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all right so it looks like i'm live let's continue with this nonsense okay descriptions and resurrection accounts the same point here but about the accounts of jesus resurrection so but it makes this point very well like how many women were the term and what was the order of finding and whom did you disappear to and did he tell him to go to galilee and whatever else it was and all these things you can see videos of his where he makes that point very well um but if the new testament was found in this fight you just wouldn't expect to see these discrepancies so huge modal form he should inductively form he's your abducted form best explanation these are transcendences that the accounts are written by men without god's inspiration emphasizing this point because to me that the like accumulation of these many aspects of the bible just make more sense if they were written by a man without inspiration is something powerful right it's just like why is it this way in all of these cases where it seems that it's just the sort of thing model we would have if it was written by men without violence just muddling the way through but it's not what we expected this is the product of god's divine word to mankind well the fact of the fall the historical fact of the fall from grace in the garden of eden by our first parents explains why we have today confusion muddle uh genuine contradiction meaning that stories get told that don't add up although the laws of nature are never violated by any so-called lie when i say up is down my lips have not violated the laws of physics so genuine contradiction is just a contradiction it's when we dictate when we speak something that is absurd but there's no absurdity in the fact that god alone is has supreme being god really is in a way that his creatures aren't like we have a participation in being but ontologically we don't have that authentic fullness of being that god alone enjoys okay and so the greatest saint that ever walked the earth he ever the greatest non-divine saint that ever walked the earth blessed virgin mary she is nothing compared to god and her ontological being is as nothing it's a participation and when compared to the being of god the ontological goodness of god uh well even the blessed virgin mary is nothing but if we compare someone like satan who was the highest angel and he fell from grace he's falling away from even his god-given nature his god-given being and therefore he's falling away in that ontological sense just the the amount of being that he has is decreasing and it will be decreasing for all eternity without being extinguished so um it's a mystery obviously the mystery of eternity for us finite beings we can't comprehend it but if we look to the bible and we look and we see confusion and chaos and something less than a perfect uh something less than a perfect clarity we should not be surprised because we live in a fallen world right so the discrepancies that occur in the bible my favorite discrepancy is the reported speech which tells us that the fool says there is no god that's my favorite example of a discrepancy when many passages many many passages in that same bible tell us that there is a god that that god is one there's only one there's one and only one god and yet the fool says in his heart as it is reported in the bible so there are discrepancies of that kind meaning that there are apparent contradictions because there are false theologies reported in the scriptures and then there's just the mumbling bumbling discrepancies of a messy fallen world eyewitness accounts that don't perfectly scientifically describe accurately the exact same order of events or put emphasis in the same way and it's messy right iowa eyewitness accounts are messy in this fallen world maybe in the garden of eden pre-fall the gospels would have been a lot more clear less ambiguity no error of judgment being reported for example there would be no fool saying that there is no god right there'd be no kings saying hey i'm god there'd be all kinds of uh messy stuff that we find in our bible that would never have made it into the garden of eden bible if such a thing were necessary i don't think it's necessary to have a bible in the garden of eden i mean my favorite saint saint augustine says we don't need even today we christians don't need the bible we don't need it right we have the theological virtues we don't need the bible and i would not believe the bible were it not for the infallible authority of the holy roman catholic church so this emphasis they're placing on some of these so-called proofs the emphasis they're placing on the bible is really irrelevant especially since when we think about it these atheists don't even know who and what god is right so it's completely absurd there was a really good video there as well um where he has the entire gospel of mark out and he highlights like parts that are like mimesis parts that are like riffing on like um you know like homer or herodotus like parts that are like narrative and stuff like that you know like like i'm filled advices and things and then there's basically like just a tiny amount that's left in total that's like actual history yeah yeah i think i've seen one similar to that okay so moving on to the next one uh the positive evidence of resurrection so this is the point that i've made before they start the evidence for the residential phases is insufficient to eliminate rival natural system policies such as rgbs model or i guess camille's jesus in the cloud model or uh pologia's uh what was it what does he call it just paul and paul and peter anthony rather as well um if god did raise his from the dead he would ensure that the evidence for the resurrection was sufficient to eliminate rival natural escape policies at least if he wanted this to be like a symbol or a sign to mankind right which is what christians will say then the evidence would be sufficient to eliminate these as possible candidates um but that's what happens christianity number one the historical evidence for the resurrection of jesus is insufficient to eliminate rival naturalistic hypotheses when i was a generic monotheist and still an anti-christian anti-catholic because that's where i came from for 25 years of atheism i was an enemy of christ and his church for those much of those 25 years especially as i grew older and started playing with ideas and reading philosophy i became more and more hardened in my atheism to the point where i eventually became an explicit satanist and atheistic satanist and very anti-catholic but um when i became a generic monotheist i did not warm up immediately to christianity right i had to actually look at history and it was very abundantly clear very quickly that islam is making a mockery of the science of history by claiming absurdly that unitarian meaning that there's only one person in the godhead claiming that there was no belief in the trinity claiming that there was no belief in the resurrection even the crucifixion right so that's an abuse of the science of history it is laughable and yet there are many many muslims today who believe they belong to the one true religion and god love them because they do worship the one true god the god of abraham isaac and jacob but if they were to look at history objectively as i did as an enemy of the church an enemy of christ and his church if they were to look at history they would cease to be muslim and if protestants would examine history they would seek cease to be protestant right this is the beauty of our religion judaism also is very very historical so no number one premise number one is promise number two of god wrote god rose jesus from the dead he would ensure that the evidence for the resurrection was sufficient to eliminate rival premise three christianity claims that god rose jesus from the dead true number four therefore christianity is false nope look at history look at the history look at the claim once you become a monotheist look at the claims of the monotheistic religions with regard to the history of the jewish messiah look into it but not until you have learned discovered who and what the uncaused first cause is that's the missing piece of the puzzle until you have that missing puzzle piece in your possession and placed into the puzzle you will never ever be able to understand history the bible tradition or anything else you won't even understand authority you want to understand the principle of causality the principle of sufficient reason the principle of proportionate causality and you'll be mired in relativism and a subjective man-made religion using your private judgment making yourself god almighty so that's where you boys are at because you obstinately choose to remain atheists so-called atheists i'm sorry then then the evidence would be efficient to eliminate these explosive candidates um but that's not what happens to christianity is false here and of course each modal argument um inductive formulation slightly different here the evidence of the resurrection of jesus is much less persuasive than god could have easily made it for example if jesus appeared to people in the ancient americas and in china and in iran and india and they all wrote that down and we preserve those texts from the first century to the present day then the evidence would be way more persuasive look at the apparitions of jesus although they're fewer than the apparitions of mary but look at the apparitions judge for yourself if as an atheist you will judge using your private judgment that they are not worthy of belief but if you can come to monotheism using pure reason without recourse to faith you come to monotheism and you examine history and you examine as part of the history of the world you examine the apparitions of jesus mary joseph different saints then you will be in a position to realize that premise number one and previous number two are false apparently is um but so god could have easily made that but that wouldn't have been if you accept the best explanation as well and here's a basic information the disorderly development of anti-cannon ah so the development of new testament candidates are protracted haphazard disorderly process so i try to use these words carefully to kind of illustrate the point here um it's protected because it took a while for them to work out what books were going on what worked i think again we live in a fallen world everything's messy everything is confused okay and the process by which dogmas are arrived at the reasoning the historical way better and he's basically formulation pseudo graphical books in the old testament i i don't actually know pseudographically exactly the right term because that is a book that claims to be written by one person but actually written by someone else now almost all of the books in the old testament i actually found my surprise they don't name the author uh there are a few that where it's sort of clear who was supposed to write them uh like some of the psalms are attributed to david for example um and isaiah's clearly attributed to him um but many of the books don't even like the pension for example doesn't say who wrote it in that it's just attributed to moses quite a while afterwards um anyway so i'm just using the term studio graphical to refer to books that uh either claim to be being run by a person or were just sort of pretty much universally attributed to that person surely afterwards like the book of isaiah for example um but the book if i wasn't written by isaiah it was written by a series of people over time um and i don't know the details of this but um there's like three different authors i think is what's currently accepted um um but sorry i was gonna say i think there's there's like two main main sections it's divided into okay this is too boring i can't deal with this okay i'm just gonna go through it one the old testament contains pseudo epigraphical books who knows god only knows number two if the old testament was inspired by god it would not contain pseudo-epigraphical books says who just one of the dogmas of your stupid religion because um we have letters that specifically claim to be written by same thing pseudo-epigraphical letters well the letters are just books in the bible okay it's the same thing you're rehashing the same point who says there can't be pseudographical who says i someone who scholars is who cares who cares who wrote it there's no error everything will be explained you will understand on judgment day that there are no errors in the holy scriptures you will understand that for now you're confused you don't even know who and what god is do you really think that you're ready to tackle something as hairy as the scriptures really you should really it's not you're not in a position because you haven't submitted yourself to the authority of god yet much less the authority of the holy roman catholic church church and as i said saint augustine famously equipped i would not believe in the bible were it not for the authority of the catholic church we're not believing it we don't have a good reason to believe in it the bible we don't have a good reason to believe in the bible unless god gave us a church and he gave that church infallibility and authority and indefectability that's the only way once you accept god and that god built a church because you've examined history and you come to believe that christianity is the until you're at that phase you will never have a reason to believe the bible and you will never have any authority by which you can judge the bible it's just nonsense it's just so much nonsense for you the consensus is what is it um it depends because again it doesn't mean you have to speak that that should be a known insertions into the new testament so the new testament contains messages will be inserted by latest scribes we don't have the original text we do not have the original texts let me say it a third time we do not have the original texts of the bible what do we have therefore what do we have i'll say it a third time what do we have as christians what do we have we have the living magisterium that gives us the dogmas which are based on the original text but we don't have the original text what do we have we have the holy spirit guiding and protecting the church from teaching error when it defines dogmas and these dogmas find their source in the original text but we don't have the original texts so what do we have we have the holy spirit giving us through the church the truth certain essential truths truths that are essential to our salvation the holy spirit is giving the church not a complete original copy of the bible no what the holy spirit is doing is it's giving the church pieces of the truth that come ultimately revelation means sacred scripture in its original form and sacred tradition we don't have the original texts i can't emphasize this enough it's very important as as a christian if you're a protestant listening to this it's very important that you understand this we do not have the original texts of the bible so what do we have think about that so that's um there then that weakness is gonna be way more convincing to people on uh on those on those particularly because they're always gonna go with the um well you know the chicago statement in terms of everything you know they teach about salvation but all of these biblical arguments are so much stuff and nonsense because there's no foundation we don't have god established we don't have the authority of the catholic church established because these bozos are atheists so there's no point in discussing the bible zero you're you're talking about things that you don't understand uh you say tremendous amount isn't all blossomed it doesn't matter i'll just just keep it something is true so many pillars basically are the best forms but i show ahead because this is all the same nonsense you need first and foremost you need to know who and what god is then you need to look at history and to figure out which of the monotheistic candidate religions is the one true religion look at the claims the historical claims of judaism christianity and islam pertaining to the jewish messiah it's not difficult people this is the uh translation difficulties with the bible so there are many translations of the bible and they still like you about this we don't have the original text of the bible voice so you need to find god and then look at history to figure out which of the monotheistic religions is the one true religion wait particularly that the problem is just wrong databases all right historical errors in the gospels same thing possible ah premise one this is biblical argument number three six six premise one the bible is unreasonably long relative to the number of theological and moral teachings that it contains oh god help me give me strength give me patience this is incredible the agony that i have to put myself through to make this video says who do you understand the bible do you know what the bible is do you know who gave us the bible it's just the right length it's perfect it's the perfect length it has contains zero error everything in the bible has immense meaning it's all meaningful do i understand it no am i a saint am i god almighty that i understand already in this fallen world everything about god's revealed truth of course not i get a little glimpse here and there i get the dogmas of the church that shed embarrassingly few passages of the bible i can catch a glimpse of a hint of a meaning john 6 comes to mind i know that it's the real body it's the real blood of christ in the eucharist i know that but compared with the richness of the old and new testament and all that's contained therein this little handful of passages that i have some insight into because i submit to the authority of the holy roman catholic church that little handful of insights is nothing compared to what we will be discovering for all eternity in heaven if god will and we make it there and god unpacks for us his word it's wonderful from the very first letter to the very last letter by letter and everything in between it's wonderful we're going to have that god explained i would imagine parts of it will become evident at the judgment but i think that heaven will be much of it will be going deeper and deeper into this never-ending um journey think about this right no reason argument from divine genocides number one the bible contains reports of god commanding genocides yes keyword reports okay number two if the bible was god's revealed word it would not contain reports of god's commanding genocides well it's a manifest fact that it does contain reports of god's commanding genocides so this argument falls apart right away you need to understand that god is not the source of any evil whatsoever so these genocides either they are commanded by god but they're not evil or they are evil and therefore not commanded by god those are the two the two options right seems to me the genocide is an evil read saint augustine and see what he has to say about the genocides and what he has to say about god and his goodness right he will explain to you that every evil that's reported in the bible to the extent that it is truly evil meaning a privation of the good is reported in the bible for our salvation for our instruction i always go back to the fool who says there is no god right that is there for our instruction for our edification for our salvation ultimately right now when we hear about moses permitting divorce that is allegedly a commandment of god right moses is the mouthpiece of god it's the same thing when you read the newspapers today talking about pope francis and pope francis says this and pope francis says that well we need to make a discernment and we need to make a between what is an infallible pronouncement and what is a concession right an example that comes to mind is not even pope francis but as some of the previous popes that talked about the use of condoms which is which is gravely sinful in aids torn africa i just read something about this right there's a concession that's made right we can never do evil so that good may come of it so are these popes did they sin when they did this concession i don't know did moses sin when he allowed divorce i don't know i don't know it seems to me that that's a sin we cannot do evil that could make home of it but we're humans we're sinners the popes are sinners moses is a sinner so it's reported it's all there reported in the bible lots and lots of sin sometimes the sin is portrayed as the commandment of god sometimes the sin is portrayed as nothing but selfish sin when david killed his neighbor to get his wife that's reported as what it is sin but when moses allows divorce that's not reported it's presented as coming from god through moses as divine commandment it's only in the new testament when we have jesus pointing out that no that was not from god that was a concession a concession allowed by god because moses yes he does have given authority to give the divine unchanging truths of god but he also has discretion he also makes his own judgments and there are human traditions and not all human traditions are sinful not all of them are even evil right so you need to understand who and what god is and who and what jesus christ is and who and what christ's church is before you can make any sense of the genocides in the bible okay if god's word biblically would be the case that two is true even if the bible wasn't slavery same thing we're not good is the kind here's the thing they should be controversial but i guess it still is sexism same thing in spiritual society just inherent all right basic argument is probably just going to homophobia same thing for about human rights and similar ethical practices so that's just an example of something that i thought is a missing world teaching but you can come up with anything that you think is an important moral teaching that's not clearly and directly in the bible the ten commandments cover all of morality all of morality if you read the catholic explanation of the ten commandments it doesn't just limit the ten commandments to the superficial reading that an atheist for example would would give to the ten commandments right there's a depth there's a meditation and there's also a divine protection given to the church when it comes to teaching faith and immorals there's a protection that's given because the church is given a form of infallibility and a form of authority and of course indefectability that's why the church is the oldest surviving institution in all of human history so we have a clear and explicit teaching about everything of christ everything internet porn was not a thing in when jesus walked the earth but the church has addressed that using the subtle and nuanced application of the ten commandments there's nothing that escapes the purview of the church when it comes epstein with his uh island of young women for sale or for rent maybe that's a better way to put it the ten commandments address every aspect of the morality and lack thereof on epstein island right i just use that as an example because it's in pop culture it could be any modern evil phenomenon such as mass shootings at public schools young kids taking weapons of mass destruction if you want to use that phrase into the school and just slaughtering teachers and classmates the catholic church has clear and explicit teachings about human rights and other ethical concepts which are based on the ten commandments and the nuanced and subtle interpretation and application of the ten commandments for the primary school shootings the high school shootings the shootings in mosques the shootings in church all these things and serial killers all these modern day which depend to a certain extent on modern science and technology and engineering because for example drone warfare drone strikes in warfare the church has clear and explicit teachings about human rights and similar ethical concepts pertaining to drone warfare even though this is a recent development in the sciences and in engineering there's nothing that escapes the purview of the church um so examples do generally temptation how many purposes of teaching political there should be something but god could all right the argument for now this is this is sort of by calling yeah yeah so the older new testament provides conflicting accounts of the nation character of god but if the bible was inspired then it would not contain accounts of the nature character of god the christian claims if i was inspired so therefore christianity is false so hey you have heard it said in the old testament x y and z but i say to you a b c okay go read the sermon on the mount go read what jesus has to say about moses there is no conflict yes there are apparent contradictions yes there are confusions all sorts of conflict conflicting accounts reported in the scriptures but you need to understand who and what god is who and what christ is who and what christ's church is before you can make sense of any of this i mean there's lots of examples of this a lot on god weeks on end and i should just mention that i've read the bible from cover to cover all 73 books and i know not just intellectually but i know as i read from cover to cover starting with genesis ending in revelation i know it's intuitive to me that it's one and the same god why that are assigned to god in the old testament and in the new testament it's the same attributes it's god it's the uncaused first cause he's infinite in every perfection and that god will not be mocked boys he will not be mocked be on guard um i think it's the same kind of please and super superstitions argument so this is one of my favorites because same thing there are absurdities and superstitions okay there's no doubt about that they're people literally burning their children in the bible we have one of the great patriarchs abraham perhaps the greatest patriarch ready to do human sacrifice of his own son right it's right there you can read it go and read it worshiping if you want to use that word worshipping the golden calf and indulging in a sexual orgy revelry and okay it's there it's all there but we cannot blame god for that okay we can't blame god for that so you boys need to learn who and what god is who and what christ is and who and what christ's church is and then you can look at the bible but not until example do you say um of the sales to teach your property in the bible is almost impossible to understand such even learned scholars cannot agree on yes we do not have the original texts okay number one we have a church that gives us dogmas which come from and are contained in either materially or virtually contained in the original text but we don't have the original text what does that tell you about the church where did the church get this information tell me if they don't have the text how did they you don't know because you don't know who and what god is you don't know who and what christ is and you don't know who and what christ's church is so premise one much of the theological teaching and prophecy in the bible is almost impossible to understand yeah well we don't even have the bible right we have a copy of a copy of copy we have conflicting it's no wonder scholars can't agree what it all means right using private judgment will get you nowhere so you need to forget about this and we're moving on to the historic history it's now which is more about like things that happened in the history of the church um or development before there's obviously now i learned a little bit about this when compiling this and this uh this is actually really interesting um the origins of the belief in our way so jewish believe in your emergence of centuries of religious and criticism and slow doctrinal change this is the standard few of people who study this right i'm not really gonna get into details now but um but one thing i one thing that i learned was that um the idea of the young so that was elohim and there was yahweh and they were originally separate gods elohim was basically like just a version of the generate word for god and yahweh was like a specific tribal god essentially if you go and listen to my of this book arts i can't remember which exact episode it is but i haven't done too many so far i'm still early early on in my reading of it if you go through and you listen to them if you enjoy that sort of thing i'm not a great reader but if you enjoy that sort of thing like being exposed to this wonderful book which not a lot of people have access to just because it's not uh as far as i've been able to find it i can't find it in electronic form pdf i can't find it as an ebook so you just basically have to buy the physical book which a lot of people these days are not really into physical books right so it might be useful it might be edifying to read along with me i put the text on the screen and i read it in my crappy reading style i do sort of a minimum of reactions and comments um and sometimes i misplace the emphasis or misread and i'm not very good at reading so you'll have to read the book for yourself you can see the text on the screen but my point here is that early on in this book it addresses this myth this modern myth of yahweh elohim and all these sorts of things and it debunks all of that just by talking about how monotheism did not come after henotheism but the other way around henotheism is this sort of tribal view like our god is the best god those other gods are real out there in the nations but they're not as good as our god our god is the best among many gods and ought argues that that's not the case that's the popular myth right sort of the black legend but it's not the case so i don't know i don't have the scholarship to support that claim but i know that monotheism is the only true and rational philosophical system classical theism is the only true basis for ontology and epistemology and that you don't need any revelation or any faith-based beliefs to arrive at classical theism the truth of classical theism and also known as monotheism right so we can use pure reason and so i'm not worried about henotheism i'm not worried about polytheism i'm not worried about a theism i'm not worried about agnosticism i'm not worried about any competing worldview because they don't have a leg to stand on there is literally no alternative there's no candidate for an alternative to monotheism there just isn't there just isn't so not worried about it i'm not worried about this alleged syncretic origin of belief in yahweh it's so much stuff and nonsense it's irrelevant if they're a bunch of savages who were true henotheists so much the worse for them that's it it begins and ends there so much the worse for them just like if you're a polytheist so much the worst for you so much the worst for you i hope that you can use pure reason to arrive at monotheism the way i did i hope you can dig a little bit deeper because if you're mired in relativism subjectivism and uh you don't know which end is up it's going to be it's going to be tough it's going to be tough for you to to get to heaven frankly it's going to when you take it off of when you take it off say what you believe now the questionable moral character of jesus we're on argument historical argument number 416. so it's argument number 416 and it happens to fall in the category of historical so-called arguments promise one jesus performed actions that are morally questionable no jesus is god he's fully god and he's fully man and he is sinless he's without sin he's like men in all things but sin so he cannot be in a gray zone with any of his thoughts any of his words or any of his deeds he's god almighty he's perfect okay now can you question the morality of your interpretation of these texts that are copies of copies of copies and translations of translations of translations can you using your private judgment can you be confused about the morality of the actions performed by jesus yes you are you are and i am i'm confused right but what i'm not confused about is the dogmas and the fact that the church is infallible that it has authority and that it's indefectable i'm not confused about that the three attributes of the church and the fact that christ the god-man jesus christ and the church that christ built are one they are one just as husband and wife are one flesh it's a deep mystery so if and when you boys realize who and what god is who and what christ is and who and what his church is you will understand that premise one is false jesus performed actions that are morally questionable wrong and you look protestant and because they would just be clear and they wouldn't have you wouldn't need to cancel nice yeah because the nice engineer would be in the new testament that will be completely clear and non-controversial right confusion is everywhere here read the story of the tower of right humble yourself except as a penance as a voluntary penance the fact that you are dim of wit you are weak of will and then put yourself in the shoes of and all the christians throughout history put yourself in their shoes in order to benefit from that exercise though you need to know first and foremost who and what god is who and what christ is and who and what the church is yeah yeah remember that by the time i made it twice there are thousands of christian nominations many of them teaching contradictory doctrines die decay that's teaches against abortion as does uh hippocrates and hippocratic oath right people aren't respecting this this perennial wholesome catholic teaching against abortion people aren't respecting it there's no respect for life the vulnerable the young the unborn how should i put it the disabled the mentally challenged the deformed we have a quote-unquote health care system that kills people okay it kills people because it's too inconvenient to deal with them it kills people because it's too inconvenient to deal with them and to treat them as human beings that's where we're at in this fallen world very little respect for life very little so here we have argument 426 the proliferation of christian denominations there's so many ways to fall only one way to stand erect tip a little bit left right forward back you're gonna fall guaranteed you're gonna fall don't be surprised that there are a million ways to be in error don't be surprised have you ever been to school boys have you the questions have one and only one correct answer and literally an infinity of ways of introducing error into your answer you might give an answer that's partly true you might even get part marks for to get a perfect score you cannot have error there's only one true god there's only one christ one messiah there's only one so don't be surprised in this fallen world that we have thousands i would say tens of thousands of christian denominations don't be surprised but there are means of salvation at the disposal of these christian communities this is what vatican ii emphasizes go and read the documents of vatican 2 i'm not talking to these atheists i'm talking to christians especially catholics go and read the wonderful powerful stuff and you will understand what ecumenism is supposed to be right there are means of salvation available to everyone right down to the atheist their means of salvation and they're all intended to bring each and every individual into the safety of the ark because there's a flood coming there's a flood coming it will not be as god promised it will not be a flood of water this time it will not be a flood of water and as our lady said in several apparitions it's going to be much worse than the day of noah much worse you'll be begging for death begging for it so get in the ark i'll be thousands of christian dominations um you actually little explanations close to christians so to make a case about how good these arguments are but i felt they needed to be put in there so here they are there are many analogs of jesus in first andrew's religion there would not be many unlucky serious mythology it there are many analogues of jesus well the question i always ask to be people that bring this up kind of a big deal right kind of a big deal you got some substantial differences right so that's the beauty of the truth and belonging to the truth it doesn't matter if people can point to but what about those differences hmm interesting isn't that because if there are zero differences what do we have we have identity we have the catholic teaching unperverted unaltered right if we have that identity with catholic doctrine we have catholic doctrine that's what it but to the extent that it deviates from catholic doctrine it's different different it's not the same this is so easy to debunk people who come up to me and say oh there's this in common with the story of jesus there's this in common with the story of the flood and they're all these things that seem to line up here and they seem to match and we can make a mapping and a correlation and it seems to be there's a lot of borrowed stuff going back and forth christianity took some stuff from here some stuff from there well it's very very simple it's either identical or not if it's identical praise the lord it's catholicism if it's not identical then it's not catholicism so i don't care i don't care about your myths do not care it's just a nice story before in time i don't care who cares it's irrelevant to me right there could be like a a very similar story about the entire life of the chosen people the entire life of noah the entire life of all the patriarchs and all the apostles and jesus christ himself and his blessed mother there could be a wonderful detailed story that has a lot of overlap with the catholic story and it might have happened the catholic version happened right i don't think i don't think this is possible because my catholic story goes right to adam and eve you know less than 10 000 years ago so there's no room for uh pushing a story back before that in my i don't believe in evolution i don't believe in millions of years much less billions of years the universe was created by god out of under 10 000 years ago right so there's not a lot of room for you to insert a bunch of similar stories but even for the sake of argument if we were to assume there was some room somehow to squeeze those stories in before the catholic story then it does not move me in the slightest if there's some similarities because i'm just going to ask the question is it identical or not what are the what what is the point of that story what is the teaching of that story that you're bringing up that you're so excited about you're very excited about this mythology you're very excited about it are you excited about it because it teaches the truth if so let's hear it right because i guarantee you if there's truth in the story if there's truth in the myth it's catholic truth that's the way it is all truth belongs to us catholics all truth belongs to us catholics there are many analogues that give right of premise one many christian leaders supported the project of colonialism so what promise too if christianity was god's true religion christian leaders would not have supported the project of colonialism well it's a manifest fact of history that many christian leaders supported the project of colonialism that's a manifest fact so who are you to say who are you to say that it's a deal breaker for christianity for the for the based on what if you say that you're without sin you're a liar every pope every bishop every priest has been they make mistakes colonialism probably made some mistakes in the big picture is it good is it evil who cares i mean you make decisions every day that either align with the will of god right don't worry about the colonialists in their evil ways you're not going to be judged based on that you're you're going to be judged for your own choices that you made okay i do not condemn the colonialists i do not condemn the christian leaders who supported the project of colonialism i give them the benefit of the doubt most of them probably had good goodwill we don't have a lot to go on do we it's the same with these statues that are being pulled down because they're allegedly racists we don't have a lot to go on do we we haven't walked a mile in that guy's shoes we don't know how good or evil he was probably a combination it's too easy it's too easy to make a rash judgment about the heart christ condemns that by the way so many questions they're not um singing or donations a similar argument but many christians supported the crusade crusades the glorious crusades as i call them were their abuses probably i don't think it'd be too hard to dig up some abuses in history books cares who cares you're not going to be sent to hell for the abuses of power of evil in the history of christianity you're just not don't worry about it pray for them if you're worried about them pray for them it's not too late god's outside of time you can retroactively pray for anyone you like i mean uh pray for hitler pray for hitler seems like he made some big mistakes right i think we can all agree about that i don't think he was pure evil i don't think he was uh right with this whole covet nonsense i can see what hannah aaron calls the banality of evil it's the sellout people on the ground making concessions because they're selfish that's the banality of evil a hitler only gets power because of the people at the base of that pyramid that are empowering him by making their little concessions well it's not me so i'll just go along and you know i just i i work at the concentration camp but you know i'm a nice guy i just want to feed my family and all i have to do is twist this one valve every four hours i open the valve and then they tell me to close the valve i don't know what it is it might be like pure drinking water that's feeding these nice jews and homosexuals and catholics and deformed people whatever mentally whatever we got in the camp might be fresh drinking water when i open that top right i might be rendering them or it might be that kills him i don't know i'm just doing my job right so without that that selfish twisting that one valve and not asking any questions beyond that without that kind of that kind of useful idiot hitler wouldn't have had his project get off the ground to begin even the allied nations were making concessions they were caving they were corrupt look at france right there were key players highly placed players allowing hitler to come in so don't we shouldn't give too much credit if you in a perverted sense of the word we shouldn't give too much credit to hitler i think it's overblown i think it's really overblown the way we give all this credit so called if you want to use the perverted use of that word or blame if you want to use that word it's more appropriate to hitler he's one man he could froth in the mouth he can give his speeches he can stick his arm out straight he can write his books he can he can he could do whatever he wants it's worth zero without the consent and the complicity of people in power and the regular people who are employed by him zero he can't do anything it's the same thing today with covid right when you decide it's okay it's just a little i'll just have to do a little compromise here a little compromise i'm a nice guy i just want to feed my what is his do that's called justice so many christian leaders supported the crusades yes but we can't condemn them for that the crusades are not pure evil i call them the glorious crusades for a reason many black myths many many black legends surrounding the history of the catholic church go and read the other side of the coin go read the catholic perspective educate yourself it's christians relationships crusade that ladies and gentlemen i mean i guess he's got that whole book um the argument from christian anti-semitism many christian leaders and thinkers throughout history have endorsed and oh my god jesus christ is a jew he is the jew for excellence all of the apostles were jews the blessed virgin mary is a jew jesus said that he came not to destroy the love but to fulfill the law he but in fulfilling judaism and fulfilling in particular the promises the prophecies of the coming messiah in doing that he went beyond many of the human traditions that had crept in inevitably into semitism into judaism right read the new testament you're going to find jesus time and time again on the outside they're beautiful and clean but on inside it's corruption death nothing worse than religious hypocrisy and so no there's no anti-semitism in christ there's there's zero anti-semitism in christ and zero anti-semitism in christ's church because christ and his church are one flesh okay if you hate your brother whom you have seen then how can you love god whom you have not seen impossible yeah yeah sorry um like you know because yeah christian justification slavery so it's all the same thing so same thing they've already covered this slavery right not everyone that held a slave was pure evil obviously it's much love between slave and master you see this time and time again throughout the history i'm not justifying slavery humans are free they're designed to be free they're created by god to be free slave okay there are many many evils enslaving us today you don't see that right but we're in the situation we have to transcend this situation of slavery that we find ourselves in today and now can you blame the church can you blame christ can you blame god almighty for the fact that we ourselves today in 2021 are enslaved no we blame the man in the mirror i am weak i am foolish i am a sinner i deserve all of this suffering and more the injustice is not that i'm in a situation i don't deserve because it's too bad the injustice is that dear god why have you made your burden so light on me i deserve so much worse why are you giving me a first chance a second chance a third chance and seemingly endless chances to repent come back to you to perfect myself with your grace always with your grace to perfect myself here below so that i can be happy with you forever in the next world why god why it doesn't seem fair you're too good i went to confession today and i did my second saturday of my first five saturday's devotion i've been trying to do this for a while but i've got two out of five completed today and the the priest that i confessed to was i would say a little bit liberal left-leaning as all the priests i've ever met in my entire life have been here in canada at least and i complained to him why are you being so easy on me why are you being so forgiving and every time i tell you what i think is a sin that i've committed since my last confession you're saying no none as that's not a sin i say why are you being so easy and he just simply said because god i'm trying to imitate god god's very forgiving he's not worried about those things that you're confessing now i'm not scrupulous i don't suffer from scrupulosity but i think that most of the priests that i've met in canada have been very liberal progressive left leaning politically and just in the not exactly rigorous when it comes to catholic morality so i take everything with a grain of salt when i'm at confession but at the same time it is true that god uh god is like a parent i'm like the child it's not that bad actually the the sins that i commend even if they are sins to so what there's nothing sins are nothing literally they're nothing right don't need to worry about sins what we need to worry about and this comes from me not from my priest today but this comes from me what we need to worry about is not our sins but our lack of contrition our lack of recognition that there is such a thing as sin that it is possible to stray from christ stray from god's will that's the real danger it's not that i sin it's that it's possible that i might become accustomed to sinning and then to think well it's not sin so i'm cautious when i have a gentle confessor that's making little making too little of my sins as i confess them i'm very cautious because i don't want to fall into presumption i'm predisposed to presumption not to despair but the other side of that coin which is presumption oh god's nice he's going to forgive me and it's just a little sin so i'm very cautious about that but it is true it is at the same time it is true that i need to put my faith and confidence in the mercy of christ his church today certainly shows a lot of mercy maybe airing a little bit too much on the side of mercy and not showing enough uh justice the harsh side that we can read about if you read the lives of the saints you can see that rigorous justice of the church and the penances that used to be handed out in the early church particularly there were public confessions and then extreme penance extreme long lasting penance two years before you're even allowed to come back to the church and take partake now i get and it's it's it seems all too easy all too late but i accept it i accept that that's where we're at today that's where the church is at today and god knows best god is allowing it if not ordaining it and in my heart of hearts i know when i'm straying from christ in this church and i strive with the help of god to be truly contrite truly sorry for offending god because i don't want to offend god despite my selfish inclinations i don't so there's a balance that we need to have when it comes to scrupulosity versus sort of and the despair that comes with velocity and the presumption that's just a small sin it's no big deal god's got bigger things to worry about no we need to be children and we need to have a fear of god a fear of offending god so it's a tight rope walk i really love confession i wish that everyone would get to experience it i talk about it often in my on my show i hope and pray that you'll find your way into the catholic church and if you're catholic and you haven't been frequenting the sacraments or if you've been going to the eucharist but you haven't been to maybe you're ashamed to confess some of your favorite sins i think it's i think it's worth it i think it's really worth i don't just think it's make a firm resolve to go and confess your sins especially your favorite sins get it over with bite the bullet get it done it's amazing the feeling of freedom and the graces you receive to resist temptation in the future so i highly recommend it i guess i'm going to leave it there it's one hour eleven minutes uh let's just jump ahead quickly to historical dogma not dogma but argument number 452. particularly i'm talking about the bad type question oh actual argument they're all doing except these slaves from the but i don't think well what happened to the grounds everything they were revolutionary the point is that they did they and that was clearly secular right anyway i guess we didn't get into all this but they're trying to take credit yes they are now so because they've sold everything out and the bayesian formula okay so this is where i'll leave it at i am at six hours 34 minutes and 38 seconds into their seven plus hour monstrosity so thanks for watching thanks for listening take care of yourselves and we will talk you

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