CVS Live Guest - 2022-04-23 - Tom Mennier

Author Streamed Saturday April 23rd, 2022

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I invited Tom back to talk more about the faith. The livestream crashed a couple of times, so I downloaded, edited, and then reuploaded it. God is good.

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all right so we are live i'm here with tom tom how you doing great how are you good scoot to your left of it yes now pat your head and what did you rub your chest and pat your head at the same time no pat your head pat your head and rub your belly have you ever done one of those tests have you ever been pulled over have you ever had to do that you ever been in a turkish bath i don't believe no that's a line from an airplane then will we so everything's good how are you been i've been pretty good it's been about a month uh since we saw you last in a while back in my lawn care days yeah did you have long hair what was your hairdo um it was long long like uh ponytail oh no bob shaggy shaggy oh okay now your business man yeah gotta go make money yeah that's weird i mean uh is there a correlation like short hair more money my friends to this day my friends still tell me that my friends still tell me if you cut your hair you'll make more money i'm like i do not want more money thank you very much for your advice though yeah well i think times have changed uh and still it's like it's an old-fashioned idea but now in our uh woke culture uh you know the longer and purpler and greener probably the better yeah so you're you have more rebellion see back in the old days long hair was the rebellion and now uh monochrome hair is their belly now yeah that's right so what you've been up to what you've been thinking about and how's your uh walk with god been going for the past month yeah it's been uh it's been good you know i've been uh realizing that it can be quite uh time-consuming and um distracting to get uh overly obsessed with the uh state of the world yes and uh so i've been uh thinking more about what what god would want me to do and how i should be conducting myself where my energies should really go but i will never stop observing and being endlessly amazed and confounded by the absurdity of our time um yeah but it doesn't get to me that's good there's nothing nothing surprises me anymore yeah it's a foolish foolish world full of foolish people but we'll cheer we'll cheer them all on individually to repent yeah well well i think we're all foolish because we're merely human but the problem is is people being fooled good people are being fooled and we might we might profit by uh really examining why you're fooled we're all fooled to some degree um i think that the condition of our culture of our society uh is uh such that uh the level of um of the uh of uh you know the the propaganda and the the depth to which so many people are being fooled uh is uh is something that uh that has to really uh be examined like how how can that be you know um so i've been thinking a lot about that well it's funny i watched watched uh some conspiracy thing about um stanley cute kubrick i say kubrick some people say kubrick which bugs me but uh it was about the moon landing stuff and whatever you know i've heard about i've heard about this for years but i never really paid attention but for some reason i just thought to myself yeah i think it is [�__�] i think it is i think the moon landing was faked and i haven't really looked into it but something in that one particular conspiracy theory uh documentary was which was just two people talking but something about it just said yeah i think it is 100 [�__�] and uh last night at the friday night event i asked our friend john i said is there any chance that it's it's a hoax and he said yeah 100 guaranteed it's a hoax and he had read and studied it and whatever and uh so i'm just wondering what how do you feel about that is that tin foil hat land for you or is that uh something you'd looked into or um i think no offense but i think that when we say it's 100 hoax then yeah that's that's uh that's veering dangerously close to tuberculosis and foil yeah yeah yeah that's my definition of tin foil is when someone says uh you know no crazy i'm absolutely sure ah whereas i would say that um uh i i am not i am not sure okay uh just the depth of or not that i'm not i'm not doubting the depth of the of the delusion of our world at all i'm not doubting that but but i will say that i'm not absolutely sure the nature of it and the source of it um or or you know the the construction and the means of it and all that stuff but as far as the moon landing goes um i'd say that it's definitely quite logically it's very possible to hope to to conduct a hoax of that scale the technology was there and you know um and the geopolitical uh motivations behind it you know the whole competition with the russians and uh so there was politics involved there was a massive amount of money involved uh it was conducted by a let's face it and not entirely transparent organization nasa and uh it was on the television so and so uh this is uh you know i would say logically of course it is possible that it's a hoax i'm not going to say it was a hoax have you looked into it but i have looked into it and there are certain things that don't add up and of course the uh fact checkers get right on the cases what the van builder what was the band ben something belt the van der belcher the radio van allen ben alden belt yeah van allen radiation belt or something yeah yeah named after someone i suppose but anyway um yeah the radiation belt that that basically uh surrounds here a bubble of or a field of radiation i think there are a couple of patches where you can get through it avoid it or something i'm not sure uh yeah yeah so i'm not sure you know um it is uh it is a terrible distance and to get there and land safely and then get back uh if they pulled that off uh that's that's quite amazing but the question is why didn't they why didn't they go back like why are it was first of all why did they go there was it just a spectacle was it just uh you know a show of uh of might and uh you know this kind of battle of wills and power between the superpowers was that all there was to it um were they going to do some kind of experiments there was there a long-term plan to build some kind of a you know a moon station um but uh nonetheless no one went back no man landed they're not exploiting the natural resources yeah yeah yeah so why didn't they go back why didn't they repeat that feat um not that i think that we should i don't think that man has any place in space yeah uh and uh so we have you know elon musk and and the uh and the like that whole guilt of people uh going back to carl sagan and and many others who uh waxed lyrical about a man's destiny in the stars and uh that always rubbed me the wrong way since i can remember it's like um well folks we obviously haven't gotten it quite right down here uh so so i mean that was one of the arguments they used was like it's a it's a matter of survival i mean we're gonna we're gonna blow ourselves to smithereens or melt under a you know ecological meltdown and die so maybe we should find another planet so we can propagate continue propagating the species but to me that just that reaffirmed my uh initial um uh opposition to it it's like well yeah that proves my point like we got to get it right here if we don't get it right now if we go somewhere else before we get it right here uh and you know it brings up a question like what is the purpose of life to merely survive i mean obviously um you know uh i brush my teeth you do i floss too you know i floss every day and if i didn't my teeth would have been rotted by now and i probably have a much less uh uh pleasant life because of it so would i say the meaning of life or the purpose of life is brushing your teeth no and so i also say the purpose of life is not to survive but of course yeah of course you do what you can to survive and of course i brush my teeth but that's not the purpose of life and and and and so that's why that's in a nutshell why it just agrivite aggravates me to no end when people reduce things to to such uh absurd uh priorities and then using that as an argument as to why we should explore and and colonize space well right here right now and then and that brings us to the question is like well and what am i saying it's like am i one of these uh you know environmentalists who think that we have to save the world i get it right down here no i'm not one of those either because i don't think it's any it's just like it's not man's place in space it's not my or a a group of people's place to save the world what we have to do is get uh ourselves in order okay you know uh we don't go around trying to uh fix the world we should focus on getting right with ourselves getting right with god so yeah we were talking about uh uh man has no place in space all right right and uh and the purpose of life right so there's um i do believe that um speaking of conspiracy theories uh it's really quite amazing how successful they've been at uh indoctrinating so many people uh into uh taking this term so seriously as as a sort of pejorative you know um because it was basically it's it's it's a it's a new invention or you know a um a misappropriation of a perfectly legitimate term conspiracy is just when people conspire uh they share a goal and it's usually in secret and a theory is just well this might be what's behind this uh what's wrong with conspiracy theory uh so uh you know and so nobody wants to see nobody wants to be a racist nobody wants to be homophobic no one wants to be conservative dinosaur bible thumping young earther and nobody wants to be a conspiracy theorist that means like uh and and so and the rules you know of the game are constantly shifting every year there seems to be new um uh parameters to this whole game and so uh people are constantly oh well if i oh well i can't say that anymore because i might be homophobic or i might be this or that and so it's an incredibly controlling device and it's working not on me of course but i'm i despair at it i don't despair i'm not a despairing person but i do you know uh uh figuratively speaking i despair at the uh at the uh wicked success of this kind of you're disturbed by it you're disturbed by it the controlling factor of this of this term and the way it's applied you know um so it all uh comes into speaking of conspiracy here i go the war on truth well you know i don't think it's a far-fetched theory to say that there is an actual war on truth uh we see it all around us and and we you know so if i'm gonna indulge in conspiracy theories i i like to back it up with at least logic if i can't get enough evidence to convince people i can at least uh appeal to their logical faculties um to bring it on the table and saying well you know this is possible it's possible people can do it the means are there and this is why they would do it the motive so what would be i object your honor yeah so so the so with the motive to uh to stifle truth um uh the motives are are very obvious you know we're living in a in a consumerist uh age and uh you know uh who was it that quit you know the united states of advertising that's what they call you know uh you know sort of like the the the victors of the second world war and the great beneficiaries of all the fruits of the industrial age and uh brought us consumerism and spread it throughout the whole world and uh so advertising is a big component to that and then money buys politics and um and uh so when you have a world that's run by the uh profit motive to such a degree um then uh and deception is a very big part of advertising uh and then um as you go higher and higher up in power uh and and and uh capital and political and capital power uh then uh crimes will ensue of course and uh and you don't want those crimes to be caught out so more deception is required uh this is throughout literature i mean this is a a given about the human condition this is nothing new you know shakespeare the bible come on so uh so you you get uh you know the blood and yeah you're swimming in blood and it's coming up to your chin and you and you're and you have to kill lie and deceive more to hide to hide that and and then so one lie fixes another and then followed by other lies et cetera et cetera so uh so what are we going to do uh to get away with all this uh this hell and murder and blood and crime and lies and deception well um if we can convince the average person that truth is just relative and well there's no real such thing as truth anyway and then cap it off with this kind of pejorative term a conspiracy theory okay and then uh sprinkle in a good dose of of panic and fear over crises uh real and manufactured uh and even the real crises are bonus to the powers that be because they're going to use that to their advantage um and never let a good crisis go to waste and all that stuff this is all in the open this is in the handbook of what was his name uh do you remember his name hanbar the handbook anarchist's handbook oh okay and he was actually an advisor to many presidents all the way up to i believe uh or was one of obama's mentors i can't remember his name i'll google it right now anarchist handbook right yeah i think that's the one um in any case and also this is that's nothing new this guy is sort of capitalized on hegel's idea um or the hegelian dialect okay uh so this is uh this is not new um uh and yet people are uh convinced or you know indoctrinated uh into thinking that uh well you know sure uh sure you know they'll admit so far they'll go so far as to admit that the world is corrupt and politics is corrupt and politics are full of [�__�] and uh they'll they'll admit that much but what they can't what what the average person i don't want to sound snotty um snotty and snooty by saying that um god knows i'm average too uh in many ways but um but you know what i mean i i think it's just a lot of people are too afraid to to recognize and admit that the sheer scale and death of evil and corruption in this world is really that serious they don't want to face that uh and if there is uh some unimaginable depth of evil and corruption it's it's over there it's it's in russia or it's uh in china or it's and you name it but uh we're canada you know we're the we're the enlightened west he's like yeah there's corruption they'll admit that much but they just do not want to face the the truth of how bad it really is and uh and so and and another propaganda tool was uh the positive thinking movement uh which i again just like uh you know uh colonizing space uh irked me and so did the positive thinking movement even more so because it really caught on you know this was like in the 70s and uh positive thinking okay we can control reality with our mind is that you're talking about no that's positivism okay positive thinking was another thing uh that that and i can't i'm so bad with names but there was some guy that came up with a book i think uh sometime in the 70s maybe even early 80s um the power of the mind i i might have the title wrong but um but that sort of started this whole kind of and it comes out of a lot of other uh kind of uh esoteric thinking from the um but it really took off in the 70s and it it was it was a it was a big um kind of corporate um boardroom kind of mantra positive thinking you know like how to keep how to keep their workers uh yeah yeah landmark forum you know the landmark forum cult no well it's all it's just that it's like a cheat you can achieve your corporate goals by having the you know following these principles and it's like it's it's part of that you know the secret and the new thought movement and all these structures it has an occult element but how they sold it to the public for for like the general public was uh uh um they they painted it in in far more benign colors and sort of like uh obscured the occult element to it by just saying you know be positive and your life will will go well you know like don't be uh don't be a wet blanket but what to see what did what and i started noticing uh people all around me and my family in the neighborhood at school at work um that uh suddenly when you said in a perfectly sane and cheerful mood uh this doesn't add up right or there's something wrong here and then and they and they would rebuke you with with this banal phrase that was going around don't be so negative yeah it's like well wait a minute you know did you notice this this really started taking off in the 70s and 80s it swept the whole culture this this whole thing it's like be positive you know um pollyanna yeah and it worked in the corporate boardrooms uh because you know especially with new people coming in and wanting to you know feed their family and maybe do well in the corporate world and then they're smelling they're smelling fish and they're asking uh uncomfortable questions like well why are we doing it like this isn't this illegal or blah blah blah don't be so negative now this is a negative person you're not a team player you're not a you're not a people person you're not a team player uh and and so this was a way of sort of disciplining people to sort of like it's it's a means and a conspiracy theory and and positive thinking they're kind of related and that they control people to kind of put the blinders on yeah okay so like it's also it's an inversion of of uh of the meaning of what used to be before the positive thinking movement came along uh a positive person was not a pollyanna a positive person was someone that you could rely on that held themselves together and had self-control through any trial through any catastrophe or any danger someone you could rely on you know who faced the truth you know uncensored and reacted calmly and figured out the best way to go forth and you could rely on them to to protect people and be the one that doesn't panic and a negative person wasn't it was a wet blanket a negative person wasn't someone who said something unpleasant and they get a person with someone who is these little sucks you know just a wet blanket a negative attitude so um so the positive thinking uh uh i wanna i don't know if movement is the right word positive movement because it really became a kind of um mainstreamed kind of thing that indoctrinated like a virus it was more like a positive thinking virus yeah um it removed the attitude part of it uh uh so um or or basically it um it uh misappropriated um attitude and turned into something artificial and phony okay so uh so when i say for instance um i you know i go around joking uh people especially when there's a festive or happy environment and i say well i i know the world's ending and it's just like get a reaction and um i haven't heard someone say don't be so negative yet to that people in those words but um but my answer to that would be no you got me all wrong i'm one of the most positive people you'll ever meet but i know the world's ending yeah it's it's ending dudes yeah why don't you see that it's like i'm not falling to pieces over it see that's the thing yeah yeah so this brings us to um an insight into the general frame of mind that our our culture seems to be operating on and that is you know uh the materialistic principle that this is all there is and uh life is about survival no matter what can you scoot left there you go there you go because even if it looks if it looks off center on your screen on on our screen it looks centered do you have a mullet uh mullet yeah turn the back your head oh no that was your okay that was your um your curtain what you have a beige curtain in the background and it looked like it was hair hanging down behind your head business in the front party in the back i thought should i rearrange the curtain no no i thought you had the the classic mullet going on so yes i was listening and i was paying attention to everything you said and then i just sort of started giving you um right right sort of uh irrelevant to banter so uh the thing about what you're talking about you know it's kind of reminds me of the little child uh where the parents are talking to someone on the street that they know and the person happens to be overweight or whatever and little the little daughter says hey you're fat or whatever and the parents are like no uh jill that's not a that's not polite that's not nice to say whatever it's that sort of thing where it's like a child can ask a question or make a statement or make an observation and guess what it's unhealthy to be fat it's unhealthy to be overweight right so the child has a natural innocence about them where they're just to point out like hey that you know that person's half their faces melted off like whatever because they were in a fire and then the parents will just be like shh that's not polite we'll explain later what happened but but the thing with the the child is he understood he or she understands we have a human nature there's there are men there are women there are children there are adults and everything has its proper place and you're not supposed to be 400 pounds you're not supposed to have half your face melted off and you're not supposed to have 16 piercings and tattoos and pink hair yeah yeah yeah but we stifle that in children and society at large has grown up being stifled and reinforcing that and it's against the scientific method also i think what she pointed out last time we spoke right yeah well yeah that's uh that's a good point but um there's also there's the you know the age old um the uh age-old standard of uh of of uh mercy and charity and politeness so um so uh i think that it's important that kids learn early on that you don't go around pointing your fingers at people and saying oh there's a fat soap that's not very nice um but uh there are ways to inquire about someone's day i mean how are you yeah yeah what's going on here um uh without uh um without being mean and with uh and avoiding just um and not avoiding the truth of it you know it's of course it's not it's not healthy to be obese some people have a condition a glandular condition uh there's a name for it i i have a friend who has it they're shaped like a pear you know uh they have you know their face are thin and handsome and their shoulders are right and their hands aren't puffied up but they're down by the hips right out to there like that uh yeah those twins in the guinness world football records you know like really wide it's a glandular condition and you know kardash syndrome kardashian kardashian kim kardashian syndrome there's certain conditions that aren't exactly uh within control and power of the person the flavor that's so afflicted but there's also plain old unhealthy obesity but it all it all goes back to original sin and of course actual sin also but people don't want to hear about that either no they don't want to hear anything about tradition actually there's a war on tradition because tradition contains so much truth so the word truth will also involve a war on uh tradition and uh uh so so there's three okay so truth and consciousness truth and consciousness are are widely i think misunderstood concepts i don't think i don't know if this has always been the case but i i know that in the modern age uh the confusion has been added onto confusion and other confusion uh about these two things and um uh the uh the the relativistic um uh relativism which is really spreading far and wide uh kind of uh i think that it's boring like so much of these things uh so many of these these things are uh come out of a kind of resentment i think uh there's resentment involved um that uh the uh when someone claims to have the truth okay and they turn out to you know murder six million jesus and so this is so this kind of like uh um became this kind of like a crusade against absolute truth okay i see it never seems to work when when we seem to discover it here someone claims to and then it leads to disaster so let's just like say there's no testing is absolutely true who's a philosopher who who pushed that uh there's no such thing as absolute truth man is the measure of truth and all that stuff uh like pre-socratics talked about that yeah well i mean yeah i mean again nothing's new really but there is a contemporary philosopher or uh are you talking about foucault and all the post-modernists well yeah i mean they go right off the deep end with that but uh maybe we're going back to ethan was it david hume i can't remember forget my ignorance he had the problem of induction where we can't know cause and effect is just constant conjunction that's what that was hume's thing okay so i i think he probably fed into it the name escapes me again i'm not a i'm not one of these encyclopedia people yeah yeah the point is the point is is that i noticed this um in university earlier university days when it seemed to be this kind of like this trend going around everyone had it on their lips there's no such thing as absolute truth and then i noticed uh by the end of university that people were saying uh there's no such thing as good and evil really there's just you know uh different degrees of consciousness and error and and whatever but there's no such thing as good and evil this became a trend too and i and i i get the sense around around me today too that these concepts aren't taken quite with the same sort of metaphysical weight and seriousness as it once did in more traditional times and um and so the big misunderstanding with truth is not the point is not to say i have the truth and or the point is not to say that uh we will uh discover the truth the point is to say as a kind of almost uh an unwritten and uh assumed faith that there is such thing as the truth that alone it's like if we lose that faith that it's like we can figure things out or we can come close or at the very least we can correct obvious errors or or at the at the very least recognize errors within ourselves and without and within a structure and agenda and uh and so on uh at the very least you can't do that without having some faith that there is indeed something called the truth yeah well and so to say there's no no testing this absolute truth is is another basically a fancy way of saying there's no god yeah because it's removing the first cause and it's removing the overriding uh reality and uh and the eternal uh background uh from which everything is manifest uh so uh that's just another yeah well the other thing i want to point out is just just as at a fundamental level if you give up absolute truth you have necessarily abandoned the standard the very standard by which you would judge anything beauty goodness truth anything you've abandoned that that's exactly my point this is why i say often i get in these kerfuffles with people they just can't hear what i'm trying to say i'm not saying i have the truth the truth has made it or by the truth or anyone will but if we don't hold that standard as as an unwritten it shouldn't have to be even mentioned it should be just assumed in the fabric of our being an intrinsic faith and understanding that it does exist the truth a truth much bigger that's up and above us that knows that sees and exposes everything about who you are things that you can never understand or know about yourself there is such thing as the truth it doesn't mean you have it or anyone has it but if you lose that faith then you lose the standard and the seriousness by which you can recognize error and and and the more we we uh throw out truth and and and but the seriousness to it the devotion to the faith of the idea of truth then the further the the uh um the uh the more it gets to the point where even the most obvious and outrageous errors are you become blind to witness today i mean the absurdities that are being pushed should we go through the examples yeah our connection is going to drop again yeah if you do that if you start talking start talking about the uh uh what was the f uh okay i'm not gonna go down starting to name all the absurdities of our modern world but uh you know the thing i used to say to uh my atheist friends when i converted to god was when i would be accused of possessing the truth i would say i don't possess the truth the truth possesses me the truth doesn't belong to me i belong to the truth right and saint augustine famously said that if if you have a truth if you if a truth belongs to you it's not truth well the truth is common to all the truth is common to all that's above all then that's a very important point because another thing that irks me to no end is this your truth your truth yes and so many people are saying even people that i thought were like uh you know um above and beyond uh the bandwagon this world smart people you know uh that it kind of like yeah it's an indoctrination it just sort of like leaks into the vocabulary and i'm hearing it from people that i wouldn't expect them to fall for such a thing um you are true there's no such thing as your truth now see there's a confusion here it got him through a back door sort of like got in very kind of sneaky way uh because uh there is such thing as your story my story i have a very unique story and you have everyone has a very unique life story yeah and the story your story is true therefore it's your true story my truth no it's not your truth that's your story and you're the interpreter of your story and then you're expecting others to interpret your story and other people might see something in your story that you don't see but god knows the absolute truth okay about exactly who you are what you are why doesn't that happen to you and what you should make of it don't don't assume that you know what to make of your life you don't you know of course you want you want to hope that one one learns the right lessons and and we all want to help each other be their best and make the most of it and come out of a crisis without being corrupted by pain but strengthened by pain instead that is the that is the standard and the ideal uh but uh we should never assume that we fully understand our story but we know our story as far as what happened to us and how we feel about it that's our story that's not my truth it's not it's like this is ridiculous it's not there's only that truth it's not your gym and uh so i i correct people all the time every time i hear something that comes out of people's mouths i correct them right away i don't hold back well it's so funny you know the whole thing with the pronouns and all this sort of stuff where we have to cater to people with their mental illness about gender and identifies this and that and whatever you have to cater to my mental illness i i immediately intuitively just knew that i could flip that on them and i could use the exact same power yes say my mental illness is i only use pronouns to refer to biological sex and i only uh you know my my my mental and you better cater to my mental illness right it's it's a two-edged sword that they're wielding and i can flip it on them that's right there's a lot of great uh trolling out there uh based on this kind of um principle uh and that is real i think that's the the right way to go about it and turn it on them and so so that they can see for themselves they can see anything the absurdity of their position because reasoning won't work because i mean i'll give you an exa i mean this is uh there's so many examples to draw but but i'll i'll give like this is the gen it has very little to do with gender and all that stuff but um but it points to a certain uh principle that's operating in this world right now i went to a friend's book launch recently and uh there was an after party and uh first i i went into the event without a mask okay and uh just like nothing confidently just you know i got a couple looks but the the person that took my ticket didn't say anything and the bartender didn't say anything and i found a table near the front and uh then i met up i saw a friend an old friend at the bar uh and i went up to get a drink and uh she said i see you're not wearing a mask no she didn't say that she said oh you're not wearing a mask i was like no i don't believe in them what are you drinking you know it's like very casually you know and she kind of like you know made a face and then at the after party this this friend of mine uh sort of cornered me and asked started asking me questions like trying to peg me you know i was like what kind of piercing theorist are you like okay so i'm seriously theorist because i'm not you know going to protocol and and um it's like what are you reading like he's like no i i read all the new stuff i like history and i like to see what's going on now and uh you know she said uh new stuff like jordan peterson and i said well what exactly is wrong with jordan peterson he's a misogynist i'm like uh what does that mean so what i did it's like the conversation went along those lines for a good 10 minutes she tried to thank me as you know a right wing was she upset was she her emote was her emotion involved no but she had you know a kind of like uh disdain okay kind of like trying to figure out where i was at you know my off right so what does that mean so every term that she tried to accuse me of i was trying to make her define her terms i don't know what these terms mean anymore yeah what exactly would make me a misogynist a conspiracy theorist an alt-right and whatever uh that you know what exactly i need to know your definition so i can accept that if your accusations are or assessments are accurate or not because i really don't know what the hell you're talking about and um and it didn't get heated i just sort of stayed in that uh position just define your terms and of course you couldn't but the point was is that i was not uh following covet protocols and uh i didn't believe in them so that is very confusing to someone who has been indoctrinated to kind of obey uh and believe uh certain sources of uh information and power when you put your when you're when you're invested in that in that uh trajectory then uh it's very uh um unsettling to come up against someone who uh the same media that you're trusting is is training you to judge people like me along these lines you know i'm i'm kind of a radicalized right winger uh q anon right wing homophobe racist white supremacist uh ultra-nationalist there's they've got all kinds of things that here here's a you know uh here's a here's a little a kit okay of all these things that they throw this at them it's like yeah it's it's either this or this or this he's one of these things okay and what the hell do these things mean like i i didn't sign up to any club i'm not it's like i don't as far as i know i'm not a member of a cult if anything the people that have brought this kool-aid are are the ones in a large uh a larger kind of uh uh virtual cult and it's very uh it's very disturbing kind of like twilight though i like to say i like to say well i already have a religion i'm very happy with my religion and thank you very much i'm not shopping around for new religions yeah but the thing is is that like if anything uh i i don't i don't think i've changed i've i've you've always been a racist misogynist homophobic prick yes it's just that they never diagnosed until recently the science got so good they they finally diagnosed it but back in the day when i was growing up you know uh we could uh speak uh freely and live freely according to the traditional standards and laws of logic and reason and humor uh and get along just great um we need to know little did we know that we were diseased beyond belief and the new science has actually exposed it and uh i i just i refuse to take the medicine so i don't know what they maybe they have to lock me up and put me in a straitjacket now i don't know what they're gonna do what is what is with the uh sense of humor of the so-called left i mean it's gone down the toilet pretty fast no past ten years uh the quality of uh entertainment generally but humor in particular everything has gone down the toilet because uh you know uh um spontaneity okay well you know spontaneity is the key to uh to anything that uh organic stuff has well has any well anything that has value and a life in the actual being alive anything that has value has spontaneity at the at the center of its energy structure if there's no spontaneity there's no there's no art there's no beauty there's no love there's no joy uh there's no growth uh there's no well any there's nothing you're left with nothing you're just in a straitjacket and walking on eggshells and um and this is what they're trying to do to us and too many people are falling for it uh we have to be spontaneous we can't you know i mean another thing that came up that night okay at the after party uh where people lined up to talk to you like next next time people were looking to dance and they kind of overheard they were like what the hell is going on here um and we weren't talking loudly again it wasn't heated she wanted i don't know if she wanted to get it heated did anyone let their thing slip down below their nose as a sign of solidarity like yeah brother i'm with you like as much as i can be you know i can't remember that at the after party i think uh quite a few people were maskless but at the actual event that everyone was in masks so uh i don't anyway but but at the venue where the after party was there was house rules i noticed in the showroom house rules written in colorful lbgtq cars they weren't really that but it was kind of orange and it was like a child made it but it was you know this bacon was on the mantel in the showroom house rules and the first rule was ask before touching so i looked around maybe there's an exhibit of precious items i didn't see anything different it's like maybe this is an old time then i read the second rule respect pronouns and then oh that's what they mean okay so ask before touching okay can i touch your breast please sir may i not spontaneously touch you on the shoulder and tell you how glad i am to see you well okay oh good um i am so glad it's like killing spontaneity okay out of fear that somebody somebody even just one somebody in that room might be so frail and mentally ill and so triggered by some past trauma that if someone just comes up to them and taps them on the shoulder or god forbid flirts with them they'll have a panic attack and they'll go and they'll fall on the floor and go this is what sexual license actually looks like when you get to the when you fall it to its logical conclusion sexual license leads to complete sterility and isolation there you go that's ironic it is ironic it's not an orgy it's an orgy of rules yeah that's right that's right yes i think that's a good point because what the sexual revolution did was that it it you know the the the bad fruits of our license have come to uh have are playing out and so we have broken families we have confused children without their biological moms or dads present you have test tube babies and donor eggs and donors sperms and uh and uh the the death of the you know the destruction of the extended family uh and children don't know anything about politics they this is un and politics is unnatural children have no clue about politics and sex but they know and feel deep in their being that something's missing where's mommy who's my mommy who's my daddy period okay and so these people grow up confused and indoctrinated they're politicizing children and sexualizing children at a younger and younger age and uh and and also you know when you live a life of sexual license uh you really do damage to your uh your being your your consciousness you know it um uh there's a kind of um a deterioration of intellect that goes with that yeah um and so it spills out into society at large society is um it's built on the family you don't have strong family units then you have um you have a greatly weakened society yeah i i i would like to see uh two armies going head-to-head the only difference being one was fed a a steady diet of pornography the other one was had nice healthy families and uh monogamy and loyalty and chastity chastity even even within their sexual relations with their spouses i'd love to see that that battle play out and uh i can tell you my money is going to be on the the catholic side for sure uh i'm on the catholic side more and more too uh um as i as i get older um i get more and more old-fashioned is that common oh yeah that's what we complain about but the point the point being is that there's uh i think that another devil's trick is um uh they uh this confusion or this blurring of the line but to the difference between um uh repression and self-control chastity to most people's ears is repressive it's unnatural and it's like yeah it's like a natural urge and you're you're you're not doing it because of your fear you're fearing of god it's like uh no if no if if a person is is chased because they're afraid and they don't know why they should be chased and they're doing it to please ain't gonna work that's repression if a person comes into wisdom and takes control of themselves and delays their own gratification fully knowing fully well uh the purpose of that and having settled their minds on something higher that's called self mastery there's a [�__�] world of difference just look at look at it put them in the same category even though they both do the same things one doesn't have sex and the other one doesn't have sex for a period of time they're both chased hey guess what they're not even in the same no they're not they're not both chased they're not both chased yeah that's the whole thing if you look at the chastity look at the role of the chastity belt for example in the bsdm uh saturn masochistic uh sex game sex slave thing like the chastity belt plays a large role because it's exciting for them to build the repression and then let the volcano explode right right like it's part of the it's part of the fetish it's all fetishized there's so much there's so much catholic uh misunderstood catholic stuff in the whole sexual fetish world it's unbelievable you know including including torture devices by the way but um you know the it's just sick it's just really sick if you watch that film actually it's called sick about that guy that has uh cerebral palsy or whatever he tortures himself okay for sexual gratification but it's it's a thing like if you if you are chaste then you are free and you're healthy and you're balanced and you're you're calm and you have peace yeah but if you're repressed it's a complete it's the other end of the spectrum you're you're nervous you're jangled your volcano ready to erupt and i've experienced both and chastity is way better sorry it's just better you sleep better at night when you're chased well any any uh any uh means towards self mastery voluntary self-mastery it's like you have to make that choice just like uh anything uh to mean anything it has to come from you and you have to understand what you're up to like this is why i'm doing this and uh self-mastery is the way the freedom so liberalism and freedom and uh and truth and consciousness you name it everything is misunderstood these days because the very center that holds it together is uh rejected and uh and not even understood just forgotten and uh so freedom uh the ultimate joy and freedom of life i think is attained uh through uh coming fully into the law understanding the law knowing the law loving the law honoring the law and when you do that you're totally free your full fruition comes to be your full potentiality it's all there i i'm just picturing that woman at the bar wearing her mask like giving that same speech to you just follow the laws follow the rules you'll be free you'll be happy you'll owe nothing and you'll be happy there is that that is the supplanting of the truth right right because lawlessness anarchy is a total uh pipe dream it's a myth yeah even the most hardcore anarchists uh will um you know michael malus themselves at every turn because they are going to turn into some kind of law you're going to replace one law of the jungle with another exactly it's either going to be it's going to be some kind of a law kind of some kind of standard you're just going to take one and throw one one out and replace it with the other so yeah it's about which law are you are you adhering to the law of the jungle but we have we have michael mallis wrote the anarchist handbook in night in 2021 but i think there's an original one back uh back in the day no okay michael wallace malice malice michael malus he's a pretty famous guy michael malus cause you talked about the anarchist handbook but i think you're talking about one from the last century no uh no i'm talking about a recent one it might be this one then by michael mallis i was alive when uh when the bushes and the clintons were around so okay he was an advisor um i believe he acted in that capacity god it's at the tip of my tongue um anyway it's not really that important you can look it up for me send me the link later yeah um nonetheless i mean these ideas are not are not new but they take they take hold and then they come to fruition and they come in different guises and um so uh it's not it's not new it's just uh it sort of found a real purpose and a kind of focus in the post uh nixon years um so uh anyway uh so yeah i wanted to talk about how uh you know the the the confusion around what truth and consciousness is and why this might have to do have something to do with um uh all this confusion around what free speech is okay so if if we've lost our metaphysical sense of truth and consciousness and we've completely perverted the meaning of liberal liberty freedom uh then uh of course there's going to be confusion around what free speech constitutes because the the the center that holds things together has been rejected and so uh you have to you have to choose a team you you don't have an anchor in your being anymore you don't have a being you've given it up so you have to find meaning through some other identity identity and join some sort of a cause so now someone comes along who's not in your little identity group or or sympathetic to your cause and says spontaneity spontaneously just says and ah you can't say that okay well why can't i say that well it's it's very offensive well i didn't mean any offense well something has to be done about this so we have to clamp down a free speech and then you say well uh you're against free speech no i'm not i mean i've been i've been oppressed all my life and i'm glad that we have the power to say and to to believe what i believe now and i don't want people like you taking it away it's like okay well so you have free speech am i taking your free speech away well you're you're threatening it you're being very i'm no i'm not i don't really give a damn what you think about yourself it's like show me who's trying to shut you say oh craig well actually there are a lot of people you know when it comes to them bringing their agenda into the uh into the legal institution and into the schools then uh then yeah we better have a a pretty serious debate about that yeah mama bears gotta start showing up and some mama bears have been showing up right but if but what you do in your personal life and what you think and say from your own being in the public square and what you do in your bedroom is none of my business um i might think you're a [�__�] and i might have no interest in being your friend because i don't want to be involved with people that are so gone but it's your business really and i mean it you're a freaking business go ahead oh now they're confused but i can still take over the core system no no you can't you can't take over the court system uh we're gonna have to we're gonna have to put the you know i'm gonna have to talk about that at least that that's gonna involve free speech because uh you're gonna have to make your case and then we're gonna have to hear the cases against it and we're gonna have to come to some kind of logical and very seriously weighed considerations as to how to go forward that involves free speech hearing your opponent so free speech is not about ideas it's not about good thoughts and bad thoughts it's not about dangerous thoughts and safe thoughts it has nothing to do with that at all free speech is free speech period period if we cannot spontaneously and sincerely be ourselves and say what we think then there's no free speech and it and it can't be uh multi-tiered like well some people can say what this is like they've been oppressed for thousands of years and you should let them i am letting that i'm not stopping them i just don't agree with them whoa no but i have i have a right to my you have a right to your opinion whenever say okay whenever someone says this is going a lot i hear so many so many people say this um when i get them in the corner you know when i i kind of like well what you said doesn't make sense because this and this and then they have no answer because they're indoctrinated and all they have is slogans and they can't make a case and then they when they're cornered they say well you have a right to your opinion and i i i hit the roof it makes me so angry it's such a stupid thing to say of course i have a right to my opinion and of course you have a right to your opinion what they're really saying is i have a right to my opinion don't take that right away from me so they have to make it sort of seem like they're on your side reciprocating that without committing to making their case or hearing my we can we can agree to disagree that kind of uh conversation ender remember another cop out you have a right to your opinion and i have a right to mine it's like yeah well the whole point of free speech is to have your eye be willing to have your ideas if you're going to open your mouth and say you think this then you have to honor the fact that everyone around you has free speech too and they heard what you said yeah and they have the freedom and the right to say ow hold on here what do you mean by that this doesn't make sense because this this this did you forget about this and this and this and that oh and then because people are um in the last several decades um and especially in this generation um uh the the the art of debate is gone no one's really debating anymore uh and no one really understands what they believe they have no idea what they believe they just sort of uh well this is the right thing to do and this is what the peer group is doing and this is what i'm not allowed to say because that that'll make me seem like one of those right wingers so i better not believe that and then you know and they don't know why they believe what they believe and then when challenged they have no capability to make their case no so they resort to name calling they they resort to uh emotionalism um and all kinds of irrational behavior and on and on and on you know what socrates said about the unexamined life right yeah it's not worth living that's a harsh critique but it's so true it's so true you know the purpose of what's the purpose of life just like know thyself know thy enemy know that the truth will set you free god is the truth god is love we have to find god that's the purpose of life and it's not survival because you can try as you might and you can get all the healthy and get the safest armies and the greatest security and you're still going to be dead in approximately coming you're gonna die the heat death is coming too don't forget that one i always use that one on the atheists right like survival when they talk to me about survival i'm like are you joking are you joking what kind of sick joke is that there is no survival if you're an atheist sorry yeah yeah that's right yeah that was a good point i saw the second part last night second part of what uh the the one that you sent me oh okay yeah doubt faith and reason so what were the highlights for you in that well the highlight there uh was uh you sort of reiterated the the uh thomastic and augustine uh principles of uh arguments for the first cause and um and uh and that was that was good to hear summed up the way you did it um the thing is that my only uh beef with it was that um it was too short because if you're going to steer someone into accepting that the catholic truth is the is the way yeah um then um that's that's a leap you know because uh most people in my experience anyway uh will um they'll they'll um will bark at you know this kind of triumphalism yeah um uh this is this is the true god this is the true religion and not just that the other thing uh so um i thought that to to to actually really bring that uh to a more uh believable and convincing level uh it kind of you you made a leap now i got it yeah i'm preaching to the choir here you're preaching to the choir i got it because i did the journey but um but a person that just came out of your sight out of the blue yeah might not make that connection but it takes a lot of i mean of course it's not easy to do in a short presentation because it's a life's work and people have to be willing to well plus i don't want to spoil i don't want to do spoiler alerts i want them to have the journey like the thing is if you if you take the truth seriously if you take philosophy first things metaphysics seriously you will go on a journey and that journey will lead you to what it will lead you to god it will lead you to heaven period so yeah that journey is exciting but what you need to do as an individual human being is you need to make the decision that yes i'm going to start the journey the journey starts with one step who am i what am i where do i come from is my existence from myself or from another it's not hard right and if they can get if they can get to monotheism it's not hard to get demonetization if they can get there yeah i'll be celebrating and if they can get from monotheism to christianity i'll be celebrating if they can get from christianity to the fullness of christianity i'll be celebrating it's just win win win win win win win all the way but you have to take that first step you have to start examining your life and that's what you're talking about that's what you're emphasizing that's right exactly it's all about that it's all about do you care enough do you have the courage do you have the courage to be awkward in a setting where normally everyone's walking on glass yeah and just walking on eggshells or whatever the expression is and just trying to people please are you like do you want to break free from that nightmare gilded cage because let's face it the parties aren't that fun and the sex isn't that good and whatever it's not a lasting pleasure because you've had the food you've had the sex you've had you've you've done it all and guess what just like king solomon you know there's more you know there's more so let's stop the games let's start looking in the mirror let's start examining ourselves and it's not that hard and it's a fun exciting voyage right right that's right and uh part of self-examination is uh is being honest in your relationship so the the the sexual politics and identity politics all this stuff is is a complete uh blow to that whole natural uh uh social uh order or social order yeah social order because uh we um we can't do it ourselves you know god is at the whole the center of all being and uh and we're here in a temporal realm and we learn so much about ourselves through our relationships and that's why relationships can be difficult and that's why marriages can be so difficult because the mirror is being held up our egos get uh wounded and and we fight the ego is fighting to survive its delusions and that's why it's so hard uh so you can go either way go into the fire and um and be cleansed by it and actually come to know oneself deeper through love and at the same time learning and knowing your partner or your friend or you know whatever the relationship is better and better and better through love or the other way is uh to erect a new set of laws so that your ego is perfectly justified and protected and then enters sexual and identity politics which is all about controlling one's personal narrative and imposing it on others which is narcissistic and uh demonic and well i'm i'm being quite blunt here but um it really comes down that's what it is it's the opposite of love and uh you know these are revolutionary ideologies they they're bored of the revolutionary spirit um and uh zionism okay uh and after after world war ii and the establishment of israel after the holocaust okay uh hate speech the whole idea of hate speech and hate laws can't question the holocaust yeah well so that became a crime and then uh then it got encoded in in in law called you know you know hate uh uh laws you know um and uh the so this is like a it's like a victim victimology kind of uh ideology and framework okay the news were victimized the holocaust was terrible the question that makes you a monster uh and uh so we're gonna have to erect certain laws uh to protect the victimized um uh jews okay and this uh worked great but it really like the western nations all bow to this and to this day we end up getting crazier and crazier hate laws and hate speech which is extending to all kinds of areas of life which are being used by another victimology ideology which is the gender ideologies and trans uh lgbt black lives matter pedophiles coming soon coming soon coming soon yeah so it's victimology and you can't say this and this and it's you know [Music] believe the victim yeah some girl can come up and say oh that man like cornered me in the bathroom and it was rape i tell you it was rape and then and then it's in the media and the guy loses his job and all he did was uh actually uh none of it at all it was all just fabrication but microaggressions yeah microaggressions but even there you're supposed to believe the victim believe the victim let me say where does that come from is it could that be the work of satan believe that oh oh you don't believe the victim then you're one of those no actually the way justice works boys and girls is that we don't believe anyone even god said don't favor the poor don't favor the rich we don't believe anyone that's what justice is who are you i'm the defendant who are you present your case present your case and show the exhibition where were you the night of the murder okay what exactly happened what's your relationship background okay uh court adjourn until tomorrow we don't have enough either way let's look at this again oh but believe the victim shut up you might not be the victim you might be guilty we don't know yeah let's look at the case that's what justice is believe the victim oh my god i mean and what are you saying it's like no but it's true they they you know women have had a heart hard time for centuries you know we should it doesn't matter how oppressed or awful your personal life it was or your your group or you know your gender for thousands of years millions of years i don't care i don't i don't care i you know life is hard for everybody uh i mean i do care that's not what i'm saying but what i'm saying is justice is justice and you're an individual stop hiding behind your group identity what happened here we have to determine it the people so many people have fallen for this because they're afraid of being homophobic or misogynistic they're upsetting the wrong people it's such a powerful control mechanism uh to to appeal to people's fear and their vanity on such a deep level right into the social fabric yeah that uh we have something very diabolical on our hands i saw a movie a good movie once i don't the movie was good but there was a part of it that was very telling where the victimizer the murderer would seduce people and he got off on the power that he had through the social dynamic of polytest like politeness okay he knew he knew that people were too polite to refuse his invitation even when they had enough clues to figure out that he was the bad guy that was killing people but he knew that that knowledge they had intellectual knowledge was not enough to override the social power of conformity and politics and all this sort of thing and so it was it was very powerful he got off on that because it's like it's absurd it's absurd you know you know i'm a killer and i'm inviting you and you're too polite to say no and now you're going to die yeah this is an extension of his power trip like yeah they push this and he's just uh you know he's uh thrilled that he has so much control over people and he's not laughing inside a lot of a lot of evil geniuses are actually more intelligent in a certain way yeah and a lot of the uh the people who are scared victims because they're they've always been afraid to swim upstream or to speak out uh their opinion unpopular opinions so a lot of these so-called evil geniuses they're not constrained by the mores of the time they're not constrained by they don't give a [�__�] what anyone thinks yeah that's right they don't respect authority they don't respect fear god or anything like that so they have a certain freedom in satan that's why i've always respected the true satanist over the sort of lukewarm satanist that's kind of calling himself a christian is just living as lukewarm satanism i have more respect for the hardcore satanist than i do for the lukewarm sadness there's no difference between the lukewarm satan as the lukewarm christian yeah the same [�__�] same [�__�] exactly exactly yeah i i concur with that in fact i would go so far as to say i respect satan yeah people get all confused and you know language has been so um uh destroyed i mean when you when you respect something it doesn't mean you agree with it or you want to be it it's like when you understand something it doesn't mean that you agree with it yeah yeah so uh i respect satan in the sense that i know that this guy is the king of lies he is the master of lies there's no one that can manipulate better and trick and fool an entire humanity so cleverly and so cunningly and so patiently probably thousands of years he'll wait he'll lead a hundred souls to hell no that's god escape that's good i got these next century thousand i bet within two thousand years i'll get two billion and uh yeah yeah just how did that go he is clever as [�__�] and i have i have a lot of respect for professionals you know i had my bicycle stolen last year and my neighbor has a a camera uh-huh surveillance camera that his uncle gave him he didn't want to put it up but his uncle was like so pleased his uncle he put the damn thing up so uh i went to go use my bike one monday morning and it was gone i hadn't used it since friday so i don't know when it was stolen so i knocked on his door it's like hey do you think we could look at your video footage and uh so we went by six hour intervals you know it was there all saturday sunday morning it was there sunday afternoon finally we narrowed it down to somewhere within between 10 and 11 p.m at night and so we went minute by minute backwards and there was the guy okay so this guy he walked a lot it was a beautiful night there was people on the sidewalk people parking their bixies and my bike was right in front of the bixies okay people all around okay so i saw the footage the camera showed this guy walking amidst the crowd walked right by my bike and kept going at first we didn't know who was stealing the bike but hey wait we saw this guy before so i went back and saw what this guy did he walked along the crowd and he his his head was pretty straight but his eyes were like okay a chain chain no uh like a you know kryptonite kryptonite kryptonite chain keep walking went around the block went up down the alley through the park came around showed up again about four minutes later okay now he had to figure out if this chain was of a certain gauge and how long it would take to cut it so he leaned over he leaned over and looked like a guy unlocking his bike parking their pixies and people walking on the sidewalk and he just went down literally for two seconds and he uh feigned that he forgot something and he walked nobody suspected the thing so now he knew that he could do it within three seconds but he had to go and disappear so it would be a different group of people at the big seas a different and he was calm too right and then he came back again two minutes later and he bent over he had a bag over his shoulder and he clipped that thing with him but how long does it take to unlock a bike that's how long it took him to he got on it drove at normal speed among the crowd normal speed stopped at the light and everything i thought this guy is a freaking pro and i wasn't angry i was pissed off i don't like that i don't want to steal i don't like it when people steal but i don't know things get stolen it's just a bike it was a cheap bike because i only never had two uh why do i get an extensive bike when that kind of thing can happen you know but uh but his professionalism i couldn't help but respect it yeah i let it go i forgave him and i pray that he'll come out of his thieving ways but it's the same thing it's like i know i know exactly what you're capable of and i know what you can do and i know you're damn good at it and i want to know your tricks ahead of t