Catholic vs. Other - 2017-10-28 - Their Child Part 3

Author Recorded Saturday October 28th, 2017

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The woman who wants to be known simply as 'Their Child' emailed me asking to read aloud her email text. I don't have time, so I used text to speech instead. As always, I am putting this out there as 'Catholic vs. Other' without rebuttal. God help us all.To be my guest, email me at :

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-10-28 - Their Child Part 3

Author Recorded September 24th, 2016



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their child part three David please read and put out to the whole world exactly these words please do you know what the great delusion to deceive the world is do you know what the white road that leads to destruction is do you know what the mark of the beast is do you know that the hearts of many have grown cold do you know the hearts of many have been revealed do you know that it is true that the straight and narrow path that leads to life few have found do you know it is true they would rather believe lies over truth do you know that when it says thy will be done on earth as it is in the heavens and there was a great trouble in the heavens a great shaking in the heavens and now yes now the heavens declare the glory of God but not earth correct Earth does not did you know it says many books are wearisome this is the conclusion of the matter fear God and keep his Commandments for this is the duty of mankind mankind is flunking their duty do you know the crown of thorns is the thorns spoke of in the parable of the sower do you want to know the truth the truth is love does not fail it covers a multitude of sins the truth is blasphemy against His Holy Spirit is the one unforgivable sin in the whole Bible because it is God's wife the same he commands to give honor to him in her honor thy father and mother and all the fallen ones in the heavens were disciplined and went home they got in trouble they were tested test the spirits how on how well they understand and obey commands train a child up so when they grow old they will return yes all the Nephilim Giants the ancients Satan the devils and demons Mary Jesus Christ Lord Lord of all them all the kings etcetera yes all them that fell as they all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God the false gods which is the mark of the beast on your right hand and for it my father writes his laws on your mind and heart and my father is the only God he is perfect does not make mistakes so majestic in all he does he is not the most high of a bunch of false gods nor is he Jehovah art amen Jesus Satan Lord Lord Lord Lord of Hosts King of Kings Allah Yahweh or any other name out there he is my father and he is the only God he is the creator majestic god almighty of all the universes galaxies heavens and everything but the very big mess it is my father who is slow to anger and long-suffering because everyone is giving glory to everyone but him everyone is giving honor to everyone but who he commends to him and my mother everyone thinks he will kill his own children they fallen ones he does not will not break his own command he disciplines he is watching everyone kill everyone starting by replacing him with one of his children refusing to see his wife his Holy Spirit who he loves so very much the world has the cross all over and it is a graven image that leads to your death read about it in isaiah 45:22 it is the log spoke of that is in everyone's eye many think that they are all the bride and forget it is my father who said one man and one woman who become one not a bunch of men and women being a bride to one of his children thus you wicked and adulterous generation you ask for a sign the only sign that will be given is the sign of Jonah he wanted all the men of Nineveh dead just like men wanting all the Fallen ones dead all the aliens dead thus no one left in the heavens love does not fail it covers a multitude of sins forgiveness patients were given to all the fallen ones all were reminded of what my father's desire was for none to perish in all to repent he did not exclude anyone they are my siblings my father is the only God and is married to my mother it is their wedding they are renewing their vows and want a full house the heavens have been judged now earth the heavens declare my father's glory Earth does not they cry out to Jesus Lord King Christ Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah and all the other names out there they have blood everywhere pouring it out pleading it over everything not understanding that son died for your sins their sins killing him over and over refusing to repent and obey commands and in some twisted way they think that son is my father and have him being tempted by Satan in the wilderness when he says he cannot be tempted nor does he tempt when he says there is none equal to him when he says he requires steadfast love not sacrifice and that son when he died went to a place called paradise he went there when he was dead for three days it is after he rose he went to my father's house paradise is not my father's house deception lies or is it truth that many refuse to see the truth is in the Bible hidden in plain sight it is all in the Bible but as it says you would rather believe lies another thing my father is not good I know better my father is perfect so majestic the only God do you see there is so much I have been shown and it was not by men it was by my father because I sought him first I always have he raised me taught me and has guide me I am lawlessness against these things there is no law love kindness and patience you see lion is male lioness is female it is the same for righteous is male righteousness female wicked is male wickedness is a female holy is my father and holiness my mother lawless is a male and lawlessness is female the full armor of God breastplate of righteousness he knit me in my mother's womb with loving kindness made me trust him at my mother's breast all scripture is for reproof correction and training up in righteousness read Romans 3 starting at verse 8 there is no blood on my armor and the sword it is a butter knife ready to butter up some yummy dinner rolls to eat with the fruit of the tree it is so good it is the best you will know by the fruit of the tree it is so good my father is sick of killing but he knows everyone loves meat so he is growing meat on trees at home the best tea branch steak is growing on tress will be served at the wedding feast do not kill no more bloodshed and yes all the fallen ones love that fruit it is so very good many kinds of meat growing on trees my father can do the impossible he can do more than all mines Colette combined can imagine he desired for none of them fallen ones to perish he made it happen because only he can do it my father is everyone's Savior it is not Jesus Lord Jesus Christ Buddha Jehovah art Amen Lord King act no this is truth filled with love the straight and narrow path that few find and I am pointing all to it but many would rather take that white road that leads to death believe lies over your truth condemned before forgive replace my father with a son and refuse to see my mother my father's wife refused to see you are to call no man father you have only one father and he is in heaven the same one who wrote the commands and commands honoured to him and mother the only one with a promise the son came to fulfill all of them fulfilled the fallen ones got to see how everyone that was praying to them Jesus Buddha Jehovah Christ say then the Saints Mary yes they are the fallen ones well they were they all threw away the titles of lords masters kings queens false gods and went home and all are now children they were shown what truth is as well as love they see how killing had to stop as well as being jealous of each other they were give great abilities they thought were power and abused them in very big way starting with trying to steal glory that belongs only to my their our Father and honor that belong only to him in mother my family how I love them all starting with my father love does not fail patience is a virtue faith as big as my father knowing him loving him obeying him giving him all the glory and honor to him and mother waiting to go home to see them renew their vows seeing my hubby all my gifts my babies my siblings and their gifts thousands of generations are at home impossible not for my father the hearts of man will fail them for what is coming upon the earth my father is a very jealous God rightly so judgment is coming so do your job and tell the truth filled with love and forgiveness repent and you may contact me if you need more scripture my father is pouring out his spirit he is letting everyone know he has a wife he commands to honor for all to be born again in the water and spirit and become a child or you will not get in their house one more thing my father can do anything there is a reason there is a talking snake talking donkey King Nebuchadnezzar started growing feathers and Legion was put into swine he can put the soul anywhere he wants to discipline do not test him and that serpent all of them decided to let my father write his laws on their minds and hearts they got new skins and new names were sinful and turned right o use what they did is no longer remembered love does not fails and know many changed their names so why no one thinks Satan does changed his - um maybe Jesus Christ or maybe all the names out there I do not know it is between him and my father I love him forgiveness if I bore false witness about him as well as I forgave him I forgave all them they are my siblings this is truth filled with love and is very deep stop hurting my father my mother my siblings or you as many others will be in big trouble death by way of your own sins repent and sin no more test yourself on how well you understand and obey my father's commands hate the things he hates and know his desire do my father's will not the once fallen ones love forgive seek forgives and obey or die in your sins the man child is more than one it is all the Fallen ones who put away their childish ways and went back home as children thus a nation is born in a day and return to your first love spoke of in revelations the letters to the seven churches is my father the only God the other letters are the rituals and practice as well as feast and celebrations all false God things as well as the secret society things seen all around the world and you say no there is a little scroll that John ate sweet as honey in his mouth and bitter in his stomach while everyone was making their plans my father had his he needs no one's permission I am pointing all back to him you have been told truth filled with love get all the black ugliness out of your heart get a pure heart and warn and tell others or their blood will be one you I want that for no one but everyone loves their freedom of choice and failed to see commands are just that you either obey or you die in your sins please heed this and no this is pure truth filled with pure love sent from above and from me I pray you have eyes and ears to see and hear what is sent from my father and my mother and sexually sins are off the chart a pure marriage bed is what is required in their home and poop hole is just for that to come out of not for anything to enter my father created woman to be a help made to her husband and I am his and mother's child this is not at us says the Lord but then again that son said do the will of my father this is direct from my father who gives everyone life he is the only God he is not one of his sons give him in only him all the glory respect be in total offer that truly deserves it he is so majestic in every way he is so very loved by me as is my mother stop causing him pain I have been shown his pain and it is horrible so very horrible much more than that beating that son took which he should have never took nor should he have had to die do not kill means just that and do not try to figure out what they did is they were all forgiving worry about your sins as you are going to be standing before my father they repented you need to as well as this earth hurry up please the ripple of love this is going out everywhere and if you all everywhere and on YouTube do not stop and pay attention to this you are going to be in very big trouble I do not want that read Isaiah 45 : 20 very carefully as all of this I know my father's desire for none to perish but for all to repent and he being who he is can make that happen he does not kill he disciplines he watches everyone else kill that is part of the black ugliness in everyone's heart all seem to have forgotten only he can do the impossible do not kill means just that and love does not fail rightly divide truth the fallen ones are my siblings and while everyone else is killing them making them into false gods on top of killing them as they are the fallen ones I choose life love obey patience and trust my father to do what only he can do I want no glory no honor no I want all to put their eyes back on my father for it is him who gives all life and only him who can do the impossible you might take a look at what goes into making tears or blood or how the heart works then you might see who made that blood that was spilled everywhere for no reason yes he should not have been killed no one should have ever do not kill means just that but man as well as the ones fallen one sought to do things their way and not obey my father trusting he will protect no matter what happens and yes my father does have a wife he is my father and married to my mother he commands honor to him in her to be born again to see his commands are just that and see his wife and if you do not love him and her you will not get into their house whatever is pure right and lovely how are you or anyone going to tell the only God who gives everyone life is the air you breathe that his commands he wrote with his own finger does not apply to him how are you or anyone going to do that you will not cannot and if you do not understand this you will die in your own sins no one's shed blood will get you into my father and mother's house I pray you understand and have eyes to see and ears to hear pure truth filled with love stop sinning or something worse will happen you die in your sins I do not want that nor does my father and mother as well as the thousands of generations that are in the heavens faith is believing in things not yet seen my faith is as big as my father and we'll all mines combined collectively cannot do what my father can he is the only God so majestic in always perfect again I pray you see him his commands his love for his wife as well as love seek forgiveness and give forgiveness if you do not forgive then you cannot be forgiven please let my father write his laws on your mind and heart filling it

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