CVS Live Guest - 2022-08-19 - Brett Mitchell (Redacted)

Author Streamed Friday August 19th, 2022

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I met Brett on Twitter. He's a Young Earth Creationist and a convert to Catholicism. He's passionate about the faith, and loves learning about fossils, dinosaurs, and dragons. I had to redact a part of the conversation because taboo opinions may have been expressed.

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Hey, we are alive. I'm here with Brett. Brett. How you doing. I'm good. How are you very well. Thank you and thanks for taking the time and agreed to come on, and all we had a couple of appointments, and you had to rush off and get married or something just to introduce me and my lists, My few listeners to yourself who you are or how you were raised. What kind of a religious upbringing you had if any, and just feel listened a little bit about yourself if you place. Azure, yeah, so I grew up in Evangelical householder, and when to prevent your local church and the cat for awhile, I was kind of like the sort of like mean, I believed in it, but I wasn't Superman fire for it, but then who was actually the second trip we talked to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, cause I've always had a love for dinosaurs, son. And you know the time of the dinosaurs to the Bible how they do it there that started giving much more into the Bible, and it's Genesis in particular, but then from there or the extension of that and then payout went to an Evangelical school in Chicago, and got a degree in theology, and at that time I was still kind of you know I was being prayed. The religion like me, neither. At that time I supported the whole. You know. I regret it. Now. I kind of cringe. Even thinking about it to that time. I said he went as far as supporting women. Pastors. Yeah, Thanks, Thankfully, I've come away since then, but Yes, I and the thing thing is I had that whole idea of the branch theory, the Anglican French theory about five drivers. Kind of thing like, Oh, well, you know these guys. They all your ear. They have their theology of this and that and I hope. By making censor Yeah as a shirt, Do you mind to telling me how old you are or no time putting an editor and twenty nine, Happy birthday, Don't think, so. I think now just just remind me. I think you said you're Catholic today, right? Yeah, just like when you went to theology school with it was an evangelical. I feel theological school. What can you just explain a little bit about that experience? And if there was any anti Catholicism, explicit or implicit, What was your experience like in terms of the teachings of ecclesiology, In particular, like what is the church. What do they say about the church. The Church is the mystical body of Christ, and it's the bride of Christ. So do they believe that just talk a little bit about ecclesiology and how your theology training and talked, If at all about the Holy Roman Catholic Church, you know so well, Most of the talked about Catholic theology was in relation to church history, and that's actually kind of like Start the tramp. My transition towards Catholicism was church history, cause. I've always had a love for history, especially. In ancient Greece and Rome and medieval times, and there lies and right there the tires with the ancient medieval medieval Christianity, though eller is that the by the school itself, as is officially dispensationalism, insta, so none of the things I kind of come with that territory under, but you know they do accept anyone there have any sort of backpack rap Protestant background her. So if you have to be officially Protestant to the what is the test? What is the Litmus test to prove that you're a Protestant, And what is that? What does that look like? You just have to say I'm Protestant, or yeah, they, basically, although pointing, mean, there's a doctrinal statement they had to farm, but although really, it's kind of kind of bags day now like really are Catholic, or reason, or other dogs will be able to sign it in good conscience like it doesn't even include like to sew. I guess they were trying to broaden out to try include. Like Anglicans. Know this is not all of them are quite perfectly aligned to like Martin Luther King, and so is a, or are you or were you ever a young -earth creationists. Like I am, I have my younger creationist, or are you, or what, yes, very much, so still, yeah, but Earth creationism is how I got. Into the whole thing, Start with, Yeah, I know you said he went to that a creationist. What is it a museum? Or Yeah, It's a. It's Ken Ham's creation museum, Ham, Okay, Ken Ham, Okay, Okay, Can you haven't been to Kent Hoven Syrup Place, Know canto have, and I consider to be about as legitimate of an authority on creating sciences? I consider Alex Jones to be an authority upon God's sake. He's got a lot of personnel. Both of them. Have both those guys have a lot of personality. Yeah. That's right now. I contributed. I guess they got that they got personality in spades and Eco, and that's fun. That's fun. I don't. I'm not very familiar with Ken Ham. He seems like a little bit more of a serious type. Is he doing good work or how would you evaluate his or her work? I appreciate him for the platform is created for creation scientists like Kurt Wise and Andrew Snelling Brothers to present the work to the public and from his British Museum and the Ark encounter, I appreciate all that up, but let me sometimes he does have some cringey slogans. The puts out there, okay, such as well like in as the bay with Bill Nye, he's like, but but there is a book. Like yeah, this know cause that that's totally going to, you know trump, don't either. Yeah, so what is your? What is your area of interest? Your primary area of interest in the realm of philosophy and religion, is it the Bible, is it to creation, in particular, is it theology, is it to what is there some area that you're We're interested in. Are you more you read more deeply into or that you think more about what what are the areas? Yeah, my creation? Yes, a habit, but a primary benefit beyond that, I've developed an interest. Lately. I've been starting to read more James Jordan, getting into the simple lives on the Scripture, and also been reading more about like the sacraments, The Mass, trying to get coat both her duties, As through that, Yeah? Yeah, yeah, cool, Yeah, and to her projects as well, Because you know my family is still know Protestant. They're still evangelical. Sewer trap. You know what to think. Now I. I worship Mary, among other things, So that's difficult. Yeah, that's a difficult thing, but they're praying for you there praying for your conversion, and you're praying for their conversion, and now it's here. Guess it's up to it's up to. God, but it's also up to each individual will like to respond to Grace is right, but it's kind of hard. It's kind of hard to be a Protestant. When you. At the. At the end of the day you are your private judgment is the final arbiter of truth. Yeah, that was wanted. Yeah, that was one of the things that got me cause you know going in the theology circles. I did you know we would often have conversations in the dying. I stood in dining room about the idea you know, the. The the most common one was the dreaded Calvinist vs Arminian debate was always like Okay, really guys. Our were having that conversation again, But you know that kind of illustrates. You know one of the big issues that are hung with Protestantism. Is like Okay. You know you get. You can have different schools of apply. Like in Catholicity of the Scotus, You have the Thomason, one ought to, but within Protestantism it goes well beyond that it's Challenges, very basic things like is the eucharist, The real thrill presence in, there are not those baptism necessary for salvation, or is it not to those are pretty biggish Jews, and I was having trouble with that buffet style thing and I also kind of came to realize that this was the big kicker for me is that Protestantism is true. Then all theology is that it's just a big nerd debate. Know it's like power can Magneto lift up Thor's hammer or. Who would win a fight between Superman and the Hulk Like Okay, I, I might say that Superman will win Because this reason or oak my When this reason because that, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. It's just you know a fun mental exercise and I've actually found that is how many Protestants treat theology is. It's just the fun exercise for people with too much time on their hands. Wow, Well, thank you for sharing that with me that insight, Because that is very. Powerful succinct and colorful and I've never ever encountered that, but it's just like yeah. That's that's amazing. It's a great insight. Was that your own idea. Yeah, I mean, I've I've always been into like you know superheroes and everything, so I. I like the tie things together, and now my mind works cool. What just walk us through the most challenging doctrines or practices of Catholicism. Where you are hesitating, hesitating and then he said, finally just said, Okay, accepted as the truth, and I'm just going to embrace it. Even if I don't understand it. Maybe I don't even agree with it, but I'm going to accept it and I'm going to submit to it. I'm going to learn to love it. What was what were some of those things that you had to overcome. If any, Yeah, it probably was the Mary in the same, sir, But you know I kind of like Er, you know there we have the whole saga. And documented co -counsel about Highbury issue about mentoring images and the saints and all that, And it's like okay. We got no problem accepting all these other Ecumenical council. So who am I this random twice per century American to say Oh, except Nicea and all the rest, but I can't accepts the Seventh and Becky medical council, Which one was at Constantinople or I, the ninety two, I believe I see it, too. Yeah, her where they were debating the heresy of iconoclasm, Okay, so they generally accept, most Protestants would gladly accept six or seven or five, or how many have I would say? Probably the first six. They probably would have no problem with remote. Pardon. Would it be weird for someone to accept more than six? Well, Yeah, because one. I mean once you get the seven, then you're to the icons and the saints, and then anything beyond that you're in the world of basically stray up, Catholicism or Eastern orthodoxy, re re re, compared to nowhere to run nowhere to hide at that point, so as at conscious conscious effort to in the what sixteenth century to reject the Council's the seventh, and following the boat would certainly seem that way, especially. In the Calvinist and out about the spheres, especially do the Orthodox accept All of our Catholic councils are no. The first seven years, Only the first seven, I believe, so yeah, Ah, Oh, that's terrible, Yeah, and then then then they kind of have their own Ecumenical councils. Oh, yeah, but they. They're having a hard time organizing their flat hierarchy doesn't seem to be working for them. And no offense to any orthodox out there, no offense, but it doesn't seem to be working. Yeah, now that. Yeah, that that's what happens when you don't have. You know one guy at the top who that the buck stops here. That was one of my reasons for not going to orthodoxy. It's like you these competing factions almost, and one on top of the other the Hulk vs Superman once again, Yeah? Well, it's a funny thing. The funny thing is you know, I've heard it is not my idea, but I have heard people describe it like in Catholicism, we have one pope, but in every other Christian community they have as many pope. Says there are members of those communities. Oh, Yeah, definitely, I've I've tried to making that him, and then they just say well, I just follow Bible, Like Okay, Yeah, you just in Egypt, all you're doing is infallibly deciding what books are in the Bible, The canon. And your infallibly deciding how to interpret that's all that's all much tray. Yeah, that's not much just that just all this infallible truth from God's lips to your ears. Boom. That's not. That's not much all in a day's work, and the fact that you district the fact that you disagree with your other competing Christian community members is just because you're right and they're wrong, right, Yeah and. And he knows something Elsa is regarding like the buffet thing in the picking and choosing, and this is another big reason for why I went the way I did. I was having a conversation with the with someone I work with Who is also a theology major and he since graduated and moved on, but the P. I joined the Presbyterian Church and buy back that, and he disagreed with infant baptism. And they practice infant baptism, so I'm like okay. What gives? How can you you know join a church that you disagree with on such a big issue and he's like. Oh, well, it's the closest I believe to what the Biblical church is supposed to be like. Like Okay. A bad word, Bother me closest like that. I interviewed Can Tov and he said the exact same thing he said the church I attend is a false church. He didn't. So he didn't use that word, but basically it's close enough. It's the closest twenties found. If you could find one that's closer. He would join it. In other words, He's admitting that he. He hasn't found the church. He doesn't know where the churches. He hasn't found the church. That's kind of a big deal for a Christian. That's kind of a big deal. Yeah, right because Cray said it's better that I go and give you leave you with the church embodied by the Holy Spirit. It's better that I go. You're going to have the church many Christians today That don't know where the churches. That's a bit embarrassing. Yeah, so I told about to humility. We need to be humble. If we're going to bow to the authority of an old white man. Right, It takes a lot of humility. Especially if you don't agree with all of the politics of the particular pope, but it's the vicar. It's the vicar of Christ and. The Vicar of Christ in his office is protected as you know, and that's all we need to know. We don't. We don't need to. We don't need to pretend like we're a pure chain religion where every pope is perfect and sinless. Then we don't need to pretend. Because that would be a sin that would be a lie. Right. We need to accept our popes, warts, and all, including the first Pope, Pope, Peter, Pope, Peter, we need to accept. Peter warts and all and I don't think any Protestant has a problem because of the midst of time and the romance of the distance of the history, and back in the days of Jesus, there was this man called Peter a fisherman, and we can romanticize him warts and all and we can laugh at what a flawed human being. He was in his character was rough around the edges of the Protestants live doing that now because it's distant way back in history. What today to look at Pope Francis Today? No, No, No, No, No, they cannot accept that right. They cannot accept my Hd. Like to see the warts in high definition video. No, I don't want to see. I don't want to see Peter and like the grooves in his face from the tears, and it's so romantic is such a beautiful image, so there's something about the The The passage of time, where even the set of the Qantas can get all excited about bad popes, but. If there's a pope today, there's just a little bit different from the way that they think or the way they think things should be operated. They just can't handle it now Through What do you think of the set of a Qantas and the rat trap today? Are they a pain in your butt? I haven't really had too much interaction with them on? I mean not one of the people that I did watch a you know in my perversion when Taylor Marshall. I talk right then Yeah looks like I'm still like. On occasion there are others, but I prefer generally prefer more. I like the monies to a more theology and my church politics. Yeah, Yeah, but a church politics gets the clicks. Yeah, it does. Yeah, this water smear. What smear go to the talking heads say like Trent Horn? Who do you like? Ah. Well, I will watch Di Prima, Much, John Everett, Everyone like I used to watch Bishop Barron, Uruguay bedtime and he watched the campers. I like Trent Horn her by by Jimmy, Akin, Can a reason theology, Timothy Gordon, meaning a Catholic, Yeah, yeah. Lots of content. There's lots of content out there. What about that young guy that I like so much that I had on a while ago. Gideon was already like. Oh, yeah, Pi. Yeah, Yeah, big fan of the channel. Yeah, I have interacted with him. Some on Twitter. Yeah, and I. I liked the bay with Jimmy. Again. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, that was. That was a little bit of an embarrassment for Jimmy. Akin, I dunno if he realizes that I made a comment about that a slam dunk. Mic drop with the transubstantiation comment that to Gideon dropped on Jimmy and Jimmy came at me and just was like totally antagonistic and I think prideful. I mean I, I shouldn't to disparage his character. He's a nice guy. I like him here, but he seemed he seemed a little bit to emotional behind the cutting. Jibes, and to the you know, he thought he thought he really put me in my place, but all I could see was squirming and, but yeah, the the whole notion of substance and accidents. We as Catholics have nowhere to run, We can't pretend that that's not an established principle in theology. We can. Just, we just can't ignore it right, so therefore evolution, theistic or otherwise is out period. We agree then that it definitely is a Catholics have more reason to reject evolution than Protestants do, but ironically it's usually the president to are more hardline on that, so I mentioned, I mentioned at the beginning of this that to you ran off and got married or ran off and got your wife or something like that. Do you want to talk? Just a very brief outline without getting too personal, but ask as much as you're comfortable? Is talking about to your? What happened like? How did you meet this woman? And what happened? A guy married a Greek woman. She was born. She was born in Canada, and we lived in Greece for about a year and a half, So you know I. I understand the romance of having a an exotic wife, but I'm just curious. Like just talk a little bit about her place, and yeah, so why you know for the longest time I was single and that? A cousin who I'm pretty close with her. She was kind of like. Oh, you need to get out and meet someone and I'm not exactly the type to go out and meet people in public. So Uh, she's like. Oh, why don't you let me set up an Okcupid account for you, cause it's as a free dating app, So as like okay, I guess sick and hurt and I always said that up, and yeah, I mean there are a number of people that. Are talking to me, but but that's our. You know we met was a lawyer was, or that got got me, and then in a Jan. Twenty eighteen, I went over there and met her in person and have met her family and and they're all wonderful people over there and we could do our relationship and then and then cover it happened and unfortunately or I was planning on going. Ak over there, but then yes, all that nonsense happened to her and then entwined my one when decided that we're going to get married. Cosa know. For one we want to do. We're very much in love that, but also what would be easier to get her over here on a spousal visa versus a a fiance visa and? I hired an immigration lawyer and and then I went over there we got married, and then we had our our daughter. She was. She was born on Pia. On the Feast day of the Immaculate Conception, Wow, congratulations, and Thank you, Yeah, we, we named her Mana, which is actually kind of fitting since he was born on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, because it was. Mother married, Okay, buried the bear the brunt of life in her womb. Oh, so you keep saying over there over there. Are you comfortable telling the audience were over. There's Oh, yeah, put up. Either it was already mentioned to Tanzania in East Africa. Yeah, Yeah, I think we. I think we talked about it when doing a sound check before going live, so I don't think I could. Now. It's good to mention. That is good to mention that because a colorful place. Where in Africa is the northeast Southwest in East Africa? It's right by Uganda, Kenya, and like right between them, right along the coastline, beautiful country, up, and anyone who wants to travel anywhere in the role, go there, especially stands a bar. The caterpillar go off the coast at Paradise. Wow, Wow, How's the foot food is good life. Very fresh air in we. We had some very fresh chicken. One time. What when we were staying at a park, Armand together in the big city of Dar Es Salaam A two year, or so, there's a. There are security people that were at the apartment, and if you want, you can pay them to go get stuff for you and my wife asked her, asked him to bring. Chicken then he brought a lie one into our apartment and I didn't even know it was alive at first until I actually heard it making noises. When. When you bit into it, it squawked Know that we're here, So Yeah, he, he brought it over and then he took it outside a slaughtered it, and we had some fresh chicken. Wow, Unbelievable, so do and then there's what else the. And there's ghosts that walked out like it'll be rush hour, and the goats were rocking down the street, Goats rushing at rush hour, So what is the religious breakdown of the country, roughly Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or whatever? Yeah? So there there are Christian and Muslim all around the country. The coastline is a bit more Muslims. The bar is mostly Muslim, but as you get further inland, there's a lot more Christian, sir or? It was actually at the hospital where our daughter was born. Ah. There's actually a couple of Muslim prayer rooms in their path, so that was kind of cool to see her. Are you allowed to prayer Christian prayers in there. I am sure no one would probably say anything about it. Yeah, Not not sure, but you didn't try it. Yeah, I didn't train. Yeah. So fascinating, thanks for six sharing that little slice of life. Are you going to go back or are you going to do fifty fifty, Canada, Tanzania and Sudan. Yeah, We're we're planning on going back. Maybe when our daughters free or something and may maybe someday remind them of their permanent link with her How things are going in the States. Yeah, so is your wife Christian, or does she believe in God, at least? Yeah, she's a. He's lutheran. Okay, Was that a deal breaker for you like. If she were Muslim or atheist, You would not have married her. I. Yeah, If I. I, I wanted to marry Muslim or atheist, That don't be unequally yoked him. Right, Right, Right, Yeah, so congratulations again, That's pretty amazing, So you said that was Ok, Cupid. It's a free service, Hm. Yeah, he should give them ten percent of your salary. From now. I share. Yeah, that's amazing. It's amazing it works, and sometimes online dating works high wire. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. It can be kind of hard, Especially international. Like cause, it took years for it to the able to happen, goes for one reason briefly the immigration process that took awhile, but then there's was also cobit, and Yeah, this. It's solely because because because I'm not streaming this to Youtube because I got banned and then I think the the temporary ban is over, but I just can't be bothered to go back to it right now. And What what are your views on covert and the like I'm on? I? I would rather die than get backs. Even if it's the best medicine that man has ever invented. I would still rather die than get it. But what is your take on covert and the vaccine? The government and all that well, so I'm sure this will pry piss off some people in the trade world, but I did get bags only because I didn't want to take the chance that I would be denied being able to fly over to Africa, Foreign, Brooklyn. My daughter, Like. Yeah, Yeah, find the tape. Stangl. Yeah, If I need to take a shot to go see my baby girl come into this world. Then, Nope, so be it. Course, of course, of course you're as far as I know other frescoes. Yeah, I was very much against the lockdown. You know like carer was kind of worse than the illness in that regard, and I think that people should be free to you know if they want to take the vaccine. That's fine if they don't want to If they feel like it's too experimental, Earth or something into my mess him up like okay. That's fine. In the you know, it's I mean, obviously they kill people, but people like me are not exactly in the demographic where we have to worry about it and neither were most people, and it kind of it kind of became kind of an excuse like like to be honest, like I think Crouch he was looking for something to be able to do what he did cause I watched the. Daily wire spent prepared special and covering through his career, and like he's really been looking for a pandemic to be able to insert himself A was like clothes Schwab said in his book The great reset reset, and covert Nineteen. He said it's the least deadly pandemic in two thousand years, but it's a good opportunity to implement all of these grandiose visions we have for. Saving the planet from the human, the stripe. Yeah, like Yeah, even saw on this one video a couple of weeks ago, where the sun journalist as this amazing plan to save the planet. You know what that plan is doorway with farming, especially livestock, farming of went off, and we all live off of lab grown food. Yeah, Well, they're they're building labs here, not labs, but firms cricket farms. In London, Ontario, I'm in Montreal, Quebec, they're building a big plant here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I mean to each his own If you want to eat that. That's fine. But I don't I do the main reason I don't want to eat. It is because of the top down planning. That's what bugs me. I'm pro choice and pro choice with everything including rape, murder, incest, pedophilia. If you want to do it, do it, but you may end up in hell. Right you may end up in hell, so it's a dangerous dangerous. Game when you start sinning, and you think that you're able to sin with impunity and you are mocking God. That's a very dangerous game, but you're free. God gave you free will and you are free and you are able to choose, so I want you to choose. I want you to think about your choice and choose wisely choose life. Same thing with the baby in your in your womb. You can kill it. Yes, We know that seventy four million a year ago and killed every year in the womb, supposed to be a safe place, but. Seventy four million getting killed in the womb, you can make that choice, but I'd prefer that you chose wisely and that you chose life as Moses famously said, so I'm very pro -choice about everything. Even the most disgusting stuff. I just think we need to have education. We need to have strong families so that we can educate our children properly. What is a man. What is a woman. What is life? Why are we here who is our creator? How do we know him love him and serve him? Etc? Etc, this is basic stuff, but education is under attack. The families under attack. Intimacy and sex are under attack, being completely undermined and it's a total disaster, so maybe just comment on some of these pet peeves of mine. Well, What's your take on all of this madness? Yeah, Well, I mean that's kind of this is kind of the pool were doing the full picture of what liberalism is that this whole. While City have after the the so called enlightenment, where each purse, each individual person should be free to do, you know where define reality, basically is whatever he wants, A, You know where you know that everything was all about overthrowing the personam overthrowing the church, overthrowing the monarchy and replacing them with secular republic, starting with us and France, and then since then you know all these liberal revolutions of. Basically destroyed civilization all throughout the world and the yeah, this is just saw the full fruition of it and that's kind of what bothers me with the some conservative, Sir is that like okay, compared to like your typical old blue haired wacko your conservative for your still liberal in many ways because you know like you still support like they supposed to forward to this a whole lot framework of. Like everyone is individually free to do, whatever know why no church in charge, No King in charge, Hm, Hm, Yeah, Well, I, I always laugh at the so called self proclaimed conservatives when they with the street. Police believe the claim to believe that they're apes like. I mean they. They think that they're literally tapes, and many of them don't even believe in free will Here. I'm talking about the atheists conservatives, Right, Yeah, the atheist conservative, A beliefs, ninety nine percent of them. Anyway, believe that they're apes, and they don't believe in free will. If you press them on the issue, They don't believe in free Will They believe in materialism. Men. There is no. Immaterial soul and there's no personal responsibility, so it's kind of hard to take that seriously. Whether you identifying the left on the writer in the middle of debates, Just a joke. Either way. Yeah, Well, some come to come out and strip there. Like some errors. For example, He doesn't believe in pretty well. At all. He just prepare as it yet, I admire that, I mean if you're going to be. Hard determinist as I was back when I was a satanist, I was a hard determinist. I was a an atheistic satanist, and I was a hard determinist because I, my religion was about my will and it was about reason, and that's what to Atheistic said. This was all a boat. So if you're going to be reasonable, then you have to be consistent, and I mean if you don't have God. Then obviously your whole system is a complete joke anyway, but to have some sort of consistency where you think about. Free will think about even the reasoning process itself. Do you know. If you? If you don't have God, You don't have the supernatural. You're just a machine or a machine that's made out of meat, but you're just a machine. It's sad. It's pathetic. It's a very. It's a very lonely. Worldview. Atheism is very lonely and sad. Yeah, Yeah, it definitely is that in either you become a physical all about seeking pleasure. If you become all about it, he basically become a teacher and you're pissed nihilistic family. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, were you interested in reading a lot of Western philosophy. Especially you know the modern and the stuff that follows after the modern, like after Descartes, and that sort of stuff or not, not really, They're They're kind of Crenshaw going to St, Thomas and Aristotle, and. Yeah, day of the week, Yeah, Yeah, I. I became a manifest because of my interest in philosophy, and I went to. I started with an overview just as a pastime hobby reading, You know the greats for the pre Socratic through the Classical era, Two up until Descartes, and as as hit the card, I became a monotheistic, So thank god, I didn't have to keep reading in the chronology of Western philosophy, Cause it just went downhill after Descartes. Totally, I would say it started with a cargo. The download. Yeah, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, But all of this stuff that day, Kurt to that I value in their current, I substitute, subsequently discovered that he got it from St. Augustine. So all the good stuff that I was attributing to Descartes actually came from San Agustin, who is my all time favorite saint. I would say San Agustin, Oh, yeah, yeah, either printed one. Prolific thinker writer, and a warm, warm man, like a human life, very human human, right, Oh, Yeah, that Napoli. Yeah, I godsend is one that he is. He's like a favorite Protestant church, Father, Oh, yeah, yeah, bigger, because because Calvin was able to kind of take. A couple of things you said about predestination and twist them into his version of it. Allow. Yeah, it, It's it's just like we all were like we said earlier. It's just it's so easy to interpret. If you're the reef. The buck stops with you, and you're the pope. You know, I mean, Quote unquote Pope, the fake Pope of your little religion. It's just so easy. I mean you know it's like I always say you could you could? I could write a poem and it means something to me and I could give it to a million different people and they'll come up with a million different things that I never thought of and why don't they ask me? Why don't they ask the author and the same thing with Christ and his church, Christ and his church are one flesh. It's a deep mystery as St. Paul says, and when I tell this to the Protestants, they don't want to hear it. They don't want to hear that they just say well. It's the body of believers in the Senate. Yeah, but it's divine and human. The Church is divine and human and it's Infallible, whereas your infallibility, yeah, I dunno just written, and and you know something another thing that you know. I started thinking long that too, When I was considering like okay, What church should I be drawing? Because it's like okay. You know the most I would say that the most consistent Protestants are actually the Mormons and it and the job as witnesses ironically know that because they're like. Well, the strap say after the death of the last Apostle of the church bell, until such, and such person Joseph Smith or whoever else rebel, revive the church, and most Protestants, you know, they kind of believe that. In theory they, they just don't want to come out and say that the church fell for a thousand years like they are, so the old, you know that If I like all, the early church was great, but then as. Time went on as Constantine got involved, and no late and later Papacy came along, and this and that and that got corrupted, and then some the superhero Martin Luther came along and saved the Church from the evil idolatry of Mary worship, and and it's like okay, Our Lord, The edge of the gates of Hell will never prevail against his church, So are you going to say Cause I'd old tree is a pretty grave sin, That's One the ten commandments so where are you really going to have that for a thousand years that every Christian in the entire world from England to Ethiopia, China was committing idolatry. That's a pretty serious charge, and that would mean that Christ failed in his promise that the gates of Hell would never prevail Because that that's the case, then the Church bell and Old Martin Luther, John Calvin, or you know Joseph Smith or whoever else rebuilt it. It's insane that relieves and said, No, no disrespect intended. I'm sure you feel the same way, and no disrespect intended to anyone, any non Catholic, Christian or non -catholic whatever no respect, No disrespect intended even to the atheists. I've been there. I was a Protestant. At one time, I was an atheist. At one time, It was like gnostic up in a pantheistic. Hey. We're on a journey. We're on a journey. This is not. We're not here to Bash, Were just. Two Catholics enjoying being home, being in the safety of Noah's Ark were safe and we can relax. We can kick back and we can look outside into the wilderness. The wild dangerous wilderness where sin is prowling like a lion, and it's true. You know that you know I'm in the safety of the arc. I go to confession regularly and I go to the sacraments and I pray I'm not a good Catholic, but I'm striving to become a good Catholic. And it's true that I'm safe, but it's also true that I'm touched by Satan. He gets me. He tricks me talk a little bit about Talk a little bit about your proclivity to without going into detail. I don't wanna hear about it, but just in general the idea that we struggle, we struggle, we struggle with Cancun, percents the tendency to be selfish and short sighted looking for pleasure, looking to be lazy. I mean it's I could just go on and on and on with my daily regimen of sins, and by God's grace, I am striving. I am striving to improve by talk a little bit about that struggle from your perspective. Please, Er, Yeah, so yeah, I mean a lot of the scenarios same here. I'd like you know you're trying to. Unfortunately, I mean I am. What is odd to say I? I haven't been able to pick Because of all the traveling I've had to do. I haven't quite been able to get through our Cia Get to, so I stole, and he did be able to get to the Sacramento convention, but the one thing you know all this time, you know as the teaching me before No, I'm a being able to do that is like I can't do it on my own. You know as much as am I try to resist. I need that accountability. In that and that's one of the great things about confession mean, besides the obvious that sacramental nature of it just from a practical perspective. It's a. It's accountability amazing, so I had no idea it's this fresh and new for you. I had no idea so When what was the date for the year the month or whatever when you said? Hey, I'm Catholic, Now like that. It's official in my head and my heart in my. In my soul it's official today. I am admitting that I'm catholic. What was the date or roughly mirrors very physically on a car going on December twenty nineteen for Canning, Yeah, tender, and I was very much intent on officially joining, But then you know Go in the church, her down and then and then I got one over Tanzania and got married and he has been. Kind of hard data to be able to sit down here for five minutes to be able to get that go through our Cia. But pray to God now that my family's here now, or maybe or maybe this fall will actually be able to get through it. But how old is your little girl? She is eight months? Okay, So that means baby number two is just around the corner, Yeah, well. We'll see about that any player. Any plans. I'm just being silly, but any plans for a big family and medium family. You have any plans we talked about it. Oh, yeah, we're we're the British pulled up. I have more children to cause the matter of trying to raise this one up first. The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, that's cool. It's very exciting. So what about you know if it's too personal it or you can just treat it though. It, however you like, but with the Lutheran Catholic thing or their discussions, or is it just a respectful like we agree to disagree, or is there some sort of five year plan Like Okay, Eventually we'll get on the same page. Is it painful or you both not even disturbed at the moment Cause they got too much going on. Yeah, Well, I definitely want her to join the Catholic church. Because the church and all the others are just Sunday social club. I like to call them. But but she she has no problem with a Catholicism. Catholicism. It's just a Lutheran is, and does what she's familiar with and cheese, cheese or the mindset that it's just all Christianity, so it's all broadest kind of going at the same place, sir, or we're so I'm hoping that maybe in time she'll see that. Like no, it does kind of matter what church you belong to some are closer to the truth, and then others and there can only be one true church. Yeah, Well, we want to have. All of the means of salvation. We want to have all of the means of salvation. Why cause it's not easy. It's not easy imitating Jesus Christ. It's not easy if it were easy. Then do it. Everyone would do it. But it's not easy. I mean what percentage what percentage of people who check the checkbox I am a catholic. What percentage of those people from the beginning of time to the end of time with beginning of the characters to the end of time, what percentage of those people? Where saints like zero point, zero, zero one percent like it's a small percentage who are able to imitate Christ, But that's what we have to do. Yeah right now pick up my pick up your cross and follow me. It's not easy. It's not easy, but we're you know. I often think about to what Jesus said he said for. For it's impossible, but for God, nothing is impossible, so. I am counting on that. I'm counting on God. I'm not counting on myself. Because I know how weak and sinful am, but I'm counting on God. For me. It's impossible for me. It is impossible that. To ironically. That's a source of hope that the source a great source of hope. Because if Christ had said well, no, it's up to you and like the sort of pelagian method which is a thoroughly condemned by the Church by the way anyone who's listening, you know we cannot save ourselves. Do it, but if Christ had been a palais age, which obviously he wasn't and for good reason, and then that would have been bad news. We wouldn't call it the good news. We'd call it the bad news. Because Apple Legion. Islam is bad news. Avoid it. If it's up to me. Yeah, nothing, nothing good is gonna come out on me. You know, so that's why I have to. Decrease and Christ has to increase it and put it. Even without saying, we, we've done Grace, and you know I've been following that old discussion that begun on Twitter lately between Catholics and some Calvinists have, For you know the colonists or gas on the Catholics. Why why would Adam need groceries before sin and but because they don't have the theology of the pier terrific vision, though they don't understand that like? Cause they have this Olga theology of there is the coming of work before us, and and and after sand there was the covenant of Grace, so and don't feel quite understand. Like. No, even before Adam's sin, Adam still needed God's Grace to even received the beatific vision. In. Yeah, It's amazing. It's amazing when you think about it, I. I don't know if you're aware of the fact, but I did interview my very first Calvinist. Recently. He's a nice young man. I'm an Australian, an Australian guy. I streamed. It was a loop folder. I'm sorry. Was it The other problem is that someone's that name The other pole. Yeah, The the Youtuber named party against my spine. It must be a different guy. This guy. Let me see if I can look him up, said Joshua. Joshua S house. Oh, Okay, Yeah, Do you know him? I, now, I am under Urban Meyer, But Yeah, when you when you said Australian about that, Okay, so I'll look up this other guy. What was his to handle the other Paul? Has he eaten some livestreams with like Gideon and Milton Thomas than a hotel? Yeah, That's cool. I had the militant Thomas on relatively recently to be. So Yeah, there's a lot of. There's a lot of online discussion among Christians. I'd like to see it. I don't like to see the animosity the hatred the name -calling Yeah, that we that we often see in social media. Inside or outside of Christian circles, obviously it's just everywhere. People are petty and vain, but I do like to see people sincerely striving to understand who they are and how they got there and what's happening and then you know, maybe maybe not the greatest of all this I you know for trash fire that we've been through over the last several years where it's kind of forcing. Christians, that in the past would have been like screw you. That's what kind of forcing altogether together where you can have conservatives and traditionalists, and Catholics and Eastern Orthodox and Protestants like actually talking to each other and and Youtube, it's been a pretty good medium for that tougher know. Even with all the problems that come with it, there has been a good medium where you know before we just weren't talking to each other, and now we are, yeah. A friend of mine, a different guy in Australia. He. Yeah, he's a long time, sort of pen pal or whatever you say, we email a lot like almost every day for years now and a couple of years anyway, and his good friend, and but he sort of, so, I guess he sends me links, so I, I watched one thing by the paleo crack, I paleo crack. Oh, yeah, I've tried on the Jeremy Renner Sir, Jeremy Bannister yet and I have interviewed Jeremy Bannister years ago, like I dunno, maybe in twenty eighteen or something, and I haven't yet published it like just because I've got a bunch of interviews that I used to pre record, and then I added and then I published them, but I've just I'm sitting on a bunch of them and I've got to find the time cause I work time in construction in an office. But recently I went ahead and listened to another and talk, the jitter and a bannister did with one of those guys you mentioned earlier. I forget what the meaning of Catholic. Maybe I will, yeah, but I was really impressed. I was really impressed with his intelligence, his knowledge and his approach, and I guess this is something called. Presupposition Elysium and I've been accused of being a presupposition list by atheists. Especially when I call into the atheist experience. I'd just like to throw these words around. I don't know if they know what they mean, But idle think I'm a presupposition list. But I did agree a lot with what Jeremy had to say, so maybe just talked to me a little bit about presupposition. Elysium. Is it making a comeback in Catholic circles and what is it? Like roughly, and how would I know if I'm leaning toward that apologetics approach? Yeah, so a presupposition elysium to the basically you start with, Here's your starting point which in our cases know the Bible and tradition, and we just sort of is, if we assume that, and then we build our apologetics off of that, whereas more classical approach starts war with reason like the. The St Thomas approach were offering up the fire proofs of God and all that sort of thing. Then you know I can kind of see some use for that cause the broth. The problem is, as we have, we live in a role that basically rejects reason rejects natural law, So how do you argue the fireproof of God with people who think that gender is a social construct like it's you're you're not in the same universe? So the presupposition lives and is useful in that regard, I would say, but I think it can become a bit of a crack shot sometimes, and it becomes. Can he can become kind of a, Oh, trying to think of where it becomes a like like basically you, your you have like. Tunnel vision. I guess, Sir, Yeah, well, I'm thinking. When I'm so what I'm thinking. As you're speaking, what I'm thinking. Is it might become sort of non interactive to the point where you've just sort of got your one year, sort of monolith of like a script points or whatever like you're going to go from a script. You've just got the. It's sort of a one way communication for an injury, non, interactive, important, circular reasoning. That's the word I was looking for Okay, Okay? Circular reasoning right so you're just stuck with this. You. You can really reach out from your circle that you're in, because you're assuming all of this good stuff, which is true, but it doesn't allow you may be to reach out and be more interactive. Because that's what I think Apologetics is all about is connecting with people being there with them disagreeing with them honestly disagreeing where you honestly disagree. And and then agreeing where you know where you have common ground, you admit that with joy, obviously, and so yeah, it's my. My approach is what I. I coined a term. It's called slow Polish addicts. The contrast ratio, sloppy and spontaneous, and I just try to talk to my guest on the podcast if. They are an atheist. Fine If they're scientologist. Whatever it is, you know, just be in the conversation. Like just be there and I don't prepare any of my conversations and to just be there and to, I'm not going to say that I've got like the Holy Spirit to have people working his magic in me because I'm just not preparing, but yeah, so it's a little bit of laziness, but it's also just the thrill of discovery. I don't know. I don't know you. Until today. We. Yeah, we scheduled an hour meeting and I'm getting a sense of who you are and what you've been through where you're going and it's yeah. It's fun. It's know it's a you know. It's like more real. It's like we're like you know are just two people having a conversation rather than having some sort of no structure gotcha, I gotcha gotcha moments, The gotcha moments where it's like I'm going to set you up. Like what about this? What about that the Bill Maher method To where it's sort of like a comedian method Where you're you know trying to rouse the crowd up and you're trying to rally the crowd up and trying to get him on board with you, and you deliver this knockout punch and you try to get the crowd be like. Yeah, you know like job, Yeah. Yeah, but you know it's the Lord works in very mysterious ways and I heard the. I heard it was Bishop Fulton machine. Maybe we gave it a little anecdote about the human pride. Like, even in the case of a priest giving a sermon, you know, he may have worked hard to prepare the sermon as a good sermon. Any really put a lot into it, and used sources, lot of good sources, and just a real gem of a sermon, but then. When the old lady came up and was very touched by the sermon, the priest was disappointed because it was something completely inconsequential that she that she took away from the whole ten minute talk like it's just like Oh, and you said about the leaves changing color in the fall. That really, you know whatever, but that wasn't as pointed out. I guess like I had nothing to do with any of his scholarly work in the theology, theology or whatever but. Bishop Fulton Sheen, if I'm remembering correctly, anyway that it was him. His point is that God works in mysterious ways. It's not up to us and our pride is all about like I'm going to give this talk, or I'm going to. You know going to say this aren't going to say that or I'm going to get the knockout punch or whatever like gods are laughing. Right. He's just laughing because he's so wise and he's He's so knowledgeable. And what do we know you know? That's why that's why I left. Also at the atheists when it comes to natural science, they're so obsessed with natural science. Trust The science trouble. Yeah, it's a complete joke. Yeah, it's a joke, and as a creationist, you know exactly what I'm talking about like the The the enthusiasm and the reverence that they have for speculation on the mountain have a mountain of speculation built on a mole hill. I have data. Yeah, and we're not even one hundred per cent sure of the little Mole Hill of observed data, much less the speculation of speculation, speculation, speculation speculation, that's packed into these popular books that these physicists when selling for one hundred years now, Yeah, Yeah, I, I don't bother with those at first the ball or astrophysics kind of goes over my head. Anyway, I'm more into like biology and paleontology. But also I know that if you're reading a book by Lawrence Krauss or whoever you're targeting the, you know actual meat. You're you're getting the scraps from the table and off, coupled with a little pop, Basically apologetics, apologetics him, for sure, for sure, so I, I see that you are not moving on your camera. What if you need to? Really do something to get your camera to move Cause you're just sitting perfectly still. It's not a problem. Nah, Nah, but I map. Yeah may may be able to figure out that I'm not great with technology. So you have not a problem. Not a problem. Anyway, we can see we can see who you are. I. My wife is going to be coming home soon and we have to prepare for. We're doing a little bit of an out of town trip tomorrow, so I'm going to wrap it up. It's a one hour. There your back now at the video are gonna wrap. We are going to have to wrap it up. I'd like to have you back another time, but before we wrap up was very nice meeting you, but I want to give you an opportunity to talk about a couple of things that you thought we might touch on in our conversation. We just haven't sort of meandered and bumped into those topics That were there a couple of things on your mind that you wanted to talk about, and especially if it has to do with your journey into Catholicism, you might have a couple of. Questions that you're exploring and mirrored bounce ideas off makes have been in the church since two thousand and nine more, maybe some concerns or just things that you're interested in that you've been thinking about. Is there anything else you'd like to sort of touch on in the next few minutes. Yeah, Well, the biggest things I've been thinking about. Lately. I have been like creationism related like a dream, big or I'd like to try and. I try to think of like the science as well as the audio. Try to be proficient in all the above cause. It's like you know some and the in circles you know a tenth people tend to be strong in like one or the other, even either their trauma theology and they're weak on the science, or they're strong science and weaken the theology at this kind of, became this kind of got prominent in that, I, If you saw this reason debate with and the capturing group Shani Conference between a Michael Jones. Known as inspiring philosophy, he hears the commotion revolutionised Vs Marcus Ross is a younger paleontologist and they're debating the compatibility of Genesis, but with the evolution and Marcus Rasa, he was kind of go more on the on the suck on the science side to like, especially like a. You know how could I like for example, meander tall that cannibalism that. We have evidence for how can that be compatible with good good as procreation? But you know I see that, and that's just another argument from the problem of evil. The same that atheists make, so you know he's making a problem of evil will argument where your focus should be on scriptural interpretation, So yummy me. I try and be proficient in Balibo, like I got my through devote, but I also track starting to collect know science books and. I even add to my life as a little bit of a collection of like puzzles and stuff over there. Oh, yeah, I am. I am. I moved among women on the camera. Right, You're not moving, but it'll kick in and it'll probably kick in again. Okay, Yeah, I, you know I. I don't know this about me, but it became a young Earth creationist because of the Immaculate Conception and to. I think someone told me that this was one of the St. Maximilian Kolbe his arguments, But I think he was an old Earth creationist. If I'm not mistaken, but in any case my point here is that I studied physics. I, I have a great respect for the natural sciences, but I also understand their limitations. Obviously you, and I can. I, I've studied philosophy and metaphysics so I can see when someone is straying from their domain. It's a bizarre. It's a natural scientist starts talking about philosophy. I'm getting a notice. I'm going to pay attention and I'm going to notice if his philosophy as good and I'm going to notice if his philosophy is not good, So all of this to say that you know I do have an interest in the natural sciences. I do ano. I've obviously got an interest in theology, although I'm no, I'm no scholar in either in either one, but I. My point here is that I've accepted that young Earth creationism on the basis of a couple of dogma is one of the dog was being. That God created a good world. Right. That's a dog. You just say Cited another dogma is that the soul is the form of the body, so we're back again to this high -low morphisms, stuff and essence essence accidents step. We just can't get away from it in the Catholic Church and I don't want to get away from it. I don't want to get away from it. What so either the soul is the form of the body boom? There you go, and have a conversation That was the Council of Vienne. Yeah, Neither have we pronounce it, But my point here. What I'm what I'm trying to drive home to you. Is that I could dig into the science. Sure, whatever, but I find it boring, and I don't have a lot of respect for the natural sciences is very low science. Right, It's a very low science. Physics is very low sides. God is the highest science theology. You know, obviously The sacred to the sacred deposit of faith is the next highest than then theology, which follows after that, and then philosophy, and then down the ladder, We've got natural sciences, and beneath the natural sciences, we've got all sorts of other crap that's embarrassing to even talk about, But my point is I'm very comfortable just having a couple of dogmas, and it's like that's it, you know. You can you can get all excited as an atheist and you can present mountains of evidence of why the starlight has to come from such a distance and therefore there must be such an expanse of time behind us. I don't care. I don't care about that. I don't care. Truth cannot contradict truth. Yes, there is starlight. Where is it? Where'd it come from How far away is it? How what's the speed of light? You know? When was the like created? I dunno? These are questions right? Do you know? Do you do you know how the D are you claiming to have the answers Be a clear. We need some humility in the natural sciences. We need humility. So I'm I'm very comfortable and very comfortable, just relying on a couple of dogmas, and it's like nothing is going to move me. Nothing is going to move me short of God himself coming down and saying you're David. No, No, I created suffering. And disease and death before the fall, and I'm gonna. At that point. I'm going to say. Is this god. I'm talking to her as a Satan. That I'm talking to you. Right here. Yeah, Yeah, it's all gone matter of having the proper hierarchy. Is you just went in there like your theology appear, then grab her handmaiden the five blocks philosophy, especially metaphysics, and then you have natural science, their servant. If you have that proper ordering, then you know kind of all falls into place, but unfortunately. You know most the island, as they have no training in blogosphere or anything in her, Never remember a I dunno. If that was with William Lane Craig, he was debating, but Lawrence Krauss, Sir, said the reason may be the reason why most scientists aren't too familiar with philosophy is because it doesn't impact their fields like the gas. Does you're you're literally making a philosophical argument there. Yeah, it would be funny if it weren't so sad, But how old is the universe? I say I just ballpark. Figure it like seven eight thousand years old. The whole universe. That's where I'm at. I can't really make a strong argument. Other than this is just sort of the tradition of the church. The overwhelming weight of the tradition of the Church over the past couple of thousand years. Where do you stand on the age of the entire universe? And why yeah me, neither I would follow the septuagint and put it roughly seven to seventy five hundred years, sir, and I cause a lot of young earth creationist. Follow the matter. Redick, timed a ball with you know the six thousand years, but I think there's some big problems with that, both not to scientifically, but also even biblically like. Don't I don't think I don't think the Tower of Babel and all the subsequent paganism would have happened while. Noah was still walking this or that they had patriarch of all humanity at the time, but but yet if I were in the car, on the matter are text, he would have still had like three hundred years left of his life. I think are two hundred years or something like that, did his. All of his forefathers die in the flood. I, yeah, I, yeah, I would. I believe the ones who are alive, the ones who are alive before the flood. Just before the flood hit, they would have died. Yeah, I mean anyone who is still alive or I don't imagine anyone holy was still alive. I imagine that I would imagine that Noah was probably the last one. Noah and his family are probably the last ones. Yeah, What even is that? Even as family members, I like to think that they weren't all necessarily righteous, but they kind of had that will Pam. Definitely. Yeah, but they. They just knew people. They knew people in high places. They knew Noah. So they were in. I like to sort of. I like that, because instead of thinking that they're were all holy, you know in the Bible's like you said, says that Hammer enjoy. But you know it gives me hope once again, Because just by association like we can get invited just by association like so, if you hang out with no, or you might get on the ark. You know what I mean. Oh, Yeah, Definitely, Yeah, that's something that James Jordan points out with when he talks about the patriarchs. There's a. Abraham wasn't just going around talking to people. He was actually serving a priestly role to them to know that the Philistines and Canaanites and Egyptians, all free, E O Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and then later on you know the Sun's. They were serving a priestly role to the people, and and some of these people were actually converted. Yeah, Yeah, Oh, yeah, for sure, what though I haven't put any thought into. The dinosaurs like what are they? The Dragons of lore like I don't. I don't even know what people are saying In the creation of circles. I got all. I don't even know what they're saying. What. What do you say? Yeah, I would say that they were one type of dragon. I would say that there were a great many others from some of the great reptilian type creatures from the fossil record like terrorists or marine reptiles, That so the mammal like reptiles, you know always a great monsters. I think that's the best and what scripture calls them is the great monsters create on Day Five of Creation. Okay, Yeah, that the one group of creatures that man was not given dominion over. Oh, Interesting, Yeah, Brie, Region, Jordan. It'll blow your mind. See is talk on the floors. If you can watch it on Youtube. Is talk on dinosaurs. It. It'll blow your mind cool, cool cool. I'll check that out for sure. And so it's fun you know what I often talk about with Young Earth Creationists. By the way is that A is that an apt label for Catholics, or do we just say we're Catholic, and this is the traditional teaching of the church or do? Are you comfortable saying Johar's creationist or one? I'm comfortable with it, but I could see why some people might want to distance the label, Because then you become associated with certain fringe characters who don't pay their taxes. Yeah, so you know one of the main reasons I'm excited and happy to be a young Earth creationist. For lack of a better term, is that proximity I have to the garden, The Garden of Eden, The proximity, I have not only to the good stuff, but to the fall and the shame and the hiding in the bushes. I like. I like being close to that in history. The Theistic evolutionists has so much time between himself. And Adam and Eve shivering from fear and shame in the bushes after they offended God. They have so much time in between them and that scene that I don't know how they connect to it. I don't know how they really feel the urgency to repent. You know what I mean or yeah, and it's also a matter of like okay. When did they even live with my Goes The thing is. Like spaghetti, what what point in history and prehistory? Where all the Homo Sapiens in the world gathered together in the Middle East is that what you have to believe in order to hold to that, and like okay, you know, we supposedly you know sixty thousand years ago. There. That's why the Australian aborigines were supposed to go to Australia, though is it was at like seventy thousand years ago back when we still. Allegedly share the earth with Neanderthals and were even interbreeding with them all. Yeah, So what's up with this? Thanks for that, But what's up with the Nephilim and the The The Giants and all that sort of thing and interbreeding. Can you talk a little bit about that? Yeah, so at this point I would would hold to the view that it was the demons interbreeding with human women, but I'm I'm well when I'm open minded to the. As a canine interpretation of the A I prefer, I prefer that satellite canine thing, because demons. They cannot become incarnate like they could just have illusions. They can't actually you know in pregnant people right like that would be some sort of spiritual impregnation. You you'd think, but but I do I'm in read this, but I have heard that St Alphonsus Liguori, I wrote in his moral theology about having sex with demons. Okay, though, like okay, Yeah, that that's interesting. That's out there. All I'll look into that. I'm reading the collected works of St Alphonsus Liguori. Right now. It's thirty volume set. It's gonna take me a long time. I love him. Love love, love, love love him look good, but you know I have wet dreams, erotic dreams, and I believe that their demonic, and ever since Mike. Well, ever since puberty, I've had these dreams. Yeah, and I do believe I do believe they're demonic. Since my conversion. I've been sort of praying to not have these wet dreams, and so maybe there's something you know on the spiritual realm that's happening. For sure. For sure. For sure, I just don't know what it is and I don't. I hope I'm not impregnating all these demons and they're going off and having my devious demon babies. I up. Probably. Crazy, so, I guess one little one little topic before we wrap up here ago. I do have to wrap up. Well. Have you back again in the future. It's nice talking to you. I just wanna talk about abortion. Pro abortion people. Today. How do you talk to them and are you more comfortable? Is it more powerful to say I'm anti abortion. Is that more to the point in saying that you're pro -life I heard this argument made recently. It's better to just say pro abortion anti pro abortion, and that gets rid of all the clutter and the weird nuance that is trying to sort of camouflage these stances which really are very cut and dry like I'm anti abortion. You're pro abortion. Let's talk about the pros and cons of killing the baby in the womb. So just talk a little bit, but that before Yeah, I did, I listen to Timothy Gordon's argument on that and I think it's a pretty good one, so I, I think I am moving. In that direction of like you know the parole, the pro -life I will ban has been bogged down with trying to play it nice Earth, and the term has kind of become like well. We need to have this consistent. You know seamless garment of being pro -life like where you're not just against abortion, but you're also basically for all these other things and childcare childcare, and and you know mean, I think we need to have those. Conversations like in terms of policy like okay. What's best positive before or like his universal healthcare. The best way to go is or not, but the pros cons or what the costs going to be like okay and you know, let's have that discussion, but you know to the police, but I don't think any of that conversation is meaningful. If we can't get past. What is what constitutes a human life. I think know we have to start there and be like. Okay, this is our hardline stance here. We're against abortion and all the other issues You know we'll get to them as they come up yet, so what would you say you had a baby eight months ago? Roughly what would you say to my friend, who's a you know atheist or agnostic or whatever my friend who in real life told me that human life begins? When they cut the umbilical cord to the mother. That's when human life begins you had a baby. What is your reaction? You're honest? Sincere reaction. What would you say to my friend tried to help him to try to help him understand that he is. He's being deceived by Satan. You don't have to talk about Satan. But what would you say to make my friend understand that that's a load of Poppycock. Yeah? Yeah, well, I mean, mate, Ab my jaundiced, you know image of the ultra sound like look. There's is a movie ground and my daughter. She already had personality even in the womb like she was so active life, and he. She was also a little camera shy, even like she like I dunno, how she knew this, but somehow she would always know when she was being looked after the ultrasound, and she would turn away, Oh. Always curious, so it's like even within the womb they have for the sort of personality in a way. It seems. Yeah, did. What's your daughter's name Mana. Oh, Yeah, Yeah, that's right. How could I forget. How could I forget Mana. Of course, so did you love Mana, Even when Magna was in the womb. Oh, yeah, definitely I was. Yeah, it was hard that was that was the hardest part of the long distance marriage for our whole first year, Cause I was here in the state, and she's over there in Tanzania, Plos. Just the fact that I can be there at the Ultra sounds can be there for all through the pregnancy, A faint praise to God. I was able to get over there a couple of days before she came into this world, Him, Wow. So what just I've never had a child? So can you just describe what it's like to have your child. Would I would say a baby. Even though it's not the technical term. It's still. It's still a fetus. Right, It's a fetus. That's the technical term for that stage of development, but it's a child as a human. What is it like Do loving this sort of two in one package, mother and child with the mother in the womb Like what? Is it is it a mystical thing? Is it supernatural? Or is it just the most natural thing in the world all the above and you know it's you know you kind of feel everything you feel happiness and he feel joy, and but then at the same time you're like. Oh crap. I have you know I'm a father. Now Like how, what do I do? You know? Oh, what a burden or responsibility? Yeah? Yeah, it's like that kind of you know all but mean, it's the most wonderful thing in the world, but then you know sometimes you realize like you know, the the sad little person here is dependent upon you and that's funny Because that's funny because my friend who said human life's begins when they snipped the umbilical cord, also said that the The the clump of flesh. Is completely dependent until you cut the umbilical cord and then it is no longer dependent so you could, just you could just let it free go be free. Have a nice life kid, So yeah, yeah, so so you know that's kind of interesting that he thinks that starts with cutting the umbilical cord Because it's like okay, So when the baby comes out for library time, it still attack posts. You know the umbilical cord comes out with it still attached, so as not a baby for those. Few minutes before they cut the umbilical cord like okay, That's an interesting line to draw. Their scary scary stuff will make work. So the like are you gonna like if you don't want to, you're going to take a knife, and like what well, it's just a. It's just completely ridiculous. I had to you know this once again. I after, as like disclaimer or no disrespect intended to my friend. If you're watching this, No disrespect intended. I just think you're silly, and I think silly is an understatement because the the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death, but sanctity is invaluable and God will not be mocked. God will not be mocked. Nope. We have to be careful and so please pray for me and mine, you and yours are in my prayers and I arrange a perpetual mass for all my guests, whether they like it or not, and I'm sure you do like it since you're are, and who you're going to be getting the benefits of the The I every day, and so returned the favor just by thinking about me praying for me and mine, and you know I need. I need ongoing conversion. My family. I'm the only Catholic so I need. My family are the graces of conversion and I'll be praying for you and yours and it's all about getting to heaven and then we can enjoy it right. We can enjoy God. Enjoy the beatific vision. So yeah, I certainly hope so I hope so so we hope and we pray so very nice to meet you bread. Thanks for taking the time and have you back again. I'll have you back again in the future if they keep in touch on on Twitter. Yeah, Lillian. I've made maybe next time or if the camera's working right, maybe a private conversation on creationism. Maybe I could take out my wool museum here. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure, for sure, so give my love to your beautiful family and we'll talk very soon. God bless you, thank you, and God bless you