CVS Live Guest - 2022-05-14 - Joe

Author Streamed Saturday May 14th, 2022

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Joe and I have a lot of fun just chatting about whatever, and it was delightful as always.

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yeah yeah how's the water it's uh tonic water with a little bit of a cassis uh flavoring hey we're live i'm with joe how's it going joe what's up what's up david what is that what is up my nigger what's up my extremely white jew friend [Laughter] uh not much not much how's it going with you pretty good what'd you think of um what'd you think of kieran's critique of brenda and then what'd you think of my critique of my critique of you and brenda just talk a little bit about don't i don't know what karen's critique of brenda was so you didn't listen to that one it was audio only uh he sent me like a message but it wasn't like a critique of anything it was just i think just to say hello oh okay you sent me a whole message okay that's cool so uh yeah so i had a little change of heart and i apologize to you to apologize to you like 16 different times in that most recent video there so we're best friends again right yeah we're best friends yeah there you go we were we were we were enemies for a little while we were on a break like we were probably you know this this this discussion was the most important thing that ever happened to me right this one we're having right now is no the one with brenda that was the point of my life nothing more important ah no i was just a little frustrated at the end like like like i was like i didn't think anything she said made any sense and then and then she got a little bit rude at the end i thought she was a little bit rude when she kept telling me how i didn't know anything yeah so i took a little bit of offense that and here yeah then you you telling me that i didn't you know all the wrong things that i did at the end and i just got a little frustrated after that so yeah it's no big deal yeah yeah it's just it's just so hard it's so hard to communicate at the best of times like you know uh i've been married to 26 27 years whatever it is 1995 you could do the math um but uh i graduated high school in 1995. are you serious yeah you're like a little baby you're only seven years older than me you graduated 1988 right i graduated uh well i didn't actually graduate in high school i dropped out at age 17 and then i went back at age to finish up at age 21 and then at age 22 i went to university went back to high school at age 21 yeah that's weird yeah i had all the chicks like all the chicks wanted me okay i'm kidding i'm kidding i'm kidding okay you're such a smart guy it was an adult it was an adult high school just so you know and uh yeah i got straight a's i got like uh high 90s and all the sciences and low 90s in math because matt's heart but yeah you look really good for your age thank you very much you know you look really good too that that white j on the red circle is like sexy af yeah never age so what was i telling you yeah yeah you know but communication with another human being is difficult you know uh even with my beloved beloved wife it just depends who it is i i knew from the moment that i and you know just said hello to her that chemistry bad chemistry it wasn't gonna be like i wasn't gonna be i was gonna be friendly but i wasn't gonna be she wasn't gonna be my cup of tea and i probably wasn't gonna be her cup of tea and yeah i can remember one one time when i met my boss for the first time and i knew the moment i sat next to her i'm not gonna like her so so you know it's it's all right uh i probably won't have it i'm not real i probably won't ever have another debate again or discussion you know i don't know why i wanted to do it in the first place so you probably thought you could show off what a genius you are yeah probably i i enjoy talking about like the philosophical arguments for for god's existence okay here's a question for you who is more fun to talk to brenda or matt dillahunty oh yes i think i'm thinking mata honey is probably a bigger [�__�] but what about you you've talked to them both oh yeah i much prefer talking to brenda for sure for sure you should call back again see how it goes it'll be the same thing yeah yeah i was thinking about maybe i could do that it's on a sunday right yeah but he's got he's gotten much worse over the years right when you uh when you called he was like still they were in studio and they were like kind of set he was still semi a little bit respectful but now he's just got like every now it's just like a big game they play where like even when you called it was you know it was a decent conversation but uh you can't get that today i got a long time with them i don't know if you noticed that was a long conversation yeah no the show was a little bit better about that many years ago i'm guessing you don't watch it right maybe no no never uh never watched it before that call and never watched it since that call but uh i'm thinking maybe i'll troll them just with uh call in and act [�__�] did do a lot of theist do that or no no i mean again very occasionally i don't really watch it but i'll tune in okay i'll tune in for a few minutes could i could i troll him to the extent where i just lead him on and then i could try it i could try it how did you how did you end up getting aaron aaron raw and michael jones and these people uh someone back when i was on facebook someone said hey you should talk to er i guess you pronounce his name aaron not aaron and he gets really annoyed if you call him aaron have you watched any of his stuff yeah yeah yeah a little bit i just watch her for entertainment it's just nice he's funny i mean i just i just have really excellent chemistry with him i just i just love looking at him listening to him his voice the way he talks like everything everything i just love it my favorite part is when you told him he's not as smart as you think as he thinks he is he's he's a great entertainer but not a great thinker that was a good one yeah yeah but you know uh you know i wasn't prepared because i had i knew nothing about him uh someone said hey you should talk to aaron ross i said who's that they sent me his facebook profile link whatever i just went and invited him same day he said yes same day we recorded it and that's when i met him that's when i discovered this great personality and i was like wow this is amazing and then i discovered you know who he was and what his work means and all that sort of thing but um he was very gregarious and very helpful and uh polite and friendly and like i mean not during the conversation per se but before and after and everything he's just a friendly guy but um you know uh he's got a reputation to uphold when it comes to defending his stupid worldview so he's got to be a bit harsh and critical during uh online conversation or debate or anything like that like he's about to have you watched his debates not too many i may have seen bits and pieces or something he debated michael jones they had oh was that in a pub uh yeah yeah it might be it might have been a pub i think i tried watching that i found it a little bit boring i don't know uh yes it's just it's silly but uh i didn't melt my butter but um you know and then you said michael jones how did i meet him i think someone recommended that i interview him and i'd never heard of him or heard any of his content and i had horrible chemistry with that man a horrible chemistry so i don't know it's weird all right listen i listened to it it wasn't bad okay he debated him he debated matt de la honey oh he did yeah there's a debate you know online where they sit together on modern day debate oh okay here we have kieran in the chat he gives us a love heart and he says mathematics sucks and then he says yeah it was in a pub jones took him to school though not a huge fan of his yeah well me too but um yeah so karen you got the link you could join the call it would be fun to uh have you on the call you could talk to joe and joe could talk to karen so feel free i sent you the link go ahead and join if you're not uh otherwise preoccupied and you know you have responsibilities was that a sneeze or a short laugh that was a cough oh i'm a cougher oh you are are you yeah you have to cough you have a cold with disney uh coveted 19. yeah i have it i have a 20. so let me get my mask here [Laughter] 22. oh kieran gave the cheapest excuse in the world he said his boy is currently destroying the living room oh yeah the old boy in the living room the old my dog ate my homework and uh my child is uh has rabies and whatever you know it's just cheap excuses yeah so what did you want to talk about today you probably want to talk about the debate right or the the conversation no no i don't care i don't care just [�__�] okay it's just to see your beautiful red face with that j shaped nose i just that's what it's all about for me it's pretty awesome and your halo the way your halo like it just floats out from your head there say something yeah hey there it is hey hey it's like a waste it's like a wave do just do it do a like a beat boxing do that no thanks that's all right no i want to see the waves too bad i can't beatbox what uh what can you do joe you can't defeat brenda in a death match you can't beat bucks i can't gamble i haven't been gambler you ever gamble uh i tried once i invested five dollars in a casino in las vegas uh-huh and it was the uh i think it was ten bucks i invested and uh it just went down the toilet so fast uh kieran says joe let's set up a time to talk though yeah sure yeah that's fine that'll be fine yeah so i don't like gambling i hate it i hate the feeling uh like uh it's just a hundred thousand dollars down the top are you joking me you must be joking it's over a long period of time oh my god you have a sickness or what yeah i can i can stop whenever i want i can and i lost too much money i stopped oh my god a hundred thousand you said oh more oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's not it's not that bad how much you got left over and can i have ten percent about 20 20 bucks you got 20 bucks left over oh i never i never know when you're joking though that's the thing i need to see that big bald head of yours or that small ball head ears in the scene what did you what did you play when you went to the casino well i only played the slot machine because that's what my wife wanted to do oh come on man that's the lamest the lamest you just throwing money down the toilet no you gotta live on the edge why i am living on the edge of you met my wife no i haven't she pretty she's she's edgy what aren't you upset can i show you let me show you a picture of her yeah you tell me you tell me if she's pretty does she look like brenda oh beautiful nice that's yeah you know you know along for a long time huh uh well we got married within uh three months of knowing each other where is she from same place i'm from ontario have you been yeah from ontario have you been to ontario oh no i've never been to canada i watched a television show about uh border people in canada and they arrest people trying to smuggle stuff inside yeah smuggling snowballs down to the states and stuff like that no they're smuggling stuff into canada oh and then they arrest them that's nasty this oh you're not keep all your nasty sex drugs and rock and roll down there we don't want it i only know gsp that's it oh yeah that's right yeah yeah yeah he's right here um decary avenue tristar gym i think it's called yeah i started gym on uh i've seen you go down there well it's not fair it's it's not too far it's about a 45-minute bike ride i could get there oh why'd you do it then yeah you can get uh is he there is he there uh regular no i don't know where he is now i know i know you don't have a gps on the gsp right i'm guessing he he probably trans there sometimes i mean he still trains and stuff he may teach he probably teaches he probably teaches little kids like a lot of those guys do teach braz is there for us to hobby yeah he's actually he's really smart he knows philosophy a lot and yeah well i did send the email i mean it was like a forum uh contact form on the tristar website so i don't know if that goes anywhere or who sees it but uh i could try again you could try to dig around and try to put me in touch with him yeah sorry i can't do that no he doesn't know me no hey just tell him you're jewish tell him you're jewish and you know a lot of you have a lot of connections in the underworld and he's muslim oh don't tell me jewish i didn't understand that joke brenda brenna said a joke i don't know i didn't understand what the joke was if you convert to judaism then you can go straight to the central bank and make a withdrawal because uh what does that mean it's just a joke about the stereotype that jews have money and they control the money oh okay yeah like like that like that weekend you'd spend a hundred thousand dollars on the slot machines remember that no it wasn't over a week it was over like 20 years oh oh okay okay but yeah so most people would probably be you know i don't really care about stereotypes but like if you said that to the wrong person like they'd probably be like uh you know that's not that funny but i mean i did find it funny anyways but it's not funny but you you have to appreciate the attempt that humor like that's the thing you know so every time i make a stupid joke you have to laugh out of politeness okay that's the rule no but you're actually kind of funny he's not a buddy yeah so kieran agrees with us he says it's the jews you know if you watch any conspiracy theories uh from the uh right hand side of the political spectrum it's all about the jews controlling the money and controlling the banks and controlling everything like that i think it's ridiculous and silly but could be some truth to it whatever i mean someone someone's got to be running the world someone's gotta be running the banks i mean if it's not the jews it'll be the muslims or the christians or the atheists or the pagans or whoever it's going to be someone right predominantly so who cares who cares yeah okay who let cares have the money they want the money let them have the money who cares so your wife never converted with you she i don't talk too much about her because she hates my religion she hates being discussed on my podcast she doesn't listen to my podcast but uh let's just say she's raised greek orthodox and leave it at that okay you and i can talk off the record about my wife but i was your sister doing which one the one you want to stay with when you left high school uh i don't know about you how did you know that how'd you know that david i know you buddy oh you're that joe you're the joy i grew up with well i i i listen to your story uh i think you told your story on like the converse contender or oh yeah yeah probably yeah yeah yeah she she doesn't talk to me she won't talk to me or my other sister or my parents she's completely isolated herself from the family oh oh my god you want me to get into family drama my mother on the air no i'm not going to get into the family drama my story my mother she uh she had two sisters and uh the her mother left some money and then one of the sisters took all the money after the inheritance and there was a big fight about well that's a common one that's that's not what happened with my sister but it's a crazy crazy just ongoing drama it's just as i don't know it's just i couldn't if we talk if we talk off air i can try to explain if i don't understand it myself so whatever it's just drama i don't know i just hate i just hate the infighting and the drama it's it's true you say though it's true what you say about the inheritance thing with money often that's a big problem and both my parents are alive so we haven't had to deal with that but um and they don't have any money anyway so not a big deal but uh that's sad to see you know that's sad to see people turning on each other siblings turning on each other for any reason david you're in my world david i got my interview i'm gonna give you that 20 bucks leave me that 20 bucks that you got left over you'll get half of it 10 bucks i'm leaving you my dog 10 it's 10 bucks american though so wow that's a lot of money for yeah so uh what'd you think of my impassioned plea for you to become more and more christian with every passing moment did you hear that part of my yeah and what do you think what do you think it's all right let me i'll just tell you about me personally just by my nature i've never been a you know religious guy a religious type of person and my family is oh you got the family problems yeah yeah yeah the children my family they would kill you they would kill you they won't kill me they would i wouldn't they would die or my mother would literally die of a heart attack if you know being jewish is like very culturally important you know they see themselves as okay you know something yeah i knew that i already knew that about you i don't know why that didn't come to mind but i guess i guess it's because jesus says in the gospels if you don't hate your own mother and brother or sister and father and and your own self then you're not worthy to be my disciple you have to value jesus christ and his church above all relationships all job opportunities all money all power all intimacy on a human level you have to value your uh position in the body of christ more than anything else otherwise you're not worthy of the name christians so that's a pretty strong uh pretty strong uh condemnation that jesus makes kieran pipes in we must be willing to forsake all for the sake of christ amen that's it so i mean there you have the opportunity it's up to you you want to be lukewarm and just shrug your shoulders try to please your mother you can't get to heaven by pleasing your mother sorry to say but anyway i'm not going to pressure you i'm just saying that you know if you can find a way to make it work and it's kind of a big deal it's kind of a big deal that you believe christianity is true you're going to have to you know you're going to have to pursue that and uh otherwise you'll be just left to your own devices and you'll drift away from the faith and won't end too well for you so that it is a bit of a stern warning it is a stern warning from me but and then i've done my duty and you could do what you want to do but i'll always be here to encourage you and support you well shouldn't you be supporting your wife then too who me yeah telling her every day it's the same thing it's the same thing it's exactly the same thing yeah it's exactly the same thing well you should do it every day i do it every day kieran says you already believe in christ would this alone not make you your mother have a heart attack quote unquote is she aware of this belief good question does your mother know that you believe christianity is true because basically you've already crossed that line right no okay she doesn't know okay so uh yeah so it's a delicate situation i i don't want to rake you over the polls here yeah the same way you don't want to talk about your family i also don't talk about it i understand i understand completely next topic yeah how about them dodgers or what is this what city are you in again well how about those uh nordiques oh the quebecois yeah baby quebec nordics that's the only hockey team i would ever support right now they don't exist but i love their sweatshirt whatever they don't have a team anymore no i love their uniform oh man that's thanks they were the best ice hockey team i hate ice so hockey told you my roommate died i'm so sorry i'm so sorry to hear that he passed away uh he had a stroke that same day uh that i thought that was the first day i talked to you yeah and so he uh passed away two days later so sad he must really hit yeah he was uh he was a sweet sweet guy innocent guy yeah yeah he had he had down syndrome he was 60 years old and uh okay so he was he was uh not a young guy no okay so you bought down syndrome don't really live that long yeah 60 is pretty good so uh 60 right yeah memory eternal for bill his name was bill yeah kieran says memory eternal which is the greek orthodox way of saying uh may he rest in peace and go with god yeah i took care of him for four years and uh amazing so you got a lot of air mile points yeah to go to heaven like all the good works he did you can't get it you can't get into your works david ross david my name's david ross and i i don't have many air mile points can you send me some transfer them to my account i'll give you i'll have my were you a bad guy when you were younger yeah really you've heard my story come on you've heard my story i know but were you like a different person no no i mean no you just did you just got into the wrong crowd or because i heard you know that matthew murdock i found his his story very interesting yeah yeah we're similar in that way like we we are attracted to the demons right yeah everybody's journey is different you know and a lot of people they go in different directions and you never know he's the thing i like about matthew is that he's authentic he keeps it real and he'll have the humility to talk about his faults and his weaknesses pretty openly and you know he's got a sense of humor about the whole tragic situation where we make mistakes and it's tragic but he can laugh about it and i'm sure he cries about it too but he seems like a real nice guy real nice guy yeah i've known him a few years now i think we met probably in 2019 or 2018 but uh became fast friends and he's my he's another one of my bffs forever you just meet people on the internet is that how it works for you yeah i mean uh i guess so because i don't have any real uh gang of friends in real life i mean i got a few friends you know a couple a couple of close friends and a few few friends not too many friends you know but um we've got a couple of i also have a couple of childhood friends and we keep in touch very occasionally and i got my friend ben i went to university with he's been on my podcast and uh but day to day it's just me and my wife it's just me and my wife and a couple of close friends and that's about it you don't have any pets no i don't want any pets why not i'm against pet owning why it's just stupid it annoys me i hate it i hate i love the animals i love i love the humans obviously and i love their animals i just don't want the humans to have the animals as pets okay one time i i called uh catholic answers live you know tret horn do you know him oh yeah yeah i like him i called him and i told him why don't uh what why don't dogs go to heaven and i asked i was just joking i it was a joke before my real question because he had said it said once that uh that animal the dogs don't go to heaven or animals don't and that you know i was just joking with him he finally he thought it was kind of funny but yeah i liked hearing horn a lot i think he's really smart yeah yeah he's wrong though about the pets all all pets potentially will go to heaven all pets are able to go to heaven and no pet can ever go to hell right so uh if you love your pet you know if you love your pet more than you love jesus christ you're in trouble but if you love your pet in a healthy balanced way you can rejoice in the fact that your pet will be in heaven so yeah so you're catholic i mean obviously so does that mean like whatever catholic whatever the pope says you have to agree with no are you joking me are you joking are you joking no i don't you have to agree with all the catholic dogma yeah but everything the pope utters is not a dogma okay well who comes up with the dogma the dogmas are uh there are many different forms of dogmas you should actually go go back and listen to my series where i'm reading uh this book wow how about that fundamentals of catholic dogma a one volume encyclopedia of the doctrines of the catholic church showing their sources in scripture and tradition and their definitions by popes and councils by dr ludwig ott so the po hopes and counsels popes and councils and tradition don't forget that everything that the church fathers early church fathers are unanimous about in their beliefs is automatically the dogma so isn't the problem infallible yep it's very limited infallibility though it just means that he cannot air when in a specific formulaic way he declares a doctrine of the truth for the whole church to believe and it has to be uh concerning matters of pertaining to faith and morals have you dug into the kieran's asking in the comments have you dug into the bible a lot no yeah so i mean i would encourage you since you're sort of like a secret christian i would encourage you to do a lot of reading right i i think you need to grow in your love of christ and his church so you need to read the saints you need to read about the popes you need to read about the councils you need to read about the dogmas you need to read the bible you have ears that work you can listen to audio books i listen to audio books all the time my bible most of my bible reading is listening to audio books and i know that your hearing works because you respond when i talk to you it's not me somebody okay it's alexa i can read i was just joking yeah i read a study that said reading causes cancer because they just they did a study of all the people who caught who got cancer and they already 98 of them like to read oh my god you read that study yeah i saw a good meme the other day it said uh scientists have discovered that people believe things when you tell them that scientists discovered it or something like that it's just making fun of the whole uh reverence the the inordinate reverence that most morons have for the experts expert opinions and stuff like that so there's a there's like a real sad mental illness where people think oh i saw it on television and the experts said this and he was wearing a white lab coat and you know it's just like wow it's called the fallacy of authority or appeal to authority yeah i saw brenda and when we talk about evolution everyone i know you're you're a younger creationist to me and evolution doesn't make any sense to me when i think about it yeah well that was hilarious when you asked when you asked how how can it be there is male and female for every mammal well if you think about it it's hilarious something had to split into two every mammal on earth had to split into two and first just thinking about the whole thing of evolution everything started from what dirt on its own or rock or wherever it came from and and then how did this happen where everything just evolved into these millions of different creatures it's absurd and if you're like well what did that porcupine evolve from it's a it's absolutely it's absurd every every organ in your body had to know exactly what to do know where to be in your body the functions to perform in all if you look at it if you look at it like a car you know it's it's actually really similar we all we're made of these parts that perform functions and serve purposes and if somebody told you a car put itself together you think they're crazy right of course it's just it's just a joke it's a huge joke and what we've learned from covet and the mismanagement of covet is that the bigger the lie is the more people take it seriously the bigger the joke is the more people take it seriously it's just it's just uh [Music] it's a sad sad condition in this fallen world you believe in adam and eve and the fall yeah i think so so i mean uh our intellect took some damage at that point and our will took some damage like i don't know if you've ever been in a situation where you've been tempted and you're like i know this is the wrong thing to do but i also know it feels good and i'm selfish and i want to have this good feeling you know i don't i i'm pretty sure you've had this this situation our eyes with potato chips potato chips or something but um not that it's a cindy potato chips okay but i'll leave it to your imagination what other kind of sins involve pleasure right but anyway you can um you can see how weak our human will is today in this fallen world and it wasn't we weren't designed to be like that we were designed to be in control where our reason is above our feelings and our desires and you get all this from reading all the catholic uh philosophers yeah it's just it's just uh it's uh there are perennial philosophical ideas in the church that have been guarded and expanded upon and uh it's very if you are i mean if you are interested in philosophy certainly you've read people like saint augustine and you don't read historical treatises on philosophy i don't read anything really not really i think the best book i read was um let's see uh it's called the get the giving tree by shel silverstein okay it's about a boy and he goes and there's this tree it's just a kid's book no really really i hate i i'm i don't like reading very much oh okay okay but uh i'll tell you the story of the book it's about a boy and there's this tree and he goes to this tree every year and the tree loves him and every year he takes something from the tree and the tree gives him his branches every year and and the tree just wants to be his friend and as he grows up he gets older and he keeps taking more from the tree every year until to build boats to build houses and then he becomes an old man and there's nothing left of the tree and he's just a stump and he sits down on the stump and i don't know it was just uh i don't know i can remember that book that i don't know it just seemed very about selfishness yeah what was his uh did he have a conversion experience at the end where he realized he's been been selfish then he became a catholic at the end [Laughter] i thought most of brenda i don't know how you thought brenda had won the debate nothing she said made any sense i've already recanted repented and begged your forgiveness and i sent you a box of flowers and a box of chocolates yeah what do you want from me you wanna here take my take my left arm oh yeah speaking of my left arm look at the sunburn i got oh is that where you got your vaccine shot no i didn't get vaccinated but look at the freaking burn i got only on one arm because because i had my arm hanging out the truck as i was driving around at work on friday and it's just i got scorched i think you should get the vaccine i think i should sue my company sue my boss and soon the sun why he wants you to get the vaccine sue the weather man they pretty much uh stop bothering me they just think i'm crazy so they'll leave me alone right so that's the thing if you if you uh if you let it all hang loose then people just say oh that guy's crazy and then they leave you alone so that's like that's a good tactic i recommend did you try to go into a church yeah you wouldn't get in yeah you're shot i got in i got in the police didn't the police arrest you or something they didn't arrest me they threw me out well they were they were very nice the cops were nice why why could you have your shot or mask because i didn't have my vaccine i wasn't vaccinated did you listen to the story i just heard a little bit i've told it uh several times there's a whole series i did on authority the subject of authority in the church and it started this series that i did started because of that incident that saint joseph's oratory so you can go and listen to episode one two and three four or five whatever but uh it tells you the whole story but uh it's a sad sad sad situation but today in quebec here in quebec today is the first day of no masks in the stores so we were walking around my wife and i went to some stores we're walking around went to a charity shop where we like to buy cheap second-hand stuff i got cute little bird dolls and got some glasses got some drinking glasses got some got a t-shirt and uh so yeah a boat about 30 between 30 and 40 percent i estimate of people are still wearing the mask even though they don't have to they're no longer required to do it but about 40 i would estimate about 35 still yeah it's not a lot of different people some people don't some people refuse to wear the mask at all and then other people will wear the mask or even when there's nobody around you still see that yeah sometimes yeah remind me which state are you in again which state uh sometimes i forget i'll give you a guess either in montana oklahoma or virginia [Music] virginia yeah hey good job you won virgin i know i can always remember because i know you're a virgin and you live in virginia thanks that's good hello so are you going to get any new any new big guests on your show you should get get some uh queen elizabeth that would be a pretty good guess huh your highness why are you anglican why aren't you catholic would you like to meet the pope yeah of course of course i like him i love him you love him yep it's man on man love you would not understand okay you should get some more atheists on your show well the pope's not an atheist what are you talking about i don't i don't appreciate that accusation you should get joel joel pearson i listen to that conversation i've had him on twice man i know get him again get him i won't debate him though he's a really uh hard atheist they're all the same all the atheists they just don't you know it gets boring after a while don't you think yeah being an atheist or talking to them talking to the atheist they're having fun what do you talk about they love it yeah i know but it's it's all it's not an intellectual thing for them it's much more psychological it's psychological yeah it's a bunch of like they're in denial and they want you to play along with this little game like a child like the child who has chocolate cake smeared all over his face all over his hands all over his clothing and there's a trail of cake back to the kitchen into his bedroom and mommy's like why'd you eat the chocolate cake and little johnny's like i didn't eat the chocolate cake is it covered in chocolate cake there's nothing that's the psychology when you talk to an atheist you're just talking to an immature selfish little child who has refused to grow up period there's lots of reasons to not want god to exist so yeah oh yeah yeah hell hell first and foremost do you believe in help you've talked to me so you know what you know what i've experienced so okay okay okay i probably do say no more say no more say no more tell us more tell us more tell us more nobody would believe my story except you so oh no you've only told me in a couple other so you told the catholic priest your story right uh-huh and was he a good catholic priest do you know how to tell the difference between a good catholic priest and a not-so-good catholic priest no i just went into uh the locals i just went into a random catholic church and we needed to talk to somebody so i talked to two separate ones but i don't think they believed me you're guessing though you didn't ask them explicitly they didn't tell you explicitly whether they believe you're not no i didn't believe them they they handed you a straight jacket and a tinfoil hat there you go partying well they were nice enough to talk to me so they did this gesture like yeah so uh yeah i mean you uh you know joe your special character special guy and you have been given a lot of graces a lot of gifts like i don't know if you appreciate it but god loves you he's taking care of you he's showing you stuff opening your eyes like he's not doing this for brenda he's not doing it for matt dillahunty apparently so what are you going to do with this treasure you've been given are you going to squander it you're going to hide it you're going to just say thanks but no thanks are you going to go yeah i'm in i'm all in fully in 100 in yeah let's go end up rent okay what's up i'll stop i'll stop [Laughter] i guess you shouldn't why don't you become uh you should become a priest yeah okay so i'll be a priest now and you can tell me your confession let's go you really want to hear him no we'll do it all over the internet oh my god is over the internet i was just reading now i'm reading the uh here let me show you what i'm reading now oh oh my god this is huge this book is huge jesus that's too much buddy it's heavy it's heavy heavy have you ever read dr seuss he's good look at this thing you reading all that yep um 80 in this bookmark is about 50 in because i stopped uh i'm i'm reading it electronically on my kindle device i don't know if you have a kindle device do you have a kindle device no what's a kindle it's like an e-book reader so if you go i know what i don't know you've probably seen people standing in public transportation with these devices and they're like scrolling and reading yeah i know what it is okay i see that you uh refused to you kept calling you kept calling brenda he i threw in uh her once by accident it's a guy it's a guy it's a dude okay it's a dude and uh i love him he's suffering from a very peculiar form of delusion and no ill will from me and uh yeah i mean i refuse to kate i refuse to cater uh too much what do you think about all this gender uh i don't know if it's the same thing in canada oh yeah oh yeah it's worse probably worse up here it's all uh demonic nonsense and it's very very very very very very dangerous very dangerous it's hurting people it's hurting children it's hurting families it's hurting individuals and it's demonic it's evil yeah would you say it would you tell brenda that not unless he not unless he begged me to tell him my honest opinion you should tell that to matt de la honey he would he wouldn't like you he doesn't listen though matt de la hunty doesn't listen he doesn't he doesn't want to from what i understand from my experience of uh dialoguing with him he just that's right he wants to steamroll he wants to just you know you never even watch the show have you no i watched my episode that's it i watched your episode yeah but my episode doesn't mean anything you don't even know why i was doing this because i didn't have any context for that right so you don't see what a dickie is i mean he's like the biggest jerk you've ever seen in terms of like how he talks to his callers is he nice to his colleagues and friends and family and his gay lover probably it's the same way uh you know like uh dictator's rule where you have to be yeah you have to be nice to certain group you know the thing i i do you know i am against the whole transgender thing but there is one very very good and exciting upside to it which is that a lot of gay men are now marrying women and a lot of gay women are now marrying men because the their spouse is pretending to be the opposite sex to what they really are and that means that they actually are the opposite the opposite sex of of their spirits exposed so it's like now we have men and women coming together in unholy matrimony meaning that you know their marriage obviously is not a catholic marriage god's not smiling on this on this union it's still sick and perverted but at least it's a man and a woman so that's the silver lining to this demonic uh transgender cloud when i when i lived in uganda you know i told you that i was in the peace corps and i lived in uganda for two years i lived on a catholic parish and uh where there was a home for the disabled where i that's why they put me there to help with them a little bit or but then a new parish priest came in i had a good relationship with the first priest and you know i would eat dinner with him sometimes but then a new parish priest came in and he didn't like that i didn't attend his church service so he kicked me off the parish kicked me yeah i had to find a new place to live that's no good yeah that's not good people are people even if they're priests even if they're bishops even if they're the pope there's still people they still fart and burps and make mistakes so i think i think i'm going to go back to uganda are you serious yeah i want to go back and visit wow you want to come i'd love to come yeah but uh my wife would object she can come too if she wants she doesn't want but uh that's exciting it's similar to scotland hey heavy oh yeah right have you ever watched the last king of scotland no it's a it's a good movie it's about uh idi amin okay have you heard of him uh the name sounds familiar yeah he's a very famous uh dictator have you seen uh in which country in uganda oh okay yeah yeah i think the movie's called last king of scotland because uh i don't know i think a scottish person goes over there have you seen the gods must be crazy um maybe uh like 30 40 years ago yeah i just rewatched it recently it's what's your favorite it's very silly my favorite movies of all time yeah i like the wizard of oz even though it might be demonic but i like it i love it it brings me to tears i like i just because that's what i watch with my mom growing up like we watch it every at least once a year together anything else uh i like uh i don't really have any other favorite movies i mean i have some movies i like i like hitchcock movies i like david lynch movies even though they're demonic i like uh lars von trier movies even though they're demonic what is what is david lynch done eyes white shut i like also like um and uh i like stanley kubrick that's eyes right shot oh yeah sorry yeah a stanley kubrick ice white chat who was the other guy i mentioned david lynch oh uh like uh lost highway and the worst movie i've ever seen is a david lynch movie eraserhead it's horrible never heard of it it's disgusting david lynch uh my favorite shot you ever seen shawshank redemption um no is that with that funny guy what's his name no no it's tim robin tim robbins and morgan freeman okay all right well this is your assignment go watch that movie is it a good movie yeah it's really good you'll like it okay shawshank redemption i'm not a not a huge fan of most movies i probably won't i'll try and kill i'll try it i'll try it you promise no i don't promise i don't promise what's your assignment it's my assignment maybe i'll maybe i'll watch it i'm very very bad at watching movies like if i don't like it i just either turn it off or start skipping through it i think you'll like it it's a it's pretty much it's a classic okay shawshank redemption kiernan probably seen me ask him yeah is he still there he's he's not there he's uh cleaning up the mess that his child's making probably have we gotten to a million viewers yet yeah we the the counters rolled over like it went to the maximum and then it went back to zero so we're currently at zero so how did you decide to start this podcast why have you not heard the story before i've told it a million times my wife was annoyed with me that every party would go to i would corner my atheist friends and ask them a bunch of metaphysical questions and philosophical questions and they and my wife just said go and annoy people on the internet don't annoy our friends because we're not going to have any friends left and her prediction came true we don't have any friends left it's true i thought you stopped annoying them yeah but then the covert came along that just uh that annoyed anna so now anna doesn't have tolerance for uh mainstream normies anna is that her name yeah anna she doesn't she doesn't have tolerance for she doesn't suffer fools lightly or whatever that expression is nice what does she do for a living she's like an artist she doesn't make any money i support her but she just does her little art and her clothing and stuff like that nice it's a good lifestyle it looks like an interesting woman yeah yeah did you like what beauty rating would you give her out of 10 i gave her 10 plus 10 oh nice stay away that's my woman man [Laughter] she's tall too well she's not tall but she's like my height i'm i'm uh i'm not tall i'm like average height five what how tall am i 175 centimeters what is that one seven five centimeters in feet i guess point seven five times oops times is that average yeah that's average you measure people by centimeters no but i i can someone on one of my official documents they put my height in metric and that number 175 sticks in my memory but five foot nine does not stick in my memory for whatever reason i can't remember that i'm five foot nine but i can remember that i'm 175 and my weight is if you're curious about my weight i'm wearing 60 no 155 50. one well okay maybe i am 160 now but i was 155 my whole life but i'm not getting yes anybody's weight are you serious that's my special talent really and you can tell just based on my face and my shoulders just made me look like a thin guy yeah i i was 155 my whole life now i think i've been putting on the pounds a bit so i think your wife is 120 pounds i have no idea that's my guess no idea oh oh i don't think we own a scale i don't think we're doing a scale how much do you weigh and how what height are you you saw me i told you that you said i never saw you run for your little mini me remember you sent me that oh my god that's what i look like that is so cute that's how i picture you i hope you are i hope you really are [Laughter] but i know they don't let people like that into the army so you're probably i wasn't in the army ah you were in the munchkin brigade the peace corps is not hey listen we are made for each other joel what's my favorite movie redemption no wizard of oz with the munchkin land oh yeah hey it's no coincidence there's no coincidence it's amazing all right anyway so we're gonna wrap it up here i gotta get back to work why you gotta go back to work yeah i'm doing uh unpaid overtime here because uh i got a project at work that uh i've been promising would be done three weeks ago and it's still not done so i gotta do it so i gotta nice talking to you man yeah so you're open to talking with my friend kieran he's very sweet uh nice guy what are we gonna talk about well he's orthodox so he'll probably what does it mean to be orthodox yeah that's what he'll explain to you i know what does that mean it means they are in schism with the one true church they believe that the pope is not uh does not have supremacy of power and authority only a supremacy of honor how did you meet kiernan over the internet yeah through the podcast through the podcast because he was a protestant it's an excellent excellent series of interviews you should listen to kieran part one here in part two here in part three and all the other interviews but start with one two and three you won't believe yes right here leave it huh green hair great mustache great hair oh oh i thought you said gray you said great oh yeah yeah yeah he's a sexy man with a sexy hairdo and a sexy mustache yes yeah so and his brother's not bad looking either oh man can't wait to meet him yeah man so we'll talk very soon take care of yourself there and uh everything's good with the joe and dave love affair we're still best friends forever so that's the main all right my little munchkin so we'll talk soon all right take care bye