Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-10-17 - Ticer Tice

Author Recorded Thursday October 17th, 2019

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Ticer Tice left a strange comment on my YouTube channel asking me to contact him on Facebook, so I did. He was very friendly and agreed to be my guest. I must admit that I was quite disturbed by what he had to say. God help us all.

Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-10-17 - Ticer Tice

Author Recorded August 14th, 2016



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hi this is ty surtax and you are listening to Catholic versus Protestant so tell the listeners a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe what you believe so I'm just your average American citizen I'm 36 years old I'm single I live alone I became a Christian when I was like 16 years old I believe in the five books and how I got there was basically I was preaching to somebody and he told me I was reading from a job with his Bible and I tried to figure everything out and I was I found out Paul was a false apostle I started taking books out of Paul and I heard five books in a dream and I started taking other books affiliated with Paul and I heard also the books or the Gospels of Thomas and Philip and I decided to try to pick out the book of Revelation to basically stop trying to get the five books because I thought maybe this was just a coincidence of the dreams and sequences of the being of relevance so I took out the Book of Revelations to my surprise and a book of Isaiah it says o Lucifer son of the morning star and second Peter it says until the morning star Springs in your heart until Lucifer Springs in your heart and in Revelation it says I'm the descendant of David our Savior supposedly saying and the bright morning star he's saying I'm also losing firm and Joel chapter 38 verses 6 through set venus is when i are saved our Father in heaven speaking a job I believe he said when I set the cornerstone thereof which cornerstone is was stability ejected when I said Jesus yahushua thereof and the more stars worship me went and when Lucifer worship me and the sons of God saying so I had the five books there are Matthew John there John the Gospel of Thomas and gospel Phillip and with the five books new they take out the race card the woman card in the contradictions and I've been preaching the five book going on through the years and a couple of months and I actually made the facebook tighter ties because of the five books by what authority do you claim that these five books are the Canon of Scripture that's different from the traditional Canon that was fixed to by the Roman Catholic Church well to give you a long story short I have maybe three confrontations and there's at least maybe up to ten confirmations in a Bible that revolve around five and that would be my answer for that question okay and how certain are you that you've discovered the five books that belong in the Canon of Scripture and that there are no other books that belong in the Canon of Scripture how certain are you I'm actually a hundred percent certain because actually I actually met our Father in Heaven and angel Gabriel and the dreams and I started flying in my dreams and I didn't start having these dreams as till I started gathering two five books there was a guy actually on Facebook I talked to and he actually was preaching on his Facebook Matthew John and Mark I actually picked Matthew John at first John but I try to explain to him at the end of Mark there's a multiple endings for that book and also the five books they actually take the brain start out and take the woman car down they take the contradictions so even that person that did come up with different books if they continue to have the Gospels that basically keep a slavery card in basically that keep the woman to still be under Paul's rule of they can teach or if they basically have contradictions and then they will be actually not allowing those sets of group not be allowed to come to the truth which is shoot and set them free can you talk about the God that you worship is he one person is he Trinity of three persons Father Son and Holy Ghost talk a little bit about your God what you believe about your God so I don't believe we're posed to call him God I believe we're only post a comment further in heaven and he's a a male I met him and he's one and the son as his son and we are the children of him also okay what will we have waiting for us at the moment of death if we were good and faithful and what will we have waiting for us at death if we were evil and selfish okay so if you were to obey the eleven commandments also I preach we are to be not wet it because it says in 2230 of matthew and the resurrection we are to be as the angels in heaven they do not marry and are given a marriage and that says in a book of Philip I believe it's verse 80 it says if you do not gain resurrection while alive when you die you you will gain nothing so you have to gain resurrection and we have to be as the angels and heaven to gain resurrection would they do not marry nor are given in marriage and I preached that we are to abstain from meats anything from animals we are not to eat because they are basically part of a ritual and when you consume those products you're actually taking apart a ritual and I believe evil spirits they answer you and that's why you are always basically and oppression or I'll continuously wanted to eat after you you already are food because they continuously want to be in your body so on a negative note on a positive light Timothy he's part of Paul's group and Timothy says in 1st Timothy chapter 4 verses 1 to 3 and the last times they will be saying not to wear and to abstain for me so basically if you do not follow the love of Commandments and if you do not preach the word and Matthew 12:30 it says if you do not gather with me you'll be scattered aboard you'll be thrown into if you do not you know basically preach the word and save people and be a disciple so you have all those elements to be a Christian and if you succeed you know you're baptized and if you succeed you will go to heaven and it will be for eternity and you will get your own matching in heaven and you might be able to even a fly and I believe there is levels and in heaven but if you fell you will be for eternity and how in Matthew 25:41 there's a verse about it and Matthew 25:46 and even in the Book of Psalms he promises David that we will live for eternity so that is my point of view on heaven and hell okay can you talk a little bit about your family life did you have both parents did you have siblings was it a peaceful home a violent home what was it like at home free growing up so we are reincarnated many many lives so this is not my first life nor is it really anybody's okay there is a statement our Savior said that many that are first will be last I'm not sure if he's talking about good or bad people but I want to just say this that people pick their parents so I picked my parent when I killed my last life because I did had a dream that I was in his flood and there's been a story of a flood happening some time ago mm-hmm in a history books of the Native Americans anyways I picked my family I picked my mom it's not because I thought she was going to be wealthy it's because I knew my mom was most likely not going to be wealthy and let me explain that and I don't recall but I'm gonna do this logically why did picker is because I knew if I was to be too spoiled or rich or with a different person that their family whoever mother I could have picked in my family tree I would not have been Who I am today with the humbleness and with not so given treatment of the riches of life of somebody in an inheritance or a lifestyle so when I pick my mother I believe that she was meant to be my mother for struggles so my my bringing up was not actually the greatest I actually my mom was usually gone she was basically licious Chava chip she was doing drugs but she wasn't doing drugs when I picked her she was basically going to school to bring the being cosmetology but anyways my mom recently has passed away and I'm sure she'll be resurrected but my upbringing I'm Hispanic I was born United States and I had a great life I would say no I have a brother and his sister and I had my struggles but there's one thing that I I'm glad that I came to which I was in a Christian home for a while and so today answer that question I'd say my life was probably most likely as exactly as I hoped it to be so I can learn to find humbleness and to learn to be and best spirits at the worst given times and what about your father did you know him at all um actually he passed away before I was maybe 2 years old but I believe our Father heaven took them from my life because I have a greater purpose and I'm pretty sure he's already reincarnated and what about your siblings brothers and sisters do they have any religion at all can you talk about that my my sister she's a Christian and so as my brother they do try they do try did you ever go to any other kind of church besides the five book church that you found it is there another church that you tried a Baptist or a Catholic Church or anything did you try any other churches before you started your own church I was probably no more than seven years old when I was in a Catholic Church and I probably don't recall being there anymore and three four times and when I first time I was actually in a church that I was old enough order in suave I'll say is when my mom hid me in a Christian home and I was stood in there for like two weeks the first time and they asked me do you want to accept Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and I did and it's a good time I went there voluntarily when I was 16 or it could have been 17 anyways I basically accepted my our Savior being baptized in that church and so yeah and of the five book ministry I didn't decide to make it the last Church before that was a Seventh day Adventists but I I didn't decide to make the church I believe our Father Heaven used me basically to to make it do you have a vision that it will become popular or not um you know I I met a black Muslim woman or a dark-skinned and Muslim woman if you will and she asked her you know were you a christian beforehand and she said yeah and I actually was it the race card and she just nodded her head yes and it's because of those race versus even from the Old Testament and Paul's books but in John 6 32 it says Moses didn't give the bread and they five foolish virgins our Moses books because they didn't kill the 10 commandments but in the books of a book of Exodus Moses said I talked to our Father in Heaven and said this is too much for me to bear and he our Father in heaven said for him supposedly to call 70 outers and they basically were given some of the burden and that's when the elders were made which we now call Pharisees so basically without the 5 books like now she knows the truth now she could become a Christian all the verses about slavery and the Old Testament and the New Testament of that Paul and his partners basically preached you know if you serve your master serve with humbleness and and fear that was never part of our father's agenda and the five books are needed in this world and without the five books there's a lot of people they're gonna be suffering an eternal hell and they don't have hope and not to mention I preach that we are not to be eating anything of animals nor were posed to be wedded so it's all together it's a big package and it's a good package it's going to help everybody go to heaven typically in Christianity and in the Catholic Church in particular we talk about the 10 commandments that were given by God to Moses and through Moses to his people but you mentioned 11 commandments can you name all 11 for us place well we all know the Ten Commandments I don't know them by heart but I will say one thing about the one about adultery now they do have one I think it's in two I'm not because in Exodus where they say just - ah - I not commit adultery but I believe isn't it Durant Deuteronomy who are they actually say that do not even look at a woman with lust in you are any woman - to lay within a city well I know he does mention that two times in the New Testament about but it goes more in detail when you do look at it and it look at Dharana me he says do not lay do not cover a woman's nakedness and even into a woman but anyways yeah that's so what is the eleventh commandment that we are to love others as he loved us yeah have you ever been accused of being a little bit unstable mentally of you if you had people accusing you of being crazy in that way you know I might have got comment once or twice about being crazy like logic me like the proofs right there and I would say something else even our Savior said beware of the leaven the Pharisees and scribes and he he was talking about teachings and instructions of the scribes which they actually input in the Bible which are two books that I took out why do you think God waited 2016 years to reveal that there are only five books in the Canon of Scripture okay I do actually have that answer for you and that's a good question so first of all I did have fibromyalgia when I was gathering the books and I was healed after I gather two books okay let me let me get a little bit more depth in my fibromyalgia I used to feel electricity's for electricity from my head to my toe sometimes when I walk I used to feel tired I feel pinching every once in a while somebody pat on my back and heard it for hours and I would get tired you know my friend always say get a job get a job I explained to him so our father him and put me through that thing for a while and now your question why did he wait for 2016 years people had a choice for 2016 years seven times seventy I believe is the lies we are given if you look up people and reincarnation cases that people were called or last lives there's kids that's age of five years old and there's many people who look like people from the past so if you look at stars who look at people for the past even like Nicolas Cage has two people who look like for the past so those are them and so the reason why he gave us so much time is because he wanted to give us a chance I'm not sure to discover the five books I don't want to go there because we could the five books could spread basically over a month if I had enough advertisement if I had enough believers because there's social media there's YouTube there's Facebook there's Instagram the work has spread less than a year if people believed okay so why did he wait for 2016 years in a Book of Daniel it says hide the scroll hide the scrolls until the last days okay and now you can see and it says they will gain knowledge here and there a little bit of passages through on that Daniel I don't have the exact verses but I'm just showing you by memory so you could see that in the end days they had those scrolls will be revealed and those throws are the Gospel of Thomas and a Gospel of Philip but were discovered in 1945 and they basically were trying to destroy them all and they want to nobody know about them so now they're known I preached that Mary of Magdala as a proper cycle and I know you're like that not true but even in Luke and in Matthew they said she is not the woman at pour oil upon him that was Martha and Lazarus sister now in the book of Philip they did ask our Savior why do you love her more than us and before they asked that question it said Mary the love of the love more than all the disciples okay and nobody asked a couple why do you love her more than that so she's the most loved disciple and that's why I said it's like there's many accounts of who were in front of the cross errors there's like three or four cows they say Mary was always there and but and the last there's a book and Jonna says the disciple and I think I said Mary another Mary was put there and they said the disciple was there but the others are our saviors mother and he loved even that was married that's why she was always in those other scriptures where Mary and another Mary and another Mary even but the Thomas said three Mary's walk with our Savior and even at the Last Supper and a painting that she's there and the most loved disciple pit they laid her head upon his bosom so she is the most loved disciple she went to France she the King said if you grant us a son later God heaven and he brought us a son you for preaching and she did they had a son and now there's two crypts that have a remains underneath churches but she's the one that our Savior was talking about there's some here that won't taste that she's in heaven right now and so when we think about the Virgin Mary that's really Mary of Magdala and France they made a church in a cave where she they said she'd welded for 30 years an Angels took her from and to she's out hair that covered her body she didn't wear no clothing and the Statue of Liberty is most likely Mary of Magdala carrying 11th commandment and that such Liberty is no friend so the truth will set you free and the truth was meant for this generation because they we had so much time to repent and turn from a ways but it's on this generation that is destined that the five books we preach what would it take to falsify your worldview like what would it take for you to realize that you made a mistake and to walk away from it I don't think nothing you know let me I would like to explain a dream I had okay actually had a dream I met the devil and this is probably no more two three go and let me show you something about that dream that our Father heaven gave me to show everybody how great our Father is and how much the devil's to me so I was on a ship in my dream and I had no was somebody a man with me on a ship and I knew he was with me I was headed down the stairs to get something down a ship there and I knew when I was walking down the devil was on board now and I wanted to see how he looks so it was a board now as I was going down I was looking back and I was trying to look where he could be at and immediately I seen face looked like a horse's shiny fur but it like reddish maroon and I seem to eye looking straight at me and it was just a regular eye and I knew it was the devil's eye I wasn't scared because I already knew him was the devil I went down bored and I heard a man the man screaming so I ran up to tell him to me when I got up there I said leave in the name of yahushua are you who i said and i seen a man who was no more did i'll say he was actually squatting like he was kind of scared of me he had black clothing on and he had black hair he was a white man and he looked like he was afraid now that's the power of our Father in heaven he is showing me greater is me who is in the world I don't have nightmares like I said I've flown 73 times I met the angel of evil I had a fly to meet him our Father in heaven brought me to him actually the last the 73rd flight I had was when I was coming out underneath the porch somewhere I knew someone house and I asked I see nothing but pure white everywhere like flashlights were all on me and I want it in my heart I said I thought I wanted our Father ham to be there I said father heaven please be here and he was already there I believe because that's where all the light was I never seen such bright whiteness that people talked about and I asked well I didn't think he was there so I said well you know yahushua could you please be here and i seemed like a grayish type if it was a man standing there would be his face maybe just the shadows of the light coming off just a little circle it could have been a face i'm not sure but i can assure you that's a big possibility now it was our Father in Heaven and our Savior right here so what could make me ever change my beliefs about the five books well if I ever did that but why would I do that because first of all there's over three to five hundred million black people that believe that way that this is the white man's where they would never accept the Bible because it talks about slavery even other races will not accept the Bible because it talks about slavery then we got the woman card er basically no woman will probably want to be what had to gain resurrection you know I mean and that's another thing with Philip but they don't want to be married to somebody in Christianity religion well you're not supposed to be married I'm just using that as a some way to include the woman and the practices of being a Christian there's a theist si there's contradictions throughout the Bible and they're accurate I almost became atheist if it I didn't even take out the last book I took out was James and if I didn't take that out I was probably going to become an atheist or a different religion and the reason I took that out because basically at the last chapter I found it it says if you're sick let the outers later hand upon you and if you sin your sins are forgiven and that's why it was complete so for me to not preach the five book to show the scrolls that Daniel was holding to complete the five lamps the virgins carried then I would not be doing my mission on this world so I have to complete my mission and it's to complete and our fathers word will not come back void so I can never ever stop believing in the five books or being about to my book so that's the answer the question so obviously you have if you're I mean I don't believe in your religion but if someone believed in your religion they would see you as a very special man do you have a special rule that was given to you by the Heavenly Father is this what you believe well I would like to confess something like whenever I told you that I picked my mom now my mom she did job and one thing she did when I was a baby she says she was that one night when I was probably no more in a couple months old she she was high on PCP and so was my dad she said and she said she's seen God and in nighttime in the sky our Father in heaven asking like my father my father in heaven this earth my dad on this earth was hiding behind the truck and she says she's seen our Father in heaven saying go get your son I was a baby at the time she said go get your son and she told us multiple times to me to my family members to my sister and she got me she messed me up you know like like The Lion King I like to joke about it no snow song was nothing like that happened but like to like it yeah you know so anyway he's my friend he's I try to explain to him he's like well you would have to have some type of anointing I and I explained to well maybe I have the anointing I just explained to you you know my grandma came out she said give me give me she hit her a couple of times getting a baby like took me backside but the point is that if I was to be anointed it would have been there so am i special I'm special my father and have been all answered that that's double our will be my answer right there I'm special so far do you think that you were sort of born with addictions to psychotic drugs like PCP or maybe a vulnerability to paranoid schizophrenia any sort of psychosis have you been institutionalized at all because of your mother's drug use oh no no I mean at the time like I said my mom she wasn't doing no drugs when I was in their womb not even like my sister what happened was she was in cosmetology school even when I was yeah even when I was born she was going to cosmetology school if I'm not mistaken and it's when my dad left to uh California they got in an argument that's when she got into it heavy and stuff and she let herself go and so she had brothers and sisters they were honored to or certain drugs stuff it's just that but beforehand she told me she was being good but that by my dad miss letter and but we all have our personal choice in this world even though if we are guided to it it's our choice to do it yeah of course of course yeah yeah so what about Christ how does fit in why do you call your religion Christianity who is the Christ and what is the role of Jesus Christ well his real name is yahushua i know a lot people like to add the yahoo machine abiders rather call me who schewe the messiah I never already got into the Hebrew language of Messiah so so actually in the book of Philip it does say you know it does you basically mentioned Christianity and to be a Christian and from the chrism I believe it says we are Christians and we are to be a Christ so Christianity's basically I guess it really relates to the whole concept of being christ-like so it's kind of a word I guess I don't know in a nest a woman thing this is those who borrow the name of Christianity if they borrow it they are borrowing an interest if they don't receive the Holy Spirit but for those who do receive the Holy Spirit you know I mean they'd actually receive the Holy Spirit so it all goes together I guess so how many followers do you have today and how many followers do you think you'll have by the time you leave this life you know III don't know if I actually have any followers you know I know I had this one youngster in the middle Easter and I believe he was in part of the world he he said you better not be lying like I can understand he actually took me seriously maybe he came from a different religion and like I mentioned to you about black or dark skin at Muslim woman she probably could have um came a Christian there's I do have a couple of friends on Facebook I mean logic you answer that question I probably have maybe 26 followers on the like on a page about the five books on nicer types do you consider yourself to be a true Christian following the one true religion is that fair to say yeah I believe I'm a Christian and I believe I'm doing God's will our Father in Heaven as well and how many Christians would you say are alive today and how many Christians have there been since Jesus Christ ascended into heaven 2,000 years ago well I would say you know there's probably 2 billion Christians around the world and but how many people has died pretty being Christian I'll probably see around maybe it actually did the whole like you know everything you're opposed to I'll probably say like a hundred maybe 200,000 the monks were basically really practicing I believe the book of Philip and Thomas because they actually they don't marry because you know they're always in temples or are they basically neglect the whole world so he knew about the teachings they probably have it mixed up though so I'm I don't understand if you think that you belong to the one true religion then how can you consider there to be two billion Christians on the earth today if they accept all these other books that you have rejected well they're gonna find out about the five books but they could still obey the commandments and you know we are judged by many many lives so it's possibility that all of them all the lights are going to be using the judgment over it's like a work in progress yeah I see okay okay so I do have to wrap it up here but at the end of my episodes I asked my guests to leave the final thought just a positive message of hope so just to wrap up the episode what do you think you might be able to say to anyone that's out there listening now so there are people that want to come to believe in the five books and to what I preached I welcome you all and I assure you that I'm not lying and if you practice what I practice you're not going to have any desires for sex you won't be depressed and you won't have spirits of wickedness in you so I encourage all of you to do your research upon it and you will see that all the Scriptures do line up and so I want you guys to consider everything and take me seriously and I just want to say you know our Father in Heaven made a way for all of us and these artists CROs these are 10 days it's all around us and without these five books you will see that there's a lot of people that won't be saying so I encourage you guys to take them seriously and you'll see that I'm right thank you

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