CVS Live Guest - 2022-05-28 - Siddhant Thomas

Author Streamed Saturday May 28th, 2022

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He's back. We chatted about some dogmas, and the one true Church that Christ built on St. Peter. We also talked complete nonsense, so please excuse all the silliness. It was fun.

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go we're fine we are live i'm here with my best friend sid how are you doing sid best friend uh i'm doing i'm doing okay i was a little ugly like a few days ago but um and then on top of that you uh putting brownies before me was not cool but you know can you smell them yeah i know the picture you sent me was just amazing it was incredible instagram ready yeah i know he was a great photographer like straight from instagram i love it even had time to copyright it as well so well it was literally like my wife's like okay how much time before your next interview because we got three today and uh i said half an hour she's like okay so you can make brownies just whatever so uh i was like this is a reality show like you know those baking shows were like and your time starts now yeah oh my gosh like they're so intense they're so intense like you're thinking oh four hours is a tremendous amount of time and then all of a sudden like they're down to like what 30 seconds and they still haven't put stuff on the plate and so it's ridiculous this this the stress the stress and i went to i went to pastry school actually oh really yeah uh how was that what was that like it was very very difficult because why because it was in french and my french is not that great and you live in canada yeah yeah this is criminal i'm anglo okay and here and here you are doing the head bobbing of indians i'm i'm very disappointed this is the quebecois head bob don't confuse the quebecois head bob with the indian head but you know in the kitchen imagine how many little items there are instruments and little special spoons and this spatulas and all these different implements for pastry making imagine that list of vocabulary in your second language having to get familiar with that that's a pain yeah well i mean like i only think you'd have to list all the ingredients and like yeah and plus growing up in a time where you didn't have google translate now so yeah that's my that's your boomer joke well i mean like that was no that was my um i don't know like that google translate is my knight in shining armor when it comes to interpretations oh yeah yeah just like you know um some some guy online is cussing me out in spanish or something and then meanwhile i'm just here like okay what's a good what's a good insult i can give back and i'm not great i'm like giving back insult either so do you do you do what do they call it uh no okay that's wrong i can't do it i like legit wait i haven't gotten that habit so it's just i don't know gina hindi for beginners do you participate in all the flame wars what what do they call these like uh when people no no on the internet when people are like being nasty to each other what do they call it what do the kids call that today flame wars they used to call it i i think they still call it i think they still call it flaming we just call it arguments or uh [ __ ] posting [ __ ] posting you heard about that yeah i think that's probably what it's called i don't yeah i'm not too sure i'm not you're not part of the the cool crowd no i'm i was never part of the cold crowd he's seen my see my hair have you ever actually tasted a brownie or you just look over at your the cool kids i've made brownies before so you know okay yeah so like for my mom's brother i put roasted nuts and chocolate chips and a little bit of coffee just a little bit of coffee uh that wasn't in the picture i know i know i know i hate your secret ingredient secret i'm not i'm not a fan of nuts so make up that what you will oh yeah so listen speaking of nuts i sent you a nuts big long list of dogmas yeah first of all there was an emphasis on like you know just uh just for you viewers out here this is the email he sent me just to get you started here are um he hasn't highlighted this but he said here are some some some meaning few or a little and this list goes down they're numbered though they're numbered though 426 oh my god they're numbered for your convenience so you say well i want to talk about 38 let's do let's do dogma bingo so what is number 38 read me number 38 because i don't have them memorized i'm not crazy no i would have thought like you had another list uh considering i don't think you were crazy enough to type this all by hand or were you oh thank god all right no i said siri take note of what i'm saying now and i just listed yeah no i'm kidding just dictating just like paul or peter to like one of their scribes just like this is my words these are my dogmas these are repeat these are repeating the dogmas that are already part of the church but i'm trying to recall them from memory but i'm too lazy to put them down the paper that's a good challenge challenge accepted i'm going to memorize the list for you you're going to memorize the entire list yeah if you shave your head i will memorize the list if you shave your head that's the deal no you don't have to shave your head i'll try to memorize it i don't know if that's a great i don't know if that's like a worth a deal i've already shaved my because mom because i wanted david to memorize the foreign 26 dogmas i can't i can't imagine like like i just me just coming home like one day from work like with um like with a shiny dome of um with a shiny dome on top of this and then and then my mom just they're like what have you done anyways um god's divine will is infinite that's number 38. ah wow that's cool pick a random number just for fun don't look at the list just pick a number negative 37 no come on play play by the rules all right all right wait are you feeling lucky you got any dice around there or anything well there's 300 and there's 300 calories per bottle so let's go with that 300. okay see uh baptism affects the remission of false of all punishments of sin both the eternal and the temporal nice oh okay wow have you have you been baptized i have um we talked about this yeah yeah it was a couple of years ago no it was just last week we talked about it yeah i know i i was talking about like baptism but fun all right great um uh yeah i i have but um you know i like i i accepted uh christ but this was before like i started exposing myself to other um cultures and other names i was just kind of it felt kind of rushed i'm sure in hopefully like a few months once i've built up that ground that i've uh lost and like you know um help my stuff like push myself to find my way back like i will like i'll get baptized again like a problem no no you can't you can't depending on which what was the church that baptized you uh it was a um it was like an apostolic church it was a non-denominational church but it was back in uh uae so i took a trip back uh just to visit them and i i said i i accept it and then yeah did uh do you remember the words that the minister said did he say i baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit do you remember that yeah okay so that's valid that's a valid baptism so you cannot get baptized again period right and he used pure water he he sprinkled you three times with pure water well he put uh well uh it was just done in a swimming pool so but did he dunk you three times uh it was just uh it was just a one-time dunk i didn't know there was a three-time uh thing again i'm not yeah go ahead i'm not sure i'm pretty sure it's valid but i would i'm not sure about the uh the form if he did it properly but was there like a was there a mention of like three times in the bible like i'm just uh i don't think so i don't think so but i could look at i'm not gonna look it up now because it's just too dry but yeah ironically it's dry we're talking about dunking you in water but it's a dry topic but um you know you you were whether you like it or not if it was a valid baptism i believe it was if it was about but you'd have to check but if it were if it was a valid baptism then you were all of the temporal punishments due to your sin and the eternal punishments due to your sin were wiped away so you need to you need to get into the christian religion and find out so that you can appreciate what you got in that baptism if and i'm assuming it was if it was a valid baptism it's amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing and you're not excited about it because you don't really know if uh christianity is true right you're not sure what well i mean it's it's not about like you know whether christianity is true it's just like you know i've still got um i'm still like like i'm i'm almost like at the i'm almost at the finish line i just need to it'll just take me like a it'll take me time to um to lean over like i'm still trying to read i'm still like i'm like i'm convinced of um i'm convinced of everything that i've been reading like you know whether i'm reading the histories or you know like behind it and like the evidences they're pretty um they're pretty hard to um dispute so um and then along and then along with that you know there are the um there's just uh like like i said i was um i've always lived the life as um like as a deist and i guess my entire um i don't really know how to put into words um but i'm hoping you can understand where i'm coming from so um yeah yeah yeah yeah i i feel i feel the the struggle to articulate that you're kind of there but not quite there and the missing ingredient is just the leap of faith finally yeah it's a commitment it's a commitment it's a commitment and uh what's your experience with uh romantic love if you don't mind my asking just without going into detail obviously i got into a relationship um with um it was actually with a mormon girl um it did not um i regret it heavily because first of all i put an end to our friendship of like eight months we did it for a week if you saw us um like honestly if you saw us um walking by you would have thought okay they're a happy couple like there was not there's you would never have thought that you know there would be um trouble in paradise [Music] that's one way of putting it but yeah sure um so yeah uh then she um turned out to be like less less endearing because she was like i read my patriarchal blessing and you know i prayed and you know everything's like all the signs are telling me no so that's what i'm going with and i've had like similar um i have similar doubts like i'm not well i guess i had been praying about it and i've not been getting the i'm not even getting the ghost sign um mostly because i was just it's just a rush of never um having experienced a relationship before that was you know like it was more um on my end i guess like i guess on both of our ends it was more rushed but for me it was um just this it was just a need that or a desire that wasn't um that wasn't fulfilled uh and that's where i went um and that's where i went wrong so yeah yeah yeah uh well you're young and i mean you know get sick of me saying that to you but um if and when you meet the one you know like this woman like oh my god she's the one and it's so amazing uh even though this is a hypothetical future scenario for you okay so even though it's like you want her you need her you can't live without her she completes you etc etc even though all that in your heart of hurts it's go it's go time like you said it's it's a go you prayed about it everyone loves her you love her okay even with all that you're gonna have a fear of making the leap okay so it's the same thing with religion it's the same thing with with religion it's the same thing it's the same thing so what is it what is it about it's just about letting go it's just about having faith and not trying to control not being worried that you look like a fool because she weighs 400 pounds you know don't worry about that i'm kidding of course a few pounds yeah no but uh seriously i mean um you know you should try to marry someone who's healthy and takes care of themselves that's obvious but if you do fall in love with someone who's morbidly obese you know that's that's fine too whatever to each his own or show this to her though on your wedding night show this to her dave oh my god david predicted i would marry a 400 pound woman how did he know and show her the video it's very romantic it's very romantic and she'll say but honey why are you having why you had hair back then why why you had hair i like the shiny dome better don't grow the hair no don't grow the hair give me that chicken leg now or pass it over to me i can't reach it with my little arms okay i'll stop i'll stop while they're save us up no i'm okay i'm okay uh i think it's hilarious um why are we assuming she's indian though oh i'm sorry because i'm a racist and i'm uh a weight because you're a typical white privilege typical yeah boomer oh yeah boomer too yeah so anyway why were we talking about this we're talking about this because not because i'm an award-winning comedian that's completely beside the point it's because what i sign up for with religion no but with religion you do have to have the courage to let go and to not be in control and to just launch into the mystery because that's what it is god is a mystery but so is a woman i'm trying to think now of a name for your future wife but oh i won't bother you want to see if i can nail the name like if i can get the name like if you're gonna get if you're gonna get like or even like three names and it still turns out to be a 400 pound woman okay okay it's like uh the trifecta trifecta of love uh pavarti is that a good name uh proverty proverbity yeah pervert poverty pervert is that a good name yeah no that's that's fine i'm not confident i'll find any cat i'm not confident i'll find any catholic or christian names with karate but okay oh yeah i forgot i forgot i forgot about that okay catherine catherine no too stodgy that's true we are we are fearing yeah we're reading a lot but i'll tell you i'll tell you i'll tell you in all seriousness i'll tell you in all seriousness my favorite names for a woman anna i married an anna anna but she was my favorite name anyway okay second favorite name rachel rachel rebecca rebecca no you're not feeling it no i mean no they're they're fine names they're just i guess over over heard or they're old testament names so yeah rebecca with k and then rachel and then rachel with the complaining type rebecca um deceived isaac so i don't know i they all have some baggage they all have some baggage these names might not cut the salon there wasn't an anna in the old testament sure there wasn't i mean there probably was but like you know not one that's coming to mind oh [Music] was a favorite wife of elkanah so there's that um yeah she had her uh uh samuel was actually my middle name that's uh are you talking about wait are you talking about are we talking about samuel are we talking about someone else we're talking about samuel's mother right uh-huh yeah and she promised to give way to the priest high priest and all that right yeah uh who was the who was the high priest there it was eli ella yeah yeah there's two sons hofney and phineas and who were um or evil men um yeah gosh bible trivia let's go all right um what was i going to say yeah i was going to say my middle name was actually samuel because my mother um like so my mother before i was born and like between the time my sister uh was born between the time i was born she had um um she was um expecting again but then she suffered a miscarriage and so um that really shook her and so then she says um and then she makes a prayer to god that you know she'll set apart you know and she'll call him samuel like she'll set apart her next child and that was me cute i don't think it was on her wish list to have me be a deist but well i mean that's just a fake you're not wanting to say that of course that's like a phase yeah i know i'm just hoping you know like there's because i read a lot about um you know christians who lost their faith like they were like um and and they were very um and they were very um active in their um in their religion like whether it was their church or their gatherings and um and then i started look and then they tell me that you know they came out the other side as you know an atheist um there is um there's a christian by the not christian sorry there's a person by the name of derrick lambert have you heard of him uh he runs a channel called myth vision uh so he is an atheist he said he grew up a fundamentalist christian where like you know he it was a very charismatic church where they prayed in tongues and like they were um very spiritual and religious and um over i guess over 30 years or something he and like he was pretty um [Music] he was pretty uh ground in his faith as well so it felt kind of felt kind of odd that someone like him would eventually come out the other side as you know an atheist so like just not believing at all so i i don't know that was just um just my thing also i wanted to ask um yeah i guess this leads me to my next question like concerning baptism uh because you said once there's a valid baptism you can't get baptized again but what if along the way after you get baptized you lose your faith well i mean what are you asking us [Music] if there's a sacrament to help with that uh well i mean um so i'm assuming baptism is one of the um is one of the is it called a sacrament or like you know one of the works that it's one of the seven sacraments yeah so uh what are the did you put the sacraments in here like i didn't i know there were seven of them i just yeah they're in there somewhere yeah if you have a search function you can search for baptism actually the by chance the one you picked from 300 calorie soft drink by chance it came up for you there are seven sacraments of the new law 281 the necessary the primaries god man sacrament validity and efficacy uh the okay you know i'm just gonna search it up um let's see so you see it's a dogma of the church that there are seven uh-huh yeah i i've seen i've seen that i just don't know um i just forgot what they were okay baptism uh reconciliation of penance the eucharist the matrimony all love come from god um let's see anointing anointing of the sick holy orders yeah okay so that seems to be uh what it is you probably get you'll probably get confirmed have confirmation right at some point um i think well i mean i'm i'm not uh sure of this uh so like you know this is a new topic to me um i'm guessing the um i guess the eucharist is where they receive the body and blood of christ uh our reconciliation is where we confess ourselves refresh confess your sins uh-huh okay holy order um exercise priesthood okay so okay so so what um so what is that um um oh gosh what does that consist of there we go which one like so uh the holy orders i guess like it's and the the christian church is an apostolic church meaning that christ built his church on peter and the apostles and their successors and there's a laying on of hands all the way down to your local bishop he had hands laid on him by someone that had hands laid on him by heads etc etc back to peter passed on from generations yeah all the way back to saint peter so it's that unbroken lineage and uh it's the special charism of infallibility that the church enjoys through the bishops it's the teaching office is the bishops right and they are the ordinary authority uh for every parish and for every church and every local church so yeah it's all about the bishops would we see um like would would we be interpreting matthew 16 or like you know the passage in matthew 16 where uh jesus says uh he builds his church upon the rock which is peter i like would we see that as um you know foreshadowing a papacy or like it's not it's not foreshadowing it it's the it's like the sort of the prime example of it the the source and summit of the of the papacy right there it's like that's the ultimate reality when i think of that when i think of pope francis for example i mystically see peter in him right and this is throughout the history of the church you'll see the saints talking about peter and like why are they keep talking about peter there's no peter the pope's name is not peter and no p no pope has ever taken the name peter by the way because of that reverence and that i've actually no i've actually noticed that because he was um considered the first pope of the catholic church and then um yeah so everyone else we can have like john francis yeah and then i'm blanking out on them but there's been so many and then john paul and i don't know there are a lot of piouses too like highest yeah first second third fourth fifth all the way up to the whatever 12 sound i don't know 366. one for each dogma right i see that let's play let's play pope bingo pick a number now we'll find someone who'll find pope francis on this long list nice big bubbly attack of um stuff look baby attack french word there you go all right maybe you won't be maybe your pastry um class won't be that bad anymore thanks to you my friend oh i gotta phone my friend sid what what is a spatula in french again some spatula oh good gosh have you seen i live in canada though like i thought you know there was always at least when i went there was um they always had like a little french um they always have a little french statement under like each signboard translation yeah yes translation that can't think today all right um but yeah i guess i want to know how um how all this appealed to you especially coming from a um from like a hardcore atheist um mindset and then you know having to um give that up to um commit to oh to give up the riches of atheism oh how difficult oh no but like you know to uh go us to go as far as you know um to commit to the catholic church as well is by itself it's a pretty huge step um so yeah yeah yeah well i mean i'll give you the really short version um and i think i may have attempted to tell this to you before when you're in in your car with your cell phone do you remember yeah yeah okay yeah we're not going to talk about those again we shall not that was fun though that was fun that was like that was like when i go to the swimming pool and i just dip my toe into the water oh it's too cold i i was um like i had like a um a friend a couple of friends at a pool party uh like like just yesterday and i uh well i just sat by i just felt like you know the old um parent who is like okay you kids enjoy your fun i'm just gonna sit here and read a book instead read the bible the catechism of the catholic church just like he's given me this long list of dogmas i i'm like okay now we're we're done here and now the irony is they're all happily married with children and you're still single so like you should have gone swimming man i feel humbled you'd literally be eating brownies now your wife bertha or whatever her name is come in with the train they went down the long list of like rachel rebecca and anna i settled on birthdays while you were talking i was nodding and smiling but i was really thinking of what is her name what is her name like they're okay it's going to be big bertha bb bb for short bb bb for short yeah okay it's like big bertha hey baby shut the fridge door shut the fridge door big bertha or bb do you take this man to be your waffling husband and then told me what this little guy this little guy here the ring doesn't fit what do i do oh man don't worry about is this edible ring just kidding i shouldn't be i shouldn't make these jokes i shouldn't make jokes like this we're gonna get cancelled we're gonna get canceled but uh we're talking about uh my transition from hardcore atheist to okay it's very simple it's very simple it all happened very quickly i realized that i'm not god that god is god and it was like what a relief what a relief to know that i'm not god that god is god through philosophy i was reading lots and lots of philosophy all the time for years and years and years and years but didn't you say philosophy was what got you away from god in the first place no puberty got me away from god because i hit puberty then he said he started reading more philosophy yeah i started reading philosophy early like as a teenager and it's been a lifelong hobby on and off on and on but later in life in my 30s i got into it huh any favorite philosophy yeah of course my top favorite number one is socrates socrates right love him i mean i would have to put saint augustine number one really because he he's the one that converted me once i found god through rene descartes who borrowed a lot of the ideas that i got from rene descartes came from saint augustine and so i became a monotheist because of saint uh well because ultimately because of saint augustine but because of renee descartes and then because i was stuck in hard solipsism where i thought i was literally the only being yeah like in terms of consciousness or like you know in terms of absolute reality like you do not exist yeah i heard of that so uh i became a monotheist and then i became a christian because of the confessions of saint augustine which i just happened to have found it was a long long story it was a long story but i found this book and i read it and i realized that yeah okay christianity is not evil like i thought it was evil yeah and it's not stupid the way i thought it was stupid as an atheist and um so i became a christian and then you know i had read enough about the i read lots of anti-catholic stuff during my readings over my adult life okay but when i read stuff like like i guess what appealed to you the most which kind of anti-catholic stuff appealed to me right well just the the corruption pointing out the corruption oh yeah you know the abusive uh privilege the abuse of power the abuse of children the abuse of everything right and so that's just an easy stick to wield against the church it's like oh look corruption and uh you know it's just uh you know now i just laugh at that because it's like there's that baby bathwater distinction like okay we all know corruption is evil that's why they call it corruption right it's like it's like anything else when it's corrupted you know it's something only something good gets corrupted because and ontologically everything that is to the extent that it is it is good yeah like what is evil evil has no substance if not if not just corrupted good yeah it's a privatization that was like a metaphysical element you could i remember um there was this um there was this category or not category sorry there was this challenge posed by steven law um concerning the fact that god is all evil like if he can uh like so um his his notion was that um you know if god if we're supposed to suggest that this omniscient omnipotent being is all good then we can also conclude uh or like we can also suggest that he is all evil as well um which doesn't um which i used to think was like huh interesting this is a fair uh argument but it's not a very well thought out one because it was actually um like as i read that i realized i found out that there were two types of ways you can uh distinguish this there was the uh epis i actually mentioned this in like my speech uh in in class like i put this like near the end so there's the epistemic um side and then there's the metaphysical side uh so what the metaphysical um or is it the i forgot but with the metaphysical one uh it's literally just a uh privation of um is literally just a privation of good or like just corrupted good uh that is so you know good cannot ex like evil cannot exist without their being good first like if there was no um if it would if moral evil was the standard if moral evil was the standard instead of moral good then there would be absolutely nothing wrong there this world would just be another dystopia this world would be in complete chaos and then you have um because everyone would be so selfish like there is no um because if good is the societal you know reject then there's then you know this kind of brings um puts this point into jeopardy if that makes sense i don't know if i'm making sense here and then yeah and then there's the other uh concept which is i think the epistemic one which is where there is just all evil or literally there is just all evil now the point is that if god is literally all evil if then he would have to be maximal in all of his qualities not just arbitrary he would have to be completely maximal in and such so he can't um so he would have to he would have to be incredibly selfish he'd have to be the most selfish being in the world that being said if he was the most selfish being in the world he would be the only being in the world because he would he and all of his um in his hard um solipsism wouldn't um like wouldn't bother creating another um wouldn't bother creating another being interest so so how old were you at that time i'm sorry was this recently this was recently yeah i've started diving into philosophy a lot more so it just actually bringing me back to um you know a christianity a christian uh viewpoint um inspiring philosophy has been a huge help uh there have been like i'm reading more of thomas aquinas uh emmanuel kant also a little bit jordan peterson dives into a fair bit of philosophy too um and like talking about nietzsche and dostoyevsky uh where literally i just watched um a video of where he talked about crime and punishment and this uh in the main character uh performed like you know the um the perfect um you know moral like the perfect moral murder i guess like he had all reason to murder her uh and the only um like he got away with it because you know nobody realized it was him but you know he just couldn't get back to conscience uh like his former conscience that he had so uh i don't know are like lots of interesting things to um to take into account so we can't just say um so like we can't just say you know the evolutionary um standpoint that uh based from um uh based on a long period of abiogenesis and then you know focusing on our species to thrive like we have an inherent and and we have an inherent intrinsic duty to not uh be uh to not be morally um to not be morally evil or morally bad to uh other preachers um so yeah again this is just my um uh these are just my readings so right um so yeah i was telling you about my uh from christianity catholicism right i'm sorry yeah yeah of course i'm just like you're like maximally self-centered please don't take any of my jokes seriously especially especially uh the question i always use this um people get sick of hearing me say it obviously but it's like to go from atheism to monotheism it's all about metaphysics to go from monotheism to christianity it's all about history who is the messiah and to go from christianity to the fullness of christianity it's all about authority how can i know that this is the word of god the bible how do i know it's this canon of scripture there's no table of contents in the bible and even if there were i could sit down right now and make my own quote-unquote holy book with a table of contents saying these are all the books that are canonical and believe me this is straight from god's lips to my ears and a lot of uh charlatans have built a religion that way right we talked i think last time about joseph smith right yeah so it's easy it's easy to write a book and say this book is holy and god told me so and don't deny it or that's satan deceiving you and you're going to hell yeah so that's the easiest thing in the world so how do we know that god almighty who's infinite in every pure perfection and who is infallible how do we know that he gave infallibility to his church well we know it because if it's not the case then we're back to that chaos that you talked about with with uh with an evil god right like we're back to that chaos if if we don't have god himself giving a portion of his infallibility to his church we're completely lost and this is what emmanuel kant reacted to and responded to and then he found himself in this field where we just have a shrugging of the shoulders oh well we can never know so let's just let's just have faith and hope that our faith is right and take the leap of faith and this sort of thing that's more kierkegaard right but um you know we do know we can know with certainty that god exists and we can know with moral certainty that christianity is true and we can know with moral certainty that catholicism is the church that christ built and i mean it's all about authority it's all about authority once you're a christian before you're a christian it's all about history and before you're a monotheist it's all about metaphysics asking those tough questions who am i how did it get here what is going on what is the world is the world real or an idea and so on and so forth right so i guess i'm uh i just i'm just trying to perceive how you um like how you um calculate that to the cap to the catholic church or the or to catholicism well how many how many christian um communities how many christians this is the technical term for uh everything every denomination is a christian community okay how many christian communities are claiming the four marks of the church that's one holy catholic and apostolic and the three attributes that it's that it has authority that it's infallible and that it's indefectible how many there may be two churches the the catholic and the orthodox right and the orthodox have a flattened hierarchy with no principle of unity the church does what it wants to do i of course don't want to like i'm not trying to like skip over you or like on uh on purpose but like you know the mormon church as well or like you know iglesia and christo um you know these christian cults say that they are the restored church of christ or like they are the one true church of christ um but i guess this kind of goes back to your point like you know where both orthodox and catholic churches claim this so yeah if the mormons want to for example let's say that i met a mormon and he's like well no no no no my my christian community i don't know if they call themselves christian but they do oh they're trying hard to become more christian the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints so this is christian in that in that sense there's christ there it's in the name i don't know what's wrong with you there's also a cult i remember called teens for christ or is it teens i think it's called teams for christ it's where um it's literally this um it's it's one of the most sickening things i've ever read about it's literally just this um it's literally just this cult about um having about having sex and it's okay to it's okay to masturbate and to have sex outside of marriage as long as you are picturing jesus when you do it right well the flds you know about them warren jefferson all that right fundamentalist that was sick sick no i'm not saying that the adherents were all perverted but the leadership was yeah i know of course yeah i'm not gonna like confine every person to i'm not gonna find like you know saying that every catholic is the same or like every catholic like you know believes that it's okay for like all those kids to um have horrible things happen to them they're probably gonna be plenty of mormons who make it to heaven and plenty of catholics who don't whatever that's not for us to decide but yeah of course yeah i never like make the claim of like you know you're going to hell and stuff no that's uncharitable to put it mildly but you know if a mormon were to say to me well you know we also claim uh the four marks and the three attributes so gotcha i would just say well you don't you can't even start because your metaphysics is wrong your idea of god is so wrong that all your religion is is a joke i would never say this to a mormon but this is this is in my thoughts as i'm smiling and nodding right no yeah it's some somewhat like a similar um you know thought process in my head so um yeah but like how um okay so uh back to your point with the orthodox and catholic i guess yeah well it's just it's just so obvious that there's no there's no principle of unity i mean there's no there they don't even have economical councils they try to have an ecumenical council recently just in work right they just don't have they just don't have the principle of unity sorry and i mean i'm attracted to the music i'm attracted to the art i'm attracted to the liturgy i'm attracted to all that it means zero to me it means zero all that beauty all that goodness all the holiness it means nothing without principle of unity without the principle of unity i need a pope i need a pope and i've got a pope so i'm happy so the rad trads and the set of ecantis who try to say well no we haven't had a pope since 58 or 59 or whatever the hell it is and some some have different dates like different popes with the last popes right right it's just it's just bunch of nonsense so why would you say we need a pope i guess it's that principle of unity right it's that principle of unity where we have uh that unity where it's the church is one holy catholic and apostolic and it's also that apostolicity right and you know the orthodox do have that to a certain extent but they've flattened the hierarchy they've flattened it and they give the pope believe it or not they do give the pope a supremacy of honor just not a supremacy of jurisdiction but it's all about the jurisdiction okay i just finished reading canon law and it puts it very nicely where it talks about the interplay between canon law which is subject to change and it's mostly disciplined and these sorts of things and the life the very life of the church and how the church moves forward day to day with the liturgy and with you know we've got to sell this parish because uh there aren't enough people catholics in that community or this parish was desecrated because of uh some satanists broke in and took a dump on the altar whatever it's like they're all these they're all these things in canon law that's not mentioned specifically do you need to go oh no i was just saying um my brother-in-law was just saying bye to me so ah your famous brother-in-law mm-hmm yeah he's oh he's gone now all right yeah so you know there there there's an interplay like the the church what you need to understand is that the church is human and divine just like jesus christ jesus christ is human and divine the church is one flesh with jesus christ and the church is human and divine there's a phrase for that like about jesus being like a human and divine nature i forgot what it was called though the hypostatic union that there we go yeah keep forgetting bingo there we go fun all right um uh but uh so um but i guess back to the point like with uh matthew 16 um john 21 and like luke 22 the ones that refer to peter as the rock or like jesus referring to peter as the rock of the church i mean it's obvious or like it's evident that um he had um he had a sort of um you know leadership role uh among the apostles or like among the original um you know um among the original group the og the og oh geez um so i guess um i guess the point is like how do you um like how do you translate that into making um into building up a church or like you know that refers to uh the one true church i mean the church uh by itself has been repeatedly referred to as a people i don't know if you see it that way that's just yeah it's the people of god i mean this is this is the emphasis that was given in vatican ii it's the people of god it's the people of god it's the people of god it's the people of god and this was sort of a shift in emphasis right and it was to to sort of broaden the scope and soften the uh triumphalism of the catholic church and to welcome and to be uh you know have that fresh approach to non-catholics of all types not only the christians but the judge muslims and jews and everyone else right vatican ii was making great pains to open things up and without obviously corrupting the faith and the tradition the capital the capital t tradition the small t traditions of course are changeable so you know there's a there's a maxim from vatican 2 that says and i'm paraphrasing the way most people paraphrase it's sort of a cliche paraphrase but it's a nice way of putting it in essentials unity but in non-essentials a healthy diversity but in all things charity so this is summing up sort of the the vibe of uh what vatican ii wanted to emphasize the universal call to holiness right and that outreach spreading the good news getting people baptized praying the gospel and uh so that's all are you taking notes uh well i feel like you know if i want to read more into some of these points like you know it's um it's good to keep in mind so i don't and god said david ross shall be my prophet okay right this time write this down this is good stuff here okay okay i'm kidding okay ready great great david rosh now should be my holy prophet holy prophet coolest dude i ever created who was the coolest dude put that in old english sounds better though it sounds better okay um uh date uh okay so an old uh perfect king james translated english it sounds better in sanskrit so if you could write it down in japan that would be um uh the ross of david is um is it a fool isn't it is is a fool oh i'm making stuff up on the spot no i'm not making stuff up this is divine right right this is the brand new the brand new tradition right this is they're going to look back on their notes like in a hundred years ago like what so who is this guy these are these are going to be the new golden plates david david and his second his two his two eyes i forget i cannot forget like you know the linchpin of all points and so it came to pass but don't forget the scribe that cute little scribe sid oh my god write it down he was okay he was just okay this is sid writing on his behalf he is not altering any of these words in any way these are all the words of david ross and don't forget to lose this paper and then just like toss it over just like toss it away when i'm finally done very good right okay so then this serve no purpose i'll just leave it for something send all your donations to post office box whatever [Laughter] okay um okay so i gotta i'll read up more on this um i wanted to come back into i wanted to come back to this uh point uh that we uh barely grazed over in the last time we met uh which is the uh enact which is uh the immaculate um well immaculate conception of uh of mary i guess or like you know the fact that mary herself was immaculate or like she was um like like she was not born um she was born spotless um you could talk you could talk i literally told him that i was gonna be in the room for like two hours anyways um but yeah that was just that was just my dad he was like i'm like i was on a call uh are you okay you can continue oh no yeah i can continue he was just wondering what was going on i couldn't see why it wasn't um you know lucid but anyway uh but you know um anyways you're gonna we're gonna have to work him into our religion somehow okay okay just gonna i'm just gonna work in there it's like hey so desperate to meet you come on just grab him by the arms like come on we're talking do you want to memorize the 400 dogmas with me all right um where did you get these by the way like the this entire list okay so this is all like within the book or like was there a small was it copied off the index uh i can't remember i know it was difficult to find the list uh i've had problems finding an electronic version of this like an e-book version i really want an e-book version or a pdf version of this book right yeah i've had a lot of problems i haven't been able to find it so what i have found is a couple of websites that uh talk about the book and i think if i'm not mistaken i found a website that put a list of the dogmas if i'm not mistaken or i may have been insane enough to type it up like uh 10 years ago but i'm not sure right before i became the prophet for david before his highness david ross or like sorry right now the true profit and the true profit next step next step next step harem harem oh boy what's a harem again i forgot a bunch of women oh no i thought you i thought there was like another term like what then i i don't know i'm losing it okay uh so where were we the immaculate conception yeah have you looked into it at all you should read about it uh well concerning uh you know concerning mary uh the fact that she herself was um she herself was untouched um or like you know she remained a virgin like she herself was um uh was not um i guess not um she herself was immaculately conceived and um in anna's womb mm-hmm i'm sorry in the womb of her mother anna anna yeah say saint anne and her father mary's father was saint joachim okay let me okay let me read actually i haven't seen much of this let me all right so uh i'm not forgotten where these um i'm not god where these names were oh okay there's the apocryphal gospel of james too all right um i've not read much of that i've barely started reading into the book of enoch um i've never read it i really want to read it i've never read any i just know it can take uh it's a post apocalyptic book uh that i know jude refers to uh in his book um okay actually while um while our point's being brought up um how do you reconcile when the when people like james and jude and you know there's an entire list of um in mark 6 3 about jesus having brothers and sisters it's just a broad term means close relative uh would that go with the greek as well or like you know like we're like how would that be i don't know i don't know if it's uh [Music] if that's the case for uh hebrew aramaic and greek i don't know i trust the church though and the church tells me that jesus had close relatives that he referred to everyone referred to as his brothers and sisters but they were not his brothers and sisters in the sense that we used the word and there are plenty there are plenty of examples where people who have different parents for example uh jude or james or whoever it was was like he they name his parents they name his parents they're not jesus's parents and yet they still refer to him as the brother right so hello we have this example of a non-brother in being referred to as a brother in the broad sense yeah could you uh repeat that like about uh concerning james or whoever it was i i forget who it was james or uh jude uh let me let me see i put pulled it up okay so it says uh is this not the carpenter the son of mary the brother of james joseph um judas and simon and are not his sisters here with us so yeah so if you look up those four guys that are named as brothers i don't know if some of them or all of them but certainly some of them have parents who are explicitly named and it's not it's not joseph and mary all right there are four names you name so go through all four till you find which ones have uh the parents parents of the just look up parents of the brothers of the lord james the brother of joseph's uh son by joseph's uh first wife not by marriage oh yeah okay i've heard about um no no we don't believe in that we do not believe in the first wife theory no way oh really okay because i know there's two um i know there's two um claims that the roman catholic church make i don't know if this is also a claim of the roman catholics but you know there's the um the fact that um mary uh remained a virgin throughout her uh entire life yeah before there was the other one which is um you know these were conceived of um these are these are conceived from uh joseph's first wife uh but there's no like first of all i don't see any biblical indication for that claim and wouldn't and like wouldn't he have alluded to um like when he had alluded to um you know one of his sons or like one of his um children or another wife especially so i don't know uh but so you said that's not a that's not a claim that um that's not something you claim that's a heretical claim okay that's a heretical claim yep all right from the catholic perspective okay so just okay maybe it's not from the catholic maybe it's not from the catholic church maybe i must administer i mean i said catholic there but i don't know how trustworthy it is so again that's why i'm uh cross-referencing with you yeah the tradition the tradition it's not dogmatic but the tradition is that joseph was a consecrated virgin as was mary right consecrated to god as a virgin so a holy uh a holy dedication to god as you can read about all in the new testament the old testament many people holy people making this dedication of their virginity and this is not a dogma but it is a tradition and i think i think it's a pious belief too i think it's a i like to assume that because it's it's a nice thought i like to i mean like you know i like like with the greek word adolfo's which literally means brother and in some other context it means uh something else like you know um i guess like a fellow believer through um affection which is like you know and which paul uses often so um yeah you can also hear paul referring to people as his son you know this is a spiritual sonship and stuff like that you know so yeah i get that i mean loose yeah it's just that you know the um i don't know the very context of you know uh mark six uh especially when it openly says brother and sisters like just uh especially with mary um i don't know it's just um well that's at least your worries i mean that's the least of your worries like all these little things all these little things that you can hmm that doesn't seem to make sense it doesn't make much sense to me well you could start with the trinity if you want to get stuck on something as a stumbling stone a stumbling block start with the trinity hmm it doesn't quite make sense to me i think i'll reject the trinity because it doesn't quite make sense to me okay okay um now you're you're on the fast track to uh you know yeah the trinity should be a central um should be a central dogma like it should be yeah i mean it's you know people of course their people will have their disagreements like you know um unitarians like mormons unitarians uh jews muslims muslims continuously um accuse are very accusatory of um christians for bringing up a trinitarian doctrine uh which is um because they've got this constant you know um suggestion in their minds that uh christians are the trinitarians are pagans because like you know it's three it's three gods three separate gods but that's never been the case so you know it's not the it's it has nothing to do with like you know the claims of arius or anything that's a completely different and heretical doctrine it's been considered heresy but since then so um i'm sorry go ahead i i just wanted to uh point out to you if you didn't already know it excuse me i've started reading this on my podcast and i've gotten about 40 through so there's a lot of good stuff uh if you don't want to pick up the book and read it if you don't want to buy the book and read it you can actually listen to me read it and you can listen to my little commentary i don't do too much commentary but do a little bit um so you can you can actually expose yourself in a pretty casual fun way just by listening to my reading of it and i hope to complete that at some point it's just got a lot of different projects on the go and i it's just a matter of not having enough time because i work full-time but uh it could be interesting for you to go through that or buy the book and go through it probably see that right it could be great um yeah so it doesn't i mean i'm sure like you know um i i mean i get that you know the whole um you know the mary thing being immaculate is it um is is a minor uh doctrine but it's a very um it's very bold claim to make yeah i'm going to read you just a little bit from the from this book okay mary's immaculate conception mary was conceived without stain of original sin this is a de feeder dogma meaning it's the highest grade of certainty yeah okay of certainty okay certainty yeah it's the highest because there's a there's a hierarchy of certainty among the dog the different grades of the dog yeah i i noticed like you had um those little in brackets you had day feed and then right um and then other words like um sorta and yeah so the um the biblical uh arguments are here we've got uh it's too much for me to read i'm seeing if i've highlighted anything as being particularly interesting oh here we go this is one of my favorite parts of this entire book is this little phrase that i've highlighted here in the dogma of the immigrant conception it says and i quote it must also be observed that the infallibility of the papal doctrinal decisions extends only to the dogma as such and not to the reasons given as leading up to the dogma this is very very very important for you to understand as a christian that the dogmas are protected but the reasoning leading up to it it's like well if we read in this mark's gospel and this and that and we therefore we conclude that bang okay it's only the bang that's protected all the argumentation and all of the reasoning is not protected so that's why for me personally when you if you were to ask me why do i believe in the immaculate conception the primary reason is because it's a dogma of the church and christ and his church are one and if god did not give infallibility to his church we're lost we're completely lost we can never know anything we can never know anything beyond the philosophical metaphysical conclusions that we can draw which will lead us to monotheism but it won't bring us to christianity it won't bring us to christianity christianity is a faith and there are many many faith-based beliefs that can't be arrived at for example the trinity can never be arrived at using the pure uh reasoning that by the natural light of reasons so uh yeah the reason i believe in the immaculate conception and the reason i believe that jesus has zero brothers and zero sisters biologically speaking is because that's what christ says that's what christ says is says is that's what christ says right yeah great all right so there you go yeah um yeah i'm just saying like you know um when did the um catholic church come [Music] come to rise or like you know when did it first get pentecost pentecost when the holy spirit came with the tongues of fire that's that's the official birthday of the church according to most according to tradition it's not a dogma that's okay yeah yeah i know i i wouldn't have suggested it was a dogma just not sure um like of the history behind the catholic church otherwise um not otherwise but um other than like you know the uh dogmas that i've read well if you look if you look at the history of every christian community it's a fascinating exercise right because it's like who founded your church well this guy he was a baptist and he was a southern baptist and does that and so okay go to his church where he came from who founded the southern baptist church well it was this guy in 1798 or whatever okay and what's his background well he was from uh whatever england and he was a puritan and he belonged to this christian community that was and who founded that one and you just go back and back and back and you're going to end up at the protestant so-called reformation or the revolution right and so what are the main branches that came out of and what did they come out of what was the trunk was the trunk orthodox or was the trunk catholic or was the trunk southern baptist i mean it's just it's not that hard to look at your history if you want to be honest with yourself and say where does my christian community come from what's its history be honest and you will end up with an apostolic trunk of that tree from which your christian community branches period always 100 percent so it's not hard to end up in catholicism if you're serious about looking into christianity what's the history right yeah uh so i guess um so i guess in short um what um and encourage me if i'm wrong here but it goes back to uh the credibility of you know um the uh of the authority who's making the claims well i would i would love to meet a christian that's a non-catholic who would just even make an attempt to make an argument that your church is the one true church i've never heard it i've never i've i've put this challenge to many many protestants for example because there's no uh necessity to make the claim that our church is the one true church because i'm not going to say that gateway is the true church pastor robert morris is the uh is like you know the prophet of god or like one true uh messenger um yeah so like it's not um like we wouldn't arrive you know um we wouldn't arrive at that conclusion um you know because like you said um i guess the i guess catholic dogmas and the protestant dogmas would have a different definition but like you know god uh the um the church is a people in the church is a people of god in the end so i mean the entire foundation of the entire foundation of you know of christianity is like a relationship uh with uh jesus christ and so as long as i'm as long as i see that with um you know people what irrelevant of you know uh catholicism or protestants uh mormons it's debatable but you know i'm not gonna like you know regardless i'm still gonna i'm still gonna talk to them and like um like tell them that this is um you know there's a heretical doctrine in this you need to um you know because i always tell people uh to do objective research behind everything that they claim or like you know everything that um you know they're um to do research be behind um uh all of their beliefs because people grow up um and people grow up in greece uh believing in uh pagan gods like zeus um and poseidon as their um true gods and you know they have the utmost faith that you know they're um you know i'm i'm not done much uh i'm not looked into those much but you know they have faith that where they're going or like you know everything that uh they're doing is true and like it'll all lead up to um something same goes with uh with hinduism um where um people believe in uh reincarnation so like you know your good works will eventually um i think like you know people who haven't done enough good works will be reincarnated as an animal um those who have done good works will be reincarnated as a human being i don't know i'm still like as like like i said i'm still reading about these um continually more and i try to keep an open mind with everything that i um with everything that i read so well when you compare it when you compare one christian community with another the the way to find out that the catholic church is the one true church is to just ask these different members of these different christian communities uh what is the authority by which you know that the canon is the canon and what is the authority by which you interpret the books of the canon of scriptures okay and they will invariably say it's the perpisuity of the text and it's obvious and god's guiding me and i'm in the holy spirit and the holy spirit's in me and then you just turn to the guy next to him and say and what do you say and he'll say yeah same thing i agree with him okay then why do you disagree on your doctrine then so either it's like i said with this principle in essentials unity in non-essentials we can have a diversity in all things charity so we'd have to ask the question charitably but we'd have to ask the question do you have unity if you don't have unity is that diversity a healthy normal diversity like really you believe in the trinity you don't is that a healthy normal is that a trivial point yeah there's some there's certain um there's certain dogmas or like certain um you know aspects or doctrines that yeah that are that i would definitely consider crucial yeah trinity being um a trinity being one of them um and then believing that um like of course jesus um jesus becoming a man uh coming the two natures of christ the two wills of christ etc etc we've got so many we've got so many so who's going to decide this one's trivial this one's non-trivial this one's essential they don't even agree about that so it's all about authority and unity it's about authority and unity among other things like i said we have the church which is one holy catholic and apostolic and the church has authority it's in has infallibility and it has indefectibility who's making all seven claims only the catholic church as far as i can tell but who uh but how do you i guess validate those claims well look at the look at the teachings who is still teaching the same thing have you read the first century second century third century fourth century fifth century sixth century all the way up till today all the writings the christian ranks have you read them all because they're all consistent with the catholic church's teachings they're not consistent with anglicanism if you look at anglicanism for an example it's a good example why because it's relatively recent and because they started out oh so pious and devout and oh so catholic and then little by little by little they introduced a little change of doctrine here a little change of doctrine there right right so where are they on contraception where are they on divorce where are they on marriage where are they on uh any of these things they've strayed they've strayed and every christian denomination except the catholic church has strayed from that tradition that apostolic tradition so you need to be educated in the apostolic tradition i've read works i could pull down a book here pardon my uh shorts and you see my shorts here that's right now you're good go out and get yourself this three volume set of books of the only fathers i've been reading into like you know the early fathers like um like saint augustine the author is william a jurgens three volume set oops read it read it first century second century third century all the way up to the eighth century yeah and it's just a sampling it's just a sampling of their writings right but you will never ever ever again ask me the silly question how do you know you belong to the one true church it's because this is the only church that hasn't caved on sexual morality it's the only one that hasn't caved on the living magisterium that is throughout and the primacy of peter not only in respect and dignity the primacy of peter in jurisdiction it's clear it's as clear as can possibly be and there's no doubt about it you just need to pick up some books and read and you need to have your hurt in the right place where you're not attached to your sin so you're like well i enjoy masturbating so i think i'm going to join a church that that smiles on masturbation yeah no of course it can't just be um yeah i 100 agree with that statement like it can't just be like what makes you happy it's never been about that you can't just cherry pick and quote mine and have it adapt to what you want to be true if you don't uh adapt the word of god to we don't adjust the word of god to our beliefs we adjust our beliefs to the word of god absolutely so i i agree with that like 100 i agree with that 100 percent um and you know any like any church or like any uh belief system that goes against um or like what goes against you know those um goes against those suggestions like um or she just teaches something that is uh completely different um i guess it would depend on like you know the severity of like um of which they go to um but yeah i guess there's not much of a there's not much i can really expound on uh from there on um so so we can talk about bertha if you want if that's more oh it says in here no but uh it's fun it's fun digging into the history of the church right i've i've seen uh i can actually recommend something to you that might be entertaining for you and very educational and fun and pretty light which is the coming home network with marcus grodi i don't know if you've seen this i think it's hosted on ewtn um but he just interviews converts from protestantism typically usually uh into catholicism and it's always the same story it's always the same story it's always i'll say it again it's always the same story sounds boring right but it's not it's not boring because it's all about authority these people were baptist ministers they were pastors they were anglican uh bishops whatever right but they started looking at the question of authority and before you know it they're catholic period it's always the same story so uh it's very entertaining these people are very touching with how their love of truth put them in danger with their christian community because they lost their income they lost their friends they lost you know the love and affection and respect of the people in the community because hey what are you doing why we got a good thing going here why are you what are you doing joining the horror of babylon have you never heard of the pedophilia i've never heard of the corruption have you never heard of the greed have you never heard of the bad popes you never heard like have you seen the riches in the vatican they're more wealthy than any other state that that like you know pointing to all the dirty bath water and forgetting that one crucial ingredient in that mucky bath water the pure perfect innocent baby jesus that's what these converts see and they're like hey i'll sell everything to buy that pearl of great price bang it's amazing okay um yeah i'll be sure to check out uh some of his stuff um are you aware of it um jergens yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i've not um i've not heard the name before so um and then there's the um and then there's the issue concerning um which is the i guess the huge separation separating point between protestants and catholic i'm sure you know where i'm going uh it's james 2 26 faith without works you're dead so hey my friend lina is in the chat i'm gonna be interviewing lena very shortly oh fun okay also gonna have to let you go we will talk about that next time okay sure yeah that works actually all right we're gonna uh sorry to cut you off but my next guest is ready i'm doing like three uh interviews back to back today i'm wrapping up yeah but uh i'm very excited to keep talking with you next time and uh you know i think we covered some interesting points today would you agree we did yeah big bertha please please please color baby um yeah i'll definitely look into those um i'll definitely look into those sources that you um that you suggested to me um i'm not gonna see i i'm not going to see eye to eye with um everything here um of course just keep an open mind that's what i ask is just keep an open mind look it makes no sense for anyone ever to pretend to believe something that they don't actually believe it's ridiculous it's the stupidest thing and that's what that's the biggest enemy of jesus in his day were those religious hypocrites who just were whitewashed tombs right they go through the motions and just like trying to get ahead on the social ladder you could do that yeah you know but um like several times like you know where um you know the whole um the whole point of you know the um the story of what was it called uh the prodigal son that was um that eventually veered on to um talking to the pharisees or like you know trying to bring up the fact of like you know how you know the pharisees um cared about you know their works or cared about their um you know um more about their place um like if you've read about um like if you actually uh read the uh particles i'm sure maybe you've noticed this but there is no reconciliation with the older sun um here you see there's the um here you see the younger son who asks for his possessions or like asks for his riches and then um he lives a very hedonistic life uh wasting it all in wild in wild living and then you know he comes back he comes back to the father you know and complete remorse and you know and his father i mean like obviously you have the loving um you have the loving bit which is where his father was looking for him throughout the whole throughout the whole time he put on the best robe for him he cut the fat and calf and killed it for him and this and the older son who feels cheated about the fact that he's never uh gotten um as much as you know land or like you know he's been faithful to the father the whole time um this is just um because this is and then he starts complaining uh and like we really see it coming out and we also notice this um you know i'm like reading the book of job as well i think job might be one of my favorite books now um because we see um because when we actually read this we understand that this is uh this has more to do with um but joe not really having a proper i guess relationship this was more about his um [Music] i guess he could uh this was more about the expectations that he has from god like all my riches are based on you know the good works that i do uh for god um so um and you know i i've seen like skeptics bring up the point of job a lot and saying god is uh morally wrong for uh doing all this to him like you know killing all his children and stuff and then like you know i that's why i started reading into these a lot more and you know uh ice jesus is a big no-no that's what i always say and like what i tell my friends um what do you say uh isa jesus e um like not exa jesus but like you know reading your own interpretations oh what's the word for that iso jesus i jesus e-i-s-e-g-e-s-i-s okay okay i think that's a it's the opposite of exegesis and it's more common than we than we hear it's more it's more common than like you know we um then we'd like to admit because people nobody likes to admit that they um that they're reading their own interpretations it's called private judgment it's called private judgment yeah for sure yeah every every protestant is a pope it's he's his own pope he or she his own pope or pepes i think uh well i mean there's uh some truth to that um it's a good job yeah i know um what i do uh what i do respect about the catholic church is that they're ground um like there's no it's not changing in any of its beliefs like it's um like it's um kept the same um it's kept the same and firm doctrines for um years and years for centuries and so like that's what i respect like you know like there's no denying like uh there's um uh there's uh there's an acknowledgement from me on that side in terms of like you know what the actual uh dogmas are yeah we'll have some we'll have some disagreements of course um like you said with the um fathers i'll be reading those so cool i'm gonna check those out if very much in the library nearby or if they have an online pdf or if big birthday will give them to me um i don't know uh uh i'm gonna let you go there buddy it's been fantastic and you know i'll be thinking about you when i'm sinking my chops into those brownies right yeah i was gonna say i was gonna say like they're getting they're cold right now oh but they get that nice crust on them they do yeah i'm like me having made my own brownies from scratch like i can definitely uh agree with that but anyways uh this was uh this was a lot of fun was it more productive than the last time it would be 100 yeah actually it's better than it's better than last time but not as good and productive as the session we did in your car right that was the best oh oh no that was like unrivaled where were you like in the himalayas like what well i was like right outside my workplace so like i had literally and i had to go to you work in area 51 like what the hell i work in might as well be area 51 to be honest like it's a lie no phone reception it's a lab with like all these um with all these like samples and stuff which you know oh my god let's say it's all coveted samples i will say it's related things but okay oh nasty stuff yeah yeah yeah lena's asking was it bad audio quality yeah the audio was bad the video was bad uh sid's hair was bad and now oh thanks i'm i'm so appreciative of that his wardrobe his makeup everything was off that day what was it huh it was just uh one of those days it was one of those days plus i was a little rushed that's why i skipped and that's why i asked to change it to 6 p.m instead of 6 30 p.m like at least here uh yeah yeah what time zone are you in i'm in eastern i'm in the central it's only one hour difference yeah okay no big deal yeah there's there is that um i guess what's lena's story i guess well we're gonna find out tune in in five minutes and you'll find out i don't know if lena is a boy or a girl because i think the name lena is a girl's name and i'm excited we're all excited about that but that means so many other things in today's vlog yeah well i don't want to get into that but uh i have very few women it's only 5 p.m in california oh it's a california girl oh my god i'm going to get to interview a california girl okay well that is assuming that she is a girl is assuming i'm making a lot of assumptions here yeah it's just like 99 of my guests are guys yeah it's weird so what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing i'm not a guy wait what did you think i was going to i think you're ripping your clothes off man that's a different channel yeah yeah i'm sorry i i didn't quite get that memo or meg lee is that what they call it or megaly were you randomly rip out your shirt wait wait wait wait i want to show you something i want to show you something because i didn't have my headband on me like uh your hijab you're here there we go what's your what's your name it's not very original but it's good listen it's been great we could go on for hours with the silly nonsense but we're going to cut absolutely okay and we'll talk soon book another slot come back and we'll talk about we'll go in depth on uh jesus's brothers i'll shore up my arguments on that and uh the immaculate conception we'll talk about other stuff okay take good care you're not gonna put you're not going to put brownies before me again are you i won't i promise all right all right it'll be it's it'll be a black forest cake next time all right i'm out all right all right take care my friend yeah god bless you bye bye