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okay i'm live we're just going to continue i think i may be wrapping this up at long last so let's hope that's the case continuing now with most christians foundations have continued to address the system i think that's true if you don't like you could replace with many but certainly there's something plenty to still do exercises about superstitious practice i just think that that's that's is prayer it's a sacramental it's not a sacrament it's a sacramental it's a specific form of prayer prayers and i've been to many exorcisms not major exorcisms but minor exorcisms because they occur at every catholic baptism if you've been to a baptism you've been to an exorcism there are prayers that are said at every catholic baptism that constitute a minor exorcism they're just prayers it's just bringing down the holy spirit into the situation right there's nothing superstitious about prayer there's nothing barbaric about prayer and exorcism is primarily prayer right it's a sacramental and there are sacramentals within the sacramental we have the sign of the cross we have the crucifix we have holy water these are all sacramentals and when they're put together with the prayers there is what we call an exorcism that exorcism itself is comprised of sacramentals and it is in and of itself a sacramental it's something instituted it's a set of prayers and ceremonies instituted by the church okay there's nothing barbaric or superstitious about it so this is just a complete lack of education that we're seeing here in this argument you don't know what you're talking about uh plausibly at least if christian is called your relationship with no no no no not only it was about superstitious practices that's true if christianity was god's true religion and it is it would not endorse our american superstash superstitious practice right it wouldn't divinely and officially endorse it i mean the humans within the church are doing all kinds of things witchcraft numerology tarot readings enneagrams uh teaching workshops new age workshops preaching reincarnation preaching abortion preaching gay marriage preaching uh all kinds of anti-christian nonsense there are ostensible catholics preaching all of this and endorsing all of this and more unrepentant homosexuality everything you name it okay so you have to make the distinction between the baby and the bath water and you boys don't seem to be able to do that typically it's not true if percentage possession demon possession as evidence in favor of substantialism the argument from corrupt christian leaders number one through history many prominent christian leaders and teachers have engaged in corrupt and immoral behavior you know this is just the problem of evil we've already dealt with this and the baby and the bath water analogy holds true again if you read the history of the church you'll see how the donatists and others wanted a strict puritanical religion and saint augustine and others said no we're not a puritanical religion we are sinners and the ministers of the sacraments are able to perform the sacraments the sacraments work of themselves as long as the minister even though he's not holy as long as he intends to do what the church intends to do the sacraments work of themselves okay so you need to learn a little bit more about christianity before you start making your so-called arguments against it because you don't understand what you're talking so basically um a rejoined together or reconciliation of the different demonstrations have repeatedly failed ecumenism has failed because we live in a fallen world and god even though he's omnipotent he save us if we will not be saved because where there's a will there's a way and if there's no will there's no way even god almighty is omnipotent cannot change your mind because that would be interfering with your free will you have free will on this ultimate question of your eternal salvation you have free will the choice okay there are many things in our day-to-day lives where we ultimately don't have the final say even the most mundane questions in married life one of the spouses realizes very quickly i don't have a lot of say in this relationship when it comes to many many many issues and including important issues issues where i have something to say i have an opinion but my voice isn't heard my free will is impotent but when it comes to your eternal salvation your free will is all important and nothing and no one can impede you from making that choice and from living out the consequences of that choice not even god almighty can interfere with that choice because he has ordained it that you are a free creature free to decide your eternal destiny okay he has permitted us to have our free will impeded and constrained in all sorts of less important matters which movie are we gonna watch tonight honey well god allows our free will to be crushed and demolished in situations like that but when it comes to our eternal destiny god has ordained it that nothing and no one can interfere the final decision rests it's the ultimate responsibility we have it's the crushing weight of responsibility that the christian feels and the atheist has no idea how to relate to that because the atheist does not believe in free will the atheist believes in a naturalistic world where her determinism is the case uh if fresh air of special relation attempts to achieve economism would not have repeatedly failed because overwhelming fine guidance conflicting interests when it comes to ecumenism um there's only one true religion and there's absolutely no possibility of salvation outside of the visible boundaries of the holy roman catholic church however as the second vatican council made great pains to explain there are elements of salvation available to those outside of the church especially to those in other christian communities which remain in an imperfect relationship with mother church okay so the means of salvation some of them at least are there and they are of course predisposed these means of of sanctification are predisposed to bring the individual back into the fold or into the church for the very first time if they had not previously been in the church okay someone who's born and raised jewish for example can use these means of salvation which exist outside of the church even though they're catholic means of salvation they exist outside of the visible boundaries of the catholic church and they're available to everyone so this person that was born and raised for example jewish can encounter these means means of salvation and those means of salvation will by give a certain impetus or motion toward conversion to the one true religion that's the economy of salvation that's the way the way god has ordained it okay so ecumenism is that very economy of salvation at work and when we as catholics are aware of that and we want to grease the gears in that great machine of ecumenism we want to facilitate that process of the holy spirit touching non-catholics and bringing them by their own free will bringing them to a love of the truth the love of god the love of christ the love of his church then we are able to participate we as catholics are able to participate in that and we call that ecumenism but everything is grace and it is the grace of god that touches non-catholics and makes them catholic it doesn't force them to be catholic but it makes them catholic in the sense that it invites them it enlightens them it gives them an opportunity to choose choose wisely and to choose life now this kind of traditional view of the historical recency of christianity argument one christianity emerged as religion many thousands of years into human history well i disagree i see christianity in the garden of eden i see christianity even after the fall right we have cain but we also have abel so we have antichrist and christ right abel was a little christ abel is a type of christ there's christianity from the very beginning of human history several thousand years ago uh under 10 000 years ago the entire universe was created out of nothing by god christianity is there from the get-go from day dot up until the very end so this is another like a two minute video why is the traditional thing like do you only have like they're doing one of the ones from cameron's stream here uh the greater the evil the more rational it is to hope that it not be true as long as it's possible i think that's just taken straight from one of the arguments there the more rationalists of something the more rationalistic to it i think that's the same as well there is a god who condemns people to eternal life would be right evil therefore it's natural to go to scotland so i've just changed premises three and four there i think well you can have morality or you can have universalism take your pick right which is better more uh having morality having an objective morality having free humans that are responsible for the or flushing that down the toilet so that universalism where everyone has the exact same outcome essentially everyone is merged into the one mind of god this is buddhism this is monism it's hard solipsism right indistinguishable when you get right down to it universalism if you take it seriously it's no different from various forms of eastern religions and it boils down in western terms to hard solipsism there's the one mind of if you sincerely believe in that then you have absolutely nothing to worry about you have nothing to worry about nothing okay so let's see how comforted you are by your world view when you're aged ill and dying let's see how much of a comfort that worldview is to you because i think reality will creep in and not only will reality creep in but the demons will creep in and they'll be accusing you oh you knew that god existed you had a chance to submit to christ in his church and you blew it now it's too late you're tired you're old you're sick you can't even think straight and you're mine so you boys really need to wake up this is you know i i joke around but it's a very very serious and real situation hell is real wake up um yeah there you go well not to believe so people maybe this is a spoof on um william james i mean actually i should quite like that say and i take it seriously but nevertheless there has to be oops sorry that has to be a parody version he waited for rome to build all the roads well yeah there you go like why wouldn't you wait for the internet uh if someone evaluates the evidence racism and theism as comparable then they rationally can believe in atheism if their passions lead in that direction and if the belief in an atheism is forced live in the major so these are the the terms that um james james uses that has before so you have to choose live so it's possible enough i think he could just emerge so it's important but believe in his force life in the moment because like you know everyone worships right you are the worship god or you worship you know yourself or something so it's forced it's live um well that's that's a premise right but if you evaluate the evidence as comparable then we'll be live sort of follow someone there and memphis obviously matters whether you're an atheist or not um so there are people whose passion leads toward atheism that's only true so for those people there is so it is rational for those uh for those people to be atheists to display for even if the evidence for okay argument four seven six so-called the will not to believe premise one if someone evaluates the evidence for atheism all evidence contradicts atheism and supports monotheism and it's not a percentage it's not a probability it's not a hunch it's a rational certainty that every piece of evidence taken individually and taken together as proves with 100 certainty that god exists the uncaused first cause exists okay so this premise one is a non-starter there is no comparison they are not comparable atheism and theism are not comparable one plus one equals two is not comparable to one plus one equals three they're not comparable one is rational the other is irrational so this is a non-starter so this is just something happens the societal benefits of non-belief some of the happiest most functional societies on earth are those with the least religious populations so what jesus said you've had your reward you're enjoying your reward the highway to hell is broad and easy this is a non-starter the truth right you could look for yourself at the lifestyles of the richest criminals on earth how what percentage of the day they have a glowing smile on their lips or they're literally in orgasm with all the sex they're having or sated with food beverages alcohol drugs entertainment pleasure leisure travel examine the lifestyles of the richest and then ask yourself if they are truly happy this is the point of philosophy this is the entire point of philosophy what is the highest good what is the good what is going to make us have a lasting happiness you boys claim to love wisdom you claim to be philosophers philosophy 101 what is the good if it's a life of crime then go for it if you think that there's no hell and that there's only heaven there's only the one mind of god then go for it enjoy enjoy your day enjoy your lifestyle but i can tell you when i was an atheistic satanist outrageous crimes in order to state every passion that i have i didn't rape every woman that i found sexually appealing i didn't grab every purse of every elderly lady that had obviously a lot of money in her purse i didn't do that i didn't or i didn't engage in organized crime i engaged in organized crime as a low-level minion without much passion for it i just did it as a job i was working for the mafia from the age of 17 to 22. okay but not as a passionate career just just an easy way to make money i never indulged in the pursuit of earthly happiness through crime through shortcuts i took a very lazy approach because in my heart of hearts i was not a lover of the world i was a lover of the truth and that manifested itself eventually at the ripe old age of 39 years old i became a monotheist through my reading of western philosophy because ultimately i am a lover of wisdom a philosopher i'm a lover of the truth i'm not a lover of the world and it's vain yes i in a lazy selfish fashion i indulge my senses i eat whatever is sweet and salty and i'm lazy and selfish in that way i indulge my eyes with every beautiful woman that i see i try not to but by my nature i am sort of on a lazy indulgence in the pleasures of the world but in my heart of hearts the reason i fight against those tendencies is because in my heart of hearts i'm a lover of christ i'm a lover of truth incarnate had i always have been even when i was right otherwise i would have been pursuing the worldly pleasures money power sex food whatever it is right and i wouldn't have had the self-imposed restraints even now when i indulge in food for example i am consciously aware that okay i'm indulging a bit but let's not let it get out of control moderation some sort of moderation some sort of breaks so no the happiest and most functional societies on earth are not full of godless criminals no it's not it's not true it's a vain pursuit of happiness it's a false joy it's a false joy it's not true happiness it's not true joy is those with the least religious problem of god that god could perform there would always be a deceitful knowledge about the future because you never know when guys the possibility of future knowledge argument one if god existed he does exist and intervened he does exist he does intervene in nature the possibility of a miracle would always be a defeater for knowledge claims about the future no the universe is well ordered ordered and when there are exceptions like at lord if you go and see the miracles at lure the medical miracles at lord then everyone who's honest looks at that and says this is exceptional this goes against the norm this is not the ordinary way that nature works it doesn't mean you give up natural science you continue with natural science but you just say oh there's an intervention here from a higher realm the super natural the above the natural realm right just like in the video game when you're going about your business in this multiplayer world collecting your treasure and killing your monsters normally you can't pass through walls but if you're friends with the programmer he could tweak the code it doesn't violate any of the laws of computer science or any of the laws of logic when he inserts a digit here or there or he returns a uh not equals to an equals sign suspend the rules suspend the normal rules but the rules are orderly and the suspension of the rules is although exceptional it is still so this is a non-starter again premise two but our knowledge claims about the future can be justified and so are not always defeated yeah obviously if it was nothing but exceptions we could never do science but it's rare to have a miracle it's rare to have these exceptions just like in your video game you get on with business and then when the the programmer does his little magic tricks you're aware that it's different and you know that there's an intelligence behind that and you know there's no violation of any of the laws so you guys need to go back and learn what it is who god is what god is and what a miracle is remember so they're always defeated so there are laws of nature analogical means related to laws there are laws of nature laws of nature do not contain implicit terrorist powers clauses that means all else being equal if the laws of nature do not contain implicit characteristics they miracles cannot occur because the laws of nature don't allow for miracles you can only fit miracles with nature if there's implicit terrorist paradise clauses which say that like well god doesn't perform a miracle or something like that uh but that's just not what the laws of nature are scientists never talk about laws and nature as if that there's these sort of caterers purpose closely you can't see them if you read this on sex books so that's the so therefore christianity is false okay number one there are laws of nature true number two laws of nature do not contain implicit cataracts or ceteris peribus clauses he explained what that is all things being equal right the laws of nature do not contain implicit ceteris paribus clauses therefore miracles cannot occur again you're you're just assuming what you want to prove this is circular reasoning the laws of nature are well ordered and the suspension the rare and exceptional suspension of the law suspensions plural because they happen periodically throughout space and time the suspension of the laws of nature are also well ordered they're just unexpected right a bunch of uh you have a stuffed toy factory and the teddy bears are just falling off the the uh that carpet what do you call those carpets that roll anyway the teddy bears are just like falling down into this big container where they're shipped off or whatever packaged so the assembly line the dolls are done and they're just dropping off by the dozens per per second off this assembly line into a big and there's a counter that's counting high-tech counter that's counting them and the man who owns the factory takes me on a tour and as he shows me this at the end of the tour he shows me how they're all being gathered together for shipment and how the counter is counting all of the teddy bears he reaches out his hand and he grabs a couple of dolls and he shows me his handiwork he's pride and joy these teddy bears that he's designed and built and a red light goes off on the counter count the ordinary count has been interrupted right like because the owner of the factory reached out and he grabbed a couple of these dolls to show me that okay it's not the normal state of affairs so a little red light went off and he just nodded to his employee who's sitting at the computer monitoring to make sure that everything is orderly and he said it's okay i just grabbed a few to show my friend here so there's a flow there's a naturalness there's an orderliness to that factory and the owner of the factory can go in and grab whatever he wants he can suspend the whole production line if he wants it's exceptional it got the attention of the little employee sitting at the computer right he noticed a dipped dip in the regular rate of production a small dip but it did nonetheless but he saw that it was just the owner intervening and the owner had a good reason to intervene because his friend was there he wanted to show him so yes the laws of nature there are laws of nature and they're and they do not include exceptions the laws of nature do not include the exceptions the exceptions are called exceptions because what those laws are predicting the laws are there to talk about the normal course of events just like in the doll factory there's a normal rate of production and the suspension is an intervention it's out of the ordinary so by its very nature allah is a law and so it's not it's not difficult to understand what a miracle is but you need to think about it you need to go off and actually think about it you have to think about first of all who and what god is and what the laws of nature are where do the laws of nature come from once you do that miracles are not challenging in the slightest there's no embarrassment for us as monotheists to talk about the interventions that god makes these suspensions of god's laws right even in the church we have suspensions of church law not by subjects of the church by but by the one who instituted the church and the one who made the church flesh and the one who made that flesh of the church one flesh with the god man jesus christ with the second person of the godhead who became holy god and fully man so the church is the spouse of christ it is fully god and fully man if you don't understand any of that then you will obviously bulk at the idea of miracles wouldn't you say like um like the product the argument is mine but some things he was telling me made me think of this living christians just not necessarily successful functioning for fulfilling ah well go back and listen to what i said about the happiest criminals in history look at their lifestyle look they had perfect health perfect happy family they went to church every sunday they gave lots of lots of money to charity and they were extra bonus enjoyments for these mafioso guys right like lots of extra women lots of extra drugs sex power they could kill their enemies with impunity it's like win win win win win every door opens their children are spoiled everyone loves their beautiful children they go to the best universities get the best education they're valedictorian and they end up being the leaders of all the extracurricular activities and they head up student council and they end up uh being the stars of the sororities and fraternities and the secret societies at the best universities and it's win win win win win win win win win if they ever do have any mild inconveniences in their life they just throw money at it bang bang bang bang bang problem solved and they're making new connections new friends now i own the judge now i own the doctors now i own this it's just win win win win look at the lifestyles of these quote-unquote happy criminals look at it right and then ask yourself is that true happiness if it is imitate them but if like a true philosopher you realize that that's a vain it's empty it's hollow and it is a deception a lie and welcome to christianity because your your your only choice is between christ and not christ between there are two hills with two banners you can go under the banner of christ and be part of his army or you can go under the banner of satan is the imagery of saint ignatius of loyola and enjoy it enjoy it right enjoy it while you can if you choose to stand under the banner of satan i recommend you enjoy it if you're not going to switch if you're not going to come home to the if you're going to remain stubborn and you're going to remain obstinate in your selfish and rebellious sin and my advice to you is enjoy it because lots of people like questions that would be what's directed towards if a success challenge does something like what highlights they're less than double i should make about christianity being necessary is a very obvious point as all of my points have been in this seven hour plus monstrosity christianity is necessary because there is absolutely no possibility of salvation outside of the visible boundaries of the holy roman catholic church just as in the days of noah there was absolutely no possibility of being saved from the flood of noah's day there was absolutely no possibility of being saved outside of the visible boundaries of that one and only one arc were other people building arcs probably did they look nice did some of them look better bigger better fancier than noah's ark probably i like to think so was noah's ark the most popular ark among all the arks that were being built no outside of his little family of eight people no one got on no one joined wasn't fun it wasn't deemed as necessary hello so wake up all right now more parody arguments here oh i want to respond to nope i already shared that uh just on the on the characteristic segment i don't agree with this interpretation here so the way i would take the interval of gravitation to say that the gravitational force between two massive objects is equal to the gravitational constant multiplied by the product of the masses of those object divided by the square of the distance between them these are arguments so the more independent is the higher one's creation should be first truth there are more than enough arguments against existence to justify that god possibly does not exist there are literally zero arguments against god's existence the very fact that you try to make an argument proves that god exists right the fact that there is an objective eternal immutable standard of truth is god right and the fact that you think one configuration of matter energy in space-time is potentially better than another means that there is an objective eternal absolute standard by which you judge truth right that's god there is nothing you have an infinite number of false arguments they have precisely zero weight they have zero weight or atheism they have infinite weight against atheism they have infinite weight for all the evidence all the arguments every put together is infinite weight for the existence of god and on the atheist side it contributes zero this is not a judgment call like it's a close battle who's winning the rational discourse for or against monotheism it's not even close it's right this is what i said in episode zero of this this series if you go back and you look at the very first video in this series where i just give my global response where i refute in one fell swoop all 500 you'll see me driving home that point you cannot argue against the existence of god because in arguing against the existence of god you are arguing for the existence of god it's a sad sad joke but if we're just like believing that god possibly can get atheism yeah uh the argument from so many arguments well just review what i just said may christianity is foolish one many core christian teachings and beliefs appear foolish to non-christians that is true number two if christianity were true its core teachings belief beliefs would not appear foolish to christians that is false kings and beliefs is best explanation for why many corporations don't have because if christians are trying have you been a christian nathan i'm talking to you have you been a christian have you ever been a christian have you been a christian nathan i'll ask you again have you ever been a christian nathan have you been a christian have you nathan have you ever been a christian right that's the question studying what's boring is christians false i don't really need to defend appeal to monotheism one the god of the bible should rightfully be hated false two but christianity claims that the god of the bible should be loved and worshiped not hated true right because god is good god is all good god is also not good by the via negativa right because it's inadequate saying he's good because when i say god is good i'm speaking through a mere analogy of the creature the goodness of the creature the perfections of the created good calling god good is not enough so by invoking the via negative i say and equally true by the via positiva i say god is good with the proviso that we understand that goodness transcends the goodness of the creature the per the goodness in which we creatures participate it's only a participation in goodness we can only speak in an analogy so in the via positiva there's a little footnote beware this is we can't say that because it's merely so all roads lead to rome as long as we all know and know and understand those who are inclined to the via positiva and those who are inclined to the via negative as long as all of us understand that god transcends the goodness of the creature which is a goodness of participation here below in this material finite world as long as we understand that and you're free to be fast and loose with your language either way this is the thing about truth the truth perfect love casts out fear and love and they're identical in the godhead right and they're identical with the godhead so no the god of the bible because he is good in a way that we so this is a non-starter one i think that would what's that like like appeal to miso theism the god of the bible should be right okay that's the name of that actually i've already read that i was like that's natural who should i which one i'll be rightly revolted by the aspects of truth argument from revulsion to christianity i am rightly revolted by many aspects of traditional christian teaching and practice true two if christianity were true i would jesus christ by many aspects of the traditional teachings of his religion and many of the traditional practices of his religion judaism right why because they're a man made they were concessions allowed by god permitted by god because of the hardness of the heart of the every evil stems not from god but from the abuse of the good gift of free will every evil that's why we are rightly revolted rightly revolted by many aspects of traditional christian teaching and practice rightly revolt because of the fall christian teaching he fails outside his faith if christianity falls outside that is not just fighting christianity premise one christianity fails the outsider test for faith i don't know what that is number two if christianity fails the outside attempt for faith it is not justified to believe in christianity false yes for faith i feel like i have an idea but i think you probably find it better than i could i i'm gonna give a bit of a wealthy definition maybe and i'm not doing a very good job of thinking today he's going to define it for us here in a sloppy manner probably speaking but um it's something it's basically like um you you testing if the person applies their standards like consistently right to um other other religions so you basically put them in in the shoes of like looking at another religion with essentially all of the same claims in in favor of it and then you see whether that actually convinces them and pushes them over the line of that really being true so okay so the outsider test is placing the private judgment of the individual on the throne of god okay you are the judge you decide what's right and wrong right it's the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden you shall know good and evil you oh god you you shall know good evil right that's what the outsider test is based on your private judgment of what is good so does christianity fail the satanic outsider test for faith obviously christianity fails satan's test because satan and god are diametrically opposed to each other satan and christ have an enmity which is right by which which is why it's not a small matter to decide which banner you're going to stand under and fight under your two banners the banner of christ the banner of satan which one are you going to stand under and which one will you fight under and which one will you die under because you're going to die boys you're going to die so which hill will you die on so for example of this you know who's right here and that's that's the view if i don't even remember why i called it what kind of the anti-crazy and modal argument against jesus it is possible that christianity is false i agree with that true two if it is possible that christianity is false then christianity is false false that's not the case because we would need to show this is the abuse of the modal argument that's been constant throughout this whole 500 plus arguments these modal arguments are attached to every basic argument in this ridiculous and they are ignoring willfully or otherwise god knows they're ignoring the fact that only i always have trouble excuse me i always if it is the case that the only way for something to not exist or to not be the case is for it to be logically impossible for then to say it is possible is to say that if something cannot be brought into existence or taken out of existence and therefore the only way that it can not could not exist is by virtue of the fact that it is then if it is possible for that thing to exist then it is necessary that that thing exists that has to be established before you so in this case you would need to show and demonstrate that the only way christianity could not be true is if it's logically impossible for christianity if the only way christianity cannot be true if it is if it's logically impossible for it to be true then as soon as christianity is possible that it could be false we know that it could the example the example i would use is christianity protestant we have an elaborate story which contains of course much truth with a little admixture of errors and lies right so we have manifest we have in this world we have the manifest reality that christianity is false every non-catholic christianity is a false christianity a partially true partially false christianity where there's barely enough christianity to make it a christian religion properly so-called the most orthodox of the orthodox religions or the schismatic catholic that whole spectrum is full of more or less false forms of christianity so it's manifest that we have false christianity in this world already we don't need to speculate we don't need so it is possible that christianity is false because it is manifest that christianity in many of its guises many of its forms many of its perverted forms is false so this is a non-starter the question is is there a true christianity that is free from air free from lies and it is my contention that there is and we can use history and the where that church is and we can see the four marks of that church the church is one holy catholic and apostolic and the church has three attributes it is authoritative with the authority given by god it is infallible with an infallibility given by god and it is right this indefectible infected so this really is another non-starter and it seems to be the last argument i'm just going to let it run a little bit longer to see what else they get up to here it's not doing james what oh no i remember i caught that because i wanted to call it anti-gray and modal argument against christianity but fits i just put jesus in but um that's why it's ancient region um why did i call it andy gragan i think it was um so this is kind of dumb but it's a direct spoof on the contrary existence so you'd have to possibly necessary and what can i tell you quite a journey i'm glad it's over i did all 500 um i'm gonna do a little summary now i'm just multitasking that's why my oops i've gone through all 500 of these inane so-called arguments against christianity against the they're only they had these categories which they enumerated in the beginning biblical arguments historical arguments teleological arguments maybe six or seven categories i don't nothing terribly interesting the one point which they made that got my attention there was one argument they that god's omnipotence given the fact that omnipotence expresses itself shows itself manifests itself only in creation wow that's fascinating that is very very interesting that's that is a head scratcher they made me think with that one that one i'm gonna have to go away and think about i resolved it i refuted the argument by just going to the divine simplicity the attributes of god are identical among themselves and so god's subsistent being his self-existence his life is omnipotence boom problem solved argument refuted but there is a question a lingering question there god's omnipotence it's a manifest reality it's a fact of history that there is a world a material world right so the question the speculative hypothetical question about creation right in the hypothetical fantasy where god did not choose mean because it's manifest that god did choose to create out of his abundant goodness and love the material world everything that's in it seen and unseen the visible world and the invisible the fact that it's manifest makes the question moot to a certain extent right it's a it is a moot question fundamentally but it's an interesting question the act of creation we know he chose to make the act of creation but as a thought experiment what would it have meant what would it mean absent i guess we'll find out in all eternity as we enter into the mystery of the life of the trinity right but the life of the it is lacking nothing so when we are diving into the eternal truth and goodness and love i think we'll understand because we'll never comprehend god but at least intuitively i think we'll understand gain insight into the omnipotence of god even outside of space and time because we will be entering into the eternal the eternal life of the so i want to thank james and nathan for giving me pause making me think a little bit about that one notion of omnipotence i had never thought about it implication of and how mysterious it is to contemplate omnipotence absent the creature right so i want to thank you boys for that that was the one little gem that you gave me and it made the whole now in terms of the edification value the entertainment value of my commentary my refutations that's up for you to judge as viewers but in summary what have i said time and time and time and time and time and time and time again over the course of this painful exercise of refuting the 500 plus arguments what what are the handful of principles that i brought to bear on their silly inane so-called arguments what are those principles number one we can know with certainty by the light of natural reason by the and that's another thing i have to sort out uh uh i'm reading i will continue reading thoughts fundamentals of catholic dogma i'm very interested in the it's dogma of the church so i just state it as as is we can know a certainty by the light of natural reason the existence of god that's how i came to god philosophy i didn't have faith when i came to god but our minds are free our minds are created supernaturally out of nothing by god unlike our bodies which are procreated by natural we know that at least one of our choices is completely free of choice or or against our ultimate eternal destiny hinges on that free decision it cannot be coerced it cannot be right at the end of the day it's your where people persuading you arguing bullying you offering you incentives bribes putting pressure disincentives the carrot stick yeah all of that all of that but at the end of the day you have the freedom to choose for god or for and the irony is when you choose for yourself you're putting yourself in the literally the worst nightmare scenario but if we do not say to god thy will be done then when we meet god on judgment day he will use those bone-chilling words against us he will say to us and the implications of that when god says to you thy will be done the implications of that are bone chilling i've got hairs raising on my arms because if god ever says to you thy will be done it's too late it's too late so getting back to the first principle that informed all of my refutations of these so-called arguments it is the principle that we can know with certainty that god exists if there is no uncaused first cause then there is a circle of causality which is the second principle that i brought to many of these refutations is the fact that once you're a monotheist you can look at history it's not complicated look at history who's the messiah who's this promised messiah the jews are talking about who or who are they talking about who and where and when is the coming of the jewish messiah what do the monotheistic religions say judaism says jesus was not the messiah he's a false messiah still waiting for the true look at history does that story make any sense to you does it make any sense to you be honest be honest look at the course of judaism before and after christ and ask yourself does their story now what the so-called jews of today are saying now about their own history of the messiah does it make any sense whatsoever i say no then on the other extreme you look at islam and what do they say about the messiah they say well jesus is the messiah but he didn't die on the cross and he's going to come again and he's the second greatest prophet and all of his apostles he and his apostles were unitarian only one person in the godhead does that make any sense when you look at the history around the time of christ and his apostles does it make any sense does it doesn't make any sense so you're left there was a jewish messiah since the beginning since the garden since the fall he was promised that the messiah was promised at the very day that adam and eve fell from grace the very day god almighty promised and the faithful the descendants spiritual offspring of maintain that promise they kept that and when moses wrote the law of god on the ten the ten commandments on the tablets by the finger of god remember that it's the finger of god that wrote it on the tablets but when moses went up and conversed with god on the mountain twice and he fasted for a total of 80 days and 80 nights imagine that 40 plus 40. i think you might have had a but when moses brought down the ten commandments the commandments were already written on the hearts of and moses said choose this day you with me you with god or you just want to have your orgies you want your demon worship or you want to be on the side of god i can't remember how many thousands fell that day at the hands of the levites but thousands maybe three thousand five we have images of the earth opening up swallowing up the enemies of god in the book of exodus korra with his rebellion and those who followed rebellion did was it aaron's sister that had the leprosy i don't know there are different propane fire and touching the ark when in the new testament you have stories like that too the people that sold their houses and gave all of the money all of the money except for the little part they got for god will not be mocked right so if we look at christianity if we look at the history of in the context of the stories about the messiah the promise of the messiah the if we look honestly at that we will admit that christ jesus christ of nazareth is the promised jewish messiah and then we're christian right so it's really not that difficult it's easy if you have good will it's easy to become a monotheist it took me 25 years of adult life right it's not it's not necessarily going to happen quickly because we need to overcome ourselves we need to overcome our evil inclinations we need to get tired of the vacuous empty pleasures of this life right that takes a while because it refreshes every morning you think oh today will be different i'm going to change my ways and then oh the little pleasures oh it's starting to seem appealing to me again and then self mastery is a very slow and painful process and you need to decide that that's what you're going to do but in any case if you can do that and if you're honest with yourself it's not difficult intellectually to understand who and what god is and to become a monotheist and then from there it's not difficult to understand who and what the messiah is the jewish messiah is and from there it's not difficult to know and understand who and what authority is god-given authority it is church right the church is the pillar and ground of the truth and jesus promised he would not leave us orphans and that it's better that he went up to heaven because if he didn't go up to heaven he wouldn't send us the holy spirit to inhabit the body of his church christ's very body the church because christ and his church are one flesh right so the question of authority is not difficult if you're honest with yourself if you're not attached to your worldly possessions and one of those possessions is membership in your local non-catholic christian community oh well i've been a pastor here for 20 years i can't just switch to the horror of babylon religion i can't just do that i mean what would my neighbor say what would my with my impassioned sermons for 30 years now they trust me they love me they know me i've baptized the children i've married their children i'm knit into the fabric of this non-catholic christian community how can i become engage in the superstitious sacrilegious nonsense of the popish people how can i do that well i can do the black legends the propaganda the catholic bashing the anti-catholic lies and hatred are of satan they're not of god so that's why i'm going to now that i've discovered the truth about christ and his church that's why i'm going to detach from this worldliness that i'm enmeshed with with my protestant community that have built up over the past 30 years i'm just using an but if you the conversion stories or listen to the conversion stories of many many many many countless protestant pastors how they struggled for years to come into the church openly to come out of the closet with catholics it's fascinating and there are very very few deviations from the main trajectory the main story the struggle how do i get from where i am now to where i know in my heart i need to be how do i do that and it's always the okay so overcome the objections little niggling doubts theologically mary the pope whatever whatever it is for that particular individual i i recommend that you go now and listen so i'm not going to do it justice by rambling on in this way i recommend you go and check out the coming home network marcus grodi has been interviewing people for years mostly protestants who come home to the catholic faith you find one or two orthodox jews muslims but atheists but it's mostly protestants and a lot of them are pastors or they were pastors or ministers in their protestant denomination some people went through a million different wild world views before ending up converting to catholicism finally but then they've got some celebrities and musicians and stuff and if you're into that kind of thing but just the regular joe low family man or the family woman or they're single young man or young woman or whatever it is it's always fascinating and you start how the holy spirit draws us ever so gently ever so gently to his you start to see the pattern so i highly everyone to watch that if you're a catholic you'll get a lot out of it if you're a non-catholic christian you'll get a lot out of it a bit of aggravation you're going to be aggravated you're right it's gonna be uncomfortable especially if you belong to that denomination that uh the guest belonged to before his conversion you'll might feel a little bit hot under the collar at times right even if you're a non-christian i think you could get something out of it because it's all about the truth do you that's what you have to ask yourself do i love the truth how much enough to sacrifice for the truth um wow to undergo inconvenience and discomfort starting to feel like a hero now oh i wonder what my reward will be it starts getting exciting right right so it's the call to adventure it's the hero's journey for those of you who like joseph campbell and all his nonsense start with that if you're a fan of jordan peterson and all his nihilistic there's something for you too so i'm promoting this just because i think it's an excellent excellent tool of ecumenism the journey home with marcus grodi check it out i don't know how i got on this but i guess it because i was doing an inadequate job of talking about the journey to catholicism but from my perspective from my point of we can know that god exists examining evidence natural science using logic they're million and one ways causation is the best approach i think that's the approach that's endorsed by popes by most popes it's the one that's promoted and emphasized by most popes i should say so using causation the principle of causation and the principle of non-contradiction we can come to a certain knowledge of the existence of history can bring us to christianity and authority can bring us to catholicism so it really is that simple and when it comes to the biblical arguments there's no point discussing the bible until you're catholic right there's absolutely no point in stumbling on the stumbling stone that is deliberately placed in your path by god there's no point in dwelling on the stumbling stone until you've submitted to the authority of god and his church and then doesn't mean that you're suddenly able to interpret every passage in the scriptures even the greatest saints were baffled and confused by much of but they all said the same thing i would rather accuse myself of ignorance that he will explain it to me when the time is right and if there's a need for me to understand it i'd rather go that way than to have the pride to say well this appears to me my limited private judgment it appears to me to be in error therefore i will judge it and i put myself above god's word i will condemn it walk away from it and perhaps i'll start my own religion maybe i'll be the pope of my own religion this happens all too often you might think i'm joking you might think that this is an exaggeration this happens not explicitly with those explicit words and ideas being formulated in the mind of this the name of christ on his lips constantly but who in his heart and his innermost being is a rebel against his lord and savior jesus christ it happens all the time read the history of christianity right so christianity is a false religion guaranteed it's a false religion of its open a phone book i don't know if they exist anymore but back in my day we had yellow big fat yellow books and you open up and you look for church and because we live in a an ostensibly christian society here in canada you would have predominantly christian and depending on the size of the city a dozen or you could have hundreds of competing forms of christianity all teaching different truths in terms of what is essential for if you look worldwide it's tens of thousands of false forms of christianity okay so the truth matters the truth matters but as long as you love the truth you're pursuing the truth you will find the truth knock and it will be open to you seek and you shall find that's for sure i guarantee it 100 guaranteed so i'm gonna leave it there thanks for watching thanks for listening i'm sorry it was repetitive painful boring it was just as bad for me as it was for you but hopefully you got a little something out of it and i'm done with this and i'll move on to other things my next project is to continue with otts fundamentals i'm very excited i'm still excited i might do an episode later today so that's it take care of yourselves thanks for being there for being there we'll talk soon god bless

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