CVS Live Guest - 2022-05-03 - Michael Schmitt

Author Streamed Tuesday May 3rd, 2022

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I met Michael through my friend (and guest) Ivan Freud. Michael and I discuss his faith-journey and the whole COVID-19 debacle within and without the Hierarchy of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. God help us all.

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i'll have to so we are live i'm here with my friend my new friend michael schmidt how are you doing i'm fine and you david very good to see you and uh we tried to do this last last tuesday what happened i didn't put it in my calendar i forgot all about it [Music] now you've confessed it so i can forgive you because you confessed it publicly i'm just joking so i i told you i did that we don't really plan these talks it's more spontaneous but uh i did give you a little hint that i'll ask you to sort of talk about your faith journey from an early age and just touch on the things that uh you think might be interesting and that aren't too delicate to share so uh what what do you want to tell us about your journey so far up until today starting way back well first of all i um saw your description of your cbs podcast and you're saying it's a catholic podcast with non-catholic guests yeah and uh well here you have a catholic guest that's good that's good well it's just like raisin bran uh it has raisins in it it's not just raisins but it has raisins you know it's with raisins and but there's other stuff and so i do i do i started by not interviewing any faithful catholics only dissident catholic so-called catholics like said evacantists rad trads and stuff like that and then uh i just decided let's include the faithful catholics and so uh yeah it's open to everyone and i've done a lot i've done about 330 episodes now and it's mostly atheists and protestants if i'm being honest with you because that's what that's what we have in canada more than uh faithful catholics uh tell me about it indeed i i know that um uh well what what i'd like to tell you uh today um [Music] if you ask me about my upbringing my my upbringing in my uh journey into believing um i guess i had a very traditional introduction to believe and to catholicism um in germany indeed my native country uh born and brought up in in germany by two catholic parents my mother has always been i think a believer all her life my father raised as a catholic but then um yeah for social reasons didn't go to church but still obviously they wanted me to uh get baptized and i did my first communion and that was all out of con out of my own conscious or not out of but out of my control and and beyond my conscience but when i did my confirmation at age i happened to have a a volunteer a girl and that was great to have a really a youth a young person strongly involved and she had a great impact on my on my development later on not right then but i now recognize she had that impact later on when and then then i didn't go to church often and then i started studying and then the church didn't see me i didn't didn't have time for that i went out partying and other things um but then i remember another moment in time when i lived in a very small city doing my studies and on sundays sometimes i was alone chilling hanging out after saturday party so where would i go maybe cycling a bit then i found the local church in germany churches are always open at least on sundays often times the entire week from 8 a.m to 8 p.m so i would go to that church and chill there i literally laid down on the bench and did what you may be calling meditating enjoying the calm but i wasn't actually praying or something but i liked being in that church and um another two or three years later it was time to move to canada and to make sure that my girlfriend would you know be a solid partner in that journey to another continent i asked her for marriage or how do you say i proposed to her and a year later we married um uh first uh civilly and then a year later in uh in church nice i i felt i i wanted that um she was raised catholic yes to some extent um she stopped her journey after first communion okay a lot of people do and and you've been married like 17 years or something like that yeah good memory david exactly five indeed and so you came to you got married in what year uh it was 17 years ago i can't do the math it was 2005. 2005. you said okay so yeah so it was canada uh all you wanted it to be in terms of your uh spiritual expectations for the church and all that sort of thing did you settle in to find a parish and all that or were you not really practicing you and your wife were not really practicing so much at that time or what and in the first years no we're still well going out a lot partying we're in the 20s and or late 20s then and at other things on our minds but i do remember again i did connect with the local parish and i do remember participating in the annual or in the christmas um crash competition little nativity scenes nativity scene competition that they called because i did go from time to time maybe uh once a month or once every two months in montreal in montreal indeed in village oh okay what's the parish there it's not the blue one is it they've got a nice blue one and the one i went to because i lived literally across the street uh is called notre dame de jose yeah i've never been there but i've passed by it relatively nice and i went there a couple of times without actually connecting with the people there um but i did connect in 2019 with uh the new parish we moved inside of villarreal to another corner of of that neighborhood so i've got a new a new church and there i did connect with the local people and they were very happy to have a relatively young person and and committing to yeah to to do some work and um ever since 2019 i've been giving um sunday school i call it i don't know what's the right term catechism you know yeah to uh groups of eight to 11 year old and i've been in the church committee helping out to rent the basement of the church i i'm proud of i can say i really contributed a lot to the financial security of the parish by putting up ads having people visit the place negotiating leases signing the leases so we've got a number of good tenants now that regularly pay and i'm very glad about that very important yes yes yes because the financial aspect of the church is sometimes pooh-poohed as being uh uh not sacred or being a profane and so it's neglected for that reason or it's just uh overlooked and people resent giving to the church and there's a lot of struggle in the in the catholic church in canada i don't know about elsewhere but in canada a lot of struggle and you see you've seen for yourself the uh condominiums the gyms that are replacing churches turning sacred spaces into profane desecrated spaces and i was just reading in canon law last night how they there's a ritual that needs to be done if you want to re-establish it like a new blessing needs to be given and the cleansing needs to be done if you want to bring it back to its uh status as a sacred place so it could be a church so a lot of desecration going on in montreal in the churches you go somewhere between papino and christoph colon on the 40 there is a church built in the 60s being demolished right now each time i pass by i yeah think what a pity uh this community this parish old people only slowly dying no newcomers nobody cares and then you end up having no priest you end up having no no parishes and then the only option that remains is selling the building what what can you do well what can i do i i i try to do my little share in in investing time teaching jesus to to eight nine and ten year olds what are the tools you use do you actually use the new catechism to teach the children or do you use the youcat or what do you use or to use your own notes in the bible or what do you just improvise or what do you use i'm curious you you mentioned you cat i didn't think it was so international i ordered it from a christian german christian edition house in german language for my sons they never actually read it but i i'm familiar with the concept and i know it's it's an international concept no i don't use that what i use is um a helpful binder that i was given by the responsible lady and i improvise a lot now going into my third year or having just finished my third year i become quite um at ease and i improvise a lot uh and over and beyond what we've got a book um or even actually two books um phil de ceson and something with solution that inspire me a lot but is that a famous author that wrote those i'm sorry david was that are those books you just mentioned by a famous author chemin de la moore sounds familiar these are more more um leaflets or or or well um you know pamphlets small booklets little booklets it's the office what's the official okay okay it's like the the diocese the archdiocese presents materials okay okay we've got a number of those books at church and then the kids would work with them uh i use them a lot but um there's too much information inside we can't cover that possibly in one and a half hours the the activities suggested are for an entire day basically we only use a small portion of that uh and what emphasis how much emphasis is there on exposing the children to the stories of the bible old and new testament like what fraction would you say is made up by biblical stuff zero old testament it's all new testament only okay and it's uh well basically 100 uh we there's an introductory story about alex or some friends doing this and that okay then we jump into the bible we read the corresponding text out of jesus's life and then we ask i ask questions we discuss their opinions then we go back to a real life story the kids can connect better to and i use video a lot too i found a great superman the original superman movie has a great scene where he talks to his kryptonite father and his his his earthly father would say you need to let me go now you need to go out to the people and help them i have raised you but now you're on your own it's like joseph saying to jesus look i had you for a couple of years now you're and it's fascinating what you can find in pop culture um to yeah to interest eight nine ten years old uh there's many ways to to to engage them to cross their attention so they like that kind of stuff i would imagine uh very much yeah yeah that was a very successful episode very cool and what have you learned uh how is this uh teaching strengthened your faith in what way is it because of the innocence of the children or is it because of the teachings themselves that you're getting more deeply familiar with or what would you say that's a great question uh because it's uh basically the reason why i continue and i will continue to do that uh even when my two sons are now now out of the age my little sun has just finished and i'm going to continue because i understand so much more when you have to explain it in simple words and also the preparation of the courses i give um make me think about what i'm going to tell them and then stories you and i know and i have known them for 10 and 20 years but suddenly they make sense and suddenly i know that wow okay this is how it was meant it helped me a great deal in in understanding many of these parables and and and stories and it's also going to motivate me to alternate not to use my old slides from last year and the old videos from last year i'm generally genuinely interested in going deeper and learning more about the new testament and about jesus so i think that will be the driving force for me to continue to find new exciting stories or comparisons comparisons comparisons to in pop culture and illustrations wow are there parts of the bible that uh trouble you uh well i mean the old testament it's easy to find troubling passages but in the new testament are the parts you struggle with because you find it difficult to see how this particular teaching can be understood even as an adult like for example the parable of that uh sneaky manager whatever the one who went and took the bill and said instead of 100 right 50. you know that story i don't know if you know that parable of the uh the servant or the manager who was going to be fired from bezelling he said i'm too weak to dig and i'm too ashamed to beg so i'm going to go around to all my bosses clients and i'm going to reduce their bills and jesus said that this is a sort of worldly wisdom and somehow we're supposed to as christians we're supposed to get a lesson out of this story uh if you're not familiar with the parable i suggest you look into it and then uh prepare a little teaching lesson so you can teach me what it means because i have no idea um does it sound familiar to you no it does not it sounds very interesting because it's linked to economy and logic and justice i believe and to answer your question here's the one that i don't get yet it's the parable where the boss or the father no it's the father who sends no no no no let's get that it's the manager who uh hires workers at 8 00 a.m ah the 11th hour labor market and he hires more workers at 10 am and then some some last ones at noon and at the end of the day he gives each a dinar same wage everybody gets the same and the ones who work for 12 hours they complain of course they do and i yet have to understand the justice in paying workers the same for six then for 12. well the idea is yeah i'm a libra and i don't see my sense of justice is heard oh yeah well that one's easy for me because you know it's not about it's not it's not the case that the boss ripped off those who worked the longest he gave them the promised wage he gave them what was due to them but he gave a bonus like he gave he was extra generous with those who didn't work as much and you have to realize that it's about um it's about conversion it's about uh you know deathbed conversions so that we understand not only death bed conversions but conversions of people that were sinners uh through different proportions of their lives as compared to the righteous like jesus was always telling the righteous jews of his day uh he was calling them hypocrites and saying they're putting burdens on the people that they themselves can't even carry and they don't do anything to help them and there's a lot of religious hypocrisy and they're claiming to be righteous so jesus christ was always talking about how he came for the sick and the the lost and this parable just goes to show you that um if someone was a prostitute or a tax collector for their whole lives and then at the last minute they convert they're going to get the full uh promise of salvation which is the joy of heaven so have you ever thought of it that way no but it sounds extremely logical yeah or or makes perfect sense yes it could be it could be a good interpretation i don't know that's how i've always seen it and i'm pretty sure i've heard i've heard the saints talk about it that way it's the sort of standard interpretation of that and it's good for me because i think about myself and how i converted late in life at age 39 and i was actually a satanist before so i was an atheistic satanist and was uh you know on my way to hell for sure and uh you know i still worry every day that i i might not you know say yes to the graces or cooperate properly with the graces i don't worry i don't lay awake at night worrying about it but i know i know just as saint paul teaches that we just have to look ahead to the prize and keep our eyes on the prize and not get distracted and not think that we're once saved always saved like a lot of the other christian communities teach i think that's a dangerous teaching teaching uh that just say once saved always saved saved you're in like purportedly uh luther said sin and sin boldly because you're you know it's there's no sin that you can do that will remove the justification that you've received once you accept christ by faith and faith alone right and he didn't like the book of james he wanted to remove the book of james from the bible because james emphasizes very strongly that we have to have works and that faith without works is dead and so he wanted to remove that he called it the epistle of straw i don't know if you're familiar with luther being a german but was he german or was he he was most definitely he invented the german language i mean he contributed to establishing the high german uh the language that was understood from from vienna to hamburg and from from stuttgart to uh koenigsberg because he used a certain well he wrote he translated the bible yeah and that bible obviously was uh then used across the german-speaking areas so he replied the german language very important wow nice wow do you need to get that i need to hand it over to somebody else excuse me no problem i'm sorry about that not a problem [Music] phone i'd like to talk if you don't mind i'd like to talk uh we're going on tangents here but that's fine that's the way it works but i'd like to talk a little bit about luther and my sort of love-hate relationship with him because i've uh it's only after i became a catholic i was raised uh protestant and then i lost my age eight i lost my faith at age 14 and then i was you know atheist or whatever went down some dark uh pathways um but when i came back to the catholic church you know i was not a fan of luther uh you know especially because i'm doing digging digging in a lot to the catholic writings but um since that time i've mellowed out a little bit and i've started to appreciate luther you know knowing that he's a heretic and that he was a horrible horrible man but i started to appreciate some of the simplicity of his approach to salvation like i do i do appreciate a lot of the protestant pastors for example that i listen to as i'm driving around at work on am radio and their style of direct um very almost oversimplified uh christianity do you need to deal with your immediate situation where he's telling that my uh tenant and neighbor comes downstairs and calls briar i'm sorry um yeah you can do it with anything um but i'm not so familiar with uh luther's heritage his history no you didn't know that he was a monk a catholic monk that left he broke his vows and got married no no i knew about the long part and i knew obviously that he wasn't agreeing with the catholic church's teachings yeah and that he had 99 points of criticism that he put up in his hometown's church war doors and yes i think i've heard about the marrying later but it was he was into some nasty stuff and you know the pope bashing that he did was very juvenile and crass did you know that look up just google luther pope cartoons and you'll see like fart jokes toilet jokes just one after the other that he had illustrated to malign the vicar of christ so i mean even if i think scientology is an evil cult i'm not going to make a bunch of perverted toilet jokes about uh the leader of scientology or the head of scientology right it's just not classy and uh i don't think it's a godly endeavor yeah i'm i'm always you know i love history and i know a little bit about history and i'm always very or prudent um of judging past times with standards and as a matter of fact millions of europeans didn't find that so crass and so herod and so they did agree and they gave from king to to peasant would follow his teachings and they thought it was the right thing to think and to do um [Music] so [Music] i think we should give him the credit of having had success yeah there were i mean it's an interesting time because there was a counter reformation too where the actual catholic saints were fighting against the same corruption that luther was fighting against like i mean it's obvious that this corruption in the church always has been always will be that's very obvious especially during covid we see that right i'd love to talk to you about that if you want to open that can of worms i am i you can see i got the shirt for it i had a phone call from the parish lady today um asking me to um last week she called if i can put something up on the facebook page i created for the parish which i did and today she asked me to two more things to put up some billboards to make and to put up some billboards uh around the church and then i would tell her look um it did hurt that our priest despite my asking him kindly if i can access the church between september 1st or december 20th and what was it march 14th uh he would decline and then tell me no i can't do that i've got my orders i can't let you in if you don't have a vax passport and he didn't say i would like to but i can't he said i don't want to and i have orders from above he he prays for me he said that i get vaccinated and that's cooled me off quite a bit so i told that parish lady who called today two hours ago that i'm available to update the facebook page because it takes me five minutes but for the time being i don't feel comfortable investing more time to make billboards put them up um that is yeah my experience with covet and catholic church when you ask about it but beyond that obviously there's beyond my little story there's a lot of compliance much too much compliance going on and they only very very few catholic voices around the world i don't know anybody apart from maybe that ottawa priest who wrote a relatively critical letter to the how is that then called the archbishop's synod or what um apart from that there's only so few so little so few um voices in the catholic church raising concerns raising um voices against discrimination against uh uh playing an active role in the governments in the supranational organization's plan to to make us all sheep and robots and numbers um that is on a larger scale i was disappointed by by our little parish but on a larger scale i'm very disappointed by the catholic church and by the pope to um to 100 play the game like anybody else like any other institution in this in this western world that's a great disappointment to me yeah to me too do you know my story with uh getting thrown out of a church do you know that story i'll tell you briefly i'll tell you briefly because i've said it so many times on the podcast but my list my few listeners will get bored of hearing me say it but um you know i talked to as soon as they announced the vax passport in quebec monsieur lego i phoned archbishop christine le pen and i spoke with his underling and the underling assured me well he actually the secretary or whatever it was talked like while i was waiting on the line went and talked to archbishop christian lepin with my question and came back with the answer and the answer was no you will never be denied access to the church based on your vaccination status not gonna happen so i got reassurance that i knew i was never gonna get vaccinated so i wanted to phone my archbishop and find out am i ever going to be denied access to catholic church and he said no okay and then later before the vax pass was mandatory on all places of worship one of my favorite places of worship is saint joseph's oratory the big one on the horizon in montreal you see in the postcards uh you know saint brother andre is there his body is there and stuff like that and i just i just love it there even though you know there may be some very questionable priests i've met a couple of creepy priests there but um for the most part good good priests but i went there uh and they had just introduced their own pilot project vax passport just for that one oratory st joseph's oratory it wasn't in place anywhere else so i had misunderstood the directions on the website i knew it said that there's a there's a mass for the vax the max mass for the unvaxed i just showed up the wrong time on the wrong day i just got confused when i looked at the website so it was my fault but i had biked for 45 minutes through the freezing cold to get there in the middle of winter and i told them i'm coming in because the archbishop told me i'll never be turned away from a catholic church based on my back status so i'm coming in and so the security guards two of them held me and three cops came and threw me out and then i phoned the archbishop's office again i said told them what happened they said no no no no that's not right you you have access you should go in go back and talk to the priest so next saturday i went back and i talked at the front door i said i'm coming in i'm not not back so they said you need a back passport i just walked in the woman started chasing after me she was calling security i found my priest that i've known for years started talking to him and then along comes the security guard who recognized me he said you're in big trouble you should never come back you're in big trouble with big trouble big trouble and i said to the priest you know thank god i found you now you can help me and he just ignored me and went on his way and let the the security guard throw me out and it was a violent very violent uh a very violent uh treatment that i got okay so i was roughed up i still have a lump on my leg where my shin got smashed when he was just rag-dolling me around and uh he threw me down he like he dragged me all the way up the stairs out the front door smashed me through everything and threw me onto the concrete outside and put his knee on my chest until the cops came and at one point he stood me up and took me over to the side and then the cops came whatever six cops this time and i just explained to the cops as i had been explaining to everyone that there's a hierarchy in the church right and that there's god at the top and then the pope and then the bishops and the priests and so on and so forth and i got it from the bishop that it's my god-given right to worship in catholic church during the normal hours of operation right i'm not asking i'm not going at midnight when it's closed and asking to break in uh he promised me i wouldn't be turned away and i was turned away and i said there's a chain of command and i have it on the authority of the bishop and they said well the bishop has no authority here and i don't i don't know if they understand the hierarchy or maybe maybe they're directly under the pope and pope francis is okay with enforcing this sort of uh thing i'm not sure but uh i got the names of the security guards and i'm sitting on those names maybe i'll go and talk to these boys they're just young boys in their 20s 30s maybe one day i'll go back and talk to them and i did talk to that priest by the way and uh i was sort of chastising him very gently just saying like if you're my friend as you claim to be cause we've known each other for years i don't think he would consider me a friend but i asked him are you my friend he said yes i said well then why didn't you help me he said because i have no power i have no authority which is not true i mean he's a priest he's a priest of god he's a priest of god in a place of worship he's a he's a priest in the church so uh very very disappointing uh david this is a beautiful illustration of a man with no guts and no balls in his pants and match too many of those in 2020 no one will stand up for what's right and that is why a situation like this covet thing can possibly happen every many people many people don't know what's right they do what they are told then there are many people who know what's right but don't stand up for what's right and do what they are told anyway then there's a tiny little fraction uh a fringe fraction of the population with unacceptable views right and who who stands up that stands up um and i strongly believe 20 or 30 or 50 years ago that wouldn't have gone through um i other things have gone other things have happened and and then we know uh that there were situations in history where mass hypnosis did happen but i still think we've got a portion one important factor of why they can do with with the people what they can do is because there's no backbone anymore and there's no balls in the pants anymore or much much less than in the past or much less than we should have i don't know if if um in the good old times everything was better but as a matter of fact here we are with a maximum of 10 percent of the population that feels what's good for them what's right for the for the nation for the people and that act accordingly five to ten percent not more [Music] today i was at a just one of many many stories i could tell about the mask situation i was at a store getting supplies for my work because part of my work in construction is just dealing with suppliers okay so uh i just refuse to wear a mask in any of these these places there's certain places i do do conform and i do wear the mask under my nose just because i you know like at the grocery store i've been doing that typically i've started now wearing it just on my chin but um at most construction places i get away with it but in this one a lot of not to be sexist but it was a lot of women behind plexiglass and they were all wearing their masks and i i i'd been there one time before and i knew that they always asked me to wear a mask when i go in and i just say well it's in the truck or whatever and they offer me one here you can have one at worst but i saw the boss walking around the big boss like he's the big boss and he wasn't wearing a mask so he came up and he said what's what's happening here he said okay sorry just sign the paperwork and get the thing and whatever so he didn't he didn't make me put the mask on because he knows it's [�__�] like i don't want to be sexist but it seems like the guy's in construction for the most part not all of them but for the most part uh it seems like guys are more likely to think it's [�__�] do you agree i do agree and it corresponds to my experiences in maxis in uh in in whether or canadian tire in smaller stores where in the past four weeks i've started to simply go in no mask at all yeah and um my line is do you have a mask yes then that's the first hurdle the person needs to ask can you please put it on and i say no um i've got an exemption no i don't put it on i've got an exemption and in 90 of the cases the discussion ends there and uh the situations where it didn't end was always women and i i i was uh surprised how friendly people are when you tell them no i can't put the mask on i've got an exemption uh in canadian tire where you would think oh they've got orders from ottawa or wherever the headquarters are in toronto uh but actually they are very understanding and very friendly when you tell them no i've got an exemption so mainly positive feedback and just yesterday same old drama gas station the lady uh behind her plexiglas with the mask on would ask me to put a mask on and then turned away i was pre-paying my gas cash because you using cash is very important david that's another topic we may want to watch so i wanted to pre-pay my gas and she would turn away not accepting my dollar bills i would have been out in five seconds time no well then i figured wait i can either put that freaking mask on and then leave or i can take my money back and then leave which i did and use the next udrama and the young lady there she wouldn't say anything so my bottom line here is women of a certain age are the worst mask wearers yeah it's weird i had a new uh idea like i wear a neck gator it's like a sort of like a just the neck part of a turtleneck that goes around my neck and then i just pull it up as a mask but i love it because it keeps my neck warm especially in the winter but i was thinking i just had a new idea of what i could say it's kind of too bad the mask mandate's gonna end soon it's gonna end on march may 14th but i wanted to try this one don't be so optimistic but i i was going to say they're going to say okay do you have a mask yeah and i would say yeah i'd point to it and then they'd say can you wear it i was like yeah i'm wearing it and then they'd say no you're not you've got to wear it over your mouth i'm saying no i have a hole in my neck that i breathe through i only breathe through my hole in my neck just it's just a joke right but i want to see what reaction i could get like if i'm telling him with a straight face that i have a tracheotomy there's a hole that i breathe through in my neck and my mask is covering my breathing hole what would they say what would they say here's a better joke here's a better joke i've got screen prints or print yeah screen screen quebec government twitter account where people asked if i have an exemption can the merchant or the store manager kick me out and the answer is no if you declare to have an exemption they can uh take a picture of it or no they can note it date time name exemption declared but they cannot kick you out of the store if they ask to see it can they ask to see your exemption card i actually have it not far away my my exemption folder is right here okay ah i've seen this online and this is the exemption you simply declare that you have a medical or psychic psychological issue with wearing the mask yeah and and then you self-declare yourself accent and when they go further then you have the screen print screen of the government of quebec letting them know that they cannot kick you out nice if a customer declares he's accept they cannot kick you out and i never needed to use that actually i i've i i've seen one guy having that always with him and he gave me all the paperwork and i laminated it and everything yeah i never use it because hey who's got that with him with me so i started to simply declare i have an exemption and again 95 or 90 of the time all fine all good i was actually touched on the shoulder by a canadian tire employee when i told him i'm exempt oh then it's okay have you ever been touched by a canadian entire employee no i have now wow that's incredible so yeah there it's it's we can use their compliance against them basically is what you're saying so the joke i mean your your hole in the throat is a joke but the joke my papers show that hey guys yes you you've been bullshitted through this entire time for two years they've been bullshitting you you didn't need to wear a mask if you didn't want to yeah and here's the proof click on white by the government of quebec i was also going to make another joke it's a little bit more crass uh where i say i breathe through another orifice and i've got a diaper down there that's where i breathe through so do you want to check i don't think that would fly with women of a certain age david i think you're you're like like many others me included we become very courageous towards the end where we feel it's going to end anyway so two weeks before we we are very heroic in not masks over the nose but here wow so i i haven't dared to do these things in a maxi in 2020 or 2021. i started in february this year when i i really got fed up and and and said pandemics freaking over even for the i mean for me it has never started it was never epidemic but even for the last believer it's now over isn't it it should be i mean uh khloe schwab said it's the least deadly pandemic in 2000 years that's what he says in his book the great reset he said it's the last the least deadly pandemic in 2000 years but it's a good opportunity it's a good opportunity to implement a lot of these things for the uh ecology that's the end game of course of course and that is why i pay um up to 300 bills i pay them cash i go to the bank i get money regularly and then i pay cash from five bucks to because digital identity and digital currency go hand in hand okay once they control your money in your bank account they control you but to do that they need both digital identity and digital currency and both is being prepared right now and not only prepared it's been prepared uh the past ten years it's being rolled out right as we speak yeah i'm absolutely convinced that you only have to go to the bank of canada's website to learn more about their plans of a digital dollar it's all official so what uh what's the most radical preparation you made other than just using cash have you got uh stockpiles of food for the supply chain issues and all that sort of stuff um there is one major preparation on the financial side that i cannot talk about and mentally i prepared i've got a piece of land in the north and uh even though right now it's just a piece of uh forest or woods um i'm mentally prepared to make it viable and livable um and to self-sustain myself cool sounds exciting other other than that well i did buy my cans of food in march and 2020. are still around i brought some of them to ottawa to the protests oh nice have you been following uh rolling thunder or whatever it's called the bikers have you been following that uh this past weekend and i learned about it only on friday uh so no uh i haven't followed it i i've dealt with some other issues um i haven't been very active ever since uh mid of february in the movement okay except for one little uh protest two weeks ago here in montreal okay uh seems like it was a big protest in ottawa last saturday a lot of cops yeah a lot of cops and a lot of uh friendly uh protesters peaceful protesters um there was a a guy a army chaplain an army chaplain who just went by the title padre which i guess would imply that he's a priest of some sort hopefully a catholic priest i'm not sure i've been able to find out who he was but he might very well have been a catholic priest the only other option for uh someone claiming to be a priest would probably be anglican and he didn't see he seemed way too manly to be anglican um but so he's probably catholic um but he gave a good speech you know against trudeau but a loving speech where he's praying and he's asking us to pray for trudeau's conversion because uh he's in danger of hell fire and these sorts of things and we need we need to warn the bad catholics especially biden trudeau and so on about the the dangerous game they're playing with their eternal salvation like claiming to be christian claiming to be catholic and to push abortion and uh to push globalist agendas and slavery and stuff like that is it's a dangerous dangerous game they're playing i do strongly believe that what's happening now is against god's will god wanted us to be free to be independent to make our own choices um and being coerced into changing ones but not changing but putting something in your body against your will cannot possibly be god's will um i realized that thought or that that philosophy or whatever that that that reasoning i have when i um [Music] had to book an air canada flight in winter and i wanted to be truthful so i didn't want to find some alternative solution and i found a youtube channel called don't talk tv by a stratford ontario lawyer one spot nicolas one spotter okay he looks at the entire thing from a legal standpoint and he's also a former um canadian army officer and he explained that there are not loopholes but exemptions to the facts mandate for flying canada um i had our local priests sign me a letter confirming that i do church school and church committee and been a helpful member of the community blah blah blah and with that in hand i wrote a two-pager explaining that um i cannot alter my genetic structure with some medical treatment because i believe that as i am right now my immune system as it has been given to me by god himself is good just like it is and you see you can read my shirt right exactly so i sent that to air canada on december um way earlier than the far earlier than the 21 day prior to my flight i have not heard back yet that is now what four months um no answer whatsoever i did find a way to fly no matter or or um yeah um but uh yeah that's uh there's legal exemptions and they don't even bother to answer you but apart from that doesn't matter canada uh my point is that uh going back a little bit to the religious discussion we had earlier um i think good catholics should inform themselves what is being put in their bodies and then either based on you know abortion babies cells being used in vaccines or vaccines not being vaccines but gene modifying treatments um and once informed they should refuse maybe even must refuse but hey the pope in the back it's easy to say yes and amen yeah a good friend of mine who's probably going to listen to this didn't want to get it but he got pressure from his hospital catholic hospital to get it and he he said well pope francis supports it so how bad can it be and uh thankfully he hasn't had any short-term side effects which is good i just got to wait and see what the midterm and long-term effects of this stuff is and uh let's hope that most people got something that was not even viable in the slightest because these are very delicate fragile molecular uh compositions which have very stringent temperature control regulations attached to the minus 70 for pfizer 70 celsius for pfizer and early on the supply chain uh custodians said it's impractical we can't maintain 70 below celsius during the whole voyage from a to b and pfizer what did they say they said oh well don't worry about it so what people are getting basically i think a lot of the time is a big shot of nothing and that suits the government fine because you know the disease is not deadly uh really realistically it's not that much more deadly than a bad flu season or whatever um and the the whole point is not the alleged virus the whole point is compliance right i'm parted or confused i'm not sure which part is more important uh forcing people into compliance um not only follow rules but put substances in their bodies um or is it really um i don't want to go too far but um is it really um substances that make you dependent on more that um alter fragilize jeopardize or weaken your immune system so you need to get more and more and more in order to stay healthy is it compliance or make you dependent like fixing you up with a drug um because what we see we've we've seen uh immune system responses go down after each dose each dose holds only for three months and no no longer six months i mean with classical with real good vaccines we've got five or ten years it figures efficacy and here we've got what five or ten days or what is it for a vaccine yeah you heard about the whole negative negative efficacy what's it called safe and effective negative effectiveness of the uh i forget which one it was they did a study in the uk in britain and uh there was a negative effectiveness so my my whole premise from the start of the so-called pandemic has been number one free will i have free will i'm free to choose there's nothing you can do to change my mind i have free will yes i do and i'm going to exercise my free will thank you very much i i am going to exercise my free will thank you very much that's pretty much the end of the conversation right but there's also the other point about safety and efficacy is it safe and effective if it is leave me alone if it's not leave me alone it's just like there's no there's nothing there's nothing there's nothing they have nothing they have nothing but a bluff and fear tactics but if you're a thinking human being that knows that you're not an ape that you have free will you're a human being with reason and free will and if you think about the whole uh you know uh evolution darwinism thing it's been undermining this notion that humans are special they're made in the mentioned likeness of god which means you have reason and free will it's undermining that it's undermining the fact that there's a human nature we really do have a human nature we were created with a human nature and we are not apes it's undermining all of that and it's uh also contributing to the whole transhumanism thing because why would we stop the evolution if there's evolution we came from a single cell amoeba billions of years ago or whatever it was and we're going to keep evolving right and we're we're sentient and we're aware of it and we're so smart trust the science so now we can take control of this project of evolution why not why wouldn't we so we start manipulating the development of humans and then there's no more gender you know a man woman like we can insert the fetus in the man's anus and we can we can pretend that it's a woman giving birth we can do all this stuff because there's no god and we're just there they're they're nothing nothing has a nature things just are what they are and we can manipulate them with our science and our technology so it's very very demonic and uh i'm a young earth creationist i don't believe in evolution i believe the universe is about 7 000 years old and i believe that our children uh and the generation for generations we've been uh having our faith in god undermined and uh everything that's precious you know our human nature the family intimacy marriage uh these are the bedrock these are supposed to be the bedrock of human society right and so we're gonna have what are we gonna have as a result we're gonna have pornography we're gonna have uh prostitution we're gonna have uh divorce we're gonna have contraception all these evils we're gonna have crime more crime so it's scary you say we are going to have what we do have right and ongoing for many years already we are in sodom and gomorrah basically um difficult to stop that as a single human we can only do small parts you do a podcast i do sunday school we do our little parts and you know at the end of the day it's good you realize some parts of the real story i realized some other parts of the real story and we act accordingly we speak about it we we um you speak with many people in your podcast you're spreading the news which is a great thing uh at the end of the day and in the end end of your life in my life um i would like to be able to look into my face or or in the mirror and be able to say look i wasn't able to change the course of the world but i did my little share i stayed as good as i could i tried to save who are mine and and uh who who i love um but you know we shouldn't be sad if we don't succeed tomorrow to change the world um i'm right now um on a journey back to joy and in one of the stories i told my kids um i learned that we christians are obliged to be joyful we we have the we have a joy mandate we and it's not always easy you know i i read the word joy a lot of times in songs and you know in church songs and books in the bible but i'm going through a time in my life where i suddenly realize wow it can be very difficult to be joyful it can be hard work to smile and to love and maybe on a larger scale the last two years have been a lesson that against all odds and against what the government and media says we shouldn't be depressed but always try to be joyful and the place where we met david is one of these places i i love this place for that joy aspect yeah the the it's there's something about that uh trucker's rally to the people on the overpasses and that just the the the the wholesome goodness ordinary people who love family god truth freedom it's just it's it's so it's so familiar this is the thing about heaven and god it's it's not some bizarre science fiction alternate reality heaven heaven is home and we are natural there we're more natural than we've ever been we're more ourselves than we've ever been and will recognize each other more than we've ever recognized each other before if god willing we get there it's it's god is the author of nature and he's the author of our human nature and he's the author of that that normalcy this is the this is the this is the surprising thing about god is that when we think about us we think we're ordinary we think about god he's extraordinary but that extra ordinariness of god just means he's more ordinary he's more ordinary he's not less ordinary he's more ordinary and when we're with him we're comfortable we have peace when we're with satan we're agitated we're we're uh uptight you know when we're following the the goading the prodding of satan we don't have peace but when we're with god we're at peace because we are ourselves and uh you know to greater or lesser uh degrees because we're we're on a voyage here we're on a spiritual uh quest uh for virtue and love and so yeah i i often reflect on the the normalcy of god and the the truckers movement really hammered that home to me how the the regular small things and the regular unknown people it's not the rock stars it's not the celebrities from hollywood those are not the people that melt our hearts unless they're doing a good job of portraying an ordinary touching human right like they're faking it but you could actually just go and meet a regular human and they're touching so you know we don't need hollywood for that david that relates directly i would like to illustrate what you might have just said i i i love what you say i think i understand it and i had an encounter right at 80 wellington street um standing in front of a 1985 rig white kenworth or something looking through the windshield seeing a small guy trucker i looked down car plate saskatchewan and i was standing there at -18 realizing that this 65 year old almost retiree has driven down from saskatoon to ottawa to defend his uh great grandchildren's rights to personal and bodily autonomy and i was so moved by this odd extra extra ultra ultra mega uber uber ordinary uber ordinary guy and he saw me crying and then he opened the door and i said come over come over and i was so moved i couldn't even speak uh i we just shook hands and it was all good then my friend came asked what what they what do they need can we do something no all good we've got gasoline all right and that was an encounter i will not easily forget uh that ordinary guy was heaven-sent wow and what i was getting at with this with this whole thing with the truckers and ottawa and everything uh was that we feel that you know in that in that gathering where you and i met you know you feel that energy that uh live and let live attitude where you know our differences which might have been aggravating two or three years ago were non-issues non-issues all of the things that used to separate people became a non-issue on the streets of ottawa and in this place where you and i met okay because why because we have a common enemy and we have common core principles which are undeniable and which put into perspective this is the key word they put into perspective the little niggling criticisms that we might have about oh you belong to this uh religion or you have this you're a vegan i'm a meat eater whatever it might be you know you're on the left i'm on the right i can honestly tell you that i've met people on the left and on the right and they just don't care they don't care because they know first of all they know that it's a bunch of theater anyway and they're being manipulated and uh what matters like the things that really matter are very very few and they're very very simple and they're very uh commonsensical so those of us who have common sense and that have the free use of common sense and that have not abandoned our common sense those of us who have not abandoned our common sense uh come together and we appreciate that we recognize that so just to wrap up what are you gonna uh leave the people with so they can think about go away and think about god and religion and freedom truth beauty justice goodness life health what what do you want what message do you want to leave um [Music] i talked about the joy which uh which i i really like as a topic and as a as a concept as an as an experience many as a personal experience many people believe that catholic church or catholic mass is all about kneeling and guilt no no no no not at all it's mainly about joy um i like that message very much and and those of you listening um [Music] who have never gone to a church um well yeah it seems uh very strict rights and and uh be new but um i would like to leave you with a little anecdote um easter sunday to make it special i brought my entire family to a evangelistic evangelical uh i call them disco churches um so we went there they had uh announced on facebook and youtube this singer and this group and so on so there's a stage and there's mainly songs and and music and then there was a part of the bible written and interpreted in form of an interview so really well done uh then more music and we as a as the public we would be sitting all the time so i brought my 10 and my 14 year old boys there and surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly on the way back i said so uh what do you think we we go uh we go there more often uh they prefer the catholic church uh they they find it more um more um more uh not graceful more um more reward no not rewarding uh graceful in a sense uh it's and more active too you go to the front you kneel you sit you stand you sing so [Music] those who who listen and those who who never went to catholic church i invite you to come by once let yourself impregnate with with the smell and and and uh with the pictures and the beautiful artifacts you can see and uh the songs and the org um and maybe you like it and maybe you find some joy yeah well i got a lot of joy listening to you and meeting you and talking to you today and uh i hope you'll come back because uh there's no reason not to come back and dive more deeply into our catholic faith and into the things that you love i want to talk about your most memorable experiences in the confessional without going into grave detail or you know great detail about your sins unless you want to but um just the experience of walking out of that confessional and feeling like you're walking on air i'm sure you have a story about that and uh all of us catholics do those of us who those of us those of us who have been great sinners at least i don't know maybe you were uh you weren't a great sinner i don't know we'll get into that we'll get into all sorts of stuff and the bible and the sacraments and the the councils the saints i want to talk about the saints with you some of your favorites uh so i do hope you come back i did go to church with tom menier to watch him play organ he's one of my guests he's been on twice now uh he played he didn't play the organ he played the grand piano because the organist is sick unfortunately she's an elderly lady at my at my old parish saint alphon jesus to my land and uh he did an amazing job and if you were sleepy and you thought church was boring you would have been getting a different impression when you hear him on the piano and singing wow wow wow it's amazing i cried during the alve maria that he did i cried i would love to come next sunday next sunday in some private little concert um the the the yamaha keyboard i would love to hear him play the piano and sing yeah yeah so i am not far away from my home and uh i'm going to ask you after the show um to give you the exact name and address of that parish done so you'll come back and talk to me again on the podcast yeah gladly it was very nice thanks for having me um and uh anytime yesterday i hope to see you soon tommy's only gonna be playing for the next couple of weeks so make sure i'll send you the information try to come either next week or the week after and we're hoping and we're praying that he'll get a permanent gig there now this is not to say that we're praying for the death of the elderly organist but she might not be she might survive but not come back and we're hoping for the best for her i don't know her personally but she's an elderly lady that's been out this is the second oldest oldest parish in montreal and so we wish her well obviously but we also want our friend tommy to get this gig at the uh at my old parish so i can go there so maybe it's a bit of a selfish desire that i have but we'll let god decide we do good god bless you i love you and i've got a mass being said for you every day until the end of time you and your family perpetual mass i set my guests up with the perpetual mass so you and your family will be getting the graces of the mass every day till the end of time even and if you end up in purgatory you're still going to be getting those graces every day so it'll shorten your stay namaste namaste so we'll talk soon my friend thanks again good evening bye david bye-bye