CVS Live Guest - 2022-07-10 - Toby Carson

Author Streamed Sunday July 10th, 2022

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Toby Carson produces Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson's show, and is filling in for Laura-Lynn tonight because she couldn't make it. Toby is of Italian heritage and was raised in a Catholic home, but became a Pentecostal when she was in her 20s. She is Canadian, but recently moved to Costa Rica. It was great meeting her.

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you're ready yep [Music] we are live i'm here with toby toby how you doing real well how are you very well i'm excited to meet you we've been chatting by email back and forth a little bit trying to get laura lynn on the show but uh she couldn't make it today but i'm really excited to meet you and hear about your story well hey thank you i'm very pleased to meet you i'm pleased to be on your show on your podcast hello everybody it's a small audience so uh you know you're not going to get a lot of views but it's it's nice to uh it's a nice small crew and i'm in touch with you know the the the listeners and we have a you know friendship we pray for each other these sorts of things so it's really nice nice little tiny family so start way back at the beginning talk about your early childhood the earliest memories you have of uh this idea of god religion jesus christ the church like what what happened how were you raised and sort of walk us through the journey uh when you first started to have the use of reason and started to think and maybe you went through a rebellion during puberty i don't know that sometimes happens just talk about all the ups and downs between uh then and now please sure will you yeah um my faith journey started actually um when i was seven and um the faith journey started with my brother uh bruno that was the first miracle baby within canada uh born at three pounds two ounces if you can imagine now he's 58 so we have to subtract i didn't do that prior to the podcast but he's 58 right now still a brat mind you and uh but i love him and uh so i was i was seven six and a half seven and uh really excited about mommy going to have this baby and she was instructed specifically to go to vancouver not realizing at seven what was going on she and dad left we were raised by my grandparents uh catholic um and uh and they raised us uh through the church or in the church along with mom and dad so i had a bit of a an understanding that there was a big god there you know i used to do coloring and and go to catechism and learn about this god and wow he's this big guy you can imagine as a little girl like he's massive he's got to be right up there he's huge like you know he's this big god you know so not having that sort of affiliation with what big really meant and so anyways um so bruno was um you know mom went with bruno and of course um you know there were some issues um that were going on we heard that he was born and i was just like really excited that i can be the big sister and and take care of this little boy i love dolls i just absolutely love dolls and mom would explain how small and tiny he you know he was you know he was only like this big and i remember seeing a picture in the vancouver sun of my mom you know very beautiful sophia loren they used to call her you know italian with the black brimmed hat holding this baby which years later i realized was a true pro-life message and um and a miracle message at that and she was holding my little brother in her hand showing the world he's alive but prior to that what had happened um i should backtrack just a little bit is that we received a phone call that mommy had this baby so all really excited and then within about 24 to 48 hours later it was a short time um a phone call was made by a doctor that's all i knew answer the phone was talking to mom and then of course my grandfather was listening and and all of a sudden he's saying no no no no no no and my grandfather six two big hands big man you know and he put his hands over his face sat down and started to weep i came out i saw this i looked and it startled me you know a woman to cry even at seven that's cool but a guy this is serious stuff not my grandpa big guy and he's sobbing you know calling out to god you know please not this little boy um i was not aware at the time that he died bruno died he died at this point so they're sobbing so i'm looking at this not quite understanding as a little girl i grabbed my brother andy eight years of age and my sister three years of age and i remembered there was a book that i read and it spoke about this little girl that cried out to god and the vision came to me pumped like this and she went to a bed and she knelt down and she put her hands together she closed her eyes and she called out to god for help this big god which i understood since i was a very very young little girl prior to seven that this god he can do things so i grabbed my brother grab my sister down on the bed we went put our hands together and i started to pray i told them close eyes my brother trouble maker still to this day at 60 somewhat said you close close your eyes like this is serious business so he closed his eyes my sister we grabbed hands and i prayed and i prayed and i said god you big god you can do this don't make him die no dead no dead not allowed to be dead so anyways i came out nobody knew what i'd done at this point it was just like a natural thing to do and there's no new still crying known and so forth they got off the phone i don't know how much time it was and there was panic in the background you know you could feel that sort of panic in their voices their tortoise and surgeons and this and that were coming and i guess they had flown all the way from back east ontario to see this little child that even the thought of this baby being born at 3.2 ounces if you can imagine three pounds two ounces two months premature these surgeons had come i learned years later and looked in this little ink you know incubator and looked and said we don't get it like he you know there's moving parts or whatever and then he flatlined so that was in the house that was me praying with the kids so anyways um within about 40 minutes later during goes the phone call again there's nonna crying my grandfather crying you know cause of jay causa j like what's going on que pasa que pasa you know and i'm curious now he's alive i said coma i knew it i knew this big god was doing something he was up to something i knew it i felt it and uh and so i really excited about this about um a week or two later he flatlines again again same scenario he flat lines he's out for about eight minutes yeah so at that point same thing i'm going into the room those kids are now on my arms we're going to pray and i'm going to pray to this big god you did it once you're going to do it a second time and i am trusting him i knew he did it the first i knew i knew and he's going to do it a second time sure enough he did it a second time so that was the start of it for me as a little girl now i didn't know it was a faith walk i didn't know anything about god i knew that he had a little boy jesus i knew that his mother was mary uh you know i didn't know that she was the earthly you know i didn't know any of that there was joseph there as you know a couple of cows breathing you know when he was born this jesus you know all those sorts of things i knew the scenario of that um so then uh bruno comes home ends up coming home i take over his mama my mother's working full-time dad is same and i'm taking care of this this little boy and i saw him have convulsions i was seven so i was taught back then that if he has convulsions this is what you do so the doctor mckenzie came over and he specific was very specific with me you know if he has convulsions his eyes are going backwards this is what you do now you can imagine years later what a responsibility that was to a little girl and this baby was not dying this baby is now my baby i'm taking care of this is my dolly i mean it's growing you know but this baby is my dolly and i had this responsibility and he was not not going to be you know not going to die so as time went on they realized that he had little oxygen when he was uh in in the womb right it came prematurely and there was going to be some issues i didn't understand these issues but in my mind i didn't see him with issues i refused it i refused whatever normal looked like to a seven-year-old but i helped raise him in a way through he had 18 body operations 16 head operations they took his head they opened the brain it was one of the first in canada they went in and um he had cerebral palsy ended up having cerebral palsy right but that was okay he was my brother and that's just perfectly fine he is as normal as i am as you are as anybody is and nobody was going to tell me different the fact was he was alive so he and i you know built a real close relationship and i remember speaking to him always about the choo-choo train that could you remember that story i can i can i know i can so that was me kind of encouraging this little doll that was growing that you can you can you know you can so that was kind of an inbred thing perhaps from god to me but i'm still that way i'm one of you know people saying what are the greatest biggest optimists because you can because you can there's no such word as not even if it's minimal you can so for many years the first six years of his life he was still in hospital and in hospital it was vancouver general hospital and uh hospital for sick children and so i was able to go with my mom i begged her can i go can i go and see the children so i would go to see bruno first of all and he would have some major surgeries but one beautiful thing was the peace of god was on him and only realized that years later that this boy never complained he never complained you know most kids he just never complained and that in itself really set him apart miraculously to a piece that we say it you know superb you know surpasses all understanding he had that peace and throughout this whole journey i was praying that his surgeries would go well and god don't take him from me you can't you're not allowed you're not allowed so as i was at vancouver general hospital i visited some of the other children and mom i would ask mom can i go can i go down there and see the other kids so i would go and i would play with them and i would play puppets and i would jump around and you know do all sorts of funny stuff and make them laugh because that was important because even with bruno the first three years of his life he was in an incubator he went back into the hospital and he was like in an incubator a bubble you know until everything sort of caught up with him and all the surgeries were done etc so i would go make funny faces you know and uh and excited for him to come home and he would come home and that to me was just a joyous momentous time and even through teenage years we would spend a lot of time together so that was that segment of things going to catholic school at the time and uh that was uh that was a fair journey i was very very close to the bishop there and i would talk to him about spiritual things you know because he was just the bishop wasn't he i mean we have to talk about these spiritual things and he was a friend of the people a friend of the children which was really really nice and i participated in a lot in terms of catechism and learning and i just wanted to learn this god that i so loved because of what he did i realized miracle after miracle after miracle and it was just it just hit my heart you know it was just it was just it hit my heart and i knew what was real so um after i left school and whatever i ended up going to switzerland um i am swiss italian so i got a couple couple three passports so i flitted off to look after my grandma mom but prior to going to see her i was excited to see my godfather my godfather um he was very close to me i'd seen him as a little child and this one night i was barely barely 14 i'm thinking 14. and i remember waking up as i'm seeing you right now it just was startled and waking up and i said to him i'm going to see you here shortly but you're dead but you're dead and that's all i said mom walks down the hallway comes in opens the door she starts to tell me about balti my uncle balti and this was in the middle and i remember it being dark she and i used to talk about it still flipped her out you know she'd go white and i said i know i know he's dead and she said all these smokes she says how'd you know i said i don't know how i know i just know you're dead and they're just taking the call from switzerland right so i had a bit of an intuitiveness to me i think we're all created so we're originally beautiful where we can tap into this intuitive connection you know not that i purposely went out to seek it but i realized it was something different and wasn't about most people and it's something that i had uh so um when i went to switzerland i had an opportunity to go with my cousin to a weekend retreat and i thought it was the catholic retreat that's all i knew i said fine my dad approved it through his his cousin and we went to a place high in the mountains of a building i recall was from the 16th century uh which i thought was fascinating it was all you know as if i were to see it today it was all made of stone and it was old and it had that smell going in and so here i go and there's a bunch of people there you know jeans and very casually dressed it's high up in the mountains so i go in and i was only about five feet bed and pretty short and everybody else was super tall and i'm thinking i'm going to see this priest come out right this priest is going to come out so i'm kind of looking and i'm looking and i'm peering around and here comes this guy in some jeans in a t-shirt right and he's talking and he's giving a message and i'm listening and you know i'm looking around i'm peering between armpits looks short you know kind of look and there's a lot of people and they start to sing and they're lifting their hands like this and one thing my mom said you know all those people you know that shake their hands like that you know they're a little bit funny and a little strange you know like this you know and i never judge those people i thought well you know they like to raise their hands whatever they're doing you know works for them right so anyways um this guy started talking and and he you know was an altar call you know he was asking those that want to accept jesus christ as their personal savior if you've never done that before his message was that jesus was real and jesus is off that cross and jesus lives and jesus sent the holy spirit to be one with us so that we have a connection to him once he went to heaven once he ascended to heaven do you want this jesus do you want to have that relationship with him and i thought well that's cool it's not like a religion and you can come as you are wow and if you're a sinner that's okay you know you just go to god and he's your friend and he's your connection i'm going i'm a sinner don't tell anybody don't tell my daddy if my mama but you know what he made us realize we're all sinners and we fall short and there's this man that died on a cross for me so it brought it into a very personal conversation that i really understood and the fact that he loved me unconditionally and that he knitted me in my mother's womb was spectacular i got that it made sense so we had communion and then he asked us you know if we want to come forward or whatever i guess prior to communion and and i did i darted out not even thinking i'm going up and i'm going to accept this jesus christ as my personal savior my best friend my everything i need him god's a big god he's like way up there but this guy he's in my heart and it's called you know being filled with the holy spirit i wanted that connection i knew i had that feeling it was just a matter of that funnel just coming into my soul and that's what happened so i remember it was like it was like lava it was like somebody poured lava on me this warmth and i kept feeling myself because i thought maybe it was a fever you know and i remember being engulfed by this lava sensation and i only realized that probably several years later what had actually happened when others described it the same so from there i started writing letters to my parents catholic about you know you got to get right with this jesus you know he can be your personal savior too they thought years later my mama said you know what we never told you but we thought you were on drugs because those were the days of smoking pot doing a little bit of hashish whatever i was a clean kid i have to tell you what it was i was a clean kid he says that you know your dad was just about ready to go on that plane and haul you out of switzerland you know we thought by your letters and i would write pages and pages in those days she never phoned it was too expensive to call someone so i would write to them and tell them about this experience and that we're all sinners and you know start reading the bible and whatever i could actually take a bible and read it he's not reading it to me i can read it myself and so i started searching and seeking about this connection with with with jesus christ you know um yeah just just having this this connection um going on with it with the living god so my parents thought i was nuts so i came back it never left me i proceeded with that um with that adventure with that discovery with that wanting to know because i knew just like air we don't see it we can feel it we know it's there it's there you know we just don't see it i knew what was inside of me and what was guiding me so that inner voice totally made sense don't do this don't do that whatever you know uh it just totally made sense not that i'm super smart at all really not but it just it just it made total sense and through the discovery of many people's testimonies that we were listening to about you know people that died came back to life people that were harmed and were at peace people walking through a journey that is so traumatic yet with a smile on their faces seeing somebody that's born again there's a term that's not used often by many religions but this born again from this bad person to a totally different person sincere you know it just i was watching and i was listening so it was pretty cool so um yeah so that was that was that i came back and uh i was just kind of like the black sheep a little bit a little different let's put it that way um just just different because there was always an answer for people that maybe were you know down on themselves you don't have to be jesus can help you oh don't tell me you know that sort of thing even among some of my friends oh you're jesus right you know that sort of thing so i didn't really have a jesus kind of family per se um other than um a new movement the charismatic movement that started happening at the catholic church so i darted into that i thought there's like-minded kids there and all our parents it's okay they think we're weird you know they think we're weird but that's okay so we brought out the guitar and we brought out the tambourines we had the long hair you know some of us started to smoke you know and whatever and we were just singing some tunes and having some fun and being really quite good whoops or live in costa rica lots of bugs [Laughter] anyways you know we were just jamming and celebrating and worshiping this god it was just absolutely unbelievable it really was um and then i got married in a catholic traditional catholic church and then became actively involved in pro-life um in pro-life i was 21 i knew that i knew that i knew that i knew that i knew that it wasn't a blob of tissue i knew that i knew without ultrasound beyond a shadow of a doubt there was a baby in there and i knew that i knew that i knew somebody had to be a spokesperson nobody that i knew was talking about it um as you know per se i know the catholic priests were really on board the pentecostals wasn't sure about them at that point but i knew for sure that the catholics were really part of this movement right so i went to them i went to bishop i said this is what i want to do i want to go to the catholic church and i want to educate them on what i know no computers i can do it go to the library figure out the information and really get into the anatomy of the body and how it forms and all of this very exciting i can do this i need to let people know abortion is wrong what really motivated me is gailene a friend of mine and she we were besties um she she was 16 and this is what she was going to do she didn't want to have the baby right she did not want to have this baby i still read my diary here about two years ago i started to cry again and i pleaded with her don't you kill that baby you cannot kill that baby and my whole i ought to journal i journal today i'll write a book one day i'm gonna write a book actually when god showed up i'm gonna call it and uh yeah and uh and i pleaded with her don't you dare kill that baby i'll take that baby oh but your parents you i said don't worry about my parents i will make sure this baby lives i'll take this child you know whatever she ended up doing that and that was that was the the cut off of a real good friendship for many many years and i think i learned forgiveness later and that i wasn't the judge of that and i was able to help her get through did she regret it did she regret it later or are you aware of it he did she really did she had a hard time um forgiving herself and i was able at that point to come back into her life and saying your sins know you're different than my sin or his sin or her sin it's no different we have the same god that if we come with a repentant heart will forgive us and wipe the slate clean and he'll never remember like the east is from the west he will never remember it ever but it's you it starts with you you need you know so i was a big part of her for many years trying to get her out of that sort of guilt thing and i harbored no animosity towards her i never gave it a second thought i encouraged her to call the baby by name i encouraged her to celebrate the birth in heaven of that child in other words when the baby died is to make it an eventful went to heaven to be with the father and you'll see that child once again just forgive yourself and it's okay to forgive yourself and there is a lord and a savior that will do that for you so i would take her through that so i started ministering to women actually and yeah speaking to women um on the aftermath of an abortion and uh you know the guilt that they harbored um and the relationships they couldn't keep the children that they had that they disregarded you know i wanted to put it into perspective of how it looks but i wanted to start with the woman first and really be a good listener and to hear her heart and to not judge her and i think that was really really important and many of them i brought them to christ you know i would tell them about this lord the savior you know and they heard about christ they walked away um they'd heard maybe maybe they were from a different faith religion or whatever um god is freedom so i took them from sin to freedom through the cross and so that was that i went into many churches for a long long time speaking the pro-life message um left the catholic church yeah probably at the age of about 24 i wanted more than they could offer in terms of the movement itself and was turned on to the pentecostal church so i transitioned over and they were very receiving of me speaking into into churches and doing you know educational programs for women and that's really what i wanted to be as a woman in a church because normally it was you know it was men that were part of everything in the catholic church in that regard in terms of speaking but they actually allowed me to have a bit of a platform to come and to educate and that's what i wanted to do uh that was very important to me you're one of four kids then or uh one or four kids four so what's uh just very very briefly without going into uh without crossing any alliance if it's too personal but what what are the sort of stories of the faith journeys of your three siblings then this is interesting that you should ask that question um well they were all raised catholic i have a brother that is coming to christ finally at 65. wow yeah the rebel yes um he went through a real confused stage um he didn't know really where he fit um in terms of his uh faith walk um he really didn't he experimented with various different religions just to find his way but you know what i learned early on was if you've got a praying mama or you've got a praying sister or brother or husband god hears the prayer of the sincere hearts that pray for those they love and care about you know i take that very seriously i have a prayer card it's very large and i start very early in the morning and i'm just on that praying for people you know just expecting the very best for them you know i believe and i know that god hears so that was for my brother that his faith walk would bring him right to christ so he's that close he really is especially now with the disper disturbance now in our in our world today you know it's quite frightening for a lot of people and it's just shaking a lot of people up it really is not a bad thing in that regard but it's shaking them to faith yeah to faith in christ many many many of them my sister um she's kind of between not really sure um not as solid as but i'm praying for her and uh and bruno you know bruno's bruno knows bruno knows he does he absolutely does so that's uh that's where uh that's where we're at is bruno limited because of his physical uh disabilities pardon me is your brother bruno limited in terms of church participation because of his physical stuff well you know he's got his cerebral palsy walk he does oh he can walk you can walk bruno can walk bruno yeah bruno graduated at 19. yeah so he did um his motor skills are lacking of course you know his motor skills are lacking um he wants to walk slowly um very intelligent you know we used to always say he should be on a game show because his past tense knowledge is like a book i said we are dad get him on one of those shows we'd be millionaires you know he could tell you who in 1912 hit the home run boom boom in boston you know you should see bruno boom boom we should get him on jeopardy you know that's what we said you know just brilliant but if you ask them hey bruno like we're leaving in 10 minutes no no concept and that's where i came in quite bossy and would say look we're going out to the beach today with the kids you know i'm 16 17. you gonna come make sure you get your shoes done up i don't want to do my shoelaces why you don't do your shoelaces we're going without you only happened to have you know only had to happen once and uh and he learned to do these things you can you can you know you can within his ability you know to do the loop and whatever right so those were um the basics there for him but yeah he does his relationship with god is more uh childlike yes definitely for sure he is married he is married yeah uh didn't have any children um you know um rochelle was working full-time as canada's top uh librarian as a matter of fact out of saskatchewan the biggest library in canada she was running three of them in saskatchewan and they got together and there's that mama hand and it was just perfect perfect for bruno they have been in love madly for i don't know 14 years now you know like two two little kids you know she just absolutely adores him and god brought the perfect woman patient kind sweet and she just absolutely goes nuts over him and he about her you know just fantastic so there again is god just answering prayer you know answering the prayers of our heart you know i you know i always said you know mom and dad if they die or whatever i'll take you bruno i told mom you know before she went to be with the lord don't you ever worry mama you know he will never ever not be on my watch i'm always watching you know you know so uh so she was able to go to be with the lord knowing that nice so where are you geographically now you mentioned your uh yeah i live in costa rica costa rica yeah ronan rochelle live about five hours from me here my daughter my son-in-law and my two grandboys live close to me here in costa rica as well how did that happen how did that happen well shane and chris came first and uh with the grand boys and then bruno and rochelle came bruno had been waiting two years to have his shunt looked at in saskatchewan one surgeon in saskatchewan only a two year wait well he was so delirious not getting enough oxygen being told for years prior to that mom said you need your shunt replaced it's been too long no the surgeon said the surgeon said we don't need it well he was getting really dizzy and um in bed for a long time i said that's it i said you've got to talk to that surgeon be a little bit more forceful i'll get on the plane i'll talk to the surgeon uh well we're going in you know in the next month or whatever we'll talk to us the promise be a little bit forceful you can't be laying in bed all the time and delirious and dizzy something's gonna happen you're gonna fall over we're gonna have a problem so anyways he went in insurgent said look i'm backlogged bruno i would love to do this for you but i'm backlogged i'm sorry you're gonna have to maybe we can skirt it up you know for a year right maybe you gotta wait a year not good enough not good enough i said to boone i said check in alberta we go from one province to another and lo and behold you have to start paying for it 165 000 bucks i said well forget that go to bc was over 200 000 for a shunt so i said look brutal i said you know shane and chris they're in costa rica i hear the medicare there is just absolutely amazing you can have something done you can have it done you know quite quickly so anyways they kind of investigated the health care system here in costa rica and said wow this is incredible so they came here went to physicians doctors and whatever and all is well and all is fine and that is costa rica is really known for amazing health care yes you pay for it a fraction but you get in as fast as you you know as fast as you want for the most part what form of government is it there what form of government well i'm still learning a little bit about the government here um it's not a communist government like like canada like canada yes yes like canada yes um so we have a liberal new president uh for the people i mean i've done interviews with many of the locals here to see what they feel about this new president and he is for the people uh he's been to the world economic forum a little concerning do you do that out of kurdish courtesy i don't know i'm asking the question so i don't want to judge the guy too much and i continue talking to the locals they really like him far better than the other guy that was in power for about four or five years i don't know how long um i have an opportunity that i'm praying about so i'm going to ask everybody out there to pray that i have an opportunity to meet this president that is the prayer of my heart and i have to tell you why i before i came here i had two prophetic messages given to me two separate people two people that don't know each other two people that barely well one that knows me and the other guy barely knows me so they knew i was going to i felt led to come into costa rica i just did um i'd been traveling a little bit i thought it was mexico i've done missions missions trips in mexico i go rescue babies um i wanted to do a street ministry there i was all lined up to do it um my favorite place is going into the gay community love it everybody says send her because i go in there make nice with the with the gays and and whatever and i'm able to usually give them a bible so that is my pleasure but you know i really thought it was going mexico and god changed things turned things around and said no costa rica and i'll tell you how that worked um had ended up i came on a 10-day very very quick tour with laura lynn and her husband jt and i said well i'm going to mexico let's you know let's check out mexico let's just see what kind of condos price to live want to come to okay great so we all went we had fun we lined up some realtors we were just morning till night looking at property and figuring out prices right checked in with my church uh prior to coming yes we have you know we're going to start a street church and whatever we'd like you part of it i said great i'm coming back just checking out some prices jc jt lorelian's husband said well why don't we go to costa rica let's go check on costa rica besides your kids are there we're so close let's go okay fine i came into costa rica landed in woke up the next morning tired exhausted and went this is the place i need to be again it's when you just know that you know that you know you know sometimes you just know and i knew it wasn't mexico so there was that voice again i said okay god then bring it on wherever you want me i'll go back to canada oh wherever where do you want me you know this is this is going to be an adventure um so here i am now um prior to coming at um our church uh we did illegal church um when kovitt hit uh the lord uh wanted me to open up a church i said well i've never done this before but i guess i could um and i'm kind of a little bit of a rebel and i said okay and if anybody knocks on my door and gives me a 3 800 find or tries to i'm not opening the door so i said god you're gonna have to send these people so one at a time people would phone me from where i lived in salmon arm in british columbia and they'd say what are you doing for church i said well i do home church on you know on sunday you know i didn't want to instigate anything because i didn't want the pastors after me to say hey you took her you know but most of pastors ran away you see so i was basically hands over said god i am not going to instigate you got to bring these people to me 42 people later within a month and a half i said nothing i didn't instigate a thing and we started a home church so prior to leaving we had the home church for about a a good year a year and a half before i left fabulous spirit-filled solid and we do church for like four or five hours because we'd eat for a couple of hours at the end of service and it was great but um the one guy wayne he uh he said to me he said i'm gonna prophesy over you he said and he spoke and he said the lord says you're going to costa rica you're going to be an esther i looked at him he says you're an esther he says god wants you to be an esther i said so what am i going to meet a prince a king i don't know whatever it means you're going to be an esther wow i said wow okay thank you thank you wayne a week later another guy saw him at the mall he turned around and said i had a dream last night and the lord says you're gonna be an esther i said what the heck i said this friend of mine wayne said the same thing right so i left costa rica not giving it a second thought i started meeting some people here usually in the milk aisle at the grocery store i mean a lot of expats it's interesting it's right at the milk aisle and this guy says started talking to me and he says yes he says i used to live in russia i said no kidding i said you must know a little bit about communism i said i'm the producer for laurel in tyler media out of vancouver i says i'm very curious i want your story will you connect with me oh yeah we'll come over with my wife we'll have a conversation but we are going to do we're on a mission here in costa rica uh with a lot of expats um and we're trying to think one step ahead of what we should do when things start to hopefully not collapse but you know he said collapse i said okay great like to learn more from you so he came over they were discussing with me over dinner and said well you won't believe where we're going i said where we're going to the inauguration of the new president i said excuse me what they said the inauguration of the new president i said no kidding how did you get that well my girlfriend is best friend to the president's wife i said we gotta talk so i said i said any way of coming to the inauguration please well i don't think so but you know what uh we'd like you to come to the area that we're going to be purchasing in in costa rica and you can meet the president's wife and it's like the skies opened up hallelujah hallelujah you know i'm thinking wow god is this you again oh they formed me last week again when you're coming i said august you know so i'm really in prayer to be able to do this correctly and to do it right and to go before this president in a way that will educate him um for the love of his people is he a christian i don't know but i always say he's not a christian yet because i've got that prayer card and he's right on it i'm just going to be praying i've got a prayer team all over the world from africa to [Music] the states all over i've got thousands what's the religious breakdown in costa rica right now ah i don't know i haven't looked as of late we've got a huge percentage i would say 60 to 65 anyways catholics and good good good catholics on fire for christ or just cultural catholics cultural catholics that are meeting the meeting the pentecostals if you can believe it you know they're meeting us and loving us yeah they're loving us they're complimenting we you're always happy we see something in you there's just something different about you so they're saying things like that and of course i giggle inside i don't say too much and it's an opportunity to break bread with them so to speak and and to sing with them i have a a wonderful home that god has given me and that was a god thing too that was just such a god thing i wasn't buying anything but anyways and and all around where i live here are puertico homes and here sits this wonderful property my home that i've just been so blessed with i don't even swim and i got a pool right and i wanted to come and do baptisms in the beach you know but i'm going to start baptizing in the pool which is really cool and all the people around here all these tickles in in this poor area that i'm i'm living in you know are really attracted to me um in one way or another through friends or whatever i've lived here now eight months and i'm learning my espanol and i'm i'm sharing with them i'm bringing the kids treats and candies and chocolate bars or whatever i'm bringing the kids up here into the pool where i teach the children to swim we put some reggae music on we get things happening we don't talk about church at this point but there will come a time we're going to have a friend's day and planning it with pastor and wife for some time coming up you know in the next couple of months where we can have these families just for a hot dog and a hamburger at our new church location and we'll start there so it all starts somewhere right it all starts somewhere but i get a kick out of it because it's just god uses us if we say in the morning today god you have something for me today and he always does he always does i've never had such an adventure as i do now ever in my life so paint a picture of the best case scenario with the president you get to meet him and uh you plant some seeds and then what what's the best case scenario well i think the message i think what i want him to realize is the deception okay that's been done on the world okay i want to bring it to that deception that's been done in the world i want to talk about soros i want to talk about bill gates i want to talk about the world economic forum i want to talk about the death the true deaths of the experimental jab that's been done i want to talk about i want to find out where his heart is for the people right yeah which is imperative to find out excuse me and drink some water so uh i know there are a couple of uh leaders down in south america that were reputed to be rebellious and not cooperating with pfizer and these sorts of things and they were seeing even some breaking news recently where a contract was torn up by pfizer because they didn't want to confront the lawsuit that was being waged against them right yes yes yes i mean there is there is so much coming out regularly there's some manly men down there right like men who are men and women who are women and that sort of thing well for sure absolutely um i think the push comes to shove quite frankly and i think this if mexico as well you know i'm talking about the cartel in particular and non-cartel they'll fight for their families yeah they might slap and kill you it's like the italians you know we'll grab you by the year we'll slap you a few slaps spank your throw in your room tell you tell you we love you you know we do but if somebody else does it watch out i really believe that um very much about family here very awake believe it or not um i don't wear masks i just came back from mexico you're supposed to wear a mask in an airport i don't give it a second thought i'm not going in being rebellious i just walk out out of the taxi into the airport i don't have a map it's just not natural thing to do you know so i walk through and whatever i go and i you know talk to the police you know they've got their guns and whatever you know they're watching and like well you know give them a smile and whatever and talk to them i go through the officials you know with the stamp and whatever talk to them hey it would have either man you know like whatever you know continue on only one guy said mascarilla and that was two days ago when i was coming back oh seats in york i put it up i walked right past put it down went through no questions asked and other people and and everybody messed up you know they're all masked up you know like a bunch of lemmings going through i told a whole group of people i said to them i said where's your beautiful face in espanol had to practice that one where's your beautiful face and they took the mask out way to go yeah i was disappointed today i went to uh st joseph's oratory it's a big oratory here in montreal built by a famous saint uh back in the last century and uh i would estimate around thirty percent of the people were voluntarily wearing masks even though you don't need to anymore right uh i mean i don't think the mandates ever had any power to compel us anyway that's right um our constitutional rights and freedoms it's basically just a peer pressure thing and no one's gonna no one's going to uh hold on to the hot potato that's pass it along like the buck never stops because no one wants to take responsibility for anything with the coven mandates and all these sorts of things but um yeah i was disappointed you know the altar servers wearing masks and when the priest left he put on his mask and it seems very unnatural and it doesn't seem like a christian thing to do but i don't know it's not jesus didn't ask us to be masked up he did not say there's nowhere in the bible that says you've got to obey the government to to stupidity yeah you know i mean imagine to sing with a mask how confronting to the god that's created our breath you know how dumb is that dumb dumb dumb um and and so pastors wearing masks i walk out you know what i do i just put my hand up i said i can't do stupid and i walk out and i'll say that before hundreds i have no pres i just cannot do stupid man it's um um you know six feet apart you know if they had the six feet apart little round circle things i'd walk two feet in front talking to the person you know stand back why oh there's the little circle oh but you're here i want to talk to you you know it just forget about it you know like how dumb this is the world's biggest deception biggest lie to see how authoritative we are you know stand up straight do as you're told wear your papers where are your papers you're too stupid people to think for yourselves oh and those ones that think of you know think for themselves like us gotta watch those guys they're thinking for themselves right they're the problem so what's right is wrong wrong is right it's in the book of revelation i say to catholics get your bible out dust the thing off start reading if it's too difficult there's different versions correspond look make sure they're saying the same words but in their god reveals what's going down he gives us the road map to where we're going and how he's going to help and assist us getting there cash the society i talked about it 35 years with my kids one world religion one world government didn't know how it would look like certainly never thought it'd be in my lifetime but as this unfolded bing bing the lights went on and i realized hey it's happening did i cry no i said god here i am use me use me what am i to do i'm here i'm breathing not dead yet couldn't go gonna move gonna shake it up whatever it takes so now i work for a blonde by the name of laura lynn tyler johnson this was not what i was supposed to be doing how did that happen by the way well i met her there was a story i had for her i was watching her podcast a few times i'm thinking this little blonde girl is kind of cute you know she's smart she's smart she's adorable and i used to watch her on 700 club thinking wow she's smart because i appreciate smart women i'm a business woman for many years not that i'm smart so i'm not saying that and i was just really impressed by her and so i'd heard a story of a a story about a firefighter woman in vancouver who was set up right so here i am toby to the rescue get ahold of the firefighter guy that i know on messenger i said hey we'll take this story to laurel and tyler thompson i'll drive from salmon arm i get a fast car i'll be there in like four hours okay i'll meet with you we're going to lunch and uh and then we're going to meet with her so i phoned her and she accepted knowing me from you know i mean she gets so many phone calls i know because now i deal with them she gets so many emails now i know because i deal with them and uh so she accepted so we went um and we had breakfast and i introduced myself and and don you know here's don he's got a story and we got to help this woman right this is seriously you know good it'll be a good segment on your show so we said goodbye and wasn't that nice after about an hour i left went home thought nothing of it she folds about three weeks later toby she says it was wonderful to meet you i said lauren lynn it was fabulous i'm looking forward sometime to coming to meet you again that would be wonderful well she says i met you and we barely said two words really i was listening to the story i said well that was great that's why i was there and she says i saw you you left and then the lord said to me there's your girl i said what do you mean there's your girl she said i want you to produce the show i said what produce the show i'm a massage therapist i'm a business woman i buy real estate you know what a producer she says yes i said is that like one of those chairs that says producer you get the hat and the cigarillo do i get one of those yeah i said okay well maybe we'll talk and i said to give me about 10 days i need to pray about this so i went before the lord and nothing day six enough seven not happening day eight didn't happen for me day nine day ten god takes his time sometime i wasn't impatient because i was just letting it letting him roll with it right and sure enough all of a sudden okay all right don't know what i'm doing but okay a new adventure why not so i did and here i am did you have to learn a lot of technical uh stuff or no i had to find out myself i had no help the little girl is very busy but i was a businesswoman i know how to organize and i told her i said i'll work for you i said but hey i'm organized and i can be very bossy i said i'm going to take you from here to here are you ready to roll she says i'm ready to roll i said well then i'm your girl that had to be the stipulation who was helping her out before her husband husband it was a husband and wife team husband and wife team did i see you did i see you in some of those videos when she was driving across the country we in the car with her no i so wanted to go there was a girl with her there was a lady with her yeah that would have been liz that was liz who is he is a friend a very dear friend of laurel lens for many many years they were childhood friends okay and uh so lizzy's in the background lizzie would cook at the you know at the condo and make sure laura lynn was fed and would do some background uh you know investigative stuff and and so forth so yeah absolutely so there's a big family now going on you know there's four or five of us and we're just helping out we're we're taking it for the team man um i'm i'm the disturber and i'm gonna stay in costa rica because even theo fleury couldn't get out of canada they disallowed him last week eh they allowed him because we're all disturbers and my fear is i've been told don't go back yeah yeah and i just i just broke down these are my patriots i started in the movement in the movement a week you know a week after a rally started in kelowna which is now huge a week after vancouver started toronto was just getting going i knew something was happening i knew it i tried to go this rally never been to one before traveled an hour and a half from salmon arm to go to kelowna people said you came here to come to a rally yep and so there was about eight or ten people i come up hello how are you hi i came from salmon arm yeah nice okay great don't know what a rally's all about but i'm curious they're talking about what's happening within our country it sounds pretty serious right and so sure enough there i was and they're talking we can we will we we we and i said excuse me i said there's no we when it comes to me to participate i'm sorry it's god this is a spiritual thing it's not going to be about we you and me we'll work together but it's got to be the lord jesus christ one girl in the corner says hallelujah she's got a shofar oh i said all right donna here we go so from a lot of atheists around us now to saved solid christians i wasn't going to be a part of something that people thought in the flesh they could do i don't have time for that i know how this thing works i know about communism we were taught that in europe i went to auschwitz i talked to the germans i know this story and i was smelling a rat and all our pastors were just vamoosing running away those cowards these friends of mine the ministerial would not pick up the phone this is me i'll listen to you i've got some questions let's talk about this let's educate the church let's go before the lord and say how do we handle this give on to see that what is caesar's where does that line divide yeah well i you know i interviewed art pavlovsky right oh arter yeah and uh he said a lot of money was given to the churches to the pastors 50 grand you betcha oh they're all jabs my my friend my pastor friend for 22 years prior to being a pastor you know him his wife me we were three peas in a pod he gets the fourth booster and i tried to talk to him before he got the lollipop we call it you know and he says but but i said don't you bump me i said david this is me you're talking to listen to me and open up that church let us go to church wouldn't hear it you know wouldn't hear it the big signs and everything i lifted up my hands i'm not doing anything on sue are you kidding i can't feel you can't see you can't connect with you david and then all of a sudden don't talk and he was such a soft it was like a spirit in him that just rose up and that was it and he had no more to say to me i said thank you very kindly i love you david i said i don't know what else to say so i walked away from there and started one by one as i said and we started our home church illegal home church is it possible to at this stage when you've been fully committed to everything the government's saying and you're a cheerleader for all the tyranny and you've had the four jabs is it possible at some point to get fed up and say i was wrong about this that the other thing and all the way back to the beginning or is human pride such that it's impossible at this point [Music] can you hear me can you hear me check check your settings you might need to reconnect to the call if you can hear me reconnect because i can't i can see okay now i can hear you now i can hear you good yes i lost it um you know i i just you know people will tell you that about me you know i can't i can't i know i can this is a spiritual fight there is that blind list that the blindness that the lord speaks about many will be blinded many will be deceived it is that spiritual deception that pride thing oh it's all the smart ones i get a brother-in-law and sister worth millions they're going to lose it all rabbi it's going to be gone they've not wanted to speak to me i'm the you know i'm the one i'm the outcast again well i've been in that i've been in that little plot several times i just go over you know like what can i say i'll pray for you my prayer is that eyes will be open but you know what at this later game i have to tell you it's going to be just it's got to be an act of god a miracle and again put these people don't let them go don't you dare let them go you're gonna fight for their souls at whatever cost so it means you get up like some of us three three thirty in the morning and you bow your head before the lord before you start your day and you pray if it takes an hour two hours you be faithful that's your job it's my job it's our job and we have the power in the spiritual realm to fight this devil back yeah we'll stand in the gap for those we love well i'm thinking about uh joseph how he was betrayed by his brothers and they wanted to kill him and he was sold into slavery and he rose and then they came begging to him unknowingly and then he had the power to you know he teased them a bit but then he had the power to give them fulfillment and food and everything else so i mean that is the sort of pattern of what happens right and that so that could be a good omen for the whole cova deception thing too where there's that one remnant little small percentage of the the uh fringe minority with unacceptable views we are god's fringe midori minority we are the remnant church like what an honor and i ask christians all over the world give god thanks for what he's given us like what an opportunity to roll like never before so start going you know this is this is amazing you know this is just amazing that god would choose me you us like this is really something you know it's a special time to be alive for sure and uh i don't want to talk too much about my wife because she's uh very she's been very very anti-religious her whole life she's raised greek orthodox but i do want to mention that uh kovid has really opened her eyes at least to the fact that satan exists that much she's sure of now yeah and then she still doesn't trust god she thinks god must be evil to allow children to suffer and these sorts of things and i can't speak intellectually to her because she doesn't operate on that intellectual theological level she operates on an intuitive tribalistic level and so i i can't really do much other than just love her and pray for her and uh sort of give her my perspective which is that god is all good he's perfect and that he has a plan you know and he's allowing he is allowing evil but for a good reason you know because the the goodness he can bring out of it is so much better and it's it's just better for us to free be able to freely choose to love because if you don't love freely you're not loving so it's just part of the package but anyway um you know she has had her eyes open to the whole uh satanic and the the uh you know she's become pro-life as as opposed to being pro-choice before just sort of by default because here in canada you know how it is in canada how progressive and lefty it is here by default and uh but kovit has opened her eyes and i think god has a plan for her and i hope you're going to pray for her conversion i will put her on my prayer card i promise i will and if any time she wants to speak to me i'm a good listener and if she wants me to answer her questions let me speak to her yeah i love that i'd love that but she's a spicy character she might slap you around a bit hey that's okay bring it on i like a good fight in the ring i'm italian so uh is it okay to work at a distance with laura lynn are you able to do your job or is it is it better or is it what is it giving you opportunities to broaden your horizons with the show with her show or what's happening well i you know i mean it's called a pc and it's just it's called you know limbo limber remember fingers you know i do a lot of typing i do a lot of introductions i do a lot of videos i do a lot of of that so yeah it can be done remotely which is phenomenal so i can go anywhere went to mexico uh to get my stamps so that i'm legal in in costa rica and uh you know i'm able to bring my work with me thank god and still run the show which is really cool so remotely it works just perfect it works just perfect and do you speak every day or how often do you speak with lower level i like to speak to my crew every day let them know the show's on this is who's coming on make sure we show um you know various clips that the person may have of a video interview um and and also you know just get them lined up and organized so we have that connection and then with laura lynn she's hard to chase down so i usually have a list of questions i'm able to speak with her about every couple of days and anything imperative or whatever you know pick up that oh but she's just like a little bunny rabbit that is extremely onto one thing to another to another she's meeting some amazing amazing people um ron johnson ted cruz uh to name a few cindy chapian um trish woods from cbc uh cbc not radio cbc tv gone out of my head um you know various ones uh peter mccullough of course is a dear friend of ours hey wow yes absolutely paul alexander dr paul alexander um dr ardis brian artist and we're on first name basis a big family i mean there's there's a host of many um these these fine affluent top top doctor physician surgeons scientists from all over the world i have a scientist a friend of mine coming in from sweden and i'm going to put together a podcast that i want him to follow he's very smart and he'll come in from sweden because it's toby and for you i do anything he said to me will you come to sweden i said no because we need a lollipop that's not coming what did you what did you think of uh uh vladimir's link or how do you say his name i was i was heartbroken he looked so good before he died he looked so good right up until before you know he's encouraged us to keep fighting the good fight um ultimately the lord jesus christ number one in his life so we know he went to be with the lord i still have my thoughts about what happened okay i really do just because i'm in the biz yeah um same with carrie maday okay right and the plane crash yeah kerry and uh and her husband i mean really concerning um they're still tinkering with the aircraft to make sure it wasn't purposely done okay right and uh been praying for kerry uh a real um waris for truth she was in the laboratory with um without she she saw what they were doing she split boom from there became an advocate for truth and righteousness she's a christian sister and she's strong very gentle in mannerism and speech and thought you know she she just absolutely smart and uh so they're investigating that further i'd like to see them investigate them but uh zeb was just absolutely amazingly terrifically smart and had a real heart for doing his due diligence and that was to investigate how to save lives that was his mandate that was his number one at all costs at all costs i like when he would say avoid evil do good you know it's just like it's it's fundamental and i was just reading one of my favorite saints saint alfonsus liguri an italian lawyer who became a great great great saint doctor of the church alphonsus liguori and he summarized our faith in three points avoid evil do good and accept the will of god so if you if you're if your will is not done uh it's not going to feel good right uh because uh it's my what i like to say is it's my way or the highway the highway meaning god's way so it's my way my will or the highway god's way and doing my way feels pretty good because i get what i want i do what i want and doing god's way it's like suffering and convenience it's painful it's a lot of work and like you said you got to get up early in the morning and all these sorts of things so um saint alphonsus liguri talks about uh those three points those three basic points avoid evil do good and accept the will of god in your life no matter how painful or inconvenient it is so it's pretty it's a pretty basic summary of the christian walk well and it is there as well in making christ number one and center full center uh in your life um realizing what he did for us as sinners and uh and what he's got for us and our faith walk yeah it's not always rosy and whatever but you know if we go into it realizing it's his will it's okay he brings us a peace and we've all been in the desert where we've just kind of been just so thirsty for uh help me we've had issues problems that sort of thing god's always come through can you spot can you spot a fake uh christian a fake jew a fake muslim a fake anyone that's pretending to be religious just for political gain or to fit in with your family can you smell that can you sniff that out we discern it god gives us a sense of discernment and i think we need to tune into that it's very very important very much so in the in the covet battle do you see a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing pretending to be on our side but they're really undermining us with a bunch of crazy uh theories and stuff like that or do you not see that you do see that did you see that i do i do yeah we're very careful we're very careful and and myself laura lynn and i and jt we work very very close on that um if i'm reluctant i'm not entertaining it okay you know if i've got that that that stir in my spirit i've got feeling i listen to my gut and then i you know lord where are you on this one you know i pray about it and and it's just skip you know but but go so laura lynn is intuitive like that and uh very much whoa laura lynn's now pastor lorelynn might i add okay she said yeah she's a pastor and he doesn't bring that up often i'm the one that brings it i'm so proud of her so what did she do did she go to some sort of seminary i don't know how that works yeah i don't know how that one works it was a seminary online seminary or something rather yes okay i don't know the name of it but you know i'm very impressed by her because of her authenticity her innocence her beauty but um you know it's powerful it's very powerful when you read the new testament and you see how jesus cuts through the bs and you see laura lynn in ottawa at the rally uh this february and you see just the question or the comment and it just cuts through all the bs so easily it's just amazing so refreshing so refreshing she is natural she's a natural she's natural and uh she's a natural um she is faith solid yeah you know she is just a true wirus you know she's a warrior she's a wire for truth god being number one in her life she will stand up to anybody anytime i've seen verbal ping-pong with her and others go on air and only happened once or twice when i brought on this what i thought was a christian guy from back east oh yes you should see he was very impressive i heard his videos i did say that you talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing this guy was about anti he was about as christian as a you know as anything else he just actually turned on her on air and she came after him not harsh but just she took up her sword and just started speaking truth so the guy didn't want to consequently come on the show anymore so that's okay but wow wow i could not have discerned any differently because everything was check marks in places i was you know googling and listening to his sermons and whatever but by golly he had a stirred spirit within him that just laughed out uh to her and she held her ground you know wow um yeah i'm still waiting for her i'm still waiting for trudeau to come on i'd like to challenge trudeau i want to be on the show you know a lot of people call call me and call her blood blondie and salt and pepper right get the two of us with trudeau we have a heyday oh my god i would love to challenge you can't even talk you can't even talk with uh quote-unquote normal person much less someone who's on fire you know oh yeah absolutely absolutely yeah but laura lynn absolutely she is what you see is what you get she's got a heart of gold so can she be our next prime minister yes or no oh absolutely absolutely and she's prime minister then i will come as vp that'll bring you back to canada that'll bring me back yeah do you follow canadian politics i guess you kind of have to right i have to all the time so what do you think my hunch is polyeth is a politician but i like that he has edge and charisma and i think that that nice guy there's a really nice soft guy in the conservative party baber i love roman baber but he doesn't have edge he doesn't have personality i'm sorry oh he's got personality he may not have suave yeah if that's what we're talking well he needs to be he needs to be sharper to cut to give more uh cutting edge to uh to stimulate us to feel like he's on fire because i feel like he's a very very calm energy and we don't need that when we're fighting the demons i don't think that is so true but you know what he comes from a communist regime upbringing if anybody knows how that operates it's roman babber he is sharp i had him on the show okay okay that guy is sharp i pushed for him to try answer the email already we want him on our show and he just boom uh phenomenal he's my favorite he's my favorite but i think uh his presentation isn't going to ignite the imagination of the voters i don't think so but i i really really i think he's the best i think he's the best i think he's the best i don't trust uh pierre pelosi no i don't want him on the show oh yeah okay okay okay okay no uh world economic forum a little bit of affiliations there you know um i always said as finance minister before pre-coded that's our next prime minister he ought to be the prime minister he can balance the books i like that guy you know that's i was an advocate for pierre like unbelievable until i found out some things about him and i'm not that keen i'm really not there's no dirt on roman babar and let's not say that everybody's clean as you know as king can be i'm not you're not we're not but when it comes to the world economic forum and shaking hands with some of those bad boys don't get it don't like it don't want it and we sure don't need it as canada oh canada let's go let's clean up the dirt the muck and the mess haul those criminals out put them in lock them up right and let's start our canada once more in a environment of family faith foundation yeah i've never ever ever ever been proud to be canadian until the families on the causeways when the truckers were coming the families on the cause the families on the causeways that that's when i said canada has a spirit canada has freedom loving family oriented god-fearing people like i didn't know that until that moment well and you know what i have to say i'm with you on that one i have to say i'm truly with you on that one i have boxes of kleenex reporting you know crying i was so proud of them go canada and go you know and and and then bouncy castles and dancing and it was a love fest for our country and then the bad boys came in because trudeau just couldn't handle it right and we had the first mayor yeah he's out the door the police chief you know we got all the muck in the mess that had to come in and disturb that which was healthy you know what trudeau's trying to do he's trying to poke the bear he's trying to poke the bear it's like take one hair out at a time until the bear goes and what we've done as a movement kelowna i can only speak for clone in vancouver made it very very clear if there's a disturber you're out what we're doing here is we are reporting we are becoming a uh connective point um of solidarity for a truth movement to draw out these criminals if at all possible we're doing what we can we're doing what we can through lawsuits etc and so on um that's what we're doing and it's got to be done in love they're not very subtle like when they tried to set fire to that apartment building it's just like it's just a joke or when they have a flag you know a nazi flag or whatever they do it's just whatever they do is heavy-handed it's not subtle and maybe it's maybe it's done on purpose uh i've heard the speculated that they're they know that we know and all this sort of thing and it's just the show of force like we don't need to pretend we don't need to be subtle we don't need to fool you we are openly telling you we run the show like satan runs the world uh and uh what are you gonna do about it basically like satan runs this world you don't like it what are you gonna do about it sure just cocky aren't they but you know what my sword is bigger my sword is bigger i dare them well we've already won i mean this is the funny thing about already one about christianity like your list and we need to be walking in fearlessness yeah well yeah and plus we have to remember that martyrdom is a one-way ticket to heaven like boom i don't know i don't know if you believe in purgatory anymore but i certainly do and i want to avoid it at all cost and martyrdom is a good way to do that well martyrdom the lord is coming he's coming for his church he's coming for his bride it's a matter of time as things unfold here you know may i be raptured father god may i be martyred yeah like that idea as much you know beam me up god you know but either way we have a mansion in heaven waiting for each one of us got your name on it the fact that the question is do you want it yes and how bad do you want it and who do you want to bring with you so start that prayer card list those names call out to god and say i want to go with these ones right so uh where does violence enter into the picture from our side because i don't i don't like violence i'm not promoting violence but i also on the other hand i sincerely believe that political change won't happen without violence so that's sort of like a sad excuse me god bless you i don't i don't have covet but i i cannot i think i may have i think i may have had it i may have had it a couple of times yeah but uh so yes natural immunity now is where it's at you've been reading all the reports whoa what a revelation that is i only have grade 12 and i figured it out now the scientists are getting it but i you know i because my wife's impatient with the whole coveted nightmare and i tell her two things i say chain political change won't come without violence that's for sure without bloodshed that's for sure um because the police they will monitor your protest and as soon as it becomes dangerous they'll shut it down but if it's not being shut down amazing is not posing a threat period right yeah so the other element is that you can't you can't walk in for example to a prison like the most hardened prisons in the third world or even in america you can't just waltz in as an inmate and say hey i don't like that you you know your racial gang over here and your your whatever gang over there and the mafia over here i don't like the way you're doing business and i don't think it's very nice and so i think we're all going to vote and we're going to have a new regime and we're going to have a new system and we're all going to get along and we're going to stop doing illegal drugs and we're going to stop doing anal sex and we're going to stop this we're going to stop back it doesn't work like that it doesn't work like that no so it's naive i think it's naive to think that this prison planet is going to be changed by a protest or if i get excited make a lot of noise or this and that the other thing it's going to be one of two things that will make a change god's way which is conversion martyrdom and setting the example by being a christian or satan's way violence destruction and tyranny and just things boiling over and then god says enough is enough right like we see in the old testament time and time again so just talk about those two different ways god's way in satan's way and is there maybe a third way or not i don't i you know it's it's white or black yeah there's no gray area yet there really isn't there is no gray area and um the only way that we're going to be relieved of this mess this tyranny you know i mean food shortages gas and oil we have such an abundant we heard about biden now selling it to you know selling it overseas china india can you imagine you know thousands and thousands and thousands of gallons right depleting right it's the main resource for the united states of america and which helps us in turn right so i mean there there is an obvious plan here at what point do we say enough really i mean that is the question i i toy with that all the time you know um i have to set my eyes focus my eyes on the lord that says be patient do you trust me we must do that i'm italian i'm ready to slap somebody okay you know if it wasn't god tying my hands behind my back you know i still have that rise in you know when i see something that is not right but not near of what it used to be i've had to really settle down pray about it and know what i believe that when the lord says he is in charge i'm not i have to give it to him i have to i have to but i'll tell you something somebody walks through my house wanna break in i'm gonna shoot you i'm gonna shoot you i got my grandkids here i got my best friend over there you know whatever it's just me i'm going to protect myself don't you touch me you know so there is that and god will help at that moment and if not and we're martyred you know say you don't love jesus i said well you know i do he's my everything go for it like you cannot take my soul and that's what satan wants through this lollipop that he's doing yeah right speaking of which uh speaking of which before we wrap up and we will wrap up here now soon uh just touch very briefly on the whole lgbtqa plus thing uh what is the connection between that and this this unmasking of satan that we've seen over the past few years about the masking the unmasking like satan is removing his mask we're seeing how demonic the world is it's uh satan is less shy now to show pornography divorce and everything else and uh you know polyamory is becoming mainstream now and everything you know everything satan now is openly just teaching his teachings at schools and so just how does it all play in together why i mean i know the answer from the catholic perspective but i want to hear your perspective why is sexuality connected with satan's plan why is it so intimately connected well satan's always made sexuality dirty he's always made sexuality dirty always so we can start there so what is dirty look like well we're experiencing dirty i just came back from mexico and two nights ago in this swanky beautiful hotel i was just so blessed to have at a really good price uh you know marble on the walls and it's just exquisite going to eat food that night and i'm you know i'm going i'm in there with my girlfriend kathy and there's four tvs all around all with porn you want to see one italian chick stand up and call for the maitre d turn it off they don't even notice anymore that's how blind they are i said it's insulting turn it off or we will leave so my point on that is not for me to be a hero is we got to start saying something folks all of us oh i don't you know i'm shy well you know what so am i believe it or not so am i i don't like to be part i just wanted to go for supper i didn't want to bolt up like a jelly bean and have to talk to somebody to do what's right and i bring that right back to you know the lgbtq and all the um acceptance you know the lukewarm church did that i have to say i'm gonna point fingers it's it's it's what we did not do when this was all going down really too biz politics we don't do politics we're christians right wrong wrong wrong wrong god was political he taught us politics he turned over the tables and said not going to happen but he had a temper and what we did is we is we were the church was the head of canada at one point we sold out for a few little shillings for tax benefits you know satan came in to entice i often think about you know when satan was there with jesus over yes i'll give you everything and anything you want god said behind me satan we did not as the church say behind me satan and stand our ground that was given to us as a gift from heaven everything i talked about myself i sold out i sold out i could have should have worked harder you know maybe not making money that i made and maybe walk the streets you know and and evangelized or you know we could have all done better are you familiar with bill whatcott uh not i've heard the name okay he is he pastor who is he no he's uh a [ __ ] disturber he was uh he's sort of like uh not a pastor they saw a number of [ __ ] disturbers he uh he may he may have become a pastor since i don't know but uh artur knows him and arthur sort of uh sort of had him under his wing and uh anyway he got um bill what got into a lot of trouble with justin trudeau because of the whole gay pride parade thing he infiltrated and he pretended to be lgbtq and he started putting christian propaganda into these little condom packets and handing them out i love him okay so uh trudeau you have to look him up you have to look him up but uh he lost a lawsuit he had to pay five thousand dollars because he he used the wrong pronouns for a man that wants to be called woman whatever and i i've actually interviewed i actually interviewed that person also on my podcast just to get the other side of the coin you know um but uh i've interviewed bill whatcott too a couple of times but uh he's a real character you know and he's uh he's like you he's got that energy and a little bit of uh impish rebellion and these sorts of things uh in a good sense in a good sense i mean i'm sure he's not perfect you know but um i think he may have spent time in prison and uh you know he even dabbled in uh some same sex stuff maybe i think that's what he mentioned in my uh my first interview with him but he had his come to jesus moment and ever since he's been on fire and uh yeah it's a really interesting character we're gonna bring him on the show yeah yeah for sure his last name tell me how you spell his last name what w-h-a-t caught c-o-t-t like it and first name bill and archer knows him so i'll get a hold of archer yeah yeah yeah yeah he'll know he'll know what you're talking about so listen i'm going to let you go is there anything else you want to say before we wrap up either about uh the faith or about how we should be dealing over the next few months with the elections and with everything with all the craziness and don't forget the seventh wave is coming they told us the seventh wave is coming how many masks three four i don't know i'm asking the question you know just unbelievable do your due diligence folks it's a crazy crazy world it's a crazy it's a bunch it's being run by a bunch of psychos it's a bunch of psychos plain and simple it's unbelievable so i would probably say you know the best thing we can do is pray god's our only hope god is our only hope and he's just waiting for us to cry out and you know what he's on the move i feel it i know it i'm seeing it i'm seeing it all the time more people are coming to christ the last two three years i mean this has been stated over and over again than ever in history it's coming it's coming it's coming you know um share of yourselves share of your wealth give to those that are hungry invite people into your house you know share a word give a hug you know there's something i want to do downtown uvita where i shouldn't say that where i live and uh and um and i want to blindfold and i want arms out with a sign in espanol in english need a hug don't be cheeky i'll say you know need a hug you know if you need a hug you might end up being groped all over at that point i mean i may not want to leave yeah but uh wonderful so i think uh that would be i would leave you with that and everybody knows uh you know it's god and god only i want i i i that was wonderful i i would like to have left it there but i forgot to mention one thing is very important i want to bounce it off you because you're a fellow canadian uh you still can consider yourself a canadian right absolutely it's only been eight months right that's it uh did you know are you aware of the fact and is laura lynn aware of the fact that canada changed the constitution it replaced god with god and other deities are you aware of the fact and what are the spiritual consequences of putting ourselves under the authority of the demons like that oh yeah what that that's doomsday for canada i mean you know under the deity uh unless we're under god you know we've just got very little hope but you know i see our hope through um our spirituality of our belief in jesus christ it's back to him again amazing amazing so i really appreciate it uh hound and bug laura lynn until she actually comes on my podcast i would really appreciate that i'm looking to worry about it i'll put you in the calendar she's going to have to do it excellent you know what she her apologies absolutely she's on uh she's on the road as you know and um if you look she's regular i don't know if you subscribe to us or whatever but she's always bling bling bling where are you now where are you now where are you now you know and i'm trying to i'm trying to run right alongside of her to get done what she needs to do right so she is so so busy basically my wife uh just sits me down at supper time and we watch a bit shoot which is sort of an alternative uh video streaming or video place platform and she shows me laura lynn sometimes to show me other people that she likes brian iridus and all these different oh yes and uh she'll just show me the highlights oh did you hear about this did you hear about that i don't hear anything she she's my news source so uh yeah i'm not completely plugged into the media first of all because i find it a little bit depressing frankly the news you know to be honest with you it is depressing when you think about the the stride the great strides that have been made by the dark forces in this world i just i don't have a lot of time a lot of time for that but i do sit down and i do watch whatever my wife is excited about to show me and she loves she definitely loves loves loves laura lynn and it warms my heart it just warms my heart you know that uh this christian content is reaching my wife because she was so anti-christian for so long but now kovit has uh has broken her heart and it's allowed some cracks for jesus christ to come in and are going to be sending you a lot of emails saying hey are you praying for me are you praying for my wife are you praying for my mother please stay in touch i would love it and rest assured laura lynn is coming her apologies she just could not get out not a problem not she does send her apologies and she says why don't you do it i said no you do it we do it i said okay i'm so glad and very feel very privileged to uh to have been on your podcast and i thank you very very much well i can feel the i can feel the kindred spirit energy you and laura lynn and a lot of people that we meet through this truth movement and freedom freedom lovers there's a certain life and vivaciousness and joy and you can't be christian if you don't have that joy it's just impossible you have to have that joy and it's something it's something i'm not very good at expressing i'm not very expressive in that way but i you know i do have my moments of joy it's a little bit more quiet maybe than what you express but it is absolutely essential and uh you know i appreciate that in you your energy your light and i hope you continue and i know you're on the winning side that's what uh that's the best part of all and let's be very very soon we're all going home so get your bags ready exactly get right with god so god bless you and remember me and mine in your prayers you and yours are in mine okay i will definitely do i promise you i love you lots of you and i'll be back we'll talk soon bye