Catholic vs. Hindu - 2017-01-01 - Vijay Patel

Author Recorded Sunday January 1st, 2017

There are 2 episodes in the Versus:Hindu series.

I met Vijay Patel as I was waiting to meet Yogesh Patel (no close relation) in the Hindu Temple in Montreal. His warm and gentle smile was very endearing,, so I asked if he would also be my guest.

Catholic vs. Hindu - 2017-01-01 - Vijay Patel

Author Recorded January 1st, 2017



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hi my name is Vijay Patel and I'm in today with my friend Deb so tell me a little bit about who you are what you believe and why you believe it why are I believe in like no religion religion for me is like humanity that all people should follow the humidity but there are atheists are the atheists outside of humanity's work actually I don't item about a staircase no no you never met one no it's no one who doesn't acknowledge their creator oh yeah okay fine they only believe believe nature the molecules came together and made everything randomly no there's no purpose know what that's okay yes what do you think of that know that it's their billing but I think that is something is that yeah so i can give an example if you put piece of one paper and there is so many color with the brush the joint not gonna become itself is never going to become itself someone has to draw yes design the design is obvious oh yeah we don't get any effort that is nothing but happy happen do you do you remember when you were very very young your first memories of being in temple or having a religious experience you can you talk a little bit about when you're very very young yeah i'm from my very small size I'm billing like you know there were sitting and everything i wallow in Latin when you started to be aware of of God maybe as soon as like I'm going for a first grade in okay so maybe you were an entire five years of fight okay and did you have your love for God grown as you get older no I'm starting from unlike i love the golden like for mean like I always believed in Gordon from studying do you know of any Hindus may be struggling with the faith they don't want to go to Temple some of them that is you can find it they then want to go temper do you need to go to Temple is it important no for me you don't have to go like to Temple your God is in your in your heart okay it's a personal sense of personal thing there's no need to donate to go okay what about the community is the community important it is a very important because of you know that God create the people little gadget but the people go to meditate in the mountains to be alone they have a deeper request something that is too important that they're searching right that's too so there's a balance between the inner life and the social life socialite is ok what is your prayer life or your meditation like can you talk a little bit about hi many times when i'm back up in the morning yes I pray to God thank you for everything especially I'm back up so like you know please give me like good talk about I can do something for mankind ok and and I pray to God Brett whole family bless whole world health and wealth by Mac when you look at your religion and you compare it with other legends are you are you do you really see them all is equal or do you see differences I think I see the regions that their own like the good good thing and something bad thing but my belief is known that is I going to give the example if you want to come to Montreal he has so many part which are you are to choose you have to come only one player or same place yeah you can choose whatever that some part is long some parts are but you're going to reach on those same place yeah do you think it's true that sometimes are better than others because a quicker they're less painful no maybe did get depending on like you know that is every person has their own belief yes what is what is the component for the things so the person who is personally like another Hinduism doesn't say mais I'm the the respect they hope you have to check every division the same if you say I'm the best and there is no religion I I believe that this is not a Regency hahahaha and this okay no Jesus Christ said that no one goes to the Father except through me that's what he said and I as a Christian I believe that so maybe this is for you maybe this is difficult for you number two point yuneisia mobility said you know we had the soul and all soul is greeted by God one time then so we r is the we are the son of God we are dear God you can we can be a good buy our doing the things you know you can be about like a god knows what but if we make the right choice right choices yes and the good the code is for everyone the same if you will the board for you the same they're going to click at the same thing same like evil the governor's skips in women who / send the code is the same what you what is your action you're going to be punished by yourself like it's going to be like natural or cause and effect causing tech is natural god never gonna punish anybody goal god it's always kind always know gonna punish you I agree yeah just nature going up on it I agree your your duty your what you did yes we're going to be God doesn't want you to put your hand in the fire this is but if you put your hand in the fire you're going to get burned everyone yes but God is still smiling smiling is always happy happy if you and I disagree about we can't both be right yes yes no no so contradiction is always it is always there but the reason we had that you have glues is because they can teach you the right way and a better way right and I think that this is I think this is what's important in the truth is it there is a big difference between the truth and a lie and there we have many things we can learn to sort out these subtle contradiction so all of this to say that if you look at Hinduism and you look at Christianity you can see all the things that are similar but I always look at the things that are different that is different is like of this the Christianity isn't believe in soul is if the many sis only body material material right in Christianity ya know the main thing is the soul yeah good yeah I I heard some things like they don't believe in soul YouTube guide finish no that's a CSS ya know we believe that God created the I ever saw you haven't sold yes and God created this soul of nothing and that so is getting more like a it's only one life unlike when you die you go for a user life I am in our Hinduism they said you cannot take so many lights until you are your go-to high level of God Jack time you're gonna stop fakin essence give escape escape from like an Oreo condition everyone here if you go very high level off like a god and then you have to stop they're not going to be reborn but God Himself is uncreated Randy again and eternal I think another all the souls who went up to garden Tobias they're going to be happy like God right yeah but what about the soul to went the wrong way are they in some sort of help they're going in netcong that come is like so many like soil folk that they have to go from very hot pots but my religion teaches that there's a possibility that some people can say no to God because we're free we can say no to the love of God into the goodness of God and we can end up forever in hell which will be like your nara again but it's a bad place with just suffering only suffering forever and ever ever without end so what this does what this does for for my religion is it it makes morality very crystal clear we have to choose God or not God because you go to heaven or you go to hell there are two very different endings whereas in your religion maybe you can always end up in heaven but it's going to take a long time now so it's interesting different like you know you you heard about the romana yes you did the Ramayana story the Rana is a grid grid what people of God and he took all strength from god and as he go to all sent from God after he is like a no too much what is a proud for herself and then start doing bad for everyone his name is Ramona heroin is drama is not Rama Rama Rama the conundrum is different ok Ramana is a bad one Rama Rama is a bit but i wanna is the bad red one that's a little bit like what we have staton in Christianity we have Satan who is an angel it and yes it and yet you heard about some system so he romana that I wanna your drama know he's your darkest yeah example yeah no one he's going with the gore because of the God killed himself alone marijuana after fighting the the last war I don't understand the last fight with the Rama and Ravana d├ętendre when I was killed by Rama so the ramen gonna be Rana gonna be with the good oh yes okay because he was defeated tificate by a rama so it's probably gone now this ride is gone he's humiliated and I was coming back to get her company but yeah where is the story I'm Anna or in the Ramayana time I got in trouble for it how sweet is the whole shoot okay that's the point of the story to tell that story yes oh ok ok and how big a book is like you may be big big d right no time whenever I minor is a very very big book like like magic you know in one book there it take my babe in saket 7li it take to explain ok ok ok this is one of your many momentum in the Ramayana is mean oh that's what I want ok ok we have a main two grand to like you know there's a ramen and Mahabharata but there is a another weight eating piranhas and there is so many readers to read and to study is that important influence yeah okay for everybody okay even if you're poor yeah but no not everybody like reading a thing but we have like so many like a look fork song and everything okay so there you go did the chocolate form of the remaining harada okkk and what about the statues can you talk a little bit about why you have statues in your temple for remember and you want to consider it you need some solid form to focus the focus it just on efukt opposite oh yeah Hindu also believe in me just one word and it's cos Shiva Shiva in the Lingam yeah yeah yeah yeah they never gonna be born this before the mankind is there an after mankind he gonna be there always Shiva Shiva he is this destroyer to destroy yeah there is a deceiver has another preform like know there is a Brahma Vishnu in my son the mice for creating Vishnu for Alana Alana ms likely to sustain and thus eva is it like a recycle recycle but thats eva and the lincoln see one this is different all the language of olivium she was a different the main goal eternal in general that the newer one and this before mankind in a furnace ahaha you sooo not be forever and Shiva Lingam is happy good beautiful all those good things good thing yet nothing but the Zimmerman is life is kind always kind the Shiva man she was human life is a kind kind of always kind is occupied okay and you can find this sibling lingered in whistling them also there is a Muslim the main maka kind Medina you know about the mccormick oh no way well the Shiva Lady Shiva Lingam is there always here this is the Lingam and this to God the Muslim in Maine Islam that doesn't exist there is a multiple yeah but they go in Makkah that I'm all Muslim the rutabaga what is the word pooja pooja pooja is lying about shipping opera is worshiping are sharing is okay and the frustration that the Muslims do is a similar to what you do is ok because of you know is before it is I Islam they're all there is a Hindu they are the Hindu in that region in Arabia yes the nomicon there is all this temple and the attending that an awanas the scrotum light i right now is chanting this mantra yes it said the humana we believe all Hindu believed that the Hun when I still there in luck in Makaha it said in in the camp yes talking about Mecca yeah no not my cupboard the good God the old man all like that okay okay very willing in Makkah oh yeah yeah believe that so this chant right now we're talking about handling or mana mana and mana Hanuman the monkey monkey god yes in that he's in Mecca yeah and everywhere else or just in Mecca primarily is defined everywhere in the world is still existed God you know like yeah it's everywhere it's a reality reality they were in a special way he's there in my car yeah emeka yes more than in the vatican in the Vatican there's a big everything is the Vatican there's a big like a Lingam when Lingam yes everything ah yeah here with you so is that is there a Hindu origin for that also yeah is that Hanuman or Shiva Lingam woohoo what is that the big like the big thing the Lingam is come from where artists itself nobody cared it come itself oh it came up like that it's area even though it looks like it's been sculpted by man yeah but it hasn't it came like a yes you can see find another every winter in there is a you heard about the Himalayas yeah there is a forget the name but just a link created by water the lingam kit oh hey bilinga oh ok like a fountain of water gets ice ice and then it looked like a Lingam because this is equal to c1 ok and is there any connection with the male sex organ the Lingam No yep you know that's not true no that's not okay because they talk about that in a lot of in the West when they talk about Shiva they talk about the male sex or is not true no ok for fertility no no no no no no ok so what does it represent you just represent that shape what does it represent power or our is this the power and then just created ok is there a color associated with it like black-white silly black blacker yeah okay what what comes to mind for me when I think about God and I think about that shape what I think about is a standard a ruler marula in all area you know when you want to measure something you take out a rigid stick and you go one two three you know it's like a measurement measurement this is how I see this is how I see this this table you have the Lingam I see it like this is unchanging this is the standard by which everything is measured and another word for that is a ruler ruler and the word ruler also means king or leader ruler you know this was ruler give my ruler he's my leader my king so I see a connection between the standard and between Dominion or being the sovereign King being being the one we we submit to I don't know if this is compatible with your understanding of the lingam a fixed thing that's not going to change yeah what is the role of science in Hinduism you believe in science yes I believe in science you know but my belief is that you know more Vedas or book see when the signs finish then with the stack hahaha the Veda is much bigger than sense it's above time is the about signs yes it's more more more more more than more than sense science flows from God right yes yes yes and so today in our world there are a lot of atheists they are very excited about science they think that it's the ultimate but before I go in one sentence in you know about the I spend of the one of the biggest fantasy his tenure the keybank he say used by the fish shop naughty sir TC like there is so many like home that is the same that is all knowledge and I know the knowledge just one grain one chain of design I know the rest is no by God yeah yeah sure so scientists just only this and vida yes but can you describe some of the more special moments in your religious life as a religious person I don't know if you've had experiences that move you or where you felt like you were transported or something like that is there anything like that yeah yeah my belief is that if you think good for everyone the goodness come your talk is good and there is your truck our power to bring that thing in my life I can you know so many by the experience if someone is struggling and then Stanley let's say there is one guy hit the car is in fact i will say come help me the person actually helped me this i go and sit there and just do the same thing he does that thing gonna work I'm sure because the upper oh no because of my my thought is rightly tsunamis turn it on I thought that was I caught the positive way yes so do my positive thought that the work done a new experience yes so many times some houses i put in on the I'm walking on the path they say I have a ditch this problem can you track it a bit I go at this I go in the stretch I do nothing nothing nothing and it works hahaha because of the positive thinking okay i hope i don't have a power i'm not doing this yes it's done by the supreme power yes what is my positive power then I just now give of God return by God because you believe you have faith take it and you can do yes you can help bring the power of ecology yeah yeah we believe in the power of prayer area and trusting another thing number whiskey number system yet because forgot is it easy easy to start the car that's so easy forever so how do you how do you rely on your kiddo how do you get comfort from your face because in like a always be happy what you have it appreciate appreciate you know there is a one guy you like done with a nice card stock car and he look at the helicopter oh I have helicopter another then littleness the medium car and they look at the the car who is sitting like the sport car he so one day I have why not I have this car and there is one cyclist she thought oh why I don't have this car and that is just walking on the path with no why I don't have this bicycle and that is the one they don't have a lil and they could fight if I have my legs so better this is like what you have it appreciate then be happy and try to go one step up with hurting without so that's a good thing if every person think like that and here it's going to be heaven yeah so what how do you explain all the evils of the world war and it is because is it because because in my world view we have God the perfect God created man Madame anees and they disobeyed because they fell into temptation to dev God's goodness mm-hmm they made a mistake committee and now today we have so many consequences yes this is karma right Conrad Murray Hagen effects cause it could be because we make something and then as a result from that digital yes ESP a specific so I believe in that in an Karma yes do you have a similar story about our beginning of how we made a mistake the first mistake and how that made to all the other mistakes today you don't get it to be hella you got we heard about the organ that is the satya-yuga da Padova data un calluna now very the Kaluga the last stage of mankind last days or all the religious or is it is long long edges like honor there is a positive yoga that time there is a the 16 type of better good qualities in the main hall mankind Hell the kind that is all are like a board ok in the FASTA tuga there's wrong long eras after there is a state alga that time they lost two good characters characters do you know which one I don't talk I heard look at a great ok but in there is in interest I us not that for you delage 2 in the third 1 there we have long to either the Torah the treta yuga dealers another two so they have remained just only curl and in kaluga just we have this only for we are losing almost fell we started with how many we started the 16 16 and then we went after believe you protein and after all in the trail and the now we have 40 big jump victim how many years ago was the site of the year okay so five thousand years the red of the place before I thousand here there is a Krishna born in India oh we have a 16 character it is character good call oh yeah in a perilous okay interesting you know the Jews believe the earth is about 5,000 almost 6,000 years old a thousand years old so you have that in common natural young earth yes you believe that the earth is millions of years old yes you do but before that were it was a lot very long for his era it's not really the sort of paradise we can get better days yet how long is that last house Genesis tells outfit how don't care you know I believe in that they may be there is a history you have a you knew about the Alexandra library y Alexandra library yeah the bar a all knowledge is there and different is destroyed by Muslim all of almost all knowledge is to destroy by and you take so many you to burn oil many many years burn oh wow because of all education is dead in alexander library and we lost everything why would the why do you think someone would do that this is that's not very good in english them like i can give some up Arenado always people do good good good good and sometimes there is something they try to do think becoming doing bad but he don't recognize I'm doing that and that this is there were no that the going very very low level and then this thing happens but you know in the math my gonna see if your engine is bad but you don't have to go to the religion and this is no good for you never go dolls etc all engines are same so why did you change ok you don't have to go to gender religion here yeah this is muhammad midani ok so if you're Christian stay Christian if you're Muslim stay muslimah if you're innocent many and you agree with that yeah what if you have no religion because some people today are born with no religion no reason for me as long as you believe in mankind ok that's good enough right yes this good enough mankind doesn't hurt anybody oh no yeah ok ok that's good ok there's no evil philosophy that is really bad even felicity to some people yeah you harm people yeah and there's bad thing like a mafia mafia and yeah in India there are conflicts religious conflicts right yes can you explain this a little bit about how you understand that the complete its some NGO Christian NGO yep they give the money and interchange the region to enforce insulin pins on the religion essay that so many Hindu become a Christian okay so this is a big big like Rome the problem problem unique problem in India because you know process which religion yeah but you know as long as the people you don't choose I have to go in Christianity no problem they can go but let's not push to get foster do not give them any thing to do that yeah it's not big enough not from the heart not not some hockey yeah you bet and does Islam do this often Islam's you know islam i think they don't go babe you should read about the history they attack the people and then the by force they will do their force you accept islam or else I will kill you they're going to convert the people like this fear fear yes it appear and in India there is all Hindu before and they cannot do Muslim the same way other Hindu politicians that are very fanatical about hindu religion no no not at all not at all okay because the nature of your religion is different different yes but some of them is like very considerate avegno stick what very very very little percentage of people like this yeah the most of it's like very open so I think will be pretty easy for Islam to defeat Hindu culture yes because they're strong and rigid and you're open up on you and accepting anything so that the dominant one can come in easily easily so what prevents Islam from spreading more rapidly because it seems like a danger in India that you're an accommodating people you're open and friendly and they're coming with strict ideas it seems like it would be just a question of time a matter of time before all of India becomes the Muslims what would prevent would you be willing to die for your face and you convert or die so what do you mean the truth you're going to become Muslim or you're going to die for your day yeah okay is other many Hindus that are willing to die yes or yes their culture for the face yeah yeah why because it matters because they cannot get a truth matters Guzman yeah okay and your religion is more true than this one no bikini p I decided that and then I'm my region me and also wrong they can't say that I considered but you can only say it's true for this good thing is that and where King is it we can accept good thing because ever known I like about the Muslim keep stay together and the same time and we are very strict to pray timing and staying on every Indian there is so many like a gnome you do or not it doesn't for sure but the Muslim people obey the role and let oh yes you have to do yes you cannot say no restructure giochi yeah you like that yeah like a delicate center and they are but as much as there is a good thing to do in the United it's good but when the bad thing to do the time also they are united to this end so we've spoken about Islam what about Christianity what is your view of the charity you've already spoken about the the sort of forced conversions with money and NGOs own yes that's possibly be room get worried about Oh stability you know what like we're going to say Hinduism so our existence that party we had then appeared up like no one day go everybody you're a Hindu but I want to ask you a little bit of some of the other Eastern religions like the the Hare Krishnas how they can do you need them okay they're not seen as a lower or no don't do the same okay okay they're as respected as any other any other choice okay we are very proud because of the neighbor say to come they come itself what is it you know no Hindu see you come to our religions and except or Hinduism and yet ver- no single person you know the advertised no one pushed off a note missing no one jaywon come to a diligent you have to come you have to choose choose yourself your inner voice the Hare Krishnas where they're chanting in public places in airports of advantages attracting people attracting people with the food with the music within a possible by I don't worry about Lena and they are more know you could see some they are doing better than us in interval the numbers yes no no didn't worry about the Gordon didn't be like no they put their foot in like better than us were more than hindu devotional yes picnic us very proud they're Hindu with a special devotion with the ocean to Christmas education is Harry this means hari hari krishna hari hari means like praise or radius the name the god Oh Harry says man named agoria hari hari hari means like they're gonna take it all sorrow honey mean hip take all your sorrow and give you the joint yeah yeah okay so you would be comfortable going to a hare Krishna temple yes you feel right at home yeah and so the special devotion to Krishna is you think it's the reason why they have such success and such devotion is it because Krishna is the god of one particular aspect who is good reason is it good okay the god of a guate there Krishna tell the story to Arjuna is called bhagwat gita they give all education to Arjuna what Krishna be able to blue baby blue blue color no black his life is not all black yeah who is the blue guy is like a young boy that blew this crystal to see me yeah like anti food okay and does he have characteristics that with them learning or something or war or what it is this Krishna is about all about the politics oh yeah is all about politics ah ok social life yeah yeah for the good of society in excess idea ok ok maybe that's why they keep tell about in mahabharata there's to the same family that is part five pandavas and there is hundred cobra was the Kauravas as birth they doing dead on the five Pandava here in following the religious and it's a derma the good good work good work and they fight each other for ruling the Empire gain control he again there is a long story I cannot explain but they after all the the Pandavas ride still there five but they are win against the 100 korova because of they story tell by the Krishna to urgent men they fight each other Gordo and a Pangolin okay okay now what is it in war this is the story of the bhagavad-gita book would get a hug and Arjuna was a real historical character yes he's inhuman as a human yes he's human and like a prince or something yeah hi cat hi cat them there is in there isn't part of five Pandavas that is Aug still the king bhima arjuna sahadevan nakula yes 500 our game Arjuna is one of the five yeah one of the five years oh so why is why it here's a good you know the knowledge of archery yep okay but the story is being told from Krishna to Arjuna as you know yeah but Arjuna knows the story he's one of the five no but he should know the spur he's he's one of the main guys in the story no yeah so Krishna is explaining to him about it at home life all night no forget about the fighting against the core strategy how there is courtesy how to win against the bad bad people and then there's a story go on to show the battle being yeah yeah okay okay and then there's Arjuna talk with an algorithm tokida Krishna when Arjuna see the brothers you know their brother the origin event he see the other side they're the people who want to fight which I don't I can how can I fight and then please explain him if they are bed you have to fight principal these people or two you have to fight if you don't fight you are you are also coming as a bed yeah it's very important story I think this explains the psychology of the the Muslim when they say you could be at you could have a good friend Muslim when it comes time to fight they see you like on a 95 enemies always so religion is always dividing us in a way yes you know yeah because what's true for me maybe not true for you on some detail it's not important now but in wartime law tamiya we're going to take part even though we're brothers all right this is the story of all humanity all Judas tree lots of conflict but in Hinduism did not gonna hurt you why I'm sure Hinduism doesn't believe in to hurt anybody they're more people more than you have armies in India the Hindus we have an army can you be guarding they get off the pen for self-defense and in in history I can say proof india near attack any country never never again okay in holiday you can see if they are never attack any country Wow but truthful regime we take time but always in so if someone doesn't have religion what would you say to them plugins the mankind you know like the humanity for me the humidity is at most most important religion for everybody kindness community do not hurt anybody care of you can questions ready and I'll all you got to do with it all you have to do to do

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