CVS Live Guest - 2022-12-17 - Will Lawson

Author Streamed Saturday December 17th, 2022

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Today Will and I discussed some philosophers that we encountered as part of a quiz that's making the rounds on Twitter. We also talked about how to be the light of the world. Always fun chatting with Will.

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also you can use it on any sort of any sort of video conference platform hey we're live now I'm with my friend will my BFF oh we're live we're live brother right thanks for the warning did you do your little toilet break first this is the theme of our talks there are there there shouldn't be any toilet breaks today like I said I fixed my sure of course yeah I'll Talk Amongst myself here you didn't tell me ah [Music] I should grab some water ah all right I'm back oh you're back you need to go grab some water yeah I need to grab some water yeah make it so [Music] foreign times cause I'm drinking coffee all my songs sound like this so you know all right welcome back we're live we're live and and I'm prepared well I like to just jump right into it keep it real so uh there's nothing wrong with that did you catch any of Rebecca's interview I was just on with her no no I didn't I was taking a nappy nap I was tired I was catching up on that because my daughter couldn't sleep last night and of course we couldn't now it was Mama's night to take care of the things so I got a little bit more sleep than Mama but it was still loud through the house so you can't sleep when it's loud through the house but no so I caught up on my sleep the family went to the family went to Pensacola today so my mom-in-law my wife and my daughter in Pensacola right now she asked if I was having that podcast today I told her I was it was at three o'clock so I can get that knocked out when they come back I can do all the family stuff that we do oh you're one hour and you won't be screaming in the background right yeah you're one hour earlier there right because it's four here quarter to four here three yeah okay we're earlier cool but you're how have you been though we get to talk too much about you I'm sure that you've already presented who you are to your audience but just for my sake um you can just give me a little background info on you I haven't done too much research on you haven't had the time I prefer I prefer so basically what do you do for them I what do I do for a living yeah short answer short answer I'm only going to give short answers I work in the construction business a very small construction business doing computer stuff not in the office oh nice nice so you and I are familiar with when when did you become a Christian or when did and and when did you transition into Catholicism or was it the same good question yeah I was raised Protestant in a very liberal Protestant denomination and I always enjoyed the church or anything like that up until the age of 14 when I hit puberty and lost my faith like in a moment and one night I lost my faith when I had a nice time about Jesus and then I was atheist for 25 years I came back to the Christian faith uh accidentally by studying philosophy and I reluctantly became a Christian and then I found uh you know I accepted the Catholic Church as the fullness of Christianity from my perspective yeah no offense to anyone who's not a captain all right so philosophy about brought me back yeah yeah anyway that's just a little background yeah I just wanted to know a little bit about you that's all that's all I have I've talked a lot about it I've been enjoying your yep yeah I'll I'll check it I'll get around to checking it out the more I get to know you and become obsessed with you stalkers wanted you're my first stalker I've been praying to get a stalker and my prayers came true today so there is a God just being silly I'm being silly so uh I've been enjoying the posts that you've been putting up got a couple locks you put some fun stuff up there hey you put some fun stuff up there a little uh personality quizzes compare yourself with philosophers and stuff like that yeah yeah so you've got of course you got Aristotle and gotten curious and so it it looked like I'm I matched up at least from 60 percent match up with some of the uh greater philosophical Minds that well that were listed anyway yeah yeah that was fun that was fun uh I discovered that because my last uh guest that I did last night very cool well there's just so many uh so many of those little fun things you can do with them it looked like I matched up it was a tie between Kant the philosopher Kant from the 1700s and I believe Aristotle so Contin Aristotle based on the questions that they gave me I matched up most with those two now the other ones like Epicurious it was 55 matchup uh I think my lowest was Nietzsche Nicha nichao and um Hume was 35 match up and Plato was a 50 match-up so I guess you'd have to be I I guess if you match up with later you have to be pretty close to Aristotle what was your percentage if you can remember yeah I got about I got 80 Plato and like 45 Aristotle uh I've always been a more of a I've always been more of a platonist than an Aristotelian myself just in terms of chemistry like I Just Vibe better with the writings of Plato I really like Socrates a lot from what we are told about him anyway I'll be honest with you though Dan go ahead I uh I'm not I don't I don't study these philosophers so like I said it you posted something that got me curious so I went and I did uh some study time today just uh quick sharp lessons on their overall yeah um philosophies outlooks World Views cool so they're interesting yeah cool what'd you learn they're interesting I find the audience was the funniest though yeah Dodgers yeah he was he was he did it he said he seemed like he had a lot going for him as far as uh getting the best of others is I think they categorized him as a cynic yep living like a dog that's what cynicism yeah back in the day that no the only crack in the armor that I could really perceive as far as his life philosophy was you don't want anybody else to do that with you because it's just gonna be Anarchy and everybody will simply be mean to diogenes was able to play off of other people's mechanical responses so he it's really a loner's game it's like a long you have to be a lone wolf in that sort of game you wouldn't be able to get a group of people to function properly and you certainly would be able to build a society like the other philosophers had ideas for building things up diogenes had a knack for showing the futility of of everything everybody was doing exactly nothing to do is important well yeah I I enjoyed it he's he's a good he's a good comic yep yep but he was sort of the clown of philosophers but it's just not practical for a lot of people to live we need people like that but it's the establishment I appreciate the anti-establishment edge it's punk rock it's the real punk rock he was a he was the first punk rock guy yeah true yeah he was Epicurious uh I learned a a cool thing that you might find interesting about him so yeah you know they have epicurus started uh his search for happiness you know what makes people happy and that was his big that was his big shindig the philosophy of Happiness right so basically he discovered that it's not romance or or sexuality that makes people happy but it's just being able to have a connection a friendship connection which people can if people have that low friction they're able to find happiness in that low friction atmosphere and he said this because he noticed within like marriages and other relationships that there's always a possessive nature to it most times there's a possessive nature so if you are always having a possessive nature toward your significant other you're going to find discontentment and of course your happiness would go down for that but he said in a friendship you wouldn't necessarily have that because friendship seemed to be be made with less friction and he also uh discovered the that value that money and value and luxury doesn't necessitate happiness happiness either right but instead in lieu of the money in Stu in lieu of the luxury he put that people work where they would feel like they're helping out more and that gave them happiness so it wasn't the money that was making them happy it was the Fulfillment of their um work where they felt relevant they felt responsible they felt like they were doing something for another and he said that that was a good generator of happiness and as far as the luxury goes he learned that it wasn't luxury that was making people happy but it was a sense of calmness and and serenity and peace that was making people happy and so he basically did that now he set up these communes communities and uh I think I read something that it's like he was like the teddy bear of socialism and communism you know the they say that they say that the Epicurean ideas gave birth to the monster of Communism of what it is now because well it's communal right now when the church came on the scene they were communal entity as well and still are in many cases well a lot of the epicurean communals became Catholic monasteries ah really it's a fun fact yeah cool I learned that today yeah I'm pretty cool isn't it now I also learned that Paul had the Apostle Paul had a discourse with epicureans and stoics up on Mars Hill and I think the account of that is in Acts chapter 17. and so he went up there he preached on Mars Hill and they all said who is this babbler oh he's bringing a new God to preach about he just started preaching about the unknown God because they regarded all of gods and then they left room for an unknown God and so Paul uses that as a stepping stone to preach Jesus Christ so but yeah Epicurious he was he was a cool dude he looked to try to have fun he looked to start an actual School of Happiness that's what he did it started out as a school and he studied people and happiness rumors went around about Epicurious um that he was uh um drunk and taking advantage of the students but he actually just lived on bread a little bit of olives and then for a treat he would have some cheese every now and then so he was he was very down to earth very so reminded in his studies and he broke through a lot of the barriers that people have for happiness I think him in the stoics got along well moderation in all things yeah well it's always about moderation but that's a life lesson if you don't have it laid out for you you know I heard A good sermon the other day and in the start sermon the Pastor said that we should be learners of experience and not experience it ourselves in order to learn and I thought that was brilliant it sort of goes back to what we were talking about the other day to stay out of that Darkness just be the just be that proverbial mindset the the um pro-verb the perceiving action right so we shouldn't have to damage ourselves in the process of learning what's beneficial and what's not beneficial right like you said moderation do you remember the scared straight to initiative that was sending prisoners to schools to scare the kids out of crime because if they lead a life of crime they may end up in prison and prison life isn't as glorious and glamorous as it's sometimes made out to be in our imaginations or in the films of Hollywood it was a good initiative and I think it scared the kids straight I think it was good uh of course of course anything like that when people and you know it's it's all about that nowadays people Market their failures in life and they'll start yeah but it expires yeah it inspired yeah the thing is honestly I don't want to hurt anybody's business on marketing their failures but if you don't have any marketable skills then what are you left with then the go out and cry about how you destroyed your past and hold but hope somebody pity you enough to pay you [Music] because they're everywhere now that's true it's true well we had such a society that allows for this because of the online platforms that exist for people to do this right yeah and they can they can I'm feeling I'm feeling very self-conscious now feeling very self-conscious suddenly because I'm a loser I keep talking about what it works sorry I'm online go online tell everyone what a loser I am and that's like I'm thinking oh I'm not even getting paid for this I'm not even getting paid for this you know if you can do it for free then that's that's when it really is fun that's when you don't have anything to gain you don't have anything loose like whatever happened to the Fine Art of just playing yeah without getting offended you know playing tag playing hide and seek yeah I used to I used to uh write with this these group of people and there was there was no friction except the manufactured friction just to make a good story but nobody took anything personal yeah and it was just conversation and the story built itself just by having conversation you're using your imagination you're being creative and it was a lot of fun yeah a lot of people call that like role-playing yeah right but even that has become so strange um self-conscious you just can't get into it yeah yeah we we had a self-conscious when I was uh Pagan and atheist whatever we used to meet with this small group and do uh Dungeons and Dragons and it was like a homemade uh story with this artist guy he had all the props and the stories and everything and it was cool you know and uh then we tried it a couple of times with some other group and it just it was more mechanical and more textbook and not as spontaneous or creative and the real magic the real magic is that spontaneity the flow the give and take and the mutual respect and the timing and all that sort of stuff David is hard it's hard to find people like that and uh I've I've been actively on the internet for 12 years 13 years now and I just don't find people like that it's nearly impossible yeah so you're you just being able to talk and be free with without the friction it's just a delight it's hard to find like that thank you very much just sharing experiences sharing stories you know and you're nobody's taking anything personal right how hard it is to find something like that thank you that's that's honestly one of the I tell you what compliments I've ever received from one of my guests so thank you for that yeah no problem it's true and but let me let me move on uh back to uh these philosophers that we're talking about so I've noticed a few things these are all these are all great right and I've made this statement before I think I made it last week that World Views perspective philosophies they're they're all brands now for um passing I I compare it to a metaphorical cigarette the reason I do is because the flow of information is just so fast and so potent now you can't handle you can't you just can't handle sticking to one because one will be pit against another and we'll take you this way push you that way right is a very powerful winds of culture right I think a proper perspective would be to compare them as cigarettes you know what am I smoking well I'm smoking a today right yeah right I'm gonna be I'm gonna be reflective I'm gonna clarify I'm gonna close my conversations and humor we're going to swap stories right this is really how he lived this is how he this is how he sought to do things right he saw it he sought morality he sought Beauty right he was a he was oppression fella he grew up in a religious family but it just didn't do it for him right so uh I think it was late in his life probably when he was about 50 years old I think he started to gain a little bit of prosperity became an educator or a professor at one of the schools and this is when he really took off right he didn't ever want to throw away his his roots of his family's religion but he also felt like it could be more rational and that was his big kicker right and and the way he wanted to the way he wanted to walk with other people was not based upon how they've already been categorized right and that's a big thing nowadays Walking With People based upon how they're categorized you already have this predisposition about them you're already primed to encounter whatever they might have to say and that's when that self-awareness or that self-con self-consciousness comes in and you're just not free to be yourself right now when when taunt was trying to teach these people he did the same process he would get people together he would he would set everybody at the table they'd have a nice dinner they'd swap stories and he told them this is how we're going to do it he made it orderly for them he organized it and it was always a success now you tell me how this couldn't be a success you get people together right low friction is already existing it's a party everybody's happy to be there say guys let's set down let's swap stories what are we going to talk about let's talk about some of the world of this what's going down right now if people are so primed as to you know be explosive on certain topics right then it won't work but this seemed to work because it was open it was it was calm it was Serene right now along this how is he how is he going to de-escalate or how is he going to how is it going to make sure that no no one's going to be incendiary right he's going to say this is a chance for us just to reflect this is a chance for us just to clarify what we're talking about here right and he said this this is rule number one rule number two and then rule number three he said we're always going to end it on a on a high note we're going to close in humor so everybody can go away they can laugh and have it and look forward to the next time that they get to talk right he what he truly welcomed intellectualism but he also feared the lack of religion because he saw value in it in the way that his family was able to take on uh the hope and the security that religion gave them right so he never wanted to put away with it he just wanted to utilize it in a more intellectual capacity right so we're going to smoke cots today very cool very cool Vibes it's such it's so easy to get caught up in the Nostalgia of the good old days and to say oh I wish I could have been there at Khan's parodies it's so easy to get caught up in that and that's what a lot of the radical Traditions do in the in the Catholic Church there's this group of people that think that the past was perfect and the present is just nothing compared to the past but we have the opportunity here like God placed us here and now and we can still be the light and the salt of the earth or the light of the world the salt of the earth it's nothing there's nothing stopping us it's like today can be just as Gloria says yesterday it just it requires that authenticity that sincerity in that mutual respect and love and it's just not that hard right shouldn't be well it's easy every everything you're saying is easy right Jesus Jesus was the light of the world and you know you know something about Jesus when he said that we were the light of the world when he preached up when he preached up on um Sermon on the Mount that he says this but he also says that he is the light of the world so what is he doing there well he's extending that Grace to us yeah right what kind of guy is that he says I am this but guess what I'm extending this towards you right now I had this thought I said I said a lot of people want to compare a philosophy of Jesus with some of these other philosophers well I jesus never built a book of philosophy God never built a book of philosophy what he did do is he wrote out a narrative that we might come to life right so if somebody tries to put him on the level of a philosopher and try to uh construct some sort of of moral philosophy or world political philosophy well I think that they're missing the whole point if or since God is light and life and Jesus is the light and life of Humanity why would we think that a philosophy a moral philosophy or a political philosophy or an economic philosophy any any sort of uh angle that you could approach it why would we think that that would uh surmount these other philosophers when Jesus already said you are the light you're the salt right now Jesus never said he was the SALT but he did say he was the light but he extends that Grace to us saying that we are the salt we are the light now we look at these fellas these philosophers here and we're wondering why are they still around they're just as old if not older some of these older than the earth Christ the Earth Jesus right well obviously they're salt obviously they're lied so he's extended that to humanity to be that right what do cries do well Christ came to give light in life he came to save Humanity that philosophy is not going to save Humanity oh political stance is n't going to say vanity right as an economic stance isn't going to save Humanity only God himself intervening in person of Jesus Christ is going to save you man he's not even trying to philosophize anything he won all he's doing is coming to save humans that's it right in the shortest way I can say it that's it right what do you think of that I agree 100 and there's uh what I was thinking of is the traps of Satan where we want to have a system and a checklist and this is my philosophy and this is my world view and this is my this is my uh limited edition collectors digital uh Trading Card Set and whatever it's like you know it's easy to get caught up in the trappings of all this world they crap you know and it just ends up in the landfill and uh even the computers that we're using to communicate with right now are going to end up sorry to tell you they're gonna end up in the landfill sooner or later so it's the Life of Christ that you said that that's in humanity that is the salt and light that will endure the test of time and why why do we still talk about the pre-socratic philosophers or Socrates Plato and Aristotle because like you said they are they have the Light of Christ in them and there are I think in the East I think there's some there's some traditions in the East that do Revere Socrates and Plato uh some sort of proto-christians or something like that there's some uh Mega respect that's uh put their way and of course in the Catholic tradition we have the platonic school and the Aristotelian school and Aristotle is kind of dominating now but there's that Franciscan school which leans heavily on Plato So it's the it's exactly what you said I I believe I agree with you completely I would make a parallel to the Bible Alone Christian who makes an idol of the Bible it's all about that life uh the life of God the Life of Christ it's a living thing and the Bible if the Bible is not alive then just Chuck it in the garbage if it's not alive Chuck it in the garbage because no book can help you a book can't help you it's God who can help you God is alive right so it's like a sword it's like a magical sword it's a magical sword in the fairy tale where you and I try to pick it up and make it work it doesn't work because we don't have that magical connection that that spontaneity that authenticity but when a saint or when a God Almighty wields that same sword it becomes alive in his hand that's what we always read about in these fairy tales this sword becomes alive in the hands of the master and we can even say this about the martial artists of our day the ones who are really Transcendent in their art they make the numbchucks come alive they make that stick or that baton or whatever it is they're wielding it comes alive in their hand because they're in tune with nature they're in tune with reality so that's what that's what religion true religion is all about is being alive Fully Alive fully human and being in touch with reality being sane and you're insane if you buy into a fantasy you're living in a virtual reality playing video games you're masturbating to pornography all this stuff is a lie it's the lies of Satan I just slip that in there sir it's okay uh you never know what's going on through someone's mind thank you but you said you said a lot of good things he said a lot of good things you know um it's uh you mentioned it it is all futile you know it's futile if you don't have a future if it's a futile if you don't have a certainty right and we can we can sit there we can enjoy life knowing that the material substance it does fade away it does go away right but is that going to make me live like a diogenese am I going to go out on the streets and pee on people no am I going to am I going to uh bad mouth leaders no am I going to do all these all these things showing people how futile they are no what I'm going to do is enjoy what I have knowing that eternal life is not only something that we look forward to past the day of death but it's also something that we can live and enjoy Here and Now right and it's it goes well beyond like he said it goes well beyond uh uh writings the scriptural writings there is a spirit in that a disposition something that the the the Holy Spirit energizing someone right it's a it's a dispositional force and if you are paying attention to the letter of the law and not the spirit of law will you make it you make yourself handicapped to do anything yeah did you know the state it's the Pope's birthday today Pope Francis is 86th I believe birthday today and so yeah do you know him I click like on your post oh right right uh he emphasizes this Pope I love him he emphasizes that he's got sort of a little bit of diogenes in him but he just that Reckless uh spirit he has but he emphasizes the the reality living in reality being alive being present being uh supportive uh in reality in your family in your workplace like just being there be there be really be there and be concerned and take care and support each other and be a good person and be alive you know and he warns us time and time again again against the rigidity of uh feigned religiosity and religious hypocrisy and the rad trads and the traditional Catholics the Conservative Catholics they hate him because he's constantly pointing out their Achilles heel which is that they're stuck with a rigid pharisaical religiosity which can't save you sorry it just can't save you it just can't right you have to be alive you have to take you have to let go and you have to live and you have to live in Christ and you have to die yourself and all these sorts of things it's like it's a it's a crazy adventure it's not some dusty old book and you're checking off all the checklists and you pass the theological exam and then you get into heaven that's not how it works now there's uh those all of those things were were check boxes for Jesus's mission he did it he fulfilled it he didn't just complete it he fulfilled it right so he overly paid for everything that was written uh concerning him that's why I say the scripture is a book by God for God it was his outline his blueprint his mission plan he came he saw he conquered and the way he conquered is Conquering sin and the grave raising victoriously to prove that anyone who would believe on him would not be condemned but would have eternal life and with that comes the freedom to go and enjoy like I said we can smoke these philosopher cigarettes we can live however however societies said that we should live and you know enough about the world that not everybody lives the American dream not everybody lives the Canadian life right so there's people that have to follow Christ but how can they do that if they think that they're serving an American Jesus or Canadian Jesus right because it's just so different so that's what that that's the main thing when when people are looking for life and light then they are no longer obligated under any sort of political construct moral construct philosophical construct like we're going through these are just cigarettes that you can easily pass through smoke them if you got them right you may not even have it right but you're just at any given moment you're living these are just check boxes that have already been dealt with that have already been wrote out and have already passed by like I said the information flow is there people are doing them every day sometimes when people think that this is the best like if I start teaching well there's no one like Aristotle if you're not an aristolidian then you're no friend of mine right what's going to happen well I might have a lot of new friends a lot of groupies a lot of weird people and we're going to go out in a corner and start our Tent Revival and you know make another religion so to say right and so well what did that accomplish well then accomplish anything right it's just you can put whatever you want in the Limelight but it just doesn't uh it just doesn't matter right because uh somebody like uh diogenes will come along and make fun of you like he did with Plato and so you you find you find The Kinks in the armor you're not Invincible anymore and this homeless guy just made a fool out of you right so and that that's what I'm saying you don't we don't even have to we don't have to but we can is what I'm saying that's that's the thing we we don't whether you like Paul said whether you're circumcised or whether you're not circumcised it matters not so if you're not circumcised doesn't matter if you are circumcised it doesn't matter right and nowadays you can just add any any verb to that whatever action it is that you think is important it matters not but what matters is the spirit right he said if you begin in the spirit if if the spirit is what's giving you life he says it's to the galatian churches if this if you first began in the spirit also why not walk in the spirit right in other words don't let these let the let the disposition that dispositional energy lead you not the check boxes that you've noticed uh in your in your own uh sphere yeah yeah yeah so I like topic I like very good I like to think about um salvation as depending on orientation so like you think about it like God is the source so if you think about the source of goodness and all the pure Perfections that's God and God is more than that but that's how we can think about God as the source of all the pure Perfections truth goodness Beauty Health whatever and uh so the orientation model that I have in my head sometimes is like where am I how am I facing what am I looking towards the light it's like a plant like a plant wants naturally to get that sunlight so it can grow and be healthy same thing with us spiritually like we have to face God we have to look at his smiling face and Saint Augustine said something pretty clever he said when we run from God smiling we end up in the arms of God frowning so it's like you can't you can run and you know you think you can run and you can hide but you can't run and you can't hide like you run from God you end up in the arms of God all you've done is you've turned his smile upside down into a frown until you repent and admit you're a bad boy and you're selfish whatever so it's that Orient annotation thing that I find very instructive in the spiritual life and uh am I in this for my own selfish desires Base Animal desires or am I trying to do the will of God and to please God the way Jesus did when he walked the Earth when Paul had the same problem in the book of Romans did you read his controversy I find that a law that when I want to do good evil is present with me all right that evil is just All Flesh generated all right the flesh is doomed to corruption we know that that's the importance of of the rebirth being reborn so that we have that new spirit we're washed with the washed with the spirit of regeneration that old Spirit washed out that new spirit is then inside of us right so now we have that hope to be changed into our new bodies our new functioning bodies whatever that might entail all right so well what you're seeing is the same thing that the Apostle Paul mentioned in the Book of Romans that when I want to do good evil is present with me right and even in the book of Galatians he says you can't do what you would do nobody can do what they would do right because so you have that controversy you're trying to look at God right you're trying to walk in the spirit so you whether you're all the good things you want to do you can't you're limited because you're in the flesh and whether all the bad things you want to do you can't because the spirit won't allow you to even accomplish those things right not that you would even have those inclinations but if they did come about it wouldn't be enough to overpower any you wouldn't be able to get away with it yeah well that's I went to confession today and I told the priest I was complaining to the priest who have solved me had already absolved me of my sins but I was just complaining a little bit more I said like I've got two I've got one foot in God's camp and one foot in Satan's Camp it's like why why is it even controversial like when it comes to selfishness and sin why do I even uh why do I even entertain the possibility of choosing selfishness and sin or Pride or whatever why it's a great mystery so I mean we're the most foolish of creatures and our hearts are uh deceptive as it says in Jeremiah or whatever it says um it's it's a dark it's a dark mystery you know English what does he say Jeremiah the heart is deceptively Wicked so so my priest didn't give me any answer the reason it is he didn't have an answer for me he just said May the strength he said well I asked him why am I even entertaining the possibility of sinning I should just be it just should be a no every time every time I'm tempted I should just say no and uh he just said may this is he just said he just said May the strength of God be with you and that was it have a nice day foreign works if there's a command and you notice the command the opposite sin is there yeah yeah I mean if you don't if there's if there's no command if there's no law then there's no power to sin I just you wouldn't know otherwise right so if if sin is to be enforced and it's through law that's why we can't be justified by the law right I'm gonna command anybody for having self-discipline Jesus once said of everybody you being evil so he's already saying that we're all evil you being evil knowing how to give good gifts to your children yeah right so in other words yeah in other words we're still evil yet we still know how to do good right but we're never removed from the condition of just being evil right that's why we have to have something someone to justify us and the only one that can do that that wanted to do that and did do that was Jesus Christ right so now that that's done we can live freely responsible we're not striving for anything we're not trying to justify ourselves right and that same Consciousness although we've still see it it's still there right you can have as many bouts as you want with it but it'll still be there till the day that you die right but you're you're not getting rewarded except for conscience sake if you uh do transgression you're not getting forgiven except for conscious sake if you do confess your sins he's faithful and just forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness right so all of that just entails how am I gonna how am I gonna keep going in life after I feel like I made a mistake right if you don't feel like you made a mistake well you either didn't make a mistake or it wasn't detrimental enough or you have full complete trust that you have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ right so all that guilt should be stripped away so you can just continue living your life you don't have to look back to all the mistakes but that that battle lets you fight that's just always there like I just just reminded you Paul said that when I want to do good I find that a law that when I want to do good evil is present with me it's just there yeah it's always going to be there yeah yeah yeah and you have nothing you have nothing to worry about unless you unless you think that you started some sort of salvific scheme and that you are special toward God and that God is honoring you because you you are David you know but you're not like that no right you've believed right yeah it's it's easy like you said it's easy and that's what Grace is he said uh come unto me all ye that are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy yeah and that word easy is the Charisma the grace my yoke is easy and my burden is light right so once we figure that out then I mean it's just it's just all freedom right and freedom is a state of mind like we said it doesn't matter if you're living in Canada it doesn't matter if you're living in America doesn't matter if you're living in Africa it doesn't matter if you're living in a war in Ukraine freedom is a state of mind always sure yeah words we build that strength of Mind by growing in knowledge and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ right so it's a mind renovation that we live with every single day after we believe we do that through Fellowship in the local New Testament churches in my case the Catholic church so do you uh do you have yeah when's the last time you had a bad day where you would put a black mark on your calendar and say oh that was a horrible day it was a is it been a while or it's been since your uh your crisis you told me about last time in the interview well the only bad days I have is is when my wife gets upset at me oh so stupid yeah but that's just normal marital stuff it's like you didn't take out the trash or I'm doing too much and you need to pick up a load right so it's all about perception it's very it's very closed and very domestic and it's it's very well written about through all sorts of comedies it's it's common it's the most common thing yeah everyone knows right you know yeah everyone knows what I'm talking about it's every marriage that exists is like that and you know like I said we keep out the dramas right that we don't live at Jerry Springer life if we did then that will yeah you know what I'm saying flying chairs yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah well uh remind me how many years you're married now with this wife like five years oh we're going on our fourth year of marriage okay yeah so I'm 27 years married and it's amazing it's an amazing thing uh for six years okay but just the the passage the passage of time it really does like a good wine it does mature and I'm not saying that I'm mature because I'm not but uh the relationship has matured and it's just it's a lot of fun and I wish and I hope and I pray that more couples will get married younger and stay together longer because I don't like this divorce thing it really annoys me but uh there's there's so much Beauty in a long-term marriage like uh it's amazing and I'm sorry for your first marriage that it didn't work but you're one of 50 or whatever it's like just like very common today it's a statistic yeah it's a statistic and you hate to become those statistics but when you're when you're so mentally out of it you think it's the end of the world yeah right but it's not it's just a statistic you move on and you know the things that transpire to my life it only gives me reason to be thankful because of the way that it ended yeah right with with the stability that I now have with a family that loves me nurtures me and I extend that same love and that same nurture toward them so there's only reason to be thankful that it worked out that way yeah otherwise I'd probably I'd still be losing I probably would still be losing my mind somehow right yeah you seem very stable and wise and mature and but at the same time light and silly and funny and cute and despondents like you I I really do enjoy it I you know it's a lot of fun is that yeah I got a look I got a lot of hope that I can just you know be be on here with you and get to chit chat and yeah yeah so anytime like I told you anytime just book it you book it and you come on and we'll talk and uh you know you what you bring to me is you bring a fresh perspective and uh a certain light and uh you know you're sensitive too right you're smart you're sensitive but you're fun so that's a rare combination and I guess uh you know there's no shorts I couldn't have done it without you you got my brain juices going with that post so I was looking for stuff well we might be engaged in yeah and I saw that like well that's just perfect you know we can we can chit chat up a stone about that but you don't need to worry you don't need to worry about content uh preparing content for when we chat because like uh we're always going to have the Infinite Source which is God and the economy of Salvation and the story of the Bible and you know uh you know this it's it's that well is never going to run dry never never never so you don't need to prepare stuff but if you have some interesting angle that you want to bring to the podcast just to spice things up or because you're genuinely excited about it bring it for sure like that what you brought with the philosophy stuff you brought some new insights that I'd never encountered uh even though it's a topic which some might consider very dry philosophy I don't think it's dry but some people think it's dry but you brought new angles to it that I'd never encountered in my you know 15 years or so of studying as an amateur just reading casually as an amateur I've stopped reading philosophy because I when I became Christian I just became completely obsessed with reading the Christian sources so I read I read the Bible I read the Christian uh you know different works of the Saints and stuff like that and so that's what I've been obsessed with uh now since 2009 so it I can I can promise you there's no end to the gems that we can discover in the Christian tradition oh yeah in the history and it's amazing amazing 100 sustainable absolutely yeah yeah we'll get we'll keep going I guess we'll keep going like this this is this is good stuff for us and uh I guess uh what's your wife think of uh you becoming uh rich and famous on my podcast I'm I don't know what reality you're living in but I wish I was there I'm being silly no what does she think what does she think what does she think that you're uh no but what does she think that you're chatting with this Canadian dude oh she watched his the video she's just no way and then she'll uh holy smokes she watches this stuff yeah and then she gives me gifts holy cow that's a that's extraordinary I can't get my wife to watch any of my stuff laughs [Music] I mean there's a there's other like my wife won't write with me she's she doesn't like to write because she English is her second language uh so I can't get her to write with me is she Filipino is she Filipina oh no no no is she uh Puerto Rico no my wife Puerto Rican no no my my wife is from my wife is Persian from Iran right okay she's Jewish blood all right but she's Persian National or Iranian nationality right well she's American now like she came over she she joined the military and uh she got her citizenship here so she's full-fledged American the the right way now I remember you told me about her that she looks like that yeah yeah yeah I do remember now yeah so that's cool it would be fun to meet her and to talk to her uh if you want to ask her to come on and talk to me about her faith journey I don't know how shy she is or how busy she is with the baby yeah she's pretty pragmatic she probably wouldn't talk too much about uh about any sort of uh Faith stuffs like she's very pragmatic she said well just let me do it I don't want to talk about it so she doesn't like to it's not entertaining to her like me and you we can just go it's not entertaining to her uh yeah she wouldn't engage but when she talks with her friends on the telephone does she still do that is that something that people do in 2022 do they pick up a phone and call the friends of blab like they used to back in the 80s and 90s yeah but um yeah it's just it's just either all work stuff or family stuff so she talks to her friends my sister-in-law lives in Italy and she talks to her all the time my mom-in-law lives here and then the rest of her family lives in Iran and her well her dad lives here in the states um I think he's living in Arkansas right now yeah yeah so women tend to be a little bit more pragmatic and practical I think uh less interested generally speaking less interested in philosophy or chess or math generally speaking of course there are many exceptions obviously lots of exceptions yeah it's it's it's it's rare and I don't know why um I don't know why I think they I think women are just doers more than talkers yeah um now when will talk more than men but they won't talk about this kind of thing yeah like we're talking about statistically women do talk more than men but also statistically women do more than men as well so it's all subject related like man can come together we can talk about this kind of thing I should not very many women I'm going to show you as a little show and tell I'm going to show you some of the artwork that my wife makes okay so can you yeah can you see that yeah cool very pretty she does she does these girls okay they're like women I like it yeah they all have themes so here's one with bowling yeah it's it's very uniform and it's her style yeah she's got her own style here's one with uh Domino's I don't know if you've ever played the game dominoes oh yeah so I like it she does these themes here's one with uh coffee nice with two sugar cubes on her head so we've got in our house we've got hundreds of these all around the house and in my little office here I've got a dozen or so but uh yeah so she's a special character her she's got a walk-in closet full of clothing that she made for herself yeah and uh the reasonably crafty person the reason I'm telling you this is because not just to boasts and brag what amazing wife I have but it's because she's getting stuff done every day uh and it's she loves doing which uh you know you were talking about women are doers so yeah it's true I guess in this case it is it is um it seems like uh she also has a Pastime a hobby yeah that she likes right now it's just all baby and mothering and nurturing yeah in this house so really no time for anything yeah let's talk yeah something like this is a real treat for me personally because I enjoy it amazing so uh I really like uh chatting with you as always and we're gonna we're gonna have you back like I said you've got the doors open okay the welcome mat is there for will loss okay will Lawson is welcome at all times and my my calendly app that you use to book dates and times it's really fun and easy it's just like I just send that to people and if they want to book a time they do and if they don't they don't and I don't need to be involved like they just say hey I'll look at the calendar and see if there's something I like and then it's like a surprise for me I get an email from Colin Lee saying will is booked to whatever date and I I saw you you booked one date and then you changed it or whatever so even that is okay like that that's okay and um it's it's fun because I don't need to like I used to back in the day I've been doing this for six years so I used to like negotiate and try to figure out the time and time zones and all that sort of thing it was a real headache so I'm really happy to have that calendly app is it fun to use it's it's a powerful app and it seems like you are very well organized and you presented very well this is very professional and I'm very thankful that you're able to do that I appreciate the compliments so uh I'm gonna take off now but I really uh look forward to the next time we chat and we'll see each other we'll see each other on Twitter as usual yes we will thank you brother remember me in your prayers you and yours are in mine too always love you lots brother bye