Catholic vs. Other - 2017-02-19 - Andre Julien

Author Recorded Sunday February 19th, 2017

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I met André Julien through the Montreal Raelian meetup. I attended a monthly gathering in Longueuil and then we did our interview in a noisy fast-food restaurant.

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-02-19 - Andre Julien

Author Recorded September 24th, 2016



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I am visually and you're listening to Catholics this is utterly can you tell the audience a little bit about who you are what you believe and how he came to believe it okay thank you for welcoming me add that is me myself when I was younger I always like to find so I studies fired by said the engineering i graduated in engineering and I'm still I'm very rational online and I was baptized Catholic when I was young didn't ask me if I wanted I hand my mother sent me to church up there when I was on board I didn't like it because the only part I liked was eating the O's at the end so I say why don't we cannot eat out and go away but anyway are I like Jesus I like Jesus story and i say i would claim it so much wisdom in very primitive people I was very curious mine i checked other religion & goo died muslim and then in do and we all talk about God or God or about love they talk about like read the message of all religions left i think there must be a scientific explanation for all these wisdom people pop them out out of nowhere without coming out as very primitive Society of Jesus and all of the other Moses so one day I found a book by a Tibetan monk laps and grandpa when he was very young a metronome it and disarm it was blind near these eyes we moved by timing and he was about to die and he was taken by extraterrestrial when he was young and and they selected it because you had great memory and say we will tell you a story that one day you will reveal to somebody out and that probably happened around 1900 something or eighteen ninety whatever and these extraterrestrials told them with the one who creates all life on Earth with time and with the one who sender the Masters that we call pocket to be the messenger to help people blossom develop in love and wisdom instead of being very primitive he said also in another book this guy de there is a new messenger on the planet now so save its truth I don't know but I will find them and then I found the second book of hand which was called destruct me to the planet and and then I read somewhere so that looks interesting that looks like it may be the same guy that they talked about the other Buddhist mobs which has no link whatsoever about the book when i read it on after all this was very rational explanation in the scientific age we were in with no mystification we were created by advanced encased with mastery of baa and genetic engineering and like today we're trying to create life with the genetic engineering and not standing up DNA we start to create a bacteria from scratch in 2010 they they reach a level of scientific understanding that we will soon reach and so this truck trade all time of life so their experiments care their population the governmental if I go do it tomorrow so at the same time they they found out to travel faster than light so they visited other planets in other solar system and they decide to create life on his other classes so they create three lines m / 111 at the beginning it was an experiment for them and didn't know too much how to treat art and then they realize with you know we were killing each other and whatever so even when the out part with their science some men were using it against others so then one day they decide to stab messenger to guide them a distance and let them progress by uncle because by that time they learn from their own theaters that they were created the same way so the these people were created a they're called a locking but are they also created by someone yes it will create by others advantix which will be for them were created by advanced you know it's an infinite chain okay and one day we will be able to create life on another planet with science and these lights we creatively create humans like us even if their shape is different but the same mental capability the cement illegal they will know if I and one day they will be able to do the side so we can already see from scientific way away that infinity can propagate life in the universe life adapted to each biological research and development fair different length of days different gravity so you have to adapt the living entity to this specific the temperature the pressure and everything that much fear so that's what did it work so these people who they are the other Elohim of the Bible because we we read the Bible now in English or French whatever language is translated from evil and the indigenisation Ebel they were called the elohim bellowing created man you know healer in created earth earth on so these Elohim is a parole world in evil it figures aloha and mean literally in ancient Hebrew those who came from the sky so they were mistaken for God's or God depending on the religion by are interested you cannot understand you cannot explain sienten DNA and a starving too he took them for superior being coming from straight so the mythology Greek mythology is similar everyone the world the traces we see in ancient scripture ancient religion ancient civilization is all writing that our stories somewhat distorted because it was before they were rated they were coming from one person who talked to the other will talk to the other given the guy decided live he never wrote it so they were distorted come on but the Bible contains many traces of the creation of gorillas let's take one let us create man in our image after all right let us use their many create man in our image doing there many so ended many many like that mr. Rowland good so in 1945 when we blow the bomb of hiroshima day low in sake humanity as reach the age where we start to discover enough time to other use it to create a real paradise on earth shall destroy with it so it's the time to send the last century so 1945 we start to create a new messenger honor and he was born in 1946 this language higher and he didn't know until turkey in December 1973 they met a higher in close were you listening at the time it was a journalist in front and we met him in extinct volcano crater in the middle of France and they met him and the 46 day 41 hours day we tell them the story about the true story of accretion our decreases are scientifically oddest and all the prophets and the way what was the mission over the rain prophet the permission of Jesus and all others and they say you will give you a very difficult a shin spread methods on the earth and then build an embassy to welcome us preferably in Jerusalem ninjas oil and if enough people understand and follow you we will come back so since 1973 in 1975 we met him again they took him to the planet for 24 hours and they they show them what paradise with science can become is the second book that you discover this is the second book I just got moved first yeah but it was a summary of the fridge okay okay and eventually I read the other Boston I decided 23 years ago yeah to become my name did you know Raelians in your day-to-day life before so you you you didn't know how to contact with people at the beginning node and they say they give an address in the world okay I could wrote a letter I was not too sure I wanted to find the other book and one day I saw an extraterrestrial picture with a conference given by a lecture given by writing but it was April Fool it looked like a joke but I won't go and I want I want to go see them and then I went and it was a joke somebody made a joke on them my dick they probably took a real poster identify the bottom so it for taking the do lectures I'll keep an eye open and six months after they did one in September the same year in the city i live in culture thing to do and then i went and then about another book and listen to the lecture i give my name yes if you want to give you a name and address the coordinate yet and i read the books after that's it in it but i'm a scientific line i will take all the time I need to find what's wrong with it it is anything wrong and more i think about it more everything was clear i found nothing wrong anything i do so after year they call me you would like to confirm meeting at my place at aware then soon after i decide to become alien and get involved and help i was invited today to participate in a monthly meeting every cycle monthly gathering in every consumer well is there enough big enough group or activate them walk you out they make these at least one tomorrow the person that you encounter that and how would it have been different from what I saw today yeah I change it's never the same people come there was a bit more people like then it when Charlie was quite big in 1993 the friend who did the conference in 92 invited me after one year to explain so in this place it was the only one with a few other women radium and we talked about the closest II we have questioned the thought and then he invited me to the next gathering to a win it in the gathering there was somebody were coming me a bit like he landed with you one you feel warm you felt want you fell it was different and today to do with facial exerciser we now every gathering we do something different can you can you talk the audience through that our people can idea what lucky yeah typically the gathering the multi gathering we do is it's a group meditation so people come and we introduce newcomers to people they don't know and make them feel comfortable and and really starts with a meditation guided medical a guided meditation so there's a railing guide for those who never did imitation they just follow the guide and we just follow it's kind of a trip of wires inside yourself and sending love to yourself to all yourself because all yourself compose you they have your DNA and they're alive and it's a kind of loving yourself an addiction is a lot of yourself and then with practice you can bring just love not only to yourself you can fill yourself or blog and it's like you fill a glass but when the glass is full you can give to other so then you spread the filling of love of wellness of a penis of thankfulness to around you so that was the meditation is every guy does it slightly differently there's not one type of mutation but you can do a one manipulation you can do have ten one hour continually ahead it is most typically there were those two minutes and usually we every sunday at around eleven o'clock it's written in the message that we can think I Leah Brillouin and make a prayer to them turn all of them how thankful we are that they are there so it's kind of a similar pair like any religion just feeling loved and sent to them and be thankful it's more about it that's what we experienced today and then today was a special activity where we share love to all the people in the Roman by we came off and we are each other you know I always do that oh it's different every time okay before we did that we are the little video of material is so with thankfully now is technology is peaked in Japan but we can add the recording gear why did we live in Japan you just like to live in Japan how you used to live in front and then he grew the movement there then he came to America today killa via about 13 or 15 years he make us grow here and then he went to Japan and he is making the asian women this kind of the priority now because a joy is more than after planet China India Japan is a big ooh ya writin but China is going up and over the title that you use for real metro area nitrosamine night Roger comes from the Buddhist tradition every religion expect the second coming of Christ if you like that there would be in the future a new messenger a new prophet so for the Christian is called the partly yeah the host the helper or kick that's right so and then for the Muslims the Mahdi and and further so that's supposed to be the one who when the time is come gather the the people to add a line for the Jewish at the Messiah and some Todd Jesus was the Messiah and the budget they say no is not really the Messiah so they still awaiting the Messiah which hialeah ha and for the Buddha the scripture of Buddhism say the will get new Buddha coming from the West is the needed uh from the west and yes that will be the Messiah I noticed during the presentation today a lot of images of Buddhist people do this single such as the Buddha is there a connection between your worldview and Buddhism yes we connected at all ancient religious okay because for us daily create the same over 40 profile through the ages of humanity so we know the Moses is akia Jesus Buddha Mohammed oh the most well-known Buddhist and in Africa descent in America before the colonies diction descended in India Taoism Taoism lao-tzu was one of the leaders in China good of course there was in Japan the Shinto shintoism came from liquid layer in the mud was from in Iran bahá'u'lláh was one of the joseph smith for this and many many I talked about the Baja yes Wow so all the ancient religion were they maybe not all because there's a lot of false prophet like in the time of Jesus but there was many genuine religion who are linked with Dolores they have a specific message adapted to the region the culture of the time and the place and each other definition and if you would put together the teaching of all the process together with you would see why Elizabeth that if you remove the mysticism that was added to time because the teaching of Jesus has been restored the teaching of Mohammed has been distorted the teaching of Moses have been is lovely and the menacing thing that is being distorted so but if you put them all together you will see there's a message of love and everything in every one of them love each other don't lie don't see it was very basic in the 10 commandments of it but Jesus went a bit further no love you your neighbors of your enemy of your enemy someone is young one cheek turn the other cheek and things like that so it was message of love but the book what the religion has become today is quite apart from the message of their leader religion is a crutch that we lean on when we lack faith so when you have faith and we have love you don't need to lean on the letter of the law Jesus talked about this also with the Pharisees of is a there was a lot of religiosity and he was criticizing them that means there's a problem with religion right so we need to go beyond the formal structures of a religion and the sort of comfort zone that we can build like this is the way to do it because the rule love is bigger than these man-made things right religion comes from Latin let relegating which means to connect yes to connect true to the original of the word religion was to connect with the creators to connect with infinity around us so well unison is a religion in the collections of the world but we rated just the other thing is William religion is it means we don't believe in God because God for us is Advent scientists today there's already a miracle that was not to marry actually that we can do we can do that one which is Mary we did not make love with anyone and she became pregnant well we can do that now we cannot put a sleep a lady and in simulator with us Navi law which is they can be that's forbidden by the church okay but that's what he did for us that's what you did yeah I know Jesus entirely yeah and they know the DNA of the percentage chula so you had a special mission that's why the official being selected to be able to do is measure and so you will take care of you this baby is you will have recognition for Humanity so all the miracles were scientific progress that they could not understand by again some of them we can understand today some we still don't know exactly al but you can't foresee that maybe when they will be able to be be so for us it's a dedication of our religion because you're a man of science people even cause and effect you believe that every every effect has a natural cause and so how is it possible to have an infinite chain of cause and effect behind us given the fact that we're headed for a heat death with this entropy you know the second law of thermodynamics things are falling apart right so there's a finite amount of time it will accomplish that destruction of biological life and therefore it cannot be infinite time behind us because if there is infinite time behind us that would have been an adequate amount of time to accomplish this heat bet and we're still here therefore there's a beginning of time how do you answer that philosophically so if she tal q is the beginning I will ask you the question what was there before there is no before okay so you will say it was nothing no I regard so then God is your infinity so you attribute to God is always existed always will so probably not physical let's do that okay so he's not enough potential he has no part okay what did they say created us in His image that I mean is a reason and farewell okay but you believe there's a beginning for us there's no need for that matter and energy always existed in perpetual information I want to ask you about free will because i always ask 80s about free will because they should not believe in free will if they believe in free will is a contradiction in their world view so do you believe in free will and corn the human with free will you will have basic survival program but its philosophy what it is values be well based on education and will have the capability to reprogram himself and use these are well free will is the ability to program shop to ask yourself what am I thinking about them is it good to decide what is good what is bad that is free one a cap does not consult it's good or bad to chase along us we can decide is it good or bad to kill my brother some safe words on page bag what do you see okay and when you do this use what super consciousness is the utmost beautiful ability when you can create light is create them at free wealth the ability to decide by themselves how to behave what is good what is bad so when we look at the mechanisms in your brain is your mind only the neurons firing and different patterns in the rain without your mind is everything is physical chemical the whole tentacles can co-directed even that free will program that free will mechanism that algorithm even that is subject to natural cause and effect nothing happens without a perfectly reasonable rational scientific explanation nothing exactly actual is only three will is not free it's determined no it is determined by the state that preceded it inevitably you have the choice the death the things that choice is a logical consequence of the state that preceded it humans we have the ability to ask ourselves what would be good to do it and you have free will you have the ability to decide one or the other but when you when you make that choice the process by which you make that choice is reducible to a series of natural causes and effects which are not escaping from the laws of physics and laws of nature there's no exception right I don't think there's any supernatural for natural its rule is complicated but it follows certain love so when the judge says I find you guilty that judgment of the judge it's a choice based on rational decisions he's a free man with free will according to you but if you were to look at it from the point of view of these advanced Elohim or someone even higher they would be the playing out of this materialistic mechanism in the choice he made they would understand each and every mechanism that was the logical consequence of the preceding one and they would see that this whole theater that's playing out with the criminal with the judgment all of it was inevitable and a logical consequence of the preceding state and there is actually no guilt there's no culpability there's no responsibility it's all just a machine playing itself out that's what they would see we don't have the vision because we're not intelligent enough to see that but in principle what you're saying is that that is the case there is no true responsibility personal responsibility there is no morality a treat for us is the opposite we have pre well but we have a responsibility to use it well the mechanism of free will is just an advanced and complicated mechanism I don't know but you can I don't think we know enough how it really works a chemical level no we don't know you don't know the details but we do know although there's no soul there's no magical soul that goes into it only material everything is DNA yeah and everything follows natural cause and effect if you not even free will so there's no there's no other alternative for you well as you don't have the supernatural the laws of physics pelu cousin effects but what makes us decide to add love of words the item it may be beyond time i don't know i think one day we will understand okay but it's all coded disability to do this is the code is not union but you're open to the possibility that maybe there's something beyond natural science know everything there is no supernatural what do you have in terms of hope and what will happen to you when you die in a best-case scenario it's a time tific we creación de line has reached a level of x y even than 12 the left hand times longer donna and soon we will discover I to modify our DNA to less than x longer so they live on average 1,000 years and after 1000 year the add some form of ADD cloning where they can create a new body seventeen-year-old or whatever age they want with fresh shell and they can transfer in a computer of their mind the personality the knowledge in Turkish women download it to the new body and then we can live another life for 1,000 years in the other and the oldest of day louie is Yahweh Jesus father jesus said my father is in the sky because Yahweh is the oldest of the low-hanging less than 25 lives of 1000 years we live in 25 body so when you start in the new body you will endure everything at the time you did that transfer from the other so that for us eternal life is a scientific process again but that one day we will be able to do it it's fun how old is yo in 25,000 years old yeah but the universe is infinitely old right yes so 25,000 years of nothing yeah it does nothing so before that what was life was it a lower was a lower form of life before that because we said life was always in the universe right yeah but yogi is 25-ton years old I don't know obviously Monty created him yes it was obvious is a share of the credit lemon there is another to be upgraded yellow right ok so with the infinity of time this ok did those guys not pass on their download their memories to see Yahweh for example the border a break in the memory would you send a message drinking encourage people to read is interested the at a point there was a speech the soul that came on their planet that reveal all the knowledge of their creators to them today they got the scientific heritage of their own traitors the people enjoyed today they don't get download the memories into another's well or they don't do it for so they can do it so that's what I think what no life is our it's some are that the would delete the choice you know and you're the life now because that's the only one you should laugh but they say the lie we've recreated the life of many thousand human they felt deserved it for the progress they made humanity in all fields of knowledge for the love dejay for the scientific progress of all the organization of the influence he had on other people positively so these are the ones with the ancient religion like jesus said you will be beside me and the father on the planet of eternal that does that is so it's a scientific recreation like for us Jesus resurrection was a scientific religion was an adventure on indeed is you're bringing back to work touchy it is message would would go over the time because why is is all I'm again how can they do that of course it's a miracle but for they learn is a scientific forest for one day we will be able to do it usually in my interviews I give my guests a chance if they want to ask questions about me why believe what every one category or anything about Christianity they maybe you have questions about why don't they sell all the gold all the riches of the best game and go live on me that's what Jesus said when Judas who betrayed Jesus said why are you wasting this precious ointment apologies we could sell it and give the profit for the poor jesus said that poor you will always have but me will not always have the classic church is Jesus Christ that's my belief not a class of teaching so there's something higher than humanity and humanitarianism then dealing with poverty there's something higher and that is God God is the first thing we love God first and we love neighbor for God's sake but the poor we will always have with us and the weeds will always be among the week this is Jesus way of saying that there will always be crime there will always be corruption and religion there will always be abuse and the sinners in the church are just that there sooner of the week there are a lot of bishops with abuse the power to accumulate wealth and money in a lavish lifestyle they're not living up to the standards of Jesus Christ but not but Jesus allows them to be ostensibly part of the church and there may be good things that they contribute I don't know god only knows but we do know right in the church or one and this is a mystery it's hard to grasp either ticking physicals on the side of Adam the same thing with Jesus on the cross he's the new Adam and from his pierced side comes the church st. Paul says that the catholic church is the Bride of Christ and they are one flesh they are one so for example we have all the gold and the ornamentation in the Jewish temple that God commanded to be built that David wanted to build and that his son Solomon did build the detailed instructions about the ornate wealth and luxury that went into that is because it forgot it comes from God and it's poor garden we have to have this first and foremost in our mind that god is first and so everything good comes from him and everything has to go back to him first and foremost are low but you know I've had to believe in God has created more and is still today to did more harm than good you see in the Middle East war again the Muslim Muslim we believe in God some extremist Muslim the Big O killed themselves and bomb killing innocent people thinking they will go to paradise this way but believing I need to destroy this for the country because my god is better than your god oh my god communi it created more harm than good actually it's dangerous I I believe in God because in the end we are God we with science will be able to quickly windy and so we will be God for this guy when will the creative nvm just pre well and they discover science initially they will take up for God and then one day they will derive all this there's no such thing as God and now God has been used as anything to justify anything but there is good or bad so it's kind of the empowering people I believe in responsible ization empowerment I think there's so much hypocrisy of hard hard to see the good in in God and the good and bleeding God and the good info and God and a good and doing God's will because people are claiming to do those will in all kinds of contradictory and hypocritical ways and doing evil and calling it good and Jesus confronted that in his day he said you know you're you're claiming to teach on behalf of God but you're doing exactly the opposite and some of those views that he criticized bowed at the feet of Jesus and said yeah you're right I fell into the trap of religion help me and they became Christian this is from my perspective obviously you wouldn't agree but it's so so easy to camouflage and to rationalize and say I'm doing it for god I'm God told me there are millions and millions of stories of cult leaders who come along and say God told me and people instantly they want to believe and so they follow and it may be very pleasant in the beginning and it's only later that there's the view sexually there's abuse with power that abuse with money there's a violent once you start down the wrong path there's no end to the atrocities the ultimate center is you have to follow your free will your true inner will not let your education whether it's really just or all kind of education we have think by yourself find the values deep within that you care for what I encourage people is they're going to show you what I've lived in the time of Jesus or Buddha or Moses if you have go listen to them some people will tell you no no longer is the false prophet or you would say only let me find out by myself so we have a new messenger honor and where'd you go listen to him by yourself it's filmed in internet hi porgi you can download the message jealousy from data e you can read and sees it for you or not and then use all your intelligence and three wells to decide by yourself or you can decide to listen to others listen to the media listen to your family or friends then you're not using your free will you're following encourage everyone every human being think by yourself use your free will find what's within yourself deep inside your own value not the ones that were imposed to you by your parents education blah blah blah media go and next door yourself and explore this book me maybe it will change your life like exchange mine okay love you if you think it's got some questions a piano girl all

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