CVS Live - 2021-12-11 - Authority Part 3 (More Indignation)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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hello hello hello i'm back i did not expect to be back quite so soon it's not good news uh it's currently 5 20. i got home about 20 minutes ago from st joseph's oratory and it was not good it was not a good did not go the way i thought it would go so we're back to indignation i've still got my vindication so i guess i may as well just record the events while they're fresh in my mind so that i can recount them to the office of the archbishop of montreal mostly near christian le pen so basically what happened is i was all excited to go and confess my sins to a priest and to pray and to and i showed up at the front desk and they said you need a vaccine passport to enter and i said no i don't i just walked in and uh i went downstairs and the lady was following me and owning security on their walkie-talkie because i talked to yesterday i talked to the bishop's office and they said you should go and talk to a priest there don't talk to the security people talk to the priests and the administrators so that's what i did i just ignored her and i walked in i said i talked to the bishop he said i don't need a vaccine to enter the church so i walked in went downstairs and lo and behold there was uh one of my favorite priests and known for years and i go and have sit down consultations with him for hours at a time and i don't think i should name him by name just yet because his name might come up in the whole inquiry with the archbishop his behavior what he did whether it was appropriate whether it was not appropriate i don't want to name this particular priest okay out of respect for him he was an awkward he was in an awkward situation because of me so i don't want to name him publicly in connection with the incident so anyway i'm talking with the priest and the woman with the walkie-talkies beside me and i said am i ever glad to see you father i've been trying to find a priest because they won't let me in because i'm not vaccinated even though i spoke with the bishop the bishop's office and with the office of the secretary of the auxiliary bishop as recently as yesterday and everyone assured me every time that i would never be refused entry to any church based on my vaccination status so the priest was okay yeah yeah yeah and then the security guard shows up and he lays his hands on me and he starts uh roughing me up well i guess it wasn't quite at that stage at that stage he was just uh talking very loudly telling me i have to leave i have to leave i have to leave you again okay you're back you're not supposed to come here you're never going to come here again you're going to be banned and he started just talking he didn't lay his hands on me yet but when we had reached the top of one landing of one staircase because the priest was on his way up to the 430 mass that was uh that i was on my way to when we reached the landing the security guard tried to insert himself between myself and the priest i was talking with the priest and he tried to insert himself using his arms as a barrier and i just kept following the priest walking through these outstretched arms and he the security guard said oh you touched me you touched me how dare you i'm good this is all in french oh you laid your hands on me no i laid my hands on you i'm walking through your arms but anyway at that point you decided to grab me and start roughing me up so we're on the escalator i'm still talking with the priest the priest at this point is just completely awkward and doesn't know what to say or do he just sort of walks up the escalator awkwardly thinking what is going on who is this lunatic that's getting jumped by our security but i just kept saying look i'm talking to the priest i know this priest i know that he's catholic i know that he'll listen to me but the priest wasn't listening to me was just trying to try to pretend like i didn't exist at that point the security guard's uh roughing me up and when we got to the top of that light of stairs or escalator uh he started manhandling me and uh by this point the priest had made his way a little bit further away and probably exited the building on his way up to the second part of up higher where they've got the uh basilica i don't know what what exactly transpired while he's roughing me up and uh telling me how much trouble i'm in for coming back and i should never have come back and blah blah blah and we've told you not to come in without a vaccine passport and you're really in for it now and all this sort of thing and uh you're leaving now and i'm like yeah i'm leaving i'm going up to the mass he's like no you're not going to the mass you're not going to mass you're never coming back here again and you better leave you're lucky i didn't charge you last time and you just leave or i'm going to call the cop like call the cops yeah call the cops by all means right is this just a repeat of the other situation i just talked to the bishop yesterday he told me i was in the right and you're in the wrong so call the cops so anyway he was hesitant to call the cops but he just kept roughing me up and telling me i shouldn't be there i'm never going to come back and blah blah and then uh he's trying he's trying to throw me out of the joint and he's so violent about it like he's got me by the scruff with the neck and wearing my uh light windbreaker at this point um because it's a rainy mild day outside here in montreal he's got me by the scrub for the neck at one point he's got me in a headlock he's ragdolling me and uh as he's ragdolling me as he's dragging me out there are all kinds of um little what do you call it like a red carpet event where you've got those poles and then the the uh material in between i figured what you call that anyway to guide people as they walk in so they can go in an orderly but efficient lineup to get into the church he smashed me through all of that he smashed me through the the little altar of hand sanitizer they got like a little podium just at the entrance way he smashed me through that that went flying there are people coming in wondering what is going on there's a guy there grab he grabbed his cell phone he starts recording it i'm like record this please and let me have a copy or put it on youtube whatever because i want to see this footage i should look it up now on youtube see if it's there i'll just look up st joseph's oratory from today's video and see what's posted i'd really like to see that and all the while i'm saying call the cop because like at this point i've been thrown outside i've been thrown on the ground and uh he's got this uh probably 170 pound you know five foot 11 30 year old security guard calls himself a catholic has his knee on my chest he's like he's all out of breath and he's he's like screaming at me and telling me what a horrible person i am for coming back into the church when he warned me last time blah blah blah and uh i'm just laughing at him and i'm talking to the people around like hey i'm catholic i'm here to praise this look pathetic does this guy look catholic to you i'm like hey keep recording this i want to see this footage and i'm just talking to people i'm laughing i'm having a good time i mean i'm kind of out of breath too because he's his his knee is on my chest right so um i'd love to see the footage of this but i'm basically saying call the cops call the cops call the cop he's like we did call the cops i'm like well let's get them here fast because this is annoying and um so anyway he let me stand up and then i don't know he went and talked to someone but there was another security guard blocking the entrance way to the sort of little tent that keeps people sheltered from the weather as they're entering the building where all those things got smashed by me and the sanitizer got smashed as he ragged old me um so there's a guard there blocking the way he's got his arms outstretched and i just did a little thing like i was pretending i'm going to go around i'm going to deke around this thing i'm going to deke around that was just joking around because i didn't take any of this seriously it's a joke excuse my language it is a joke it's a bad bad joke it's like i'm here to pray i don't need a vaccine passport to come in and pray or to talk to a priest right i don't need it i talked to the bishop yesterday he told me go and talk to a priest at the oratory explain to them that you talk to us and we're going to sort this all out don't worry about it so anyway i didn't take any of their uh security measures seriously i don't think anyone should it's a complete joke finally uh the cops show up but not before i had sort of wandered over as my security guard friend the original guy who jumped me as he sort of stayed with me in the parking lot as i went over to the upper portion where you're supposed to go in for the actual mass where the priest went right i was following the priest i would have just gone up outside and up to the basilica and i would have gone to the mass i would have gone to confession and gone to mass right because i had plenty of time at but the security guard shadowed me he stayed with me and he prevented me because there's a little walkway and it's narrow enough that if he blocks my route i can't go unless i like overpower him physically which i wasn't about to do so then i was just resorting to the little deke jokes again like oh i'm going to sneak around here and sneak around there like knowing full well it ain't going to happen but it's just making light of a really silly situation you think this is funny you think this is funny i'm like yeah it's funny because i'm twice your age and i weigh probably a good 25 pounds less than you and you got out of breath trying to wrestle me to the ground like it was a lot of effort for you i find that funny you know you're a security guard like a strapping young man tall and strong and it was all you could do to wrestle me to the ground it was pathetic i mean okay maybe you were being gentle like you're trying not to kill me or something like that i don't know but it was like it was awkward it was really awkward you know i mean i've uh i don't think i've ever been in a proper fight but i mean i think i could take this guy if i wanted to if i wanted to uh hurt this guy or incapacitate this guy i don't think i'd have any problem because he seemed like really energized but he was his energy wasn't translating into submitting me you know until he got that judo throw he got a judo throw in that put me on the ground you know but you know i wasn't in fight mode i'm just in i'm walking to my destination which is i'm walking behind the priest mode like i was just walking right i wasn't thinking oh i'm in a fight i need to fight back no i don't want to fight back because he's a security agent and i could have charges pressed against me if i fight back so i'm not fighting back right but i get the distinct impression that i could take this guy even though he's 25 pounds heavier than me anyway i found that pathetic and i was laughing at him and uh i let him know that i think it's laughable the whole situation is laughable i'm a catholic coming to pray and to avail myself of the sacraments once again same as last week and no i'm not vaccinated but i talked to the bishop again the bishop's office again yesterday okay they told me to come here and to talk to a priest that's what i did so anyway the cops showed up and the funny part about this is that way as we're waiting for the cops for what seemed like eternity was probably 10 minutes as we're waiting for the cops he's just standing there and i'm making fun of him that he's so much younger and stronger and taller than i am and uh you know he's a completely different weight class right but i mean i was just mocking him to his face because i just found it so laughable but um we're just standing there and you know a bit of banter and he's telling me i'm in such trouble and he's gonna press charges and all this sort of thing i'm just laughing i'm just like whatever buddy this is a joke you know but basically we're just standing there doing our little back and forth banter and uh people are walking by and this one family his one family came they're trying to go through this narrow walkway to go up to the basilica and uh the security guy's like oh you're here for the mass okay and he opens up his arm for them to pass through right so i just got in the back of the line with the three people the three family members oh so i'm going to go too i'm part of this family so just made little jokes like that but anyway he didn't find it very funny but then um funny part was the funniest part was when the cops actually showed up the three cop cars show up with six cops and uh he starts putting on a little show like theater so i'm just standing there by this narrow gateway that leads to the pathway or whatever it is up to the basilica and uh we're just standing there doing our banter but then when the cop cars pull into this parking lot which is right there he starts like roughing me up for no reason like just to get me to start like reacting like physically like a rag doll like it looks like okay there's some activity here this emotion i wasn't resisting i'm just being like thrown around like a rag doll but it makes it look like we're doing the dance now okay we're doing the dance something's happening oh look at the cops the cops are gonna see that something's happening here okay it's exciting so i'm like yelling out to the cops like hey guys look at this what a joke like this guy is roughing me up for no reason he wasn't roughing me up two minutes ago but when he saw you he started roughing me up so that you'd have something to look at when you got here all of this by the way is happening in french okay with my broken french and everything so the cops just come up and they they tell the guy security guard to go away there's six cops so three cops talk to him three cops talk to me okay what's the story what happened so i talked to the female cop she's very nice all the cops are nice okay that's the first thing any experience i've had with the cops in montreal any experience i've had with cops anywhere but especially in montreal i've heard a lot of bad things i've never had anything but a good experience with the cops i think they're all nice they're all patient they're all friendly they're all kind and they're all reasonable okay these were no different they're very friendly the woman the head woman that was talking to me you know she was maybe a bit condescending like uh treating me like an idiot or whatever but that's what she has to do she's dealing with a lot of idiots all day long right so she's like tell me the story what happened and i told her the story i said do you have five minutes to hear the stories a little bit involved right it goes back to about last week and my calls to the bishop and all the stuff i went through the whole thing and what happened today and so on and so forth and she's like okay well what it comes down to is did the woman at front desk say that you need a vaccine passport to go in and that you can't come in without a vaccine passport i said yes and she said but what did you do i said well i just said well that's that's not true i don't need a vaccine passport to come in here and talk to the bishop so i'm going in and i walked in she said okay that's the pertinent point that's the salient point that's the issue at hand she told you not to come in and you came in i said yeah well are you catholic yes i am okay so you understand the hierarchy in the church and then i start talking about the authority we talked about the authority of god the pope the bishops and then those that are under the bishop she said well this is uh these people aren't under the bishop here they're not the bishop has no authority here i said are you catholic yes do you understand the hierarchy of the church well you know this is bigger than the church this is the government this is we're in a pandemic this is bigger than the church this is above the bishop i'm like are you catholic do you understand the hierarchy of the church the church is not subject to civil authority right she's like well this is public uh this is uh what should i say private property or i don't know if she said public property or private property or trying to imply i said wait a minute is this does this oratory does it belong to the city or does it belong to the church and she's like what do you mean she didn't answer the question it's like well because if it belongs to the church it's the church hierarchy that will determine if i can come in and the bishop is superior to the administration here the administration here the priests are subject to the authority of the bishop she's like well i don't talk about that i don't want to talk about that no one wants to talk about authority in the church why because there's a pandemic and the civil authority is higher than the truth well it's not i'm sorry it's not to see the level of ignorance of professed catholics people who claim to be catholics but she was very very sweet very nice very friendly just misinformed about her faith right and again she said the same thing she said well you know why do you come here why don't you go somewhere else because this is the only place that's uh got this passport thing i said well because it's hard to find a confession it's hard to find a place to do confession conveniently i explained all that you know she was very nice she was very nice i thanked all the cops i said thank you very much because they actually negotiated they went in they the first thing they told me you know they took my id they asked my phone number they did all sorts of things you know to check me out and then uh they said you can't you can't go to mass today it's not gonna happen and then this is early in our conversation they said a couple of the cops one of the guys came and said uh you're not gonna be welcome back here ever again you're barred from saint joseph's orator you can never come back and then i explain more and more and more about the situation and how it's not right and this and the other thing how the bishop backed me up and one of the cops unbeknownst to me one of the cops went in one or more of the cops went in and actually found an administrator or a priest or someone and negotiated based on what i had said i guess went in and renegotiated the deal they said okay they came out and they said look we've talked to a priest i don't know which priest it was and we talked to one other person in there and you are not permanently banned you can come back not today but you can come and you can go back any time you want which is not today but you can come back as early as tomorrow on one condition i said what's the condition she said you have to be vaccinated i said well then i'm never coming back because i'm never getting vaccinated she or he said this is a guy talking to me at this point one of the male cops i said effectively i'm banned for life from coming to one of my favorite churches in montreal because i'm not going to be vaccinated i'm never going to be vaccinated for whatever this thing is called it or whatever it is never so i'm effectively banned for life and they just said sir that's up to you that's your decision you make your own decisions okay so i said but i will be back and they said no no no no no no no no don't concern don't come back don't come back don't go back i said no no i'm not going to come back without the proper pay paperwork i'm going to go to the bishop i'm going to talk to again once again to the bishop's office i'm going to get this settled it might not be soon might take a while might take years we know how slow the church moves might take years might never happen but my intention is to come back with the dually signed paper authorizing me to shocking i'll have a paper that says i can pray in church a catholic man can come into a catholic church and pray and confess his sins and go to mass wow amazing in 2021 or maybe by then it won't be 2021 it'll probably be 20 30 when i get the paper saying but even if it never happens this is the principle the principle is authority who has the authority to prevent a catholic man from entering a catholic place of worship to worship yes there are other churches i can go yes i can go find a priest and annoy him and confess my sins to him sitting in the pews as people listen on like this has happened so often i don't mind but the priest is not comfortable because i don't lower my voice i don't know how to whisper in a church right i don't know how to lower my voice and still communicate because i'm sitting in the pew surrounded by people i'm sitting there with the with the priest it doesn't seem very dignified a very dignified way to confess your sins to a priest right there's a confessional there why don't we go in the confession booth but for some reason they don't they don't they don't do that they don't have time or they're just not used to it or they didn't they think it's just there for i'm not criticizing anyone here i'm just saying that uh we live in strange times and if i had access to confession if i had easy access i wouldn't be going 45 minutes in the rain and the snow right actually i'm wearing the shirt that i got there saint joseph shirt saint joseph it's got different languages catering to all the tourists there we see the oratory i pray every day to saint andre bessette saint brother andre who built i go and i pray at his tomb i used to and it looks like i'm not i'm not going to have the privilege of doing that ever again unless i'm able to get by some miracle i'm able to get the bishop the archbishop behind me to such a degree that we can so that's uh that's how my evening went so i didn't go to confession i didn't go to mass and tomorrow the reason i was going to mass this evening is because i wanted to do my sunday obligation because tomorrow i've got my christmas tree being delivered in the morning and we're supposed to set it up and my wife doesn't want to be here alone when it gets delivered and so how am i going to fulfill my sunday obligation it's going to be it's going to be less than ideal because we had things planned we got people coming over so i don't know i don't know about that it's it's just another messed up weekend in the church it's messed up so i'll leave it at that i don't have much more to say i mean the cops were very very good they're very very friendly they're misinformed they're naive about this the pandemic obviously they're completely blind the hierarchy the ecclesiastical hierarchy versus the civil hierarchy they have no idea they know nothing about the authority in my particular case they know nothing and they care nothing they don't care they don't want to hear it okay even though these cops some of them the ones i asked all claimed to be catholic and that security guard claims to be catholic and when i complained to the cop that he's roughing me up for no reason that he's 12 you know i'm twice his age and he weighs a good she just said well he's doing his job he's uh protecting the church she's like did you touch the priest were you aggressive to the priest i'm like no i know this guy why would i be aggressive with the priest i said on the contrary i'm i sought refuge i was seeking refuge from the priest finally i was allowed to find a priest because last week i told the cop last week this is what i'm explaining to the cop today last week i came and i said look on what authority are you keeping me from going in and praying and doing the sacraments and the security guard said on this authority given to me by saint joseph's oratory and i said well let's talk to a priest about that because i'm pretty sure that the priest understands the hierarchy of the catholic church that he is underneath the bishop not above the bishop let's talk to a priest no no no no we're not going to bother the priests we're not going to bother priests just leave just leave or call the cops that was last week so i explained this to the cop and uh it's in one ear out the other they don't care they the only thing they care about is look this is the rule here there's a pandemic sir it's bigger than the church is bigger than the it's it's above the hierarchy of the church this is pandemic it's the government it's all the whole world you know it's so big they just don't get it they just are in a different world completely different world so i like these people i love these but it is laughable it's a joke it's a and i have to have patience and i have to be tolerant because it doesn't look like they're so my next step is to talk once again to the bishop's office and see if i can escalate my dossier i'm gonna end this video i'm gonna uh go hang out with my wife we got some christmas decorations to put up and stuff like that and uh chillax and have a good evening i'm a little bit scraped up i got a broken fingernail from the scuffle and but surprisingly i mean i've got to pull the groin muscle too because he really yanked me around my legs were flailing as he threw me onto the concrete but i'm actually quite surprised uh how durable i am like it's one of the advantages of being a little scottish guy i guess it's like i can take a really take a beating you know the guy had me in a headlock it really was it was i i have to admit it was a lot of fun it was fun you know i think guys like to wrestle and there's a reason why guys like to wrestle it's fun i only wish i really only wish that i could fight back that would have been fun to see what i could do i mean like i got some moves you know i've been watching ufc since the 90s i got all kinds of favorite moves i'd love to try you know and obviously i've got the strength because this guy could barely get me out of the building much less get me on the ground it was it was quite difficult for him to get me on the ground and if i had been in fight mode i don't think he could have got me on the ground honestly i'm not boasting i'm not bragging i'm just saying that i enjoyed the physicality of it i'm just enjoying the moment that it was a little bit of exercise and it was interesting you know the the dance of it and uh there were two sets of rules he had one set of rules i had another set of rules right like he was in his mind he was justified aggressing me and in my mind i know that anything i do that's aggressive is not going to be good for me it's not going to be good for me i know that i'm not stupid even when we're outside in the parking lot i'm not going to be aggressive i know the cops are on their way right so when the cops asked me were you aggressive did you lay your hands on anybody no i did not because i'm not stupid right so anyway all's well that ends well um i am i'm also anticipating that it's not going to be much fun trying to pursue this and trying to escalate this dossier and bring it to the next level and get some kind of actionable results like ultimately what i want is a piece of paper signed by the office of the archbishop of montreal saying that i can go in even though i'm not vaccinated i don't need a passport i don't need to be vaccinated i can go into saint joseph's right not to be aggressive not to fight not to wrestle to pray to go to confession i mean the the cops were kind of uh surprised you know like why why like okay so this is about you trying to pray and go to confession and go to mass like do you go to confession a lot like like she was kind of curious like this is interesting this guy goes to confession a lot like i told her i went he's trying to go to confession last week and i'd been a couple of weeks before that and she seemed kind of like interested in that interesting because probably she hasn't been to confession in decades i don't know i'm not going to judge her but i mean based on her uh her knowledge or lack thereof of the hierarchy i don't think she's exactly on fire for the faith right she's probably culturally catholic she probably has a sincere love and respect for the church in her own way not here to put her down or judge her but she did seem a little bit curious like oh interesting so i'm also wondering about those who witnessed it like i was looking in the eyes of the different spectators i mean it's it's a it's a moment you can't help but look things are getting smashed as i'm being ragdolled and thrown out by this loud security guard right it's like kind of draws your we've got these families we've got these these people coming to church and this is what they're greeted with right like was that was any of that necessary is this necessary it is absolutely ridiculous like i mean you could have like my wife said well why didn't when you were speaking with the priest right there i mean it should have just been a dignified civilized conversation where the priest and i said to the police and i agree obviously he didn't get that uh opportunity because here came here come the security guard and it's now we're in drama mode so anyway um i did say to the female police officer that i don't find it very respectful or polite that the security guard while i'm speaking with in a priest or speaking to a priest the security guard first of all would interrupt and then start yelling and start corralling me while i'm speaking to a priest the priest is superior to the security guard in the hierarchy we owe the priest respect so the priest was cut off mid-sentence by the security guard i don't think that's right i don't think that's polite i'm not armed i'm not a threat i'm talking to a priest i know this priest i've spent hours and hours in his office talking to him about thomism moral theology because that's his expertise he used to teach that now i've pretty much given away who he is but anyway i won't say more until things are settled at the bishop's office it is a quagmire it's a nightmare and i don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill but there is that central issue of authority it's always central but especially now the civil authorities are overreaching it's a very very very dangerous time we live in for the church because of this issue of authority the civil authority overreaching and the catholic authorities cowering caving and i've been reassured by the bishops office three times now that that should not be the case that should not be the case that there is something that needs to be corrected here because that is not right it is not right so i'll keep you posted um i don't know when we'll have an update on this probably i'm not anticipating that it'll happen soon but uh if i do find the video on youtube of uh the security guard wrestling me to the ground um i'll i'm gonna put it on my website ah sorry on my youtube so you can watch that i just see here now my friend anthony i was supposed to go and see him but uh because of this kerfuffle i just came straight home and my wife doesn't want me to go anywhere she wants me to be home warm safe and dry because she loves me but uh my friend anthony just uh see him in the chat the live chat here he says it's amazing how the secular authority has absolute power over the religious authority i can't believe this isn't being fought harder yeah amen i'm right there with you brother it's sad but true i agree 100 so that's it i'll wrap up here uh thanks for listening thanks for watching and uh take care of yourselves and we will talk very soon very soon god bless

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