know what i mean and so that has kind of influenced our society here in america and so it's it's kind of a give-and-take that's why baseball's so popular you know it's kind of a give-and-take kind of slow going sometimes sometimes it picks up but but it's this dialogue that doesn't upset the situation now the big fight so this is what the cia wanted the church to adopt as the ideal okay why did they watch that why did they well well they wanted it that's a good question they wanted it because what they wanted to do was basically to take over all the societies in the free world if people accept this idea of how to organize society then you remove barriers to um financial capital industrial gap but you remove barriers basically to financial capital to american financial capital and american influence and you have the powerful private interest control so so what the first amendment does is it weakens the church it weakens the government it weakens the mob and it allows the powerful private it controls the month it allows the powerful private interest the financial capitalists to control things there were two conferences in may of 1952 and may 1954 they were officially unofficial but they were attended by banks the cia and intelligence agencies industry labor uh and others you had all the key leaders of america attending those two meetings and they talked about how we're going to infiltrate all the societies of the free world ostensibly as a resistance to the soviet union and so that's what got america in there it opened up these societies to american influence and american capital and in a way i believe it also helped those societies but also it helped to colonize those societies okay it was all part of it you have to have a certain political economy um in order to be colonized and when america was shown as the ideal all the third world all the other countries agreed you know we're going to work with you we're going to be on your side we're going to do things your way you're our friend so on and so forth so um what the big fight in the catholic church was uh was was john courtney murray said um this system as in the first amendment which you know was condemned by leader 13th and pius ix and even pius the 10th and and even the popes after that he said this system that's in the first amendment is based on the natural law well the other catholic theologians didn't agree with him either connell didn't agree with him monsignor shea didn't agree with him father connell said he was called the catholic theologian of america he said no he said you've got to base everything on the divine positive law now the way the americans and john courtney murray put the question was can the state suppress heresy well i mean in america that's a very foreign idea to have the church come down and you know force you to believe something religiously it's a very foreign idea and of course you pose the question that way on some really tangential matter and of course you're going to get people say oh no that shouldn't happen not here not anywhere and so that is how it was posed it was very effectively done john courtney murray carried the ball and he agreed to do it he agreed to change catholic doctrine and i know that from the secret minutes from april 26 of 1948 of a conference in the biltmore hotel in new york city and he said that and i got those minutes and it's secret and very few people have those and so this was the plan now there are a lot of jesuits there and there are a lot of people of other religions there but that was the idea they said you know the catholic church has got to change the way it wants to organize society so you mentioned the jesuits they're uh almost as if to imply that they're not catholic yeah so uh just talk very before we start before we talk about the overturning of roe v wade can we just talk touch briefly because you're a wealth of information uh touch briefly on the jesuits uh while you're at it you talk about pope francis if you want in the context of all this americanism stuff uh and then the inquisition and the crusades in history uh you know i view them both as glorious and i wish we could go back to those days but um just sort of give your perspective given all that you know about the way that they're trying to infiltrate the church and weaken the church just talk about those three points if you want the jesuits the crusades and the inquisition just briefly well i think that the jesuits have always not always but in recent times have been viewed as a as a fifth column in the church uh and they've been from what i found the jesuit leadership especially with america magazine was definitely on board with the agenda of the american elites um and they they associated with the american elites the wealthy catholics like the lilies and the graces and the lilies and the graces work with the cia i mean ed edward dr edward p lilly came up with the doctor final warfare program and he was a catholic he came up with the program and i should say that that the doctrinal warfare program did target all the major religions except for one from what i could tell it it targeted hinduism uh islam uh buddhism all the sects of christianity catholicism uh but i i couldn't find anything where targeted judaism but the jews were working with the national conference of christians and jews in the united states um so that's one and then uh what what was the second question well i wanted you to touch briefly on pope francis in the context of the jesuits well i think pope francis is showing that he is clearly um going along with the american view on things his immediate response to the russian special operations as they call it in in the ukraine was you know to condemn it and call for peace and to condemn uh alleged war crimes when not even the pentagon could confirm them now recently i know he started to change his tune but you have to wonder uh you know what's that about and you have to wonder i mean you live and work right there in europe man i mean i mean you should be pretty close to what's going on i mean the catholic church is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world and so you should know what's going on at the on the ground and you should have noticed what's happening in europe so so i think he shows a very strong american as ben an american is bent means you're gonna you're gonna you know follow the plutocracy um uh ultimately uh the powerful private interest in society as far as the crusades uh well i didn't really get into that but i think that um you know you had the crusades as a as really a unification of christendom and east and west i think you did to a point i mean obviously what was the third or fourth crusade they sacked byzantium and they they created the latin kingdom they got a little bit off course there guys um but you know there was uh that was an effort at least of unifying the west and that brought changes obviously and the inquisition the inquisition well the inquisition you know was an interplay between church and state uh i mean the inc was a lot of the work the inquisition did was by the church you know to find out who the heretics were and depending on what the offense was uh the state would weigh in and uh administer the final punishment treason was a big part of that right treason was a big part of that yeah i believe it was yeah i believe it was the reason i asked you about that is because you talked about the americans are averse to the idea of maybe imposing uh some sort of inquisition where we would check someone's faith for heresy and these sorts of things um i like the idea of an inquisition just because it gets it drops the mask of the wolves in sheep's clothing like i don't care if you're catholic but if you're not catholic please don't pretend to be catholic that's my only beef uh i think it was saint um what was um lourdes who was that uh bernadette subaru bernard and subaru yeah she said i only fear bad catholics so that's why i'd like an inquisition just so i know who's really catholic and who's not and then i don't mind like if you're not catholic that's fine i just don't want infiltration but what yeah you wanted to comment on that well no yeah you bring up a very good point because because what what you basically had happen when well i call it the american captivity i think the church is still in its american captivity but i think it's it's starting to rouse itself but um the american captivity says we don't want inquisitions you know uh it's gonna we're gonna deal with the medicine of mercy we're gonna talk things out you know truth will come out well that's you know that's kind of like an american idea it's like we're gonna sit around we're gonna talk it out and uh you know the truth will out you know uh well you know that hasn't worked so well especially over the last 75 years or so but with dobbs we're actually you know seeing through american jurisprudence excuse my ignorance but what is dobbs what's dubs dobbs is the decision that came down on friday that overturned roe versus oh they're calling it dobbs they call it dobbs versus women's health center i believe it is it came out of mississippi okay and so when they say dobbs they're talking about the case they did with roe and casey okay um and what and what they did in that case was basically they the the majority which was catholic um used uh american jurisprudence i've read the opinion i think it's a brilliant opinion i think it's a textbook on american jurisprudence they dealt with um ordered liberty and liberty under the 14th amendment and they said you know roe and casey couldn't find the exact location where this right to an abortion was rose said it was under ordered liberty which means it existed when america came into existence in 1787 or so and they cited a number of amendments casey said no it's the 14th amendment that came into effect in 1868 and that substantive due process well a lot of people have always had problems this idea of substance of due process because the 14th amendment talks about nobody will be will lose life liberty or um or or life uh liberty or property without due process of law so that's where the substantive due process comes in and so what the court said is wait a minute if we're going to use these we have to look at the history back then we have to look at american society american history traditions law that's huge that's that's huge because what that does is it puts the americans puts us back in touch with our earlier with an earlier country with our founding puts us in touch with our people which go all the way back to the late 1700s now um granted i mean america was never a a catholic nation i don't think it was ever a christian nation okay but it did have a certain amount of um sense of culture of laws that did properly reflect the natural law and it also reflected this idea of federalism being in place but there was never any specific part of the constitution that says okay our laws are going to be based on on the divine positive law which is what catholic doctrine is the basis of your laws are going to be divine positive law it's not the natural laws divine positive law the important inquiry is always what is the basis of the laws where what's your foundation is it going to be the natural law are you decide that or is it going to be the divine positive law well it's supposed to be the divine positive law that's the catholic doctrine but everybody gets caught up in the federalism issue now the federalism issue actually worked this time with dobbs i mean it worked it sent this thing back down to the states it also is putting a lot of these other decisions on the block what am i talking about talking about gay marriage talking about homosexual acts even they're even talking about interracial marriage you know and what you have is you have this idea that the court is not supposed to be a super legislator it's supposed to defer to the will of the people so that's what that's what dobbs did that's kind of a big shift uh and we got another big decision yesterday here but it puts us back in touch you know with our beginnings and what we've seen over 75 years is we've been cut off from who we are as a people why have i heard people talking about privacy being the issue that sort of allowed roe v wade to to take effect all those years ago it was privacy do you remember any arguments about privacy what was that right they said everybody's got a right to privacy that first issued uh with griswold 1965 the uh that was the contraception case saying that and it struck down the connecticut law on selling contraception so after that conscious contraceptives were legal and they said well you have you know privacy do whatever you want privacy of your room of your house of your residence whatever you want and uh that that was also tied in somewhat with our fourth and fifth amendments which dealt with you know a right to privacy uh in your personal belongings and in your residence to be free from unreasonable searches therefore we have the requirement that you have a warrant uh based on probable cause to do a search now there are exceptions obviously to that but there is still this idea of privacy in our lives that we can be free of the government you know the one justice said uh we live here um in our house or we're the king of our houses this is our domain you know um and so that's you know that's what you deal with uh have you heard about the uh lambeth conference or conferences and how they all pretty much all went the way of contraception do you know anything about that i know that was in england about 1930 1931 the anglicans even got on board with contraception at that time i think right yes i believe they did in a big way and i i think that's a big turning point for the doctrine of a lot of uh non-catholic christian communities isn't it like the sexual thing the family thing divorce with uh henry viii and all these sorts of things seems like they really they separated sex from from procreation that's really what i did so uh really really quickly so i want to get on to dig into this abortion stuff uh the freemasons do you have anything to say about their role in the history of uh what's happening in america with all this americanism well the freemasons were and were i think a very powerful influence no longer i i think they're weakening their weakening i think their function their time has passed uh the freemasons a lot of our founders were freemasons but you have to ask i mean um you know who who benefits from freemasonry um i i i was just talking to a friend today and i and he said uh you know america has a judeo-christian founding i said well i don't really know about that i i said um i i said i i think what you have what i said earlier is you have a commercial society so what you have is the the successful the wealthy basically are the ones who call the shots and so freemasonry helps the accumulation of wealth the enjoyment of wealth it helps the commercial society why because it breaks down barriers uh to the flow of money and people goods and services and the enjoyment of wealth it opens markets that's what freemasonry does it weakens religions and america always had um it always had this struggle against established religions i mean from the minute the puritans came over here they were under attack uh because you know dissent reads dissent reads dissent reads dissent so what you had is you had things like the great awakening with jonathan edwards who's standing up there in the 1730s and saying you know it's god as a personal relationship well that weakens established religions all established religions uh and if you know it and when you have that in a society and you have an individualized spirituality that weakens religions that removes a barrier to uh the powerful private interest the ability to create markets and to create wealth and um to be innovative it's it's a very powerful dynamic is it a religion like uh it says in the bible love of money is the root of all evil is it but is it a religion like uh you can't worship god and money so is what you're talking about sounds like it's a really strong powerful supernatural movement to try to bring break down the barriers and have this flow uh do you view it as a supernatural thing as a sort of demonic satanic religion or how do you see it not sure if it's a religion i mean certainly i think there are demonic elements to it christ told us you serve either god or wealth so i would say if you don't serve god you're going to fall under the devils power pretty easily if you're not careful uh so i i think that's a the big choice in history is it god or is it wealth uh who are you going to serve and did the on a technical sort of uh history of america note what is the cia why was it formed and are they rogue are they going against their own founding principles are they doing what they were built to do when they do all these crazy things like selling drugs in different countries and stuff like that or importing drugs and whatever allegedly allegedly they were founded in 1947 national security act harry truman within about five years sad and i paraphrased he was the president united states who signed the bill authorizing the cia he said uh he said i don't know what those guys do over there they do anything they do everything you know they're kind of out of control and he said this about 1952 and i think that that pretty much has continued on uh to this day they have black budgets you don't know fully what they do uh they have networks of people um and you know they're gonna support a globalist agenda and they're gonna go uh support the the plutocracy and their efforts we saw that under trump you know we saw that with trump ah now i want to talk about covet but maybe after we're done with abortion we'll talk briefly about covet but um you're gonna lose your youtube channel if you do yeah yeah yeah so um i'm not worried about that but um is there an example a recent example or a current example of even better of someone who has a catholic uh system that's in conformity with the teachings of the catholic church where we have this divine positive law as the basis the explicit and intentional basis of the human laws is there an example of that today or how far back do you have to go in history to find sort of what you're you were sort of uh contrasting this liberal liberalism capital l liberalism with the church's way so where is the church's way where can i look up an example of what that looks like in practice please i think you gotta be hard-pressed to find it in today's world uh i mean costa rica um comes to mind right away they've officially recognized the church the last time i i checked uh which you know is in itself uh a sign of the divine positive law um because you're supposed to recognize the church now have they organized and passed laws in accordance with the violent possible law uh i i don't think they have i think they have contraception uh which is uh legally allowed uh but as far as um countries that are trying to follow the divine positive law i think you have a very real effort in poland i think you have an effort in hungary along those lines you may also have it in slovakia and to some extent uh yeah i think you may have it to some extent in in slovakia too i believe it's called the visgarde countries that where they have a sense of uh trying to keep their culture and their continuity and they see the church as an important part of maintaining that and they try to follow the church's doctrine and what they do by limiting you know things like same-sex marriage contraception stuff like that you know charlemagne and the holy roman empire and all that sort of stuff is that a high water mark in in the context of what you're talking about here or no well i think i well i think what you had it's interesting because i think what you had with charlemagne is you actually had a situation where the church and the government were going to cooperate on a pretty big schedule a pretty big scale um and that he was going to let the church and you know infuse the society with its doctrines and teachings and support the physical aspects and nature of the church and try to govern in terms of the church's doctrine and i think that was a very real conscious significant effort in history where that happened because you saw that close connection uh with his coronation on christmas day 800 a.d easy to remember that date so let's dig right into it share everything you wanted to share with me uh about the significance and the impact and all the maybe maybe there's some stuff that we're not aware of uh that you are aware of because you're a lawyer because you're you're digging into stuff more than the average person uh just talk about uh everything that's exciting and new and what we can expect in the future because of this uh historic decision um i think you're seeing well the decision comes um at a very interesting time i think you're reviving i think you're seeing a revival of the american proposition you're you're going to say a lot of people see you're saying basically see it works see the system works you know we can we can um put these big issues to the people now what i think is very interesting with alito's comments in the dobbs case um and what i think is also very interesting in a number of other cases that have come down i wrote some comments and i may not have them here i'm sorry they fell on the floor that doesn't mean they're not important it just means it fell on the floor um leo said we end this opinion where we began abortion presents a profound moral question the constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion roe and casey irrigated that authority we now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives so he's saying abortion presents a profound moral question now i'm skeptical of what i'm about to say but what he seems to be saying is saying we can now bring morality into the public sphere uh we can say my catholic religion says no abortion so we want laws based on that religion i say that because in 2003 june of 2003 there was a decision that came down by the name of lawrence v texas which overturned bowers versus um hardwick and and bioware's versus hardwick said the states can regulate can can criminalize homosexual behavior so lawrence v texas said no that's wrong you can't criminalize homosexual behavior i know there's some nuances but that was the whole that was the big holding and what lawrence what anthony kennedy the justice who wrote that opinion said was something really was very anti-christian i mean he really did not want christianity in the public sphere as you read what he said uh he really you know attacked catholicism well not catholic but christianity in general uh and at the end he said you know just you can't have you know religions as the basis solely of your loss well then you you fast forward so so the dobbs case was kind of a a reaction again it's starting to seem to be encouraging us to bring religion into the public debate years ago in the colorado cake uh cake case uh justice roberts said you know the the city council in that case was actually hostile to religion wouldn't listen to religious point of views so he said you've got to listen to religious point of views so i think you're seeing this court under roberts or with this majority you're starting to see this court let um morality into the public sphere to me that gives me some hope now i'm very skeptical okay very skeptical i'm a suspicious guy i assume the worst all the time that's my training right you know i mean that's my training as a lawyer criminal defense lawyer i assume the worst of everybody all the time right so um you know what you're looking at is okay we're going this comes out when you have really mass defections from the american experiment i mean you've got intellectuals at notre dame writing books against liberalism you know you got other people writing books against liberalism you got people dropping out of the system you got you got joe biden as president really in my view carrying on uh political repression and by any other term with the january 6 commission and arresting guys like navarro and bannon um i know it's contempt of congress but you can always use the criminal procedure to go after people that's what they did in the soviet union and you always have prosecutorial discretion were they going to bring any charges or not so i think you're really seeing repression you're really seeing part of the population being pushed down and this is going to cause disaffection and with all these decisions and the cultural issues going against them they're gonna sit there and say hey what's the point we may as well just you know do something [Music] more physical here we're getting crushed so i think that is one dynamic that we're facing with this country right now and so this decision comes at a very interesting time the second dynamic is we're engaged in a global conflict with russia and china there's no doubts with russia and china some of south asia with the brics in some parts of latin america and so you're seeing really these two blocks going at it uh matt taibi who was a journalist at a right of beginning i think he was right deal hudson uh i'm done deal hasn't i'm sorry michael hudson michael has an economist out of new york he said it he just wrote a book that came out he said we're engaged excuse me we're engaged in a global conflict between do different ways of organizing your society um larry summers said that back in may or march when they interviewed him on bloomberg he said the same thing former secretary treasury harvard president professor he said the same thing he said we've got two world views or clashing and he said it's it's going to have a big impact on economics this is exactly the thing same thing the american elites said in 1941 they said we've got um a world view in europe and in japan but especially in europe with germany that is opposed to ours an economic system that is opposed to ours so you know when you go into these kind of world wars you need everybody on board because um you know russia and china they're pretty serious these are pretty serious countries they've got big economies a lot of re well china has a big economy a lot of resources uh their leadership appears serious um i know they go to davos they go to world economic forum maybe this is a staged fight it wouldn't be the first time but you know they got to make sure at least that um you know the the everybody's on board with the american experiment as much as possible so uh i've been sort of dabbling with the right-wing politics in america just just a little bit been watching uh ever since i got excited about american politics when trump got in i just couldn't believe it because i was a fan of trump just from reality tv i just you know i just liked his uh brash demeanor that new york style like you talked about earlier yeah um but uh because of because of trump uh i was very disappointed how he went out uh without fighting the what i think is election fraud and have you seen two thousand years by the way i have not i've read the reviews they say it's great i i think it's uh you know it could have been could have been shorter because there's just a lot of repetition but basically uh just confirmed what i always suspected from the very beginning that the thing was stolen shamelessly stolen um but uh you know following trump and getting excited about trump uh not so much because of trump but because of how the people got behind trump it's like real people that that love him and had hope inspired by trump and all these sorts of things you can say what you want about trump's moral character and these sorts of things is he a christian is he pro-life i don't know god only knows but um the people you know the people got excited just like up here in ottawa we had the uh convoy with the truckers i don't know if you followed that at all i did but it's it's not about an individual individual trucker it's about the moms and pops on the causeways that are waving their flags and it's just about the people the regular people right not some academic ivory tower of a bunch of white over-educated people dictating what we're going to think say and do right that's what i love i love the regular people but since getting excited about trump i've since discovered nick fuentes and his gripers and they're sort of characterized as racist homophobic whatever extreme right wing or whatever but there there are many many faithful catholics young men who are excited about the church and they're actually they're actually surprisingly faithful to pope francis in the living magisterium which i found surprising because usually if someone's going to be right wing like a rad trad or a set of vacantest or something like that the first thing they do is ditch vatican ii and the most recent popes so um i just want you to reflect on the fact what seems to be the fact that in america today there's a large movement of young predominantly men young men who identify as right-wing politically but i don't really understand what that means anyway um um is it something that you're aware of is it on your radar are you excited about it are you happy about it or is it contaminated with uh too much politics or how do you see that whole movement well i think there's a lot of rights there's the alt-right there's the the right there's the old right there's the new right okay you know there's a lot of rights so um you gotta know which one you're talking about but what is the right wing about just generally like what what do they all have in common what is the right because you've talked about liberalism but what is the right in america in sort of what do they all have in common is it about social conservatism and tradition or is it about because i really don't care about economics too much but i'm very concerned about things like abortion and uh same-sex attraction all sorts of stuff is that what it's predominantly about the social stuff i think it is primarily about social issues i think it is primarily about a sense of identity now depending on which part of the right you go into it it is goes you know uh on on the unifying basis of what we do and why we do it i mean if you go with peter thiel's new riot you're talking about i think totalitarianism uh but you're getting uh other people on board with it like saurabh amari and and other people who are saying you know we need to have a right that's based on tradition on family on promoting those things that are important to us like culture and stuff like that well that's all tied into a political economy to a degree uh and that those are all things that are very important that people have to identify with i think what you're talking about ultimately is an identity as a people and what you have is you have an american people there is an american people there is an american culture it may not be perfect it may not be good but you have to take that into account i was just talking another friend of mine today and i said you know i said religion is a great solvent i said if if you don't tie religion into a people then all you're doing is fighting you know and dissolving people and this is what we saw overseas in afghanistan we saw we saw the radical islam that was coming in and then we saw the west right with its own religion you know materialism if you will and so this just kind of it's radical individualism it just whipsawed people just destroyed the culture but it didn't actually i mean the culture was not destroyed it actually was able to manifest itself so what people have to come to understand is that there is a culture there is a people they have an identity and that identity goes back to tradition and history which are things that dobbs wrote about it's language it's um it's a whole line of people back to our founding and what catholicism should be doing is trying to perfect you know these people trying to perfect this basis of their of this society try to um make it better make it moral make it bring the moral law to the people and how they live and how they carry on you know no homosexuality no gay marriage all of that stuff that's what catholicism has to do and so trump was identified with his american idea of who the americans were amanda went to mount rushmore you know all the red white and blue he got everybody you know fired up i mean people could identify with him and quite frankly people could identify with him you know because he's white and he appealed to whiteness well you know white people in america are known as americans okay so white people in america are a combination of european groups who kind of came together and formed this new identity it's a basis of you know anglo-saxon presbyterian scottish culture it's kind of the basis but it's taking all other groups to come in too and that's what you have you have this people you know that largely looks like us you know and we shared this space over a period of time and uh we're now getting back in touch with our traditions they weren't perfect traditions okay but that's why they have to be perfected that's why the catholics have got to go out and say hey america you got some great ideas on this the individualism that's pretty cool because you take personal responsibility but you also gotta remember you're part of something bigger your brother's keeper and you know you gotta seek the truth because you guys wanna seek the truth hey here's the truth so you gotta convert the americans um whenever i hear about racism and whenever i hear about uh you know the the european the white europeans and uh how that's what america originally was and blah blah blah blah blah i immediately think about the first nations and how they got raped and tortured and killed and whatever enslaved right you know not to be a bleeding hurt liberal about it but i mean it is pretty sad up here in canada it's very sad uh i don't know about down in the states but um looking at the history of canada recently i just i was just shocked and horrified at uh like they would make deals so that they could get their help for war or for for industry or for whatever they would make these deals and they would renege on the deal that doesn't seem to that doesn't seem that doesn't seem very christian to me you know what i mean well no i mean you know um that's what we did down here too i mean uh we were primarily protestant i think you at least had an effort up there 50 50 catholic it was pretty catholic yeah with the french yeah to actually do conversions and actually work with them yeah we have a saint who's an amer indian saint kateri or something i can't remember how to say it but she was a mohawk front lady that's right so exactly right but i mean how do you i i mean with the uh with the gripers and nick fuentes and they want to have like the traditional american thing and christian nationalism all that sort of thing like i would just want to ask people like that about the native like where do the natives fit in or is it just too late like sorry like they lost and they're gone they're decimated uh like is there any hope for them at all or is it just done like they're they're screwed well um well you present an interesting question because what you got is you got different peoples in the united states you have different peoples okay you have different ethnicities i i think there's an american ethnicity there's a black ethnicity i think there's a latin ethnicity they're the native people um and they've made a comeback over a number of years actually their numbers are up they're acquiring wealth through a number of things like gambling um you know so you're playing on vices of the of the americans but there are a lot of different ethnicities in america and there still are when they say racism they're trying to break down and attack people they're trying to destroy their identity you know that's what it's about and so when you go to europe and you say oh look at all these white guys no they're germans and french and whatever but what you're having is as they bring in people from other countries other nations other races they're going to play that racism card to break up those people too that's a way to beat you down and basically to once again remove the barriers remove economic and ethnic barriers uh that are there uh the guy who really wrote very well about this it was almontory funfani he wrote catholicism protestantism and capitalism he wrote in 1935 his doctoral thesis i mean i think it's a brilliant book it's about 100 pages 120 pages it's a real heavy slog he was in mussolini's fascist government for a while fled north came back you know was with the christian democrats but he really kind of saw the dynamic of capitalism so um you know can we create a society where all the different peoples can live uh yeah you probably can yeah that's that's that's that's probably doable uh people who are citizens will have all the same rights now whether people of different um ethnicities like uh you know american indians or blacks can assimilate into the white people the white culture or the american culture i should say well that's a different issue i think they're they are destroying that engine of assimilation in this country because quite frankly i mean yes we had segregation for a very long time that's very true but also too we had an opportunity for people to move out and to move in to the larger society if they had certain talents and certain abilities but that's being destroyed because now we're focusing on different ethnic and racial groups so um that i think is the challenge is to accommodate you know these different ethnic groups but at the same time you know ethnic groups have a right to exist and to prosper uh when i was young i remember in in primary school hearing about the us being a melting pot and canada being a mosaic so we keep the individual colors and they're just like in a little mosaic so i want you to touch on that briefly and then talk about civic nationalism which says anyone's welcome but you have to you have to assimilate is that a is that a good thing or a bad thing or what what is that i heard i heard someone criticizing it some catholic uh extreme right-wing catholic guy was criticizing civic nationalism but is it good bad or indifferent well civic nationalism is the idea that you have a nation uh based on an ideology and that's really kind of what you have in america you have the american creed which ties people together and uh some people accept it more than others that was kind of the engine of assimilation that's being destroyed um what uh civic nationalism i think is is not necessarily a good idea because it goes against the idea of ethnic nationalism which is this idea of we have a common heritage and ancestry and we could we can move together we're going to take care of our ethnic group so more emphasis on culture and tradition in in i believe that's correct ethnic identity ethnic identity and ethnic identity that's right i think that was the meaning of country and of nation years ago and that was that meaning was subverted to come into civic nationalism where it's an ideology you got to buy into and and and so it kind of melts all the differences now that's an assimilative agent it worked with what we call the white people now the americans um but it was founded too on a certain uh background on a certain um idea that came you know from a certain part of europe i mean it was kind of what we did it but those principles uh can provide continuity but if those principles are ultimately against the divine positive law or the natural law then they need to be changed what does the church teach traditionally about race and uh mixed race marriages does it say anything at all or is anything authoritative about race at all or are we one human race or is the are the ethnicities like the impression i get from vatican 2 and the 16 documents of vatican ii is that each uh ethnicity has its own color and we want to preserve the color because it's a beautiful rich thing and we don't want to smother it or make everything just a gray gray across the world we want to have those vibrant colors that's the impression i got from the documents of vatican ii is that generally the teaching of the church and what does the church say that race is is there one human race are there many races are these ethnicities the same as race or what's going on with that well i agree with you that the church takes the mosaic point of view from the culture but it wants the culture perfected it wants the culture uh brought up to god's law with the catholic faith you know with the moral order um i think that the church defines race a couple of ways uh there's a human race we're all part of the human race but it recognizes that there are races i mean sociology recognizes there are races i mean race is a reality um it is observable it's quantifiable it's empirically testable it's based on dna and so that is what you deal with when you say you have races and i believe the church accepts that there are differences in characters between nations and hence there are differences between races that doesn't mean it's bad that doesn't mean you you deny people uh you know the fundamental rights or deny them the faith or deny them material and personal development what that means is that is what you are dealing with as you go forth and spread the gospel and build the culture of life and you're supposed to integrate all of that and to build on all of that and that can be a very strong foundation i mean the popes regularly wrote about characteristics of various people the hungarians the the french the you know whatever they wrote about that when those were ethnic groups okay those were people who had a certain gene pool now they were open some people could assimilate some couldn't you know like in america some can assimilate some can't um but you know you have this gene pool for lack of a better term which is a reality in life and it has to be considered it can't be ignored vatican ii also stressed uh i don't know the exact wording but it's been popularized as in essentials unity in non-essentials diversity a healthy and balanced diversity and in all things charity you're uh in agreement with that assessment i would be in agreement with that because just it's just a question now but what's essential right so that's that's the that's the key issue but i think it's pretty clear if you look at the teachings of the church we know what what the essential teachings are right like i always point to my famous book here the fundamentals of catholic dogma gives you a good starting point it's a good starting point it's a good starting point i i also use the 1992 catechism that that has a lot but you gotta know the faith before you go in it so you understand what they're saying but you can find the catholic confessional state by looking in that 1992 catechism i cement and i've got that on my on my website i'd describe how you can find it the different sections because it all boils down to the purpose of life at all which is beatitude that's the purpose of life the problem is catholics have been so scared of talking about race they've just been terrified about talking about it and i think they have a wrong understanding of it it's a reality it's something you have to to work with it's not bad it's not good you have to work with it some are complementary some are not but but it's a reality you know i don't know if you know this about me probably not but i'm a young earth creationist are you or no i believe uh when you say young earth creationist you're talking about adam was created and uh we we go from there right yeah the whole universe is like 7 000 years old that kind of thing um i have no reason you know to doubt whatever the catholic doctrine is my understanding is the catholic doctrine is adam was created the the earth was made in six days i'm not a theologian yeah i don't know all the aspects of catholic doctrine uh i mean i kind of focus on parts of it more so than other parts so whatever the catholic church says on that you know i'm gonna go with it i if you ask me liturgical questions i'll be honest with you i i can't answer them you know because that's just not my area i try to stay in my lane there was a reason why i brought that up it was leading to a second question which i can't remember but i have a note here to ask you about uh the stereotypes you know the racial stereotypes if you ever go see a stand-up comedian that's of a certain ethnicity he has permission from the audience and from everyone to make fun of his own ethnicity right this is just this is just the way it is black guys make black jokes and if they can talk about the foibles of their of their gene pool and these sorts of things white guys like i'm pasty white irish scottish whatever i can make fun of that okay and then you've got the asians and was different different asians make fun of the different asian stuff and whatever so my point here is that the oh yeah i now remember why i was tying it in with young young earth creationists because when i talk with an evolutionist they say well humans aren't better than worms worms are good at burrowing and this and that and humans are good at chess or whatever but um they're just different so um i think that's absurd i think there's a hierarchy in creation i think that humans are at the top of the animal kingdom and we're you know we have free will and reason and these sorts of things so i think it's absurd to say that we're not better than a worm okay or and i think it's absurd to say that the blessed virgin mary is an ape and a fish and all these sorts of things that's what you have to say if you're an evolutionist but that ties in with the race thing because it's just a fact that if there are differences among these different gene pools then one is going to be better than the other in a certain aspect or a certain certain things and we shouldn't be shy or scared to admit that right like there's nothing there there's nothing wrong with that like saying that jews are really good at uh communication with language skills and these sorts of things they seem to be very good with humor and they're good with they're good with numbers and with with money you know there's nothing wrong with admitting that there are differences that are just there like i mean well i think there are group um characteristics that you can validly uh measure and talk about and and note and i think that's what a lot of empirical study has shown that there are group differences and um if you say everybody's the same and we all got the same i just don't think that's true now they're also individual um differences that that differ from the group you know so you have to look at the group then you have to also look at the individual and so you have to kind of keep those differences in mind if you really want to look at a society that you want to improve and bring the faith to so uh what is it with the jews that's another topic it's very taboo we can't question the holocaust and this sort of thing and like i mean for me we should just question absolutely everything i've been to dachau and like i believe the story that the tour guide told me whatever i don't have a reason to doubt it but i'd also like to be able to ask the tour guide a question like you know what i mean like i don't think we should have taboo or subjects that we can't question um so what is it with the jews why is it so taboo to criticize uh the jews like it seems like a lot of people are really scared like i've talked to people and they're literally like saying you can't talk with that because you know someone who don't know who's listening or whatever like why are people so scared just like we're just gonna talk about like any other uh difference like talking about the difference between uh these animals like i was saying with young earth creationism like why are we scared to criticize the jews and uh do they have a lot of power like these are the rumors that uh on the right wing i hear a lot of conspiracy theories about the jews they have a lot of power and they they hate christ and they hate christians and the talmud says that christ is boiling and human excrement in hell and these sorts of things um so uh just talk a little bit about the jews and we you know jesus christ was the jew and his mother was a jew and i have a certain reverence for the jews for that for that reason and uh there are a lot of jews here in montreal and i always get a good feeling when i see them i don't have a sinister like dark music playing in my head when i see them um i also like when i see muslims because they seem very pious and devout and they seem like they love god so i don't suffer from any sort of hatred towards jews or anyone else but just talk a little bit about the stigma and the taboo and maybe it's worse down in the u.s than it is up here in canada even well several years ago i did a deep dive on the jews and abortion okay i i wanted to find out where they were on abortions so i studied um a number of sources to include the encyclopedia judaica and i took a look at that and i took a look at what was going on in society and what their beliefs were and i i guess i came to at least three different realizations um the first realization i i came to was like it's really easy to focus on the jews as the cause of everything you know and and and to really get angry at jews um but the second thing i came to as a realization was there's something bigger at work here than them i mean to blame everything on the jews is not a good idea because there's something bigger at work that's even affecting them and then the third thing i came to is if you want to make a lot of money bash the jews um i realized there were people you know who got big markets and made lots of money bashing the jews and so um i i i think you know you have to define what a jew is um and you have to go from there i think if you want to know what the catholic doctrine is on jews you better do a pretty good exegesis um on the bible and on catholic doctrine you better really do your homework on that um uh you know there is a jewish identity there's a jewish people um yeah they are influential you bet they are but are they the most influential that's i am not so sure of that um i think that what you have is at the higher levels of the plutocracy you've got all sorts of people yeah jews muslims buddhists catholics i mean paypal take paypal for instance you know years ago i don't know it's still the case but years ago the c this the president was dan shulman he was a jew and the ceo was jim donahue it's an irish name and irish catholic okay so what i'm saying is you've got people at the highest levels that of all religions but when they get to that highest level religion doesn't matter they use religion however they want they use religion however they they use race however they want and if you're going to sit there and blame the jews for everything you're not getting to the root of the problem you're doing more more harm i think than good um and i i think that you have to remember if you're going to blame the jews for everything you're going to miss the bigger picture so with abortion circling back to abortion now um you know i often think about the human sacrifice in the old testament uh and the child sacrifice in particular and there's a jew a famous jew zevzalenko that talks about the child sacrifice of the uh of the abortion end of the vaccine actually but um do you see a as a loose analogy or do you see abortion as like a real instance where people don't realize what they're doing but what they're doing is they're sacrificing this life with some sort of superstitious belief like that woman that won her award whatever it was what are those awards called for actresses anyway she got this award and she said it was only possible because she had her abortion and she was very happy that she had her abortion because that allowed her to have this career and to focus and then she ended up getting the academy award or whatever it was so are people aware of the fact that they're attributing magical power to the human sacrifice or what's going on there well i don't know people are attributing magical powers to that from you know i i have no idea but but the research i did and i want to go back to about the woman who had the abortion and helped her in her career yeah that casey recognized that casey said this allows women to economically advance um and and that's right and it really weakened the family and it gave real power to women abortion gave real power to women it changed the whole dynamic between men and women it's a really bad decision but but what i've found in my research is that yeah the jewish organizations say you know abortion is a is a jewish value but these are conservative and liberal jews you know i mean if you go to orthodox jews they have big families and from the information i have they get a lot of help from the secular jews the ortho and the conservative and the liberal jews they get a lot of help they get a lot of financing and they have large families they don't believe in abortion at least not amongst themselves now what indiana university found out in a study from 2002 they said what's really interesting is like you know christians and jews to an extent have the same holy books but they said you know the difference between christians and jews is like um christians kind of feel like everything has been figured out but jews don't and so as a result they're kind of you know going through and trying to figure stuff out as they go did the jews attach some kind of spiritual significance you know to abortion i don't know but you know they do they have said their groups their advocacy groups have said it is a jewish value scary scary stuff yeah are the muslims not that you're an expert but are the muslims pro-life or pro-choice or do you have any idea well yeah i think they're pro-life i mean as you just find that term having children yeah i think that they do they do have families now you have secular you have secular muslims you have secular muslims who become more materialistic uh and their families drop and it's just a simple fact that the more education your kids get whatever religion you are or whatever ethnicity the fewer kids you have the less likely the women are going to get married and have kids um i mean that applies to all groups of people you know they're not some groups that are exempt from that so my experience with the muslims is that they tend to be more pro-life have big families traditional father uh and traditional family in that the father is in charge it's very important we've lost that in christian societies the father's not in charge anymore that's a mess you know and the father's supposed to be in charge the father is supposed to rule like christ over his family and the higher society is supposed to support that and defend that and encourage that and so the ruler the civil authority should really have the power in society um and so they should encourage and strengthen that in the family too i met all kinds of priests here in montreal uh not surprising that a lot of them are very liberal or whatever you want what progressive whatever word you want to use um but one of the priests that i admired he seemed like a really pious and devout priest um he when i mentioned the pro-life movement uh he said oh no don't bother with that they're a bunch of fanatics and and whatever but that shocked me because i think it's the most important it is the most important issue if you don't have life then you can't he can't be catholic you can't have human rights he can't have it just starts with life doesn't it like i mean i didn't understand his attitude it's a very important issue um i think that it it you a a precursor to that issue is the proper form of organization but it you know without life yet you can't have the rest of it i agree is it the most important issue um i in the catholic faith no i think they're more important doctrines but i think that it's important if not perhaps one of the more important questions in the west it's certainly the issue where the fight was in this country and in other countries about trying to bring some kind of catholicism to the public square as we're seeing with this decision you know i i want to make a comment about the people involved in pro-life movement i was involved in the pro-life movement for a number of years yeah these people were the cast offs they were considered the fanatics the losers the lower class the weirdos you joined the pro-life movement your career you know had a career path like this okay and people knew about it that was your career path okay and that's the reality now um the political party the republicans here took advantage of that um the the well-to-do people took advantage of it they used these people they used us as foot soldiers the guys who do the work but the thing with with the pro-lifers is they persisted they persisted and as time went on the catholic leadership supported them and at at some point the elite said these damn people aren't going away you know but now the they're the elites are smart okay you understand they're very smart so they're saying these people aren't going away so let's use this to our advantage no doubt my mind that's what they were thinking so they use that to bring people into the system the problem is that if you keep getting defeated okay if you keep that if you keep losing at the supreme court at some point people are going to be disaffected so what you had then is a situation where trump came along and trump came along in 2015 he said you know i'm we're lucky if we get 50 of the people voting you know people are disaffected from this whole process i mean you go to midterm elections by the time trump was running i mean you're talking like maybe on a good election 38 of registered voters voting maybe you know um but he said we got to bring everybody into the system and that's what he did he brought people into the system and he delivered he picked three supreme court justices and that was one of the major goals of the pro-life movement so here are these these losers who really just persisted you know and we owe a debt of gratitude to these people we really do okay we can argue about the strategy we can argue say well you guys should work quicker but once again you know i've been reflecting on this the last three days it's really been an emotional tumultuous last three days i got to tell you because you never thought this thing would end and and you're looking at this and you're saying you know the strategy ultimately paid off maybe it could have happened quicker i don't know you know but you just didn't have the support of the catholic church or of the elites it just had to go this long and so you have millions of dead millions of casualties but still trump delivered you got the three justices in there and perhaps we're in a better place than we were before now we can bring morality into the public sphere so you know i look at that and and i say um yeah we're but yeah a bunch of losers but they're heroes yeah is ireland getting uh injected with enthusiasm and energy for all things traditional and catholic and pro-life because of this decision i've heard some rumblings that maybe they might be getting excited i don't revive the movement you don't know it but i i can't i can't answer that but i will say that this decision has worldwide ramifications because see this it overturned roe which said you have a fundamental right to abortion so um so what you have now all these u.n conventions and all these countries that say well us which is the leader says you have a fundamental right u.s no longer says that are you aware of the fact that canada had some laws on the books about abortion but they were struck down when they reached the supreme court challenge and so there are no laws on the books in canada from what i understand ah see we got trigger laws that are kicking in in about 25 or 26 states down here but i was not aware of that with canada see this see this is another thing with the americans okay um you had all these decisions one after another the pro-lifers didn't quit and what you had were legislators and legislatures passing laws that said to the supreme court you know we know you're going to get overturned someday we're passing laws we're setting it up and we're waiting for that day and then you come up with texas with its civil liability law when it came out two three four years ago where you can actually bring civil suits against people for exercising their fundamental right to an abortion and so you had the political entities at the grassroots in the states pushing back at first you know you look at that and you say oh that's not much but when you think about it that's significant because the political structure on the grassroots where the people are where they live was actually saying no to this national culture it was saying no to this plutocracy and to their ideas of abortion to remake family and destroy the american people you are having a grassroots national natural law movement of american people to say no now it's interesting where these states are okay it's very interesting because they're basically what we would call the red states they're they're the midsection of the country so you got east both of the coasts which are very diverse population they got illinois you know which is an island here uh which is very diverse they're the blue states they are economically different from the rest of us they are they're wealthier in many ways they have different industries there's more financial capital and then you've got the rest of us here in red zone where we have got more dues we're not so much financial capital industry we have less of the wealth i think the figure is like a third of the wealth or less in the country so what you have in america now is something akin to what you saw in the 1850s okay is you are seeing ideology marrying up with uh politics marrying up with religion marrying up with geography that's a dangerous combination that can cause a civil war if that is allowed to intensify having been in bosnia i can tell you there are different ways to fight civil wars okay and i can tell you that haven't been there you don't have to line up you know the blue and the gray and and fight it up when we're in bosnia what we saw is we would see we go into neighborhoods and some of the neighborhoods the houses were fine a couple houses over here were burned out and blown up there was nobody there and then a couple houses next to them were fine i said how could that happen ah those two houses they were muslims those two houses they were christians that's how they did it i said i see so um what you deal what you're dealing with is still a very dangerous situation in america it's very good it's very dangerous i should hope the catholic church will mediate the differences and provide the catholic faith as the way for us to go along and agree and work together so uh just very briefly what do you think of mother teresa is she a big figure in uh in your pantheon of uh preferred saints or does she have nothing on you i i mean i don't know if she had um a big effect on me i think she's a very great hero i mean you know they say all the pro-lifers and catholics care about is until you get born you know here's exhibit a you know they care about you we care about you after you're born too all right so and then you know the hospitals the school and so on so you know that's that's an example i i remember she died like a week after diana was killed in the car wreck and everybody i remember where i was working everybody was mourning diana and then mother teresa dies it's silent so i sent out a group email i said um mother teresa died what do you guys think i think it's pretty pretty sad and just dead silence you know the reason i brought her up is because the pro-life thing but also because she's very controversial um a lot of people hate her and uh you know you think about that the four horsemen of the apocalypse that hitchens guy he i think he might have been devil's advocate in her cause if i'm not mistaken he could have been i i really can't talk but he he he really trashed her reputation and there a lot of people buying into that because the popular books that he wrote against her and that she loved money and whatever it's like uh well she's a saint so she you know the canonization process is infallible right like the church can't declare someone a saved if they're not right that's what we thought was saint christopher what happened there well he was just saying that he they de-sanctified him i guess oh because he's legendary you know they said he was a legend i suppose uh but um but you know i mean i i don't i mean yeah she raised money but i you know my understanding was the money went to help the people but once again i mean it's just yeah i try to stay in my lane you know where speaking of your lane uh where do you like to attend can you talk a little bit about your uh your experience uh at church have you met some good priests and bad priests and do you do you choose where to go based on the service or do you like the traditional latin mass or what do you where do you go to church i uh there are good priests there are bad priests they seem like they're more good priests nowadays than when i was at notre dame um so so you know i'm not a liturgist okay so i mean i can't comment on that i i just tell you my experiences and so um you know the novus ordo mas i've gone to that a lot uh it seems like most of the nova's ordo masses are are high masses and it's this insipid singing which is just ridiculous it's just ridiculous and you've got women running around in the sacristy and i just don't think that's a good idea um so um there are no sort of low masses that they have over at the crypt at notre dame which i do go to which really i think is a very uh solemn occasion we also have traditional landmass i go to those sometimes there is a large parish up in chicago called saint john canchus uh it was it's a great place i went there with my brother my brother goes there all the time now uh we went there and i had never been there before in april of last year and the place was just packed i went joe is there like a special event or something he said no it's always like this i'm going really he said yeah it's always like this i mean it's packed man you know and and um the it's all men and males in the sacristy the priest gave a homily i mean i i gotta admit my brother's kind of emotional but he starts crying in his homily and um because the priest was talking about heaven and hell and about living the faith and you know i gotta tell you when priests talk about that that's pretty powerful so i was very impressed with the traditional latin mass i like going there i tend to get um more of a sense of the sacred there i tend to get um better homilies there though i've gone to novus ordo masses low low masses where the priest teaches something i went to one years ago and then the priest was pushed aside where he basically taught from the catechism you know during each of his homilies you know what you do is you get these ridiculous homilies in a lot of these novus ordo masses that are about the scriptures that are really meaningless to us they're just they're just meaningless um and you know i mean if you want to talk about scripture let's i don't know let's have a class but why don't you tell us something that's relevant you know like about our faith there's a lot in the catholic faith there's a lot in the catholic faith to know and it's the truth and that's actually what brought me back to the faith i was uh it was the pro-life cause because one day i picked up one of those little cards for the ad i filled that out and something happened i started reading all the pro-life stuff and then i i read somewhere that there's something called the catechism of the catholic church and so i ordered it and it came in the mail and i opened it up i started reading it and david this is the truth i read it and it was like it was like somebody took a sword and ran it through my heart that was that powerful okay it was that powerful and i just looked up i knew it was all the truth and so that's when i started becoming a catholic again amazing you weren't you weren't married at that time are you married now i forgot no i know i wouldn't marry them not married now okay no plans you know that's that's where it is um are you are you a workaholic no i'm i'm getting to a point where um i think i need to do other things things i like to do um you know i've practiced law for over 30 years um i enjoyed writing the book that i wrote john courtney murray i like researching things that are of interest to me um you know there there are clearly some things theology i'm never going to understand i took i took uh 20 you know 21 credit hours of theology at a catholic theological institute down in st louis a minus you know a minus i'm like fifth i don't know how old was i i was like 53 i'm an old guy you know 53 taking taking those classes and so one day um no i'm not at work all right so one day you know you had to go in and meet with the priest and the nun to see if you could continue on you know and get your masters in theology that really was interested in it was really fascinating stuff i really enjoyed it so i get in there i sit down the priest says he just starts he's shaking he's just shaking and it's not it's not palsy he's angry he's shaking he says you said that the gospel contains what christ said and did you how do you know that i said well i go by dave verbum which is from the vatican ii council paragraphs 18 19. he said okay and he's got this laptop like i'm talking on he types in he says you show me where he stands up and he comes at me with the laughing i said father i'll get it i'll get it no and he throws the laptop i'm not kidding he throws the laptop at me and he's like i got to catch this thing and so yeah okay hold on let me go through and he's just shaking there's a nun in there who's got this look on her face like she just wants to you know disembowel me you know so i'm sitting there and say okay it's right here i just read it but that's not what that means he said and then i knew it was over with okay they're not gonna let me finish it's over and we just kind of sat there and looked at each other for five minutes that was it so you know i mean that was my experience there with catholic theology recently so my alcoholic no you know i like to play golf uh i like to uh i like to read and write to things i do update my blog um and you know as you get older you reflect on life you reflect on your life you reflect on things and uh especially with the dobbs decision you reflect on a lot and you know you never give up and and you you you understand um you know you got to understand you can't take yourself so serious and you know maya culpa i mean i've taken myself serious too much in the past and i apologize to everybody you know who i've offended by being too serious but you got to understand that god is in control that came to me very strong you know this last mass on sunday after dobbs came down god's in control and he works through imperfect people with all their foibles and all their failings and all their ambitions and all their lack of planning and all their selfishness and all their sins he somehow still uses them i mean you know a lot of people thought myself included at times that the pro-life movement was ineffective and efficient corrupt being used and maybe it was but they persisted and that wasn't the final end-all be-all because these people worked and prayed and they suffered and god said i'm in control man keep that in mind so why am i saying this because there's good in every society and i haven't fully thought this out yet but america is not a christian nation somebody said it's a free masonic country okay well okay but it's a commercial society that is for sure money is important buying and selling is important and what's important in that society incremental change getting along with people don't do anything sudden or extreme so we can we can bring catholicism to that and perfect that and say you know you do that for money but but you also do it as a way to build brotherhood right that's just an example i mean that's just an example maybe but we can work with that in that regard as we make work to make america and also societies in the west compassion confessional states with the laws based on the divine positive law god's law in other words because the because the natural law alone is going to not be enough that's what we saw with the supreme court decisions i submit beginning in 1947 in this country and going all the way to 2015 2016. that's what you saw is you saw the natural law was just not enough you need the divine positive law you need the church's power the rightness to sit there and say yeah you know what um contraception is a bad idea you know gay marriage is a bad idea you know all this other stuff it's a bad idea so that's why you need it that's why it protects the people it protects their souls and you know it protects the plutocracy too because when things are right ordered then the mob doesn't get disaffected and go after them american founders i mean it's all throughout their papers they're afraid of the king they're afraid of the mob they were afraid of the mob and i tell you what by the trump help to keep the mob in control because when they get disaffected and they say i'm not participating what's the next thing by the mob you mean the unwashed masses you don't mean the mafia right no no right right i don't need the mafia right the unwashed man yeah the rest of us the whole boy you know so uh do you think it's significant uh first of all do you celebrate the feast of saint john the baptist on the 24th of june like we do here in quebec it's our national holiday here in quebec st john the baptist the 24th i saw that on the calendar i saw that on the calendar uh we don't have that as a holiday it's a sacred heart of jesus here right well we we had uh i think it was significant uh that this all happened with dobbs as you call it um at this weekend right it's very auspicious and i wanted you to just talk about the consecration of russia how excited were you were you skeptical and do you think that we're seeing fruits of that already uh because uh even if it wasn't done perfectly any of the many times it was attempted it i think every attempt can uh give us some spiritual fruit right yeah i suppose you're right um i don't know i mean uh you know you're not excited about it i i'm not excited about it i i am told that america was consecrated three or four times so um you know i i don't know i need to look at the original documents from sister lucia and kind of go from there i i just once again i think that's kind of out of my lane what what what what i saw as just a layman um you know what i saw as a layman is you see russia with a special military operation go into the ukraine and then the pope right away says gonna consecrate russia to me that seems very um yeah convenient opportunistic you know magical yeah political it seems to cheapen the whole thing okay i i i that was a negative sense i had from it okay this is a layman uh you may have gathered i'm really not interested in politics i don't follow politics i didn't even know about that it was called dobbs but um i do have a strong intuition about people and it might be wrong it might be right sometimes but my intuition led me to get excited about trump and i'm i've always sided with everyone that the american regime has demonized i've always had a soft spot for them no matter who it is uh saddam hussein or whoever like they're bad guys like i'm not saying they're not bad guys i'm just saying i always have a sort of sympathy for them because when the west is demonizing someone i'm just suspicious of the west and so it's the same with putin i just like putin i think he's a strong leader do i think he's a good man i don't think so i think he's done some probably done some bad things do you have to do bad things as a strong leader of a huge nation like like russia uh probably i don't know it's it's beyond it's above my pay grade but um i intuitively side with russia in this whole operation and i'm i have a bad taste in my mouth not against the ukrainian people they're suffering for no good reason and they have been for a long long time from what i've heard uh but just intuitively politically i side with uh russia and with putin is that a dangerous thing and can i get in trouble for even saying that i don't know what your laws are in canada um as far as speech i mean good people do bad things and bad people do good things yeah and you know um we don't really know everything about putin now i agree with the general proposition that if the media says something good about somebody it's probably not a good thing and if they say something bad about somebody that's probably a good thing you know however you don't know exactly um uh why they're saying the bad stuff or what parts of the are they emphasizing more than others you also have to realize that there's layers upon layers of information or disinformation that's going on and so you know part of what this conflict has brought out is is the media different parts of the media have portrayed putin as this great defender of christianity and other parties said he's a monster okay so what you got is the immediate now i know some of it is is is maybe a religious media or whatever but what you got is competing media narratives and you really don't know now um you know putin's gone to davos they say he's a member of the young uh world economic leaders i you know kashwabe is on tv from i think it's september 2017 talking to david gergen saying oh yeah you know putin was one of ours you know from 2004 or whatever one of the first ones um so you don't fully know what roley's playing what you can do is is you can take a look at how those societies are and a good idea of how those societies are is by looking at their constitution and cia factbooks if especially if they're online and you can find some of the cia work i mean if the cia says something's something if the cia says they can't explain something like ufos oh boy that's got to be serious you know because those guys got the answers to everything you know so they are a good source of information you can find cia country studies about russia and china you can also talk to people who are over there and and you can talk to people over the years to kind of see what's going on in russia and china and how they do things um when you hear our leaders our economic leaders say this is a different system of social organization yeah you can probably get that's probably right yeah that's probably right um if you get uh you have to glean the information from different sources when you get george soros writing an editorial piece on august 13 2021 as as afghanistan is falling he says gee is the enemy we need war with china uh he's crushing you know the billionaires when you read stuff like that you're probably getting an insight into how the plutocrats are thinking about china however what you see in the media and the press is what they want you to believe it's not necessarily the truth it's just what they want you to believe and there's a lot of stuff they don't cover and it's a lot of stuff they distort and so you just have to look at a lot of different sources as much of the root cause sources as you can you know good biographies autobiographies if you can and you know you find cia factbooks that are online i recommend reading them i recommend reading them they're good they're pretty honest i i i would venture fairly honest i mean nothing's going to be perfect but it's it's fairly accurate so you know i i mean i see what has gone on and so what has happened in the west too is they've set him up as a defender of christianity and he's also been called the demon okay now what's going on is people are watched see what what free speech does and free press does people get watched okay and you see who pops up and says yeah i'm for him or no i'm against them so they know who it is now so that's a secondary function of the media primary function being to tell you what to think secondary function find out who the dissidents are third functions find out well maybe somebody has a good idea we ought to listen to them okay that's three functions so so that's what goes on in these kind of confidence you have to be aware of it what struck me which just floored me and i i don't think we should go into this topic what i'm about to say so i'm going to talk in code because i don't want you to lose your channel but you know there was a certain um condition that was treated a certain way and a lot of people were saying that the government and the media lied about this all that very long time ago and then on a dime all these same people said oh well we believe the government and media about what's going on um in europe and i don't think we want to talk about that condition or other stuff because that was so long ago and you know we just it's just you know so but i think i think you know um that's what stunned me was the absolute just falling in line with the media and no analysis of the whole just war doctrine to me you know the catholic church section 2309 of catholic catechism it talks about just war it just were still there despite what francis says you have a right to just war okay and that's doctrine and so um an important part of understand this doctrine is this idea of aggression okay well you can repel aggression with force but aggression doesn't have to be force it can be something other than force and what we're so used to is war being kinetics you know tanks and bombs and guns you know but there's also a cyber war there's chemical war there's economic war that now there's information war you know there's media war you know there's economic war everything everything in america and in the west has been turned to a weapon or can be used as a weapon everything can you remember that book years ago called shibumi no it's by this guy trevanian that's basically the theme of what the actor the primary actor was he was a martial artist i think he was from russia but i i forget all the the plot but he basically said you can use everything as a weapon everything is a weapon and so when you have economics used as a weapon media user information use a weapon well who who's the aggressor then you know i mean and and then when you have certain facts on the ground i mean the whole bio labs thing really gave a black eye to america i mean i was really you know the first they deny it and they say oh yeah they're there uh but they're really not serious and then they say they're there and their studies going on and by the way we took down the documents from the state department website about the studies that were commissioned there why would you do that well i was able to download and look at those and those were dod financed a lot of the programs there ostensibly to track and categorize these agents it goes back to 2012 but it was pursuant to a convention that was past 1995 1995 around there so you're kind of wondering it's like i mean what's why has it taken 17 years to get to that point in 10 years you haven't categorized everything and destroyed it i mean so there was a question there of something going on that should have been examined but the american government got a real black eye on that and and you just i i think there was a lot of skepticism of the media you know we remember snake island the ghost of kiev that was all debunked right away you know just right away and guys like glenn greenwald and tybee what's her name barry weiss you know they basically talked about how everybody's supposed to be in mental lockstep in this regime over here and simply accept the story that you're fed and so we saw this and i think people started to um become disaffected with that whole thing but but this is the power of the media and perhaps people learn their lesson from a prior event that we don't need to talk anymore about and so you know they were able to analyze this and uh say you know maybe this isn't right i think a lot of people are quiet what also troubled me was a lot of the catholics just fell in lockstep the catholic chatters and the intellectuals i mean they just right away you know they spout the ukrainian flag i mean dude i mean have you done have you done the homework on this i mean john mearsheimer is saying you know that nato has been moving up to the borders i mean it was pretty clear that that baker and others promised orally gorbachev we're not going to move any further east we promise okay well that kind of goes back to all those treaties with the main you know to kind of remind you of that we promise chief we're not going to go over there okay so you know right away you know they kind of learned that um so anyway so you know you all and all this stuff was out open source you could read this stuff anywhere and so you gotta if you know mir scheimer is very highly respected his thesis has been backed up he said the russians feel threatened so yeah i mean you see a nato move your way and and nato um uh you know you attack nato and article five attack on all them nato is moving your way and they have a different system from you they have a different system than you do you know and then um you have to wonder as you look at nato's involvement wars in the middle east is it for defense or for offense and and so you have to analyze all this you have to sit and be in putin's chair and say you know is he analyzing this like a prudent leader or not you know should we analyze all this in other words this is what the catholics should have been doing the catholic leadership should have been analyzing this but instead you have guys like george weigel who just jumped right out there and just i mean it's word for word they accept the the the talking points from the mainstream media which comes from it's a plutocracy he's a murderer he's what whatever else um you know he's committing war crimes yeah okay and so you know prove it pentagon can improve it so then what you're dealing with is you're dealing with that and you're dealing with with i think the stupid catholics who don't see the big picture and um then you deal with guys like archbishop vigano who kind of has an understanding what's funny it's really amazing how he's got an understanding of what was happening there and he had a vision for a catholic international order see he has a vision for a catholic international and there is a vision for a catholic international order and it is in the vatican ii documents maybe it's just you know in a cursory form but it's in gaudium space and you can look at it it's around i don't know paragraph 70 on both sides but it's in there they talk about how the society is exposed to go you see that in the encyclicals of of saint john the 23rd you see the encyclicals of saint paul vi you see the encyclicals of john paul ii you see you see this international order there okay and you see the west in large measure was practicing a neo-colonialism so anyways you see these you see um you you you see these catholic chatters they don't do any analysis they don't see the big picture and i have always submitted that the big picture here is china they want china china if you look back at the american national security strategy documents and various other documents from various other think tanks you're going to see where china was identified as a rival you know back in 95 1995 and then gradually their status changed over time and you know a lot of the rhetoric was ratcheted up under trump because american foreign policy is is not something that's made up from from administration administration it's long term if if if people think american planners are only looking at one or two years in advance you don't understand they don't understand the americans we look 20 30 40 50 years out that's how far we look out and see what's going coming down the pike and so uh the foreign policy just simply follows suit so so this was my big disappointment with the catholics what you have though is a very large group that are just simply silent now there's a group that's kind of pushing back they feel like they got cover from the pope questioning this whole issue of nato's aggression against russia and um uh so they're they're starting to push back but you know we got really good news man i want to tell you some really good news um you know years ago they sailed to newfoundland they found the new world because they were looking for a quick way to cafe they found it man they found it did you hear about that they found it four weeks ago you can sail from the north atlantic to the western pacific now nato and western pacific are meeting you have representatives from japan going to nato meetings now so they found their way together i mean it's amazing that's a little bit of dark humor but you know i think that um uh what what you're seeing is a real clash um between two power blocks it's going into at least a bipolar bipolar world that's probably a good name for it or a multi-polar world but you know you don't fully know what g or putin are gonna do who they are where they're from you know they're they're they may be very authoritarian if you take a look at russia and you look at their constitution you're gonna see a very strong emphasis on culture okay culture tradition somebody said oh but you know you got you've got an established church over there the gree it's the russian orthodox church i said no i said i said look at their latest concert go to the russian website russian government website and look at it that hasn't been blocked yet but look at it and and section 14 says there's no established church we're a secular government okay so you know how we've been played elsewhere you know so yes the russian orthodox church is is important at least you know with the with the graphics there um and the optics uh but um there's definitely a very strong cultural identity of the russians uh i think that there was a move of nato which has proven itself to be an offensive mechanism towards russia i think the scholars have said russia has a sphere of influence you need to preserve i think we all want world peace and um you know i think china has proven to be a very big competitor of the west um and i think china is ultimately is ultimately the target and what i'm talking about is regime change so i think i've rattled on here for a long time yeah we're gonna we're gonna wrap up but i just have a couple a couple more quick questions uh i you know i ran into i worked at work in construction i ran into a pair of guys that were repairing a thing at work and one was russian one was ukrainian and i didn't know that i thought they were both russians so i asked them both together uh is putin a good guy like more or less you know um is he christian does he believe in the orthodox faith or does he practice his faith and surprisingly um after they gave their answers they explained that the guy that was pumping up putin like yeah he's probably a good guy pretty good guy and overall you know despite all the bad stuff he's done whatever but um and that he's a practicing christian he really does believe and the russian guy was more skeptical saying no i don't know if i don't trust him and i don't think he's really christian so you never uh you can't really draw clean lines even between uh the russian people and the ukrainian people it seems when it comes to these complicated questions and we only god knows the heart right only god knows our heart well only god knows the heart and you know the information we get is layered and and it's filtered by somebody and you know you read something online people have been talking about various sources that they really swear by it's like i don't know how do you vet these sources you know i mean you gotta really vet a lot because i i mean psyops is really sophisticated stuff i mean they can make you think you know that you're getting the truth from somebody on the ground and what they're doing is they're playing to what you want to hear now they have algorithms that can figure out what people want to hear okay and so so they can provide the news you don't even know if it's a real person there they you know they can provide the news and and it's what you like and so they can figure out what your likes and wants and wishes and desires are and they can pander to that and they can use that and see you know who's loyal and who isn't and who's a target and who isn't if you had to guess would you say trump is sincerely pro-life or not oh in his heart i don't think donald trump believes in much of anything okay uh but but i think he he believes in an idea of america yeah i think he does okay you guys believe in an idea of america yeah okay that he that other people hearken to i believe and and i can hearken to his vision of america too yeah but he was probably pandering to the evangelical right or whatever a fair bit he was powering to the evangelical right uh he was talking to uh white people he was talking to the middle class and the lower class uh he was talking to everybody who's just been been dispossessed you know kicked out and forgotten there's a movie out and you've probably seen it it's called an uncivil and uncivil war and it's about how brexit came about as with dom coming dom cummings is the central figure there and and in the it's a brilliant movie i mean because in it what they talk about what turned the whole thing um to get the english out of brexit and i will add very parenthetically here i've talked to a lot of english in english know who they are they have a sense of identity okay so um you know i'm live i'm laughing because i lived in england and i've never felt such racism against me than i did in england it's like i was not english i'm not english even though you're not english yeah all my genetics if you can trust these genetic tests all of my genetics says english irish scotch and welsh but they were rejecting me like i felt i never felt so discriminated against in my whole life it was really hard to bust into that culture well they know who they are and so and so what what happened is is is cummings was able to tap into english people who felt like the eu and their government was destroying them that's exactly what trump tapped into that movie came i think in 2016. that's exactly when trump was running and so trump was able to tap into that he's saying you're the bunch of forgotten people you're a bunch of losers and you know i'm for you and people hearken to that we all did because he stuck it in the eye of the press and other plutocrats i mean he's one of them but you know he was able to stick it in the eye you know i still like him but uh uh who do you get clumped in i'm gonna let you go here but who do you get clumped in with because i i'm just meeting you for the first time it seems like you would identify as a catholic traditional catholic right-wing politically probably uh but what are some of the names or some of the labels that you get are you clumped in with like with people like vagano like i think he's he's left the the church right um yeah i don't know uh i'm i guess i don't know conservative traditional i guess that's what i get called are you a public figure that's known and uh talked about and besmirched in the media this sort of thing no i don't know who talks about me i don't see much of besmirching and uh so is there a final thought you'd like to leave the listeners with uh something optimistic and positive i always like to leave off with something cheery hopeful uh just maybe even just something that you're excited about like a personal project a book you're writing or something something you're investigating or a holiday you're hoping to go on or whatever but just end on a positive note talk about something that you're excited about well i've been reading a lot about america and studying america it's my homeland that's my fatherland you know this is where i'm from and so uh so much has just come out in the last couple three years it changes your way you look at it so i'm still writing still working on that but i think the most important thing is trust the good lord and i mean the triune god and know that the catholic faith is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and and understand and have faith in him at all times and that we're at a horrific spiritual battle we all fail we all fall down but let's let's be brothers let's help each other let's stand together we'll fight with each other we'll get angry at each other but when we confront the enemy we stand united and we fight together you know uh we fight together you know rhetorically you know but you know but but we stand together against the enemy okay and we know the outcome that's the beautiful thing about choosing the christian faith is we already know the outcome that's such a beautiful it gives us such security right such security so i really want to thank you for that i i don't know if you know but probably not but i do enroll each and every guest whether they like it or not in a perpetual mass so there's a mass being said for you and your family every day until the end of time so really yeah thank you so please pray for me and my family and uh i would really appreciate that the power of prayers is underrated in our society today obviously to say the least they've removed it from your schools down there they've removed it from our schools up here uh that's the case right they've removed it from school well yeah they have there's no school prayer but once again monday we had the kennedy case come down where the coach prayed on the 50-yard line after the ball game and they allowed him to pray they said it's free speech and free exercise of religion boom i mean you're going to see a lot of people now pray in public that's just an individual act of prayer but they're going to start doing that wow see the natural law is coming back god's coming back divine positive law we're on our way folks we're going to make america and the west divine positive law based states catholic confessional states we're going to do it it's good for everybody we're on the way we're on a roll we're always just our jobs are just the beginning now it's kennedy we're trying to keep going amazing so it's a great time to be alive i really appreciate you coming on and talking to me a little nobody and uh i hope you'll come by i hope you'll come back someday i'll i'll invite you back we'll chitchat some more okay that sounds great thank you so very much god bless you and you too and thank you for coming to the true faith and i think you appreciate and see its beauty and i can see it in your face i can see in your eyes i can see it and the way you talk i can see it in the background there there's all the iconography and i'm i'm i'm very proud of you thank you i love you and i'll be praying for you okay thank you i'm blessed thank you you too bye-bye