CVS Meta - 2022-12-21- The Dogma of Mary's Perpetual Virginity

Author Recorded Wednesday December 21st, 2022

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My recent protestant guest Marcy Daugherty (@autocorrect2_0)posted a funny meme on Twitter which made use of a common misconception about the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary. I reminded her of the infallible teachings of the Church, and a few non-Catholics responded with comments and questions. This video will free me from having to answer each and every challenge to my precious faith in that thread.

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and I'm live I'm supposed to be live on YouTube and Twitter I don't know if this is going to work it's the first time doing this uh so today I'm just doing a quick meta episode to sort of avoid having to respond to a bunch of people in the uh thread that was started today uh when I commented on Marcy's post that's autocorrect 2.0 she's one of my guests recent guests I interviewed her back in well just the end of last month and a wonderful woman Protestant or non-catholic Christian however you want to say it wonderful wonderful lady you can go and check out that interview on my podcast on YouTube or wherever but she posted something uh pretty funny it was just meant to be silly and cute but it highlighted one of the differences between Catholics and non-catholics when it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary emphasis on the word virgin she posted a meme that's text and it's about Christmas shopping shopping leaving your shopping to the last minute it says if you're out shopping today be nice to the retail workers it's not their fault you waited until Mary's water broke to shop so we all understand why that's funny waiting to the last minute and the birth of Jesus is imminent the water's already broken okay but I just commented on that uh I didn't want to spoil her fun or anything like that but I just commented where what's my original comment here let me just see if I can find it I said I know you're just being silly but remember that Saint Mary's water did not break ever her water did not break ever she is a virgin before during and after the birth of the god man Jesus Christ so it's very important to understand this if you're a Christian and if you do understand it it will bring you that one step closer to the fullness of the faith and it'll bring you ultimately into the ark the Catholic church outside of which there's absolutely no possibility of Salvation this is the constant tradition of the church and it hasn't changed Vatican two three reinforce that teaching there's no plus there's no possibility of salvation outside of the Holy Roman Catholic church so you got to get in sooner or later and I prefer that you did it sooner rather than later I'm just speaking generally to anyone that's not Catholic and anyone that is Catholic my message as always is try to stay in try to be a better Catholic and try to stay in I'm not I wouldn't call myself a good Catholic I'm striving to remain within the church I was striving to be to die to self and to live in Christ it's not easy but with your help with your prayers and with God's grace God willing all make it to heaven so uh some of the comments I want to go through some of these comments and just sort of give you a general vibe how my comment was received so in no particular order I'm not sure if these are chronological so bear with me I'm new to Twitter so I don't really know how this works but I'm just reading off my Twitter here so I made my comment that her water never breaks Saint Mary's water never breaks and the one 2021 said she's had several kids and she never had her water break so I think I responded to that one I just with the I gave a quote note that he who is first first begotten is firstborn even if he is only begotten only begotten which I forget which Saint said that but uh all the early church fathers unanimously agree that uh virgin was a virgin the Blessed Virgin Mary was a virgin before during and after the birth of Christ um the one 2021 responded talking about the improper Greek besides his brothers and sisters uh yeah his brothers and such yeah you can you can go look up you can Google it actually find out what the church teaches uh he says he or she the one 2021 says Mary had sex no never had kids only one Jesus and yes her water and hymen were broke no sorry you are using private judgment there that's not what the church teaches and that's one of the themes that's the reason I'm making this video is because there are just a few themes that need to be emphasized in order to debunk uh this common misconception about the Blessed Virgin Mary okay namely that you know she was sinful she had other children and she was not a virgin and so on and so forth it's a few points that need to be emphasized one is uh has to do with authority obviously we're in the comments here in this thread I have a lot of Protestants asking me to justify my beliefs using the holy scriptures and uh so it's the question of what are the scriptures how did we get them do we actually have them do we have the autographs do we have the actual mystical Bible in its perfect inerrant form or do we just have copies of copies of copies and uh they're incomplete and imperfect and they have errors and omissions right everyone knows this everyone knows that we have never seen the actual autographs the writings of those men who were the instruments of God in writing God is the primary author but the human authors are the secondary authors and they freely wrote wrote what they wanted to write and what God wanted them to write and the holy scriptures are inspired and they are inerrant but no one's ever seen them together in one place no one in this Fallen world no one in the church militant here below up in heaven of course they have access to the mystical Bible it's it's a real Bible up in heaven and if God willing we make it there we'll be able to enjoy the real Bible the mystical Bible as I call it here in this Fallen World we don't have access to it so the the question of authority is uh who defined the Canon uh how are we able to interpret an infallible collection of copies of copies of copies uh so in other words how do we get infallible dogmas from any from a fallible seemingly fallible Source well if the church that Christ founded if the church that Christ instituted interpreted a fallible document to come up with infallible dogmas then there would be a problem there violation of the principle of proportionate causality you can't get you can't give what you don't have so the church can't give us an infallible Dogma if it comes from a source which is fallible these copies and these imperfect uh translations and these sorts of things that we in this violent Fallen World have access to that means that the church has access to something that is infallible the church has access to the holy spirit because Jesus Christ said if I don't go then I won't send you the Holy Spirit and therefore it's better for you that I go it's better for the church that the God man Jesus Christ left Earth and sent his holy spirit to guide the church because we have been given the infallible portion of God's infallibility obviously it's a very limited limited charism of infallibility but Jesus Christ left in order to give us that and it's better it's better that we have the Catholic church it's better that we have the Catholic Church than to have the God man Jesus Christ walking amongst us today in 2022 it's better and I'm citing Jesus Christ as my source here okay and Christ and his church are one fleshes this is where the authority of the church comes from Christ instituted a church he didn't have to become incarnate he did not have to Institute a church he did not have to give the church the charism of infallibility and indefectability okay but he did so we have to respect God and His re-choice in how he orchestrated the economy of Salvation just one moment I think my wife's home I'm doing a podcast doc I'm in the middle of a podcast sorry about that so I will I won't ramble on too long because my wife just got home I wasn't expecting her quite yet so uh yeah so the question of authority we have an infallible source for the dog was it's God Almighty it's the uh God man Jesus Christ and the church the church Christ and the church are one flesh so that's the source of the infallibility and we have of course the Holy Spirit who indwells the church and who guides the church and protects the church from teaching error concerning faith and morals and we also have that mystical Bible which is the word of God the inerrant infallible word of God entire and complete in all its parts completely inerrant up in heaven it's the mystical Bible and that is the source of the infallible teachings of the church right it's not some imperfect translation of some imperfect copies of copies of copies so that's the first thing we need to deal with when we speak with non-catholic Christians is the question of authority and the question of the sources of the teachings of the church the infallible teachings of the church and if you want to say that you that you and your private judgment when you sit down with an imperfect copy and an imperfect translation of these copies of copies of copies if you want to say that you have God indwelling you the Holy Spirit indwelling you and therefore you have the infallible authority to declare dogmas then I suggest you collect those pronouncements and that list of dogmas and you publish it to help me and everyone else who's in need of these essential saving truths the essential saving truths of the god man Jesus Christ if you have them please release them please compile them and give us these dogmas without which we can't be saved because they are essential they're essential saving truths okay so if you believe if you believe that you are infallible you're an infallible Authority on the word of God and please make that available to me and to everyone else I've asked in the comments of this thread here I've asked many times what does the church teach and for that matter where is the church and the only answer I've had so far is it's not the Catholic Church well not asking what is not the church because McDonald's restaurant is not the church that Christ built okay um JCPenney is not the church that Christ built Burt's Bees is not the church that Christ built the local YMCA is not the church that Christ built and so on and so forth we could spend an eternity listing the things which are not the church that Christ built I'm asking what is the church that Christ built a couple of people have suggested that it's the Believers how is it phrased let me see if I can find the definition that was given to me here he builds the church with every soul he saves the church isn't an institution oh really so Christ instituted something that's not an institution okay so the church is every soul he saves it isn't an institution it is as Paul calls it in the body it is as Paul calls it the body of Christ yes it is the mystical Body of Christ each one that is Born Again is the church each one is the church each member of the church is the church each soul that has been saved is the church and yet we have non-catholic Christians disagreeing about the essential saving truths of Christ so there's a problem right we have we if the buck stops with you because you think that you are saved and you think that that gives you the status of being an infallible source of essential saving truths because you are the church and Christ and the church are one flesh if that's what you believe then you need to take a close look at the contradictions between your set of beliefs and your fellow Protestants beliefs okay take a close look and explain try to explain that away it's hubris it really is hubris to give yourself infallible Authority and like I said if you do think that you have that infallible Authority that teaching Authority send me a link to your website send me a link to the the list of essential saving truths otherwise known as the dogmas the defide dogmas those dogmas of the faith and the ecclesiological dogmas the dogmas of the church okay and all the different grades of Dogma according to your own lights because you are the church and you have that infallibility if that's the case send me a link and please don't shirk your duties as the church my duty as a member of the church a member of the mystical Body of Christ is to ask what does the church teach where is the church and what does it teach and everyone knows where the church is everyone knows what the church is some people want to deny it and there's a little quote that I'm going to read to you which is kind of funny I stumbled upon this today by accident seems relevant this is Saint cyprian of Carthage excuse me I had to clear my throat Barbie it from the mercy of the Lord and his Invincible power to permit the ranks of the lapsed to be called The Church for it is written quote he is not the god of the dead but of the living end quote so here saint cyprian of Carthage which he wrote this around the year 250. third century he's calling the Protestants and all other Heretics dead they're not alive but they're dead okay and this is not to insult anyone this is not to bash anyone over the head it's just it's just if you're steeped in history you will cease to be a Protestant it's just a fact go back and look at the writings of the first century second century third Century 4th Century 5th Century sixth century and so on all the way up till today look at the living magisterium look at the teachings of the church look at the writings of the Saints and there is an unbroken tradition for the essential saving truth that's one of the main sources of the dogmas and the other one is the tradition that was written down called the scriptures so he continues certainly we hope that all may be brought back to life That's My Hope too and by our petitions and our groans we pray that they may be restored to their former state now this is assuming that all those who left the church did so consciously in their own lifetime not just being inheritors of some long-standing Protestant tradition from Luther Calvin zwingley and all these and it's important to remember too that if you go back and look at the fathers of your particular denomination the very beginning of the Protestant rebellions that took place they believed in the Perpetual virginity of Mary go look it up okay so we pray and we grow and they may be restored restored to the former state or into the church but if some of the lapsed wish themselves to be the church sound familiar you think that you are the church so if the some of these Labs wish to consider themselves the church and if the church is among them and in them what remains for us except to ask them to deign to admit us to the church right that's what I said send me the links if you've got the dogmas because you are the church you have the infallible the infallibility the charism of infallibility to interpret the mystical scriptures which you have never seen you've never seen them but you can somehow mystically interpret them because they're up in heaven and you're down here in this in this Fallen World if you have that charism as the church has has the Catholic Church claims to have if you're also claiming that charism then please send me the link because all that's left for me to do is to ask you to admit me into that church if you're the true church he continues it behooves them therefore to be submissive and quiet and modest who mindful of their sin ought to make satisfaction to God instead of writing letters in the name of the church when they know well that it is the church to whom they write so he's speaking here obviously of uh people who have strayed from mother church and now want to claim to be the church and are writing to the church in order to say that they are the church and that the church is not the church so it's a very it's an it's an age-old problem private judgment and the hubris of claiming to have that charism of infallibility as an individual this goes right back to Satan in the garden okay you will be his Gods okay so let's resist the temptation to follow the whispering of Satan no matter how uh tempting it might be to think that we have that knowledge but we don't have that knowledge you've never seen the scriptures you don't know for certain what's in the scriptures in their completeness you don't know which editions and omissions and errors are in your translation which is a translation of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of these sketchy manuscripts okay and we don't have the autographs we have manuscripts which are copies so that's the reality it all comes down to not only the Canon of scripture where did the Canon come from it came from the authority of the church the church gave you the Canon the church gave you the mystical Bible and the church also gives you the imperfect Bible militant or these imperfect specimen that we have I've got a half dozen or so different versions and I've had many more over the years uh so it's the church that's the source for us in this Fallen World and the church and Christ are one flesh and it's a mystical thing and if you want to be saved you have to get into the church there's no other there's no other way about it so I think I've covered everything I'm going to get back to my wife here but um there are plenty of comments and I find it I think one thing I would like to say before uh wrapping this up is just how offensive I find it to mock the Blessed Virgin Mary and her virginity and to because in doing so you're mocking Jesus Christ and the Dignity of Christ it's it's a well-established fact that if you're wrong about your mariology you're also wrong about your christology it's just inevitable it's a logical consequence so when you beg me for scriptural passages that will support this Dogma because you can't see it in your imperfect Bible I'm not saying that the Bibles we have are very imperfect I'm not saying that God forbid because the Council of Trent did say that it's safe to read the Latin Vulgate the Latin Vulgate will not lead us astray in matters of faith and morals it's safe it's safe but it's not the Bible it's not the real Bible it's an approximation and it's an it's a safe approximation I would estimate and I have estimated in the past that we have more than 99.9 percent of the Bible right but that's not enough that's not enough it's it's not 100 percent so it's we can't have 100 certainty in the dogmatic teachings of mother church if they were based on something that's only 99.9 whatever certain right 99.9 certain is not enough because of the principle of proportionate causality we need the source of our dog was to be 100 absolutely 100 percent certain and God is 100 infallible and inerrant and God's word is 100 inert and infallible and we have it as Catholics we have it in our possession in a mystical way because it's up in heaven it's not here below so I'll leave it there please consider Googling what does the church teach what does the Catholic Church teach about this what about Jesus's brothers Google it find out what the church teaches okay find out what the Catholic Church teaches and if you want to come back to me and say but oh but the Catholic church is not the church that Christ instituted it's not the church that Christ built while he was on Earth if you want to say that then please for the love of God send me the link to the true church that Christ built and if it's you and you have a website with the infallible essential saving truths these dogmas listed on your website because you are the church and you in your private judgment feel that you're infallible in your judgments and your interpretation of of the scriptures which you've never seen in their complete form then send me that link otherwise Google what the church teaches find out what the Catholic Church teaches about the Perpetual virginity of Mary about the brother so-called Brothers or close relatives of Jesus go and find out it's not hard you have a computer I know you have a computer it might be in the form of a little phone but it's still a computer I know you have one because you're on Twitter so Google it or use your search engine of your choice it's not hard it doesn't take time the average search on Google for example takes less than a second to get your results okay this is not rocket science go and find out or go get a book okay we have any books these are just a few examples the faith of the early fathers three volume set by Jergens foreign fundamentals of Catholic dogma by Ludwig Arch we have the Christian faith who's this person Indian guy anyway it doesn't matter who it's by we have the sources of Catholic dogma by denzinger that's a famous One so many books go to your favorite bookstore and find out a book get yourself a bunch of books about the dogmas about the Catholic Church the history of the Saints the history of the councils the history of the papacy go and learn about if you love Christ then learn not only about the Bible learn about the history of the church that Christ found it what is the history of the church that Christ founded what is the history of your denomination if you're non-denominational go and find out the history of the non-denominational Christian communities go and find out because ignorance of all these things is ignorance of Jesus Christ and if you claim to love Christ and you want to know him and to love him and to serve him in this life so that you can be happy with him in the next life get to know him that's my Stern warning my friendly advice to friend info like so take it or leave it that's the end of the stream gotta get back to the wife now take care God bless and we'll talk soon