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My brother Nikola went on the openly anti-Catholic Watchman Ministries podcast to chat with host Andre Rose. This will be a reaction to some highlights. You can watch the entire talk here: is scheduled to appear on my podcast next Friday, 8pm EST. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

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okay I am live I'm here all on my lonesome I'm gonna do a little reaction video my friend Nicola sent me a this chat that he had with Andre over on Andre's Channel on YouTube I'll put the link in the description there it's Watchman Ministries so I'm just gonna I've edited the entire video I compressed the sound so the levels are a little better matched between Andre and Nick Andre was a bit quiet so at the same time I chopped it up and chopped it down so it's just basically highlights uh but let's just start and see what we've got here before we get um started started I would just like to say a quick prayer if you don't mind yeah in the name of the father son Holy Spirit I renounce Satan and all of his minions and I ask for the guidance and the covering of the Holy Spirit and the precious blood of Jesus Christ to soften our hearts and guide us into your truth O Lord in the name of Jesus Christ amen amen so a nice little prayer there by Nick um I put little breaks in between so I can give my commentary so I've just uh gonna let it run now and see what happens so I guess a question I have for you is offhand right away that you could think of when it comes to Catholicism or the Catholic Church what bothers you the most or what stands out the most that you're just like nope well there's a lot of things um I was raised in the Catholic church by my parents and my grandparents and but none of them were serious about their faith uh yeah just inoculated into uh infant baptism during my first christening um first confession first communion all that stuff didn't understand anything that I was doing yeah so as is the case with a lot of anti-catholics um Andre himself was raised Catholic and he wasn't happy with it uh you know I only fear bad Catholics because they're you know it's the fall of the greatest is the worst as they say it's like if you're not fulfilling I'm not accusing Andre's parents and grandparents of being bad Catholics but I'm just saying that people like uh Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau who claim to be Catholic they're the worst I fear them because they're giving Catholicism a bad name I can't speak for Andre and his parents and grandparents obviously but um this is why Scandal is so dangerous and why it's such a grave sin but we have to remember that there's active scandal uh where you cause someone to falter in their faith and then there's passive Scandal where you allow yourself to be scandalized you allow yourself to have a spiritual fall you submit you succumb as Saint Thomas Aquinas said you succumb willingly to a spiritual downfall and that is a grave sin too so we have to remember that and yet my mom's really hard about it and my dad was really against it but my perception now and knowing now uh what the Catholic Church stands for uh and his doctrines are are not lined up with the Bible okay so you're claiming Andre you're claiming that now you understand what the church teaches and what the doctrines are and that those doctrines and teachings do not align with your interpretation of the Bible so we're gonna get into this a little bit further on the pope for example being the Vicar of Christ that's not his authority and that's not scripture yeah it's by the authority of God God ordained that in Salvation history we would have uh the second person incarnate take on flesh suffer and die for our sins build a church Ascend into heaven send the Holy Spirit to be the soul of the church and to guide us into all truth right and that the church would be the pillar and foundation of the truth and the church is the mystical bride of Christ and the mystical Body of Christ that was ordained by God not by man it's not a man-made religion it's ordained by God for our greatest good Mary being Mother of God and being an intercessor for Saints that's not scripture either oh boy so yeah we're um I'm going to I don't know if you know but I'm going to be talking with Andre this coming Friday he's going to come on my podcast he may simulcast it on his Watchman Channel but I'm gonna have to get down drill down into this issue of the authority The Authority by which we have the Canon of scripture and all these classic arguments from Authority and to try to figure out why he's seeking to place the scriptures uh as his source of infallible Authority when he denies the church that gave him those scriptures that canonically they Define the Canon infallibly so on Friday I'm gonna have to make a point of drilling down on this issue so he's looking in vain for the obvious passages in Scripture that would explicitly spell out the distinctive Catholic doctrines that have been developed over centuries right using reason using expanding organically on those infallible truths that are contained explicitly Within these scriptures and he's also ignoring the tradition the sacred tradition which is the second part of the Sacred deposit of faith so it's not just the scriptures we also have the oral tradition and he's completely ignoring that as most anti-catholics do there's the rosary there's uh the changing of the Ten Commandments yeah so we're going to get into the rosary a little bit later the Ten Commandments uh I'm glad that he believes in the Ten Commandments he's got some disagreement about the numbering the augustinian numbering that we use is uh testify to in Tradition throughout tradition there are two different ways of numbering The Ten Commandments it's completely immaterial has no bearing on the the substance of the Ten Commandments that we are bound to in the Catholic faith the Bible is inerrant we believe as Catholics so there's no heirs in it but it's the correct interpretation that is in errands exactly he nailed it here my friend Nicola because uh give a million Protestants a million Bibles even if you give them the same version in the same language you're going to get a million different interpretations of each uh each essential saving truth right because there's no Central Authority outside of the church and private judgment is nothing more or less than rebellious Pride leaning on your own understanding so yeah so there's a specific meaning when it comes to when Jesus said call no man father and I believe that that's what could happen when we um use our private judgment and fallible interpretation of the Bible that we can get lost sometimes and be far from the truth yet reading the Bible exactly so a lot of non-catholic Christians will say call no man father and they have such a broad interpretation of that at uh we're not allowed to call our spiritual fathers in the faith father and that's just so much hogwash and it's completely unfounded in Tradition there's no there's no basis for that interpretation the Catholic church is the only denomination that anoints priests and Cardinals to be called father well we have the Eastern Orthodox Churches uh the anglicans even though they don't have true Order anymore the sacrament of order they've strayed too far now um nonetheless they do have uh the uh they do use the term father I believe for their so-called priests you know how there's gurus and whoever these you know random people going by their own teaching and and people bowing to them and looking at them as their father that's who Jesus is condemning he's saying but if you're following Christ now you have become a father to them in Christ Jesus you know and that would be the teaching of the Catholic church that they're just continuing on what the apostles were doing exactly because as I always emphasize the answer to every question is Jesus Christ so what is the church the church is Jesus Christ what is the word of God it is Jesus Christ and what is the priest the priest is Jesus Christ what is the Pope the pope is Jesus Christ it's alter Christus another Christ what is a Christian the Christian is Jesus Christ now it's a process it's a process that is messy and ugly and their weeds among the wheat and wolves among the Sheep so we can't just look at someone's Roman collar and say oh this person is fulfilling they're calling to be Christ no but that is the ideal that is the goal that is the mission that's the calling and God Alone can judge the heart to know if that particular man wearing that Roman collar and calling himself a Catholic priest God Alone knows the heart of that man if that man has in fact died to self and is living in Christ but that is the goal is there a correct interpretation of the Bible somewhere and if so where where is that correct interpretation where do we get it from Andre Rose and the Watchmen podcast right no of course not this is the thing we have a church Christ did build a church he did build a church he built one and only one church and so Nicholas question here is devastating to any non-catholic Christian where is your source of Authority for interpreting the scriptures where is the true interpretation where is it where is the true interpretation of the scriptures and I would go even further and I hope to go even further with Andre when I talk to him God willing on Friday I'm going to ask him if he doesn't have the inerrant version of the Bible and he will be forced to admit that he does not have it and he's never seen it he's never touched it he's never read it if that's the case and he will be forced by me to admit it live on my podcast next Friday if the questioning goes as I hope it does uh so if he doesn't have that then what is he left with if the Bible is is his infallible Source the only thing he can say is that he's guided personally directly by the Holy Spirit and that's what he's going to say in this video when we continue Jesus said that I'll give you the comforter he is the spirit of Truth and he will lead you into all truth and you knew you not need any man to teach you anything I will reveal it to you Paul said the same thing in Ephesians 1 that I pray that God would give you in Christ Jesus the revelation of the knowledge of the understanding of your calling that your eyes would be enlightened so it's all personal relationship with God if you're truly seeking God one on one God will reveal God will manifest himself to you exactly so Andre doesn't believe in Pope Francis because Andre believes only in Pope Andre Pope Andre Rose of the Watchmen podcast okay so the people who are anti-pope who Pope bash and who hate the pope and think that the pope is Antichrist they are Antichrist they are Antichrist because they hate the pope because they are antipope they are they've made themselves a false Pope it's the case in 100 percent of non-catholic Christians 100 I'm not saying that 100 of these people know that that's what they're doing but that is what you're doing if you reject the Vicar of Christ you have rejected Christ period um I do have to say I agree I at least agree with you for sure that you teach to follow the Commandments that's very important man um I don't understand a lot of these Protestants when they say you don't have to follow the Commandments that's pretty scary to say you don't have to do nothing for God you don't have to you know that's you're saved no matter what you do that's I I believe that's even it could be considered a demonic teaching because it just pushes you to your sin is that even more yeah eternal security and that you could um still sin freely just because your quote-unquote saved you know yeah I know yeah I don't agree with that either so I'm glad that this particular gentleman um I believe he's born again I think that's the denomination that he uses the label for his Christian Community and the label for his true man-made Traditions they call themselves born again I believe uh he doesn't seem to realize that every Christian every true Christian is born again through baptism but in any case I'm glad that he is not a once saved always saved Christian who thinks that we don't need to strive to strive for virtue and self-mastery the question is do you still sin as of now would you say you still sin as of now today I have not sinned no wow I wish I could go five minutes without sinning uh I get accused of being scrupulous I'm not scrupulous but I'm very aware of how easy it is to offend God and many non-catholic Christians seem to be oblivious to the infinite Dignity of God and to human Frailty and the concupiscence that and the pride that dwells in our hearts it's uh I think it's pretty clear if you want to seek out passages in the Bible that talk about the human heart and the corruption of the human heart I think it's pretty easy to find those passages if you're interested so what do you what do you mostly do about Sin when you feel like you have sinned and what do you what do you do about it usually Jesus says if you confess and forsake your sin you will obtain mercy and forgiveness so that's what we do we have to confess our sin and we have to forsake our sin absolutely yeah but we have a church that teaches us to not only confess directly to God that's good that's fine but at the first opportunity to go to sacramental confession with a priest okay there's a good reason for that faith without works is dead I was happy to hear this uh most of the Protestants that I meet would disagree but I I understand that this is connected intimately connected with his pursuit of virtue to die to self and to live in Christ is a work and he's working on himself with the Ten Commandments and so uh very proud of him will encouragement to continue with that do you see any errors in the Catholic denomination um yeah it's it's full of errors in one sense but here's the claim we have a section that's infallible and and the infallible section are simply the dogmas what we need to know when it comes to faith and morals to be to be saved and how to live yeah he did a pretty good job of uh summarizing that succinctly Nicola did it's uh uh maybe a little bit misleading because we have to we owe a cent of heart and mind okay intellect and will we owe a complete and perfect Ascent to the living magisterium not only on the infallible teachings but on the fallible teachings as well so that's something that I think should be emphasized but it's not a big deal that Nicola didn't mention that particular part he's emphasizing the Dogma the infallible darkness and that's fine so and and I feel like that's one misconception a lot of people get that they'll say Catholics believe the pope is sinless no that's not true actually he's a very sinful man I'm gonna go that far I think he's a holy man I think he's a good and holy man a very very holy man that's that's my impression that's my belief and uh in any case I'd rather err even if that weren't my sincere belief I would strive for that sincere belief because it's a it's a more Pious position I wouldn't go around calling the pope a very very sinful man uh even if you read Saint Catherine of Sienna how she treated the um what most referred to as a bad Pope today the Pope in Avignon that she was chastising that was she was trying to get him to go back to Rome uh if you read how she very delicately and with uh great and sincere respect she treats this man calling him our sweet Christ on Earth uh that will give you a good example of how to treat the Vicar of Christ okay the Catholic Church used to be part of the state in Europe it had power and are you familiar with uh the Catholics that would kill people who did not come to church this sounds very bizarre um first of all the church is not part of the state not now not ever okay there's sovereignty that God has and there's an absolute Primacy that Christ has and that gives Christ lordship kingship sovereignty whatever you want to call it over politics and everything else okay so uh the social kingship of Christ is sometimes called uh it's real okay it's a Catholic that's the Catholic teaching it's reality it's not some hypothetical uh fantasy it is reality and if you understand metaphysics if you know who and what God is then you wouldn't be questioning this at all and as for the people that were killing uh their fellow Catholics for not coming to church or for killing non-catholics for not coming to church this is the first first time I've heard of it I'll be asking him about that on Friday uh Rome before before Jesus they had their own statues and they had their pagan gods and they had their Pagan Traditions including Sun worship today to the and and to this day uh the Roman Catholic Church is um is is is guilty of sun worship the worshiping Lucifer the Sun God are you aware of that uh no we do not worship the Sun uh other than to say we see the worth of the sun we see the worth of the dung beetle we see the worth of every part of God's creation so if you want to use that broadest use of the word worship then sure we worship the son we worship all of creation we see the worth of it it's good God created it and he said it's good okay so if you want to use Worship in that very broad non-technical sense sure we worship the Sun and the Moon and everything else okay but we do not worship the son as God and we do not venerate the Sun as a saint right so uh you claim to understand what the Catholic doctrines are but you clearly you don't and then uh what was the other thing that he said there I can't remember but uh it's just stuff and nonsense completely ridiculous yet they worship of the Sun I can't remember what the other part was everything is is is is revolved around Jesus Christ it's in in the teachings it doesn't say anything about worshiping a son it's condemned actually we could only worship Father Son and Holy Spirit we could venerate and honor Saints and there's a special honor for Mary but cannot worship nothing but God Almighty Father Son and Holy Spirit yeah I sent my friend Nicola just a little reminder email uh that we do worship Mary and the Saints and that the technical word for the worship that we owe to God and to God Alone is adoration or latria but uh we really have to get in the habit get back in the habit of reappropriating the Catholic term Worship in its proper meaning I just posted something on Twitter about the worship of the Saints and someone tried to correct me a Catholic tried to correct me that it was a misuse allegedly a misuse of the word worship but no it's not it's the proper use go and learn what the church teaches about the three forms of worship and you'll understand latria hyperdulia and dulia that's right you guys that a cigarette or a pen in your hand nope cigarette I smoke yep you ready to condemn me yes good now oh I know it's not good I know it's not good but good idea read me the second commandment so hang on a second let's rewind this because we just talked about eternal security did we not yeah okay and you just confessed that you know it's not good but you do it anyways the Bible says that that is sin if you know not to do it but you do it anyways that's sin you're living in willful sin right now you know I'm trying to quit every day and I haven't got there yet you're living in willful sin okay wait you just said though we talked and you said you sinned a few days ago as well correct I sent a couple weeks ago yeah yeah okay well that's sin you're working are you right you're working on it I Repent every day and ask God forgiveness and to help me quit and help me oh so that one's not good enough but yours are okay that's that's not being consistent brother it's not oh boy this believe it or not this conversation about the cigarettes is going to dominate the so-called interview or this chat it's going to dominate for I don't know how many minutes like uh maybe an hour of the hour and a half is spent on the sinfulness of smoking cigarettes it's absolutely ridiculous it's it's a joke and I went and looked up Saints who smoked and popes who smoked one of my favorite popes who's a saint is Saint Pope John the 23rd he was a smoker okay is it uh ideal is it perfect no it's not is it a venial sin yes it is okay but only a fool would think that they're free from venial sin only a fool would think that they are free from venial sin when he said I have not sinned today he was uttering foolishness hubristic nonsense okay you don't understand what V Nielsen is and how easy it is to offend god with the smallest things with the smallest attachments the smallest Pride that flares up that Wells up even in this conversation on both sides both sides include myself included are talking are as we're absorbing the ideas of our ideological opponent we are full of pride because we assume that we are right and the other person is wrong okay now there is a right side and a wrong side when it comes to Catholic versus non-catholic there is but both sides are full of pride in this Fallen World period so I can't go five minutes without sin and to claim that you've gone a full day without sin is laughable it's cute it's naive and I envy the non-catholic Christian because of how insensitive they are to sin but it's still it's still a weakness it's it's a lack of perfection it's a lack of self-knowledge you cannot get to heaven if you don't know yourself and if you think you've gone all day without sinning you do not know yourself you know it's sin but you do it anyways uh you're messing with fire because you're not denying yourself you can't help but to enter into this temptation temptation is not of God the tempter is G is the devil oh boy so yeah a couple things I want to say first of all if you have a habit a bad habit as we all do hello we all have bad habits many many bad habits most of which we're unaware of so these habits they actually lessen the culpability if you understood the teachings of the church the teachings excuse me the merciful teachings of the god man Jesus Christ if you understood them you would know that there are attenuating circumstances and addiction is one of those now how did you get addicted you got addicted through sin okay but every time you spark up your cigarette when you're addicted to cigarettes it's not the same sin it's not the same as it was when you first said yes to Satan and you got addicted it's different okay it's it's mitigated by the addiction now you're still responsible but if you're if you have as Nicola has repented of this his past sins including the past sin of saying yes to Satan to start smoking then the act of smoking day by day it's merely venial it's merely a venial sin and he's fighting it and everything is Grace and my grace is sufficient for you that's what Christ told Saint Paul and Saint Paul wanted a thorn removed Christ said no keep keep your addiction suffer with your addiction it's a reminder to you it's a thorn in your sight it's a reminder to you it's humbling you so don't enjoy it don't enjoy the cigarette for the cigarette's sake but enjoy the suffering of being aware of the fact that you're weak enjoy being humiliated and humbled by your addiction okay because my grace is sufficient and I will not remove the thorn from you so that's what the addiction is at this point it's been forgiven it's a venial sin only and full Mastery of self is rare it's a gift of God and in the meantime you have to accept that Christ's grace is sufficient for the moment you're kind of acting as if you don't um sin when I'll tell you now if you dig a Little Deeper you'll find a lot more sins such as lust slothfulness gluttony are you telling me in your heart you have none of those no none okay well it's unbelievable like I said before I'm in awe an admiration of these Protestants it's such a nice place to be it's a beautiful place to be ignorance is bliss wow I know I was raised Protestant and I was raised in a very Loosely Protestant home and it was very very liberal denomination the United Church of Canada where they today have quote unquote ordained atheist ministers it's a bit of a joke this is Protestant sect but back in the day it wasn't quite so loose but um you know I had a naive Faith growing up I had a naive Faith uh this Pro Loosely Protestant faith that I had and oh how sweet that innocence is and so I in a certain way I am jealous of these non-catholic Christians because wow it's just so easy and it's uh it's a real Delight to be ignorant and to have that Veil first John chapter 3 it says that he who sins is of the devil because he has been sinning since the beginning and there's no truth in him but he who is of god do with righteousness he who was born of God does not sin and there's your fallible interpretation again taking that as if we can't we won't sin no more how are you going to say that when you admit you still sin no I don't I don't live in habitual sin you're living in habitual sin well like I just told you the habitual sin is less grave it's less serious so if this uh young man knew what he was speaking about he'd hold his tongue when it comes to removing the speck from nikola's eye when he's got a log in his own eye right the habitual sin is not a willful sin that's the whole point of the of the bad habit the addiction right it reduces the the full consent of the will that's the whole point what's habitual mean willful you're living in willful sin you just said you're addicted ha you should stop Andre you should stop and think about what you're saying because you're saying the exact opposite of what you think you're saying okay it's funny has agreed crept in in any kind of way um and in your heart as slothfulness has gluttony again no never no when I say those don't come in your heart the Holy Spirit convicts me of sin immediately and I have to go and fall on my face because I know that I'm doing wrong against God okay and you just smoked a cigarette you're not crying on your face because you're not convicted of the sin you're not hello so not only is he's sinless well his sins aren't that important because he has the the holy spirit that makes him repent right away but he's righteous and uh it's interesting it's interesting thinking about his infallible interpretation of the Bible is due to his connection his relationship with God and His connection with the Holy Spirit and it's the same thing with his sinlessness and his righteousness he has a direct pipeline to the Holy Ghost and so he has an immediate uh and direct relationship with God whereby his his righteousness is maintained because he can get a notification from the Holy Spirit oh you just sinned okay fall on your face with tears okay now you're cleansed now you're righteous and you know he can pick himself up and just continue being self-righteous and he can pick up his Bible doesn't matter which translation it is which edition how many errors and missions and additions are in it he's going to get the god-given interpretation and it's going to be spot on okay so this is the non-catholic tradition this is the tradition of man where each man is a pope each man has a direct charism of infallibility and how you take that seriously I have no idea it's naive it's cute it's funny uh it would be fun to live that way but uh if we are mature in our faith we won't we won't make any of those claims those are absurd claims to make especially for a Christian if you think about if you stop and think about it think about what you're saying take a moment and really think about what you're saying is it humble or is it prideful you believe in the Trinity or no well I don't believe in the Catholic Trinity because Mary has nothing to do with God she was not in the beginning with God and she is not the co-redeemer that's what their Traditions declare she is called Redeemer and she's co- she's the mediatrics of all Graces and she has many titles I think there are four uh a fourth of which is yet to be uh dogmatically defined she's mediatrics of all Graces um but it's still a doctrine of the church has great magisterial weight I choose to believe it I would uh fight tooth and nail if it were being contested or debated or challenged and Christ is the head we are the body and guess what there's a neck that joins the two of the neck is Mary okay I believe in the father-son Holy spinity I just included this Little Blooper because I thought it was hilarious gonna start I'm going to start saying that in the name of the father and the Son and the Holy spinity it's just a cute little blueprint included in in Luke chapter one and two it says that Mary had to give a sacrifice for her sins after birth because that's the ritual of the Jews that's the that's yeah she gave the turtle dove she gave the turtle doves there you go that's because it's a sacrifice for sin she wasn't sinless but how does that mean that when Jesus got baptized does that mean Jesus sinned oops uh uh I didn't know Nicola if you're listening to this I didn't know you were this sharp you're very very sharp and uh it takes me time to process and it's always after the fact that I come up with these zingers but wow you really Unleashed that one fast very proud of you Nicola that's amazing so uh yeah you're spot on and uh just because uh Jesus did all sorts of uh ritualistic uh things doesn't mean he he needed to do them he did them as an example to us and his mother did many things as an example for us she did not commit one sin not even a venial sin and yet she went for the purification at the temple she did all kinds of things she was accused of many many sins and she always apologized this is what the great Saints have said and some have had mystical visions that uh claim these alleged Visions seem to attest to the fact that she would not defend herself she would just plead guilty to whatever charge was laid against her now I think that we can't take that story too far because in Justice we have to speak the truth and so there there is probably uh some truth to that in terms of insofar as it's possible to be maximally humble and modest and meek and to protect the Dignity of others while still being 100 truthful because I don't believe that Mary would ever say anything but the truth but she also had uh what's called um discretion that's the word for it so she had discretion so I would give her maximum points for discretion for sure has she ever lied absolutely not even a small white lie no the the what is the distinction between a white lie and discretion I don't know that's a very subtle philosophical question and I've read people trying to sort that out and it's very very hairy but let's just uh assure ourselves that the mother of God doesn't cross the line into lying ever Jesus Christ John chapter 1 14 he is full of Truth and Grace not Mary but wait the Bible says Mary uh the angel came to her and said hail full of grace yeah she was full of grace he saluted her um the angel didn't worship her yeah neither do yes because she was neither do we as I said earlier yes we do this is a little um niggling Point here that I'm making that I made with Nikolai sent him an email about it but yes we do worship Mary and yes the Archangel Saint Gabriel did worship Mary at the Annunciation I sent Nicola a link I'll put the link in the description too that we understand as Catholics that the Angels Do Worship Mary and the angel the Archangel Gabriel did worship Mary uh when he came to announce the birth of Christ we are forbidden in worshiping Mary as God we are forbidden the teaching of the Catholic Church it is a teaching of the Catholic Church it is how are you saying it is when I'm telling you it's not Google it right now you're wrong bro is this hilarious I it's surprising how often I encounter this with non-catholic Christians where they're telling me what I believe and they're telling me what the church teaches over against what I'm what I as as a faithful Catholic striving to be faithful I'm telling them that the church teaches and we we both know that we can Google it and find out the answer so uh yeah I don't understand psychologically what the what the benefit is of just making a straw man right to your face so blatantly right it's like it's so easy it's so easy to disprove the the false accusations but they do it anyway what is it pure emotion is it just to get some internet points like in the moment to feel Superior when you know you're lying or are you just Intoxicated by your by the holy spirit that indwells you and that gives you infallibility I don't understand what it is we need to test the spirits do you pray to Mary you're praying to a false god yeah so uh I don't know if anyone actually believes this or if it's just like I was just talking about just the inebriation the thrill the just the pride that Wells up and then the the demons start putting words in their mouths I don't know what it is but uh no Mary's not a God she's very close to a God as Saint Alphonsus liguri said he said he would believe that she's a God if the church the church not the Bible the church Saint Alphonsus liguri would have believed that Mary was some kind of deity I know not what kind of deity he says were it not for the authority of the church teaching me that she is not okay so this language of Saint Alphonsus liguri it's inflammatory it's hyperbolic but it's Pious it's done for a reason it's done with love and the glory is going to cut every time every time every time we cannot we cannot honor Christ by dishonoring his mother ain't gonna happen right do you ask a fellow brother to pray or sister to pray for you that those that are alive yeah not those that are dead okay you say familiar spirits you say they're dead I say they're alive within Christ exactly how does he not know this how does Andre not know this God is not the god of the dead but the living and Nicola makes this point very eloquently in this well they go back and forth It's sloppy but he gets the point across the way you ask your brother or sister yesterday or tomorrow please pray for me that's the way we're allowed to ask those within the body of Christ that our closest look that are closest to Christ right now because they've already dropped their sinful body okay and they're already in heaven with Christ and we're allowed to ask these Saints please pray for us exactly the way you um revelation um when the Angels Came and brought the bowls of the incense which were the prayers of the Saints oh another mic drop wow this is heavy stuff this is really good I think uh nickel is doing a good job he sent me an email complaining that he you know it didn't go well and all this sort of thing and uh he gave himself a one out of 10 rating I I emailed him back and I gave him a 10 out of 10 rating because he did a good job he did a very good job she's not the Queen of Heaven the Queen of Heaven is a false god passed down through the Babylonian pagan gods all the way from Rome and I know the Queen of Heaven in the Old Testament I know that and that was a false goddess they were they were praying they were worshiping were forbidden from We're forbidden from worshiping Mary like God we know God is only the one that we can truly worship okay and give adoration to this is no different it's no different Andre's anti-catholic nonsense is no different from the rat trattamama debacle okay oh Pope Francis worships the Paka mama and you novus ordo Catholics worship the Paka Mama now oh really oh and we worship the Queen of Heaven uh from the Old Testament you know the demon uh I wasn't aware that I didn't get the memo okay so the the set of accountants the rat trads the anti-catholic non-catholic Christians they're all doing Satan's work they're all stirring up the pond and muddying the waters making false accusations it's like do you think do you really think I worship do you really think I worship anything other than God I think I worship this the Queen of Heaven demon Idol really do you have any evidence to support that accusation it's a very bold accusation it's a very very bold accusation if I were going to accuse someone of worshiping or adoring anything other than God and I've made mistake of using the word worship because they're using it but if I were accused of adoring anything other than the one true God if I were to accuse anyone of that myself if I were to accuse anyone I would bring evidence because that's a very very heavy accusation now in the case of the Mormons I think that they worship a false god okay and I have good reason for that and I can back it up and uh I would love to be corrected I would love to discover that I'm wrong and they're monotheists I would love that but I don't accuse the Jews Muslims and non-catholic Christians of worshiping the Flying Spaghetti Monster it doesn't occur to me because it's absolute made up nonsense but we're little mediators to Jesus are we not when you say Hey brother you got to come to Christ are you not being a mediator no no you're not no I'm a preacher I'm an evangelist and I'm telling you you're gonna go to hell if you don't get off those cigarettes man because you're telling us how to live holy you're telling us how to keep the Commandments but you yourself are still battling sin that's called a hypocrite oh boy that was a little bit of a segue there so uh he was asked about intercession mediation and he just denied it and changed the subject so that makes me think that he's a little bit insecure Andre's insecure about his answer they didn't want to be pushed on it because he immediately went on the offensive oh you're a smoker you're going to hell because you're a smoker which is nonsense but uh yeah aren't we mediating no we're preaching we're evangelizing okay so Mary's uh Mary's a preacher Mary's evangelist whatever I mean I don't care what word you use we're doing the same thing okay and she's as as Nicholas said she's a lot closer to Christ than you than you are and that than you ever will be how's that oh because because we are sinless Mary's not but what is that [Music] boom oh cool burn cool burn it's like oh I think I'll give Nicola 11 out of 10 rating for this this is amazing I can't I can't come on my own show and say I'm saved and have a beer sitting on my desk that's hypocrisy I can't sit here roll a joint smoke it in front of everyone and say I'm still saved because I'm quitting that's a lie from the pits of hell that's a lying Spirit man okay you gotta come out of that junk because the Catholic Church teaches this stuff they are under a false Spirit I'm not saying you personally it's not not you I'm saying the house the religion they teach work salvation you think you're saved because you go to church on Sunday and you do the Eucharist and you do this and you have the seven cup the seven sacraments but it's Christ who justifies you you're justified by faith bro and Faith to live holy ah so where to begin I guess he's just ranting and raving here uh because Nicholas made some good points and he doesn't know how to respond to them and he's just re-emphasizing the cigarettes are going to end you up in hell and uh we're saved by faith not by works but um yeah I mean it's true you know it's true that we're Saved By Faith but he himself said that faith without works is dead so I really don't understand what his point was there not repeating Traditions not to keep traditions okay that's not it that's not it at all no traditions [Laughter] oh yeah that's that's another cool burn right there so you don't have any Traditions there ain't no man-made traditions in your Christian Community right you're just you're just a lone wolf you and the Holy Spirit and there's no tradition you haven't got any teachings that can't be found explicitly in your King James Bible whichever version you use everything's explicitly in there including a Divine table of contents with the Canon of scripture you're 66.6 books or whatever it is that you have in your Bible Canon so yeah no Traditions there right what a joke so I hope Andre chews on this I hope he thinks about this I hope the Holy Spirit softens his heart because my God the the pride in this man is astounding if infant baptism is not biblical that's a heresy yeah so infant baptism is not biblical and it's a heresy so yeah he's speaking as a good hope should I guess a very aggressive Pope but a pope nonetheless John the Baptist said before I baptize you you must come and bring fruit worthy of repentance so before anyone even goes to get submerged underwater they have to Proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord they got to confess their sin and they have to be willing to lay down their life completely to forsake sin that's a true converted radical Christian who's going to be rejected of the world you should write all this down I mean this is like uh we're getting right from the mouth of uh the pope Pope Andre we're getting these nuggets of uh Doctrine infallible Doctrine dogmas he should write it down he should get himself if he doesn't have a website I'm sure he does so on his website he should put the development the organic development of Christian doctrine that he's sharing with us piecemeal here you should put it all systematically on his website because uh he is the church just like Anthony fauci is the science Andre Rose is the church right because he has the Holy Spirit he's directly connected to God he's infallible he's inherent in his interpretation of scripture and he knows what the Canon is without any human intervention whatsoever it's just the Holy Spirit told him what the Canon is he told Holy Spirit guides him how to interpret the books of the Bible and all these doctrines that come forth from the pages of this book so I really can't wait to talk to this man about his Bible I'm going to ask him about first for Samuel 13 1 how old was Saul when he began to Reign how old was Saul when he became king I'm very interested to hear if he has the one and only copy ever on planet Earth of the entire Canon of scripture Bound in a nice leather jacket I'd love him to flip open his one and only unique copy of the scriptures to First Samuel 13 1 and to tell us all once and for all how old was Saul when he became king I can't wait praying the rosary Jesus is against it do not pray in vain repetition like the Heathen do it's wrong okay can I tell you something then because look here's the thing you you're you'll throw four or five topics and that's why we're not covering none of it right so just let's try to let's try to talk really quick this is an interview you're a Catholic and number four again Christian I'm a disciple of Christ you're a disciple of the Pope yeah well uh to honor Christ we must honor the Vicar of Christ okay the you have the Holy Spirit but only to the extent that you love the Holy Roman Catholic Church okay so um there is as I said earlier there is no distinction to be made between Christ and his church now there is a distinction to be made between the church triumphant in heaven which is perfect the church suffering and Purgatory which is being purified and the church militant which is a bloody hot mess I always talk about this and I'll never retire of reminding you Catholics and non-catholics and anti-catholics alike that that distinction is a very very very important one why because here below it's hard to distinguish the baby from the bathwater it's possible and for me it's quite easy most of the time and when I can't tell what's a weed what's the wheat and who's a wolf and who's a sheep then I simply what happened here something happened then I simply defer to the church and I wait and see what's going to happen I don't know what happened to my screen there the Catholic Church Mormons uh Jehovah Witness Islam they're all they're all saying we worship the same God bro no we don't say that uh uh the monotheists worship the one true God everyone else does not right so as far as I know and please correct me if I'm wrong there are only three sizable religions that are monotheistic Judaism Christianity and Islam correct me if I'm wrong now do other religions have monotheistic Tendencies I hope so uh uh are there some Hindus who worship the one true God I hope so I don't know it's hard to get a straight answer from them that's for sure are there any Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses that worship the true one true God I don't know maybe the maybe the Jehovah's Witnesses do I don't know the Mormons don't they worship some sort of big man in the sky from what I can tell they're saying the Catholic Church says come in unity but but the Catholic Church will not compromise the truth it will not change its teachings brother exactly so all the talk of Chris Lam and the Pope's gonna head up the one world religion which is a hodgepodge mixture of all kinds of false religions baloney baloney it's it's satanic gossip it's nonsense ain't gonna happen the church will never compromise the church will never compromise the essential saving truths never never because in Essentials we must have and maintain unity and it's God Almighty that Institute the church and that protects the church and that protects and guarantees the unity of the church among other things in non-essentials we can have a healthy and balanced diversity and in all things we must have charity the pope is a false prophet he says it's dangerous to have relationship with Jesus I know it I've been I study this stuff okay well if I were to hurt if I were to hear a pope or a saint or a any reputable Catholic say that it's dangerous to worship Christ or to have a personal relationship with Christ then I would find the biblical references that talk about how uh how formidable God is and how dangerous our walk with God is and how it's not a joke and God will not be mocked that's what comes to mind for me so I could justify anything that the pope is accused of saying uh who am I to judge okay as one example when he's talking about a sincere a person who suffers from same sex attraction who is seeking to repent and follow Christ who am I to judge that person well yeah exactly it's a big if how many how many of these people that have same-sex attraction are truly repentant and truly seeking Christ we can't judge those people in any way because we've already hypothetically made this conditional statement if they are pure of heart and seeking the kingdom and so on and so forth that's a big if so all of these controversial statements that are attributed to Pope Francis for example that we can go to heaven as atheists and that uh it's you know it's dangerous to have a personal relationship with Christ uh all these sorts of things we can understand them charitably in a million different ways I can think of another interpretation for the dangers of having a personal relationship with Christ which is that you've left the corporate body of the church which is exactly what Andre has done okay he was raised Catholic he left he voluntarily willfully sinned by leaving the body of the church the mystical Body of Christ right this is objectively verifiable I'm not claiming to read this man's heart it's an objective fact that he's an anti-catholic ex-catholic that's an objective fact he will tell you to your face that he's an anti-catholic ex-catholic that's an objective fact and it's also an objective fact that that is a sin it's a mortal sin worthy of Eternal damnation right if he has full knowledge of what he's doing and gives full consent of his will I highly doubt that he knows what he's doing I highly doubt it your fallible interpretation of of the Bible is what you're defending fallible interpretation yeah so this point cannot be emphasized enough that's why I included it in my highlights and uh you know how does a non-path Christian respond to this accusation that their interpretation is merely fallible well there's only one way to defend yourself at this point you can say okay I'll say uncle come back to the church that Christ built or you can say yeah no my interpretation is infallible those are the two options okay or you could just become a complete apostate and abandon God I say I'm a Satanist and uh I'm not going to be a pope anymore I'm now I'm going to just be uh you know God they do not cease saying holy holy holy are the Angels in vain repetition God created them for that specific order thank you obedient they are being obedient okay can the Bible condemned vain repetition not repetitious prayers exactly he nailed it once again and the argument that oh well the angels are doing what they're told yeah you're not doing what you were ordained to do what you were designed for you were designed to be a good son of the church okay to be a member in good standing a full member of the Catholic Church a member of the body of Christ in full standing meaning in the State of Grace so you have the full faith and you're in the State of Grace that's your calling and you're floating that you've spat upon that calling that precious calling it's the calling of each and every human and you treat it with disdain and you despise it and that's not good it's really not good wait listen how about on the Ark of the Covenant when God Almighty had to make two humongous cherubim angels with the wings touching he says I command you to make two cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant with the wings touching what about that did God contradict himself the reason or you have your fallible interpretation of the Bible which one yeah yeah so uh Nicholas doing a good job here hanging him on the horns of a dilemma you know so our uh graven images uh is every sculpture uh Graven image are all the sculptures in in all the Catholic churches are they graven images in violation of the uh the Commandment against graven images yes or no did God contradict himself yes or no or are you just making stuff up right those are the two options so uh he's between a rock and a hard place and he's probably going to start talking about cigarettes again because that's his go-to let me tell you the not your version of love but the Bible's version of Love In First Corinthians love is patient and kind love does not envy or boast it is not arrogant or rude it is not irritable or resentful it does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth I would say I'm guilty of not loving you completely through this dialogue are you guilty of not loving me completely through this dialogue nope okay brother thank you thank you men for your time man I appreciate you keeping your word and allowing me to talk and I wish it would have went a little better but thank you and God bless you and thank you yeah yeah because you know why too we've been almost an hour hour and 20 minutes too so okay yeah I gotta go though but thank you so much brother for your time man I hope maybe we can try again in the near future so yeah yeah we can stay in touch okay but if you don't die of a heart attack because that cigarette will kill you man right right and I'll go straight to hell then right you mean you mean purgatory no I mean according to you purgatory wow you don't even know a Purgatory Nation another you don't even know what Purgatory teaches man you don't even know what that is in the Box what is purgatory a second chance hey what's Purgatory a second chance Luther Luther debunked that stuff man yes he was a Catholic monk man he came right out of the church and he slammed it hard guess what he did after that he said you cannot lose your salvation and sin and sin boldly is what Luther did you're gonna follow him there too I don't believe in everything Luther says well there you go okay we're getting nowhere as as I knew so but all right brother have a good one we're gonna get nowhere but you came on the podcast anyways no I assumed we would get nowhere and it happened yeah I assume we don't believe in the same God man so what do you expect one God forever and ever uh I believe him I I believe believe that God I don't it don't matter what you say man I don't know the word you don't even know the word you don't keep his commandments so you don't love him that's that's what the Bible that's what Jesus said he that does my commandment and keepeth them he's the one who loves me but you don't even know the ten commandments so yeah by Heart By Heart all of them no I don't know them yeah you need to know them that would be better if I did know them but that doesn't mean I don't look it doesn't mean I'm not it doesn't mean you're saved it doesn't mean you're saved man you're gonna come out from sin you gotta stop sinning go and sin no more Holiness you gotta live holy you're not living holy just following some weirdos in a white gown I'm trying I'm crying I'm trying you gotta open it you gotta obey this yeah we do not what comes out of the Pope do you know you wouldn't even have anything you know other John and father you even know where your Bible came from do you know you wouldn't have that Bible if it weren't for the Catholic Church did you know that you're a kodak's Vana canis is so corrupted from the Latin it is I know all about it man I know all about it yeah okay yeah yeah that's why I'm not in it anymore okay brother God bless you I'm sorry we couldn't get in nowhere have a good one though I gotta go I gotta go home I gotta go I don't want to hang up yeah I don't want to hang up on yourself but all right have a good one man we're coming man I appreciate you coming on the air it takes courage thank you thank you have a good one man thanks God bless you you too bye foreign that is really eye-opening to hear that kind of conversation and it really got sloppy I let it play through to the end even though it was a hot mess and uh Petty as Nicola said and uh ugly I let it play just so you could sort of see how things wrapped up and it was an hour and a half most of which was spent um with Andre damning Nicola condemning Nicola for his smoking his bad habit his admittedly bad habit of smoking cigarettes and uh Nicola trying to explain his position and to explain his Contrition and his ongoing struggle with the Flesh and that was the bulk of the the interview sadly sadly so when I speak with Andre if God willing it happens this Friday I will be trying desperately to avoid that kind of ad hominem attack in either direction and I'm going to try to focus exclusively on what is the church where is the church that Christ built what is the Canon and what does your Bible say it do you have the inerrant Bible in your possession if so share it with the world because the biblical Scholars are spilling a lot of ink and burning a lot of lamp oil agonizing trying to figure out what the what is contained in the inerrant Bible there are millions of man hours pouring into this project and you're sitting there with the one and only inerrant copy of the scriptures that's beyond selfish okay and of course I'm being sarcastic no one has the Bible here Below in this Fallen World it's up in heaven it's a mystical Bible when we get to heaven we'll see the real deal the inerrant infallible Bible we're going to see it we're going to touch it and we can read it and God knows what else we have in store for us those of us who make it to heaven God willing but to sit here and to claim to have the god-given authority to interpret a Bible that you've never even seen is beyond hubris unless you are claiming as the Catholic Church claims unless you are claiming to be the god-given church you yourself are blessed with the charism of infallibility your your you have connection to the mystical Bible up in heaven you have the you're protected from teaching error concerning faith and morals are you claiming that Andre Rose are you claiming that for yourself if so let us know right and uh it's like Pope Michael who uh passed away a year or two ago now um you know he was claiming to be the one true Pope and he had very few followers and you know he had his cute little website and stuff like that and he was a nice sweet guy I interviewed him but you know you can't put a lamp under a bushel and if you are the Pope I mean shout it from the rooftops and uh you know I do believe that there is a Remnant but this is a little bit ridiculous someone like Pope Michael claiming to be the pope and uh it takes the concept of Remnant and it stretches it beyond all credibility The Remnant is 16 people worldwide I don't think so okay same thing with you and if you are claiming to be the one that has the Divine guidance on all things biblical and doctrinal then I am a little bit surprised you don't have more followers in the religious sense of the word right you don't have uh disciples and a flock members a large membership whatever you want to say so in other words why don't you swallow your pride and admit that you are nobody you are not the pope you are not God almighty and that you are a fallible man with a fallible translation of fallible copies of fallible manuscripts and you're groping in the dark and you're full of Pride and you're on your way to hell unless you repent and you find yourself clawing your way back into the Catholic church that you left in hateful Rebellion right repent of your anti-catholic nonsense and come back to the church while you still have time so I'm going to wrap it up there God bless you please pray for me and mine I'll be praying for you and yours and we'll talk very soon God bless