CVS Live - 2021-08-28 - Miscarriage of Justice with Duds Hypothesis

Author Streamed Saturday August 28th, 2021

I chopped down the first version of my stream and will include the new (rough) short version here so you needn't listen to an hour of rambling and repetition. As a bonus I will also discuss the 'Duds Hypothesis' which someone suggested to me this afternoon. The implications of that hypothesis are beyond horrifying, and I hope to God that the 'Duds Hypothesis' is not true.

CVS Live - 2021-08-28 - Miscarriage of Justice with Duds Hypothesis

Author Streamed March 13th, 2021



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this miscarriage rate controversy it was i did a little fact check with reuters okay here they talk about what the conspiracy theorists say like and then they go on to give their argument that it's only 3.65 percent so we have the right wing morons for lack of a better word saying 82 percent and the left-wing morons for lack of a better word and we're going to look at the actual article and see what the article says and then we're going to use reason we're going to use basic primary school math to figure out what the truth is and a little spoiler alert it's not one extreme it's not the other extreme it's somewhere in between exactly where in between i don't know we have to speculate because they they've published an ambiguous preliminary study i think they did it on purpose first of all this is the most recent paper which makes reference to that preliminary report and it just re-emphasizes 104 out of 827 equals 12.6 percent they're re-emphasizing that so it's not like they read the article and they examined the data using pure reason and primary school math skills they didn't do that they just regurgitated the finding as published the misleading result here now it could be 12.6 but i don't think there's grounds to say that it's 12.6 and we're gonna see why this is the actual study you can go ahead and read it but what we're going to focus on is the result in terms of miscarriages there are lots of other things but miscarriage is what i'm interested in okay let's click on this and take a look and we're going to read the data we're going to read the footnotes but i'm going to do it in my highlighted version you can compare and contrast it's the same i've manipulated it other than to highlight it but i'm just going to show you let's take a look first of all at the footnote i've got footnote 15 here where does that come from it comes from this note on miscarriage here's the footnote with the link go and check it out yourself footnote 15. spontaneous abortion also known as miscarriage is defined as the loss of pregnancy less than 20 weeks gestation so it's built into the definition of miscarriage that it's less than 20 weeks okay but what is the relationship between that 26 percent and this 10 this is all important that we understand the relationship between the 26 percent of all pregnancies any fertilization and the 10 of clinically recognized this means it comes onto the radar we have a pregnancy test of one sort or another high-tech test or the one you get down at the pharmacy doesn't matter so by definition those women in the study are pregnant that means that they are clinically recognized as pregnant which means that the upper limit of this is 10 the expected rate of miscarriage is up to 10 meaning a maximum of 10 percent not a maximum of between 10 and 26 percent we're mixing our categories here now it's a lie to manipulation or these people are just stupid but i just wanted to sort of put in perspective this idea of the probability of reaching 20 weeks of age in your mother's womb this is sort of the broader picture about the distinction between all pregnancies and i have the cumulative survival rate right next to it is the risk of the danger so spontaneous abortion after conception but before clinical pregnancy which means you have a 74 of getting past that particular hurdle when you're in your mother's womb but there's another hurdle it's a small hurdle it's only a 10 hurdle this is spontaneous abortion or miscarriage after clinical pregnancy so we've already passed this 26 risk hurdle and now we are encountering another hurdle which is a 10 risk hurdle so that reduces my survival rate my cumulative survival rate from 74 to 67 you can just and then of course there's procured abortion after clinical pregnancy that will reduce the child's probability of reaching 20 weeks of age in your mother's room to about 55 so i just wanted to put this in context the whole question of the 26 percent the 10 and i just added on this other hurdle as an example of to emphasize the fact that as you move through time from fertilization where you have that zygote and a new human being who has the right to life from that stage all the way up to the 20 weeks there are many hurdles these are just three of them these are the three main categories and i think that they cover most of the cases of the things that could get in the way of reaching 20 weeks in the womb so i want to go and look at the table now that we've done the preliminary this is one way of interpreting the ambiguous new england journal of medicine study preliminary study is by saying well i'm going to distribute among the unvaxed and the vast i'm going to distribute 104 miscarriages in such a way that maximally portrays the best case scenario which is that if you take this vaccine you will not have a miscarriage statistically speaking because zero percent of our women that got vaxxed had a miscarriage the people that were on vacation miscarriages at the rate of 14.9 but those who were vacs were protected apparently by the vaccine and they got zero percent miscarriages right so this is an extreme and dishonest way of interpreting the data and distributing those 104 miscarriages among the 827 or whatever it is distribution here what i have in this table is the distribution just slowly shifting so instead of giving all of the miscarriages to the vax and none to the unboxed in this extreme most extreme limit case here we just walk it back one case at a time so okay there was let's say there was one unvaxed among the 104 and the rest were vast that would give us an 81.1 percent risk miscarriage if you're vaccinated and a 0.1 chance if you're unvexed these are all incredibly unlikely it starts getting reasonable i think if you have if you assume a 5 miscarriage rate in the general population because the maximum is 10. so you would have 54 percent risk of miscarriage if you're vast and only a 5 in the control group the unvexed i think that's reasonable okay here we have what i think is the most probable zone somewhere between 7.5 percent and 10 because 10 is the upper limit it's the maximum according to their own footnote 10 is the maximum this 26 you can ignore that because that's all pregnancies and that's irrelevant because we only have detected clinically detected pregnancies participating in the study okay because that's what we're studying we're studying women that have been recognized clinically as being pregnant and only up to 10 up to 10 percent of those are at risk of miscarriage according to their own so up to 10 so i said it's most probably somewhere between 7.5 and 10 of the general population this control group of the 700 that were not vaccinated and so that would give us somewhere between 26 percent and 40 risk of miscarriage if you're waxed you're two to three times as likely to have a miscarriage in other words if two to three times is likely to have a i think that is significant i think that's very significant i've allowed a little bit of wiggle room here i think it's still reasonable if you want to argue that you know up to 11 in the control group at miscarriages leaving 22 that still represents almost a two-fold increase for the vaxxed if you're vast you're still going to get twice as much risk of miscarriage so i i do not recommend that women get the shot and especially pregnant women i do not recommend that anyone gets the shot but that's my opinion i'm not telling you what to do you have free will you okay so let's just clarify a few things before i look at the new data set um the basic overview is that there were thousands of women studied but only 827 had what we call a completed pregnancy and there are criteria for that strict criteria for that definition 827 that can really enter into the statistical analysis for miscarriage the problem number one the first problem is that 700 of those women although they had a completed which is good that qualifies them for the miscarriage study from the on miscarriage because they those 700 were vaccinated after the 20 weeks which by definition is the period of time under consideration when studying the second problem of two uses of the word pregnant there's a deliberate conflation of two distinct technical definitions of the word pregnant the first definition is the undetected fertilization which the scientific community has agreed to put at approximately 26 percent how they came that figure is neither here nor there the definition of the first use of the word pregnancy when they qualify it as all pregnancies what they mean is fertilization undetected clinically undetected the second definition of the word is a clinically detected or recognized pregnancy the only the only way to recognize clinically a pregnancy and the only way to be pregnant when the clinical test is performed is if that initial zygote did not undergo a spontaneous abortion or a miscarriage according to the first definition that definition which applies to all pregnancies which means those undetected fertilized eggs the zygotes that just didn't go anywhere they didn't come to fruition they didn't make it to a pregnancy test and in this second definition of the word pregnant those who are clinically proven to be pregnant already passed the hurdle of that first form of miscarriage that first category of they've made it past that hurdle otherwise you could not could not by a positive clinical diagnosis for pregnancy you could get a false positive i don't know what the rate false positive is what false positives are that's another but this conflation of all pregnancies which are undetected by definition and that 26 rate of hypothetical rate of 26 percent miscarriage is being clumped in with the 10 maximum upper limit 10 upper limit probability of having a miscarriage once you make it to the these two are being mixed together in the study in a way that's extremely and i would say dishonest so the results of my first analysis were dramatic because it showed a two to three-fold increase in the likelihood of miscarriage the duds hypothesis as i call it makes that look like a walk in the park it's it's this is the old data that i did my analysis of now i'm going to show you the duds if we go down and we look at the best case scenario for those on the left who want to push this so-called vaccine these so-called vaccines we look at the best case scenario steel manning we will just take 104 miscarriages and we'll give them to the unwaxed so that we can have zero cases of miscarriage among the vaxxed zero percent risk of miscarriage if you've been vaxed and as i said before in my previous video this means that the vax is a wonder drug that will prevent miscarriage that's good news but it's also false news fake news it's a fantasy impossible in the loose sense of the word meaning very very very very very if we go to the 12.6 percent that they is the real number waxed that had mixed miscarriages and 96 unvacs that had mixed characters and there's absolutely no difference if you're waxed unboxed it makes and you can see how few cases there are in between this absolutely ridiculous absurd case where vaccines are a miracle cure and you'll never have a miscarriage if you take the max between that absurd case which is impossible and insane and this case which they are presenting with a straight face that it doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not you're just going to have the same outcome there's absolutely no detrimental effect whatsoever there's also no good effect but there's no if and this is important to remember about this study if the numbers had been on this side down here if there had been fewer than eight miscarriages among the vaxxed they would have reported that because it's to their benefit it goes along with their thesis it helps their project right on the other hand if it had fallen to a higher number among the backs nine or more the higher that number is the less likely they are to tell you which proportion of the 104 miscarriages belong among the vaxxed and which proportion among young they would be more likely to leave it ambiguous and look at the real estate up here look at how many more cases there are where um better just hide the result because it doesn't look too good so let's use that 700 of unboxed to just clump them all in together it'll look good because 12.7 that's not too bad it looks like a reasonable number and we'll just say there's no difference of now the shocking the really shocking thing is if we come up here and i'm going to show you how i got this this data for my table okay if we come up here we look at that ten percent high water mark the maximum number of to be found the control group the unvaccinated the normal healthy people that haven't been jabbed if we look at that row where we have that 10 number that magic 10 percent number roughly 10 we're gonna have a shocking three-fold increase in the risk of miscarriage a 43 risk of miscarriage if you've been boxed this is okay of what is reasonable i've pushed it beyond that just for the sake of charity and say well let's give them 11 even though their own footnote says 10 is the maximum that we could expect in the population in the unvaxed so we'll just give them an extra ten percent of ten percent is one percent so ten percent plus one percent is eleven percent let's give them that ten percent bonus just so that we can say they're not being unreasonable they're being moderate on the left if they say well the control group might have had eleven you know might have gone over that theoretical limit of ten percent sure will give you eleven miscarriage rate thirty two percent it's still two and a half times higher and i know that if the maximum is ten percent then probably like i said in the last video seven somewhere between 7.5 and 10 is going to be your actual control group rate probably somewhere in around 8.6 just because the way normal curves work these bell curves and if we if we control group having miscarriages what does that say about the facts well that puts them at about a sixty percent miscarriage rate that's almost a five-fold increase on what we would expect in a healthy person and it goes up to six fold almost a 600 increase in what we would expect in a normal healthy person if we go if we assume which i think is probable that it's about seven five seven point five percent miscarriage rate in the control group any of these cases are so we're looking at a three and a half to six fold increase in the risk now if we look here what is this why why have i highlighted this one here this is just a mistake i'll have to get rid of that get rid of that highlighting there's no special case there oh yeah there was a special case there yes yeah the 8.2 percent the famous 8.19 i don't have that exact number here so i just took the closest one what i referred to as a a moronic conspiracy theory by the extreme right on bit shoot that's what i called it when i was showing you these numbers over here in my original video the reason it's moronic and i place them on the extreme right is because they're they're not doing the duds hypothesis they're just working with the data and they're saying oh well uh the 700 people were not uh were not vaccinated so they had a zero percent they didn't say this but basically what they were saying by attributing all of the miscarriages exclusively to the vaxxed is by extension by logical extension what whether because they're stupid or they're evil what they were saying is what they were implying at least was that zero percent of the unboxed had any miscarriage that's irresponsible it's it's just foolish but if we come back now and we take into consideration the fact that nurses are giving sailing the fact that temperature control is very difficult the fact that there are rumors of 50 placebo in the pfizer trials the ongoing trials 50 placebo rate if we take that into consideration and we just crunch the numbers we end up seeing that their extreme right wing conspiracy theory which is moronic reasonable it's a reasonable number now now the way that they arrived at it is not reasonable but if you look at the duds hypothesis which includes the possibility of placebos and vaccine failure in the sense that this mechanism is not doing in your body what it's designed to do and what it's promising to do and if those two factors lead to 50 percent duds across the board in this trial and in general then we end up with this number 82.5 roughly 82 percent and it's a very reasonable 6.8 percent among the control group the unvax this is all very reasonable up in here and the fact that we have removed i'm going to show you the calculation here half changes everything because those numbers have to go somewhere and the only other place they can go is to the unpacks because if you're not okay so you can see here i've removed half of the 127. i didn't remove 63.5 i just rounded up to 64. i could have done 63 63 64. that won't make a big difference and likewise over here you can see the formula up here the 700 the original number of unvaxed actually has to increase by that same number 64. so the consequences of this duds hypothesis the consequences are horrifying the devastating and suddenly it becomes to hypothesize and it's only a hypothesis because we don't know the numbers they won't tell us the numbers they haven't told us the numbers this is since april they haven't told us the numbers why don't you tell us so we don't have to hypothesize tell us not how many were facts but how many among the facts how what how many had miscarriages among the banks and how many had miscarriages among the 700 that were not boxed in the first 20 weeks why don't you tell us that number so we don't have to hypothesize about but it really is a bleak bleak picture that we have and the ambiguity that's introduced where they want us to be ignorant of the proportions among the vaccine and the proportions the distribution of these 104 miscarriages the fact that they've they've left it to our imagination and the fact that we don't know were counted as maxed we will find out we will find out 100 guaranteed we will find out we're going to find out the reality behind this study and the reality behind the placebos and the reality behind those vaccines that failed because they just dissolved too fragile and the conditions were not maintained in that very very narrow zone it would give them the viability to do what they are supposed to do they're designed to do we will find out we'll find out when all will be revealed all the evil corruption of all the new england journal of medicine everyone that's involved with this preliminary study all the government officials that are involved in pushing these so-called vaccines on to healthy people elderly people vulnerable people immunocompromised people people young people all will be revealed there is no corrupt thought word or deed that will not be revealed at the general judgment so i hope and pray that the evil people behind this satanic religion convert further before their death with a true and lasting conversion because it's the only way these corrupt and evil satanic people will be saved there's a spiritual battle taking place we're all being tested who do you adore as god who how cheap are you selling your soul would you sell your soul because you can get a free donut or a lap dance from a prostitute a dancer would you sell your soul for one free hop dance because you can get one i can only imagine how that would haunt the lost soul in hell i am here infinite or i wanted some hooker to or just to look at her up close or i wanted to go traveling i wanted to eat in a restaurant and that's why i'm burning in hell right now because i god beneath the creature i put the creature above i am corrupt i am the reason that i'm in hell right now i the fact that uh fauci and all the other idiots are here burning alongside me it's worse that i have all the corrupt medical workers and the corrupt politicians big pharma corrupt media it's worse for me i'm being tortured more because i i chose i chose so don't end up in hell burning in hell for a donut or so that you can have a good time with your friends or that you can don't compromise your principles if you have principles if you don't have principles then it's time to start finding principles because if you bend when this small amount of pressure is placed on you you're willing to bend now then it doesn't look good for your eternal salvation because there are more tests to come there are more inconveniences coming your way i i hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are worse times coming and if you can't handle the pressure of 2020 and 2021 you'd better dig deep and find some principles because if you're caving now with your supernatural soul and start getting in touch with your creator and repenting sincerely of your sins get to confession if you're catholic if you're not catholic i suggest you start asking yourself why find your way to jesus christ to find your way into the church because there is no other way that's what i want for you that's what i want for myself i'm in the same boat i am a weak weak sinner i didn't take the job by the grace of god but i'm a weak weak sinner a corrupt man and when i talked about fouchy and company being in hell i hope that no one goes to hell but i know that people are choosing against god they choose to say something other than yes to god's grace and they do end up in hell i don't wish hell on voucher i don't wish hell on bill gates i don't wish hell on i'm just trying to illustrate the point that there are people in hell and you could be one of them you could wake up and find yourself there and there is a place prepared for you meditate on that there is a place prepared for you already in hell if you want to ask god if you believe in god ask god for the grace to see the place that's been prepared for you in hell you don't have to go there it's up to you but seeing it how horrible it is and how it's made could the motivation let's say to strive for virtue to keep the ten commandments to live a life of prayer penance and being a hero of being a hero this is what life is it's the only tragedy not to be a hero not to be a saint that's what the saints are they're so meditate on your death your death is coming soon meditate on that meditate on your place in hell but also meditate on god and heaven what god did when he became man to save you meditate on all that i don't care if you're an atheist muslim jew protestant orthodox catholic we all need to think about every day get ready prepare to die so that's it i'll leave it there for now thanks for listening thanks for listening take care we'll talk soon god bless

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