CVS Live Guest - 2022-11-30 - Will Lawson

Author Streamed Wednesday November 30th, 2022

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I met Will on Twitter, where his bio reads:

Under Construction

Under Construction

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no I'll be responsible enough I see a little pool a little yellow at the bottom I know what happened so we are live I'm here with Will Will how are you doing I'm doing well thank you for having me I'm anti-social that means I don't have a social life so this is a real treat for me to get to talk to a real person um oh okay hold on hold on now I'm ignoring you because I'm busy with administrative details I should have taken care of earlier your name is not mercy your name is Will yeah it's not what's your last name Lawson l-a-w-s-o-n okay because I had last the last guest from last night Mercy's name in the thing I follow her I follow her on Twitter that's how I saw you I was like oh sweet I wish I could do that yeah you can and then I I shot you a message I was like hey can I do it too yeah at four in the morning sorry I'm sorry you're an early riser well I've drip desperation so I can be an early riser I like your face you remind me a little bit don't take this the wrong way you run me a little bit of Freddie Mercury I think he's a good looking guy well thank you thank you I don't know who that is but thank you well it happens to be uh the lead singer of Queen I you know I don't approve of his lifestyle and everything he's dead he's the only guy he died of AIDS and I'm not saying anything about you you're seeing a very manly man okay if I die of AIDS I assure you I will keep it a secret so uh yeah I've got weird I've got weird uh celebrity crushes like uh different people in pop culture that I find attractive men and women don't have sex it's good that's why I married a woman that looks like a celebrity so I would be safe from that who who is it my wife yeah no no but who does she look like oh and she looks like Miley Kunis is is who people say she looks like the most they're like you you look like Molly goodness okay she's an actress with the dark hair yeah that ukrainian-american actress my wife is from Iran oh wow yeah wow I met I met her back when I was living in Arkansas as you can see my bio I'm living in Florida you got a Southern accent what however I I grew up I grew up in the South I've actually never been up north well I've lived in North Carolina for a bit that's about the north I got but if you look on a map that's that's in the South I'm in Montreal Quebec Canada so way up North you guys have do you guys have uh night time there I'm just asking well I I don't know I need to poke my head up go to the igloo to take a look and see you had two options you had appointments at four in the morning at night so I'm like maybe they don't have night time yeah well no because I had a guest I had a couple of guests over in like South Africa and Greece [Music] yeah so I explained that but so yeah it's nice to meet you uh first of all how old are you I'm 41. I turned 41 November 5th okay and uh you're married and so uh before we get into today and how are you feeling today let's go back to the your childhood and how are you raised and all that sort of thing I don't know much about you obviously we just met but I think you might be Baptist today or something like that but you'll build up the whole story from the beginning till now or take us on the journey from your child I had no idea I would have to build a story for you see I get creative now just be honest talking about my childhood should I get a doll out or anything no I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm just I'm joking I had I had good uh good good parents they had a lot of kids because the oldest yeah I was the oldest of six so life started going downhill after about number three for me started going downhill now for them I don't know how they perceived it it seems like they're they're all doing okay I got I got one who's a criminal well he was a criminal he's a he's not a criminal anymore he used to be a criminal so but we love him we accept him because I mean really we're all criminals except for me I'm you're the only Christian one no no I'm just I'm just joking I'm just that's a little family humor um no my whole family uh my whole family says they believe in Jesus so they I was raised in church I was raised in Baptist Churches my uh grandfather who's still alive I have one grandfather that passed my dad's side my grandfather that's still alive he is an independent Baptist preacher up in Fayetteville Arkansas Michigan Boulevard Baptist Church and they've they've been going for years they started out in the 70s I think 60s or 70s they started out and they have a Christian School up there just he just living off the blessings that's all they're doing my grandma passed a couple years ago so he's been alone um doing that but he's still preaching so I don't get talked to him very much but I hung out with that side of the family a lot when I was a kid all of us cousins we just had a good time and cousins were about same age and they had they had a lot of kids too so I have an aunt that is literally a year or two older than me and I used to play with her like if she was my cousin that's what happens when you have a big family it's kind of overlaps like that so uh you mentioned Independent Baptist uh what are the different brands or the different uh types of Baptists you got Southern I think he's just said I think Baptist Second Baptist is that a thing yeah I think it's a associate especially when the Baptists came to America they started mixing and mingling Protestant theologies Catholic theologies and they just kind of picked and choose what they wanted a whole our whole ecclesiology can form from that they they just they find a construct maybe that they like and they'll just go with you've heard of like reform Baptists they'll be there'll be proponents of Calvinism yeah Baptist might be a proponent of armenianism so really just what happens when you're just exposed to so much information you stop just reading the text for yourself you're like well these guys seem to have it figured out I'm just gonna um unknowingly form a knowledge Gap and just go with what they're saying and whoever these guys were they probably didn't anticipate a bunch of Badness following them yeah yeah yeah so uh you had uh We've sort of glossed over your childhood a little bit but that's okay what about your education was there a specific uh bias that your professors had or did you choose a path that was more or this flavor or that flavor or how did that work with your education my education yeah well okay so I I'm a little bit I'm a little bit here and there as far as education goes I I have a degree in Cyber Network defense cyber security that's what I do okay that's what that's where I bring in the money that's how I make a living my wife's in the service she's in the Air Force I'm an Air Force Reserve so before I met her I was in the army hello hello hello are you still there are you pausing dramatically or are you on a bathroom break or are you having technical issues I can't hear you and your screen is Frozen well if you can see me blink blink if you can see me here let me see if I can chat to you can you hear me question mark experiencing some technical difficulties please stand by he's not responding oh there you are I'll be back in my back okay bugged out yeah it said I lost network connection still it's still churning there there you are I see now uh okay okay okay okay yeah so you do the whole cyber uh cyber uh uh what do you call it yeah cyber networked fence okay I'm an analyst for Air Force Special Operation command and and uh Navy Special Operation command so wow I can tell you basically what my job is but no no I'm not interested so much in that as your uh Seminary didn't you say you went to baptist Seminary I did uh so I I graduated high school and I said I I want to go into the Ministries what I said and I was part of a I was I was a Missionary Baptist and we have a great seminary in Little Rock and it's free for anyone who is Ada Associated American Baptist Association okay and so they sent me there as soon as I graduated about a year after I graduated they sent me there I went there for a few years and uh that's where I really got studied up on my Greek ah yeah biblical Greek though culin a Biblical because my wife is Greek so I learned modern Greek a little bit that's awesome yeah it's a cool language very cool yeah it's fun it's fun I don't know how closely it related with the ancient tongue or not it's hard to say it's hard to say with the pronunciation but the I can I can read both pretty well it's just a question of the accents there are a lot more alliterations or whatever they call those things you're talking about speaking it so yeah from a technical standpoint when you're looking at the Greek all you're doing is looking at the declinations you're trying to see what what now points to what verb and direct objects indirect objects and all you're trying to do is figure out what is matching in the language when you figure out what's matching then you can look at the tenses and be like well or we where do we go from here type thing so that all is a process of translating and really if you're a translator you're doing it for your own benefit you're studying the languages you're doing it for your own benefit nowadays we have so many yeah okay out there people are pretty uh thoroughly educated as much as they need to be uh to to study scripture so pretty amazing so your emphasis was on uh the New Testament to Greek and just that yeah well I didn't I didn't continue my education so my next year would have I would have stepped into Hebrew so I have to yeah I have to learn Hebrew how I am but how many years ago was that that you left that oh my goodness I'm 41 now so that was before I joined the army and I I had a seven eight year career in the Army so and now it's 2023 so I'm I'm placing that in about 2003 time frame is when I left and joined the military okay from 2002 2030 time frame so uh yeah so I'm assuming I mean uh I'm assuming because you reached out to me that you're pretty interested you're pretty uh still pretty interested in your faith and learning about your faith and uh growing in your faith and well absolutely absolutely uh if if uh you gotta take a look at my website those are those are just me acting out those things that I've learned the things that go on through my head so I'm poetizing them I'm not an actual poet per se like we the vernacular but I'm poetizing I'm working it out for myself I'm going through the script I'm writing it out just like you know anything that you would find interesting doing in life you're probably going to find yourself creating something that is connected to it all right yeah so let me take a look let me take a look really quickly how do you spell it oh and of course I'm kind of uh glanced at your website so you're familiar with teleology now this website this website is teleological in the sense that you work backwards so I work from the basis that I believe Jesus is Messiah and I just work backwards so a lot of it the devotionals that's just encouragement that's some good feed if you you know want to encourage yourself if you and but the other stuff like uh I'm doing a setting Zechariah right now and I'm updating that about twice a week and I'm just going through that just explain just going through the script explaining it and it's there if anybody is interested but like I said is more of a personal type things I wouldn't recommend anybody reading anything that anybody does except for the script itself just go through it yourself find the joy in it yourself talk to your teachers that are interested about it because not everybody's interested in this kind of stuff so talk to the ones that are interested in it and you guys can share the joy to reciprocal joy that you have when you're connecting with somebody on that level okay so when you say script you mean the script the scripture the Bible right okay script is that this short short way of saying it script do you hear that a lot I've never heard that in my whole life now script a script a script is What actors read script we started something hey now uh well I I've learned just to talk away okay you know if I say script and we're in the context of the Bible I'm sure somebody would pick it up now you're right to be confused though because I have had conversations with people and and they've become triggered in in ways I mean I'm talking about the Bible guys well it is kind of a script I mean it is kind of a script because God's the primary author and the humans are just sort of playing along well I I tell people I said uh oops Oh no you're Frozen again so we'll have to wait and see if he comes back I guess I could throw up his website again until he comes back to do let me see how does this look let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord my strength and my redeemer Psalm 19 14. correctly opining God through the correct message of Jesus Christ Smiley people there are you back he's not back hey are you back hey man I'm sorry I I do have this problem and and uh it comes from my secure it comes from my security settings my my setup is really secure is that right yeah it tends to kick out if anything looks fishy I don't I don't Telecom a lot so okay it does that he's not used to it I just threw up your website it was just started reading from it while I was waiting because I knew he'd be back yeah so but these frequent bathroom breaks have to stop I'm warning you no well I brought a load of diapers don't worry I just don't want to put it out there on camera but but did you get the did you get the part before we cut out um what I tell people about scripture and we get a lot of Pat we can get past a lot of the moral quandaries that are out there if we view scripture if we view the Bible as something that was written by God for God to show man The Narrative of God and so where we're at now is we're on the outside we're looking in and now we're able to correctly opine God by viewing it that way and we don't have to take it so personally anymore because that stuff is so heavy and it's so detrimental if you take it the wrong way we've seen in the past what has happened when people take that stuff too personally can you give an example of that yeah they try to take over the world [Applause] I don't appreciate that hey you guys learned your lesson you guys we all learn our lessons I got some great stories of some anabaptists that went crazy with their freedom I just tell you I I can't remember I think it was uh in Amsterdam and it was around the 1500s mid 1500s and these anabaptists puss say what yeah well it wasn't directly a link to him but the anabaptists allowed this mode this mountainous do you know what a mountainous is yeah are you talking about uh montanism mountainism and then there's ultramontanism right well this this certainly was ultramontanism the way it panned out so they get all excited the this mountainous comes he declares Jesus is coming back you know and so they just they lose it they go crazy they're like yeah she's just coming back and so they're discovered having just uh orgies and and getting drunk and causing problems in the city and the Catholic Inquisition or whoever was in charge I don't think it was an inquisition at the time but just for lack of a better term the Catholics came down and they saw how they were disrupting the city so much and they went and they slaughtered all the anabaptists for acting that way and uh my joke is is I don't think that that Prophet was lying for them Jesus really did come back for you guys but it wasn't the way you thought it was gonna be self-fulfilling prophecy and and you know it's self-correcting too that's one thing that we gotta learn in scripture is it gives us the ability to self-correct when we're when we're making mistakes when we're messing up our lives and God is Not mocked we're going to rape what we sow right and so the script is a self-correcting prophecy there's nothing new Under the Sun right and how do we believe that well I'm not talking in like a technological way I don't really care about that but I'm talking about psychologically there's nothing new Under the Sun there's crazy people back then as there were crazy people nowadays I mean there's nothing here was there you're not going to find an example that can't be relatable but was there ever a bad orange man yeah yeah really anyway yeah we'll talk about that we won't talk about politics no I I don't talk about uh Donald Trump the reason I don't is because that right there is for people that like Donald Trump you talk about him and then that just amplify he has like this amplification on him if you just mention his name whether good or bad it has this amplification it's like oh I'm getting bigger so if you really just want him to sit down and and rest and enjoy his life don't talk about him anymore just let him go right so I know I I try so hard I don't talk he doesn't upset me he doesn't irk me but when I saw him get up there after he left his Hollywood Life the Hollywood didn't stay behind him he was like really like that and I was oops I think the security has kicked in once again we'll wait and see I think he'll be back sorry for the technical difficulties I wish I had something to entertain you with here well I could talk about my uh oh yeah I could tell you about this while I'm waiting this came in the mail the other day Through the Bible the complete five-year Series this is a Protestant work it's like a commentary on the Bible all 66 books so it's not the Catholic version of the Bible it's not 73 books it's 66 books but the reason I got it is because uh he's really funny uh Vernon J McGee I think his name is if I had my magnifying glass I could actually read the back of this thing um but he's quite entertaining we're gonna see if my friend comes back the reason you see me is because you're seeing my Google meet camera my second camera the one that my guest sees it's a mirror image of my face story for the technical issues we're 22 minutes we're about 21 minutes in and we've had three crap outs so far let's see if he comes back so it says here uh Through the Bible with Dr J Vernon McGee that's his name get on the Bible bus with Dr McGee and journey through the whole word of God this eight gigabyte flash drive includes audio of the entire five-year Bible study notes and outlines for every book of the Bible their version of it 100 plus booklets to deepen your study so that's pretty good I think it cost me like 10 bucks so I'm pretty excited to check it out is his talk that he does on Jezebel in first Samuel I think it's is it for Samuel or it's maybe the book of Kings or the book of Samuel or Chronicles I'm not sure but he talks about Jezebel and very colorful language it's absolutely hilarious I heard it on the radio as I was driving around to job sites because I work in construction as you know it was just hilarious so I said I'm gonna get to get myself a copy of this and listen to the whole thing so I don't know if my friend's coming back here will where are you will can you hear me can you hear me I want to add lib for the next 40 minutes so let's see send him a little message here I know what I'll do I'll go on uh Twitter hello hey I was just trying to get onto Twitter to message you I said I would can you believe it it's the it's those nasty demons they don't want you sharing your perspective with me sometimes I think that there's something abnormal going no super normal going on that's what I think paranormal yeah yeah I was just [ __ ] while you were away sure go ahead when you were doing your number two or whatever it was you were up to I did I did bro I was showing this to uh the viewers uh are you able to read that it's a bus and it says Through the Bible I'm not sure what it's getting at but it looks like some sort of keychain I could really get involved in it Dr J Vernon McGee he's like some sort of uh I don't know what he is Calvinism I'm not sure I stay away from Big names oh yeah I don't know what he believes but he's a Protestant and he's very entertaining so I got his uh Bible bus USB stick and I'm going to go through and listen to it now it's always I always tell people I said well there's only going to be three choices in life this is the people that I know this is either going to be the Pope there's going to be two choices in life is either going to be the pope it's going to be Joel Osteen or it's going to be me and they're like who are you and I'm like exactly there's only two choices that's just like I said [Laughter] it's your poison that's pretty good so now I'll struggle to remember what you were in the middle of saying I know it was interesting because I was just like oh we were talking about orange face all I was saying all I say is I don't mention DT because he's just a magnet for attention the best way to just if it's really disturbing to you it's not disturbing to me it's not disturbing to me yeah exactly it's not disturbing to me either right but I've learned in order to not be incendiary towards anyone I just don't even mention it he said the orange face although of course that was above me I just don't mention him do you know do you know the black face guy like I said I'm in my own little world I am anti-social not my choice my my Canadian friends know who I'm talking about when I say the blackface politician they know exactly who I'm talking about send you some memes afterwards and you'll laugh thank you thank you so back to back to the Bible back to uh your religion I wanna I wanna sort of because you're a quirky character I don't know if anyone's ever told you that before but you're very quirky I get all the time you know I just want to make people smile I want to make people laugh you've gone through my Twitter feed though right um no well you should have okay you clicked you bet you liked my Fallout 4 yeah yeah you can see how I have everything themed out like as soon as you followed me I grabbed you and I said well he can be a vault resident so maybe you're yeah maybe you maybe you haven't quite caught on what I'm doing on Twitter I have to make it a game okay for myself because it's just so serious I mean people are just saying so seriously so I make a game for myself and nobody ever wants to play games with me I don't know why I'm not very good at them and you can win all the time oh are you talking about literally gaming like uh multiplayer gaming or is that what you're talking about are you talking about the game of life though okay nobody else oh actually I've been playing this game for about 11 years and it's it's sort of a meme game it's a data type game and you you play it with the news I'm playing with Molly you play with just whoever is out there and that's going to be you know sane right and so what you do is you post memes you post uh music you post videos anything that is matching us oh no this is ridiculous let's see if it can come back faster this time I'm not good at filling in these gaps here but I know he's going to come back okay I know what I'll do I'll show you his Twitter how's that will Larson's Twitter can you see it oops I don't want to do that I want to show you will Larson's Twitter am I allowed to do this follow for uh I do it is one of my favorite games of all time people don't like it but I do like it I like the music I like the vibe what else has he got he's got some music Eminem I like Eminem in moderation Linkin Park never heard the music Jay-Z don't know his music Izzo don't know her music April being Wednesday are we back yeah man I was probably the worst guess you've ever worst worst guess ever but I it's okay because I'm actually showing people your uh Twitter feed oh good yeah yeah yeah so yeah it's a lot of music it's a lot of Pop Culture it's a lot of Pop Culture stuff come play with me today it's a data game it's what it is and right now I I usually am playing with my local NPR station and so they got stories that they do every day I mean their cycle their radio stations I play with that radio station I usually go I can't do I can sometimes I can put up a data point that'll just hit like a headline story that'll just hit Papa pop all those blooms sometimes I cancel it's easier for me to pick a station that I want to match up with and so I pick my local radio stations and they're the fun they've been playing with me like I said for about 11 years so and and I just go with their public News broadcasting you get your reward by listening to your songs being played so to say they'll put up stories for just about anything and that it's educational you get to know the characters you get to know the people so it's a lot of fun but people don't realize and then they start to play they get discouraged because they're not good at any good and I wasn't good at it either when I started playing you just get to know your radio stations you get to know your news media you get to know that I've played with I've played with uh CBS I played them for like two years I played with uh CNN and I just I just cycle through them you know until I get bored sometimes I got stuff I gotta take care of I'll get on there for about three days post some stuff Bandits there so that's what you're seeing and I put it in a context it's an organizational context so I put in a context of Fallout 4 as you know they got like an Amazon uh TV show coming out of Fallout no way oh yeah okay yeah so if you ever play the game if you're a fan they got that coming out yeah right and so this is also an idea mechanism different characters can be formed and you really get out what you put in to it okay all right so if you're a vault resident you can act like a boat resident I got a couple of people that are just really good either to always talk about like nuclear explosions radioactivity science sci-fi type stuff and there's some people just being themselves you know and I follow a lot of Christians so they're just you know praising Jesus all the time and I mean that's fine no no worries they're still hitting a lot of data points that are out there surprisingly so it's just a lot of fun for me it's a weird thing have you ever seen the Google The Google Geo locator game yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah are you good at that no I'm not but I want to get good at that if I started now it would it would be like somebody starting the game playing with me okay that I've been playing for years what's your game called I hadn't named it unnamed game yes I guess I would call data point prodigy or something I don't know it's about making connections like it's about making connections you ever seen Bubble Bobble or those little uh Candy Crush yeah yeah yeah yeah games yeah so you're on there you're making the matches and then poof they disappear okay okay okay yeah sort of like that work hard game right I got these cards I can flip them out do I meet or do I match your story type thing but who's the judge like are you the pope of this world like you get to decide if it's a good match or not that's the illusion of it it's like you're a winner if you think you're a winner like you might get one story out of the whole day okay you know it's like that though good listening to that one story and then they were listening to me and they're putting it up for me right so it's a non-interference type game as well like you don't mess with their life they don't mess with you but they're just you know playing alongside you they're like okay you're listening to us you know public radio public news you you own the station you might enjoy the game that I sometimes play it's a very dangerous game though if you're mentally ill like I might be um I'm on the edge I don't know where you are on the Spectrum game the game that I play I haven't made my Spectrum yet the game that I play is I pretend that everyone's an actor in my in my reality show like Truman like Truman Show I've been there that's a lot of fun it puts that that puts a smile on your face every time I mean yeah that is thank you for that but I can see however we all have our little quirks we all have our little things like I see these people these Twitter accounts they got like little crowns and stuff next to their neck and I'm like oh you are the princess congratulations here's your Castle so you'll feed into anyone's fantasy it doesn't matter if it's even if it's a dark fantasy or will you try to sort of stifle or redirect energy the dogs are having fun I won't go out there and and and interfere with people's lives and their marriages and anything like that you know that's just that's sick and wrong because there's people that actually go out there and play with your life yeah play with your livelihood harass you yeah I don't need to actually talk to you to talk to you so to say you know I can see your data points and then I can be like well that's a good data point let me put something up here I'm not actually talking to you but if you got the perception you know that I'm talking to you well I mean some of my one of my friends whom I've never met in real life but he he does exist I believe he does exist he lives in Australia he's my best friend he's my best friend too he's my best friend suddenly yeah but anyway he said that he was shocked and horrified uh he's been hounding me for a while now about just how dark my timeline is on Twitter because I'm just keep posting stuff about Pierre not Pierre but Justin Trudeau who is he's the blackface guy so I spoiled it oh okay okay I spoiled it I just learned that Canada is their own Nation so I just thought of it I didn't know what you guys are doing I've heard it you know so anyway I got a lot of I I repost a lot of dark memes about our our great leader Justin Trudeau so they're pretty nasty like they're they're not nice like they're they're making fun of him and it's easy to do and I feel bad but it's just fun you know it's just fun I enjoy it you know it's all about teaching lessons it's like you can't see me you'll probably never meet me in my life but guess what I'm about to teach you a lesson with this meeting boom in your face I feel so much better I just find it I just find it funny like the the sense of humor that um some of these uh right-wing people have like I mean I'm very surprised I'm very surprised that there's so many conservatives on Twitter like that was really eye-opening for me because the whole world the whole world is so left-wing where do you go when nobody wants to listen to you can't there's no of us all if they really do act like that in real life if I met one of these people in real life and they started tweeting at me like that I'm like I'm sorry I really do got to go to the bathroom now laughs I'll be in there until you're not anywhere around yeah it's funny it is so funny if you get past how sad it is I'm telling you uh people just need to realize I think that they're not the center of anything I mean we can't even Center ourselves we can't justify ourselves we don't even balance ourselves we can't even sleep good enough to wake up to get in the get to work on time every day so I mean just calm ourselves get back to reality and everything will be fine very cool very good very good advice so what about trolling is that a real thing is that is that fun or is that dark trolling oh I don't I don't troll I don't uh pick on anybody I see the results of it I've been trolled a few times and I know immediately what to do no you know I find this odd too like I don't think anybody knows what I'm talking about or what I'm doing and so I don't get I have 300 some followers I get like no feedback from anything and so I'm like well I oh I guess we'll go back to his very disjointed conversation but where was I now did this work sorry for the disjointed presentation is what it is will Lawson see if I can notice the pattern this is from Fallout 4. lots of Fallout stuff nurse scene from The Comedy Tim Heidecker no idea what that is my soul I just realized now he was having a laugh at my expense when he booked the the 4am his time slot this morning I couldn't make it because my wife was sick last night unfortunately but I just just realized now hey you know you were a true definition of forgiveness I mean how many times do I got to keep leaving you hanging you didn't forget but you didn't hear what I was saying behind your back play it back play it are you doing this you're kicking me out be like hey this listen stops he's stupid it's my dream it's my game you don't get it you don't get it I'm so sorry now that I know now that I know how silly you are I I just realized that you were having fun when you booked the 4 AM slot this morning you were just you were loving that well I I said to myself I said if he's gonna do it I'm gonna do it with him self or something that had bad days that he keeps going at four o'clock in the morning I'm gonna be right there with you we could do it we could do a Morning Show Dave and will Dave and will in the morning that would be awesome I mean I would love to do that I would do more of this if I just had the time you know how it is you got babies you don't need sleep no I don't have any babies no you haven't I heard one I heard one crying in the background you have more than one well I got I got a baby here and I got another baby that lives in North Carolina she's going to be 16. um on the 12th so yeah she's broke she's growing up and then this baby over here just want turn one years old ah um from a 16-year gap of raising a baby it's taking a toll yeah I didn't remember it being this hard well I tell you what I work uh or 10 to 12 hours uh about four days a week four days out of the week and I come back I got my Productions that I do so I do my teaching lessons I'm going through the Book of John I just finished up with the book of Galatians so that's all out there that's all a PowerPoint the book of John's still going on so I'm doing that I'll have uh and then I do some writings that I post on my website and that's about all the time that I have for anything but if we made a schedule you know to chit chat and you know be like this then I could do that maybe uh once or twice a month yeah yeah right I mean I don't want to do it on weekends well I okay so my weekends rotate I'm on Panama schedule so all we gotta we got a team and we rotate so sometimes I'll have you know three day weekends sometimes right now I'm just not on the weekends okay at all like I told you my my days off or from uh Tuesday through Thursday and then I start back in Friday Saturday Sunday Monday so I work all four of those so I haven't even gotten to preach ever since this news uh schedule has been going on so oh I mean not that I have to preach yeah as a Baptist you don't have to have somebody designated to Parisian you got pastors who don't even preach they just they're shepherding making sure people's is taken care of protected you know their needs are mad stuff like that as any person um are you able to work from home or you have to go to some sort of office or something oh with my aor my aerial responsibility is very close off I can't bring my cell phone and so it's very close very secretive this is top secret position yeah so I'm I'm working with stuff that's so close and I'm taking care of stuff that if something went down you wouldn't feel a thing that's all I'm saying I think they're way up in the background wow so it's like a vault it's like that's why you're like yeah yeah we got some places in there called bolts I saw you wrote you you changed from 101 to some other number on the Vault Israel 111 and you changed it I'm not an artist so I was like well I'll take this picture off the Internet nobody will know and then I got inside my windows are oops he's gone again my new my new co-host is gone how can I get this to show up this is a really scattered episode my apologies will Lawson there you can see the one one on the Vault that's a painting inspired by Fallout and he's replaced it with nine one one nine one nine so we're gonna ask him about that so this tsg f-o-m-t-919 I'm not sure what that means the Cyber Network defense analyst for AF Air Force SOC whatever that is and Navy SOC interesting he's quite a guy will I've never met anyone quite like will Lawson that's for sure I should go through it just for fun and comment on his stuff because he doesn't he said he doesn't get love this dude I'm just gonna write random stuff I'm gonna comment on everything this will be my new hobby Till I Collapse uh what is that what am I commenting on I don't even know what I'm commenting hello hello hey you're back I'm so sorry about that I just I was just getting into I was just getting into your uh commenting on your stuff some of the stuff on your yes okay so um I want nine is my unit that I drill with for the Air Force Reserve oh okay so I'm not full-time military anymore I'm Contracting to take care of the military as far as their cyber stuff but on my Reserve side I'm a medic I'm a flight operational medical technician so I've been a medic ever since I was in the army that was my job so I was a combat medic transitioned over became medical tech for the Air Force went to fonte School became a flight operation medical ignition so my new responsibility is there to make sure Pilots can stay up in the air fly their planes and and if there's a crash then I go and and uh do what I'm supposed to do there so wow but yeah yeah that's why that's there so people I do that so people can see hey he's a legit person he's real because only real people would put this stuff up there and but they're not like me and and look at people's stuff and then go and do research and all creepy I'm just like okay now I know who you are nobody cares nobody cares uh do you have buddies that are on Twitter that are that you also know in real life I'm trying to get my buddies on Twitter everybody thinks it's stupid because is but hey you're my buddy now there you go yeah so uh it's a strange World it really is a strange World in 2022 I grew I was born in 70 so I'm 52. so 52. thank you very much so uh because I didn't have any children and just generally irresponsible you probably live a low stress life that's how I maintain my yeah you look good bigger I had to grow this mustache so people would actually let me buy tobacco it's getting so old that's ridiculous so uh what was I telling you oh yeah back in the good old days I'm talking about the good old days like I don't want to sound like an old fart here but like I mean in the 80s and the 90s I didn't I didn't enjoy the 80s because I was a teenager but in the 90s you know I was I left home and I was having fun and all that sort of stuff and the amount of Freedom we had and we weren't you know chained to technology the way we are today even though I got my first computer my dad got me a computer in the early 80s so I've been you know fine I've been dealing with uh computers for a long time but you weren't a chain to it the way we are now you didn't have to be I mean I want to get rid of it but then I was like well what about my emails what about my maps I mean if I just had a if I just had a map then I could get rid of my cell phone right right I don't want to pull out paper maps anymore because I've been so accustomed to we're spoiled robot telling me where to go we're spoiled we're completely helpless when's the last time you actually felt lost you know that feeling when you kind of panic just a tiny bit when you feel lost when's the last time you felt that well probably when I had my uh first midlife crisis I called the midlife crisis it was it was after I got out of the military is when it happened and I I was a medic I thought I knew the signs and symptoms right I wasn't the best medic but I feel I I feel like I was getting there and so I got out of the military and I just I'm losing it right and my wife was saying I was losing it and I'm hurting her feelings all the time and and uh I get addicted to alcohol her alcohol gets addicted to me one or the other it was Mutual I think so but it was just a downward spiral and I just felt like I was losing my mind my daughter is in there I thought that was a squirrel s so they're in there and me and my wife were just talking about this is like we're literally we'll sing her cocoa melon song Coco melon is a popular children's TV show and all they do is sing they sing everything every detail of their life they sing so we're in there grandma didn't speak English Grandma's singing Coco melon songs my wife is singing Coco melon songs just we don't even realize they're seeing cocoa melon songs I said she's the son and we're her planets and I was like I think so okay so hopefully I don't have another midlife crisis but anyway when that happened just everything in my life just it was a total influx right I was uh I had uh family dramas that that's naturally what will happen if you if you know you're on alcohol and you're mean to people you'll have family problems I couldn't deal with them and and uh I was I was incompetent and incapable and sick and you know all the above but I didn't know I did all I did all this healing for about five years all right I I uh move States I drove a truck going to school at the same time come back I had a divorce so I mean it was just it was just a bad bad dark time but that Darkness probably lifted in about 2017 so that was about eight years that I went through just the total disparity I even went around uh trolling with the atheists I was you know I was walking around with them with their ideologies and and their uh um big bad bully Behavior you know so it wasn't good and I was glad I got out of it fortunately fortunately I was able to keep my head and I was able to stay in school I was able to do what I needed to do and um I didn't go into total self-destruction in fact I came out learning what all that was what is that outer Darkness well I was there there was weeping and gnashing of teeth what is it like to have hell on Earth will you bring it on yourself and it will just keep compiling itself because you don't know how to get out so it's like a pit of desperation you just can't there's nothing to do about it you think you know but you don't know you're just blind everything there's Darkness just blind everything you don't know top from bottom scary heavy stuff and uh you know my mother is suicidally depressed husband for my whole life and uh two of her sisters have successfully killed themselves and so it's a dark some dark stuff in my family and uh it's all around it's all around in different families um it's not often talked about but um people are starting to talk about mental health a lot more now but what traumatized you in your experience that you think made you implode a bit what traumatizes me is there were just no understanding I didn't have understanding and the people that I trusted the most didn't have understanding so that just made it even worse and I would lash out because I didn't have understanding they would lash out because they haven't understand so he got the sit guys puking on everybody and he doesn't even he can't control himself so that's me and then I got the people I'm puking on and they're just offended that I'm puking on them and they're saying you know lock him up or put a bag over his head just get him out of here we don't want to talk to him we don't want to you know face what he's going through so there's a combination of both there was there was just no one I could go to that's what made it worse there's no one I go to just but I mean is that problem gone it's resolved or it's buried or what like the like the communication problem is it fixed or what I don't think I have any problems anymore my life seems to be a pretty good road my wife's very well pleased with me I spend lots of good time with my baby I just focus on reality now reality being my wife taking care of family pastoring Baptist family fellowship and just make sure everybody's having a good time you know if I see any signs of of dramas that might occur well I just remind myself that this isn't a Gary Springer Show in this house and we're not going to allow ourselves to become that so it's just outside you have to place that outside of any scope of reality that you would deal with ever it's like well we are just going to be Baptist family fellowship and everything else is just a non-reality to us we realize it's there but it's not a reality to us this is oh I was always thanking me for the little bubble that we have and she's the social one she has lots of friends right I'm not the social one I got too much going on just maintaining and loving this this family so and I don't mean I'm old now I'm creepy I got my own way as you've seen I got my own ways of entertaining myself uh on it I don't want to turn to the dark conversation or whatever but you know Satan is real and I'm sure you believe that Satan is real so I wanna I wanna get your first hand experience with the demons like what have you learned in the spiritual battle because you've gone through some stuff it's all in the mind starts in the mind and it ends in the mind I don't really know the best way to transition I know preventative okay things um but I don't know the best way to get out of it once you're in it because you you just have you ever played that game where you blindfold someone tried to give them instructions on right so I'm gonna give you instructions okay this is this little game you blindfold someone and then you give them instructions on how to build like a little box or a chair or something and they're totally blindfolded or they have to you know put something somewhere but they can't see right so that's the predicament that you being but the preventive measures or that catch it before they catch the blindness catch it before they fall into that outer Darkness right and the best way I've seen that is through uh biblical prognosis biblical proverbial wisdom the pro before the action the pro-verb right so if you can do that if you're seeking wisdom if you're fearing God then I think all that that's scripted out will keep it it'll keep it for you as long as as long as you're walking you can read it look in a mirror act like it you know you didn't see yourself you know because I'm not saying I was ignorant to the script I told you I lived in a Christian household right when I got the sickness I got the sickness and then I was just like that guy in the Proverbs that said I wish when I heard wisdom I wish I would have taken it luckily I said I didn't fall into self-destruction which I could have easily but I'm saying that if that's that's the only thing is that proverbial wisdom that's going to carry someone through to be the preventive uh course from and sometimes people just do it there's they're natural they got common sense right I I felt like I was just someone that had to play inside of a bonfire to realize that it's just for marshmallow hosts it's not for humans uh what about a mystical experience that was positive where you saw Jesus or God spoke to you or touched you or gave you a joy or peace or something can you talk about a mystical experience you've had I'm sure you've had one um well there was a time I thought I saw a ghost right I wasn't drunk that night and this is I'm being serious with you know I wasn't drunk that time but I saw four apparitions in my house is when everybody left me like my family let me saw four operations right up in North Carolina are you talking no this is in Arkansas okay right after I got out of the military when I was having my mental breakdown so I saw four apparitions they were like um clear um translucent like you could see through them and they they would manipulate things within the room and I started just this long monologue just talking to them as if I knew them right nobody was in the house it was just me and then whatever I was seeing right and they they seem friendly and then one of them just like seemed so clingy to me and uh this one was female happened to be female and it wrote something you know how you can take Fabric and depend on what kind of fabric it is it'll leave an imprint yeah okay so on my couch my couch was like that so it took its finger and it wrote in an Arabic language I had no idea what this meme but you know seven years later I get married and guess who this lady is Iranian a Persian lady yes I don't know if that was God saying it's going to be okay I'm going to put your life back together or not but I always look back at that and I'm like that is super weird super creepy as far as the comfort that I get as far as seeing Jesus um I have the script that would describe that for me if I if I look at the Book of Revelation everything pertaining within that book I see all sorts of visions that are in there that are very very literal visions and you can you can conjure up an image for yourself by reading that I think that's for me that's sufficient I don't I don't want to see I don't yeah yeah what about what about your dream life at night though my dream life honestly I'm living the dream yeah people ask me how you doing today I said I'm spoiled rotten they're like what are you done spoiled run I really am I mean that that is my dream life I really am I I got I got ways to amuse myself that's very educational I have a good job it's a respectable job I'm proud of it I have a beautiful family nothing to complain about a loyal beautiful wife a gorgeous daughter and a grandma who loves us and works her butt off in this house trying to keep it clean keep keep cooked food on the table so she's just she's just fantastic I mean to live a dream life people would people would pay money for what I have they would pay money good money yeah yeah but you missed uh you misinterpreted what it what I meant I meant yeah like when you lay down at night and you sleep and you have a nightmare or a good dream or a bad dream what is typically what is your what are your dreams okay I I dream of weird things and when I can remember my dream I can't remember my dream I had a dream about the CIA Chief making a confession of faith on live TV yeah I you know that that was a couple weeks ago I think I wrote that in my Twitter feed as I dreamed of CIA Chief making a confession of faith on TV so just weird stuff it's like this has nothing to do in my area of responsibility why am I dreaming of that that okay so I've uh I have some strange dreams latent stuff that comes around I've dreamed of uh tragedies before I've dreamed of family getting hurt or you know car accidents stuff like that and you know it's just worries that come up sometimes and we we're not a worrisome family here we're pretty laid back very very snuggly type families best way to explain it but there are some things that can get into the back of our heads that kind of bother us and I think that we release those in some way in dreams or are you are you actively preparing for your own eventual death like are you preparing in a Christian way for that or you're just well I have a I have a life insurance policy and you wouldn't believe how expensive it is to get one at my age I never did it before but I recently took out a life insurance policy for myself it's about 450 000 that's pretty good for my age what I get um but yeah we're always thinking of that for the future how what's going to happen when I'm gone it's going to happen when my wife's gone you know we're always so we our financial plan is in the hands of a Certified Financial provider and they're taking care of everything for us so if I do live to The Ripe old age of retirement then it's all there for us and we can live we also can't provide for um whoever might need our help as well I might need your help but um I know people I can't help you but I know people but I actually what I meant was a spiritual preparation like I'm at spiritual preparation for getting well I can live a Carefree life because of everything that Christ is so I don't have to worry about you're are you once saved always saved and you're yeah you're not worried at all about ending up in purgatory much less hell no well Purgatory hasn't been scripted for me okay as far as what I when I read script the scripture so you know that right there is it you're working outside the script like if we had to talk about purgatory we could have fun talking about it we can crack a lot of jokes of it but in all seriousness is it affecting is it affecting the way I have my hope in Christ no just because there's not enough data out there for it if there was and yeah I would you know be be making my preparations absolutely yeah I don't have enough data as far as this as far as this stuff is so everything everything that uh is outside the script is under consideration to talk about but it's not under consideration of living it out okay how many books in your Bible 66 yeah yes we have 73 so that's why you're missing Purgatory you're missing Purgatory yeah he took the books out I'm saying if it were provided for us I'll send you I'll send you a Catholic Bible thank you thank you but uh no but I'm just being silly but uh you know there it's a hairy issue the whole the whole question of the scriptures is a very hairy issue and I did a whole episode on it you can watch it if you like where I undermine the inerrancy of the Bible militant and I uphold the inerrancy of the Bible triumphant so basically my my idea is that the Bible's up in heaven it's perfect it's complete it's infallible right it's an error and here below we've got copies of copies of copies of imperfect manuscripts and it's a hot mess and we we need to do a lot of scholarship to try to make sure that we have you know 99. let me reframe let me reframe what what he says so let's say that we do have something that's so perfect so pure and you put it in to the hands of you know smells like me and you and I'm sitting there reading and I'm I'm like hey David look what I found and I'm like you know what it looks like I was wrong dogs are Man's Best Friend Eve should have been dumped a long time ago but there is one difference here David is that if God told me to name all the animals since I hate animals would I have had to name all the animals because I'd rather than not be there right so what I'm saying is that we can have something that's so truthful and so pure yet in our heads is how we interpret it's not even so much the scholarship that's in it because you can have the greatest Minds the greatest proofs out there yeah telling you exactly what it means but somebody's going to say no that's not what it means yeah and they're going to take it off well because you said you said at the very beginning of this interview you said about the Poetry you're not a poet but you can play yeah when I say poet that that goes back to the original word of what I'm talking about to to be a doer so poetos the doer okay so you read it and then you do it right so how am I doing it I'm I'm going through it I'm doing it all right so there's lots of things that I will never be able to do nor attain in scripture but I don't have to because like I told you before it's a book by God for God so that we might understand his narrative his work on the planet Earth and I think if we don't take it upon ourselves so much and that burden of the law is taken away from us no I won't be a law breaker because I know the consequences of reaping and sowing right but I also know that my justification wouldn't have to be required based on I don't have to go make my animal sacrifices I don't have to go get circumcised I don't have to go Stone every adulterer that's out there all right I don't do any of that Jesus did everything he fulfilled the law and the prophets so it's a book by God for God so that we can know his story that's a gracious gracious thing yeah so what did you mean when you used the word opine it's on your website too opine is that just mean to form an opinion or does that mean something else well it's also a great word it's a docsos translate Glory okay yeah so the the example I use is is you see your light yes your light bulb and I say you give me your opinion on this light and what are you gonna say it's right right so that's your opinion you just opined the light bulb okay and I say what is the glory of this light bulb what are you gonna say it's light it's late we opinion we glorify right and they come like I said it comes from the word doc so it's correct opinion is you docsos so you got that preview oops I think he crapped out again on me here I know he'll be back where was I now just going to scroll through and take a look at some of his stuff here scream out control maybe for the sake of maybe for the sake of will I'll show Mr blackface on my profile there's Mr blackface there on my timeline I just repost stuff that I think is funny and there's a lot of stuff because my a lot of my they call them friends or whatever on Twitter or Canadian and conservative they post a lot of funny uh pictures and a lot of content about Trudeau here's Trudeau talking about how he supports the Chinese protesters [Music] hello hello hey we're gonna have to go anyway I promise to give my baby girl or bath yeah yeah not a problem my friend not a problem man I enjoy talking to you it's such a relief to get to talk to somebody I love talking well someone that's not singing uh what's the name of the show that you're seeing to your child Coco melon Coco melon I'm gonna have to look that up I just if you do watch this back I just put some pictures of my uh brave prime minister Trudeau on the screen so you can watch that back and see you see him wearing his mask but I didn't get one of blackface on there but it was really a pleasure meeting you will it was a bit um you know we had a few interruptions there so it was a bit scattered the vibe but next time uh hopefully we'll figure out the technical side we could just flow uh uninterrupted a little bit more and I hope you will come back and just chat to me because you got a lot of ideas I think you're very creative bright guy and uh I glorify your light oh thank you I wish I had a better camera that could pick up a lot better it's also scratchy if you never like this if you watch if you watch my teaching lessons that I put up it's never like this this is probably because I have better lighting during the daytime when I make them so I'll be checking out your content and uh we'll keep in touch I'll try to put some comments on your uh Twitter feed and stuff like that and we'll pay in touch and uh come back anytime and we'll continue talking about your faith okay appreciate it God bless you and please pray for me and mine okay always bye talk to you soon