CVS Live Guest - 2022-06-02 - Geno Chiarelli

Author Streamed Thursday June 2nd, 2022

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I met Geno on Telegram on Speckzo's Catholic channel. Geno is a faithful Catholic who is nominee on the ballot for the coming general election this November in the district 78 House of Delegates. We discussed his recent conversion from Non-Denominational Christianity and Agnostic Atheism. God is good.

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yes we are live i'm here with gino gino how are you doing not bad tired but that seems to be par for the course at this point how about yourself i i feel the exact same way i had a long rough day at work i work in construction in an office i do a lot of different things and it was a bit of a rough day i'm tired my head hurts but once we start talking about you and your journey and your faith and everything you're up to everything will just melt away and i'll be uh wrapped up in your story so just talk us walk us through a little bit who is gino chirelli so as far as me well my name is geno and as far as the the faith journey goes i am a new catholic i am a neophyte i was confirmed this past easter wow wow interestingly enough i was raised as a non-denominational christian um i was born into a church that my mom was a part of her entire life my grandmother was a part of her entire life they were my grandmother was very close with people that founded this church um [Music] and we ended up leaving when i was about 14 because long story short it kind of ended up turning into um almost a cult really where it wasn't so much like jim jones crazy everyone's living in a compound but they were very very controlling over what the people did you had to ask the pastor before you could move before you get a new job before you could do any of these you know get a new car any major life decisions you had to turn in your w-2 every year to make sure that they were um make sure you were tithing correctly and my mom decided that she had had enough so we left and from there as a 14 year old who just had a sour experience with religion i became an atheist for a while i was pretty militantly atheist for a while i would say um and then i wandered through life like that and then i started going to college um i was i started i stopped caring as much as i got older and i kind of just went more agnostic overall i kind of just stopped caring like well i don't really care you know i don't know whatever and then i started dating my girlfriend at the time now fiance and we talked a little bit about faith stuff at the beginning and she told me that she was methodist and how it was um really important to her and i said well i'm not really uh really into that as much i'm kind of you know atheist agnostic whatever you want to call it and we did our thing for a year and she asked me to go to church with her at one point and i did i went with her and her family a couple times to a methodist church and it was nice it was really nice i liked it but not enough for me to be like wow this is you know this is this is it um i have had a friend who has been bothering me not bothering me but has been cordially inviting me to join him at saint francis de sales which is very very close to my house actually um for many years and i don't know why i just kind of just i just said fine all right i'll go sure um i'm super italian i'm like 75 italian my dad was 100 italian he was catholic but he converted for my mom um but that was real i didn't really know very much about it i know my first church the non-denominational church they talked pretty poorly about catholics the great harlot they uh the founder called it a lot um but i went for the first time in september of last year and it really was getting hit by lightning that's that's what it felt like i went there and i said this is unlike anything that i have ever been been to i have got to keep going because i just felt this compulsion like i just felt this pulling and coincidentally enough it was or maybe not coincidence you know coincidence it uh it was the very first week that rcia was offered so i was able to jump on the train um on the second week and from there i just started going more and more and i started investing myself more and more into the uh into the faith and i realized that this is this is me this is it this is what i've been missing i've been denying myself this for so long i'm mad that it took me so long but i started really getting into it i started really getting into um prayer again and it was kind of interesting because going from somebody that actively denied god before to now here i am asking for you know making petition prayers offering my thanksgiving asking for forgiveness and things it seems so strange in my mind to be doing those kind of things but it felt like i was doing the right thing i got really into the rosary as well i really i really enjoy that i'm at the point now where i feel like i try and carry at least uh at least one actual full rosary on me of depending on where i'm going in um in a bag or an extra pocket or something i also have one of the uh little rosary rings on my ke on my car keys if you've seen that and it was actually during um during the work day because i start work at 5 30 in the morning i work as a substance abuse counselor so i meet patients all day from 5 30 to 11 a.m and some of them are reliable some of them are not i had one patient specifically cancel at the end of november and i remember i was gonna get do the rosary instead um instead of doing notes just you know um and i was getting ready to do the resume and had this thought that kind of stuck into my head more so than many of the other thoughts i've had before um it was basically i always feel like i was being told that i needed to run for office and i've always kind of liked politics i've been involved in a couple different groups and stuff um when i was in college but i never really got actively involved in the process but i just had this thing stick and from there you know things kind of took off wow unbelievable so talk a little bit if you would about the uh friends and family and their reaction because it's always interesting to hear how the friends and family react if they're not already catholic yeah so i i told my mom and she my mom was one of the first people i talked to and she was kind of like wow that's that's like it's kind of just like oh that's nice honey you know i don't think she really really cared too much because she wasn't has nothing to do with catholicism and not so much that she doesn't really like it it's just she kind of drifted away from organized religion as a whole and um she didn't really pay too much mind to it um my there was a little bit of tension between me and my fiance because she was methodist and um i now went from not believing in god to going full church militant here you know i started converting right right away so there was a little bit of tension there but i think the more that i talked to her the more she was willing to understand what i was coming from even though she didn't want to she's she's definitely sacrificed a lot and she has made a lot of concessions for me and i'm very grateful for that but um this year it looks like she's gonna be she's telling me that she's preparing to convert as well so wow that's that's that's nice is you know and i think it feels like she's genuine about it and that makes me feel really good about it so i just want what's best for us obviously so she's my biggest fan for sure um and i'm very very grateful for her and then a lot of my friends and some of my friends is the most interesting one because um i didn't have social media for the longest time i hated facebook i deleted it in like 2014 i think um i had an anonymous twitter without my name on it i had no online social media presence um i wasn't very active on snapchat or anything like that i uh i was kind of just doing my own thing and after i had this initial thought where i was going to run for office i got back onto facebook because i knew what i was going to do and i knew that i had to be online i knew i had to have that presence and for all my friends who knew me from college because i graduated in 2018 they all graduated before me pretty much the last thing they heard from me was i was some libertarian atheist and now i come back onto facebook and here i am some wild wild catholic conservative that's that's running that's running for office i thought i was going to run for congress that took me about a week to realize that was insane my fiance had the uh had the the foresight to talk me out of that thankfully um but yeah it was really the the general consensus for most of my friends especially the ones that were helping me out of my campaigners gino's back and he believes in god now you know and he's catholic that's kind of weird but i reconnected with some of my friends who are catholic and it turns out there's more of my friends that were catholic than i thought so that's yeah yeah yeah i remember when i converted i just discovered like you know i had gay friends and my friends were all lefties right so it was like these gay friends are like yeah i was raised catholic i consider myself a catholic i'm like what really that doesn't make so much sense right i've since the friendship has ended because it's just too much tension because i'm like on fire for the faith and i'm like faithful faithful to the actual teachings of the the tradition right and so that didn't work out too well like i tried to remain close to these people but that just their version of catholicism is so watered down i just it's hard it's hard to you know really make that that friendship work right and here in montreal quebec canada you know that's where i'm from it's very very very very very left it's like the leftist of the left canada is left enough and then you go to quebec it's just that much more and you go to montreal and it's just that much more so it's just ridiculous so i did lose a lot of friends sad to say but you know whatever i mean you have to be willing to sacrifice and i don't know if you know my story but my wife is very violently anti-catholic she's raised greek orthodox and she's she's culturally anti-catholic she doesn't really you know i don't want to talk about her faith because she gets very annoyed but um she's sort of agnostic or whatever but um kovid's really red pilled her so now she's like she went from leftoid pro-choice to full-on extreme right-wing pro-life and all this sort of thing and she's become very sympathetic now to christianity for the first time but it's been we've been married 26 years and it's been like uh i don't know since 2009 so what 13 years i've been catholic now and it's been just on the edge of divorce the whole time until cloved hit and then when coveted it's like kind of like okay she sees it now she can see there's good and evil it's a real spiritual battle she can see it and it's just obvious you know uh you know she knows biden and trudeau are not examples of what it means to be catholic right yes is trudeau catholic quote unquote yeah yeah quote-unquote yeah wow didn't even know that interesting i knew biden pretends to be but that's great pelosi and i i noticed that i was slowly drifting to the right overall because when i got to college i was uh oh man bernie sanders is great yeah this is this is awesome um and i sort of half paid attention to him and then i [Music] i read trump's book crippled america on a plane ride home because my mom lives in california and i was coming back home to go back to school at wbu and i read this book thinking oh this guy is funny he's a meme i love them on celebrity apprentices will be hilarious and i was raised as republican i was raised conservative and i'm flipping through these pages i'm reading this book and i just think wow i am lying to myself i am a total fool i'm nuts for even considering people like bernie sanders i'm republican i'm conservative i'm not going to pretend that i'm not so i got off that plane a very different person than when i got on and then from there i think i've slowly been drifting right and then kovit was the big push um but it felt kind of aimless because i didn't have the the the spiritual frame and once i got to that point now it's like well now i see the whole picture here now i understand my eyes are very very open to the the good versus evil it's so much more than just left versus right whatever it's much much deeper than that and now that i see it i can't see it any other way you know in a way i feel like it's ruined a lot of things for me it's hard to enjoy a lot of the same stuff anymore there's definitely friends that don't enjoy your opinions anymore once you uh decide to commit fully to the conservative argument the christian especially catholic argument but you know i don't think i can see it any other way at this point i'm certainly not going to going to test the uh the church the way that many many of of the the catholics do you know i was i've had a lot of conversation with a lot of priests because now you know i'm a convert a recent convert so i'm super zealous about a lot of this um so i'm talking to as many people as i can and i just ask you know father monsoon how do these people how do catholics for choice how do they reconcile what they believe with what the church teaches and there's no answer they they can't you is just it is an impossibility and it is really mind-blowing just to see how people disregard it because it's this it's not like a oh well you know it's uh i like this part of the church i like this part of the church i like the ritual i like the i like the communion don't like this part about the gay marriage don't like this about the abortion i'm not gonna i'm gonna ignore those but it's it's all or nothing you know it's a package deal and there's parts of where i had to personally i personally disagree with and i said well it's i don't know what do i know nothing and as soon as people i think i think it respects her that said something along the lines of um the biggest misconceptions and the biggest well the biggest problems that come with the catholic church is people's misconceptions they don't understand what the church actually teaches or their inability to accept the fact that there's a natural hierarchy those two seem to be the biggest the biggest issues with people have with catholicism and i'm noticing that that's a hundred percent actually true for sure um but once you free yourself from the burden of i have to know all the answers i have to understand and i have to agree things get a lot easier on you really well for me you know i was atheist 25 years of my adult life and when i found god um and then became a catholic it was a whirlwind process just like you it just happened so quickly because you're getting flooded graces right when that door opens it's just like infused knowledge you know this you accept that it's like things you wouldn't have accepted before it's just like yeah that makes sense okay next next next sex you've got an encyclopedia of catholic knowledge and wisdom and you've got all this stuff right not to brag or boast it's not from us like what saint paul says what i have that i haven't received it's just received okay but we become a channel we become an instrument of god's grace and faith is supernatural it's not natural it's a gift of grace it's it's a supernatural thing so uh yeah of course you can expect some pretty freaky transformations but when i when i came through philosophy and uh you know the big change for me was understanding that the truth doesn't belong to me that's what i always thought as an atheist i'm gathering the truth i'm finding the truth and the truth belongs to me but i realized in my conversion when i submitted to god almighty when i realized i'm not god god is god i realize that the truth doesn't belong to me i belong to the truth and it's a it's a much better relationship because now i have above me this objective absolute eternal immutable standard of goodness truth beauty health everything and that is my god and it's a personal god it's a god who loves me it's a god who knows everything is omnipotent and and all good and uh it's like i'm now i'm just like a cute little creature and my job is to be like a child my job not is not to be a sophisticated adult where i'm gathering as much knowledge and facts and education and these sorts of things no my job is to love my my master and i often think think in terms of a pet like i'm a cute little pet dog i want to be a cute little white poodle because that's the kind of dog i like and i want to be obedient and i want to just when he says walk walk when he says sit that's sort of my understanding of of religion it sounds denigrating because we have we have infinite dignity as human beings but in a certain sense you know like it says in the bible we are dogs eating the scraps under the table like that's just the way that that is the reality and jesus himself said that we even if we do everything that he asks at the end of the day we're just on [Music] unworthy servants or whatever the word is uh you know worthless servants or whatever he said that's the fact like i mean we just need to be humble and acknowledge i'm not god god is god and that imposes on us a lot of obligations in terms of worship and respect and you know we have to do the prayers and the sacraments in a worthy manner and we have to love god and neighbor and there's a lot involved but it's the best thing i wouldn't trade it for anything you know all of the uh you know the the obstacles all of the uh obligations you know the precepts of the church the um thou shalt thou shalt nots all that you know it's like as an atheist you don't have that you just do it that will shall be the whole of the law it's just complete freedom but it's not really freedom it's just license it's licensed to sin like yeah okay so i used to masturbate a lot but what was the lasting pleasure that i got out of that nothing just guilt and just weakness and becoming more effeminate you know pornography these aren't these aren't things that give you true and lasting value right or indulging in sex with with women i didn't do that a lot i've had four women in my life but one of which i'm married to but um you know um other things like uh other illicit pleasures when you think back on it now that you're converted you think back on the illicit pleasures that you indulged in even if it's food or whatever and you think about the lasting value that that gave your life it's nothing it really is nothing that's why saint paul talks about it's just garbage to him now that he's found christ to live is christ and to die is gain so uh just talk a little bit about how your perspective has shifted uh with that vertical dimension that we get when we convert from atheism it's amazing isn't it it's it's very amazing and i think it was i was watching my um father mike schmitz you know him he was talking about the differences between satisfaction and fulfillment you know there's those things that feel good in the in the moment there's those things that may surface level satisfy you but in the long run there's there's nothing there to sustain you because immediately after that's over you're looking for the next thing because there's no that there's nothing that is going to plug the hole that exists in you people will fill it with with whatever they want whether it is drugs or pornography or you know blasphemous sex whatever you really want to call it people are all into all sorts of weird stuff because like you mentioned people don't want to accept the fact that we're at the work you know we think that we have domain over the animals we i mean we do obviously but we're at the pretty pretty low in the bottom here where we're sheep we need lead us not into temptation you know we we need that kind of thing and people don't want to accept that people don't like accepting the fact that they might not be the center of the universe they might not be in complete control they might not have access to all the all the secrets um but i think that the reality is as soon as you're able to understand where you are where you fall in the hierarchy i think things get a lot easier because now even i think about myself a year ago i'm radically different very very different in a lot of ways my fiance was just talking to me about that and it's that's definitely a very very big change and i feel like sometimes i'm just clinging on here holding on as i just feel everything changing so much and i think it has been been great but it has been taxing it's been exhausting i'm clinging on for dear life but i feel like i'm operating on on principles that are more than just what i want at this point you know when you open yourself up to to to god's will and you become an instrument of god's will and you understand that i want to do things that are pleasing to god instead of things that are pleasing to me you start looking at things a little bit differently yeah absolutely i think that i would have never considered what i did before especially running for office before i would have never considered it but i found the strength through through god and that's the only reason why i was able to win i should not have won definitely should not have won on paper but okay so you you i thought something's happening in november what's that so the the election that just happened is the primary election i ran against three other republicans and it was basically republican voters registered voters are able to pick one republican to be on the ballot for november okay and what is this house delegates thing i don't understand so the house delegates basically we have state level governments and then we have the federal government congress the big the big names people like aoc and crenshaw that's the federal level government that's the hollywood stuff every state has local governments as well that operate pretty pretty similarly with the two houses the bicameral legislature i'm running for a state level government position in in west virginia okay very cool i want to i want to say hi to my friend lena who's in the chat lina says have you ever considered that people can accept having flaws and limitations and not jump to any religious conclusions maybe being unsatisfied in life is natural when life is simply unsatisfying so give your response to that lean as an atheist by the way was raised christian well i would say that there are a lot of points in my life prior to this where i found that i was unsatisfied um and that is where a lot of those shallow surface level indulgences come in um life is what you make of it it and i mean that's it's pretty cliche that's pretty corny but it really is when you find your purpose something changes because i was sort of aimlessly wondering before and as soon as i as soon as i clicked as soon as something happened as soon as something in me opened up and i started accepting god acting in my life i found a very very new and very strong sense of drive where i knew that okay this is what i'm supposed to be doing and there are a lot of there are a lot of variables there are a lot of unfortunate circumstances that happen there are a lot of points where life is going to be unsatisfying and i mean there's points where life is going to be very difficult even over the past nine months since i started doing everything i've been doing there's a lot of points where life has been kind of tough kind of miserable but i have feel like that i have purpose and reason to keep going because everything that i'm doing now is to make my life and my future like my community my community better i would say i would like to add a an analogy which i've always emphasized on my podcast over the past six years which is that relationship with god is like a romantic relationship and we can use that analogy we can also use the parent child analogy but i like the romantic analogy because if you meet your romantic partner uh it changes everything like i mean i met my wife i saw her i kind of knew there's something special about this one and uh two years later i saw her for the second time because i'd only laid eyes on her once and i thought there's something about this woman and then two years later she spoke to me in the same place it was at university okay and it changed my entire life we got married within three months we've been married for 26 years there's something that you cannot explain it's not natural it's supernatural even in a romantic relationship i'm sure my guest gino could tell you similar stories about the the coincidences or what we call providence of getting together with your with your life partner we'll talk about that you know but i want to emphasize the magic the magic of love the magic of love is something you have to experience parents often tell their adolescent children you'll know when you know you'll know when you know don't worry about falling in love it's going to be it's going to happen life will take its course and then that magic will happen and you'll know there's so many stories of people that have been married for 50 years and they tell the story with tears in their eyes he said that's the woman i'm going to marry and he just laid eyes on her he said that's the one i'm going to marry you've heard this time and time again and there's a reason for it it's because life is a magical supernatural adventure that's what it is don't you agree gino yeah life is life is definitely supernatural and now that i look at all the things that have happened to me over the course of the years during the times when if you would ask me i would have cursed god's name if i if i had the opportunity to i realized that every single thing all the the the events and the little little tiny things even that happened that caused my life to take a different directional turn was all for a purpose and it all put me on the path that ended me up to where i was and i denied deny denied as much as i possibly could um this is believe me this is coming from somebody that was militantly atheist and as soon as i even gave god a chance i cracked the door he ripped it right off the hinges and i couldn't deny i just could not i could not deny any more and if it's tough now and i understand why people have a tough time explaining their convictions and everything because i cannot explain how god has made me feel i can't make anybody feel that you know i haven't i felt that convinces me enough i had my friends and my wife's friends when when she was courting me cause that's basically what happened she aggressively courted me and i was just resisting and running away and i gave in at the end but my friends and her friends were both saying the same thing you're not meant for it meant for each other it's too weird it's just not a good match it's never going to last at my wedding my best my best man's girlfriend said as i shook hands with her after and hugged her after the marriage ceremony she said this is not going to last imagine that she said this marriage is not going to last this is my best man's girlfriend at my wedding congratulating me and telling me by the way the marriage isn't going to last so there's something supernatural that happened there and um why am i talking about the the naysayers why am i talking about that i'm talking about that for a reason it makes sense with the analogy with god okay oh yeah oh yeah yeah it's because there is there are lots of people let me tell you this there's a there's a commitment phobia thing specifically with guys they get cold feet they leave the woman at the altar there is a fear of commitment there is a fear like well i don't know if this might fail i might get rejected or you know maybe there are more fish in the sea or maybe she's not the one whatever sadly half of marriage has ended divorce so there's that aspect but there's also the part where a lot of marriages just don't happen because the guy has cold feet or his commitment phobia or the woman might have commitment phobia so what i'm saying is thank god i thank god that i had the courage or the foolishness whatever way you want to look at it to dive into this relationship with this strange woman when everyone was saying the same thing it ain't gonna work buddy it ain't gonna work and i'm sure with religion uh someone like lena surrounded by atheists and everyone's saying the same thing that it's just like it doesn't make sense religion doesn't make sense god doesn't make sense how can there be a good god when children have cancer and on and on and on and on and on but when it comes right down to it in your heart of hurt in your quiet moments alone you summon the courage to say you know what i recognize the truth i love the truth and i'm going to take that leap of faith i'm going to dive right into the truth right gina yeah i think as soon as you become aware of the truth it's hard to look back and i can't rationalize anything that's happened in my life especially over the last two years without without looking at god's influence and i mean it's it really is just something that you you have to accept and once you you move past the the incessant human need to understand and rationalize and put it in terms that you can you can get um [Music] it's like the uh what is it the analogy of trying to explain how a tv works to to a bird you know as far as where the birds and tv is the universe for us we'll never understand it we'll never understand despite how hard that we that we push science has made such a great valiant attempt to undermine god and i think it's only gone further and further into proving that god is real i think the guy that uh that led the human genome project that sequenced all the dna went in as an atheist and came out as as a believer because he just said that he said there is just no way there's just no way you're one of those people oh no okay you're talking about the human genome yeah the guy that mapped all of the protein sequences there's like millions and millions and millions of little little protein blocks just an incredible undertaking it took a really long time but basically the way that they figured out dna was coded this guy comes out of that as as a believer and says i cannot believe that this just came from nothing um i mean i'd i'd love to address all of lena's concerns in the chat but i'm just going to kind of let lena uh express uh those thoughts and move on to other topics but because i do want to talk a little bit it's it's out of character for me but since covet i've been starting to talk a little bit more about politics i want to give a little background for me hated politics my whole life never trusted a politician but when trump came along when trump came along i thought okay there's something special here he doesn't seem like a politician okay and the people got excited the people of america and of the world i don't know if you've seen those videos of people all over the world supporting trump back in the heyday when trump was on top there's that populist movement which moves me because hey guess what i like the little guy the regular guy the working guy and guy and gal you know what i mean and um that populism i love it so uh i was disappointed the way trump went downhill pretty fast at the end he didn't fight the voter fraud he didn't uh you know he's pushing the jab and all this sort of thing uh i lost a lot of uh respect for him unfortunately whatever is still you know i still like i think he's a nice guy whatever i think he's kind of like uh pretending to be pro-life pretending to be christian but that's none of my business um but uh nick fuentes got on my radar then at the end of trump's thing nick fuentes got on my radar and everyone's warning me again like i get these people warning me all my friends oh no no he's racist he's whatever and uh alt-right or whatever like all these labels and i'm like well i don't know i like him i think he's smart i think he's funny and i think he's edgy and i think if you if you're a snowflake then probably his sense of humor will crush you right if you're a snowflake yeah right but i like him i think he's a wholesome young man very bright and i think he is on fire for christ and his church so i want to talk about america first nick fuentes the gripers like i've i joined telegram specifically to um you know to uh to belong to uh kose tv and to do super chats and this sort of thing and uh i want to talk about the gripers i want to talk about uh that whole scene that's where i met specso i might i met his pints app there and i've had them both on my on my podcast and so just talk to me about these young men who seem you know racist and misogynist but i think it's just a lot of humor involved um you know there probably are a bunch of losers in there that are just sort of like clinging on to this cult-like group but they're a lot of wholesome young men who love jesus christ and his church that's my experience and i don't want to uh you know cast aspersions on those who are not catholic or maybe lost or maybe naturalists or maybe uh you know neil pagans or these sorts of things i met a nice young man in norway lately who calls himself a griper and he's a he's a neopagan and i love and respect everyone because as you prove with your story geno you never know every sinner has a future and every saint has a past right so just talk to me about these young men how they're excited about the faith and then tie that in with the right wing of american politics because it's all very mysterious for me living up here in canada where everything is either left medium left far left or extreme left there is no right hmm so i would say that a lot of it comes from young men looking for a purpose i think that's innate in our nature is to to find a movement that is greater than ourselves and i think that this coalition has formed around the the america first concept i think nick fuentes um has motivated and inspired a lot of people to be bold in what they believe in fuentes i mean he's he's a young guy he's younger than me um i think he's kind of goofy and a lot of stuff but i went to one of his rallies or i went to see him at a stop the steel rally in november um of 2020 and he was awesome he was awesome he was saying the right things i agree with him about a ton of stuff i think that he's doing a fantastic job at getting these these guys off the couch and giving them giving them something to look forward to go go get it stand up for yourself stand up for your faith i think that there is a unique combination of a nationalist pride and sort of like a divine mandate you know god and country that kind of thing it's it's kind of an older more traditional outlook but i think that that's what people kind of want to return to people really miss um a lot of the the wholesomeness that is perceived to be um in a time that's passed there's a lot of stuff that it has been popping up especially over the last 10 years where it feels like this our society is in a very steep moral decline and i think that covid pushing everybody into their homes putting more people online for longer periods of time i think that they are being exposed to these kinds of things and they're starting to realize wow i did not realize it was this bad i did not realize that we have let our society get to the point where where we are encouraging children to be transgender where we are advocating for people that will teach toddlers to masturbate and it's just these are the kinds of things that sort of break the the trance that a lot of people are in because a lot of it happens so slowly um you don't really realize what's happening but i remember i'm old enough to remember life before social media um in very early days of facebook before it really took over um things were not like this i remember when they were talking about legalizing gay marriage and the opponents of gay marriage said this is a slippery slope into something much worse and the opponents of gay marriage or the opponent you know the opponents of them said no this is totally fine what two people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their own business which generally i mean okay whatever but the problem is it didn't stay there you know we went from let adults have do what they want behind closed doors in their homes to now the teachers are going to tell your children what gender they are and if you say anything we're going to call we're going to call child services or we're going to do something worse we're going to give give your kid advice on how to bind their breasts behind your back you know and it's these are the kind of things where people are saying whoa whoa whoa whoa what happened how did he get this bad so i think that there is a generation of young men that want to fight for what they perceive to be a better tomorrow and to them a better tomorrow looks like um a society that reveres christ and doesn't rebuke him at every given opportunity a society that encourages people to get married have children go to work provide for them do what you can to to live a life that is pleasing to god and i think a lot of young guys need that and it seems like at this point they're either young people are either sort of just generally shepherded um into the the leftist ideology uh ideological camp or you sort of become the this weird right-wing counterculture where now you're a misogynistic racist a homophobic xenophobic pig because you want a wife and kids you know so the late the labels come out big time i remember when i first got back onto social media and announced some of the things that i was doing um people messaged me you're what are you doing you're you're embarrassed this is embarrassing you're embarrassing yourself and not everything was all fine before when you just try to go along just to get along but as soon as you advocate for something that's not the approved opinion well now people are going to lash out i have a city councilman here actually um for for the town of morgantown that just can't stand me because i dared to say that um i don't want to do anything to further legitimize the transgender delusion and now i have these maniac people just so riled up over the smallest little comment because their priorities are wrong their prior priority's wrong my concerns at least with our state specifically this area is hit really bad by um drug addiction that's a big one um and i want to work on getting people off of drugs get them back to work and sort of re-establish a a cohesive society and they're concerned with passing gender rights resolutions and making sure everybody has their pronouns in their bio it's just really freak stuff that thankfully here in west virginia the average person isn't buying that kind of nonsense they want someone that's going to say let's talk about what's what's wrong with the culture not hey did you you know are you performing microaggressions against people are you hurting people's feelings who thank you for sharing that who is that huge black guy who does really funny speeches sort of like a conservative common sense religious christian speeches is he down in your part of the world you must know who i'm talking about he said one plus one does not equal trans transgender he gives some really passionate speeches i feel like i've seen that video and i think big black guy some sort of preacher no no no he's like a he's a politician in the states he's like oh really yeah yeah yeah yeah i feel like i know what you're talking about but i don't remember specifically who that is i'll send you the link and uh i'll uh we'll see what you think of him but uh he's very passionate about you know just sort of like conservative christian values and he's got a funny delivery because he's got that big black guy uh persona and that southern sort of charm you know what i mean so um it's like the wild west down there in the states compared to canada right there's there it's it's there's a lot going on here and it's funny because my mom who lives in california she's i would say if i had to place her on the spectrum she's probably center-right because i'm wearing so she recognizes a lot of the craziness that goes on in california and it's so different than here west virginia is um a lot more rural than a lot of these these other states and the closest thing that we have to um you know these population centers we have our small towns we have morgantown there's a place in uh parkersburg and down south there's our capital charleston huntington where there's more concentrations of people there are some of these super leftist ideas that emerge especially in morgantown because we have a west virginia university and universities attract that kind of leftist leftist mindset but as soon as you leave morgantown now you're talking to normal people again and that kind of stuff doesn't sell with normal people no one no one cares that people are talking about pride month nobody cares they're going to work you know they want to make sure the road's not going to be full of potholes on the way they don't care that you know somebody some guy wants to put on a dress and go use the women's bathroom that's not what their their priorities are if anything they're tired of hearing people talk about it so much they don't these parents don't want their kids going to school going in the bathroom and worrying about some dude with a beard in the tutu you know taking a piece standing up next to him yeah i i don't know what it was on the telegram i saw someone posted i didn't have time to watch it yet but it was someone sort of doing an interview of some tribesmen in africa it looked like or something like that some traditional i think that was matt walsh i think he just did a big documentary for daily wire about what is a woman um i i kind of wanted to watch that because i already know what's going to happen i know it's going to be so painful is he one of the good guys or it seems like matt walsh of all the people from the daily wire i don't love all the daily wire people but matt walsh and michael knowles seem like for the most part they know what they're talking about matt walsh is really good they're both strong catholics and they know that this stuff is just delusionally insane there was a really good documentary that michael knowles was just featured on um a mass i think it's a mass of the ages mass for the ages i've been hearing about that on telegram i have no idea what it is but it's something about um what they feel like the church lost after vatican ii by switching to you know the novus ordo mass as opposed to latin mass and i i watched it it was very enlightening uh enlightening i liked it a lot i'm i went to a latin mass before that just to see what it was like i didn't like it but now that i watch this documentary i'm gonna go back with a new a new mindset just to experience it because um i want to see what you know what the appeal was considering for 500 years that we we pretty much had the same mass but as soon as we switch it things start kind of going awry yeah yeah well i i have a great uh admiration and respect for spec so pine tap and those guys because they're on fire for the faith they're young converts and they are ostensibly right wing or whatever but they're not rad trads they're not set of ecantists and they're not pining for the good old days in the church they love and respect pope francis and vatican ii and i'm right there with them so we have the best of both worlds we have the tradition we have mary we have the saints we have reverence and holiness and virtue those are the things we value and the traditions of the traditional teachings and doctrines and dogmas of the church and love and respect for the holy father whoever he is warts and all and a reverence for the sacred council the vatican ii council it's a very very very very beautiful council and a lot of work went into revising the mass and i'm novus ordo i you know i do attend fssp which is a latin mass very rarely mainly just in case of emergency i go there like during covert i wasn't allowed to go to mass because i'm not vaccinated and so i had to go to the fssp can you go to mass if you're not vaccinating quebec in quebec in quebec they locked us out and um it's just it's ridiculous quebec is really ridiculous it's one of the worst places on earth um in terms of the covid restrictions right so the fssp helped me out there was sort of like a clandestine uh catacombs secret eucharist that i got to partake in and you know did my profession and stuff like that so it's very romantic you know to be part of something like that you read about in the history of the church but here i'm actually living it like you know it's interesting to think that you know and i just i think that uh because i am so zealous right now i'm getting into this and i'm i'm glad i sort of fell into the side of um fierce fighters that understand that because i was only ever exposed to prior to this um as i became more right wing but before i converted oh liberal pope francis is saying this liberal pope francis saying that he's doing this as soon as you actually look into it he's offering his opinion on some things that are that and that's just what he's doing it's the holy spirit will protect the church it's survived for 2000 years it will continue to survive one uh a pope there because popes have been much worse than him i think that the the church is going to be fine surviving a pope that might be a little bit softer on issues than than many people would prefer yeah but he's called trans the transgender agenda agenda demonic and stuff like that he's pretty right so it's like it's not really he's that far off you know i mean there's certain things about immigration that he's probably set off a lot of people about and some climate change stuff the vaccine stuff is probably some of the farthest and i'd go as far to say that i i disagree with some of that personally but that's okay because i'm not gonna run to the sspx i'm not gonna you know put myself into schism here because i don't like a couple things that he says i gotta remember this is the hierarchy that's you know that's the spiritual successor of peter here we're just gonna the church will the church will continue things will go on yeah yeah and god is not stupid god people forget that god you know i pray i pray for the pope every day and the prayer says that god chose pope francis right this is the as the as the church prays so she believes and my prayer says that god chose pope francis so i believe that god is not stupid and god chose pope francis for a reason now was it to punish us i don't know i don't think so i don't think so but some people have suggested that some of the rad trad people i've talked to have suggested that like oh you know he's our holy father but you know it's like if you have a if you have a biological father who's an [ __ ] he's a drunkard and he you know he's uh he's not a good dad but he's our dad like you know i wouldn't uh i don't i don't really respect that opinion that's just like trash talking our holy father you know it's like what really is the most legitimate uh grievance you could bring against him i would say number one uh he seems to believe in evolution that's like a no-no for me and number two uh the kovid pushing the jab uh i think evolution is demonic uh do you do you buy into theistic evolution or what well i mean a lot of this stuff and i've had a lot of my a lot of people um bring up about oh so do you know do you really think the earth is this do you really think that evolution is that do you think that it really was just adam and eve and i mean i have no reason not to believe that and honestly i don't really i don't i don't care that it doesn't i don't need to know the answers i don't have to i know is i'm here right now and if i have to defend my faith i'm going to if i have to defend the holy father i will just because that's what i'm going to do that's what i want to do you know and i mean there's the stuff that i and people are saying well he said this about the code vaccine well he's not changing the doctrine yeah he's not speaking ex cathedra that we have to all have the vaccine or we can't take the eucharist anymore yeah when if he does something like that well then you know whatever we'll talk but he's not going to yeah i do want to i do want to point out to you by the way that when i had uh my run-in with uh i was physically assaulted in the catholic church because i entered without a vaccine passport okay by the security guard and cops came in and stuff like that the cops were nice but the catholic security guard was horrible um i was physically assaulted and uh the priest there that i'd known for years he was just completely weak and he claimed to have no authority that's why he didn't help me and he just turned a blind eye as the security guard assaulted me and i was there on under the authority under the instructions of my local bishop i phoned the bishop months before and i said look i'm never going to get vaccinated for cove it's not going to happen am i going to be denied access to church to pray to avail myself of the sacraments and so on and so forth and the bishop assured me no it's never going to happen you're a catholic you have access to the church right during normal operating hours whatever right under normal conditions right you're not going to be turned away based on your vac status then i went i got turned away i phoned the archbishop again and i said look i was turned away and the archbishop told me go back talk to the priest let him know that's not correct so i went back i snuck in and they were chasing me i found my priest that i know there and i told him the situation but he was kind of confused and he was on his way to mass and he's old and whatever and i'd want to judge his heart but he was very weak and uh so uh i do want to say that the my bishop was on my side ostensibly at least and so i think you know i think that it's a mixed bag in the church you've got the pope who is uh seemingly uh believing that uh you know we it's our duty uh to take the vaccine and all these sorts of things he's got his opinions about he's probably been heavily advised by his advisors that it's all safe and effective and this sort of thing um you know and then you've got the bishops and my local bishop was on my side but then lower down you've got these priests and everyone's got their own weaknesses and their own busy life and in this particular oratory where i was physically assaulted like they've got a lot of tourists a lot of business they sell a lot of trinkets and stuff like that it's more of like a business sort of model um even though the place was founded by a very humble saint and it started with very very very very modest supernatural beginnings but it grew into this big thing now it's very touristy and like half the people there are muslims and hindus and whatever it's very it's a very touristy vibe i love the place and i love that the muslims and the hindus and other types of people seeks and everyone are congregating here and they're being respectful for the most part um i love that uh but it is quite a special place and i think that's maybe why uh i was roughed up and thrown out because they just want to have business as usual but when jesus came to earth he didn't really appreciate appreciate the way that temple had turned into a place of business right he was jesus was anything but business as usual it was uh we got to fix stuff and we're we're going to do it right now and i think that jerusalem first baby right that that model is i think that idea is um something that i think a lot of people that we the people need to understand and reflect that we see these issues and we see the way that um jesus presented himself and the way that jesus acted and performed these miracles and made himself known in front of people and i think that the the opponents of god will you know they'll they'll do anything they possibly can to you know the devil knows scripture too right they'll do anything they can to twist twist the words of the bible against you these people that have nothing but contempt for christ and would spit in his face if he walked on the earth in front of him they will try and twist the words to get you to do whatever they want because they don't care they really just do not care and i'm glad here it's good to know that we have um where i go to go to mass it's um a place that's very close to me it's um the priest there is monsignor he's an older gentleman very nice guy very soft-spoken but he knows what he's talking about and he's he knows that there's ways that he needs to be and i'm also very close to the west virginia university the university parish um i know i've met one of their president conversation with him yesterday um the vocations director very like hardcore great awesome guy very very knowledgeable um but he's a little bit more i don't want to say aggressive because that might have a negative connotation but um he doesn't mince as many words about some of the the issues that we have so um it's nice to know that we have that because our bishop is a little bit softer on some of this stuff he offered an opinion about um about assault weapons recently and how we should have an assault weapons ban and if you know one thing about west virginia it's where this is a gun state this is a gun estate and it's that kind of thing is not going to fly here um the bishop was raised in boston i believe and i think ordained in baltimore both east coast cities um he was raised on on that side of the fence and he's just not a hundred percent on on the same page as us so i'm glad to know that there is there are priests it's sort of like the opposite for us so i've talked to him and obviously he's right about stuff you know by no means am i trying to question him i know that's not my place or anything like that but outside of the scope of faith and morals on the gun thing he was kind of wrong but i'm glad that we have priests here that are kind of get it you know they cut they kind of know especially our university our university priest who is really really sharp good to know good to know yeah you know you know uh you're uh not naive you know that you're gonna run into all kinds of people in the pews but also in the pulpit you're going to meet priests who are unorthodox to put it very politely and you just kind of have to be prepared to expect the unexpected when it comes to people in the hierarchy i think you're not naive about that but just be prepared you know always in the back of your mind like like this is what uh this is how i came into the church like with the full awareness because i had i've been an anti-catholic myself so i knew i knew about the corruption i knew about the you know sex money all the different uh things that uh ostensible catholics can fall prey to i mean we're only human after all and i knew about the right popes i knew about everything so um you know it's something where it's very sad when you meet a bad priest but it does happen it happens a lot here in canada i met a few i don't want to exaggerate the numbers of how many i've met but enough you know to really sadden me and you just have to wonder like you asked your priest like how could this be how can you be catholic and just be confused or pick and choose or be a cafeteria catholic especially if you're a priest i mean a lot of the saints talk about the majority of catholic priests burning in hell because of the the the the grace that goes along with it and the responsibility that goes along with that it's not a job it's not like hey uh i'm gonna be a doctor oh i'm gonna be a lawyer oh i'm gonna be a priest it's not like that it's a calling it's a supernatural calling and it has implications if you say yes to that right you can't you can't say yes for the wrong reasons god is not stupid you can't fool god so we have to be very uh very humble even as a lay faithful we have to be humble but especially if you're going to have holy orders it's a it's a big big deal right yeah it absolutely is um we we talked a little bit about that and how there's um a lot of the things that were cut from the the missile and after you know after about i could do there were a lot of things that were um cut from the mass in general and there's one part that came up regularly from um i can't remember what paul who he was writing to but it was talking about how taking the eucharist when you know that you're not supposed to is you're you're taking your own judgment you know and i know i just i now that i'm going very very regularly and i see the people that are there every single week and i see the people that are not and every time there every single person takes communion i mean who am i to judge i know about things like that but i also have to think to myself that hey i'm pretty sure i know that you are one of one of the the planned parenthood advocates what are you doing here why are you doing this what you know because people don't wanna people don't wanna admit the wrong about stuff what was g k chesterton said i don't want a church to tell me i'm i'm wrong or uh i'm right where i'm where i know i'm wrong where i already know that i'm wrong right yeah that no one wants no one wants that because that's no fun you know so i heard pelosi got uh some uh nasty treatment what happened to me that to me is is great i love that you know not for not so much for for her soul who i i genuinely do pray that she sees sees the error and she yeah he changed her ways i mean i don't know if we'll be successful in that you know that is the whole point of ex communication yeah that that's really what it that's really what it is so it's good to know that the church with especially with a high profile character like pelosi they're able to fight back like that a lot of people also um i remember when they were talking about the roe v wade stuff and people were talking about i think it was from the the ruth ginsburg fan club or whatever they were talking about targeting mass and um the priests i talked to yesterday mentioned about how he's honored that the church still has that reputation as the pro-life institution as far as the religious world it's unwavering so um even with our our members not as zealous as they they could be a lot of the time you know i think that a lot of people are very very meek in what they believe but it's still good to know that there are aspects of the church that are very very alive and well and they perceive them to be a threat that's why they're why the church is targeted so often yeah absolutely so what is happening uh with roe v wade i thought a decision was forthcoming but it seems to be is it delayed or what's happening you know i don't i don't know what's going to happen with that so far what happened is there was a leaked draft from um from the supreme court about a potential decision to overturn roe v wade which against many people's understanding a lot of people don't really know how this works they just get really riled up when the tv tells them to roe v wade if that is overturned that doesn't mean that abortion is automatically going to be illegal all of a sudden it just means the decisions go back to the states and as soon as there was a whiff of the idea that people might not be able to kill their own infants at whim whenever they want anymore it just madness it's just absolute lunacy some of these people the way that they they reacted and um these some of these people are so enslaved by their own self-indulgence that the the the thought alone of having to bear responsibility for some of your decisions is enough to get them to drop what they're doing i mean not like they're doing much most these people can drop what they're doing at the you know at any given time to go protest something because that's what they think that they have to do i went and go sort of viewed from the outside a gathering at our courthouse downtown about a roe v wade and it's it's really crazy to see too because the image to me is um one of these images specifically stuck in my head there's um uh obviously this is university it pulls a lot of people from a lot of places there's a lot of different kind of churches here as well and this lady comes up wearing the wearing the roman collar and she's got this big planned parenthood sash on it pink with planned parenthood she from the lutheran church and i just think that i just can't help but it's like i try not to feel contempt i know that i don't shouldn't be feeling these things like that or just discussed but i just look out and go what this is it's that's that's heresy you know and i mean words like that are strong and i mean it seems dramatic but just to see someone who is going to dress like a priest and advocate for the murder of the unborn i just how do you how that just registers to me as demonic yep 100 100 it's just sick it's uh you know sometimes during covid i think to myself maybe my friends are right maybe i have a tin foil hat and i'm a conspiracy theorist and i'm just out of touch with reality and hey maybe i should just chill and go along to get along with the whole covet management thing maybe it's okay to give end of life drugs to the elderly because hey those pensions are just going down the toilet basically so now i'm just i'm being silly about that last part but um you know then i think my litmus test for am i crazy or is the world crazy my litmus test for that is abortion is it a fact that millions of babies are being killed in the womb is it a fact or did i make that up or is that an objective fact that anyone can verify just by walking down the street i've got an abortion clinic down the street it's a very very famous abortion clinic it's the first one i think in north america uh it's the morgan taller abortion clinic he was spearheading the whole fight for abortion dr morgentaler i don't know if you you're probably not old enough to remember that controversy but uh it's a very famous place and uh the church that i was attending at uh at the time when i um was volunteering at this one particular chapel they had to move into the building the same building where the morgue dollar abortion clinic was and they had to sign a paper because they're catholic they had to sign a paper saying they will not say the word abortion they will not say the word morgan toller they will not mention anything because these are taboo topics the catholics can't talk about they can't even talk about it because they're renting space in the same building so you feel the power of satan how he runs the world he's the prince of this world and the catholic church was saying yes master we won't we won't mention that word abortion we won't say morgentaler we won't do this we won't do that we'll be good we'll be good can we please rent space in this building so that's the kind of world we live in so i realize uh every time i sort of do a check on myself am i crazy or is the world crazy i just look at abortion it's like yeah the world's crazy and the world is run by satan and i mean if you need any further further proof it's not only do you look at the the abortions and what they're doing and how they're performed and the quantity at which they are performed look at the reaction especially from from people down here because it's been in the news lately look at their reaction when they're told that they might not have that opportunity anymore they might not get that and these people lose their mind these people and i'm hesitant to even call them people after a certain point just because of the way that they just the the way that they ratchet over this kind of stuff i swear it's just you're you're staring down this this satanic army when the satanic church and you find yourself on the same side something went wrong yeah something went very wrong and these people they'll just they'll deny they will deny reality that's oh that's not that's not another baby that's not if when they're done debating the morals they trust the science you know that's their favorite thing yeah that's not another baby that's not another body that's the mom's body well look i tell you what to be graphic if you take a grenade and you blow up a pregnant woman at any point during the development and the forensic analyzer goes in there and assesses the mess how many sets of dna are they going to find yeah double double they're gonna find two sets of dna that's it period that's two double murderer that's it yeah exactly that's what that's it so there's there's no consistency it's really just they want this because people are so obsessed with being able to do what they want and immerse their self or immerse themselves in their own pleasure and they don't want any accountability whatsoever they don't want to hold themselves accountable they don't want to hold themselves to a higher standard they just want what feels great and they don't want to pay the price i wonder i often wonder when i see the the curated uh photographs from the left when they're promoting uh abortion and they show the beautiful young women with their signs and their clothes and sometimes they got their boobs out whatever i when i focus on the young women and i ask myself has this beautiful young woman already had an abortion or multiple abortions or is she protesting just with a view to having one in the future i don't get it either scenario is crazy if you're young and beautiful why have you had an abortion and if you haven't had an abortion yet why are you protesting hoping that you will have one i don't i just don't get it i don't understand they they push it beyond that where it's like oh well these people that are are pro-life they're anti-women you're not anti-woman are you the babies are women in the womb and it's crazy too because more more women are pro-life than than men at least at least here and you know it's just planned parenthood is seen as one of their you know one of their essentially one of the the cathedrals of the the leftist church that they have constructed for themselves and they their zealots will defend it tooth and nail that believe the the left has their own satanic church set up for him complete with the vaccine eucharist and all of their sacraments the transgenderism her holy orders it's very very bizarre you got your the saints that these people just worship just worship and if you speak ill of them well now you're the heretic because you dared to slander their their ideological monument well the good news is we go straight to heaven if they uh tie us to the strip steak and burn us right straight if that's if i'm really gonna if i'm gonna go out like that great terrific okay you can turn me over i'm cooked on this side that's good they'll probably have to leave me on there for a while but that's all right you're gonna be there you're gonna you're gonna be a nice tasty morsel up there i'm just skin and bones i probably i mean i probably wouldn't be surprised that they'd probably try and and and eat eat us when they're done well they don't like weight they do not like wasting flesh we know this because they take these newborn babies and they extract the organs while they're still alive and they sell them for big money before letting the child die yeah yes they do yes they do and then i remember saying things like that and people say they don't do that you're crazy you're crazy and then of course the the evidence comes out and we are our side typically once again is exonerated and vindicated and yeah david delayed and did some good work there undercover back in the day yeah david delayed and he did some undercover work uh that woman said i want to get another ferrari or i want to buy myself a lamborghini or whatever yeah yeah yeah i remember so lena's in the chat going crazy uh lena says you're both crazy laughing crying emoji what's bizarre is how you can ascribe religious terminology to your political enemies as a sort of insult any reaction to lena's comments well i think it's just a way of sort of um i think it's a nice analogy because i believe that humans are hardwired to believe in a higher power i think that i i've heard that from a lot of people and i think now going through what i've gone through i think it makes a lot of sense and in the absence of god i think people will build god in his absence you know and in god's absence the left they have constructed their own false religion because that is just the very essence of human nature is to find that higher power and and cling to it to find that purpose so they find the they built the leftist church that's how you ended up with their holy trinity of what lgbtq movement raised the racism issues and i don't know antifa communism leftism the glory of glorification of socialism and then they have their the vaccines and they have their saint george floyd and you're saint anthony fauci saint pelosi they have their their their venerations they have their icons and uh rachel levine don't get me started don't get me started that's one that's one ugly man um one ugly dude uh lena says can either of you actually give the argument from bodily autonomy so i'll pass that over to you bodily autonomy as in her like your her body her choice is that how we're talking here bodily autonomy uh well you have the right to do with whatever you want with your body for the most part um although at the same time every single law that exists regulates someone's body to some degree but women have the right to do with their body what they want it's just an infant a child conceived in the womb isn't your body anymore that is a separate entity with its own unique set of dna you don't get to do what you want with that the uh lena says i'm pointing out the projection you're engaged in subconsciously calling faith bad well no there's good faith and there's bad faith like there's yeah you know like you know there are good aspects to satanism but uh they're just sort of perverted and corrupted and because evil is a parasite on the good so obviously satanism is good to the extent that it exists that's ontologically good just like satan is ontologically good but he's as saint augustine said we are good by nature ontologically good we're good by nature but we're evil by choice if evil is not a thing evil is a way it's a way of doing it's a way of thinking it's a way of speaking so uh yeah uh religion one religion guess what one religion is better than another and there is a best religion the the fullness of christianity the fullness of christian truth is catholicism doesn't mean my separated brethren in some protestant christian community are destined for hell i mean they still have a hope of coming into the fullness of the truth getting the faith in getting into the state of grace uh and they're a lot closer than the scientologist i would say but it's a case-by-case basis and god is working with each and every one of us so yes one religion is better than another this should not be a controversial and that's that's the part of the you know the toes that people aren't willing to step on is they everyone said well everyone's everyone's good everybody's equal i think we need to drop that asap and we just need to understand not all cultures are equal not all our idea uh not all idea sets are equal not all religions are equal faith in it of itself can be a good thing if it is applied to the correct place i have no faith in bob's church down the road i have faith in christ's church yeah uh lena is incredibly sweet but incredibly naive with this next question i still don't hear you explaining how a woman's body isn't her body when it's something inside her body i mean that's cute but let's explain it to lena i mean if it's not if it's a separate set of dna if it's another baby it's a human being growing inside you just because it's in your body doesn't mean it's your body i eat food all day it doesn't mean it's my body it's in my body but it's not my body you know i mean i could swallow a metal rod it's not the the the example that lena the example that i always use is that if you if lena if your mother had gotten an abortion then guess what you wouldn't be here right now hello you would not be here you are you you've always been you since the moment of conception you are lena if that's your real name i don't know if that's your real name but you are you and guess what if your mother had made that choice the bad choice the evil choice the satanic choice to kill you she didn't kill part of herself she killed you but she didn't choose to kill you and you're here and you should thank her and you should thank god and you should get in the habit of thanking god right for everything how does a baby lena says how does the baby's dna differ from the mothers have to being different from the mothers have to do with the mother's right to her own body your point about my mother is irrelevant i'll let gino take this one well i mean if a separate it's a separate set of dna once the the egg and sperm combine they create new life that is a new human body inside of you that's why all of the the with the soul of the human soul it's a it's it's it's a soul the the 15 weeks the six weeks the heartbeat all of these lines that people draw are all arbitrary you can argue for it all it it becomes a new body at some point it has to become a new body that is separate than than the moms and what that moment just happens to be conception yeah but i mean i don't think it's irrelevant that if your mother had chosen to kill you then that would have grave consequences for you not for your mother but for you you well i mean also i think your mother loves you and your mother is glad that she didn't kill you i think it's very relevant it's still lena says it's still inside the woman's body right so are you ignoring her rights no well i mean i don't have the right to kill anybody i mean i you know it's it's a separate set of dna that's really what this comes down to it as a new human being okay lena says the moment of conception is the moment bodily autonomy ends i'm not sure if i understand that but i think the point is i assume in reference to what the woman is able to do with her body and you can do what you want with your body you just cannot harm another human being okay let i have a funny thought experiment just occurred to me let's say you're a pregnant woman you're pro-choice okay and you've got this thing inside of you we won't say what it is it's a thing that's growing if you want to say that it's part of you whatever it doesn't really matter but the point is you're going to sort of inject this thing with all kinds of poisons all kinds of things that will deform it and maybe just uh reach in and clip off a leg but you're not going to kill it okay and then presto prestowamo this thing gets born exits the womb and now wow it's a human being suddenly oh it's missing a leg oh dory i did that while it wasn't a human and oh it's got all kinds of problems oh don't worry i did that i injected it with all kinds of rat poison all kinds of stuff small doses enough not to kill it but enough to give some weird effects because it's my body my choice and what are you going to do about it buddy you can't do anything about it because it wasn't a human then it was just this thing in my body right right everyone knows that's wrong everyone knows that's wrong yeah it's not it's not logically consistent and my my question would be at what point does it become no longer acceptable in your opinion lena to terminate a human life at what point does it no long is it no longer acceptable that's that's my my big question you know because there are people that advocate all the way up to birth yeah yeah lena says put aside the irrelevancy of whether the baby is its own life as long as it's inside another being that being has the right to kill you boom no that's just satanic that's just demonic unfortunately yeah yeah yeah we have to we have to this is what happens if you don't have god you don't understand the sanctity of life you don't understand the sanctity of the unborn child's life and you don't understand the sanctity unfortunately of the elderly person's life and the handicapped person's life this is a sad thing about uh killing those who are not viable or might not live an optimal happy life these sorts of things but you talk to a nice catholic family that has a deformed baby a baby with down syndrome a baby with a different disabilities and that family will always say we thank god for this child this child's a blessing this child brought so much light of god the love of god into our home go watch some documentaries about christian families with children who are not optimal and you will soon be in tears you will be in tears you will repent of your pro-choice status and you will become christian that was just a big pro-life victory in west virginia in our state was that they the um deformities or disabilities things like down syndrome are no longer viable reasons for people to terminate do you elect to have have an abortion and that was it was literally the last bill passed of the session um last year it was the very last one made it congratulations and it's it's very it's very nice to know that that is that is a thing here and um it's you know you're seen when you don't understand or don't respect the sanctity of life you no longer you know now we're picking and choosing who's valuable you're not going to be valuable so sorry we're we are calling the week here you're not going to make the cut unfortunately we're going to have to pass you a death sentence here sorry yeah down syndrome but you gotta go your parents don't want you i don't think that's that doesn't seem right to me that doesn't seem fair to me just it's the same reason why i can't i can't get behind the uh the rape exception that the very very small percentage of abortions that are apparently performed because of rape and i understand that rape is an awful thing and we could talk about horrible punishments for for the rapist but i cannot pass a death sentence onto a child who did nothing sin to the fathers we know about that yeah yeah yeah i want to give a shout out to my friend sid sid is a nice young man he's a [Music] raised christian and he's sort of finding his way and how he's going to shape his christianity and these sorts of things a nice young man i've had him on my podcast a couple of times so this is a shout out to you sid um i want to talk now a little bit about the things you're most excited about in the catholic uh journey uh we can talk about the dogmas the theology we can talk about all kinds of things we can talk about the saints we could talk about mary we could talk about the hierarchy and the pope the living magisterium i just want you to uh pick one or two things before we wrap up uh one or two things that you're most excited about discovering or things that you have discovered that you're going to incorporate into your daily walk with god uh we one idea that comes to mind is indulgences this idea that we can reduce the temporal punishment due to sin by having the intention to offer it up and reach into that treasury of the infinite merits of christ and the saints and to reduce our time in purgatory if god forbid we end up in purgatory you could also talk about purgatory heaven hell death preparation for death suffering there's so many things to talk about what are you most excited about and what would you like to talk about uh for the next five or ten minutes before we wrap up so i'd say the next big or well the next the biggest thing that i would say that i'm excited about is um the newest aspect to me of religion in general especially in relation to christianity specifically is understanding what it's like to work on a cultivated relationship with the blessed mother because that is the biggest thing that pushes away so many between that in the the actual presence of of christ and the host mary is the biggest thing that freaks protestants out they just do not a lot of time understand it why do you worship mary i don't understand um but when you actually get it and you sort of realize what mary's role is as the as the intercessor as the the queen of all of existence um how she was able to get to that position she is not divine she she has given her her authority and power by god and we we know these kind of things but there is a different kind of um reassurance and comfort that comes from marian devotions and you can only find that with with the catholic church and i cannot deny the the power of the rosary at this point considering i feel like i have i have felt so much that has become of it and you talk about you can read the promises and you the signal graces that come of it and obtain all you ask that's the secret you can obtain all of you ask i mean we know we're talking about you're not going to sprout wings any time soon but if you really devote yourself to it and you understand what you're going for and you understand what the you know how how the blessed mothers what her role is in your life if you open yourself up to that i have myself up to that and one of the biggest things i prayed for was um anytime i would hear it in church you know the intentions of our held within our hearts or you get to the point of the rosary where are you thinking about the things that you want to you would like to think that you can ask for um i prayed for victory i prayed for winning my election i should not have won and i and i did i've granted i just didn't sit there and let it happen i i put forth that effort that i felt like i needed to make it happen but i prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed i can't deny it the power the power is real saint alphonsus liguri among other saints says if you want to be saved pray and if you don't pray you cannot be saved prayer is very very very very essential it is absolutely essential and uh going to our mother is absolutely essential you'd be a fool not to go to the mediatrix of all graces christ is the head all the graces come from the head the god man jesus christ but they all flow through that neck which is mary into the body which is the church so what like that why would you deny it this is straight out of uh among others saying louis d'amour iv i highly recommend if you're into the rosary highly recommend you check out uh saint louis tomorrow for louis de montfort and uh you know there's a consecration to our lady consecration to jesus through mary that saint louis de month iv does there's also another one by saint maximilian colby i'm sure you you've heard about these i'm not sure if you're well i know if you're interested in uh perhaps consecrating yourself to uh our lady i've done it i do prayers morning and night for that consecration to renew my baptismal vows to renounce satan i think it's very important to renounce satan this is one of the things that was dropped after vatican ii that uh it's one of the things where i'm a little bit sympathetic to the rad trads and the the set of a cantus because it's true like we sort of dropped emphasis on the saint michael prayer that used to be part and parcel of the the mass right after the mass one of the last things that was prayed i guess and uh i pray the saint michael's prayer i also pray a longer version it's sort of like the chaplet of saint michael yes chasing away those demons is very important through prayer michael's on my on my rosary you know that was the first rosary that i got for myself was um what was it michael i have st benedict's one that was a gift from the from the priest as well saint francis de sales is one of my all-time favorite saints and that's your parish that's your parish is that right yep yes it is terrific the more i hear about him i just the better and better it gets amazing amazing saint john vianney he's uh the curie of ours he's another one you should look into there's so many so many we love that you know the communion of saints you know that's another that's another very very fascinating thing you know there's just there's something for everybody you know when i was an atheist i thought i'm just me and who knows if the other exists who knows if the material world is real who knows uh and when i found god i thought okay what a relief this is good now i've got god and i'm not god what a relief and now i can worship god and of course i love god i want to know him i want to serve him and i want to be with him but christianity when i finally embraced christianity it really really really was natural and intuitive for me because i'd rejected the trinity just as being absurd before but now that i had god i thought well i'm a finite creature i'm limited in every way except that my soul will never die you know because that's how god made us that our soul is is eternal but you know i'm a finite person my thoughts are my intellect is limited and all these sorts of things and god is infinite god is infinite in every pure perfection so it really makes sense to have the god man fully god fully man and it also makes sense that the church is divine and human it also makes certain sense that we have a full spectrum of saints that are a wide variety of human characteristics different kinds of beauty physical beauty different shapes and sizes different emphasis on this or that or a quiet life or an active life so many colors so many things if you're missing your keys pray to saint christopher that's a bit of a joke but you know you get the idea there's this idea that there's something for everyone and there's a there's a saint for you and you're going to be attracted to these saints and your friend is going to be attracted to those saints and uh there's so many different ways different forms of spirituality so many different charisms and what a what a wealth and what a treasure and what a bridge between little old me and god almighty just think about that it's like the it's it's so intuitive it's so intuitive for the atheist who thinks well everything's just material everything's finite everything can be looked at under a microscope and when that atheist that same atheist finds god it's just natural that there's going to be all kinds of stuff in between yourself and god and there's going to be that bridge and you're going to have an approachability with mary for example that you might not have with the god man jesus christ it's like i pray every day i talk about how i've offended god so much that i ca i don't go directly to jesus christ i go through mary right just like when you're in a in a family situation when you're in a family situation you're a bad boy and you go to mommy because daddy's angry and mommy smooths things over that's just the way it is right and there's definitely points where it's when you accept the fact that you know what's um lord jesus christ have mercy on me as sinner you know when you realize your place when you know when you know what we are and what how we so much of what we do actually offends god and we do everything we can to do that to think that we can even come close to approaching the the realm of the idea of god the fact that we even get to ask someone to pray for us is just remarkably refreshing that we have that opportunity and it's the the fatima story is a really big one you know there's a lot of things we get caught up in this pop culture christianity the um the big the big bands and stuff and you see what the mega churches are doing and the joel osteen types and people forget we're forgetting what's at stake we are forgetting why that we're doing all this in the first place you know and people forget that what what's what we're risking hell's real that was real i i can't i cannot envision at this point not being real i don't think that i could ever think like i could you know how i did prior ever again i don't think i could but people really really live their lives like they're just totally not worried about it you know and it doesn't consume my every single thought like i'm not living in perpetual fear that uh the scrupulosity and you know the overthinking and stuff but you start acting a lot differently when you try to remain cognizant of your own shortcomings your own flaws and your own sins people people don't like that introspection people oh i could never be a catholic confession i got to talk to a priest i love there's no more it you don't have to worry about it it's not on you you can go and you can be forgiven and if you still hurt then you have the indulgences which explaining that's that's always a fun one blowing up somebody's perception of what indulgences actually are the 95 pcc the 95. the church sword indulgences oh boy that's here we go because that was one of the things that i knew about like well you know oh the dollar says that's bad well that's we don't like that but as soon as you realize what it actually is father mike schmitz that's another one he's a really really good video on indulgences very very palatable too to someone that to a total lay person but there's like you said there's just so much there's so much to get excited about every time i turn around i'm learning about something new here's this saying something perfect that just is so relevant to me right now here's a homily which you so i swear he's looking right at me when he's saying this stuff because it could not be more relevant you take away as much of this as you know as you put yourself into it and it really really is just there's such a complete feeling that that comes from just total submission and opening yourself up to god's will and i i cannot believe and i'm a shame that it took me this long but i'm doing what i can now at this point now people are like will you where are you going to shut up about this anytime soon and unfortunately no unfortunately no i'm not going to but um let let god uh oh no what is it what does saint peter and paul say or whatever when they got led out of prison it's like you be the judge whether i should i forget what the quote is something like we can't shut up we can't we can't not preach the gospel and i forget what the quote is i'll have to find it and send it to you but it's just like we can't help ourselves we can't help ourselves as people talk about the secrets of the universe this and that knowledge whatever here we are we found it we found the secrets and it ain't near secret it doesn't have to be a secret but and the patient the patience of god uh you know this is one thing i was marveling at when i converted is like hey god aren't you gonna you know all that embarrassing stuff i did as a sinner like when i was a satanist an explicit satanist by the way do you remember all that embarrassing stuff i did in the catholic graveyard desecrating the graves and doing all sorts of sick [ __ ] uh are you are you thinking about maybe rubbing my face in that anytime soon like when are you gonna start the chastisement and you know god never chastised me he never rubbed my face in any of my sick sins never it was just gentleness it was just peace it was just kindness it's just love and it's just a very familiar friendly feeling like you're at home the atheists that are so angry at god and they're so angry at us they're so angry they don't know what we're talking about they don't know the peace the joy the love just the feeling like hey i'm home i'm home they don't know that feeling they picture god's a big bully in the sky he's evil he's nasty he's this and he's that that's why we can't get too angry at the atheist because their conception of god is completely sick and perverted and twisted oh yeah i would not worship that god i wouldn't you and i would not worship that stupid evil demonic god that they think that we worship we would not worship that ever we run from that and you know a lot of a lot of the the problems that people have is it comes from the misconceptions you know and the the gods of old the thor's and the zeus's they're all dicks we get that but this is something entirely different this is this is you know this is an infinite god that is capable of the most gentle warmth and this mercy that we are just so undeserving of but at the same time you're talking about king of kings and lord of lords this this god is a wrathful god and he there is judgment but here's the thing you can be forgiven we all can which is just even me as a new person who is throwing myself into this it is i do believe it i almost can't believe that somebody like me can be forgiven yeah and it's just it's as soon as you just let go of all this stuff as soon as you let go of the baggage and everything that you've experienced none of that matters because if you are sincere in your efforts we're all screw-ups god knows it god knows that we're all just a complete mess completely unworthy of of mercy or or or redemption of any kind but that's how great he is because he gives us a shot you know saint saint augustine has some pretty funny quotes one of them is that when god turns away from our evil ways is to hide his smile because he finds it funny now this this this is his opinion it's not catholic dogma it's just a pious opinion about the way that god loves us he also said something interesting about because it's like a parent-child relationship right so the child thinks oh no i've done i made a boo-boo daddy's angry with me but daddy's like turning away and like oh my god this is hilarious you know what i mean so another thing that saint augustine said is that when you run away from god smiling right so you've got a good relationship with god you run away from this god that's smiling it's our god you run straight into the arms of god frowning so this is this sort of it's a sort of idea that you can't run from god all you can do the best thing you can do is be humble be like a child and turn that frown upside down turn god's frown upside down because guess what you're stuck with god he's on he's he's you can't hide you can't hide as much as you want there's a great poem by a drug addict street person where it's called the hound of heaven i forget the author's name but he was just a bad bad guy hated himself hated god he knew he was unworthy uh well he thought he was unworthy of god's love and forgiveness and uh doing heroin on the streets of london whatever it was and it's called the hound of heaven because god was chasing him chasing him chasing him chasing him chasing him chasing him chasing him and finally this poet got tired of running away he got tired he said uncle and oh my god the peace the joy the forgiveness wow wow everyone should read this poem i'll put a link to it in the description it's amazing it's the way we are we're proud we don't want to be caught we don't want to admit that we're wrong about the silliest little thing once you're married for uh 26 years as i am you'll see that it doesn't change we're still proud and we still don't want to be wrong about these stupid little details that's how we are we're in a fallen world we're in a fallen state but god made us god loves us and we are good by nature evil by choice but with god's help we can make better and better choices this is what moses said choose wisely choose life and that's why i always say about abortion and murder and pedophilia and everything else i'm pro-choice but i want you to choose wisely i want you to choose life why am i pro-choice because god gave us free will it's a very good gift but it's very very dangerous it's very dangerous you can end up burning in hell for all eternity please for the love of god choose wisely and choose life right you know and it's that's a lot of people talk about well you know this god how can he allow things to happen it is just because god god there is permissive acts that happen underneath god but the greatest good is allowing us to have the choice there is no there's no options under under complete control we're not zombies we're not robots we have the choice and regardless of the horrible things that happen god has determined that the greatest good is giving us giving us the option and i think a lot of people even i can reflect back on on myself uh when i was in the midst of denying denying denying as much as i possibly can not really caring and i think that this is true for a lot of people especially the ones that are very openly in some of their um some of their ways i'll put it that way um when they go to bed at night when the lights are off phone's on the charger and they close their eyes i think that many many many people feel so empty and they just hate themselves i think they hate themselves because they do not have what other people have and that's why i think a lot of people try to numb themselves with drugs uh legal or otherwise antidepressants ssris heroin morphine fentanyl um with sex with with alcohol with with that pornography it's just people will do anything they can to get away from from the truth and i think business business business work work work work work work work work work work work work work work anything anything that they possibly can to get away from those those moments when it's just them by themselves alone and they realize that they could not be more wrong and they will choke it down they'll never admit it because like you said no one wants to admit that they're wrong there's a lot of pride that comes with it i mean this is the month right um there's a lot of pride that comes with it but when as soon as you move past all that and when you when you humble yourself things really really do change it's you know it's not like it's you know you can never go so far where you can't go home again there's no i mean what there's like one unforgivable sin and that's conscientiously choosing to refuse i openly refuse to accept you know unreal other than that on repentance willful utter repentance yeah that's a that's a bold strategy that is a bold like to live at this point i'm not going to play that game anymore i have realized what i have done wrong to this point and now boy i can only hope that i can make up for last time well you've been on both sides you've been on both sides i've been on both sides and uh we'll leave it as an exercise for the listener to take a wild guess which lifestyle we think is better hmm yeah i couldn't tell you not too sure think about it oh my god it is so funny it is so funny how good god is and how much we're running away from him running away from the source of everything that's good oh no i don't want god i want pleasure well god's a source of pleasure i don't want god i want health well god's a source of health i don't want god i want the truth well god's a source of truth it's absurd it's completely absurd that's why god laughs when they when the atheist said there's no god right it's just it's completely absurd everything you're doing is giving glory to god everything you're doing is giving glory to god all the time right so hey why not give glory to god in a way that's meritorious and that will elevate you and that will bring you happiness joy health goodness unity all the things you want anyway because it might it might cause somebody to have to give up themselves as the center of the universe you know sorry for the inconvenience i hate to break it to you but it's you know it's not us it is not us there's there is one there is there is the king there is there there is god and we're just gonna have to it's either yeah you know you bend the knee or you get bent so i'm doing i'm on this i'm doing this because i'm it is i'm i'm in it okay i'm committed hey augustine said there's an intelligent self-love there is an intelligent self-love and that's to want for everyone else what you want for yourself all those good things that we're talking about that's intelligent self-love and that is true religion to commend others to god because that that is the source of every good so this you don't have to abandon your selfishness just get it notch it up to a little bit more sophisticated level of selfishness i want heaven i want to please god i want to be god's favorite no i want to be god's favorite i want to be virtue i want to be virtuous i want to i want to master my bad habits i want to be good you know not not to boast about it but to please god it's it's it's that it's like it's like i keep coming back to the romantic relationship have you ever been in love you want to please your lover you want to please them and you just want to lose yourself in their eyes or that little corner of the mouth that's so fascinating wow who what is the shape or the shape of other body parts i mean not to mention it's just so exciting the woman the female form and the song of solomon talks about this this is god almighty that we're talking about this romantic vibe and the love and the the intimacy intimacy keyword intimacy the pornography industry is running on this inversion of something that's very very very good and very very very powerful that's intimacy and we are to have the fulfillment of all our desires in terms of intimacy but not with some [ __ ] no with god and that's the true intimacy right so we're not giving up intimacy we're elevating right we're not giving up sex we're elevating sex we're not giving up food we're elevating food right and my food is to do the will of the father and we have the eucharist we have there's always a parallel there's always a parallel to everything that we're lusting after in these lower animal passions always always always always always because god was not frustrated in his design when he wanted to make us to be natural animals with reason and free will he was not frustrated we are animals we do have needs we have to have intimacy we have to have love we have to have food we have to have shelter we have to have pleasure god built us for that but don't go for always go for the cheap fast junk food in the analogy of each of these pleasures right whether it's junk food by using pornography and masturbation instead of having intimacy with a wife or with christ you you know we have to choose better quality and this is the definition of sin according to saint augustine is choosing a lower good consciously and knowingly choosing a lower good a lesser good when we know there's a higher good that is the very definition of sin because no one's going to deny that that bag of potato chips is ontologically good it's good it's just not the best meal it's not the most well-rounded meal so you can't live on that it's okay to snack once in a while but we need to make good choices and if you're consciously harming yourself by making bad choices in all these domains of human nature and human life including sexuality of course most importantly sexuality then the the law of karma cause and effect you're gonna reap what you sow sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it's not too late it's not too late to change your ways never too late that's the uh that's the big one and it's the it is the the picking the satisfaction never the the fulfillment you know the the short-term versus the long-term stuff and it's just so it's just so wildly moving to think about how i so adamantly fought i went in as much of a skeptic as i possibly could and it just gets to a point where you just can't deny it you just can't doesn't matter how hard you fight it you just can't and continuing to deny and even when you know you can't deny it that's another dangerous territory that i'm not willing to explore any farther than i already unfortunately have so at this point here we are i'm i'm choosing to do the best that i can to go for fulfillment that is and i found more fulfillment here um in in god in his church than i have anywhere else so i hope you'll come back it's real pleasure to meet you it's been a surprise to hear your story i had no idea what to expect i'm very proud of you uh following the call to public service it's a messy messy world it's a dirty world it's an ugly world it's a world full of demons and uh they're minions they're witting and unwitting minions of demons that will try to harm you destroy you uh maybe not kill you i don't know but um you know it's all for the glory of god and i admire your your courage uh not to be overly dramatic you know i don't know maybe you'll just sail through and be the next president i don't know but oh god they'll never let me make it that far believe me they don't want me but i'm proud of you i'm proud of you for giving it a go and fighting for truth and justice in this uh following world and i do hope you'll come back and keep us posted on your developments i know you're busy but i really appreciate you taking the time god bless you i love you and i'll be praying for you please pray for me in mind and i did enroll you in a perpetual mass so every day the infinite graces of the mass are coming to you and your family uh even if you end up in purgatory you're still going to get those graces right until the very end of time okay boy do i need them yeah god bless you my brother thanks david i appreciate it we'll talk soon god bless sounds great bye