CVS Live Guest - 2021-07-21 - Kieran Lisney (Part 1)

Author Streamed Wednesday July 21st, 2021

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Kieran has been on a my Live Guest show a couple of times, but it has been a few months and I reached out to see if he wanted to share his ongoing faith journey with us. He agreed, and here we are. The stream quality was 'poor' the entire time, so I stopped to adjust the settings (see part 2 for the continuation.)

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yeah so we are live here and i'm back with kieran how are you doing hey brother what's up very nice to see you always nice to see your face and see what hairstyle you got going what facial hair yeah yeah yeah i even i just showered like an hour ago and what happens is that i have very uh i have very thick hay like hair and so when when it dries when it's wet it looks super good but then but then when it dries it looks very poofy so i thought oh dude i'm gonna break out my hat and then i was like no i'll just i won't wear the hat i look like even more of a goofball so i'm like in that in between stage you know where like i'm like should i grow my hair out again but then i realize like if i do that because of the way i had it cut before i would have to basically shave it all down so that it grows even first no problem yeah exactly it looks good it looks good i i have the advantage of not having had a haircut since the late 80s so that's uh yeah dude i wish i could rock the bun still did you ever see me with the did you ever see me with the bun no when was that no because i well the first couple of times you would have talked but of course it wasn't it wasn't video yeah it was pretty gnarly i rocked that that was like that was like my signature for a long time yeah and then i just kind of i get in those habits where are those moods where i'm just like oh man this sucks i don't want this anymore i need to chop it off yeah well i got a wife who says if you cut your hair off i'll divorce you so adrian said that multiple times and it's never come to fruition she actually she always says that she says that about the mustache she's like dude please don't shave your mustache you look like you're 12 years old and i'm like yeah but i just don't want it anymore and i'm not allowed like i've just started to be able to grow like somewhat of a decent like patchy albeit it's patchy but i've been been able to grow somewhat of a beard and uh but i can't have it because of my job because i have to wear full face respirators so the seal like if osha were to come on a job site and see that i have a mask on with a beard they would find us like thousands of dollars because it's not a proper seal but i just i was just rocking one i shaved it when i came back from the monastery on sunday before work on monday so wow so how was your trip to the monastery you want to tell us a little bit about the highlights there yeah i mean it was it was really good uh so i went up with my godparent who's actually it sounds funny but he's actually younger than me but like two years he's awesome he's um he's the uh the the lead chanter at church and he does like the music direction and stuff and so of course like when i first like two years ago when i started going to the church uh father hector was like dude you gotta meet daniel and we gotta get you chanting since you were leading worship at your other church and i was like yeah okay that's cool i don't know anything about chant so daniel and i just ended up being like very like-minded in a lot of ways so of course he became my godparent but he's been teaching me um byzantine chant so i've been like it's weird dude i've been having to learn like how to reread music because the notation is so different so anyway he and i went up it's kind of like tradition unofficially tradition to go up to the monastery for your first time with your with your godparents so we had planned it just kind of spur the moment actually and he was like dude you want to go up to saint nichtarios in in new york and i was like heck yeah so we went up for the weekend got to meet and work with a whole bunch of really really holy uh monks a couple of whom one was a deacon one was a priest there's about 20 22 or 23 monks there one novice and then uh there's one he's an elder it's a yeranda in uh in in greek so he's like the the he would be like the equivalent of like the abbott so he's basically the abbot of the monastery so i met with when i first got there on the first day i met with father michael who's this really cool like cambodian greek priest and he was super super holy and um i was told some stories about his clairvoyance and stuff before we got up there and sure enough i won't get into details but he told me some stuff when i met him before i had actually told him you know about my life and stuff and i was like whoa that's pretty insane so that was cool and then obviously i got to experience the different services up there so um i got to experience vespers a saturday night vespers i got to experience the paralysis to um to say natario's on saturday night and then i obviously went to orthros or matins in the morning at like 6 45 and then we had liturgy right after which was really cool so it was really good but then we probably left it like we probably left it like close to like 11 30 or something and it was about like three and a half hour drive from where i live so i got back here by like 3 30. it was it was the weirdest thing dude it was like being on mount tabor and then just like coming into like the dry desert it was kind of bizarre the whole weekend was like just very quiet and serene and you could feel like the holiness and the grace from all the monks so it's really it was really it was a good experience so definitely planning on planning on going to um there's closer monasteries that just happens to be one of daniel's favorites happens to be one of daniel's favorites so i'll probably