CVS Live Guest - 2021-03-07 - The Catholic Ninja

Author Streamed Sunday March 7th, 2021

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The Catholic Ninja' is a first cousin to my friend and frequent guest, Nikola Krcic. I really enjoyed meeting him today, talking about our precious faith. Ninja has a website and a couple of books you can find here:

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so i think we're live i see the live things started to count so i'm here with the catholic ninja how are you doing i'm doing good man thanks for having me on i really appreciate that not a problem and uh i just want to uh let the audience know that you reached out to me because you're related to one of my guests are you allowed to talk about that or you want to remain anonymous no no that's fine that's fine uh nick nick nicola kersick right that that was your guess yeah your first cousin your first cousins and your uh you have a close relationship yeah we're first cousins we've been very close relationship him and i and me and that family like like brothers so well he's easy to be brothers with he's a very affable guy very lovable very warm and emotional uh does that run in the family that sort of vulnerability and openness yes it does i mean where my family him me everyone else we're very passionate we're very emotional we kind of wear our heart on our sleeves so um when nick talks you know he really means what he's saying yeah there's a lot of heart that goes into that very powerful very touching and i see a lot of innocence in him and uh and warmth so is it a very big family that made it over to north america back in the day or what's the history there briefly well brief history back in the day i mean what was once we're albanians and we our families immigrated for what was called yugoslavia it's called montenegro now and they immigrated and um we became first american-born of by the way for anybody listening and if they're wondering hey catholic ninja that's a silly name or something i got a story behind it so hopefully it'll won't make me look so bad yeah yeah tell your story this is a good time to introduce your catholic ninja background well um should i just i'll try to make my long story well i i want to say first like i appreciate being on the show i thought it'd be a lot of fun i've heard nothing but great things about you i've listened to some of your shows and i i thought they're excellent um you're you seem like a very educated person and more catholics need to listen to the um they need to listen more to people who are educated who can know the history and know about early church fathers and um um things of that nature so so with me uh the thing would happen with me that i want to share with everyone but the first first thing i want to say to everyone though is um number one i'm not a scholar um i barely made it through school um what i the number one thing the most important thing i think i learned through my own journey is humility and that's always been a key for me and that's always been a key um for when i'm talking to somebody or just trying to give someone advice or if i'm preaching something humility has always kind of been my key to everything and in saying that you know i don't want anyone to listen to this and think i'm any better than anyone else i'm uh i'm no better than anyone else i'm probably just as bad as anyone else i'm a sinner just like anyone else you know i'm no one to have anyone look up to or try to mimic or anything like that i'm probably not a very good example what i can do though is just tell people about the truth and um that's all i know how to do you know sadly um there's so many religions today especially so-called christian religions that things have to be labeled and for us we have to label our religion catholic and in order to tell the absolute truth we have to call ourselves catholic and and there has to be a name i i don't know if that i don't know if what i'm saying makes sense to a lot of people but the bottom line is what i'm trying to say is uh so that's so in order for people to understand we have to label ourselves catholic so people can know the truth yeah in heaven we'll just have uh everyone together without labels right no labels no nothing you know you got to make sure that when you're talking to somebody you got to make sure that you know you don't call yourself a baptist you call yourself a catholic or something so people will know what the truth is and with me okay so with me it's not that difficult but i've gone through a lot of things that i hope um i hope people that are listening can really at least be inspired by some of the things i have to say um i was born catholic um i always believed in the catholic religion i went to catholic school when i was a kid but i was barely there i i'm not even sure what i learned i probably learned some prayers but i can't even remember if i just learned them at home or if i learned them in school i honestly don't even know this was grade school so um but throughout my whole life i've always been a catholic and i've always believed it intensely um even though i really didn't know anything about it i mean i knew the basics i knew jesus christ um is the son of god he's the second person in the trinity and the father the son and the holy spirit and i knew about mary his mother mary the mother of god um i knew he died for our sins and was resurrected and and then you know there's always movies that people watch like jesus of nazareth which is like the greatest movie in the world but so other than that i i didn't know anything like if if somebody would have paid me money i didn't even know what an old testament was or what a new testament was i had no idea i i didn't know anything so for some reason i just started getting bombarded with a bunch of protestants who would just kind of tell me hey the catholic faith is not in the bible the bible does not say this or that or that or anything about mary or priests or confession or the eucharist anything they're just like hey it's not in the bible the bible doesn't say this catholics don't read the bible um and i would just get bombarded with all these things and i would try to argue back but it was kind of hard and and the way that i would argue back with people was just what i felt was right morally if that makes sense because every time a protestant would come back come at me it didn't seem very moral and um like you know you grow up anybody at least raised in a decent household grows up learning about morals even atheists they grow up learning about morals like stealing is bad and disrespecting your parents is bad and you know what's right and what's wrong everyone kind of shares at least almost everyone kind of shares the same morals if you grew up in a decent household i guess so it just a lot of that stuff just always seemed a little immoral to me but i didn't know enough like i kind of believed the things they were saying because for some reason they kind of planted in your brain to where they have this misconce misconception where catholics don't read the bible and things from the catholic faith aren't in the bible and so they kind of plant that in your brain for some reason and so with me for a very brief moment and i mean very brief um i really i i got confused to where i was just thinking to myself hey like what do i know maybe the protestants are right i don't know which protestant is right but maybe the protestants are right maybe islam is right maybe atheists are right what do i know like i don't know and i really just felt the need to actually do some research on this and when i tell you um when i tell you it was a brief brief moment of that i mean brief because i didn't want to give up on the catholic church i didn't just want to become something else um i wanted to stay a catholic until i did this research i wanted to give the catholic church a chance believing in my heart that they were absolutely correct so i was kind of in this position where i was surrounded by a bunch of learning material and different bibles and when i mean different bibles you know you got the king james and the niv the new american and the dewey reams and you know what i mean and um so i'm like all right let me research this and the easy answer for me to give you is how i was instantly like i said this was just a brief moment how i was instantly convinced that the catholic church was correct is exactly the opposite of what protestants would say about catholics i opened up the bible i started reading it i got convinced it was that easy do you remember the passage i'm sorry do you remember which passages triggered that i can i can tell you the one passage which is my favorite passage in the entire bible that influenced me the most was mary's magnificat that and ever since then i i became a mama's boy i i have a certain devotion to mary that i can't even explain and um yeah i'm a big time mama's boy and mary's magnificat was the biggest thing for me um what is there not to talk about it's it's when i would read it when i would read the bible and let me also say i would have an niv a dewey reigns a new american a king james all of them i'd have them all opened up just so i can compare the differences because i'd always hear things like the catholic bible or you know this bible and that bible other than the books that the protestants took out it's all relatively the same so i don't know what anyone's talking about so when i'm reading when i'm reading the bible that's the thought that kept coming in my head like what are these protestants talking about like what are you talking about everything is here everything i don't even have to this what i always say to people because catholics are actually known to read the bible the most literal like as literal as possible and so i always say to people you know god gives you your you god gives you a brain he gives you intellect he gives you common sense so let's say you have a bible and then you have several theology books like let's say um you got a baptist theology book and a presbyterian theology book and uh lutheran theology book and then you got a catholic theology book right and these are just theology books it just teaches you about what they believe and then you open up the bible and then you know you start reading things and then you start reading the theology books and almost every protestant religion could agree that jesus is the new adam so your intellect even your moral just morally you would think to yourself well wait a minute what about the new eve why was the woman left out so it's like let's say you got this lutheran baptist presbyterian they're all saying jesus is the new adam then it's like well that doesn't make that much sense well then you open up the catholic theology book and it's like yeah mary's the new eve well that makes sense i i hope people can follow what i'm trying to say when you use common sense and when you use your own intellect you can easily see truths when you compare different theologies it's um you read the bible and jesus tells you you have to drink of my blood and eat of my flesh and in the bible no one was believing it and he's trying to tell them yeah it's true that's what you have to do and people weren't believing him and so they started leaving and he even asked you know the apostle i think it was peter like are you gonna leave too and and then when you read um you know these protestant theology books it says it's just a symbol and it's like well wait a minute i'm reading the bible and he's trying to tell people this isn't a simple this is literal and um so you're reading these protestant theologies and you're just like okay um i guess it's a symbol but wait a minute the catholic one says it's real it was very easy for me even when it comes to even when it comes to peter being the first pope even when it comes you know in matthew i think it's in matthew and um you know whatever's um bound on earth will be bound in heaven loose and loosed in heaven and you are the rock peter peter the rock his name was simon peter the rock um i give you the keys and um i don't i don't know how that can be confused i really don't and then like i say again if you go through these theology books it's like no no no it's like hmm that'll make sense but then the catholic one oh yeah there it is so well the missing ingredient uh the missing ingredient is a supernatural gift of faith that you and i have received uh it's an unmerited grace but for whatever reason we've been given that grace and we've said yes to that grace we have the faith to believe what the catholic church teaches and non-catholics either haven't received the grace or haven't cooperated with that grace but uh your cousin just chimed in on the live chat and he said he said it's uncanny how your voice sounds uh you your your voice sounds exactly like james white have you heard that before he it's a joke we we he watches a lot of debates with james white and we kind of can't stand the guy so we're always kind of ragging on james white a little bit i think james white is brilliant and he he's funny to me he's hilarious but is he a baptist he's a dude he is a reformer i reformed the baptist of the third power to the fourth generation i don't know you know and i don't mean to sound insensitive or anything like that there's just so many and you never know it it's the witch baptist version one two three four you know i don't know but he's he he's joking he's doing a but that's hilarious but i think i think i may have seen a couple of debate debates with james white uh possibly father mitch pacquiao is that possible yeah for sure james white debated every single catholic scholar you can think of that guy's just that guy's just angry just like like most protestants and both atheists they're just angry at catholics for no reason so but uh the uh the point that i was making about the supernatural gift of faith if you remember that if you keep that in mind you won't be as frustrated uh when you're speaking with non-catholic christians and it'll it'll reduce your temptation to use argumentation and to show them the light using reason and it'll bring your attention more onto loving your neighbor and praying for them and being a channel of god's love so that they can be converted you know as the old saying goes preach the gospel gospel at all times and use words when necessary but words aren't the first and most effective means of converting someone the most effective means is through love charity and prayer so if we keep in mind that it's a supernatural gift this faith that we have like we're able to believe things that most people find absolutely ridiculous uh it's it's a gift it really is a gift i absolutely agree with you 100 and as we go along with this show like i kind of there's a there's a story i'll end up telling which i i really hope i can help some people out with this yeah and that when i get to that story that's what really made me aware of there's a certain blessing there's a certain knowledge there's a certain wisdom that the holy spirit gives to us that might seem so easy for us to understand yet so hard for other people and what i've learned throughout my journey is how sensitive i have to be sometimes to other people's belief like i for instance i don't have a problem with what anyone believes and i can understand to a certain extent why they do believe what they believe so sometimes when we keep in mind a certain blessing this certain revelation that god gave us um i think it's important to maintain our humility and um be a little more sensitive to other people and when i've when i've done that i've i've always seen better results it's people can really people can really relate to someone when they're really just being down to earth and when someone's just trying to be humble and just trying to express what they've learned and what makes sense um the thing with me is um it isn't just it isn't just besides all the uh history and tradition and scientific proof and historical you end up with the catholic faith and i know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this or maybe even want to debate me on this and believe me i'm just i am not interested um i believe most people if not all just i guess it depends on where you come from which continent at least everyone lives a catholic lifestyle because it's the natural life that god created and people and people who don't recognize who don't people who will debate that either don't know it or refuse to recognize it i mean american tradition even comes from catholic tradition um you talk about christmas you talk about easter you talk about the true meaning of thanksgiving and i mean even you know there were these kids one time i was talking to some kids and they were like it was like around christmas time and they're like um there's no such thing as santa claus and reindeers and things like that and i'm just like well you know society kind of fantasized a lot of tradition but santa claus was real he was saint nicholas he was a bishop and he did those things he threw presents over a chimney with money and he took care of orphans and he was around children like he was as real as it gets and he had the big white beard and the big hat because he was a bishop and and you know sometimes i try to i try to uh when it came to that you know i was telling these kids i was like you know when people tell you to write to santa claus or sit on santa clause's lap and you know ask for a gift ask for a present and you can tie that in with any type of catholic tradition like uh through his intercession even you ask for special favors maybe even a novena um and then you know you're asked have you been good have you been good to you know have you been a good boy or good girl to get a gift and that means have you been a sinner and you know i was teaching these kids a bunch of those things and where everything basically comes from and you see it everywhere i was watching a movie and because modern times today they're they're so anti-god everything is so anti-god today and um i was watching a movie and this family was saying grace but they weren't saying grace they were like thanking the universe or they were just leaving god out of the equation so a lot of things that come from christianity people like to hijack and make it their own thing and they just kind of destroy the roots of where something came from and you know i'll go i'll go to one of my i'll go to a friend's house and there and there might be an atheist or something and they're just a good friend of mine have a christmas tree up and they have a christmas tree with either a star on top or an angel and presence at the bottom but they have no idea where that even originates from and and they're atheists yet they have a christmas tree and it's even little things that i think i think a lot of people don't really take notice um you know i'm not sure how it is over there in canada but on sundays you know stores are still sometimes closed or they close early or you know because sunday is the holy day and that's kind of that's kind of a revelation i received i believe where it's just a lot of things about life started to really make sense for me yeah in the second century uh saint justin murder said every truth belongs to us christians and by christians he meant catholics because obviously in the second century there weren't a lot of protestant denominations there was narcissism there were different things but everything good everything true belongs to us catholics and he even attributed judaism to catholicism he said that they were part of catholicism just the the preparation for catholicism and another thing that comes to mind is i listen to you talk about the western culture being saturated with catholic values catholic goodness catholic truths catholic symbolism and catholic uh holidays etc is uh a very popular nihilist atheist or i don't know he might be a pantheist or a panemthis but he's a he's a tortured soul uh jordan peterson he's a canadian you might have heard about yeah i've heard him he talks about that's a good one he talks about uh he especially now after his drug addiction ordeal uh inadvertent and involuntary drug addiction ordeal but um he talks about he talked uh openly and candidly about how uh he had to admit that catholicism is the most the most sane worldview among all the worldviews that he's seen he's not he's not a catholic himself but he's very sympathetic and he sees what you're talking about in terms of it permeate permeating the culture uh every good culture every good part of every culture and how it's undeniable it's an undeniable x factor in all these uh cultures that we see that have any goodness or any value or any truth and all all parts of creation participate this is what the second vatican council emphasizes so beautifully all all parts of creation participate in the truth of god the goodness of god the beauty of god and the ultimately the unity of god and that's what hell is excluding those poor souls from is that unity that one unity wherein resides all all that's good and true and beautiful so uh yeah it's it's a well established fact even among certain atheist and agnostic circles that there's x factor this christian judeo-christian x factor permeates everything that's good in society so i just wanted to mention that the other thing i wanted to mention was just santa claus a lot of people don't realize where the roots of that that term or that name come from but if you go to a scandinavian country and you talk about saint nicholas they would pronounce it saint laos and if you say that quickly santa claus santa claus that's where it comes from oh really i didn't know that yeah it's just a corruption of that yeah yeah corruption of it yeah that's a pretty cool tidbit but but i love hearing everything you're saying especially hearing about uh justin martyr being one of the earliest church fathers and you know it it's nice when i when i try to get my point across and it's backed up by an early church father it certainly makes me feel good or vatican ii vatican ii and vatican ii gets a bad rap and i have absolutely no idea why there's absolutely nothing wrong with vatican ii and um so that that's nice to hear too but um yeah but uh but just continuing on i guess with my story is um i um when i really started learning um the the the things or how should i say what really inspired me the most were um stories of saints and i love saints i i have so many favorite saints so many favorite stories i love uh well saint joseph is probably my favorite saint him being you know the foster father of jesus but you know there's um saint catherine of siena which is she's absolutely amazing and um saint rita and saint therese the little flower and saint anthony jude well him being an apostle but um and then you know the ones that other people has haven't really heard of like saint philomena and then me being a mama's boy i got really into marion apparitions with la salette and lourdes and fatima yeah and um our lady of guadalupe our lady of guadalupe that's mind-blowing and people whoever's listening i'm not gonna tell you guys about our lady of guadalupe please just look it up just watch a good documentary on it or something please and you will realize why and you'll realize just from that how god always intervenes in this world and how god always creates peace you know when you look at north america and south america and certain cultures and certain um countries have um have been able to live in peace together and um i don't think a lot of people know that a lot of history comes from god a lot of american history even comes from god where he makes things happen and when you learn about it it becomes part of history when you don't know about it you don't know about it because they don't put it in the you know because this is it's a spiritual world that they won't you know acknowledge but um as i'm going through my journey um so the more i started to learn about the catholic faith the more i got obsessed and one of the greatest things about me is that when i was learning about the catholic faith i was learning about myself you know people can spend a lifetime just trying to figure out who they are as a person individually and the catholic faith was who i was as a person it was like reading a book about myself what's what's moral to me what's right what's wrong it just fit me perfectly to where um i absolutely just fell in love with it and like i said it didn't take long during my little short period of confusion for me to be to reestablish myself as a catholic and and i thank god i thank god for never letting me leave a lot of people will leave the catholic church for a little while so as i was going through this journey um i wanna i wanna tell a little short story on the side which was probably one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me in my life and i kind of want to teach people about it and i i also wrote a book about it so anybody here listening you could go to my website and i wrote a book it's called slam the door shut it's on amazon and it teaches what i'm what i'm kind of about to explain now so i thought by the way uh i went and bought your book on amazon oh you did thank you yeah i uh i bought the kindle version because i like to read on my kindle i have not read it yet i've got a long reading list but i will get to it very soon and i wanted to talk to you first so that i could uh just get a little tantalizing introduction before i actually go ahead and read it yeah and and i really appreciate that um i wish i i think it's like the paperback i think is ten dollars i think the kindle version is like two dollars or something no it's about it's about seven dollars for the long the long the first edition of your book is longer the second edition is shorter i wanted the long version uh i don't know if i need to buy the second version of the short version no no you don't you don't you don't um i'll i'll explain why i'll explain why so um but i i appreciate that i wish i can sell the books for cheaper but amazon won't let me they kind of calculated by how many pages you have and they'll only let you they'll only allow you to sell it for a certain amount of price or whatever i i wish i could just sell it cheaper just so people can get it so um i went through i went through a little period in my life where um i kind of fell in a hole even after everything i've learned um like i was saying i was most inspired by the saints reading about the saints and you know a lot of protestants will say you know mary was just a woman saints are not real this and that well you can't say that to me because if it wasn't for number one mary number two the saints i wouldn't be closer to jesus christ as i am now so they did their job well um so i went through a little period of time where i kind of fell into a hole and i kind of you know like life wasn't treating me too well and i kind of fell into a little hole mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake and i was really haunted by these mistakes let me say and um and i i really needed what i felt was some type of cleansing so i was calling churches i was up different parishes i was calling them up and i was trying to get some one-on-one time with a priest and that's what i felt like i needed i needed someone one time and i don't just mean confession i mean some serious one-on-one time and it was hard it was hard you know every parish i'd call they'd say oh just go to confession just go to confession and i'm like no please you know i really need some spiritual counseling i really need to sit down with a good priest and i really need to talk talk some things out so i thank god for finding one for me and he sent me to this priest and this priest spent about two and a half hours with me and it was uh probably the greatest moment in my life and what the priest was teaching me and what the priest was having me do was renounce he was having me in the name of jesus christ he was having me renounce a lot of things a lot of sin a lot of sexual soul ties a lot of you may not know that someone might have a lot of people may not know that they've involved themselves in some type of witchcraft or maybe they come from a cultural family who does those kinds of things like dream interpretations or reading coffee cups or anything of that nature and he taught me and i i've never heard of this before but he taught me and he was having me renounce thing after thing after thing person after person after person certain things certain things certain things and when i was going through that experience the only way i can describe my experience when that was happening was i felt like a thousand puzzle pieces just fell right into my lap and i was just putting these puzzle pieces together and everything about god's word and even life in general and the catholic faith made more sense to me than it ever did before now let me let me give you like a funny example of um for instance what i renounced um i used to be an actor so i i acted in a few horror movies before so the priest was like you have to renounce horror movies in the name of jesus christ i renounce horror movies and i thought to myself i remember i i i remained obedient i was like i'm just gonna listen to what the boot says i need some help i need some counseling and he told me to renounce horror movies and i'm thinking in my head well is that even necessary like i've done horror movies before and they're as fake as they come like everything you see is so incredibly fake so i'm like it's not real it's just acting it's fake why would i have to do this but i did it anyways i just listened to the priest and i did it and the funny story about this is i the reason why he had me renounce horror movies is because i told him i was a huge fan of horror films and i'm talking massive fan i'm talking i could not watch a movie unless it was a horror movie and the scarier the better and there was nothing that existed that can scare me like forget comedies forget dramas horror movie only so a few months later i decided hey i'm home late at night i'm a pop i'ma watch a movie pop in a movie and okay so it was a horror movie let me tell you that within the first 15 minutes of that movie i felt like i had like 20 heart attacks and it was so strange to me because i'm i'm just like what is this i'm not afraid of horror movies it's my favorite thing there's nothing that can exist that can scare me and you're having an anxiety attack i i had to turn it off because every scary moment i felt scarred i was just like whoa and i'm like scared to death and it wasn't just the scary moments yeah it was the dialogue and it was certain things they talk about like i think in a movie there was like a bunch of kids playing with the ouija board and just those certain things just really disturbed me the veil was lifted the veil was lifted and you got to see the demons toying with your soul through this medium of the horror movies right exactly scary very scary so i was just i was kind of confused and i was like why is this scaring me why do i care so much why is this so disturbing why do i care that some kids are playing with a ouija board it's just the movie and i whatever all those things that never disturbed me before started disturbing me to the fullest extent possible and i was scared and i had to turn it off i couldn't watch it anymore and then i remembered you know i renounced this this is why god put me back to normal because in my opinion in my opinion i think there's something very disturbing when people have a certain love or fixation on horror movies i believe that no one should be able no one should be watching a horror movie and enjoying it like nobody should be in nobody should enjoy seeing bloody murder on tv and get excited or happy about it yeah like it kind of hit me it kind of hit me where it's like that's kind of disturbing and through jesus christ through his cross through his shed blood renouncing to him kind of when i was doing that and i say i got i felt like a bunch of puzzle pieces fell on my lap that i'm putting together is because i started because god cleaned me i started looking at things through a different perspective yeah i walked out of there feeling like i learned a new language and it was right then and there um and through the blessed virgin our mother mary i learned humility and for people to be able to humble themselves enough to acknowledge the truth instead of being prideful instead of you know i i tell people all the time you know if you make a mistake and it's your fault like own up to it and if you can do that you won't be it won't be a burden on your shoulder anymore you won't have to live with that guilt anymore i tell people sometimes you know this is what god created god says to love god says to forgive let's say me and you are hanging out somewhere and you dug through my pocket and stole 20 for me and then i find out like hey you know yeah why'd you steal 20 for me and it's easy for someone to be like well you owed it to me and i wanted this and i i didn't steal it it was mine and you get into this argument over money and you never speak to each other again or you get into a fight whatever how much easier is it for me to be like hey you know um i know you made a mistake how how you know how hard is let me say it like this it's so easy to be bad but it's so hard to be good so when you can humble yourself and be like hey catholic ninja i'm sorry i don't know why i did it but i yes i stole twenty dollars from you i just have to i have to interrupt you for a second because i just watched before uh our interview i just watched this one of the suggested videos in my youtube feed was abbott castello uh two tens for a five so the the guy asked his friend uh hey do you have two tens for a five and then he fools him once and then he follows him twice and he fools him a third time and a fourth time so he probably made something like 120 off just stuff this comedic transaction of going back and forth with the money but uh we all have that tendency to take advantage of of each other that since the fall obviously and this is this is part of the reason why we feel shame for example when we're naked it's not because our bodies are bought our bodies are bad it's because we know that we can be taken advantage of and we know that we also are prone to take advantage of others who are vulnerable so that's that's the reason we have the shame according to the church fathers the shame of being the shame of being naked right i love abbott and costello but anything black and white i love do you give me the marx brothers i could watch a marathon on the marx brothers all day but um yeah go ahead go ahead but my point being is saying that you know it's so easy to be bad it's so easy to get angry it's so easy to react with anger and anger reacts with anger and the cure for all of that the key to all that is reacting with humility and love so let's say you were like hey you know yeah i stole 20 i'm sorry it was a mistake i can say hey man i understand i love you i forgive you can i keep the 20s no you'll probably you know i'll probably make you do some dishes or something or or go or go get some penance or something for it but but the point being is you know when you when when you go what i call unnatural way of living the unnatural way of what god created and you fall into sin but how he but as difficult as it is problems can be solved so easy with love and forgiveness like hey you stole 20 yo i forgive you and give me a hug and let's kiss it out and you know i'll make it up to you and we become best friends we stay best friends for the rest of our lives you know what i mean and that's that's the thing i think people have a really hard time with and so when it comes to my book um i wrote a book about my experience everything basically i've talked about a little bit into more detail and um what i experienced with the priest when he when he taught me that in the name of jesus christ you renounce and you renounce witchcraft and you renounce and you kind of learn about yourself and you know was i involved ever in any type of witchcraft did i ever mess with it you know out of curiosity is it uh you know i learned about generational curses and um but it's not just that it's you know horror movies it's whatever is unnatural whatever is sinful like hate anger resentment bitterness um things like that or soul ties that you might have with someone who has a you know may have been a bad influence on you or or the bond of sex and sexual soul ties people may have you know sex was created by god to be between the husband and wife when you're having sex with multiple people pre-marital sex with multiple people you're actually creating bonds with each and every one of these people and so that's what i wrote about in my book my book let me remind everyone anyone who's interested in you know getting it reading it you know i'm not very educated so um it's not i'm not the best writer but i wrote it well enough at least the way i wanted to write it so that a lot of people can understand it and you got you got the big version the difference between the little version and the big version is the big version i tell my story and i teach people what to do in order to get their life back on track you know because it's called slam the door shut because when people sin they open up these doors for these demons to just get a hold of you and just latch on to you it's like people who have addiction to porn people have addiction to masturbation people have addiction to stealing people have just have an addiction to sin it's these demons who just latch on to you and just will not let go and you can't and you pretty much have no control over it and um so i call them slam the door shut slam these doors shut it's not it's only about it's been a long time since i looked at my book so so my book is probably like 50 to 60 pages the big ones 190 190 pages right but what i wrote uh is about 50 to 60 pages the rest of it the rest of it is prayers and um from the catechism of the catholic church okay for instance if i start talking about um i might start talking about a certain topic and then i'll write about you know um i'll talk about mortal sin and venial sin and then when i'm done with that chapter all right at the bottom please refer to the end of please refer to the catechism of the catholic church at the end of this book to learn about mortal and daniel sins so i have references to everything every chapter and every topic i talk about so that people can go to the back of the book and see that it matches up with church teaching so that's the big book and that's what i recommend people get so they can so they can do that what i just said they could just match it up with catholic teaching to make sure you know that anything i say is legit and it also will get people to read the catechism more so they can learn on their own about anything even natural law and um and then it's prayers the short book doesn't have the catechism in there so that's the difference between the big book of the short book hi yeah so i recommend anybody who's listening to this i mean people may not know and i think a lot of people do not know and i think a lot of catholics do not know it's it's easy to be tricked by the devil it's easy to open up some door and get latched onto sin and not let go and one sin one sin even venial one sin can create a chain reaction to other sins and involve other people and you just create a lot of chaos so i really urge people to use the power of god use what jesus gave us to renounce you know our flaws our sicknesses even because these these quote-unquote possessions um you know causes anxiety it causes depression it causes sicknesses it causes anything and you know that's not what god wants for us god doesn't create sickness for his people and so i really if people really want to learn about something they probably didn't know about before and um i don't want anything anyone to think that this is some type of charismatic book either because i i have my own kind of opinion on people who claim to be charismatic but it's just it's a really good self-help book that i think people especially catholics can really relate to and people should know that god gave you the power god gave you a guardian angel god gave you the power over angels um god placed you above the angels in heaven which is one of the reasons why satan got all upset but um and you have that power you have that power to boss a demon to boss a flaw to boss sin and to get rid of it in jesus name you always have the power and this this and one of the things i wanted to mention too is is what you said where we are some catholics are blessed with a certain knowledge or wisdom and when you know when when i say these puzzle pieces fell on my lap that that's exactly this is why i agree to you i agree with you to the fullest extent some catholics have that blessing of wisdom to where they know things that other people may not know and while it might be easy for us it might be difficult to others so that's where that's where my story kind of relates with thanks for sharing that and i'm sure people will be interested to go and check out your book it doesn't cost a lot of money and uh it's more what's more important than grammar and writing skills and pulitzer prizes is sincerity authenticity and a message that strikes at the heart of grace and sin and the the basic ingredients of life that's in accordance with the natural law and with divine law but when you were talking it reminded me of a of a nice pithy quote and a rule of life that was given by one of my favorite saints and probably one of your favorite saints saint john vianney the curators he says he says and i quote here is a rule for everyday life do not do anything which you cannot offer to god end quote that's it do not do anything which you cannot offer to god so think about what you're doing right now think about what you're the next thing you're going to do and the thing after that and think about everything that you do from from moment to moment and hour by hour day by day week by week month by month if it becomes a habit you'll be thinking about what you're doing and what you're about to do and you'll ask yourself uh in all honesty and sincerity is this something that i can offer to god yes or no and you know the answer don't pretend like you don't know the answer you know the answer right right if you're gonna if you're gonna look at porn you know you cannot offer that to god you know you can't you know you're offended so don't do it if you're going to say something to hurt your spouse you know you can't offer that to god so just don't do it refrain yourself say a little prayer do whatever you have to do count to ten whatever it takes to not do that and it's the same thing with uh gluttony if you know that you shouldn't have that second slice of cake just don't have it it's okay the first one was okay god doesn't want us depriving ourselves of all pleasure but uh if you know that you're glutton as i am uh try to have some self-control and ask yourself is this something that i can offer to god very simple very powerful and if you have a serious problem try renouncing it yes but um yeah yeah totally it's it's almost it's almost the same kind of point when when when i tell people or when anyone tells people before you say anything before you speak or before you do anything god is watching so now what you have to say you know what i mean that's powerful that's a powerful meditation it really is yeah because then you kind of okay all right well yeah okay i guess i don't have anything to say or you know what i mean and i don't mean in a negative way but but you know you remember what uh st james said in his epistle in the bible about the tongue it's the smallest smallest of members but it's very hard to control we can control all the beasts of the field and all the beasts of the jungle but we can't control that little beast in our mouth the tongue it's a small flame but it can set a great fire well me me and um my friends including nick my cousin um because he likes to watch debates and i watched a lot myself and when i was talking earlier about like hey you know the way that i was convinced that the catholic religion was the right religion was just open up the bible and read it and and sometimes we talk about protestants you know they believe in faith alone and all you got to do is open up james where james tells you and not by faith alone and i don't know how that's not a mic drop for debaters i don't know i don't know how people can i don't know how protestants can dismiss that and they always go the other funny thing is is um they always go to is it romans romans 4 probably romans 4 but hey you know you got to read romans 3 2 and 1 first and then 5 6 7 8. for frank 9 10 11 12 yeah and um so yeah so that that's kind of pretty much that sums it up i mean um what about your other book on devotions you want to talk just a little bit about the novenas and that little booklet that you have oh yeah i wrote another booklet it's just a novena book i called it nine days it has um it has some of the um some of the popular novenas like sacred heart of jesus saint joseph our lady amounts carmel jude you know saint anthony it has some of the popular ones i didn't want to leave those out but i also the reason why i wrote that book is because i wanted to include saints that um maybe not a lot of people know about were extremely powerful and um and may have even been taken off the calendar uh like like saint christopher i think was taken off the calendar and he's one of the more popular saints and um so i have i have no venus on there like uh saint philomena who is one of my favorite saints and um there is a group of saints called the 14 holy helpers that i don't think a lot of people are familiar with and there's a novena to them there's saint cosmas and demian even even uh saint andrews uh christmas prayer christmas novena that you say uh uh i i forget the exact dates like a month before christmas but even the infants of prague i think a pages long and of course uh it's illustrated it's got lots of nice color and black and white images in it but lots and lots of novenas for every occasion lots of different saints and uh that's amazing there are lots of resources i mean i'm going to check out your little book of you know vns2 it's always nice to see did you add any commentary whatsoever did you just compile it as is no i just compiled it as is the only thing i put on there is like when their feast day is and um what they're known for like the patriots like st lucy patrion saints of eyes or you know what i mean so what they're known for i mean i even have i'm sure you know about this um and a lot of people i don't think do there's a saint martha novena prayer that's been hijacked by a lot of uh people involved in the occult or witchcraft and it's the same martha prayer where you say it every tuesday for nine consecutive tuesdays and you light a candle after you say it and it's known to be one of the most powerful novena prayers you could pray that's that's why a lot of um that's why i was hijacked so much by a lot of people in the occult so i got that one in there um so yeah there's just some certain ones that i think a lot of people don't know about yeah that really help yeah it's always good i recommend my listeners go and check out your website the right yeah yeah and then you'll see on there you'll see uh there are links there's a link there's an option where to buy the book and they're all on amazon like nothing's like i found it i found it very easily it was easy easy to purchase and not expensive at all uh speaking of renouncing uh forever satan as pompson works have you done uh the consecration the total concentrate consecration to jesus through mary the malfortian consecration or any other consecration to mary have you done that um there's there's a few of them yeah um have you done any of them any of the some of them yes okay um because their daily their daily prayers attached to the the version of saint louis de mont iv you have to do quite a long preparation for the consecration then there's a ceremony uh and then you're consecrated and then there are daily prayers you have to do the morning and the evening it's not a lot of prayers it's not a lot of prayers but the reason i'm bringing this up to you is because i think you could really benefit from this particular consecration it's very powerful and i'm a huge fan of saint louis and uh the idea of renewing your baptismal vows which include those vows those baptismal vows very powerful they include the renunciation of satan and all his pops and works and so i recite that uh i renew my baptismal vows morning and evening every day so i think that's a good way to ward off the demons although recently over the past few months because i haven't been having as much access to the sacraments i've fallen into sin i fell into temptation i fell into the hands of satan and his demons and they were toying with me on a couple of occasions and it's a very real and frightening experience much like what you talked about with your your newfound sensitivity to the horrors of horror films and how unnatural and disgusting it is i had the same thing with uh sexual temptation and just fantasies really sick violent uh perverted fantasies that were flooding my mind because i opened the door uh via video games and i thought i could handle it i thought okay it's this game is for people 17 years and up and i'm 50. i'm i'm 50 i'm 50 years old i think i can handle a game that's designed for 17 year olds but no turns out i can't so we have to be very careful with what we let our children play with it's uh it's considered a toy it's considered entertainment these video games and the violence the violence doesn't bother me as much that i'm not as tempted to get excited about the violence but when there's sex involved even if it's just something that most people today because most people today indulge in porn most people today would find it very mild what i was getting excited by but because i'm sensitive uh it took me over the edge and i said yes to the temptation and you know i didn't do much but i opened my mind and then the demons came in and i was tortured for for a few days until i got to confession but i just want to i want to let i want to let you and the listeners know that the demons are real that uh that we can open those doors we can let them in and we do need to slam that door shut as you would say thank you thank you uh it's as real as it gets and and i wish more people knew but but i want the listeners to know too like i don't want anyone to be afraid or anything like that no i don't want anyone to think that they can't steal a goal about their life and be themselves they absolutely can yeah it's you it's when you when you go through this spiritual healing when you conquer it let's say you slam the door shut you can go back into the world and yeah yeah but this time you have this new perspective where it's like hey let's i'm flipping channels it's a horror movie i'm not gonna turn the tv off i can watch it with a different perspective now and and there's like a certain block you have now where it's like that demons not coming back in you have to be careful because it's easy to let the demons back in but when you have that new perspective through god um it's like it's like paul maybe you can help me out with this uh paul some some people were ah i'm not a bible scholar maybe you can help me out with this uh some people that's one of my favorite stories some people were cooking some meats sacrificing some meat for their god and paul was eating it and they're pretty much saying paul why are you eating this this is not your god and he's like i can it's it's me i can eat meat i don't worship it you know what i'm saying we were we were warned in the new testament uh not to scandalize the weak conscience of our brother in the faith but that we ourselves are free now in christ we are free to eat meat that it was sacrificed to idols because there are no idols the idols are not gods right so we are free if we're strong in our faith we can eat meat that is sacrificed to these no gods these idols but if your brother is weak in the faith and you're there at this party with your brother and he's confused about what's going on he thinks it's bad and you know you would refrain at that time you would refrain for not for the sake of your own conscience but for the sake of your weak brother's conscience so i think that's the passage you're talking about there are other mentions also about uh good days and bad days on the calendar and the full moon and the new moon and all these sorts of things which are sort of added on by a human tradition to religion and you know there's nothing really wrong or dangerous about them but if you're weak in your faith you might be you might have some tendency to think that you're doing wrong and if you think you're doing wrong then it's possible to do wrong even though what you're doing objectively is not wrong because we have that freedom in christ so it's a very slippery uh situation where you need to know that you have this freedom in christ forbidden for you but not everything is beneficial to you as saint paul says so you need to have that in mind and have your brother and sister in mind if they're not quite as strong in the faith where they might think that there's a danger of doing doing wrong and like i said if you subjectively if you think you're doing wrong then that's wrong you should not do it even though objectively speaking it might not be wrong because the meat is good and the idols are fake there's they're not really god so there's no danger whatsoever if you have a strong faith i think does that answer your question at all well absolutely absolutely and and it's one of my go-to's because that's kind of what i'm talking about once you go through this spiritual cleansing and you renounce and you slam some of these doors that's what i mean where you can kind of step back into the world and your faith is so strong with this new perspective of life where you can eat the meat and not be worried about falling into that type of temptation or not be but but it's but it's what you said you know your faith has to be strong enough and that's what happens when that's what happens when you slam these doors and and when you cleanse yourself from certain addictions yeah i mean because all these things turn out to be crazy addictions and and like you you know i felt pretty hard and and this is something also that i kind of want to tell the listeners too you know i i don't want this to sound harsh to anyone but you know we're all sinners and through grace we're saved and but i i you know i want people to know like it doesn't matter how holy you try to be or how good you try to be everybody falls and chances are you'll keep falling but the but the most amazing wonderful thing is jesus is always always always there to lend his hand out and pick you back up and and that's something that because i know a lot of people including myself there are times where i get really down on myself yeah you know i i'm overwhelmed by my own guilt and you're actually not supposed to feel like that no and um you know it's the devil telling you you're not good enough and don't even bother and yeah forget church and forget confession you you lost your soul and yeah so there's always that possibility when people fall like that they have a hard time getting back up but everybody should know hey jesus christ is there and he always lends his hand take his hand he's there believe in it believe in jesus christ believe in the trinity believe in our blessed mother the ark of the new covenant because she is there for you saint joseph the angels the saints they're all there for you and intercession is real and it's all real i'm i'm like like i said i'm a big mary fan at the app the apparitions you know it's funny when i was listening to that uh show you had where it wasn't your show you were on his show where you're debating the atheist and he's like give me some proof give me some proof and honestly i don't understand how the proof that the catholic church has like why isn't it good enough it's never good enough it's it's through archaeology through through science even or or miracles through documents i mean all you have to do is look up lord france and documented miracles by doctor where babies were cured and and the blind people were cured you know okay you could leave the grotto alone the grotto was empty but even though it's still filling with water until this day but just look at the documentations of the medical examiners and then when you look at fatima what was it like 90 000 eyewitnesses to fatima and nothing's really good enough for people i guess or all people watch guadalupe yeah and and you'll see what i'm talking about and it isn't just antiquity of the new testament writers and what was found and isn't there like 20 to 30 000 manuscripts or something like that yeah yeah but um you know how do we you know how do we know you know when it comes to united states of america how do we know that george washington had wooden teeth or chop down the cherry tree i mean are we just gonna always when it comes to biblical his historical fact are we always just gonna dismiss that but not question you know american history or north american history or you know what i mean the bottom the bottom questions those things yeah everyone just believes it like it's no big deal the the bottom line is where there's a will there's a way if you if you're not willing to believe if you're not willing to change because that's the real the real core hurt the heart of the matter here is that people uh as saint augustine famously said in his confessions when he said goodbye to his favorite sins he's like i might he he portrayed it like he personified his sins and as he was waving goodbye to his favorite sins they were very sad and they were saying to him pleading with him is it true really that we're never going to see you again it was very touching very touching portrayal of saying goodbye to his favorite sins but he made a firm resolution he said look i'm not going to have any more uh adulterous sex outside of marriage or before marriage and he's put away his concubine even though he had a child with her and uh you know it's this idea of making a firm resolution look i'm on the side of god and that involves sacrifice it's a narrow path it's a craggy path it's a difficult path but it's a path that at least gives you peace and joy in this life if not a reduction in suffering but it gives you peace and joy in this life in a very real way in a very tangible way and it gives you eternal life eternal happiness in the next life so that's the ultimate decision people have to make do i want to trade these little stupid annoying addictive pleasures that i can have immediately today and every moment of every day i can fill my face with food and fill my fill my loins with women but do i want to trade that in that immediate pleasure do i want to trade all of that in for something that is maybe a little bit less pleasurable in the immediate sense and that is based uh largely on faith because a lot a lot of our religion is based on faith promises that we have not seen fulfilled but which we believe will be fulfilled that's what the faith is um and the hope of heaven all those such things are we willing to make that commitment and i am you are uh up until the present moment we can say that by the grace of god we are willing to make that commitment and we're committed to never sinning again even venial sin but it's it's a struggle and only with god's grace can we do it and we're going to fall like you said but the people that have not yet taken that plunge into the faith it's because they know that they're getting certain reliable pleasures here in this world they're worldly they want to have those pleasures they're not willing to give them up i think that is the bottom the bottom line really with these people they're not willing to commit to that to make the self-sacrifice if they only knew the peace and the joy that we have i know i come across to a lot of my listeners i've had this uh pointed out to me many times that i come across maybe as dour or self-deprecating or whatever it might be maybe a bit glum humorless but uh no there's a lot of joy that comes from the grace and then there's a lot of contrition that comes from knowing how short you fall like i i fall short and that that gives me pain but the joy the joy compensates for that pain so god's grace gives me joy and my sin gives me uh sorrow but it's a sorrow that's uh healing it's it's a sorrow that is salvific so uh i'm very very happy to have the sorrow of contrition knowing that i'm a sinner knowing how disgusting i am knowing how weak i am and how much i depend on god because above and beyond that by an infinite measure is the goodness and mercy and joy and hope and love of of god so it really it you can't judge my faith walk by just by looking at the my facial expression or the the messiness of my life because my life is messy you have to look deeper you have to look to what i've committed to what i'm hoping for and uh and the lasting value in that right and the same thing with you god bless you i got you just said it perfectly make a8 i don't know how much time you have left but make sure you email me some of that stuff including your book i want to get it i want a big how many pages did you say it was 400 just short just short just shy of 400 pages you know i need that i'll send you the i can testify i am an eyewitness i am proof of novena prayers yeah i tell people all the time i don't know a sincere prayer that was not answered um as long as it's sincere and it's worth something and i don't know you know well some of the things you were talking about i tell people all the time you know some people are who might still be learning about the faith and might be confused about something like confession and i tell them um the power of god the holy spirit is real i promise you like it happens to me every single time when i go to confession and i confess my sins and when i'm given absolution the weight of that sin is instantly off my shoulders yeah instantly yep and you get and then you get overwhelmed with the joy yep that you're talking about you know people people feel a little guilty they feel a little down the weights of their sins kind of carries them down a little bit yeah once that weight is off it's it's replaced with joy and happiness and love and being grateful and just try it i mean yeah anybody all the non-catholics out there or you know or or catholics who who who might be confused like try it i guarantee you i mean it's not a magic trick you know god isn't magic he just he blesses you yep and um and the supernatural as saint thomas aquinas famously said the supernatural does not destroy nature it does not destroy for example our human nature it perfects and elevates our human nature and every other nature that's what god's grace does so when i was becoming interested in religion after i found god in 2009 my dramatic conversion through philosophy uh i was seriously concerned about being a drop of water with a personality that's going to enter into this ocean of religion and then i would just be dissolved and lose my personality lose my character lose uh everything that could identify me that i would just be lost this was a an irrational fear that i had uh stemming from my atheist anti-christian anti-catholic background it's just sort of what permeated me culturally uh this sort of idea that you can't be an authentic human being if you're religious you're just one of the borg you're you're part of that ant colony and now you've given up being human but nothing could be further from the truth it's it's what allows you to be not only fully human but fully yourself and unique and uh you know to to truly to truly live and this is the glory of god is man fully alive and fully uh actualizing his potential and his human nature and his personality and what's unique and special about the individual this is this is something that's very popular in in the uh mass culture of the west today's is this emphasis on individuality individual rights and you know responsibilities and uh if you want uh if you value things like private property and individual individuality uh catholicism gives you that but it balances it of course with a need to be part of the community you need to be part of that family and a part of the body the mystical body of christ so it's got that perfect balance because we are social creatures even the ancient greek philosophers taught that we are seat we are social creatures we're political creatures were sexual creatures were creatures that need food and shelter and all those things are part of the catholic lifestyle you read about the saints there were some extreme saints yes it is true who would deprive themselves of the basic necessities but only because they wanted to suffer with christ and have that that intimacy with christ they never condemned the goods of this world whether it be food sex or a family or anything else but they gave it up so they coul