CVS Live Guest - 2022-04-02 - Didier Amyot

Author Streamed Saturday April 2nd, 2022

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I met Didier in 2013 when I was at some Montreal business conference of some sort. He is agnostic about religion and we ended up talking mostly about politics and COVID. He is a lively and fun conversationalist.

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okay so we are live i'm here with didier amio did i pronounce that properly that's perfect that's perfect you should uh you should add a t and an e on the end so i can say i'm young uh yes actually my my father pronounces like that so that's me really yeah yeah so which part which part of quebec do you hail from much like i grew up in montreal so uh or suburb of montreal actually west island uh el pero and um so and it's nice though it's nice very beautiful guy wow uh actually i'm supposed to i have a friend i'm supposed to to go to uh he's russian and just like you move a couple two years ago and he wants to go visit el pero tomorrow so we're going to take the train and we're going to walk what is walkable which is uh i have no idea what to do so i haven't been there like perhaps 15 years wow you're from there so you probably hate it uh correct but i'm not a suburb guy so i don't like suburbs yeah i like cities yeah yeah yeah so who are you and uh what what uh what brings you on to my podcast i know i just discovered you on telegram and invited you sort of randomly because we only met uh nine years ago right uh so uh let's get to know each other who are you what do you believe and how did you come to believe what you believe just go back to like your childhood and how are you raised if there was any religion or anything like that so uh yeah so i'm like actually i come from a i would say like very secular family uh so uh both my my so my parents as i separated when i was very young i don't have any memories from them being together and um uh yeah so i i never uh so when i was i i'm i'm 36 now so when i went to school there were still classes of um i want to say religion but it was not religion right it was really catholic uh so and because like there's a big difference between religious classes and you know so at primary school so i was actually doing moral um and my yeah so my my parents has been educated especially my mom uh on a very catholic side and she actually dropped all that and i suppose the 70s like like many people and uh she turned a person i called that extremist atheist i call that because at one point becomes a religion right uh so um so so she became like a extremist at this my father like i have no idea literally i have no idea um and uh yeah so i've been actually very educated in this uh i would argue in this total absence of religious side i never like you know i've never been to like i i could count the number of of my hand number of time i've been like on one hand number time that i've been to uh like to a church and when i was young probably zero like when i mean not not even during a match that never happened but uh just generally speaking uh so so totally abstract from everything which was spiritual and so on um and uh yeah so i would argue that i'm someone who's perhaps as many people apps that has absolutely no notion of like it's not no notion of spirituality because i don't think it is but for me spirituality is really something far um when i talked to my friend i i so actually and i'm very actually interested by that i'm very interested in my religions as a uh for multiple reasons but um yes also and it's something which is i think perhaps very special of our time that people like me you know if i would have a time machine and go talk to any of my ancestors i think that would like we probably can believe that thing that would like be the biggest differentiator would be like my laptop my headset you know like listening my music and so on but actually for them probably would be like what you don't go to church you don't like you know like and probably we could go so back then and before it was a part of and i don't think it's particular for any place but like currently there's really a and it's not everywhere right you go to some uh you know you go to multiple countries it's not like that all but the lack of spirituality is something which is um uh which is defining and which is i think totally antagonistic and antagonistic to the um yeah basically to our history so it's actually quite fascinating for me to be in this situation of i'm actually fascinated by it but i'm not uh by i'm fascinated by religions but i'm absolutely not religious i consider myself agnostic and i do not have i do not fill out any need of spirituality like some i know it's books behind your uh in your bookshelf there any religious or spiritual or philosophical books in there uh wow probably this is more okay so uh i have a comic book about nietzsche actually recently recently that's pretty cool recently actually i i started to read a book about the history of the popes it's very uh interesting you know i learned that uh my favorites but there's uh no uh but i just like you know i so for the last two years i've been last three years i've been like at my work like anything i i'm totally burned out so i i just why actually i left i so before the podcast i said that uh i quit my basically last yesterday was my last day for you and um what'd you tell a boss you should give him a give him an earful let him have it let him have it this is what i think of you all these years i no i the only way that you can do that is if you love your job so for me it was actually quite hard i loved my job i loved many things what did uh 80 hours a week that's a lot that's yeah so yeah yeah too much um so you didn't have time to read you haven't had time to read for the past couple years exactly exactly but yeah so i have multiple uh books but you really like the story of pope you know it's something which is so i started to read it and it's you know there's few there's nothing which is as old as religion you know like there's some um again nothing about christianity uh yeah or or islam or judaism or uh hinduism actually but it's old you know like ritual are way older than anything it's not something about a country it's not something about you know it's way way way above that it's not the same order of magnitude at all so it's fascinating actually it is fascinating yeah yeah yeah yeah so have you ever been in a life or death situation where you reached out to god any god is there anyone out there hello no no it never happened to me no no you had a comfortable cozy life uh yes i would i would argue absolutely absolutely i'm the typical white guy in his like and thirties uh uh without any problems uh white privilege your one problem is your white privilege exactly and your male privilege yeah yeah i am i am your your francophone quebec what privilege don't forget that one i do not forget about it foreign so uh let's let's dive a little bit i mean i would be i would love to talk about philosophy with you but um nietzsche is one of my favorites but i i have to talk about the elephant in the room which is kovid the vax everything like that can you give me your perspective as an agnostic as a man who's lived a life of relative ease and comfort what uh what is this done to your worldview it must have given you some food for thought um i would argue that the entire so um um okay so where okay so it's because it doesn't look like it start to be like a full history you know like the first part where everyone panicked uh then the part where you know it became a little better than like return and in quebec actually like it never kind of stopped um or like now it starts to stop six or six way of coming yeah i've heard about it i was like okay uh uh one point stop calling it away just call it permanent um but yeah no me it's really my relationship with the government that really changed so it actually changed me uh um so it made me realize that when government says we cannot do something uh it is per bs uh when what's the type what does that mean so for instance i don't know like let's say that i i am i think everyone should pay their taxes i think everyone i think like bill gates should pay for tax or actually let's put it in quebec canada let's say the uh uh uh let's say the demat family or let's say the pilado family you know like a mom yeah exactly all the all the tax heavens and so on and uh you know like there's massive uh fiscal vision and government says look we cannot do anything because we signed this deal with these countries it would be impossible to do that you know like we we're we are in a rule of law and you know like these people are using the the the law as they like the system and okay but the system is the system the reason why you why you have this life is because the system exists and the reason why every everything here is nice is because the system works and okay there's some people that bypass the system the system has their flaw but the system needs to be the system because and then you have this covet thing that that hits and um and basically the system you just realize that okay so that was all falsy you know like uh you can you can decide to stop shops to to close shops on sundays without any law without any discussion without anything um for but actually like for um um absolutely no reason nobody call reason no nothing just because like it feels that politically it makes sense like but like i mean politically it makes sense right you know people like uh uh in time of crisis makes sense uh like will rally when and it's a way but it's 100 political you know um and just this situation continued and continue and continued so it actually revealed a lot of things i think how powerful the states are really and how the system that we live in is actually a real choice it's not uh or it would be actually easier to break you know uh to to like i don't know like i personally live in the east side of montreal and it's been like i don't know like 25 years i don't want to do metro line between uh anjou and i and the blue line i don't know like i'm saying michelle i suppose um you know 25 years to do that and i always say yeah but we cannot you know like we wouldn't need to expropriate that person but this we cannot you know like that person is like and but then you realize like yeah that's hundred percent bs you know like they could just tow all that away and in a matter like no no a lot changed no nothing yeah we call that an emergency something else um um yeah it's very strange like for me curfew i never believed that we would live that you know uh uh curfews is something that i'm not um uh and and it's really um like the only argument that i've heard of why it's okay like wha i've never heard why it's good at curfew i've heard why it's okay why it's acceptable and the reason has always been because that i have heard of anyway don't go out after night you know and this for me it's the same reason as like it the argument is exactly the same as in like the ddd i don't know like in them like the very like it's very easy to make the very analog uh argument with like ultimate racism you know like i don't want black people i don't want black people in buses anyway i will not turn black tomorrow i don't care about it right so i don't go out after nine i don't care about it which is you're like yeah but you know i think that people are allowed to go to street after nine um so yes we changed a lot about that uh made me really realize so i used to vote uh uh i i voted couple time for uh what's the quebec uh which are really and and you know the uh and it really made me turn me way more right wings that i i thought would i never consider myself right wings i don't consider myself right-wing at all neither now but make me realize that this um like leftist branch of political parties are way more um uh rooted into uh uh unionizations and you know the bad unions you know like not the unions that we want to improve uh more unions that we want your paycheck and we just we believe everyone should have more money and who who will give the money i don't care you know like it's someone else and um yeah so i'm uh yeah so it's not i didn't i didn't like it at all um i didn't like it at all the the kovid i didn't like the how the government has acted um did you get the jab or no absolutely yeah yeah you got it yeah did you have to get it uh did you want to get it i need to go to bars did i want absolutely like like you know i'm not uh i'm not scared like for me there's two like there's a couple of things like first there's i do not believe that it's um on a health like that is an elf issue to get job i don't think that it's uh as dangerous like i i i don't think i don't see the risk i think um i'm not you think it's safe you think it's safe but you think it's effective that's the question this is the second one you know like uh i am very like i criticize a lot research universities and uh the top of the bad things of that is always health reason is there's so much money you know like there's something called ghost writers which is people that you know um for scientific articles that uh these are the large corporations actually goes to uh goes to a researcher and they say look we give you ten thousand dollar if you sign this research you know and that happens all the time yeah just this is now right this is uh this is now ghost writers uh um and that happens all the time so all these um all the research that you read about like like about medicines and and health in general is actually highly uh subs like when you say it's literally marketing for them it's literally marketing if you like and again it's totally normal if you look at the large uh conglomerates that makes uh uh medicines like the ma the mass the largest department is actually marketing and they do not market to customer your market to doctors and part of marketing to doctor you need like you actually need to have these research this is how you do it so they so they do it you know and there's no problem so so these are not so all these research i'm very skeptic at first again i'm not i i don't think it would ever allow something to go and to damage people elf but does it work like we've seen that it worked but as a regular like flu vaccine i mean it's like you know it by time it decreases i don't think getting like new jazz will help because like various mutates is there perhaps or something i'm too dumb but you know it's every time that that you that you hear people like professional they always take people like they try to explain with small world words and then they try after that when you say these small words they say like yeah but you don't understand everything okay so but i just i just ex i just use the exact same word that you're using so you're just like look okay otherwise and um but yeah so uh so yeah so uh like i'm not i'm not a fan of jab infinity i'm really really not you know just uh um how many will you get how many are you willing to get uh uh have you had your third yet no are you gonna are you willing to get a third and fourth and a fifth at least here there's really a um am i willing so look it's known like it's known that these jobs should the these black chains these vaccines should go into um like to people that did not receive any like in the world this is this is how virulence virulency works right canada is one of the worst country and sense that it grabbed a lot of vaccine like i think 10 times the population just at the very beginning even if the vaccination started later in canada then elsewhere um actually we had wait we have way more reserved shots than a united states or they have a shelf life too that's a that's the scary part what they have a shelf life uh yeah yeah so and the temperature sensitivity also that's another thing it's overlooked a lot remember yeah do you remember in the early days they were talking about minus that yeah yeah yeah so they they said oh no no don't worry about the temperature control it's not an issue you know i i think that they're not viable i think most people don't get a viable shot that's what i think and uh only 14 and only 14 percent of low-income countries i'm just reading off my screen here 14 of low income countries have received at least one dose they're saying 65 of the world population has received at least one dose i don't believe it i don't think it's 65 i think that they like you know how big numbers work when you have a lot of data first of all it's hard to have reliable data and also there's a human bias where we see what we want to see in the numbers and we're able to see our bias manifest itself just because that's the natural human inclination to see what you want to see like you see the pretty girl when you're a young single guy and you're like oh does she like me yeah i think she likes me it's it's just wish fulfillment same thing with graphs and charts and statistics and these big big numbers they're hard to manage they're hard to gather they're hard to have accuracy i just don't believe it i i just don't believe that any of the numbers but even if we believe the number 65 percent have received one dose and only 15 in the third world so like you were saying and like pope francis says let's take care of the uh the second and third class citizens why don't we but like yeah yeah absolutely and then after that and really so for third shot the thing too is that um personally i do not feel at all like i would argue concerned by that like i i i'm not scared of having kobe i never did you get it i'm scared i don't know like have you been tested no i but wow so i don't understand why i would get tested like i don't understand look the only okay so i and the only reason why the only moment i was [�__�] so i was really sick in november and i went to colombia uh two weeks ago uh and when i it was the first time i i i i went out of the country in like two years latin america colombia yeah okay and um so when i came back at this time like i think today you're not like you don't need a covet test but i need a covet test and you have two two choices the anti-jain and the pcr okay and the thing is apparently these tests if you had coveted recently they will actually test positive so but if you have a paper that you had kovit that's fine it's the only moment i went oh damn i didn't know that perhaps i should have like getting tested because does it mean and i you know like i didn't want to stay there for another week so um uh so yeah so that's it and uh so so this is the only moment i was like oh perhaps i should have tested but no i don't understand why i would get tested in the sense that um like i don't know like it's uh uh like if you get tested and it's like ever i don't know like i don't and perhaps i'm a very bad person but i never felt that i ended injured other people uh you know perhaps i'm a very bad person i never felt that you know i i actually i mean i continued to work from office the majority of the time and uh you know in the metro i never felt that i ended injured people i never felt that did you sneeze in anyone's mouth this is embarrassing it's embarrassing that adults need to be told to wash their hands and not to sneeze into granny's face right it's embarrassing like we're adults we're not mentally [�__�] most of us are not mentally [�__�] okay when you're sick when when my wife is sick i naturally just like hey don't don't snot on me and don't sneeze on me i love you and if you do i'll forgive you i mean we always get sick we always get each other's cold and flus it's just inevitable uh and it's just like oh god i don't want it i don't want to catch what you have it's just annoying but probably going to get it and yep i got it so it's uh he's always very angry when i when i'm sick first she's very angry it's like blaming me and all this well you know i also get sick from her it just doesn't happen as often just so happens like i'm out there i'm out there mixing and mingling more but no we have common sense right and two it's it's um i i personally it's really like um it's very very not correct what i'll say but for me it's very private and it's very similar to like asking someone if they had cove if they had the shot and what they're like i i feel it very disturbing in sense that i never ask someone when you sleep with someone like that do you wear a condom do you use a condom and you know it's for me it's like and really the sex spark like i i'm kind of okay right hey like you know like i i mean you know with friends like yeah what happened with that girl you know i opened you up but like you know this this thing is just kind of you know it's probably like it's way more private and i just i genuinely like you know if uh um uh like you know i i will not do i know i'm the kind of person that will say to my like like if you sleep with someone where kind of put a condom on but but you know i will i don't want to know the answer like i don't it's private so um but now like health uh health issue has become like up to the extreme case of showing these uh uh these um these covet passports oh yeah what do you think of the passports uh one of the most disgusting thing i've seen yeah like you know and again i'm white maine uh a heterosexual like i'm a privileged person um so literally 100 of people around me are vaccinated okay or like the vast majority like you know vast majority and um but if you if you walk in the street like i do not talk to the majority of the people there's in society there's kind of group of people and there there's the people that are the forgotten ones you know the immigrants the the poor people the people that are uh just take a walk in ashlagan you like you'll see them but there's the same everywhere right um so um and it's just another way to outcast them and off it's just another way to outcast the same population that has been outcasted you know like the biggest i i i know at one point that none of this is so true i know the biggest pop the publishing that was not vaccinated in canada was the top tones so the native uh the natives which makes sense right they have no reason why to trust health system they got like you know i mean not the maturity but many of them has actually been china where they went young so they have been kidnapped at birth like yeah your mother like nah she's not really your mother you deserve more than this indian person you know so so they have no reason why to trust the health system so so it makes sense but again is like is it like in in a center two questions first is like can you force people and if you can which ev every time that you enforce thing you cannot enforce forever and and and the other question is does is this the time that you really want to to force people like because you won't be able to do it the second time the third time the fourth time you know like if there's a coven 22 uh that is way worse will people be more interested or less resistance you know and personally i think it's gonna create like if there's covet 22 it's going to create an even more fracture more people will be like me and not caring at all like and i would like if there's kobe 22 i would be even more reckless you know i i would i would actually try to get out of canada as soon as possible and again because i'm just i'm just like okay this is your stuff like you're too crazy for me and perhaps that's bad i don't know but um and i think i'm not the only one in this situation amazing yeah i could i don't know if you could see what i put up on my screen there but i just put up while you were talking about uh yeah okay you'll see if you watch it back you'll see i put up an image of an amerindian or what we call aboriginal person whatever the politically correct term is his head with underneath his head is written trust the government it's like the irony you know because the white man here we're so we're so naive we're so naive uh most of us about the intentions of our leaders uh trudeau logo and the rest of them we we have a certain we've been trained to think that they have our our uh our health in mind and what's best for us in mind and they're they're never going to have ill will towards us or they're never going to be corrupt they're never going to do anything that would harm us put us in harm's way and all these sorts of things it's so naive but personally i'm not um uh okay so i i'm i'm an am i an absolute separatist that's a good question no not at all no i don't know but uh you know so canada as a state is actually quite it's almost hilarious how the kobe situation has been managed by provinces and to do like we cannot really complain at him like health is not this thing so i don't i cannot blame trudeau for anything at the same time um like i i'm from quebec and i'm let's pretend that i'm uh very separatist and i know how corrupted the politicians are like i know how you know and and it's nothing like special you know like uh lego is open like he's a real pope like i mean the only thing that he wants to do and the only thing that he's capable of doing is getting elected so there's no reason why when he is on power he doesn't continue what he's been doing forever and what which is getting elected so we give him power and there's no reason why this power would not be served as he did before which is make people like me and actually on this side like in deserve an a plus like you know on the side of getting all the power of that the state could give and giving them some um some electorate power like amazing you know like like he did very well the thing which really which i found really disturbing is how the legislation how the uh legislative so no no not legislative the uh um the uh judges so traditional judicial judicial um as work with that so um you know in the united states the majority of the cases where uh covet like weird stuff has been put to put to cart to court people said look uh uh like the judges said look like there's no place in the law for that you're not allowed to do that there's constitutions there's many things uh best example is curfew you know like you could not like like i did not believe that it was legal to put curfew and actually judges basically i didn't like i'm as many people i actually and i i read less and less and less of the paper and i get less and less informed uh during all this pending me um but my understanding is what judges said is like yeah you know like we think like it's good we think we would basically do the same and again like these judges are people like me are actually they're more like me they have a chalet they go there they like you know they don't work a lot and so on so you know they said like yeah this is a good part to do but but actually you know if you look at the law i can't believe that it's doable because after that like i don't i still i'm still confused like for instance now uh if we continue with this uh with this legal system all the judges all the uh all the all the court cases are just piling up right because there's no uh like the the court uh through potassium because that's perhaps a bad name but as drastically decreased there's less cases so now my question is there probably there's fewer crimes when there's a curfew so will we actually put a curfew to reduce the number of crime to allow more cases to be processed by the law because actually you know like now there's a pressure on that so like before the pressure was on health system now it's on on the judiciary system so are we able are we allowed to do that and my question is actually if the answer is no i would like to know why like if we were able to do it to save a health system that actually the only thing that has been asked to do with the l system you know like no one said that perhaps you should actually i have like let's try let's try to get immigrants inside the system like no that would have been totally out of proportion what immigrants like these people like the doctor from from frost out of question out of question so um wow what did you what did you think of the you see my shirt here i support the truckers yeah freedom convoy 2022. what did you think of all that were you consuming mainstream media or did you get some alternative media on the uh trucker's convoy and what'd you think of it um for me it's a protest as any other okay uh yeah for me as a protest as any other uh i i like really and i didn't so so i i didn't go to ottawa to view i didn't i know they were passing on highways and people were um personally i i don't care i and it's not um yeah basically i think it's just at the end if it was not like no is it so yeah i i really don't have an opinion you know like because it was clearly not just because like you know you needed like to get vaccinated to cross the border even if you're a trucker or not you know it was way more than that i think a lot of people as men felt uh uh are are feeling totally uh dis um outcasted by by the um like by everything that happens uh obviously you saw a fracture between like quebec and ottawa like you know the canadian went to uh uh like the canadian outside of quebec went to ottawa where like even if it i think was a little bit like i think it was misplaced in sense that trudeau could not like you know did nothing and the uh like he could not like you know the thing that that that canadian government did is like you know putting insane uh requirements after everyone even if it was at the beginning that was required but actually it doesn't matter that's what insane amount of requirement to enter canada just to just to pretend that we're doing something and actually it was about the only regulation that they could do so um but yeah so for me and it was actually a peaceful protest right it was not uh you know me i'm very i found it very funny that ottawa resident says yeah you know they disturbed the city and so on you're like yeah but you live in a capital you live like you know you work i don't like these people like you work in that and uh you're a civil servant for some uh minister or i don't know what you work at parliament like you have some benefits like you know otherwise the richest kind is the richest city in canada but at the same time you know like and actually we put we put the capital we put like the capital of canada is actually put in a weird place basically to avoid like these protests but when it happens like you know you need you need to live with it you know uh i went at the height i went i only went one day with my wife and some friends and i went at the height of it the week before it got shut down by the cops and i made a lot of cops there when i was there too but it was very peaceful and the the thing i noticed the most um the most shocking part of it wasn't how friendly it was and the good vibes and all that the partying the dancing and singing and all the friendliness it wasn't that because i knew that was there because i saw it in the alternative media but what shocked me the most was the ease of access the fluidity of traffic in the city and just it's just like it's a non-issue it's a non-issue if you live down there in that in a couple of blocks region it would be annoying trying to get to sleep at night that i agree with that i admit that's annoying but if i lived down there i'd be out there on the streets supporting them and i would if i really really wanted to sleep and i couldn't sleep in my downtown luxury apartment i'd go to my chalet or one of my country houses or whatever right it's not it's a first world problem it's not the kind of problem that's going to get sympathy from me and the people that were complaining that they're shutting down our city and they're constipating the city it's nonsense it's not true it's not true so uh there's a lot of uh there's a lot of propaganda against anyone who would dare to speak out against the mainstream media narrative and the mainstream media narrative is highly influenced not to say bought and paid for by the liberal government and it doesn't matter if it's liberal conservative whatever they're all in the same game of control and politics it's all the same nonsense like you said earlier but it's just that they don't like like let's be realistic this like the state of media is just that there's no more money in media so like you know it's like you're not like currently the media's are like they're struggling they're struggling exactly if they can carry a news for like 10 days like you know let's do it you know it's a win that's a win it is it is sad and embarrassing do you um i'm just curious do you have any alternative uh news sources that you tune into on a regular basis or no yes absolutely so uh i i actually i like uh very much so i'm personally really uh uh so so i i said i never believed i would turn right so like for instance i i think i know i will vote for the quebec and conservative party next uh um next election at the same time my sources are all uh marxist or so um i really like actually there's a podcast which is called the analysis uh what yeah i mean do i have so there's nothing regional or almost nothing original do you know uh viva fray no he's a lawyer in montreal that talks about everything uh that's related to kovit and a tyranny of the governments and stuff like that and i don't think he's a practicing lawyer right now because he's having such success with his alternative media and his streaming and all that and he streamed on the ground in ottawa and i'm always a bit skeptical of him he's growing on me slowly i don't completely trust any human you know um but he's slowly growing on me a little bit and i like that we have a montreal guy that's involved there's also from rebel news media which is sort of a right-wing news thing yeah a little bit rash but there's alexa lavoie she's a quebec was uh you could look into her her uh her english is like my french it's just like the accent is horrible but it's funny it's charming it's very charming and uh she's a cute cute lady and she was assaulted by a police officer in ottawa and she's suing she's suing okay so uh there are no there are there are quebecers uh there are probably many more that i that i'm not aware of yeah yeah right no i i i i want to to say me like the people i follow like for instance my my great so there's um so for international news the people i trust is a guy called um chris hedges okay chris hedges he's uh actually anarcho uh christian so very he's a polisher bryce actually so a very very uh you know like uh very uh chris hedges and there's two um vijay prashad who uh but these are like you know vijay prashadi's uh um yes so so very very marxist uh libertarian are they on the libertarian spectrum uh libertarian no they're they're not libertarian they're uh no they're anarchists so absolutely not libertarian and um uh yeah so and actually these people and i feel a lot of people that i follow like in quebecers for instance uh what his name um uh alindanu who's uh uh known to write cryptic books but actually you know you really make sense of many things um it's way better than interviewing in books because books are just unreadable um and everyone went quiet i feel there's a lot again i'm very uh i turn right wings because of the absence of left wing because of the absence of people rising the that makes no sense you know at one point there's one guy in quebec that wrote a book about uh kovid a guy from university mael who's a professor in [Music] i think in the engineering department i think a specialist in oil and he wrote a book about like how that just made no sense like nothing makes sense he just said like look you cannot um and he wrote the book after like the first year of coven so he totally discovered his second year you know like it's it's i said look ju you cannot ask people to stay indoor a family of four in a uh um in a tiny apartment in montreal like you cannot like you cannot shut parks in montreal because parks are actually places like do like you know it was just and very basic and actually he got totally muted by the medias like entirely actually on his book somewhere here ah it's true uh yeah so um uh yes so uh no i'm very very uh so so yeah so many people went muted i think for for multiple reasons like on international let's be honest like internationally we've been the most extreme of all so perhaps australia has been more but you know we're uh in quebec where like for what i don't know something like that it turned out i i read that in the paper actually when i went to metro which is amazing so um but i i'm always in metro but uh i think we had 400 days of curfew well not uh not curfew of uh uh lockdown 400 days of lockdowns which you know unheard of anywhere else you know unheard of um have you heard of have you heard of douglas farrow f-a-r-r-o-w he's in the school of religious studies in mcgill university he writes some really scathing indictments of the response of the catholic bishops because i'm catholic so i'm very disappointed with the response for the catholic bishops worldwide from the top down from pope francis francis down because he's been pushing the jab i know you're you're okay with the job you think it's safe if not terribly effective but um i i'm not saying that we should like i think we should like it's it's out of this world that we try to force something to people like i mean there's ways to convince people and you will convincing free hot dog yeah yeah no no it can like i i don't care i don't care but you know the the thing of uh mandates it's it's take away you can feed your family or you can refuse the job it's your choice it's not a choice at that point yes yes same thing for uh same thing for passport you know like can you imagine going in in a gay village open a bar say zero negative only like before going to the bar you need to show your like you know like like saying that is awful it's the same it's the same you know and actually yeah so and when i read i read in the paper i think it was not an open letter like really someone like in the i don't know which paper anyway at this point is gossip but it doesn't matter i i read a paper someone's saying that the uh um the uh in the gay village that it was uh they should shut the um the saunas because of kovit and you're like look like you're really like the pro like i mean i i'm sorry i'm very gay friendly but um you know just like okay so here like you know it's not covan is not that like you know give condoms fine you know so uh yeah i know it's we heard all the most like the the the weirdest thing actually the weirdest things it's strange you know one of the things that i often talk about in the context of kovitt on this podcast is a very simple but powerful point which is that children are starving to death every 10 seconds and there are children worldwide that are deprived of drinkable water uh and there are people you know that don't have the basics shelter food water these are the basics right and security of person like this is supposed to be protected in the constitution of canada the security of persons some people don't have that a lot of people don't have that worldwide so i find it embarrassing as a white western member of a wealthy first world country i find it very embarrassing the whole covet thing because of the emphasis that we're giving to this whatever it is if you want to say it's the flu or a virus or a biological weapon it leaked out or was leaked on purpose or whatever you want to say about doesn't really matter the point is that we get our panties all in a knot when the white guy the rich white guy uh you know his grandmother might die at age 85 from uh this whatever this is right but meanwhile it's like it's just like people are dropping dead innocent children dropping dead from not having the basics are you not embarrassed about this are the white privileged western people not embarrassed about the big stink they're making a mountain out of a molehill we need to wake up and get our priorities straight if we have the capability to get everyone on board with a project that matters that has to do with health and safety for god's sake let's do it let's not make a mockery of it and that's what covet is for me it's a complete insult to is 85 but this is again i think that we live in the most but this is where probably you're you're you're uh so yeah so we live in the perhaps the most affected well first of all do you agree do you agree with my uh outrage uh as long as so uh uh yes but uh uh just the cavend that yeah so absolutely uh absolutely like you know it's it won't be the first source of death of anything this year or last year or you know like especially in poor countries which have i've actually like weirdly been unaffected right weirdly unaffected africa has not been uh you know like a delhi is not an empty town currently you know like there's still people in delhi uh but actually so some people at the beginning were extremely scared of that right at a beginning some people said okay so like uh will we see like a billion people dying you know um look um i don't know if some if we would have any uh if at that time was reasonable to to think of how the the situation changed but um yeah the only thing is if this is true that it care nonetheless we need to continue to help like we need to help more kind like poor countries uh uh to develop their infrastructure for today's life for the real problem you know um and this is something which currently we don't do much yeah we don't do much we're and we're not good at it we use uh yeah i think i think it's i i hate to be uh pessimistic okay i hate to be pessimistic but i think we live in a world where people enjoy uh a certain lifestyle let's say a certain they enjoy that certain lifestyle that they're accustomed to they enjoy it at the expense of other people i think we live in a dark dark world and people enjoy a certain lifestyle and they're okay with it on some level being at the expense of people whose skin might be a bit darker or whose eyes might be a bit slantier absolutely absolutely the um the the the scariest thing is that you know especially with all these you know government change and so on a lot of people and i think here uh like the bright side said like you know this is dangerous to turn to dictatorship which i think we're far from are we far from like that said we're you're never further away than i think he said two generation or three generation from dictatorship i think two generations is what he said um so uh but the thing which is scary is that you know the majority of the people here would be happy to live in dictatorship you know like i mean and for this you have one country to name you know uh singapore uh like the majority of people would be very majority of people so some people would be very happy to live in singapore uh which is dictatorship you cannot say what you want you um and uh but you know people would be okay with it actually people what they want is their local well-being and it's normal right it's normal but really local well-being this is why big issues like uh global warming like you know that are not touched because like until that you're very effective and that you can clearly see sigh a a cause effect you won't do anything so yeah so uh the you know you touched several times uh in our little chat here on the how you're disgusted with the way the left has gone crazy if i'm paraphrasing obviously very heavily here but the the idea i mean it's it's i've met so many people in montreal and montreal is a colorful city that's up until now has been very open for immigration and it's changing a bit okay it is changing but it's been very open with class like you can have mixtures of rich and poor and they seem to get along for the most part okay and uh you know blue-collar people why call it people it's just sort of an open friendly vibe in montreal that's what attracted to me to it and it is changing unfortunately it's moving away from that but the reason i'm mentioning this is because my entourage in montreal is very left and they were always comfortable being on the left until covet and now people are realizing that something's going wrong there's too much control there's too much manipulation there are too many lies there's too much fake news and propaganda and uh speaking of uh speak i think you i think you would agree with that but i've seen it firsthand um with my wife and with other close friends okay uh so i just wanted to put in my own words sort of what you're feeling and say that i can relate totally to it and uh i wanted to get your feedback on russia ukraine because there's a bandwagon where ukraine good russia bad and i just intuitively uh uh want to go in the opposite direction and say no i i will not conform i will not comply with this narrative just like i would not comply with the the uh mainstream narrative for 911 or anything anything else that the mainstream media enforces so heavy-handedly so russia ukraine okay so i'll um saw my the company that i just resigned yesterday was also my last day was yesterday it's a company where the majority of the people are either russian or ukrainian so actually i'm trying to learn russian so there's some russian books behind so um so uh yeah so wow so that's a very uh have you been absorbing have you been absorbing opinions diverse opinions at work or is it hush huh everyone everyone agrees that putin is crazy like uh invading invading um no no one was expecting that uh uh russia would invade um russia would would launch a full-blown invasion on ukraine um so so my personally like you know there's multiple things so like you know there's obviously a real like um yeah so wow there's so many things um wow uh uh but your base extent your basic stance is you're you're pretty cool with being on the bandwagon that's like almost monolithic in its uniformity and consensus with the whole ukraine uh versus russia so it's nothing fishy you don't see anything fishy in the narrative but i don't know what is the narrative actually you know like i feel i feel totally removed from the so i'm not i i mean i read like my paper i read the most is probably the guardian but after that you know these are all the sort the different sources so look me my my the thing that that my personal thing is my personal uh opinion is or not opinion like how i see demons it's not it's not opinions how i see demons okay so you had it like after soviet union uh um ukraine like you know occurring goes away and um so yeah and russia is there uh ukraine gives away its nuke very important to say ukraine plays fair sign the treaty like you won't you will arrest me and so on and ukraine becomes like let's be honest like it's a failed state if you compare ukraine to czechoslovakia like or what was czechoslovakia and so on ukraine was a really poor nation after that like putin came to power and uh placed by the i yeah we can't say like we can't say i mean again i have books behind me that i could say that so uh putin was placed there by uh the west right actually at the time the only other option and still today like like if putin goes away it's gonna be the communist party that goes there so you know it's it's no joke like the only alternative in russia for putin is the communist party so um it's like saying that you know it's as as weird as saying like if in quebec like it's going to be the quebecoida would come back yet yeah you know like yeah even if they're really weak right now you know like yeah they're everywhere there's you know yeah so um uh yeah so so basically this is what happened uh ukraine like look crimia i this is not okay that no one agrees with me uh crimea is russian and that's what i believe so i i mean it has been given to to ukraine by stalin in 19 i don't recall what as a gift to to uh to ukraine but actually in crimea there's the biggest uh uh military naval military base for russia like the fact that you know like if ukraine like basically that the the fact that and the sevastopol base is there since like you know like uh um before actually at the crimean war so uh uh so 18 something so like this makes that display like this geographical place uh makes it totally uh impossible to um to uh like to become like just a little bit unstable on russian perspective right it needs to be like really russian friendly like we talk about like the the like there's top top like you don't want that needs to be russian control so this is what happened and actually i i'm pretty sure that until right now now and last year but until the beginning of the war any any referendum would have given like uh uh like would have eighty percent and above all the time that this territory is russian you know eighty percent above um then there's a region of donbass and and uh uh anyway the lugansk uh the two um the two regions uh they were like obviously russian speaking close to russia like their super i suppose russia just hated that um then obviously ukraine tried to join nato or like once or threat to join nato which and this is very uh you know personally i i believe in uh uh so so i i actually i learned recently that there's two system or there's at least two systems for international politics there's the liberals which believes that uh countries are are that the thing that creates countries is actually people and if like you need people to to have good values and people with good values you know like and there's the other ones which are the um the realistic that says that basically countries are made by nothing else in countries we don't care about the people we don't care and this country lives in an anarchist system and they will fight for their survival so basically what what that means is that for instance like russia cannot allow ukraine to become part of nato that would be way too dangerous for for russia and personally like i'm again i'm perhaps alone here i don't care about ukraine i mean i don't care i don't like nato means if you attack nato it's a full-blown nuclear war i i i don't want to go to nuclear war because of uh because of ukraine just because ukraine get invaded by a country each 50 years right and i burp probably now this is actually low same thing for poland same thing for lithuania same thing for latvia same thing for estonia i'm sorry like i'm not ready to die for them like it's just like you know nato is a real really really really serious thing you know like it currently if there's one bomb that explodes in poland like you know 10 kilometers like change we are at a full-blown nuclear war like we die yeah no so it's not fun it's not um so so yeah so here uh like so russia thinks the same right russia says okay so you cannot be nato and you know so so you need a dazzle and here ukraine i know it sucks but ukraine um is actually forced to be neutral country at best a neutral country and sends that same thing as canada now canada we could not decide to have chinese military bases like we could not the united states would invade us it would take like you know it's it's just like we are a puppet that's what putin said that's what putin made that point very clearly so but nonetheless after that he made that very clearly and uh um but dan did when when he started the envision i don't think he needed an invasion in sense i think the but he could just put enough economical pressure and everything to to to reduce the state uh um and the war totally goes wrong but here the only thing i can say is that probably ukraine was uh pusan was really scared by ukraine really scared enough to risk a full ball a full-blown war and scared enough to like now it doesn't go well at all for him like people in russia are struggling people in russia are are leaving it's extremely hard so uh i think it wasn't hard like the worst move ever it was stupid it cost lives is terrible um i think really really badly placed uh very similar to uh iraq for for united states you know iraq was really stupid the second world like you know it's just like this the war in iraq was just actually helping iran and and um uh and uh afghanistan it's the only thing like you know like it was just made for that right afghanistan anyway at least iran like the arc enemy of iraq of iran is iraq like if you remove the iraqi government and actually place a uh iranian uh like now iraq's almost a iranian puppet state actually um so um very similar so it's very dumb war i hate all wars uh and this one we sh we could have like removed it i think like i i think like potential not uninvaded was not necessary obviously the west did everything to attract putin to invade it um because what's your prediction uh you know i'm going out of a way not to follow the news on this particular item the russia ukraine tank you can't help but hear bits and pieces i'm just trying not to not to but i do want to get your opinion on it because when i talk one-on-one with an individual i don't mind hearing uh a human being's opinion right that's uh more valuable to me than headlines or whatever um so what's your prediction in terms of duration and uh you've said that you don't think it that putin is going to win so not that there are any winners anyway but um it's not going to go well for putin but uh are you talking and leaving aside your hopes and your best wishes but you think it's a matter of days weeks months or years decades or decades or centuries millennia look no one no one believed that uh russia would invade no one believed that ukraine could resist uh no one believe um well i i can't just put myself in puss and shoes if today in putin i remove everything from ukraine and i tell everyone that it's a success uh ukraine is actually like ukraine now is destroyed for the next like a thing which like let's be honest like it never happened that refugees have been so warmly welcomed uh everywhere and actually ukraine has lost a lot of its population and a lot of skilled population so uh so this war will cost a lot of money to like a lot of human like you know ukraine is um so actually i would i would to be to be putin again i'm not in shoes and said i don't know how the how we perceive the threat but me like i would let's say that i i today i just like i think the most brilliant thing they can go it's like okay we call that today we wrap everything up we remove we call that a victory we put posters with like yeah you know we destroyed this thing this thing that that was just what happened blah blah blah and uh we pretend nothing happened like you know it's um um the danger for russia is actually to become um again a chinese puppet state because no one else will want to trade with russia with russian and china and china wants to have all the resources you know like they're like oil oh damn that we're open for that we're we're really really open for that but at the same time like you know uh dealing with with chinese is not fun um and uh yeah so so like the russian industry prefers germans to chinese you know it's obvious or french or americans or um so yeah so i would just call that but again this is me so i would i hope it stays like i have friends on both sides of the borders and it's uh yeah it's terrible what happens just like it's it's terrible do you think uh do you think that there's a direct connection i'm gonna have to wrap it up unfortunately uh i've got an appointment i gotta go to church but uh do you think there's a connection an effect i should say that the war if you wanna call it that the war is having on the whole management of the kovitz situation and this alleged sixth wave that's unrolling now with the ba2 or whatever it's called do you think there's any effect a noticeable effect that military uh activity is gonna have on our response to the governments of the world again i believe as so i believe that the there's kind of a strange um relationship between medias and and politicians yeah uh and now the public that the medias are more centered on ukraine so i i think that if covenant covenant 22 arrives now i don't want to say no one will notice it but um because this is bad um it'll be less emphasis less emphasis you think yeah yeah and your general impression because it seems to me that you're the people you you work with and that you uh in your circle they seem to be a lot more um um a less radical let's put it that way the people that i'm choosing to surround myself with because i've been sort of because of my rebellious spirit have been sort of pushed to the margins like even more than normal so the people that i'm frequenting are more radical and more rebellious than the people you're hanging out with okay so um uh what was my point with this the point with this was oh yeah the the people that you're hanging out with you get the impression that they're just fed up and uh you know their life are destroyed like literally like it's uh okay it's not it's not like they're tired of they're tired of the restrictions and of the mandates you mean about kovid uh okay i thought you you talked about the uh about russia because now i'm back to i'm back to covet now the regular working people who got the job and are happy to comply in 2020 2021 in 2022 are they as willing to comply or are they going to give some pushback like i've had enough i don't want the third fourth fifth job and all these sorts of things are they going to give some pushback so so what's so people changed their the way that they lived this is important to understand like in order things like personally i really like theater i would like to go to see a play tonight theater and you know like theaters will actually like it is dying right now because people are stopped to go to play and it's not like people that go to theater not that many you know like and now it's been like uh it's a pain to go it's a pain so people change a little bit like you know people uh last summer actually like i didn't go to any bar last summer because i was always drinking in parks because like yeah it's just less painful you know like it's just um so here the question is what do you mean by re like it's just people change people like but i i personally i know kind of i i would argue like i know no one that really followed especially in quebec just the rules like i mean no one uh so people that say yeah i follow the rule and then they'll always yeah but what did you do last sunday oh yeah invite i invited my friends but uh you know and then they they find excuses but you're like yeah but you know it's uh um like that that's not following the rules or but again like i'm not like i'm actually openly advocating to not follow the rules so uh saying i don't know like in a metro like now people wear your masks lower and lower and lower yeah yeah which i'm yeah it's uh but some people like you don't do that you don't do that uh yeah i know i'm a bad person yes i'm that person i told you i i don't i don't i don't put my nose in my mask i just like look i i i wear i respect no oh you don't cheat you put it right on no no no i saw so i put it i put it there actually that's cheating yeah no no absolutely i'm a bad person i told you i'm gonna report you i'm gonna report you to the government i'm a bad person what the um but i'm i'm lucky enough like my girlfriend works in the hospital she needs to wear like she needs to uh she needs to change it twice a day and you know like uh um so it's very but do you change your mask every 20 minutes like you're supposed to because that those blue ones you're supposed to change them every 20 minutes because again it's four hours but yeah four hours actually but no no that my girlfriend is four hours that that hospital they change up each four hours four hours okay i don't know anyone no i don't and that's it you know i'm going to pick them up off the sidewalk yeah this is clean enough for me put it on i've already done that actually oh my god so you're far you need to go somewhere you don't have a mask you're like okay why not it's uh have you have your shopping habits changed in terms of groceries and buying more stuff from amazon absolutely i use i used to hate amazon yeah i like um so do i do i love them um perhaps not but uh it's much like you know i i mean it's uh i don't have no no i don't like i i'm so sorry my girlfriend like she's and all that but yeah now i'm like okay let's buy it on amazon why why going to shop like it's just look it's annoying it's annoying it's um the worst is the gym the worst is like me cutting the gym for like for for i don't know how many months uh shutting down the gym that made no sense no sense um yeah so it's annoying it's the whole thing's annoying um i was gonna ask you i was gonna ask you one last question about the mask the shopping oh yeah do you get a lot of uh i would call them porch thieves like people that steal your amazon packages have you had that so uh uh it happens one it happened once uh but uh no actually a bunch of for real montreal is a great city for that you know like it happens rarely um it's um so if you're lucky you're lucky we've had a lot uh stolen here and i've had so many bicycles stolen i'm on uh uh in the plateau east you know fulham street and marianne marianne near park uh i live way out almost as far as on jou that's where you live yeah yeah and uh you know keno and uh flurry that kind of area that's where i work okay right right so it's like montreal north i guess you would call it yeah montreal north marielle norr andrew is just next door right uh wow i think before that there's anyway so yeah so it's not too hard right exactly it's not too far correct so i have to run i'm heading off to church uh but i really enjoyed meeting you properly for the first time in nine years uh we only saw each other face to face for maybe uh an hour nine years ago or something like that so uh very nice to meet you properly and fun chatting with you and uh hearing a little bit about your background and your your work situation and good luck with uh what's your new job again wow um so wow that was my new job so i'm starting only in july so i'll be a data more uh so i'm a programmer so i programmed stuff turned out that uh i used to work for a company called behavox that uh like make your software for banks uh trying to do machine learning not trying actually doing machine learning on uh uh banking communication to find bad people inside of banks now i'll be more in consultancy for uh ml machine learning um which is actually quite fun it's more data engineering i'm not like i'm personally i don't do machine learning so it's data engineering basically being able to extract the data before before being able to analyze to analyze the data first you need to get your hands on the data which usually is not trivial um and then if you want to add a process to this data you need to create a program to put this process and give back the product the data to the user so uh interesting interface for big data like it's just to grab a hold of it we'll see yes and it's the first time i'll do consultancy which is uh scares me a lot in the sense that it's um like you know i like to build things that last for a long time because it's where you see your good decision you know like you you go home i did that a year ago and that was bad or when i was there i did that a year ago this actually that was a good good choice um but like consultancy is more like yeah you know you have a project for like a year so you well you know it it won't be possible to just look back at things but uh and nonetheless i'm actually quite quite it's gonna be a nice challenge it's going to be yeah yeah yeah so you're going to take a month or two off between uh yeah exactly yes very cool when you said you went to columbia i thought your new job was uh cocaine dealer yeah no no i'm not that fell through right so you got to fall back on you got to fall back on the real work exactly exactly you got to work on your spanish so next time you go to columbia you can get those deals i'm just joking anyone is listening these are just jokes bad jokes bad jokes he's a good boy he's a good boy he's only his only crime is this [Laughter] very nice talking to you very nice meeting you and hopefully we'll talk again soon nice to see you on telegram too okay good take care of yourself