CVS Live Guest - 2021-02-28 - Nikola Krcic

Author Streamed Sunday February 28th, 2021

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My old friend Nikola is back to catch up since we haven't talked much during the past year.

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so it looks like we are live uh nicola cristic i'm here with nicola krisik my old friend uh how are you doing nick david how are you man good to see you good to hear from you man yes i'm sorry to put you through that i just had a technical error i realized your mic wasn't uh working on the stream so we had to do this again but uh nice to see you nice to hear your voice and yeah you're like a brother from another mother that's right that's right and i and so you know i do i consistently pray for you so you're you're on my mind a lot you and your wife and your family uh a lot so thank you i really appreciate you always i i cherish your prayers they're very powerful and very precious and uh you're you and yours are in my uh poor prayers too i'd like you to do your little um renunciation of satan and your sign of the cross oh that's right yeah we started this with i'd like to renounce satan and and all of his demons and ask for the the guidance and the covering of the holy spirit and the precious blood of jesus christ in the name of the father son and holy spirit amen amen thank you very much yeah that always that's always good that's always feels good to do yeah yeah yeah i appreciate that very much so uh before when we were doing our dry run with the glitch uh some of the topics we uh covered were uh emotions you want to talk a little bit about the past year your journey uh in terms of discovering discovering the role of the emotions and uh just touch on some of the things that you went through this year in that regard please okay so yeah when i reverted back to the catholic faith um the lord blessed me gave me the grace of consolation where i felt his his love on you can't even put it in words i'll tell you that right now when when i try i totally fail right um but but unbelievable you know i've hit points of crying and sobbing for absolutely no reason except that i feel the weight of his love and his his his his grace and his right so he gave me a lot of that at the beginning where where even when i i'd go up to receive the eucharist i'm going up there you know crying i'm trying to he's almost missing my mouth and stuff right the priest so um so i went through that where then um where a lot of times it lasts everything okay and i'm like oh yeah everything is fine you know um um but uh but the change that's happened is god has been you know that's been um kind of going away you know but i've been noticing the blessing of that that that's a good thing because um we could a lot of us could let our feelings guide us and uh we kind of let our feelings you know if it feels good do it if it don't don't if it's attractive go if it's not don't and and we can do that in our in our faith as well and so god's showing me now to not let my feelings guide me and to still stay faithful you know to to be faithful to him even if i don't feel it or or whatnot so yeah so though though my consolation is gone it's been a blessing and he's given me the grace to realize the blessing in that yeah yeah so if you're uh what's the driest you've ever felt during prayer like have you ever felt rushed and distracted during prayer your morning prayers evening prayers or anything like that um the only time it feels dry i would say uh most of the content that i read or or rosary will seem a little dry but i do a lot of just from the heart and off the cuff and and and that seems the yeah that seems deeper and i just stay because the thing i've been noticing too is like the best words i could describe it is it's real it's all real right when it comes to god so so when you compare it on that level it's just sincerity has to be involved and you know intentions and because it's real it's it's all real so so that right there when i just off the cuff prayers and off the and seeking him and and i go from you know i love you prayers to i to to please forgive me and i'm so sorry you know all the ups and downs but those are my deep those are my deep prayers i'll do some reading and some of it i enjoy and some of it i like but i would say i mostly you know mostly off the cuff and prayers and just but all day you know all day or all night always a few minutes here and there and always in thought and always and so yeah he's definitely given me grace yeah a lot of grace to stay close to him and even that i don't have the consolation much no more even that he's it's been yeah great yeah yeah yeah you're an inspiration to me and as i told you i'm very jealous of you in many ways your your innocence your purity your spontaneity and your uh your ability to be vulnerable and exposed that's that's a real gift and i know uh we all have gifts from from god but i am jealous of you and that that just means i want what you have you know i want you i know but don't because i i you know there's a lot of things when i hear you and i'll say i'll say the same thing so it's kind of like no because i'm far from a saint and the closer i get to god the more i look in the mirror and the more uglier i am the more it's weird the more further away i am from him almost to say or further from a saint you know because you realize your most all of the all of those it's not just what i've done or failed to do neither it's all the in you know intentions and again because it's real it's all real so it's like so you just look in the mirror and you just it's like yeah though i'm so close to him i feel so far from from a saint that it's uh you know like well so amazing yeah because you feel that you feel that way because you're a saint that's why that's one day that's my hope and that's my prayer that one day but not yet tonight yeah here i am see smoking cigarettes proof i'm still smoking cigarettes i am not a saint that's just one of many i won't press the issue i won't press the issue with you make you uncomfortable but i'll say in heaven i'm going to be pointing up to you up on your upper echelon saying i i thought i went to the catholic uh church and they had these um they have all brand new stuff there but they had this used table of some used and old stuff and i found this oh man let me see if you could see it here hold on yeah yeah yeah wait first rosary yeah but uh wait let me see if we can get the little details on it um well it's one of the prettiest i've ever seen and it has the the nails imprinted on there and all the details of the um like the um the um almost like the mysteries and the let's see it's beautiful i wish you seen it but the the nails and the whip what do you what do you the whip has the name what's the name of it again i'm forgetting i don't know the little whip that they whipped yeah i forget anyways but it's a pretty it's a beautiful detailed rosary i love it so wow it's cool yeah you got that blessed by a priest or what yeah yeah yeah i sure did you have a lot of priests at your church um two nope two of them yeah two we have two priests and they're both wonderful they're both wonderful of course they're because they're albanian right i was raised man where the old priest he acted like he i saw he talked like god was albanian dry run with you we were talking about the albanian food that the women must make at the church is that uh do you want to talk a little about some of your favorite uh albanian dishes you've had at church or do you not eat at church yeah no i do um because they have a hall there and they do the weddings and stuff and i'll tell you my favorite that we mostly have is lamb and we always have lamb at every feast and every wedding and i love the lamb so that's that's my favorite yeah and then we have a um a hot pastry dish like um um that's hispanic like it's called no this one's called budek and it's just it's it's filled with uh cheese uh yeah a cheese right um almost like a a bulgarian cheese or like a feta cheese right there yeah yeah with a little egg mixed and then baked and crispy outside and cheese inside that's that's my favorite too so that's pretty good my wife's my wife's greek and they do the tearopita yeah that's probably gonna be similar have you had it you never had it no no never had it and you could dip it you could dip it in a nice tomato sauce you know oh nice nice um saganaki is that is that an original greek dish sagittarius the flaming cheese i don't know that one no where they say oppa when they light it they pour a little um so it's a it's it's a it's a square thick piece of cheese that bakes in the oven and then they add uh um an alcohol a splash of alcohol on it and they light it it it goes on fire for a second they put it out and there's your flaming cheese it's called saganaki or oppa that one's one of my favorites too nice in the greek greek restaurants yeah so what else has been going on in 2020 because i haven't talked to you since then what uh what sort of journey have you been on um let's see one that comes to mind is um man how many people are just turning against the pope in vatican too and uh nonsense no no um of course the devil wanted me to right but by the grace of god no and again and i'd like to give you credit with your help in you going through the vatican 2 documents and just the way you're sticking up for for our holy father is like that's been a huge blessing for me so i thank you for that i really do because uh it's like you kind of look and you're like you have nobody on your side you know everybody's like oh the pope this the pope had to pope this but i always kind of look yeah i got david on my side here too and and that was a huge blessing so i supporters but they're either extremely far left and uh pushing for abortion or they're pushing for gay marriage or whatever right but it's hard to find someone that's orthodox and uh somewhat conservative but still uh supporting and uh submitting in docile and obedience to your words i'm just catholic i'm just catholic that's the best way to be and that means you're in the church and that means vatican ii is all legit so that's what that means and that means um francis is our pope that's all this means you know so yeah well i mean i have people i have people attacking him and saying to me well david you disagree with him on this and you disagree with him on that well yeah those aren't dogmatic uh points that we disagree on like uh you know like just little little things where the pope personally talks about an issue and he has a point of view that differs from mind well we're not going to agree on absolutely everything but that doesn't mean i don't love and respect him and that i don't submit to his authority and that i don't strive strive to take on board his point of view when it differs from mine so it's it's like any relationship like even your wife like you wouldn't say well why don't you get a divorce because you don't agree with your wife on absolutely everything well all right you're not supposed to you're not supposed to agree about everything it's not we're supposed to play we're supposed to uh discover on our own what these truths are and uh you know yeah what you just said is like a huge thing um almost with everything a lot of people like they try we try to make things black and white everything black and white and then it's good to do this and no it's not good to do that and it's good to do this and right and it's like um it's both it's a lot of times it's just both it's like like the one example one time you gave you said my wife she's she's beautiful and she's smart and then you said but she's ugly and she's stupid right so i don't know if you wanted you said that on your episodes before so i thought but listen no matter those words that's a beautiful example right it's just like that this is true you know what i mean and that looks same for the pope oh he's wrong there and sometimes he's you know like incorrect or stupid right and it's like but no he's also amazing and awesome and our leader and you know so and yeah and this applies to even stuff we do you know like my brother asked me one time it was like oh sometimes i don't feel like kneeling when i pray you know is that wrong and it's like you know no it's not wrong you know it's better nicer more humbling when you do when you kneel right and if you you just throw a prayer out on your feet that's also beautiful it's not wrong wrong to kneel not wrong you know what i mean he's trying to make a lot of things black and white a lot of times and that's the wrong way what matters is intentions and it's real that it's it's all real so so your your meaning behind everything and oh because the best part here's the best part the lord that we serve he knows our very hearts and our minds when we can rely and believe that that this is the most amazing blessing we can have it's like he literally knows our very hearts so so so that's a that's a that's a wonderful thing to to rely on and to believe you know that's exactly being in the moment being connected uh in that way is that's the goal that's the end game and otherwise we can find ourselves going through the emotions with religion and this sort of thing i want to give a quick shout out to my friend pikas he's uh he's chatting in the live chat right now chris hello i like pikas man i watch this stuff and i pray for you fight chris and allah i i swear i i enjoy you so yeah very uh very sweet uh and humble man and uh on a on a journey like we all are and uh yeah it's uh it's great uh it's great having the podcast because i got to meet you and him and the disney brothers and my friends i want to give a shout out to my friend matthew murdock always a good friend always we just talk today and we're going to talk more often because nice we both had a rough year and it's just good to encourage you yeah encourage each other and i haven't had access to the sacrament so i've been sort of failing a bit in my virtue and in my discipline and in my faith the journey but uh yeah having having the pot i took a year off but i'm glad to be back because it will keep me a little bit sharper in terms of prioritizing keeping that open channel like you said with god where it's a direct and real very real thing where that intimacy is there where your thoughts are there's nothing here now there's nothing hidden yep you know how many and you know how many questions i've gotten answered once god gave me the realization of it's just real it's all real you know that right there answers so many questions it's all real you know it's just like and when you and you can kind of compare it to a a marriage a relationship you know a true relationship a marriage of and it connects so many dots you know yeah yeah yeah so one thing one thing that you uh maybe aren't as experienced with is the dark side the demonic but uh my friend matthew and i we've had some experiences this year uh dealing with the demonic and it really is uh it's real and this is what matthew said to me on the phone today he said david it's the spiritual world is real the demons are real and i said yeah i said yeah i know i i've had experience with them and uh they are very hungry and persistent they want your soul they want my soul and there are a couple of times where i open the door for them and that side that side is real too and a lot of christians today like to de-emphasize the demonic and the the uh the quest to gather up souls for hell but it's it's an important part of the faith too we shouldn't dwell on it we certainly shouldn't dwell on it but it is it's a real aspect of the church so you probably don't have as much experience with that right oh i did of course i did that yeah that was one our first first first interview i i went through if you remember i went through a specific three-day attack and oh yeah it was bad but but god gave me yeah the grace now but of course i'm sure i get attacked in other ways you know but but god has been protecting me as well but um what was i gonna say uh oh yeah cause i watched your interview um the one you just did with the liz knee um the disney brothers yeah yeah i love them they are corny but i love them i'm just joking i love him um but uh um oh and um kieran karen lost his mind oh yeah not not about anything he said but about that thing he's growing on his face called the goatee um that thing um i'll bring him some clippers please love um he looks so different yeah i just wanted to tease him i wanted um but you guys talked about a few a few good topics that i'd like to bring up like the conspiracy theories and how they're wow okay because that was that was part of my beginning journey you know i fell into that heart and that's what god saved me from right and here's the thing about conspiracy theories is it's not just to say they're demonic it's you know how clever satan is you can grab truth and flip you on the head with it so here's the trick about conspiracy theories it's some of them have much truth in them and some of them are flat out radical lies and that's the game which ones are real which ones are not which ones are are our truth now and which ones are and that's the game that that everybody you know the the people that love and get hooked on the conspiracy theories it's why it's because some of it contains truth and some of it and some crazy lies like the one you mentioned about fake snow there's people that believe that right now and my heart goes out to them because i was in that position where i could have believed that as well that's how far you go but you just i swear anybody in within those conspiracy theories don't play for the game yeah don't fall in the game because you're not gonna that's the whole game you're not to find out which ones are true and which ones are not just just just go on your knees and and and the and a prayer that helped me was no weapons formed against me will prosper in the name of jesus christ that was one and of course any other prayers but just just ask ask the lord's grace to get out of it because it's a mess it's it's bad it's bad it's bad so yeah so better to stay away even though even though they're waving some truths in front of you you know deep truths and deep lies for sure for sure for sure they often sneak in something that's unwholesome uh i've noticed that there's some content sometimes where it's like oh okay well i shouldn't be exposed to this sort of content whether it's sexual or whether it's uh something else but we're attracted to it and yeah it's attractive and there are lots of reasons to stay away from it and we should trust in god and then god alone and not put our trust in talking ahead on uh on youtube or bit shooter or whatever it might be yeah yeah that includes my talking head that includes your talking head go straight to god and uh yeah trust god and god alone yeah um because also with it becomes a lot of fear and then people think they're doing the lord's work trying to figure out the devil's plan and they really think they've connected certain dots and are figuring out the devil's plan and then you know i've heard people say stuff like like yeah you got to know your enemy and that's why i that's literally an ex that's what you've come come up with in your head it's an excuse to follow because it's intriguing right yeah it's intriguing but don't fall for it just stay away you're not going to figure out the devil's plan here's the best part though fear comes with that but when you when you're in god's grace you don't have to fear by none of whatever the devil is contemplating and whatever he's doing you don't have to fear from it it's i don't care or the vet even if they're poisoning us through vaccines through chemtrails through this if the world is really flat if here's the best part it at the end of the day at the end of the day it don't matter this is not our forever life our forever world or our forever bodies right so it's like we're um we have nothing to fear from the devil nothing exactly nothing yeah and there's another point i want to mention which is uh us and themism and a sort of uh i'm in the in group that knows the truth and you demonize your enemies and even demonizing politicians or people in hollywood there's no need to demonize a human being i mean human beings are human beings they're not demons and even those who are possessed uh in the worst case scenario those who are possessed by demons they're human beings that are possessed by demons right so we need to be aware of uh division satan divides and god unites so that's one of the hints and clues that maybe your conspiracy theory group is not wholesome and healthy because it's making us versus them and it happens a lot with politics but it happens in other other groups as well it happens everywhere where humans are involved right yeah certain pride comes with it like i figured out the truth and i'm smarter and you're dumb and you haven't come to my level yet so please you know it's it's such a mess it's such a game it's it's it's the devil's game and it's like i said some of it's truth so he's using truth even some truth to to play this sickening game you know chris just chimed in the left right paradigm is evil and that's what i've always that's what i've always said on my podcast is uh the left right thing is a joke and uh if you if you if you identify on the left or on the right uh if you if you're a god-fearing person you need to re-evaluate your religion because uh you have to be in the center with jesus christ always and there's truth on the left there's truth on the right but there's not the fullness of truth which you can only find in christ and his church so amen you know it's getting bad where i heard someone say i'm i'm on the center of the left right and it's like that's how bad it's right it's like yeah so um yeah the center jesus christ that's it and he he's protecting his church guys we we don't have to worry you know we we don't have to worry and here's the best part we don't have to be theologians neither we don't have to be um know all of this stuff it's real so he he he wants a little child coming to him lost and confused saying please help me i'm with you lord just help me guide me this is what he wants he he don't need a bright theologian or nothing you know you know or or detective to figure out to come to the conclusion of civic autism you know what kind of detective you have to be to do that right you think that's how god set it up for us he didn't leave us like that you know it's all right there for us you nailed it the the spontaneity the child like innocence and jesus gave us a pretty big hint when he said you must be as these little children and let the children come to me and uh it's hard it's hard to have it's hard to have that innocence it's hard to maintain the innocence and especially if you're an adult male and you look back at some of your uh behavior and your lust whether it's lust for women lust for food or lust for power lust for money i mean i don't lust for money or power but food and women there's a there's a strong attraction get in touch with a certain sort of and put aside the pleasures of life to a certain extent or put them in their proper place because god wants us to enjoy the good things of this world but i have a wife you have a wife we have enough food uh we could probably cut back on the amount of food we eat and that's right simplify the pleasure so we can have more uh of the long the long-term pleasure of being in heaven with god amen there's one gluttony i struggle with that one i was smoking cigarettes drinking coffee and eating garbage that's what i do and i haven't been able to fast for the lord and that's been bad so i've been trying for that what are you doing if you don't mind masking what are you doing for lent oh i what did i try to do and fail that's yes yeah i tried and failed so okay so as of now nothing um yeah you could do little baby steps like i do a very weak uh fast for lent this this year i gave up meat which is easy for me i gave up i gave up cheese which is hard for me because i love cheese i gave up dessert so i don't have dessert but i do little cheating things like i'll have honey on my yogurt and that's sort of like cheating okay i i let myself do that you know i let myself do a little cheating like that and then on sunday on sunday i can eat whatever i want so uh i didn't eat like a pig today i planned on it but i just didn't i haven't had time to like gorge myself on cheese and sugar but i don't really uh feel the need to do that because you know i know i'm trying to move away from that that killing the pain inside with cheese and sugar is uh probably not gonna it's not gonna do anything good for my heart all liver you can take a little baby steps if you can't give up smoking because that's a hard that's a hard one but you could just uh add add a little positive thing that you do like be more patient with your family members or give more alms if you see people in the street asking for money and stuff like that yeah yeah yeah little baby steps yeah oh yeah and popped in my head now with your last interview was how you said when you see when you're at the statue of the lord you picture uh the soldier and you're ready to you know spit and stuff that whole thing yeah that that's a beautiful thing man it's not no it's not a no autistic level or no goofy um um what's the word i'm looking for superstition you know level no you know that it's whatever ways that brings you closer to the lord you're realizing you know you're doing that now and then and it'll change or it'll it's it's all as long as we're thinking of him as long as we're trying for him you know that's like a little that's like a little kid you know a little kid coming to his dad on his with a crayon he went like this on the paper and said that look what i drew for you right you know this is what it is this is how the lord sees it when it's when it's sincere and it's you know and it's for him it's a beautiful thing yeah the uh the agony in the garden i i like particularly because i i have a little portrait of jesus it's a painting that's very popular of jesus in the garden and he's leaning on a big boulder and he's looking up and there's the light from from heaven yeah from the sky coming down on him i love that picture yeah i i like but what i do with that in the the first sorrowful mystery is i picture jesus looking up into that light and he's like looking up into heaven but he's also he's he's seeing everything because he's god so he sees me right now as i'm praying that mystery as i'm meditating on that mystery and he sees me repentant he sees me contrate it's not a perfect it's not a perfect contrition but it's it's a start and he i'm cooperating to a certain extent with those graces to have some contrition so i picture him in the garden praying in his agony because of my sins and he's looking up into the sky and he's seeing me right now i really enjoy that i i enjoy the the garden scene because it's quiet it's nighttime and the uh you know the disciples are sleeping over there somewhere you know so it's a nice quiet calm peaceful scene and i can have a very intimate connection with jesus as he's suffering because of my sins and because of your sins and because of the sins of all humanity yeah a lot of pain a lot of pain and i like the idea what you said about keeping it in your mind that this is real this is real and i often think about my day-to-day life in terms of the general judgment of the world where everyone's going to be watching all of salvation history unfold before our eyes and how right now i what i'm thinking what i'm saying what i'm doing is part of uh the general judgment and they're everyone's watching it's not just god that's watching me everyone's watching because everyone at the general judgment will be watching everyone's story so yeah it's not only that god is watching and a lot of atheists say well i don't want a god that's watching me all the time well i've got more than god watching me i've got every everyone in history watching me but it does keep it real it does help to keep it real very real and you're less likely to sin probably if you keep that in mind right yep that's right that's right it helps with you again with your intentions with your purpose with your it's not only that god is real of course he's real but your relationship with him is real the purpose is real your purpose here in life is real you're it's just all real that huge ball of realness you know you know it's not just you know how you said like the devil's real too sure what the spiritual world is real and why he's going real but we know god i'm so we're talking about god and when it comes to god the mysteries it's like words don't do justice so it's on that level of real you know the whole ball the whole like i said relationship and all so powerful yeah it's deep yeah it's deep what do you think without uh without saying too much about your your your brother kieran lisney there what do you think of his move from protestantism into orthodox are you uh are you excited and happy that he has the right yeah he has the sacraments he has the that's a yup that's a beautiful thing that's a beautiful thing um my point of view you know then it's like um yeah he's he's missing the you know the unity leader right the the pope but that's it but i you know but other than that yeah he has he has and and and um what popped into my mind when i uh heard a few things was it's nice to have a director right how he has yeah to teach you things but it's hard to it's hard that's not for everybody or or we can't be taught a deep spiritual real relationship you can't really be taught that that i feel that's probably why it's not a spiritual director is good for those things right for guidance for but on the level where i feel like kieran was saying is like you you can't truly be taught this you know this is a personal god is personal i'm personal my journey is is mine my right so it's and then again going by it's just it's real it's all real so however you know um so i i feel like we can't be truly taught it you know what i mean we could be guided yeah and and that's a good thing but to be taught the correct you know it's kind of hard i think so do you know what i'm trying to say does that make sense at all yeah yeah but there's there's the there's the other uh angle which is uh being taught by example just to have someone that knows how to pray that someone that knows how to yeah uh put themselves in a quiet state where they're at peace and they can have that serenity to pray and just taking the time to pray and those sorts of things i think that's what i think that's what he's getting out of it and mainly and then you know in terms of teaching in terms of theory and uh you know theology and that sort of thing that that can help too but i agree with you that the core essential ingredient is that personal relationship and having that direct and real relationship where you're you're in touch with reality because it it's basically we are deluded and confused and distracted and we love the distractions so that's one of the one of the main problems we have as human beings since the fall and speaking of speaking of the speaking of the fall i'm reading now about uh creationism from a catholic perspective a really good book by father werklewitz uh it was given to me generously along with a couple other books from the colby center hugh owen of the colby center which is a catholic website for creationism what's your uh what's what's your take on things like the garden of eden and uh you know the these sorts of issues that have to do with creationism have they become relevant in your uh conversations with people that people that believe in evolution and stuff like that yeah okay first i want to say for kieran i was i'm not dogging or talking smack about you i love you brother and we're just talking open as as brothers so but um i just wanted to clear that up so he don't you know take anything the wrong way as for the garden of eden i would just say personally i take it all you know more literal right it really happened and but it doesn't it don't affect um it don't affect one's salvation who whoever believes in um evolution right and that whole route right god could have done it that way and all of that but i just feel like all they're missing is a closer relationship with god because they're kind of putting a little too much emphasis on science right and and as long as we put our full trust in god first you know um you kind of get a deeper relationship with him right so so i have no problem with someone that's following the lord that says i believe in evolution cool i just feel like they could be a little closer to him if they realized that if they didn't put science on such a high level i guess right yeah yeah um yeah because i feel like parts of science have been hijacked you know i think so there's corruption everywhere there's corruption in my listeners brenda long time listener is asking are you still a flat earther that must be directed toward you because i i'm not good question here's my answer um i wouldn't be surprised if it is flat and if it's and i wouldn't be surprised if it is round um now to speak honestly as honest as i can um when you do look into the evidence it's kind of um weird that all the evidence kind of says that it seems like this um um the land is mostly flat and water will find its level and be flat right so when you look into all this evidence it seems like um that it could be again flat but again if it's round i don't care then too that's cool right it it makes more sense we're on a flat surface than we're standing at the bottom of a ball let's say right at the bottom of the globe right but who cares um yeah i i don't i can't put too much time in that i'm busy like serving the lord so it's okay right yeah yeah it's okay either or so so i'm not worried but the evidence uh when you when i put all the time that i did um it was like the evidence is pretty shocking it's actually when you do compile all the evidence you'll you'll ask an honest person and you say it's kind of hard to debunk it's kind of hard to prove the heliocentric model put it that way it's hard to prove it you know um we we're taking you know the word for it but i'm but i'm okay with whatever it is it don't bother me you know yeah it doesn't bother me and that's all good i get a lot of people asking me if i'm a geocentrist and i by default i i am because i think we're the center of uh the universe industry in every way that in every way that matters uh are we at the physical center i don't care but uh i would probably think yeah probably i mean uh uh you know with the theory of uh the special and general theories of relativity you know it's pretty much up for grabs does it really matter is it a meaningful question really uh the physicists don't seem to think it is but there's there's evidence that we are at the physical center of the universe there's this physical evidence that we are at the physical center of the universe do i care do i care about that issue not really i care about being at the center of the universe in terms of uh we are made in the image and likeness of god and we partake of the eucharist which is the true center of the universe and these sorts of ways but are we at the physical geometrical uh geographical center of the universe i don't really care i mean i think i think we are but i'm not i'm not going to get excited about it i don't think i don't think the earth is flat i think that's pretty uh clear to me that the earth's not flat i used to work at the canadian space agency and i have direct evidence that the euro's not flat but the earth may the earth may have been flat at one point like i mean god could do what he wants so there may there may have been uh a dome like a physical dome of waters above the earth like a flat earth with a dome above it the firmament that may have been the initial uh garden of eden phase and then during the the order of providence which which we're in now since the fall uh you know it might be uh different so i mean i'm open to everything god is all-powerful this is a thing that atheists don't understand but we christians should understand that god is all-powerful so there is really nothing too wacky or weird uh to believe everything is strange just the fact that you and i exist and that we have two arms two legs and a head and a torso that's pretty pretty bizarre to wrap your head around and the fact that you have a mind and that your you're physical but you're spiritual and uh i mean there are many things to uh make our head spin with wonder and awe and so i don't i don't put people into two camps like either you're smart because you're conforming with the consensus of natural science today and you believe in everything that natural science teaches or you're a conspiracy theorist wacko crazy person because you believe in a flat earth or geocentrism or young earth uh you know young earth creationism or whatever it happens to be yeah yeah uh the the passage that most convinced me though there's one in job 38 14 and it says the earth takes shape as clay to the seal and i never knew what that meant but when i looked at what is the meaning of it takes shape as clay to the seal is like do you remember how did you ever watch a game of thrones no it's pretty no um but okay good um uh do you remember how they used to stamp letters um sealed you remember how they used to seal letters back in the days in medieval times when they use the wax and they stamp it and then the upturned edges but the whole thing is flat right that's what it's describing so when when i read that passage before that was my my turning point then where i thought oh wow you know uh if god says it i believe it you know but i again i've gotten to the point where i don't you know i don't care well i'll see it when i die right so it's all good it don't bother me you know yeah yeah and it's not worth getting into uh an argument with someone who has a different point because it could be then allegorical and it could be poetic and that's another thing you realize when you try to read the bible for personal interpretation nobody in the world could come to all the conclusions of what god wants from you and coming you know no way impossible impossible for one to read the bible from beginning to end and to understand what they ought to do now to follow christ on their own you know that's impossible i'm not saying you can't understand some passages right but you know a lot of it but pie chris just made a funny joke he said god was stoned when he created the god is high on the holy spirit i guess god created the stones he don't get so uh yeah it's uh there's a lot of interesting stuff we're gonna we're gonna be fascinated we're gonna be surprised by ultimate reality even things we thought we understood like cooking like i was talking about your albanian meals we're going to be surprised when we see jesus christ explaining to us the different combinations of uh foods that are possible and seeing the magic of something as mundane as cooking it's it's not it's not boring it's not well understood there's a lot of magic there's a lot of awesomeness just in the fact that we're able to eat foods whether it's just a simple carrot straight out of the ground or whether it's a very elaborate prepared dish with many steps involved and i'm looking i'm looking forward to uh you know not to be too fleshly and worldly but i am looking forward to getting some cooking cooking lessons from jesus christ up in heaven if that happens if that doesn't happen then something something much much better will happen yeah and we know oh good well i was just going to say but you know it is we are we are a physical body and a non-physical immaterial soul and we will be for all eternity up in heaven with a spiritualized body but a body nonetheless jesus christ has a body he didn't unincarnate and we're going to have our body in heaven so there's no need to eat per se but there might be the option of eating and if you know if god made us with bodies and with the capability of eating then there's a possibility that we might be able to eat in heaven just like if there's a possibility although it's not guaranteed but there's a possibility that people that love their pet dog they might have their pet dog in heaven there's no reason not to but it's not guaranteed but if it's right if god decides that that's not going to happen he'll have a very good reason for it and he'll give you something better than having your favorite beloved pet in heaven you'll have something better but when people ask me is my dog gonna go to heaven i'm like there's absolutely no reason it can't no reason that's right no reason so you can you can always expect you may as well expect that because it's very good you love your dog you want to see your dog that's very good but you might be a little bit naive and underestimating heaven how good it is going to be and once you get there you're going to either have that or something way way better than just your you'll understand why god made the choice not to bring your pets back to life but that's right heaven yeah heaven will definitely be more of anything here yeah yeah yeah yeah um and uh and why god you were talking about cooking and why god we'll know why god loves this so much you mean like in the old testament how it was like what is it he loves the aroma of the of the burnt offerings and the right yeah yeah yeah it's like he even enjoys that it's like that that's that's fascinating you know because it's like like when you smell a barbecue from off some meat cooking it's like that is one of the best smells ever right you know yeah for sure for sure it's going to be fun i i'm looking forward to seeing i do have to go because my wife just got home but uh nick it's always a pleasure seeing you talking to you getting inspired by your your deep faith and your your innocence and your joy and i know you're not perfect but i know you're not perfect but i think uh i gotta i got a hunch i'm gonna see you in heaven if i make it i i pray i yeah i'm praying for that and i hope so yep of course i got the hope in jesus christ so yes um i pray for that and for you as well and for everybody listening and for all of our friends our circle that that you you know god work through you to make the circle of friends happen like the matthew murdock and kieran and aiden and and pikas and you know so god bless all of you guys and thank you for having me on and yeah um i don't know for you it feels like i can go for a few hours some you know talking to you because it's been so long so maybe we'll do it again another one we'll do it again we'll do it again we'll definitely do it again but um i also want to give a shout out of course to everyone in the live chat brenda and uh i wonder if that's the same brenda i interviewed it might be you can reply if it is there's uh someone named kw in there but i also want to give a shout out to matthew bates in australia a good friend i made through the podcast and he always keeps in touch with me and he encourages me with his prayers and uh i pray for him and his family but um yeah it's really nice having uh some people of faith uh to to speak with because in my real life i don't really have i don't really have a lot of connections but you and i will keep in touch we'll do another uh live stream soon and uh we'll maybe talk back and forth on email to see if we get some talking points so we can have a focused discussion about something dig a little bit deeper into something whether it's prayer whether it's spontaneous prayer or whether it's about the relationship with god whatever it is you want to talk about sounds good brother until then just take care of yourself have a good lent and uh please pray for me and mine you're gonna be in my prayers too i will thank you god bless you god bless you and praise to the lord jesus christ then um i'll talk to you soon and thank you thanks brother thanks brother love you lord