CVS Live Guest - 2022-07-28 - Homan Davoodi

Author Streamed Thursday July 28th, 2022

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Homan has identified as a conservative for about a decade, but more recently he has moved from atheism to agnosticism and now believes in a benevolent supreme being of some sort. He also recently became pro-life after years of being pro-choice. It's been a wild journey and I can't wait to see where he goes from here.

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with that let me just uh do something here close the other unwanted apps here and i kind of wrote some stuff here okay i'm good to go we're live hello hello hello hello i'm here with human devotee once again in the house yeah nice to be back yeah man nice to see you again i saw you in real life a couple times recently it's uh it's always nice yeah but same here you mentioned you wanted to come back and chat about uh some new developments in your way of thinking and we're going to get into that we're going to get into that so yeah just uh start from wherever you want to start yeah wherever you want to start because uh during the past couple of months i was thinking about a lot of my principles basically and my position is kind of completely changed about abortion and about guns yeah so whichever you like to go let's start with uh pro-life stuff and then we'll start talking about uh what monotheism might be all about yeah okay no problem with that uh you know abortion is it's such a heavy subject to talk uh i was always kind of pro-choice in anything you know it's just just the main thing to me just people should be free to choose whatever they want to do with their bodies you know it just hands down it's a red line for me so that's why as we talked last time in the first place i was always pro-choice for the jab you know because even even if it works even if we have some deadly virus with 50 percent sensitivity rate and even you actually kill other people if you take it you should be free to do it it's still your choice and but we know it's not the case but even there was a deadly virus killing everybody because it changes your body forever so i was always pro choice on it and in abortion uh maybe it was a kind of brainwashing or i don't know i was always thinking about uh women should have freedom to choose what they want to do with their body i guess all these arguments boil down to just one thing that they do not consider a fetus as a human life as a human being they don't see life in it same as me i used to think it's just bulk of cells with no spirit in it with no life i was so wrong now i know i was so wrong and after i realized that maybe it is not about women's choice or women's bodies it's about killing some other lives some other human being the whole argument would change if you think it as a human being as a human body so yeah after i start to just see it in other point of view uh just check the the studies documents about it what other people say what other side says what pro-life people say and i owe it to team pool and team cast basically what there there was a time they spent one week in nashville with their mobile studio and they went to daily wire people and they had them on their show for the whole week and it was matt walsh i would say and andrew claven and matt walsh i listened to them and it was a time that the abortion discussion was very very popular even more than right now and they were just they talked about all the aspects of this whole thing it actually changed my mind it actually changed my mind i said okay you have to be free to do whatever you want to do with your body but you're not allowed to kill other human beings if it is not a bulk of soulless lifeless cell you're not allowed to kill him or her whatever so that was the the main thing and other stuff just came after that other uh other layers just came after that i i started to see other point of view either you see it you see it or you don't see it and those who don't see it i believe that they do not want to see it so i want to focus in not on the science not on the theology not on the morality i want to focus in on you as an individual uh ostensibly on the left or the center or somewhere and then having the humility this is the key you had the humility to do what a lot of people are not able to do i would say by the grace of god i would say by the grace of god you had the humility it's amazing it's amazing it's shame because i think a lot of problems people face in west would be gone if people start to feel shameful again you start to feel some healthy shame if if if you start to get offended get humiliated and get shamed a lot of your uh [Music] issues internal issues would be solved but it just this this western society is kind of sterilized to me nobody is allowed to offend nobody allowed to shame other people humiliate it just it just something uh necessary to human beings to feel that way because it it's going to motivate you to change it to fix it to improve yourself stop feel shameful but you know do better not not just silence the source of that you know shame or humiliation whatever just try to fix yourself improve yourself and stop feel shameful not attack the source work on yourself now yeah as you say i have no problem to say i was dumb and i i used to say women are allowed to just get abortion after nine months i now i know it is evil it's fine it's fine i i know i i'm a good person i have good intention in my heart but sometimes just evil just tricks you just fools you and you believe it i would say that 99.9 of the women who get one or more abortions have not taken the hippocratic oath 99.9 have never taken the hippocratic oath which says do not procure an abortion ever on any woman for any reason that's what the hippocratic oath says i would bet that most women have not taken that oath i would also bet that 99.999 of the doctors the abortionists who perform the abortions have taken the hippocratic oath in its original form or a watered-down fake version of it yeah yeah yeah i i cannot disagree and you know uh the numbers and the data on this is just mind-blowing to me you know even based on what numbers they provide 90 or 93 percent of all abortions in america is elective abortion abortion they just there's no rape or incest there is no uh risk for the mother none of that they just change their mind they just think okay we're not financially uh prepared to do that so or or whatever they just changed their mind it's it was mind-blowing to me because it to me it was like okay if someone wants to kill the the baby inside it must have been some risk involved it must have been some serious situation there but i was so wrong i was so wrong and i was like okay why it just it's a human it's a human life whatever that is it's a human life you know after uh first semester there's a heartbeat around that i'm not very precise on that but there's a heartbeat there's a finger toms it's just a human being you you cannot claim you have two hearts it's just ridiculous you know it's not about it's not about the science it's not about logic okay i know i don't know what it's all about yeah it's about i want to do what i want to do and god be damned god be damned i want to do what i want to do hail satan hail satan hail satan that's what it's all about now it's not it's not explicitly said in that way but it's said with the righteous pseudo-righteous indignation and the how dare you and oh women's health and reproductive health and your old-fashioned and you hate women and this and that the other thing well listen you're the same guy you were four months ago six months ago wherever it was when you started to transform your heart your heart was softened and you're able to digest the truth and guess what you're you're better off because of it you're a better man you're more grounded you're happier you know maybe in subtle ways maybe it's not like a complete transformation of the soundtrack of your life from scary movie soundtrack to yeah happy movie con but the basic idea is you're like wow i thought that the people on the other side were narrow-minded and backwards and bigoted or whatever i'm just giving away exactly yeah i i didn't even think that in that time because i i always you know it's been a long time i consider myself as a conservative you know it's it's been a couple of years that i changed i i guess i talked about it last time but even i used to identify as a conservative but this this issue was just okay women's choice women's choice hands down red line i'm not gonna pass that but it is not about you know it's really stupid to me that some people say you wanna control your uh uh want to control women's body i just don't give a [ __ ] what you want to do with your body i'm just saying to kill other people you know it's another subject i don't care i don't think about your body you're not that important to me you know i don't care you know just just stop being so selfish so narcissistic yeah and just think about other people and other life you are 100 percent responsible to create in the first place if you don't want to have a child just get a condo just you know take some pills it's it's just absolutely it's from the catholic perspective abstinence until you're married and then you have to be open to life you don't yeah you don't have to think about the babies as a catholic you don't have to pump them out one after the other you have to be a responsible parent yeah i know yeah you can have this little thing called self-control that's not about exactly exactly it's a minimal levels of responsibility it's just so minimal you if if you can't do that you just you're not fit to live in them you know in a modern society to me you know just you just just making this uh society collapse if if you don't take that amount small amount of responsibility i've got some questions from lena my friend who's going to be on the show tomorrow again for a third time lena hey how's it going nice to see you i've got some questions for you human yeah definitely lina says so assuming both parties have bodily autonomy the mother and the child which one should you defer to just a quick answer on that please uh i always protect the weak that's my whole uh worldview in my whole life i'll always protect the weak and i fight back against the oppressor bully whatever that is and a baby if it is inside the womb it's the it's the the most defenseless creature can you imagine so if it's just this this case i always go protect the weak that's all and in this case we also need to talk about the father's choice and father's right in this case and it's it's completely just ignored by all these uh people that they what we call them liptarts they just completely forget they forget about what a father have to say on this situation because the dna the fetus is 50 percent belongs to the father but he has no rights he has no say but whatsoever in this case it's also mind-blowing to me excellent excellent answer uh next question forcing people to give birth is okay now question mark so you're okay with state enforced psychological and physical torture now uh can you uh repeat the question please uh lena is saying that forcing people to give birth is okay according to you no no we're not talking about that okay next question uh are you okay with enforced psychological and physical torture because that's what it would be to force women to get pregnant and have babies no it is a it is a non non-existent issue she's asking because nobody's trying to do that lina lina is a guy uh he likes to wear women's clothes um have you not seen lena on my show no anyway you'll see tomorrow nice guy in every arc this is another question from lena in every argument about abortion i've ever had i've granted for the sake of argument that a fetus deserves personhood and then he says it doesn't in parenthesis it doesn't but he grants that for the sake of argument that still doesn't justify forced birth that's fascism but you're saying that there's no forced birth you don't have to get pregnant and you don't have to yeah exactly okay what about the evil of forcing a ten-year-old rape victim to give birth like in the ohio case just recently comment on that please yeah i i haven't heard of the case but it's a common argument that the libtars always uh come up with about this uh rape incest or this kind of stuff uh firstly i i just want to say that the human life created by incest or rape or whatever has no less value than any other human being personally we should not blame that life because it goes in very very bad places you know it it uh justify exactly it uh justifies you just kill that person when he's 20 or she's 20 years old or whatever it's just it's just morally corrupted we should not think like that but there is uh and the other point is it's less than one percent or two percent all these abortion cases so it is not uh very dominant but still if it's one person we need to protect uh we need to do something about this kind of situation i think in case of rape or incest or any kind of forced sex i would say i just don't know because i don't like the government to just force people to carry a baby that they don't want i it's just i i i see a bigger threat threat if government gets involved in in your bedroom you know and what you do in bedroom and just force you to just uh carry some some [ __ ] you know baby against your wheel you know i i i don't know i know we should not kill that baby but i also don't like that position to be forced on women maybe i don't know uh adoption maybe uh uh or maybe uh after six months or whatever you can just [Music] have this uh operation i don't know what it's called cesaro yeah you can just take it out maybe i don't know yeah you know but in these rare cases it's really complicated okay i don't like the government get involved in that i i don't like to force a person who is already a victim of rape or incest or whatever to just carry on with that torture i don't like it at all ah but i don't think we need to kill we need to kill that babies i just don't know the final comment from lena is that uh it's so frustrating to hear this from you david you should be ashamed of how ignorantly you push for fascism yeah you i'm i am sure uh she she does not know what fashions it means or okay whatever i'm sure he doesn't know what fascism means and i know she he cannot define it at all uh but it's it's fine nobody just we just i kind of used to it you know um every time you just try to be reasonable and talk in like a civilized way they come up with this slurs and you know labeling it just it doesn't mean anything yeah it's not too deep but yeah but i have all also some other stuff to say about just i i wrote some stuff down to just i don't want to forget anything just that changed my mind uh yes uh what other thing that matt walsh said in that podcast was there is no medical uh medical situation that you have to kill the baby to save the mother which means yeah in some cases pregnancy might be risky for the mother but you don't have to kill the baby you just you can end the pregnancy and you you you can try to just save the baby you don't have to kill it you just end the pregnancy and do your best to just save the baby if the the life is lost it's very bad but it just happens but these people argue to just kill the baby in the first place it's just the first thing that comes to their mind just just yeah kill it yeah like a snap because this uh these liptars they have no value for human life that's why they're filled with anger they feel good hatred and they they're not having a good time you know in general in life because they don't value human life and all of these things are these things are connected if you if you see human being as a valuable uh asset in in on the planet you don't think like that you don't think okay it's just a number just i just kill it it's just it's it's a it's an object you know that's why and that's why they have so self-loathing they just hate them so they hate other people that's why they justify violence political violence just burn it down kill them all because um it's i think everything is connected in this world view now i've changed my uh position on this i can see a lot of stuff more transparent than uh before now i know that these people basically they do not appreciate life in a in a general sense they they appreciate planet more than life they no seriously they they care about planet more than people that's why climate change is a big deal for them and today i was that's a it's a quick history i today i i was trying to go to uh into our rbc bank and there was a little protest in front of rbc i saw some banners and signs and stuff and when i was trying to get inside an old lady white liberal old lady just came up to me and she said yeah can you please take a look at this flyer i said okay what is what are you guys trying to protest against and she was like yeah do you know rbc is is the biggest funder you know biggest investor on of gas lines and oil lights in canada i said yeah okay what's wrong what's wrong with oil and gas she was like they're not good for the climate change i said yeah okay climate change is a hoax but they're talking about there is no problem with climate change the problem is you and she was like no no climate change is real we're not going to have enough food to eat i said no it did it's a it's a non-existent problem you're talking about just leave alone leave me alone i don't want to talk to you because and i'm sure if i because i was in hurry but i'm sure if i asked him about vaccine mandate she was totally s supportive because they do not appreciate life and human will they say they claim that they're pro-choice but they're not actually pro-choice they're actually against human life and they're filled with hatred because they don't see they don't see the beauty in life yeah it's it's i worked for greenpeace among other environmental organizations i worked for greenpeace in vancouver of all places very left they had a marxist leninist feminist circle that dominated the greenpeace in vancouver at that time okay and this is back in the 90s and they were serious that the problem can be solved by killing the humans to save the trees kill the humans save the trees kill the humans save the trees especially men you won't be surprised to learn especially men white men white men in particular older white and older rich white men you know they might be on to something there might be something about well the older white rich men might have a disproportionate amount of power in the world i don't know that's the rumor you know these uh jews that run the world necessary these sorts of uh conspiracy theories whatever it might there might be some truth to it who knows whoever's whoever is at the top of the pile has to belong to one of two sexes male or female has to belong to one of the races so-called whatever these races are or ethnicities and it's like it's got to be some someone that belongs to some category are we going to demonize are we going to demonize all these categories yeah yeah they do they actually do that's the goal that's a goal to to divide us as much as possible if you divide people based on race based on sex gender whatever that's how you control them that's how the fascists actual fascists just control you lena's no longer here lena was very angry with me and lena left the video but it's okay it's okay yeah it's okay if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be yeah exactly and uh something else i i i also got something else uh i i never thought uh i never thought about the double homicide double homicide when you if you punch a pregnant girl to a pregnant woman in the belly and you kill the baby and the girl you get charged by double homicide homicide why is that if it's not a human life why why you charged with double homicide not one because of her two heads and her two brains and their two hearts and their faces exactly exactly exactly it's it's you know i i it was so amazing to me that why i never thought about it why it just it just didn't come to my mind i it was it was such a done deal to me that i i just like it's you it's a woman's body it's i don't want to think about it but when i actually start to uh critically thinking about it i just see it as a objective uh view i just said okay why the hell i i didn't think about that it's a double homicide so it is a person we have to grant personhood to the baby so if it's a baby and if you kill it you're a killer you're a baby killer that's it they these people just like love to kill babies basically they love it they they love it and when you see it as a bigger picture that every other stuff they're trying to do with all these transgender nonsense with all these abortion nonsense the racist they raise the nonsense all these phobias you know for all this stuff it just they want to depopulate the air it is how you just have a control collapse of the society you lower the [Music] population voluntarily yep do you know how many people are just changing they're cutting their genitals off by by choice their choice yeah and do you know how many people abort their babies by choice and they love it and some people love to abort other people's babies it's just so dumb you know just i just you know i see the whole the full picture right now and beside that on top of that they try to do some eugenics they and all this planned parenthood all these abortion clinics started to de uh populate black uh communities they and they were very very successful i mean most of the i don't i don't know the exact number but the huge percentage of all these uh killed uh babies belong to black community yeah because it's just the conversation goes from other places but this fatherlessness problem that black community have with no further around all this whole cup culture and stuff it just they were very very successful to lower black population and most of these neptunes are thinking they supporting black people that but they're actually the ones that they harm the most by this planned parenthood and abort abortion clinics and stuff i've read that uh somewhere that uh more than half of pregnancies among uh african americans in new york city result in uh an abortion so more than half of the black people conceived in new york city i don't know if that's if i'm getting that accurately but that's that's what comes to mind as my memory serves me correctly it's pathetic it's a spiritual war it's a spiritual battle and once you're done with your bullet points on abortion we're going to start talking about the spirituality of you and your journey and god and all these sorts of things because you came from islam ostensibly and yeah i'm curious to see where you're going to end up yeah yeah and i have just one more thing to say that it was the last drop in the glass that the water just poured outside outside was how these liptar extremists just talk about abortion and what kind of laws they try to pass especially in u.s that in the i know for a fact that in virginia and in colorado they try to pass a bill to even kill the baby after birth two weeks after birth if if the the mother chooses to just kill the baby because it it makes her up [Music] depressed or sad or upset it just is still still her choice to kill the baby after birth so when i see it see this kind of stuff i say okay it's it's a very very bad sign i don't want to be in this side you know i don't it's something wrong with me if i if i'm in this side something's wrong with me i have to change things you know you know if one extreme one extreme position is just total abortion ban on uh conception the other extreme you just kill the baby after two weeks i would definitely go with the others with the right side i i like to be in the middle but if i have to choose i definitely go with this total abortion ban uh not with this of course killers evil of course of course of course that's the whole purpose that's the whole purpose of all the nonsense that we're seeing why why is god almighty who's all good why is he allowing so much evil it's to awaken you to awaken me to awaken my wife to awaken people who maybe weren't sure if evil is real now we know i mean i always knew anyway but now a lot of us are realizing like this is no joke they will if we give an inch they'll take a mile it's absurd it's beyond like it's beyond uh the playing the victim and i'm going to cater to you and i'm going to apologize to you and i'm going to give you uh everything that you want because we see we see how evil and twisted and demonic these people are yeah they don't care they don't care like you said they don't care about humans they don't care about uh the sanctity of life from natural conception to natural death like just think about all the grandmothers and grandfathers and aunts and uncles that were killed in the old folks homes in quebec in england and different places and their lawsuits being uh brought against these uh the governments and the uh the old folks homes because they were purposely killed i mean there's no they're no bones about it there's there are end of life drugs that are administered uh and that same protocol that same procedure was being applied willy-nilly to people that tested positive or whatever you you allegedly allegedly allegedly yeah this these people actually are trying to do what hitler uh tried to do just just as they say they purge human uh population on the planet because hitler used to think that we need to get rid of all these uh uh the generals yeah uh disabled people lower uh races you know just did this kind of stuff and this was actually trying to do that they did they say uh if i'm not financially ready i don't want to you know add another poor person in this in this world so which means we need to kill all the poor people that's that's how they mind works and it's so frustrating to me that i i used to think like that i used to think okay i i know i was wrong and now i know for a fact you should not kill poor people you should not kill disabled people you should not kill old people it's human life it's valuable it's precious is sacred you have no say to make this uh decision for other people it's up to them i'm actually pro choice yeah i'm actually for a choice and i i i said this this game with words they do i really hate and really pisses me off that they call themselves pro choice but they're actually pro abortion not true choice they're pro-abortion we need to call them as they are we need to call spain as a spain they are pro-abortion we are actually not maybe not maybe we are not pro-life because some some some people may support the uh death penalty for example i think it's it's better to be called anti-abortion and pro-abortion yeah yeah yeah it's more clear so uh the world health organization is lamenting the fact complaining about the fact that among the 74 million reported abortions worldwide every year approximately among those only 60 are done under planned parenthood and these different uh corporate machines that baby killing machines they said only 60 there's this other 40 40 of the market share that we haven't tapped into yet we have to push we have to push this is ridiculous why are we why are we missing out on 40 right and of course the way they justify this marketing is saying well because the way planned parenthood and the others do it is safe and effective it's the it's the safest way to do it instead of picturing someone with a coat hanger going up their parts they say just let a guy in a white lab coat do it it's very safe and effective right well it's it's a hundred percent not safe for each and every aborted child 100 not safe it's the opposite of safe the other thing i wanted to mention was a lot of people are into rich ladies over educated women are into spa day and let's treat yourself and go into this little womb like where it's like it's like a mother's womb and it's quiet and you've got like the water around you colored water swirling and all these treatments you can do it's like a new age treatment and you go into the womb and it's a safe space and these sorts of things well can you imagine if they signed up for this and then suddenly there's this huge vacuum like sucking their arms and legs off and crushing their head with the big thing they wouldn't sign up for that spa would they the other thing is the fetal position a lot of people when they are attacked they assume the fetal position this is like an instinctive thing where you you go into that position of the fetus and we see we see this the vulnerability in that and we see we just naturally associate the fetus with uh you know that vulnerability like i said and uh there's so many there's so many aspects of uh life in the womb that are sort of taken for granted on the one hand by those on the left those that push abortion but on the other hand or the others out of the other side of their mouth they want to deny those very realities that they seem to want to cherish on the other hand it's just completely hypocritical and there's uh yeah it's like this is a mental aberration things aren't connecting inside and a lot of it has to do with guilt don't forget that i think it's one in four canadians i think that's a statistic one in four uh or maybe one in four women worldwide i don't know but i can't remember these exact statistics but one in fours had an abortion in in their lifetime so jesus it's so sad it's a lot it's so sad it just reminds me that islamic world i used to live in it was so so discouraged to have an abortion in islamic world maybe it's maybe even a broken clock can show the time to correct it twice a day maybe it's the case here no no no they the the muslims worship the same god that we christians do and the jews do now it's hard to figure out who's a good jew who's a good muslim who's a good christian it's very hard only god knows the heart only god knows the heart but you know if you're a good jew a good muslim and a good christian we have a lot more in common than people like to make out in the political sphere yeah i i i totally respect people with any kind of belief but my problem is the teachings the uh scripture that the example of prophet these these are the problems that i see in islam i do see it is christianity i don't see a little bit in the jewish people in judaism kind of but in christianity i don't see it at all maybe some rare cases but yeah the the scripture the the teaching of islam is very problematic it and if a muslim is a good muslim because sure he ignores all that nonsense that's what i upset well we need we need an infallible scripture but we also need an infallible interpreter of those scriptures because i can guarantee you i can take any text i don't care what it is it might be the washing instructions on your shirt i can interpret that in a religious way that's radical i don't think it's radical right right and i do not agree no i do not like if if the text if the scripture is perfect and complete you don't need any interpretation i don't think so no no and you look at the us constitution it's just perfect to me it's just perfect everything is there you don't need any interpretation that's why that's why no one's arguing about that right i got it yeah yeah you you you can try to just make it over complicated just just try to push some stuff in it just try to sabotage it basically and the the god issue i i was talking about it in the the star in the first place it says the the right of a bear are having purchase or no there's the word is not said the right of their arm shall not be infringed it's it's very very simple and it's very clear that so all these gun laws in u.s are illegal they they come up with all these interpretations all these i don't know these issues they try to create that no you are violating u.s constitution if you come up with any kind of gun law or registration on god guns that's what i'm saying because you don't you you can try you know human being is a very complicated complete complicated mind and person you can talk into anything you can talk out of anything you can fool yourself you can fool everybody but deep down you know what is right and what is wrong that's my opinion i i don't i don't uh think there's uh there's any kind of interpretation interpretation needed yeah the thing with the thing with the guns you know the main the main reason that i support [Music] the guns is because of the tyranny of the government it's so it's so apparent it's so apparent it's so apparent we have to have we have to be able to defend ourselves against the tyranny of the governments yeah we have to be able to do that and i'm not so worried about it because it's a temporal affair in my i'm just a pilgrim here i'm going to die one way or the other i'm not really too worried about worried about it but self-defense is a right it's a god-given right and you know that's why i'm pro-gun in that sense now if someone wants to accumulate a lot of military-grade weaponry i think that's fine i don't care uh you know there probably is a minimum age for that an age limit whatever and that's fine and also the most important thing is what are you allowed to do with all of these fancy semi-automatic or automatic weapons what are you allowed to do with them you can polish them you can look at them you can shoot them but only you can fire them only in very limited circumstances and you certainly can't murder people right it's illegal it's illegal to murder people right yeah and all the guns they use to do all these horrible mass shooting the guns very illegal legal legally acquired legally acquired yeah no no are used in these mass shootings they were not legal that's what i'm saying were they acquired in a manner that was not legal or were they used in a manner that was not legal or both no no both of them yeah they were not legal to begin with okay of course killing other people is not illegal but all those guns were oh okay lego oh really illegal guns yeah really yeah just yeah look look it up oh okay look it up all of these cases okay yeah the case is closed you know not none of these legal guns are used in all of these horrible mass shootings okay i didn't know that yeah yeah look it up but anyway i mean uh there are many ways to kill people and uh you know i'm not i'm not really my my position is if you're fanatical about guns that's fine just don't murder anyone you know yeah exactly and if you murder someone you're probably going to commit suicide at the end of your murdering spree and you're going to go straight to hell it's not a good idea so i mean it's just it all starts in the home we need mothers and fathers together raising healthy children and being the primary educators of their children and we need good school systems and we need good communities and we need of course a government that will not try to micromanage and not try to be the parents we need you know we need health care that is actually health care and we need to reduce the uh the corruption in politics and in every industry frankly uh but it all starts with the family and it all starts with marriage and that's why as a catholic as a catholic i'm against uh all of the uh you know sexual sin and promiscuity uh same sex all the same sex stuff and whatever yeah i used to all i don't know it it counts or not but i used to be a very huge supporter of lgbtq community but not anymore but it also changed yeah it's a long long time ago more than in uh a year or something that i just stopped i said okay it's too much you just wanted some equal rights to do whatever you want to do you have it just stop the same way that i think feminism needs to be stopped now we don't need any more feminists because they they they achieved what they're trying to achieve okay now you got it you have equal rights we have more than equal rights so just [ __ ] off basically just go away we don't need you anymore basically just it's just same thing with lgbt because these people they just don't stop they have no limits you just give them equal rights now they want us to be just give them some trophies or whatever just celebrate you just just i don't know can i curse or not it just you just just you want to [ __ ] you know same sex or other dudes or you're a dude you want to dress whatever nobody gives a [ __ ] you just you just achieve what you wanted you have equal rights nobody cares what what you do in your household your private room but the problem is it doesn't stay in their private rooms that's that's one of the stuff that i realized right now that it i don't know just some something evil something sinful uh it just it cannot stop if you if it do not stop it if you just say okay you just can't just do it in your house you do in the room but they don't they they come they come out in the street they they have these stupid marches they wanted to just everybody see how they [ __ ] each other i just not interested just stop it's interfering me my life man it just they they can't they just want more they just want other people to just celebrate them to just honor them no i won't do that i do not honor you because you [ __ ] another dude i don't give a [ __ ] man just if you have any problem with your uh identity you have you feel some vacuum inside your soul you just want to have this praise by other people just look at yourself stop pushing other people around stop just bullying other people to just approve what you want them to approve just go have your life happily but they can't because they that that vacuum inside it that the empty place they their soul i think there's something there there's just some a beast inside them just dark a beast that it doesn't allow them to just live happily and instead of dealing with the problem inside them they try to just share it with other people i it's the the famous saying that misery loves company so they just love to share the misery just they they like other people to be hateful and angry as them but no we're not you know we're just having a good life we just no no we we're not gonna honor you you have mentally mentally illness issues so you have to do well we've seen over the past couple of years we've seen over the past couple of years just how compliant people are and how susceptible to peer pressure and getting on the bandwagon okay what's what's the consensus view what's the narrative okay i'm in 100 in and it's just easier for these people it's just easier and it facilitates all of their their uh agendas that they're promoting right just so yeah they can get on with their pushing their little agenda saint augustine said in the fourth or fifth century that we're made for god and our hearts are restless until they rest in god so there's this restlessness like you said it's just a perpetual engine yeah yeah and uh exactly it's very intimately connected with uh sex sexuality and intimacy generally it's very it's a very it's a very powerful engine if you go to the gurus of india with the yoga and all this they're very often sexual scandals why because there's is the center of power and they recognize that in their uh spiritual philosophy the kundalini energy and the the the base chakra and all these sorts of things there's a there's an explicit knowledge that there's some mystical power about uh procreation and the the tools of procreation and just these energies we have it's supernatural it's spiritual and it could be used uh for good or for evil i mean it's very clear it's very clear very clear and uh you know rape is something that uh happens very often in uh with compulsive uh killers like serial killers there's a rape you know there's cannibalism often there's these different perversions but usually sexuality does a perverted form of sexuality does come into play with all of these dark fetishes so it's it's really sad so i have a question for you yeah so based on what that is what you just said we should not see any kind of uh sexual scandals in uh clergy people like priests or bulldozers but we do we do see that why is that because they didn't have they didn't either they didn't have the calling from god or they didn't respect the high uh the nature of the calling they didn't respect the dignity and the duties that are incumbent upon someone that receives a calling so if you don't receive a calling and you're just like hey my brother's a doctor my sister's a lawyer i'm going to be a priest and it's just like a job i'm going to be uh in the muslim world they call it a mullah or uh yeah but in molasses super it's super prevalent especially especially with boys yeah yeah because they're not doing it for the right reasons they're not they're not touched by god almighty allah they're not touched by god and they're called to serve their fellow man and to make a sacrifice for god and they're not in a place of joy and peace because they're resting in god what they're doing is they're going through the motions thinking that this is a good opportunity it's there's power there's influence i get the respect of the community it's like win win win win win and they don't maybe realize how dangerous of a gamble they're taking maybe they're thinking well i do believe in god and i do worship god but i want to have my cake and eat it too because i'm also a flesh and blood man and i like the pleasures of life and it's hard it's very hard i have a lot of sympathy i have a lot of sympathy believe it or not for the pedophile priest for example who wants to be a good priest but is just too weak and ends up in really sick perversion i have a lot of sympathy for these men the men who go in there sorry sorry do you have a sympathy for the the just normal pedophile of course of course yeah of course of course but i have a special sympathy for those who want to please god and they're just they're just too weak and they they fall into sin because they their prayer life is not up to scratch or they're just uh they're just selfish basically it's uh it's horrible it's horrible it's horrible so but it is but there are people that go into the priesthood just to have proximity to boys right and their people their teachers that go into the teaching role just have proximity to young girls or whatever it is like there are sort of groomers and stalkers and people that orchestrate their life so that they can have a proximity to a victim to victimize the victims for their own sexual gratification we've got coaches in sports who've done this we've got medical doctors who've done this we've got priests yeah but the problem it's so prevalent yeah in mallas and priests yeah if if they have if you go to learn christianity or islam whatever if you if you go to a school or or you you start a career a job basically to be in touch with god in any shape or form it it you it it should have been some impact on your soul yeah that dude do not do this horrific evil stuff yeah that's what i'm saying i'm just saying we should not see that this prevalent and discomfort yeah with all laws in a perfect world in a perfect world obviously but this is not a perfect world yeah you know we have we have catholic saints who explicitly and openly declare i don't know if it's true but what they say is that most catholic priests are burning in hell right now because they didn't live up to the high standard that god set for them when he called them if he called them and if he if you went into the priesthood without being called obviously that's not good that's not good you just yeah you just remind me that the movie i recently watched is called father's two have you heard about it i saw it in the theaters oh yeah i loved it i loved it i loved it that's that's the call you talking about the call he had the call in the bar yeah i love that movie i've watched it three times so far wow did you laugh in the first half the first third of the movie was funny yeah i i cried he made it five when he was on his brother's grave i started crying you know i laughed so hard oh my god with his father oh my mother they had this back and forth i mean it was so loud so funny but at the same time i cried like crazy the theater i went to held maybe a hundred people there were three of us watching this film you know why same thing when i went to see the documentary on pope francis there were two of us two or three of us in the audience that holds 100 people why because religion is passe no one gives no one cares no one cares but they go see marvel comics and the fantasy and like the feminist version of this old story and the feminist version of that story and insert a black character in the lead of this age-old tale and whatever it's like they just don't care people don't care about religion it's like generally speaking like if you were to go back a hundred years uh i think that most people were religious or striving to be religious or at least putting on heirs of being religious i've seen photos here in montreal of churches large churches like that hold uh you know uh a thousand like the saint joseph's oratory holds a thousand people easily and uh it was jam-packed like standing room only like sardines packed into the place so you know i understand that a lot of a lot of that was cultural catholicism a lot of that was just uh why are you here well i'm here because my wife's here and she believes and i'm just you know it's a community it's a community and it's cultural and whatever i understand that but there was a side benefit to that even if you're only there as a cultural as a cultural spectator but um we've lost that we've really gone the other way we've gone to the point where everyone's a selfish individual seeking their own pleasure and there's an animosity and a hatred toward god toward religion and i personally have always had a reverence and a respect for all spiritual people whether they were the native americans with the the supreme being that they worship the great creator or whether it's the hindu with their you know their understanding of god with the multiplicity of deities or whatever it is like i've always had a reverence in awe for people uh muslims jews christians all types of people because it's it's it's in our human nature to go beyond the selfish petty concerns of our lower animal appetite it's it's our dignity is that we have reason that the animals don't have and we have free will that the animals don't have and we have morality and we have virtue and i see in all of the traditions the spiritual traditions all the philosophies of the east i see a striving towards something that transcends the base animal instincts yeah yeah that's true that's true and i i think i see the tide is changing in the west i i see you know i've been here uh eight years now but but uh based on what i see i i can't see a cultural change towards god okay that's that's my observation here i see especially young people the age of 20 18 19 they i identify as a christian they identify as muslim whatever by their choice not by their family yeah and it is really amazing to me and i see they they they they are capable to argue they're capable of uh do some debate conversation about it they able to defend their positions yeah i was not like that at all my age uh i because everything was just put in my head by force by propaganda with brainwashing i i was kind of uh doing some [Music] rebuild against it against all these uh uh fascism basically islamofascism basically yeah yeah well uh it says somewhere in the quran i've mentioned this to you before there shall be no compulsion in religion there shall be no compulsion in religion that's one of my favorite lines in the quran yeah but some other lines just kind of contradict that so we can pick and choose where to put the emphasis i'll put the emphasis there someone else might put the emphasis somewhere else yes you know but it's it's just impossible the catholic church teaches the same thing there cannot be compulsion in religion we are free we are made in the image and likeness of god god is freedom god is joy god is peace god is love yeah but in quran just count how many times uh it uses the word kill just count it it's amazing but it's peaceful a lot of killing but peaceful yeah yeah i mean i i as a christian obviously i believe that to greater or lesser degrees every other worldview is false but every other view also contains a lot of truth yeah you know yeah to greater lesser extent for sure i agree if if muslims were able to say like most of christians i that i happen to know that some us stuff are just out uh outdated we just need to just just put put the rest on them just say okay now they're not proper at this time just just don't kill anybody to don't kill gay people just do not throw them on from the roof just don't stone women just it's an ancient don't bring it to the modern times it's fine i think the other stuff the muslims do especially the community they have the muslim communities are very strong and they kind of envy them the the family the the the family strength they have in the community there's they're very very so supportive of each other it's really amazing some of the best people i've met were um and are muslims and i just have a natural uh you know uh inclination positive yeah positive very positive bias very positive bias and i've often said it's sort of my second favorite religion after christianity but not no offense to the jews but it's just i just i see i see like you said the emphasis on the family the jews have that too certain communities of jews have that emphasis on the family uh that's really the number one thing you know like having god putting god first in your life and then loving your neighbor as yourself for god's sake and that all begins with you know um the family and all these things that's kind of kind of zero narcissism zero narcissism yeah selfless service and you know long suffering patience kindness and gentleness and all these sorts of things yeah it's it's really interesting because any any bad thing a muslim person may do is not because himself or herself it's because of allah okay is that why you know what i'm saying yeah you know i'm just saying it's the the exact opposite of the issue that western people face right now they're just so self-indulged they so self-observed they always say it's my choice my right my life just only me me me and they uh justified to do anything to just please themselves it's just the exact opposite with muslims they do it for a lot not for themselves you know it's a it may cause some other issues but i'm just saying the source of the issue it's just the exact opposite right right right zero narcissism there you know there's a there's a saying in uh in christianity i forget which saint said it but we should pray as if everything depended only on god but then we should act as though everything depended only on us so it's a balance i like it it's a balance it's a balance so this is spirituality and the way i like to to illustrate this is the ten commandments i don't know if you're familiar with the ten commandments yeah but the first three are about god the love of god in thought in word and indeed those are the first three commandments and the rest the seven that follow are uh love of neighbor in thought and word and indeed okay but the reality the reality here below is that we cannot please god in the abstract we cannot we cannot please god in the abstract the only way to please god is by being virtuous and being loving towards ourselves and our neighbor and our enemies we even have to love our enemies that's how we demonstrate i have an issue with that but i why i understand i i don't think i i think in some cases you have to fight back of course you have to re recognize there is evil yes and some people are evil yes if you love evil evil is going to be problematic no but we need to we need to make a distinguish between um the ontological goodness of the sinner and the hateful evil of their sin so we say love the sinner always but hate the sin so we think in christianity we think of terms in terms of people that are captive to satan satan has control of their heart will will and mind and strength and so we want to liberate these poor people but uh we uh you know the right to life is number one so we need to protect ourselves protect our families spiritual self-defense is a real thing and we need to protect ourselves against those who would harm us even though they're under the spell of satan and ultimately god wants them to break free from satan's grip and we can be instrumental in that but we need to pick and choose our battles and we have we cannot contaminate ourselves in order to try to help someone we need to use prudence we need to be very careful we need to fight evil knowing that our evil enemy is ontologically good created by god christ died for that person and that person is lost and confused and hopefully by the grace of god and if i'm if i could be an instrument in that great but if not my first defense is self-defense of myself but i i have a question for you another question for you uh some of these people just just claim or just they outright they say we don't believe in god we have no soul yeah we just we just mortal creatures we don't see we don't believe in the spirit or have a soul or whatever maybe don't you think maybe they are right or maybe some some people they have they they just have no soul no you think everybody has a soul yeah every human yeah every human maybe maybe it's not the chance that they lost they lose their soul you know in the process just take it over by evil that evil just starts stuck there's so loud every every every human that's alive has hope of conversion repentance humility humility it's all about humility will they eat hum will they eat humble pie will they swallow their pride and will they come to their all good creator and say look i'm sorry i messed up i'm a little miserable worm and a faithless sinner please have mercy on me and then god is so kind he's so generous it's not it's there's nothing there's nothing heavy about that moment on the contrary it's the most beautiful moment that angels are singing god's delighted everyone's happy the family and friends those of us who don't yeah god will be happy so it's a beautiful beautiful moment repentance and it's it's a possibility for every human so long as they're alive at the moment of death of course they're fixed if they're in mortal sin they're going to be damned and that's you just remind me again the movie father still understood just just remind me again yeah that was the case you know the moment he had this epiphany basically he was so goddamn atheist you know just so just he was just fighting against god and but he came back i i understand that i understand but some people i see just there's no soul there i don't know maybe i'm wrong i don't know you're 100 wrong you're 100 wrong 100 percent okay if you take anything away from this conversation you have to love your enemies you don't have to love their sin you have to hate their sin and you have to correct them if you're in a position to correct them or it's appropriate for you to correct them you can't go around sticking your nose in everyone's business but if it's appropriate for you if you have authority over someone if your child comes to you and wants to do heroin you say no that's evil you don't do heroin son i believe in in the free will yeah if if you do a scene if you do some evil stuff you chose to do it yeah if you chose to do evil yeah there's something in you that is not lovable they love your adv i have a problem with that i'm sorry i i i i if you say do not hate your adv i'm 100 on board but love it's a it's a big word i cannot do you know what love it do you know what i love evil do you know what love is oh that's another another conversation i'll give you i'll give you the quickie version what the catholic philosophical definition of love is very simple it's not that i really really really like this person have great chemistry with them no and admire them no okay it's not that i want to make a parade for them no it's that i wish only the best for them and so if someone is a a child rapist murderer most despicable criminal you've ever met and he hates everyone he hates himself and he's cutting himself and everyone else uh what do we wish for this fellow human being we wish them to be healthy physically emotionally mentally to get over all the emotional baggage they got from their parents and from their parents parents and so on all the way back to adam and eve we want them to get in control of their appetites and to be civilized if you see jesus christ healing the demoniac in the graveyard they couldn't even control this demoniac with chains he would always break free from his chains and he was slicing himself cutting himself and harming everyone that came his way jesus healed this man and the man put on clothes for the first time he sat at table he was civilized and no one could believe it no one could understand what's happening but that's what it is to love our enemies inside of each of these demonic ferocious libtards is a child of god that's just needing healing it just needs healing and like i said it's all about humility it's all about recognizing is this person willing to recognize reality what they are in the eyes of god and what where they've gone wrong they've gone oh so wrong and it's so tragic the years wasted a whole life wasted a whole life wasted and they ruined everyone that they came into contact with they corrupted children they corrupted everyone with sex drugs and rock and roll and they're on their deathbed and then on their deathbed they're suffering so much and they say i don't believe in god but if you're out there god have mercy on me a sinner boom it's amazing i wish i wish it on everyone yeah so what what you're saying basically is sometimes for some people feeling shame humiliation and even suffering is what's what's best for them yes yes yes i agree with that yeah i agree with that and you're saying it does not contradict to love them yeah loving them just means you want them to transform into a human being yeah exactly human be a human we were meant to be human there's a saying in catholicism the glory of god what is the glory of god the glory of god is man fully alive so these people that are uh have demonized themselves and others by their sick behaviors uh they are strange yeah they've strayed from the principle of life they spray strayed from the dignity of their humanity and the the the glory of god is that scumbag now fully human fully alive that's what the glory of god is and that's what we're hoping for so when you see some repulsive sinner criminal yes it's natural and it's normal and healthy to be repulsed and disgusted and not even want to look at them but in your heart of hearts you have to say that's a child of god god help them because there but for the grace of god go i there but for the grace of god go i could have been in that situation i'm just as sick and despicable just for whatever reason god gave me the grace to avoid that tragic downfall that that person had because of their circumstances their family or whatever a lot of people are raised with money with opportunity with all the good things and they still go bad but it's because they're missing something always they're always missing something they're trying to fill that void like you said there's this thirst that just can't be quenched so we have to have a lot of sympathy but again yeah you're right we do need to defend ourselves and our families of course and we you know sometimes we have to use uh physical violence you know like to uh the death penalty yeah yeah yeah do you say yeah that's exactly what i was about to ask you that are you pro or you're against uh death penalty for well the vatican recently has been distancing itself more and more from the death penalty i don't have a i don't have a problem with the death penalty but i also respect the teaching body of the living magisterium of my church and uh you know uh what is your personal opinion on it i don't know i don't have a problem with the death penalty the the problem today you said we need to wish you best for the enemy we should try to just love this yes and stuff killing them is not helping the death penalty the death penalty is not um is not like it doesn't happen quickly it happens slowly as a bureaucratic process and then they sit in jail for years so it's just like there are many conversions that happen on death row i'm not fully endorsing the death penalty and i think as the church teaches it in in our modern age there's no need really for it except for in very very unusual and rare circumstances where it would be needful i personally don't think it should be completely ruled out just because some people are uh are a threat to themselves and others into such a radical degree but i can leave that up to uh the living magisterium and the those who make the laws of course we're very far this is a very niggling little point that uh isn't the top issue of the day for sure now given the choice if i if i were to meet a hardened criminal unrepentant sinner and he's just dying to get out and kill and rape more women or whatever like that i mean if i had the choice to sign him up for the death penalty so he's going to be killed put out of his misery so to speak or to just let him fester in jail i mean i don't know i don't uh it's just a disgusting situation i don't even like to think about it i mean someone has to do it someone has to make that call you know it's rough yeah it's really rough yeah so i guess generally i would side with the position that the church takes today which is that we should really pump the brakes on uh rolling out the death penalty it's probably abused and the tragedy of the innocent lingering in jail is bad enough much less being killed for a crime you didn't commit can you imagine yeah yeah that'll test your faith i mean if you're uh the other issue i have with the uh death penalty just government gets to decide gets involved tyranny yeah yeah yeah okay that's a good point that's a good point i have an issue with that to say i can't even need to kill this person you know he is a killer i don't like abuse yeah for sure so it is you know it is i guess uh encouraging that the church is taking a more and more uh liberal position i guess on the death penalty and saying no it's not necessary in most cases and i think i think they may have come up with a strong statement uh recently saying that uh you know we just don't need it at all so uh but you know this this idea of the just war is still a catholic notion and the idea of self-defense obviously uh engages uh the use of force legitimate use of force uh but you know yeah okay yeah any other points i would like to ask you uh before we wrap up because i do have to go i'm sweating like a pig off you can see i'm sweating yeah why is that it's very it's very no no way see oh wow i just realized i left my window shut normally i have it open i don't know why i shut it yeah you can open it if you want it's okay we're almost done but i wanted to ask you about god almighty allah do you are you warming up to the idea are you thinking that it's something that's sort of a possibility because you probably never thought it would even be on your radar as a possibility is it something you're warming up to monotheism generally that there's an all-good god that loves you and there are two destinations heaven and hell is this something you're open to at least oh yeah of course yeah yeah since when since i guess the uh last time i talked about it i i told you i kind of converted from atheism to uh agnosticism yeah now i know hundred percent there is some power beyond me beyond materialism since your last interview with me maybe a couple of months before that okay okay yeah okay i think it's kind of close to uh no i can tell you it was last uh october i would say around the time i met you maybe yeah yeah kind of because i i was thinking this is that i don't know i don't know yeah i think yeah yeah i think there's no conspiracy like it's it's the bandit says it's the banana dude is it bad he's catholic yeah yeah he says i don't believe in conspiracy but nothing is accidental that's what he always says i don't know but the the last october i was taking these yoga sessions or just breath uh breath working you know what it's called the breath breath working uh sessions and i just experienced some stuff with zero drugs involved i realized i remember this now you told me about this yeah yeah we were just working on our breath and working our chakra yeah the third eye and stuff i i didn't believe in them at all zero but it just worked me like a charm it worked on me like a charm and it took me to some places and some i don't know some universes that i never thought is possible i know it is not from earth it's something beyond it's it's not materialized it's just something a power beyond me it's a world beyond me i just took you took a taste you took it just glanced on it yeah and uh that that time i thought okay i'm not i'm no i'm i'm not atheist anymore it just the science cannot explain that human science actually cannot explain that so i'm not atheist anymore there is something beyond us i can say i don't know what that is what that is exactly i'm not sure yeah it's not kind of important for me to just know which one of these gods are it's allow or is i don't know it's a christian god whatever but i know there's something beyond me something is watching me the world the universe is watching me it take takes care of me if i'm a good person which i know for a fact i am a good person i have a good heart i have a good intention i know that anything happens to me it happens for a reason even some bad events happen in my life right right now i used to be like really pissed off in if any bad things bad stuff happens when you say okay why me why it's voice like but now now i'm very calm i feel very relaxed because i know in a long run it's gonna be work in favor of me i know it's good for me i just don't realize it now i'm gonna realize it in the future yeah wow and it it brings a lot of calm in my whole life and i love it yeah yeah you have to emphasize the love you have to emphasize every day every morning every night all day the love the gratitude the love and the gratitude the love i'm very gracious right now i i don't like living in canadian prison right now but they still i'm very gracious i mean during my time i try to break out the prison but i i love my life now before i let you go uh you introduced me to asana is that her name is that how you pronounce her i know that's how you feel asana and you know i don't want to talk about her when she's not here with us but i was inspired i am inspired by her quest for god and for her meaning and for you know she had her own existential journey which is easy yeah yeah which is very um you know touching and uh there you know we all as we travel through life we're disappointed or we have dead ends or we have uh things that don't go our way and often time like i said about god using suffering to humble us i mean it's it's just the way it is i mean she was humbled by certain circumstances and a series of circumstances as we all are in different ways and uh now there's this thirst you know there's just this vague thirst for god whatever i told you yeah i told you you know uh even as an iranian person you know born and raised under islam of fascism i used to see islam and you know in the general sense the whole organized religion as a main evil of the planet this main issue for human beings we just need to get rid of all these uh religions whatever they are islam is the worst but other also very bad so we just need to get rid of them but now after all these kobe nonsense all these transgender nonsense all these all these stuff that they they boil down to a big picture i see actually for a fact that government is a main evil and religion is just kind of it's like a practical tool or means to fight back against the evil which is government i see it i see i know though islam has a lot of problems i think very organized religion is still to me they have a lot of problems but government is way way way bigger issue here and if religion is here for us to use them to fight back against government i take it yeah well you can see the chechnyan people uh that are supporting putin and uh yeah i don't know if i'm allowed to talk about that i may not be allowed to talk with us on youtube i'm probably gonna get a second strike but um you know the chechnyan people the uh the muslim people they're manly men and their warriors and their yeah yeah you know they have good values they fear god and they're they love their families and they they do not want any part of the lgbtq yeah the muslim world is just so discouraged you know you should talk about it i told you they they i'll try killing gay people it's one of the biggest sin in islam but molos is still doing it but it's one of the biggest scenes [Laughter] sorry just reporting it's called it's called having your cake and eating it like at the same time yeah yeah it's kind of like that but uh yeah yeah as i say even islam if i if i can use islam to fight back against the critical government the global critical governments i will do it yeah you know that i have i think i have more common ground with islam with muslims with christian people with jewish people more than the government of course people from the government i do want to i do want to mention though it's very important to mention that government in and of itself is not evil it's the corruption of those in power it's not power power is good god almighty is power power is good money is good but that's why yeah that's why like usa you have to found your country based on god based on the rule comes from god if god we trust yeah it's a hierarchy it's a hierarchy you minimize the corruption but still there is a chance your government is corrupted but you minimize the minimize the chance if you look at europe the government they have in germany in fresno italy just make way more corrupted and there is no chance for them to be back i think europe is gone very it's it's a couple of years that they're gone they're totally gone and yeah it's in other conversations for another day but you know to be a little bit optimistic and white-pilled it's like god is in control and all legitimate god-fearing authority all legitimate god-fearing authority is good and it's yeah definitely it's it's just like it's like if you want to think about like a good father with a good wife and good children and it's all harmonious and perfect that's the image of uh of that harmony but what do we see in the real world we see the father is running around chasing skirts and he's with a million different women and the mother's on drugs and she's drunk and she's sleeping around with the men and the children are doing what they want to do and it's a complete nightmare so you could you could look at that and you say wow family is horrible family is disgusting fatherhood is disgusting motherhood is disgusting children are disgusting no it's because it's broken and it's corrupted but if we if we're able to strive with god's help and with humility strive to play my role what am i i'm a husband i'm a father okay what do i need to do what are my duties well i should probably do my job and pay the bills and you know treat my wife nicely and but i'm still the head of the family so i have to be firm with my wife and children but you know in moderation and she's going to you know she's uh she's under my service that's what subservience means she's under my service i'm serving her and she's under my service and it's give and take and it's you know it could be a beautiful thing but how often do we see that in reality it's very very rare to see a big beautiful family that's harmonious and with just a little bit of sibling rivalry and bickering and these sorts of things that's normal but usually what we see is a lot of deep dark secrets don't talk about this don't talk about what dad did don't talk about what mom does you know don't talk about what our son hunter biden did you know yeah yeah yeah exactly it's just for as a [Music] white white pill stuff i can just encourage people to check and monitor what governor of florida is doing john de santos as you said the the the just father figure with in power that just fears god and just a kind of good way of governing other people you just just check out what he's doing and what she's doing in the south dakota the governor i forgot her name no naomi i i don't recall her name she's also doing great okay and i think my picture is frozen yeah what is how do we refresh that let me see it's it's frozen in a very very bad shape that's your new profile picture right there no please don't it's like i'm gonna photoshop a big doobie like a marijuana joint in your mouth hang it out of your mouth there and a glass of beer in the other hand and that's gonna be perfect no please don't i'm gonna i'm gonna block [Laughter] so you could do whatever face you want you could take all your clothes off jump around but if your camera kicks back in we're in a shock so we better wrap it up here yeah yeah exactly so it was so nice talking to you yeah so your avatar is showing up now so uh we'll have to do part three uh take notes on the next bullet points you want to talk about it was fascinating hearing your story i'm so excited i'm so i'm so proud of you this is this is the irony i'm proud of your humility i'm very proud of humility there is a place for pride in our world there is a place for pride we can be proud when someone is being human and when they are humble when they do self-sacrifice and when they're loving and we can and we should be proud of that we should not be proud in the sense that we think that we're above god never never be proud in that way pride always comes before fall yes of course pride pride is a big issue here let's bring back shame humiliation and offend other people back to this civilized country yeah well at the very beginning at the very beginning we were talking about your change to pro-life i was thinking it's only those who have a little bit of rebellious spirit where they're not going to go always with the crowd who have the courage and the audacity to say well wait a minute i don't necessarily agree with that let me look into that and it's like okay well i now have my opinion you don't like it you don't like it you don't like it you no one around me likes it well it's okay because i am not a follower i'm not completely a follower i'm not a complete brain dead sheep i love you and you know i respect your decisions that you make to a certain extent i think you're wrong but this is me and you have the courage because you are a little bit uh you're not afraid to swim upstream and there's that there's this idea that you're counter cultural and when i say you i mean everyone who is able to think for themselves and to go against the stream it's a counter-cultural thing to be pro-life imagine that to be pro-life is counter-cultural in today's sick and fallen world why is that the case why is that the case everything's upside down and backwards yeah because the the whole society is you know is on a decay basically either is it decay but this this man said yes pope john paul ii he's a saint he said it's the culture of death that's the term that he coined for our culture with abortion and lgbtq and everything else it's a culture not of life but a culture of death that's what he said so uh yeah i can see that i can see that so we've got to turn things around we've got to turn things around one red pill at a time very proud of you and um i'm happy to know you and i'm sorry i can't go on saturday uh to the freedom lovers picnic but are you going it's uh sunday actually okay oh yeah saturday summer place sun sunday is on the beach yeah saturday they go to ireland yeah it's sunday we're going to go to a beach okay well we'll talk on telegram you let me know where that's happening yeah sure yeah yeah definitely i love you my brother i'm proud of you i love you too we'll talk soon take care god bless you