CVS Live Guest - 2020-01-24 - Nikola Krcic

Author Streamed Friday January 24th, 2020

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Nikola and I discuss Young Earth Creationism, Geocentrism, The Firmament, and Flat Earth. I mention Scott L. Smith's new book, and I talk about the spirituality of the Philokalia with emphasis on my embarrassing problem with G.A.S. (Gluttony, Avarice, and Self-esteem). And we also discuss the Rosary in particular and prayer in general.

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so we are live I'm here with my friend Nick Chris ik if you want to introduce yourself Nick my name is Nick Korsak and how are you how are you doing I know I've had you on my pre-recorded show and it's always nice seeing you in the comments it's nice chatting with you once in a while on the phone what did you want to talk about with me here today well my favorite topic anything to do with the god especially you know it's a weird thing to me is I I'm not I'm not around many people I I don't know I won't take away the few that are there like my wife of course she know and I have my cousin Peter he likes to talk and my brother likes to talk about God as well and I have one cousin Johnny right but other than that like I am it's hard to find people that are they hold interested or that are willing to even talk about God it's it's weird a lot of people get like oh that's kind of private you know or that's kind of I don't know I you know I don't understand why you got to that point but that's kind of where it is with most people you know it's almost like your religion is just private you know let's not talk about it so yeah it's kind of weird to me yeah well I mean I all I all I really ever want to talk about is God religion and the Oder extreme you know philosophy ideas and stuff like that but most people are mired in politics and you know pop culture stuff like that I am really not interested I can enjoy you know I can enjoy conversations about anything as long as the person is excited but I don't have a lot to contribute it unless it's about first things and God and you know morality and stuff like that but I just don't have a lot to contribute I can contribute from my angle but my angle is always the same angle and it tends to be a bit of a conversation killer if you're bringing in the Catholic perspective right you don't you find mm-hmm I agree it's funny I'm kind of meeting new people too I'm kind of awkward because I don't I don't find interesting what most people talk about you know I mean most people you know like they talk about sports or they'll talk about movies or to talk about and again I could I mean I could talk about that stuff but only very little you know what I mean it's like and there so I'm kind of not the best you know person to talk to if I'm first meeting you it's very short very short you know yeah so maybe I'm the awkward one I don't know but I like to talk about the important stuff you know the stuff stuff that matters but yes so what even thinking about or what do you been praying about what do you been reading about what are you excited about with your faith journey these days I've been doing I've been enjoying the praying for everybody that needs it and not myself like I've almost been excluding myself totally you know and to me that's been that's been exciting almost like God is gave me the grace to be you know selfless and you know and not think about myself but I'm too busy thinking about whoever needs and whoever's having problems right now or trouble to remember to pray for them and I've been doing a lot of praying and and it's unbelievable how how we don't know and see what happens when we pray but if we knew I believe none of us would ever let one hour go by without praying you know I would say not even not even 10 minutes but but but I believe that it is like it's like the most important the most important and and and and the only way it's like if I try to call you without a cell phone it won't work right and this is and prayer is our cell phone directly to to the body of Christ so absolutely I mean I we're told to pray without ceasing to pray constantly and I'm always praying not I'm not praying well but to the capacity that I'm able to pray I'm always praying I'm always thinking about God and because I don't need to worry about God's salvation I tend to think about the salvation of myself and those who are close to me in space or in time and in any other way and so it's it's just a natural thing when you know when you know what ultimate reality is in terms of salvation history and our place in salvation history even though it's a bit vague and fuzzy and we see darkly as in a broken mirror as st. Paul says we we live in the obscurity of faith but we have at least we have the gift of faith even if we just have a small spark or a little tiny flame we can focus on that we can begin with that and we can start our journey toward toward God and toward heaven and here in this fallen world it's not easy there's lots of opposition I'm always surprised when people oppose such wholesome teachings for example when it comes to the issue of life I mean there's a lot of talk now with Trump doing his talk at the March for Life I'm just surprised that everyone isn't pro-life I just I don't understand how you could not be a pro-life but I'm very happy and excited that Donald Trump spoke at the March for Life what did you make of that not that we want to talk about politics but what did you make of that just writing it I actually I didn't see it I missed it I didn't see it yeah well it was a it was a nice it was a nice speech to life and every life is precious and he actually I don't know if he slipped up or if he he said it on purpose but he said that every human life is divine I think that might be putting a little bit in extreme terms but maybe there was a little confusion when he said that or maybe maybe he's really channeling something deep and mystical about divination and theosis and maybe he's been reading up a little bit on mystical Christianity but I'm not sure about that right right right yeah I missed it I missed this so I'm just too long for for some reason I never was and I'm not you know but my point was with the Catholic teachings are so wholesome and they're so universally valid across space and time with the Ten Commandments with the principles of life and you know the principles of freedom and even you know more sophisticated principles like the principle of subsidiarity in governance I think these are principles that stand withstand the test of time and that are that are good and universally valid and that could be appreciated so I'm just I'm always surprised when people have alternative points of view which fly in the face of well-established Catholic principles but that's maybe that's just me and maybe everyone maybe everyone with their worldview has their cherished set of principle dogmas axioms and I'm sure that's that's what it counts for a lot of the bickering on social media people do have a point of view and they like to you know suggest it I guess that's one word we could use suggest it to those around them that it's the best point of view and certainly you and I are guilty of that we think that our point of view our Catholic point of view is the best point of view right right right right right what do you think about so okay what do you think about abortion when it comes to the whole the big picture like for example I was trying to make sense of all of it like I pray and believe and think that those souls go straight into the arms of God and then I try to make sense of well what's Satan's agenda on this if they're shooting straight to heaven I'm like hmm I wonder what then he's getting out of it and then all that came to mind was God has a plan you know for each and every one of us and when when that child is aborted they couldn't they couldn't go out go through with their plan right so that just takes away our me saying it's happy to take anything away from God so he's happy to just take that away and that pleases him even though if that soul of that you know the baby goes straight into the arms of God into heaven what do you think about it yeah I mean I trust in the mercy of God so I don't worry about I don't really worry about anyone's salvation I mean the the extent that I worry about it really is just to pray for those who are still making their decision like they're still alive today but you know I don't worry about those who are already dead whether they were innocent babies in the womb or whether they were you know nasty characters from history like Hitler or whatever I don't worry about it but I trust in the mercy of God but everything everything is glorifying God and everything that happens everything that happens God allows to happen either he positively ordains it or he allows it so Satan is constantly chuckling to himself with all his little mini victories but he's also wincing in pain because when he really steps back and looks at what's happening and in the in the war it might might seem like he's winning a few skirmishes here and there but in the big picture he's always losing he's always serving God's will this is the most frustrating thing about being the enemy of God is that it's a lose-lose situation and you can psychologically fool yourself in the short term into thinking yeah I got one over on God and I hurt one of his children but if you you know if you're an enemy of God and you think that way in the back of your mind always is that idea that gods a winner I'm a loser and everything I do is serving God's plan and really this is a this is a futile battle I'm a loser you know so there's a very thin and false happiness that accompanies all of the enemies of Christ in this church and people are aware of that to greater and lesser extents obviously and in the case of Satan I think he is acutely aware of it and I think he's suffering suffering a lot with every so-called victory that he that he has there's always a price to be paid with every victory he personally pays a price every time but he's just compulsively and hatefully harming others and in the process harming himself because he can't help himself he's not he doesn't have the freedom that we have to repent him to go to go back to God so it's it's tragic on so many levels and it's like one of those fractal images where it's just at the pattern within the pattern within the pattern within the pattern and if you look at abuse in this world like parent to child child to grandchild and you see the way that sexual abuse for example is passed on in this habitual pattern because people want to heal those wounds here in this fallen world among humans we have a chance to heal but Satan and his demons they don't have a chance to heal but they're still caught in that fractal image where it's the pattern within the pattern within the pattern and they just can't get out they can't get healing they can't get us they can't get satisfaction because ultimately only God satisfies and they know that and so it's it's a horrible horrible situation or you know you know well um I I kind of feel like therefore I kind of see it like that for like um we're saying thinks he's getting somewhere even in the church you know if there was a few you know priests or even Pope that let's say they had an evil agenda or whatever like he thinks he's actually getting some we're forgetting I guess God has God is in control you know um that actually brings me to a point that I wanted to mention okay what what do you think about the overall cuz you you're familiar with seed of accont ISM and all that so so what do you think about Vatican 2 do you think there's things there that these people these Cedarburg contests are veering away from the church and all this do you think there's something there not that their position is correct but more that is there something there since Vatican 2 that some evil has crept up and twisted things around and and the devil thinks he's getting somewhere right now and all that but God is still in control he's just allowing this to play out and like for example the Third Secret of fátima and all that ties in like what do you think about all that as a whole is there something there well I mean there's plenty of opportunity for those who want to stumble to stumble I mean this is why we refer to Jesus Christ as the stumbling stone and like I think about the Scriptures like there's plenty you there's plenty of fodder in the scriptures to act as stumbling stones if you want to if you want to stumble you can stumble right and the same thing with the ecumenical councils and they are but they are one of the manifestations one of the four manifestations of the church's infallibility ecumenical councils so I submit to the Second Vatican Council I was just reading the documents today they're beautiful documents do they contain ambiguities because of the politics left-right and all that nonsense yeah of course there are ambiguities there but it God is able in His infinite wisdom and power to communicate the essential saving truths and to clarify essential saving truths through through the midst of all of that left-right politics nonsense which colors everything right in our at least in our contemporary world and since the certainly since the 50s and 60s and so yeah I see the I see the ecumenical councils as divinely protected from teaching error concerning faith in morals and I was just reading some of the documents today and I have always found them beautiful and edifying and very traditional obviously because we can't break with tradition that's that's what the church is the church is in defective alit will never break from tradition if it does then it's not a church so yeah I think there's plenty of fodder there if you want to read into the ambiguity and start a little fight with with the so called Novus Ordo Church you're free to do that that's the danger that's the danger of having free will is that you are free to make a fool of yourself and you are free to abandon Jesus Christ and His Church and you are free to call that movement the Catholic Church if you want to there plenty of people starting different religions and they're attaching the word Catholic to it right so I really there's nothing new Under the Sun there every ecumenical council had heretics before during and after the council that were claiming that they were holier than the Catholic Church and that they're they represent the one true religion the one true church so you can I did a meta at the pros and cons of set of account ISM if you haven't heard you can go and listen to it but it talks about one or two examples of different heresies for each of the ecumenical councils and how they thought them and only them thought that they were you know I love the video man that even the music you put to it was just I I love that one nothing good that was good that was really good so that's my main point that's my main point that there's nothing new Under the Sun if you want a stumble go ahead and stumble and you won't be the first you won't be the last and God will be waiting there for you to repent and come back to my it's just that simple it's there's nothing complicated what do you think about the Third Secret of fátima was there something there do you believe we've gotten them at the the right message or has ours is still hidden I don't know I don't really care I mean I trust the church and I'm not obsessed with any private revelation I put public revelation number one and a private revelation if it inspires me and I defies me as you know Lord and Fatima and de Guadalupe do and different you know all the approved apparitions do inspire make my faith and they do edify me and so I draw on whatever edifies me and I ignore whatever is controversial and conspiracy theories that are swirling around particularly in the Third Secret of fátima I just completely ignore it because I know that that's how Satan likes to get people in broiled in distraction I know that I know that some experience so just don't get embroiled I mean if you if you if there's something that's obviously Catholic in any private revelation that's been approved by the church run with it be inspired by it and let your faith be be built up by it otherwise if there's any doubt if there's any sort of hint that maybe this is a conspiracy theory I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole that's my personal opinion we got it yeah okay I when when you were they were thought that made me think of a question for you when you were when you still believed in evolution and you heard the anti-evolutionists you know did you think did you look at that as a conspiracy theory for the moment I never believed in evolution even as an atheist I never believed in it I just I just believed I just believed that it was the overwhelming consensus of natural science and isn't that amusing and isn't perplexing and I didn't feel compelled to commit to that I didn't feel compelled to say well okay it's the consensus therefore I have to believe it no I'm free I even as an atheist I knew that I was free and I distinctly remember being at a party in university when I was young and talking with friends and they were talking about how we evolved from apes and I said well I don't believe that you know and they all paused and looked at me like I was an ape but I just I didn't subscribe to it I mean that's the I knew that it was the dominant hypothesis or the dominant story but I just didn't have any good reason to buy it I mean I didn't have like oh I didn't I did I hadn't examined the evidence and concluded that I must believe it right and I'm not a biologist I was studying physics and I certainly didn't want to believe it it's not something I was ever predisposed to believe like oh goody I just you know I my ancestors are brutes it never it never ever appealed to me so I was I would know I would say that I never believed in evolution I don't know how many people today can say that especially atheists but that was the case for me no you could add me on the list too we used to make fun of it in my household I remember since you know I was five years old and my older brother hearing that and I was laughing about it not that I knew too much when I was five but what I'm saying is we never believed that in the house you know what I mean it is funny it was always funny yeah the atheists were something to laugh at for us and the evolutionists or something to laugh at for us always though yeah so what other related topics do you want to talk about because I know a lot of people since I sort of came out of the closet as a young earth creationist is that I did subscribe to that I did fully endorse back in June or July of this year I fully endorse the young Earth Creationism as you know and a lot of people come forward and say well then you must believe in the firmament and the you know the fixed lights in the Stars and you know in a sky and the waters above and the flat earth and this and that the other thing and a GOG o centrism and everything else so are there any related topics that you want to explore and and to question me about yeah yeah overall I just believe that there is a lot that we don't fully understand and I've learned my learned we can't trust the be the people in charge the scientists what they say really we can't really trust them too much um you know starting by evolution you look and you know they'll tell you evolution is a fact right but so I feel like there's a lot of that I feel like at the end of the day we don't know they don't know exactly how this or how this earth works they don't know you know they don't understand it as much as they claim to understand it right they don't ascend when it comes to the firmament yeah I believe there's a there is a firmament but what is it exactly you know what I mean like like we don't know but here's here's my belief I believe that the stars and the Sun and the moon that we see is not as far as they say it is distance wise I believe it's a lot closer and and I at the end of the day I just believe in trust what God says right so it's kind of like I kind of will search the Scriptures more for it though I know there could be error in my personal interpretation but I do I do see that something something is going on - where - where either we're not being told it's being hidden or they simply don't know you know they don't know and you know they're acting like they know or whatever but but it's kind of like we don't know exactly what what this earth is how it looks or I mean you know like fully it's funny it I kind of don't know where to start because it gets kind of there's a you gotta touch on a lot of ends - to explain it correctly right so I'm not gonna go into the whole thing here right but at the end of the day I say that everything we see in the sky is this appears to be smaller smaller than the earth the earth is a earth is is its it it's it's the only land out there it's the only you know um terra firma is the word they use like the stars we see in the sky is not terra firma that you could kind of go land on it'll be more to how the bible explains them and i think it's like in a way angelic form or something but this is my belief you know and and i think the earth is it it's almost like oh if you want to look at it as a realm the earth is a realm this is all that is and you know it's not it's not an empty vastness of space with all kinds of stuff and there's nothing bigger than the earth except God as is my belief so I mean I know that's a whole other topic you know and whatever but that that's what I believe and are you open with that cuz I'm sure if you're open with it you're gonna get mocked and ridiculed even more than young earth creationists that's right I kind of don't like to be you know too open about it because I I know what happens I bye I was there I was I was I was on the other side and you know and I heard somebody saying Flat Earth it's like your brain does some it rejects it right away it's almost like hearing the sky is purple or you know it's like what the grass is black you know the gray it's like what it's an instant rejection but it's crazy when you when you look into the evidence here's all I've come to see Satan is at work and he's been working hard for a long time and he's working through the people that love money love fame love power okay so now if we now we can start to see who those people are you know what I mean like and and it's like it's so clear that Saints been working on the deception many deceptions for a long time and I feel like he's guiding into those you know the top the top dogs the top guys from scientists to hope whoever else but but at the end of the day it just brought me closer to God I trust God completely and I kind of don't I don't believe I'm all of what the scientists say and and what modern science says you know but but I won't get into it because it's it's it takes a while to see but the evidence the evidence actually it's it's insane the evidence is it matches what Ric actually you know like the Sun in the moon they look to be the same size um probably because they really are the same size now this is again my opinion and somebody hearing this could write me off as an idiot if you'd like you know what I mean but when you look at the evidence you'll be shocked like either jumping right into geocentrism you know it's like you look into the evidence it shows that this world is a geocentric world okay all the evidence actually says that it's all the theories that kind of don't say it but the evidence and the actual science experiments really say this place is not moving it's not spinning twirling swirling none of that's going on it's actually stationary and all the actual experiments said that you know so so so if one could believe that then it's kind of like okay well but nASA has pictures of the earth spinning right okay so it's kind of like you kind of got to see that that there's just some deception going on and that's all I could tell you and and and and I don't want to send no I I don't like to send nobody down no no conspiracy rabbit holes because at the end of the day it's not worth it we will know what we're supposed to know God will give us what we're supposed to know but I believe that there's a there's a deeper reason it's kind of like how evolution when someone believes in evolution it kind of like they don't realize how it pulls you away from God right evolution you start this discrediting the Bible just a little bit and you start giving your trust within science just a little more the white people don't see that happening but that's what's happening it's kind of goes same with the heliocentric model in a way they have told us they've gone into space and all they see is the blackness of space when the bible kind of actually says right above these closed stars and the closed sun and moon' all within the firmament it's all God after that it's all heaven that's his territory you know and it's kind of like so what does that do the heliocentric model you kind of put your trust more in NASA and in in modern science and then I said well we don't see God so and then it puts God so far away almost like imaginary you know you gotta just really imagine just you know to picture God somewhere we don't know where he is you know but within a geocentric model but but I feel the geocentric don't have the distance of the stars right you just put a firmament there and all everything is roughly the same distance away okay and right above that is our Lord our Lord's throne you know and and and it's funny when you look in the Bible I mean it does make it pretty clear the firmament is it's translated to a a molten mirror it says hard it's hard it's firm but that's where the word firmament comes from right it I mean it gets pretty specific you know it says it's it's it's like a mirror and a molten hard mirror and and when you start looking into those you're kind of like wow it kind of gets to you a little bit you know and makes you makes you think deep but but yeah but that's I mean I I believe the earth and the universe is about seven eight thousand years old and that's that seems ridiculous to 99.9% of humans walking the earth today but I would be open to geocentrism I don't happen to believe it but I'm open to it and the next you know the next step from that would be some sort of firmament and a flat earth and all that I'm not buying any of that yet but I haven't looked into it I'm open to everything I do you know I did I did interview Flat Earth run or did you listen to that episode oh I don't think so I don't think so you can check you know he painted a nice picture of the firmament and how Jesus is right above right above us so close and it's a it's that kind of proximity that attracts me to the you know this whole this whole vision that you have I don't buy it but I mean I haven't looked into it either yes it you've sent me lots of stuff I just haven't had time to look at it because I'm not interested if you said if you sent me stuff that I'm more interested in I would have looked into it by now but I'm just not that interested but I'm glad that some people are going down that rabbit hole as you say and you know I encourage you to follow the truth wherever it leads and I don't know how I don't know what sort of theological or Magisterial weight you have behind your geocentrism and behind your firmament stuff I mean obviously there are certain passages and scriptures that you draw on for for any of these theories but I'm not as motivated as I was with the young Earth Creationism so I'm just being honest with you I appreciate your the path you're going down but I'm just not there with you but you know anything could happen obviously I'm open I am very open I think I'm more open-minded than 99.9% of humans walking the earth today just because I put God first and whatever reality is I mean that's what it is I mean I have very little faith in you know secular science I have very little faith in it I think that there's you know we can make nice toys and gadgets and communication devices and stuff like that and that's all real and you know I studied quantum physics at university I have my name on a published paper in a reviewed journal a respectable quantum electronics journal I have experience with hard science I've worked at the Canadian Space Agency I've worked in hard science I respect hard science but I don't have a lot of faith in the politics that's and and the philosophy a bad philosophy that's connected with secular science I just don't have a lot of faith in it because we can be blinded by our by our assumptions and by our axiomatic fundamental positions that we take philosophically and then we interpret everything all of the data we always interpret all the data in a way that conforms with those fundamental assumptions so we're all guilty of that but once you become a monotheistic God first then that set of axioms is more wholesome and it's more well grounded and as Jesus Christ said if you don't build on the rock you're building on shifting sad you're doomed your house is doomed to fall right yeah yeah yep yep oh my they're so funny I thought you were a geocentric star you do you believe in the heliocentric model or or what well I never believed in evolution and I don't have I don't have a strong belief in the heliocentric model I mean I'm I have to admit that I do want to believe in Geo centuries and I just haven't looked into it right okay yeah I would prefer obviously I would prefer Geo centuries and I think it makes more sense from a Christian perspective it makes more sense right Emily am i excited about it a little bit am I excited enough to look into it not really I mean I looked at a couple of videos by that Catholic geo centrist who's very popular right now do you Catholic geo centrist I mean besides Robertson Janice Robertson Janice I was in that okay yep yep oh yeah and it's a that's funny I applaud him for shooting for that you know but it's funny how we were talking about the Flat Earth he hates the flatter that's so funny and and and and it's so funny here here's here's here's here's my here's my opinion on why he hates the flattered so much is because it's simple is because he has at least the scientific method you know geocentrism is a scientific method right and he wants to hold on to that the same way evolutionists want to hold on to the you know evolution theory because it's a scientific method they feel it makes them feel a little more like they're on the right side I guess you know what I mean and that's that's what I believe you know it's like that that Catholic that that believes in evolution you know he just feels better holding on to evolution because because of all the scientists that's what they say you know so yeah I am certainly not afraid to be considered a weirdo like I mean if I come to believe GOC the NGO centrist and that'll be a very easy pill to swallow for me very very easy the firmament and the Flat Earth that's gonna be I'm gonna be phoning you up right away and like oh my god this is exciting that would be next level that would be next level but I mean it is a nice idea I mean to you have that proximity with Jesus and Mary who are in the flesh and how far how far up do you think the dome is the firmament you know that I can't say I can't say I asked for this actual distance I I don't know I don't know but I'll tell you all the evidence kind of says this and the Bible the Bible kind of makes it pretty clear when you look into job and you look but here's the thing I hate the words flat earth I hate them words because I was there I know what that those two words do and I know what happens when somebody says they believe in a flat earth look at this right I mean it's like an instant reaction but I even know I could even see why their reaction comes about when you understand we were taught this our whole life right I mean the earth is around just like the grass is green this is what we've been taught right but when you actually see that there's a room there's room there for a full-out blown deception and no I'm not saying every worker at NASA is in on it you know to make a small analogy if if if McDonald's if McDonald's was poisoning us does that mean all of the workers are in on it no it's the ones that are just preparing the food right okay this would be the same method if when it comes to if NASA's in on anything it's just the top dogs the rest are working off of a a computer right a computer data and the computer tells them what reality is in a way you know what I mean you know the when they're told light-years are real thing well then guess what they believe light-years are a real thing you know what I mean but um but when you see there's X room for a deception there and it could be done and saying is that good you know here's all I want to say I don't care about flattered thought only I don't like them words but here's what I believe this place the devil is working hard to take anything away from us and our home here the way it'll Lord made this place is is is beautiful and he even wants to take that away so if he can he will you know and this place is not what we're being told from the size of the shape the angles from where we come from from where we're going when we die all of that has been sayings been working to take away from God so that's what I see so I that that's why that's why I trust God so much and it's hard for me to believe what what modern science says over all you know for sure so yeah I think we need to be skeptical I mean I have a lot of education in physics and that obviously is making it seem very unlikely that you know geocentrism or the firmament or whatever you want to call it flatter if any of that is true but I mean I had like I said I'm open and you know I'm open minded and I don't think you're a weirdo I mean if anything I sorta did it if anything I sort of envy the proximity that you have meaning I'm always looking for proximity but when you're speaking of not NASA it kind of reminded me of an old friend of mine Matt math Matthew of Boylan Matt power land you know of him he has no the Nassau Channel he's a stand-up comedian and an actor from Canada he moved down to the States but he's got a popular flat earth movement he claims to have pioneered the Flat Earth movement and there's lots of bickering in that community and he you know he admits to being a stand-up comedian an actor and an entertainer but he seems to also believe in Flat Earth and chemtrails and all this sort of thing and he he talked to these and claims to have worked for now so that he's the one that painted what looks like the globe image of the years the painting and you can check him out math power land or the Nassau channel or Matt Boylan you can look him up he was supposed to blown like he was supposed to come on my show but he hasn't contacted me actually he unfriended me on Facebook I'm not sure why you're gonna have to reach out to him and find out why but yeah there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and there's a lot of disinformation and you have to be aware that Satan can deceive us but he can also deceive us by drawing us into wacky and weird conspiracy theories I wanna see right I want you to be very cautious be very cautious about that that angle of satan to like take you dude that's right no I'm actually they cut you off because I have to say this I'm actually done with the conspiracy theories right and it's like they're actually the worst they're worse because it puts this paranoia and fear in people right and this is what God saved me from when I told you I said that prayer yeah right okay no weapons formed against us will prosper what I was in the eight-month conspiracy theories on right okay and he said and I was so full of fear and paranoia and everybody is out to get me in and it's so funny though though there could be so much truth to that it don't matter because when you trust in God it who cares right who cares about who's after you or what's going on or what's the it's like when you trust God you no longer fear right and it's like so so I definitely don't recommend anybody to start searching conspiracy theories or or anything like that my point was when you look at the actual evidence I said reality and actual science experiment says something other than the heliocentric model and that's all I want to say because you know this Flat Earth thing it cause a lot of problems there's been divorces there's been literally you know because one person has discovered this truth that the earth is not what we're being told while the other has the you know I has that oh my god my husband my wife has gone mad you know what I mean and so it's like so I be where anybody from it and and and and and all it did for me to realize that this place could be not what we're being told right from spinning to the shape to the size to the distance of the stars to what they are to again where we came from and what all of that you know it's like this this this glass kind of shattered and I could see clear and all I could see is the Lord and they're kind of and to trust him through no matter what no matter what and it's it's the bet that's the best feeling in the world and like you know that somewhere where you could like you know saw where you get it lay down comfortably at night knowing you trust the Lord the most over everything it's that's a it's a very special and it's an amazing thing to have and and I I pray for anybody and everybody to have that you know it really is absolutely I mean that's that's my focus as well I mean that's why I don't get too excited about the evolutionists coming at me or you know because I've hosted this talk today they're gonna say uh we were right you're you're a wackjob you believe in the four-minute firmament and all that sort of thing but I mean I don't I don't fear any of that ridicule or disdain from from those who are enemies of Christ and His Church I mean it's it's like I've said once you know once you know who and what God is and once you know you have a relationship with him I mean you welcome suffering you welcome death you welcome and ridiculous or stained you welcome it whatever comes from God's hand and he's allowing everything the good the bad the ugly and everything in between if he doesn't positively ordained it he's allowing it for the highest good for your highest good and for my highest good how can you orchestrate it so that everything that happens is optimized not just for me not just for you not just for our loved ones not just for our enemies but for every human that ever lived how can he dynamically optimize everything to be perfectly maximally optimized for our own individual salvation and eternal happiness how can he do that we have no idea but we just need to trust that he's omnipotent he's infinitely wise and infinitely merciful infinitely just and he can do it I mean it's it's mind-boggling you know the Atheist can laugh but we'll we'll have the last laugh when we're up in heaven and we're enjoying God's God's life and hopefully the Atheist will be there with us right right right right right um to change the topic quick um what do you think have you ever read any of the Book of Enoch and do you know of any early church fathers if they believed then encoded The Book of Enoch I know I met a scholar who was specializing in the Book of Enoch I haven't read it I am interested in it because my guest but earth runner mentioned it he said I would really enjoy it because of the references to Noah and I'm a big fan of Noah and so I'm interested in reading it I don't think I even have it on my Kindle yet but I will after this interview I'll make a point of acquiring maybe a PDF copies slap it on my Kindle and look into it but what what what is it about the Book of Enoch that you think I might find interesting other than all the talk of Noah on my my favorite patriarch Oh verifies about the firmament the stars what they are exactly how they work how the Sun Moon and stars work how everything everything it verifies and totally slams you know the heliocentric model and throws it in the garbage and says it's not real it tells us how exactly movements of the Sun of the Moon of everything and here's the thing if that book is not expired well then who cares what it says right but then I heard early church fathers there was a ton of them that believed in the Book of Enoch so that kind of shocked me and I just heard that a few days ago so I was curious if you knew about it or not no I'm not aware of that I'm gonna look into it that's the kind of thing I'm interested to look into but certainly just because it's not inspired doesn't mean it we should ignore it and like I said a Catholic scholar that I know is he's making his whole PhD just on the book of you know and there are thousands of scholars who are doing just that so we have to take it seriously and all all of the early texts in and around Chris the Christian early Christian movement we have to take them seriously because they do can they do contain some part of the Catholic truth right to one extent I don't know god only knows yeah yeah it tells us what the stars are he it he gives name for the CERN stars which ones are in charge there cuz they what he says in that book is their their their angelic their in in angelic form their angels and so and it's so funny when you man when you grab that telescope and you look at these stars they kind of looking at nothing like um of the images that were that are in our textbooks and in our science books and that are on the NASA's website so that's just and that's just another thing you know another red flag there but but it's it's it's pretty amazing and that that book I haven't read the whole thing but but what I did read it totally supports of the dominant firm all um you know the firmament the dome all of that it totally you know so it's very specific and in detail you know I mean I I don't know if it's a Catholic doctrine or not but I do believe that all of the material universe is governed and managed by angels so that every spin of every quirk in the universe is being managed and governed by angels I think one angel could do the whole material universe just because they they move at the speed of thought and they can they can accomplish the management of every molecule in the universe from beginning to end but it might be a team of angels or you know different shifting teams of angels I don't have any source to support my belief but I do believe that angels obviously are involved in doing God's work of sustaining the entire unit so the material the animate and inanimate parts of this material world like even our fleshy bodies I think they're angels involved in governing what the you know the quantum scientists are examining and they think it's some cold dead fundamental particles but I think that they're alive with the life of God and the the instructions of God to maintain in his providence the well-ordered universe that we live in which allows science to take place in the first place so I think we're gonna be blown away at the final judgement when we see how God's world works and you're you know you're putting yourself out on the limb by going a little bit further up and I am willing to go right now but it's not nearly as wacky and weird as the ultimate reality actually is at the final judgment we're gonna say you know Nick's ideas were a little bit strange but not too strange compared to the actual reality the actual reality is way more fabulous way more interesting and way more wacky and weird from our mundane perspective because we are blinded by sin were blinded by Satan and his demons and Satan and his demons don't want us to appreciate the wonder of God's creation and the wonder of the natural world he wants to dumb it down into something boring something predictable and something where God's not involved you know at all so I think I think the complete opposite is the case I think that God is intimately involved in everything and we're gonna get to see that at the final judgment that's that's my hunch I don't have Magisterial documents to back me up I mean I could look into it and see if the fathers talk about this sort of thing but I know that in the Middle Ages they talked about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin but I have no idea if that's if that's a true anecdote or if that's just sort of a mockery of the Catholic theologians at that time all right all right probably a microbrew knows but do you do you believe in that Giants were on this earth the way the Bible says and if so what do you think what do you know or do you believe in Giants ed oh sure why not I have no problem with that whatsoever I mean I I firmly believe in that in the longevity of the pre-flood patriarchs is that with the calls I have absolutely no doubt about that I mean if it turns out not to be the case that's fine you know God can tell me you know at the final judgement if that was not the case if that was some sort of colorful exaggeration in Scripture that's fine but I happen to believe I happen to believe in the longevity of you know Adam and Eve and those patriarchs major export before the flood and I believe in you know I take a lot of Genesis a lot more literally than most people do as you know and if I'm wrong that's fine I mean I'm not gonna go to hell because I took the Bible too literally right right right right and it's money of course there are some things that we shouldn't take the Bible literally say later but I'm sorry Genesis is more of a literal account like you know what I mean it really is I mean so it's kind of like and yeah yeah I guess I was gonna touch on something but I guess I'll leave that alone but anyways I was just gonna say yeah definitely I believe in the Tower of Babel and the you know that was literal giants were literal you know all of that so and it's and it just fits right in I mean look how funny there's a passage at the end at the end of the world in Revelation he says God is gonna peel the sky back like a scroll right I mean if that passage don't fit the firmament I mean I don't know what does you know what I mean like it you know and and all the stars are gonna fall to the earth as um like of a fig tree right so you picture the figs falling from a tree right that the stars will fall from heaven it says to the earth like that of a fig tree so it's kind of like right the figs are smaller than the tree and that I mean and and and and not just that I mean uh okay but that's a book of Revelation fine right there's there's of course some things that are poetic or more what's the word I'm looking for but I'm not literally allegorical and stuff but when you go to Genesis Genesis job kinda tells us how this place is and I think it's God talking but in the book of Job he tells us and it's funny I mean he tells us the shape of this place student so but I'm gonna I'm gonna leave it there and leave it for whoever wants to read it but but how about I was gonna ask you about um let's see how about with you anything anything new with you that you've been reading lately that you have been enjoying yeah I just read a nice book by one of my listeners actually Scott Smith Scott L Smith you can check out his book on Amazon I read his book I gave a nice review is a nice very nice short book on praying the rosary with Saint John Paul the second really nice book it compiles some of the teachings of st. John Paul the second and of course Saint John Paul the second is the one that gave us the Luminous Mysteries right so there's a lot there to gather inspiration for your daily rosary I highly enjoyed that it was a quick read and then I would just went straight back to what I'm reading what I've been reading for the past few weeks and maybe even months now which is the fill oka Lea which is a large large collection of writings from the 4th century to the 15th century roughly and it's the Desert Fathers Eastern you know what do you call those people that go to live off in on their own you know Hermits and you know these hermit people but the wisdom the wisdom of the Desert Fathers is very powerful because it's very simple it focuses on three main three main vices three main demons they call them okay so the acronym for it is GA s you can remember it like if you say I have gas so I have gluttony I have avarice and I have self-esteem this is the these are the three primary demons that we need to be aware of if we want to conquer vice and if we want to grow in virtue we need to get rid of our gas our gluttony our avarice and our self-esteem so globally elaborate avarice is wanting possessions money and you know they've got worldly possessions and this sort of thing gluttony is the cause according to the Desert Fathers they drill it in over and over again gluttony with food is the cause of a lot of unchastity so if you have for example I get wet dreams a lot so I don't like it I used to enjoy it when I was transitioning from atheist to Catholic because you know I didn't have to masturbate and I got all the pleasure at night in my demonic sex dreams right right I quickly I quickly realized that this is not healthy it's a it's a symptom of perversion that's in the back of my mind that's manifesting in my dreams and my demonic sex dreams and so they the Desert Fathers are giving me insight into how to control the demon of unchastity by controlling the demon of gluttony so I have been noticing since I've been reading this that if I eat too much especially before bed or if by accident I eat garlic and garlic of all things that I hate garlic but if I do eat garlic I have these demonic sex dreams and usually have a wet dream and so gluttony gluttony is tied with chastity this is according to the Desert Fathers so that's something I've been working on trying to eat less I mean I'm about 15 pounds overweight anyway so I want to eat less and control my get control of my gluttony and then have more chaste and pure sexuality not be like staring at sexy women on the street all the time which is a tendency and old habit of mine which is hard very hard to kill and then we've averaged like just being controlling over money like money or possessions and that sort of attachment we all have that I'm not really tackling that right now cuz I'm poor and it's none of my primary concern and then the self-esteem obviously is that is the mother of all those prideful sins and all those vices having to do with pride and but I'm tackling first of all I'm tackling gluttony and then I'll take it from there but certainly pride is the is the main one that's sort of like the big the big boss bottle that's gonna have to take place at the end of a is a self esteem and the way to conquer that is to love to love everyone equally and to love unselfishly and to not have favorites and to love your enemies as you love your your most beloved family members and to be detached in that way so certainly sounds good in theory am I am i close to in close to living that no I'm not I mean I have my favorites and I do love my enemies in theory but if they annoy me I'm genuinely annoyed so I have a lot of work to do with self esteem obviously you know same here I struggle with the gluttony too but um thank god I've been noticing it and praying about it a lot so I'm working on it too it's a tough one it's a tough one yeah I mean I I primarily eat for pleasure I mean I don't care how nutritious the food is generally speaking like if it's sweet I like it if it's salty I like it if it's oily I like it if it's fat I like it if it's crunchy I like it you know I eat I've been eating my whole life for pleasure like a pig like a pig you know if I open a bag of tricks I eat the whole bag of chips like if I open a bag of cookies I'll eat the whole bag of cookies I'm just a glutton so it's a really it's a really obvious sin that I need to get control of and we're not supposed to eat just for pleasure now there is pleasure associated with it by the grace of God he's a loving God a merciful God he gave he gives us pleasure but we abuse that I am I have used that I mean you can speak for yourself but I abuse that so I'm gonna have to start eating less and eat not for pleasure primarily but eat primarily to keep my body alive and keep me functioning so that I can work for God and then I can pray and that I can grow closer to God and it's going to help our prayer life if if we can manage to eat less eat more simply eat only nutritional stuff and eat less junk it's gonna help with our prayer life so I think that's a that's a big motivating factor if we can get closer to God by cutting back on some of the self-indulgence with food don't you agree yep I agree I agree agree so when when you go to Mass you're you are you usually by yourself or do you go with anybody no I always go alone I don't have any I don't have any Catholic friends I mean you're you're one of you know five or six Catholic friends I have on planet earth got it you got it yeah it's I know it's it's so funny but following God is a lonely world but it's so funny because it's bad thing you know it's not a bad thing yeah I'm the same way I want to I just want to pray when I'm at church I you know come try to get there 10-15 minutes early pray on my kneeler and pray through the mass pray after the mass and on Fridays we do adoration for you know just 10 15 minutes after mass Friday mornings before church and it's the highlight of my week you know doing that adoration and then on Sunday depending on which church I go to which mass I go to sometimes there's a duration after the mass on Sunday and so I get a little bit of adoration in you know once or twice a week depending on how often I go to Mass during the week nice-nice do you do do you say the Rosary often yeah I say it everyday I missed it once this week because I stayed up late helping my wife with some stuff commit I don't want to talk about her she doesn't want to be included in my trip but yeah if I'm not like exceptionally busy in some evening then I pray every night and I don't I don't claim to pray well but I'm hoping I'll learn to pray better with each passing month and with each passing year especially if I get control over my gluttony and some of the other principle vices that should help my prayer life because right now just burning through my prayers like I got to get this over with because you know Satan's pissed off that I'm praying and he hates the Rosary and he's gonna interrupt me and he's gonna give me distracting thoughts so I got a I got to get this over with so I like I got it done it's always been my way with the Rosary it's like a nervous energy like I can't I can't relax rarely you know sometimes I get peace and a calm and I can take it a regular pace but usually I'm just nervous and it's my temperament anyways I've got a nervous temperament I really need I really need to relax but my most my most calm prayer life is during the mass that's when I'm most calm but before the Blessed Sacrament especially and that's when I'm at peace that's when I'm calm and I don't have you know this 15 or 20 minutes of repetition that I need to go through in the meditation and the images I tend to get nervous when I have that burden on me but I'm persisting with it with my rosary I'm you know making baby steps making progress every every day when I pray it and but there's still a sort of nervous that sort of nervousness that I'm struggling with during the Rosary in particular if it's if it's short prayers like I do about 20 minutes of prayer 20 minutes in the evening and then I do my rosary after that so it's a lot of Prayer but the most nervous I get is during the Rosary I don't know why I just feel like it's like am I going to be able to complete this there's feeling many - I feel like I mean sort of in that the Coliseum and the Lions are there and I'm you know it's you know it's funny what I do because I felt that - of course right am I gonna finish am I so you know what I do I found this Gregorian chant but it's very few words right and the music's wonderful on it and I play that right that puts me at a nice peace and a calm right away and what I do is I'll even only do I'll do one meaningful decade one decade meaningful nice and slow with concentration and if and then and then a lot of times I'll catch myself I'll do a second decade and then a third because it's going so nice and so you know so this so it really helps so so so so maybe try to find find you one of those Jose it really helps I mean it just it works right away it takes it lets you concentrate on it I forget the name of the one I have but it's just a Gregorian chant and it's it's very few words and then the music goes for three minutes calm relaxing music bell and then it comes and I'll tell you what that those wonders it does wonders one thing that calms me during my rosary is you know I have a little shrine right of it I have a camera in there now so you can see that's my shrine there so I have them I have the candles and I have the incense burning and I've got images around me so that really helps with the calming down the nerves and you know either looking at a religious image or I'm looking right at the crucifix which is my favorite or I'm you know looking at the smoke rising like when I do the descent of the Holy Spirit I like to see the smoke rising from my incense because I picture the Holy Spirit one and it's causing that smoke to billow up that's one of my images that I use so I have different techniques to try to enter into the calm and the peace of the prayer and of course having the images for each of the twenty mysteries I do have them there so I can glance up at those and but yeah so I do get a lot out of the Rosary every day I do have a certain amount of calm but I don't feel like I'm it's rare that I have a really deep peace and a really deep meditation and a really satisfying rosary usually and there are other considerations also like time constraints and my my wife you know constantly wanting this or that just you know just nice stuff like let's eat or let's you know be a boy watch our favorite show or whatever it is but I can't completely ignore the fact that I've got her there too but but she gives me my she gives me my space and I really appreciate that and I do my prayers you know I take take 20 minutes do my rosary or whatever it is and yeah it's a work in progress so yeah it's something I definitely want to improve on mm-hmm yeah yeah maybe try that with one nice calming music or a Gregorian chant or some I think you'll enjoy it really it works for me and like I said I think it's even even its better because I think if I just breeze through a whole rosary real quick or if I do a decade with Meany nice and calm you know and really meaningful and open-hearted and kind I think that probably is is worth more anyways you know first anniversary yeah for sure I've been I've been counseled by priests to split up my rosary so I could do like what you do just do a decade here a decade there and like you said it's quality over quantity for sure yeah but it's more of a nervous compulsion on my part because it took me it took me seven years to pray the rosary every day to me seven years of saying I've got to start praying the rosary and like I memorized the rosary you know within within the first couple of years just here and they're just sort of praying and sporadically but I hadn't memorized but it was just a struggle it's a struggle to get started doing it and now at least I'm in the habit of praying it every day but when you think about me when you think about the Opposition in the spirit world the opposition to the rosary there there are a few activities that we do that are so heavily targeted by Satan and his demons as the Rosary I think it's one of the most targeted practices of any Catholic is the Rosary so I think there's a reason why it took me seven years to say it daily and I think there's a reason why it's gonna take me another seven years to say it properly but a lot of the saints a lot of the Saints have said that if you could pray one Hail Mary properly you'd be a saint you know they're they're great there is there are their levels upon levels upon levels of prayer and I'm at the very bottom with a very baby step of saying hey maybe one day I could learn to pray to you know wouldn't that be nice that's about the level I'm I didn't know you know it's funny I noticed that I like I mean I I'm remembering my previous and now in my it's it's amazing when it gets deeper and deeper and it's amazing I definitely don't say the Rosary enough but when I do say the Rosary and I'm done I feel like I'm floating I feel like I'm floating off of my chair a few inches for at least five minutes you know it's amazing it really is so yeah the prayer and like I said I mentioned earlier how we don't know how important prayer is but there's some about when you can just when when we can get it together to pray meaningfully with the open heart and just I don't know what you call it you know the stronger praying I don't know what you call it right but when you get there it's amazing and and it's wow it blows my mind to think that it can get back it even get deeper and deeper and stronger and you know that's amazing my is definitely going deep over however this year you know so yeah that's amazing but um so is there anything else before we wrap up because I'm gonna go see I'm gonna go meet my wife at a friend's place is there anything else like a topic that you want it to touch on today you're always welcome to come back but since we're talking now is there anything else important that you'd like to touch on or any questions you have for me let's see um it's so funny I should have wrote a few down there was a few I had but I'm not remembering him now but I still enjoy I enjoy a freestyle talk anyways you know non-scripted is nice you know so open heart to open heart that's always good so but no but a bright side of my I have a two-year-old and my wife's pregnant with our second so that's some good news ah congratulate oh thank you yeah it's amazing it really is so um but that's it so maybe well I want to try ask you yeah I'll be praying for you and your family and your wife and your children I wanted to ask you have you met anyone on my channel my youtube channel that you're communicating with regularly or praying with in the Union of Prayer have you have you met people like you know my friend Matthew Murdock and the Liz knee brothers and these guys are you in contact with anyone from the channel or no no it was only Matthew Murdock a few e-mails back and forth and that was it so nope nope not yet but um but I haven't reached out neither too many so I should try but it was only Matthew a few times um I enjoyed you guys's interview by the way not a trip man I love them and like kind of like I commented it's so fun he's like stuck he's like this is too good to be true you know like it's too good to be true so he's resisting with all he can just anything but to surrender it's so funny yeah it's funny I skeptical tits turning his sceptile meter to 11 and so funny yeah I can relate to that you know in I always relate religion to romantic love that's that's the image that God uses in a holy scripture a lot and that's the image I like to use and you know I resisted the advances of my wife my beautiful wife when she was sort of courting me 24 25 years ago and I resisted pretty firmly until I had a dream I had a dream where I had to choose to kiss her which signify I'm all-in or to walk away and never have contact with her in this dream I turned I looked at her I took off her Sun Hat and I kissed her and then the very next day I woke up you know woke up in love with her and then we're walking in that very same field of my dream and we don't we'd never walked in that field before it's a field called Columbia Lake and I I told her about my dream and I she was blown away that my attitude had changed but it's the same thing with religion and with God he's chasing us like the Hound of heaven he's chasing us down he's chasing Matthew Murdock down he's chasing her and raw down he's chasing Matt Dillahunty down he's chasing everyone down he's chasing you and I don't he's chasing us down because we're not fully in love with him yet but that initial conversion anyway is like that submission like you said you give in you give up and you you allow your heart to open and this is one of your sayings heart to hurt you know open heart to open heart and I really like this this analogy with with romantic love and seduction very very powerful and I think everyone that converts to God is pleasantly surprised in that in that way and has that same thrill you know it's funny that you say that because I see it as a marriage as how I always compare it I could see so many things that make sense when I compare it well how is the marriage supposed to be and then all of a sudden I understand passages of the Bible and I understand questions I had and I understand so when you compare it to a marriage a lie it makes so much sense for sure yeah yeah I mean we have to be a better spouse to Christ I mean this is it I mean we we just need to once we know that we've you know been selfish we need to repent and we need to come back to Jesus and clean up our heart that space in our heart so that he's comfortable there that he'll come with God the Father and the Holy Trinity ratan they'll dwell in our heart but if it's cluttered up with a bunch of junk he's not gonna be comfortable there you know God the Son