CVS Live - 2022-02-13 - Authority Part 9 (Ottawa)

Author Streamed Sunday February 13th, 2022

The godless baby-killers who run the world think that they are stronger and wiser than the weak and foolish man on the street. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and He chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (1 Corinthians 1:27)

CVS Live - 2022-02-13 - Authority Part 9 (Ottawa)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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okay i am live i think i'm live yeah um excuse my appearance and my voice i was very cold yesterday out here in ottawa i'm back in montreal now and uh as you can see i got a bit of a sore throat from all the cold the bitter cold the ottawa is very very cold yesterday went down with a couple of friends and uh my wife met up with some people there it wasn't easy to find them and the phones were all dying because of the cold but as you can see here i've got some flags up this is very unlike me but uh the globalist versus isolationist uh debacle is making me sympathetic to nationalism and uh i don't like the whole top-down governance thing and the state and the surveillance and all that surveillance state and all that sort of thing so i'm for the time being tentatively cheerleading my country my province my city the city of ottawa good wholesome families hard-working people blue-collar workers truckers the policemen who are on board with us the people patriots for lack of a better word people who love truth and freedom so i don't want to begin this is just going to be a sloppy mess as usual i guess you can see i've put up here in the top is at the top right of your screen i don't know the uh one of the many live feeds from ottawa i could just see this is from yesterday this is from saturday saturday evening i was there saturday at late afternoon for about two and a half hours um a lot of people they're mainly in front of the parliament buildings but there are also people just knowing about everywhere got some footage my wife got some footage and uh i may air some of it if it's interesting but it's all the same sort of thing you just see people walking around cheering smiling being nice to each other and giving each other food water hand warmers whatever they need just giving high fives dancing singing chanting freedom liberte everything everything that's good and wholesome nothing nothing untoward that i saw good vibes very good vibes proud i'm not a fan of the [ __ ] trudeau slogan i don't think that's very polite not very canadian but it might be an attention grabber it might be useful in that way i don't know i think it's crass i think it's uh not i don't think it's the most effective thing but maybe it is maybe it is i don't know so i got my uh i mentioned the other day i got my little mug here i support truckers freedom convoy 2022 and when it says i support truckers it means those truckers who are not pro mandate not pro globalism uh not those who are serving satan obviously i support freedom loving truth loving truckers and workers and regular moms and pops and kids and there were lots of kids there lots of kids having fun going up shaking hands with the police melting their hearts i hope so here uh so this is the live stream you can see that on youtube among other places here i made some cookies and i put them in little valentine baggies let me put this up on top bang bang bang these are chocolate chip homemade chocolate chip cookies that i made put my little valentine baggies and i made a little paper inside says we love you truckers and others that are there supporting obviously thanks for standing up for truth justice and freedom much love from montreal a lot of montrealers there a lot of quebecers a lot of people from sherbrooke different parts of quebec i met people from new brunswick pei no new fees yet i don't know why they're quiet the new fees have been quiet a lot of people from alberta a lot of people from bc a lot of people from ottawa obviously in the surrounding cities and towns of ontario but just look just look at the flags look at the people look at the energy look at the jerry cans full of nothing i guess so it's illegal to give diesel to the truckers now and they're seizing it the cops are seizing it every chance they get but you can see the good vibes you can feel the energy when you're there you can feel it when you're watching you can feel it to a certain extent also that's why we went god-given freedom it says on the back of that truck there right it's a god-given freedom it's not the government who gives us our freedom this series of mine is entitled authority it's all about authority by what authority do we walk the streets in front of the parliament buildings in the nation's capital by what authority well by the authority of god it's our god-given freedom it's our god-given right to life and to freedom not absolute freedom no but we do have a god-given freedom look at these people these people love freedom they love truth and whether they know it or not that means that they love their creator they love god who is the source of every good now the godless baby killers also claim to love truth and goodness and all that but they're just very confused they're ensnared by the dragon and they need to be liberated they are our brothers and sisters they need to be liberated from the hypnotism or the uh their captivity let's just put it that way their captivity just like any fairy tale we have to rescue our brothers and sisters and loved ones from the evil dragon so i encourage you to check out the many live streams from ottawa i encourage you to go to ottawa if you can dress warmly please for the love of god dress warmly because it is cold it is that's the co i think that's the coldest uh one of the coldest days i've seen this year and one of the coldest days i've seen in a while i'll next pop over and show you this email that i wrote to my local mp okay i want everyone that's listening to this and there won't be many people obviously i don't have a large audience but if you're canadian or you know a canadian please ask them to write this form letter to their member of parliament their representative in their writing i looked up my writing based on my postal code i got the guy's name and email i sent him this form letter which is going around on the different places on the internet now because there is a vote the letter says dear minister i am a resident of this riding in montreal i'm not going to tell you because i don't want to dox myself it has come to my attention that a motion has been put forward in the house of commons by the opposition party to end covet 19 mandates and restrictions which will be voted on by members of parliament on monday at 3pm as far as i know as your constituent i am asking that you vote to end all mandates and vaccination passports immediately and then i just said thank you there's more in the form letter the official form letter that's going around uh sort of whines and complains a little bit more but i just put thank you just get to the point bang sincerely david ross i redacted this so people wouldn't know my address uh not that i have a lot of enemies online but i've got one or two i just don't want to anyone coming to my door or sending me stuff whatever if you want my address just email me if you're one of my friends one of my listeners i'll send you my address not a problem i've had people send me stuff in the mail before it's not a problem not a problem but uh i just don't want to there are a lot of lunatics out there so we're going to see what happens with the vote on monday is there really a vote is it just a bad rumor that's going around like there's so many rumors going around we don't know what's true what's uh what's false right i can hide that now i'll keep my cookies up just because it's a nice sentiment we love you and thank you so let's pull up uh close schwab klaus schwab's book the great reset let's put this on the top level so it's not hidden by anything um i'm not going to spend a lot of time on this i just wanted to give us a really rough overview i just bought this book heard a lot about it and i just wanted to get an idea for the tone i don't think i'll read it cover to cover because from what i have read so far i just skipped through it it is very very dry boring uninspired uninspiring and uh a complete waste of time in my opinion so i just did a couple of keyword searches god nothing christ nothing really in a couple of matches no the just two matches okay the period of 40 days has no medical foundation it was chosen for symbolic and religious reasons both the old new testaments often refer to the number 40 in the context of purification in particular the 40 days of lent and the 40 days of flood in genesis so there's an offhand reference to the sort of origin of the quarantine the second reference it also triggers rising patriotic and nationalistic sentiments ooh is that dangerous with troubling religious and ethnic considerations also coming into the picture in the end this toxic mix gets the worst of us as a social group yeah of course religious is religion is bad god is bad patriotism is bad nationalism is bad i'm i've never been a fan of nationalism until the past couple of weeks with the uh with the protest in ottawa and around canada and around the world the protests are really heating up i've never been a fan i've never been a fan of protest i've never seen the point of them maybe once in a while they bear fruit good fruit most of the time i don't think that they bear much fruit it's just a fun activity it's a lifestyle option this i see as different this i see as the people rising up mostly god fearing people but definitely freedom loving people and like i said if you love freedom you love god whether you know it or not i know many many people who do not think that they believe in god but they love truth and they love freedom and they are in love with this movement i just saw a guy with a tin foil hat there in the uh the video that's playing out the uh the live stream really encourage you to uh watch the veterans who took away the barricades at the war memorial in ottawa and the cops came and the cops finally went away because they couldn't bear the the shame that they were subjected to when they tried to uh intimidate the veterans check out that video check out all the videos all the activities you can see the quebec flags in the protest that warms my heart because i'm here in quebec quebec is my adopted homeland here so anyway back to close schwab and his silly little book what other keywords have we got that might be interesting we have insert valence how do you spell surveillance two else yes contact tracing contact tracking and surveillance the growing decoupling between us and china the acceleration of automation concerns about heightened surveillance the growing appeal of well-being policies rising nationalism and the subsequent fear of immigration the growing power of tech the necessity for firms to have an even stronger online presence among others these are all part of the partial retreat from global globalism he's saying the partial retreat from globalism so if we want to retreat from globalism what do we need we need to decouple us and china we need to accelerate what is this okay the acceleration of automation concerned about heightened surveillance growing appeal and well-being rise in nationalism subsequent fear of immigration the growing power of the tech yeah we need to dig more into the context of that but whenever there's a tension between globalism which close schwab is championing and nationalism or whatever he wants to call it or elsewhere he contrasts um libertarianism on one extreme from utilitarianism which he champions the greatest possible good for the greatest possible number in society this top-down world government thing which is a total nightmare does not work that's why in the catholic church we have the principle of subsidiarity because we need to give the most power to the smallest groups in the smallest uh authorities okay levels of authority to avoid the nightmare scenario the close while business are envisioning no i think khloe schwab is probably he probably means well he probably has his vision his globalist vision i think he really thinks it's the best thing because there's no gods we have to uh do a top-down control of society and engineer the world make a paradise on earth i'm sure he has good intentions but he's deceived by satan so you can get the book you can go through it what's he say here he's quoting margaret vlastiger you commissioner for competition he says i think that is a false dilemma because you could do so many things with technology that are not invasive of your privacy i think that very often when people say it's only doable in one way it's because they want the data for their own purposes we have made a set of guidelines and with member states of europe we have translated that into a toolbox so that you can do a voluntary app with decentralized storage with bluetooth technology you can use technology to track the virus but you can still give people the freedom of choice that sounds good and in doing that people trust that the technology is for virus tracking and not for any other purpose i think it is essential that we show that we really mean it when we say that you should be able to trust technology when you use it and that this is not a start of a new era of surveillance this is for virus tracking and this can help open our societies so that's encouraging that's from europe that sounds like they're aware of the concerns and they sympathize with the concerns of people that don't want to be tracked um i mean i'm giving a lot of credit here and the benefit of doubt to the ua commissioner for competition lots of interesting stuff so it's a very it is a very moderate and boring document and it's there's a lot there's a lot of olive branches for the so-called libertarians and nationalists and again i don't i've never have identified as a libertarian as a nationalist or patriot or anything like that but i just don't want the world under the political control of godless baby killers where there's a monolithic consensus and if you step outside of that consensus you will be punished deprived of your livelihood deprived of food whatever put in camps i mean this is extreme uh conspiracy theory sort of uh fantasy at this point but they are building camps you know coveted camps in australia canada and elsewhere and they have shipped people there at least in australia i don't know what's happened in canada but uh the quarantine camps at the uh hotels near the airports i know they did that let's look for another keyword here just for fun i'm going to wrap things up here i won't spend too long on this let's look up liver very end some schools of philosophical thought like libertarianism for which individual freedom matters the most and utilitarianism for which the pursuit of the best outcome for the greatest number makes more sense may even dispute that the common good is a cause worth pursuing but can conflicts between competing moral theories be resolved the pandemic brought them to a boil with furious arguments between opposing camps many decisions framed as cold and rational driven exclusively by economic political and social considerations are in fact deeply influenced by moral philosophy the endeavor to find a theory that is compatible is capable of explaining what we should do the endeavor to find a theory that is capable of explaining what we should do actually most every single decision related to how best to deal with the pandemic should be reframed as an ethical choice reflecting that in almost all instances human practices labor under moral considerations shall i give to those who have nothing and show empathy to those whose opinions differ from mine is it all right to lie to the public for some greater good no it is not is it acceptable not to help my neighbors who are infected with copenhagen shall i lay off a number of employees in the hope of keeping my business afloat for the others is it okay to escape my holiday home to my holiday home for my own enhanced safety and comfort or should i offer it to someone who whose needs exceed mine shall i ignore the confinement order to assist a friend or family member every single decision big or small has an ethical component and the way in which we respond to all these questions is what eventually enables us to aspire to a better life i agree i agree with this but we need to choose and we need to choose wisely we need to choose life and if we choose absent god if we choose based on our human wisdom were screwed excuse my language but that's just the way it is so i don't know khloe schwab i don't know if he fears god it doesn't seem like if he's pushing top-down government control and globalism he fears god he would subscribe to a more humane vision of politics and human liberty i want to see what he says about hillary and stuff like all notions of moral philosophy the idea of common good is elusive and contestable since the pandemic started it has provoked furious debates about whether to use a utilitarian calculus when trying to tame the pandemic or to stick to the sacrosanct principle of sanctity of life well here we go yeah this is this is basically the the line in the sand you pro-life are you part of the borg you can see the volunteers in the uh top right of your screen cleaning the memorial so someone says here in klaus schwab's book quote the presence of disease kills people and the absence of livelihood also kills people that's a very good point and quote very good point very good point i've been saying since the beginning of this so-called pandemic and the mismanagement thereof that the cure cannot be worse than the disease we have to let people be free we have to we have to take care of the vulnerable like granny and little little baby jimmy or whoever it is we have to protect the vulnerable people naturally do that anyway we know when our loved ones are vulnerable and we know how to protect them we don't need a government imposing arbitrary one-size-fits-all nonsense on us there are hundreds of times more deaths because of the mismanagement than there would have been if they just let people use their common sense and protect their loved ones i believe i could be wrong i think there are hundreds hundreds of times more death that means uh orders of magnet two orders of magnitude so not tens more but hundreds more deaths that will have resulted when all is said and done from the mismanagement than if we had done nothing at all now that testing and contact tracing capabilities are widely available many individual collective decisions of will uh sorry many individual collective decisions will of necessity involve complex cost benefit analyses and even sometimes accrual utilitarian calculus i'm glad that he admits that it's cruel he does put it in quotes quotation marks but the utilitarian calculus is cruel let's see if the word um comes up anywhere in his book another aspect that is critical for social contracts and western democracies pertains to liberties and freedom there's currently growing concern that the fight against this pandemic and the future ones will lead to the creation of permanent surveillance societies this issue is explored in more detail in the chapter on technical technological reset but suffice to say that a state emergency can only be justified when a threat is public universal and existential which is not in the case of poverty by the way it's uh it's official they changed the definition of pandemic so that they could accommodate this non-lethal even khloe schwab says it's the least lethal where does he say he says it's the least lethal pandemic in 2000 years there's no denying that the coven 19 virus has more often than not been a personal catastrophe for the millions infected by it and for their families and communities that is true whatever the covet 19 virus may be i don't know however at a global level if viewed in terms of the percentage of the global population and affected the corona crisis is so far one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years bingo hello in all likelihood unless the pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way the consequences of copenhagen in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics boom so you've heard it from the horse's mouth here it is so far the least deadly pandemic the world has ever experienced over the past 2000 years take advantage we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world you get the point we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world in a bid to make it better and more resilient a more resilient one as it emerges on the other side of this crisis yes both the far right and the far left will take advantage of the crisis to promote a protectionist agenda with higher barriers to the free flow of capital goods and people well people are going to take advantage of the system yeah they're people who are opportunists on both sides left and right i'm not on the left i'm not on the right for that very reason it doesn't have to be extreme either take advantage of this unique window of opportunity to redesign a more sustainable economy for the greater good of our societies enlightened leadership some leaders and decision makers who are already at the forefront of the fight against climate change may want to take advantage of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement long lasting and wider environmental changes they will in effect make good use of the pandemic by not letting the crisis go to waste the exhortation of different leaders to build it back better goes in that direction so does a dual declaration by made by these people suggesting that clean energy transitions could help kick-start economies okay take advantage of the cover simulation packages to kick-start the nature positive economy it's all about this ecological movement which i from first hand experience know is full of demonic godless baby killers who are the enemies of humanity that's my experience working for greenpeace in the 80s and the open open marxist feminist circles that were chanting death to humanity uh you know and we can save a tree by killing a human this sort of thing is it's not a joke this is real these people hate humanity not all of them but um what am i doing now where am i i'm here yeah so the ecological uh movement is populated by people some people who are enemies not only of god but enemies of humanity so i'll leave it there i am really hoping and praying that there's a substantial change for the better the mandates get dropped uh but it has to go it has to go deeper than that it must go deeper than that it has to be [Music] the true and lasting conversion of each and every sinner that's the only way i mean we're not going to have we're not going to have peace on this earth jesus christ the god man promised that there will be weeds among the wheat and that till the very end there will be wolves among the sheep so we can hope for it we can pray for it but don't expect it do not expect paradise on earth it's not it's not promised to us and in fact it's promised to us that we will not have paradise on earth until christ comes again and destroys this creation excuse me and replaces it with a new creation right a new heaven and a new earth but it's still good to hope and pray for positive change because there are people's lives on the line the main goal is the salvation of souls but we also have to steward this planet we have to steward the planet we have to care for our brothers and sisters we have to stop killing the innocent children in the womb we have to stop killing the elderly in these so-called care homes their lawsuits around the world and even here in quebec against politicians who mismanaged the care of the so-called care of the elderly it was basically just a mass involuntary euthanasia look at great britain look at what's happened here in quebec those are two bold examples where it's just like outrageous outrageous the lack of respect for human life and of course there have been tens of millions i don't know how many million children destroyed in the womb and if they get this fourth trimester that they're pushing for where this fictional fourth trimester how can it be four trimesters but after birth there's another period where you're not autonomous you're not a human being and so we're able to kill them on the doctor's table after having extracted their very valuable and useful organs and stem cells and all that sort of thing so it's a nightmare it's a demonic fallen world and the godless baby killers are in control they're not going to give up control just because a few truckers honk and a few people walk the streets but i am in support of them because god's on their side god is on their side they are an instrument of god these same people who are praising god whether they know it or not and they're chanting hosanna in the highest as jesus enters on the ass into jerusalem they're the same ones who are going to yell and scream crucify him we have no god but caesar right these are the same people so don't be naive about these good wholesome hard-working blue-collar people and workers and families don't be naive they are capable of turning on a dime and trampling on you okay they're they're capable of everything but i support the people i support the people to the extent that they're catholic and i support them to the extent that they love truth they can turn they can all turn and if we replace all those in power with good wholesome hard-working people my guess is they would just transform into the same sort of monsters because that's what power does power i'm not naive but naive about this i don't think they're two types of people good people nice people that are uh for truth and freedom and the evil people who are oppressing us you put me in trudeau's position i don't think i'd be much better i don't think i would do much better how could i i mean there the constraints are overwhelming it would be it would take a miracle and that's what it would have to be it would just be have to be a prayerful a very prayerful execution of my duties as prime minister i mean it's not going to happen it's a complete joke to even think about it i don't even have a house plant or a pet much less a child or any responsibilities but anyone my point here is that anyone that is given power and responsibility is challenged and tested and tempted and i have a lot of sympathy for them i don't wish ill on trudeau on mississippi logo i don't wish ill on joe biden or anthony fauci any of them klaus schwab bill gates all of them i wish them all well there but for the grace of god go i and they're spiritually blind to a certain extent i'm spiritually blind to a certain extent we're all spiritually blind too different degrees so we need to see our brothers and sisters as just that brothers and sisters and we're trying to help each other to get to heaven that's that is the goal so let's hope let's pray let's support these populist uprising grassroots movements and don't worry about the so-called leaders oh where is my donation gonna go i gave money to the truckers movement but i heard a rumor about the leaders that they used to support obama or the liberal party or ndp or whatever who cares that's irrelevant completely irrelevant support the movement for freedom support the groundswell this grassroots populist movement support it with your prayers and don't be naive about it you know these people are just people they're not saints most of them i think there's saints in there among them i hope to go to heaven so i hope that i will ultimately be a saint i'm a work in progress i think these people are work in progress there are many signs many many touching signs that line the fence in front of the parliament buildings thank you truckers and i discovered i was very pleased to discover a statue of the blessed virgin mary here right in sconced in a little shrine the official sculpture in the official building of the parliament buildings at those outer gates if you go into the gate turn around and look back at that wall you will see at a certain one of the entrance points you will see the blessed virgin mary and someone hung wooden rosary beads on the statue of the blessed virgin mary the statue itself i tried to get a picture but my wife is anti-catholic so she did not really want to and my friend with the camera his uh well his phone was completely frozen didn't work at all the statue is about one and a half feet tall i would say yeah one and a half feet tall very cute little statue of what looks like um not sure but it kind of looks like the miraculous metal image i wonder if i could find that i'll find it next time i'm going to wrap it up here i i haven't had my breakfast yet it's currently 11 in the morning sunday here in montreal and i really really appreciated and enjoyed my time in ottawa thank god for these people pray for these people let's stand together for truth liberte freedom and uh let's make it happen on monday okay thanks for watching thanks for listening take care of yourselves we'll talk very soon god bless

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