CVS Live Guest - 2022-10-26 - Alex Christoforou

Author Streamed Wednesday October 26th, 2022

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My wife Anna loves watching The Duran, and suggested I reach out to Alex for an interview. The Duran is a news-media platform that advances a realpolitik position. The Duran is not right, left or center.

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okay okay so we are live I think we're live I'm waiting to see if I can see anything yes we are live I'm here with Alex Alex how are you doing doing great great to be here thank you very much for inviting me I'm thrilled and excited and my wife is thrilled and excited she walked she watches your uh talks with the other Alex how how do you pronounce his name mercuris Alexander any relation to Mercury the god of communication uh no but a relation to uh one of the if not the most famous uh actress in Greek history oh who's that um she actually had some uh a lot of work in uh in the US as well she did a lot of film and theater wow in the US as well yeah in what era like the recent times no no like in the uh oh gosh like the the 50s 60s okay did she sing um yes I believe she did sing yeah and so how did the two of I'm going to talk about mainly about you but how did the two of you meet and for the listeners it's the the Duran is that how you pronounce it yes correct how did the two of you meet uh we were on separate business trips but meeting the same person in Moscow in like 2016-17 and we just happened to be at the same place at the same time and uh we just started talking and that was the first time we met and then the Duran came came about as a project as a website really a block um about I want to say maybe six months later maybe my timeline is a little off there too but uh anyway six months later the Durant came came about and we connected again and so it was the Greek connection a significant uh bonding point I don't know uh yeah it was I would say because uh at that time there was a lot of stuff going on uh around Greece to Greece's economic situation so that's something we talked about and we kind of had the same views as to why Greece is where it is and uh we talked about that so yeah have the borders changed a lot uh over the centuries uh in Greece northern Greece or of over the centuries um not not recently but uh you have Cyprus which is not uh that's where you are now not a yeah not a part of uh of Greece but it's it's of a of a Hellenic uh culture and and yeah recently we did have the the invasion of Cyprus in 74. are you cypriot yes oh yeah yeah oh I didn't know that okay yes interesting uh my wife is Greek as you know and she's from uh I want a Doctor by naming the exact Village because it's a small village but in northern Greece near Thessaloniki have you been to Thessaloniki oh yeah I did a lot of videos from Thessaloniki uh hopefully I'll be back there in the next I don't know I'm hoping maybe the next uh two to three months I'll go back but uh it's to me it's the jewel of of Greece a beautiful city yeah I lived there with Anna and uh it's my one of my favorite places I love the square with the cafes I love uh we lived in saranda eclassius do you know that 40 churches do you know JoJo's Cafe by any chance JoJo's no oh amazing memories amazing memories of this sort of barbecue like a real open fire uh cooking and they would sort of have a smoky flavor they would wrap feta and hot peppers in aluminum foil and put it in this uh oven like this fire oven and it was just delicious and the french fries and the music and the the warmth of the people it's just beautiful beautiful memories of uh everything about Greece I love I mean I don't love you know the corruption and stuff like that but it's a beautiful beautiful uh country my favorite and the Sunshine and the food it's amazing at the Salonika is a nice city it's got a lot of history and uh incredible food you know sitting right there on the water it's a really nice place amazing the people Watchers on Nikki's Street or whatever it's called there yeah exactly we lived also in uh Mykonos have you been to Mykonos of course yes you've been all over to all the islands uh all the eyelids know uh the the main ones and some and some Island which are off the the beaded track as well but there's there's way too many islands to to cover them all that's for sure it's amazing the sunshine I actually found a 3 000 year old pot a water jug in uh uh I think it was uh when we were we're living on naxos and uh it's just amazing the culture and the history and all that but I want to talk a little bit about uh I wish I wish because I was an atheist at the time when I was there with my wife but I wish I had been Christian so that I could have gone we were so close to uh halkidiki and the monasteries and all that sort of thing have you been there you mean uh yeah uh no I have not it's one of my dreams to go um is it hard to get a father my father goes every every year pretty much um it's you have to uh you do have to plan yeah you have to plan you have to get uh permission to enter of course only only uh men can can go so um it's a very I mean I know a lot of people who have been there it's a very special place and uh people that I know friends of mine have told me their own personal miracles from going there now people watching me want to believe it they may not want to believe it it's up to them but uh these are what is anecdotal but what friends have told me about the experiences they've had there while speaking to monks sounds pretty uh pretty incredible but it's a beautiful place from what my uh my family to my father tells me it's a very beautiful place it's uh it's a place where you go to uh to really just put things in focus and uh you decide which monasteries you want to visit because there's many different monsters it's the Greeks the cypriots the Russian Bulgarian there's many different monasteries you can also decide to uh to walk off on your own and perhaps visit monks who are in more isolation than the mucks in the monastery like you know the the monks who are living by themselves for decades or wow or living in pairs for for decades way out off in the in the woods of the forested areas so I mean there's there's a lot you can you can explore in maldathas but uh it is an exploration of the self more than anything yeah so if you look on the map it looks like three fingers the hell kvk area is it all is it all Mount Athos or just one of them well no Mount douthos is is is an offshoot of that area you also have a lot of tourist areas on the three fingers so okay you know the Greeks refer to those three fingers and each finger is like a different type of tourist experience as well so those places are fine you could everyone could go there but actually get odd to the maldathos is a whole different uh story that's that's a whole different deal have you read all of or part of the Philo Kalia or however you pronounce it uh no I have not be aware of it uh yes I am the writings of the desert fathers I guess yes I read the entire thing it took me 11 months and it was devastating to my spiritual life because it's so simple and it's so convicting in terms of appetites like control your food your water your sleep your thoughts it's um it's just pure and simple and there's a lot of repetition and it's just like you have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when you read this because it's just like you you know that you are addicted to food and water and sleep and every every creature you know that and so you just have to admit that you don't love God as much as maybe you would like to think that you do because you just see your attachment to this creation which is beautiful which is good but the desert fathers really understood how uh how attached we are and I'm still sort of recovering from reading that and trying not to fall into despair because it's uh it's very challenging to live in to be in the world but not of the world you know as it says in the Bible says a lot of um a lot of the monks in general a lot of the monks in uh in Greece it's a lot of it is about repetition okay you know it's it's repeating many prayers over and over again over over long periods of time to you to come to some sort of Peace do you pray the Jesus prayer habitually uh a personal question but but yes it is okay I don't know if that's taboo to talk about that no I mean to be quite honest on our show we don't really uh you know because we we try to keep things uh balanced I say uh as we do our analysis we don't really get too much it's religious though we do cover religious topics at times our own personal religion is something that we we rarely discuss to be quite honest yeah people know I'm Orthodox I pre-orthodox but I think beyond that I don't think we've really talked much about it well my wife you know she watches I don't watch much uh online stuff at all but my wife watches and she'll call me and hey David hey David Alex is in uh another church and you'll walk into a church and you'll show and you're just uh you know obviously quiet in the church and just showing the beauty of the icons and these sorts of things and just the architecture and the pious people that are there sometimes so yeah it gave me the impression that you definitely have a reverence for Christianity and I I figured out you're probably Orthodox but um do you my do you mind during this interview talking about uh yourself and your no no not at all okay not at all so how were you I'm just very very shy when I talk siblings do you have uh two okay and uh can you just reach back in your memory I don't know how much time you spend in the past I don't think about the past much but um I can I can remember some of my earliest memories about God and religion what are some of your earliest remembrances probably they're tied up with church and the smells and the bells of of the Divine Liturgy can you just talk about what impression that had on you before the Age of Reason before you could sort of think for yourself but you you were impressionable uh did you enjoy the atmosphere did you understand who this man with the beard was the priest and uh it was your grandmother very Pious just talk about some of those images maybe that you have from your early childhood uh I I didn't understand what was going on but I uh I enjoyed it but I didn't enjoy the the large the large time the the time period to it like yeah it's long so as a kid I was I was a little I mean it wasn't that I didn't like the atmosphere I didn't like the atmosphere and even to this day I I love the the atmosphere of church like you said the smells the the Liturgy the the hymns the the song I mean oh yeah I like it the icons um it's nice it's a it's a beautiful experience but when I was a child it was just you know as a kid it's the length of it that you're kind of restless you know but but yeah I think that's normal I don't think that's anything at the ordinary uh well I'm an adult and I find the the Greek Orthodox uh liturgy long I find it very long yeah I'm I'm in the west here so it's like in and out 45 minutes an hour max you know yeah yeah a bit to to various uh different liturgies in in the US as well when I lived in the U.S uh I actually went to to a Catholic school for for a year when I was in the U.S so I'm familiar with the with the liturgies of of other um um religions but um the the Greek Orthodox one is actually even lighter than the Russian Orthodox for example because in the Greek Orthodox actually decided to put seats in the church the Russian Orthodox is you're compelled to stand wow but I'll be honest when I've been to the Russian Orthodox even though when I was first in Russia I didn't I didn't quite understand the language of what they were saying at all and even to this day I I grapple with it um but the standing part I actually preferred it to the city it does keep your attention more focused on the actual liturgy because you're by being forced to stand you're in a way being forced to to partake in in what's going on and to pay attention wow I don't know if that makes sense but sometimes when you sit down you drift off oh yeah always always it's a struggle you know I'm just thinking about my next meal when I'm in the pews at church just like what am I gonna have for lunch uh that's a bit of a Temptation like I said with the philokilia so um always the addictions are always there but um you know with your with your family can you think of a family member you don't have to tell me anything that's too personal but can you think of a family member named or unnamed that was particularly devote you know you might have this crazy Aunt who is just like fanatical or whatever like here in the west we have we have very little reverence and respect for religion so if anyone's even slightly religious they're seeing like a freak in Greece it's different and in in the East is different because there's a culture there's a culture that is saturated and it's a more uh you know it's a deeper and calmer situation I think you have fewer sort of religious fanatics on the street corner preaching but you might just have 90 of the people humbly going about their business without uh sticking their nose in each other's business or forcing their religion down other people's throats whereas in the west you've got these battles about religion my religion's the best and why don't you join our religion these sorts of things so in the in the East and in Europe in general you have more of a calm and mature uh experience with religion I would say you can tell me if I'm wrong but um was there a family member that was uh maybe became a priest or a religious do you call them nuns in Greece um yeah we we have uh um there we have the the priests and the monks and and the monasteries and and all of that but um I I would say my grandmother was was very very both from both sides were very religious and my parents but but not to the point of of inhibiting Our Own exploration or development so to speak I mean you know it was it was always like my grandmother was was very very uh religious you know in in Bhaskar and Easter I mean it was not the halfway type of fasting the the real deal I mean you know by the book right um You didn't do oils or anything right is that how you do it in Greece I I I tried it and I during Easter I do pra the last week I go halfway I have to admit I'm not full I got the last week I'll I'll try to do a strict but before that I uh I'm not so good on that but uh but I do have family members who who are I mean they follow it by the book by the book no doubt about it um but my my parents were very much like um the one thing I remember about my uh about what when I was growing up my mom would always if if I were to say I don't know doubt God or say bad things about God who say as your kid growing up you say you say dumb stuff when you're a kid or a teenager that was kind of the red line and I could say dumb and stupid things about all kinds of other stuff but I said if I say something bad about about God that was it that was the red line that's that that I remember very well makes an impression and everything else I could you know say stupid things about my brothers about it you know whatever that's okay that's fine but the minute I I I I I I started to doubt God or said something bad there it was stop right away that's you know yeah so that I remember her so you know I'm uh Canadian and uh the faith is very weak here particularly in Quebec where I am we had the revolution tonkil I don't know if you know about that in the 60s they threw off the shackles of the oppressive Catholic Church allegedly and uh the rest is history with the sexual Revolution everything else that came along with that um and I you know I was raised Loosely Protestant and I loved God and I love going to church and I love Jesus and then I had a dream at 14 lost my faith I had a dream about Jesus and lost my faith ironically but um and then I went deep into darkness of adolescence and puberty and frustrated youth you know and uh ended up being at the end of just before my conversion back to God and at the age of 39 in 2009 I was actually uh calling myself a Satanist I was an atheistic Satanist I don't really deep and dark into atheism and ended up in Satanism atheistic Satanism and then I came back to God in Christ in his church and I see now in retrospect I see sexual immorality as a big part of the Rebellion uh without going into personal details can you just talk about puberty and rebellion and uh sexuality and sexuality in the Orthodox Church uh and the family and Intimacy in marriage and these sorts of things um just generally uh talk about the dark side and did you ever were you ever an atheist like I was or did you always believe in God did you have ups and downs in your faith journey and keep it as light or impersonal as you want but uh just talk a little bit about the dark side um yeah I think I think everyone has their their bouse with that but I I would say that my bouts with say the dark side or atheism or learning about I don't know uh I remember like maybe picking up a book and reading a chapter on uh on Scientology I remember that or or something else uh said it is so maybe looking that up on the Internet or something I think those bouts for me were like a day yeah yeah or something you know it was just dabbling bad stuff going on in in my life and or as I was growing up as as a teenager or young adult growing up and just having you know bad things happen and you just kind of sit there and say well you know all this bad stuff what I think is bad I mean there's other people who suffer so much more than than what I would even consider suffering it was ridiculous when I look back on it but um you know you sit there and you say oh you're not as a spoiled kid you say oh you know I renounce God and I'm going to learn about this or that or you know it's very much to me it's very much that that child that Rebels against their their father yeah you know the father is patient and loving and says okay go off and do your thing and I'm here you know and when you knock on that door I'll open again I mean there's no doubt about that but I think with me it was just a couple of days here and there and then I would kind of I mean I've got the personality type where um I uh I always try to try to remain positive I try to be positive and and I after a day or two I shake the bad things off and and I just continue to look forward that's what I would do I would just kind of dabble a little bit and read and then I would say yeah this is this is not me yeah it's not me what I see what I see in Greece and in other countries uh of the old world is a certain stability that they have in the family and a large part of that I would attribute to religion do you agree with that or not yes I would say a huge part of that is religion but it's being lost now as well I mean even yeah I mean yeah I I I would say this I would say the dynamic in Greece may be a little different in that my generation has definitely lost it the younger generation seems more devoted to it okay the older generation is absolutely more devoted but I would say this this generation and I consider my generation is very much the spoiled generation uh you know we we grew up in a time of uh of prosperity of no Wars really real Prosperity uh you know all all things were good and and and peaceful and Technology the technology boom and everything seemed great you know money everywhere fun bars clubs all of it was was fantastic and uh and I think that generation lost lost today I mean Greece does have a problem with marriage okay uh family um you know I I can't find someone to marry to be quite honest yeah so I mean it's hard it's very difficult the quality of the women is not there or just the numbers I don't want to say the quality of of the women or the quality of the men I don't want to place the blame on women or men there's just not a uh people are just not connecting anymore you know they're just not connecting I think that uh I think there's an economic Factor as well in that uh there's a lot of people that are very very scared to get married because they just can't find their their economic uh path you know they're kind of worried to say okay now I can get married and start a family so I think that plays a factor in it I think the technology the the the the the are you talking about online dating hookup culture exactly yeah the the hookup culture the you know everything else that that comes out of I mean I don't want to pin it I'm very nervous to pin it on the west but it is that attitude of of individualism and and um you know not believing in in God or faith and and that whole attitude of just kind of you know believe in yourself go out on your own you know you don't need family you don't need a marriage you know it's kind of that that liberal Western attitude I guess is the best way to to describe it but I I don't want to say that this is unique to the West I just think maybe by using the word liberal Western attitude maybe it's um it adds a little more context to it in a way my my wife is Greek and she was living at home at age 27 with her mother and father and grandmother who was a widow you know all black all in black all since the death of her husband I think that's pretty traditional like old school in Greece and um I actually kidnapped her to marry her like I had to she said okay come and pick me up I'm gonna be in the back with my suitcases so it's like because she her parents didn't want her to marry a non-greek so I'm not I'm as non-greek as you can get I'm like Scottish Irish Welsh English whatever Heritage and uh they were trying to you know hook her up with lawyers doctors all these great prospects for husbands right tall I'm like a short little garden gnome compared to these guys that and and a loser you know like no prospects for the future or anything and just just a bit of a hippie a loser but so it was kind of funny like it was culturally interesting for me seeing that she lives at home she got a strong family we got the whole three generations are there and I'm kind of like kidnapping her and I took her off to a different city and married her and then she phoned she followed her mother and said oh I'm in Ottawa and I got married to this guy no he's not Greek and so it's a big drama but uh the reason I'm telling you this is because it's a colorful story but it also emphasizes the fact that uh in the in the Mediterranean people tend to be welcome to stay with their family until they're married like I mean that's just the way it is I was sort of kicked out at age 17 I was told you know you can start paying rent or he can just get out like that was it so I just left uh very different from the uh the culture of Greece I remember being in Greece as a as a 19 year old and seeing on a city bus a child get on and there were no seats and an elderly Greek beautiful woman uh just patted her knee and the child didn't know her but gotten sat on her knee it's just like such a beautiful touching place and I met the older people in Greece at that time and I just felt the the instant openness to humanity in strangers perfect strangers the wealth welcoming and all these sorts of things so I know I keep dwelling on this the the beauty of the old world charm and the Greek hospitality and these sorts of things in the family uh maybe just uh talk from your perspective on that uh shelter that's given to kids where they can stay at home like I have for example Arabic friends they do the same thing like they're from the Mediterranean and it's like they're not going to kick their children out you know they're not going to do that so maybe just talk about that and how it contrasts with what you've seen in the West yeah I would say Greece is not unique in in that Viewpoint um you know for but I'll speak from the Greek perspective um I I couldn't imagine if I had kids kicking the kids out of out of the home I mean I'm just being honest I couldn't imagine it to me to me this was and I grew up and lived in the US all my life so I understood when you're 18 you go to university and and that's it but um even for a Greek family in the U.S yeah you go to university you could live at the dorms but you know the door is always open for you to come back and and live with us or you know get a house next door to us or we'll give you the the house next door to us or something like I mean you know they they wanna they want their family to be together and I I don't know it seems natural normal to me why would why would you want the reverse of course I understand that you know the U.S is a big place and so if you get a job and if you live in New York you get a job in California okay that's that's the way it is it's a big place it's spread out um but um but in Greece for the most part it's you know the family wants to be together as often as possible and there's no time limit as to when you have to leave your home I mean to me that's 18 you have to leave or 20 or even 30 it's fine it doesn't for the Greeks it's not a weird thing to meet someone and uh and for them to to be living with their family or next door to their family that's actually very very normal and and I think that that should be the way Society should be structured if you want my honest opinion because the parents the grandparents the parents they take care of the generation under them and it's only right for that generation as they get older to reciprocate and take care of you know the the people that took care of them that seems like the right thing to do yeah for sure for sure it's amazing it warms my heart you know when I think about some of the people I met in uh like you said it's not unique to Greece but that's sort of the only Mediterranean country I spent any amount of time in but uh there's a sort of a down side to that uh close-knit Society there's a downside to it I don't want to dwell on the negative I know you're a positive person but here in uh Canada I've attended uh you know various different parishes different churches uh all Catholic well I've been to Orthodox a few times but when I go to an ethnic Church whether it's Italian or uh Maronite or whatever it is uh there's a lot more scrutiny on dress code what do you do for a living who's your daughter who's your son who's your father what are you wearing uh it seems more Super superficial and judgmental uh correct me if I'm wrong but are the ethnic communities policing each other to make sure everyone's proper and their lawn is nicely cut and all these sorts of things is that the case in Greece no but probably the Greek diaspora yeah there's a time there's a sort of a Time Warp phenomenon too in the diaspora when people leave and they just want to stick to the old ways but the the home country is moving on yeah the whole country moves on I mean in Athens okay if you're in Athens and you meet a girl and you're not okay yeah I think the parents of of both the the man and the woman out of interest and out of you know looking out for their well-being of course they're going to ask well where does she come from who's her family what does she do for a job I mean that's that's natural in any situation even you know you have a buddy of yours it's like oh what do you do how's work that's natural but I think in in the U.S degree collect say the Greek American Community yeah they'll probably be more you know well I'm gonna hook you up with this person and that person and let's try to keep our uh our community you know tighten it and and insulate it as well that I think that's uh that's also natural I think it's not only specific to the Greek Community but I think you know if you're if you're this the aspara living in another country it's natural to want to to keep your community uh safe or insulated from from forces that are far to you in a way yes you have to you're living in a new country so you have to respect that country and learn that country's culture and language that's the one side of it but the flip side is that you also want to make sure that your culture and your language and your community is uh remains intact as well so it's an interesting balancing act when you're a foreigner living somewhere else uh just giving a shout out to my friend Matthew in the live chat he's uh he's a good friend of mine I've never met him but we've chatted back and forth for years on my podcast and uh he's in Australia so that's why he's awake at this hour this ungodly hour um so uh you know there was something else about uh the Greeks and I was going to mention let me just try to think now um yeah so I do uh oh yeah that's what I was going to ask you about because you seem to uh you seem to know a lot about politics I don't know anything about politics but that seems to be your main emphasis on the Duran is that correct yes geopolitics is that what they call geopolitics yeah that's that's another picture that's a big big picture stuff right uh most of it's big picture yeah most of it's big picture yeah I'm really not interested just because it does I just can't grasp it um but uh there is the question of immigration I'm very pro-immigration why because I love color I love diversity I love food I love languages I love seeing people with different costumes I love the fact that in Montreal I don't know if you've been to Montreal but I love the fact that we can see Hasidic Jews and we see Arab families and we see uh all kinds of people of different uh skin colors if that matters and cultures and like I said the food the music and everything else like that so it's sort of a stupid reason to be pro-immigration but I also like having a getting labor done because I work in construction and we don't have labor now because our immigration I guess is dwindling um but it's mainly a selfish reason that I just love people and diverse languages and cultures and these sorts of things uh now I'm neither conservative nor progress or anything like that I'm just I consider myself a Christian ignorant about politics but can you talk about this um anti-immigration sort of vibe that I that I've been picking up on in the right-wing politic uh sphere Am I Wrong to get that impression that they're sort of anti-immigration uh and if so why because I love uh diverse peoples can you talk about that I I don't think it's it's so much anti-immigration as it is um and an immigration that uh on that they feel yeah that they feel is not uh is not properly done okay uh because uh there's there's different ways you can look at immigration um immigration first of all immigration to me has to be done by the book I mean there's certain legal procedures to become an immigrant you know there's a lot of countries that I would like to live in I would like to spend some time and there are but it's very difficult to immigrate there and I don't you know I don't meet the requirements okay I I accept that I accept that so you know that country is off the table for me now if if there was a a way for me to um to migrate somewhere to a country that I want to live in then I would uh I would make sure that that I did it in in a legal way so I think that's the one part is is there's a lot of people who feel like this immigration is not being done in a legal way and I can understand that argument because there are a lot of immigrants especially in the United States who did spend five or ten years to do it the right way and so you kind of feel slighted if you're like well I went you know I didn't buy the book I I paid this amount of money for lawyers I I did my five years I did everything right and and I became a naturalized citizen and all of a sudden there's other people who are just you know becoming immigrants and they're getting and they're allowed to stay and that's that so I can I can understand that not saying what is right or wrong I'm just saying you have to you have to have empathy you have to you have to understand the other person's position for both sides so you can you know get some clarity there there's the other side of immigration which is um is a tragic side of immigration and that comes from the wars the destabilizing of countries and economies and uh leaving people with not many options and that's the type of immigration that I feel is is the most uh controversial and most misunderstood type of immigration and um you know when when people want to seek refuge in another country because their country has been bombed to the Stone Age for for reasons related to to whether you can call it imperialism or resources or whatever it is or weapons of mass destruction in the case of Iraq or whatever it is it's you know this is a tragedy and um you have to help those people but you're talking about massive numbers as well and and these are numbers that change the uh the fabric of a society and of a community as well so this is this is really tough stuff to to deal with the the best thing for our country to do is to not destroy another country right that's the best thing that's how you solve that problem don't destroy that country but is is religion a big part of uh is it a numbers game with religion too like hey let's destroy the west and Destroy Christianity because you hear a lot of rumors about about this attempt to destroy the west and if you know anything about Freemasonry uh and these related secret societies that are openly attacking the Western Christianity and God uh they they make no bones about it they want reason and uh materialism to dominate um so is that a big part of the geopolitics are people making big moves to work against Christianity because you hear people talking about that on the right-wing media well I think there's there's a move to destroy Christianity in the west absolutely but if you look at uh many of the War sets that are taking place or have taken place a lot of them have been directed at destroying countries of uh of Muslim faith and okay and that and that's what we've seen over the last half century say um I'm not saying it's just specific to to that Faith but um within the United States I would say the powers that be definitely understand that if there's one religion that they have to tear down it is Christianity while the war is usually outside of of the West's are focused on uh on destroying countries which have uh um an Islamic um of faith that underpins them with the exception of what's Happening Now in Russia and Ukraine which is you know you're looking at two orthodox uh countries in this instance so my wife wants to know what your opinion is about Putin is he Orthodox does he believe does he worship God or is he just going through the motions what do you think I I don't know I mean I don't know what it is I I would say yes I would say he is orthodox and you would hope you would hope that he is too I would hope that he is I I would I would just have to take it at face value okay because I don't know the man I've never met him I don't know I don't know what his face he claims to be yeah he claims to be he goes to he claims to go to church uh when you see him at church he's very much a Believer a father he Blends in he doesn't try to stand out from what I've seen of course these are media images so once again I can't verify this I do know that Putin makes many trips not publicized not publicized he makes many trips to maldathas ah no way not publicized off though wow off the books so to speak that I do know is a fact many many trips wow to maldathus well that's encouraging and I have heard that this is anecdotal but I've heard from people close it in Mount Athos that uh that Putin gets much of his uh guidance on various issues from uh from various monks and priests in Mount dafas wow don't don't take that to to the bank though that's just anecdotal I mean I don't want to make it seem like I have some inside information I've just I've heard being in Greece knowing priests and knowing people in the church you hear stuff like this it could be completely propaganda you know just you know yeah but he does make the trips to madophos this is this is fact I got goosebumps when you say that it's just amazing I really hope I really hope that he loves and serves God and uh you know God can use people even if uh if those people are not particularly holy you know it's King Cyrus in the in the Old Testament we read about him um so what you know I've always had uh because I don't like politics I don't understand politics but I have a chemistry with these people that we see the Public Image like I like Trump I just like him I don't I don't trust him or think he's necessarily very Christian but I just have a good chemistry with him you know he's an eagle Maniac whatever but uh I like Putin he seems like a manly man he seems like a you know I'm sure he's done some very horrible things in the KGB whatever but I just like him I like his face and I I just have a good chemistry with him I always liked the enemies of the US for whatever reason like uh Muammar Gaddafi I always liked him I don't know much about him but I just had a sort of sympathy for him anyone that the West Was attacking I just sort of said hey I wonder uh what the other side of the coin is and I was cheer for the underdog can you talk about the West generally I tend to view the West I don't know if I'm gonna get banned from YouTube for saying this but I tend to view the regime in the west as evil and Godless uh and if they're persecuting uh someone I tend to sympathize with that person can you just sort of uh talk about that uh to me as a human being why I might have that attitude and which parts of it might be healthy and which parts might not be so healthy I would say that the West wasn't always evil in galown even though if it's evil and God the leadership of the West it has become um this this ideology which is the antithesis of uh of God this ideology it's this neoliberal globalist ideology and um you know the the neo-liberal uh ideology is is very much about um not having faith in in a higher power or uh or God or or Christ it's about um paying homage to to the to the environment to the big corporations to the government institutions this this super super institution that they want to create that's that's who is going to take care of you that's who's going to provide for you that's going to be the person who tells you what's good and what's bad what's right and what's wrong and you have to submit all of your your humanity and your autonomy to this to this super institution they know best that is our leadership that's our leadership in the West and it is about removing people's Humanity you include Greece in that the leadership of Greece yes yes who is your leadership prime minister mitsudakis yeah yes absolutely because they're part of the European Union now I'm not saying that European union leaders are that there aren't European union leaders that aren't religious or may not have faith I don't know I don't know what their own personal beliefs are but to be part of this club you have to be part of this super institution that sits above everything else and that institution demands not 80 compliance it's not 90 it demands 100 percent compliance it is an ideology it's a Dogma it is a cult and it demands that you submit period there is no wiggle room there is no compromise there's none of that that is where we are with the uh what I what many people call now the collective West okay that's where we are what you're seeing now in Russia and the East and many other cultures you're seeing uh these cultures renounce that they don't want any part of this and understandably so they they're like this is not Who We Are and this is why we are where we are thank you thank God for the east so um you know since I really want to be careful when I talk about this but I just want to touch very briefly on science I studied physics I've worked in quantum physics I've worked in astrophysics uh uh you know I'm I'm not no genius but you know I I understand the goals and the limits of Natural Science and it seems like over the past three years without getting into anything controversial uh there seems to be this sort of weird idea for the first time ever in the history of the intellect that there's can be such thing as a consensus in the Natural Sciences and we need that 100 compliance and Conformity of thought and uh it's anti-science it's scientism in the pejorative sense of the word where there's sort of a elevation and a worship of this uh false science or political science or whatever you want to call it uh it really is frightening it's it's scary to me and uh there's something in the human nature I don't I don't know if these uh the collective West I don't know if they should study psychology to discover or just talk to a regular human being to discover that there is a natural human spirit that wants Freedom it wants Independence it wants to express itself and often it will rebel against Conformity it will rebel against compliance it will rebel against mandates that are irrational and unreasonable so I mean I very early on as a human being I realized that people are difficult to manipulate and some people want to manipulate and some people can be manipulated some people enjoy being manipulated and there are other people like myself who will be on guard against manipulation and will fight tooth and nail and even be willing to die rather than to comply and I'm not talking about anything in particular I'm talking very generally there's a human spirit that we want to be proud and free um so uh what's your reaction to that sort of psychological analysis of manipulation control and this Freedom loving Rebellion a good sort of rebellion do you agree with me that that's part of human nature yeah it just goes back to what we're talking about with regards to to this neoliberal globalism ideology everything you said right now is everything that that'll drive someone like like uh Trudeau or uh or Obama Schwab these types of people vanderling it'll drive them crazy what you just said because it goes against their view of the world you know they don't want people to be human they don't want people to to Express themselves to have a spirit they don't want that they want numbers they want people in a pod they want people to do as they say to comply compliance is everything in this new Western ideology compliance is Paramount for us when I mean that's the the Common People the serfs not exaggerating that is that is the point of everything we see woke is um or whatever we're seeing in the world today the conflicts that are taking place it's all about compliance you have to comply that is what this ideology and this religion demands of you that's why you say scientists and consensus uh science is ever evolving absolutely but not not in their eyes in their eyes this is a consensus this is how things are believe it comply with if you don't want to believe or comply with it well then you're canceled you're censored you're an outcast you're exiled you know way back people used to be exiled right in Greece ancient Greece people used to be exiled yeah you you speak out against the the powers that be your your ex out now they send you to a beautiful Greek Island you're roaming around in Exile somewhere on a Greek island or somewhere walking around the peloponnese it's you know that's it you have no hope that's it's the same thing it's the same type of thing you don't you don't want to comply with us we're going to send you in tags out yeah but we should fear not those who can kill the body but those who can cast into hell the one who can cast us into hell my speaking of Trudeau my wife wanted me to show you this she's something of an artist and she came up with the I don't know if you know do you know Scooby-Doo yes of course okay she loves Scooby-Doo so she made this political uh uh thing I hope we don't get banned from canceled from the internet for showing this to you are you able to see that I'm showing it yes I can it's uh a little dialogue I can see Fred and Shaggy and can you see the devil devil wrapped up in the chair there yes I can that's true though and so she made a couple of these political uh cartoons here's another one everyone's dancing because the RCMP is taking Trudeau off to jail okay so uh she wanted me to show you those uh she she's quite a lady uh my wife Anna she was 100 not 99.999 but a hundred percent not interested in politics religion philosophy anything especially politics but since uh over the past three years for reasons that I won't mention because I don't get banned from YouTube uh over the past three years she's been red pilled and the reason I'm telling you this is because uh the powers that be that want to silence and suppress and get Conformity and all that sort of thing has the opposite effect it has the opposite effect the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church it does not work you can kill me you can kill my body go for it okay but you're not going to stop the truth you're not going to bury the truth you're just helping you're just everything you're doing is going against your purpose and you're helping God you're helping God's purpose even Satan himself the reason he's tortured and frustrated is because everything he does helps God and God's plan that's 100 true I completely agree with with that Outlook so it's very frustrating being one of the bad guys so my mess if there are any bad guys listening to this Trudeau Lego uh Biden whoever is not with God you're welcome you can join us you could be on the good guys team and I don't want to disparage anyone's character I mean I'm just going by what I see like it just seems like a lot of these people that are claiming to be uh Catholic Biden Trudeau and Lego and everyone else I don't know if you know the goal here in Quebec do you know uh they're claiming to be Catholic and I just I don't want to judge the heart I I don't want to judge the heart but there are objective things like abortion where we can for example where we can just say no no that goes against your professed Faith uh so I would imagine that uh you and the Orthodox of the Greek and Russian and every other persuasion you are pro-life yes I'll say this about Greece and and Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox yes they are pro-life I think that goes without question um if you're part of the church it's not really talked about much though to be quite honest abortion it's not such a such a big Topic in Greece or or Russia or Cyprus or anywhere else I've been us there are actually the abortion levels from what I understand in uh I mean I've had friends tell me that uh there's a high rate of abortion in Greece and I've had people tell me in Russia as well but it's just not it's not discussed at all it's very taboo it's very taboo and it's it's just something that has its hasn't been part of mainstream political discourse at all it's amazing in the states how it uh it's very visible and vocal I don't think it's something people are are are proud to to talk about to be quite honest it's not something that they want to talk about or are proud to talk about at all so they just prefer to not not discuss it um I want to ask you about um creationism I'm a young Earth creationist as all uh Christians have been up until very recent times I don't believe in evolution I don't believe that I'm an ape or that the Blessed Virgin Mary that theotokos is an ape um and I'm disappointed to learn that allegedly the recent popes in My Religion the Catholic religion were very favorable to evolutionary theories or whatever and they seemed open to it and uh that's disappointing to me I want a firm heard creationist stance where God by Fiat created everything less than ten thousand years ago and I know a lot of Orthodox Saints talk very very passionately about creation over against Evolution and how demonic evolution is are you there with me or are you just sort of uh not sure because you haven't looked into it or is it part of your culture where you just naturally are a creationist can you just talk about that I think it's part of the culture you're naturally a creationist um though I mean once again in in modern Greece as Greece has has integrated more tightly with uh with the West I think now you you would probably talk to a Greek and they would they would say oh you there would probably be a large minority of the population maybe even more that would say I don't know it's it's Evolution because there is a a minority of the of the population as we discussed earlier that that isn't as religious as their parents and their grandparents um saying that I would say once again that's I don't think it's such a big issue in Greece because I think the Greeks for the most part are where you are for the most part I don't want to say all the Creeks because I'm sure I'm gonna have Creeks that say oh you know religion is is BS it's you know it's Evolution all this stuff but I think for the most part Greeks because of our Orthodox Faith where we're on on the same wavelength of look um for us uh God is is the Alpha and the Omega period end of story so you know it's it's it's a very simple approach to life but you know for us it works do you um when you look at your geopolitics and you're doing analysis is it are you ever conscious of the spiritual battle between good and evil or are you always conscious of it or just sometimes or never like I mean the spiritual battle likes God wants this his souls and also Satan wants to grab some of those Souls from God are you consciously aware of the spiritual element in the Battle of geopolitics or is it something that's just percolating in the background and then when you're laying down at bed in bed at night then you sort of have time to put it in that perspective of the broader spiritual perspective no sometimes it's in the Forefront sometimes it's it's it's very much a part of the battle sometimes it's not um you know what's happening right now for example in uh in Ukraine between Russia and and Ukraine which is really Russia and and the collective West Ukraine is just kind of a proxy it's not really the the main focus of the conflict and what we're seeing is is Russia fighting the uh the collective West in in essence but before the conflict there was a lot of preparation that took place and a lot of that preparation was targeted at the Orthodox Church I mean there was a lot of of moves made by um by various leaders in administrative officials Administration officials in the collective West who uh who divided the Orthodox Church made sure to create uh Fishers and ruptures in the Orthodox Church and a lot of that was was laying down the foundation for what would eventually become this conflict you know we've seen you know the Canadian government they sanctioned patriarch Caril what is the Russian Orthodox patriarch what does he have to do with any of this because they say he's he's uh supportive of Putin will I mean he's the Russian Orthodox patriarch what do you want him to be yeah what do you expected to be um you know the you had um much of the Orthodox Church uh fighting against each other at odds with each other because many political forces were were trying to break up the the Orthodox faith in Ukraine and move it away from the Russian sphere and to create what we what we would call a heretical uh Orthodox Church and and you saw a lot of that and actually that fell apart they tried but it crumbled that church because the people whatever their feelings were towards Russia the people did not want it they didn't want a heretical church created in the image of Trudeau and Biden and and Obama and all these people they were like no this is our church has hundreds and hundreds of years of History which is connected to the patriarchy in in Moscow and in Russia that's just the way it is and so you know you saw a lot of movements being made in Ukraine to destabilize Orthodoxy and the connection between Russia and Ukraine which was bound by Orthodoxy that's the thing they they understood where to attack they understood that if we're going to attack and we're going to get these countries to hate each other and to be at war with each other we're going to have to strike right at the heart and they knew that the heart was the uh the religion that bound these societies together and they did that what is the dominant religion in Albania are they a Muslim country or what are they Orthodox oh Albania um it's uh that's that's a very good question it's Islam it's Muslim Albania but uh there there is sprinkles of Christianity there but it is in essence if I'm not mistaken we are looking at at a Muslim but not a strict type of Islam okay I have an uh a very good brand internet friend anyway he's uh Albanian he's very he's got a very uh strong Pride for his Heritage and there's a military hero I don't know you probably know him better than I do I can't remember what his name is but they sort of glorify this military hero guy and uh you know uh Mother Teresa I don't know if you love and admire Mother Teresa but she's Albanian uh when I was living in northern Greece uh a young Albanian boy broke into our home and was trying to rob us barefoot little guy and we just scared him off but it's kind of cute kind of cute but uh you know the whole thing about immigration and uh races and all those sorts of things I was very aware of the prejudice against the albanians when I lived in Greece yeah yeah there was there was there's still in the 90s this was the 90s this was there's still this but but I would say whatever uh albanians when they in the 90s when they immigrated to to Greece I would say that now there's uh they're much more integrated to society and it's I would say that many of them are indistinguishable from from Greek Greeks say you know they've had kids and those kids have grown up in the Greek schools and okay they've taken on many of the Greek Customs what about the Turks is it still hostile relations or pretty friendly or what yeah things are very bad with the Turks right now yeah because interestingly enough the Turks are now more aligned or at least they're floating towards uh and alignment with Russia and with the east for turkey yeah not for Greece because Greece has floated more Western yeah but shouldn't Greece go east and then just join with turkey and Russia well I've always taken the standpoint yet ideologically ideologically Greeks are much have much more in common with Russians than we do with most other European nations there's no doubt about that yeah even our architecture yeah even our streets even your language our language everything there's not there's not very very European there's not much European about it yeah yeah to be quite honest you know I walk the streets every day there's not much Europe in Athens it doesn't mean that it's not located in Europe or it hasn't had an influence in in Europe but uh you know you walk around in Athens and then you go to I don't know Vienna or something like that and there's nothing but when I go to Moscow or or even I bet you even if you went to Istanbul as well you would probably be like this is more closely aligned with I see with what it looks like in Athens in a way to a certain extent but uh Greek Greece is definitely becoming more more Western neoliberal secular that's that's where the government is trying to align Greece yeah I mean I don't know if it's unpatriotic of me to be sort of tentatively cheering for Putin and Russia and anyone who's ostensibly uh religious you know whether it's Christian Muslim or Jew at this point I don't care it's just like it's better than the Godless baby killers running the show and imposing their will on us um well can I just say something there with with Russia yeah for the Russians what's happening right now is existential for them okay they understand that their country wants to be destroyed yeah they understand it they understand that the West they want to go into the cut into Russia they want to take them of their resources they want to balkanize the entire Russian Federation break it up into a million different pieces and they understand that they want to destroy their religion here's the thing with Russians they've already bid through that they've been through that they've had Orthodoxy banned they've had to have liturgy in basements or hidden away they've already they've already done this experiment they don't want any part of it they did it for 70 years it didn't work they don't want to go back yeah they don't want to go back to that and they have a lot of spirit yeah it's it four churches a day are built from what I understand in Russia now wow wow that's that's what I mean they're not going to go that this is what people need to understand in the west even if you're you're atheist or you're secular for the Russians even if you're Russian and you're atheist and you're secular the Russians though don't want to go back to how it was 30 40 50 years ago most of them there's still people that may romanticize it that's fine but for the most part the Russians are are comfortable and happy on the uh of the trajectory that they find themselves on ironically Freedom our freedom once we've tasted the freedom of Christ we don't want to taste the freedom of uh the corporations and the governments the the Godless governments and why would you what yeah and why would you want I mean look around like in Thessaloniki when I walked around the saroniki there are beautiful churches there why wouldn't you want to show these churches it's amazing beautiful churches the same thing in Russia you walk around the streets of Saint Petersburg Moscow I mean these are beautiful structures I mean people built these things man built these things sometimes it took them decades centuries to build these sometimes these structures were destroyed in war and that to rebuild but I mean it's you know you you see the spirit of man when you see these structures and then when you walk inside them and and it's just it's incredible that you know the frescoes and and the paintings and all of these things that that are inside the church you know this came from the mind of of of men of people they thought up these things they they were inspired they were so inspired by the spirit that they created these beautiful structures we don't build beautiful structures in the west anymore we don't build Beauty well it's not in our Cinema it's not in our music it's not in our architecture it's not just think of the uh Super Bowl halftime show with half-naked women twerking and this is this is the reli this is okay this is the religion of Satanism are you interested I'm not I'm not it's just it's it's empty it's Hollow like the pornography it's like it's just it does not feed your soul period it does not feed your soul when are we gonna figure this out when are men gonna figure out that pornography is effeminizing them it's making them impotent it's destroying their families when are men in the west going to realize that the cl the cruel slavery of the devil is not where it's at when are the men of the West going to realize that because you know they're they're the man is supposed to be the leader in a certain sense of the family and the Man in the west is I don't know if you've noticed but the man in the west is a feminized and we've got these trans so-called trans whatever and uh even in high positions in government in the west and it's it's nauseating no disrespect to these to these men who are confused and mentally ill God loves them Christ died for each and every one of them and I hope to see them in heaven but we are in deep deep trouble when it comes to the family and it all starts with the man if if I'm not mistaken I think that's the Christian Perspective and we need help and I look to the East and I see Putin he seems like a manly man and I see a lot of manly men in Russia and uh in the East generally am I wrong well you know we've got many interviews of Putin where they've asked him about these things and for example with children when um when Russia was was going to host the Sochi Olympics and they were asking him about the the certain laws with regards to uh to lgbtq stuff and how Russia has certain laws in place but but Putin clarified that in an interview and he said look these laws are about just sexuality in general and he said something very interesting he says he said we ban any type of uh pornographic or sexually explicit images in the Public's fear because for us for us Russians we just want to let children grow up and be children we don't want them exposed to any of these things let them grow up let them find their own path let them be with their family I mean he's on record as saying this but you see the media in the west I'll never print this they'll just say oh he passed a law against this group that's not the case he he wants to he wants to keep sexuality out of the development of children until they reach a mature age and that's what and he's on record as saying that he says it I just want the children to grow up as children I just want them to grow up normal wow we we've lost we've lost a lot of that because we've lost all of it in the west whatever happened it just I remember growing up in the U.S and it was very normal and that's why I love America and I thank America for my childhood you know which to me uh I I grew up in New York and Virginia okay and to me that was an amazing childhood and the United States taught me so many great values but it was a community and I and everyone was was was together everyone took care of each other you know the neighbors would if if my parents couldn't take me to school or something or walk me to school the neighbors were happy to do it and um you know everyone was what was was taking care of each other and you know people were even though there were people from different countries and and races and religions everyone respected and uh and to a certain extent loved one another and that was our neighborhood I remember that was my neighborhood in New York you know Flushing Queens but we were all friends and buddies and we would get it to fight so then we'd make up and we learned how to how to play sports together and we learned how to how to grow up together and and and social skills and all of these things that's what the U.S that's what I remember America to be I I don't know what it is now to me it's very foreign at times I mean I know there's probably neighborhoods and communities which are like that but what I see on the news or on TV or on the Internet to me is very foreign it doesn't it's not the America that I know which decade did you grow up in I was I grew up in the uh in the 80s and the 90s okay yeah I mean uh my wife Lo has always loved the 80s she grew up in the in the 80s and uh she just loves the 80s especially now you know since things have taken a dark turn in the west or the past few years and uh there's that reminiscence and that sentimentality for the the 80s now it has its own dark underbelly which you need to dig and see underneath the facade but um but for the most part it was a creative time as well I mean it was for the most part if you compare the 80s and the 90s to today I mean there's just I mean I think people who grew up in the 80s would just be like I don't I don't understand what the hell is going on what is this what is this yeah it's sad uh do you have another five ten minutes for me or no yeah sure uh what do you think about Judaism in general as a religion like the the Jewish people uh prophesied the coming of the Messiah that's obviously very important Jesus was Jewish Mary was Jewish all of the apostles were Jewish so from that perspective what do you think of Judaism I think no the answer and then from the right wing conspiracy theory all the Jews today are evil they're running the banks they're satanic all these sorts of things I happen to believe that Judaism was the one true religion before the Messiah came but then all the Jews who rejected the Messiah obviously created a false Judaism today that's my perspective but I believe also Romans 11 all of the Jews will come in at the end all of the Jews will be saved at the end we are the younger brother that's usurped the elder brother the Jews there's also more to Salvation history than the Jews the chosen people who there's a history of the church before the Jews believe it or not so oftentimes we lose sight of that especially the Jews lose sight of that but it's all about Christ and the the you know the the Messiah the Messiah came so that's kind of game over for uh for every sect of Judaism today um just reflect a little bit on those ideas that I threw up there [Music] of my very best friends in in college were were Jewish so I mean I don't you know the politics and the religion I try to separate it because I know a lot of people and I do that for every every country in a way as best as you can sometimes it's very difficult to separate politics and religions for for certain countries um but um I I really don't have anything anything to comment on that to be honest I mean I I don't have any I I don't I don't believe in the in the whole they you know this this group or that group I know a lot of people could probably get upset with this I don't believe that there's a group that controls everything full spectrum I just don't I mean even the wef the this group I believe there's certain groups that that control or have certain interests which are very powerful and sometimes various powerful groups they find common interests together so you know like the the super institutions like the EU definitely find common interests with the wef and the definitely five common interests with the Deep State and the neocons in the US so I think they're absolutely there's there's some groups that finds common interests but I think as as far as people you know I live in Cyprus where 2020 I don't even know to 200 sorry 200 miles from from Israel 100 miles from Israel so for us it's you know we have a very good relationship with uh with Israel's we have a very good relationship with uh many uh Muslim and Arab countries as well because I don't think we we are about that stuff too much I think once again that it seems to me like a lot of that is is is a political Western construct yeah yeah I've seen scene I I've seen uh all of these different societies get along perfectly fine yeah perfectly fine and I remember walking into saloniki that thessalonik is actually a city which is which has roots not only in Christianity but also in Islam and in Judaism as well and uh you know those structures were built side by side and you know there were of course there are always problems in history you know in history you're always going to have wars and you're always going to have issues but for the most part I don't I don't think we should we should dwell our or harp on that too much from a political yeah perspective now people have different beliefs that's why I respect all beliefs but but I get very nervous when uh when we say that this this one group or country controls everything yeah it does it does seem very demonic to me when someone's obsessed with the Jews running the world and these sorts of things it seems demonic to me all of the um fanatical conspiracy conspiracy theories I'm not saying there's not truth in every conspiracy theory because there's obviously a lot of Truth in every myth Fable story LIE there's a lot of Truth in every lie um you know if it's a complex life it's a simple lie like black is white that's there's no truth in that but um you know these are very complex stories about uh you know these conspiracies about who's running the world these sorts of things but I think it is very demonic yeah but exactly I think what we're seeing is there there is a a group of people maybe five ten thousand people in the world maybe 20. it's not a very big group it's a group of people that have a lot of money but more importantly have an enormous amount of power now sometimes their interests align sometimes they don't I think now we're at a point in history where their interests do align Maybe by chance maybe by Design I don't know but their interests do align and this group of twenty thousand people they want to stick it to the rest of us and the rest of us is Christians without a doubt Jews without a doubt Muslim without a doubt atheists these people they don't they don't think like in the way that we perceive the world they think differently they just think of us as numbers cattle numbers yeah and if they have to use religion to divide us they'll use religions if they have to use race they'll use race if they have to use something else they'll use something else they don't care because they're not stuck on that how can we divide these people how can we control these people what are the levers that we can that we can push to control them to dumb them down to emasculate them to de-feminize them whatever it is can we use science can we use chemicals can we use religion can we use race they don't care what they're looking at is the goal their end goal of what they want this world to be and what they want this world to be is what you said they want a demonic type of world that's what they want they want a world where they're on top and everyone else is is set and stuck on the bottom and they want to dictate everything top down and people are rebelling against that in all kinds of countries all around the world and that's where we are today people say what's a globalist I say look Globe these people is you're looking at 20 000 people give or take that's it but these are 20 000 people with an enormous amount of power an enormous amount of power unfathomable to us we can't get in their heads because we just can't imagine what it must be like to be above the law and to have this amount of of money and power like these people have it's something that we can't relate to because it's it's completely foreign to us it's alien completely alien I often think about uh a huge Auditorium like for example America's Got Talent full of a huge audience of people who are just dying to be entertained it might be singing it might be dancing it might be an Illusionist magician who's going to wow them Mesmerize them hypnotize them and trick them basically and then they all applaud and they're all amazed how did they do that it's amazing it's amazing it's amazing well I think it's the same thing with this twenty thousand of elite so-called Elites or whatever they are uh they're at a different level they're operating at a different level and they have tricks and these tricks work they don't use the tricks that don't work they use the tricks that work right it's a very pragmatic religion Satanism it's very pragmatic this works that's what we're going to do like you said whatever works you know we can kill the food supply whatever it is um it's just very basic but the the funny thing is that at the bottom of the pyramid a lot of enablers are just applauding and they just can't wait for the next entertaining move by these hypnotists and these magicians and it's just so amazing and they're just in awe and they they sort of put on a pedestal uh their enemy really it's the enemy of their soul because they're gonna if they uh you know if the enemy has his way will end up in hell for all eternity so uh it's misguided to put it mildly it's misguided to applaud these people or to uh you know glorify them but I really do see it as a sort of a magic trick and it's just such a big scale like you said we can't even see if we wanted to see it and it's designed in such a way that they've thought of the contingencies they have a plan B they have a plan C they have a plan D they have a plan e and no they're not in control God's in control but God gives them a certain amount of control he's giving them rope to hang themselves with but just don't just don't let's not join in with the bad guys that's it's a very basic message that I give on my podcast just be a good guy don't be a bad guy and yeah you're gonna suffer but it's better to suffer now than later right yeah absolutely so what do you think of that hypnotist uh magic trick analogy does it have uh I think you're 100 spot on 100 spot on yeah and it's like you said they have tools at their disposal that we can't even begin to comprehend the lives that these people live and that's the truth it's it's something that we can't comprehend because they they operate at a level that is outside of our everyday world they just do there is no law for them they don't have to worry about money they don't have to worry about anything that what they're what they're obsessed with is Earthly control that's what they're obsessed with that's why all of these guys you know they live to to 90 or 95 or 100 sawdust types that live for forever exceeds because they don't want to move on to the next phase you know this is they understand that here they are this is this is the best it's gonna get oh it's sad it's so sad we have to pray for these people it's it's such a poverty I mean Mother Teresa said it best when she said the poorest people on Earth are the people the rich people in the west they're the poorest people she's ever met the rich westerners why because they're killing their young they're killing their young and the womb it's pathetic it's just it's a spiritual poverty and uh you know I think about Lazarus and the rich man and uh in the afterlife and the rich man was begging well can you at least save my brothers and send send me back because they'll convert if they see someone raised from the dead they'll convert but no I mean if they they have Moses and the prophets if they don't if they won't listen to Moses they're not going to listen even to uh come back from the dead so it's it's tragic it's tragic to think about even one person suffering in health but uh it's a reality and that's the sobering reality that allows you and me and even I would say the the true God-fearing Muslims and Jews and anyone else who fears the Supreme creator that allows us to have perspective on things messy things like politics right look you know power is a is a very uh I'm scared to death of of power and sometimes money it's very it's heavy it's very corrupting yeah it's very tempting it's very corrupting we power especially is very very good money brings power you know that's that's why even even when we get a little bit of power like when I get a little bit of power sometimes I have to say okay let's take a step back you know and then you know the power that I get is his miniscule compared to what some of these guys these sawdust types have uh you know this is this is stuff that that to us we just can't fathom you know what what it must be like for them to to have such uh such power over the world but uh that that is an illusion as well you know so their time it's fleeting exactly but they don't you know they're they're scared to death of it fleeting they know it too that's why you have all the transhumanism and all of these other things it's you know blood transfusions to keep me alive another five or ten years or whatever they they need to do this obsession with with with life here you know as a society we have become scared of uh and it's a scary thing of death yeah and it is a scary thing but um it didn't used to be like that people would accept it and I think people would accept it because people understood that uh that it's it's not the end yeah yeah uh there's a I am going to let you go soon but I wanted to get your perspective you're a very humble Man by the way I want to thank you for being so humble I mean uh you accepted to come on my shoulder you don't know me and you're uh you just sit down to earth humble very humble man I appreciate that I thank God for you um but um you know I want to talk just a little bit about the native situation we've got indigenous peoples all over the world but even here in Canada we have the native people and the pope recently came and apologized in some sort of way for the abuses that I'm sure there were abuses I don't know exactly what form they took there are always abuses in this Fallen World even if you're a religious person you still are abusing your freedom that's just the way it is in this Fallen World uh so you know I can appreciate the apology to a certain extent I don't know if it was misguided in other ways but in any case there is this situation where we have an image of the noble savage the people living in contact with the land in a very primitive way and we tend there's a tendency to romanticize the noble savage and the the indigenous peoples and to romanticize all of that and I'm prone to that and my wife is prone to that she loves the native peoples and the idea of it um not maybe realizing or wanting wanting to realize that they are are also selfish violent people when push comes to shove right as all humans can be but we can glorify and romanticize this uh noble savage and the Simplicity of the way of life and the low carbon footprint let's be honest the low carbon footprint of the the native peoples who are living in harmony really are living in harmony with Mother Earth let's face it it is a reality these people are not flying around on uh on jets these people are living a very low carbon footprint can you talk about the uh climate change religion and the reverence for the native peoples and then that flip side of the coin that I am alluding to here which is that yes they are uh noble people made in the image of of God and they do have a simple way of life and there is wisdom to be gleaned there and they are living in balance with nature for the most part more than we are in the west we're really we really are destroying uh the quality of air and water in many instances with our industry and all these sorts of things can you talk about that from your perspective because you know a lot about geopolitics and uh what's it mean I mean I I could talk more to the climate change yeah stuff even though I'm not an expert on that either but I can talk about it from a political perspective well just your own hunch like are you turned off by the climate change stuff or is it exaggerated or is it look my own hunch is that uh much of it is is once again about power and uh and centralization I mean I I don't think there's there's a desire from all of these these top level climate guys and gals all these people that are that are pushing this on on everybody I don't think there really is that desire to to fix the climate I don't think that's what that's what bothers them I think it's an excellent vehicle to obtain once again more power and control if you're focused more on the climate and the fear of the climate then I think you're gonna obviously be be less focused on on the spirit on the humanity and on God because you know you know our mind can only can only be focused on so many things at one time and so if this is your your big concern I'm not saying it's not a concern I'm just saying if this is your big concern then yeah you're gonna probably forget about the other things and I think they realize that and and even more so they realize that there's that this is an excellent mechanism to obtain more control over Society you know the the these renewable companies and eliminating fossil fuels and and all of these things to me is just a way to reconfigure the world so that it's more centralized under their control that's what it is you know it's a simple example is me getting in a car that uses petrol and driving anywhere I want that no one is really controlling me I can go wherever I want I can drive from here to to wherever no problem there's not going to be any any control over me there's no computer in my car none of that stuff but these new vehicles well these new vehicles you know everything's centralized somewhere you know they could turn off the switch they could stop your car at any moment right and you need the either and you have the the whole electricity it's and this whole computer on your dashboard and everything like that to me it's it's a very simple example and once again I'm not saying that electric cars are bad or good I'm just saying I look at stuff like that and I say that was freedom I could just get in my car and just go and it was me it was you know I've got the stick shift I'm working the pedals the clutch I mean I'm alive and now you have this let me press a button like probably okay it's easy and convenient but someone is controlling all of that it's not me and I think that's what they see in in the climate agenda and the renewable agenda I think they see a way to to take control more control onto themselves and I think you're looking at at a power elite that saw the old way of doing things which was the the Oil Barons that was one type of of elite class and they're saying you know what their day is over now it's our time but we're gonna do it we're gonna crank it up a notch because we're gonna have solar and wind and electric vehicles and we're going to have the mobile phones we're going to have the the information technology and the search engines so the these these uh these all Barons yeah they may have had the petrol cars yeah they may have had uh the engine or whatever whatever they had right they were doing all of these things and that was interesting they had some control of society just a little bit what we're gonna have I mean it's just full spectrum domination we're going to know every move you make we got you on GPS from your phone to your car to to wherever you go to the plane that you get on we've got it all locked out we know what you're typing into Google search we know the words that you're posting on social media so we're taking it to a different level and we're going to want your electric home too we want your home to be completely smart grid smart homes right the Smart Homes are going to make us dumb I don't want my home to be smart I want to be able to fix stuff I want it to be at a low level so I can you know use my hands and I mean that's also Godly in a way I mean that's you know God gave us these things you know God God gave us the ability to to fix stuff and to work through things you know we're we're giving that away we're giving away our Humanity yeah we really are and we're giving it away to we don't know who a bunch of people that sit in some central office some Tesla Central uh office that's controlling you know where we go and what we do and is seeing our car move on the map and there's okay there's Alex he's over there now okay I see him you know to me that's what climb that's what that's what this climate change agenda is really about you really want to take care of the environment I tell everybody even in Greece a lot of people go I'm environmentalist and then they take their cigarette and they throw it on the floor on the ground as they're walking but they're an environmentalist take care of your community of your neighbor Love Thy Neighbor take care of your neighbor take care of your streets take care of your town your village your city and then think about everything else you know Leonardo DiCaprio stops flying on a private jet then maybe I'll take him seriously but until then I don't want to hear it from him or or Gates or any of these guys what do you think of little Greta I've she's she's I feel bad for her you know we talked about childhood I feel like she's lost her childhood yeah I mean you can't get your childhood back yeah all of these children that are being led astray and and they're being children that are being you know fearful of the environment that to me that's a sin yeah yeah you're robbing them of their happiness by by instilling this fear that everything's gonna collapse and everything's gonna gonna fall apart maybe in 50 years or 100 years it will I don't know oh only God knows yeah only God knows what's what's in store for us 50 100 a thousand years from now yeah or two minutes from now yeah we're two minutes from now you've seen those videos of people collapsing uh strong athletes collapsing we don't know what the next minute holds look there's there's a lot of hubris of man the hubris of man the ego of man to believe that they can control all these things now maybe men can make a difference sure men can do some great things but um you know we need to we need to show more humility in this world and uh I think that humility starts once again at home we talked about the house and the home the community the house the whole to me that's that's that's my climate yeah keep things clean I make sure to take care of things around me these are things that I can control yeah you know the other stuff I can't control it the the the walk uh media would say that anyone who speaks out against the climate change or whatever they're calling it uh you know they would want to somehow imply that uh there's a human being a conservative right wing or whatever human being that would prefer uh dirty water to clean water and dirty air to clean air but it's not the case like we all want clean air we all want clean water and we all acknowledge you know it's basic common sense if you're dumping chemicals into the river the people that live Downstream they're gonna suffer I mean it's it's sad but true and we we all want less of that right yeah I mean the normal who doesn't want who doesn't want to drink clean water yeah I mean that's that's it's it's it's ridiculous who doesn't want a clean environment it's uh it's ridiculous it's a bit ridiculous to characterize the enemies of of the climate change agenda enemies of the environment yeah it's the same climate change guys in power though that are destroying Libya and destroying Syria and destroyed Iraq same guys there's no difference these are the same people that are lecturing us about climate oh yeah I wanted to ask you have you have you done just a napkin calculation of the uh environmental impact of all the new green technologies like is it is it a net Improvement or is it is it worse than the old school Technologies look at what they're doing today with in the EU with Russian gas and oil and because they've decided to sanction Russian gas and while they're trying to sanction Russian gas and oil they've now had to destroy their own environment Greece had to open up its coal factories had to reopen the coal factories and then they're going to lecture us about environment that's why that's how you know that they don't care about the environment they care about is they want to control the resources and Renewables gives them it's a shortcut it's like I can Hopscotch over oil and gas and all of these old traditional companies I can just bypass them right they just get to control the solar so let me just get them out of the way and then let me control everybody and of course I'm going to be a much better oligarch than those guys right I'm going to be a benevolent ruler of the world that's what they think though they think I'm going to be a benevolent ruler I'm not going to be like you know the the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the you know Carnegie these old old-school guys duh I'm gonna be good now I'm going to be loving to all the people they weren't enlightened as we are today yeah yeah that's what climate change is it's people like a simple way to look at the the elite and their obsession with climate change it's just a shortcut for them to get control of of our uh resources that's all it is so I mean you and I uh know there's another better world after death if God willingly make it to heaven but uh there is a lot of fear um that there might be an economic collapse that sort of the House of the whole house of cards comes crumbling down I'm not talking about an individual country here or they're going through rough times I'm talking about a complete economic collapse I've got a friend who's a Libertarian and he's worried about that I'm not worried about it but I'm curious what you think uh that uh how fragile is the house of cards in terms of Technology food supply chain how fragile is that in your estimation very very and I think now for the West it's irreversible the damage is not for the most part yeah I think the damage is done so starvation is coming to the West that I don't know I don't know what it's gonna be I don't know if it's starvation or I don't know if it's gonna be something like that but um we are going to see a paradigm shift and we are going to see a collapse in general of uh of Empire and of the collective West minutes here it's arrived it and it's arrived because of uh of multiple factors but the straw that broke the camel's back was the sanctioning of of Russia cutting off Russia because what Russia was Russia was the engine that powered the collective West and they'll never admit that because their narrative is that Russia was a gas station masquerading as a country and that's wrong completely this is why I say humility is important and hubris is devastating they believed that Russia was nothing more than than this gas station but what they fail to understand is that Russia provides a full spectrum of resources that we need to just live a basic life medals minerals fertilizer food gas oil Russia is top in all of those categories doesn't take much look at a map look at how big it is doesn't take much to to understand that this massive land mass is rich in many of the things that we need in our daily lives and the deal was over the past 50 50 years let's say ballpark the deal was Russia you're going to provide us with these things and we're going to build our industry and we're going to prosper and you're going to get compensated for this and we're going to build the Volkswagen to the BMWs and everything else and the Siemens and all these big companies and everything will be good and we're gonna have food and some Farms it's fine but uh they threw that out the window this year and I think that that's the strong remember we had other things that happened which we can't name on YouTube but um that was the straw that broke that broke the the camel's back and that's why the collapse now is is inevitable I I stopped a cop on the street a traffic cop and I just asked him about uh the seasonal illness that's been going around the past three years and uh he said oh no no that's over he said now it's Russia Ukraine so it's kind of like in his mind unless he was being silly and just being making a joke but I don't think so in his mind it's like we have this chapter in world affairs and we've changed now it's this is the program now it was just cut and dry for him which uh is mind-boggling because that's the perspective that all the right-wing conspiracy theorists have on bit shoot like my wife likes watching those um that's exactly what they would say but this is like a status quo member of society pillar of society cop and I don't know if you're aware of what's been happening in Canada with the the truckers protest in Ottawa and sorts of things and there's there's a public inquiry taking place which by law has to take place after the emergencies Act is uh implemented and such sort of thing but there's uh you know when it comes to the establishment and the police and the politicians and how that all works together you would know better than I would uh how that all hangs together but I mean if you're a cop and you're telling me like we've changed who changed Focus like on a dime you know uh that has implications like you have to think about what's what is going on you know keep people in fear keep them uh hysterical keep them worried yeah and uh we can just uh move on like nothing happened I hope so I mean I don't know I don't know what to hope for anymore other than just uh Mass conversions of they're they're obviously the people that are running the collective list are obviously on uh on a crash course that's where that's where they're heading they've they've lost their senses one decision is worse than the next oh it's spiraling spiraling yeah it's it's each decision they're making is is just is it's desperate at this point it's consecutively worse than the previous okay and and they can't turn it back they can't put a pause in it they can't stop they're they're just driving right over the cliff and that's exactly where they're taking us if not if not already over the cliff I mean you can look at countries like the UK yeah for example in Germany yeah they're already over the cliff um and they're on the way down now and there's nothing anyone can do about it there are no leaders anymore there's um there are no uh resources anymore they have no access to resources or commodities uh they they're the ones that have isolated themselves from the world you know they say that Russia's isolated or these countries no it's the reverse the West has isolated itself deliberately they've isolated themselves from everybody else from the entire 80 of the planet and the 80 of the planet is now waking up and they're saying this is our chance to break free from this system finally yeah we can be out of this system and that's why I'm saying all these leaders are Trudeau's they don't have a reverse gear yep well Steve they don't have it yeah it's just full steam ahead one bad decision after another after another after another they have no reverse gear if and there's no one around them to tell them stop you know someone should just tell Trudeau just pause it just put a pause for six months don't do anything don't make a decision don't make any decision at all zero let's put a pause in it so everyone can calm down uh-uh they can't do it you know my friend uh worked on a movie set a film set with Trudeau because Trudeau was an aspiring actor and I mean I don't want to disparage Trudeau's character he's a creature of God but um everyone disliked him on the film set and he was a bad actor and a bad actor in the literal sense like he's trying to act and he's not good at acting um and they just didn't like him like I mean and like there's no accounting for Taste and chemistry it's a very personal thing but whatever people didn't like him and uh my friend feels sorry for him he thinks that this guy's a loser and he's just he's just he you know he's just a puppet and he's just a loser like I mean uh uh it's just sad you know it's just really sad the other day he made a Trudeau made a joke I don't know if you saw it but like oh well my enemies say that the liberal media supports me too much for no good reason but they do have a good reason that's the 16 million I give them every year whatever it was like he thought that was funny you know and like I mean it's just it wasn't funny it was just it's not funny they don't have all these people in power they seem like they've gone through something traumatic in their lives and they and they lack the social skills and the empathy to to understand the world around them and they're making the decisions or at least they're the people that are being they're the channel for those decisions together the channel to to make the decisions and because they're probably forces that are above them that are telling them to make decisions these people they don't they don't understand the consequences of their actions or the consequences of these decisions they have no understanding that if I do a it's going to lead to B they just can't comprehend if I if I put truckers in prison well then number one it's not right what I'm doing is not correct you know we should allow people to protest or we should allow peaceful protest as to what happened in Canada but they can't they can't understand that their decisions down the down the road are going to have terrible destructive consequences for the country in general they can't think that far because they don't have that capability they just don't have it was there a time was there uh maybe I'm naive but I'm romanticizing the past and I'm thinking to myself there was probably a Time in some country somewhere probably here in Canada the us wherever just normal Western Christendom you know there was probably a Time correct me if I'm wrong where the people chose a reluctant leader to go and represent them in the government and this is a guy he's a good guy we know him he's he's got principles we're going to send him to represent our community and then the other community sends their best guy and then they make decisions about resources and how they're going to spend the tax money and these sorts of things and is that the way politics used to be or am I just naive to think that it was ever that pure and wholesome no I think the west and uh and the United States and Canada absolutely they had great leaders in the past government represented the representative government yeah absolutely you know Canada used to be the uh the best country when it came to diplomacy especially foreign policy and diplomacy you know it was always the Canadian diplomats that would negotiate it was always the Canadian diplomats that would uh that would be called on to to find peaceful solutions to various conflicts around the world it's all gone now it's all gone now Canada is is on the same exact course as all the other countries in the collective West which is escalate War weapons conflict just continue to to move in that direction there's no diplomacy there's no um no nuances there's no understanding the craft of foreign policy anymore no statesmanship or no statesmanship there's none of that that's that's God but yeah the West used to have tons of good leaders absolutely I'm not saying as people they who knows I don't know if they were good and I'm not saying there wasn't Wars either yeah but at least they were they were Statesmen they were leaders they had a position on on certain things they were able to to make tough decisions yeah well the the principle the Catholic principle of subsidiary I'm not sure if you're familiar with it or if you have such a thing in the Orthodox teachings but it's about power being allowed to flow down to the smaller levels so if a federal power can be delegated to provincial provincial to Municipal whatever down to the individual even uh so in the family like the father can be the head of the family and the mother can raise the children and the children don't run the home sorry they don't the children are not in control they don't decide uh it's the parents and uh you know there's that that whole trickle down of power and the people that have a higher level of power like a federal prime minister or president or whatever he's got very well defined but limited powers and I think that's the way that our Constitutions are designed with that subsidiarity built in but we've corrupted it we've lost sight of it and it's just uh sounds to me like you're saying it's sort of a thing of the past now is that right well it is the thing of the past it is I mean not now the powers of of our leaders are infinite it seems that's how it seems I mean they could they rule by by Fiat I mean they do whatever they want executive order for this executive order for that I can do whatever I want Satan was Satan wasn't lying when he said You shall be like Gods if you eat the fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil yeah I mean it's that that is where the West yeah that is where the West today the European Union is trying to figure out a way to seize Russian assets and they're saying it outright they're not hiding it the the leader of the EU said we a legal way to seize these assets what I'm saying is that they don't they're not even hiding their wickedness anymore it's it's pathetic it's out there it's out there for the world to see it and they're fine with it so uh the bricks thing is that a real thing with uh Brazil and I think South Africa is involved yeah is that a real thing is it uh India is it not yes it's a real thing it's it's not it's not such a it's not like like NATO or or yeah it's not so it's it's formalized but it's very it's a very loose Association of countries it's and there's no once again there's no centralization of you know this is what you have to do right in order to be part of of this group you have to act like this and be like this otherwise you don't get in it's not like that it's it's a very loose Association of countries with a common a common uh interest and goal is it a populist up is it swelling or something it's more of a I mean it's populist in the in the standpoint of you know as as Brazil I'm not going to dictate to India how they should okay nationalist yeah I mean it's not I'm not here to to pass judgment on you and you're not here to pass just I mean as bricks what we're looking for is we're looking for this this common economic goal or this common foreign policy goal and it's very broad it's not they're they're not sitting there micromanaging and telling the other country but so they need how they need to be but it's an opportunity for survival basically right like hey we can actually have an economy and we don't need to play ball with these morons right it's just a huge opportunity actually it is I would say right now bricks and and the other organizations that are springing up uh they are now the the dominant opportunities they they are the main players now you know NATO and all of these other organizations and institutions these are becoming things of uh of the past and people walked out of these organizations you know Turkey is interested now in in the in the SEO and it bricks in Iran and and Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia wow you know the US's number one Ally they're now saying we wanted to Bricks wow because they see that this is a place where I could find where I can engage in dialogue we can we have common interests but they don't dictate to me right how how my country should be run what is it true that South Africa is involved in that yes interesting we've been watching a lot of uh South African TV recently we really love the accent and the people seem based I'm sure they've got a lot of problems you know I'm not saying they don't have problems or crime and whatnot um by the way what is the accent of the other Alex it's a strange accent he has uh British oh is it is he yes he's in London yeah he's based in London okay okay he's but uh he's never lived in Greece uh he was in Greece as a child okay and then you moved to the UK do you have any personal experience with South Africa as a country the people or the culture a personal no but well actually it's not true I do have um a cousin in his family that they moved to South Africa at a young age they've been living there and he comes to sight person visits often there's a lot actually a lot of cypriots that um moved to South Africa and there's also a very uh a very strong South African Community here in Cyprus Greek and cypriot South African Community here in Cyprus so I mean if that counts for for having contact with with South Africa then maybe yeah the whole apartheid thing was that a hot mess like what how just in other Cliffs notes version what happened with all the apartheid stuff what is the overview of that uh probably not the best person yeah I'm probably not the best person to to give an overview of that I just I just don't know enough you did you did a little scene on a beach I think you said there was a a Scottish guy that had a bird uh was that in McKenzie yeah Cyprus it's a true story amazing my wife liked that story because I'm of Scottish Heritage he moved to to Cyprus and he opened up a beach bar and it was the only game in town and then all the cypriots they would just instead of the name of the bar whatever the name was they would just say let's just go to MacKenzie's bar and grab a beer and then some other businesses some other cafes and bars started to open up you know around him and now the whole area the whole Beach of the whole like Province over there like Cyprus is small but like the whole area now is just called the McKenzie area you want to rent the flat oh you're going to rent the flat of McKenzie area okay so I mean he's he's you know did you make a difference did you know there was a sort of uh there's a club that actually would meet when we lived in England there was a club that would meet it was married couples with one Greek and one Scottish uh member of the couple it's like a thing where Scottish and Greek they they seem to get along I I mean it works very well in my relationship is it something that's on your radar are you aware of the connection us uh Greek and Scottish Greek and Irish yeah yeah we have the same temperament okay and I would even say and I would even say Russian as well and Serbian because like even though the Russians may seem uh more not not as warm in the beginning it is the same temperament believe it is the same exact temperature so so Greeks and and uh and Scottish and and Irish and Greeks we we understand each other because we have that same fire fire but also there's there's a rationality in fire that's that the one balances the other ah well speaking of rationality and and the Scots you know what the Scottish Enlightenment did you study philosophy in any depth um I studied it but I wouldn't say I studied it in in I mean at a university level wasn't a passion no it wasn't an obsession no no it was not an a passion or an obsession okay but you know about the Scottish Enlightenment yes of that whether it's good or bad that's another question but there's definitely that intellectual thing yeah there's exactly that I think these are the things that that can help us you know relate these different cultures that's that's why you do see that often this this understanding between uh countries that are you know far apart it seems but yeah for some reason they just get along really really well it's pretty cool you know my wife's very proud as many many agree I won't say all but many many Greeks are very proud to be Greek very very proud if you've seen Have You Seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding yes how many times have you seen it uh they played on TV here all the time so if you're bored if you're bored you turn it on and you're like okay there it is is it still [ __ ] up enjoy the movie and you know I think I I think there's a lot of Truth to that movie actually actually a lot of Truth to that movie yeah a lot yeah absolutely I mean it exaggerates things but yeah and why shouldn't Greeks be proud of I mean all all countries and cultures they should you should be proud of where you come from absolutely there's nothing wrong with that were you proud of Canada with the truckers movement yes I was I I think Canadians have a lot to be proud of a lot a hell of a lot to be proud of but um you know they're trying to beat that out of them you know and travel it out of them with the horses yeah yeah that's that's a terrible thing like I said you know I I remember traveling the Greek Islands and you know when I was younger uh you know before airbnbs and all that stuff you would get on boats you didn't know where the boat was going to an island you're like okay let's let's explore this out I don't even know where I'm gonna stay but you'd be people from all around the world but it was always the Canadians that were the most proud it seems ah you know they would have like the Canadian patch the the flag the maple leaf on there uh they're a backpack or on their hat and you know they would always talk about Canada and how awesome it is and you know you would be on a five hour boat ride and you're listening oh that sounds awesome that sounds cool you know I mean I don't know if that exists today I I don't know I don't it would be a shame if this was lost yeah yeah well I was really really moved to Tears by the families the moms and pups and the kids along the sides of the highways on the overpasses those images just moved me to tears because why because they're wholesome normal people these are not tin hat wearing Fringe minority with unacceptable views no these are salt of the earth wholesome families now are they all Christian I doubt it right we're in Canada right but God loved them you know it's just amazing it's just amazing to see and when I see when I see regular normal people family men and women and children and you know workers blue collar workers whatever around the world uh in love with freedom and truth and Justice and and just basic basic values and principles it's very very moving and that's why I don't understand how the left who used to be all about the worker the little guy the people they're disparaging the people how does how did that get flipped on its head there is no left anymore I mean there's a left but not not in the halls of power the traditional left what it means to be a traditional liberal is over okay that's they've killed it the people they killed that the people that are progressive today woke today it's it's they're not left it's not left it's not no no no they're neoliberals they masquerade as left and I think that's deliberate I mean you have this like Squad these Progressive people that uh you know I I believe now whether they understand it or not to these people I don't even know if they understand it but um they're they're not traditional liberals they're they have they're no connection to what it means to be on the left or to be a traditional liberal a free speech um human rights traditional liberal that's not them they're neo-liberals once again they buy into the the neoliberal and neocon because it's always the same globalist Dogma they buy into the globalist Dogma they're part of that ideology I I personally I don't even like the word Progressive okay because I understand what it was meant to be but I think it's been hijacked as well and it's it's been taken on a completely different course I would prefer if there was a movement in the United States or Canada of people who would just say traditional liberal yeah I understand some people don't like the word traditional fine but if we can get back to a traditional liberal anti-war human rights and environment as well but in a good way in a good way all of these characteristics of what it meant Health Care um education education yeah that is a traditional liberal let's just get back to that and the world will be a much better place but were you surprised over the past three years because of certain events which will remain unnamed are you surprised like some people's True Colors were revealed and it's like oh this guy I thought he was like a radical whatever but turns out he's pretty based and this person I thought was bass turns out they're complete like a shill for the globalist The Masks came up yeah were you was it uh more in One Direction than the other like were you getting a lot more pleasant surprises than uh disappointments or more I think I was disappointed all the way around there were some pleasant surprises I thought they were some pleasant surprises but I I think at the end of the day just kind of confirmed for me that there is no such thing as a traditional liberal anymore I mean that's been that's been taken out of society I mean they're around but they're hidden well like you you adhere to those values I adhere to those values yeah you know uh anyone with common sense I think it adheres to the values that you mentioned that you enumerated right within moderation within reason like I mean obviously there's context and everything else um but uh yeah like when I see when I you know because there's a tendency among my small group of friends to see the Left Right dichotomy and I've always bulked against that um because they're all kinds of people that you thought were supposedly left or right or whatever but they agree on a lot of common sense things some of them and there are others on the left and the right that are just like you said they're just part of that top-down globalist nightmare they're enablers for that why anyone would enable that I have no idea do you really think that you're going to benefit from your allegiance to these demons you think you're going to benefit yes yes you did the answer is yes yes absolutely yes yes why because they can keep their job or they can advance their career different reasons but yes you can fit into society without absolutely if you grew up as an outcast you know that think about the whole that that may be in your heart I mean a lot of people are suffer suffering from loneliness and they feel like they're outcasts or they're misunderstood I can empathize with that it's a terrible feeling yeah I I don't want people to to suffer and I don't want people to feel like they don't belong in this in this world so yeah even the feeling of loneliness and this group of people these globalists whatever they are here they are they're taking me in I just have to show Allegiance I mean that's it's comforting that's powerful that's very powerful you know no one wants to be alone no one wants to be with themselves no one wants to feel like they don't fit in people want to belong to something people want to feel like they're they're they're they're doing something constructive or they're making a difference or they're going to to move up the ladder they're going to make money maybe they're going to get power maybe they'll be a big boss man who knows but yeah absolutely a lot of people believe that you know it's funny when we think about uh progressives and all these sorts of things I I don't I'm not sure if you're familiar with Vancouver but the whole Western North America thing there's a Vibe with the West California that Vibe you know liberal whatever um even though you don't like that word but um you know what I'm talking about right flaky whatever you want to say but in Vancouver Canada we my wife and I moved there we're looking for an apartment and we went to the most Progressive or whatever you want to call it neighborhood because everyone told us that's the cool neighborhood and we saw these posters for apartments but it said uh you know we're open-minded and you have to be open-minded and you can't smoke you can't drink you can't eat meat you can't eat animal products you can't you can't be like like there was literally a big list of what it is to be open-minded and if you don't meet all of these criteria you're not open-minded and you're not welcome do they not see the irony of this do they not see it nope no they don't no they don't but it's it this was years ago this was years ago and uh it's sort of it's sort of the world we live in now that's kind of dominating here in the west like here in Canada those are the rules it's uh for them you you want to be in the club these are the rules you I believe that you do a clown world uh little shout out for the clown world of the day or something like that what motivated that because I've heard this floating around uh the clown world is it is it just simply like how ridiculous the world is yeah it just kind of came about I just started to do the walking videos and uh I've been doing that for a while now and off and on and it finally got traction the the format that I used to present the news and I just saw the Ridiculousness of of so many stories that I said this is a clown world and then people liked it I said okay well maybe you know God knows I have a lot of material to work with I mean you know it's like an abundance of material so yeah this is something I could talk about every day just how ridiculous the world is becoming and just kind of highlight that what is your relationship with your uh I don't know if we call them listeners fans viewers uh the people who follow your your work uh what's your relationship like do you get a lot of emails do you respond to your emails what's happening I I try I get a lot of emails I try to respond to them I I fall behind at times because it's just I just have so much stuff on my plate but if you build have you built pen pal relationships with a couple of people where you're constantly some some people yeah I mean some a lot of people absolutely you know I mean I go through the comments that's not a secret I I read the comments I try to reply to to as many comments or at least one or two comments if I can if I have the time at least try to reply to some comments um after you do enough videos I mean I've done thousands of videos on the Duran in my channel and after you do so many videos absolutely you see how do you recognize your patterns absolutely can you recognize a troll or an antagonistic lunatic yeah that's easy yeah I get a lot I get a lot of people I mean you know the work that I do I'm paid by the Kremlin I'm a putage shield um you know I mean I I get that a lot um you get the other ones too I mean people criticize you on your looks they criticize you on the way you talk uh everything they have everything I mean you're out there and people just just bash on you Non-Stop no it's hilarious so uh I mean you would think that there'd be some uh Greek lady out there watching that would send you a little uh slide into your DMs and say hey let's go for a coffee and hasn't happened I I'll look I mean you know like I said I I don't or do you only have men listening no no no I mean I'm like I said in general I'm a very shy person okay not very shy I'm moderately shy moderately shy but uh that's why I love to do the videos because for me it's I mean it sounds strange to say it but for me it was it's kind of like God telling me it's okay to just this is how I'm gonna break you out of your your bubble right and I'm gonna force it on you but I'm gonna break you out of your bubble and it's worked it's worked and it's been a blessing it's been an absolute blessing um to just walk around and do videos sounds strange but it's simple that's what I love about it simple and that's that's something that I love Simplicity but no I don't I don't have I mean living in Greece it's a very difficult dating environment and um I I don't know I haven't I haven't been lucky there to be honest I would love would love to to uh um to get married and have a family sure I think that you know to me I think that's the ultimate yeah that is that is what that is the the greatest thing a man can do is that yeah no career money on the greatest thing a man could do is that yeah yeah but uh you're not the only one uh struggling I've got I know lots of people are struggling with that and I'm married but I don't have children which is sad but that's just the way it is um but a lot of people struggle even to take that first step to meet someone that they like or love or whatever like I mean I I met my wife and I was just you know overwhelmed like I was just it just happened you know it's just something that happened and hopefully the same thing will happen to you and all my single friends that are trying to find love but it's it's very mysterious it's in the hands of God like you said and uh you know um but you know the the whole demographic online can be very toxic with a lot of frustrated young men and a lot of uh Angry Men and stuff like that so you're probably you're probably seeing a lot of that uh these uh the technology has has made it harder not easier yeah you would think it would make it easier and maybe there was like a a time when like maybe a a couple of years where it was easier for like a small sliver of time it was easier probably to meet people but that that's kind of evaporated now and that's become infinitely harder to uh to connect with people I mean to really connect yeah so it's been great meeting I'm really uh excited to make your acquaintance I hope you come back sometime in the future we'll chat some more uh just reach out anytime give my love to the other Alex as I like to call him and absolutely oh my wife's gonna be thrilled to watch this back she never watches any of my content okay but she's gonna watch this one she watched I uh she watched Pastor Archer pavlovski's I had him on you know about him yes absolutely absolutely I consider him like a an old school real Christian like uh you know in the jaws of the lion there and uh it's just it's just amazing to see the people that are fighting for truth it is uh it's we're living in interesting times I guess we could put it that way right yeah the most interesting the most interesting times the change is coming big changes are coming I don't know if you ever heard rumors about the marker the Beast and the end is an ear and all these sorts of things we always hear about this yeah you don't take that stuff too seriously I I I don't I I don't know about about that stuff I in general I don't want to to go too too much into into fear and despair yeah yeah it yeah you know at the end of the day you know God is is for me for me God is in control and I'm a terrible human being I know that but I hope that everything works out for everybody and and I believe it will whatever may come and things are going to be tough they're going to be very very hard you remember very difficult times ahead you remember Dr Zev zelenko or whatever his name was do you remember the name he passed away yes he had a very simple uh presentation of the Gospel or whatever from his Jewish perspective which was a quote from the Old Testament do good and avoid evil it's just pretty basic just do good like you know serve God and do good and avoid you it's pretty it sounds pretty easy right but I heard a Protestant uh preacher on the radio the other day he said living the Christian life is not difficult living the Christian life is not difficult it's impossible like Jesus said for man it's impossible but with God nothing's impossible so that's that's the difference like it's when you realize like you said I'm a sinner and it's only by the grace of God that I'm going to be saved it's it's that's it you know it's only by the grace of God that we can do good works it's only by the grace of God we can go to church or pray or or have hope even to have hope right yeah absolutely and the hope is Hope is the most important and remember that despair is a sin even to despair of the Salvation of our enemies and I keep telling my wife you have to love your enemies you have to love the pope even though she hates him you have to love truth oh you have to love Sorrows you have to you have to love these people you don't have to like them you don't have to like them you shouldn't like them but you have to wish them well you have to hope that they'll see the light and they'll end up in heaven with us right so absolutely absolutely tricky that can be challenging yeah but it's not impossible as you said for us maybe it's it's impossible but for God it's not impossible so no longer I live but Christ who lives in me that's what that's the goal that's the goal so I really hope to see you in heaven and maybe I'll even see you again on my podcast thank you so much absolutely God bless you thank you very much take care thank you for inviting me love you bye take care bye