CVS Live Guest - 2023-01-07 - Siddhant Thomas

Author Streamed Saturday January 7th, 2023

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Young Sid is back to explain himself and to give us his best William Shatner impression. We chatted about the problem of evil and his new-found Epistemic Agnosticism. I hope and pray he comes back to the fullness of the Christian faith sooner rather than later. God is good. God alone is good.

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Alright, we're going live, Alrighty, Are you finally on Youtube. Now I'm back on Youtube and we are here with my best friend Sid. Are we live. We're live. We're live. We live. We're live. We're live or don't do anything stupid Stupid, Sit sit perfectly perfectly still still like like gimme give me your your your your good good canned canned hams hams., Tv Tv.? What What do do I I do do?? Your Your backdrop backdrop looks looks very very clear clear to to be millions millions, and and millions millions of of people people are are going going to to see see them them trillion trillion like like other other aliens aliens are are going going to to Cebu Cebu.. What's What's the the backdrop backdrop? It? It looks looks like like a a peach peach cobbler cobbler.. It's It's the the same same office office.. If If the the office office, but. But I I have have recorded recorded earlier earlier.. It's It's just just. I I just just moved moved the the desk desk beside beside.. Yeah Yeah,. I I know know.. No No, I, I like like it it.. I I like like it it.. It. Yeah Yeah. I. I know know I I don't don't like like the the blank blank backdrop backdrop. But and I I don't don't really really use use his his office office at at my my dad's dad's office office.. I I like like I I like like the the blankness blankness of of it it.. Yeah Yeah,. That's that's yeah, I can it can can be be good good. indefinitely Indefinitely.. Moving Moving the the desk desk has has given given me me a a lot lot more more like. I like like room room, so, so so so so so that's that's good good. It's. It's always always good good,, But But Yeah Yeah,, Rick Rick.. How How long long has has it it been been since since we we chatted chatted to to?? Let's Let's say say August August.. So So he he wants wants. Is Is that that five five months months something? It's not like that that? I I think think it it was was mid mid August August as as well well, just just frightened writing for for school school,, And And so so how how you you been been and and what's what's the the big big shocking shocking news news development development?? Ah Well, Yeah, Yeah, yeah,, so so,, yeah yeah,, I I mean mean I've I've been been okay okay. I've of been him in in the the middle middle of of applications applications and and stuff stuff, and and I'm I'm just just trying trying to to suck suck as as much much., Just just trying trying to to milk milk as as much much of as vacations vacation as. I I can can, and and if I it were to starts start, or or what what are are you you drinking drinking?. It's It's a a gin gin and and tonic tonic with with no no,. Okay Okay,, the the strawberries strawberries in in it it. that That that's. That's why why I a looked lot of rounds rounds.. I'm I'm not not a a big big drinker drinker. But, but I I have have this this bottle bottle of of gin gin. I'm. I'm trying trying to to get get through through. It's. It's been been like like sitting sitting there there for for two two years years. I'm. I'm trying trying to to like like drink drink movies movies. at your At home all. and it's It's the all whole I. I have have. I. I. I. I don't don't really really do do alcohol alcohol, but, but I I started started drinking drinking tonic tonic water water and and I I thought thought hey hey. I. I could could drink drink gin gin now now cause Cause I I have have tonic tonic.. Yeah Yeah,, and and so so I I put put Jane Jane in in and the tonic tonic, and, and it's it's the the summertime summertime drink drink and and I'm drinking drinking haha with with strawberries strawberries, but, but. I'm dreaming Freeman. I, I make make a the summertime summertime dreaming dreaming about about the the summertime summertime Summer Summer is is coming coming.. Summer Summer is is coming coming.. It It is is the the five five months months or or something something,, But but off for for summer summer.. What's What's up up.? You You get get time time off off from from school school. In In the this summer one might. I do do.. Yeah Yeah,. I I totally totally works works like like based based on on some cement based based on on semesters semesters,. So so I, you you know know you you just just sign sign up up for for each each semester semester and and. any Any time time that that you you don't don't sign sign up up for for classes classes is is vacation vacation,, so so yeah, I I., but But overall overall,, what what about about the the faith journey journey stuff stuff?? Come Come on on?? Let's Let's get get down down to to a faith faith.. For For any any Okay Okay,, a a smackdown smackdown.. Let's Let's do do this this.. Twenty Twenty twenty twenty two two has has been been a a crazy crazy has has been been a a really really really really crazy crazy year. Are. we We've seen seen my my mild mild D d, conversion conversion and and reconversion reconversion,, and and you you know know in entry tree you. entry In treating illness this with with Catholicism catholicism,, almost almost converting converting to to Catholicism catholicism,, and and then then close closer to. D The converting, converting to to agnosticism agnosticism so all I I know know so so close close was was like like right right off off, but took of my my time time.. We We came came so so close close. What. What what what happened happened?? What What was was the the?? Let Let?? This This is is going going to to take take an an hour hour to to go go through through. But. But yeah yeah,, just just what's what's your your thinking thinking process process. What's. What's your your thought thought process process?? Make Make your your best best case case may. Maybe be we. can Both both be the agnostic agnostic together together.. Britain's I I will will convert convert to you to to the the dark talks side, said to. my My friend friends.. Don't Don't worry worry. Soon soon enough enough. Your. Your wife wife of, and people people with will my my backdrop backdrop. This disappears appears, just just going going to to be be like like peach peach,. Can peach colored, Know you you give me? Shouldn't shouldn't you you? shouldn't Should you you like like lose lose faith faith? I'm? I'm just just going gonna to miss miss that that backdrop backdrop of of all all the the forget forget.. Just Just like like a little a little shrine shrine. What With.. Yeah Yeah. That's, that's what what I I. pray. I, My my. dealer Are there. There Lots lots, my my kneeler kneeler got got a a big big bottle bottle of of holy holy water water in in that that in in that the. At the shrine shrine there there., Yeah. Also Also, how. How is is that that a a mirror mirror with with like like reflecting reflecting across across all the? back I bagno know. That's? That's that's that's a a fancy fancy.. At It's a a fancy fancy thing thing I I built built.. It's It's like like a a little little alcove alcove,, so so it's it's subject subdued sub sub recessed recessed into into the the wall wall,, and and I. I, Actually actually, it's, it's a a lighted lighted cabinet cabinet,, so so I I have have cut cut cross cross shaped shape hole hole,, and and I I have have the the cross cross sitting sitting on on top top of of a a cross cross shaped shaped hole hole, but, but. there's There's light light coming coming through through., cause Cause I I made made the the the hole whole bigger bigger than than the the cross cross so so that that there there will will be be light light going going through through it it,, so so it's it's pretty pretty fancy fancy stuff stuff.. That's That's kind kind of of cool cool.. Isn't Isn't always always been been there there.. I I dunno dunno.. If If you you convert convert to to catholicism catholicism,, then then you you can can have have one one of of those those two two.. Okay Okay,, Oh Oh,, do do I I bet bet of us Louis Do Do is is go go to to my my sort sort of of my my nearest nearest are are Cia Cia.. Sign Sign up up. now Now, Yes. Yes, let's, let's do do this, so so my my son son welcome welcome to. At the the church church? Why. Why did did you you decide decide to to join join?? It's may Are trying trying to to just just turn turn into into a a photo photo.. I've I've just just pretending pretending to to be be your your Sci associate priest priest and and he's he's asking asking you. your That dad times is. You you can can,, almost almost you you almost almost sounded sounded a a little little bit bit like like Mike Mike Smith's Smith's Er Er Tolerate know know,, But But the the answer answer you you give give the the answer answer you you give give to to the the pre pre Rc Rc.. A A priest priest is is well well like like I I.. I I joined joined because because I I want want one one off off and and laid laid back back,, crossing crossing alcove alcove prayer prayer shrine shrine,, thinking thinking.. That's That's why why I I am am I I going. We to have hell. a pacers You serious. Okay case,, but the while father they're. Where's wearing your the cassock cassock wearing wearing wears wears green green.. What's What's under under your your cassock cassock.? No No kidding kidding.. I I shouldn't shouldn't joke joke.. I I shouldn't shouldn't joke joke.. Yeah Yeah,, It's It's fine fine.. I I shouldn't shouldn't project project. promises Promises. Amid. I mean serious seriously. Seriously,. This This is is serious serious stuff stuff.. We'd We'd have have to to get get very very serious serious and and talk talk about about God God.. And And why why you you don't don't God God.. Why Why did did he you reject reject God God.. He's He's so so nice nice and and so so kind kind to to you you,. But It's it's just just the the sweetest sweetest guy. I I mean mean well well,. the The whole whole thing thing I I mean mean in in a a nutshell nutshell I I could could not not really really see see the the sweetness sweetness.. Oh Oh,, yeah yeah,, I I mean mean that's that's obviously obviously just just an an emotional emotional thing thing,, but but there there was was never never an an emotionally emotionally jarring jarring moment moment. You. You never never loved loved God God.. Is Is that that is is that that I I always always.. I I always always did did.. I I mean mean I I have have like like my my ups ups and and downs downs with with him him and and I I still still like like I still still try try to to pray pray wherever wherever I I can can keep keep.. I I keep keep doing doing that that.. Keep Keep doing doing that that yet yet. you'll You'll turn turn had had some someday day.. I I might right, yeah. Yeah,, so so basically basically. It'd it probably probably help help if if I I summarized summarized my my beliefs beliefs and in just just a a few few cents cents. Or or so so I I would would do do,, so so. I I would would consider consider myself myself an an epistemic epistemic. Agnostics. Agnostics.. Something Something that that.. What's What's his his name name?? Do Do you you know know who who majesty majesty of of reason reason is is or or Joe Joe Schmidt Schmidt?? Okay Okay, Well, Well,, he's he's a a Youtuber Youtuber and and he he does does philosophy philosophy videos videos,, so so he he would would consider consider himself himself something something like like that that which which is is genuinely genuinely having having no no. idea The idea if if there there is is God God. or We're not not,, so so, I, I don't don't take take a a position position like like whether whether I don't don't take take an an atheist atheist position position, but, but I I'm, not. I I don't don't take take a a theistic theistic position position either either and and I I would would just just say say I'm I'm right right in in the the limbo limbo regions regions,, like like I I have have genuinely genuinely no no frickin frickin idea idea whether whether there there is is a a god god.. I I lean lean more more to to the the theistic theistic side side Because Because of of you you know know all all the the arguments arguments that that I've I've heard heard a a lot lot of harder audience audience were were good good,, Just Just the the origin origin of of the the universe universe, consciousness consciousness,, Olga Olga, It's, its. There's a a lot lot of of dub Dub. does It's a a lot lot of of damning damning You you know know good good arguments arguments and and what what it it can can say say is is evidence evidence.. But But then then there's there's a a lot lot of of you you know know an opposing opposing evidence evidence mostly mostly to to deal deal with with the the problem problem of of evil evil,, and and and and you you know know I I feel feel like like something something.. It It is is the the biggest biggest, and and it it. It is is the the biggest biggest. You you know know. Of of course pushback back that that Theism theism house has, or or Christianity Christianity,, even even I I,, and and Yeah yeah,, some some people people. Well, do. as soon Soon enough enough like like I I kept kept reading reading those those answers answers that that was was one one that that has has been been bugging bugging me me like like for for throughout throughout twenty twenty twenty twenty two two,, and and I I tried tried. You. You know know overcoming overcoming that that I like like There's. There's another another reason reason why why I I looked looked into into Catholicism Catholicism and and found found quite quite a a bit bit of of comfort comfort there there to to do do,, but but I I can can never never.. You You know know I I.. I I could could never never get get through through that that hole hole.. He You never never get get through through that that whole whole perspective perspective of of a a perfect perfect being being like like omniscient omniscient omnipotent omnipotent omnipotence omni, benevolent. Atlanta, God God., and I and and you you know know reconciling reconciling the the problem problem of of evil evil,, and and while while not not necessarily necessarily why why people people do do bad bad things things, Because, because that that happens happens is is just just free free agents agents. But. But you you know know natural natural disasters disasters.. Specifically Specifically. I. I could could not not like like natural natural evil evil. Somebody. Somebody call call it it.. I I.. Those Those are are really really difficult difficult for for me me to to reconcile reconcile and and people people with with opposing opposing beliefs beliefs. It was was another another thing thing. I I. just Justino you know, there there are are five five. I billion billion people people who who do do not not identify identify as as Christians Christians, like like was was only only two two point point five five, as, As the only only. it's It's still still a a lot lot of of people people. Has has two two point point five five billion billion self self -proclaimed -proclaimed Christians Christians,, and and I I wouldn't wouldn't be be surprised surprised if if about about thirty thirty percent percent of of those those christians christians had had no no clue clue what what their their faith faith was was,, but but yeah yeah,, but but that's that's you you know know lazy lazy,, Christianity Christianity,, and and but but whatever whatever so so. I I dunno dunno we we see see Christianity Christianity as as it's it's all all encompass encompassing. In faith the face,, and and though though it it is is the the most most dominant dominant,, they they say say that that Islam Islam is is going going to to overtake overtake that that and in went what twenty twenty years years. I, I believe believe as as the the most most dominant dominant as as the the most most predominant predominant religion religion and and I I, and, and it's it's not not because because of of conversion conversion like like they they say say, it's, it's mostly mostly projected projected to to birth birth rates rates, but, but regardless regardless it it is is still still a a lot lot more more people people. than Then Christianity Christianity so, so. I I, so so I I started started seeing seeing trouble trouble with with you you know know where where you you know know, as as Christianity Christianity becomes becomes lazier lazier, and, and more more you you know know laissez laissez faire faire or or you you know know I I don't don't wanna want to do do anything anything. I. I people people are are free free to to believe believe what what they they want want,, and and you you see see a a rise rise in in other other.. You You see see a a rise rise in in other other religions religions and things then start start to to make make sense sense to to people people,. So so Yeah Yeah,, I I,, Susan so isn't, Number Number of of those those reasons reasons, and and those those are are the the primary primary reason reasons. It's why why I I,, I I,. I I thought thought the the major major push push box box and and I I couldn't couldn't reconcile reconcile the the Catholic Catholic faith faith or or even even just just you you know know theistic theistic faith faith,, so so I I chose chose I I made made a a very very difficult difficult decision decision.. It It was was one one I I tried tried to to have have been been like like I I said said, I've I've been been fighting fighting for for like like a a year year,, and and then then, as as I I started started to to think think about about it it around round November November Mid Mid November November,. I I believe believe.. Yeah I,, I I just just got got to to the a place place where where I I and and I I was was like like one one and who. It was was, and and as I was I the type type of of person person who who would would pray pray the the Rosary rosary every every day day in in his his car car,, and and and and you you know know attend attend mass mass daily daily every every Sunday Sunday.. I I would would never never miss miss it it.. Not Not for for anything anything I eat if if I I missed missed the the morning morning service service. I'd. I'd go go to to the the evenings evenings,, and and Yeah yeah,, Just Just how how long long were were you you going going to to mask mass off off for for months months, three? Three months months?, Three three and and half half months months. Maybe, maybe?? Yeah Yeah,, Yeah Yeah,, so so races races river revived. I by by the the way way all all of of those those graces graces that that you you lost lost will will revive revive when when you you come come back back.. I I hope hope so so, because because I'm I'm I I would would also also call call myself myself a a non non resistant resistant nonbeliever nonbeliever like like I I have have no no opposition opposition.. Isn't Isn't Yeah Yeah, No, No,, I I have have no no antagonism antagonism.. No No opposition opposition to to Christianity Christianity.. I I would would love love to to you you know know I I would would I I would would love love to to a store store store, just. I I., I I would would love love to to feel feel you you know know the the love love of of Christ Christ, and and and. all Although those it's not noxious just and an emotional emotional head head,, but But I I would would love love to to you you know now have have an an experience experience like like one one of of those those things things. No, No matter matter how how much much I've I've been been praying praying, I, I never never got got something something like like that that, I, I never never got got a a satisfying satisfying answer answer from from people people about about why why there there was were so so much much some of of these these evils evils I I was was talking talking about about and and I I can can give give you you very very satisfying satisfying answer answer. the Can Sionko see I got sin Sin as as the the.. You You know know, where you've you've heard heard it it a a million million times times, but, but I'm just just gonna couldn't. tell Well you, your again again., Yeah Yeah,, just just go go ahead ahead. I'm. I'm like like I I said said you will will free free will Will is is good good, but, but by by. It's its very very nature nature it's. It's subject subject to to abuse abuse. Your or think think about about what what free free will will is is it it subject subject to to abuse abuse and and the the natural natural evils evils in in this this world world. They. They all all come come from from sin sin or or redressing redressing an an actual actual. Soon. Soon.. The The whole whole world world is is out out of of joint joint. If. If you've you've read read what what St St. Paul. Paul says says about about the the universe universe,, groaning groaning under under the that original original sin sin., It's It's out out of of joint joint.. Everything Everything The The time time is is out out of of joint joint.. Just Just read read Shakespeare Shakespeare,. What What cursed cursed spite spite that that I I was was born born to to set set it it. right Right?, You You know know the time time is is out out of of joint joint., So so it's it's the the fall fall.. It's It's the the doctrine doctrine of of the the fall fall. You'd. You'd have have to to be be a a fool fool to to deny deny the the doctrine doctrine of of the the fall fall in in his his dues dues.. As As chested chested him him,, said said,, pick pick up up the the daily daily newspaper newspaper and and read read it it.. Then Then the the ball ball is is the the only only dogma dogma that that we we can can know know. by By looking looking out out the the window window,, Are Are looking looking at at the the newspaper newspaper.. Look Look at at the the news news.. Hundred Or. yeah Yeah, I've, I've been been told told by by Christians Christians and and. At atheists the saliva alike that that you you cannot cannot do like like you you. You, you cannot cannot talk talk about about. the The problem problem of of evil evil without without considering considering Christianity Christianity and and all all of of that that, and and I I., I I kind kind of of see see that that,, but but I I also also see see it it as as a a bin bin in in an an escape escape from from the the actual actual issue issue,, and and I I,. I I get get that that you you know know how how original original sin sin can can you you know know passed passed down down.. You You know know a a can can pass pass down down an an inclination inclination to to do do wrong wrong. I I like like. not to populations Appellations,. Whether whether you you take take the the every every man man from from Adam Adam view view,, or or you you know know Adam Adam, being being. a A major major figure figure of of Christianity Christianity,, like like with with other other people people, existing existing,, whatever whatever view view the the you you take take and and I I don't don't know know how how original original sin sin and and tails tails that that the the universe universe or or other other animals animals necessarily necessarily have have to to suffer suffer. Because because of of you you know know the the sins sins of of the the.. The The traditional traditional Christian Christian teaching teaching is is that that the the animals animals in in paradise paradise,. Where where vegetarian vegetarian.. It's only Only after after the the flood flood that that God God said said that that we're we're going going to to eat eat meat meat,. Then you can then act. Yeah yeah,, I and knew then that I was was like like, but I I knew knew those those a young young as as a a young young earth earth creationist creationist.. That That was was something something I I used used to to believe believe,, But but you you know know after after hearing hearing other other views views like like you you know know where where people people,, because because there's there's a a lot lot of of focus focus and and some some people people put put a lot lot of of focus focus.. Where Where forget forget what which traverse a person it is is,, But but as as it's is in in jazz jazz is is one one where where God God says says. and tells Tells man man to to subdue subdue and and have have dominion dominion over over all all the the animals animals, and and the the words words are are the the Hebrew Hebrew words words that are are used used. There. They are have have more more to to do do with with. Why like do it in,? Especially Especially in in other other contexts contexts they've they've been been used used.? Have Have been been used used predominantly predominantly for for war war or or violence violence, or, or you you know know,, so so it's it's not not necessarily necessarily a a nice nice word word like like Have have dominion dominion means means. Doesn't. Doesn't mean mean just just you you know know being being an an authoritative authoritative. Had. Had it it means means literally literally like like. tear Tear them them apart apart or or something something or or yeah, express oppress them them. Either, either add add scope scope for for the the junk junk dealer dealer. and I,. but But yeah yeah,, so so as so I I understand understand you, you know know your your your your answer answer,, and and again again I I have have heard heard it it.. I I was was talking talking to to like like somebody somebody on on Youtube Youtube about about like like on on the the common common section section, Of, Of course course about about about about the the issue issue and and they they gave gave me me a a roughly roughly similar similar answer answer about about how how original original Sin Sin put put it it all all out out of of whack whack. And and I I. It was was never never. It it never never made makes sense sense, or or he he would.. He He didn't didn't really really explain explain how how that that would would affect affect the the universe universe Were. like Like how how. that would In affect fact the, the entire entire Earth earth,, especially especially causing causing in in natural natural disaster disaster, these and and all all those those events events,, So so that that was was that that I I would would just just like like to to say say that that I I disagree disagree with with whoever whoever told told you you that that you you can't can't have have an an account account for for the the fall fall without without Christianity Christianity. I. I I, I was was at at generic generic model model of of years years before before I I became became a a Christian Christian,, I I knew knew. intuitively Intuitively and and rationally rationally that that we we live live in in a a world world that that is is not not right right. It,. It's it's a a well well ordered ordered world world, but, but it's it's out out of of joint joint,, and and I I was. I was was not not a a Christian Christian. I. I was was anti anti Christian Christian.. Okay Okay, and and I I knew knew that that God God is is perfect perfect, and and that that I I am am imperfect imperfect and and every every human human I've I've ever ever met met is is imperfect imperfect, and, and even even my my goldfish goldfish has has a a disease disease or or whatever whatever it's it's like like there's there's nothing nothing. Nothing nothing here here is is going going as as it it should should ideally. Ideally. at At. least we We don't don't live live in in a a paradise paradise,. So so I I was was a a generic generic monotheistic monotheistic, and and I I knew knew this this is is not not paradise paradise.. I I mean mean you you don't don't have have to to live live very very long long. Long to to realize realize you're you're not not living living in in a a paradise paradise,. Okay Okay and and you you don't don't need need Christianity Christianity.. Am I'm sorry sorry.. You You don't don't need need Christianity Christianity to to stump stump to to know know that that we're we're not not living living in in a a paradise paradise,, and and you you don't don't need need Christianity Christianity to to know know that that God God is is good good and and being being with with God God and and being being like like God God or or being being God God.. He's He's very very very very good good.. It's It's infinitely infinitely good good that that God God is is infinitely infinitely good good., and so this non paradise that we inhabit, It's sometimes described as a hell. There are hellish aspect. To this life you know I could complain to you about all kinds of things that I find hellish and different nightmare situations that I've been in which pale in comparison to people that have real problems, right like I'm spoiled. I live in the first world. I've got indoor plumbing. I've got everything everything that most people have never had since the fall. I've got it all you know so, but even I can complain so and it's the same for King Solomon. Read Ecclesiastes days and read the complaints of King Solomon, He had all the women. He had all the wine. He had all the travel. He had all the gold. He had all the silver in silver was nothing to him Because he. He had so much gold, But yeah, he experienced a lot more than I have. You know I've been with four women. In my life. He was. He was married to, and had as concubines one thousand women, so a lotta notches in his bed. I was there, but still he wasn't happy. He wasn't happy because he realized that without God without true worship of God. It's all vain. It's vanity, vanity of vanities, so I don't think you need Christianity to realize what King Solomon realized. What say you are you googling. Your answer. The answer is what does he say about this? God's not real demonstrate. But yeah, I hear ye hear ye, we even listening area like a technology. Our texting. Now Bertha arranging your date Arranging my date with Bertha Well, Should Bertha like to come out of hiding Met Any birth. Isn't that passed. Since we've talked the past five months. I met a potential. Bertha broke off like an iceberg and flew away. Oh proof there is no God. Okay now I understand. I understand. Yeah, my prophecy failed. I'm a false prophet. Okay, that was after I became agnostic All that's punishment from God. Punish mind. Like Let's say attractive proof that God exists. You're actually. You're more attractive than ever. I don't know what it is. You look good. Is it the sweater. I feel like it's a sweater. The sweater. It's the hair and so everything looks good. Yeah. I know it. It's because I remember want a sweater or like on your license, so like I dunno, I saw this. I came across a sweater on Black Friday. Does it say you just as California dreaming Hook, And you know I. I know a lot of people who wear shirts that have nothing to do with. I know several people who were Harvard or Stanford, You know the word merchandise, but they don't attend it like they have nothing to do there for high school dropouts so. Yeah, but what is California dreaming is that some? How know I have no clue I was just in Macy's and I was partially drunk. Killing. It's just amazing. Isn't there was just it was on Clearance and I was like I had to get it, but I dislike the color or color minute You've found your colour. Yeah, Yeah, I finally did I feel I. I dunno like it's it's weird. I never thought, But anyways anyway, the girl ditched you. Yeah, Yeah, Well, that's kind of ditched by actual mutual. Want more more ditching more ditch he, If that makes sense the digi, okay now, but I plan the sea. Plenty of fish in the sea by near first. Now. The where people keep giving me that answer. How will the comfort at the wrong name anyway? Don't worry about it. Just like go and just just imagine like just going to for contender or awesome. I don't like or subjects an online dating, and like Make sure like it was like I don't care how she looks. Make sure her name is Bertha. I actually saw a. I actually saw a video of a Youtuber. Whose. Like reacting to the ugliest names Bertha was on top. Oh, I'm so sorry. That was coincidence. No coincidence. Yeah, or maybe it's God saying, Don't maybe it's God's saying. Make beauty arise for three. I'm going gonna rename year. Future wife, I'm gonna rename her Rebecca. Rebecca. Rebecca is fine as beautiful, beautiful name, giving you the best name. Rachel. Rebecca. I love those names. Yes, There is overdone overused ovaries or Rachel. To. It is yeah, but yeah, I hear you, and I guess I don't really have. I mean. I, I have heard it. I've not really heard anyone say I disagree with the. Whether you can't answer or he can't account for it, Obviously, they don't need like a hard account, but it's a little difficult to without Christianity, and as in, and they referred mostly to the rewards you reap after you know once you die welt to be to to do. How should I put this. The offense against God was infinite, so we need a God man to redeem us so that's why Christianity is necessary, right. That's one reason. Because if we offend God, who has infinite dignity, that offense is infinite, and how are we going to repair that we can't only God can do it and only only a man could do it, so therefore only a god -man can do it Now. I'm not saying that this is going to convince you to become a Christian. I'm just saying that this is not my understanding and I. I accept that and it seems reasonable. And it's like it's not the reason why I'm Christian, but it's not just one of many many aspects of the faith. That Yeah, like the, The aspect of evil is the one that's hardest to really cover. Because that's not really one that you can do. So I'm really wanting to. You can answer. Because there is a a professional like a like a philosophical answer, and then there's the pastoral or emotional answer. It was an answer that you go to an apologist, and there is an answer that you go to your local church pastor, for. Should they help and not be want to be abusers? And Ah, yeah, I do, but, but yeah, I, I guess there's no real rebuttal to that. Of course, Let me ask you a question in a hypothetical situation. A thought experiment. Okay, Let's say someone you care about deeply is deeply upset because something tragic happen. For example, they lost a child to cancer, Okay, so this is one of the most tragic things you could probably think about what would you say as an agnostic when this man or woman that lost the child or both of them together as a couple came to you and said, Said it? What is the meaning of this tragedy, And if there's no god, how can how can this? How can there be a meaning for this tragedy, or is it all? Wait, listen, we're just evolved apes, and it doesn't really mean anything like. What would you say to them the wrong number. So yeah, I mean it. I mean you know two and two agnostic. It wouldn't really make sense to continue, But if if it did, of course in this hypothetical, and you can find, you could find meaning like I don't. Some people usually choose to do. I mean this answer is more directed to a Christian such as yourself, and, but to me I guess it. I seem more of an arbitrary nature of events. Therefore like I notice a more arbitrary nature of you know, theists and people like can see. I can refer to this as teleological as in like there was a goal or like. These are all means to an end, Virtually all like you know six million Jews being killed, will eventually, the. There is you know some sort of a goal to this or the election of money. The artist formerly known as Kanye West, My Gosh, Have you seen my kids? Have you seen like how wreath? How crazy you the Gm recent? Like you know? I thought he disappeared. What happened on his. He Charlotte shows up on like small podcast, but like he's sort of. Adopted the views of black Hebrew Israelites on a you know who you knew who those are. I know those guys. The other kind of wacko? Do you have? You have them on your channel? I would like to send them my way. I would. I don't know. I don't actually know anyone who is. I have plenty of. I recommend you don't befriend them. Cause they're probably dangerous. You know honestly like I've I think I've seen like you know they don't get an associate with somebody whose they don't even associate with people who are black. I don't associate with whites, blacks, Jews, either Mexicans, while you name it. If you don't have is, don't if you don't have Semitic blood within you or if you're not one of the chosen ones, you cannot be one of us, and yeah, but militant, very militant style, Yeah, So it's also that that that was another thing that people have. There's another thing I had trouble reconciling people of different faiths, have you? We're very devout black Hebrew Israelites and Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, like they all do like they all read. Like this shouldn't be all approached the same evidence, and come to different conclusions. Whatever, but you know a traditional. They won't be able to reap the rewards that Christianity or like Nina, nominal, Christianity is offering to them or you know, should Catholicism be the true faith. I like you know they can't read. They can't really refuse awards. Obviously, you can say. The body of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church and the rat traps on the set of a kansas. They don't understand why the council fathers used this word subsists in. Why don't they just say that the church is the Catholic church. Why do they say that the church consists He subsists in the Catholic Church, and the reason is very highly relevant and important to the question of Ecumenism Accumulation Because all of the means of salvation are in the church. That's why it's called a perfect. Society, because all of the means of salvation are inside the church or outside meeting. Could you define subsists real quick on. Yeah, That's what I'm doing this one day, finding scientists. Okay, So within the church, you have all the means of salvation. But outside of the church, there are various means of salvation, which are by definition Catholic, so the Protestants, they have some of them have baptism. Some of them have the eucharist to or some sort of mirror or shadow of the sacrament of the eucharist. They don't have enough. Well, sacramento eucharist, but some of them have you know, they all have marriage, and the sorts of things, so there are elements of God's saving truth outside of the Catholic Church, outside of the visible boundaries of the Catholic church. It's only within the church that we have the fullness of the saving truth, So that's what we mean by subsists in its. It's all there and parts of it can be found elsewhere, but all those those partial truths that are found without those. Means of salvation, which are found without the visible border of the church. Those means all tend toward unification. They tend to bring people back into the fullness of the truth. That's the purpose of them and that's why we shouldn't get too upset when we look at the statistics. How many religions are there? How many Christian denominations are there? How many agnostics and atheists are. Then we shouldn't be worried about it. Because I, the the point that was made in Ot, spoken in Vatican Two is that. There are these means of salvation which are drawing us back into the Catholic Church, no matter where you are, and there are therefore broadly speaking to cut two types of people, Those who will end up in Hell, and those who will say yes to the grace of God and end up in heaven. Those are broadly speaking, the two kinds of people. Okay. We cannot know that someone is going to end up in hell. We can, and if we're charitable, Christians were not allowed to condemn anyone living or dead to help. We have to give the benefit of the doubt and say, well, God. In his infinite mercy. He desires that all men be saved and so will leave it. Leave it in God's hands, and God only knows and we know that there are people in Hell, and it is possible to say no to Grace and go to hell, but we don't know in this particular case, like your nasty uncle or your or him or whoever we can't know, It might be tempting to say like Judas. It might be tempting to say Judas is burning, and Helen. A certain saints have said that. Right, we technically speaking, we cannot say that, and so in. Broadly speaking those two categories of people there was going to hell. Those going to heaven. Okay, We don't know. We give him the benefit of the doubt. So if I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, every human being that I encounter What does that mean? When this guy's a satanist literally killing and eating babies. What does it mean to give them the benefit of the doubt that he belongs to the body of Christ, While what it means is he belongs to the lowest grade of Of of Christian, which is a potential Christian. He has neither the face. Nor is he in the state of Grace, but he has the potential for the next grade up at the second class. Christian is that one that has the faith, but it's not in the state of Grace, and the first class Christian is the one that has the faith and is in the state of Grace, so that's a that would be a Catholic who's recently been to confession, or a Catholic saint, or whatever, so the classes, those are the three classes of Christian that we have, and the most room at Revival center, the most repugnant center that you can meet. It might be the man in the mirror. In your case, I don't know, but the most repugnant so he can beat is by an act of charity. You have to give this person the benefit of the doubt that they are at least a potential member of Christ, so that the Catholic position, that's a beautiful position that Mother Church obliges each and every one of us to adopt when we're evaluating our fellow men, and also you know ourselves because we have to be charitable with ourselves. If you're not in the state of grace, you can go to confession. Get in the state of Grace if you don't have the. Fake, you can study and learn and pray and talk to people and do your research and you can get the faith. I didn't have the faith when I was an atheist When I was an agnostic for twenty five years. That's not at all, but I love the truth. I pursued the truth, and I, you know, because I sought the truth. I found the truth by the grace of God, right and end of Tedtalk, shortest Ted talk, I've ever heard, but I love it. I do, yeah. It does make sense. I mean it's a account for is another congress. Yeah, that's brought him. Walking home. Brother, Come home. Our son. Yeah, just like that or just I'm not a. You know, just the amount of tweets I see about people who are like welcome home and stuff, Because I a few a few months ago, I tweeted like I had. I had prayed the rosary like for the first time and. I know a lot of people are like. Welcome home. Like glad you're experiencing the love of our love of God, Brother and all of that and the piano. I don't know what else to say so, but the, but the issue from you know what you just said concerning it was good. That was so that goes all in Vatican to get a golf clap left. I dunno the Gulf clap is. I'm sorry. It's just very late. Oh light all right. Oh, yeah, that was that gulf. I think I've never see. I've seen people do this. I just had no clue. It was like I dunno. I just made it up, but it sounded appropriate or golf clap, and I got the golf clap for this. Please. I had no idea Cause it bizarre sport. Yeah, I caught. I'm trying to get all my words yet I'm sorry like it took life's music. Compare notes, I. Impaired know I know I did not know I. I have another least. Get yourself a nice purple sweater for the occasion. Though I have a blue sweater. I do not have anything blue or purple. What you weigh the blue. Okay now I would hope so at least a very very rich deep blue. Otherwise I just found out that I'm colorblind on livestream. It might be it. Yeah, I think it is blue. I think you're right. Yeah, I think it is. Yeah, I think it's I've got three different. Screens with three different images and some of them are some of the purple. Some of them. You have little red horns sticking out. Hm, Yeah, so yeah, I guess like my my primary issue and I. You can like give the same answer. I suppose because there's no real pushback from me. Like in any of those Because game, because when it comes to like faith based arguments, I can't really push it push it back unless it's something bizarre like only desk can account. At or something and I, but you know somebody's taking a very devout. You know forty year old Muslim family man who is praying to Allah. Right now. God. Yes, it does does like you know pilgrimages to Mecca or something like it, and and you know, on the other hand you have this the six year old Catholic who is baptized into the faith. When we get baptized once if you're Catholic in its infancy, but you know, he prays to God and he is devout and stuff, and he sort of has closed up wife, and they're both you know, and they're both exposed to the same amount of evidence like Can you blame the person? Like basically this, this child bathed already has a leg in heaven and. When this person here is like you know the gospel like on the streets, or you know of a priest like talks to him, Chances are high chances are that he's not going to make. He's not really going to take it seriously yet Can can you blame him really for doing that? Especially if he's been raised born and raised in such a way. I can you blame one point three current Muslims who reject who reject Christ who? I think that who have no problem with their profit being a pedophile like can you really blame Blame them for doing that You're getting killed. I guess. I go straight to heaven. Though if a Muslim kills me for hosting a racist, Because Islam they get on my show. I'll go straight down. Yeah, but, yeah, I understand, I understand I should. Is that the name of the child bride? Aisha and Muhammad? Yep me, and she was what six when they were married and consummated their marriage at nine, allegedly allegedly yep them. Whenever, so, I, yeah, I, Yeah, you know there's a. There's one of my favorite verses in the Bible Is in the Old Testament, It says, Are you sure that it's my ways that are unfair. Are you sure it's not your ways that are? Are you stupid centre? Whatever it is what God says is what God says to the the rebellious stiff neck Jews, who are complaining? Oh God, you do this and you don't do that and that that that that your ways are not fair. Oh, yeah, you might want to think about that like okay, So you're a little creature. I'm the big God, and you're gonna blame me. Are you sure you want to do that? The managers know this isn't one of the? Profits, I can't remember which one. I'll look it up. If you want, probably in Jeremiah. You just like through in like a really really do colloquial modernized version. Of course I love like I love paraphrasing the scriptures like the was like the Met, the Catholic version of the message. The No, not another Catholics are very generally. When you stupid son of a bitch, Do you not know I him beyond that in God? I am very sloppy. I. I own it. I. This is good. This is a Zeke. Eighteen twenty five, Let me read you, The The good news here also like I guess on personal amount, Even like your your your wife. She's not. She's not believe in. She. I don't know the current state of affairs, but the anytime I've tried to ask her, she was not too keen on the idea of God, right? Because he's a big meanie, and really is, it's the problem of evil, It's the problem of evil. That's what has up until now prevented her from admitting that God exists, so I don't know I haven't pressed her on the issue in a couple of years now, and I try not to because it's it's ugly, but I'm just letting God do his thing with her and I just try to stay out of the way, frankly because I'm too close if you wanted to come and talk to her book, or that would make sense, but. Yeah, for me to do random Nine here for the girl comes all the way to Canada. Just get on the airplane at the border. Get one of the first dog sled that you could see. Just grab it and go to this. The thirty glue on the left. That's me. Lovely man will welcome me, and for some seal, blubber nerf former satanist, who used to live here, who lives here, who like you, I guess. It's like his other former satanist, now crazy Catholic who lives here looking for him. Have a bounty on his head. His wife's hair, actually, and I want to convert his wife to God, but I am agnostic Active slope. I say God. Humbug, Okay, So, anyway, what was the point where Yeah? I wanted to read you. What it says. It says This is a sequel Ezekiel. He says. If a righteous man turns from his righteousness and practices iniquity committing the same abominations as the wicked. Will he live. None of the righteous acts he did will be remembered because of the unfaithfulness and sin he has committed. He will die. Yet you say the way of the Lord is not just here now or House of Israel, is it my way that is unjust. Is it not your ways that are unjust and then it goes on pointing out the hypocrisy of these morons because they don't know. I don't know the justice of God. They don't know. They don't understand, but these are the chosen people. These are God's favorite stripe. God loves The Jewish people. Are he did back before the Messiah came right now. They're kind of there on detention. Okay There what they call it quiet time. Would he call it when you send your kid to his room. It's like I'm out. Yeah, They're on a time out. So when I. I couldn't. No, I don't have any. You don't get any punishment. Know that was. Trying to imitate years like I don't know. I don't have any kids. Ah, but you are a kid. You have parents. Yeah, I mean my parents always say like I'm there baby, but if I told him I was agnostic of a freak out, or they don't No, No, Not yet. I'll tell them eventually when I tell them tell them when you convert back to catholicism a stick. I was agnostic. But now sky, I used to be addicted to porn at one point like. Sell everything you don't have to tell. I'm pretty quick, Like have a little of this little five month old kid. I love them very much citrus. Which I. I now have a doubt. I'm just saying like while on on Mile from there might as well just throw in some extra stuff. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, that's what you do. That's where a lot of people do in confession. They make up a whole bunch of really nasty stuff to to hide that the porn addictions are like I kill this one guy the other day and then I did this and I did that. You're not supposed to do that. You're supposed to just simply tell the truth. Did you go to professional couple of taps? I did. Not. I think I'm supposed to be a confirmed Catholic, but before I went to confession, so I always thought that after I see are Cia. I would like attend Confession for the first time, but now I want to do everything right and and to date I still never today. I've still never taken you know the The Union. And obviously it like it's hard, because that's the main reason for mass like the whole, yet At the mass in Latin. I believe comes from. I forget what the word is Ms. Lilian to come partake or to know its way. It's at the end when you go out on mission. Because you've you. You've been fed now. Go and feed the others are okay. That makes sense. It's like you're being sent out into the world to be the salt of the year, the light of the world and the salt of the earth, so that's where. That thinking. Yeah, that's where that comes from, but no, I'm just joking around with you as I always do, but I, you know you're so young so handsome. You're going to get gonna get married. You're going to have your family, but some somewhere in between now and then you know you'll figure it out. I'm pretty sure you've figured I'll be praying for you and I'm sure you don't mind that. I don't. I. I say my prayers like. Occasionally I forgot to add like I'm at dawn and the gnostic. I am a Catholic orientations, so Odo. But mostly like I'll I'll still like practice. I'm a. There's a. There's a sub section and you know there's subsection in like philosophy, called you know, philosophy us to call, not applied ethics. It's something I, but. There's something called virtue ethics and philosophy. Somebody proposed by Aristotle and other people. Eventually I came, and not really getting any names, but his A of his, He could say Christian virtue ethics almost, but I like you know a series of good things like you know, Newt, like paying attention to like unit, your nutrition, it, and you know. Nourishing yourself. It'll lead to a state of you know, complete happiness and flourishing, and you will make the best decisions out of that, and I see Christianity and Catholicism as like the best you know, or like one of the best ideals for it, specifically the character of Jesus. I always tell people that you know whether you consider his character in the Bible as real or fictional. I like you need tip. This is this is. A person and not a weenie to, and that we need to you know, and like, try to try to emulate. You know like we should try to have his moral prowess and his decision, -making his righteous attitude, Philippians, three Philippians, two, three, five, says, for it, I like wrote a paper on this for the Hollander relatives. I allow Mom is where I would've been great to be prepared, but whatever I alright here and I ivy, sure that works, and so do nothing out of sight out of selfish ambition or vain can see rather in humility value others have on yourselves, not looking to your own interests, but each of used the interests of others. Inner relationships with one another have the same mindset as Christ, Jesus, so this is something that I tried to tell people, and this is something that is something that you know covers my views to an extent where you know, even if you aren't believing when this is the sort of plum like this is the archetype that one should strive to follow and strive to embody, so, yeah. Like a fine, Yeah, I read the Bible from time to time, like mostly to gather as much information. See if there's anything and Christianity still left for me. That makes sense. As well, Yeah, I appreciate your attitude towards the natural virtues and they're not enough to it, haven't, but you have you have an at and agnosticism which is open. It's an openness to the divine. I just wanna read you something that I was looking. While you were speaking and I was listening, it says here, I just read you a couple of little things. Here. Okay, it says the systems of agnosticism, skepticism, and conti, and criticism, deny the certain, no ability, and the demonstrable slutty, the monster ability of the existence of God. What can be associated with the belief in a divine being. They are based on the principle. We do not know and we shall not know or in Latin. Ignoramus. At ignore around paperless, have the most negative hard to say. Negative atheism, Negative atheism is in culpable ignorance regarding the existence of God, positive atheism, and they give the examples of materialism, and Pantheism, directly denies the existence of a super mundane, personal divine being and this was condemned. With the Vatican Council, he goes on to talk about the knowledge of God that it can be gained from nature that the to and in culpable and invincible ignorance regarding the existence of God is not possible for a long time in a normal grown up person, in view of the facility of the natural knowledge of God attested in Holy Writ, and in tradition. So we can know God like the natural light of reason, and you can have. You can play around with your agnosticism. It's it's a negative form of atheism which which can be in culpable. You have you know you're not condemned. You're not damned and you are valuing the life and example of Jesus, and you have some questions and you have questions about. Problem of evil, and so this is why I'm not to worried about your journey. It's an ongoing journey and how old are you today? Twenty nine, nineteen, turned twenty or nineteen, while I'm only nineteen year, So my friend Daniel asks in the live chat, Can there be a moral life without freedom in evil. Can there be immortal life without freedom in evil. I don't understand. I understand the phrasing of that. Can there be a more exactly freedom. Oh, I see, Okay, Okay, Okay, I see, I think I understand there'll be a moral life without freedom and evil, so freedom to okay, Let me try breaking down the hearts of freedom to you know, engage in evil and engage in evil acts, and and that and yeah, it's it's basically without freedom, so you don't have the choice to do evil Is that what he's asking where there are many ways of there are many ways. Parsing the question we can answer all of them. It's a good exercise like I mean we could rephrase the question. I could there even be a a moral evil without free will, and the answer is no, you. If you don't have free will, there is no possibility of saying. Write another way of phrasing his question would be. Can there be a moral life without freedom and evil, so that I guess this is to say. Yeah, if you are indulging an evil, I'm just stretching his his question here a bit, But if you're living without God, you're you are a full -on satanist, and you just embrace evil. You want to satisfy every illegal and immoral pleasure. You've abandoned the good. You've abandoned morality and is there any freedom in that lifestyle Is another angle we could take. I don't think that's what he meant, but we could take that extreme angle. Like you, well, you read the life of Alastair Crowley. He was not happy. He is like the anti Solomon. He went full on with a a godless approach indulgence. I mean even Solomon himself. I think lost his faith, which was tragic. If it's true. I hope it's not true. Now He now he kept his faith even after that's where you get ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. From, So, Yeah, he left his fate, he like. He had his like you know ups and downs with especially with the nuts white. Lets you know where he had his wives. He was punished with. Was that the opera down just because I'm like they were. All you know there were there were all disbelieving or like they believed in idols, and and the punishment well was that No, he and he would not have. You're not be king over all twelve tribes, he. We something like that. He was not. I think he was a person. Yeah, No, I think he was just killed by his. I think he was just killed while David's man, But maybe maybe not I dunno. It wasn't I don't think it had anything to do with a horse. Maybe it does I. I dunno how to read Reread thought, But I can google. Yeah, I don't think that had anything to do with davidsons. They are could again, and I know there were okay, so. Absalom ran into David's men, but was out in front of them riding his mule when the mule ran under the branches of a huge oak tree. Absalom head was caught in the oak, and he was left between heaven and earth. Okay, I stand corrected them. Okay, you're never more than I do and knew a late start to pay. He's my name's on the question, actually for for you okay, so to answer the earlier question, for like you know, can you have a moral life without freedom and evil, and you know a moral life is something where it's something that involves cannonball free agents, or just not, and there would be an only moral life if there was no, if there was no evil. So like I guess in heaven, you would say it's a moral life that the saints. I, Ivan. Yeah, I would I would say so people don't have. I guess they had access to evil. But they don't have the ambition into temptation. The. It's the word The, I've lost the war and I spent my time. Yeah, desire, Yeah, desire, he could, Yeah, the prohibited appetite, appetite for one. It's boring. I want to do some evil. I want this. I'm wanting. I want. Whereas the weeping and gnashing of teeth. I want to. I want to be good. You stepped out for me through. I'm going to be. I don't think that ever happens in heaven. Yeah, Yeah, so like better. Yeah, The whole point of like heaven is that there's no like there's no evil there because people aren't don't have the desire to commit evil because you know according to the Catholic faith there at the. Gone through confirmation absolution redemption, All the jazz. Well, you know, you know the the problem of evil is that we evil has no substance, so we always choose goods. We choose lower goods because they're more convenient or more at hand and more available there right in front of us like there's a prostitute right in front of me, spreading her legs and welcoming at me and doesn't cost too much cheap whore, and I just go for it because it's right there, Okay whereas? To to say no, and to you know, wait for the pleasures of heaven that requires self control and I'm going to feel like I gave up on some immediate pleasure that was right there, waiting for me, and so it it's but heaven. You see The thing is with heaven. We don't have cheap poultry, junk food pleasures at hand in our face twenty four seven, saying, hey, eat the junk food, eat junk food either. It's salty and sweet. Is this? It's like okay. It's also preserved with all kinds of deadly chemicals, but just edicts. It tastes great in heaven. We don't have that we have the real deal. We have. God himself Was the source of every good news. Is we have the real good and Plato talked about this. He talked about how when you are able to see and have access to the good. You will choose the good. It's only here below in this fallen world where we choose lesser goods because we don't. We don't have heaven here. We don't have it, so we choose lesser goods and we say sorry. God. I'm going to just indulge a little bit. Hope you forgive me and go to confession, but I'm just going to indulge a little bit because I'm not in heaven of heavens. I dunno how many years away when I die, and hopefully I'll go there, but in heaven you've got the highest good. You've got it, and you, you will not think about a chocolate bar or bag of chips, or much less the whore right on. So that's why that's why in heaven. We we don't choose lower goods. Because. Well, First of all, they're not, They're not around, They're not available accessible, and are they pale in comparison to the true good which has got so. If you read Plato, you'll understand also, but then the neoplatonist They'll talk about this. Yeah, I know. I know it's like to do with Er old friend that I texted him two weeks ago and he read it immediately, but didn't reply, and now he chooses trip. People are so texture. You can text or I'll text him later. He doesn't deserve it. Right. He doesn't deserve me. Right now. He don't look into anything or just friends. I I. I knew On your ask you this, actually, so I mean to answer. What's what's your friends Name? Rick. Know it. Daniel. Why I'd say Rick. I. I was put off by your last name is because it says your last name is Ross and Ross sounds like. In some world there's a guy named Rick Ross. Actually. Yeah, Yeah, I know, Don't like his music, but I, but yeah, to answer his question. I mean. If you, I mean, Basically what you think Heaven is like Heaven is the hand in his and place on them and it's just a place where we don't have access to evil and I don't and if there is no evil. I can't even say there is no. There's no real morals either, that can only be a moral world. I guess only be the desire to do good in a way so sad in a way. Yes, that answers your question. Now I want ask you Cesar. It takes so long for me to get to the point and bug. You are a. You're a Catholic and you are a young earth creationists is and you made that clear. So and I remember the first time he spoke, you brought up that you're a young Earth, creationist, and I dunno if as a primary reason, but because this would entail that the Virgin Mary and Jesus are descended from apes, which I don't necessarily see as a bad thing, I mean you can, if you want to, but whatever, and but most cow, most Catholics, including the ones who do and debate, including the ones who are former. Are the biggest proponents of the Catholic faith? I don't believe in Young Earth Creationism. Creationism. In fact, the church has no. It says like you know, no matter what you believe on the creation story, it has no like what what your opinions are on the creation story. It has no bearing on your salvation. Were like you know any of that and doesn't promote or promulgate any sort of inclination towards Young Earth Creationism, so I just curious to see why. You feel the need to or why you think it's necessary while, because of the weight of tradition, and because of the dogmas of the church, like God created a good world. That's a dogma. Okay, God created a good world and it's a dog with it with the first sin with the fall of Adam and Eve, death, and suffering and thorns and thistles entered the world. Okay, and it's a dogma of the church that the soul is the form. Body, okay, I could go on. There are many many dogmas which are incompatible with any theistic evolution. Now There was there was some leeway given by a certain Pope in recent times to investigate very carefully questions of special transform Islam, where God took the slime and he trends. Warmed some preexisting matter into the body of Adam, Okay, and created his soul, Xd hilo, as we all must believe, we must believe in the, in the special fiat, creation of human soul, Okay, but the church gave permission a very limited permission to investigate both sides of the question of special transform misery, not Darwinian evolution. Not you know the story of suffering and death. It is the Darwinian evolution. In its later variants, Neo. I'm sorry for special, special, special, special National financial, transform, Islam, look up humanity, generous, or whatever it was that, encyclical, that special crate, applying harmonization, rare, devolved near humor, Family were given souls by God, became fully human. These specials conformism. Yeah, this is a. This is a thought that you know, I. I was having about like about consciousness like you know where you can reconcile theism or Christianity with with evolution, where you know where your knee where animals are nearly human, and they're given and they're given souls by God. Where you know Soul still can be created. You just need to have the right cognitive capacity to you know be given. If that makes sense, God takes the time to give people souls, and that could happen at some eventual point of evolution, and in this case which I am personally, I don't really see a problem with it even when I was a. Even when I was a theist, I didn't really see an issue with, But this line of reasoning was Pope Pius the twelfth, and humanity generous wasn't human. What is he one of the controversial figures while I ran to to some? Yeah, of course, but he was the record is very clear, that with respect to the Jews, he was a hero of the Jews, and he converted the head Rabbi of Rome at the time, I believe he's a hero of the Jews, but and he's received many honours from the Jews, and the recognition is, is there for people that want to see it, but those who want to malign the church. Will say anything, they'll turn anything into a black legend, but To yeah, so this is an abuse of humanity, generous by those who would push some sort of theistic evolution on the hapless fools who are lapping it up because they want to have. They don't want to look like idiots in polite society. They don't want to look like a bunch of backward science deniers. Right, I don't have that problem because I don't get. I don't care what anyone thinks of me of my intelligence or my standing in society. I have no standing slighted right, and like Diogenes in the pre Socratic philosophers, like just step out of my sunshine, and you'd be doing all right, so Yeah and I do get that, but it shouldn't be an issue for you, though I mean if you, if you want to be a Catholic that believes in theistic evolution, it won't bother me or won't bother me. I mean as far as I know. Most Catholics are theistic evolutionists. I'm not losing any sleep over it or not. I mean, But you know they don't really see. I mean. Even if they're pretty devout Catholic, don't really see an issue or not is not important to them. It's just not important to them right, and it it You know it wasn't terribly important to me until I realized that it conflicted with the dogma of the Immaculate conception. That's what tipped me off. Doesn't it doesn't necessarily have to. I mean. How do you see how how do you see it conflicting with? But that dogma, if Adam and Eve were conceived in the womb of some beast or some animal, whatever it was clear, they were necessarily conceived immaculately, and the dogma says she is the one and only immaculate conception, Because they didn't sin in the womb. They didn't sin before they came into the womb. They sinned after they came out of the womb. If there were ever in a one which I don't think they were. Only they could've just me, and the just primarily just been. Well, send doesn't necessarily have will send in, as Romans, five, twelve, said Sindh, and or five thirteen Sin is not counted Where there is no law at the time of you know whether he say creation, or whether you say you know this start of human. I guess. This is the argument that by the way that to Michael Jones used on me, and you can go and listen to that interview if you want. I disagree, I firmly disagree with that, because it also says in Scripture that the law of God is written in every heart. Okay, so I mean the law of God was written in the hearts of Adam and Eve, and they transgressed the law in their hurt, primarily, and secondarily the law that was spoken, Don't eat of the fruit of this particular tree. Okay, so we have to keep keep things in their proper order. It's the law of the heart that they violated. First and foremost, and the explicit law is there, but it's secondary to the implicit law of the law that is written in their hearts. Mean they read the Church fathers. You'll hear the same thing. I mean, Like you see the work in the library. Even somebody who's like raised Christian doesn't necessarily practice, and what the law. Really. What the wrong lot of the law is, Of course, so of course now let me go. Let me go to the brilliant. Bring up the Bible and you're stumped a leading to search it up. My, my, my, my opinion is depicted, Please stop, Stop it okay, So what are your friends? What do your friends think about you like? There's a Bible quoting Jesus loving agnostic? What did they think about you? Are Some of them Find it a little to be a weird meal combo good and happy mail. Yeah, but they don't really a lot. A lot of people don't really care again. That's an issue with low said Did hear about. Said. Yeah, I don't care. Yeah, Nah, nobody really really, and nobody really did you see the sweater That guy is cool. Event. Yeah, I know like a. I more had more people comment on my attire than I have on my beliefs are more Christians. Shall I say, Actually, I had more people at more, I've had more. Non, Theists asked me about why I chose to leave Christianity then, and I've had Christians, and which is weird, But whatever I so love you, They want to save you. Even though they don't believe that anything to save, therefore just a center to the world through one man and death through sin. In this way, death came to all people. Because all sends to be sure sin was immoral before the law was given. Sin is not. Charged against anyone's account where there is no law. Nevertheless, then you admit, then that sin was in the world. Even before the law. Yeah, but Sin is not really charged. Where there is no like Sharon's not really charged. Where there is no law. So there great, Yeah, but I would agree with like you know you're like, and you know even Michael Jones would agree of course with the. With the laws written in our hearts, did you actually bring that up to him when he brought that up and did you say you recall? I dunno the guy annoys me. I just had bad chemistry with that guy. Who really. He's one. For. I remember someone would heat arising from it, but it seemed like mild heat and no light with you. It's a light. No heat. Ali Ali know, Don't care. This is how a praying to the great Howie in the sky know how we in the sky. I love it. Okay, Let me look at Romans. Too, Because just get here, my God. I'm so often I am an agnostic. And I can prove it from Romans to all of a sudden. Provider also perished from I alone, All have sinned under the law, will be judged finding love on here in London. In the law written on their hearts, their consciousness also bear Newton's. Okay, fine, I, Yeah, I don't see an issue at that, blah, blah, blah, so the question at hand was whether the question at hand was whether they need to be immaculately conceived, and I don't really think that's I don't really think that's necessary. That aren't really have to. They can still have. How can you seem, so how how can you send me? Where you exist, that doesn't make any sense. They had to have been immaculately conceived. If they were conceived. There were they were not conceived. There could be as adjusted for the offspring and appearance like their pimp. Just been that moment that one mutation that one mutational difference that brought up twenty three chromosomes of the specific human characteristics sin is. And another, a soul gets created by God and bestowed into the life of that you know, created new know, but a soul is not a material configuration. It's not a configuration of matter, energy, and time, right It suits the other way around the soul is the form of the body. It's the soul that determines the body. Not the other way around that is a dogma of the church. So listen if you want if you come back to the church, and you want to be a few stick evolutionist. We can agree to disagree. I ain't gonna worry about it. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it and Austin and I know that it was just about a big deal now, but what about when should be on the top your list right now Of things to worry about. That's for sure, I know, but what about what about animals? Do they? They did? They have souls souls which are not rational and which are not endowed with free will, so they don't want to merit heaven or hell. They can do whatever they can all be in heaven with us, so why couldn't the same be said for? I you know and non -humans transitioning to like on near humans, transitioning to humans. Like. Why can't I cannot be? And why can't there be a moment where the soul becomes fully developed? Are not fully developed, but like envelop sold to the souls do not develop. That's That's If you understand the difference between essence and accident, then you know that. Physically speaking, it's absolutely impossible for a lower life form to cause a higher life form period is called the principle of proportionate causality. It cannot happen. You cannot get a higher more perfect life form from a lower less perfect lifeform. We do. We do have to wrap it up here. I'm going to have you back another day, but I can see you're. You're mouthing to your friend. There is my dad. You're not. Yeah, I. We got here. It's a good time to wrap it up, Cause I have to go hang with the wife. My friend Daniel says in the chat log denounced as sin limits it, but cannot conquer it exactly so that's what St. Paul was talking about. You know the law made us aware of our sin. You know that's a. That's what St Paul's main point was, but will to be continual. Stick pin in. This will stick a pin in evolution and but it should not be your top priority of things that you're trying to figure out. You should start by figuring out. If you're God, or if God is God, that's the top. That's your number one. A homework project. Okay, are you God, or is God. God. I'll give you a little hint. You're not God. God, Is God. There you go sure that we'll wrap it up here. I always enjoy talking with you and the please take good care and are you going to be too busy to talk to me for the next six months or six months now? I mean in the next maybe Spring March March, now, hopefully in the middle of my semester. When I have time, like Yeah, we could work something out a little chitchat on Twitter. Has that. Yeah, we can do that, too, And Yeah, I'm I did your who. I. I've never told anyone this, actually, But I met my dough onto the other day. No way. Yeah, he's doing okay, little. Yeah, he's no, He's about the same actually, as I've seen on the on screen. So do you know who Modern day debate is like? Have you seen that channel may maybe okay well, So it's just it's it's the guy who does debate platforms, and he's had a dilettante honest, so they had a conference in in Plano, actually, and the place where they were having. It was literally three minutes away from my workplace, so I thought that was like really serendipitous. I had to go. And like see what was up, and it was the base, so they covered have questions about politics, and I was mostly to do with theism in Islam and you know atheism versus versus Islam, so I saw people like Daniel Hachiko to Aron, Ra. You got to meet up and I got to meet him. Yeah, He's a very. He's a very strange character or in real life as well. Yeah, he's very tall. He's pretty tall. Yeah, but yeah, and I even like ask them or did you get bad vibes from him? What's up? Did you get bad vibes from him? Like I did like partially the bus. Just because like his character. Less, what about Matt. Matt was That was pretty fun. I enjoyed his boyfriend. He doesn't have a boyfriend. Now he is he? You have a girlfriend. I believe that he was with a trans guy to girl Trans. I have no clue. Maybe that might be true. I have. I'd rather you didn't take a gram. Know. I'd I'd I'd I did not. I. I miss that physical verification check. I miss that I miss that course in high school about like how to differentiate by someone's English humor. I took a picture with Matt Dillon ninety. And he's one of those people is not really touchy, so you know I couldn't like. Whoa. I couldn't hold him. I was just sounds like he's like Daddy beside him. Yet we're brown boy. We send me the photo. Mat. Yeah, I'll do that. Send me the photo with. Did you get a pic with with orange wrong? I did not know he. He's my. I didn't like sort of battle while vibes from him and I didn't really, yeah, but. It's whatever we don't worship Satan yet yet, but Yeah, that was, so it was a lotta fun like seeing that I do. So I got to see Lincoln of different arguments. Different sides of the story. I was asked a question to Aaron. And he sort of gave me the recycle atheist answer. Then I generally find it like he didn't answer my question whatsoever. I. He kept talking about how the bar. But you know how there has to be evidence like for you know the beliefs and blah blah, he makes similar arguments for Christianity, then eaten that he does about Islam, and then I finally asked I was like I'm neither Muslim nor atheists. So I dunno why I'm here for him and I was like I was like. What's the? What is the epistemic bar? As in like? Where can we? How can At what stage do we call this? You know evidence were not evidence and? Yeah, he was just kind of like I just gotta be like it. It just needs to. You Just need to show me evidence. So if anything didn't even really answer any part of the question that I asked, but it's okay. Maybe you didn't hear it, but if he just did his classic dodge, but Yeah, Okay, they don't have a leg to stand on. It's just a bunch of Bs all the way down. Okay, so I needed Okay. I'm going to wrap up with a subtle last statement written. Okay, Okay for humans, but the blood of millions have a cheaters on our hands, but we can stop it. We can admit that for killers, but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes knowing that we're not going to kill today. Captain James T Kirk, I was going to guess. I was that close. I dunno like I know you got it. You got it because I was thinking is this Captain James, T Kirk. I was honest to God. I was thinking that that's who it was Because I not only the content I'm familiar with the content I grew up on that. Okay, Yeah, I love that, but also you did punch with your emphasis. Your emotional delivery. Yeah, and that helped that did help. Yep. Yeah, because I seen like a little. With just a few morsels of like videos and Er episodes and I tried to. I tried to get his pauses like just perfectly, but I wasn't sure I was like I got William Shatner Spot on. Okay was spot on, but it was at your last and last and the last night's dream that we did you told me to try to do William Shatner, I think I remember. I am a man of my word, Thank you very much, Next time your your homework project For next time, I want you to do your best our own raw. Station, okay, well, that's for next time. Alright, Sure you know, send me a list of people and I need to do impressions of and I will give you my best attempts or outright, My brother. I love you lots, and I'm praying for you. Okay, Appreciate them take care and have fun at school, not too much, though not too much of a bull. Yeah, you know I expected that, because the good well stay safe, have fun and go. Don't get the vaccine against Ha, Ha?