Catholic vs. Other - 2017-04-22 - Sharon Shanti

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Sharon is a Raelian Guide. I heard her speak at the Raelian Gathering where I first met and interviewed another Guide, André Julien. I requested this second interview because I enjoyed meeting everyone that I met there. I was warmly received once again. • Support the CVS Podcast: • Be a guest on a livestream:

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hi my name is Sharon Chesky and you're listening to Catholic courses other tell the listeners if you would a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe it my name is Sharon I'm pretty unusual I'm originally from Israel so I was actually raised Jewish but not so much traditional that's more in the environment and the society and I've always been curious about life where we come from where we're going what's the purpose of us being here I've been always reading and searching for I would tell you the truth ultimate truth and I read lots of different pieces of things I was into even religion at some point just looking for answers you know for basic questions that we have some time and then I found a Wales book and when I read wealth book it was like all the puzzle pieces that I had for the ten years of research I did until then it all came together into a more clear picture so it kind of made everything else Nixon so basically in the book he describes that in 1973 on his way to work he had an encounter with people from another planet and they told him that they created all life on Earth he explained the twenty-five thousand years ago those scientists from another planet came here to all life on Earth everything made sense all those theories that I read and big part of his book is taking quotes from the Bible from the Quran from the New Testament and explaining them the way they were meant to be written because in ancient times in biblical times all the stories were passed you know word - mouth for hundreds of years until it was written and you know when we were kids to used to play this game where the teacher someone gives you a storyline and then you're supposed to tell you the secret to the next question and it goes around the class and then the last question is supposed to say what was the story it was completely distorted so my thinking was that's what happened in our history if people were telling the children the stories about what happened and when it came down to writing it down it was already pretty much distorted and I only realised it about a year after reading Wales book and I realize that I start searching like wow I found my piece in a way of course there's a lot more to discover I mean what the information that they gave him is what we need to know for a future how to be happy how to connect to ourselves to each other to have a better future it talks about so many aspects but I'm sure there's more to discover more to know and their technology is 25,000 times to ours so of course they cannot transfer all their wisdom and knowledge in one message right but in general I stopped searching I didn't need to look for I found my piece I found my answer at some point I change my name to Shanti Shanti means peace and open a south grade so and an raelians are big supporters of worldwide peace so it's kind of more selective Who I am or who I want to be and we have a lot of culture campaigns and activities that we do worldwide so we are needed everywhere in the world and it is of course yeah I found for me what I think is to choose and the knowledge I needed to answer my question but that's not worried and there's so much more to be done to progress to reach for the future that they hope for us because they're our parents I want us to be happy in the past this and many messengers but every messenger give a message it adapted to their reality their region their their level of understanding so this message is a lot more scientific than the previous ones because in the past when they give for example message to Jesus they couldn't explain about genetic engineering and slides and because everything came from the sky was was divine and mystical so the message they gave to rel is a lot more scientifical and a lot of technology but also spiritual so the mixture of science and spirituality message is more whole with more complete if we advanced scientifically only but not spiritually as humanity who will self-destruct one campaign that we're starting now is a three-month campaign that whole and probably July July this vote in the UN to ban nuclear weapon so the rally moves our organizing activities worldwide and we're contacting in contact with the organization that organized this vote in the UN called ICANN and we're going to try to push the government or why to support that's going to be you in both and right now a few countries are not participating in the vote and seven of them had a video so they can veto the whole thing so according to well this is our last chance to avoid humanity self-destructing so we want to save this creation full of and it could be a paradise if we love more it's not like money money when you give you run out but when you give love you get from that you get more so you get more love when you give and it's an infinite source of energy so when you give in you how cause that you believe in and you're surrounded by people full of love and you give yourself love because if we don't give to a glove to ourselves a self criticized if you feel guilty it drains our energy but if we give love to our self compassion to ourselves and saying for the people around us and to the planet to humanity and feel that feeling of compassion of love it energizes you by itself we have a lot of techniques meditation techniques that we're giving by relic sensual meditation focusing on the senses like what you feel what you hear what you taste just living being present in the moment sounds very Buddhist I don't know if you can talk about Buddhism a little bit is that something you're looking to or there's a lot of things in common of course because Buddhism and all religions Judaism Christianity everything came from the Elohim from those who created us so throughout history we see traces of contact with them and philosophies coming from them because we're trying to help us progress they were trying to help us be better people be you know love your neighbor either your cheek but if someone is depressed instead of course you don't want to give them internalized because that will be torture but if someone is happy and wants to continue living and you can give them the option to leave many years or even eternally and the limb has been doing that they have 700 internals of their own I mean right now we live around hundred twenty years but we can do like a surgical intervention that can extend this life like are the first humans they live like that you know the sounds of Adam and the first I like 10 generations until Noah belief nine hundred seven hundred eight hundred years very easily so that's the maximum that my body can leave in terms of duplicating the cells and all that that's the maximum after that you have to create a new body and then you continue as if you know nothing happened yeah so it's the same so you could are in principle in your worldview you could continue upgrading your hardware and just keep the software going indefinitely right according to your will exactly you just move the back up from one computer to the other computer is the brain so there's no limit if we have infinite time behind us as you believe and ahead of us as you believe I don't believe that but if you believe that then it's just a matter of time and we have all the time we need to keep transferring the software from one upgrade to the next and just improving the happiness the joy the fulfillment the spirituality whatever you want to call it whatever is good to have you can have more of it over time so it should be the case right now since we have infinite time behind us that there are people or beings that have achieved perfection I guess you could say do you believe in perfection no I think that nothing is perfect well said many times I'm not perfect anymore not perfect they kept learning and improved because they wanted to destroy their creation it's not very because it was like an experiment like what we're doing right now in the laboratories and we're starting to create little cells and little bacteria you know we're playing along with it but there are 25 thousand years it's been cool imagine where we'll be in ten years fifty years hundred years with this technology so they were playing around with genetics and then okay there was some kind of mishap and someone got hurt from the creation and there so if you want to continue you need to go find another planet to do that so since they could travel in space because it will already way more advanced than where we are now they could just go to another planet and do their experiments there so that's what they did they came here and in Genesis describes how they check the atmosphere like the Spirit revolves around the earth they were just checking the atmosphere checking the water the air the Sun if it's not harmful for life you know they were checking their environment and slowly it's like in the Bible they started creating simple things and then like in evolution but it you know it was happening a few hundreds of thousands a year they created more and more and more advanced animals and eventually people so they were evolving as well they're not perfect and they learned at that time of the flood that they were created the same way they find out because they're creators they disappeared long ago but they stand like maybe I don't know a spaceship with the with the computer or something I don't know how it happened I don't detail but they receive the heritage of their creators and they found out around the flood time they were created exactly the same way by someone some other civilization creating people so they decided they made a pact with no we'll never try to destroy again you know your children and this is how the universe work is infinite so we created you and you will be advanced enough one day to create other civilization in front of planets and they will grow after thousands of years oh I don't know how long it takes to mature enough to create other civilization but it's a chain it's an infinite chain and we're part of that chain so the possibilities are infinite I want to talk about I want to talk about virtue what is virtue for you so the teachings are full of love you know love for yourself and for others respect tolerance that's something that I connected with a lot when I found it was because I have similar values before you know I was listen to John Lennon imagine so what do they have countries what do we need for this you know we're we're the same people we want the same things we have the same desires the same hope it didn't make sense to me so when I read this beautiful philosophy coming from be learning about love and portunity I really connect with that so it's one of the only religion I'm aware of that really promotes being different being yourself being the best potential you can be not conforming to what others want you to be or even invent in their alien world you know some people try to be like what the thing ralien should be but we're actually pushing people or encouraging people to be themselves their show their color because everybody has different DNA in different color and different vibration so to be yourself so for example I see some religions like two days and see anity Islam they're condemning homosexuals and what I love about the values we go almost all the world in the gay parade and we'll March with them because we encourage your what makes you happy and something that that I think we need more in the world more tolerant towards what people want to be what if you don't hurt anybody here that's the key issue is are you hurting yourself not everything that feels good is actually good for you and you have to be careful and you have to grow in virtue and and wisdom and make self-sacrifice it may be very difficult for you because the pleasure is so immediate is so accessible and all your friends are doing it but in the long term it's not what's best for you so there's a sort of tough love that's built into the monotheistic religions Judaism Christianity and Islam where we love the homosexual but we say look what you're doing feels good but it's not the right thing it's not good for you it's not good for society so it's a tough message and it's not easy to be seen as a bigot just because you see a higher purpose and that you see the value of the family and you see virtue as more important than just immediate pleasure in my worldview Catholicism there's this idea that truth can never contradict truth so faith and reason are compatible because God is the author of nature and God is truth itself and an implication of that is that if someone claims to have religious truth that contradicts Catholic doctrine we can't both be right and we believe that we are right therefore they must be wrong at least in part people can see the truth in a different way or interpreted in a different way for example where we created by God or scientist in the laboratory of course there's only one truth you cannot say it's both but when when you look into the philosophy of the religion then of course you have different views because there is you know there are the views by different people and they were interpreted in different ways but I believe I personally believe all religions all of them come from somehow from the same source from the Illume but from different times in history from different continents or different cultures so they're different but they're coming from the same place so I I would say the the ralien philosophy or the messages from royal are not contradicting something they're an updated message because we received a message from Jesus 2,000 years ago that was adapted his time and to the level of understanding of the people at that time but now we have a message that compatible to today so for me that's what's most important and we need to let go of the past and and keep up the new messages if you believe it's what we think goes right have you ever been to a Medieval Fair I heard about there are a bunch of people they get together they dress in that time they eat the food of that time they speak in what they think is the parlance of that time they're sort of stuck in a time warp and they're doing their thing and they enjoy it they respect their history I mean it's nice it's not harmful and I were the way to remember the history but we need to focus on the future you could kind of see me with my Catholicism sort of living in a having the fast yeah and it's funny because from my perspective as a Catholic I could also see you as a throwback to the pagan days you know but my point was in terms of ideological enemies there's no need for rancor or animosity or paranoid us in them things not on the ralien pretty much affect all religions and all beliefs we would never try to impose our belief there are two missions that were given by rail to mission one is to spread the messages that he received so it means to inform people of the messages and the truth where where we come from and be the updated version of the messages and the second one is to build an embassy to welcome them because they want to come back and they want to give us their scientific and spiritual heritage so we respect other beliefs and other other religions from my perspective I will never be aurelion because it's philosophically untenable to me that there's infinite time behind us but typically I don't think that most people walk around sort of thinking in terms of philosophical logical arguments I think most people are just either drawn to something or they're not but what are typically some of the barriers that people have to encounter and get past if they're going to come in well anybody can come in the door is open I know when you want to become Jewish you have to go through a lot of training and studies and you have to pass tests and it called take months become Jewish you want to become rallyin it can be immediate we have court date in a year you it can be anybody is welcome to join and anybody is welcome to leave the day after and come back again it's you know it's very easy to recover alien is very easy to leave so it's you don't there's no barriers but when you read the book is either it makes sense to you or it doesn't or some people it took time for them to understand it because the message has so many aspects in life talking about different aspects there's of course extra still there the life on the universe there's about peace about future technology sign the different people were attracted by different things so a lot of people I know personally they I agree with the messages intellectually but they're not involved because they don't want to be labeled or seen by society I was with my 3 or in the call because I found the newspapers around cause you know there's a lot of bad publicity for the ralien movement which makes it harder some people just don't connect with it but some people connect but they hold fast because they're afraid of what people might say some people are very comfortable in where they are right now what they believe whether they don't believe in anything when they believe in something they're very comfortable with it they reach that point in their lives I guess the older you are the more difficult maybe it is to change your belief system remember when I was reading the book everything like that Wow make sense everything was smooth and I read it in one night but then I reach a chapter it says no God no soul like what everything's so perfect up until now and I read the title and said how do I continue this is going to switch everything I believed until now I believe in the soul reincarnation I was fascinated about life after death my whole life so I closed the book for like maybe payments I don't remember but I member that was the only time I stopped the book for a few minutes and thinking how do I continue so people believe in something for so many years and they know if they continue it's gonna shatter their belief system and we're very comfortable in our belief system so I just decided I will continue and maybe the answers will come after just you know to open my mind and I did and the answers came after and it was it was very easy for me eventually to let go but I'm happy I was able to do that did any of your family and friends join the structure or no none of them I remember when I asked her I read it it made sense to me and I was sure she says to everybody well I can't believe I understand I felt the same way about Catholicism and I haven't had a warm reception at all so I went upstairs and my mother was in the kitchen I thought I read this most amazing book a I have to it I was actually reading for her with his reading very very the dishes and making food that was like she's gonna hear that because she was she was also very spiritual she was studying kabbalah for many many years so she was searching in wales book it says there that the kabbalah book are the closest to the truth of all ancient scriptures also I really respect Kabbalah so you know I said efficacy issues using the old unup dated messages but it's the closest so you know I didn't in for I try to share it with her but she just she just didn't get it and it was fine have there been any big-name people that have come into your woman I heard about Michael Jackson being interested but I'm not confirming it yeah formally I don't know I it's a rumor maybe he was more interested in in the cloning cloning at that time because she was created by Rayleigh and this company so maybe that's where the link came from because you know people want to live forever like I told you the first steps of man and also she was an activist of peace and love and I heard my tres that that he's probably recreated by the Oh him yes because the Elohim they have 700 Eternals of their about 7 billion population 700 eternal so after 1000 years new body download the mind and continue but they have over 8,000 from earth that they created from history of humanity so people that help humanity progress that preached peace love helped attend scientifically maybe I know Jesus is there other messengers you know they were rewarded that way and all the people who helped humanity progress and maybe Michael Jackson is one of them because he helped spreading peace you know all his music about peace and love and all that what do you think of Pope Francis just as a human being waiting for if he inspires people to be better I support that hundred percent so anything that inspires you any religion that inspires you to be good spread love for me so rich it what about the Dalai Lama do you have anything to say about him um I respect him a lot because you know she his philosophy is very much similar you know to some of the aspects of realism so any person on earth that talks about love like in a real pure wave like Gandhi you know it would be one of them Martin Luther King every people the choice says no to violence and yes to love and tolerance then respect what does it mean for you to be a woman and how is that different from being a man or is it different and what are the roles that men and women have any in your point of view I'm really curious about that I mean I have never been a man I prefer but I know many women have difficulty in society because they're women right because it's a man's world as it is right now is that was the issue for me when I was young a bit of religion with the Judaism because it separates men and women in synagogue the men are the bottom holding the Torah and the women are the top cheering throwing candies or in the bus is hid in the back and you cannot cross you know there's all separation so I have difficulty with that kind of discrimination on my life but because I was living in secular you know region in Israel so I didn't really feel it but there are issues with women like it works you know being promoted or sell everything like that but this is something that you know it's everywhere fortunately we were family and having babies and stuff like that um I don't know why but when I was very young even before can just say I will never get married and I don't have kids I don't know why but now I don't have a plan to have a family refusing reasons first well well talks a lot about overpopulation so the one thing we need is more babies right we need to take care of of us as we are right now and we have a problem over populations and I don't want to contribute to that at the moment and also the world is not a very easy place to live as it is right now so thinking what kind of world I want my children to live in so if one day you know one of our biggest projects and the movement is paradism so if we live in a paradise world maybe it would be a good environment for for kids you don't have to you know work for money if you just book some pleasure and evolving and but personally there are many aliens that have families some cannot it's not from us no no no no no no no of course not you have many guys with the children and so you know we have for celebrations so four times a year and we celebrate these different occasions but we do the transmission where people say okay we agree with this philosophy and where I want to become aurelion and the transmission you actually send your genetic code to the computer of the eloheem so they recognize that you recognize them because kind of double recognition so we do also marriage which is not till death do you part - you're not happy anymore when you're not happy please separate you separate so we also celebrate divorce if someone decide to separate some would love you know and with harmony that's the idea that we would like to have and we also announce birth so who had a baby in a sense of resolution so this is more frowned upon at all so even to mind this sort of rumor that accompany israelian or it used to this idea of sex orgies and just free love was it ever part of the movement and was it supposed to be or was it there on purpose or by accident or was it not there at all this sort of idea of people being very free with mixing I've never witnessed anything like that whatever I heard it at the media said that in our meetings we have orgies is so far from the truth because we talk about free love yes you're free to choose who you want to love if you want to be in a couple if you want to be monogamous or if you want to be poly amore everything's ok again if you don't hurt people everything is ok but some rail games they leave Enix with this couple some people's leave an open relationship some people are not in a relationship but there's no sexuality in the movement unless you're in your home with your with your friend or girlfriend there's no sexuality is that when you go to a festival of free love you know Burning Man it's not like people have sex outside maybe they go in the room after and play I don't know why Praetorian is everything like everywhere in the world but we do promote not being ashamed you know like the walk in in New York we participated and you walk in this castle because no one should be shamed for wanting to have pleasure you know our body parts that are giving us pleasure were created for that so by not getting pleasure we're between again our design so it doesn't mean that we have sex all day with with people in the gathering it's just in in our philosophy we promote pleasure and the we're not ashamed of the body you know so not to hide so nudity is okay if you want to if you want to be naked in your home or in the beach or anywhere everything's okay I think that makes sense from an atheist perspective the only reason to have religious taboos is if you're religious and if you believe that there's a supernatural creator that said don't do this and don't do that well we do believe in a creator will create earth but the way we perceive things are different so we think that yes they created our sexual order to reproduce but also for pleasure it's like betraying again our genetic code and our design because we were designed by designers for for pleasure and to hide the body is to be ashamed of the creation of the design so it's kind of an insult to the Creator that I'm ashamed of my body because it's a now what about your creators the Elohim have you got Elohim Bob and Elohim Mary and Elohim jo and Elohim characters up there in the heavens that you can give your love to or have a special devotion to have a little shrine in your home do you have that sort of personalized relationship I love well the only Charter we know about from Ralph messages in this book is Yahweh nobody else is mentioned by name but we know there are 700 internals and a few billions in the planet of the civilization of the eternal but sometimes we do meditation where we imagine you know coming going to the planet and being welcomed by them and it always brings tears to my eyes and very emotional because we read a body we know about it we understand it we accept it but it's not something concrete right so when we close our eyes and meditate that's when you make the connection um I think that was the original meaning of prayer to connect with a lot of creators and I think it's possible with telepathy but it's very general and it can imagine like a few people standing welcoming us in a really look like yeah they look like a way well describe them the people that he met there have a little bit of an Asian moving in features black hair long black hair beard lives with almond shaped eyes but they're smaller they're shorter like that one point three meters so there are a lot smaller compared to us but some you know you can see mixes right so or other things there maybe their planet doesn't have any more pure races because in so many years mixed but another seven languages and seven races I always just give an opportunity for my guests to talk a little bit directly to the audience and so what would you say to anyone is listening well I would say open your mind except yourself that people around you spread love we need it so much you know there's a lot of media negative coverage just judge for yourself anything you do in life just make sure it's coming from you because we're so we're stained you know with education and society will we go up the school family workplace where sometimes we have ideals and values that are not really ours so try to find what sure yours we know what's ours going to mark something in us you know so when something sparks something in you and it's positive just explore it yeah okay will do if you can get a dozen questions ready don't know all you got to do in it all you got to do you got to do