CVS Live Guest - 2022-11-18 - Dirk Lafleur

Author Streamed Friday November 18th, 2022

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I met Dirk on Twitter, where he describes himself, in his bio, as

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Under Construction

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hey we are live I'm here with Dirk Dirk Lafleur how are you doing hello I'm here I went live while you were readjusting your positions okay no it don't matter you call the back side of my head yeah nice to see you nice to meet you so uh your name is Dirk LaFleur that's all I really know about you we've chatted a bit on Twitter yeah maybe start by telling my listeners my Watchers uh who you are uh what you believe how you came to believe what you believe where you were born and raised these sorts of things whatever you're comfortable sharing with the audience okay okay uh I'm uh I live in Louisiana uh I was born and raised here and uh I've always uh I've always had a uh an urge to to get into the spiritual work you know that type of work in the Paranormal and stuff and all that and I started doing that I guess whenever I was about 15 to 16 you know a little bit at a time and stuff and all that and uh I'm 56 now so I've been doing it a while and uh it's uh it changed me a lot it uh it it enabled me to to uh to send you know to to move to advance spiritually you know Ascend like uh sending different levels right right right right right right when did that start for you the Discovery at age 15 like what was it what was happening to you well I was uh I mean always had a oh I want you to do it and stuff and I just didn't know how because you know and start reading and all that and uh started doing a little bit at a time you know just taking some baby steps and then once I got older I started taking some some bigger steps and uh you always learn I mean nobody knows the Paranormal I mean it's it's a it's a big world you know and uh I figured out some stuff and and uh uh I did a lot a lot of recordings and stuff and uh and once you raise your vibration they uh they come to you more more uh more freely you know they they're real shy they don't want to communicate with you but some people they they're glued to and that's the ones who have a higher conscious I've noticed okay another thing too you're talking about some spiritual entities uh yeah yeah right right just so you're not just so you just so you know from my Catholic perspective we would see those as demons like evil spirits that are toying with you that's how we would yeah yeah well as a Christian perspective I'm sure you've heard this before from your Christian friends oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah I mean I you know I took demon uh I took a demonology you know stuff and I know I know all about it okay okay but um yeah but there there's a difference though you know okay I would just want you to be careful and to protect yeah okay protect yourself okay yeah okay all right thank you oh but anyway I I did I did that you know and then I started then after my my uh my penal Grant had activated in 2009 my whole world changed you know and uh and I started seeing things different from uh from a higher self side you know so and uh and and it happened without me even drawing um if you're a member of Jesus uh Jesus said to if you pray in the closet what he meant was to isolate yourself you know away from the material world that way you can see inside yourself and and uh and connect and that's what I did without even trying and whenever you read a book if you hear if you visualize what you're reading it puts you in a Zone and it raises you of your Consciousness and that's what I was doing for about six months and uh and then one night it just happened you know and this is a wild ride because you go from you go from looking from looking through your ego I to look into your spirit eye and you see things a lot a lot different and uh you become a lot wiser have you read anything about the eastern mysticism uh Hinduism Buddhism these sorts of religions yeah uh I read a little bit uh Tibetan you know stuff and all that uh the Tibetans they they uh were they in tune I mean they they got their stuff together you know you know and and that's how that's how we were all met meant to to evolve you know was was to connect with with ourselves and and evolve like that technology once you connect with with your higher self uh you don't need a technology because you have everything you have everything you know and uh and that's what we were made meant to to do but instead we we have uh reverted backwards instead of going forwards and that's the problem we're in now you know yeah everyone's addicted to the material playing exactly yeah the little toys that they think will give them happiness but it's just not true so what is the ultimate uh reality is there only one mind one one real being that's God is that what we is that what you would believe that we're all one and separation is illusion or Maya like they talk about in the east they can separate the the body but they can't separate the spirit they can't you know okay uh we all we all want we all want entity okay and we we part of a collective Consciousness and we you know we we want to drop us an ocean that that we call God is what it is okay you know we make up God yeah yeah so there's really no danger it's just a fun adventure right yeah right right you know uh there's no hell there's no eternal hell for uh what it is you have see see the foundation of the universe is is uh it's frequency and collaboration okay and and the higher you vibrate the higher the frequency and the higher level are you going to go up in a Dimensions dimensional levels now uh you vibrate low you're going to be closer to matter and you're going to settle at the lower uh dimensions you know whenever Jesus said my uh my father's Castle has many kingdoms yeah or maybe it's the other way around and that's what he meant there's so many different levels look at like the astral plane the astral plane is is right here biased I mean it's touching this now you got your lower astral and then again you get your higher astral plane and uh the lower the lower one is is where your demons at okay and your UFOs and stuff you know and all that okay that's a I think that's why they kind of figured out now you know but can you get trapped in the lower uh frequencies or does uh do we eventually all Ascend to the one uh mind yeah see what it is what it is whenever Jesus said to keep your mind pure because you don't know the the date or time yeah you're going to die what he meant was leave with only leave with only what you brought and that's unconditional love don't carry no baggage with you uh negative negative emotion is is matters and it uh it contaminates the spirit so you want to be able to to draw guilt drop jealousy drop uh you know just anything that's negative you want to drop it before you die you know it's like me I don't I don't get mad I mean I don't hold grudges or nothing I forgive right away uh I'm leaving clean and that's all that's all you're supposed to do but if you leave with a grudge or or something it's gonna hold you back you can be vibrating a little you might settle at a Midway up this scale you know uh somewhere in there and they got some nasty beans in there you know because I used to actually project a good bit and uh but I'll always go to the upper level because my my uh my Consciousness was was high enough to take me there you know um but yeah the the several levels in the in the dimensions but what would you say to someone that said hey look I understand the different levels the light is higher and the Darkness is lower but I want to muck around in sin lust greed I want to torture and kill babies I want to do all that dark stuff okay that's what I want to do because it doesn't really matter it's just oh yeah I'm going to suffer a little bit whatever but it doesn't really matter because I'm one with you and we're all one and we're all ultimately good so why don't I just why don't you just allow me and smile on me as I take the dark low path what would you say to that person uh you they're making himself a lot of trouble yeah you know because you you know we go through a birth death cycle on Earth yeah and and we all we all are just to decontaminate our spirit that's why we're here is to is to uh to learn to be able to to accept and drop and become wise and uh and clean our spirit is what is what we're doing uh you know I was told by by some on natural playing that nothing on Earth matters it's just it's just uh what matters is whenever you leave that's why that's why you want to do you want to you want to do everything you can to be able to leave and not come back okay do you subscribe to Nirvana or any of the uh names from the East that they ascribe to the Perfection of the Ascension uh no no no okay do you know anything about the uh Hare Krishna movement is there any truth in that movement from your perspective I I really don't know much about it you know uh I think I think it's more of like an offshoot from from uh Hinduism Buddhism right right right you know it's it's not it's not exactly the same it's not as pure as what right yeah right right so I have I have uh the pope and I have the living magistration that teaches me what God Almighty has given us in terms of the saving Truth uh do you have a master or a set of spiritual Masters or do you just use your own intuition and your hurt and mind and souls we are our own master I mean our higher self that's connected to us that's that's who that's uh that's the god protocol that's like you know okay it says it's not true self yeah so you go within and you find the light and you go toward the light it's that simple well I mean whenever you connect with your higher self you uh you get messages I I get a lot of channeling you know stuff and and every time you know I'll hear a voice you know and it's a and it's a horse I mean a a deep voice okay and that's my hard self talking to me uh telepathic I mean it sounds like like it's outside but it's not and um in fact my first uh my first grandchild uh my daughter was like three three weeks pregnant and uh she called and told me that but that night I was reading and all of a sudden I hear this this male voice say uh uh boy all right just boy like that so so the next morning I I called up my daughter I said hey it's gonna be a boy how you know I said this don't worry about it it's gonna be a boy oh yeah but you know we need to see you know you know but with ultrasonic stuff I said I tell you if they tell you that it's a girl you're at it it's gonna be a boy and he'll ask me how I know it shows up as a boy you know so it's stuff like like that you know you get messages and stuff see your your goal is to uh not come back is that your goal your main goal is like yeah uh yeah I mean she I don't know if y'all into the past life uh no no we don't believe in that okay okay yeah we we go through cycles and stuff uh I I think a lot of us were uh a lot of us volunteered to come to come back okay you know um that's what that's what I gather you know uh we uh you know we've been dead for a while and stuff and we've been you know Spirit guards and stuff and all that but but the final battle between good and evil uh art needed help Humanity needed help and and I think that they got a lot of us that are are volunteers how many people in your entourage your family and friends who are like-minded they see the world the same way you see it nobody really see this I found out I mean that's you know going through researching the stuff and that all that at least one family has has at least one person that's uh that uh who has been awakened from an early age you know it's like when they they're born empaths the impacts they can read the energy and stuff and all that and uh they can they can see when the world is being pulled over our eyes but but to the rest of the family you look like a radical because you don't you don't trust things about you don't see things at face value right right and yeah and you can spot evil a mile away yeah so so uh I remember I was uh I think I was like 11 or 12. I told my dad I said Dad I said one day one day we're gonna be fighting out our own government you know and boy he got all mad at me and told me I was crazy and other radical and all that but it's true you know it's true came true yeah in your lifetime yeah but but every family has has at least one one Oddball like me yeah yeah yeah I mean I don't know if it's an oddball but it's uh especially it's something you know it's different yeah something special so do you have people that are actively uh trying to change your mind and to convert you to their to their religion or you just avoid people like that you know what I'll tell you what what happened after after I uh after I connected and stuff I went about two years through through a emotional roller coaster I had all this every night for about a year I'd have this information just downloaded into my head to where I'd have headaches and and 347 I didn't even know what he even met I mean I don't know uh whenever you can see the info in your head but you can't put it together it's it's aggravating yeah and one day uh I got mad one day I and I said uh I said why did y'all give me this and I can't even use it I can't even tell them about it because they won't believe me you know stuff and all that well with a message I got back was to uh Don't Force Don't Force nothing on nobody uh Planet seed plant a seed and when that seed germinates they'll come back and ask you a question but don't force no no knowledge on nobody so I've been keeping it to myself really uh unless I meet somebody who's you know across my path that that has been through before which is rare it's rare so when the is it very common for you to meet new entities like Spirits or whatever they I don't know how you would call them is it is it is it rare that you would meet a new one or do you have a group of them that you're familiar with or is it just a few encounters you've had over the years and you lost touch with them yeah it's more or less that you know see I was uh whenever I started seeing them uh I used to read a lot at night and uh but then they started you know I have like three or four of them come up to my bedside watching me read and that that took me a while to get used to so uh I remember the first time it happened I put my head down in the book and I didn't want to say no look you know but what they did they they took all all the words in the book I mean on that page I was looking at it and they scrambled it and and they made a they made a message okay they said don't or don't ignore us we you know we're not going to hurt you you know we're not gonna hurt you okay so and all they wanted to do was uh tell us tell me their story about their life on Earth and uh and they're they're now then you get one that asks for help you know they they have something inside they can't let go and they can't move on and they want to know if I can help them uh because once you die uh Free Will Free Will becomes real I mean you have to uh it's like uh here on Earth you can do anything to somebody and without even asking them but but in the spiritual world you have to get permission first so so they can get help from from the spiritual World unless they invite them in that's why it's easier for them to get help from the from Earth you know the physical world but I started uh I got into helping kids uh I've seen a lot of kids lost you know just walking around uh with no parents looking for their parents they would go from house to house wherever they had we ever did they found kids that they stayed there for a few days and play and and uh and then the house house became haunted you know that stuff and uh then they move on that's what I felt sorry for and uh some of them were were being held back by by negative Earthbound spirits and uh and I go and I take them away from them and then I've seen I've seen her or him look to the light by visualizing okay it's pretty all I mean it's pretty it's pretty awesome you know sounds like a noble Endeavor we have uh we have a couple of people we have a couple of your friends I think in the chat one's called Jay ghee and one's called Kansas garden man they said howdy and yo these are friends of yours uh I don't recognize the usernames they might be they might be your friends with different usernames yeah YouTube yeah but yeah they sound like they're from down in your neck of the woods because I'm way up I'm way up in Canada oh okay okay yeah yeah yeah that's right that's right A big one of the big uh areas of interest for uh for me as a Christian is morality and within morality one of the most interesting topics is sexuality and all the dark side with pornography divorce abortion these sorts of things yeah do you have a similar Outlook uh to the Christian the like the conservative Christians or the the traditional Christians that pornography is evil and promiscuity is evil and sex is something should be dignified and honored within a marriage and that uh you know uh the different uh sort of traditional beliefs about family and intimacy are you on board with me on all that stuff or do you just think everyone can do what they want to do no I mean see everything is the energy everything around us is energy and different different grades uh but too much of something is not good and then then if you if you uh you know if you uh uh become pervertent about it yeah you you cross it in the line but uh but but sexuality between two people is is normal I mean that's normal you know and uh and I'm gonna say this the the human orgasm is it's it's one of the most it's what we We Are Made made of it's the it's the energy of a creation it's it's so powerful I mean it's uh you know this picture at times at times a thousand and it's you know it's just a a powerful explosion is what it is and uh so so it's not it's not uh it's normal I mean it's it's natural unless you take it to another level just like what they do now you know stuff now that's that's the way this way overboard that you know uh you know everything order everything should stay and was meant to stay in the order of creation yeah uh order equals beauty Beauty equals happiness happiness equals love uh chaos uh chaos is strictly a a evil and that's what they trying to do now they're trying to take order and flip it around and uh and turn everything to chaos and and um but I mean we can't let that happen we can't you know and everything yeah okay and everything right now uh is moving from from chaos to order in the universe either from the big big bang to you know from the chaos that he created it's going back to the door and and everything is moving that way I mean the insects your your planets everything's moving in that one of the direction back to Unity and so except Earth we're going backwards and that's not gonna okay that's not gonna flaw that you know it spells Doom uh okay my friend in the chat says uh okay he doesn't know you but he finds uh this chat interesting and uh so another topic I wanted to talk to you about is another one of the great evils in the world and that is war what is happening uh from your perspective when it comes to war because things are heating up a little bit in our present time and uh a lot of people are confused they don't know what to make of it and a lot of people are scared I'm not scared but a lot of people are scared and War has been going on since the beginning and uh spiritually or energetically what what are you able to see that has to do with war and good versus evil oh war war has changed from from uh fighting to save your country or find off Invader it has become a business you know uh I mean professional Wars they use Wars they'll create an enemy and you know to fight to make a war to make money you know you know uh you create the problem and you presented The Cure to have the outcome that you want and that's what it turned out to be I mean that's what it is now you know yeah right exactly they they're using they're using the uh humans as a a chess game you know I mean they yeah they uh there's no there's no respect for life at all a lot of ones in charge yeah yeah yeah yeah but but uh I just started this only started uh in the in the in the 20th century you know okay yeah up until then it was sort of uh it was more difficult defensive rights and stuff like that okay right uh when you look at the human society is it do you see it like a pyramid like a a proper pyramid where there are few people at the top controlling and the people at the bottom are basically good and innocent is that how you see it or do you see it uh in a different uh geometry well I mean we if if everybody would would find themselves would would uh would look inside themselves and connect we'd be at the top of the pyramid you know they they couldn't they couldn't uh they couldn't even touch us uh it's just we see for for thousands and years they they kept the truth away from man they hit it and then because they didn't want us to connecting with our heart ourselves because they knew if we would they couldn't have World dominance and so they so they kept things from us you know stuff and and all that and they they became the top of the pyramid and we we are the the mighty power and we're at the bottom because we don't know better and that's what happened well it's it's amazing to me I don't want to talk about the recent Health concern that's been going around for the past couple years because that gets me in trouble on YouTube but it's amazing it's amazing to me uh how complicit and uh conformist people were among my family and friends and it really shocked and disappointed me do you feel the same way or oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I do you know it's like it's like they they scared they're scared to they're scared to hear you know they scared of the truth that's what it is oh they they want to keep a certain lifestyle they don't want to get uh mixed up and nothing they just want to be left alone but sometimes you you have to you know you you have to turn around and look at look at the truth you know and then and see what's ahead I think it's safe now I think it's safe now in 2022 to talk about past distant past uh conspiracy theories like JFK assassination uh 911. I think we can talk about that without getting me banned from YouTube so we'll talk about those old school conspiracy theories yeah moon landing all that sort of stuff but uh you know it's uh it's eye-opening when you look into them even if it's an old one it's still it's still eye-opening but a lot of people don't want to have their eyes opened right exactly it's just it's too easy to believe a lie than to look for the truth you know because it turns it turns some people turn their world upside down they can't just let it float you know but but like Jesus said in the end times everything's coming out all the truth is coming out nothing will be hid and that's what's happening right now I see it every day you get more and more and more and uh and I feel like the assassinations and stuff and all that it's all the same people it's all the same people yeah you hinted on Twitter you hinted to me you had some uh theories or insights or information or something yeah I don't know how delicate that is to talk about uh publicly or if that's okay for you to share your perspective or whatever you know I've shared it before and it's it's one of them things it started out as a theory for me and in the more I dug and the more I talk to people the doctor started connecting and uh uh the 60s the late 60s was whenever whenever a lot was going on you know we had we had a but you have uh JFK was killed in 63 then you had Bobby you had uh Martin Luther King then you had um Malcolm X and that was four people right there four leaders trying trying to change the world because it was turning it upside down just like it it is done now they were trying to to keep it from doing that and and that was the the decade right there that that the U.S lost control of of our country you know it felt it felt outside hands is what happened you know uh I don't say too much because people might not agree with me and stuff and all that but uh you know a lot of things happen I'll call it uh that's when the Beast showed his head showed his face okay but nobody's seen it nobody's seen it you know you get Vietnam you know was a industrial uh I mean the military industrial the complex War a bank is war okay you know it's like Korea was and uh it's like World War II was a bank is war and so it's it's uh it's it it's hard it's hard to talk about because a lot of people they don't know the the details and they they might get offended you know yeah well I think you're uh something of an expert on World War II you told me is that true well yeah oh yeah yeah uh uh uh well I always tell people World War one has never ended we're still fighting it it just you know it went from World War One to World War II it's just extensions is what happened oh I see and then then uh what happened in World War II we we uh we let the Beast out that's what happened and and that's the Belushi communist um their their plan was was world domination that's what they wanted and they started with with uh with Russia you know and they killed they killed 60 65 million uh the Christians in Russia wow it was it was pretty ugly and uh and then didn't you hired the Chinese which wasn't Communists but the hard them as police and then after the Revolution was over they went to China and they made it communists and then they said well you know what instead of using violence from now on we're going to just uh infiltrate uh other governments and and uh use the the symbol of the snake they called it oh whenever whenever the head goes in and makes a complete circle and catches back up with the tail that's when they know the country is under their control Pura boros yep yep uh and it did the same thing to the Christian church in 1450. they they infiltrated it they uh changed changed their their rules let's change their laws and then it became corrupt you know corrupted and stuff and all that and look at it today I mean you got the pope given the satanic uh uh signs for the sentence you know I mean it's it's signing it's signing it's definitely infiltration in the church oh yeah I don't know uh you know I can't I can't judge any individual maybe you have more insight than I do I'd prefer to just give the benefit of the doubt that's what my religion teaches me to do and I'm not gonna you know I'm not gonna be punished for the sins of Pope Francis or anyone else it's just it's just up to me what choices I make and what I'm going to do with my free will and if I'm going to right right selfish or not so uh yeah so I mean it's a very complicated thing trying to look at history and the sad part is the winners always write the history books right do you want to talk about that angle the winner the winner you talk about I mean like the history the history books are written by those who yeah right right yeah the winner always writes the history right so we're not going to get we're not going to get the absolute truth we're going to get no no no no no see I I um I collected books ugh and that's what I do a lot of my research and and all my books that I collected are from 1920s 1930s anything after that is garbage it's been since it's been you know it's been gone through and changed and all that so so my cutoff date is like 1939 you know and uh so uh and after that was you know the politics they got into the war was about to end uh then I think it's a church appeal that they wrote the the final chapter of what happened and all that so uh so yeah you're right you know the the winner always writes the history and it's always wrong it's always wrong he's he's fighting himself in the back but what he's doing he's covering himself you know yeah because they because they they were guilty of war crimes that they that they were paid for well I'm just wondering like how do you feel about the you know uh the innocent quote-unquote innocent those who don't have power don't have money and they're just kind of pushed around and they're just scrambling to survive uh where do they fit into your worldview are they are they going to ascend are they in darkness because oh yeah yeah we are what we all equal I mean we all we all want we all you know like I said I think I might have told somebody today or whatever you know you know we all made we all made up of atoms and and every item is identical you know identical to the same and uh we uh and make sure and every atom is connected you know that's why you can split them up you about million miles and you can do one do something to one and at the same time you're affecting the other one that's because we we won and distance and uh separation and distances is uh is a I mean it's an illusion you know illusion and then but uh no they the the poor people and stuff as long as they uh don't turn to to Crime you know they you know they they're okay but I know a lot of them they turn the crime because they poured they need money and stuff and all that as long as you can forgive yourself and don't carry that that with you then you're good but if you leave here there was a lot of hate and a lot of resentment guilt and or jealousy or or regret then you hold yourself back yeah yeah yeah well there's a there's a good Catholic prayer that says God don't let me so be so poor that I have to steal her that I'm tempted to steal but don't make me so rich that I forget about you so we need to balance I guess uh yeah between being rich and poor right and then if you're poor you don't have to steal you you uh you know we create our our reality with our thoughts uh but see like with me you know I rather I ride the die of starvation than steal a hamburgers from from a kid you know I mean I just you know you you get that you know you uh you grow you grow a lot of Mortals and stuff and and you put yourself last and put others first that sounds very Christian yeah yeah and and I've always been like like that you know because I've always been an impact you know I feel like other people's uh emotions and and it it's it's bad sometimes you know yeah it wears you out do you think that suffering is more than just low vibration and being stuck is suffering something more like what can you just talk about suffering it's uh it's suffering yourself it's uh it's it's part of the design you know because see whenever whenever we we mixed into matter uh we we knew that we'd have to decontaminate ourselves to go back and and be Unity I mean go back to the singularity so the only the only way for for a person to to actually learn is uh is not about paying uh on themselves but but seeing that that they cause pain that's why a lot of people a lot of good people or uh or hurt more than the bad people is because whenever that bad person if you have the Consciousness he sees that he hurt somebody else it's going to kick in and that's how that's how they learn you learn by watching somebody in pain that you caused so uh so it's more of a design a design um that's what I believe you know what about what I see uh something completely completely off topic maybe but you reminded me of it was the dream life what is the dream life from your perspective the dream life is uh you know some of it see we we all we all uh we all natural projects pretty often but but we think of it as a dream we dream but uh but our spirit does leave our bodies and then it'll come back uh you know modeling once a month or whatever you know I I don't know but uh a lot of a lot of our dreams is is that uh but we don't have the memory of leaving out in our body but but whenever but when I started after projecting at that wheel after my my weekend uh I can just think about where I want to go and whenever I left I go there and I had to stop uh because uh I didn't want to come back it was life the the upper astral was so beautiful and so so uh Lively I mean you know that's that's that's the real reality and uh this here this year is nothing it's just a training ground that's all it is um but your dream your dreams are you know you dream dreams are messages some of them are messages some of them are just uh jumping up garbage or what she went through you know for the day and uh and some are just Reflections from an astral projection you had oh one I used to get a lot a lot of messages in my dreams I'd wake up with a uh I wake up singing songs and most of them I've never even heard before in my life but I knew all the words so I write down the words and and it and it would uh it makes sense you know and and there's one that there's one dream on the other uh I mean there's one one song I never will ever forget I woke up singing Nowhere Man by The Beatles okay I said no nowhere man so I got on the computer stuff and I and I looked at and I looked it up and all the lyrics and stuff and what it is uh you see John Lennon had done the same thing he woke up singing the same words and they made a song with it and people are asking what does it mean he says I don't know but but nowhere man is God okay we you know nowhere man you're not you're not here you're not you you know where it's hard it's hard to see it you know in your yard but you're everywhere is what it is uh but but that's what the song was it was it was telling me that we are part of the nowhere man you know there's a Catholic saying God is that being whose circumference is everywhere in whose Center is nowhere or something like that I might be messing it up but it's something I like that something like that the way I say it is this and this is how I can see it you we are at the beginning and we are the end everything else is within us okay the Creator cannot be inside inside of something else the Creator is on the outside looking in so we're looking in into our uh the spirit world is a mental world is what it is but it's more real than a physical we're looking into to our own being to see what we've created that it's all it's hard to explain I mean you know but uh if you think about it it's not working in there yeah well I can think of an example you know when I'm planning a creative project and I'm thinking about the planning and I'm visualizing it and I'm watching the process or when I'm praying even when I'm praying prayers I'm watching myself go through the litany and sort of like a spectator at the same time and so I can pay attention I could pay more or less attention to my own prayer it's amazing yeah I could be completely distracted and still doing the prayer or I can pay attention what am I talking what am I saying what am I thinking what am I and then you can start to visualize these sorts of things uh we do have to I mean from a Christian perspective uh the Eastern Orthodox uh desert fathers they warn us against the imagination they think it's a it's a dangerous place because you can get so engrossed and thrilled and elated by the imagination it's such a powerful thing and I think you've uh you've experienced that yourself you know how tempting it is to just go there and never come back right right right yeah I mean it's it's the first time I went uh I went with my spirit God he he walked me through through everything and stuff and and and he explained things to him and he kept me all day long I mean I left at like eight o'clock in the morning and I didn't get back to the dark you know it was kind of weird I stayed I stayed in bed all day sound asleep but I was gone but uh yeah uh you you know I know I said uh before that that our thoughts create in our reality uh for okay good example a writer a novel somebody who writes novels they will be thinking about that the main character and and the life and stuff so hard to where where they're using the intense and and probably 85 percent of them actually manifest their their main character in in the book The manifest because you you're visualizing in detail this person with with intent and and you're actually creating them you know you create a thought form is what it is that's awesome so that's kind of like like what you were saying about the yeah you know got so many different ways that you can uh interpret it you know uh but but it's all the same um you know you could create your own self again but by thinking of yourself and and uh with detail and intents it's people people don't realize how powerful the human thoughts are very powerful for sure well some people are tuned into it I think I think athletes use it to uh train visualization yeah yeah a lot of athletes yeah a lot of public speakers do that and uh you know I I don't engage in that sort of thing too much just because I'm a little bit scared of the the dangers but uh you've gone full hog into it I guess you you have you have some self-defense mechanisms built into your practice uh if keep keep your vibration High it as long as as long as your vibration is high they won't come around you they won't come around okay uh you know you you you're putting up a barrier right there but see I've been I've been visualizing since I've been a a young young I mean a toddler you know and and I started and as I got older I started shaking to myself you know everything you daydream about and your visualize always come always comes true it happens and then I started putting two and two together you know and stuff and and reading and all that and I was actually creating I was creating it and and it was good stuff it was it wasn't nothing bad but but you can use it for bad stuff too okay you see like witchcraft witchcraft uh instead of using instead of visualizing they use Trinkets and little stuff you know to to put their their manifestation together uh but that but that's in the dark side as long as as long as you use it for good it just something it's not wrong with it you know and using it so good you're going to keep the Bat Away right right right the light chases away the Shadows you're right right right but people need to realize too that there's always some there's always good that comes out of something bad because bad came from good it uh and has to go back yeah we say in the in My Religion we say that evil has no existence of its own it's a parasite on the good it's a parasite it's a parasite and it's exactly right it's a it's a it's a byproduct of of our convert converting our energy converging down from what it was and right now we're converting back up can you imagine you can't sorry go ahead can you imagine a nice delicate machine that has many parts interlocking and moving beautifully and then uh what evil is is the noise when you jam it or throw a wrench in the works and then you get that that that lack of Harmony that lack of unity that lack of order that you talked about earlier that's what evil is and evil is patting itself on the back saying look at all the noise I made and look at the mess I made but yeah it's not an improvement on the machine the machine is perfect and evil is just destroying it exactly and that's what's happening today see like these people they think that they can tie into the human consciousness and they can control our thinking our thoughts and stuff and all that they they they're so ignorant that they I mean they think they're smart but they're not you cannot tie into the to the collective Consciousness which is God you cannot you can't you know uh uh we don't we don't even need a technology if we all if we all connected with our higher self all we need is our minds we can do anything I mean you can turn turn the pig into a cow you know we don't need uh technology but they need it yeah that's how you know they can't do nothing they don't have the ability or the power to do anything so so you use a technology you know like right now go ahead I was just saying I was wrong with you I agree with you 100 I think that uh our our view on Good and Evil is very similar in many many ways yeah oh yeah yeah I mean yeah it could draw you know they you know it's like you cannot the people today who's in charge of all this all this high technology are not mature enough to to handle to have it you know uh spirituality and technology is supposed to go up at the same time okay you know to where to where they cross you know way up there but it's not like that and that's and that's that's what's happening the the bad kids got the toys they got a hold of them exactly exactly the back he's got the doors I mean they you know they and and it corrupts them I mean they they become part of that they they become an owl themselves so how does someone in this life which I believe is the only life but you believe is one of many yeah how does someone in this life who's on the bad path how do they summon the energy and the courage to change their ways is not going to be painful and aren't their friends their quote unquote fake friends going to torture and kill them if they try to step away and reveal the secrets of their dark well that's when that's whenever you have to you have to put yourself first and and and and I go forward you know I mean you can't just you can't you can't think of what they might do or whatever okay you follow follow the the truth follow your heart uh what it's telling you you know somebody a little bit of Consciousness you get to a point to where to where it starts speaking back to you wait a minute you you can't cross the line the back up you know but there's many people that don't have a Consciousness that don't have a soul you know uh and it's because you know these these our human vessels you know we we attached to them it's all attaches to them but there's many that uh they're not compatible for the soul the soul won't come into a negative uh human vessel you know because it's not it doesn't I mean it's not compatible it won't work so they back off of it and what causes a human vessel to be negative is like in like inbreeding uh uh different things you know uh and and some of them it's not their fault but some but but most of them it isn't their fault because they they kept trying to keep a pure bloodline they kept them themselves not being able to take a soul that's what happened and I call it a hive mind a narcissist they all they're all the same they're never wrong they don't see that you know they don't they don't know that fairy action there's an opposite reaction you slap me I'll slap you back you know but but if but if they slap me and I slapped them back and they get mad they wanted to walk slapping you know so you see what I'm getting that the the hypocrisy yeah hypocrisy yeah yeah yeah uh what about uh what about what about food is food a spiritual thing for you uh it it yes uh or fast I mean yes it is blasting from food maybe uh no I don't follow that um but uh but I try to follow I try to eat uh natural things you know good food right right but today the way they they got it I mean you don't know what's natural no more I mean you know it's it's uh it's what you do you know what about the animals and the pets do you think that they're on a journey yes yes they are and I'll tell them to my dad today I said I've noticed in the last 10 years that that uh that our pets our dogs our cats they have spiritually evolved okay more than I mean you know and we went back with David forward they they show more love yeah the night they show they show more love than the human beings do you know and they and and they don't judge they don't you know they they really uh Advanced Spiritual Beings you know you don't notice that I mean you haven't noticed that yeah yeah sure for sure I think everyone knows that because that's why they love having their their unconscious love from their pets yeah exactly I'm looking for me a dog now you know but I mean it's uh but they they lovable they don't get mad at you they uh they don't judge you know I mean they they perfect the demon cats you know demon cats they're selfish and aloof no they're not well at one o'clock every morning they go nuts for about an hour I never I never can figure that out you know running back and forth and screaming yeah yeah I talked to somebody we're breaking into the house and but they sleep all day but like for one hour between one and one or two in the morning they go nuts they break everything in the house and you catch you so we threw them outside you know we threw them out and they're breaking everything it's crazy oh yeah yeah but uh yeah there's so much there's so much detail into everything that's that's happening and that has happened it's hard to uh sort it out you know it's really hard to start off especially when that whenever you're getting a lot of misinformation without without common sense you you you don't have no you know sure for sure well I mean you said it very well when you talked to people thinking they're smart when they're not too smart and the academics and those experts and all that and even the scientists today they're just a bunch of morons no offense intended but a lot of them don't have common sense a lot of them can't see the uh the the lies that they're swallowing because they're too close their nose is too close to the subject exactly they got to step back and you got to have like an education like what we used to have where you'd have a broader perspective and then you can sort of evaluate and you can have wisdom and that's what's missing too I think you have to have common sense to have wisdom and Common Sense is missing and with them it's just not gonna you're not gonna get it in my uh my uh my college a professor told me that that uh that I wasn't gonna make it in the real world I should watch that because you uh you uh you're too honest see I was going I was I want to be a a historian you know you're not gonna make it and they're gonna eat you up because because of what what they put out there now you know it's it's the uh it's the gospel you know but it's wrong and uh so so here comes me with the truth they're gonna eat me up you know so I didn't let it scare me and uh I went you know I'm in my own I did my you know my own thing you know yeah yeah I got cursed out a lot to do but yeah death threats and all that so oh really oh yeah oh yeah yeah I had I had some call me from from Africa uh I had some comments from uh Germany you know uh threatened me yeah oh yeah wow why yeah well because they didn't they didn't uh believe what I was talking about you know and instead of you know uh instead of sitting down and listening you know nobody knows everything okay A wise man of sit sit and listen without judgment or argue okay but ignorant mind will be the first one to jump up and argue and and all he knows is what he was it's what he's been told so you know and and it's not that many wise men to just sit down and listen you know they want to jump up and uh and argue with you then when you tell them okay let's do a public debate then they back off you know they back off but but that's what that's what I went through a lot especially at the beginning of the internet and stuff you know and all that it was it was a circus yeah low quality uh opponents on the internet for sure yeah for sure very low very low I had a guy who claims to be Christian who is all upset with me over Ukraine Russia and all this stuff yeah and what I was saying was very neutral with respect to the conflict because I don't know what's going on in in Russia yeah it's half a world away I don't know you're right I didn't make any statement about which side is good which side is evil all I said is I'm with God that's what I said and he's like well he's like well Russia's evil and this and that the other thing and I said and he said the victims in Ukraine and I was like yeah I'm with the victim I'm on the side of the victims for sure yeah on both sides they're victims on both sides let's not be naive there are innocent victims on both sides of any war and there are evil people on both sides of every ride so I mean but he just couldn't grasp it he thought there's Ukraine good Russia evil and that that's it and if you don't agree with him then you're a [ __ ] he called me a coward he said I have no moral backbone on and on and on and on all I'm saying is I'm on the side of goodness I'm on the side of God and I'm on the side of the victims the innocent people and it's complicated and I can't give you a straight answer he kept selling telling me tell me what is who are the good guys and who are the bad guys Russia or Ukraine and I said look it's complicated and it's an individual on an individual basis we need to judge each human what are what are his intentions is he selfish or not and you know that's the way it is and it takes common sense to see that you know you uh with his egg has they they just they you know it's heated either or not it I mean this they don't seem to see like like in in the Ukraine in Russia it's it's such a a an ethic I mean they got they got Russians in in Ukraine you got you know you got uh you got 400 000 Jews in in the Ukraine uh uh the Ukraine was was Babylon in the past was it yes yes no geographical area that's exactly the same place and and that has something to do with what's going on too oh you know yeah you see they they dug up in Iraq they dug up uh some uh some of the Stargates uh back in 99 or 2000. and uh and uh Saddam had made the comment on on mainstream media on TV that he had the plans to rebuild Babylon and and the CIA the antennas went off okay all right well he has uh they said he must have the the rest of the Samaritan tax tablets you know I read I read like a fourth of them the rest of them been been hit so so they say well you know what we need we need those tablets we need the plants to Babylon because Babylon held have a lot of technology that the U.S you know Stargate systems and all that so uh so I believe that was the main part of why we invaded uh Iraq because because we went straight to the museums and to the mansions okay and and the only way see it's it's uh it's not legal to to invade a country and and go to the Mansions you have to have a good reason which is weapons of mass destruction before the U.N will allow you so that that's what they they appreciate they preached and then they got permission and then went straight to the museum and straight to the mansions and they found the the uh the stuff and and they stole it you know they stole it but uh but Babylon has Babylon has a lot to do with this War I think it's a it's like a returning it's like these Cults they want to be turned back to uh to where they were worshiped in the uh who is it a uh yeah yeah yeah but look at the uh at the big old uh you know what was it the big Sports thing they had a month ago uh the opening of the uh European games yeah look what the uh look what their their their team was a big bull by like you know they brought him out with chains yeah it was all satanic you know it was it was amazing and and most people didn't even didn't even see that didn't recognize it you know as what it meant what it stood for and and I've seen that the other night and I was like I can't believe I mean you know and they were actually worshiping this big bull in front of all these millions of people and stuff and they would cheering and stuff and they didn't know what they would do you know it's I'm not I'm afraid to say it but but you know we had the hands we had the answer something's gonna happen it's scary it's scary how Brazen and bold they are with the open Satanism oh they I mean just everywhere you look they they show them they give their their hand signs and stuff and all that and it's more than what we think too then another thing too yeah I'm gonna jump on this subject because it's it's pretty serious you know we we're not far from a post here you're aware of that right what's that a pole shift oh okay in the in the Earth yeah yeah magnetic field yeah yeah see you see uh the scientists he had he he found out and he and and he proved that he wrote a book and stuff and I did the CIA confiscated but every every 11.5 000 years the earth the earth will the pole will shift a 90 degree to the East North Pole are all over pretty East and stop at the equator okay but it causes enough destruction to where it uh you know first of the far the volcanoes and this and that Dennis this the steam because the drain and stuff and there's the flood and then it's the ice age and then then it starts over again cycle so there's a comp a cosmic event that causes this to happen on Clockwork and uh right now the the uh the magnetic north is moving the foot a day okay it went from a few centimeters uh every few months to a foot a day and it's about seven foot away from the Tipping Point to where to where it rolls that's what they claim you know and we and and the thought appeared we we due for right now right now so so we have all this stuff going on too we have more earthquakes we're having a uh HO2 uh H2S gas that's leaking out and that comes from down there you know the the the the large movement you know it's being cool to the side that's what's happening and every planet in our solar system is being pulled to the same side because there's a a large mass that's on its way and getting closer and and it's pulling on on every planet and that's what happens every 11.5 A Thousand Years this big Jupiter sized planet or bigger has an insulated orbit it comes around only so many thousand years I see okay and every time you come it comes around it it shakes up everything I don't believe that because I believe the whole universe was created uh as a perfect uh in a perfect state by God like 7 000 years ago or something like that and so I don't believe in the millions of years billions of years that decided to talk about today but uh I understand uh you know each each person has their own perspective right right there's a lot of speculation that's possible and the mainstream picture I think is silly with the you know the the picture they paint of evolution I think is absolutely ridiculous oh yeah yeah that's that's way off I mean that's that's wrong and it's like it's like with him going to space you know you know they they've been caught in so many laws right now about faking I mean even I mean why fake a shot of why fake the shuttle being in orbit I mean there's something wrong there you know I got some videos of uh they're showing the astronauts on the on the shuttle they're walking in Space didn't show a man walk by uh outside the window or inside the vessel no outside the window you know I mean you know you showed his actions I was all floating around and stuff but also you see somebody pass by walking fast I mean it's it's just it's a it's a big film set is what it is that's a Nazism a big film said you know so it's funny uh my wife and I watch a couple of uh conspiracy theory movies about that uh director the famous director eyes white shot what's his name Kubrick Stanley Cooper yeah and they've done some really good I don't you know I take it with a grain of salt because it's just fanciful imagination of what they're trying to put together the conspiracy theorists but they talk about the moon landing they talk about all kinds of different stuff with the Stanley Kubrick and uh you know it's fun it's it is fun when you look at different films and you try to see if they're hidden messages and this sort of thing do you take all that stuff with a grain of salt or do you view it like through a spiritual lens because you you have this intuition yeah I could I can feel it if it's if I can feel the the engine if it's right or wrong okay uh but sometimes I can't because I might you know I might have a lot of my mind or something you know but but if I'm sitting down and and focusing I can feel it you know and uh I mean I'm a good lie detector test I can I can uh tell them whenever somebody's lying you know not by just guessing but actually feeling it yeah yeah yeah yeah and I hate that I hate that because you know you got somebody lying lying to you and and and and other people they believe in it but you know that it's the law and you don't want to embarrass them and tell them that they lie so so I just you know yeah you're gonna spoil spoil a lot of parties uh Dirk well you know what I'm not like that I'm soft forwarded you know I I think of the other person's feelings before my own so I just I just walk away you know the best thing and then and then I don't judge and meet up because you know we we've all we've all lauded at one point in time yeah yeah we're all week we're all week Sinners as I would say yeah well I mean we got we got the ego Mon and we got our soul you know and and the soul the soul stays in the back seat you know we need to get get it connected and put that ego in the back seat and put the soul driving you know well that's how it shouldn't be you know in the Bible they talk a lot about the hurt and the hurt it's like the kind of like the center of the person right right right we've got the head and we've got the heart so what's your perspective on The Head and the Heart in your world view well they had they had it okay well your spinal cord for me head on down that's your that's your main Highway for your energy that flows through you okay and and you got different uh it's like some uh Crossroads that it's called like it's called chakras it's where it's where energy is is uh branched out of that stuff and uh now I don't know where where the heart comes in but the crowd is on the top okay and um I used to do some healing too and and uh and what I do I feel I visualize the light going going through the crown and then coming out defeat going alter the body and they come out of the feet and then going into the ground and carrying the negativity with it uh but the the harder I never I never could put the heart uh I never I never could fit it in there someplace I don't know you know because it it's not a I don't know you know it's just a pump I guess but the but the spinal cord is is you mean uh okay okay so you you see the heart you see the heart as a different system altogether it's just like I can't fit it in with with the spinal cord it just don't it okay but uh and then I think too that a lot of people don't know if you if you're in a a long-term relationship you know either with a wife or friends or whatever uh you become they call it tentacles it's a you know you become attached yeah and you always attach at the spinal area and uh so if it's like an asset relationship they they can actually feed off you feed the energy without even without even realizing that they're doing it vampirism yeah yeah at least I was with a narcissist with uh for 13 years that had three different personalities and believe me I went I went I went through hell I mean I was being spiritually attacked every day every day you know uh my family they told me they said you need to you need to leave or are we you know uh she's killing you you know yeah but I didn't want to use my little girl because I want her to have a dad but it got to where I I just couldn't do it it was like it did she was actually killing me heavy heavy stuff yeah yes yes and you're not the only one sadly you're not the only one that's all over the place it's all over the place especially in the West in the West in the in the developing countries they got their own problems but I think in the west our main problem is these sort of psychological vampirism stuff what what it is and and you know people might they might not agree with me but the uh a narcissist is somebody without a conscience and and if you don't have a conscience you don't have a soul you know they they they're a soulless beings that's what I think you know yeah they're so what I believe as a Christian I believe every every animal has a soul and every human has a rational soul that has free will and sadly uh you know sadly some people choose the dark path and they die that way and then they end up in hell for all eternity it's a horrible horrible horrible situation to find themselves in but sadly because we're free and we have reason and we all have a soul that's a danger that we face and a lot of people end up in hell so that's my perspective as Christian and you've got some similar you've got some similar yeah yeah I mean it's pretty much the same the same but changed up a little bit you know but those without assault those without a soul they don't have the responsibility to make the right choices because they don't even have a soul in in your worldview right so how can they will they be responsible yeah they don't see they don't see uh with a soul you can do you know they're gonna be a time that it's gonna tell you hey stop I mean you know uh you're doing wrong yeah you know and all that you know they got a limit uh but these people here like her you know I mean there was nothing it was empty but you I mean I could I could look at her and and I and I've seen emptiness there's nothing and as far as you can say this about about a month the first month that we that we started dating I was having these bad nightmares that and I never had nightmares I I wake up I mean I was having these nightmares she was eating my legs and stuff and I had these big old demon teeth but what it was and I was being warned to leave and I didn't take it as a warning and I stayed and I got trapped and uh and it was bad I mean it was I mean it was it was so bad to wear to where it was paranormal a lot of times because she had these these entities that would that would attached to her and they were you know one one minute she could be a nice person the next man she wanted to kill you I mean it was just it was crazy and then and then her thoughts were she was uh I see pic well I had some pictures I took her her evil intentions she actually manifested them in thought forms and uh and you see him in pictures like in the walls and stuff you know trying to manifest and it I mean it was it was freaking I mean it was strange and then like the bugs you could get the insects out the house you could it was everything pointed to demonic influence you know it was bad did she have any Rusty did she have any religion any professed religion no nothing nothing I mean it was you know you you wake up in the morning you get Shadows walking through your bedroom you know you had to get some uh you know entities stopping you on the shoulder or shaking you to wake up and that's how it was whenever I was there it was you come back all the pictures of of the walls shattered on the floor of just the kids I mean it just it was bad but I couldn't leave my little girl there alone you know he was she's 18 now but oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah but I prayed yeah I prayed a lot you know for the angels to to watch over her because at 13 I left because it was it was either that or or go berserk or go crazy and what what helped me out was was my background in a demonology that I could I could uh see what was happening you know and and you know how to fight and you got to fight it off I fought back hard fought back hard wow you know yeah amazing so uh I'm gonna have you back again right now I have to wrap up because I gotta go okay okay see my wife all right but uh I really appreciate meeting you and oh the same here real pleasure you're a sweet guy and uh I'm sure you have a lot more to tell me and next time but we'll we'll be chatting okay and we'll be chatting on Twitter right yeah and next time I'll get my my laptop going uh sure yeah this worked out nice second uh yeah yeah you'll see when you watch it back you're uh you look good so oh we'll figure out all the technology stuff on the next time yeah yeah okay but listen I sure appreciate it you know uh thank you you know and then I mean to invite me and stuff and and uh and I'll be glad to come back take good care of yourself there and we'll talk soon okay okay all right goodbye God bless you my brother bye