CVS Live Guest - 2023-01-06 - Nikola Krcic

Author Streamed Friday January 6th, 2023

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My dear friend Kola reached out to discuss the dogmas. We then chatted about sin & grace and many other things, and he read from parts of the Mini-Catechism of brother Charles Madden, OFM Conv.

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all right we're live I'm gonna Punk my friend Nicola who hates uh when I wear my hair down hey Nicola vid can you hear me vid yes Miss Paula yes how's it going good good you so let me see something um I don't have a lot of time so we're already live okay can you see me can you see me let me adjust my camera here there you go I punked you my friend [Laughter] where'd you get that wig from I know I know you love my my golden locks uh my salt and pepper looks so I did this just for you I got out of the shower I I uh I let my hair dry naturally so I get the nice curls for you and then you say you said you wanted to hop on a live stream and I was like okay no man bun today yeah I'm going old school I asked United never let it down again what are you doing here it's uh involuntary penance [Laughter] yeah man I was at I was at confession and it was one of them days where there was only a few people in front of me but uh they were there at least 20 minutes a pop or something so they needed sometimes I spent an hour line the other week last week an hour and a half hour and a half wow do you remember how many people were in front of you there were only 10 people but it was uh the priest who liked to talk yeah yeah so now you got to go straight yeah you got to go straight back into the confessional now I hope you didn't drive too far away now that you saw my sexy hairdo you got to go back all those impure thoughts and everything you better go back I was being silly I know I was I was a saint for two and a half minutes man yeah you should have had a car accident on your way in the parking lot here I'm gonna send you one of these fading away I'm gonna send you one of these Weird Al Yankovic wigs though they're very cool you should get one lifelike that's a good one you do you do look like him now that you mentioned or the hair at least like a surgeon [Laughter] nice to see you my brother nice to see you book ready for you if you want nice and I'm like it's something like that I was like is something wrong with me or why am I having so much trouble grasping each of those it's like you'll read it and I'm like okay I don't know what that meant you know I know you'll read it again I'm like I I can't I got yeah so pick some random ones man and let's go over a few and I'll tell you man because yeah I don't know what it is man let me see do you understand them right off the bat there are a few that trouble me a few that I don't understand but most for the most part I get them because I've read the book right a couple times so um and I've studied the faith let me see if I can pull up uh uh just one second I'm gonna see if I can pull this up uh how does this work and I'm just trying to see if I can get it with Excel I have an Excel spreadsheet for the dogless Boom okay uh I wonder if you can you can't see right but I can put it on my screen and then just read it to you it would be nice if you could see it okay cool right right I don't think you can yeah well let's see if we can find uh do you want to start at the end or start at the beginning because I went in reverse order last time right right um I was gonna say since there's so many just start anywhere okay you know because since we're not going to go through the whole all of them obviously unless you have uh six hours to spare yeah exactly so I was saying hey just randomly because there wasn't um it wasn't none specific and okay well let's go uh I'm gonna start from the top because these are the the first ones are actually very easy I think for you to grasp and to understand and to it to agree to so the first one is God our creator and Lord can be known with certainty by the natural light of reason from created things so that means that we don't need faith in God the Father we don't need Faith to be a monotheist um that was just so awesome but our natural our natural reason is not sufficient we need to have faith in this God that we can know so you don't have any problem with this Dogma right nope nope and that one I understood yeah plus because I heard you say it a lot of times as well thank you for that it's and a second dog which is very similar in sort of fuels that one says the existence of God could be approved by means of a causality so those are the proofs that we usually see the proofs from causality the third Dogma is God's existence is not merely an object of natural rational knowledge but also an object of Supernatural Faith so this is what I was just saying we need Faith too our natural knowledge of God in this world is not as immediate intuitive cognition but as immediate abstractive knowledge because it is attained through the knowledge of creatures so this is the analogy that we use to know about God we look at the creatures so to know about the Creator we look at the creatures so I say to you you're beautiful therefore God is beautiful you have life therefore God is life you have goodness therefore God is goodness that's the way that we come to know God by looking at the Perfections that we Shadow or that we mirror here below we can they all point to the absolute Perfections the infinite Perfections of God so is that one clear to you yeah yeah except you know it's funny I have a question about that one yeah um because I understand that exactly what you just said but does it not follow then if so one can say like let's say example I can't hate therefore God hates I can that's not a Perfection hatred is an imperfection okay that's right yeah it is it is uh good has ontological being and evil is a parasite on the good it has an ontological being of itself so uh Darkness does not exist it's an absence of light illness does not exist it's an absence of Health ugliness does not exist it's an absence of beauty evil does not exist it's an absence of the good okay so God has every pure perfection to an infinite degree but weakness is not a pure perfection it's not any Perfection it's not a Perfection at all it's it's uh it's not uh it's not a good our knowledge of God here below is not proper but analogical so that's what I was telling you before God's nature is incomprehensible to men so just because we can know that God is good doesn't mean that we can comprehend God we have a lot of knowledge we can say a lot of things about God and um but just like you can go to the Ocean touch the ocean dive into the ocean you can't map it out completely you can't know everything about it you can't know everything even about one molecule of water much less the whole uh ocean right and is that the distinction you always make between apprehend and comp yeah comprehensive exactly yeah so we can we can apprehend God but we can never comprehend God because God's nature is incomprehensible but God's nature is is not inapprehensible it's just incomprehensible so that's that distinction I always talk about the blessed in heaven possess an immediate intuitive knowledge of the Divine Essence so that's the beatific Vision that's where we stand before God because we we've been purified either here below the priest the priest mentioned today's feast day is and it was named something else but it means to see the face of God um do you know what that's called uh yeah yeah beautiful Vision uh no he named it something else okay please let me see if I can find it I haven't been reading my daily missile I have to start up with that again Talk Amongst yourselves let me see if I can find it here by the way I put a link in the uh live chat so that uh the listening brothers or Matthew Murdock can jump on the call if they nice I love Matthew Murdoch too man he's awesome I swim praying for him a lot and yep I sent him the book I hope he gets it and I hope he reads it it's this one here uh put it right in front and it's not to put it in front of your face because that's where the camera's showing yeah pull it back towards your face back towards your face yes nice St Michael very good uh yeah it's a good one hey not too long today is the saint day of my favorite Saint Andre Bessette Saint brother Andre here in Montreal he's a Montreal Saint a lot of Miracles great it's a great Saint so um I'm not sure who your priest was talking about but uh okay so where was I now yeah and it was a yeah continue he named it something else as well but well you're gonna go back anyway so you can ask him just kidding [Laughter] the immediate vision of God transcends the natural power of cognition of the human soul and is therefore Supernatural so when we go to heaven and we are able to see God with that intuitive vision and direct Vision it's not because we have the natural capacity to do so it's because God will give us a supernatural Grace to do it okay so um yeah it's it this is was hardly debated in the Catholic circles among the theologians and Saints for a long time the uh like whether we have the capacity to see God or not and the the church decided definitively that we don't have the capacity without Grace to see God that's what it says in the Bible too no man can see God and live right yep yep exactly because the soul is another Dogma the soul for the immediate vision of God requires the light of Glory so how do you define the light of Glory I'm not sure what the light of Glory is but I would imagine it's uh you know Christ is glorified up in heaven so is Mary the Blessed Virgin Mary and uh I suppose that we're going to enter in that into that light of Glory when we enter into heaven so that's what will enable us to see the face of God that's what I'm that's my understanding I could be wrong God's Essence is also incomprehensible to the blessed in heaven so even in heaven they won't have a full comprehension because only God can comprehend God you agree with that okay yep oh this is one of my favorite dogmas the Divine attributes are really identical among themselves and with the Divine Essence so beauty is God health is God and health is Beauty and beauty is Justice and Justice is life and life is goodness and goodness is truth and all of those things are identical with themselves and with God that doesn't pose a problem for you nope the only thing that the only problem I have is with the word health why would we attribute why would we attribute the word Health to God right you know that's the problem is standing here on Earth yeah but but not to God but everything else made sense God God created a well-ordered universe everything is well was well ordered then we fell from grace in the garden while Satan fell before the garden but um with the Fall From Grace everything's been out of joint so we can have you know rust and deterioration and illness and death and all these sorts of things because of sin but God is the source of the well-ordered paradise that we fell from when we fell from grace and so God obviously in his nature was able to impart orderliness because he's well ordered himself and that's what health is health is being well ordered like nothing's out of joint nothing's out of joint he doesn't have any parts he doesn't have any parts to be out of joint but I'm just using an analogy because that's what we have to do we have to use the analogy yeah and it makes sense yeah God is absolutely perfect do you have a problem with this Dogma [Laughter] well I gotta see him first and then maybe if I after um 9.5 out of 10 God I give you a 9.5 out of 10. no when I think of that man I think of the verse the Bibles in the verse where um and and though they and and the and they fell on their face though is dead like you know when they just seen a glimpse of God they fell to the ground as if they were dead so yeah so we can't even imagine how how beautiful yeah that's for sure here's the dog what God is actually infinite actually infinite which is a technical term actually infinite not not potentially infinite merely but actually infinite which is infinitely greater than being potentially infinite God is actually infinite in every Perfection so this is what I talked about before weakness is not a Perfection ugliness is not a Perfection illness is not a Perfection stupidity is not a Perfection so he's not infinite in any of those things as the atheist would have you believe now here's a tricky one God is absolutely simple so he's not composed of parts he never changes and uh uh it's a it's a tricky one and some of the ortho Eastern Orthodox struggle with this and come up with some uh Divine energies uh hypotheses because of it but I don't know if you want to comment on that one no it's a bit of a hairy one yeah uh there is only one God okay yeah we don't argue about that one the one God is in the ontological sense the true God and ontology is just about being so in terms of what actually is there's only one God and he's the true God God possesses an infinite power of cognition so he's he's not going to be stumped by any math problem or any question that you can ask him he is absolute veracity which means truth and truthfulness he's absolutely faithful he's absolutely faithful so when he makes this is a very encouraging thing because when he makes promises to us uh directly or through the Saints then we know he will keep his promises you could jump in any time right I'm just blasting through these yeah God is absolutely ontological goodness in himself and in relation to his uh in relation to others God is absolute moral goodness or holiness God is absolute benignity which means he gives of his goodness it's an effusive goodness that gives generously God is absolute Beauty there's that what we talked about his Beauty God is absolutely immutable meaning he cannot change it does not change God is eternal meaning outside of time unbounded by time God is immense or absolutely immeasurable God is everywhere present in created space you intuitively know that anyway right because knowledge is infinite his knowledge is purely and simply actual so there's no processing going taking place it's immediate knowledge all the time for everything God's knowledge is subsistent which means that it uh it exists I think that means that it exists without uh without being contingent God's knowledge is comprehensive so there's nothing lacking his knowledge is independent of extra Divine things so these are all things you agree with so maybe I'd have to jump ahead to find something more tricky can you remember the theme to do with the sacraments or the infallibility or Mary or uh the one I wanted to clear up the only one that was like oh really was was it that God made some to damn them uh yeah okay all right yeah yeah okay let's look that one up let's look that one up or or is the answer gonna be God made them knowing would be damned would that be the better explanation right now because that's that's one of the ones that troubled me a little bit um yep as opposed to God made them to damn them exactly you know for certain yeah I mean uh there is that passage in the Bible that I referenced in my video where I said uh Saint Paul said that God make if God wants to make certain vessels for honor and others for Destruction that's his prerogative but I'm going to look up I'm going to look up the actual dogma and see what it says the Dogma itself says God by his eternal resolve of Will has predetermined certain men to eternal blessedness and others to rejection so let me look that one up predetermined 197 You Could Talk Amongst yourselves there give the audience entertained while I look at this I'm just laughing at your hair again [Laughter] it's funny though I'm at a point where um not too many would actually bother me too much you know um to where I can't believe it um you know I'm I'm kind of at the point where I'm all in and I notice the deeper you think about stuff it becomes mystery and the Mystery will never understand and I'm okay with mystery so you know I won't have a real problem with with any of them so just randomly talking and understanding what we can I guess of of any of them but um because if God did want to do that he sure can and he knows why and if he did do that I just I'm thinking if there's a more specific answer to it or not for sure for sure for sure there will be I wish I I do wish that there was a correlation between the numbering of my dogmas and uh the numbering in my book here but I will find it okay and if it looks like I'm not listening it's because I'm not but I'll listen to it listen to you later oh oh I think I found it I think I found it oh oh the mystery of predestination here we go all right Buckle in so you uh interrupt me anytime just to give you your thoughts okay okay for future reference this is Page 242 of Arts fundamentals so the concept and reality of predestination in the widest sense predestination is taken to mean every Eternal Divine resolve of will so uh God predetermined this conversation that we're having right now I guess in the sense that uh he's it's part of his will right because everything that happens is part of God's will now is it is it a positive will or permissive will that's another question but yeah mixed we'd have to dissect every situation to find the parts that are ordained in the parts that are permitted in the narrower sense one understands by it that Eternal Divine resolve of oh understands by it that Eternal Divine resolve of will which refers to the supernatural final destination of rational creatures whether the object of this be their acceptance into Eternal Bliss or their exclusion they're from in the narrowest sense it is taken to mean the Eternal design resolve of will to assume certain rational creatures into the Bliss of Heaven predestination okay now they're giving some Latin phrase which I won't raise read predestination implies an act of the Divine intellect and of the Divine will of pre-science or predetermination pre-science I guess could be pronounced prescience according to its efficacy and time it is distinguished as blah blah blah or blah blah in Latin which signifies either predestination to Grace only or predestination to Glory okay predestination to both Grace and glories and other option Saint Thomas defines uh defines complete predestination as predestination of Grace in the present life and of Glory in the future so as for the Dogma itself that certain men are predestined for heaven this Doctrine is proposed by the ordinary and general teaching of the church as a truth of Revelation the doctrinal definitions of the Council of Trent presuppose it the reality of predestination is clearly attested to in Romans 8 29 and following for whom he Force foreknew he also predestined to be made comfortable conformable to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn amongst many brothers and whom he predestined them also he called and whom he called them he also Justified and whom he justified them he also glorified and quote this text stresses all the elements necessary for complete predestination the activity of reason and of Will and the principle stages of its temporal realization Saint Augustine and his disciples defend predestination against the pelagians and the semiplegians as a tradition of the faith Saint Augustine comments the belief in this predestined in this predetermination which is now being zealously defended against new errors has always been held by the church predestination as part of the Eternal divine plan for Providence so it doesn't really explain um okay I see it now he's going to talk about the problems because I was just going to say he doesn't really explain the the problems with this that we might be concerned about so the main difficulty of the doctrine of predestination lies in the question whether God's Eternal resolve of predestination has been taken with or without the consideration of the merits of the man so this is what you're asking about in particular right he foresaw it because he fought foresaw we would cooperate with The Graces or not yeah only incomplete predestination to Grace is independent of every Merit as the first Grace cannot be merited in the same way complete the predestination to Grace and Glory conjointly is independent of every Merit as the first Grace cannot be Merit and the consequent Graces as well as the merits acquired with these Graces and the reward depends like the links of a chain on the first Grace if predestination is conceived as predestination to Glory alone then the question arises whether the predestination to Eternal Bliss occurs by reason of the foreseen supernatural merits of man or without consideration of them according to the former view the Divine resolve of predestination is conditioned according to the latter it is unconditioned so in the one it's hypothetical and the other it's absolute so this does go on quite a bit I don't know if I want to bore you with the details but it sounds like um they're digging into the nuts and bolts of it and it all comes down to Grace and the cooperation with Grace and is God a with his predestination the question is is God looking at how we would cooperate and then basing his determination his predetermination on his knowledge of that and uh it's a few pages I'll have to I'll have to finish reading it up again but what's your intuition tell you it's a very it's a it's a pretty cut and dry dichotomy either God is uh taking into consideration the way that we cooperate with Grace or not and if not it seems pretty it seems nasty and if so it seems less scary because he's giving everyone a chance to dance the dance and to make the Right Moves and all that sort of thing what's your uh what's Your Gut tell you right I mean that there's mystery involved of course and that I trust God so we'll know the answer when the time's right you know I don't I don't have an issue overall I don't have an issue you know yeah that's that's main that's mainly it really um so but in the worst case scenario in the worst case scenario let's say uh what seems like a bad bad scenario let's say that God created a human being and without consideration of uh the choices that that human being would make he predetermines this human being to hell um so this human being can never make the right choices there's no winning move for this for this man he's going to end up right now and if you examine his life he just looks like a loser and a sinner and an unrepentant sinner but you know uh from God's point of view the game was rigged because he could never make the winning moves to get to get to heaven I'm uncomfortable with that uh Saint Paul seems to indicate that it's none of our business God God's gonna do what he thinks is wise um the Calvinists seem comfortable with with that situation that I'm uncomfortable with um how uncomfortable are you with it yeah again that was the only one that was like oh ouch you know a little painful and hold on I think I'm gonna throw up for a minute and then and then after that it's like okay God buddy I already know that I can't understand and your ways are not our ways and um so yeah so so it's our it's all good I'll find out when the time is right or I'll find out if if and when I'm with him that's that's I'll say but definitely yeah some uncomfort at first you know yeah and that was the only one I would say okay okay they gave me some uncomfort yeah yeah so I mean I I I like your attitude I adopt your same attitude naturally intuitively because you know they're like you said there's a mystery there but the one thing we're we're not confused about the one thing we can never be confused about is God's goodness and his wisdom and if if it seems shocking to us that he would create someone that has no possibility of repenting um we just need to give God the benefit of the doubt it sounds foolish to even say that but we need to trust in him and we will understand if God willing we make it to heaven we will understand and even if we don't make it to Heaven if we end up burning in Hell God forbid on Judgment Day we're still going to see that God was right that's part of the punishment that's part of the punishment of going to hell is like oh I'm on the losing side I should have sided with God and he was right all along you know it's not like the demons in Hell think that God is wrong or that he's stupid they know he's wise they know he's always good and that's part of the punishment is they didn't choose that they didn't choose that you you know who I think of when I'm thinking of this predestination to hell is Judas Judas if he is in hell it just seems like because even the story where it's like Jesus like it would have been better if he was never born and I'm just like um you know uh like trying to grasp that you know and yeah so because I was almost thinking the opposite like there is a chance that Judas is is saved and Purgatory for a long while and you know maybe but then I'm just like but I don't know you know because Jesus said it'd be better if you were never born so I'm like okay I don't know what to think yeah we don't know we don't know uh uh it's we could make a case for both sides because there's another verse in the Bible that talks about how uh Judas repented uh in one version he hung himself in the other version he uh he repented but um I'm not sure if he repented and then his gut Spilled Out or something like that but I can't quite remember but the the thing about uh the thing about the worst case scenario like let's say let's just say a speculation that God created Judas to play a role in his Incarnation and his uh his Redemptive suffering and death for us okay so let's just say that's the case the I'm thinking about the story of Pinocchio and how a little wooden toy that was made by Giuseppe that little wooden boy was able to become a real boy okay and the other wooden boys that exist in the workshops around the world they don't become boys it's exceptional for a wooden doll to become a real boy but Pinocchio said yes to that Grace and he became a real boy okay after a whole bunch of tribulations and trials and and uh falling away from uh the truth and goodness of his path towards becoming a real boy he chose ultimately to become a real boy okay so the I want to think now about the predestination to hell in terms of the wooden puppets that don't end up being a real boy they end up being just cast Into the Fire because that's all they're good for they're just wood um so you know you know that we're going to be happy in heaven even if our closest relatives are burning and hell we're going to be happy and we're going to see the justice of God and that's a deep mystery so even if even if this Dogma that we're contemplating now um turns out to be the best case scenario we had nothing to worry but we never had anything to worry about at all because he looks at our merits and these sorts of things he gave us all the choice and the chance to repent even in that best case scenario we still have the reality of hell and the fact that there are popes possibly in Hell bishops priests your beloved some of your ex-lovers your wife your children whatever your grandma whatever it is there's a possibility that one or more of these people that we love and admire are going to be burning in Hell while we're up in heaven so that is tricky to wrap our heads around that is uh a test of our faith and that makes us really cry out to God and say look I don't understand but I I trust you and I love you and it's hard to believe but I I just believe because I because I love you and I trust you and that's it so but my point with the with the Pinocchio story was just to say that look I mean maybe like maybe it's just cut and dry like Saint Paul said look if I want to make some of the dolls come to life that's my prerogative ask God if I want to make some of them just burn in the fire that's my prerogative but you do but you you listening to me right now you listening to me right now you can still choose you could still choose to be to become a real boy to become alive to join me right so right that's the attitude we have to take yeah yeah and that's why I don't have an issue with it overall again it's uncomfortable but yeah yeah but see again it's uncomfortable just as sometimes the the Trinity is is to me you know that I don't understand it yeah so so I'm okay with it you know well there's a Dogma uh one of the dogmas that I had never really focused on or contemplated or meditated on before but when I was reading for that video reading through them all uh it struck me and it's that all each of the persons of the Trinity each one is in the others okay so it's almost like um it's almost we can almost allow ourselves to be Unitarian almost but not quite like there's there's such there's such a Unity obviously there's a perfect unity and Essence but even in the persons they are in one another and everything that they do add extra outside the outside of the Blessed Life of the Trinity everything they do add extra is done by all three and they're all in each other and they all share the same Essence so if you wanted to be if you wanted to be very practical and pragmatic about the trinity you could just shrug it off and say look we have this language we have this notion of the three persons and yes I believe it but it doesn't mean that much practically and pragmatically to my faith and the the Muslims and the Jews bulk at the Trinity because they they don't have the faith to believe it but we do we do have the faith to believe in the trinity but maybe it's not as big a distinction as we were tempted to think because our enemies the enemies of the Trinity would want to draw us towards three gods or three aspects of God or all these different heresies and they've been condemned by the church and so what are we left with we're left with the trinity that we have to believe in yes but where each member of the trinity is uh they're all acting together in everything that they do in our lives right so God sustains me we attribute that to God God the father but it's all three persons all three persons are sustaining me yeah God is involved in Every Act of my will and so we might attribute that to the Holy Spirit but it's all three persons because all three persons act together in unity in everything that they do outside of the Trinity and then uh you know there's that uh so I think I've made my point here about uh we don't need to get too excited about the Trinity but we do have to believe it and that it's a real it's a reality but it's it's again it's a mystery and we shouldn't make too big of a deal and certainly shouldn't be a stumbling block right right a lot of Muslims are winning Christians over just by the Trinity argument you know yeah yeah but again there that happens for a reason they were you know not strong in their faith or the more trusting them enough who knows but I've been uh tuning into the Mormons a little bit lately and uh they bulk at the Trinity and they make fun of the Trinity they also make fun of a lot of the uh teachings of monotheism and the teachings of Christianity in particular and even the the infinite Perfections of God they deny that they just say that God is the best the best Creature if you want to use that word the best material and uh so yeah there are many attacks against our Christian faith yeah it is just such a silly belief that one I know um Jehovah's Witnesses as well no but I think Jehovah's Witness might be monotheists at least I think I think so but they don't believe in the Trinity at all for sure I was talking to one Jehovah's Witness for a while and I didn't get nowhere with him um at all but they believe that only 144 000 are going to be with God and the rest of them they're not even going to get to see God and I said I said can I tell you something man I said that is like my biggest hope that I get that I will one day I might and hope to see God as he is I said and you don't even have that I said I don't I don't know how you can deal with that I told them you know I don't know how you can deal with that yeah it's such a worldly it's such a worldly Heaven they have like it'll be built on Earth we'll have castles and then I said what good is all the golden castles and islands and mansions I said if you're not going to see God I was just like I I don't get it but maybe hopefully that planted a seed in his head he might think about it meditate on it I guess where'd you meet the guy on the street outside of downtown Detroit that he he was at his stand he was at his stand with his and I just randomly started talking to him and then we had we had over a month we had about six about six hour or two long video chats really yep yep yeah yeah and it's so funny the way it was I was giving him time I was hearing him out they have this thing where all they want to do is teach because they have the truth they know it all they're shoving this down you know and and it and it's such a Salesman approach it's so oh that uh after I let him let so much out I remember telling them I was and I was honest with him you know I said I'm I'm not gonna lie man I said the vibe of of how you're doing I said it's like a Salesman like you're really trying to sell me something I said you know and I really let them know that you know um but it was all in love and charity and everything you know but definitely um just you could tell I guess what would you call it um heavily indoctrinated maybe or stuck or I don't know yeah you know or my apologetics is weak or whatever but you know it's not about it's not about winning or it's never about winning arguments never never never yeah that's right that's right yeah uh you I know you're excited tell me about this friend of yours is he a priest or what you said you might send them my way what was the you send an email to me yeah yeah so we have um we have father Marco we have two priests at our church right okay and father Marco's the new one he's young in his like 30s ah and he's so on fire for God man he is one of a kind and he does the evening mass at 6 30 p.m on Sunday okay and oh my gosh the vibe I get from him like I'm one of the if I've ever a living Saint it just seems like you know really um he's just amazing and and then I just thought of how how much I benefit from just hearing him or yeah encountering with him I was like oh that would be so nice if he came on a live stream I just know so many people would benefit from him so I just I asked him and he said you know he said I you know because he's not into media so much he's not into internet he's really he'll go on five day Retreats and meditate and he'll do a lot of reading and stuff but he's not internet too much yet so I think that's probably why either he won't do it or he might but he he hasn't done too much internet interviews or anything so yeah his judgment he knows he probably knows how dark the internet is and uh you know he'll he'll do what's best and that's you know for sure and he's touching you and you're going to touch the lives of so many uh and he's he's part of that like he every holy person you meet is part of what you bring with you to every conversation whether it's with a Jehovah's Witness or whoever you're going to bring a part of that you know all the holy people you've met so that's pretty cool yeah and I hope I hope it comes on because again he's awesome and I know he a lot of people would benefit from him but yeah so maybe um you know what I got I like this one uh wait let's see if you can see it uh the mini catechism can you see that or no right yeah I could see it yeah Charles Madden brother Charles Madden yep yeah yeah it's just a simplified version you know and because I'm not a deep deep reader right so this is just like here's how it starts who made you God made me why did God make you God made me to know him love him and serve him in this world and to be happy with him forever and the next yeah number three Baltimore cataclysm I love that yeah yeah number three so whose image and likeness did God make you God made me to his own image and likeness number four you know they're very simplified and I I really do love that yeah read me some more keep going read some more number four is the likeness to God in your body or in your soul the likeness to God is chiefly in my soul number five how is your soul like to God my soul is like to God because it is a spirit and is immortal number six what do you mean when you say your soul is immortal when I say my soul is Immortal I mean that my soul can never die number seven of which must you take most care of your body or of your soul I must take care of my soul for Christ has said what does a profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul number eight what must you do to save your soul to save my soul I must worship God by faith hope and charity this is I must believe in him I must hope in him and I must love him with my whole heart number nine what is faith faith is a supernatural gift of God which enables us to believe without doubting whatever God has revealed kind of how we're doing right now just just you have just um not doubting it you know it's amazing I want to get the I want to get this book because I love the catechism of the Baltimore catechism I've got different versions of it but I like the fact this is a small one can you just flip to the middle of the book and read a random couple of them in the middle yes let's see um chapter four The Commandments of God do you want that one that's right in the middle or do you want um take a couple of precepts of or the precepts of the church there read that one to me okay are we bound to obey the church we are bound to obey the church because Christ has said to the pastors of the church he that hears you hears me and he that despises you despises me number 237 what are the chief precepts of the church the chief precepts of the church are you shall attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation number two you shall confess your sins at least once a year number three you shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter season and number four you shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the church oh and number five you shall help to provide for the needs of the church and then number 238 what is the first precept of the church the first person of the church is you shall attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation did I repeat that it's going into more depth it's going into more depth for each one okay that's pretty cool because I just just the other day I was uh trying to bring to my mind the precepts of the church how many did they list five yep five and the fifth one was support the church financially is that right you shall helped to provide for the needs of the church is all is said yeah yeah how about this one what is the or how about this one uh how soon are questions bound to receive Holy Communion Christians are bound to receive Holy Communion as soon as they are capable of distinguishing the body of Christ from ordinary bread they are judged to be sufficiently instructed cool number 246 what is the fourth precept of the church oh now it's going specific one by one specifying yeah okay back some more deeper into the book let's look at some random other ones okay anywhere grab one yep it's all good I'm just going for variety here overview all right oh okay what is the glory and happiness of Heaven the glory and happiness of Heaven is to see Love and Enjoy God forever yeah see that was there what I just mentioned that the Jehovah's Witnesses don't have yeah you know not yet they don't have it yet like the goal yeah is there next to the back of that book index let's see if so look up predetermination or predestination that would be fun to see what it says okay to find Praises aspiration Act of Faith Act of Hope Act of Charity let's see okay no no there's no index in the back though but there's no no so but if you want me to okay I'm gonna I'm gonna get this book um I'll probably get it for my Kindle but uh my friend Daniel's in the live chat he said he had that catechism drilled into his head by the nuns in the 60s so nice uh I'm hoping to have him on uh on the podcast soon he's a new a new listener to the podcast and uh yes God bless your brother yeah God bless you and uh he said he wishes he could join us right now because I put the link in the chat but he's uh he doesn't have any Wi-Fi he's at work another time we'll have him on another time but yeah it's a it's a real blessing having these catechisms it's such a it's such a clear exposition of the faith yeah what is actual sin actual sin is every sin which we ourselves commit how is actual sin divided actual sin is divided into mortal sin and venial sin what is mortal sin mortal sin is a grievous sin against God why is it called mortal sin it it is called mortal sin because it kills the soul and deserves hell how does mortal sin kill the soul mortal sin kills the Soul by depriving of its sanctifying Grace which is the supernatural life of the Soul is it great evil to fall into mortal sin it is the greatest of all evils to fall into mortal sick where will they go who die in mortal sin they who die in mortal sin will go to hell for all eternity what is venial sin venial sin is an offense which does not kill the soul yet displeases God and often leads to mortal sin why is it called venial sin it is called venial sin because it is more easily pardoned than mortal sin oh yeah wow it's amazing yeah precise and it would be nice when you're chatting with uh your family and friends and non-catholics of any description if uh when they ask a question you have that yep sure that short powerful answer every time yep yep you know what I mean look how is yeah but there's a baptism confirmation here um Indulgence what is an Indulgence an Indulgence is a remission granted by the church of the temporal punishment which often remains due to sin after its guilt has been forgiven indulgences may be applied to ourselves or to a soul in purgatory yeah amazing anointing of the sick what our Bishops what our priests what our deacons that's all in here matrimony what's the sacrament of matrimony what is a mixed marriage a mixed marriage is a marriage between a Catholic and one who though baptized does not profess the Catholic faith marriage right now yeah okay that's the definition of it okay as the church always forbidden let's see hold on what is special Grace does the sacrament of matrimony give to those who receive it worthily so special Grace the sacrament of matrimony gives to those who receive it worthily a special Grace to enable them to Bear the difficulties of their state to love and be faithful to one another and to help bring up their children in the fear of God there it is right there the fear of God yeah at least they used to have the fear of God the poor you know it was like man you know it's just like you knew God was real and you knew you had to fear him more than anything and that that's just gone and once that's gone what happened I don't know if I'm a man or a woman I don't know if I I don't know what the hell's going on oh man that's what happened oh yeah oh yeah for sure I always complain about I always complain here in Canada we replaced God in our constitution with God and other deities it's like no no no no no no no no no no no no it's not the same thing man it's not the same thing you can't just say oh come on in all you Gods no you know you're not well that's right you're not welcome the demons are not welcome sorry you're not going to be I'm not going to place myself under the sovereignty of the Demons sorry so whoever whoever made this revision to our Canadian Constitution was an instrument of the devil sorry but you were an instrument of the devil whether you knew it or not that's what you were God have mercy on your soul yeah and you could see these people in charge pulling the strings and giving us the image want to conform us to their thinking and wanna whatever you want to call it indoctrinate us or teach us or whatever you can tell they're not um they're they're they're serving Saiyan you know it's pretty damn obvious it is yeah it really is yep yep you know it's funny which you see what you see in evolution which I do as well you know those the the obvious BS and the evils and the lies and the it's exactly what I see within the heliocentric model when I look at it you know that same garbage same garbage a bunch of Lies they want people to oh uh the infinite vacuum of space it's it could be Eternal uh they're just trying to replace God and confuse people man they want people to worship the universe as opposed to God and what do you know all of a sudden people say the universe is trying to tell me something and yeah the universe the energy is then the unity you know it's just all oh yeah yeah it's pretty funny I had a couple of uh I had a couple of geocentrics on I had Hugh Owen of the Colby Center uh come on and give me a presentation about uh geocentrism yeah and I'm you know I I've always said the same thing about geocentrism I'm open to it and I prefer to believe it and you know I could but you're not interested you're not you're not crazy I'm not as like I do understand why it's important I do understand your point why it's important and I do agree with you and that's why I prefer geocentrism okay it's just I I don't see the other than just the what you're talking about the satanic desire to pull us away from our privileged place in creation I mean that 100 agree with you 100 agree with you and so you know I'm a de facto I'm a de facto geocentrist for sure right right sure right right it's just I'm not I'm not as uh dogmatic about it for a couple years yeah yeah but I'm very sympathetic and I'm like a sort of a de facto geocentrist and I'd love uh you know I'd love for that to be uh declared as a dogma and then I could just point to the Dogma because that's I'm sort of a lazy I'm a sort of a lazy Catholic as much as I love pointing to the dogmas and it just ends the conversation I don't need to dig into the mountains of a scientific theories and and all the back and forth with what about this and what about that and whatever so it's just like if you can if you can have a Dogma it just ends all those conversations that's not to say that scientists who are interested in the natural scientists will lose motivation to do what they're passionate about which is astrology or whatever astronomy or whatever um but uh that's not my passion so I'd rather just have a Dogma I can point to and then get back to my ideology and philosophy and I actually agree with you it's because it's not essential you don't need to be a geocentrist to be saved or none of that stuff so you know it's not needed and I felt like Hugh Owen it seemed like his approach is like hey you got to believe this man you know you have to you know it seemed like that but I'm not sure how he feels in his heart but it just seemed like he was really pushing you know he was really pushing like you almost you have to believe this you know and I I just don't agree with it you know again someone can believe in evolution yeah and still love God yeah but it's almost like they don't know what they're missing I guess if you know if they've seen some of them lies but you get a little closer to God is all you know you just yeah you see God is the only trustworthy trustworthy being that's it you know so well my friend one of my friends one of my guests repeat guests I won't name him because she likes to remain somewhat Anonymous but he uh he makes a pretty good case just in our email exchanges and stuff like that over the years for uh geocentrism and geostationary thing where the Earth's not rotating at all and yes I think the two probably go hand in hand I'm not sure if there are geocentrists who believe that the Earth is rotating or not but I don't know that much about that's a good question I think it's mostly think it's stationary I believe so but there might be a theory that it's spinning I don't know yeah I don't know I don't know probably they're probably you name it there's a theory out there there's a theory out there that men are women right exactly but you know wait a minute now that I'm looking at you more and more are you you might be a woman I think so right look at the hair yeah that's right that's right yes unless you like Harry Harry Albanian women I don't know that's your problem that's funny yeah well I mean I'm proof that we evolved from apes right [Laughter] exactly yeah so I'm reading uh an atheist book it's funny it's A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by uh um what's his name there douglas douglas Adams have you read it Hitchhiker's Guide in the Galaxy It Was Written I don't know when 60s or 70s or whatever but it's just silly very very silly and it's like sci-fi comedy comedy and the only reason I'm reading it is because a friend of mine uh we were talking about it and it just randomly came up in the conversation and he was talking about how amazing it is and stuff even though he's Catholic but uh and I know I enjoyed it as a as a teenager so I started reading it again but the thing is you know Satan's at work in this world and certainly with uh Harry Potter and all this sort of uh witch and Wizardry nonsense and everything and all the uh atheistic uh science driven science fiction and stuff like that Star Wars Star Trek whatever it is but at the same time at the same time if you know if you're moved or touched by certain ideas in these books and you can still maintain your love of God and your your faith then you know I don't think it's dangerous as an adult to uh to read stuff like that as long as you take it with a big grain of salt and you know that you know that it's not an infallible source of uh truth and goodness that's for sure right yep yep exactly just like when I listened to the radio when I listen to uh pop music I'm not scrutinizing are these are these Catholics that made this composition you know like oh it's a rock he would Bach was not uh was not a Catholic I can't listen to Johan Sebastian Bach right no I don't do that yep same thing it's almost like I don't recommend it's almost like I don't recommend you listening to pop music or reading that stuff unless you're strong in your faith if you're strong in your faith then you could moderate in moderation read that stuff because it won't affect or shake your faith or detour you in any wrong direction exactly you know yeah yeah but if you're like not strong in your faith and you're all that stuff is very persuasive to lead you into a a [ __ ] Direction you know it really is yeah yeah yeah yeah well I've been you know I've been in my truck at work driving around and listening to pop radio and uh you know maybe I'm more sensitive than most but I mean uh I felt the demons coming into me when I was listening to some very racy lyrics like uh pop music that's about sex and hooking up and this and that the other thing it's like I had the demons coming right in and toying with me right away yeah um yeah so this is not a joke I mean it's real and so you need to be on your guard you need to be aware and people would say what are you talking about this is a cute little catchy tune yeah it is right that's why it comes in so so easily but do you hear Do you hear what they're saying what they're talking about right right it's powerful it's so powerful man yeah yeah it really is think about how many office Towers full of executive men dressed in clean suits and with nice shoes nice watches nice haircut unlike me and they and they're devising how to get their product into the home of these children and they do get the marketing they get everything just right the packaging and it sounds good looks good everything is is perfect to get it in there and they're doing the devil's work they want they don't know it they just think they they're going to try to turn a profit with their company that they work for right they don't know they don't think about the consequences good a bottle of good versus evil what are you talking about I'm just making a product there's a demand I'm supplying the demand I know what they want it's market research I found out what people like this is what they like I'm giving them what they like I put I work a lot of hours I'm like sacrificing to do this and you know I'm successful who are you to look at me and judge me and people if people didn't want my product I wouldn't be able to sell it right so he can blame he can blame the little guy for creating the market like you know it could be pornography like this there's an office tower uh not too far from my place where it's like the global uh one of the biggest companies of pornography in the whole world right here in Montreal and you know these people work long hours they work hard and they're trying to produce a good product right right right exactly and you know it's funny if you rewind most of them don't know that they're doing the devil's work well some maybe but I would say most of them don't know and where does it root from how did the devil creep in I believe it's because of their goal their either their Love of Money or their search for fame or there and that's where the devil I believe could creep in you know if that's your your pride and if you have a love of money or just want to be famous those are some dangerous stuff man big time well I was thinking I could make a little bit of extra money you know just doing a couple of movies and [Laughter] only on the weekends let my hair down so to speak man oh yeah when I was young I remember I was about to start trying to pimp I remember nasty stuff man trying to get girls and thank God I never went through it but I was young and good looking so a lot of girls was flocking to me and I remember like oh I can make all kinds of money you know I'm like I just talk them into sleeping with guys yeah and then the thing God meant by the grace of God that just broke that and and it never went through and oh how disgusting scary stuff man it really is like look I just wanted to use them like me like nothing you know that's crazy stuff man yeah the grace that's actual Grace when God uh blocks your stupid but Steve look that was the love of money that was the the search for the money over everything else that's why I was able to do that you know are able to want to do that are you friends with any of those uh girls nope no that was a long time ago now 20 20 something years ago yeah wow it's just the grace the grace of God that intervened and uh yeah for sure you know like I had to tell the story about how I was uh deep into the new age doing tarot readings and stuff like that in Europe traveling around and when I was in uh with my wife we were on a prolonged honeymoon and uh I was working doing tarot an occult uh demon which shop you know all black and all this Wiccan stuff and all this demonic stuff but um when I was working in there doing tarot this girl comes in this sexy young thing you know she was my age I was early 20s whatever and uh she's like oh well after this let's go uh to my hotel room and I'm like I'm happily married she's like yeah I know but she's never gonna find out and it's just a bit of fun and this and that was like she was a TR she was attractive and uh I thank God like how how would my life have been different if I'd said yes right can you imagine right even if even if she never found out even if my wife never found out how would your life be different how would my life be different I should be shudder to think yep so many ways that he is I was an atheist deep into the new age nonsense and at that same time we were living with a girl who is kind of freaky and um strange woman she was into Wicca and all that Witchcraft and all that stuff and I was playing with my tarot cards in the kitchen on the kitchen table just chatting with my wife and the other roommates in Edinburgh Scotland again and uh she said the she said I'm going to show you something I'm going to show you something about this uh tarot because I was telling her I just think it's it's nothing Supernatural it's just it's just a game I'm just having fun and I'm just making money with this just by using psychology it's nothing demonic or spiritual you know and she was saying no it is and she said I'm going to show you and she said she said I will cut the deck and it's going to be the devil card and there's 78 cards okay and she just walked over she cut the deck and it was the devil card and she just walked away she she'd made her point that it's wow that is demonic and she was she was in it she was not she was not like turning me she was not trying to turn me away she was trying to awaken me up to like there's more to this than you think and like we're on this yeah we're on the same team but you haven't realized yet what you're playing with right you haven't gone deep enough and yeah yeah wow wow yeah that's crazy um here's can I read can I read up a prayer from this book from the yeah Michael watch this one deliver me and all right in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth by the power of his cross his blood and his resurrection I take authority over all curses hexes spells Voodoo practices witchcraft assignments Satanic rituals incantations and evil wishes that have been sent my way or have passed down the generational bloodline I break their influence over my life by the power of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and I command these curses to go back to where they came from and be replaced with a blessing amen amen yeah you know this is such a good book man oh here's one more I'll read because it's denouncing the occult is what it's called heavenly father in the name of your only begotten son Jesus Christ I denounce Satan in all his works of Witchcraft the use of divination the practice of sorcery dealing with mediums channeling with Spirit guides the Ouija board astrology Reiki hypnosis automatic writing horoscopes numerology all types of fortune telling palm reading levitation and anything else associated with the occult or Satan I denounce and forsake my involvement in all of them in the name of Jesus oh here it continues the next page in the name of Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and by the power of his cross his blood and his resurrection I break their hold over my life amen nice amen it's a really powerful stuff yeah that those prayers and more are contained in the book I sent to Matthew Murdock it's yeah father Ripper's Deliverance prayers my friend Daniel in the chat is saying uh he asked a question to you okay is the world of capitalism is the world of capitalism illusory meaning it's not real there's some you know it's right can you define can you define the capitalism for me we'll see we'll see if he responds with the definition of capitalism but I could just look it up for you the definition of capitalism it's like yeah yeah or you're understanding even or whatever because I I don't know it's a definition of capitalism capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and Industry are controlled by private owners for profit so I think uh what my friend Daniel was questioning was you know the that we were sort of demonizing the Love of Money profit making these sorts of things so maybe he's I don't I don't know I can't speak for him but um yeah we were talking a little bit making an association between love of money and that being uh sinful it's not always sinful obviously right it's not always sinful it's an inordinate love of money or anything else money or power power is good money is good right sex is good beautiful young thin women are good but they yeah it's a time and a place and that he can't just grab what you want you can't grab someone else's wife or their ox or their money or their power or whatever yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah money is good it's just the love of money you know you can't have the love for it that's that's basically it I thought I would say doesn't that clarify the church is very clear uh like the church does not endorse a political um party or political ideology uh it doesn't endorse capitalism or communism or Socialism or or uh you know representative democracy or anything it doesn't endorse them and it doesn't judge any of them I mean communism has been condemned I think Church that's on your side we've got some sirens yeah sorry about that yeah I'm in a good hiding spot they didn't get me but uh I think I think communism has been thoroughly condemned by the church on multiple occasions um but capitalism hasn't been right so I don't think we could say that capitalism is evil or trying to make a profit with your business your privately run business is evil I don't think so I think those are good things if they're done properly and you know if you have your priorities straight but the problem is read avariciousness and all these sorts of things I I mean this is pretty yeah analysis but I think that's it yeah yeah I agree for sure for sure um what was I gonna say here um oh yeah when I was being demonically attacked man for three days straight my brother brought me this book here the one I was just reading I started reading it man the first soul of Christ sanctify me Body of Christ save me blood of Christ inebriate me right there I just started bursting in tears right and I remember I was like how is this working already I remember saying yeah right you just you felt the tears and his cleanse cleansing coming but then look how look how they had a hold of me the demons then I got a little further and I thought I thought that I renounced Jesus somehow so I remember grabbing the book and saying oh no I didn't and then I kind of tossed it to the side and I got on my knees and I was like Lord I didn't I didn't renounce you I didn't denounce you and all of this stuff and and it would just now when I'm rewinding back he just did his job and prevented me from reading this book you know what I mean the yeah yeah craziest crazy stuff wow well I I had a little uh demonic intervention in my prayer my morning prayer where I think it was this morning or yesterday I can't remember but uh it was just a little word replacement okay so um oh um let me let me see if I can remember the prayer it was one of my prayers over food okay so bless us O Lord and these are gifts which we're about to receive from what does it say plus that's one of these gifts we're going to see from the bounty is this I can't I can never remember my prayers when I'm not in prayer mode okay but it's basically the line was be thou the Eternal food uh I should look it up I should look it up for meals let me see if I can find it it's hilarious how I can't remember my prayer I pray these multiple times per day I can't remember them I know isn't that funny it's state dependent memory but I want to get I want to get it right so that I don't uh mess it up and it's kind of funny but it's demonic when they do these little type of little slips of the tongue here yeah you pray before your meals I would imagine yeah but not a real not a long one sometimes just the cross or sometimes when we get to heat as a family all four of us my wife and two daughters then we'll do a quick one yep yeah okay but nothing lengthy nothing lengthy these are these are not lengthy I say uh Grace but well I try to I usually have to do it after because I forgot to do it at the time so I just do it afterwards but it says bless us O Lord and these are gifts which we are about to receive from thy Bounty and be thou the Eternal food of our souls through Christ Our Lord amen okay and then after a meal I'm supposed to say and I usually say we give thee thanks for all thy benefits o almighty God who livestream's World Without End Amen May The Souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest in Peace amen so uh what happened this morning was I was saying bless us will learn these are gifts which we are about to receive from thy Bounty and be thou the Italian food of our souls below the Italian food of our souls what spaghetti and meatballs what the so I'm watching I'm worshiping I'm now officially a member of the uh the Flying Spaghetti Master culture be thou the Eternal the Italian food of our souls so Satan was there just I wasn't paying attention I just slipped it in and I'm like what what are you interested oh that's funny man yeah oh my God yeah I was I was oh good well we just have to be careful at all times be vigilant I know I know what were you saying yeah when I was I was I was attacked for three days straight man um uh the first day it was um I told you a little bit years ago but I never got into any detail you know but the first day was I discovered in my head that plastic was poisonous so anything plastic in the house oh he told me it was killing me yeah because I literally I'd walk into the house and I would feel like somebody started choking me or choking my neck okay and and in my research my because I at this point I was in the conspiracy theories so bad that I thought I was the devil was tricking me that I was coming up with these certain vitamins that would help and heal and yada yada and this um recipe and right so it was plastic anything plastic was killing me and there I am man my wife is sleeping and I'm finding everything in a house that's made of plastic and I'm throwing it in the garbage can man everything it literally half the house right spatulas it don't matter it don't matter but plastic bags um anything that was made my wife wakes up to a half missing house uh God bless her for dealing with that too God God gave her grace to hey oh crap man yep yep the second day was and it's crazy I know how it sounds stupid right but you could see when when they're in they're in right the demons and they're playing with you the second day was um that a certain I had thought and throughout my life oh yeah certain tick had bit me and these ticks were something crazy that whatever they bit me is inside of me right now so now they could sense they could sense as I get closer to them and I would hear them ticking in the trees so as I got closer they would tick louder and faster and then they were gonna bite me so I would just try to Veer away from the trees when I was walking and I'm seeing they had a bad hold on me man and God rescued me God rescued me from that instantly I was I was I was on that I was on the verge of um schizophrenia paranoid schizophrenic yeah I was and that's who I would have been and God saved me man the moment I remembered I looked at myself I was full of fear full of full-blown fear was in me and I was like who can I trust all these lies in the world I just I was in a part of my life where I noticed Satan was just like he had his hands in everything right and that just gave me so much fear and and I was like where do I go who can I trust for truth and I'm like oh yeah God I was like God is the one that I can trust and coincidentally enough literally 10 minutes before that I was watching a video and somebody posted a prayer and I read it in the comments section 10 minutes before no weapons formed against us will prosper in the name of Jesus Christ so when I was at that fear and I let loose and I was like oh yeah God is the one that I can trust and then I said that prayer man instantly he gave me this lightning bolt of love and relief and I was so shocked and I said the prayer again and again he gave it to me then I just cried and cried tear 20 minutes straight balling crying but of this overwhelming love started feeling his love and it's something you can't put into words but like it'll heal it like as if he was carrying me like I was a little child you know and I was like God I'm sorry it was basically where I was like saying God I'm sorry you know I didn't come to you sooner and I'm such a mess and I'm such a filthy dirt I know son I know almost like he was just saying I know I'm here I know I'm here I'm here it was wow and that's trying to put it into words but I couldn't man my friend my friend Daniel asks you what would you say to someone who says God does not hear them so we've heard this uh we've heard this from people before where they don't feel like God's listening to their prayers and this sort of thing I've talked to people like that we've all met people like that that are struggling with their faith or whatever and then there are others I guess who are uh have become agnostic or atheists to that extent where they just you know they give up the faith because they they think God has never heard them um they come to that false conclusion but for anyone that's in any situation like that where they think that God doesn't hear them what would you say I'm like I'll tell you how awesome God is not not only does he hear your prayers he hears your prayers that if you prayed for something that's for someone that let's say don't even deserve it or not deserve it but it's not that prayer comes so much that he even passes it on to somebody else in need so it's like even if you prayed something let's say what you would call stupid or or whatever it's like no prayer is ever wasted it's always used God hears everything like I don't know how to prove it I don't know how to prove that to you but it's like I I know that's a normal thing like does God hear everything and but man if I could answer that he hears everything of course of course he hears everything that not even one prayer is wasted so I um I don't know how to um you know say it perfectly clear I guess but what I would say what I would say is that if you have expectations on how your prayers are going to be received or even your speech to God how that's going to be received if you have expectations and those expectations are not being met or you think they're not being met then the problem lies with you not with God because um I've met people that left the faith because their prayers weren't answered and they were serious prayers like my my child is ill save my child God okay yep from physical illness and death those are serious prayers and to to lose your faith because your child continued to get sick or if the child died God forbid um to lose your faith that's a very tragic and sad situation but I've met people that that's what they went through and they lost their faith okay because why didn't God save my child why didn't God answer my prayer but I've also met people that have lost their children and in spite of their prayers and they understand that there's a good reason that God In His Infinite Wisdom he allowed that child to go to go you know to pass away and uh so it became stronger well it's it's always going to be a submission to God and His Infinite Wisdom right like are you going to be proud and say well God you should have saved my child well you know do you trust do you trust God or not like I mean in in the moment it's going to be difficult to talk to someone let's say you have a close friend and they just lost their child and now they're questioning their faith you have to be very very delicate and probably you're not going to say too much they don't want to hear the platitudes they don't want to hear God as good and they certainly don't want to hear that their attitude is wrong towards God and prayer and religion they don't want to hear that especially at that time so you're gonna have to be very very very very delicate and uh you know probably not say a lot but yeah once the wound begins to heal and if you're still there as a friend then you can sort of start to talk about God and his plan for the children that died and all the all the aborted children 74 million a year what's God's plan for them you know does God have a plan if God's evil don't worship him but God is good we know God is good so we have to worship him but it's very very delicate yeah and that reality that sounds cliche but that child is in is is in heaven right now that you will be able to see again you know that's deep that is very deep nothing we can break that God can't fix you know not even death there's the passage not even death separates us from the love of God and that's that's real that's true you know so to trust that to trust that as if you know you could look forward to seeing your child again those that let's say have a child that passed on that's very comforting and and accept that it's true though it's not a fairy tale you know yeah did you lose a child to a miscarriage or something like that did that happen to you yeah uh early miscarriage yeah even a couple of them but they were very early if that's some kind of blessing so yeah it was yep maybe three yeah when it happens earlier and you could tell it was more traumatic for the wife of you know as well you know but I have two beautiful daughters men uh gifts that I don't deserve you know and so it's like yeah so yeah yeah it's hard it's hard uh life is hard but if we have faith and if we trust God it's gonna be worth it it's definitely going to be worth it to keep the faith and that's what I always say on my podcast that I'm uh the reason I'm praying the reason I've persistent in my prayers is because without persistence in prayer you're going to lose the faith you're going to lose a faith you know you're going to lose the faith so I I mean some people have more of a natural inclination towards God and towards the good for me I'm very self-centered very selfish and so it's not a natural inclination I have to remind myself it's the fear of God right it's a fear of God so I need to remember that God will not be mocked and I have to I have to make time to connect with him and get to know him into pray to him and uh so you know it's a struggle it's a struggle whereas some people I think just naturally like they have their beloved and they just are obsessed with their beloved right for me it's like I'm attached to the world and the pleasures of the world and I have this discovery that there's this God that's all good and that's the source of everything that's good and so the head heart connection isn't quite there yet where I'm just passionately obsessed with God and so the world means nothing to me I'm not I'm not there yet as some of the states as some of the saints were right um so that when you have one foot in the world one foot in heaven it's uh it's gonna tear you apart one way or the other so that's uh that's not an ideal situation but it's a situation that I'm in and it's a situation that a lot of Christians are in where you're not you're not quite there you're not quite there The Atheist is like fully in the world but benefiting from everything that comes from God is life his health his Beauty everything that he's benefiting from and he's not giving one thought to God and the Saints are completely obsessed with God and they forget about the world but for most of us we're you know we know God exists and we have a fear of hell and we have a fear of God and we we know that we should not uh offend God and so we ask ourselves a stupid question well can I get away with this can I get away with that like can I have the extra piece of pie like last night I had two pieces of pecan pie it's very very sweet with ice cream and my wife and I had trouble sleeping because it's just like cause and effect like you want the pleasure you want you want the pleasure how's that working out for you right like yeah yeah uh-huh it's funny as you were talking a minute ago and you said the image I get with the atheist that just is so worldly and uh I picture the spoiled the spoiled 18 year old that's driving Daddy's Porsche that's using Daddy's credit card right that everything is paid for his is 300 shirt then is 800 shoes and and not once to say thank you Dad not once you know what I mean that's the exact image I get with the atheist you know all these goods and just too proud to say or forget to say thank you Daddy you know and then he ends up in the drunk tank and he phones his dad like always but he can't he can't reach him oh I took this for granted the last six times I got bailed out and now now what now what so this is the story of our life here in this Fallen World we're getting crushed by our own stupid decisions and then we say uncle we say you know what God I made a mess in my life I made bad decisions you know please forgive me and can I come back to you like The Prodigal Son like I just eat the scraps out of your pig slop there yep yep the the garbage over the years was so real it's so when people take in that garbage because it's like I've heard like Matt delahunty let's say he's like you Christians tell me that I know God exists but I just don't believe in him I don't you know but I do deep inside no no I don't know he exists if I you know yeah he would argue and that's all the garbage that he's putting in that's just in the way for him to see that deep down inside he does know God exists but all the garbage is in the way man you know over the years it's crazy how real that is and yeah yeah I forgot to pray for Matt delahunty and Aaron rod and all the um the preacher the preachers of the bad news of atheism yeah yeah which in the bad news 24 7 on the internet yeah yeah uh iron right you could tell he really hates he hate it's sad it's sad he he hates God and claims he doesn't exist but he hates him so much gosh it's sad yeah I don't know or is that just confusion is that full-blown confusion in garbage again maybe but that's just how he talks you could see the hatred I guess it's Pride it's pride and uh yeah it's always rooted in Pride and we got it yeah we gotta prayer for these people pray for ourselves pray for each other and yeah on that no I am going to let you go you finish your final thought and I'm gonna wrap up here and get back to work okay sounds good um I was just gonna say I liked your last guest the one before the last Adrian he was a nice sweetheart sweetheart Catholic man oh yeah yeah yeah Adrian yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah wasn't it Adrian K Adrian K yeah yeah yeah sweet sweet guy and uh feeling communicant and uh let me let me read you something here okay about him he's uh he's quite a guy he's a special guy yeah he is awesome he's a very special guy uh listen to this now it says this is a biography of the man Adrian it says graduated with a degree in utter filmmaking with a minor in art history he is currently working on his Masters in Catholic ethics and phenomenology in the hopes of becoming a pastoral counselor he is currently residing in Baltimore County working with an Elliott Ellicott City engineering and design firm as a land surveyor in the intervening years the linahan artist scholar values of interdisciplinary studies community building and service inspired him as a mentor in the Arts with Baltimore's kids in kids on the hill as a visual art and art history teacher at Suitland High School and other schools and an advocate for the homeless and disenfranchised he is a returned Peace Corps volunteer having for having served in Kingston Jamaica as an Aids HIV awareness and urban at-risk youth Advocate with the Jamaican Red Cross the Ashi Performing Arts company and other community ngos so this is this guy's got his his hand in the Arts in helping kids and uh you know kids at risk and uh he served as a peacekeeper in the military and he's you know deeply deeply religious with his uh daily mass that he attends and with the uh religious orders that he's um I don't know what the exact relationship he has he's not third order Benedictine but he's like deeply involved and he you know he was if you listen to his interview he was there at the consecration of uh well not the consecration but the uh the different big big events and I think I'm not missing I think he went to the world Youth Day in Toronto if I'm not mistaken I seem to recall that from the interview but uh just a rich full life and uh you know amazing very very deep very very deep in his faith in getting involved in all kinds of stuff so yeah he has a lot to say I'm definitely going to have him back and he's got a warmth and a sensitivity and uh he was moved by that poem you remember the poem that I read the poem did you hear that that was nice that yep no no I don't know yep you gotta check out uh Fulton machine when he reads it it's he's read it on multiple occasions I I have trouble reading it but you'd you'd have to hear him recite it and you'll get the full impact of the the poem nice I do love Fulton scene hey and let's end on this uh one question for you and just answer it but we won't um Carry On okay um we are told as Catholics to follow our conscience right that it's almost like a must we should follow our conscience yeah we cannot violate our conscience yet yet would would you agree that isn't that not what everybody is doing is the set of a contest following his conscience is the Buddhist following his conscience is it are we all are they all just following our conscience so then so then how does it make anything wrong or what we have the church teaches whenever the church teaches that you cannot violate your conscience the church also teaches you in the same breath that you have a moral obligation to educate your conscience you have a moral obligation to educate your conscience that's the solution okay okay this is the church teach like who who's this Jesus guy did he build a church and where is it and what does the church Teach Boom you got nowhere to run nowhere to hide you have no excuse you have no excuse if you're an atheist you have no excuse if you're uh you know a monotheist that's not Christian and if you're a Christian you have no excuse if you're not Catholic so it's all about educating yourself you have an obligation if you love God you got to get to know him God came to Earth and built a church he built One Church find it get into it learn what it teaches follow what it teaches educate your conscience it's an ongoing thing it's a big project but once you do that then you know uh you're well on your way to having a well-formed conscience and you can you can obey it with more and more confidence and peace The Satanist who's doing his rituals and uh blood sacrifice and all these sorts of things and Children Killing Children uh he's listening to his conscience maybe but his conscience is so deformed and like you said all the garbage that's piled on top of it he can't see it yeah he can't see straight but he can get those Graces and he can come to the faith and he can get in the state of grace and then boom he's like you like yeah you could have been wandering around on the street corner if you'd maintained your psychosis and if you'd uh listen to the devil and if you have him if you hadn't cooperated with The Graces you got uh when God gave you those all those beautiful Graces you know yeah yeah yeah yeah so uh my friend Daniel says uh God bless you Nicola and David great to hear your witness it's truly inspiring gotta go thanks so much God bless you brother God bless you and uh we will talk very soon Nikola it's always great it's always amazing uh seeing your face hearing your voice thanks brother you're my brother honestly I did a podcast with you I reached out just because I wanted to talk with you and and and and spend some time with you so I appreciate you love you brother God bless you I love you and we'll talk very soon hey we'll do that group chat okay yeah hopefully we could get it together and do it yep God bless brother I love you God bless you have a good one have a good one bye