Catholic vs. Other - 2018-03-18 - Shane Edward Lee

Author Recorded Sunday March 18th, 2018

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I met Shane on YouTube. He identifies as a combination of Gnostic and Baptist. Among other things, Shane believes that Satan is not pure spirit, but has a human form with both male and female sexual organs. He was friendly, and we got along well in spite of our theological differences.To be my guest, you can email me at :

Catholic vs. Other - 2018-03-18 - Shane Edward Lee

Author Recorded September 24th, 2016



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this is Shane it Woodley and you're listening to calculate versus other so if you would please just tell the listener a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe it all right well I was raised in the South and developing the traditional Southern Baptist belief system and when I was about 12 I got saved he got baptized and had the faith and that was because my dad was shot and murdered when I was 11 years old so I turned to Jesus for comfort and I got baptized and within a year after I got baptized I had this strange dream that I saw a throne with the light hovering between the top of the throne and the seat of the phone and I remember reading in the Bible that the pure in heart shall see God and I know God as the light of the world right so I knew had seemed to throne of God in the dreams well I was trying to figure out what the dream meant no a sunday-school teacher but she didn't have a good answer for me so I had to figure out for myself well when I was reading about the revelations I read about the two witnesses where it says these are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks aim for the god of the earth and God is the God of heaven in ur so since I stood before the throne I just figured that's what the dream meant right so I'm trying to figure out this out on my own at 14 years old which is the first time I read to the Book of Revelations anyway so I just went on trying to figure out what it all meant but I sort of let it go as I went along - you know I mean I've didn't take it that serious you know who at 12 years old really thinks they're one of the two witnesses or anything like that anyway so I just want to let it go and try to live a normal life try to find me girlfriend saying that and they did a little bit through high school but there was a rumor going around that because I was trying to be anonymous and marry one girl that I was a homosexual so I was often picked on our T's and I took up martial arts to sort of deal with that bullying but yet so bad to the point that when I got into the military I had trouble with my shipmates I made it through boot camp in a school pretty much without a problem but when I got to my ship one of my shipmates got electrocuted by 450 volts of electricity or 10,000 ants well that made me paranoid as hell she's a French there it did and I was also on a quest because I got involved with this church called Christian Fellowship Church international while their pastor got involved in a scandal where he would meet young sailors and masturbate with him and part of the problem with that is he was doing it with a lot of means not just one or two and I pastor dick Brandon or Richard brand he was basically saying we can give each other hand jobs if you know what I mean but I was involved was I also when I was 14 after I read about to be witnesses thing and also after we went to a camp in North Carolina and we love Southern Baptists can't well we had 13 people to the cabin there's only supposed to be 12 so one of the campers had to sleep with the counselors well as he was laying in bed next to the counselor the counselor asked him if you wanted to feel something good and he just got not a bad guy Evangelina me and I knew what was going on because I've been watching movies like fires in the Attic and paper hat and and also seen the movies Clockwork Orange so I knew what was going on - trying to molest a boy so I grew up around a lot of molestation and I was younger and so that just made me quit going up to that church but I'm trying to figure out a lot of information about Jesus see that's not my main concern is finding out the truth about Jesus calls in the past 2,000 years you can't say things haven't been changed by me and that's when I started reading into novices around 1993 that's when I first found out about their beliefs and some of it is sarcasm I mean you can tell us platon sarcasm cause it goes against the doctrine but the reason it goes against our community to de st. if something more happened that meets the eye and yeah I mean I read the Bible like five times cover to cover so I've reiterated myself in there too that's why I know what I meant now and I'm a little bit turned off by anyone calling me a pedophile or anyone calling me gay or think that not that I hate the community itself so you're gonna pray for a person until they die and repeat whether you're a parent or not you're not to judge them that's Jesus's and the father to Shaba long we're not Satan we're not to judge these we judge that's what Jesus said as well Jesus is the god of mercy He desires mercy and not sacrifice well Satan is God of sacrifice Satan desires sacrifice to cover your sin and doesn't want you to confess to the meeting that's why I like your idea of confession to the priest and things like that but some ideas I think you carry a little bit too far like with God being bright smell I don't agree with that but well the church teaches that God has no sex God is beyond sex and beyond gender he has no potential so that's the main reason why we refer to God as he because he's pure activity there's no potential in God right I get it well that's why I'm trying to explain the three forms I think Jesus Kinnison which is a dragonus Valentina and the reason he can do this as he's um like Adam and Eve before the falls you know I mean he's uncorrupted he's his own bride he's his own husband he says he don't need another human being now my fear is that he was raped by one of the Roman soldiers and the disciples hit it and the reason I think that is the Gnostics mentioned that Eve was raped and one of their writings and I'm like well Eve isn't the really you Jesus is he's the first point of every creature whether visible or invisible as Paul says he first costs in 15 these are the the image of the invisible God and he alone can assume every form because he is the first point of every creature he's the first Seraph he's the first cherub he's the first phone he's the first power he's the first everything everything else was created through him than by him and without him was not anything made that was made as what Paul says so he's everything and we're just from him that we don't understand how our consciousness works because I think he would morph the word Transfiguration used by King James or healer in the Catholic version is actually metamorph the word means to change into more than one form now in mark it speaks of how when in Luke he appeared to the two in the country well Mark said he appeared to them in another more faith well the word morph means he transformed in three forms and he looked like someone they didn't even recognize after the cross but before he left their presence they saw him and they recognized him and he was able to to his form before the cross but when he appeared to Thomas Thomas had to touch him to verify he was alive now Jesus wouldn't let Mary hug him but he did let the woman pulled him by the feet when she went got his mother now if you are familiar with the story of the resurrection Mary saw him first Mary Magdalene now I'm not sure she hugged him we're not the first time but um what he said to her and John sort of contradicts the idea that she didn't touch him either called seeds it's more like do not clean to me you know for I have not yet ascended to my father in heaven reverses don't touch me at all because him and Mary had an intimate relationship anyway according to the Gnostic beliefs as well in Gnosticism Jesus was known to kiss her on a certain part of her Anatomy and the only person person could kiss anyone is their own wife in Judaism you can't kiss a woman unless she's your wife and well that's why the Gnostic Gospels is not a part of the Canon of the church they talk about marrying Jesus hissing it doesn't say where they kiss but the fact that they kissed at all means the husband and wife relationship and giddy ISM now Jesus is the tree of life but Satan is the tree of death the knowledge of good news because he wanted to kill us by the law by making this bright wall with him and could be adultery with Eve and then Adam which again Eve's perspective of sex with Satan would be different than Adams who'd ever had sex with the man either or a hermaphrodite actually and that's why I believe Jesus assumes three forms but Satan is locked in one needs and ruggedness but he lies about it you know I mean he wants you to think he's a man and he's hiding his true form from us too but the reason I know he was there is cause when God was cursing Adam he said the man has become as one of us and you know often in the Hebrew God referred to us elegant well in Hebrew there's Lord else and they traditionally use elhae but could also be el he which is a mighty sheep and you also have el II which is my god LD LD llama Samba Tommy is what Jesus said on the cross my God my God why hast thou forsaken me and so that's what basically I'm dealing with how to explain a Gnostic understanding of God which Constantine unfortunately sort of wiped out because until they found the Gnostic writings in 1948 we didn't know what they actually believed but what do you think about the idea of authority because it's st. Augustine famously said that he would not believe in the Bible if it were not for the authority of the Holy Roman Catholic Church yeah but authority of man cannot assert the authority of Jesus and God you know I mean there but you need to understand Shane that from my perspective the Catholic Church is the mystical body of Jesus Christ it's the spotless bride of Jesus Christ the Catholic Church is both human and divine so that you need to understand my perspective it's not a man-made religion if it were I would help you to tear it down can you talk a little bit about your prayer life do you pray every day do you pray before meals do you pray at night what are some of your favorite things to talk to God about and how do you tell God that you love him well I tell god I love him every day and I never sees him doing that either cause I know without him I'm nothing but Satan and I don't want to be Satan if you're if you're not following Jesus there's only one other choice you know Satan's inner Jesus and I'm trying to follow Jesus now I'm not saying I'm perfect you know I'm a man I mean my share of mistakes to like anyone else but I do see proof for what I'm saying is in the Bible to that there's three forms of Jesus and one form of Satan and Satan is lying to us about what he is and trying to make you thinking he's the man when he's and ruggedness and I think that's the image of the angels in heaven that they can morph to two or three to like Jesus but when we sin with Satan we can't morph anymore maybe we could have morphed at one time too which means we could become one with the female morph our children instead of passing to the Aegina and we don't really understand that anymore either we've lost some translations when we tried to translate to endow that money with exploit and revelations 113 in the Vulgate y'all used the word Mammalia for jesus' breast and it's really more mass toys which means a full females breast and yeah I've been reading into everything from Islam to Catholicism in fact I got a Catholic Encyclopedia I got the Catechism of the Catholic Church so I've read up on a lot of it what do you think about Christian unity how can the Baptist's and the Catholics and all the other denominations come together so that they're no longer divided because this is something that troubles me you know the Eastern Orthodox and all that ya know say can say the problem is it just all Catholicism means is universal right well problem is that's a big word in the big she used to feel you know the means you're still even then and your righteousness is as filthy rags so we need to rely home but the grace of God and the law of God to save us or we'll fall like Satan and we got to be bled by one thing love for our brother and sisters even if they're not as perfect as us you know I mean because they a problem is if you're self-righteous you're Satan himself cause even Satan to be self-righteous and know the law and punish you according to the law but Jesus wants us to have mercy and not sacrifice each other see I think that's our biggest problems are gonna murder each other for our sins instead of forgiving each other for our sins we want to condemn each other and I think that's the biggest problem we have is whether I'm following the Catholic faith of the Baptist faith or the gnostic faith I think we all mess up in our doctrines a little bit our problem is we don't know how to be one anymore or what we need to talk about and we're acting like we're right or wrong I think that's pride and pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall see I don't like the Catholic Church because I think it's pain it won't admit it's still human and fallible I won't settle for a fallible religion because God is infallible and religion is about connecting to God I accept God your man see your problem is God is infallible but Satan is between you and God and you're not always following God you somehow installing Satan's on Satan tricky and your problem is when you don't admit you're fallible and think you're unpalatable you'll send worse then someone who thinks they're following humbled and tries to reach out to God to save them it's like the rich man and the poor man in Luke you know where they're both praying and the sinner he just says Lord be merciful to me a sinner but the righteous man is telling the Lord all his works you know I've give tithe to the poor I take the Eucharist I do this I do that I'm saying I'm better than the sinner here you can't get that attitude we need you're infallible you get that attitude whether you like it or not infallibility is a widely misunderstood it's a negative thing it just means that the Holy Spirit protects the church from teaching error concerning faith and morals it doesn't mean that the Pope's can't sin but that's the problem how do you know you're not in error now see it's been 2,000 years since Jesus came you don't think men have changed the doctrines well it would be easy for you to destroy my faith in the church all you need to do is show I try to destroy your faith with the church I'm trying to get you to believe in God in Jesus over the church do you see what I mean yeah but what I'm saying is you can't place your faith in an institution you gotta place your faith in Jesus when got along yeah if the church is divine as I believe it is well then there's no possibility of a contradiction the church will not be divine because this is just a group of people who gather together under the name of Catholics I believe that the church is an extension of the Incarnation true God and true man you understand I know what you believe I understand all that son but the problem is you're putting too much emphasis on the church and not on Jesus and God and developing the personal relationship but there I disagree I disagree because I think that the Christ and the church are one we're not one yet we're not perfect yet only Jesus is perfect but you need to understand that there's the church militant on earth which is impure and it hasn't been cleansed yet there's also the church suffering and purgatory which is being cleansed and there's also the church triumphant in heaven which is perfectly cleansed and they've arrived they've arrived but don't separate the three that it's one church but but the problem is we're not making it to heaven we're only making it to paradise yeah the church is very clear about the the two final destinations are heaven and hell and there's a purification that we need to undergo to go to heaven nothing impure can stand before God right so we need to be purified yes I agree with that but we were purified through a confession of our sins repentance of our sins and loving each other right you are my disciples love each other right that's the commandment in him well when we are doing bicker about doctor and their who's the perfect church or this out of the other we're not being perfect we're being men are you mentally arguing that our church is better than your church type mentality we argue instead of becoming ones becoming universal means you accept anything and believe all things what this charity do first it believes what all things not just some of it all of it well we're not even there yet we're still arguing about whether prices Trinitarian Nellore Trinitarian female or Trinitarian androgynous we don't even know the truth about things in the Bible calls when men separate a doctrine without understanding the source in the Old Testament or the New Testament they're creating a man-made doctrine and that's part of the problem too you can teach for doctrine the commitment of me and like the Jesus and Orthodox and Nazis did now my opinion but the Orthodox and the Gnostics were wrong that's why I consider myself a little bit of buzz I'm both an Orthodox person and a gnostic person not fully one or the other but the reason is it's not because I believe what the Gnostics said nor what the Orthodox said but because I understand what they're both are saying the era's and the difference there I believe both sides have a good point but I also believe they're going too far with their point you know I mean they're trying to force someone to set their ideas like they're perfect with their human beings that's what Satan did need to get us in with him he tricked Adam and Eve into having a liaison with him and Satan is the tree the knowledge gives evil him Jesus as the tree of life and Jesus was in Eden to being the firstborn of every creature and also born of the Virgin Mary there are things about God we could never really understand because we're human beings we're not God and that's the first thing I think you got to realize is the church is trying to follow one person Jesus and sometimes we want to follow Paul instead of Jesus or the Saints or whoever now they're good examples of trying to be Christians don't get me wrong they're just an example the perfect sacrifice was Jesus in himself and we cannot replace Jesus with another Saint we have to look to Jesus first that's just by suggest in there and then through Jesus come to God and learn to love each other unconditionally on that note at the end of my interviews I always ask my guests to talk directly to the audience and just sort of give a message of hope so just to wrap up the interview now what would you say to anyone that's out there listening I'll say this I've read in the Bible that Isaiah said this that will keep me in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee if we keep our mind such as home Jesus in the spirit the Eternal Spirit which gave him as a sacrifice for our sins then we'll all one day come to a sound mind again but if we resist the Holy Ghost within us that's what drives us crazy you know - color resisting God and becoming like the devil who is double minded in all his ladies when you're double minded you got a split personality or mental issues and my suggestion is first learn to love each other no matter what you believe and work out your differences don't attack someone who believes something different than you automatically just discuss it with it and even if you don't agree agree to disagree you know don't try to murder me because I believe something different than you because that's why a lot of the religious wars were fought between the Muslims of Christians has used this we're fighting a religious war tiles are trying to be right but the more we try to be right the more you're wrong it's sort of a catch-22 and that's why we develop mental issues like for instance Howie Mandel he's obviously Jewish but he has OCD and he is very paranoid about germs that's because of his upbringing that eats unclean he's an unclean person and that's why he washes several times a day with his sed because he feels he's unclean because it was raised in a Jewish environment where you're taught here unclean and you have no chance at becoming clean but we have a chance through Jesus Christ ourselves and has sacrificed for our sin or the sin the need and that's why he came to reconcile us back to God even though we're ignorant of God you know I mean still so if we can learn to love each other despite our faults which are supposed to confess to one another daily our faults we're all human we're all capable of error Dimas philosophy is known as perfect the Jews from God so we got to work at it until we die so keep working at it all you got to do is all you got to do is all you got to do

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