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Author Streamed Saturday May 7th, 2022

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After years of procrastination I have finally developed a simple but useful website for the podcast. In this episode I just walk you through some of the features of the site: cvs-podcast.comI then go on a show-and-tell spree sharing my music, because word-searches inspired me to possibly make more music in the future using samples gleaned from the Searchable Transcripts Database on my new website. Fun times ahead. I end with a plea for more guests, especially non-Catholic Christians who build their faith on a book that no-one has ever seen. God is good. God alone.

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Under Construction

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all right i am live i'm here to show off my new website that i've been working on very part-time procrastinating a lot for years i kept saying i'm going to make a website i used to have a crappy wordpress website but i decided to build my own i for 15 i bought a little template that would uh allow me to do some responsive video format layout and it's nothing fancy but i'm going to walk you through it so you can see what i've done and how to use it how to get the most out of it how to have some fun with it and of course i'm going to talk about the cvs all-stars yes so let's jump right into the website here this is the uh landing page i just put myself picture and picture here so i could talk you through it so i've got uh on the landing page we've got just uh this little slider that's talking about the podcast itself the cbs podcast began with the first interfaith dialogue between oops sorry it keeps advancing the first interfaith dialogue interview which was recorded on july 30th 2016 behind the beautiful beautiful urban monastery of the fraternity monastic de jerusalem in montreal cvs is short for catholic verses because the initial inspiration was to compare and contrast catholicism with other worldviews and we have the disclaimer page to air as human to forgive divine i love correction so if ever i contradict christ or his mystical body the holy roman catholic church on matters of faith and morals i will recant and repent in docile and submissive obedience so help me god and that's as much true today as it was when i wrote it back in 2016. and i have a little tab here on the church christ and the church are one flesh it is a deep mystery the church is the bride of christ and is the mystical body of christ christ died for the church christ has not left us orphans the holy spirit leads the church into all truth the church has three attributes infallibility indefectibility and authority the church can be identified by four marks it is one holy catholic and apostolic and then just a little blurb about me my name is david i'm the creator and host of cvs i converted from atheism to roman catholicism in 2009 so still just looking at this opening top part of the landing page up in the top left i have catholic verses you can become a patron by clicking on this takes you to patreon uh i've got transcripts of my episodes but bear in mind that these are faulty flawed computer generated artificial intelligence generated auto-generated transcripts so they're full of errors funny errors at times and then i have the database i'll go through this afterwards i've got a little search thing here you can search i've got it set up so that it's i i had different ideas about how i was going to do the searching but i decided finally to just search through the um search through the transcripts themselves because everything that's in the title and description usually appears in the transcript themselves i've got a little chat here live chat from joe hey joe how's it going what's up david he says do you watch or listen to catholic answers live radio yes i did when i was an early convert i enjoyed that i wasn't obsessed with it but i did check it out a couple of times catholic answers i do use the catholic answers website less and less i have to admit i'm doing less and less rabid debating with the uh with the uh atheists but yeah i used to listen to catholic cancers live radio i used to do a bit of research on their website and uh they actually have the catholic encyclopedia on their web on their website you can check that out uh joe asks how's it going with getting for us zahabi or george st pierre no response as predicted no response so joe you can keep chatting to me i'm going to get back to uh walking through the my exciting new website so i'm going to take you down now and just show you the categories section got uh cvs live live guest meta verses and verses with an e that's for the bible stuff i didn't get too deep into that just because it's a very foreboding task but if we go uh into browse any one of these categories there are five five overreaching categories you can see the actual long list of episodes that belong to that broad category and you can see the different in this one you can see the different colored backgrounds that represent those different related subcategories and if you want to just see what those subcategories are you can click on the related tab so i've got my little series on authority i've got early episodes where i talk about the uh um i was experimenting with a lot of stuff but mainly i ended up doing the uh highlights from my reading of the documents of vatican ii um i've got fundamentals for arts fundamentals i do want to continue with that i probably will continue also with the um [Music] the early subcategory because i want to keep reading the highlights from vatican ii but the fundamentals one for sure i have to finish that all its fundamentals of catholic dogma then you've got lefebvre i'm not going to continue with that just because like i don't care about the s spx or whatever it's called just don't care i'll i'll debate or discuss it with anyone that wants to but uh not that interested then i've got my rants subcategory where just do things like what i'm doing now just blob chat about whatever's on my mind and the refutations where i talked about those 500 so-called arguments against christianity and uh you can check out those then i have a little about tab which just talks about what each of these categories is all about so it's the same thing here with the live guests it's fun i like having it done like this ooh spoiler alert i like having it done like this because it helps me find stuff and it helps me to create sort of like playlists i've got only two related subcategories of the live guest segment which is groups and solo solo being one person groups being more than one person so a solo interview with myself and the guest a group would be myself and two guests so it has its own little about blurb you can read that at your own leisure if you want here in the meta got all those episodes including the rosary series that's one of the subcategories you can see about the just the regular meta rants and the rosary series and of course the little about tab for the verses this one's quite a famous one got lots of videos here you can see all the atheists there and then the catholics and jews these are the related subcategories atheist buddhist catholic hindu jew muslim other protestant and seek and again the about you can read that at your leisure if you're interested and then catholic verses with an e like verses of the bible chapter inverse i only ever got no i didn't get too deep into genesis before i realized it's an overwhelming task i may do little things here and there not planning on it but it it could happen potentially for the related just as placeholders i thought it was cute to have all the books of the catholic bible there so as usual the little about tab so that's that now for the exciting all-star guests ooh this is fun i had a lot of fun doing this this was what i did last week i just decided it was a little value added to honor my uh my return guests and i'm going to start bugging people based on their ranking like hey let's nudge you up uh from tin to bronze bronze to silver silver to gold and gold to platinum platinums the top tier and you can see my friend my brother matthew murdock has the top spot and he will continue to hold that top spot for the foreseeable future because i've got a bunch of archives that i'm dipping into now i'm just gonna start to dip into them just last night for example i added retroactively backwards in time this one matthew versus brenda that was from back in august 2019 so i'm gonna start dipping in and adding slowly slowly adding some more matthew murdock as time goes by and all these links are clickable you can click on them i'll show you that afterwards but you just want to browse through and see who we've got here so this is a bit of a simplified browse because it only shows the episodes for that person and you see you've got the little count down below 12 episodes 11 episodes nine episodes seven episodes oh yeah i added this one today family there's a picture of me from uh 10 years ago you can see that how uh my hair wasn't gray so that's pretty shocking to see so i've got david and family the reason i did this is because i want to start increasing the number of uh family members that i introduce hard to get it's hard to find family members who are interested this image here of the interview uh it's from an interview that father martin did of me back in 2012 i just pulled this out of the archives today uh was it today or was it last night i think it was today published that today but because it's uh backdated to its actual record date it goes to the bottom of the pile here but uh if you haven't listened to that go ahead and listen to it and you've got my mom my dad my niece my sister linda and part two of my niece lucy so that's fun i want to see if i can add some more um do i have hold up am i able to see i thought i had something hold on a second let me see if i can find something i had a little family doodle okay that's why uh-huh now i see okay so i pulled it up now i'm going to show you the reason i'm hoping to get more family members interviewed is because look how many family members i have this is just first cousins just first cousins okay 68 of them in the outer ring there so there i am with my siblings andrea linda who agreed to be interviewed andrea will not be interviewed she will not i've asked her many times she will not faith cannot be interviewed because she's dead the doctors killed her at birth sadly because she had some health issues and uh so i've got a lot of uh cousins this outer ring here 68 first cousins and of course all these aunts and uncles and the inner ring so pretty exciting stuff lots of people to talk to there's my friend ben only four episodes but he was on recently i've known him since 1992 or 93. christopher agron we had a bit of a falling out just because i was very harsh on him i was very harsh because he was critical of pope francis and i did not abide that i just could not abide that accusing him of condoning pedophilia and stuff like that just i can't stand for that um i've got my own criticisms as you know of pope francis and the hierarchy generally with kovid the whole handling of the covet situation caving to that um and i have a beef with pope francis about evolution versus creation i think it's a tragedy that he's not pushing the traditional catholic teaching on creation i think that's pathetic but i still love him and i still submit to him with love in my heart so uh anyway christopher agron you can go ahead and listen to some of his interesting talks here uh father julio cesar gracie and christopher that's where i talk about i defend pope francis by clarifying the situation that he had brought up to me that christopher agron had brought up to me and i just totally debunked it with the help of the lawyer actually who put together that put together a huge document if you haven't seen that yet go ahead and listen to it i find it interesting you might or you might not nathan ormond as i said he uh well he on my first interview of him back in 2019 october 30th 2019 he claimed to be a christian some sort of non-catholic christian protestant of some sort and then he became atheist and he put out with a friend of his i guess or a colleague i don't know they put out 500 arguments against christianity i debunked all 500 plus you can go ahead and listen to that if you have the patience it's just a lot of repetition there's my friend nicola krisink trying to get this guy on a group chat with uh some of the other all-stars because i got my inner circle of friends guests who become friends a lot of correspondents and nick is a good friend so uh gotta get him on the group check so what we want to get listening brothers mr murdock and a few other people together to chat hopefully we can make that happen this weekend like tomorrow or something maybe later tonight we'll see it's like herding cats trying to get everyone together but alex randall that's the young kid who went head-to-head with alex i started with kieran when kieran had covered oh my god kieran was sweating like a pig and he was just so sick oh oh i felt so bad but he did it he just pushed through i mean karen is so tough interesting interesting young man alex randle don't agree with his worldview obviously speaking of interesting atheists here is er and raw one of my favorite guests of all time what a sweetheart he's a he's a warm and lovable guy despite his gruff exterior real sweetheart these are uh my most popular and among my most popular aaron ross first interview is my most popular video by far if you haven't heard it go and check it out it is hilarious one of my other guests and a friend said he has never laughed so hard at any podcast and he's listened to i don't know how many hundreds of hours of podcast he said he's never laughed so hard as he did during a particular moment of aaron ross interview his first interview so you can check that out there's brenda vanassen now this is a good point actually to mention something very very very important okay if we go right back to the beginning here you can see i've got my platinum my gold my silver stars and all that sort of thing that's one thing i've got the profile pictures of all these characters these guys these guests it's mostly men i don't know why i should get more women i should start getting more women but um [Music] the feature i want you to notice is the green background that's sort of the default background these are for people that have been on my live stream so they've been on a live video stream so what are the other colors well i have never been interviewed by someone on my live stream so i just put a purple background um because it was a pre-recorded episode okay same thing with christopher agron he was never on my live stream i wish he would come and talk to me he never responds to my emails but he was only on pre-recorded show so i put him on a purple background so we got green and purple what about this blue well the blue is very interesting the blue is for people who were on a pre-recorded show or a live stream but with the proviso that i didn't show the real face so they use an avatar they use a book cover uh alex randall as you can see here used the origin of species by darwin as his stupid image i'm saying stupid because darwin is stupid not because alex randall is stupid so i wanted to have a face so i put a computer generated a i generated fake face a composite face this does not correspond with a real human being any likeness or resemblance to a living person is purely coincidental okay so guns don't kill people people kill people right and ai doesn't kill people people kill people people kill people with guns and people kill people with ai so all i'm saying is i don't mind using ai technology as i said to ben robbins in our most recent interview so alex randall didn't want me to show his face so i just put this you know i try to roughly do okay male i do male younger i do younger older i do older brenda venasana is in his 60s or whatever so i used a setting because you can you can play with the settings i should show you actually i wonder if i could uh pull up the software i should do that right now let me do that for you i again have to mess about here where would it be where would it be oh here it is yes look at this hey that's the exact face i used for uh buddy because that's when i bookmarked it i booked i should have bookmarked it on everyone because then you can tweak it you can play with it see i can i can adjust the uh head tilt age i can make them surprised and then i can update it i can give them different hair color let's see what should i do should i give him blonde hair and then i can update it oh he's surprised some of these are really silly sad you won't see much sadness i don't think in his eyes he that does not look like sadness to me angry uh no that's not i'm sorry that's not angry right that's like hey so let's turn it into a female and do top down look okay we'll do head down we'll do a frightened face we'll give her some nice dark skin dark hair and long hair and sunglasses boom yeah baby don't talk about so uh yeah interesting piece of software you can uh play with this let's see if i can find z-link what is the link on this generated dot photos that's the url so you can check that out yeah so it's an interesting idea just using the artificial intelligence as a placeholder at least until people decide okay well i can send you a proper photo because i don't like having like brenda if you're watching this i don't know why you would be but if you're watching this or you stumble upon this or alex or anyone else that has an ai image if you don't like it just uh send me a shot of either one of two people yourself at any age in any you know as long as i can see your eyes and uh eyes oh eyes nose and mouth and preferably your whole face send me a picture of yourself a headshot high quality and i'll use that instead or uh non-existent person but it has to look realistic like these artificially intelligent ai fake faces because i don't want a cartoon i don't want any dolls i want to look like a human there's my friend friend pie chris i should have him back on he's been around for a while 2017 is my first interview with him stephen heiner he's toying with the idea of coming back for a fourth episode with me i like this guy's my favorite probably my favorite set of vacantest of all time smart guy just very nice he's very kind lives in paris france so the time zone thing's real real problem he's busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy lots of stuff going on with that guy their child if you haven't listened to these yet go ahead uh i'm just joking when i say this but take some acid and then put this on and see what happens now i'm just joking you should never take acid but i've never taken acid by the way but i'm just saying it's a trip it's a real trip listening to this woman and she didn't want me to use her photo as far as i can remember she didn't give me one anyway she's hard to communicate with but i thought this was an interesting uh image that was generated by the ai i actually really like it i find it touching i like i see a lot of beauty in that woman's face even though she doesn't exist only two episodes one of which is just a little blurb pushing his other interviews on the masses they can go and check out his story tough tough guy fighting hard for jesus christ in his church benjamin bisconner i think i think i think i talked to this guy recently again he was on in 2021 uh he he occasionally reaches out to me really nice guy real sweetheart bill what caught he's always in trouble troublemaker bill what cut uh you know he sometimes you win some you lose some you know with these battles with the government and the court cases and all this sort of nonsense with the so-called gay pride parade infiltration and all that sort of stuff he's he's quite a character i wish him well and we communicate uh sporadically by email [Music] good christian man with a lot of guts hey my friend carl olhoff yeah he's been on twice sharp sharp young guy and uh he promised me he'd come back mid-may or end of may so we're there now i mean it's uh beginning of may now hugh owen one of my favorite guests of all time he is uh an eastern catholic of some right byzantine or whatever i don't know eastern right catholic he may be one of the few living saints that i've had the privilege to meet i don't know god only knows but he seems like a very holy and saintly patient kind generous thoughtful intelligent loving man the big family wow i mean i should be ashamed just comparing myself with this uh just walking the earth the same earth with this man because he's uh he's uh he's walking the walk amazing and he's he's uh you know he's doing what i want pope francis to do which is emphasizing the traditional teaching on creation jeremy best i did reach out to jeremy best again recently he hasn't responded he's a feisty little guy very fun guy to chat with about the the church what is the church where is the church and what is the bible where is the bible i mean it's just uh he's spunky he never gives me a satisfying answer because there is no satisfying non-catholic answer to my questions but it's fun chatting with him hopefully he'll come on again he he did actually he this is one of those cases where he did send me a photo of himself i just can't find it i have an inverted one that's colorized as desaturated mono chrome and it just doesn't look good so i wanted a realistic thing so just as a placeholder i put this one but i'll send jeremy best another email saying hey give me uh [Music] give me a nice headshot please so i can replace this placeholder joel pearson one of my favorite atheists real sweetheart nice guy he's got some edge too but he's he's nice right he can be cutting but he's nice just like our own raw well there's the big differences in personality but they're both uh edgy but nice john c i did two interviews of this guy i'll have to go back and listen to that i can't remember exactly what it's all about but i seem to remember he had a lot of personality too speaking of personality wow kent hovind wow what a guy i love my interview that i did with him and i love the responses that i gave i went through and i sort of picked apart some of his silly protestant ideas and propaganda kevin mark this is the actually the here he was anyway before he moved to the u.s he was the head of the canadian branch or whatever you want to call it of the colby center at the colby center of course being that creationist body bounded by created by headed up by hugh owen so that's how i met kevin mark or was it the other way around i don't know but anyway um only two i can't believe it's only two episodes i should have him back on he's he's yeah i don't know i think he's going to sspx church now and i said i told him why don't you just go to fssp because it's in union with rome but he seems to be straying to the right uh to the point of uh i don't think it's a good thing but you know he's got a big family beautiful big family and uh he's a serious serious man of god another one of these holy men the big family so love the guy i hope he comes back to well i don't know if he's left union with uh rome or not but start dabbling with sspx's this seems pretty dangerous to me right you've got the fssp why why you need the sspx but we could talk about that if he comes back on here is my little niece i can't remember if she forbade me to use her proper image or if i just didn't use one or if she just i don't i don't recall she must have preferred not to have her face on my podcast because i'm pretty sure i always suggested it to everyone that i interviewed back in the day giving them the option for some anonymity and that's what she chose but a lot of our discussions in both episodes center on evolution and evolution is stuff and nonsense here's the uncle mark to our lisney brothers i've already interviewed him twice in 2022. quite a guy a warm heart gentle spirit a deep profound innocent simple faith and an inspiration to me and to uh all who listen to him matt dillahunty i don't know what to make of this guy i do i'm looking at his photo here i do like his face i do like this looks good his face looks friendly he also reminds me a bit of duff that uh baker on tv he does a lot of baking challenges so maybe that's why i like his face i just associate it with cake and cookies and sugar right but i have uh my calling that i did to him way back in 2017 i never get bored to listen to that by the way i keep listening to that and i keep reading the comments and then i go through the comments uh here in a little uh live stream in 2021 last summer just going through some of the funny comments on the atheist experience website max colby i should reach out to this guy too he's uh i don't know what he's up to he was a men's rights activist i think that's a bunch of nonsense but that was what he was into at one point at least um [Music] i can't remember what we talked about he's a very catholic man i'd be interested to talk to him actually about kobe because i mean he seems like he'd be pretty radical about kovid i mean if he if he just is docile and submissive and obedient to the governments of the world i'd be very surprised you know he's a is a edgy guy robbie dillon oh yeah i found this photo of him he graduated from philosophy at mcgill university here in montreal recently or whatever so i have two interviews by him interesting guy recommend you check it out very another colorful character wow i got a lot of colorful characters here here's my friend steven ray this is a fake photo because he doesn't want his real uh face used okay so he typically likes to use the the image of our lady of guadalupe that's what i chose or i think he chose it or i chose it he approved it but uh for the sake of the ulsters uh display here i just picked a nice friendly middle-aged man sweet sweet guy a very very holy catholic man good friend he's become a friend because of the the podcast that's the case with a lot of these people not all of them uh thoth harris has been a friend uh for like 30 years but very part-time friend because we uh he lives in taiwan lives in asia with his wife i don't see him never see him occasionally chitchat with him a little bit on social media whatever but i've been off social media so i i gotta get in touch with him tom jump i think everyone knows tea jump i like him i think he's funny i think he's entertaining i think he's he's sharp and bright i think he's wrong about almost everything but hey my friend tom meniere i was watching uh i i really love uh joan armatrading i was watching recently a documentary about joan armatrading if you don't know her she's like a black feminist folk slash pop slash rock singer composer songwriter producer like she's like jack of all trades when it comes to music really headstrong woman when she was younger she was very very striking and beautiful i don't like her hairdo as she got into middle age but she looks like whoopi goldberg now and whoopi goldberg's one of those women that i just can't stand um even though you know i respect her uh she's got a certain charm and elegance and uh not elegance but uh eloquence and uh just her politics drives me crazy but she's uh she's always aggravated me just something about her acting the way she acts in movies i just cannot watch whoopi goldberg but anyway joan armatrading uh she's starting to look like whoopi goldberg later in life but when she was younger she's beautiful and um not that it matters but um you know it's inner beauty that counts but um what a voice what a voice if you haven't heard the early albums of joan arma trading go check it out but i was listening to this documentary and i happened to turn the screen on to look at what i was listening to because there's some breaks in the audio i think because of copyright violations on youtube and lo and behold there's tom meniere in this joan armatrading documentary from 2019 i'm like what turns out he was playing piano for martha wainwright who also lives here in montreal she's a native montrealer she's the daughter of kate mcgarrigal caitanya gargoyle famous folk pop duo beautiful beautiful if you haven't heard the mcgarrigle sisters music go listen to their early stuff amazing and go listen to kate's ex-husband's folk music loudon wayne wright iii go listen to this music if you like folk music check out that family i haven't i can't say that i'm familiar with the kids martha and what's the gay guy's name rufus i i'm not familiar with the music at all not interested just because i'm assuming it's not good i should check it out maybe it's good in any case uh tom meniere was there uh supporting martha wainwright on piano doing a cover of one of joan arbitrating's famous famous songs me myself i i like the song i think it's very catchy and it's not it's not my top favorite but it's definitely in you know in among those songs that i love and i can't listen to that song on repeat but it's it's a good song it's got some catchy uh parts to it and some interesting lyrics my favorite song by joan armatrading is turn out the light just turn up the lights just because of the voice the sentiment it's all about you know fornication i mean it's just sex outside of marriage i mean i don't approve the message but oh my god the sentiment and the voice and the music it's just uh it's amazing so i don't condone sex outside of marriage but she she just she has a way with her voice of just uh going so deep amazing check it out anyway uh tom meniere great guy uh what a what i got we we became instant friends when we met we met uh through ivan freud one of my guests i'm hoping to have ivan back soon but um instant friends with tom meniere because uh he's a kindred spirit he's edgy he's he's funny he's very expressive he's smart and he's a truth seeker and if you'll pardon my language he's a disturber and so i love this guy and we clicked right away well from my side i don't know he might just think i'm an annoying a-hole i have no idea but anyway i like him tom manier i'm going to see him tomorrow morning at church he's going to be playing his grand piano he's grand piano but the grand piano that they rented or bought at my old parish saint dominguez zoo if you're in montreal if you're listening to this and you're in montreal and you like music even if you're not religious come tomorrow to saint paul jesus to my land it's by saint joseph and [Music] sandler by the park there second oldest parish in montreal i used to be my parish and uh they've got a hip young priest there he's a cool guy uh what's his name father vadene bernard vadnay if i'm not mistaken i confessed my sins to him i did a general confession to him [Music] uh probably two or three years ago when he first replaced the parish priests who had left at that time so yeah if you're in montreal go check it out come and listen you will not be disappointed the piano the voice the emotion the expression of tom manier it's just a real treat now i'm not trying to turn the mass into a rock and roll concert or a folk concert or whatever but he's singing catholic hymns and i if you know me you know that i'm not easily moved to tears but i was moved to tears by tom beigne and his rendition of the ave maria in particular his singing the singing of the ave maria of course the piano was beautiful as well but that voice and the way he uses his voice this man is in touch with something deep and profound and there's a lot of emotion there's a lot of spirituality and uh very very exciting is it too exciting for the little old women at the parish i don't know i was looking around wondering are they shocked because i'm shocked you know uh it's it's definitely gonna wake you up okay if you've been to a thousand catholic masses and you think you know what the catholic mass is like in terms of the liturgical music the hymns you ain't seen nothing yet until you come and watch tom menier mind blowing i love the fresh air that is sweeping in to the church with people like this it's uh it's what we need is it too much i don't know it might be i would i would have to talk to some of the older ladies and find out how they're adjusting to this almost tornado of fresh air because normally hear some just timid restrained organ music and it's nice but you don't feel the wave of realness that edge where you're riding on a wave that's what i felt with tom meniere i'm in the moment there's danger there's expression wow i always transport it so i've gushed enough i think about tom meniere but if you have a chance to go see him he also does uh concerts with the his friend his friend and my new friend dave sanders you if you're a montreal uh music lover you'll know who dave sanders is i saw him actually at martha wainwright's bar the ursa on park avenue uh last saturday night so saturday night tom meniere and dave sanders and the band were playing uh all kinds of uh really great music all night long and then somehow he got up managed to get enough sleep and get up and tom showed up at church and he looked good he sounded good and i don't know how he does it but amazing amazing check out uh the music of tom menier and if you can check him out with dave sanders to it sometime that would be quite an experience if you're in montreal moving on now to my controversial probably one of my most controversial guests uzi oh the language on this guy i mean i i have to admit i can't control my language too well because i just i'm in the habit of using bad language foul language but this guy in his first episode just goes to town i actually made a song about it uh using some of his uh crash language in in a sort of a rough and ready uh track that i put together wow those are the all-stars what do you think you want to join the ranks well just uh hit me up email me and you can become an all-star become rich and famous like these guys see they're all rich and famous now just kidding so uh my most popular videos of all time are in raw's first interview then i've got uh michael uh what's his name michael well i should know anyway i've got my dill hunty graham opie kent hovind what's this michael guy's name let's click on it and see oh michael jones yeah so when you click on any of the videos this is where you end up you end up on uh this youtube playable thing and it plays either here nor there what the test was hi my name is michael jones and you're listening to catholic verses i was a bit rough on this guy uh just the chemistry was not good i didn't like him i can't help it i mean it's just like i like you or i don't and i just didn't like him okay so he's got a large following it turns out and a lot of people like him i just had bad chemistry i had bad chemistry maybe i was having a bad day i don't know but when i listen back i do feel back so i was a little bit rough and rude with him one of the nice things about my website if you're a fan of the podcast and i mean if you've been listening for 50 minutes to me rant and rave about an important uh here today then probably you're a fan of the podcast you can download the audio i think it's mp3 format that's what i uploaded anyway and you can download all the videos i don't know why you'd want to download an audio only video but you can if you want um and there's the transcript hi my name is michael jones and you're listening to catholic versus protestant so just tell us a bit about you say it's a pretty good uh for machine generated it's pretty good it says these transcripts are generated automatically and are therefore unformatted and replete with errors that's what i said i just gave that little proviso there a little warning unformatted no real punctuation that i can see lots and probably lots of weird this looks pretty good we must have been speaking pretty clearly so as you can see here um the links on the side download the audio download the video or you can just listen or watching in place and if you scroll back up you get to this and of course click on the youtube thing and watch it right on youtube um each of these will bring you to the database if i go to the actual overall database just by clicking on database you get everything and you can sort by date so the most recent one here michael schmidt if you click on that there it is ding ding ding but if i go back to the database you can sort everything by category ascending descending order subcategory sort by name i don't know why you'd want to but you can sort by code if you're if you're me then you need the code sometimes to do some technical work behind the scenes to add an image or whatever if there's an image missing so if we look at the verses with an e not that much to see it's all there guests group okay these are the ones with more than one guest at the time talking there should be more of these to come because i'm gonna start trying to invite people on if i look at the solo guests these are only live okay so if you want to look at the actual versus you can use that whole category you can look at all my non-live guests and you can see the different categories there only a few uh a couple of muslims here muhammad zahid siddiqui he was a sweetheart and then this poor postmortem is a guy that just was just not cool not cool not cool did not like being challenged so uh you can also limit your oops you can also limit by category right away like if you want to say oh how many uh jews did you interview people who identify as jewish for whatever reason culturally religiously obviously rabbi kremezy is a religious jew okay but um [Music] some of these jews are cultural jews like athena janna it's funny i don't have a lot of women on my podcast but it seems like the jews are replete with women i've got natalie that's a friend of mine using a fake name uh dr abraham whitesfield i've known him casually as an acquaintance for years many many years don't really i don't know i don't i didn't have great chemistry with him in real life but he was a good guest he was uh he has a lot to say he's very political he's very pro pro-palestine and so it's a bit weird but um he seems like a smart guy seems like he cares about the underdog which i i'm all in favor of that i don't want to pick sides uh jew versus muslim or whatever but uh it seems like uh palestinians got a raw deal i don't know that much about it frankly i don't want to get into that stuff but uh so yeah there's a lot of stuff going on here i want to show you now the um i want to show you the transcripts and i want to show you how you can search the transcripts got all this data wow but if you come in here and you just type in a keyword let's say uh what what's a weird word oh is there an e on the end of potato okay okay so the lisney brothers okay what is what is it what are they talking about here pornography but yeah um just in general just wait disgusting uh sexual exploitation google watches for keywords uh it's because it's youtube i'm sure dave will be will be fine because it's just small yeah yeah yeah i'm a small potato i say yeah um so how do you talk about it too okay so i guess someone uh must have mentioned something controversial maybe one of the brothers mentioned pedophilia or something like that i don't have any problem mentioning pedophilia or anything else on my channel because i'm so small beans small potatoes that uh it doesn't really matter i'm just using this as potato as an example by the way i haven't i've never done this keyword search before okay i was just curious in uh how many years has it been like since 2016 17 18 19 22. six years i should have that should be easy math it's been about six years and so in hours and hours and hours and hours of conversations and interviews i just took a guess and said i bet you someone's mentioned potato turns out there are 19 mentions of if you look up here in my search bar here 19 episode uh 19 instances of the word potato so what's this guy saying here i didn't know what i was tasting artificial flavor treats for kids don't really match the real world flavors do you know what i mean right yes i do so yes i do kind of strange i mean i used to eat all kinds of disgusting potato chip flavors too yeah i can get behind any terrible beef i can get behind any terrible potato chips but are you still a cheap chip eater not as much not as much and especially because my wife i used to be a barbecue fanatic especially a certain type of barbecue like the cheapest brands of barbecue would have a sweetness like a sugary sweetness to them yep and the more sophisticated expensive brands would be more savory and i like the cheapy ones but there's a lot of msg like i can still taste the msg but anyway my point is that my wife doesn't like any flavor other than plain and salt and vinegar that's it so that's all i've been eating for the past 11 or whatever i've been married for 26 years so i guess for the last 26 years but um yeah i try to avoid potato chips because like i'm the kind of guy that i can't just have one chip or two chips or three chips i have to eat the whole like i'll just keep eating until they're if you're anybody if you're a fast eater then maybe we'll go 50 50 on the bag of chips so this is funny this is fun reading this because i know that i was the principal one speaking there and talking about my wife doesn't like barbecue or anything she only likes plain and salt vinegar because she doesn't like the garlic that's in every friggin flavor and i i'm also mildly allergic to garlic so uh i'm sure if you're if you're still watching this you've got a lot of patience but i'm just gonna do this because i'm obsessive i'm just gonna go through and look at all the potatoes here it's like the gun debate it's like guns don't kill people people kill people with guns or with knives or with a potato or whatever that's from my interview with kuman da woody uh so the meat and potatoes here that's just an expression i used when talking about the constitution of canada and in this episode pope francis our sweet christ on earth that from last mar that was my birthday march 18th last year went through a couple of people hope it ended up on his email but i don't think it'll happen because he doesn't have time for small potatoes like me okay so there's that phrase small potatoes again meat and potatoes again that's just a catchphrase couch potato indulging in every base instinct so this is uh in my rebuttal of nathan ormond and i talk about hot potato here meat and potatoes over discussion i like tomato you like potato that's what we talked with yogesh patel the hindu one of my two hindu guests they're both brothers actually her cousins brothers cousins and wow here we got a lot of potato chip talk going on with athena matilsky remember i mentioned her one of the cultural jews non-religious jews you just you're arguing that if it makes you feel better and you put and put you in a better mood and then it's objectively good but i disagree there and why potato chips earlier like you were eating potato chips that did no good to the universe it's not so uh just for fun okay what we're going to do is we're going to go and we're going to look at athena matilsky's because this is like a research tool right whoops this is like listening to cat this is a research tool for me so i've got this special plugin for chrome where i can actually search potato doesn't have an e on the end of it does it so i can search the transcript here and it'll give me little links see so what's the first instance it's all around 1909 okay agree there why did you eat potato chips earlier like you were eating potato chips that did no good to the universe it's not serving god it's not even serving your own body because the oils and the the potatoes themselves are not doing your body so why do you eat potato chips part of my rainbow diet yeah no honestly i think that if we're going to go that way if i can't masturbate you can't eat potato chips let's make a deal if i can't masturbate you can't eat potato chips that's a good clip i'm thinking of um yeah i'm thinking of using my website to find interesting phrases little quotes citations like this and making music with it just catchy little quirky funny music because it's one of my hobbies making midi compositions just sort of puppy silly experimental stuff i can um since i'm doing show-and-tell here i could probably show you some of my music but that was uh that was fun let's listen to that little interchange again you're eat potato chips earlier like you were eating potato chips that did no good to the universe it's not serving god it's not even serving your own body because the oils and the the potatoes themselves are not doing your body so why do you eat potato chips part of my rainbow diet yeah no honestly i think that if we're going to go that way if i can't masturbate you can't eat potato chips let's make a deal no no i'm not going to shake to that yeah yeah i actually reached at my hand to shake hands on the deal like i'm done with potato chips if you promise me you'll stop masturbating so uh she didn't take the deal um when i talked when i joked about the rainbow diet there um it's because white contains all the colors of the rainbow so everything i eat is white so everything i eat contains all the colors of the rainbow it's my rainbow diet potatoes rice white bread uh you know carbs carbs carbs carbs and it's all white so that's my rainbow diet that's my joke because a lot of these health fanatics say well you gotta have a little bit of red orange yellow green blue violet purple lgbtq plus in your diet but i just say well white contains the rainbow so i'm on the rainbow diet with all my white carbs it's a silly joke it's a self-deprecating joke i do eat you know a variety of foods it's not all white curbs but it's predominantly white curbs and i come from the uh british isles where i've been there i've lived in i lived in england i've lived in scotland i've traveled through wales i have never been to ireland sadly but it's a lot of white curbs so uh i've met adult men who have never had a vegetable other than a potato i mean that's a slight exaggeration but that's pretty much you hear them boasting about this sort of thing in the pubs so um yeah i was gonna show you just for fun that's a good i'm getting inspired now to make music with the quirky lyrics right that thing about uh giving up chips and giving up masturbation that sounds like it would be like an interesting hook for a song so let me see if i can actually find something talk amongst yourselves while i research where is my music where where would my music be where do i keep it where do i keep my music is it here okay here's some of my music [Music] pretty trippy [Music] you can see on the screen my midi software and this is a live experiment i'm doing [Music] the song or the composition is called doggy doggy one [Music] because it's the fourth experiment i did i did alphabetical progression a word b word c word and my d word was doggy [Music] you can see i'm stepping through these sounds experimenting just trying to find interesting sounds as my lead to do some little lead melody stuff [Music] it goes on and on uh it's pretty subtle drone music in this particular experiment but i've done all kinds of stuff you can see here these are my little live experiments that i did four months ago i forget what why i had the opportunity to dedicate some time to that i might have been off with my broken ank my uh hurt ankle what kind of playlist do i have okay i have my experimental music up maybe i'll play this just a little sampling so you can get an idea what kind of experimental music i make this one's with uzi that rough talking uh crass guy [Music] oh god oh shut up with your old guys that was from rosemary's baby god is dead [Music] rosemary's baby is where those like uh samples came from rosemary's baby state of mind that's uzi talking so i'm sampling rosemary's baby and uzi so i called the song rosemary's oozy [Music] i call stupid crosses and people are praying to that piece of wood every day of their lives they're all stupid as excuse the language eh [Music] i call this project odd as river dawns because that's an anagram for my name [Music] [Applause] they're all stupid as [Music] [Music] god is i made all the graphics to that spinning globe what looks like a fiery sun that's just stop believing in imaginary that's just a 3d graphics program where i just understand [Music] satan is a state of mind i made a sphere and i just did effects to it and turned it yellow and made it look like a sun i use a blender you can see in some of my early live episodes maybe i'll show you that actually too after i'm done showing my music since i'm doing a show-and-tell today in this episode [Music] they're all stupid as [Music] so [Music] uh [Music] [Music] in this particular song i had the text rotate around this sun so we know the song is wrapping up because the text coming back this is the first and only time i did an elaborate video like this the other uh songs are just believing in imaginary much more plain videos [Music] state of mind [Music] excuse the language it's just that's oozy you gotta listen to it here's another one uh with one of my guests aaron raw this this one really is bizarre but uh i'm going to play the whole thing i'm going to play all my music for you just so you can hear what how i've been experimenting with music over the past couple years i got this amazing magnavox tv the richest coffee in the world weissman fred edelstein will join us shortly it is channel 5 news with ron majors and characters and family have 95 nothing for the challengers the libby's at the moment but diane you can change that come on up here please sharon you come up represent your family 100 people got their answers to a question the top eight answers are on the board all right listen carefully to the question name a place that people go to whether they want to or not diane church church show me church that's true [Music] six people said church bank has six dollars sharon disneyland the hell you're weird sharon disneyland not there let me here's your chance walk it over there's five answers give me one funeral volcano [Music] [Music] on the chips right i had to crack open a beer in the fridge i don't know if you heard that he's munching on the chips it's just like a little theater piece i put together here he's watching the the family feud all right you're on the board now you have 38 now it's a ball game he's going back to get some more beer now we walk back to the room five dollars you have 38 over here rich and it's our third question all dollar values are double so we could possibly have a winner but we're going to double them until we get a winner anyway here's the thing it's all just fake uh folly sounds like i used up there in order of popularity here's the question name something associated with adam and eve rich garden of eden really the garden of eden [Music] is this a comedy show give me an answer howard something associated with adam and eve apple the apple it's a fable something associated with adam and eve bigly how dare you hey okay i don't care um name something associated with adam and eve it has to be the snake the snake yes that old serpent yes if it's there you're the new winning family show me a serpent jesus said that you had to obey every jot and tittle and that anyone who doesn't will be called least in heaven [Music] so what i was doing there is i was having a little scenario where aaron raw the atheist the militant atheist is sitting down having a beer and a bag of chips after a long day of uh doing his evolutionary work there and watching the family feud and [Music] it just so happens that there are some questions about christianity and he's making fun of it but then when she talks about the serpent one of the contestants talks about the serpent satan we get transported to the veil is dropped and we see we hear instead of the screaming and applause of people cheering because she got the right answer and won the money for her family that's cheering scream turns into a demonic scream uh or a scream of the reprobate who finds themselves sadly condemned to the endless torture of hell and satan is there of course he's reveling in that misery and so that dark side is revealed for a moment and then we go back to that same moment in time where the screaming with delight continues with this normalcy so that was what i was doing there this one uses a lars von trier uh show called the kingdom if you haven't seen it i highly recommend it very creepy and weird uh the kingdom uh it's in danish i think some scandinavian language a very very touching scene that i sampled i i can't explain it you'd have to watch it and the guest that i sampled is their child if you haven't heard their child go and listen to it you'll get freaked out it's just weird [Music] here in the video you can see the ghosts appearing and we've got the point of view of this character who is really strange in a very strange circumstance he was just born but he's huge you'd have to watch the kingdom by the last montreal go watch it [Music] foreign [Music] skits [Music] me oh [Applause] [Music] that scene that i sample you have to watch it you have to watch the whole thing it's a multi-part series but you have to watch it that scene that i sampled is so touching uh between a mother and child it's just so bizarre [Music] poor little baby so cute i really hope you'll watch it go and watch it [Music] the kingdom by lars von trier one of the most bizarre shows on mainstream television that has ever been very sad this piece reset [Music] all were reminded of what my father's desire was for none to perish at all to repent he did not exclude anyone they are my siblings my father is the only god and is married to my mother [Music] [Music] go listen to their child if you haven't listened to it already [Music] now this one is not like the others because it's sampling only from a poet um [Music] the um i forgot his name i should know his name peter hamill peter hamill who is the writer and singer from one of my favorite prague rock bands van der graaf generator if you don't know them go check them out i sent a link to tommy meniere recently just so we could check it out you'd never heard of them a band but the lead singer the lead the head man of the band peter hamill is a genius poet i'm using that word very loosely but he wrote he's very prolific he wrote a lot of music a lot of poetry and here he's performing as poetry the lyrics to one of his famous songs still life that was performed by his band van der graaf generator back in the uh late 60s early 70s i think it was early 70s so uh i don't know if you'll enjoy this one as much but i love it because i love the song still life i called it still life with mask because i composed this at the beginning of the mask mandate [Music] love the sex love it it's all midi it's all fake i compose this on the computer overlapping samples [Music] and the organs amazing [Music] it's all my composition on midi midi instruments the only samples are the voice that's the only the only samples our voice everything else is midi i got piano in there [Music] we've had is gone that's peter hamill nothing can ever be the same in italy his his band is very popular in italy der graaf generator was very popular in italy a lot of prague rock was very popular in italy what we bargained what we lost what have we relinquished without ever even knowing it was there [Music] what have we bargained what have we lost what have we relinquished without even knowing it was there this is all in the context of the government overreach and the compliance of the masses that's why these lyrics stuck with me i was listening to vandergraff generator and it struck me that was relevant what have we chosen to be [Music] how do we now meet [Music] i guess a lot of my music is pretty sad i feel sorrow listening to this [Music] what we bargained and what we lost what have we relinquished without ever even knowing it was there [Music] [Applause] that applause by the way is from a separate album vanograph generator live album i think it's vital if i'm not mistaken this video may get flagged because of the introduction okay i should introduce this song um i love this is probably my favorite when my wife and i were artists living in belgium we were taken to we're invited to be interviewed by a radio station a local small radio station in belgium outside of the liege where we were living and you know the music we made was experimental electronic stuff simpler than what i'm composing now on midi but uh just using keyboards and effect uh effects and stuff like that and voice and a few handheld instruments uh malodium and stuff like that so we're invited onto the radio and before they played our composition our song they played simply the best i forget what that real title of simply the best is but uh uh tina turner i don't believe she wrote the song that she may have written i'm not sure but it's uh you know it's always a song that i thought was just a corny pop tune but i really we found it so strange the contrast between simply the best and then our experimental electronic music that we played on this mainstream radio station that we just sort of kept it as a it's a funny association so we would always every time we would hear on the radio simply the best in our normal course of life back in canada or traveling around or whatever we would always think about how our song followed that on the radio that one time so it became sort of a running joke and we started to have a special fondness for simply the best so i made a little remix of it here with my own musical composition all 100 midi instruments there are no real instruments used it's all midi music if you don't know what midi music is just go and look it up it's electronic composition but um i've been doing it for years just as a hobby just on and off you know i called this song wild and wired because that's how i understood some of her lyrics but her voice is amazing and i do i i have grown to love tina turner uh since that time that we were on the radio with her i hope you enjoy this one [Music] foreign [Music] my heart's on fire what a voice [Music] give me everything i need give me a lifetime of promises in a world of dreams the language of love like you know what it means [Music] that guy on sex makes me laugh every time the way he dances [Music] so this is one of my few songs that's not sad this one that puts a smile on my face every time it's hilarious [Music] [Music] what a voice what a beauty chess [Music] yes [Music] my friend my good friend matthew in australia says uh simply the best or whatever it's called is actually one of the theme songs for one of their rugby or soccer or football teams so they hear it all the time so he was interested to check this out i sent him the link back in the day when i published this whenever that was last year 2019 [Music] i love that one love it okay this one is a bit of a hodgepodge hot mess but it's it's got a vincent price sample from one of his movies he was a catholic he was a pretty devout catholic i believe and we got some david lynch in here with inland empire if you haven't seen that freaky movie go and watch it one of my all-time favorite movies of all time it's demonic as hell but it's so powerful and trippy i mean i i like the absurd i like you know obviously i'm drawn to the dark side also but i have now as a catholic a perspective where it's i can be touched by the dark side and know that i'm firmly on the side of the good but david lynch exposes the dark side of hollywood at the dark side of prostitution the dark side you know not that there's a bright side to prostitute prostitution but you get the idea that he's lifting the rock and showing us the underbelly of society very often and so uh it's a poignant uh movie inland empire i was very moved by i've seen it probably four times it's very long it's not for everyone you may not enjoy it but you can find it you can watch it for free on youtube so this one's a little bit creepy but to bear with it see if you like it [Music] francesca [Music] [Music] [Music] my father imprisoned a friend of his in this room for three years when he was released he could never again bear to look at the sun or even a daffodil how cruel cruel it was simply a test to prove how easily a man's mind can be controlled and twisted my family have always been interested in such things somewhere in the human mind my dear francesca is the key to our existence my ancestors tried to find it to open the door that separates us from our creator but you need no doors to find god if you believe believe if you believe my dear francesca you are god can you look around this world and believe in the goodness of a god who rules it famine pestilence war disease and death they rule this world there is also love and life and hope very little hope i assure you now if a god of love and life ever did exist he has long since did someone something [Music] [Music] make me where'd you go [Music] creepy someone's there look hey [Music] watch this [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] francesca wow that caught me off guard i hadn't listened to that in a while and that uh that scene in the movie if you haven't seen it go check out inland empire i got tears in my eyes because it's so powerful wow this one now living waters this is all about vatican ii uh uh the uh dogmatic constitution on the church sung in latin with all fake a i computer voices that i composed it with and all computer music using midi so [Applause] as usual i love the sax so you can hear a lot of saxon flute as usual [Music] [Applause] no real video to speak of here [Music] do [Music] so [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is [Music] so [Music] uh [Music] [Music] is [Music] so [Music] so [Music] is [Music] see [Music] so [Music] foreign [Music] oh [Music] my me [Music] i was tripping out listening to that it's very meditative pain and tenderness if you can get a good pair of headphones and listen to some of my music the pieces that you are drawn to if you particularly that one i just listened to there and the one with tina turner good pair of headphones pretty moderately high volume you'll discover uh some really nice sounds that's a nice thing about midi composition is you can layer sounds and you can have such realistic sounding instruments at times and other times we can distort things and make it sound obviously fake like the singing sounds obviously fake in that last song with the latin and just the the the tone and texture and the it's obviously artificial with those uh voices but the the mix of natural and artificial and sometimes you can't tell what's natural what's artificial and of course most of my music is artificial but like i said ai doesn't kill people people kill people with ai so i don't have a problem using ai it's just a tool i can use it creatively this song is funny because it's uh it's when i twisted my ankle at work and i was off for two weeks because i just it was such a mess my ankle was such a mess and i was so distraught and so i guess this is a little bit of a dark tune but it was cathartic i got the little guy on there from st john's ambulance telling us how to treat our twisted ankles pain and tenderness you may notice i love the flute so i use flute in my midi music a lot flute sax i like the woodwinds and the wood the wind instruments generally so and of course organ bass all the sort of prog rock basic sounds pain and tenderness difficulty moving yep swelling and bruising oh yes [Music] oh [Music] [Music] i could [Music] i heard [Music] ankle roll tender pain this is a very silly song one of the silliest ones i've made [Music] oh [Music] is [Applause] [Music] don't remind me what a pain that was oh my god that was horrible [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh i love this part oh yeah listen [Music] pain and tenderness [Music] difficulty moving [Music] swelling and bruising if the penis is there or they can't use their limb they will need to go to hospital [Music] that little heavenly interlude is just is just transports me i love it um one of my best compositions a little piece that little interlude i love it just before that peaceful interlude we have the scene from stephen king's um [Music] what's that movie where she hobbles her victim [Music] i'll look it up now [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] groovy groovy sound here [Music] the movie was misery by the way [Music] where she hobbles him in bed [Music] so sad uh [Music] it's such a strange uh piece because it's it's got the silly the silly part it's got the drama with the misery the most disgusting scene in misery where she busts his ankles oh it's disgusting my ankle hurts now just talking about it thinking about it but then it's got that little beautiful intro that i want to play that again it's so beautiful difficulty moving it's silly but this interlude is so beautiful [Music] foreign so pain and tenderness [Music] pretty nice segue to into the main theme there so uh if i don't say so myself so uh i think that's the end of my playlist yeah that's the end of my playlist you can just go to o-a-r-d on youtube that's the channel odd as riverdance which is an anagram of my full name david andrew ross so since i've since i'm indulging in uh shameless self-promotion of my music i think i'll play a couple of my older s older tunes i mean you obviously if you made it this far you're open to anything let's see oh what's it called sound cloud have i got uh i wonder if i have a folder for that soundcloud oh would i find it okay i could just search cloud have i got an account yeah i think i do playlists yeah i found it okay here we go so uh i think this is just one song [Music] i won't play the whole t