CVS Live Guest - 2022-03-27 - Homan Davoodi

Author Streamed Sunday March 27th, 2022

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I met Homan through my friend (and guest) Ivan Freud. Homan was raised in Iran but he never really embraced Islam of his own free will, and he left the faith and his country to come to Canada with his wife in 2014. He has been slowly realizing that Canada is even more tyrannical than Iran.

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are we live yes we are live and i'm here with human did i say your name properly huma yes how are you i i i accept that yeah how do you say it that's easier who man so is your last name uh i've got you down as davodi that sounds very similar to david exactly it is avid it is david in persia ah you're persian okay yeah yeah so in arabic it would be woody yeah you say yeah ah okay okay so uh very nice to meet you properly we met briefly once or twice and so uh i interviewed john yesterday so he revealed to the audience that we have a little gathering we do he didn't say where it was but uh he sort of briefly touched on it so it's not top secret but uh it is kind of an oasis for freedom lovers uh canadians and people from other countries like yourself you came from iran iran it's pronounced iran right iran and how do you pronounce iraq i don't know iraq i know it's really hard for you to pronounce iraq so um yeah i don't want to talk too much about geography and geopolitics but let's talk about you and your journey and islam and where you are today and how you got from where you were in your family when you were being raised up until today and how you got to canada touch on uh as many highlights as you want in that journey and then we'll open up the discussion more generally to talk about ideas okay it's a long history but i'm gonna make it as short as possible um you know when you're born in iran you're born as a muslim because no ask no no christian asks you're you're muslim because you're born in iran uh but shia muslim shia muslim exactly uh but there are some areas in iran who sunni muslims live in the you know remote areas kurdish people most of them are sunnis and stuff but i'm not uh kurdish or turkish or whatever so yeah i i used to be muslim when i was young and naive and my family basically were not muslims my my father was atheist he used to mock me when i was saying prayers he used to mock me and i i just it was just brain brainwashing and you know this stuff you used to be taught to me in schools they have a very very organized and powerful system of brainwashing kids in school the same thing we have here in canada um and yeah i i used to i used to think yeah if i say if i see a woman without a job or if i see her body i'm going to straight to hell i i used to really believe that i used to really believe that i i had this burden of guilt 24 7 on my shoulders and after a while after i guess when i went to college and i started to see other people with other ideas i started to talk to people who who were against my belief i used to get offended all the time by their their stuff they used to talk me and that at that point i started to actually research on what is islami i actually started to read quran for the first time in farsi not in arabic and i was like okay it seems all these people are right i was wrong and it takes a lot of time i think for me it took three or four years that i i said i was like yeah i stopped believing and they are right i have to move on i don't believe it i think all it's uh nonsense that kind of curse you can curse as much as you want i've had a couple of guests curse if you don't get nice if you do if you if you just just be natural just be yourself i don't yeah i don't care about fallout i chose a lot as a national i care a lot it's part of your new religion yeah yeah and after that i was totally an atheist you know pro-choice proof freedom of speech because in islam um in iran actually the countries who the countries where the government is islamic you don't have the right to descend you don't have right to blaspheme blaspheme you know and you you go straight to jail or even hang so because i had such a bad experience of not being able to speak up not able to discuss with ideas that are totally against my ideas or i found them offensive or something i was the the exact other side of the front i would say and i was i am absolute uh support no i support absolute freedom of speech i am totally against censorship in any sense and i'm totally pro pro choice and i used to think these values are liberal values i used to think these values are fundamentals of a country like canada liberal democracy like canada and i had another journey after coming to canada i used to think okay i'm i have to be a liberal because these people are against war these people are against uh mandates these people are against censorship so okay i thought okay i'm i have to vote for them but it was another journey for me after coming to canada to understand no i was wrong this stuff used to be liberal positions maybe 40 years ago but not now not now these positions are conservative positions i don't call my myself basically a conservative uh but i think conservatives are way way more open to discuss about this kind of stuff liberals they're not ready to um talk even talk about even mention some of these problems at all so i had this second journey here so i'm here with you now yeah well i just when i was in the shower yesterday i had this uh idea that came to me it's kind of a joke but it's true as all the good jokes are um have you heard the expression live and let live yeah it's a it's a fundamental uh old school uh liberal principle one that is very near to near and dear to my heart but uh my wife always calls liberals libtards yeah like a liberal liberal liberal [�__�] and of course it doesn't apply it doesn't apply to people who are actually liberal the way normal however the way normal healthy people are like normal conservative healthy people um it doesn't apply to them but just the uh the progressives or whatever you want to call them the control freaks the people who are into tyranny for tyranny's sake and i was thinking you know of the little play on words instead of saying uh live and let live we can say live and let live so the the the idea the idea behind liben let lib is epitomized very nicely in a poster that i saw when i was apartment hunting with my wife uh on commercial drive in vancouver i don't know if you know commercial drive in vancouver but it's a very liberal progressive part of vancouver vancouver is liberal enough to begin with but this is like an extra liberal progressive part and very trendy and i didn't i didn't like it but when we were there looking for an apartment there was a little poster in a coffee shop and it said looking for housemates you must be open-minded that sounds good right that sounds good right that sounds good right but you keep reading but you keep reading you keep reading you must be open-minded no smoking no drinking no meat no you can't vote this way you can't do that and it's like okay so hold on all of this all of these bullet points of what you can't do are under the main main heading you must be open-minded so that's the lib and le lib attitude you can be whatever you want to be as long as as long as it fits my exacting expectations my arbitrary expectations for you like as long as you're dancing to my tune and the tune's gonna change and you're never gonna know the rules because the rules are gonna change but as long as you're dancing to my tune as long as you have the approval of that borg hive mind then you're in so that's that's lib exactly exactly and you know it is so frustrating uh to me uh to see that for the second time in my life to see that all the stuff i used to believe in my whole whole heart it just wrong it just lie and uh it is so frustrating you know i i used to think you know westerners as people majority of westerners are very smart because they they build a great society like us like canada like europe whatever i thought these people must have doing something good you know they should have have some minimum level of intelligence to be to be able to accomplish to reach to to that point of prosperity but i was so wrong i i know most of the times i think westerners are way dumber than people in the middle east for example they're so dumbed down by the education system but the whole system actually that that's a very uh funny uh funny story i have to tell them the very first days in 2014 uh we arrived in canada with uh my wife uh i i went to bathroom and i was like okay i'm do i'm gonna do my thing and i saw in the the walls of the bathroom how you should wash your hands just open the open the knob and put some put some soap in the hand and just rub it together i was like what the [�__�] these people can have no idea how they they should wipe their ass or how how to wash their hands how dumb you can be you you need somebody to teach you to how to watch your hand wash your hands i was like it was a first sign to me okay these people should not should not be that smart i used to think so but after after i i see and i hear and other stuff and yeah after this uh the pandemic and after everything is happening it just just go goes to trash everything yeah so you arrived in 2014 yeah yeah and uh what did you think of 911 in 2001 what was the impact over in iran um nothing no it didn't what do you mean exactly because they they don't think it's efficient it's not an iraq over it no but you don't think it's fishy uh i think it's i i think it was inside job actually yes 100 percent sure it was just an ex excuse to so that was immediate to act yeah was that clear to you in iran back in 2001 no no no no because in iran when i was in iran i used to trust and believe governments like canada or u.s or germany or france or i think okay these people are good guys exactly and it it you know there was a reason that i left everything i had behind my family my job my ideal job i left everything behind to come here and start a new life because i thought i'm going to live in a civilized and free society but i was wrong i was totally wrong it just it just everything looks good but but when you go deep when you just explore all the facets of the society you see no it just they just speak nice they just act they just look nice but in in the in the core it's the same thing but in iran the government should you know they don't see the need to hide it yeah but in here still there is a need for the government to hide what they're doing yeah to come up with some excuses yeah start to just justify what they're doing yeah but not in iran not in saudi arabia you know in these countries they don't have to pretend yeah that's all they they do everything in the daylight but in here at least maybe it's a good thing i don't know but for me it is not enough if i knew in the first place nine years ago ten years ago if i knew if i had the knowledge i have right now about canada i would never move to canada yeah i'm i'm i'm totally regret maybe i would have moved to some other places i don't know or even stay in iran but now i think i made a huge mistake but it's just too late when you look around the world uh i don't have an opinion on this but when you look around the world do you think oh that's a nice society in this country and it seems uh there's freedom genuine freedom and there's no tyranny or very little tyranny um i i wouldn't even know which countries to put on the short list do you have any examples for me to me yeah to me just two places florida and south dakota okay both in the states not even texas because texas is so uh infiltrated with liptort okay but florida and south dakota are those two places i really like to move to okay but i can't but they're both in the state they're both in the states that's interesting yeah yeah states so you believe that the american project this experiment this great experiment of uh america you think it's bearing real fruit real good fruit or is it just coincidence that there are these two states that uh it is not coincidence oh i need to also add new hampshire okay new hampshire really yeah in new hampshire they they want to secede from usa and i really like that idea to start a new new country yeah they're they're working on it yeah yeah freedom lovers there that this is ideal for me new hampshire actually is the best i i said yeah it's close yeah from montreal maybe two hours and half nice right yeah yeah they have a project called the free estate project yeah they they help other people from u.s or all over the world to move to new hampshire to get the majority vote they want to secede from federal government of usa that's the best case scenario to me but it's still yeah i see the american project american idea or american dream uh it is very good i think um but i changed my mind on that thing also i used to mock american dream i used to mock gun ownership and stuff i thought these people are violent they're savages they want to kill everybody stuff but i now i know i i was so naive about it and maybe the only reason that in florida or texas or new hampshire you don't see the level of especially covered craziness we see in canada or new york or illinois or other states california it is to me in my opinion it's only is gun ownership because if you check the numbers if you check the estate with the strictest gun rules they have the more also covet restrictions california illinois new jersey new york it is almost impossible to get a gun in these states but in three states you know it's called the constitutional carry guns like florida like takes us re recently like south dakota no covet restoration no lockdown no mandates it's just beautiful you know mandates are illegal in florida yeah you get a fine if you ask someone for a vaccine or for a mask or something you get a fight what's interesting that you chose quebec because quebec is the leftist of the left here in canada and canada's pretty left so it's the left the leftist of the leftist of the left yeah exactly um so how did you end up in quebec and what do you think of monsieur logo and the health ministers and all that sort of stuff okay don't get me started on that uh you know i used to think i i i'm a left i'm a leftist so i had no problem with socialism you know i'm talking about 10 years ago or something i i didn't see any kind of threats or danger yeah in left-wing ideas or socialism or something uh the reason i i picked quebec and montreal there was two things the first thing was the other parts of canada the federal immigration because i immigrated as a skilled worker okay so in other provinces it was so hard to get in because there was a huge lineup so and it was a very low chance we can get in um but the the problem with quebec was french language so uh yeah i saw so i i analyzed my option and i i i could have seen that if i just learned french it is done the only thing i need to do is just learn french because they let everybody speak french yeah so me and my wife we went to uh you know some special classes to learn french from scratch wow and i used to be very fluent in french maybe 10 years ago or something but i forgot everything i almost forgot everything but and the the other reason was me and my wife we both are kind of uh artists you know i i i'm a writer i'm a film critic and my wife is also a designer uh so the designer of what uh websites okay websites you know um we both love the the cultural and artistic vibe in montreal yeah because when you go to toronto toronto when you go to vancouver you don't have that you don't have that artistic you know i used to think people in canada are so anti-government so anti establishment you know just classical liberal left i'm talking about those people in 70s or 60s i used to think okay these people are rebels i i belong here i belong among these people i was wrong but uh i i thought okay that's the place i need to go they're pro uh freedom they're pro-choice they're artists artistic people they value art and they're they were they were quebec was and the reason i'm in quebec the reason i love quebec is because they're very very pro-immigration i love the multiculturalism that's something you didn't touch on me too with montreal in montreal in montreal if you go outside of montreal they're racists as hell but i mean um in montreal you have that you have that vibe where if you're rich you're poor you're somewhere in between if you're black white brown whatever it does not matter there's a vibe and there's a european thing and there's that there's that sort of a catholic influence too because the protestant world is very different from the catholic world the catholic world embraces the sinner so we have the mafia here we have criminals we have all kinds of people mixing and mingling together and there's there there used to be there used to be a lot less judgment and lot racism but racism as you know is being promoted it's one of the big things it's like we're teaching racism we're teaching critical race theory we're teaching all these sorts of things we're teaching sexism we're teaching all sorts of things to our children about sex that are completely perverted and uh so the ideology from the so-called left is perverting and uh destroying everything that you and i loved about montreal quebec yeah basically yeah yeah i'm not gonna never forgive them because of that no really you know because uh uh i don't know how to stay involved the the the level of my frustration to you know i never experienced racism here in canada or even us i used to travel to us all the time i never experienced anything even close to racism i experienced a lot of stupidity a lot of prejudice especially on french language but it had nothing to do with my race nobody act differently based of my race or my skin color oh no oh i need to create that one time i went to a restaurant and the waiter you know i ordered something with bacon or pork or something and the the way there said okay you know there is pork in it said yeah yeah but what's what's up what's what's the problem you thought i'm muslim i'm not you know i i really got offended by someone you know thinking i'm a muslim because i'm brown you know and it was the only experience i had that some people mis mis characterized me based on my skin color that was all they were canadians are just too polite too nice that's all i and i never explained but i had a lot of bad experience experiences on french language here french i don't know zealously i would say zealous zeal but what's the word it's just uh they're so tied up with french but oh you asked me what i think about lego francois lego the prime minister i think he belongs behind the bars that's what i believe he needs to be he should be a bartender [Laughter] no i don't i don't trust him that much really no no just behind the bars working in camps is the is the uh who's what's the name of the guy that's rising popularity on the conservative party of quebec what's the guy's name eric yeah is he any good yeah okay awesome okay he's awesome he's the only the only man you know because at this point i think we can all agree on this subject that we we all of us we have to be pro-freedom it is not about policies it is not about a small government or big government you know health care whatever it's just about you believe in freedom or not you want to live free or you want to live under tyranny yeah this is the only i think this is one one issue um election coming up in all i think all over the world not in canada i'm never gonna support that a party or or a politician who is not hundred percent pro-freedom you read the idea i'm not going to do that have you read the charter of rights and freedoms yeah i guess you had to right um no no no but i think yeah for the citizenship test i think yeah it was three years ago i think i think i i already yeah yeah so it's nice i mean the it's simple it's a simple document but i mean it does uh i mean i'm a monotheist so i believe in god so it does mention god that that our rights come from god and i believe that firmly um you don't i guess you don't believe that but you can still appreciate the fact that they are enshrining these god-given rights um freedom first and foremost and uh all kinds of all kinds of different freedoms that we have that we're supposed to have and that the cops are supposed to enforce and protect and that the politicians are supposed to protect too yeah but the problem is nobody cares about the law nobody cares about the charter and stuff so it's it's a big question what we can do as a citizen to force politicians to just enforce the comply don't comply exactly don't comply fight back and i i because you you mentioned that i just remember that i had another journey maybe uh four or five months ago or something it it took a while for me uh to convert from atheist to agnostic no now i can i i just i'm i'm just ashamed to call myself an atheist yeah because atheists like big faces like sam harris or richard dawkins they're so dumb yeah and i they have after coping after on trump you know about trump about kobe and stuff they said a lot of nonsense lies and fake and so just moronic statements yeah i i actually called richard dawkins on twitter i mentioned you're so dumb yeah one of the dumbest person i ever know you know he said something about trump or something he was so dumb and fake and you know i i started to question atheism atheism and the big faces big faces of atheism and stuff but after this frustrating experience of kovit and lockdowns and curfews and stuff i was able to see the evil yeah you know i'm not a man of faith but i think i can see evil yeah where he is so if there's evil there should be some sort of higher power or good or something yeah so i don't know what that is i don't believe in any uh monolithic god or something but now i i believe that there is a higher power and i had a personal experience with that higher power with uh during my uh yoga sessions and i just i just i just felt it i sighed okay um so i'm agnostic right now that's good that's gonna you know huge step in the right direction for sure for sure yeah i was i was atheist from the age 14 onward but i transitioned to agnosticism and i spent a large part of my adult life as an agnostic and also as a pantheist where it's just like everything is god and then uh later in life before my conversion just before my conversion i became an atheist again and a really hardcore atheist and a satanist actually an atheistic satanist and so i went i went through a lot of different world views and there are many uh different it is fine it's it's it's an exploration it's a journey of discovery but the the fact is the fact is that they're it's a philosophical fact it's not a question of faith it's a philosoph philosophical fact that there is one and only one uncaused first cause i don't want to get too deep into the weeds on that but it's something for you to think about and to go off and explore the uncaused first cause that's who i worship and it is the source of everything that's good and one thing i also want to mention to you which is very very important philosophically which is the notion of evil evil is not a thing it's a way it's a way it's a way of turning away from the good it's a way of taking the good and perverting the good inverting the good and we see that we see that a lot with the covid right you take you take a truth or a partial truth and you twist it you turn it you manipulate it you obfuscate parts of it and it's framing it's all about it's all about taking what's good and twisting it and the the uh the ontological status of anything is good like anything that is to the extent that it is to the extent that it exists it's good it's ontologically good but it's the way we use it it's like the gun debate it's like guns don't kill people people kill people with guns or with knives or with a potato or whatever they have at hand right they could just smother them with their bare hands whatever um so the ontological goodness of everything that's an important concept to bear in mind when you're exploring your agnosticism because evil has no substance and uh the notion of evil is best seen as a privation or a deprivation of the good and uh just like illness is a yeah and you know it is so frustrating to me also that i've already seen this movie i've already seen how good things turning to evil back in iran oh and i've already seen everything there i've already seen family family members turning in other family members to the fire squad yeah in in 17 in 1979 when the revolution islamic revolution happened it used to be like the covet area we experienced here the you know the very beginning of the islamic republic of iran the first years it's this same as what we have right now in kovit post kobe era i s you know when i i heard that neighbors here call the police to to report on their neighbors i was like that's iran in that neighbors used to call the the police the morality police to come in because in in the the first years of the islamic revolution any other ideology was just banned communism marxism anything but islamic islamic ideology were banned and punishable by death so they used to say we have to do it for yourself for your safety because you know we gonna make the society safe because these people are very dangerous and it was like unacceptable views exactly they're friends yeah they used to actually say that they are free part of the uh society and they have unacceptable unacceptable views and yeah it was the same thing and i was really frightened you know i in the whole time i was really as scared scared uh scared of government way more than the virus yeah because i i used to see that what what's down the road i i used to i i cannot see that and it just just happening you know it's just happening and there's nothing i can do to stop it it seems oh and oh the most the most amazing thing is the similarities between hijab and mask you know it is so mind-blowing to me except you don't see hijab dirty hit jobs on the street everywhere yeah but you know the the tactic the strategy was the exact same thing they said okay women have to cover up because of public health because women are the the source of deception fitna you know in farsi and arabic it's called fitna which means deception so women are the source of some evil some some bad stuff so we call it glamour in in in western culture we call it glamour which is a sort of magical mystical hypnotism that women have glamour have you heard that yeah yeah not exactly that you know they they say they they say if women are uh just exposing their hair or their bodies women or men are going to attack them and rape them yeah and it's not good for either either party you know because women are being raped and men are just saving them exactly so we're just preventing preventing people to do the sinful act of rape or getting raped because women are being blamed for being raped also yeah so i do want to mention i do i do want to mention that i am pro-modesty i think but i'm also pro-choice about everything including abortion i just don't want people to choose to kill their baby in the womb i think it's murder but i i think you're you're free to murder whoever you want i just don't want you to do it i don't think it's the right choice so i'm pro-choice in that sense i'm also pro-life but when it comes to modesty i mean although i am pro-choice i want people to choose i do want people to choose modesty and i do feel uh the demons of lust within me when i see sexy women exposing their their body parts so i do admire i do admire uh islam in that way with you know with that grain of salt and with that uh proviso that uh you know we need to have freedom we need to have freedom we need to have freedom but modesty is very important i totally understand what you're saying but the problem is when the government yeah enforcing enforcing enforcement yeah we are debating our personal level you know it just it just personal stuff but when government gets involved they're gonna dictate you how many people you can have in your bedroom how many people you can have sex with in your bedroom yeah i escaped from it and it happened in canada once again lego used to say or in canada and all maybe all over the world the liberal freedom-loving government they used to say how many people you can have in your bathroom in bedroom who who you can sex with that's a problem that's the institutional tyrannical measures that i was i i am against i i don't give a [�__�] who who you're gonna go and have sex with it's just i have zero interest in it but when government is pushing not enforcing how many and how and who you can have sex with or you can hang out with that's the problem yep and the problem with hijab is it is not or mask it is not a piece of cloth it is a sign it's a political sign it's a religious sign that makes that person that woman a second class citizen a slave yeah a slave and that's why when uh in iran if a woman goes goes to i don't know office a federal office to do something i i don't know signing a paper or something if the hijab is not correct you know it's not completely on the face everyone has the audacity to tell her yeah cover up and she cannot do anything about it it's the same thing with mask here if you have mass just under your nose everybody has the audacity to tell you mask up in iran they say cover up to women and in here they say mascara and both it's for public health for the greater good you know and this is this similarity just uh it's mind-blowing to me that how people cannot realize it how people get used to it get along with you know in here it was some time that masking outdoors was mandatory i guess for a month or something but we can still almost half of people masked up outdoors under the rain under the snow it's that that it's beyond a stupidity you know it's just this level of obedience it's beyond belief to me that it is not the same in iran you know iranian people are just looking for a chance to rebel they they use any situation to show their protests show that they are against these governmental measures but not in here not in here people just trust the government hundred percent majority of them and they don't even they don't just care they don't care they they think without uh getting involved in politics they're gonna have a comfortable life but it is not going to happen you're going to lose someone to this masque variant or vaccine or whatever but it's too late that time uh i don't know what to say just it just you you cannot force people to care yeah you know that's maybe that's a big fundamental problem with humanity you cannot you cannot force people to care about themselves or other people well and that's that's freedom that's freedom muhammad says or it says in the quran anyway um there can be no compulsion in religion right and of course you can find contradict you can find a contradictory message and the bible is full of apparent contradictions also so i'm not going to harp on the idea of contradiction in holy books that doesn't bother me at all okay it's a question of emphasis and it's a question of what does god mean and he'll explain it to us on judgment day but the idea that there can be no compulsion in religion that's a common sense idea there cannot be compulsion in religion if you have compulsion you've excluded religion because religion like love needs to be freely given if it's not freely given it's some form of rape or some other form of uh coercion you just cannot force someone to love for someone to care for someone to to self-sacrifice you can pin them down tie them up and kill them but that's not self-sacrifice that's just that's just here yeah but it's christian view of a religion it is not islamic view right you get the the verse you just mentioned it was the time that muhammad was in mecca okay uh before medina or medina yeah he was not in cover yeah he was not in power okay in that time he used to say this kind of stuff some nice after he got into power he just he's just in other verses they say we can kill them all kill the unfiddle break the fingers break not even just kill them break their fingers don't don't be friend with them yeah don't don't be friend with people who don't uh fight for islam this kind of stuff but it is what you said is christian view but islamic view i'm not saying all the muslims think like that but islamic teaching i used to have back in iran in schools and and it is what the what is called the books the as uh as a scripture islamic scripture says it is not like choosing islam it just you have to yeah you have to talk to them if they don't accept you have to force them it is the the mentality of islamic teaching that's why muhammad used uh muhammad was in the battlefield for the almost i don't know how many years he was a warlord but jesus was basically a hippie who got crucified you know it is the example of prophet or example of mentality is not the same matter or moses but the one who the one who just left you know he didn't do anything basically just left but islam it is not as a same context as judaism or christianity you know yeah and i used to be taught in schools that you you should not be friend with and fiddles you should not be friend with people who are people of the book people of the book they say jews jews and christians people of the book because islam teaches that the books have been corrupted and with man-made lies yeah we are the best version of the same story but the the other problem with islam is islam as a religion was political in the first place and actually it was a political tool for muhammad to get into the power but jesus or moses they were not interested in politics at all so that's why your your sense or your viewpoint of religion is so peaceful it's so humanistic but nothing is long in islam it's not and there there's a reason that christians and jewish people they managed to put all the crazy [�__�] in the bible aside i said okay we're not gonna go do that [�__�] we we're gonna i don't stop caring about that stuff because we're gonna look up to the prophet what jesus did what moses did turn the other cheek you know and forgive stuff but forgiveness or turning another chip another cheek it is not like islam that they say if if somebody hit you you have to hit it back if somebody kill your i don't know wife you have to kill his wife it's eye for eye yeah and they actually do it and that there's no forgiveness or they talk about it but in action and practice they say no you have to do whatever you have to do for islam because everything is justified in the in the [Music] in the betterment of islam yeah so what i was saying was that the example of profit is very important here and that's why islam is still political you know in the western countries they have successfully managed to separate you know church and state but not in islamic countries in islamic countries everything is islamic everything is political your lifestyle your just daily routine stuff is political and most times you're doing a crime you're doing some kind of misconduct or something and that's why people always carry a burden of guilt on their shoulder and that's because they are so vulnerable to government to calm down on them to take them to jail or whatever because everybody is guilty guilty like crazy and that's exactly what happened in kobe time here your life style it was against the government you're just normal human life was just violating some restrictions and that's why people just after after time after two years they're in year three now people are getting vulnerable to be controlled and they're prone to be controlled and people just after some time they just stop fighting back because there is a limit to human spirit to handle this kind of stress and pressure and stuff yeah and now we can see people even forget they have a [�__�] mask on their face people even forget about it and they they just they just can't see it because they do it for a long time it just becomes the reality for them become the new normal astro yeah normal yeah normal the new normal yeah yeah the scariest thing to me is it's lack of freedom is being normalized now yeah in canada or western countries that's the scariest ship to me it's very scary i um was in the gay village uh you know where the gay villages down on saint catherine street east yeah um i went to tim hortons there yesterday to get some donuts and uh i had i had a funny experience with the masks but i won't talk about that what i'll talk about is on the street in the gay village i found two books and i took them home with me can you see what that says yeah bienvenue canada yeah so this is for new new immigrants okay i haven't i haven't read it yet but i'm interested to see just how sick and perverted their teachings are it is okay and then i found this other book at the same spot on the sidewalk someone was moving and they just threw out a bunch of plates and uh cookware and um this book here i don't know if you can see it it's called yeah taking charge taking charge and what does that say a handbook for healthcare and social service providers working with trans people oh my [�__�] god so uh it's pretty sick it's pretty sick and perverted and this is believe it or not this was published in 2011 and it's got a whole bunch of definitions here of uh sex gender identity jesus uh gender expression sexual orientation transsexual transgender cross-dresser transist true spirit intersex transition transphobia w path which is i guess the world professional association for transgender health gender identity disorder gid uh gender dysphoria a term used within medical and psychiatric discourse to describe an incongruence between gender assigned at birth well there is no gender assigned at birth there's only sex assigned at birth gender assigned at birth and gender identity it is used to describe gender identity disorder in the diagnostic and statistical manual of the mental disorders many trans people reject this term as they find it pathologizing right like they ho oh wait hold on are you saying there's something wrong with me no no no no no we don't accept that there's nothing wrong with me there's something wrong with you buddy you're you're a dinosaur you are outmoded and you're unicorn you don't you haven't gotten with the times yet so um it's going to make for some interesting reading it's pathetic it's really it's really sad it's really sad and it's not only is it sad it's child abuse it's systematic systematized institutionalized government sponsored heavily sponsored not only nationally sponsored but it's it's like outreach global outreach like we're going to trudeau has packages and biden has packages that will reach around the world to fund this perversion and it's it's child abuse it really is these people are not happy these people are not happy they do not it does not end well it does not end well uh i do admire uh bruce jenner aka caitlin because he was asked point blank on reality tv i'm a celebrity get me out of here they asked him point blank uh was it worth it was it worth all that you had to go through to transition and he said no it wasn't worth it and i wouldn't recommend i wouldn't recommend it and he came out recently about the sports he said no it's wrong he's this is wrong yeah yeah yeah he's way better than others but i i just i just want to say liptars have no kids you know against they against you know having kids and they also pro abortion they're not pro-choice they're pro-abortion so they just abort all the kids they may have but they have your kids and they have my kids and they have conservative kids so they know how to uh have influence on the next generations so that's why they heavily invested on education system you know and putting all this [�__�] on uh kids mind because it is the only way they can win i know they they don't believe in free uh discussion freedom um free market of ideas or this kind of stuff we also we agree on they just care about the power i think they just the whole purpose is just get into power and force people to live and think how they like this is the the whole goal for them and the only way is just influence kids and what you just said it is in the first place is really stupid it's stupid funny but in the other side it's so sad and upsetting you know when i think about those kids you know being exposed to all these mental mentally ill and craziness it just reminded me my childhood it just remind me what i went through are you i used to have the same thing you know they all talk about sex they just so obsessed about sex i used to um i used to go to classes that teacher teachers used to uh just to tell us all the time what you you need to do with the opposite sex what you need to do with girls how you should treat them it was just all [�__�] and it was just so close-minded that you know i'm not joking when i was walking to into streets back in iran when i was maybe 11 or 12 i used to have i used to walking like head down because i did anyone even wanted want to look at girls look at women yeah to just get temptated or something yeah it was so [�__�] up in the mind i sometimes like i questioned myself how how i got out how i woke up because the amount of propaganda the amount of [�__�] systematic it was so crazy oh i i just remember every morning every [�__�] morning in the schoolyard we used to line up and say three times death to usa death to israel death to england huh three times a day it was mandatory okay and i sometimes like i cannot realize how i woke up you know i think it was my family and friends and colleagues and everything maybe that the sense of rebellion we still have in iran people use any chance you know women barely have the hijab right now on their head yes barely just just for fashion or something it's like when i wear my mask down here exactly but you you cannot remove the mask all together no yeah it's the same thing with hijab they have it on their hair some like back here it's just so stupid but they have to do it so they they keep doing it but but they use any chance to any parties and you know when you go to underground world it was so so crazier the nightlife the party life martial that's way crazier than here you have no idea yeah of course of course yeah you have no because everything is forbidden everything is bad so you get more greedy to do it yeah you know i used to go to party and drink every [�__�] weekend you know back in tehran but not in here you know but um yeah i i was saying sometimes i forgot how i woke up to that and still i have no idea how canadian people or westerner can woke up under this amount of propaganda and pressure and tyranny i don't know i have no idea yeah really well i'm seeing i'm seeing a difference in the grocery store and uh in a couple of places where i go i'm starting to see um like the other day i went in i had my mask down below beneath my mouth and then in the grocery store and then i put it under my nose to go to see the uh to pay for my goods at the teller and he was a young guy he's probably 18 years old or 17 years old doing at the cash and uh when he saw that i had my thing under my nose he put his mask under his nose and he was obviously enjoying the little break that he got okay so it's like it's just a little signal like hey let's cheat a bit let's cheat a bit and um i saw the uh the same thing in various different situations you know just people just sort of letting it slide just a little bit they're fed up it's just a little signal like okay i'm gonna play along but not not fully and uh i'm ready to exit take the off ramp from this madness you know but in terms of rebellion you know um christ is seen as a bit of a rebel turning the tables and fighting for justice when corruption was dominant in his jewish society and pointing out the hypocrisy of these man-made traditions it's just like you're missing the point of religion okay you're missing the point you're a hypocrite and uh you're you're that's cool you're this you're the son of uh your father the devil who's the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning so he's very harsh on the religious hypocrites and he was very friendly to the prostitutes and the the third class citizens the tax collectors and those who had a bad reputation so uh in that vein i want to talk a little bit about a sympathy that i naturally have to the enemies of the west and one of them is uh putin even though he i know he's not a saint but i i have a sympathy for putin i think he's a strong manly man he's not perfect but i have a lot of sympathy for him and i'm just naturally sort of against the uh ukrainians because they're more western with the western perversion and corruption so i'm just naturally defaulting against them i've got nothing against the people the innocent people are suffering on both sides of the border and all around the world but i have a sympathy for putin i have a sympathy for i've always liked uh amina the job or whatever his name was your guy there who you're uh yeah i've always liked him i've always liked him i liked i liked saddam hussein i liked gaddafi i liked osama bin laden you know i why did i have sympathy for these men well part of the reason was they seemed manly a lot of them very manly strong intelligent and not and not fake not fake okay and um you know uh the other thing is i don't trust the fake western bs routine where it's like yeah we care about you it's just like it's so obvious you don't care about me okay so i'd rather i kind of rather respect someone who tells it like it is and even though they're very uh capable of lying and deceiving and being corrupt themselves obviously okay but can you just talk a little bit about that um that dichotomy between an overt tyrant versus a hidden fake guy like trudeau and also in particular talk about amin adaba jab or whatever his name was and what you thought about him and why why i might as a westerner that knows nothing about him why i might have had sympathy for him just sort of based on his demeanor and his face and all that sort of thing okay but uh uh in general's sense i 100 i agree with you i personally prefer someone who is saying whatever that is if you're tyrant if you're having some atrocious behavior i prefer it to be clear not having a face of okay i care about you i just want you to be free i want to keep you safe that [�__�] i so i'm so against it i just hated my gods that's why i found uh trudeau way way annoying very annoying and very just i cannot listen to this guy for more than five seconds his enunciation his enunciation is disgusting yeah even even his tone yeah it's just his sound it's just so disgusting to me and because i know he's such a he hypocrite and same as you you know we can talk about all these geopolitical benefits of someone like uh saddam hussein or someone like uh casselfi in libya or iraq and how they were keeping the whole area stabilized and stuff but in just more moral sense in moral view of what these people were i totally 100 percent i agree with you and you know the thing is someone who who is pretending like trudeau or lego it's way harder to beat because in the first phase you have to unmask them you have to expose them it's a very very hard and long process and after you did it now that the fight starts so you have to rile up people against them you know you have to just do the action and stuff so you have two phase but you don't in case of those people you have just one face you know you have you know who who you're fighting against and stuff but we are still in western countries we are still in the phase one you know majority of people just trust these monsters so you have a lot to do but um you ask about ahmadinejad you know ahmadinejad in 2009 there was a presidential election in iran and i was in iran that time and there was election fraud in iran everybody knows everybody voted the other guy he was not a good guy but everybody voted for him it was so obvious it was so so obvious the huge millions of people supporting the other guy in the street everybody knew it it just they stole the election and after the election i was in the street i didn't even vote the other guy but i was in the street to say okay you need to just cancel the election or recount or whatever it is not okay it is not uh cool the the main slogan was where is my vote that was the that was the main slogan and the other time the whole demonstration was silent in demonstration three million people silent saying nothing not a single sound or noise i was there and i saw that uh untie riot police started to kill people who were protesting silently people start to get killed beside me and in 2009 but it it was a time that i said in my mind if i get survived i'm going to leave the country because it is just over the red line now there is no barrier they start shooting people with no guns no nothing just silent not even saying anything wow you know and i got survived i'm here now but the thing is ahmadinejad after that event he went to a press conference and said those people we just killed they were just fringe part of the society been on with unacceptable viewers the same wording through the youth wow and then trudeau said that everybody said oh [�__�] that's ahmadinejad yeah every even through the voters even iranian throne of war they're saying okay [�__�] that's ah you're [�__�] that that word was it just uh branded by ahmadinejad you know but he tweeted about he tweeted about trudeau being a tyrant hypocrite right exactly that's yeah so he was um hypocrite also yeah you know he was i i remember when he was trying to get into the office he was saying our problem is not iranian demon hijab i don't care we have such bigger problems in iran i'm not gonna go to a woman and say okay cover up i don't give a [�__�] i don't care yeah i i'm gonna take him take care about inflation i'm gonna take take care about your safety in the borders and stuff like you're like um yeah it seems this guy is saying something good it seems but right after he got into the office the morality police just got wilder wow than ever before and that's why iranian people hate ahmadinejad so much because he was yeah he was such a [�__�] hypocrite um but i understand your point i understand because you you didn't know that no and even most of people they have no idea that we have actually a morality police in iran there is a organization called morality police they have their vans they go around the city what color are their uniforms a green okay green and the vans also have the green uh uh normal police color is blue or yeah police police are police are also kind of green but they they are greener okay okay their vans are very uh obvious to spot okay it's easy easy to spot okay and they go around the city and they find women with bad hijab or the the nail the nail polish and uh because nail polish is also punishable by some fines or jail time for women or the color even even the color is so shiny orange or yellow or red you're gonna get caught by them still they they use it this this is a political pool a tool for them to use against whoever they want so yeah he said ahmadinejad used he he was one of his election a slogan election campaign that he used to say i'm gonna remove morality police we don't use that ah we don't need that in iran because people are so responsible we don't need that we are great people everybody know what he or she should do yeah so we don't need morality police but it was a so it's such a big lesson we still have it and it's still in canada in montreal we have a morality police mass police morality police and people just really get offended when i told when i tell them everybody just started harassing me i said okay oh you are a mask morality police right and they get really angry and they get offended i don't know okay this is what you're doing you're morality police you know what what is why you it's hard for you to accept it you're a piece of [�__�] why just accept it you're you you just know it's if you suck [�__�] have you seen anyone have you seen anyone get red pilled or come to the light and come join us on the light side [Music] or any fence fence sitters that were on the fence like i'm not sure i'm not sure i'm not sure and then they said no i'm not i'm not for the vaccine or whatever uh yeah in my personal experience there was a one a girl and she lives in iran ah and she lives in iran she she she reads my facebook posts and stuff and one day she messaged me and she said i i got red pill by reading your facebook post i'm reading your post for a long time and now i can say to you that you changed my mind on it uh it was such a good feeling yeah but in my circle of friends honestly no zero did you lose any friends because of the pandemic i lose yeah i lost them by choice i cut them off yeah yeah that's what i mean but because they're just on the wrong side no not not because in the right wrong side you know that's complicated here you know i as i said i don't really give a [�__�] what anybody wants to do with his or her body yeah you they're going to get 10 shots i don't give a [�__�] yeah but when you use a qr code when you use the vaccine passport it means you're helping the government the the system to infringe upon my rights yeah to oppress me as a citizen and you're helping the system to make me a second class citizen yeah that's what that's what is my red line yeah and even even if i i i still have some friends with qr code but they explained to me how they had to do it how it was just forced on them and stuff they they totally against it yeah but they had to do it for some reason i said okay yeah but i cut off people who just pretend that everything is fine everything's normal yeah there's nothing going on yeah just some random just normal thing just normal phase of life to get a shot and have a barcode it's just too dumb to me to just i just i just don't enjoy hanging out with these people yeah yeah i just it's hard to it's hard to respect yeah and some of them yeah i had couple of friends that started cursing at me talking [�__�] to me and just saying okay your delusional conspiracy theory and stuff it's okay bye no i had i had no attachment there yeah but i i really try to be friend with everybody yeah with the just minimal level of intelligence that's all i need yeah yeah yeah well i mean i i agree with you about um perpetuating the system and enabling the tyrants i that's the reason i never have been tested for covet and i never will be tested for kovic not by choice and when i got really sick at christmas my boss said you have to get tested or you can't go back to work i said well then i won't come back to work and so then he just let me back quietly nice so i mean if you stand up if you stand up for what you believe in if first of all if you have principles and you believe in something congratulations and then the next step is stand up to the tyrants and just say no okay take my job take my take my apartment put me in the camp do what you want torture me kill me do what you want to do these are my principles okay and i'm happy to die for my suffer and die for my principles period exactly this never would have happened this never would have happened the pandemic would have stopped it never would have gone off the ground and it just would have been a cold and flu like any other cold and flu exactly yes granny 80 year old granny with her preconditions probably would have died from it and that's too bad i'm not wishing ill on anyone i want everyone to be happy and healthy and we have to protect the vulnerable but we know we have common sense we know how to protect granny you don't cough in her mouth right and it's common sense we don't need a nanny state acting like we're stupid babies that don't know how to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom or whatever like you said it is the same thing i i used to hear a lot from supreme leader of iran they they call people savir sabir means a child who needs to be taken care of a child who needs attention uh a child who cannot do uh whatever he or she needs to do to to just carry on his or her life you know that's that's the definition of sagir and yeah this is exactly what it is i i used to experience back in iran but i i just want to mention that point that everybody should not be fighting in the same way as me or you or anybody else everybody has his or her unique way to fight back um if someone has a qr code okay but he or she fights in other fields it's i totally respect that but what i don't uh respect and i cannot tolerate that you just pretend that everything is normal you don't even need to fight there's nothing to worry that worried to be worried about yeah that's the problem that's the uh that's uh called banality of evil yeah that's banality of evil that's you you just make evil to something just usual and some something normal and now yeah and that's the huge problem that's just so toxic and so dangerous when i walked past when the vax pass first came out and only vaccinated could be in the restaurants i would pass by and look inside and it was like watching a horror movie a psychological horror movie where they're just smiling and for them they've exactly they've embraced this is wonderful and they have uh they're in complete denial of the fact that they're willing slaves of these tyrannical governments right like uh what do you think i want to before we wrap up because i do have to go what do you think about the european members of parliament who were ripped into trudeau i asked john campbell last night about this and they i liked it but i'm not sure how much of influence or impact it can have but how sincere is it how sincere is it just theater playing off the other side or is it sincere because i i don't know that person i don't know i don't know that the background the context i don't know i i like that rant actually but i don't know actually because you know i i don't follow news as i used to follow because i see i can see the news and the mainstream media and all these stuff that we're bombarded with 24 7 it's so toxic for the mental health yeah i just i i just i just don't know you know i i had no idea that curfew is lifted last time after after 10 days i i i still used to think there's a cure for you you know that's how much you can ask john john told me the curfew is lifted yeah really i have no idea yeah but remember yesterday i asked you oh do you need a vaccine passport to go to the restaurant you're like no that's over nice yeah because you know i i i managed to you know create this kind of lifestyle this kind of alternative reality that i just go to the places could it or to the restaurant that they don't ask for it they don't ask you to mask up they don't ask for anything just normal i it has no impact on my life yeah not really i i don't care what the logo or trudeau says about the measures or restrictions or whatever because it has no impact in my life the only impact is the travel restrictions i really miss traveling i i really want to go around it's the only impact you can go get vaccinated it's free and it's safe and effective yeah yeah and there's a six wave coming didn't you know yeah exactly did you hear about the six wave yeah i i i it's got a dumb name right ba2 or something it is not going to be over the whole thing it is not going to be on over until all the restrictions everywhere is lifted yeah some people are thinking okay it's it's gonna be fade fade away you know after a while but based on the movie i i've already seen back in iran it is not gonna be over until everybody take off the hijab everywhere when everybody take the mask off everywhere yeah that's it's that's going to be time that you you can be hopeful i think that you know when i when i as a hobby i sometimes over the course of my adult life have made little computer programs little games or little applications okay just for fun as an amateur and there's something that i like to do i get an idea for a module that's part of my software and i say okay i've got this concept but i need to make sure that i can actually do it so i do a proof of concept separate module just to prove that this i can get this one mechanism to work and then i can plug it into my bigger picture okay so this proof of concept is a very useful tool and then it goes in my tool kit like once i've got that module like hey i know i know i can do that boom so now i can keep integrating that into my overall architecture of my idea okay so i do the proof of concept and then i've got this tool and it's locked and loaded and i may not use it until much later because i've got a lot of other grunt work to do to set the stage so i can plug that module in that i already did the proof of concept and all of these restrictions all of these tests and mandates they're all proof of concept okay can we manipulate the people will they conform to what degree what percentage of the population how hard do we have to press where do we have to put the pressure okay next time we learn from our this experiment next time we'll put pressure in a more subtle way or a more overt way or whatever it's all these proofs of concept and they can shelve them because it's established this is a tool for the bigger picture the bigger project and they will pull it out and they will use it in the integration of the final thing this is just the beginning this is the beginning and uh yeah we should be very very afraid not based on anything the government says or does but based on the conformity the complacency and the willingness to enable that we see in the general population i think i think it's around about 30 percent of people that are more than willing to just enable whatever the government says that's what i'm going to do and i've got close friends who say that literally whatever the government tells me to do that's what i'm going to do because i trust the government and i heard the same thing i heard the state same statement on mainstream commercial radio the person said i'm sick of all this covet stuff but if the government says there's a six wave and if they say that we've got to put these new restrictions or whatever it is i'm going to do it i don't like it but i'm going to do it because i trust the government and they're looking out for our best interests so they basically got us yeah exactly you you put it in words in in the very amazing way i cannot add anything to that but i just want to mention something else that information is gold and in in this era we are at the information war but uh after these two years more than two years everybody every person gave out a lot of information about himself or herself to the government as you said to be banked in a place to be used afterwards so uh they have a lot of information about us and i think that's the scariest part that even they know when you go to bed when you go to the toilet they they know everything and you can argue that they're not gonna use it against you but i'm i'm gonna oppose to that i'm gonna say okay no they have the tool they have the uh these resources they have the time and they're gonna use it against you as much as possible for them and it stops only you want them to stop yeah yeah and uh just look at iran look at the my country of origin and just see what is waiting for you down down the road if in the beginning of the revolution women or even men um opposed opposed this hijab opposed these restrictions and stuff you know alcohol is still banned you know drinking alcohol is still banned in iran yeah gambling is banned you know alcohol is banned every every every fun aspect of life is banned in iran and if they they would have opposed to it in the first place the government was not so powerful as right now to kill people in the street with this with the sniper head shots wow it's just so obvious now in iran if you if you go to the protest against the government you're going to get killed it is just so common sense in iran you're on that road right now yeah if if people if people don't fight back don't stop it just if they don't stop complying you're gonna make the government so powerful that they're gonna kill you in the street and you cannot do anything about it please think about it don't don't take your freedom or liberty for granted yeah that's a problem with those people who used to say they trust the government because they they they have this freedom or the liberty for granted yeah this is so sad it is so sad it's beyond naive it's it's naive yeah and uh you have to see you don't have to do that you don't have to go through you don't have to repeat the history yeah you don't have to do it but it takes courage it takes courage and it takes uh it it takes at a minimum the courage to go against what your neighbor might think and say because of that peer pressure the peer pressure is the killer here the peer pressure oh well i can't i can't be different from my group because you know if i'm different that's weird and i'm going to be judged and all this sort of thing luckily uh myself and my wife have always been weirdos outsiders and just antisocial and uh uh just eccentric and not part of the mainstream not consuming mainstream news our whole lives long and uh it's uh been a saving grace finally it turns out right yeah yeah it is it is really hard to be black sheep all the time yeah it is so you have to bury you have t