CVS Live Guest - 2022-07-16 - Grant Friedland

Author Streamed Saturday July 16th, 2022

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I follow Grant on Twitter. He describes himself as a Christ-follower and America First conservative. Political writer and gospel defender.

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Since we're here we go, I found a little problem. We're here on. Live with Grant. Take to how you doing grab a. David. How's it going nicely on on today. I really appreciate that. Yeah. I had this both muted. For some reason I had to another Windows famous Windows update and reset everything. So I appreciate you coming on. I don't know that much about you, so let's jump right into the biographical details, sort of introduce yourself. To me, too, my few listeners, and just talk a little bit about your faith journey, focusing on God, Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and any sort of bumps along the road. I know you're very young man, so probably not too much to tell, but you may have hit. That may have been some bumps along the road like a puberty and stuff like that, Just talk about whatever you're comfortable with and some of the highlights Police. Yeah, so thanks again for having me on. I really appreciate this opportunity and. You know when we were first talking about me about coming on the show. Possibly I was saying. You know I know your podcast from Spec, so and pine up, so a huge shout out to those guys. They really promoted me, and they've also been great brothers in the faith journeys while, so I couldn't be more thankful to them in Nashville to you, but I haven't always been Christian like I said. I know you converted as well, perhaps a different journey than me, but it's certainly a special way. You know. It's different than the cradle Catholics who you know, I'd like my kids to be cradle Catholics. But it's something different to be able to experience of faith in your own way and development in your own way, So that's totally different, But for me I wasn't always raised Christian. My parents did say to believe in God, but they really didn't talk about who Jesus was and obviously as I started looking into more in the past year and a half two years since Coven? Who is Jesus. What did he found an actual church that we should listen to and adhere to or should we simply go our own way? And perhaps we'll get into this later on as far as theology and Catholicism in other areas of the face, but as you know, I find, Protestants are mostly definitely in good faith, trying to learn the scriptures in their own way, but perhaps that's also a problem, because their own ways, it can be very subjective at times, and so I answered those questions I started to study these questions for months. How to prove God is real. I think arguments about you know from causation First halls of the universe, that St Thomas Aquinas laid out the divinity of Christ is very much noted from him. The New Testament, very being very reliable, compared to other ancient historical documents, The resurrection. The fact that the Apostles had no good reason to lie about him. They didn't think a resurrection was possible in first century Judaism, until the end of time. The first witnesses to Jesus resurrecting were women, and in that time period. Their testimony was not trustworthy, so I think there's a lot of good evidence for Jesus being divine God, existing, of course, and the Catholic Churches Authority, and I recently converted the last year last October. I believe I started going to mass and entered the Rc. I convert program, Gotten and baptized and confirmed this pasta Easter, the Easter vigil, So it was really a blessing and the face or any really continues and we're looking only to the future, Wow. So exciting when you were sort of decided can't just talk a little bit that that moment. Where you said yes, I'm in, and in particular. If there were some hurdles, some converts have a couple of questions that need to be resolved before they completely commit one hundred percent, and you know, for me personally, you know I struggled a little bit. Because I was a pure monotheistic generic, mon Ne, I only believed in God, The Father did not believe in the Trinity or the incarnation, or that Christ was Lord, or Christ was God. The sorts of things, so I had to learn a lot. I had to ask a lot of questions. Thankfully I had a monk, a Catholic monk who's on his way to becoming a priest, and he guided me. Answered all my questions gave me reading lists and I read a lot and I was able to come to understand at you know not that I understand the Trinity, but to understand how the church. Presents the Trinity Howard to understand it, and how we can use reason to, if not completely are exhaustively comprehend that Trinity at least to apprehend that this is the truth given by God, So there were questions like that there were struggles like that. I didn't have a problem with Mary. I didn't have a problem with authority and the Pope, and that sort of thing on the contrary, but there were a couple of technical philosophical questions. You know the two wills, The two the two natures. In these sorts of things. What was the case with you Were there other issues like maybe? The things that we're having to do with morality. Maybe you didn't want to give up your favorite scenes. Just talk about some of the hurdles. If there were any in what they were and how you overcame them. Yeah, there's there's two different things I think as far as looking at struggles in a faith journey to to overcome in the for. Especially for a convert, The first, I think it's the theological ones you sorta talked about this. The trinity is very much a mystery. I mean it's something that isn't explicitly noted in the Bible. The word. Obviously, The concept is very much derived from it. The early Church fathers, but it's still a great mystery to all of us and it's kind of hard to explain that other people, but I think it's comforting that Jesus talks about. He is one with the father, and he will give us the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the son, but there's those theological challenges as far as you know, how do we understand this doctrine or or part of Christianity, And of course there's the personal aspects of it As well, We all have scenes that we overcome. We continue sending. We have to be reconciled to the church continuously. And with God continuously and asked for forgiveness and repents, and of course you know there's many things that comes with loss was a big one for me, but that's something certainly overcame, but of course it's a daily fight, but there was specifically one thing I think I noted, and I started really my Catholic studies in the winter, and through land specs, so actually inspired me to take a break from social media. Third leg, so I was reading several books, Trent Horn, The case for Catholicism, waking up Catholic was another one, so I, I really. The only thing I did I was Youtube, cause I watch a lot of great videos and nighttime reading a lot of bucks, but for me in my faith journey the number one issue that I had concerns about it, and I don't know if you plan on talking about this later and depth is the evolution debate actually, and so I've done extensive work on that As well, I think there's a great. There's some reasons to doubt the the powers that the scientific people will give Darwinian evolution, but that being said. I, I was very much anxious about this area. The faith and the Catholic church. They sort of a believe, theistic evolution, or Old Earth creationism, which I respect, but they also don't require believers to believe one thing or another as well which I am glad that they respect, and so you know whether you believe in an old earth or not, I think this is very much a question that has time to a lot of people's minds, Because especially in the culture that doesn't believe in God and not aspect, they say Evolution is sure there for God can't be true. Well, what a lot of great Catholic apologists are doing and I've tried to do this as well as well. He's talked about the Evolution debate, but also note the fact that any discussion about the evolution debate has to start with the arguments for God's existence, because Evolution doesn't necessarily disprove God in my view, but certainly we learn more about his creative powers being the all powerful God through that debate, and so obviously that's something I've studied. I've looked over. And it caused me a great deal of anxiety in my faith journey, especially in the early fall, when I was considering Christianity more seriously, and then you know Catholicism more specifically, so that was a big debate that I had a big challenge I had to overcome, but I've come to the conclusion that whatever you believe about that all that matters is that God is real, and that Jesus is divine, and he founded the Catholic Church. So anything else is really secondary, and it is an important thing for us to answer and talk about, but it's really secondary and we have to start with. The fact that God is real and we can prove that theologically. Yeah, For sure where what was your journey with the evolution versus creation? Where you did? At some point Did you believe in one and switch to the other and back and forth, or were you always on one side or we'll just talk a little bit about that that journey. Yeah, I know specs. Though he's a. He's a younger sort of persons, Valentine's episode That he believes that. As well so am I, and for me I do, I do not believe that the six days of Genesis are meant to be taken literally. I also don't believe a lot of the narratives about Darwinian evolution, In particular The area that came to see you know, Cause me doubts and struggles, was the idea of a Neanderthal Eight men. To you know human beings, and that'd be all share a common ancestor, and when we first talked about that in school, we'd really didn't cover it this much in biology. In eleventh grade. We of talked about it and eighth grade for what it's worth, but I didn't really. You don't understand Christianity in that time, and if they're compatible or not so when they talk about these things and and Darwinian evolution. If evolution is true in the sense that we can observe things, and even perhaps over time enough time organisms can change rapidly and dramatically, but these studies are based on the fact that other organisms previously existed. It doesn't explain the fact that perhaps a simple salad could pop. You know this beautiful earth. We have into existence without something external like an all powerful god, and the universe can be explained in itself, so obviously I think anything outside of the universe would have to be God, but. I guess that's you know a separate part of the debate, but obviously the creation that made you something that touches the hearts of many Christians. A lot of evangelicals are not so much believers in it. A lot of Catholics even do not. They do believe in evolution, and are skeptical of young Earth creationism. So I think whatever people believe, I respect, I personally have some skepticism of the evolution. Teach things today. I think that is perhaps part of you know science, The secular sites worldview and their starting points. But as I said, the most important fact is that God is real, no matter what the cases, and I think that the order and design of the universe, even if evolution were true, doesn't contradict God's existence, and certainly not the divinity of Christ in the Catholic Church's teachings on it, for sure, for sure, but I agree with you one hundred percent. One hundred percent. It's a secondary or tertiary issue. I think, but there are implications were. I think that are very important for the character and nature of God and the dignity of the Mother of God. The Mother of God is not an ape. She's not. Fish, but if you bought, if you buy into evolution, even if it's theistic evolution, you have to admit along with the atheists that the blessed Virgin Mary is an ape and a fish and tetrapod, but she's all these different things, because we belong to every clade that is in our history, in this fantasy story of evolution, so it's just about that. It's not only about the dignity of the Virgin Mary, it's about the dignity of every human person, and it's also about the principle of sufficient reason, the principle of. Washington, causality, the principle of causality, all these philosophical metaphysical principles that are violated by the theories. The various theories of evolution. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend this book. I think It's backwards. My screen is backwards today, but forgive the Satanic inversion. I don't know where my screens inverted, but it's the metaphysics of evolution and you can check that out, and it's a very very short book, but it it outlines very briefly some of the philosophical metaphysical. In schools that are violated by every of evolution theory, so something to look into, but I do agree with you that the most important thing obviously is God. We have one and only one all powerful, all good, all knowing all loving creator, and that's that's the beautiful source from which are flows from which everything flows, so talk a little bit. I very briefly about your. Family, how did they view you? Are you a religious fanatic in their eyes or you, just on the same page as everyone on the same page has one of your siblings gone off into Scientology, or Hinduism or Islam, or we'll just talk about this sort of a little sketch window without stirring up any family drama or touching on anything that's too personal. Obviously, Yeah, that's and last thing about the evolution debate, a great book as well as the Darwin on trial. I forget the author exactly, but it's a great book and it's about skepticism of Darwinian evolution. But as far as your, your other question about my family, my family's been a great blessing to me, I'm an only child. Actually, Perhaps you can believe that, perhaps you can't, but I actually am an only child seventeen years, and they are very supportive of me. They've been supportive of me throughout this process, and I'm actually the only Catholic in my family and I said earlier they taught me to believe in God, but they didn't really teach me about Jesus, so this is on. Man, I'm not trying to say that in a braggadocio sway, or like a prideful way, but like every single decision about my faith has really been my own thoughtful conclusion and rationales, so perhaps that's a good thing. As far as what their religion is, actually My father's father is actually Jewish, and the rest of Christians wouldn't be Christians in my family have been Protestant, so I'm the only Catholic and they do have skepticism systems of the faith, but perhaps it's just you know them getting to understand the. If more or us being got apologise and showing them that, as well as living out the faith as someone that is Christ centered, and you know showing a good role model to them, so you know be at my essays on something like that, the one that you saw, then you should that specs of cherie priest pedophilia, something that hurt a lot of people in the church, unfortunately, and caused them to flee, which is unfortunate, and I don't think that's a rational conclusion, but I certainly understand that frustration, so I'm trying to show the faith with them. Have been going The Latin masses. May one or two times, I've gone to the regular order Mass Novus Ordo Mass several times, and so I'm happy to bring them along and I, you know, appreciate the opportunity to show them the faith more, but I hope everyone sees us as sprang for them, and I hope we can be good models for those in our lives, families, friends neighbors anybody else to show them why Catholicism is the true faith and how Jesus has impacted our lives in so many great ways and. And Em in the comments is just asking why Catholicism just in particular, because you know I'm going to have 'em on the show at some point, but she's been a little bit shy to talk about her faith, because it's a good point You know there is this idea that when we publicly parade our faith there may be some pride involved. We have to be cautious about that and and mentioned that in the live chat here earlier, but you know we do have to be careful not to to boast about our faith or to be braggadocio like you said. But at the same time we do have to be the light of the world, The salt of the earth. We have to spread the word, and so we you know Vatican Two talks about to the new evangelization. We are called the reason I do the podcasters. Because the Vatican Two, in the new evangelization, we are called Universal call to Holiness, and we are a priest, prophet and king, and we are to go out and to share the good news, so we have to strike a balance between you know being addicted to the likes and all that sort of thing, and I don't have that problem because I got so few listeners and followers, but. Some people that are more popular, they might get addicted to the attention or to the the compliments. Then began to this sort of thing. Are the gifts they get in the mail. I do not have the money. They make some people make money. Believe it or not. They're making money off of preaching the gospel and that's fine. That's fine, but you just we need to be careful that we don't sin, and we don't fall into pride in these sorts of things, but the question that 'em asked was about why Catholicism in particular, you pretty much told us that you. He did it. I have some sure he had lots of good reasons, but how would you narrow it down to maybe just a few good reasons for someone that maybe asking a few questions about which denomination there are people out there That aren't sure, maybe the leaning towards orthodoxy and did you dabble with the Eastern Orthodoxy or any other denominations? Yeah, So when I was first, like actually taking Christianity to heart, I was basically nondenominational but I didn't really know any sort of differences between the nominations, and ultimately I said Okay, Let me reach out to my Catholic. Yeah, appraised. Let's see. Let me do my own dive into the faith while I start to sort of conversion process potentially, and it's a long process, but it's certainly one I would encourage people to check out, but ultimately it's a question of authority and you know really The question is why choose Catholicism. Why choose it over Anglicanism or Orthodoxy or a Protestant denomination. Were they just focus on the Bible, and ultimately does come down to authority and I was reading a very good book. I Joe, Hash Mire of Catholic answers, His book was called Pope Peter defending the Churches most distinctive doctrine in a time of crisis, and ultimately that's what it's about Because that's sending single doctrine that makes Orthodox different from Catholicism, because we both share the belief of the saints and you know real presence in the eucharist, and so obviously it comes down to the Papacy and a lot of Protestants are quick to say that well the papacy is made up. It could have been started by Constantine. The Catholic Church is just the Universal Church doesn't actually have a hierarchy, and in a new essay, I'll be releasing and have it with a video to in the coming days, perhaps the next week, it'll be talking about early Church historical evidence for the papacy, but I'd say the Papacy is certainly biblically established as well and obviously you'll hear a lot of verses given for the papacy, Matthew, Sixteen, eighteen, being the prime one and this is when Peter says Jesus says to Peter, Peter. Are you are Simon? You are Simon, rather you are now Peter safest, and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not overcome it, and so I was also dabbling earlier today with a Mormon, who said well, I that that might be true, but apostasy might have happened, but the fundamental premise is that Peter is given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Unlike anyone else, he's given a name change signifying a change in new leadership, such as you know from Abram to Abraham Jacob to Israel. Saul to Paul, St, Paul, my confirmation, Saint, so Peters, clearly, in my view, the first Pope, in their early church, historical evidence affirms this, and when they're debating, you know who's the greatest amongst these Apostles at the last Supper, and Luke, I believe it's Luke, twenty two, thirty two, thirty one, or thirty two, For the full thing, They're debating who's the greatest amongst them and Jesus says it's the one who serves, and you are all called to serve, been in a unique way, he says to Simon, Peter, Satan has demanded. That I, you are all swept up like wheat, but I have prayed for you, Simon, Peter, and that your your faith may not fail, and you may strengthen your brothers, and of course that you know he's called to feed the lands, feed his sheep. He is calling to you know he's the one that is catching the miraculous, catch a fish, and soon will be a catcher of men after Jesus helps him in that regards, so I think there's obviously clear Biblical evidence for the Papacy, noting at it, perhaps not explicitly. But the early church historical evidence affirms this as well and Peter is the rock on the church. In the same way. Some say Jesus is the rock. Jesus is also the cornerstone of the church, but St. Paul calls the Apostles, the cornerstone, Ephesians, Three Twenty, so I think the Papacy is what ultimately divides anything else, and to Peter. I would note it is good. He's the one who's giving the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and his successors was as noted in the early Church historical evidence, and more importantly the gates of Hell. Will not prevail against the church that can never teach error that can earn never teach heresy, and it's certainly not fall into apostasy. And so I think it's very good thing to be in communion with the one church with Peter at the head and his successors. You have a plan beer. Forever, The church defines a dog with it contradicts past dogmas. They will plan the religion. Like Oh, switched to this other thing over here. Yeah, basis you know they say that a lotta people. I'm not sure what your views on Baddeck and Qr. Some people say that that taught heresy and I. I. You know I go to Latin mass. I consider myself very traditional, but Vatican Two do not teach heresy in any way that I've seen, and it's a binding council. Certainly do, so, I've seen no evidence to believe that they're teaching heresy, and if they haven't done in two thousand years, and I certainly believe that they wouldn't do in the future, but you know, let's say they theoretically people saying they have, or they might well, I'd say the fact that you know Peter has promised the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Is told that the Church will never be overcame by the gates of Hades, Hell, and more importantly, perhaps than that promised by Jesus, who is our Lord and the son of God and the trinity, He promises the Holy Spirit descended the Church forever, and this is certainly separate than how we receive the Holy Spirit through Baptism, So Jesus would have to fail, and that promise, and I certainly don't think that's possible, and the Holy Spirit is the one who leads all into truth and the Apostles, with Peter at the head into truth and his successors into truth, so I just simply don't see how. Is yours could ever teach heresy? And for those that say Vatican two did? Perhaps you disagree with some of its liturgical reforms and the liturgy of the mass, but it certainly did not teach heresy in any way that I've seen in in any way that anyone will ever occur, so I don't disagree with any of etiquette to a rental sixty documents. A couple of times. I love them Specs on pints. I just went through a couple of episode found in the Vatican. Two. Yeah, it's beautiful. It's very beautiful and it's very traditional and there's nothing more traditional than. Obedience in the church. I'm I'm Young Earth creationist and Pope Francis doesn't seem to be a Young Earth creationist, but we can agree to disagree. Like that's okay. We can agree to disagree and I'm anti Vax, and the Pope seems to be pro Vax. We could disagree. We could disagree that you know and do whatever you know, and so I love and respect him and I have a certain affection for him. I think he's a sweet old man and I would never disrespect any. Have my elders because that's just not what you do. I mean, So all the womb, the Pope bashing is out of control with the Rothschilds, and I guess some people call them Matt drudge or whatever the set of a fortunate, and if I just made really quickly, Michael often, and also has a good, very good, very good series on Vatican Two, Defending Vatican Two, okay, and you know like I said we can be traditionalist. We can be very conservative. I'm certainly very conservative. Perhaps we'll talk about politics later. Let's see, but Catholicism is obviously more important. But a lotta people really do take Popes. Francis comments about certain things out of out of context and they really blow up some of his media comments, be it about the vaccine, or perhaps immigration or evolution or any other issue, but the fact is he will never teach heresy. He will never bind the church to era the faithful to air, and certainly you can disagree with his comments as a private theologian, but we should do so reverently and more importantly is the fact that he is the Holy father. He is the vicar of Christ. Is Peter successor in the gates of Hell will never overcome, so we have to pray for Pope Francis? We have to pray for the Church, and we have to continue to be obedient a lay people and do our jobs and the way that we are called, Perhaps that's some of us that's hosting a pop up. You know a podcast. Some of us. It's writing. Other people's doing other great things, so we pray for Pope Francis and we accept him and we accept Vatican. Two. Yeah, For sure. I was just chatting with the lady on Twitter, and the the only reason I chat with people on Twitter is to. Try to course them to come on my podcast, but she she was too reluctant. She was just horrified with me. The fact that I submit to Pope Francis. How could you do that? He's not Catholic. That that that that that, and you know I. I, because I I started, I knew she was a set of a canter, so I started with there is no possibility of salvation outside of the Catholic church and she really liked that I knew she would really like that cause She's a Saturday. But then she doesn't seem to realize that that's written right into Vatican Two, Like it's there. It's in its there in a balanced way, counterbalanced by other notions like how can people get into the church and a lot of people that appear to be outside of the church are actually met, partial members or potential members of the church. This is how Vatican Two talks about the church, and that's why we say that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic church. We don't say as the set of a Qantas would have the council. I have said the Council Fathers did not say the Church of Christ is the Catholic church. That's what the set of a Qantas want, but the the Council Fathers said that Church of Christ subsists. We like San Augustine said. If you ask someone on the street. Hey, where's the nearest Catholic church. They don't have a problem pointing you to it right, and it's not going to be Society of St. Pius the tenth, or whatever right as Spx, or whatever it is so, and the the point I wanted to make with that is that in our Catholic churches, whether you like the the liturgy or not, and there are a lot of liturgical abuses. Obviously, there are a lot of abuses and the so -called spirit A Vatican Two, I don't need to talk about that everyone knows. The abuses that have taken place and I still see them from time to time and it's regrettable is always regrettable. When these things creep in, But that's just in our fallen world. We have to expect that, but but we hear the church praying for Pope Francis, so it's not heard. It's not hard to figure out where the churches. It's not hard to figure out who the pope is. Just Ask someone on the street. Hey, Is there a Catholic church around here then go to the Catholic church. Listened to the mass and listened carefully. And they're going to be praying for the Pope, and they're going to name him by name and his name is Francis. That's the name he took, So it's really not rocket science. We need to be like little children. We need to be innocent, pure and simple and natural, and we need to just just be use. Common sense is not hurt, So what are the? What are the set of a cat? Not to bash the set of a Qantas are nice people, But what did they do when they go to church? Who are they are they praying for their bishop? Did they have a bishop do or are there any? Are there any bishops? They recognize or not, I know I interviewed the Pope Michael, and he's got a very very very very small Catholic church, and I. I do like the man. I have a fond affection for him that he's wrong, obviously, but you know it. It's just it's it's it flies in the face of common sense. We know where the churches, and we know who the pope is Because the church is always praying for the pope. Can you just respond to what I was saying? Yeah, he does good point. Obviously. There's been one true church. A definitive church with hierarchy from the beginning of Christianity. I just wanted to share with you. Briefly A quote I was reading The early church was Catholic. Another book by Joe Hash Meyer, and certainly there's been not only this Papal linage from Peter onward, that has been clearly noted, but you know obviously what makes a church, and this is something you know Early church fathers like Aaron, as Polycarp, Ignatius. Now there's were talking about, and just perhaps this is. Shifting a little bit away from the discussion about a state of conscious, I'm a little more about Protestantism, but Ignatius was saying you know, Continue in imitate union with Jesus Christ, Our God and the Bishop, in the acknowledgments of the Apostles, in like manner, let all reverence the deacons as an appointment of Jesus Christ and the Bishops of Jesus Christ and the presbyters as the Sanhedrin of Jesus Christ, and Assembly of the puzzles, apart from these, there is no church. So, on one hand we have Ignacio, saying what makes a church is not merely a community of believers, but a hierarchy of a priest, a deacon and a bishop, all in communion with the supreme recipe was The, which is the bishop of Rome, the Pope, the successor of Peter, onward, and on another hand, so that sort of debunks Protestantism from the first and second century, but also we're talking about, say to a concert, Perhaps in those skeptical of Vatican Two, we are still called to pray for our leaders. I treat them rubber, and with respect, even if we disagree with them, and the fact that they can never teach heresy to the church and bind the faithful error is something that we have to note, and so we have two hands were talking about the authority of the Catholic Church and the fact that it will never fall into schism apostasy. So I think that's why we have to look at it from both sides, and if of course that only affirms Catholic dogma and the authority of the Pope. Even more, how did you navigate? This online Catholic world where there's so much attention given to the ride, Triads and the traditional Latin mass are those who are disparaged The Pope, either really explicitly and openly or more subtly, and I, I have a really fine tuned radar. I can always. I can always hear when someone disrespects Pope Francis. Not that he's the greatest saint that ever lived. God. God only knows time will tell, and his life isn't an overt. I have his life isn't over it. It ain't over till the fat lady sings, so we. Call no man St until their death, but you know literally so and it's a. It's a sin to rash drudge any any man's hurt, and it says on the Vatican website. It says it's a grave sin. Pope Francis put this on the Vatican website. It's a grave sin to disparage the the character of any of our fellow man. You know something like that, So what was my point here with all of this? What was I talking about here? Do we care of bashing of France? Yeah, Yeah, so, Yeah, this is the question I had about your young man interested in the faith, but you must have been bombarded online because the Internet presence is so strong with the Rad Trad. How did you navigate? That Did you fall prey to their lies or did you just intuitively know that as St. Cyprian said you cannot have God for your father, If you do not have the church for your mother, and what I like to add onto that. Is and you can't have the Church for your mother, If you don't have Pope Francis for your father, So it takes it one step further, But did you fall prey to their lies and manipulations in the their their trick trickery their subtle lies, or did you just intuitively know that you. You can't have Mother Church without to Papa, Frank, Francesco, Yeah, so I would say I never really fell into this just sort of lies, but obviously I had moments of frustration with something. Comments made by Francis wraps, and I'm still finding myself constantly defending some of the things he says, but what I always know to them is look he, our Holy Father. He's in the office clearly established by Jesus from Peter onward and we have to respect him, and certainly politically we may not be happy with where some of the you know the people in the church stand, Buddy that they do not bind the faithful to air, and Pope Francis has done many good things and he's said many conservative things, so perhaps we should take that more to a. Not simply read media headlines that try to bash him and make him look bad or or false reports. In some instances, so we have to reconcile that with each other and I'm also friendly with third people online that are Protestant, and so I'm always you know trying to be a good Catholic and saying. Hey, look, you can disagree with him. All you want on You know private theological comments and law politics and whatnot, but you know the important fact is. Hey, the Papacy has been established by Christ. It's been widely noted in the early Church historically from. Two thousand years ago, onward, and you know, we have to submit to his authority in Rome. What do you like the current state of the Church or not? And if you want to be orthodox, because it seems more based or more traditional, Well, That's certainly your right as a free human being, but that will lead you into schism and possibly damnation. Perhaps damnation. Certainly, so don't do that trust the authority of the Pope. Submit to him and let's have a dialogue about the authority of the Pope more broadly, because I think that's an area where we craps could find a. Ourselves in a better outcome, you got the right balance with an iron fist in the velvet glove. You just got it down, Pat is very good, So what is it? What is it with your your young generation? How old are you know? I'm seventeen going into? Do? Yeah, said Senior in high school. This coming fall? Wow, Wow, Unbelievable, so I'm wondering if it's a generational thing in America. Is there a young generation? I know we're going to talk with the gray personal, this sort of thing, and Nick is there some? Thing happening on alert scale, it seems to me that I would have lifted the rock, have peered under, and it's nothing but faithful young Catholics, who are on fire for Jesus Christ, and who are faithful to the living magisterium. It's like the best of both worlds. It's everything that I've always wanted in the Church, and it seems like it's a growing movement with these young men in the states. What's happening? How big is it and is it really a new generation of fresh new generation. That's an on fire in this way or? I think there is and obviously I'm someone that converted on my own, and like you said, we're going to dive into politics later establish that connection, but there is undoubtedly millions of young men out there who feel like society has basically tossed them apart. They've ignored them. They've stepped on them. They throw them aside and you know there's a lotta people who are skeptic. You know you know pessimistic about the future of the country. They feel they've been forgotten. Their voices have been trampled. They're not going to be able to have a family. They're not going to be able to have a good job, too. Provide for them in their wife and their kids, so there's a lot of nervousness in the air and anxiety about the future in a situation of our country, and the culture itself has certainly produced those sort of pessimistic antagonistic attitude amongst the young men, and perhaps it's certainly justified, and I consider myself one of those young men, but more people were. We're finding that they're not turning to drugs anymore Because I, though, it's certainly a problem in our society. It's not leading us anywhere to greatness. Neither is pornography, which is also a drug, and you know something that is very satanic need. None of these things are leading to us of the escape that we desire in our hearts and nuts, Because God is you know as our creator has created us as fire for us inside of him for all of his people, And of course you know the objective morality that the faithful at the believers, and non -believers alike can agree on is another sign of that, and for God's existence, but there's certainly something growing in the air for young people who are on fire for God. They like this Latin Mass. Aldo. You know they should accept the Novus Ordo as valid As well. They liked the Latin mass. I like this tradition. They liked this authority, and it's even better when they recognize the fact that this is a valid authority and not some authority that were worshipping, Because it makes us feel good. This is something that is valid and it has come from God, and so there's a lot of young men out there that are starting to see this or appreciating it, and it's perhaps the greatest news of all Because you know when young men are on fire for God. What more you know is more powerful than that, really, and so. I have to show other people why that is a great thing. Why is true. Why Catholicism is true. Is. Of course. It's a journey. We have a lot of ways to go, but the very fact that we're seeing us amongst so many young men and women that have been forgotten is clearly a sign that there is optimism about the future amazing. I just wanted to mention with the Latin mass, The the teaching The actual Teachings of Vatican Two, I do say that the mass is in Latin, but we are allowing for a little bit more. I participation by having certain responsorial things in the local tongue. Okay, it was never meant to be one hundred per cent in the vernacular, was never meant to be that way. That's not that a contrib, but the spirit, the so -called spirit, a Vatican Two, and Satan has entered the church and he's having a heyday, and so I mean we just need to be realistic, and we need to clearly delineate the baby, the beautiful perfect baby that is Jesus Christ and his Church from. The dirty bath water, which is Satan and all the lies, and all the the cin Ok, and so Pope Paul The sixth said the smoke of Satan has entered the church, and it's just it. We all know what's happening. You know, The, The The The serpent is nailed to the cross, but he's allowed to flail his tail and he's allowed to vomit his green acidic vomit on us and he's allowed to harm us when we put ourselves in harm's way, or when by the circumstances of life. We find ourselves in harm's way, but were never in danger If we have the faith, were never in real danger because we always have recourse to Jesus Christ and his church, right, but I did what I just want to emphasize that the Latin is still the central language of the mass. Even the The so called Novus Ordo, It is the central thing in the Gregorian chant is still given pride of place, and the Oregon is given pride of place. There's no mention of gutters are clowns or anything like that. Want to know rock concerts concerts? David. How are we going to continue the faith people are going to town and this is just a little. This is just a little turbulence in the water. Because it always happens. It always happens. After every Ecumenical council. Satan gets excited. He sees an opportunity to stir things up and he stirs up the water muddies the waters and confuses the priests and lay opinion of the lay faithful. And it's always the way to look at any look at the history of the council's. You'll always see confusion before during and after the council and then things settled down and then you can have sort of a golden age and then you'll have different influences creeping in slowly slowly and then we need another council. Because things get out of hand. It's always the same way and we don't need to be surprised. We don't need to be embarrassed. We just need to recognize we live in a fallen world. We're in. You know we have conky percents each and every one of us. And we know, with the exception of Mary, she didn't commit a venial sentence or anything like that, but most of us most of us are easily led astray At least temporarily. I know for myself day to day like you said to yourself. It's a struggle to remain free from Santa. To I. What I want to mention, actually are not mentioned, but I want to ask you to go into detail a little bit more detail about your first good confession where you went in burden than you are scared, and then you came out. Light as a feather always like to ask converts about that experience are very memorable experience that you had. It might not have been your very first one, but usually it is yes to the first confession that I had was during the Christmas season, so it's you know in that. In that period, it was probably December, and it was at a you know is that a you know can be not a communion service. A confession ceremony for the Christmas season coming up, so everybody was literally confessing. In going up to the priest, various priests that were there and I was like. Okay. What do I say and Keep in mind. I'm not. I was. I was not baptized, so I couldn't get my sins absolved. But it was certainly in for those out there listening better not baptized. Yet Certainly you can go to confession. It's a very good you know Practice to get into a good habit. It makes you feel better and it's certainly something God would like. Even if you can't get your sins absolved yet still go, and so I was you know telling the priest I was like you know, Father, forgive me. I've said. And know I said, look. This has been my first confession. I'm I'm totally not one hundred per cent sure what to say, but here are my sins, and they're certainly a great many name them off and look. I'm asking for your advice on these particular. Perhaps lust is one of them lost. Was one of mine have is a certainly a strong one, and for the young men out there, that is perhaps one of the greatest ones and so after that I was like alright, you know, let's stay focused and determined because obviously you don't want to. I think you're better than that, and you don't that you'll never have to confess again. I try to go every every week, if not every other week, depending on the circumstances and and my friend, who was there with me, who was in this Arshad process with me that was baptized, said, Were you crying out there? I was like. No, why he's like your face is very right. You're very emotional. I was like. Oh, Okay, I didn't even know that, and I was like Wow. That's pretty good. Though I guess I'm you know this is. I'm in the right place There you go. You know you're over the target when you get fat. Energy and yeah was I open air was at open -air You're sitting sort of in the pews with the priest. It was you were setting it up near there had various chairs throughout the church and people would wait in line and I was like I think I was the last person. So I was like. Oh my gosh. I'm getting anxious, but the hands are sweating, and so I was like alright, You know, keep in mind and people have to keep this in mind. You're not merely confessing to another man your sins, just to hear the matter that you've wronged against. This is Christ acting through the priests in the same way that he. Yeah. Actually, the person baptizing you in the trinitarian formula. So he's infusing you with his grace. Who's giving you this forgiveness. He's absolving your sins, and really an authoritative way on behalf of Christ, and so we have to respect the sacrament, and I think it's one. Fortunately. Unfortunately many don't take advantage of, and I'm not staying. That's Vatican Two. I'm just saying that there's been a general trend amongst Catholics that they don't have this need to go to confession. They can simply get communion, and you know. Bygones be bygones. Let's meet here. Every Sunday. Confession is certainly something established by God and something that we really should be taking advantage of more appreciating. Sure hundred per cent. I have a. Have a little problem where I have difficulty lowering the volume of my voice So often you know the priest wish you don't like. Because some of the settings. It's not always in a nice booth. You know, sometimes the priestess takes me aside or whatever, and it very often I'm You know a little bit annoyed when the priest is like like inconvenienced that I want to confess. Because it's like it's such a rare occurrence that someone. One of the parishioners asked the priest for confession. It's like what you wanna do. What. Oh, what do I have time for that? Okay. Let's do it really quickly over here And this is weird Like Why are you doing your passion before My. It's just I. I am a little bit annoyed with that, but there's there are all kinds of challenges for us in. Today's world. It's not only in the church. It's outside of the church as well, but I have to admit it is annoying. Sometimes when I when I feel like I'm inconveniencing my priest, and I've read, I've read so many church documents, and I know I've read that recently I read the entire Eighty three, the Canon law, and I know the responsibilities and the duties of the The priests right, and they have to. They have to care for me. They have to care even for atheist and the agnostics in their neighborhood. They have to. They have to care for. Each and every soul they have to visit them. They have to know them. They have to get Now is a realistic. Are we really going to have all the priests living up to that high standard. No, of course, not of course, not, but the bar has been lowered in terms of expectations so low built beneath what is actually prescribed by Canon law. It's it is sad and embarrassing. Really. Yeah, I'll just tell you I was sick a few weeks ago. I had a kidney stone if you can believe it all my graphs, not very fun. Not very fond, It's past, but I. I was on a Sunday was going into Fourth of July weekend, and I was like I've never missed. I haven't mismatch since the beginning of October. What am I going to do? And so I texted I'm not in a huge town, but I texted the priests and cause he gave me his number when I was beginning our Cia, and I said. Hey, Do you think somebody from the church could bring me the eucharist? Because No, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to mass today and he actually brought me. You know that went through that. Saying that the consecration gave me the eucharist at my own home, so I was, and he himself did this keep in mind. Not just dropped it off and said have a good one, so there's great priests out there and we have to continue to pray for our priests a system where we can, but of course there are those that fall short of that standard, and you know, especially when you look, take a look at some of the priests that you know as I talked about my last at last essay might have been guilty of horrible things committing horrible since engaging, and things perhaps like pedophilia and child sexual abuse, certainly a bad look. For the Catholic Church, certainly hurting many innocent people and driving them away, perhaps, but we cannot ignore the fact that you know. Even if you take a look at Peter, he's the one that's given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, But in the next line in Matthew, sixteen, Jesus as the stop, stop acting like this. You're acting like Satan, and then later on he rebukes Jesus three times. He in Asia fails to witness Stand, and he's the one that's given to Houston, the Kingdom of Heaven, so in many ways, even the pope will be a stumbling block for the Church. That's what the Bible is noted. Peter as he's a stumbling block yet use the rock of the church, and so obviously people in the clergy will mess up. They'll do horrible things, perhaps even as horrible as pedophilia, but the gates of Hell will never prevail against the church is still the one true church guided by the Holy Spirit and all of these things that perhaps are scandalous of the church and make us look bad on a personal level that does not ignore and should not ignore. You know, Dispute the fact that the church does a lot of good in the world for poverty for homelessness. For education for many other areas, and more importantly the fact that it's been established by Jesus and these things costs to reform, certainly not revolution like the Reformation. Are those in schism might have done in response to that, Yeah, So a lot of my time lately has been spent thinking about Cobit and the tyranny of governments and the Satanic, or you know a child sacrifice, global, ringing the The Holocaust. Wash and the you know the Lgbtq. It's being forced down our throats in our children's throats, and all sorts of things that were supposed to. We're supposed to love the sinner hate the sin, and I would never preach anything but that we have to love our enemies. We have to love the sinner, but we have to hate the sin, and when I mentioned earlier that you have this nice from iron fist in a velvet glove. That's exactly what we need. We need exactly that we need to be firm. What we need, we need to hold onto the truth, the eternal truth of God, including moral truths, especially sexual morality. Today. It seems to be one of Satan's favorite to attack the points. It's one of his favorite weapons for attacking societies. All this sexuality stuff, attacking the family, attacking marriage, and undermining the authority of the family, Any the education that supposed to begin in the home, which is now being sort of exported off to the government. Oh, you can you can be our parents, and you can you can be. Primary caregiver in the primary educator, and so there's a lot. There's a lot going on. That's food for thought for The for the new Christian. I'm a new Christian relatively new, and there's a lot of food. In terms of the spiritual domain. Kennedy Protestantism is I think the already is a silly goose nonsense, my, I, but I believe that's cool. Yeah, I just wanted to note that, but Of course you know we're talking about very important things, The issue of authority, and of course the lion, like I said, Many Protestants have goodwill. They truly believe the Bible is the word of God, and of course Catholics do as well Orthodox Jew, as well, but the fundamental premises and the early church. They had scriptures that they believed were divinely inspired, but there was no complete. Canon until I believe, three sixty seven, no atheists have an ad, Athanasius, rather have noted the first canon of Scripture written down and the Catholic councils, and three eighty five, and so forth affirm these, this canon of Scripture and Protestants use that same authority today. Obviously, they reject some of the books in the Old Testament Seven books, missing Martin Luther our old friend, but obviously there is a fundamental question here. How do we know what books are in the Bible. How to be noted how to interpret it? What did the early church look like? And if we're looking at the early church and the early church was certainly was Catholic, not only does it does it affirm the record of the Papacy and its authority in a French Catholic teaching on a plethora of issues like Baptism, the nature of Baptism, something God does for us, rather than we do as a public proclamation of our faith, The nature of the mass and worship, through the eucharist. The Eucharist is literally the body of Christ, Because Jesus says this is my body. This is my body. My flesh is real. You know real blood. As Redford life of the world, my, my drink is real drink, and the Jews at that time, they'd left him because of this teaching, and they said, how can this man give us his body to eat, and he said truly this is my body, and if you do not eat this, you do not have life within you, John, six, fifty one, so we see all this evidence about the nature of the mass, the worship of Catholic theology throughout history, and clearly points to Catholicism being the one true faith. Now It's interesting, you noted, you talked about Islam, for example a neighborly. That Jesus was a prophet, He did actually do these miracles, and I'm not sure why Judy is you know Jews, Modern day Jews would doubt that if you know, an all powerful God certainly could make himself become flesh incarnate into this world, and you know the pluff a plethora of other evidence, proof pieces for the resurrection of Jesus and other other things, so we're sharing the task with an interesting challenge here to evangelize, I said, my grandfather's Jewish, and perhaps Jewish people and non -believers like atheist. It perhaps some of the toughest people to evangelize with, but we are called to fight. The good fight of good faith, take hold the eternal life which you recall them when you made your confession in the presence of many witnesses, One Timothy, six, twelve, my favorite Bible verse, so we're faced with this challenge, we have to evangelize to the world, but we have to do so with love and reverence in a way that one Peter, three, fifteen, talks about his as a hard challenge. Do you agree with me, though that it's a problem of the will more than. Problem of the Internet cause, it's really not that hard to figure out that Catholicism is the one true faith right, but it's hard to detach from sin like I mean you and I are struggling day by day by the grace of God. We're making some progress and but it's something that is painful and slow and embarrassingly awkward, and just because of our fallen nature and er con cooper, since I, but do you agree with me that it's a choice? That we make, and it's all about what we love like we can either like San Agustin, said there are two cities characterized by two loves, love of God unto contempt of self or love of self and contempt of God. Those are basically the two options we have in. It's all about what you love what you choose to put one above the other and which order they think is the proper order of things right, So it's it's a problem of the will. It's a problem of what we choose to love. And day by day by day Every time mealtime comes, It's like I love the saltiness. I love the sweetness. I love the food. I love the pleasure. I love. I just love everything that is gratifying to my lower animal nature and it's a struggle every day not to turn it into a sinful lust. The thing you just eating, or just drinking water. It's like so delicious, drinking water and hydrating myself and I read the, you know, I read the phyllo, Kalia which is the desert fathers and the Eastern tradition, and they really emphasized. Driving yourself of water, food and sleep, not extreme deprivation, just ten per cent below what would be comfortable okay, so it's really about self mastery and killing the old man and disciplining ourselves like an athlete as a saint Paul talks about, so just maybe talk a little bit about asceticism and self love. How do we conquer self love. How do we conquer our appetites And what does it mean to go too far to be too fanatical with your? If you're being prideful with your display of righteousness and fasting, and and and then maybe I'll ask you about magic Korea, Cause I'd immediately came to mind. Yeah, Sure, so obviously you were talking about The. You know the fact that I think it is partly partly at least part about the mind, and obviously I think the early Church evidence as a from Catholicism. Perhaps I think do I do. I really do think Protestants have good intentions, but some of them are frankly ignorant to the historical record. Instead we have to take a look at that, but we have to open ourselves up in our hearts to the facts this historical record, and you know touching on the, you know, the you know the variance in the balance between pride and you know being you've gotta apologise and you know taking the faith into heart yourself is certainly a balance, and certainly there are boundaries to go about this. Obviously. I'm very much someone that's happy to write and make videos about the Catholic faith, but we also have to take it into heart. You know I try to each day and I think we have to humble ourselves at the end of the day and remember. It's so much of it. It is a personal relationship with God, praying the Rosary, Reading the Bible, seeking his love is something that we have to do through the sacraments and other means, because God is not bound by the sacraments, but these have been established by him, so these are things we have to do it. Especially when we're reaching out to the people that are not of our faith. It's it's a. It's a hard thing to do, but certainly were tasked with this challenge, and we have to continue to go about it. I think self love is obviously something the world. Promises you many great things, they promise you lot of pleasures and desires, but ultimately God is the only one that can fulfill them, and he's the one that grants eternal life, So no matter what you go through in this world, he's giving you the free gift of eternal life If we abide in him and his commandments and his teachings, and so, I think we have to have this conversation about why Catholicism as the one true faith, and if it's not what is, so, just talk a little bit more about your appetites and what your approaches to sell. Mastery, are you like more like St Therese of Lisieux where it's just like I do the little way. I'll do little things for Jesus, or are you a hero of flagellation Like where do you fall on that spectrum? Like are you more the cutesy little way or a more dramatic the punishment of yourself by withholding pleasure from yourself? Where do you fall on that spectrum? Sure, so one of the things, obviously, this is my first Easter, and thus my first Lent before that. As the Catholics, and so I was new to all this and I'm saying Wow, we really can't eat meat on Fridays, and it's not mandated and I did it successfully, but in the normal time you're not, it's not mandated to not eat meat on Fridays, but certainly that is an appropriate means and steps to take to show you no reverence and sacrifice of Jesus, The fact that he died on Friday and resurrected on Sunday, and so that's something I have yet to do, but I think I really should start doing it as far as discipline. Don't eat meat on Fridays. I'm a big meat. Enjoy. I love eating meat and I'm a big fan of the animal based diet. I think another great sacrifice is trying to pray the rosary every day. Right. I like praying the rosary in Latin a lotta times and some and I don't remember all the prayers. I especially the Bible verse written down and the you know the mysteries of decades, so I have that written down. I remember some of the prayers, but I think Rosary really praying that each day doing it in a way that it's not just redundant and repetitive but diving into it. It's something that's very good Spec show has a Latin Rosary prayer or regular Rosary prayer in his job, and that's something that's a great option for people, and obviously you know doing this with other people. Something that's even more motivating the other day. I'll just tell you real quickly. I was finishing up the gym and I was waiting for a ride because my car hadn't hadn't hadn't been working in the shop, and I was saying I have a rosary on me. I always carry the roads around me. Why not pray the rosary you know in English to the best of your knowledge and Latin where you can? Why not just take it out and pray? And so I sat there on the bench. People walk by. You know they make their faces. If they say it whatnot they look down? What's he doing? And so you sense of moving around here somewhere I know, I know, but seriously, why not pray your rosary more often read your Bible More often dive into your faith More often. That's something that is the greatest medicine for sin Confession when you're feeling down, seeking intercession from the Blessed Virgin Mary, and and moments of both good and bad and seeking really a personal relationship with the Lord. No matter what's going on in your life, not just when you're down is is very important and we have to discipline ourselves in some ways. Sometimes that's not eating mince meat during Lent, and or or on Fridays and regular time as well plus Ash Wednesday, but another is for some people. It's other way. Sell Just definitely sacrifice yourself for the Lord. I made a sacrifice. Because I don't like meat, so I started eating meat every day, but Friday, I get wow. Wow, what a reversal of the tasks and then I give it up on Friday, but now I'm starting to like meet more, so it's kind of like you're damned if you do damned if you don't sort of thing, But you know it's it's I try not to take it too seriously like my little tiny sacrifices that I make are so insignificant. It's such a joke that he. God. Look what I did for you today. It's like what a joke right, But you know it's cute. It's cute. You have to think that we have to think of herself like little children. Jesus said we have. We like little children and it's the intention, like if you're if you have a child one day and your child comes up to you with a little dandy lion. It's not the most precious of flowers, right, but this isn't an analogy that's often used when in a relationship with God. It's like just a dandy lion. It's like a weed. Whatever it's here today gone tomorrow, but it's that intention of the little child. The child loves you and is expressing his love for you and that's that's what matters. That's what matters, so that's why I brought up Saint Teresa of this year. As she mastered that little way where you just do little things every day and be mindful of God and remind God that you love him and doesn't need to be a. It doesn't need to be spectacular. Right, Yeah, Sure, certainly just the little everyday things she, I think she said. If you pick up one pin off the ground for Jesus. That's worth. You know a month of floods your self flagellation, or whatever she said, You know, it's just it's it's all about intention. It just telling God that you love him, and yeah, so it's a. It's a beautiful. It's a beautiful faith that we have, but it's it's prone to overthinking because we are. We are. We are prone to overthinking and were prone to pride. Right. We're prone to pride and pride is subtle. Pride enters in where we least expect it, and you know I've got my check lists about like I. I'm going to do this. Forgot I'm going to do that for, and like I said, it's all a bit of a joke, really? Im down to it. It's like I'm not. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy to call myself a Christian, but I'm trying with God's help to do my little things and go frequent the sacraments in a worthy manner. Do my prayers and the sorts of things, right, Yeah, and another thing I try to do and perhaps this is something somebody out there listening. This is already doing. Perhaps you do this is just you know. Keep a prayer list in mind. Obviously people on out there are going through. Sean. They're going through very strong challenges that they're trying to overcome. They're going to very arduous. Yeah, spiritual battles really, and of course it comes down to God vs Satan, but obviously some people don't realize that, and so you know whatever people are going through hard things, perhaps say a good prayer for them, even just to make the sign of the cross that when something bad comes up, I've done that a number of times I'm getting not trying to be prideful about that or saying I'm such a good person for doing this, but even if people people around you will start to notice that they'll say what are you doing like what are you pausing? For what are you? What was this and you know, just know. You're you're inviting them in a way that does not direct and confrontational or debate worthy about the face and sums know scrupulous manner. That Hey look. I'm really invested in the Lord, and I really do care about other people. Even if you don't understand the way that I do so. That's one great thing that we can do is not necessarily a sacrifice, but love certainly covers a multitude of sins. So Yeah, yeah, I love. I love, love, love, love, love the silence. Sign of the cross, even though in your head, If you, even if you're doing in the name of the father and of the son in the Holy Spirit or whatever you're saying, I just love. I love the gesture of it. I love what it signifies and I love the fact that it's not overly intellectual because I tend to live in my head and I'm always striving to make our head hurt connection. God, you know, in my walk with God. I find this. I find the sign of the Cross so powerful so simple so pure and. Currently Satan and his demons really don't like it. Yeah, They don't like it or not Fans. No, No, so, are you troubled by the demons even now or are they leaving you alone, Because you're your fresh convert mother, and perhaps some her absence in more ways they're coming after me, but this time I'm equipped with you know the waters of Baptism to save us and the power of the Holy Spirit that we get we receive in a different way that Peter. Certainly. From Jesus and the Church, but certainly we are receiving the Holy spirit. We are receiving this gift of faith, and Jesus. God is always with us so who can be against us right, but seriously, I mean obviously the demon, you know the demons or time to us in the. You know the prince of evil. The devil's tempting us in a number of ways. I think lost is still something that's very hard to accomplish over to, rather, especially in these troubled times in this culture that we have, and so like I said, it's a daily battle, but you can do things to avoid those things. You can you know, Be mindful of it, you can pray more. And so you know they'll go after you all you want, But you know if you're really focusing your heart your heart and mind on the Lord. I think that's a. You know that's a. That's a key for victory. Right there. Yeah, I would say to the young the young men, in particular, Because I feel I. I don't know, but I feel like men are more prone to masturbation and porn and resorts. I think I think that's the case, but maybe it's just that women are more secretive salad more silent about it. I dunno, but anyway I don't have a lot of experience with going. I basically married to. Worth a woman in my life, so I've been married twenty seven years to her, so I thank God for that too. Cause That's that's helped me to stay away from a lot of stuff, but I'm a. You know. I'm a warm blooded man like anyone else, and I have struggled even recently, like in the the Kobe thing with the isolation and different drama that I've had to live through the stress, and it brings me back to my adolescence and just bad habits and and stuff like that, so I have been prone to that, and like sort of custody of the eyes is very important for that. What I would say to young? What I would say to the young men at you know, in the summer time, a lot of women like to expose their breasts and stuff like that and different body parts. At least here in Montreal. I don't know how it is where you are, but it's just tempting to look at beautiful women. Beautiful. What young women showing their body parts rate, but it's not the Catholic thing to do to be. Looking at that, so I try to. Daily is something that sometimes I fall short on that. Especially when you try to deal with super reverently data that can be more challenging, but of course it's something we really should try to do each day as far as certain individual prayers, and well at the end of the match, Not the mass, rather the rosary, I do try to pray the St Michael The Archangel prayer, and I don't have it memorized, but I do try to set, Because you know he's the Michael The Archangel. He of course fighting for us in the battle against Satan and Sin. So that's a good one, obviously prayers of certain saints. Even just asking for their simple intercession. I'm not sure about your confirmation. Saint. Mine was the St. Paul and I chose, and he's the passions of converse and writer, so I thought it was very fitting, but even just asking them to pray, you know St. Paul, pray for me that I may be a good apologist and defend the faith like you do and be reverent about it and not prideful. Pray for me. Mother of God, pray for me, and that I may overcome certain sins and have the purity you had, St. Joseph pray for me. Wait for my father afraid that he may do well for that I may become a father. One day, Pray for the young men in this country to be, and pray for those that are working hard and the middle class and struggling with inflation and whatnot, pray for those that are poor things like that are very good, because even if you don't have a certain prayer memorized it's certainly good to ask for the saint's intercession who you know, sit above us like a cloud of witnesses, As as I think, Yeah, Hebrews note, so that's sort of my routine, even just going back and forth when you can, If you have nothing to do in your head, just say the our father, say the Hail Mary. Even just going back and forth like got something, I find myself doing a lot, and it certainly the two most proud powerful prayers. So why not do it or hear ya, My confirmation saint was supposed to be St. Augusta. He's my favorite. He's the one that converted me with his confessions, but I had a mystical vision or a dream. I don't know which God only knows which it was, but it was a very special dream. If it was only a dream, it was a very special dream. Where before my confirmation ceremony, Mary appeared to me and she said your name. We'll be merry. You'll take the name married son, David. Mary, instead of David. Oh, Wow, Yeah, So that was pretty special, and only after only after my confirmation, did my monk friend, who is teaching me who was becoming a priest, My friend, who had been teaching me for six or eight months. However long it was we came, we became quite close, but it's only afterwards he had a little wry smile when I told them that my confirmation name was going to be married, and that I had this vision. He had a little wry smile and he only told me like a after the confirmation ceremony. I said I want to let you know cause his name was David. He said I want you know I also took the name Mary and David. Mary. So I've never met David married before, but here were two of us that were David married and the Davids, a guy, David quite a guy in the Bible too, and it's not quite as intimidating to have David. Because you know he was a great sinner before before he repented right into some pretty nasty like. Oh, yeah, Paul, Paul's my all time favourite, A possible, like I mean I just love. And he brings tears to my eye was when I hear his story, and how he how he suffered for the faith, and what a man. What a man. You have a favorite book in the Bible. I would say mine is probably John, but I was wondering years I love James. James. I struggle with the tongue. You know controlling the tongue. You know it's easy to let it flow. I'm Irish. I have the gift of Gab, and I just talked too much or you'll make it. I'll make inappropriate jokes or I'll say something that's not. Affleck and it's just like why did say that? Why did I say that you know what happens all the time, But Yeah, I love the Book of James. I love the Book of Genesis. I mean I'm just. I just really love it. I'm I love. If you're not yet a committed young Earth creationist. I really do encourage you to look into it. Because it does I always say this, but it brings you closer to that scene closer to the Garden of Eden closer to the fall. Okay, So we have a certain proximity to that, the. Beauty of Paradise pre fall, and then the The, The the tragedy of the fall, and the proximity of that it gives you an intimacy with the Book of Genesis and all the books of the Bible, and I've read the seventy three books of the Bible, or at least a dozen or twenty times since my conversion, and the the way that I read it is, I have listened to an audio book of the Bible. I have. I've explored different voice. First who read the text of the Catholic Bible and some of them just drive me crazy. I can't stand. It's like nails on a chalkboard. You just can't stand this person's voice and I found one where it's like okay. I can. I can listen to this. You know, and I'm very fussy When it comes to voice actors are just is just not. I'm not just going to accept anything, but I found one that I like and I listened to it and I think it's a good way to study. The Bible is to just sort of absorb it. Cause, there are many mysteries that will only be revealed after the end of the world. After the end of time, many many mysteries in the Bible and many things that are confusing to me with my poor education, my little intellect, my dark intellect in my week, will it's just hard for me to pierce the mysteries of the scriptures, many many many passengers, and even entire chapters and books elude me and trouble me, and some disturbing imagery, and there's a lot of violence and you know. I console myself with the fact that I don't really understand what's going on and wasn't communicated here and I know that God is good and I know that there's a reason why that this perplexing story in the Bible right. I know I trust I trust and believe that God is good, and there's a perfectly good reason is a perfectly good explanation and the go to example that I use is divorced. Moses allowed divorce, and then Jesus came along. He says, what did Moses, too? They say well, he permitted divorce, and he said yes, but that was a concession that was a concession that he made because you are a stiff necked people, so that gives me a get out of jail card when it comes to anything that I find troubling or perplexing in the Bible, Old Testament or new, We will have a similar kind of cases from God Almighty from Jesus Christ himself, saying Yes, Well, that is contained in the scriptures, and there's a good reason for it, but it's not God's ordaining. Will it's just. Mischief, well, right, so that's another distinction that we need to bear in mind when we read the Holy scriptures. A lot of this stuff is the permissive will of God, right, Sure, especially, I'm just a note on real briefly. Like. For example, there's also a lot of these shootings. You know all of these killings. There's a lot of violence today in the world today. No, No, No, I'm saying, like generally, nobody in our times like today, technical times, Well it in modern times as well, Do you look around at the world. There's a lotta evil. And you know getting into discussions with people online or even in person about how could God allow this, and I try to say well. This is not really his ordained. Well. This is her permissible. Why does God permit evil, and that's something a lot of people don't understand. And of course we're all struggling trying to understand this, but really the fact is that the all powerful God and all good God by his very sufficient nature is able to allow evil to bring good out of it and the fact that we're able to both acknowledge. Well, Yeah, as believers and nonbelievers this objectively evil thing like a mass killing or something or anything else that so horrific shows that there is objective morality only rooted in a creator. And of course the, it's difficult to understand natural evils or human, let evils. As a result of the fall, the fallen world that we had the sinful world that we have difficult to understand his plan and all of this, but obviously the fact that he is the all powerful God who has a plan for all of us, that is all good. You know, give us a little bit of understanding in these times that are evil and should make us doubt his existence. Certainly. Yeah, there's a there. As you're speaking, I was just thinking about the the two dimensions of life, the mundane and the spiritual, and how the mystics the great mystics of the church. There have been so many. Do you know of some people we think of as theologians, very intellectual, like St Thomas Aquinas, but he was a mystic, Also he had his visions. He had his. He was transported to you know you. I mentioned St. Paul. I mean he was a mystic, Also, so we have great theologians that were mistakes. We have a. We have mystics who are not theologians. At all. We're not contributing or ratings are greater intellectual pursuits, but that had that flight up to God and that to that experience, that existential experience in my conversion experience was an existential experience of being at the pits of a philosophical nightmare in hard solipsism and. A theistic satanism, I'd gone really deep into a dark place intellectually, and with my will the abuse of my free will, and you know, the the mystical component is sometimes neglected when we get all excited about our books and reading in her study, and what is the? What are the teachings? Were the dog muzzled? What's the history of the church and it can all get very mundane and just like I'm just filling my head with knowledge and these sorts of things in that content. Well, the mystical and the spiritual side of our experience, and it can take away from the U. Authenticity of her prayer life, like I said, I struggle with, I think a lot of people. Catholic and non -catholic Christians alike struggle with prayer. It's not easy, but one thing I really have enjoyed with the with the rosary in particular is the ability to mystically travel and eucharist. Also. We're going to mass in a reverent focused way, and having that body blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ served up, and so the eucharist and the Rosary. I find that It's those are the two easiest ways for me. As a Catholic, you know was a dim witted Catholic to have a mystical experience where I'm transported in time back to the time of Christ and his suffering and his his death on the Cross and his resurrection. I just want you to talk about the mystical and how you can be transported. Maybe you've had some experiences that you'd like to share with me and my audience. Yeah, When you pray the rosary. I mean, It's obviously. It's like one of the strongest weapons against Satan were asking the Mother of God, the Mother of our Lord to pray for us, and obviously, even invoking the other saints after the Rosary, At some point in the Rosary so powerful, we can find ourselves lost in the midst of it, sometimes when you're saying all the hail Marys, you might overthink You might get distracted, you might sometimes. Get you focus on what you're going to a request in the next decade for the Mother Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for yourself, Especially you know. Even when I was converting, I was like. How could this really be the body of our Lord At you know before taking the eucharist. Of course, it's something we really don't understand falling. Perhaps we never will, but the fact that the Lord says this is really my body. This is my food is real food. My drink is real drink is something we can reconcile the fact that the the church he founded teaches us is something that should help us reconcile with this. It's so whether it's the trinity, the concept of the trinity, the nature that the real presence of Jesus in the eucharist in the consecrated hosts. Through transubstantiation. These are things are always going to try to reconcile and understand, but it's certainly something that we can dive into more deeply with prior, and I certainly something all the faithless to work together on. Because it's it's a journey that we're all and not just individually. Yeah, I think it's important to. I think it's important to have the knowledge but to be. Well, not to desire a mystical experience, but to be open to it and took place ourselves in the presence of God and everything we do, and there is a simple maxim that I'm trying to incorporate. It's challenging. It's very challenging, but the simple maxim to be a good Catholic is to never do anything that you cannot offer up to God. So if you're going to have a thought if you're going to say a word, if you're going to do an action or an omission or whatever it is. Just think about it like this is something that's being presented to God and will he find it pleasing, or will he find it offensive so that would be an excellent habit to get into And it's on my list of things to do is to get into the habit of doing that right. I remind myself everyday. Like Hey. I wanted to start doing that someday, but I mean I don't want to end up on my deathbed and it's like hey, it's too late to start building a habit now like I shouldn't have done it when I was young. Yeah, yeah. What do you think about maximum like? Never do anything? Never think say or do anything that you can't offered to go? If you do that, You're you're going to heaven. Yeah, I'm inspector. Was talking about. This is very relatable. The fact that you have to confess certain things that are very inappropriate or awkward to a priest, and that might help you want to overcome certain sense, especially the sexual ones, taking in fact, the even greater fact that the Lord is literally watching you. Throughout all of this and is greatly disappointed in us when we fall short, and and obviously it's going to still love us and be there for us, but the fact that he's witnessing all of this and it just really comes down to like you said, Im a will of the heart. We have to consciously make this decision, and based on the fact whether it's pleasing to God or not Do we want to please him or not. That's really what it all comes down to. Yeah, Well, there was a guy I was talking to. He fell away from his Catholic faith. He was indulging in sexual sin and the reason he fell away his cause he was. Bothered by sexual fantasies while praying the rosary. He's like this is annoying. This is annoying. How can I make this demonic attack stop and he had the brilliant idea to just cave and give in to his lust, and then maybe that maybe they'll go away. No, No, No, No, and so he lost his faith. I think he's coming back. He's coming back. He sent me an email and he's coming back, But God help us. All you know we're so foolish Were so weak, But there's a reason why I'm talking about this. Prayer and the distraction and the demons and the sexual imagery. There's a reason why I'm talking about that, but I can't I can't remember. But No, it's a. It's very important. It's very important to to try to please. God. Oh, Yeah, I know what was going to tell you the key here. When what I told him what I told them, and it struck a chord. The key here is that we know when we're not pleasing God. That's the funny part right We know when we're ashamed, we know when we're hiding or something, you know where where we're hiding some behavior. Like secretive and were being sneaky or whatever it's like you know, we can't fool God, but we can sometimes fool ourselves. We need to be remain aware, aware enough and honest with ourselves enough to know. Like. Hey, Why am I being sneaky? Why am I thinking I'm getting away with something? Why am I looking over my shoulder. Why what am I doing? It's not. It's not a right. We know it's not right and that's why on Judgment Day. We're not going to be doing what all the atheists say proudly boasting what they say they're gonna do to God. Which is hey, while you did this, and you did that, and I'm justified in when I did this, and when I did that, there's going to be none of that. It's just going to be a mirror held up to you and it's like at that's reality. What can I say guilty? Guilty. You know that's that's the way it is, but the funny thing is that we know it now like we know when we're doing the wrong thing. And this brings me to another meditation. I want to share this with you and to the young young people that might be watching this and young and old alike. Okay, I, the the really powerful meditation that I want to share with you his judgment day. Okay, Do you have your particular judgment? You have the general judgment Okay, so I want to mystically travel not back to the time of Christ, but forward to the end of time or to your own death, whichever it might be, where the? With the judgment, the general judgment is taking place and everyone's getting to see all of your sins and all of the good things you did by God's grace, and but they're witnessing all of it, so I want to, as I'm moving through my day, and as you're moving through your day, I want you to think that you're not here and now, but you're in the future. In the eternity. Everyone's watching this moment right now and you're surrounded re away by all your friends family. Waitresses enemies everyone, and they're all watching. They're all watching. It's not just that all that God's watching their. Everyone's watching. So what are you thinking of annotation? Yeah, I mean that's like I said. All it comes down to the fact you know, Do you want to make the conscious choice of choosing heaven or hell by your actions, And obviously it might not in the moment and make us realize the full consequences and weight of our decisions and our responsibilities, but God will judge and he's a righteous judge. He's merciful. He's gracious giving us the grace and love to get through the challenges of today and the challenges of sin, but he will judge, and so we have to make that decision, and the very the very fact that he will come again, and in the second coming to judge all of us, and on our deathbed, you know once we die, he will judge us in the you know particular judgment. That's something that really should strike fear in us, and you know the fear of God is something that is more powerful than any year before last things, right, death, judgment, Heaven and hell is that? It's something very very very simple. It's it's something that's coming. It's just like it might be. It might be today. I mean it might be tomorrow. It might be in ten years might be in one hundred years, who knows, but I start today. Why don't we start today, preparing? Why don't we start becoming saints today? Why don't we work on her virtue today, and you know I listened to a lot of Protestant Christian radio is driving around during my truck at work. I work in construction. And they talk about the very, the very adamant about the fact that the church can't save you in the sacraments can't save you, and the rituals can't save you in the Pope. Can't say you Americans save you and all that sort of thing that always Protestants are pushing this and your works cannot save you, but but they always admit that, but if you're a Christian, you'll do the good works, and this is pleasing to God, and these sorts of things, Most of the Protestant pastors will will say that, and to me it's just entirely it's a distinction without a difference, it's like. Okay, we know that everything is Grace. We Catholics. We know that we're saved by Grace. We know that our conversion was a grace. We know that everything is great. Everything is Grace. But if you don't guess what if you don't cooperate with that grace. What's going to happen That that that little trickle of grace is gonna dry up and you end up worse than where you started. That's what Jesus said He said. You're going to end up worse than when you started, so better better to cooperate right and it's a chicken and the egg thing. It's like I don't care. If it's like if you want to attribute the works to the grace, or you know the grace to the works, because it's it's all cyclical like you're given a little bit and then you cooperate and you get a little bit more and you cooperate and you get a little bit more and you can build and you can end up being a great saying where he can neglect the graces that come your way, and then what happens you just fall back into your lower animal state. Right, Yeah, and you know a lot of the times Protestants, You know they, they give different arguments for their faith alone narratives. All the time, different quotes that they probably certainly take out of context, one of them that comes to mind in this discussion is Ephesians, two, eight or nine, and it says by grace, you have been saved through faith, not, and which you should boast or works according to the law, Now in the New Testament, then works according to the law is often talking about, not of good deeds, like James is talking about, but the Jewish Old Testament works that are not salvific anymore, but even then Ephesians, two, eight or nine. The fact that we are initially justified by God's grace, in his continuing grace justifies us through our faith is not disputed, because the very next line shows that you know God has created us for good works, and will reward us accordingly with them. If we cooperate with that, Could you know those good does good works like you said, so it is not possible without his grace, but certainly I think it's fundamentally clear like the fact that the way we behave towards others will have a role in our salvation, and our judgment is is undeniable. Oh, yeah, I read. Just I would encourage any Protestant to read. The saints. Read the saints. Read any St. That wrote anything in the Bible or after the Bible. It doesn't matter. Read what they wrote. They're always going to emphasize the Catholic doctrine. Always always always always. You have to strive for virtue. Bites. Yes, by the grace of God, It's only by the grace of God. Yes, we admit that we admit that, but you have to strive. You have to strive for virtue. And there's some that went so far, I dunno If Luther went so far as to say sin and sin, boldly. I, That's attributed to him. I don't know Ivan. Ivan to factcheck that, but apparently he said sin and sin boldly because it doesn't matter, re do it, But if he didn't say and sought, certainly other people have said it and I, it's it's anti Christian. Right, It's anti Christian, Yeah, Luther, I mean, Obviously someone who's very heretical and not in favor of. The Catholic authority him. I find it funny. They call it the reformation, Yet we seek reforms as Catholic to the church all the time to improve things. We just don't rebuke his authority entirely, but even Luther's grossly misunderstood because he affirmed Baptism as being necessary for salvation and infusing know Lutherans. Today, They believe that Baptism legitimately infuses the grace of God into us. He believe for a short time in Purgatory and the Immaculate Conception, so he certainly not the Modernist Protestant. At people think of today, but even then he rejects the authority of the one true church that has been noted for over fifteen hundred years to be the one true church with Abba Alex Assassin. That's very unfortunate, so I. I will have to wrap up here soon, but I want to give you an opportunity to talk about America First to conservative politics. I'm in Canada. You're in the States, so you know I'm not going to be and I'm not interested in politics frankly until you know when Trump. I got elected. I couldn't believe it. I mean I just was ecstatic. I snuck. I still can't believe he got elected. And I happen to believe I don't know if I'm allowed to say, but I happen to believe that the twenty twenty election was. Is and then not be compromised and corrupted by the fact, the fact it's not a fantasy. It's a fact that everyone at the higher levels has an expectation that it's going to be business, as usual, The organized crime, The mafia. The corruption. This is how we do business, and who the hell are you young, punk, common rising up. And you're so pure and innocent, and you think you're gonna change the way we've been doing business for how many years? No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, you gonna play ball or you're out of a job, buddy cause you're outnumbered, so that's the scenario that I see for the pure and innocent god -fearing politician who has good intentions, or even for the journalist who's coming into this scene that is an organized crime corrupt. It's a. It's a prison planet with a prison mentality. It's my gang against your gang, And hey, that's a really cute. Naive religious. Id have their save that for Sunday school cause here this is a dirty world. And if we don't fight dirty were gone, period, I don't care what industry you're talking about, But in particular politics and journalism, so how do you are you being naive or do you have more faith in God than I do that someone can actually enter into that? Dirty dirty world can make a difference. Please explain that to me. Yeah, I mean, obviously we're trying to infiltrate into institutions in the culture and and government. We're getting a lot of pushback or were getting cancelled in the media. Were getting cancelled on social media platforms are being called racist sexist, misogynistic, homophobe. What have you because we're trying not to conform to this pattern of this fallen world is sinful world and the fundamental you know result of this is. In the conclusion we have to draw from that, says Christians are really called to be warriors. More than anything else. Now we're not called to hate. Our enemies were called to pray for them seek their conversion, but the system is rigged. The systems rig financially politically and more broadly in the human nature aspect as well with with with original sin, And what have you yourself? It's not easy. We're trying to make our countries great again, but we're trying to save souls, and we have a nation to save and a gospel to preach, so it's It's one and the same and perhaps it's naive. Perhaps we will fail. But if we do fail, do we really felt we win in the second coming. If we stay true to our faith, we win with God, the victories with Christ, so even if we fail in our political efforts, which I'm not one hundred per cent sure about, because I think things are getting worse and things have to get worse before they get better, I think there's going to be an opportunity for conservative Christian nationalist leadership to rise up. But even if that doesn't happen, and things just get so bad which they're heading before potential uprising in victory, we win victory through Christ, so no matter what happens, if God's for us who is against us. I think that's the mentality we have to take. Don't be weak. Don't be naive, but the warriors out there and realize the ultimate victory through Christ, Jesus, Our Lord at the ready to shed your own blood to be murdered. I guess that's the. That's like your literal blood or your career. Blood or whatever it is like, I mean, think about the early Church, and it was not pleasant being murdered, and that the persecutions that was not probably not pleasant, Del, Although we read about the joy with which they suffered and died for Christ, Ray, and even St. Stephen, we read about how he was apparently enjoying his martyrdom, but you know, so I think you know, I think I'm answering my own question here by saying that if we go into it with that. Fearlessness like you were talking about the warrior attitude, and that that willingness to suffer and maybe die metaphorically or or even physically, in some cases in some parts of the world, and you're planting a seed. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church, and just look at the history of the church, The early Church, in particular, and probably a lot of the enemies of Christ never would have predicted the growth that came out of all that bloodshed, right? Yeah, definitely I was reading it, or you mentioned, just said Stephen and even the Lord. When he was crucified and martyred taking away our sins. Said Father. Forgive them. They know not know what they're doing. St. Stephen prayed for them as well and I just saw something the other day about Polycarp in the early church. When he was burned at the stake. He said you know you're setting a fire on me to kill me for an hour. That lasts an hour, but you guys buy your own actions are setting yourselves up for eternal fire, so we have victory through that, I mean. Obviously, we don't wish damnation upon any of our enemies. We wish for them to come to heaven. Because why do we want to see people go to hell as crushing? We obviously don't, But that doesn't mean there's going to be trials. Are there won't be trials. Rather, in this world is going to be many trials, and we just can't conform to the pattern of this world. Ultimately. Yeah, The Er, I mentioned earlier, Metric Korea, very very skeptical of Metric Korea, as a as an apparition. I know you're a new converts. You may be not have dug into the private. Revelations and the apparitions and we're not obliged to believe them, but the Church encourages us to believe those that have been approved. Can you just talk very briefly before we wrap up here about the Marian apparitions, In particular Fatima. Lord, Maybe some of your favorites or Guadalupe. Have you looked into them at all. Are you excited about them are inspired by them, and they do all talk about the end times and the the ultimate victory. The the ultimate victory, Write her immaculate heart will triumph. It's a fact, Yeah, definitely. I one of the things she became a number one is a great movie, Great story. You just really did happen. I think it undisputable and it's really kind of crazy as she just used. Have you know three little kids to are little girls that you know to share her story to share two girls, One of her immaculate heart. Yeah, and you take a look at other situations as well today was the Feast of Mount Carmel sell, and you're saying this with other operations of Mary throughout the world, and it's so fascinating and I was actually just reading through this book by Tim Staples. On defending the Marian dogmas, and in Catholicism, you know her Immaculate Conception. What have you and the fact that, in revelation, which talks about the end times you know and Genesis, and the beginning which prophecies this, you know the the woman Mary crushing the head of the serpent, Satan is kind of you know, very showing somebody of St. Michael the Archangel, All the saints, praying for us, watching over us, married, the greatest saint of them all crushing the head of seen fighting for us, and of course our Lord in the Trinity, fighting for ourselves. We have some good people on our sides. We have the Lord, the all powerful God on our side, so I don't think we have to worry about that. We just have to stand strong in our faith, stand firm, and we have to trust in our Lord above all else, and I think there's victory in that. No matter what happens here to to wrap up, it's been a real pleasure meeting you bright young man on fire for Christ and his church to wrap up. I want you to talk about something that you're looking forward to in your own life with your projects, Your books, your Youtube videos or whatever it is you get up to. Maybe you're do you know planning on reading something. What whatever it is what's in the short term future that you're excited about in your walk with God. Just end with something positive for me and my listeners. Yeah, There's so much positivity about There were always quick to look at the negatives in our world, especially with the hardships of the times economically culturally spiritually. What have you, but there's so much great evidence and great things occurring that we often overlook, and this is what. The conservative movement cause white pills. I'm not sure he heard of that, and there's so many great white pills out there. The fact that God gives us victory Psalm. I'm looking forward to victory. I'm going to be campaigning for a bunch of different candidates. Keep working hard that making phone banking door knocking for one's local, but a lot of phone banking phone calls for them. President Trump's campaign at twenty twenty four. Perhaps I'll be trying to campaign for him in that, but of course above all else, more importantly, I'm going to be trying to defend the Catholic faith on the daily so. Whether that's making videos that people like and trying to enhance the quality of them, you know you're doing your podcast. That's great. I'm going to be continue writing. Which is my favorite thing to do about the Catholic faith more than politics more than anything else and just trying to share the story because we don't know what the future holds. I hope to have a family. There's a lot of great opportunities out there that we sometimes miss. We don't have the courage to act on for women for men for people of the opposite sex to be able to procreate to become one flesh. With the Lord, the Lord has blessed his planet, we look around at so beautiful, even if man is doing bad things to one another, so I think the greatest white pill of a mall is the fact that God has given us so many blessings, and we have such a great opportunity for our country for our society for our own lives for our families, and if we just abide in him until the end of time, we will have eternal life, eternal life with the Lord. You know what's more better than that, What's more white, telling them that so? Christ is King and I hope for our country, respectively Canada and America that we have victory. But if not, it's so great seeing talking to people hearing the stories of people across the world that are inspired by Christ of all races, Ethnicities and ages, They're on fire for Christ are coming to Christ, and it's really inevitable. Amazing. It's a. It's a joy to listen to to talk to, and I hope you come back again, okay? All right, thanks for having me on, God, bless God, bless you, and then we'll talk soon. All right sounds good to you tonight, my Matt. The.