CVS Live Guest - 2021-09-18 - Bill Whatcott

Author Streamed Saturday September 18th, 2021

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I first spoke with Bill two years ago invited him back because I wanted to get an update on his trials and to see if he has anything to say about the way the powers that run this fallen world have responded to the SARS-COV2 situation.

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it's a rough and uh ready system system but here we go yeah i think we're live yeah so i'm here with bill watch bill how are you doing hi there god has been good to me in spite of myself you're quite a guy so you got a bit of a reaction last time two years ago you came on my show and people uh loved you or hated you and then some of the haters said hey actually i love this guy so do you get that reaction a lot from people um yes i do actually i guess if you take a definite stand it can be polarizing either for or against and what stand did you just take you just had a little incident there run in with someone what happened yeah i was sitting on a porch of one of my supporters and i just happened to look up from my computer and i saw over the hedges justin trudeau's campaign bus so we went over there and indicted him i told him he is a criminal he has harmed millions of canadians he supports uh killing babies he supports sodomy he supports undermining parental authority yeah gender confusion and we called on him to repent and to turn to christ his security detail blocked me of course a couple of uh the liberal supporters started uh trying to counter hell uh and justin uh just just waved at everyone and got on his bus and went away but that wasn't before he heard wow so uh he's having a bit of a rough go uh i've seen on bit shoot a lot of videos going viral of pos chants and uh other chants with the f word and stuff like that pos i i kind of feel that way about him but we were we were calling him to repentance and we were speaking uh truthful facts that that indeed he is destroying canada's freedom and corrupting this country for sure for sure for sure uh so i seem to be a lot of prominent uh so-called catholics in politics in north america you've got biden trudeau you've got pelosi and a couple of people like that what uh what's going on is that just coincidence um i don't know if it's coincidence or not um you know i i know devout catholics and they're they're a million miles apart from these guys these guys use the title catholic but they actually strike me as cultural marxists i i don't i i don't even know if trudeau believes in god i i can't get into his head but he certainly doesn't govern himself like he does and you know um your ear is going to be famous because all we can see is your ear can we get a shot of your face there you go here's my face my apologies yeah there i don't know the ear might have looked better it's hard are you able to hear me when you hold the phone like that oh i can hear you clearly there there you go so you're still at your friend's place i'm at my friend's place i'm gonna head over to a small church soon here in ontario i can't uh i can't disclose its location but they ask optional uh worship and uh i'm hoping to to be able to worship god tomorrow without a face diaper on like our two thoughts of some weird vaccine so uh can you before we get into the whole covid mania can you just talk a little bit about the court cases that you've been dealing with actively for the past two years because i don't know exactly what's been happening there um well the ronin case i don't know where that's at uh i really didn't have towards the end any legal representation and i couldn't find a christian lawyer to go forward with the case and the one that i had for reasons knowing to himself um he he didn't file my appeal by the deadline even though he had a covet extension of nearly two years uh so that was very disappointing and in the last six hours an interesting guy who fights lockdowns fights gender confusion and uh also belongs to a nudist speech which seems a little incongruent but it is what it is uh that that guy on my behalf filed an appeal and it sure didn't look like uh something that a lawyer would uh would file but it was probably something i would have wrote basically said ronan oge is a man and therefore bill should win because he spoke the truth uh to paraphrase about 20 pages that's about what he said and um you know as far as i can tell he got that in and and uh ronan hasn't done any enforcement action for his fifty five thousand dollars so so i don't know if that appeal is pending or not uh you know the courts are decimated by covid and of course i don't have legal representation i just have some activist who is not quite mainstream um file an appeal on my behalf and uh you know i'm grateful the guy did that and i don't know if ronan's lawyer ronan's lawyer did did have about 25 pages of response to it so i don't know uh the case that i'm here in toronto for now is uh a criminal case it's a willful promotion of hatred is the charge and that stems from a ministry that i did in the toronto pride parade way back in 2016. it's finally getting to trial uh this month and uh the crown's seeking 18 months in jail and that's for giving accurate medical information on homosexuality as well as real life testimonies of homosexuals and transgenders who have changed their lives and of course upholding the cross says as the answer for straits and gays jesus christ uh but for giving this accurate information in the toronto pride parade well disguised as a gay zombie cannabis consumer and just so your listeners know i had to disguise myself as a gay zombie cannabis consumer because i did apply to march as an openly christian man and was rejected they're not tolerant of open christians but they do seem to be tolerant to gay zombies at the pride parade so i said the gay zombie cannabis consumer i was accepted and i was able to hand out my zombie safe sex packages which had this accurate gospel and medical information and then i guess once they opened it they didn't like it and so now they want to put me in jail for 18 months they all like it some some did like it i'll be at a minority but but some appreciated getting the information it's it's just the nasty and intolerant ones that want to put me in jail for that do you think trudeau and his entourage recognize you they know you they know your face and your voice um interestingly also when i did that ministry i was also the subject of 104 million dollar lawsuit and the media doesn't widely publicize it but the liberal party of canada and justin trudeau and the former premier kathleen wynne were named as plaintiffs as those who were harmed by my gospel literature so um you know you know they were actually part of the action seeking 104 million in damages from me so you know trudeau would have personally signed on to that seeing as it was his name he would have been at least uh briefed of the lawsuit and would have at least given his consent to be part of it um i don't know trudeau trudeau heard us like like he was within your shot of us and definitely hurt us but he did not pay a whole lot of attention as we called on him to repent so i i doubt that he noticed me personally and i don't really care if he does or doesn't yeah yeah so uh you're from the west of canada is that right yes i currently live in western canada uh because my wife and i were thinking oh let's move to alberta because it seems like they're more uh free and easy with the covet restrictions now they seem to be sort of tightening the screw in alberta too but what is the landscape across from east to west and from west to east across canada is everyone in lockstep now with the vaccine passports like we have here in quebec and you have in dc uh is everyone just tightening those screws or are some people rebelling like what is the political landscape with the whole covet thing i believe from coast to coast vaccine passports are the regulation of the land i don't know if they're codified into law but they're certainly the regulation and police will enforce them and everything i don't think you can move anywhere in canada to be free now um you'd have to look at moving to the midwest if you want to get the midwest of the united states if you want to get away from this tyranny oh okay and have you traveled in the states are you allowed to go to the states no uh because i'm charged with an indictable offense uh the police took my passport back in 2018 so i'm stuck here uh and i'm also unvaccinated so i'm not even sure if i can get on an airplane now you're one of the pure bloods i guess uh i don't judge those harsh things many of them have families that are dependent on of course they'll lose their jobs they were victims yeah they they were either lied to and believed it or they were coursed into doing something against their will it's nothing to be proud of having a 70 compliance rate uh because many of them uh had to take it on pain of losing their jobs yeah or you know social uh activities that that they really depended on for for a quality of life for sure i mean uh i hope you heard what that australian politician said but he said well uh if you take it and you die it was your choice you made an informed consent and uh your your medical decisions are your responsibility and it's all on you and you know true if they weren't uh taking away jobs denying access to normal gathering places and just hating on you on the radio and hiding hiding the vaccine injuries although in canada it's getting harder to hide i have a friend in dryden who knows two people who died from the shot i in my own little world i had a neighbor who was bedridden for three days and that was two months ago and she's still very sick and has her hands trembling since since taking the shot her very serious symptoms which caused her to not be able to get out of bed um and and you know we had we had to go feed her because she couldn't feed herself for for like 72 hours those symptoms kicked in within hours of taking the shot and prior to that she was a healthy 65 years old year old so um you know most of us most of us know someone who's been harmed by the shot and a few of us know someone who's been killed yes i do i do yeah yeah most of us do it's it's so so so they can cook up whatever stats they want it's obvious that these uh vaccines are not are not safe my own anecdotal experience tells me that and i'll trust that more than the public health agency of canada are we doing the same no are we doing the same thing in canada that they're doing in the states where we won't count someone is vaccinated until 14 days after the second shot or whatever it is i'm not an expert on that but that sounds about right because i've noticed with the vaccine passport in alberta i think you have to have been vaccinated for 14 days before you can enjoy normal social interactions and even the vaccinated can't enjoy normal social interactions i think the last time i looked at the alberta regulations you are you are not allowed to have more than one person who you're not related to and you have to be socially distanced in your house if you're unvaccinated like me and then i guess if you're if you're vaccinated if all of your vaccine you can have up to 10 people but you can't have 11. so i guess at 11 even the vaccinated are spreading covet yeah well did they count if there was if there were pregnant women if there were five pregnant women does that count as five people or ten people do they recognize the baby in the womb as a human or no well obviously these regulations are coming under liberal and progressive conservative governments so no the baby doesn't count not at all um yeah or in alberta's case the united conservative party and they've done nothing for the unborn and kenny used to be pro-life but uh he doesn't champion that cause anymore but um you know you know it seems to me that that that that even the vaccinated have to socially distance and wear face diapers and sure they're allowed to have 10 people instead of one but at 11 i guess theoretically according to dina hinshaw once once you hit the 11th vaccinated person in a room kovat is spreading again so i i oh that that's following the science uh what i'm telling you is it's absolutely ludicrous and they're just pulling numbers out of their bum one set of numbers to leave the vaccinated in a sense a crisis but with a bearable quality of life and then another set of numbers is applied to the unvaccinated with which just simply makes your life thank you sorry i'm just getting my move so i can go to my mask optional church tomorrow do you know do you know the pastor that was arrested uh out west uh do you remember him yes i do um if you're talking about arkelowski there's been a few arrested actually there was also a baptist pastor in calgary uh tim stevens and then there was pastor coates who was arrested i've never met pastor james coats or tim stevens but i've met pastor klaue polowski seems like a nice guy from what i've seen on rebel news well he has courage uh he's spoken out where most pastors have refused to yeah uh do you know rebel news do you know those guys oh yes um i was interviewed by them at the whistle stop cafe some time ago and uh i sent uh i sent a couple super chats their way just to help them out financially and get a little word on when those things were allowed on on youtube because we were thinking uh trying to figure out how to vote in the federal election and we were thinking oh maybe the conservatives are good but rebel news said no no no no no and then sure enough over the next couple of weeks we saw tools sort of morph into uh trudeau 2.0 like he just had a lot of the same ideas as trudeau with with respect to the vaccines and stuff pretty much identical to be honest um yeah a lot of people say i have to vote strategically to get rid of trudeau and i can't think of a less strategic and more wasted vote than voting for o'toole because i don't think the man's integrity is any better than trudeau like i kind of dislike trudeau on on a personal level i think he's very slimy and dishonest but i find o'toole to be the same way o'toole at least trudeau has consistently been left-wing and for the lockdowns even though he doesn't obey the lockdowns himself he was in barbados over christmas and then the government accountability guy that put the picture of him in barbados on twitter he platformed but it was there for the world to see for a little time so trudeau doesn't obey his own lockdown but you know the guy's consistent you know where he stands he says he's for lockdowns and you know even though he won't live by him himself he does impose him on us just like he promises he will he said he's for gun control you know he says he's for gender confusion he says he's for abortion up to birth we know where justin stands on these issues what i find annoying about o'toole is at least on two of those four items he flip-flopped on abortion he's been consistently pro-abortion on the lgbt and uh gender confusion agenda you know o'toole is consistently for that so anyone who votes for him thinking that's better than than trudeau is insane but i'll say at least at least o'toole has been honest and consistent in pushing those agendas and getting rid of people in this party who think otherwise on the lockdowns he said he's not for him and he's not for vaccine passports but now he is he's had a change in heart based on polls i find that to be reprehensible and i don't even believe the polls the people i'm meeting here in toronto and the people i've met out west whether it's vancouver or whether it's alberta or whether it's manitoba i have not met many people who really want these lockdowns and vaccine passports to to to continue so i don't know where these poll numbers are coming but um you know it's obviously what the elites want and justin uh has been for that consistently and o'toole is for it today so if you vote for him you're voting for lockdowns he said that he believed law-abiding gun owners had the right to own firearms of all classes just this past week he flip-flopped on that so really really the guy the guy stands for nothing and i don't know how that can be a strategic vote personally i voted for the people's party of canada yeah it would be for me i had an openly pro-life candidate i had a candidate who was unambiguous that she did not believe gender confusion should be taught to children in schools and she's unambiguously against the mass mandate uh justin trudeau's little gathering today that we're preaching at everyone was in face diapers when i went to see my candidate no one no one in the town hall had a face diaper on and that kind of tells you just what you need to know when it comes to voting he's running around with face diapers why the heck would you vote for that yeah i i voted ppc just because i don't know anything about them but uh i saw a little car well a little publicity that they had where all the candidates jack nate saying trudeau and everyone was masked up but uh bernier was not massed up so i said okay i'll just vote for these guys you made you made the right choice i think based on the values that i've heard you a spouse um you know certainly maxine will allow those who are christian and freedom oriented to exist in this party and that's a huge huge improvement over the conservatives is it true he's an unrepentant homosexual or no i've never heard that so i would not uh target him with rush okay i heard that i don't know if it's true or false pardon i heard that but it was like a rumor just going around on the internet i don't know if it's true or false i've not heard that and i've not heard that either from my candidate who happened to be a pro-life evangelical christian uh most unrepentant homosexuals i've met with one or two exceptions are not terribly tolerant of christians so that seemed a little no actually maxine bernier did have a scandal but it was with a female so i i believe that's rubbish though yeah yeah he was involved in some kind of uh sexual affair with some woman and left some classified documents at at her house when he was in the conserve party of canada and it reflected but it kind of shows that he's heterosexual uh on the abortion issue he's not as strong as i would like he's personally opposed and would vote he did say he would vote against late term abortion he never promised like my candidate to vote against early term abortion but he allows people who want early term abortion to be outlawed to vote freely according to their conscience without repercussion so to me that's by far the best party other than the christian heritage party which sadly is only fielding i think 25 candidates this election uh but yeah bernier allows pro-life christians to to voice their opinions free of uh of reprisal and he himself is better than o'toole or justin they will defend late term abortion he he at least gets squeamish at that stage and he seems open to education for the earlier stages with the left uh stoop so low as to uh spread a nasty rumor about bernier that he's homosexual with the left because the left loves homosexuals why would they why would they accuse someone of something if it's a virtue i only love homosexuals when it suits them they only love blacks or natives when it suits them they just simply use these uh people classes as cannon fodder for their cause so uh um seems like a slight slimy move but i guess politics is slimy what about the miscarriage rate uh there was a study done by the new england journal of medicine about miscarriage rate among uh pregnant women who are vaccinated versus unvaccinated and i looked at the uh all the propaganda and it was exaggerating the safety and then i did my own uh analysis i made a youtube video about it and it seems like there's somewhere between a three and four fold increase in the risk of miscarriage if you take the vax have you heard anything about that and you will be more up to date on the specific um on the specific uh risk factors than i am i have read some articles in lifesite news stating that there's a definite um elevated risk of miscarriage uh i've also heard that many young women who take the vaccine have irregular periods which would indicate that it affects their fertility um i've listened to teresa tam say that it's perfectly safe for for for pregnant women although like i said her and justin trudeau i don't believe anything that comes out of their mouth and then anecdotally uh a woman in a church that uh that i attend uh took the vaccine and i think she was 30 or 31 somewhere around there uh 31 or 32 years of age and she had a healthy baby in the third trimester i believe the baby six months along in gestation and she lost the baby after taking the yeah yeah so i'm a bit concerned now that they're going for younger and younger age categories with mandatory vaccination i know people personally that have you know young teens 13 14 15 that have been vaccinated and they're not allowed to do extra curricular activities or sports at school if they don't get it and so um i don't know if this is canada wide or if it's just in quebec because quebec is a little bit further left i guess than most of the the provinces right well even if it's only quebec now next month it'll be canada wide i think i've heard of the vaccine becoming mandatory for over the age of 12 even in bc and alberta so i even though it's provincial governments pushing it it seems to me that it is canada canada-wide and if we do see a lot of infertility uh in this young generation it'll take probably up to 10 years to start seeing the beginnings of that manifesting itself right so they have a little bit of a cover story with oh we don't we can't correlate it with with the shot right i mean this uh well they've jabbed a lot of healthy 20 and 30 and you know uh your year old women so i got a feeling uh i got a feeling we're going to be seeing the decreased fertility right away myself i just don't think the media is going to talk about the downside until they have no choice and by then the damage is done like i said anecdotally in my world i know of numerous vaccine injuries and two deaths not in my immediate circle but in the immediate circle of one of my friends um that's what i know and and i don't think i see but a fraction of a percentage of what's going on in this country so um i think there's going to be a lot of carnage before before this madness comes to an end if it comes to an end i'm not sure where this is going but i expect it to get worse and ultimately i'm looking to christ to return and you know try to be true to him as long as i'm here and going through this i've just kind of made up my mind especially especially with what i've been seeing in the last month that whatever losses i take i i don't want that job and i'll try to network with other like minds to just you know survive as well as we can without doing this to ourselves yeah well i often say that i don't want to use as an excuse to not get the job i don't want to use science or you know the virus or anything like that i don't want to talk about anything but my free will like i have free will and i'm going to say no just on principle and the the even in the best case scenario like if uh this so-called virus is naturally occurring and it's really deadly and we should be afraid of it we should protect our vulnerable people from it and this vaccine is the best medicine that was ever created by man even in the best case scenario like even if it made me taller stronger more handsome and everything longer life and a better christian i still wouldn't take it just on principle well the bottom line is is they allow you to consume cannabis and i think there's personal and social cost to that and that's in the name of freedom they allow you to consume pornography which have very very verifiable social costs yeah every single serial killer on america's death row has admitted to pornography addiction and starting up that way yeah you know you're allowed to euthanize yourself i think that has social and personal costs um and all of that it's it's because we're allegedly a free country so you have a right to do all these harmful and reprehensible things but suddenly on the vaccine it's no longer your body your choice you have to take it or you're an evil and rotten person so i agree with you on a matter of principle i don't want it because of the way it's being pushed uh but that being said anecdotally i know people have been injured i have seen healthcare workers speak out against it and and be sanctioned um and based on that information i think a reasonable person can make an argument based on on data based on outcomes that it's not fair to force something that's potentially harmful and is potentially harmful and i think has even been proven in some cases to be harmful um it's not right to force that on people you know for sure have the right to say no for sure it's not even clear that it's saving everyone if you're only allowed 11 people and you still have to wear a face diaper after you're double maxed how how you know efficacious is this is this is a serum like it doesn't seem like public health believes it's efficacious if they believed it you can meet all the people you want and you wouldn't have to wear a face diaper anymore yeah how how much of a concern is the process by which this was developed and calibrated and tested with the aborted cell tissues and all these sorts of things is that an issue for you uh for me that's probably the number one issue early on after i listened to uh to pamela geller on on lifesitenews she was interviewed by john henry weston and she was involved in the vaccine development when she was talking about the aborted baby cells that were used and and she was saying the ongoing research had to use fresher tissue than the babies who were murdered in the 1970s um yeah for me that's probably the overriding principle as to why i would not want to take it i know some people who are aware of the abortion connection and they're still comfortable taking it um i can't judge people for that you know these babies are dead now uh but for me i don't want to be a part of that i i've always found a portion industry right from the earliest days of my christian walk and um i don't agree with personally with with taking something that's tainted by the murder of innocent children yeah well you know the children were murdered after they extracted all the valuable goodies from them right that's right i don't think these children were murdered exclusively for their cells but they were harvested afterwards and that to me is awfully close to what the nazis have done with undesirables in the 1930s and 40s so yeah yeah you know as a christian i don't believe our highest calling is to stay alive at all cost no you know lives are sacred they're made in his image the unborn child's life is also sacred and made in god's image and our our calling is to serve the lord here on earth and if you have to compromise that calling to stay alive then then i think at that point god comes first and you know if he wants me to survive on this earth uh i don't need pfizer to to survive if he calls me home and it happens to be by the coronavirus um that is not necessarily the worst outcome as a christian you know as long as you die knowing jesus christ is your lord and savior so i'm as far as i'm concerned i'm entitled to have that view whether the secular world agrees with it or not and that's how i want to govern myself and that's how i inform myself on the reasonableness of taking this vaccine and for the record when as a nurse i took the hepatitis vaccine and the flu vaccinum was not opposed to them but this vaccine is is something different yeah uh my hunch is that a lot of these uh so-called anti-vaxxers who speak out against covet and the whole mismanagement of clovid and all the fear-mongering these radio like so-called right-wing radio hosts in the states that end up getting allegedly getting coveted and dying uh my hunch is that if they had stayed away from the hospital they could have fought fought off the disease whatever they got but because they went to the hospital i mean this sounds a bit paranoid and conspiracy theorists but it seems to me that once they get in the hospital that they can uh kill you whether they intend to or not but it seems like if they put you on that ventilator it's pretty much 50 50 right i think it's less than 50 50 once you get on the ventilator and you know i'm a little bit paranoid like you just because of what i've seen i've seen blatant mismanagement and lies by the media blatant lies by our government uh and i've seen a lot of malice so whether someone wants to call me a tinfoil or not i wouldn't rule out that these conservative talk show hosts did get bumped off there was also i was reading in the times of israel a jewish anti-vaxxer if you want to use that term uh certainly anti-lockdown um his last words before he died was they're trying to kill me in this hospital thing on facebook i think it was or something and those were his last words and and then he did die they would not give him the treatments that he wanted in my understanding in american hospitals and canadian hospitals um your wishes are not respected if you want to be treated with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or um you know they they've decreed that these are unsafe for you and they'll certainly let you have cannabis or pornography they have have have these drugs even though doctors around the world have said they're safe and effective would you go to the hospital if your lungs started to get all clogged up with some gross virus or would you try to treat it um the problem is is i'm not a big fan if you're in serious condition of trying to treat things on your own that can kill you as well um i don't know i'll cross that bridge when i get there if i get really sick i'd probably go to the hospital and if that's where i die i die and if i get better well you know saint paul said to live is christ and to die is gain yeah what about this whole idea of quarantine camps and they've built a bunch of them in australia i don't know if you've been following what's happening in australia it's pretty nasty and even in the uk but it seems like christendom what used to be called christendom is most the most oppressed part of the world uh in terms of this whole covid mismanagement what's up with that christian might be found in the east now i think uh australia the us and canada is post-christian certainly canada and australia the us are still a battle going it seems uh but certainly western europe is post-christian um yeah i i i remember a year ago i chuckled at the quarantine camps and i remember they showed what might have been a quarantine camp in manitoba and rebel news said that's kooky and i kind of agreed with him at the time uh i think canada could move in that direction too i i believe um they might they might lock us up if they don't course enough of us to get the jab you know just through the sanctions that they have now i don't believe this is coming to an end if we ignore the vaccine passport and still refuse to get the jab who knows we might start getting rounded up and put into camps here in canada i think i think that's possible what do you think about because my friend a couple of my friends are suggesting to me because i know my stance is very hardcore with respect to non-compliance um so a couple of them suggested well hey you could get like a fake passport a fraudulent passport or you could get like a religious exemption or something i'm like no i want i want if they come at me like the powers that be whoever they are come at me i want it to be very very crystal clear which side i'm on and that i'm on the side of i have free will and i can make my own choices when it comes to what medicaid medical treatments i accept right so i don't want to sort of fall through the cracks by saying oh i got a fake passport or i got a medical exemption oh look because i'm christian i'm uh i'm safe now no i want to be on the side of the second class citizens right to the end so i don't want to escape from that second class citizenship using some loophole do you agree uh i'm a little more pragmatic than you if i could get a fake passport today i would it's interesting you brought that up there was a doctor here in toronto actually richmond hill to be specific who was handing out uh and they weren't fake because he's a medical doctor licensed under the college of physicians and surgeons here in ontario he was handing out exemptions for vaccine and mass mandates uh to to those who wanted them based on psychological grounds i guess he handed out uh some last week to you know i guess he practices here in richmond hill on saturdays i guess he handed out to a few hundred last week and then just word of mouth because this isn't something you could ever put on twitter or facebook uh just just word of mouth was such i heard about last night and from 10 in the morning until or sorry from seven in the morning till 11 in the morning i was standing in line trying to get my exemption and then uh there was probably the lineup i would estimate it was 500 people it's a very very long lineup of people who wanted this many of them were health care providers i talked to a few of them in the line and uh yeah sadly by 11 o'clock the police showed up and by 11 30 it was shut down and the doctor had to ask us to go home he said his clinic was shut down by uh bylaw ah you know yeah it's uh it's crazy what do you think about the i know there are lots and lots of uh nurses that are not buying this but what about the cops are there any cops that are on our side in terms of non-compliance to the bullying uh there's been a couple i've seen them on rebel news and they lost their careers yeah yeah yeah that's for that in this country big price to pay like i have no kids that's sort of my trump card right like i don't have kids not much to lose like i'm willing to eat i'd rather live out of eating out of dumpsters than get the shot even if it improves my health like i just on principle but yeah i don't believe the shot will improve your health based on what i've seen i think that's a highly questionable claim it might be better to go to dumpsters and hopefully this will pass you know i think we're gonna have to fight to make a pass and uh i don't know if canadians are there i'm seeing a lot of unhappy canadians but how to rally them and organize them is are you still there are you still there i'm still here okay your video dropped out and your audio dropped out for a how do we want to wrap this up i guess we want to talk about jesus christ and you think he's going to come again soon i i personally don't think so i think we've got a long way to go but um who knows god only knows we're not supposed to predict those sorts of things he did not know the day or the hour i i should say it looks like he's coming soon but i don't know that yeah yeah yeah but have you seen scripture fulfilled have you seen have you seen non uh how should i put this uh have you seen atheists come to god because of all the covet nonsense have you seen anyone anyone's strength that was weak now become more strong like their strength has improved because of this weird time that we're going through have you seen it that first hand perhaps the pastors have paid a price but i think they had strong faith to begin with i think a pastor hildebrandt here in ontario and jacob uh they had faith right up to the point of losing their churches and they've remained strong but i think they were strong beforehand um to be honest i've seen a lot of demoralization in the church i've seen depression and anxiety hopefully that'll lead people to casting their burdens on christ that's kind of the tact i've taken i'm a flawed an imperfect person anyways uh but that's where i've gone is i've gone to jesus in this uh crisis and that certainly has helped me weather it um i do know i had one one customer a cleaning customer whose common-law boyfriend committed suicide as a result of the lockdowns he was a healthy 42 year old man and she came home from work she was an lpn and found her common-law husband of many years of whom she had two children with hanging from their basement um i shared the lord with her and she's seen more open as a result of that loss and i invited her to church but she has not made it to church yet so what uh just one last thing what is it with the spiritual blindness that seems to be predominating among my family and friends where they just can't see uh the sort of nefarious uh machinations of those who are in power i don't even know who's in power like up above these puppet uh government leaders but um what is it about the spirit of blackmailed so yeah blackmail i don't think he calls the shots he's too stupid but what is it with the spiritual blindness of regular people mom and pop on the on the ground level where they just can't see that there's something fishy about this like i saw right from the very beginning that uh there's a sort of creepy uh consensus that you never find in the natural sciences you don't find it in medical science you don't find it in politics but all of a sudden with covet everyone's on the left is completely united worldwide and in lockstep so what is it with the spiritual blindness and it seems to be really polarizing i don't know if uh if you want to talk about satan being the prince of this world and how he operates do you think the misc do you think the mask is slipping and we're starting to see satan overplay his hand a little bit here um well the left i think is on the side of satan and they're over playing their hand i think more i see now speaking for the west um yeah even speaking here in ontario i think more people are starting to see it they just don't know what to do about it where we're sheep without a shepherd um you know but there is some people who are willfully blind um the the lady who i was talking about who's vaccine injured she still swears that her vaccine was a good choice even as her hands are trembling and she's weak and you know got a my rate of health problems now that she didn't have hours before her shot there's a doctor i know of who's injured a family doctor and uh he's becoming very sick and my friend who knows that doctor thinks that doctor could die soon and he's swearing by his vaccine even though he became sick within hours of taking it he says it's just just happenstance just a chance um some blindness is willful also scripture does say having eyes they don't see having years they don't hear lest the lord will come and heal them um you know those are frustrating scriptures in some ways for me uh but they are the reality of our world there is spiritual blindness that's that's a reality and i think you and i have to realize humanly we can't fix that we can be faithful we can share the truth and i think if we become more prayerful there is power in prayer and god can lift the blindness and i think we have to look to the lord to get us out of this mess we're in amen brother so thanks for taking the time i know you're a busy guy and uh you live a crazy life and i i'm praying for you to have success with against trudeau and his minions they're trying to still chase after you with uh what that legal stuff but just generally with your faith walk and uh dealing with this crazy time that we're living in so i appreciate it if you'd pray for me too and me and mine but uh very nice to see your face and thanks for taking the time to talk to me and we'll talk soon okay yeah i am blessed to be on your show and i hope i hope this benefits someone for sure thank you so much we'll talk soon you