CVS Live Guest - 2022-05-24 - Danny Montaner

Author Streamed Tuesday May 24th, 2022

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I met Danny on Telegram. He describes himself as a somewhat unorthodox Orthodox. I asked him about his faith and we also got into some controversial topics like race and the alt-right. It was a fun chat.

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okay we are live i'm here with danny danny how you doing hey doing all right doing all right thanks for booking the interview how did how exactly did we meet uh did i comment on some channel on telegram you're a part of or what happened there uh yeah i just got a message um i just wrote some stuff in one telegram chat and they're like oh you're edgy come okay cool yeah yeah yeah yeah thanks uh thanks for taking the bait there sorry i love it it's a cool community on telegram just discovering it i'm loving it i'm a gen xer born in 70 but uh i've i've been welcomed with open arms by the zoomers are you a zoomer uh yeah i guess you guess you're not sure yeah i'm in you know mid-20s so okay okay so tell us a little bit about yourself this is what i like to do on my show i like to talk about the guest who you are what you believe why you believe what you believe what kind of a faith journey have you been on and you're a young man so it's probably a work in progress but just tell me and my small codery of listeners uh what you're all about please um i actually have a little bit of an interesting spiritual past um i identify and go to an orthodox church um because that most aligns with my views and is best for building communal uh and spiritual purposes greek orthodox or what kind of orthodox well uh i mean it's part of the anti-antiochian church yeah but um there are some things that i believe that would be you know told this heresy and you know i might get excommunicated like the main one i would say is like reincarnation which i believe in that um even though the majority of modern day christians don't believe in that um but for my research and what i've read in the bible i could only find really one passage from hebrews which whose author is unknown talking about saying and i'm sure as we died just one death and that's the so the evidence is scance of bible supporting only one death and um you know when we go to heaven is it immediately after we die it's not really defined okay you think there are a finite number of lifetimes but more than one is that what you're saying well yes there's more than one i think um not every one of them when people die not everyone you either get reincarnated or you go to heaven or you go to hell but i would say the majority of people get reincarnated um you have to be like really evil or like really good um in the logos to to ascend um and otherwise it's just like it makes far more sense energetically speaking that the energy of us is recycled and um but if we we raise our energy and our vibrational levels high enough uh that's when we become attuned with god and that's what jesus christ was he was in perfect attunement with the father um and so basically living like a christ-like path puts you on that's that spiritual attunement with the father and what sin is is moving away from that spiritual attunement um and uh negative energy does that a lot um as well as you know what what is defined as sin in the bible yeah so i don't have a big big problem with your particular um rendition of um reincarnation why because you have a permanent hell that's all important to to me if we're going to have morality if we're going to make choices in this life and as you would propose in the other lives that we live uh they have those choices have to have consequences lasting consequences so most of the religions of the east sadly they remove all the consequences it's just a matter of how long it's going to take you to get back to the one reality that one mind of god and to me that's a total cop-out and there is absolutely no basis for morality if i want to take the dark interesting route to heaven according to the eastern philosophies and worldviews and religions which say that there's only the mind of god and separation is illusion if i want to take the interesting long route to heaven then you as my brother cannot chastise me you cannot say no no no david you have to go you have to improve your virtue you have to be uh resist temptation and these sorts of things but with your point of view with your reincarnation you're in a good position to tell me david don't sin don't uh don't steal don't lie don't cheat and all these sorts of things right correct um and i i'm i'm not sure what you're referring to in terms of like the buddhist or the hindu ways of like um this the dismissal of i guess karmic energy but um i think in general like the karmic energy and you know what what is sin and what is virtue is like it's all interconnected and so like you know there's certain energetic acts that um raise your vibrational level a lot more which is like love is like the number one one and uh for lowering it it's uh emotions like fear anxiety shame stuff like that um and so when we're in these states also um other other entities can sense that too and you know this is where demons come up a little bit is like they want people in a negative state um because they feed off of that energy uh from the lower realm um so in a way there is a lot of that um demonic influence on people uh and people only aren't even aware of it um but uh things like that uh are very true and i've had experiences that have happened like that and that brought me to christianity cool can you talk a little bit in depth about your conversion experience and while you're at it talk a little bit about your ethnic background if you're comfortable sharing it what where'd your parents come from and what kind of background did they have religiously if you don't mind uh so i mean i'm just uh i'm just in the mirror mutt so but i'm 100 european i'm quarter sicilian i'm like half german french and then a quarter norwegian um and most of my background is either protestant or catholic um but still orthodox no i came to orthodox of my own volition in fact um i and people will call me delusional and whatnot but i actually found orthodoxy on lsd yeah wow i uh trip i wish that happened to everyone that took lsd that would be amazing i'd be handing it out on the street corners yeah yeah um it was the best experience of my life um because yeah i found orthodoxy and it's it's crazy because when i um i mean i talked to an angel and it's like you know a lot of people say that's delusional you know it's like it's not real but i like talked to like a guardian angel and uh you know i didn't really see him it was just kind of like a glowing figure and it kind of reminded me of like my brother in like a much healthier state like a natural state and what he told me was he told me to talk to this orthodox christian who i've never met but i knew his name um he was an acquaintance of an acquaintance and basically this guy was like you need to talk to this guy and he'll tell you everything you need to know um to basically succeed and be happy in life and i went and found him he was in the city about four hours away and we just talked and talked and talked and he was like a mega artist he was like from uh he was a orthodox christian from the middle east actually and um they take their [ __ ] very seriously compared to like um in my opinion like catholics and uh protestants wow sounds very very intense so are you on fire for the faith then what does that mean well i mean is it your top priority uh pleasing god and uh following the steps of jesus christ and going to heaven and all that yeah um it's definitely up there and you know i pray i i have my icons um but i keep it private um for the most part uh when i have like certain personas like how i am at church is different how i am alone and also um how i am with like normal people who are very faithless or atheistic you know the general uh materialist degeneracy that goes about so um but the main thing when i'm dealing with like the public like that is like i'm just trying to stress as much as possible that's um it's important to believe in something like spiritual that is greater than you know because everybody like my age just thinks we're just a bunch of chemicals you know like tell we're just you know matter and there's nothing there's no divine spark in us and i just like i try to make it my my points that's to emphasize we have a divine spark we we can do amazing things you know and um things like that what about darwinian evolution and post darwinian neo-darwinian evolution are you a fan are you a young earth creationist no it's i keep getting into arguments with uh christians about evolution because i am a big proponent of darwin um i actually studied um biology very intensely in university and i read charles darwin's origin of species um so i mean i can explain it pretty well but most most christians that are stuck in the hollow earth mindset like they they they will look for anything to support their um their uh their the way they think because um number one it's it all comes down to genesis when god created the earth you know seven days and um so you know if you take that literally it's like seven days to create the whole world and then like you know septuagint says this or ends um earlier it says it's about five thousand but for my research and my calculations i think noah's flood happened in about 9000 bc um right when the shift from the al the end of the ice age and like flooding with the the glaciers and whatnot um so ben's based on you know tectonic plate movements fossils i studied paleontology as well um and it's just like the the grasping for straws you know all the fossils are you know put there by satan to deceive us or you know it's like the dating isn't accurate and stuff like that it's just it's reaching for straws um so interesting very interesting um i've got so many things i want to ask you um before i before i start bombarding you with uh random questions uh i just want to give you the floor and sort of ask you to talk about the things you're most excited about in terms of your reading your studies it seems that you're someone who thinks deeply and who looks into things and forms his own opinions and isn't too too concerned about swimming upstream maybe so what are some of the ideas you've discovered you're excited about what are some of the other interesting anomalies because you're obviously somewhat unorthodox in your orthodoxy you mentioned that yourself in your email to me i think but um just talk a little bit flesh out your peculiar world view for us before i start start with the freestyle questions please um well i think i i gave a pretty general good synopsis um the only thing that i would add is yeah like um a lot of things that mainstream christians kind of shy away from is like number one um i like to read like all sorts of literature like on like eastern philosophies even though i don't believe in all of them like of course sacrifices i don't approve of that um but like i'm reading the the bhavanid gita right now okay and um it's it's a very impressive book is that the bhagavad gita yes yes and um it's a very impressive book um and it aligns a lot with number one reincarnation and the energy the karmic energy of the world and of um action and inaction um also um the polarity everything is very polar in the world there's always like pretty much direct opposites um light dark um up down 1-0-1 um in that regard and um i actually have done ayahuasca and on ayahuasca i saw the world that was divided up like that and um especially like male and female or man and woman that was a big one too wow uh we're gonna stick to little eastern topics here i'm i'm a big believer in karma cause and effect and uh i haven't met many catholics who really uh have uh appreciated karma to the extent that i do just because i see it in very simplistic terms like you reap what you sow and i think it's i think it's a very christian notion so you can talk about that and i want you to talk a little bit about modernism versus monotheism where there's just that i i alluded to this earlier where there's just the one mind of god everything else is illusion i am sympathetic to monism i'm sympathetic to the east because i think that ultimately mystically there really is only god and i don't exist i'm just a mere creature i'm finite in this sort of thing and by the grace of god i'm given the opportunity to by the process of theosis to become god or to participate in the life of the trinity i'll never be god but it's like that's what heaven is is entering into the life of the trinity this is my catholic perspective and in the east you emphasize theosis even more than your typical catholic would in the pews at least i don't know about theologians today but um talk a little bit about uh karma not too much but just a little bit and then uh monism versus monotheism so i just want to correct you in saying that we are not finite um our souls you know they they will always have energy basically so they will always be around just like what form is that energy taking into uh and how we define that you know it's it's hard to do as um but uh going to karma karma the way i've come to understand the world is it's all about energy everything is literally about energy vibrations and that's why nikola tesla was an absolute like genius uh he figured out the code basically um and so all karma is karma is a very simple um idea it's basically like the energy you give out you get um and it's cause and effect very simple um and so um yeah so like would it help christians to embrace that idea more just to take away some of the wrath of god because god gives us free will he respects our free will and if we make choices that are not in line with god's will then we run into brick walls and we get bumps and bruises and we get burned like you play with fire you get burned this is just karma there's no malice from god so i think the i think the cold eastern uh cause and effect idea of karma is helpful in mitigating this sort of demonization of god where we think he's a big bully in the sky especially for the atheist do you agree with me on that that karma could be helpful for that um yes i do think karma as a term should be um implemented in the christianity i think it's just you know anti-intellectualism uh you know stuff like you know if it's not listed in the bible it's not real basically um and or like you know um it's not as important but um the important point like atheists and with the material realm is like talking about the the main things you have to establish is that there's good and evil and we have free will that is the most important thing to establish because if they can't agree on that you're not going to get any progress um and so free will in the garden of eden is probably the most important thing about the history of humanity because everything goes back to the garden of eden and in my opinion you know that's why there was a creator uh in the guard garden of eden he gave us that divine spark um to because number one he wanted didn't want to be alone or you know the creator didn't want to be alone and he wanted something to share in the beauty of the universe um and but he wanted it to be like for free and like you know not to have um limitations um and so when basically like why why was the tree there who knows why was the fruit there who knows maybe it's like it was like a condition of the world you know when he created it is like for for uh the the energy reasons but you know and then like that the negative uh the snake tempted the eve and then um yeah it's all history since then now we're just in the fallen state and uh but we can i mean what jesus christ is is what adam was originally before the the fall so have you seen the icon the eastern orthodox icon of uh christ with adam they're like twins no i don't believe i have they look exactly identical so i don't think that's coincidence because these icons in the east are taken as a mystical vision of heaven right my friend kieran says ask him if he's read christ the eternal dao christ the eternal dao apparently it's a book you might want to read dao how do you spell the doubt um no it does sound interesting though i would like to um read it um i haven't read too much um i mean i'm getting back into my spiritual readings and stuff because i had to finish like a bunch of orthodox books like i read one on saint anthony um and uh which saint anthony of the desert uh of egypt you have the saint anthony founder of uh whatever whatever it's called whatever when you go away in her hermitage or whatever yeah he would know he was a monk yeah the first monk sort of thing well he was one of the greatest monks i mean i wouldn't say the first one but he was like um the main thing about why he like uh became a monk was he heard the the line you know if from jesus in the gospel saying you know if he wants to follow me sell all your possessions and go and give away everything away and like as soon as he heard it he like did it and you know it's like um it's interesting because that's that um or that gospel quote uh caused me a little trouble because i'm like why doesn't every christian you know go and just give their stuff away and like you know just live this life and um i asked my priest about that and his response was basically like the path for all of us is is different but i think the the the more important thing about that is like the attachments and to reduce attachments and that's another eastern thoughts that's also prevalent in christianity is like attachment isn't good to this this realm um yeah because you have to hate your mother your father your brother your sister and your very self otherwise you're not worthy to be christ's disciple well i wouldn't say you hate them you love them well that's what jesus said right what's the quote on or the the passage unless you hate your mother and your sister and your brother and your your very self you're not worthy to be my disciple so that's what christ said now it's a relative hatred right it's a hatred relative to the love the burning love we need to have for god father son and holy ghost so that's a trick i think i know the passage you're saying but it might be might have been translated differently yeah it's open to interpretation my friend kieran says he's orthodox also by the way convert from different things but uh he says hiero monk damascene is the author of the book the eternal dao he's a disciple of father seraphim rose who's a very famous uh orthodox man yeah eternal dao okay christ is the eternal dao or something like that so uh i wanted to ask you uh oh yeah so just generally speaking about taoism uh what do you think of it because you mentioned that polarity the male female black white and all that sort of thing yeah yeah yeah yeah do you like that resonates with you a lot uh yeah i mean i was referred in the bhava nagita um and that you know i i recently did the ayahuasca um i did it five times and um i was having discussions with like christians about it and it's like you're just seeing illusions again but at the same time i think like the way the material realm is made up in like the natural logos in the natural order of the world it has certain traits um and it is like hackable you know it's like once you figure it out it's like you can kind of you know you're still bound by like karmic law and karmic energy but it's like once you understand it it's like you nothing can stop you basically um but yeah so taoism i really need to do more research on i know uh there's a lot of um study into like immortality and like extending the life as long as possible and um like uh sexual control techniques and stuff like that but um yeah i really need to do more research on it but yeah i absolutely do believe in like poles and polar opposites and like they balance each other out in kind of like a wavy center your wavy way it's like you know waves come in and then they go out and like so in a way another thing i'd uh like to talk about is like astrology or like the way the constellations are up there um it actually matters in a way and like there is astrology in the bible it's like you know divination is kind of like discouraged extremely and it kind of it it should be to a decent extent because you know in the wrong hands it can be bad but um you know when the three wise men found jesus they followed the sign from the stars um and in revelation basically most of it was about the stars and the the the cosmic phenomena um so with those things is i don't know where i was going well we should not we should not uh underestimate the value of the heavens because they're called the heavens for a reason right and there are different levels of heaven is chastity a virtue in your worldview oh absolutely okay are you striving for chastity because you mentioned the sexual uh teachings of the east and they're definitely not pushing chastity well um it's so that what i was referring to with that was actually i mean number one in in in the marriage room you know like it's allowed it's sanctified you know sex isn't a bad thing it's a bad thing when it's not done in the proper setting um number two the thing i was referring to was this technique where men like can have an orgasm without releasing semen and that is the technique that was developed under under taoism and it preserves your your spiritual energy um but at the same time you know you have an orgasm well i i don't think um i think men should conserve their sexual energy intensely and so i think that's a very if you it's it's accomplishable to do that kind of thing um that's very powerful and useful uh yeah sorry go ahead oh no uh have you read the philocalia or how we pronounce it uh the phillicalia how do you spell that p-h-i-l-o like philosophy philo friend or whatever kalia is the good or the beautiful kalia k-a-l-i-a nothing to do with cali the dark uh demon goddess oh yeah so it's a collection of uh the desert fathers from the east uh the orthodox uh writings okay and it's very powerful i highly recommend it to you and to anyone else it took me about 11 months to read it just because it's a big book it's a big collection of writings and it's heavy it's simple the message is simple but it's just uh drilling home a few very very very important points about self-control primarily to do with food and food controlling food is the way to control yes is the way to control lust and uh i'm very uh gluttonous with food and i'm i have a lot of lusty images in that haunt me because before my conversion obviously i was just a godless atheist i just indulged in whatever image was pleasing to the eyes and so those images kick around in your head right so um controlling food is a good way to control the lust and all that sort of thing it's very very power there's more to it than than that but that's what my main takeaway was self-control self-mastery and uh christ as priest prophet and king that kingly aspect is the self-control i yeah i'm absolutely a huge fan of or proponent of fasting um i think it's you know everybody should do it and it has it has biological benefits as well as spiritual benefits um but what you're referring to is talking about the senses and like asceticism is um you know the senses and the uh temptations that go through your head and basically you're fighting your your mind or these distractions that are coming in and you are using your self-control to basically um you know you have to deal with that but i think it's very important not to associate like negative negativity with these these these thoughts or um what goes through your head um because that makes those thoughts stronger and also um it's um this is yeah so basically you know you're gonna have a lot of these thoughts going in your head you know that you might not want to think but you need to just recognize them and then let them pass over um and that is the sign of self-control and you know it's it can be a lot hard really really hard for a lot of people but um making sure you do that is very important and it goes to meditation as well you know meditation is all about that you know if you try and meditate you're gonna have all these thoughts coming in your head trying to distract you while you're just trying to focus on your breath um so yeah uh my friend kieran sort of reflected the same sort of idea that i had when you were talking about orgasms without ejaculation and it's like that's not chastity no matter how you slice and dice it's like the opposite of chastity when you're seeking that pleasure of the orgasm without being open to life and without doing what the natural act is intended to do right you're supposed to give a give completely of yourself to your spouse and it's reciprocal giving self-giving there's no holding back of the seed right so it's not a very catholic idea i don't know i don't think it's a very orthodox according to my orthodox friend here kieran he says it's not it's not orthodoxy you should talk to your priest about it okay um well just to readdress that um i want to say that um what like i say i'm gonna say whatever happens in the bathroom happens in the bedroom i think sex is also more than just it's more than just you know the reproduction it's the bonding it's the the emotional energies of a man and a woman and um the acts they do i'm just i i was the reason i brought it up was because it was an it was an example of self-control and um and basically like it's it's a state i mean what is an orgasm it's a state of um the highest one of the highest energies in your body and so it can be abused really really easily um but i'm i'm i was just using it as an example of what we can do and so you know saying it's not not orthodox if you're using it just you know doing it for pleasure you know for pleasure sakes to get the stimulus it's like yes but the thing is you're doing it with another person and sometimes you want to have that bond without reproducing without you know losing your sexual energy so um that's what i'm talking about yeah i don't need to press the issue here um so uh kieran says what i hear him say about the thoughts is all something addressed by the fathers the logis or logismos is what this is called they can be fought or ignored so i think he's talking about when you're talking about fighting off distractions i think that's what he's talking about but i wanted to ask you are you uh this is very personal but are you married are you looking to get married what's your situation do you have do you have sex outside of marriage have you had it do you regret it what's your story um as much as you're comfortable talking about yeah basically um uh the women where i'm at they just they kind of disgust me um and how i mean they're just disgusting like some of them i work with and you know they're good-looking women and you know if they had a proper male figure that you know was responsible with them they wouldn't be so [ __ ] up but um you know this just like all they talk about is like tattoos sex toys you know just like dirty jokes and stuff like that and it's like exactly um and it's just low like none of them read a lot of low vibrational energy a lot of like yeah um blissful things going on drinking all the time and so um uh where i'm at right now is not a good place to date or to find a partner um especially just in america when i was traveling abroad um in countries that were a little more traditional and not as corrupted by the the globo homo so to speak they they were more eligible for um being a companion or a wife partner but uh in general i'm pretty chest um i try not to you know masturbate at all and um i also don't like having sex that much so i just prefer that's what i was saying is like i like to convert my sexual energy into something else you know um sublimate it yeah yeah um but if you met the right woman say at an orthodox church or whatever you'd be open to getting married and having family or what yeah let's hope and pray that happens i mean i mean there are other paths in life you don't have to do that but i mean uh that's one path it's an exciting path fraught with danger and problems as saint paul says but um you know if you're you know if you are struggling with the sex thing which most men are then uh marriage seems like a good option he's st paul says better to marry than to burn right so yeah um but i'm not gonna i'm not gonna be anxious about it um number one time is on the men's side um and so i'm just working uh i mean it's just simple biological facts and uh number two i'm just uh i mean the prime of a man's life i think is in his late 20s and early 30s um my goal is just like to get as big as possible so that like people and women can't ignore me like you know they can't just walk by it's like i'm so big that they have to look over at me are you ripped like the guy in the image there oh i'm not that rip no no not that toned but uh i have a very very healthy body um like i try to do yoga and uh after yo uh like an hour of yoga i do like um my workout for an hour so turned down women that were subtly or not subtly asking for sexual favors uh yes you said no yes even though she was attractive or only the ugly ones uh only the other one well actually so i made out with a few and but the thing is is like you know i didn't want to go any further other than making out so um that's that's what i would say to that is it a bird are you a good looking guy nah i don't want to average i don't even know you don't want to even go there nice that's why why does it matter why because it's like if you are then it's going to be more temptation because women are going to be throwing themselves at you if you're big i would say you know it depends where i'm at um how attractive i am like just certain certain places i'm like really good looking and certain places i'm i get nothing which in america i get nothing so i see okay okay uh what about um i hate politics i hate it but i want to talk a little bit about the right wing because i've been exploring this whole uh telegram thing and the gripers and i'm a like a super fan of nick fuentes just because not because of his politics but just because i think he's entertaining yeah he's funny um and he's charming and all that sort of thing i don't know what what he really believes you know i invite him on my podcast but he's too big and famous and busy yeah but um just talk about the alt-right and the sort of dada culture where there's like [ __ ] posting and just there's a lot of humor there's a lot of youth there's a lot of male energy not a lot of female energy in that scene uh is the alt-right still a thing or has it been totally like morphed into something else and gamergate and trump and all that just talk about the american culture with the right what's happening with uh what's happening today i see a lot of religion in the uh in the young people in the right so just talk about that from your perspective if you could if you could uh simply a reaction to the the the acceleration of the degeneracy that's been pushed after the start of the social media age in 2007 um and basically how they accelerated from getting gay marriage to you know trans people like molesting kids now um so it's just like that acceleration happens so fast you're going to have a reactionary movement and um the thing is the where the quote that alt-right thing i think the main thing that's everybody that's part of that group is their anti-zionist they don't like israel and for good reason because israel is one of the most evil countries in the world and um how the protestants just bootlike israel every time they can get the republicans in congress so um i think that's the main thing is is it's all about israel basically and it's like being against um centralization of like um the federal reserve uh central banks um and like uh new world order stuff and of course this would only be a guy's interest thing like girls don't perceive that at all they don't even care why would they care a girl's evolutionary purpose is just to survive and then like they basically are guaranteed to reproduce whereas guys have to work within the political system and working within the political system um number one is more interesting to them and number two guarantees their their future and like they can they look ahead way farther into the future than most women do i would say yeah so the the whole uh jewish topic i don't know why it's juha button topic and i i do enjoy telegram because of the freedom people have there to bash judaism like i mean or the the the jews who are trying to do nefarious things or whatever like i mean i think it's a bit weird when we can't like talk about everything including the holocaust whatever i've seen some pretty shocking stuff on telegram people uh with their ideas about hitler and holocaust and these sorts of things and i think in an open society that's mature and rational we can discuss anything like absolutely anything and we don't need to get our panties in a bunch and get all uptight and throw people in prison for thought crimes so i'm not committed to any political ideology or whatever i think people uh i think hitler gets more uh mischaracterized and he gets a bad rap more than he deserves that's what i think um i don't know the whole story i don't claim to know both sides of that complicated part of history but i mean i have a certain fondness for him and i wish i hope he goes to heaven i think he was probably evil and did some bad things whatever but i don't know the story and also it depends who writes the history books right yeah um but like nick fuentes says it's like i don't uh it's like the reason to oppose judaism is because it's not christianity like it's like the they promised the messiah the messiah came and then they don't appreciate god incarnate as the messiah it's just it's just a bit weird so i mean i do have a beef with uh any non-christian religion because like it's all about monotheism it's all about that promised messiah so i you know i think it's i think it's our god-given right to question everything um and as long as we're respectful and we're not hurting people um so i do appreciate that about the right that they're allowing free speech even if it's like what seems like um like really harsh trash talking which i have seen on telegram but i never know how seriously to take all of that stuff maybe you know more than i do um yeah most people just trash talk it's okay so like not just not just on telegram but on like 4chan and stuff like that that trash talk is the filter people um it's the filter basically you know people who are easily triggered and uh yeah exactly and they're [ __ ] anyway so why would you even want them as part of the discussion um they're not going to be rational and they're not going to change their point of view so uh that's why i kind of under come to understand with that um going back to um judaism i have to say that number one the talmud is one of their holy books and um it talks about basically you know molesting three-year-old girls as allowed if they're not jewish um and like doing talking about some depraved stuff in there um and so once the second temple got destroyed and um the jews were scattered there was basically only the rabbinical uh judaist sect and uh then they went they they also don't have the same bloodline as the ancient jews that christ was a part of um basically ashkenazi and safari jews are part of different um ethnic groups um so basically um ashkenazi were for part of the khazarian horde in ukraine and um basically then like they just migrated into western europe to become the banking uh clans um so not to mention the rab the rabbis did you know kill christ the blood is on their hands and that's one of the you know well some of them converted right nicodemus well yeah but um like you know that that group was the decider not not the romans the romans didn't kill him pontius pilate washed his hands clean so that crime is on those rabbi's hands um and then number three um yeah like zionist base the state of israel here's the thing america has no no basis anymore we we we changed after after the end of world war ii we changed into the mona the the myth of the founding of america is now the holocaust okay the holocaust is the crucial focal point of everything that politics is today because number one it's like a sacred cow you cannot touch it you cannot talk about it whatsoever and in any free speech society you know only things of the highest religious statue should be like that and so the fact that people are taking this with such religious vigor is uh because there was massive propaganda campaign in fact the propaganda about the holocaust really accelerated in the 1970s i mean in the 50s and 60s most people didn't know or like the numbers were the real numbers which were around 400 or 500 000 mostly due to disease and um when the supply chains were destroyed not actual death camps but like the labor camps um had those conditions going on um and so what they did was they they created a massive propaganda campaign because they had controlled the banks they have control of the hollywood um and um they're all um they're all of origins and they all have connections with each other um and uh what else like the rothschilds for example going back to uh the banks though they were um they were uh jewish as well and uh but the thing is it's like at the same time you have to to acknowledge that you have to acknowledge that in my opinion to actually get any anywhere because um they want to make it illegal to criticize they want to make it so that their special class higher above everyone else and as voltaire said to know who rules over you think about who you cannot criticize um and uh so what's they're doing now is basically they realize how much of a threat germanic people are or the more primitive term that americans use as white people they realize they that is the only group that's really a threat to their centralized new world order plan so um but the thing is it's that you know not all the low-level jews are part of this just like low-level masons don't know how satanic their organization is either um so it's important you know to treat them like humans like anybody else you know you can't you can't dehumanize them uh just as you hope not to be dehumanized because you know going back to karma but at the same time a certain amount of a large amount of evil happens in a very small percent of the population and it needs to be addressed otherwise you're just going to see the constant expansion of evil like a cancer in your society and you're going to be like oh what do we do and that's what republicans are like oh we're so stupid we don't know what it is um so yeah yeah the whole the i've never understood i struggle with uh this whole um you know the accusations that fly out so readily now from the left you're misogynist you're racist you're anti-semite i don't know what the other ones are those are the main ones but um you know focusing on racism i don't quite understand what the fuss is about like i really don't think anyone cares about skin color i think it's just absurd no one really cares you might have your preference like i mean i'm sexually attracted to light-skinned women like white women but i mean it's probably because i'm white i don't know but um it's just a sexual preference whatever i married a white white woman whatever but um who cares like who cares like i mean does anyone care about race and is race a real thing or is are we all humans evolved not evolved from but descended from adam and eve like that's what i believe were one race the human race now you might have a culture that annoys me because you talk loudly and your food stinks so i don't want you living next to me or something like that right or you do a lot of bouncy dancing in your apartment next to mine and i don't like that yeah that's a cultural sort of uh preference i don't like that uh but i don't get it like i mean i just don't understand what's the point of leveling the accusation of racism and i don't understand why or how any individual could be racist and what that could mean so can it's a big thing on the right you know and a lot of the the people on the alt-right seem to be embracing it either sarcastically or for real can you just talk about it try to explain it to me what is racism what's going on and why is it a big deal and is it a big is it a big deal at all yes it is a big deal and uh those christians that say oh it's not a big deal i pretend not to see it or delusional okay your genetics matters period in the story okay um it determines a lot about you it's 50 genetics and 50 how you're raised and you know there's countless studies that talk about this but the main thing is um 13 of the population is what part of one race and they commit over 50 percent of all violent crimes just like pit bulls commit all 75 of all violent attacks you know that is genetic that's not how they're raised because they're they're being systemically dis disadvantaged i've heard that that's that's the uh the leftist propaganda to provide the rationale about bad behavior from um the african population it's an excuse um and basically um you know it's it's just it can be easily destroyed by the fact that you know there's countless other populations in the world that have suffered evils of slavery evils of suffering of that caliber but they came back and rebuilt you know um and they were they you know they came back within like 50 years so the fact that slavery ended 100 or 170 years ago and um basically there's so many advantages that are given to um blacks in a society they can get into colleges easier than anyone else with way lower grades um they can get their guaranteed positions at all these companies um and it's like they're just it's not based on meritocracy exactly what's that called where they put affirmative actions yeah they put women in they put uh visible minorities in they do that a lot in canada that's where i'm in canada they do that a lot i'm opposed to it on principle because it like you said it's not based on anything of value because i don't care what color your skin i mean you're probably going to argue to me that i should care what color someone's skin is but i don't it's not it's not just the color that that's that's that's the obvious bait you have uh the most important thing in my opinion is the the cranial structure in the the shape of a human head um i'm not even bullshitting you like ah i mean i would say you are like a mix of like caucasian and like middle eastern maybe a little spanish or mediterranean i did my dna a couple of times and i got irish scottish english welsh scandinavian a bit of german a bit of greek then you might be a little celtic or uh uh the original britons um that's that grows where it reminds me of but um going back to that i think it's yes i think it's very important and um what does this shape do is just like shaping the thinking or what well it's that's just an example you know because i was you're constantly referring to skin color which is like it's just the melanin content which is obviously not that important but um like what races is is like also everything else it's like you know it's the skull structure it's your your neuron capacity it's like you're the development of your prefrontal cortex and the prefrontal cortex in african people is actually lower than in caucasian and asians and the prefrontal cortex controls impulsivity long-term planning um and it's the last to develop in a fully developed brain um so because of that you see phenomena like in the documentary empire of dust when the chinese went into africa the day that they paid the african workers they immediately spent that money when drinking and spin it all and then came begging for more and so that is the problem with africa is all of these these these white messiahs go there like but they're wanting to fulfill their pathological empathy needs they don't actually want to help the people they want to feel good about themselves because the way to actually help a person as going back to the bible is teach a man give a man a fish you feed him for a day teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime but the thing is it's harder for them to learn that stuff in africa they didn't even invent a boat before europeans came in i'm not even [ __ ] you so um but one thing i want to say before you go any further um you know when a family that doesn't fear god finds out that the the wife is pregnant again and this time the doctors and the experts say the child is going to have down syndrome and a couple other problems and they decide not to abort it for whatever reason maybe a conversion to religion or something and then they're very very happy they didn't kill this defective baby because this baby brought a lot of joy innocence there's more to life than getting a phd having a like a big brain and being really smart and all that sort of thing like there's the god created humans not to be geniuses he got he created us to love him to know him to love him and to serve him and when you have a special child like that um you see the love of god no so this whole argument that black people are stupid or something i mean that might be true i don't know but um it's kind of irrelevant from a christian perspective like uh god loves that child and christ died for that [ __ ] child right um i mean yeah uh productivity you want like high efficient society you want smart people like that are well numbered number one i want i want a relatively stable society i mean i don't think like you know i try not to control everything anymore i don't really try to care about that stuff anymore but the thing is you know if you you walk into the south side of chicago okay and you know um then you come back to me because uh and the other thing is um i i as a man only have so much energy to dedicate to the world um so does everybody else and um the thing is you are in a lower state if you of like energy if you cannot um if you cannot comprehend and do this stuff and it's not necessarily a bad thing i'm not associating with bad but i'm saying it you have to acknowledge it because you know otherwise you're you're acting out of naiveness and you could you could get killed you could get robbed if you're not you go into these high crime areas that are popular by certain groups of people and the reason they're there is to um you know there was the original slaves that came over but as what's going on with europe and canada and america they're putting more of these people that are dependents and want to be dependent on the government and that will have no qualms about killing the native population when it com foot comes to shove okay um so that that's the main thing and then once once the the natives are killed they move on that's the classic example of communism and so it's the communism today is done with race instead of class okay so they're not having the poor fight the the or the proletariat fight the bourgeoisie they're having the blacks try and destroy the whites um while you know the rich bankers of the the jewish class i have their uh uh their safety elsewhere um and so that's why the escalation of all this stuff is happening i think there's that you know there is i've met i have some uh black friends i know it's funny to say that but basically like you know there's a lot of good good ones out there um but the thing is we're also talking about a law of averages okay and um you need to take that into account and to not is irresponsible uh to the safety of yourself and your family um but like i said you still follow the the general trajectory of you do treat these people with respect and dignity and when they um you just didn't analyze how likely you know it is that things could get bad you know if you're in the [ __ ] ghetto with like you know people giving you weird [ __ ] stairs and like cars without tires you know you you don't have the naive you know oh i i'm okay i don't see color uh so what about uh you know i find it transparent and obvious all the virtue signaling of all these middle class white women who are fighting fighting so desperately to raise the dignity of these poor minority classes like oh no we have to fight for them it's like who are you why are you assuming a position of a superiority right away just sort of stoop so low condescendingly to give a break let's give a break to the black guy let's give a break to the whatever minority it's like that is condescending right right off the get-go it's always a bunch of like highly educated unquote educated this is another reason why i don't think intelligence is the most important thing in the eyes of christ like a lot of educated people white people annoying educated white people acting like they're the spokesperson for the visible minorities of the world like who hired you to be the spokesperson and to condescend and to bend so low and to be so gracious oh look at me oh yeah you gotta do this all the time that's exactly right and um i'm glad you're smart enough to see that uh i make that argument all the time it's actually a real form of racism and i think it's really racist it's funny because white women especially the liberal white women are actually some of the the most racist people there are obviously um going back to the white messiah complex it is like yeah it is literally the philosophy of you are too stupid to figure out what is good and you need help you need you need a big helping hand from oh me you know because i'm so special they make it the center of them the center of attention which is women's special speciality um the other thing is uh going back to a biological point since western women aren't having kids anymore they still have the biological imperative to have a nurturing thing so they either replace that with a couple immigrants they get from a foreign country or dogs or cats they simplitude it with something else because they don't act they're tricking your body with birth control and other stuff um so that's basically when they should be having kids and dedicating their energy and defense and protection to them they're doing it to something else which is pathologically destructive and what i would call mentally ill yeah well i mean i think it's painfully obvious uh what's happening they're not fooling me they're not following you with it seem to be fooling a lot of the mainstream people with the mainstream media but um what about um the fact tell me if you agree with this statistic but i read that somewhere between every five and ten seconds a child dies of hunger isn't that a much bigger crisis than covid and monkey pox do you agree with the statistics and don't you think it's kind of important that we can uh give the dignity to these children in these families so that they can actually have some food and water and shelter like isn't that a big priority no because that is what a man does for his family that is the role of a man okay what you're talking about is a global initiative which is part of basically the government replaces the man and the masculinity i know i'm not advocating top down i hate top down government control i hate that but i'm saying isn't it a problem and how do we fix it i'm not advocating w-h-o-u and i'm not advocating that i don't trust them i think they're evil but it's just more of that virtue signaling again with these rich white over-educated men and women so what i'm saying is it's still a fact that uh millions of babies are being killed in the womb what do we do about that it's a fact that children are dying of starvation what do we do about that isn't it a big deal or do you think uh just god's just welcoming them all into heaven it doesn't really matter these children are dying okay well going back to reincarnation you know when a child dies um depends how they die if they're killed by abortion it's kind of a different thing but they die by starvation it's kind of like that is that is the will of god and the other thing is a lot of these children are dying of starvation are coming from areas number one i have to get to to the biology of the r versus k birth rate selection um which is in all species it's on a spectrum okay our selective groups basically have as many kids as possible and i hope some of them survive and reproduce the case selection which is more like elephants is there's a lot there's a lot of energy that's dedicated to a small group um and so of of children and so calling an our group of um children and a group of k group children you know if you're giving equal things to the same one the ours are going to reproduce way more this is what happened in south africa the black and white populations of south africa was even in the 1960s by the 1990s it was like 80 percent black 20 white so blacks are on the r selection stratus or evolutionary strategy whereas whites are on the k selection uh and so what um i'm doing with this so basically when you're talking about like starvation of like african kids it's basically i never mentioned africa by the way i just said i don't know why they're dying that's what everybody thinks of is africa you know that's where they're starving the most i mean and it's because they have the highest birth rates in the world the parents just have sex non-stop and they don't care what happens to the kids and so basically when you're swooping in as a as a outsider and interfering with that system it's the same as basically interfering with the natural ecosystem okay there's controls and there's there's stuff that happens that regulates that stuff and when you're messing it that up it will it's it destroys the ecosystem and it gets out of control so do you do you honestly believe that god prefers european white europeans to dark skinned african peoples no because that's that's implies god has a a uh no you can't you can't what is it with the white like what is it with the white people like i mean i'm a white as white as you get and uh i mean i feel superior because i feel superior to everyone no matter what just because i'm me right i know i know that i'm not superior but i feel superior but um you know i don't know if i were uh you know some other racial minority i don't know if i would still have that feeling is it just is it just my scottish heritage that gives me that pride and my irish heritage that norseman's heritage that i have that gives me that pride genetically or or would i feel it uh i'm sure there are lots of black people in africa who feel very superior feel very proud but my point here is with the white thing there seems to be a complex like people have i don't have it but people have white guilt uh and stuff like that so it seems like like the whites are different and uh dabbling with the alt-right and the uh i guess somewhat described as extreme right-wing politics and stuff like that um i see a lot of chatter about the white race the european race and the nordic peoples and stuff like that and i can't deny that there seems to be something there i can't quite put my finger on it and i'm sort of hesitant to say yeah we're the like the chosen people like the jews the jews claiming that the chosen people and i i agree because that's what it says in my religion that they were the chosen people and they promised the messiah the messiah came and then they oops they they missed the boat right so it seems like in god's plan it was the jews and then it was the gentiles and then as it says in the book of romans chapter 11 the once the full number come in then the jews it'll be the time for the jews to come in again so i gave you a lot to think about there and talk about that but just to respond as you want whatever points i hit well um basically you have to remember that the modern jews are not the same jews of ancient israel so they're not the chosen ones the chosen one is base basically um all humans are chosen that's the whole point of jesus um you have the the divine spark in the chosen part the the the the jews in the old testament were basically it was it was like a test run of but the the thing is like the jews kept failing they kept you know going back to their sinful ways and whatnot and so they lost their their status um so to speak um but yeah the younger brother usurped the elder brother as it happens so often in the old testament right exactly um and um but yeah i mean i've done a lot of studying on the european groups and you know it's like white is such a primitive term you know there's there's like the celtic peoples and the german peoples and stuff like that and the thing is um what makes just those groups in general smarter which is it's true for the most part on average i'm not saying all are smarter or whatnot but on average the reason it is score highest right the jews score highest well studies those studies don't have as large of a selective group so it is a little skewed and so they they do make it for propaganda purposes uh but yes um they are the the ashkenazi groups are very intelligent and that's also because they're european subgroup as well um so i'm not i'm not going to deny that um but going back into why that is it has to do with war and cold weather uh those are the two main things of why that developed is because um cold weather required you to actually be able to plan ahead for winter and you have to have enough food to survive you have to have a level of intelligence to do that if you're living in the equator in the the tropics where food is abundant and the weather is the same pretty much all year you do not need as much of that intelligence to survive and reproduce so it's it's evolutionary biology in humans which you know a lot of christians like to deny but a lot of it makes perfect sense the other thing is wars um the germanic peoples were some of the most warlike peoples they loved fighting um and it wasn't just the guys it was the the women too um and because of that uh you have to be smart to fight you you just you just have to be and i've grown an appreciation for mma uh just because of that but um because of the uh it's interesting because when world war ii was going on um there was a jewish author that wrote about the germanic peoples and basically how germany must be destroyed because the germans they keep starting wars ever since like the dawn of you know the roman civilization they just they just fight and fight and fight and fight and fight in fact a roman emperor negotiated with germans three times and every single time they're like we will not stop we will keep rampaging and like you know he had a blood vessel blow and he died of a bloodstroke so um i mean that's a perfect example of basically uh this this group and why they stand out so to speak what about uh covet because it ties in with the top-down tyrannical control of uh people who are godless virtue signalers and baby killers and uh did you get the job and if you did why did you get it and if you didn't why didn't you oh absolutely not i didn't get the freaking job um i'm fortunate it was easier in the states to get by without it no than other countries you know on my travels i i felt really bad for like the australians and the europeans that had to to suffer the tyranny and the evil that they did um but you know studying biology i know that this thing is not what they inject is not a vaccine it's mrna uh code which changes your dna and changes what proteins your cell makes which is pretty much manipulation on an uh disgusting level um so gene therapy they call it uh i mean yeah that's what they call it and it gives it a nice little little ring but i mean it's literally like change it changes your dna i mean that's what mrna does it's the only thing that can go into the nucleus of a cell and basically change it so um yeah i i think it's absolutely evil and you know all the mrna technologies that comes out after this it's like i think they're just experimenting on people they want to see number one how much they can take uh with just pure blind will of just i'm gonna take this jab and i think they they didn't get as many people as they wanted because they [ __ ] up with kovid when they released it um it wasn't as deadly as they thought it was going to be did they do they exaggerate the numbers like here in in canada they're saying about 80 to 90 took the jab but i i know in my circle i didn't take it and none of my friends took it uh partly because i kind of lost a lot of friends that did take it but just it's a divide it's another divide and conquer tactic like it's just like there's the jab versus the on jab now so just uh there there's a lot of intolerance on both sides like i mean i try to be you know try to love my enemies and all that sort of thing but if you want me to starve to death if i don't take an experimental gene therapy you're kind of my enemy right especially especially if you're pro-abortion at the same time it's like that's okay that's a bit too much for me so um you know i do have friends that took the job but they're the people who said i'm not going to take it and then it's like oh shoot i have to take her i can't feed my family so i do have sympathy for those people right who didn't want to take it but they want to feed their family come on so is that is that free and informed consent when we don't know what the medium and long-term side effects are going to be um well it's interesting you talk about consent because the elites in their evil ways require a level of consent because um it relates to the karmic order uh the way the i mean alex jones talked about this pretty well he was basically like the way they do this evil is there has to be a large level of consent within the populace to allow it to happen um and so a lot of times when you have like subliminal programming or stuff in media like actively telling you you know something's gonna happen like there's plenty of stuff predicting 911 was gonna happen uh there was also a lot of stuff like um stanley kubrick did a lot of predictive stuff in his films like uh talking about the fluoride in the water as well as eyes wide shut which was talking about the satanic um sex orgies and pedophilia so um but the thing is basically they have to yeah you will see it a lot in like the media and these places they'll tell you what's going on and like so people will have this information and they will consent and if they can sin and allow it you know they are part of the sin it's the old um legend or myth or whatever you want to call it about the vampire he can't actually come into your home unless you invite him in or that sort of myth and it's the same thing with god and satan like satan gets permission for every single thing that he does and you read about this in the book of job for example and it's all very juridical and things are set up in such a way that we have absolutely no excuse when we stand before god in the judgment day uh we'll have no excuse because all of the facts are there and satan's taking note of all the ways that we consented and he'll satan will say faithfully to god i told him this is what i was going to do and he knew it and he consented and that's why i've got him he's his soul is mine so this is the way god works with satan he allows satan to try to grab our souls and a lot of people say yes and to say yes and to merit hell for saying yes you have to give informed consent right you have to know what you're doing if you don't know what you're doing you do not merit hell sorry so you have to know what you're doing to go to hell same thing with going to heaven you have to know and love and serve god it's it's just there's no other way that this can possibly happen so that's why we have no excuse and it's a very very very scary prospect we have to think very carefully about what the mainstream media is telling us and we have to think very carefully about what our religious leaders are telling us and uh you know we can't trust anyone but god really right um yes i mean the basis of that free will and uh uh is the mark of the beast basically i mean the mark of the beast is the perfect um passage about it it's like you cannot engage in society unless you have the mark of the beast um you cannot like you know buy or sell goods and stuff like that and so all this vaccine passport qr code social credit score is the precursor to the mark of the beast system which is why is one of the points of evidence i point that we are living in the end times but um the other thing is like so yeah these people that did take it you know but they they had the choice not to you always have a choice not to do it you always do and um the thing is yeah you might have lost your job you might have to live very young very uncomfortably but if you're a very intelligent person you can figure out something to do um but the thing is um you you made a choice where it's like i'm going to inject this experimental stuff into me that doesn't know what it's going to do in order to keep my comfort in my security and you know it's kind of that's that's the test with governments that are testing the population of what they can tolerate before they in force more stricter and communistic doctrines well yeah we've been softened and feminized by pornography and sexual license i think that's the main attack and the freemasons talk about that very openly that's how they're going to destroy the church and it's of course never going to be destroyed perfectly but it could be corrupted and you know that member individual members can certainly lose their faith and stuff like that and lose their souls so uh the attack on the family through sexuality is one of the most successful roots i think that satan and his minions have at their disposal and you just see the softening and uh my wife was watching some russian military training videos and she's like wow these are real men and you know they're full of testosterone and they're masculine and they're manly and uh if we look at canada or america it seems like there's a lot of softness i i'm not the most testosterone-filled guy but you know i can even notice in in the canadian military in the u.s military that's creeping in a little bit of softness and i think it has to do with sexuality am i wrong uh it's a it's a combination of many things actually um you know masculinity has been under assault since the end of world war ii for the most part uh fluoride in the water is the big big [ __ ] thing because that dims your spiritual connection with uh the spirit realm basically um the other thing is soy cooking oils uh plastics okay uh estrogen not estrogen yeah all that is estrogen okay and so the concept of a soy boy is literally the estrogen-filled faces and like mal-developed beard and facial hair and all that um and so that's all calculated i mean like the same chemicals that alex jones was talking about that turned the frogs gay we consume as well i mean it's in the water it's just the frogs were way more sensitive to it because they're aquatic beings whereas us we drink bottled water and i actually lived abroad and i wants to actually move abroad permanently uh before the end of the year because of how bad it is in america and western countries um and i'm seeing a lot of people moving abroad for lower standard of living or lower cost of living and um just better quality of life as well as nature than that the nature's better and way more spiritual energy but uh going back to masculinity of course pornography and sexuality degeneration is the first thing to target when you're trying to destroy a society because um that's all basically man's greatest energy comes from a sexual energy so you know i was talking about that a lot and so what you can what that does is um and you can study it with like going to the most sexually repressive societies actually have some of the highest like um works of culture compared to open ones which are more end up degenerating and collapsing um but i'm not saying that's good or bad you know whether but i mean that's why marriage is always a thing in every single every single group of people in the world there's no little communist groups you know everybody just loves each other it's because basically it's a it's an arrangement between the men and the women are men of a society this is the men actually it's basically okay you be a productive member of society okay and we'll give you guaranteed sex okay that is how that how it works otherwise if you go to the basic alpha 20 80 beta rule there's going to be a large majority of betas in the society that are very upset and ended up revolting and killing the alphas but the thing is that's happening right now but that's that revolt stage is not happening because all the testosterone is being destroyed and it's being converted into pornography and all these other methods so um yeah that i mean for example when israel was conquering palestine and like they were taking over the airwaves they just scream or scream pornography on all the palestinian tvs it's the number one demoralization tactic disgusting yes so uh can you give us a hint of where you'd like to move or is that top secret oh i'm thinking either asia or latin america i'm leaning towards latin america though because i do speak uh spanish oh yeah oh nice and i mean latins are you know but i mean i did ayahuasca in latin america yeah obviously and um it's like they've been doing it for thousands and thousands of years um and it's it's kind of like they respect nature they respect the plants that they they ingest and what they consume they are part of the the nature they are not the consumer like what is in the west which is the unnatural thing like i was actually at a um a party last night and basically at this party there was a big bonfire and i hated the fire because the wood they were using was so fake it was like it didn't feel like you know real or like had a good energy to it and uh whereas the fires we burned in like the amazon rainforest you could detect like the good energy when you're burning it yeah well it's funny when you were talking earlier about uh you know you need to be more intelligent in the colder climes and these sorts of things i thought immediately about the amazon because my wife and i just watched a little documentary series on national geographic about primal survivor the guy went through the amazon as a survivalist and he's a pretty cool guy i think there's a lot of editing involved and a lot of movie magic in this show to make things go just so but nonetheless he has a lot of skills he's a south american origin this guy but um my point is that the most sophisticated skill to have is to uh respect the environment nature and i'm not talking about the lefty uh you know climate change nonsense i'm talking about actually knowing how to be a custodian of this beautiful earth that we were given and uh it's a very sophisticated art slash science right and the people that are in touch with how to eat and how to uh have sustainability even though that that word is totally uh disgusting because it's in the mouth of the libtards all the time but to actually be in touch with nature and to work with nature and to have a natural family and for men to be men women to women and children to be children imagine that so i think that that is the most sophisticated and godly way to live is to actually be in touch with reality and not to live in a fantasy world with all your phds and your ivory tower top-down policies and this brings me to my next question which is about the global elites whoever they may be you know hear a lot about bill gates and soros and all these people but i can't imagine that we actually know the names of the people running this uh fallen world i mean the one name i do know is satan he's the big big guy at the top he's the prince of this world but what is in it for someone to what do they really get out of all the sex orgies and if they drink the blood of tortured children is it really worth it like i mean are they really getting a lasting pleasure do they wake up in the morning and say yeah i'm to do more of that tonight with a different child or a different [ __ ] or whatever like i mean is it satisfying are they really getting off on the power of manipulating society from the top down if that's what they're doing i don't know if that's what they're doing but a lot of conspiracy theorists seem to think it's like a bunch of jews running the world and they're having sex orgies and and whatever i mean is it really that fun compared to just having a nice simple wholesome life and like you were saying appreciating good vibes with being in touch with nature and all those sorts of things what do you think uh what allows these people to go to get up in the morning and to be excited because it seems like they're working hard for the for the demise of western culture no um so basically i mean i just want to say also epstein and jillian maxwell were jewish and jillian maskel's father was an israeli spy i just want to put that out there yeah is she gonna smell the beans or no it doesn't matter um the point is it's waking people up and but those those facts about them need to be set uh they're being conveniently swept under um but the the in regards to that i mean the best movie about that is honestly eyes wide shut um love it and it basically the way that it works is of course i'm not gonna get any it's like it's it's the same thing if you binge like [ __ ] heroin or methamphetamines like you know you you just keep you get addicted and you get try and get these sensational highs um the other thing is when they do like these sacrifices they get um they get powers like negative black magic powers black magic absolutely exists um and they can do super human things but there is always a price and you know so um that that's a lot of it it's like so yeah they get like you know their senses that stimulated and they get these powers and stuff like that and then a lot of them get off on the power they have over other people there's a lot of you know psychological uh disorders that feed these kind of behaviors yeah but when you talked about the african or the person that lives on the equator just kind of being lazy because they can reach out and grab a coconut and a banana and just like have sex and go swimming whatever it sounds like a pretty good lifestyle like i'd like kind of like to live that lifestyle but um but i can't some christian but um the people that run the world they don't have that lazy approach to just like low-hanging fruit and just get the pleasure and whatever they seem like they're really working hard to have a systematic like conveyor belt of like we have to enslave everyone in order for us to get off with these cheap and today pleasures right am i wrong or uh that's so that's what it seems like they're really working hard and they're cooperating together and jesus talks about this he says if satan is stands against satan his house cannot stand so it seems like they have to work together but it seems like a lot of work when wouldn't you rather just sort of kick back in the caribbean and just uh chill well the it's a classic example of a power how a power vacuum works and how power hierarchy is established and whatnot there's always going to be hierarchies um the destruction of hierarchies is pure communist um and it's it's just not possible so these these hierarchies that are built a lot of them too are you know divided into these these clubs where it's like sometimes you have to be in the club a while before you get the the effects and so it's like or like these these powers there's the promise that keeps people climbing the ladder before they even get to the exciting stuff you make exactly i mean like so like they're tempted with like this knowledge you know like in the maze like i was going talking about the masons like the lower level ones you know they're like oh you know i don't believe in god but you know these guys these are some cool guys they could have a beer with you know and then like you know over time they give that energy and then you know as they get higher and higher up that's when you know they they get they get stuck just like the debt system you get stuck and uh becomes a lot harder to unplug yourself and so that's when you know it might not seem appealing coming from the outside but if you you know have a sunk cost into that it adds to uh the commitment and so basically there's always going to be these power structures or these these clubs around the world that are inherently evil um in fact i was watching um uh a orthodox monk or like a movie about an orthodox monk in greece who was like um he was basically exiled by the the patriarch of alexandria and like everybody like he was slandered and all this stuff um because so basically like even power in the church gets corrupted at the highest levels um and so power has you know the saying power corrupts and absolute power color-ups absolutely it's it's it's one of the most important things so um because power is about control and um if you don't maintain it um very like like arduously it falls apart and so in order to be on top you have to have an arduous component that is hard working and diligent and whatnot scary scary stuff so we gotta i mean for me the whole point of uh i mean the the main weapon we have i would say is education let's get our children educated let's start with the basics what's a man what's a woman okay we can start with that i think that's not too complicated right um and uh who is our creator and what is he like and what does he want from us and these sorts of things i think a good christian education would solve a lot of problems right um but uh just to wrap up because i do have to go now but um to wrap up i'd like to leave it on a sort of positive note if you have any sort of vision of the future that's positive and i know you do because you're a christian uh maybe you just paint a little picture and talk about what your uh what your vision is for uh for humanity or even just for yourself as an individual well i think i mean when the third dimension is destroyed after there's no more free will the good will ascend there will all the good will always win you know the logos of the world is always you know it's it's if you follow it in a good way you're going to be with good people um and the law of attraction goes with that as well um and basically yeah it's it's kind of like christ when he was talking about like stocking up on stuff and having anxiety for the future it's like you gotta live in the now you gotta um really just just use to get dedicate your energy for now don't dedicate it too much i mean you do for the future to a certain extent but you don't worry about things you can't change and uh same thing with the past so um those are my main things um in terms of spirituality and i want i i'm confident a lot of people are waking up to this evil that's going on right now even if it might not be enough right now um it's it it's gonna get better and um just uh just don't have fear the main thing is don't have fear i killed all my fear and anxiety and it's the greatest thing and nothing holds me back nice very nice to meet you i appreciate you taking the time to come on and uh hopefully you'll come back some time and chat some more and you got a lot of interesting ideas and i seem like a nice guy so take care of yourself and if you do end up moving uh just get in touch with me on telegram and let me know the exciting news it sounds pretty it sounds pretty cool your plan there thanks david i enjoyed chatting yeah say hi anytime and we'll talk soon okay all right sounds good have a good one bye