Catholic vs. Atheist - 2019-01-02 - Robert White (in absentia)

Author Recorded Wednesday January 2nd, 2019

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This is my first ever in absentia ersatz interview. It was inspired by its namesake, Robert White, whom I have never met in real life, as far as I know--although that would be even more hilarious. In any case, this is just a fun survey of his trite anti-Catholic comments, which he has been scattering like high-octane manure all over my YouTube channel for the past 36 hours or so. Enjoy! • Support the CVS Podcast: • Be a guest on a livestream:

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hi my name is not bobby white and you Bobby white are not listening to Catholic versus atheist yay so I'm just having a bit of fun here it's 2019 why not break in the New Year with a bit of a spoof interview this clown Robert white has been harassing me on my youtube channel which is the whole reason I made the podcast is to plumb the depths of the anti-catholic Internet and try to meet people like Bobby he's so cute I've invited him several times he just doesn't want to come on the show he thinks that it's beneath him but apparently it's not beneath him to listen to each and every one of my episodes he's been going through them he's my number one fan right now and I can honestly say that I think he is my best friend now because I've never had this many conversations choppy and erratic as they are at least he talks to but on a more serious note I've invited Bobby onto my show at least three times over the past day or two since he's been on this tear this very emotional obsessive and compulsive consumption of my podcast but I want to just take a quick look at some of his comments cuz they are quite funny so his one of his first comments on Aaron roz episode he says and I quote intelligent but delusional what a terrible curse to be able to think deeply but being a slave to and nonsense so my response to that was a little bit playful I said don't submit to me don't worship me submit to the Vicar of Christ and worship Christ easy lol to which Bobby replied you are severely delusional you should seek qualified medical attention so it seemed it would seem that he does have a certain respect for some areas of expertise and professionalism and it seems that the medical field is one that Bobbie does respect and so I I commend him for that that is a step in the right direction I hope he continues to explore his world and the world of authority that there are legitimate authorities people with expertise and with knowledge and wisdom that he can safely submit to and that he can put his belief in these people without having proven beyond a reasonable doubt that everything is as it appears to be and that it seems that there is a little kernel of faith in this man in this poor man so he's asking me to seek medical attention and I said thanks Bob your heartfelt concern is duly noted I think that his mock concern is masking the seeds at least of a genuine concern buried deep within that dark heart of his so another comment that he left on that same video with Aaron raw he says and I quote the only all cups the only thing that you're right about is that you are a nobody a clearly sick delusional deranged and lost individual so more of the same here I respond you have a talent for stating the obvious I'd love to interview you next email me to schedule an interview CBS broadcast at this is standard fare I always respond I always make a point to be meek meaning that I accept insults I don't care what the insult is I'll accept it true or false doesn't matter I'm capable of worse than anything you can imagine you can pile on every colony and I'll accept it because I know that I'm capable of much worse and so I'm happy to be humbled by the humiliation of being denigrated with true insults false insults I'll take them all okay I don't have the time or the inclination now to sort them out into a hierarchy in which are the most true and relevant insults I'll leave it to the imagination of the listener but I won't deny that I'm sick delusional deranged and lost those I own that's why I am desperate for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and if you Bobby are not desperate if you're not lost if you're not sick if you're not delusional if you're not deranged it looks like you are a winner right and I am a loser so good luck with that so in response to my invitation to be interviewed Bobby says I wouldn't piss on you if you're on fire you are so clearly delusional and wilfully warped and you're thinking it would be the worst waste of my time possible and I respond the Saints deign to enlightened me but you won't that's why I'm sticking with the Saints lol so much for Aaron Roz episode now from here Bobby hopped over to Cal versus atheist Graham Hoppy's episode and he says and I quote demonstrate the supernatural waiting waiting so he's waiting for me to demonstrate the supernatural to which I replied quite simply that every act of the free will is a clear demonstration of the supernatural this is self-evident now Bobby has two courses he can take here one is to posit that his axioms are superior to my axioms he's free to do that of course or he could deny that every worldview rests on axiomatic assumptions which are themselves not subject to critique from within the system he's free to do that too that would be fun to watch but he didn't take the bait he hasn't responded at all to my response to his comment so we'll leave that there another thread that he started on appease episode goes as follows he no one cares what you or anyone else quote unquote believes people can quote/unquote believe every manner of stupid making all quote-unquote beliefs equal your problem is your hang-up with being a quote-unquote issed of one stripe or another so Bobby seems to want to reject any word that ends with hist or ISM I'm not sure how far he takes that a lot of people that argue philosophy resort to stripping words from the English dictionary it's a really impoverished form of attack where you just outlaw words Nietzsche said we will not have killed God until we have killed grammar and I think that's the tactic that a lot of atheists used don't use this word don't use that word okay well we'll just use the words that you want to use and we'll see how far that takes us I can avoid words that end with ism I can debate with you in iambic pentameter if that's the rule that you want to make arbitrarily we can do whatever you want right the point is the truth is a truth it doesn't matter what arbitrary rules of engagement you set up Bobby so in response to this outrage against the word belief I said quite simply in my reply is that what you believe Bob basically implying that he too has beliefs shocking revelation so Bob replied right away I don't quote-unquote believe anything quote unquote belief is the most delusional position one can take anything can be quote unquote believed and is exclamation point do you quote unquote believe in Pixies and unicorns why not so I replied belief means that you accept something is true without proof so this means that every truth you accept is proven right lol so I'm laughing out loud because he's being ridiculous by asserting that he never believes anything without proof that is ridiculous I'd love to discuss that with him and have him enumerate for me the very very short list of things that he accepts us because he has proven them it is patently absurd to accept only those truths that you have proven so what did little Bobby say in reply to that which is absolutely delusional I only accept things provisionally with degrees of certainty based on evidence that's what rational people do delusional people the religious in particular simply wish think groupthink don't think can't think or choose not to think I equal unquote belief people quote/unquote believe in the Loch Ness monster alien abduction homeopathy Jesus Odin Zeus demons Elvis still living astrology voodoo etc all without and in spite of contrary evidence this is why you are sick you have a pathology that compels you to quote/unquote believe things and ancient books and dead lunatics and the Pope who knows what ails you but you should seriously consider professional help the true horror of religion that people by the billions can believe what only lunatics can believe on their own that's a quote by Sam Harris and he adds another comment beneath that you clearly don't know what quote unquote proof means either quote unquote proof is only applicable in mathematics logic and by definition we do not arrive at quote unquote truth via proofs as there is no absolute quote unquote truth outside of the three things mentioned above rational people not you or yours accept propositions two degrees of certainty based upon the strength of evidence but only provisionally and are open to new evidence that would change their outlook irrational people like you and yours cannot evaluate no information as you are Wed to and imprisoned by the dogma of your vile and wicked cult of pedophiles and Liars to children you might as well profess to being a Nazi don't forget your Colts role in all of that while you're at it so I didn't respond to most of the accusations but what I did say is the problem of induction leaves you drifting and uncertainty because you refuse to deduce God's eternal goodness and sovereignty if you are unwilling to see then it is absurd for you to attempt to blame me or my God for making you blind leave behind your childish love of sin I won't go into detail and admit that you are not the source of your own existence then your eyes will be opened and you'll be able to enjoy everything including suffering death humiliation and Bobby white so that last part about being able to enjoy even Bobby White this is a little hint that maybe there's some self-loathing behind his hatred of God because as Thomas Merton famously said we are not at peace with our neighbor because we are not at peace with ourselves and we are not at peace with ourselves because we are not at peace with God this is classic atheist psychology 101 and I'm giving Bobby a little hint here that he should look in the mirror first and foremost and figure out where his anger comes from so anyway he didn't respond to that one so let's move on to the next thread that he started he says ask yourself this you delusional twit if you found out tomorrow with complete certainty that you're invisible undetectable quote-unquote and God small G thing didn't exist would you rush out into the street raping and murdering you're a very confused messed up dude I responded you and I disagree about ultimate reality but we both inhabit ultimate reality that's why there's so little difference in behavior between us any other questions lol this is a devastating reality check look how many realities are there do you live in one reality and I live in another is that what you believe or do you acknowledge like a sane person that we both inhabit the same reality either it's all a deterministic machine as you must believe if you don't believe in the supernatural or there's a god and there's freedom there's a responsibility there's love there's a religion there's faith there's morality there's heaven there's Hell either we're both in your world the hellish nightmare of determinism or were both in my world the wonderful world but the dangerous world where there's a God it's not like you're determined and I'm not either we're both determined or were both free there's one reality Bobby he chose not to respond to that comment now Bobby moves over to Matt Dillahunty 'he's episode on catholic versus atheist again he seems to like these atheist ones he says and I quote what a confused arrogant smug little delusional you are excuse my language but that's what he said to which I responded are you referring to me or to my guests because I wasn't actually sure what he meant there he replied actually both of you fit this description and then I said is there anyone that you would be willing to say does not fit that description he didn't respond to that he started a new thread quote-unquote gods do not have quote unquote once which I responded God has a will God has good will what about you do you have a will is your will free do you freely and rationally choose to have good will Bobby goes on to start another thread instead of responding to my comment you clearly must quote unquote believe in alien abductions to write so many eyewitnesses and living people you can hear quote unquote testimony from must be true someone wrote it someone claimed it I believe lots of exclamation points here the hallmark of good writing so iris I'm reading your writings without being sucked in I read Scientology pamphlets without getting brainwashed I read said of accantus propaganda without acquiescing to their lives but when I read the Saints I freely and rationally choose to believe what about you so again I'm just gently prodding him and probing him and reminding him that we all read stuff he's written stuff and I've read it I've written stuff and he's read it we submit not to everything we submit selectively according to our free use of Reason we are made in the image and likeness of God that's what it means Bobby is exercising his free will when he chooses what he's going to read and submit to and I do the same we're in the same boat the difference is the ultimate outcome I am freely and rationally choosing to strive for heaven I'm not convinced that Robert white even believes in the devil or in hell and so he's in great danger according to my worldview according to his worldview perhaps there is no danger god only knows what little Bobby thinks if he had agreed to come on the show perhaps we could have asked him from here little Bobby wandered over to the first non atheist episode he went over to Catholic versus other diabolically informative why he chose that I have no idea his first thread that he starts is as follows no quote-unquote waves and quote-unquote numbers are not real only objects exist numbers and waves are descriptive not prescriptive they are human explanations for things that do exist - oranges - doesn't quote-unquote exist the oranges do quote-unquote exist - oranges is a description of there being more than a single orange etc and I reply it waves and numbers are real greater than is real triangles are real justice is real your soul is real God is supremely real if you disagree then I love to hear your reasoning because reason is real - so my point here is that little Bobby must concede that there are intangible realities he must concede that now does he want to ground all of that in a material mechanistic deterministic world probably because otherwise he would need to admit that he's responsible for the choices he makes and what would that mean anyway he didn't respond he went on to it make a new threat own diabolically informative lol exclamation point quote unquote a quote unquote theists do not have all caps any positions it is nothing but all caps non belief in invisible undetectable quote unquote guards what pseudo intellectual diarrhea and my reply the problem with you is not the ego too far but that you don't go far enough if you want to be taken seriously then you must follow the implications of your worldview to their logical conclusions until then you're making much ado about nothing so here I'm trying to remind Bobby that his assumptions about ultimate reality are absurd and he can be complacent so long as he doesn't examine them but if he were to examine his atheism and the illogical implications of his atheism he would end up abandoning his atheism as all rational people must do but that's just a little gold food for thought he can chew on that he didn't respond from there he hopped over to Lucy's episode again on Catholic versus atheist and he says quote unquote cause is not a noun stupid it's a verb object interacting with other objects quote unquote cause something there is no such quote-unquote thing has a quote unquote cause quote unquote noun quote unquote thing you have no point you only have make-believe nonsense you make up and I respond are you trying to kill grammar Nietzsche would be proud of you lol my point being of course that there is a noun form of the word cause just look in the dictionary this is not rocket science and again this theme that I see among rabid anti-catholic atheists is that they want to remove words from the dictionary they're free to do that you're free to chop up the Bible chop up the dictionary chop up your recipe book chop up any publication you want go for it but is it helping you to get to heaven I don't know doesn't seem to be but God does draw straight with crooked lines so little Bobby may end up in heaven and I may end up burning in hell for all eternity god help us all so he starts a new thread he doesn't respond to me he just starts a new thread as usual this thread goes on quite a bit there's a bit of back and forth on this one again we're on Lucy's episode Catholic versus atheist he says quite poetically your storybook make-believe man-made made-up quote-unquote God is not quote unquote good read your stupid book for proof of that exclamation point little Bobby's pulling out exclamation points again I respond simply I'm not a quote unquote Bible alone Christian and I do not submit to your teaching Authority I submit to the teaching authority of Christ and His Church lol to which he responds lol exclamation point so he's up the ante here calling on the authority of an army of Bronze Age Iron Age and medieval religious no nothing lunatics gives your ridiculous quote-unquote beliefs more credibility exclamation point boo ha ha ha I think that's how you pronounce it it's B Hwa exclamation point at which I respond oh yes the classic it is old therefore it is stupid argument you finally cornered me intellectually ha ha ha so more trite and silly nonsense me and he responds in kind your non-argument I don't just quote believe the stupid book I also quote believe the ancient ignorant proponents of the stupid book invoke so i say thanks for putting me in my place your love of truth is very touching to achieve light your quote unquote place should be a psychiatric hospital I have yet to find anyone more willfully delusional who makes so many baseless claims and assertions who is such a slave to some other stupid humans claims and assertions as you I think Bobby has just given the world of theater a new vocal warmup training sentence that was quite a mouthful so in order to debunk the myth that I have put weight on to my own claims and assertions I make this reply I am NOT attached to my claims and assertions feel free to dismiss them or dismantle them who cares I am very much attached to the claims and assertions of Christ and His Church however so if you have anything to say about them I would love to hear your best arguments please consider being my next guest so here I took this opportunity to slip in another invitation knowing of course that the odds were slim that he would actually agree to come on the show so his reply which is entirely all caps insane given that there is all caps no actual evidence that any quote unquote Christ ever existed it's entirely hearsay at best and most likely a make-believe story further even if some individual quote unquote Christ existed there is all caps no evidence whatsoever that any of the quote unquote claims ascribe to him are true let alone the nonsensical impossible gibberish put forward in the rest of your absurd Bronze Age book exclamation point you are quote unquote wish thinking and playing infantile make-believe the entire narrative you and your stupid religious cult put forward is absurd it makes your invisible undetectable quote-unquote lowercase God a cheap capricious tinkerer nothing you quote unquote claim makes any sense even in light of your own twisted version of things quote unquote original sin quote unquote the fall quote unquote heaven quote unquote angels called unquote Saints quote unquote hell etc etc etc total for the most fearful credulous gullible and stupid sheep I thought that he was in the middle of his sentence so I said your emotional rant ended abruptly are you ok Bob because he forgot to put his exclamation point or any punctuation on the end of his last sentence I thought he had interrupted or something happened to him so he goes on to another atheist episode that with David R and this is an older episode he says proudly another ass-kicking you're like a dog to his own vomit I replied thanks for yet another colorful comment you are that elusive type that has much to say in the comment section but denies having anything to say when I explicitly invite them on my show this is why I am so astonished that Matt Dillahunty allowed me to publish his episode on my podcast and why I shamelessly heaped praise and admiration on Aaron Raw for deigning to come on my show because it is extremely rare that less well-known but equally rabid anti Catholics have the temerity to openly display their hostility toward their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as I said in reply to one of your comments somewhere on my channel your problem is not that you go too far with your absurd worldview but that you don't go nearly far enough gather some courage roll up your sleeves and push forward friend you'll never get anywhere if you're content with your comfortable niche halfway up the stony mountain advance or retreat but don't stand still that's my advice take it or leave it anyway Bob I'm inviting you for the last time to be my next guest accommodate whatever fancy rules of engagement you like do you want to have the first and last word I'll grant you that do you want to lead the discussion sure no problem or perhaps you would have me muzzled completely so that nothing stands between you and your proud proclamation of the truth as you see it no problem just let me know what you want but he chose not to respond from there he went over to Steve McRae's interview on Catholic versus other the crimes of the Catholic Church are inseparable from the Catholic religion Steve so he's speaking directly to my guest Steve so I do the same Bobby thinks the disgusting bathwater is part of the babies anatomy so my point being that little Bobby is unable and/or unwilling to make that whole important distinction between the disgusting bathwater and the precious baby that is very very dangerous to say the least in any context and especially in the context of true religion so he ignored that he went on to make another thread on the same Steve McCray episode he says I highly doubt you ever have a moment of quote-unquote fun your life is completely occupied with maintaining guilt and shame while you grovel to your invisible undetectable deity begging for a reward and an invisible undetectable eternal place where you'll spend an infinite amount of time doing what again it must suck to be you so I think little Bobby has lifted the rock here and we're catching a glimpse of some deep psychological issues seems to be some trauma here connected with little Bobby and his experience with religion I wish him well I wish him the best and my comment was what whoa Widow Bobby angry seems like Bobby's deeply wounded with religion and there are things we all need to work on that stemmed back to early trauma so I don't make light of that I'm a big fan of baby talk I use it often and I hope it helped my BFF Bobby one more little thread that he start he didn't respond to that obviously but he went on to make another thread on steep McRae's video you might pass on to stupid goofy Steve that there's no such word as looking at which I responded ok Bobby from here there's only one more episode that he commented on it's catholic versus catholic episode with Paul Keough and he comments quite simply dumb and dumber I think this is his most clever comment to date but I wanted to remind him to be gentle so I said be gentle Bobby he didn't respond to that he just goes on to start a new thread on Paul Kiyo's Catholic versus Catholic your stupid book quote i form the light and create darkness i make peace and create evil I the LORD do all these things end quote that's from the Bible and then mr. white goes on to say oh let me guess the quote-unquote devil put the fossils this douche is more crazy and irrational than you are so this is officially the sweetest thing that Bobby has ever said to me I was very touched so I respond you are free to interpret the Bible as you please and I am free to reject your silly interpretations so I love stating the obvious it's one of my favorite things to do and he didn't respond because he can't respond there's nothing to say to that I just got in my wall and recording this I just got his final comment to date which is on Graham appease Catholic versus atheist episode he says demonstrate that any quote-unquote God past or present ever existed / exists you fail miserably with the very first premise I've listened to all your ridiculous youtubes and enjoyed seeing you get your ass handed to you in every one rational people embrace uncertainty while delusional children play make-believe so in reply to this devastating argument well it's not that it's not actually about devastating she didn't even use one exclamation point this time but it seems like a pretty good argument basically I'm dumb and he's smart hmm so I'm going to type my reply here live and let's see what can I say here thanks for listening I really appreciate your loyal patronage your colorful and entertaining comments are always welcome here little Bobby I am recording myself as I write this so when you listen to path lick versus atheist 20 1901 o - which is January 2nd 2019 today Robert white that's the title of the episode parentheses in sentía you will hear my key or clattering in back ground LOL and joy exclamation point woo i'm hitting reply that sent so i guess i should wrap this up so i can publish this because i'm I don't to leave my little friend Bobby hanging he wants to hear it I'm sure he's excited people like this are silly they're cute God loves them Christ died for them I don't feel superior to them excuse me strike that I do feel superior to them into every other creature but I am forbidden to trust these feelings that I have which are satanic which tell me that I am superior to stupid little Bobby white and people like him and everyone else I feel superior to Jesus Christ but I'm not allowed to listen to those feelings right so because I submit to Jesus Christ and His Church I disregard and renounce the feeling of superiority that Wells up in my chest every time I think about what a genius I am and I tried to humble myself so I don't think that I am superior to another human being because I'm forbidden to think that I'm superior to any other human being I have to lower myself Jesus Christ must increase and I must decrease now it would be foolish for me to deny that I'm a smug arrogant obnoxious and ill-mannered egomaniac that would be to deny reality but I can't hook my wagon to that star because that star is plummeting like Satan himself from the heights of arrogance and pride so I don't want to join Satan and the Fallen Angels I'd rather humble myself and just admit that I'm nothing God is everything and that little Bobby White is a beloved creature of God just like me I'm no better than he is even though I feel that I am far superior to him intellectually I'm better-looking than him my body odor is more pleasant than his and all the rest I don't submit to those feelings I dismissed those feelings i banished those feelings I strive with God's help to avoid every occasion of sin including the temptation to ride that emotional wave that Wells up in all of us I don't think I'm alone in this I think it's unusual to openly admit as I do that you're in love with yourself Robert White would never admit that I don't think that's another way where I feel superior to Robert white but again that feeling is just a feeling I'm forbidden to nurture and to feed that monster I've got to go with the truth the rational sane reality that I am nothing and that God is everything and that my brother little Bobby white is more deserving than I am of God's love so this has been a little slice of life there's no rhyme or reason to this episode it's just a little slice of life it's a little peekaboo look into the underbelly of the internet what kinds of people are floating around out there what kind of cowards taking potshots from the shadows it's just a little glimpse into the dark shadowy corners and there really is not a lot to be gained here the overall message the central message of this episode this silly and ridiculous episode of Catholic versus atheist in absentia is humility we need to humble ourselves we need to submit to reality as it is not as we wish it were I'm sure Bobby White wishes that reality would conform to his desires but that's not how it works my selfish desires are even more infantile and juvenile than his I know that so I thank God that I'm not promoting my own agenda and that I am by God's grace freely and rationally choosing to proclaim the good news the good news that Christ is Lord that he's the second person of the Holy Trinity that he incarnated he founded the Holy Roman Catholic Church instituted all seven sacraments has given the keys of the kingdom the ability to bind in loose on earth and in heaven he's given these keys to Robert White oh no excuse me he's given these keys to Saint Peter and the successors of st. Peter the Pope's and the current Pope if you hadn't noticed is Pope Francis so please submit while you still have time get into the ark you don't know how much time you have left it's fun poking fun it's fun putting down our neighbor it's fun mocking and ridiculing religion it's a lot of fun I'm having fun engaging in it with little Bobby today but there is important work to be done and that work involves submission docile obedient submission to Noah to st. Peter to Pope Francis and ultimately to get into that arc so that you can be with Jesus Christ forever we have to know God to love God and to serve God in this world so that we can be happy with him forever in the next world that's it thanks for listening thanks little Bobby for all the fun banter take care we'll talk soon god bless