Catholic vs. Catholic - 2019-03-09 - Matthew Murdock Part 3

Author Recorded Saturday March 9th, 2019

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Recorded September 13th, 2017

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In this third part (which was recorded way back in the beginning of March) Matthew and I discuss some of the challenges he faces on his journey into the Church. As always, I really enjoyed chatting with my beloved brother in Christ.

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Matthieu part three so what have you been up to have you been back to see that priest have you been to confession again what's going on basically okay I'm getting you know a lot of Opposition in my marriage and for my wife she was very concerned that basically I'm joining a cult and that my soul is on the line and all that we've had some arguments and had some talks I blew it but not too terribly bad but I mean I I should have just shut up a few times but I just had to kind of make my case because she's made it clear that she doesn't want to be a debate partner and I'm always wanting to debate because that's just how I am I guess and that's how I kind of flesh out ideas but it really annoys her you know so um I have not been able to get back to mass or confession so I still haven't got to take the Eucharist and I'm kind of dying for it man I really have a hunger for and so I really want to get back there but the only problem is confession times for the Catholic Church is in my neighborhood or in my area that's always on Saturdays which is you know a day that my wife works on Saturdays so I have the kids so she's totally opposed to me taking our son to the Catholic Church that was her biggest concern was that I'd be indoctrinating my son into the Catholic faith and that just scares her to death like she's just freaked out about that so it kind of puts me in a weird spot to where I would have to try and finagle something to try and get someone to watch the kids and we don't really have many people to watch the kids or that my wife would would trust with our son except for her mom and so I haven't got to go back there yet but today I think I'm actually gonna be able to get over there because my son has a playdate with a friend so I'm gonna try to work that out where I can go drop a Soph and then I'll take my daughter with me over there to go and see Tom the priest so I really hope so pray that that'll work out for me because I really want to get over there yeah so um I found this old missile that my parents have from like 50s and it's like the Sunday missile it's like a little black book and it's awesome it's Illustrated and it has like the prayers of contrition and all of these things and that's like man if I was really following this stuff was my whole heart I would be a better husband and a better father because I'm reading what is it the examination of conscience yeah and it gives like a list of things to look for in your heart that you're doing or not doing and it's like oh my gosh man this is gonna be hard I hope I can do it you know but by God's grace right yeah because even you know in my Protestant prayers and stuff you know that does confess I go god I blew it my anger and things like that but this seems more in-depth and more detailed because it gives a pretty good list of things to look for and I'm like oh man I'm I'm below this stuff and the other angers definitely I think there's a multi-faceted thing but usually just being inconvenienced by somebody or them just being stupid or you know the kids like not doing what I told him to do so I think that's just selfishness right like I just want things to go my way I want to be you know left alone sometimes to do my stuff and I think it's just basically the root of selfishness and and there's pride in there too because I want it my way yeah I love I've mentioned this to you before but one of the things I learned recently from the Opus Dei is instead of saying this person annoys me say this person sanctifies me it's a way of turning everything into a penance so if there's a really annoying guy at work or whether it's your child or your wife or whatever it is when you want to say to yourself in your head you're annoying me just say you are sanctifying me so there's a there's going to be gratitude there there's going to be obviously a lot of humility involved and a lot of hope and excitement for your own eternal salvation it's like your bank account in heaven is just like dollar signs right ching ching ching ching in terms of your air mile points this is what my wife calls it when I'm trying to be a goody-goody to get in good with God she calls it airmail points the treasures in heaven right you're storing up treasure in heaven become rich toward God right yeah yeah so if we can think about it like that it's just like ching ching ching ching so when you meet that annoying guy at work just see him like a big dollar sign yeah like I'm gonna get close to this dude because I'm gonna work on my spiritual muscle so I'll be all ripped up ya little spiritual Schwarzenegger ya know but most the time it's my family man you know there's one thing they honestly get at me the most because at work I can deal with the annoying guy and everyone thinks I'm such a happy guy but it's like no dude I'm an angry guy but I tell people that write what you know way but know it is you know and I remember last time we talked me and you talked about there was the resolve and then what was the first part that you get when when you there's consolation and desolate consolation yeah yeah and so I resolved after that to work on certain things and patience with my family and it worked for a few days but then I kind of my resolve is lacking you know so that's normal you think Schwarzenegger walked into the gym the first time and walked out looking like a beefcake ah yeah probably not unless he was on steroids yeah he probably did some roids but yeah but I think these prayers and all this stuff is like spiritual roids man yeah they're gonna help us grow right yeah yeah okay so will you explain penance to me because I see these prayers of penance because I see the prayer of penance I haven't experienced it yet but maybe you go to confession they say say however many Hail Marys however many yeah so is that penance or is there multiple is there luck will you explain that for me it's completely up to the priest the worst one I ever had lasted a month I had to do a month of Prayer 20 minutes a day of a specific set of prayers but it doesn't really matter what dependencies as long as you sincerely are detached from sin you don't ever want to stand again not even a venial sin and you are sincere in that way knowing that likely you will fall but that's not your intention to fall your intention is to grow in strength and in grace right yeah what the priest told me to do like I told you in regards to the the abortion issue that I was I've been guilty of innocent blood and stuff it's pretty much a lifelong thing he said you know dedicate my life to helping children whenever there's a need yeah that's in my heart man I I'm going for that start with your own kids yeah definitely that is where it starts and being patient and being that man that I'm supposed to be you know I just I need God to do some serious surgery on my heart and I think that that's what he's doing and he's used you instrumentally in it because you're you've really helped me a lot so I just thank you for that man I'm so grateful for a relationship and our friendship me too you know and for the podcast because I mean I listen to so much of it and it's a lot of it's been very very helpful you know so I just I'm very grateful thank well you will you define what a venial sin is I'd never heard of that not mortal so basically the way that I like to think about it in the way I've had it presented to me by the church which i think is very handy way to think about the distinction between venial and mortal sin is like a relationship like for example marriage between Christ and His Church you're married to Jesus Christ and you wound him you hurt him you insult him you spit in his face with the venial sins it's never good but it's never enough to rupture the relationship and to give a divorce between the two of you but with mortal sin it is like a divorce it's like you've completely ruptured the relationship you don't have the relationship anymore you know that makes perfect sense with the marriage analogy that's perfect I totally get it yeah and the goal the goal is to never harm Jesus Christ like I always think of it in terms of the sorrowful mysteries in the rosary he's agony in the garden sweating blood is because of my sins past present and future right up until the crucifixion all of those five sorrowful mysteries all of that suffering and agony is due to me and my selfish sins past present and future I always like to think about that meditate on that one of my favorite Saints is Saint John Vianney the Kure of ours and he said never you anything that you cannot offer up to God so this is a principle to live your life by never do anything that you can't offer up to God so think about yourself having a silver platter on which you offer up everything experience everything you think everything you say and everything you do now if you do a venial sin you can't present that to God you can't offer that up to God so just don't do it ever don't ever sin not a venial sin not of mortal sin so that's the objective for us but it's hard and we need obviously we need grace can you spell that guy's last name I'd like to look that up sitting on Vianney VI a n ey UI cool yeah I was gonna ask you for some Saints to look out I've been enjoying Anselm a lot as well good yeah I like the meditations better than the gilliam Presidium whatever did the pro slog yeah that's more philosophic yeah yeah I love it too it's just the wording Howie how its worded is very odd sometimes I don't know but the prayers and the meditation that I'd love it man it's really helping so I wanted ooh so that's your that's your guy on st. John Vianney nice I'll check him out dude yeah you're gonna love him yeah I can't wait so our relationship to the Saints is kind of boggling to me you've explained it very well but maybe we can talk about that or a little bit more as well because it's just something I don't understand I'm kind of like apprehensive or even you know I'm scared to afraid to ask this ain't something and I'm really nervous about that and then that'll lead into Mary I really want to talk about that cuz I'm really really struggling with with the Marian stuff so I'm like you said to just ask someone something is to pray something of them right like that's the that's the idea and how how is it like are they because they're not omniscient right there's no like us but they're just in heaven like how are they how did how do you think that works like it's called the economy of salvation God doesn't need anything God is free to distribute his grace as he wants and he established the church he didn't have to do that he established the communion of saints he didn't have to do that but he and God is the god of the living not of the dead so when Jesus talked about Abraham being alive this is a key to understanding that the communion of saints is a very very real thing and when we see in the book of Revelation the Saints offering up the incense the prayers of the faithful down below we see the connection we see the establishment of that connection between heaven and earth there is an economy of salvation there is a mysterious economy in this distribution of grace and it is foolishness to deny it and it's foolishness to ask why if that question entails any sort of rebellion against reality we have to accept reality it is mysterious it's beyond us but this is what God chose to do okay so the church commands us to know the faith and to know and love the Saints and to get to know them and to read them and we of course have the fathers of the church and we have countless Saints that have left writings that are not only approved by the church but the church encourages us to get to know these Saints to love them and I've never met a saint that I didn't fall in love with I just love them all I can't wait man and it's kind of exciting there's all this stuff to look into I'm I really really love the confessions of st. Augustine I just love the guy like dude he's trippin on a pair that he stole when he was like a little kid and just like confessing to God like I stole it I didn't need it I just wouldn't took it you know my god can you forgive me I'm just like yeah I love this guy how long ago did you read that for the first time I've been listening to it on an audiobook on and off for the last well I started like a few years ago and then when I told my pastor that I was reading he said oh you can't believe anything that guy says you know I'm like okay I want and then I got into the reformed theology and they're all about Augustine you know so then I start checking them out again and just recently I've just been listening to the confessions and now I can listen to it again and have a whole fresh outlook on it but yeah I love that guy and add sounds the only only other one that I've checked out so far and I love it his nickname is the second Augustine the second I guess yeah I saw that yeah and I'm just scratching the surface I'm I read the first prayer and it's meditation and I just love it and I like in that and the other thing that when he's talking about the existence of God when he's just like just take a minute settle your mind and let's just think about God for a while let's just trip on God for a minute you know I love that I want to do that that's awesome that's what he's doing he's just like well God you know asking all these questions I remember myself kind of asking you know like well if you're not here how am I supposed to praise you where are you what what what are you made of and then eat and then he starts thinking about it and and putting ideas together and I just think that's amazing man mm-hmm but that's why I was asking you there's got to be some kind of inspiration that these guys had though I know they're not infallible but I mean yeah don't you think that yeah I mean they have to be hearing from the Holy Spirit some of this stuff at least I mean yeah yeah yeah it's powerful I think of it as a spectrum you know God is God God alone is God but among us humans there's a hierarchy in terms of the amount of grace and Mary is at the top of that pyramid she is full of grace she is as far above the next saint in holiness as God is above her maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration there but there's a great gulf between the holiness of Mary and then the holiness of the next saint who would be possibly st. John the Baptist or Saint Joseph god only knows who the next holiest saint is but there is definitely a hierarchy all the way down to you and me right and in Mary's at the top of that chain of saints yeah yeah I have no problem with that at all you know I really don't I I'm tracking with all this but it's just I was looking into the Fatima thing so I just looked it up I watched a youtube video on it and dude I don't understand yeah I can tell you from my own personal experience when I first converted I was obviously very very very very jealous of God the Father I didn't want a Trinity I didn't want Jesus I didn't want anything I just wanted God the Father so I only prayed the Our Father prayer that's pretty much the only fixed prayer that I would dare to pray because I don't want to disrespect God the Father I don't know if the Trinity is true or not so this was in the beginning in the early days when I converted okay so I want to I want you to be able to relate to me that I too was very very cautious about praying anything that wasn't directly about God the Father only okay so I can relate to trepidation and I respect your holy fear of offending God I respect that and I did not look into any of the apparitions these are not an obligation for any Catholic to believe any private revelation ever so I just said I don't need to waste my time on this stuff if I come to believe that the Catholic Church is the one true church then of course I can explore that but it's not essential so you leave it aside don't worry about it good thank you that's that's my mind at ease brother because I was just like if this is a you know because I I'm still like at the point where I'm like I'm giving this thing shot I'm going to go I see some beauty here and it's drawing in and I love it but there still are some lines that if they're crossed I'm like I'm out and I'm just like I hope I don't have to just wholeheartedly believe a lot of these claims no a lot of people make because some of it just it really it would be really hard for me to believe but I can believe anything like you said if it's true and and I know that it's coming from God I'll believe anything I'll believe I don't care I believe that you know a snake talked to some lady in the garden a long time ago and donkey talked to a guy I can actually believe that absurd stuff because I know that God can do anything yeah but certain things that's just like you like you always say if it defies logic or reason then you shouldn't believe it right yeah you need to be authentic and sincere in what you accept you also need to know that there are little voices in your head that don't want you to be Catholic and I don't want you to get to heaven right so there are two sides think about it like the you know the left shoulder the right shoulder you got the angel and the demon that's just a little cutesy image but basically there are competing forces that are trying to seduce you one way or the other yeah and I listen to that when you sent me that thing about the the wife controlling the husband I listen to that teaching it's on demonology man that tripped me out how he's saying that the the demons cuz I was always taught that they don't have access to your thoughts like they can only kind of suggest things to you in a way but that guy was talking about how they can actually access your emotions and your thoughts and your dreams and dude and when you talked about how you have these demonic dreams my dreams are so disgusting every single night I have these terrible disgusting terrifying things you know going on and and and I'm always like God why do I have these images in my head still it's like you set me free but that makes sense if the demons can actually get in there and they're trying to seduce us through that you mentioned that and and something that you said on one of your talks and man that makes so much more sense and then you talked about something about scrutiny or when when you look at yourself and you don't believe that you're forgiven or you're over you over scrutinize yourself will you explain that to me please scrupulosity there's a certain level of distrust where people want to overthink everything the typical sort of analogy would be an insecure girl that doesn't believe that her boyfriend or husband really actually loves her yeah do you how annoying that is for the Eifel hell you know how annoying that is so yeah try not to be like that with God yeah and now I get like that too you know I don't know but the the missile thing it makes me feel like dude I'm condemned man there's no frickin way I'm gonna be able to keep up on any of this stuff you know you're not just an individual on an individualistic journey right it's not all about you you're part of a flock of sheep picture yourself like one sheep among many that are following Jesus Christ along this narrow path and it's not easy but you're very happy because you're following Jesus Christ and if it's hard walking up this narrow path with all the sheep and at least you can console yourself with the fact that you're not gonna burn in hell for all eternity because you're part of the flock you know he knows that you're not worthy he knows that there's nothing you could do to ever satisfy him or please him and so you just do what you can and you accept whatever graces he gives you humbly and you give thanks for everything even when you fail you give thanks to him and look around you you're part of a flock that's following Jesus Christ all picture yourself as part of the flock never as an individual because Satan is the individual he's the one that falls away from the pack right yeah I hope that helps no it does help a lot in NEC and that's what I really love about the Catholic Church and I've heard you talk about it with another Protestant about how we kind of chased one experience to another like we'll just ditch one Church like oh they change the music I'm out or this guy you know insulted me or didn't include me in something so I'm gonna I'm gonna switch and go to a different church or something like that it's about you it's about me it's always been about like well I'm not being fed here that's how they say you go where you you go where you're getting fed as a Protestant idea like you're getting fed the word so if you don't feel like you're getting fed you go you go to where where you're getting fed you know so it's who's it all about it's all about me and the Catholic Church like when I went to Mass I only got to go to half of it you know but I felt like this isn't about me this is about God and I get to just be a part of this thing like I just get to be here with all these other people but it's about him you know it's not Burger King have it your way type of idea you know it's like this this is the same about me and I really really like that I think that's that's just another reason why I really think it's the truth the true true place to be because it's like we're offering up sacrifice to him it's about him it's not it's not an individualistic type of thing that I've experienced and and most of the other places that I've been the other thing I wanted to mention to you which is very important to remember is that there there is that communion of saints in the church triumphant in heaven Church suffering in purgatory and the church militant here below and you are benefiting from this sort of insurance policy where if you're weak in your prayer today you've got a billion people that are praying for you and with you and if you're strong in prayer today that's being distributed to some guy who's struggling in his Catholic faith that you've never even met but you are part of that communion of saints so we really need to start thinking less individualistically and more about the communion of saints and it relieves a lot of that xiety that i think you're feeling coming from a sort of Protestant background yo yeah that's that's beautiful man I love it man that's good but it's been a great talk man I wanted to know a little bit about meditation and there's just like little things like if you just want to talk or not really debate with me but I need you know like my wife I can't do that there so maybe you can be my friend yeah sure and when I and in in debating I'm not trying to say I know you know I mean I'm saying this is what I think convinced me otherwise and let's flesh it out yeah because this this bothers me I see it you know it was something like that you know so if you ever want to do anything like that like I like some of the the attributes of God that God I've heard you talk about how he all of the expressions of God is having any type of emotion are just kind of anthropomorphic or like a condescension like he's not really affected by anything and that bothers me because that's not how the Bible paints paint him I mean there's countless countless times where God just blows up me says oh my fury my this my that but then it says and then like he blows up on Israel like like oh I'm gonna kill all of a man and Moses is like no no don't deal he's like okay you know all right I'll calm down and I'll relent of that and it looks like he he changed his mind and I know there's the doctrine of immutability where he never changes his mind but I mean you see examples over and over again in scripture where he says the evil that I intended for you I won't do if you'll repent you know there's a lot of ifs yeah if you do this I will do this if not then I'll do this so these conditions like it seems like a lot of there's a lot of conditions that shows that he is interacting with us and that he does he seems like he has emotions because even when he has compassion I mean that's kind of an emotional thing isn't it like he says I'll have mercy and I'll have compassion and then it talks about how he's angry every day with the sinners and stuff so over and over again I I'm just like yeah I thought there's me when I hear here you say that are people and it's not to see you I mean a lot of the reformer guys talk about God that way to you about yeah he's not cold and indifferent he is love he is mercy that's an emotional thing and like he is affected like he said earlier that we hurt him we injured Christ when we're sinning this is what we need to bear in mind as Catholics is that God is incarnated like he has not unencoded he is incarnate he always will be right he always will be and in a certain sense he always was because the second person of the Trinity there never was a time when he was not God and you know in the fullness of time in creation he took on flesh but he always was the second person of the Trinity so so the eternal sonship of God do you believe that doctrine that's a Catholic thing yeah yeah okay okay cool we can argue about that too because I don't understand that either but keep going keep going but what I wanted to say about the so called emotions of God is that Jesus Christ is fully man he is man in every way except sin so of course he feels and he suffers and when I sin I am hurting God in that sense in the sense that God the Father understands because God is so intimately United with the other members of the Trinity and God the Son of course literally suffered for my sins and he saddened by my sins even now but God as God is not subject to change God as God is not disturbed by any passions whatsoever and yet God as God loves and you want to reduce that to or at least acknowledge it that's partly an emotional thing I disagree I don't think that love is an emotional thing for God the Father okay so maybe for him it's more of because I do understand biblical love is more of a doing and not a feeling He loves us by his action toward us by giving us his son by blessing us with sunshine and all that stuff so that's him loving us I get that but what about his anger man he says I'm furious with you and that's so you're thinking he's only he's he's only experiencing that emotion through Jesus well it doesn't really matter because they're so intimately United I mean for all intents and purposes you can talk about the father feeling because the father is not limited in any way he is above the human nature of the second person like when when Jesus said the father is greater than I theirs he wasn't he wasn't lying or joking he was being serious the father is greater because the father is not limited in any way whereas in Jesus Christ human nature there are limitations so the father is greater than that human limited part of the Incarnate God right but I wanted to say what the fury and the anger that is a fury and anger against evil against all the enemies of the family of God and God is angry God does want to unleash his wrath against the enemies and protect us and to bring us home to that happy union with him in heaven ultimately so we do need to understand that God's anger is always salutary it's always good it's always for our good and so the you know the whole question of emotions if it bothers you then just focus on the Incarnate Word of God Jesus Christ and how he is fully human and so he could be comfortable with that there's a reason why God incarnated God wanted to make nature to be natural and it is natural and when God created nature he saw that it was good and when he created human nature he saw that it was very good so we don't need to be shy about emotions or about anything that's human the only thing we need to be shy about is sin so I don't think you need to dwell on the fact that God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are not moved in the way that a human is moved because God the Father and God the Holy Spirit did not incarnate they still are God and they still are intimately in union with the second person of the Trinity who did incarnate and they're not scratching their head saying oh this Jesus guys pretty weird isn't he you know don't so the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are they one as in like one family yet three different beings or is it like God the Father the Son and the Spirit are the same guy but working in different modes I know that's modalism I think that was a heresy that was condemned yeah will you explain to me the official teaching of the church yeah the official teaching of the church is that it's a mystery that cannot be comprehended are you that I don't know no no no no there's much to be gained by contemplating it and speculating about it and if you continue reading the confessions you'll see st. Augusta and contemplating the Trinity and he wrote a whole book on the Trinity which is worth reading to and yeah nicely I don't even know yeah there are many saints that have written books on the Trinity and they're worth reading and there's lots of speculation and the basic image that st. Agustin uses is that if you see a child on a seashore and they're digging a little hole in the sand and they're taking their bucket and they're going to the ocean and then take one bucket and they put it in the hole in the sand and then they go back to the ocean get a second bucket he thinks he's gonna fit the ocean into that little hole in the dirt and that's what we're like when we try to put the understanding of God the Trinity into our little minds it just ain't gonna happen but we can still we can still opera Henry of the Trinity and we can still touch it and dive into it and swim in it and that's our destiny is to enter into the Sabbath of God and enter into that bliss of those relationships and those relations between Father Son and Holy Spirit yeah that's good stuff dude I love you bro I love you too brother you're the best you might be a fifth dog I'm serious I love it I've just enjoy our going back and forth and I just want to I want to be a blessing to you as well that's why I don't want to puff you up if that's a stumbling block for you but I just want you to know that God is using you to encourage me in my face I'm telling you my faith was almost flatlining and since we've been talking I'm praying again and believing it like feel like before I told you I felt like my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling open up the Bible and it was just like words on a page I just look at it be like things I believed wholeheartedly all of a sudden this look really stupid like I'm really believe this and and all that is reversing and and I think God's using all that in that depression and everything and then I found you I found your podcast and it's just it's just cool how he works like that and like you said we're in communion so I just want to encourage you to keep doing what you're doing and know that if you if you start doubting it that it's for good man but I don't want to puff you up either yeah so you're a dirty filthy dog you helped me out a lot don't worry I've got a full-time thorn in my side aka my wife yeah like the one person in life that it's at least impressed with me it's my wife the other thing I wanted to say to you I don't know if I've told you this before but leaving the kids out of it for the moment just you and your wife when you think about any confrontation especially if it's over religious topics like anti-catholicism or whatever it's three against one she's out number because you and your guardian angel and her guardian angel are all Catholic and she's not yet right yeah so she's outnumbered three to one and you can just sort of relax because all of her objections are going to disappear and all of her questions are gonna be answered and it's just a question of time and God's not in a hurry and we are in a hurry but God's not in a hurry so be patient smile on the inside and talk to your guardian angel ask him to help you by humbling you and ask her guardian angel and you have you have another guardian angel actually for your marriage if your sacramentally married you have another guardian angel so it's really four against one like you like you said like I just was listening to your teaching on that how Noah got to take his wife and we don't know she could have been a total hag we don't know in the sons daughter you know we don't know but they were saved yeah because you know their proximity to someone who's in the in the family you yeah I don't know if you know about Socrates and Xanthippe II his wife is enthalpy uh-huh she was a total hag oh yeah yeah I'm not schooled on the old philosophers I love them though but what I do read of them some of them have such clear it seems like even biblical truth in in their stuff why how did those guys get that because some people say oh we got we got Christianity basically that we stole from them but I think it's just they had truth in them that God gave them you think that's right yeah there's a there's a famous pagan that converted to Christianity and his name is Justin Martyr because he was a martyr and he said all truth after his conversion he of course he said all truth belongs to us Christians so when you see a pagan that has truth a certain portion of the truth that truth belongs to us and when you see a pro it's just like today if you see a Muslim that has a certain portion of the truth that's a Catholic truth and you see if you see a Protestant that has a certain portion of the truth that's Catholic truth and when you see an Orthodox person that has a large portion of the truth that's Catholic truth so it's always the same and even even when the atheist in his lab coat is so proud of all the truths that he has those are Catholic truths sorry yeah that's ours buddy so to end the show do you want to say a little prayer all right Heavenly Father we just come before you your humble servants we thank you so much for the grace it is showing us we thank you for the communion that we have together and this friendship and our families just continue to keep our eyes fixed on you we pray for anyone listening to this that you'd be softening their hearts and drawing them into a closer and the deeper relationship with you and if we pray for our families Lord God that you would just use us to draw them in by the humility and the Spirit of Christ that you put in us that you put it on display as a couple of fools that we are that you would use that for your glory and I think he for my brother David and I pray that you bless him his marriage and me and my marriage all to your glory Lord gun and the mighty name of Jesus I mean do you want to add something sure I always start in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen god I thank you for Matthew my brother from another mother we are all brothers God we are all brothers and sisters we've forgotten that I don't know how we've forgotten it but we've forgotten it so please God remind us and remind us of how our first parents sinned and they rebelled and they disobeyed you and remind us that we're hiding in the bushes along with Adam and Eve our first parents and that we're trembling in fear and we're deluded thinking that you can't see us and that we're hiding from you God but remind us in the secret places of our hurts that we come from the same first parents and that we are all one family and that we cannot hide from you and we cannot hide our sins now we need to face you and we need to offer right sacrifice to you like your righteous servant Abel did and not to follow the example of Cain Cain said famously that his punishment was too much for him to bear when we suffer God put it into our hearts that our punishment is not too much for us to bear just like the Good Thief said we deserve what we're getting and so we need to accept our punishment because our punishment is not too much to bear and that very day he was in paradise with your son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so keep us all in your flock and keep us all united in the one family your family God and help us all to enter in to Noah's Ark and let us all be united and faithful to you and to the Blessed Virgin Mary Pope Francis and the bishops who teach in union with him and to the Poli Roman Catholic Church amen you know all you gotta do is ask all you got to do is got to do is