Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics- Part 3 (with JPII's Letter)

Author Streamed Thursday December 23rd, 2021

Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics- Part 3 (with JPII's Letter)

Author Streamed December 21st, 2021



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all righty then i think i'm live i'd like to see the counter go up before i start so we're live now i'm going to start today i'm going to pick up where i left off but i'm just going to insert a little something here the famous or infamous letter of his holiness pope john paul the second to archbishop marcel lefeve dated 9th of june 1988 to his excellency monsignor marcel lefevre archbishop it is with intense and profound affliction that i have read your letter dated the 2nd of june guided solely by concern for the unity of the church infidelity to the revealed truth an imperative duty imposed on the successor of the apostle peter i had arranged last year an apostolic visitation of the saint pius the tenth fraternity and its work which was carried out by cardinal edward gagnon conversations followed first with experts of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith then between yourself and cardinal ratzinger in the course of these meetings solutions had been drawn up accepted and signed by you on the 5th of may 1988 they permitted the saint pius the 10th fraternity to exist and work in the church in full communion with the sovereign pontiff the guardian of unity and the truth for its part the apostolic sea pursued only one end in these conversations with you to promote and safeguard this unity in obedience to divine revelation translated and interpreted by the church's magisterium notably in the 21 ecumenical councils in the letter you sent me you appear to reject all that was agreed on in the previous conversations since you clearly manifest your intention to quote provide the means yourself to continue your work and quote particularly by proceeding shortly and without apostolic mandate to one or several episcopal ordinations this in flagrant contradiction not only with the norms of canon law but also with the protocol signed on the 5th of may and the directions relevant to this problem contained in the letter which cardinal ratzinger wrote to you on my instruction on the 30th of may with a paternal heart but with all the gravity required by the present circumstances i exhort you reverend brother do not embark upon a course which if persisted in cannot but as a schismatical act whose inevitable theological and canonical i'll read that again with a paternal heart but with all the gravity required by the present circumstances i exhort you reverend brother not to embark upon a course which if persisted in cannot but appear as a schismatical act whose inevitable theological and canonical consequences are known to you i earnestly invite you to return in humility not only do i invite you to do so but i ask it of you through the wounds of christ our redeemer in the name of christ who on the eve of his passion prayed for his disciples quote that they all may be one and quote that from john 17 20. to this request and to this invitation i unite my daily prayer to mary mother of christ dear brother do not permit that the year dedicated in a very special way to the mother of god should bring another wound to her mother's heart from the vatican 9th of june 1988 pope saint john paul ii wow a powerful powerful it comforts me to hear such clarity and we're going to contrast now that charity and that clarity with the call to schism the call to dissent the call to rebellion that i hear in the words of archbishop effect so we're going to pick up and uh continue from where we left off i just wanted to share that letter with you i think it's important historically i think it's important as we struggle with our faith in these trying times with pope francis pushing apparently pushing the vox like there's no tomorrow it's a challenge for me but uh it's also a challenge that the recent popes have been pushing darwinian evolution in whatever guys whatever form that's troubling and disturbing to me there are many many things that trouble and disturb me in this so-called post-modern age of the church but in spite of all that my loyalty my devotion my submission my love my affection my hope lies in the living magisterium come on so long as the church continues to teach infallibly that pope francis is pope francis and that christ is the christ and that the church is one flesh with so long as the church continues to preach that then i will continue to be adamantly and firmly loyal and jealously loyal of the living as my mortal enemies those who would try to lure me or lure any of the other sheep out of the flock away from the ark of peter the ark of noah from pope francis from the living magisterium generally satan would like nothing more than to pull me away to pull you away to pull noah peter pope francis they're one if you want to go back and look at my meta episodes where i talk about noah st peter and the popes i've got lots of content and i've been subject to abuse from rad trad side effectists on my channel because they think that i'm some sort of ultra montanist perverted or satanic or a compromise or i i i i struggle with uh i struggle with some personal opinions of pope francis but i struggle even more with conservative catholics who want to put a wedge between myself and the vicar of christ i struggle more with that do i disagree with pope francis about the experimental gene therapies of course deeply but i know i know that christ and his vicar christ and his vicar both teach infallibly that i have to follow my conscience when it comes to experimental medical interventions i need to follow my conscience and that if i'm going to make an act of love as pope francis calls it if i'm going to make to take the leap of faith with an experimental gene therapy despite all the nefarious politics that if i'm going to take the leap of faith and an act of love as the present vicar of christ is then christ and his vicar both teach me infallibly that i need to do so freely i need to give in other words free consent which is informed and not that's what christ teaches that's what pope francis teaches really consent to and i've given it a lot of thought last and my reply to pope francis my reply to jesus christ himself is thank you and that's the end of the conversation there's no turmoil in my heart there's no tension there's no those who make a selfless act of self-sacrifice by lining up to get the first shot the second shot third shot the fourth shot and on and on and on and now we have testing for influenza a influenza b covid uh you know all these different uh they're expanding the testing they're introducing more and more sophisticated testing tools they're mandating flu shots now for the passports right this is an expansion of the overreach in the power grab right so those who want to make an act of love as a catholic and i've spoken to catholics who have done this who have said i took the job because pope francis said to take the trap so if you're willing to make that leap of faith if you're willing to make that act of love it is necessarily a free choice that's why i don't that's why i don't lose any sleep over it and i don't beat myself up and say i'm not as charitable in my case in my particular case it a lack of charity it would not be a charitable act for me to comply against my will and against my i'm not claiming to understand what's going on in this demonic fallen world but i can guarantee you 100 that i'm not i'm not pretending that i don't want the putting on theater for attention i genuinely do not want the job could i be wrong could it be the best medicine that god ever ordained or permitted it could be yes i could be wrong it could be the best it doesn't change my mind because that's not the central issue the central issue for me has nothing to do with health physical health physical health is not the issue for me it might be the issue for my neighbor my neighbor who's willingly getting the jabs the first job second job third jeff weekly testing daily testing whatever it is they may put physical health and physical life as their top priority i don't know god only knows but it's not my top priority i don't enjoy being sick i don't want to right so it is a priority it's just not right there are worse things than suffering illness age insanity infirmity weakness and death there are worse getting right with god and leaving this world in the state of grace is the most important thing for every single human being that ever lived that's living now or that shall ever walk the earth i think that the vicar of christ would agree with me the figure of christ would i'd be very surprised if pope francis didn't agree with that sentiment right but i know that god draws straight with crooked lines as they say and i'm fond of the technology that's used in the republican usa with the anti-trump the pro-trump and there's this notion going around that's been going around ever since the fall and decline of trump's glorious reign that don't worry he's the plan trust the trump's five steps ahead he's playing nine dimensional chess you got nothing to worry about military is ready to deploy and to arrest all the pedophiles and everything else this is all the queue stuff i'm oversimplifying it just because i think it's uh demonic conspiracy theory stuff but there are people even to this day who trust the plan and they think trump's ready to uh i've always said i don't trust trump but i like the fact that he seems to be the most pro-life president that the usa has ever seen do i think he's pro-life no i don't i've never thought he was pro-life but i think it's nice that he's catering to that particular niche not sure why that was the case but it seems to have been the case and he might have undergone some sort of minor conversion a temporary conversion or maybe a permanent conversion that's ongoing it's really none of my business i hope and pray that he has a true and lasting conversion but the reason i'm talking about trump and the nine dimensional chess in the context of pope francis and my submission to him my loving submission to him whimsical fanciful naive opium as it's called the hopium there's hope there's hope don't worry don't give up hope there's hope we can interpret the messages from cue are full of hope and ambiguity and we can still build castles in the sky a dream that trump is our savior well i can dream that pope francis evil demon that he's portrayed to be by the right-wing so-called catholics or by the set of eccantus or by anti-catholics of any kind i can dream that god in heaven is not only allowing pope francis to bewilder us most of us with his unexpected and astonishing proclamations but that behind that there is god's ordaining will that there is a reason why pope francis is the vicar of christ today there's a an excellent reason and i don't think this is fanciful i don't think this is a delusion i don't think this is naive i think that god almighty the foolishness of god is wiser than men so i think that the wisdom of god which we perceive perhaps as foolishness because we don't see the big picture we don't have that vision i think the foolishness of god quote unquote the wisdom of god which surpasses us and goes beyond our capability to grasp is ordaining very very important key moves in the spiritual battle of the lives of many many many humans on earth today i think there's a reason why we have pope francis and i'm excited about it i'm excited to learn how god draws straight with crooked lines during my lifetime it's one thing to romanticize the past talk about the good posts the bad popes those were saints those were not those were boring those were dull administrators and so on and so forth it's one thing to look back in the dusty books at the past it's another thing to say i woke up today i'm in a world where it seems like the church is in this state it seems like these are the tensions it seems like our holy father has these attitudes these positions these political inclinations and so on and so forth and we see characters around him that make it very exciting and dangerous and confusing and bewildering greta thunderberg we see father james martin we see my garrick i don't i don't follow the controversies but these are the names i hear associated with him by his enemies by pope francis's enemies i hear these and there's so much discontent of this much frustration in among radtrads and so-called conservative catholics i do sympathize i do sympathize i sympathize even with the set of ecantis i sympathize even with the conclavists and those who have hired or voted in antipopes i interviewed an anti-pope on my channel and i think he's a very sweet man and i like him i have good chemistry with him do i think he's the vicar of christ no i do not am i angry with him no i'm not angry with him so my anger is reserved as you all know if you listen to my podcast my anger is reserved for myself i am weak i am deluded i am a sinner i so i think i'll put an end to my rant and i'll start listening to archbishop lefeve here but i just wanted i just wanted to clarify because i'm getting i'm having a few email exchanges with different people people who are disconnected right i have several ongoing conversations about pope francis sspx fssp opus dei tradition you know all the hot button topics of today civil unions for same-sex attracted people all the button topics right so i'm having ongoing conversations with intermittently with different friends and listeners of the so it's on my mind and i just want to clarify that my number one priority is strategy is to maintain with a laser focus my docile and loving submission to the living magisteria number one that's my people don't understand why i put the pope above god in the hierarchy in terms of the most important person in my faith walk is pope francis it's not god it's not jesus christ it's not blessed virgin mary it's not the saints it's pope francis it's the most he's the because as the set of ecantists prove by their example they have everything that i love they have god they have jesus christ they have the holy spirit they have the blessed virgin mary they have saint joseph and saint john the baptist and saint paul and all the apostles and they have all the tradition they have all the sacred scriptures they have all the morality and the rigor and the discipline and they call sin sin and they strive for holiness and they're manly and they're vigorous and rigorous they have absolutely everything that i they reject vatican ii they reject the recent popes and so they are so close and yet so far because they will not be saved they will not be saved they cannot be saved if they remain in that obstinate that's why i put the pope above god on this priority list not ontologically not metaphysically not spiritually on the practical checklist of what do i need to save my soul the pope is above god because the pope gives me god the pope gives me the trinity the pope gives me the economy of salvation the pope gives me the history the pope gives me the councils the pope gives me the the set of ecantus who claim as their own all these catholic truths that i love and who appear on the surface to be more rigorous more strict more conservative in the best sense of the word leaving aside the bad senses of that they've appropriated that they've misappropriated that it's sinful the way they appropriate that it's sinful and damnable the way they appropriate that it's not their church it's not their church you can't turn your back on the church and then say that it's your church appropriating everything that is good and holy call it your church you are not the church okay and of course there's a gray area there are people who are begrudgingly loyal to the living magisterium there are people who try to manage their palpable disdain and hatred for the man who is pope they try to manage that i don't have i can honestly say i don't have any hatred in my heart for pope francis i disagree with him about the jab i disagree with him about his ostensible belief that christ evolved from apes in his human nature obviously i disagree with the pope before that but i'm not angry pope's wrong about some very important things i'm wrong about some very important things once we get to heaven we're going to see that all of us have been wrong about many many very important things except for jesus christ and his mother they were incapable of sin christ by nature and mary by grace prevenient grace the most special form of always based on the merits of christ her son so we'll see that we are all hopelessly and hopelessly wrong about many many many important catholic teachings okay so let's not get too excited picking up the stones to stone pope francis let's not get too excited about our moral superiority because we don't have any we do not have any our righteousness is filthy right disgusting our quote unquote righteousness is disgusting filthy rags with the filth of excrement and sweat blood sweat tears and everything healthy rags soaked with the blood sweat and the tears of christ who we crucify every time we sin every time we are proud and we boast of our superiority over any to trample on the dignity of a human being is a grave sin this is what pope francis is all about he gave a scathing indictment of pride in his recent talk to the bishops i think they were maybe cardinals i'm not sure exactly what the uh the gathering was i briefly looked at an article today about it i read it i had tears in my eyes why because pope francis is a holy man fighting for jesus christ fighting to instill humility in his flock and in his curia and his i got tears in my eyes reading the chastisement given by pope francis to the bishops i got tears in my eyes because it spoke to my pride it spoke to my arrogance because of the simplicity of pope francis because of the humility of pope he was able to touch my heart and he's able to touch the hearts of many who are not puffed up with pride to the extent that they're blinded to the role the power the privilege of the in this world today to touch you if you're willing to throw that away i think you are in grave danger grave danger and i'm not exaggerating i think that you are in grave danger if you are not touched by pope francis i think you are in grave danger does that mean you should run off and get the experimental gene therapy no it in your freedom if in your conscience if you that if your freedom in christ and your love of your neighbor and your love of yourself and your understanding of the situation that we're living through with a so-called pandemic if all of that aligns and your conscience tells you that yes i do have an obligation to take the leap of faith with this experimental gene therapy if that's what your heart of hearts tells you thanks to pope francis or in union with the then i would say if that if that's the case i would say that you're obliged you have a moral obligation to go through with that i am not in that situation i'm in the exact opposite situation my conscience is educated such that i do not trust the pandemic i do not trust the governments i do not trust the abortionists that they have my right that's how my conscience is formed because i've never been in the mainstream i've never been brainwashed so my conscience is formed such that i cannot as an act of charity is a free act of charity ain't gonna happen because my conscience has been formed in this way your conscience has formed in your own way based on your experiences your education what knowledge you have what light you have from god in your conscience and in and there's nothing more catholic nothing more catholic than my stern and firm refusal to ever ever comply there's nothing more there's nothing more those who are on the fence those who experience shows i've been following since the so-called vaccines have been marketed put forward ex presented to the world unveiled released promoted ever since last year i've been watching the okay four categories those who are vast those who are willing to get vast those who aren't sure and those who are unwilling i've been watching how that that's shifted over time there's a constant shift in one direction a constant shift as is inevitable there's a constant shift in one and only one direction the numbers always go from i'm not sure the number of people who say i will never get it has only ever diminished and shrunk over time never gets bigger so they're people who say never going to get it and then they say maybe i'll get it and then they get it and those who started out saying maybe i'll get it they get it and of course those who say i'm willing to get it get it now there may be exceptions there may be people who say yeah i'm willing to get it i can't wait to get it i got my appointment to get it and then they learn something something happens in their family they talk to their doctor whatever they could change their mind i'm not saying that there aren't cases like that but if you look at the trend in the data for the past year as i've been watching it the general trend is a slow movement from not sure to okay i'm willing to okay i got it that's the trend and i've seen it in real family and friends although most of my family and friends were just like yeah of course i'm gonna get it and got it as soon as they could but there is there is a small percentage of us who meant it when we said that we'll never get it and and we're going to see as the years go by we're going to see slowly slowly one by one my workplace mentioned to me before the holidays that in 2022 i'll need to get tested regularly to go on construction job sites and i said well then i'll be eating out of dumpsters and begging for money on the corner because i'm not going to work here if i'm obliged to get tested ain't gonna happen they couldn't believe it they thought i astonished that i'm such a hard liner but i the answer is thank you but no thank you thank you very much for the opportunity but no thank you thank you but no thank you that's my if i want to get tested for malaria syphilis aids foot fungus whatever it is if i want to i'll take steps towards that okay i'll find out if it's available how much does it cost where can i do it how convenient is it how far do i have to travel do i feel like doing it today should i book an appointment for the spring that's that's how i'm going to manage my health monsieur lego is not going to tell me to get tested regularly or i'm out of work that's fine it's fine i accept i accept i'm a very very very bad boy i'm a naughty boy where do i have any options when it comes to punishment or is just one size fits all punishment for non-compliance any wiggle room can we negotiate here is or not i'm just curious i'm just curious how does this play out right so no i'm not going to be getting so i've already wasted 40 minutes let's see if what mr marcel lefeve has to say today all this was conducive to prayer and lifted up the soul this is a natural proceeding for mankind when the three magi went to visit the poor crib at bethlehem they brought with them gold frankincense and myrrh catholics are degraded by being made to pray in commonplace surroundings multi-purpose halls that have nothing to distinguish them from any other public place uh just a quick note uh here in montreal we have a lot of catholic churches and many of them are very very beautiful st patrick's basilica if you're ever in montreal check that out i mean the uh the cathedral and uh notre dame uh notre dame is it called notre dame basilica or notre dame cathedral i think it's not basilica and then we have the cathedral mary queen of the world uh is it mary queen of the world yeah and uh there are a few very very beautiful churches uh the chapel many many many very beautiful churches i if a church is plain and protestant looking i just don't go i just don't go back right now some catholic churches have been sort of gutted and there are no kneelers i won't i won't go to a church where there's no kneeler i mean it's too uncomfortable having my feet on the floor my knees on the cold concrete floor even if it's a wooden floor it's way much too uncomfortable and it's too low peeking above the pew ahead of me so i need i need a kneeler and if there's anything uh obviously sacrilegious about the architecture of a church i just don't go back but there are so many churches in the trail so i'm kind of spoiled in that way i just wanted to mention that here and there one finds a magnificent gothic or romanesque church abandoned and a sort of bare and dreary barn built to one side or else they domestic eucharists in dining rooms or even in kitchens i have been told of one of these celebrated in the home of a deceased person in the presence of his family and friends after the ceremony the chalice was removed and then on the same table covered with the same table cloth they set up a buffet meal at the same time only a few hundred yards away only the birds were singing to the lord around the 13th century church decorated with magnificent stained glass windows those readers who remember the years before the war will certainly recall the fervor of the corpus christi processions with their numerous stations the chance the therables the monstrance gleaming in the sun carried by the priest under the gold embroidered canopy the banners the flowers the bells the sense of adoration was born into the children's souls and ingrained there for life this primordial aspect of prayer seems greatly neglected do i hear somebody still talking about necessary evolution and the new habits of life but traffic problems do not prevent street demonstrations and the demonstrators are not inhibited about expressing their political opinions or their demands whether just or not why should god alone be thrust aside and why must only christians refrain from rendering him the public worship which is his due the almost total disappearance in france of processions is not caused by a lack of interest on the part of the faithful it is prescribed by the new pastoral theory which however is ceaselessly urging the active participation of the people of god in 1969 a parish priest in the waz section of france was expelled by his bishop who had forbidden the organizing of the traditional procession of corpus christi the procession took place nevertheless and drew ten times more people than the village had inhabitants can one then say that the new pastoral style which is in any case in contradiction on this point with the conciliar constitution on the sacred liturgy in accordance with the deep longings of those christians who remain attached to such forms of piety and what are they offered in exchange very little because services have been greatly reduced priests no longer offer the holy sacrifice each day and when they do they can't celebrate and the number of masses has diminished accordingly in country districts it is practically impossible to attend mass during the week on sundays a car is needed to travel out to the locality whose turn it is to receive the sector priest many churches in france are permanently closed others only opened a few times a year add to that the crisis invocations or rather the crisis in responding to vocations and the practice of religion becomes yeah i'm saddened i'm saddened listening to this it rings true it rings so true it rings so true today and really since i've entered the church it's so sad it is so sad but the silver lining is christ and his church are one flesh and so we should expect the church to be bullied tortured broken spat upon and finally crucified and killed right and then resurrected actively and passively resurrected because christ raised himself and he was raised by the father and the holy spirit so there's an active and a passive part to the resurrection right everything that happens every action of god that is an ad extra act of god is done by all three persons so christ in his divinity raised himself and in his humanity he was raised by god the father and god god the holy spirit and in his humanity he was raised by his divine nature if i'm not mistaken about that i think that has to be the case so the church during difficult times tends to produce great saints if you read the history of the church and i think the archbishop here should know what i'm talking about if you read the history of the church it's always dark it's always corrupt it's always wounded but at the darkest points you have great saints at the darkest points is when you see god sending the graces to have great saints that's the way it is who are the great saints in 2021 i have no idea i'm not in touch with the the church community locally much less nationally or globally uh there are very very few priests that i could name by name or a few bishops that i could name by i don't have an intimate knowledge of to perceive a beep on my radar oh got a saint over there a saint an up-and-coming saint over here i hear in the catholic news agency i hear about pope francis canonizing uh saints raising them beatifying them through the various degrees to sainthood but those are usually cases from years ago decades ago sometimes centuries ago right to that formal canonization so we don't know we don't know or at least we don't as individuals we don't know all the seeds of great saints that are planted that are sprouting that are flourishing and bearing fruit we don't see that it's not our business we are not omniscient think globally but act locally as they and the other principle the other catholic principle that i'd like to emphasize is mind your own business why are you neglecting your wife and kids when you you make such a a show of your piety and your concern for people half a world away it's like me i'm trying not to neglect my wife my family my workplace my friends my situation the concrete real situation it's easy to fantasize about oh marcel lefevre and pope francis and all these grandiose characters in the story in your mind but like i often tell people who criticize pope francis you're not in a position to be saint paul to say peter you're not you're just not okay so mind your own business and uh mind your own affairs and uh work out your salvation in fear and trembling that's the basic idea the large towns are in general better served but most of the time it is impossible to receive communion on first fridays and first saturdays of the month for example naturally there is no longer any question of daily mass in many urban parishes masses only take place by prior order for a specific group at a pre-arranged time and in such a manner that the passerby coming in by chance feels himself to be a stranger at a celebration studied with allusions to the activities and life of the group discredit has been thrown upon what are called individual celebrations in opposition to community celebrations but in reality the community has split into small cells it is quite common for a priest to say mass in the home of someone engaged in catholic action or other activities in the presence of a group of activists or else one discovers the timetable for sunday split up between different language groups a portuguese mass french mass spanish mass in these times when foreign travel is commonplace catholics find themselves attending masses where they do not understand a single word in spite of being told that it is not possible to pray without participating how could they no more masses or very few no more processions no more benedictions of the blessed sacrament no more vespers public prayer is reduced to its most simple expression even when the faithful have overcome the difficulties of times and traveling what will they find to slake their spiritual thirst i will speak further on about the liturgy and the serious alterations it has undergone for the moment let us consider only the obvious outward appearances of public prayer all too frequently the atmosphere of the celebration offends catholic religious feelings there is the intrusion of secular rhythms with all kinds of percussion instruments guitars and saxophones a musician responsible for sacred music in a diocese of northern france supported by a number of leading personalities in the world of music wrote in spite of what it is currently called the music of these songs is not modern this musical style is not new but has been played in the most profane places and surroundings cabarets music halls often for more or less less chevious dances yeah uh i agree with most of what he's saying here uh you know about the uh the tragic situation access to celebrations and just the general sloppiness and secularness that's worldliness that's creeping into the church but uh with regard to secular music yes i detest hearing secular music during a mass but i do want to emphasize one point one of my favorite saints he's famous for his consecration to jesus through mary i've done the consecration i renew my consecration morning and evening every day and it's a renewal of my baptismal violence he's one of my favorite saints very very touching to read his life story he lived to be about 40 44 years walked around france with the permission of the pope preaching and um he one of the things he's famous for is going to the houses of ill repute to the pubs and the bars and the saloons all around france and taking the popular music okay the demonic sex-fueled orgiastic music that's popular and appropriating it for the church so he would replace the lyrics with prayers hymns pious meditations and pious imagery okay i'm all in favor of that i was shocked to learn that when i read his collected works i still haven't completed it it's something i want to get to i have so many readings that i'm in the middle of but that's one of the ones i want to get back to i was shocked to learn that he did this and that god allowed him to do this and that god smiled apparently on this but it was very powerful and it attracted a lot of people to the faith and he would promote the rosary using music he would promote catholicism generally using this popular music the rhythms and the sounds and the the melodies of the popular music of the day okay because everything that is to the extent that it is is ontologically good and music is by definition good to the so music is falling away from musicality it's falling away from the form of music but that's the beauty of god's world and his ontological goodness and the oncological goodness of his creation it's all good that's why we are allowed to use everything we can use everything and god is using everything because everything is good in its nature it's the way evil is a way it's a way it's not a thing everything is good and it's the way we use it and it's the attention with which we use so say louis marie de mont iv used the music yes it was used in a demonic way in the sex houses but and in the pubs but it was used by this saint this great humble saint it was used this good music was used in a way that was not satanic but in a way that was godly and that's why he was able to bring people many many people to god using this music which had been abused so it's music so it's good but it was abused by being used for evil in an evil way in an evil context to draw people away from god and toward their own selfish sensual lower base animal instincts that good music was abused in that way and then it was appropriated by saint louis morphor and used properly to glorify god and to bring people to god so i just wanted to mention that i am going to wrap it up here i'm going to leave it at that we're at 30 minutes 33 seconds and uh thanks for listening thanks for watching we'll talk listening thanks for watching we'll talk soon god bless

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