CVS Live - 2021-12-12 - Authority Part 4 (Bureaucracy)

Author Streamed Sunday December 12th, 2021

CVS Live - 2021-12-12 - Authority Part 4 (Bureaucracy)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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all right i'm back yeah it seems like the counter is going up on the youtube zone live just a real quick update this morning i got a lot going on here at home today arm is sore got finger marks and uh bruising on this arm and a scratch and a lump on one leg not feeling too good feel like i've been run over by a truck just because he threw me around like a rag doll the security guard at st joseph's oratory so today i'm just gonna review what happened this morning after i woke up i went and uh owned the oratory to try to talk to the priest that i know there that i was speaking with when i got violently assaulted by the security this is the priest father bernard east i phoned the orator i spoke with him and he was very friendly a little bit too friendly in my opinion given the gravity of the situation and he wanted to abruptly end the conversation and just get on with his day because he doesn't have time for nonsense like this apparently and i just asked him do you think it's right that i'm not allowed to come back unless i'm vaccinated he said no but there's nothing i can do i said will you at least escort me in so i can go to the mass because he agreed that i should be allowed to go to the 430 mask for the unvaccinated and he said no no i can't do that i'm a nobody here i have no authority here i can't let you in i may agree with you but if we make an exception for you then the whole oratory will get shut down because this is bigger than the church this is above the archbishop it's a pandemic and monsieur lego and justin trudeau are at the top of the hierarchy in canada for everything related to the pandemic so he could not help me he would not help me i asked him if he's my friend and he said yes i'm your friend but i cannot help you because this is bigger than me i have no authority here and i said well who does and he said get in touch with the rector so he gave me the name of the director here he is here the new relatively new rector at st joseph's oratory father michael delaney the nice thing is he's an american he's an anglophone so i could express myself a lot better to an anglophone i phoned the oratory i phoned right back and said father bernard east wanted me to get in touch with the rector father michael delaney and they said i'm sorry he's not here today can you give me his contact information no we're not allowed to give out his contact information you can fall back during the week so i'll phone back i sent an email to his superior the superior of the rector because the rector belongs to that's who runs the oratory i'm guessing i think that's i think that's the case in which case the archbishop isn't directly involved in the management of their policies he they are directly if this is the case i believe i would have to look into this but i believe they would be directly under the pope so my next recourse if i don't get any help from the congregation of holy cross and i sent an email i just sent an email asking for them to put me in touch with this if i don't get any progress through this channel then the next step apart from my consultations with the office of the archbishop will be to go to rome not to go physically to rome but to write a letter and uh it will go absolutely nowhere i won't get a response that's what i'm imagining but at least i will have made the gesture so it is possible there are different ways that this could play out i could get in touch with this priest he could be sympathetic and then we work it out or he could be like everyone else that i've met and just be completely helpless and subservient to trudeau and lego in which case i'll have to of the order congregation of holy cross if the provincial or whoever is in charge there in coordination with whatever help i can get from the archbishop because it seems like his office is very sympathetic and if that goes nowhere then i'll write my little letter when i told father bernard east that if you're not willing since you're not because you claim you're not able to help me i'll have to go and if i can't get help from the rector i'll have to go to the archbishop and he said good luck with that and he laughed and he just wished me a good day so he doesn't take this seriously at all he probably wonders why i'm making a big deal about nothing um i can't i can't relate to the attitudes of the people that i met thus far except at the archbishop's office they've been very sympathetic and they seem to think it's a travesty a mini travesty obviously but a precedent we do not want to set in the catholic church obviously this precedent has been set time and time and time again over the past year since the vaccine was introduced over the past two years since covert was introduced many many precedents of bending the knee to the civil authorities many precedents have been set do i expect victory do i expect great results no i don't but it's the principle and i'm fighting for mother church and i want to know satisfaction who is catholic and who is because there are legitimate forms of authority that we submit to but this is not one of them i've got to go because my doorbell's ringing but that's it thanks for watching and we'll talk it thanks for watching and we'll talk soon take care

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