CVS Live - 2021-12-17 - Authority Part 6 (Reaching Out)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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okay i'm live again i'm back for a really quick one today just a quick update uh the on going drama with the introduction of the vax pass for churches it was unveiled last night sent out a couple of emails today and i got a couple of responses my one of my favorite i guess the uh the head priest there i forget what they call it the abbott or the picker or whatever his name is whatever his title is um anyway he responded to my email i expressed concern about the vax pass and he said he's aware of the situation he's had a lot of concern expressed by his parishioners and technically it's not a it's not a parish it's a chapel but group a devote group of catholics that attends that particular chapel and so he's heard the concerns and he's he regretted to inform me that the fines the financial huge that they really can't risk it so they're going to have to find a workaround and he assured me that those up above him in the hierarchy are sensitive to the issue to the problem to the concerns and that they are trying to find a solution so that's encouraging i appreciate that and i don't expect but i appreciate the effort i appreciate the we'll see what happens the other good news is that i have a fixed appointment now with the fssp priest i'm sorry the other day i called it fpps or something like that but it's fssp the fraternity the priestly fraternity of saint peter church is i think it's the only one one of maybe two that do the traditional latin mass on the island of montreal i've been there once didn't really enjoy it but i'm willing to go back give it another try and i've had a couple of back and forth emails with them and the appointment is fixed for monday i told them i'm not vast am i allowed in the church i'm not vaxxed and they said just come to the office next door the parish office and you'll be welcomed there vast or not so it's encouraging i'm gonna at least get to sit down and speak face to face with what should be uh i would imagine should be s centrist politically or slightly right of center politically priest and i hate to even think about politics but it's entered into the church the smoke of satan has entered into the church as saint pope paul vi famously said the smoke of satan has entered the church politics is in the church the church is corrupt meaning the members of the church are corrupt the church is a perfect society with all the means of salvation and the church is one holy catholic and apostolic it's holy it's not corrupt it's holy but the members are corrupt myself included first and foremost so because of the corruption and because the smoker satan has entered the church we're reduced to a sad situation where we have to think about this priest is left cleaning that priest is right leaning and this one is centrist and that one is purely and simply catholic meaning he's good and holy man good and holy catholic right but for the rest of us we're characterized as left or right or centrist or whatever because politics has sullied everything even the church in the case of the church it's a super official besmirching and the uh the damage done is done to individual members it's not done to the mystical bride which is already reigning in mary in heaven right the purification here below is ongoing and mary is our hope in heaven she's the model of the church and she's there now body and soul representing the church what the church is and what it shall be and the purification that takes place here below is a burning off of the dross so uh when we think about the depressing elements of the worldliness and those in authority that cave to godless secular authority we have to think about the purification that's taking place and christ is one flesh with his church and christ is constantly being oppressed and tortured scourged crucified and killed and then he rises right this is constantly happening at different levels in different places and times and sort of like what do they call those drawings where it repeats like a fractal fractals we were all the rage back in the 80s and 90s those drawings of patterns within patterns and it repeats at different scales so we see the suffering death and resurrection of the church happening at all times in all places like a fractal you see the pattern repeating different scales and pattern within pattern repetition of that same motif so i'm feeling a little bit better today i should never lose heart if i do succumb to despair it's only because i'm a sinner and if i were a saint i would not succumb to despair at all that much is clear i don't have much to add to this i'll keep you posted if there are any other developments like i said this is very quicky today just monitoring the situation and i'm hoping to get updates constantly so i can keep you abreast of the situation here in quebec in the catholic church and in my own case with the abuse that i suffered at the hands of a security guard at the oratory i don't expect much to come of it but when there are updates i'll keep you posted in the meantime if you would remember me and mine in your prayers and remember montreal and quebec and canada and north america and the whole world in your prayers i would appreciate that we're going through a tough tough time in the catholic church and uh we all need to pray for pope francis for the cardinals bishops priests deacons and the lay faithful and everyone and for the non-catholics and for those who don't have the privilege of being called christians we need to pray for everyone because we're all in the same boat and we all need the same thing so that's it thanks for listening and uh take care of yourselves we'll talk soon i'm gonna do my fundamentals a lot next stay tuned stay tuned take care god bless

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