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Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (aka Posie Parker) is the founder of Standing for Women. I reached out to her because she openly affirms that the only true definition of woman is an adult human female. Visit for more information.

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hi this is Posie Parker and you're listening to Catholic versus atheist so just tell the listeners a little bit about yourself if you would please who you are what you believe and how you came to believe what you believe okay so I'm Posie Parker I'm a 45 year old stay-at-home mother of four children I live in the United Kingdom in the southwest in this sort of rural town typesetting and my strong belief currently which is causing controversy is that I believe men cannot transition into becoming women and that biological sex is immutable and so I've arrived at this obscure belief just by being on the earth 45 years and it being a commonly held belief amongst humans since we had the ability to speak and it's now being challenged that actually because there are some men that think they're women although that is an arguable position and there are some women that think they're men and those people are also indoctrinating children into this nonsense it's now become a controversial thing to say absolutely not no way I'm not having it yeah if you would just talk a little bit about your childhood how you were raised if there was any religion in the home or if you were raised by atheist parents any sort of trend in terms of ideas that you were exposed to as a very young child please okay so I was raised in an atheist household my mother was a lapsed Catholic my mother had gone to a convent school and then my mother and father had got married at 17 and 18 and are still married and so in the absence of religion in my house it wasn't really replaced because my parents were working-class and young well-read but not particularly political so I guess the philosophy in my house was very much do unto others so you know is we live in a social Christian culture so much of my morality and I guess it was a Christian upbringing without the Christianity so my school was a Christian school because all schools state schools in the United Kingdom are Christian and that certainly dissolved over the last few years but we did our Nativity we prayed an assembly I was very much against that so I didn't pray in assembly when everyone else did I wasn't disrespectful but I just didn't pray and I just think it was just quite normal that you're you're just a decent human and you have respect for adults and I think I was very lucky to be born in 1974 when children were still very much allowed to be children and adults were adults and there was a very clear distinction between the two so that's the interesting thing I think nowadays that once the invention of pink plastic was a commercial thing that you could advertise to children and you could make things very boys and girls I think the separation between what we are allowed to like whether you're male or female became really acute in this sort of 90s and the and the 2000s because in 1974 I had a garage my favorite toys was my Weetabix car which I collected with tokens for a cereal packet and my toys if I had any I didn't have a great deal I didn't really like Cindy which is like a Barbie although she did have normal body proportions so it's a bit different but my you know Cindy's car was red Range Rover and my till so at my shop cash register was brown with yellow buttons so we didn't we hadn't had this very pink feminine pretty stuff forced upon us as children in the 1970s and 80s I think I think we were very lucky so I'm I'm quite a confrontational strong resilient woman but I also presents you know I wear makeup and I've got bleached blonde hair and and I like to look attractive and I also have fake nails and so on and I think that where we went wrong with the sexes is we try to pretend that they're the same and we can't possibly know really without society whether we'd be the same or different but if you look right through sort of mammals it simple that's the sexes have different roles however I do think as social creatures we need to be very careful that those observations don't become expectations so for example I've got three boys and a girl and I think that each of them should be able to do whatever job they want however I will also say if I was in a burning building and I was full story was up I draw other a strapping great big man came up the stairs to rescue me because I know that that man is likely to be stronger than a woman doing it so my my idea about the sexist these days is that we went wrong with motherhood we decided that motherhood wasn't that important and actually in order for women to be equal in the world even mothers should have the capacity to earn as swiftly as possible once she's had babies and I really do think that that is not a very nice thing for either the mother or the newborn baby but I think there are I quite like the differences sometimes between myself and my husband but they won't be the same differences in every household between a man and a woman my husband's amazing at cooking he's far more tactile than I am but he is you know twice my size and I'm better at DIY I'm much better at DIY than him so I don't know I think there's a good argument to say that socialization has a great deal to play in everything but I don't believe that we are created exactly equal because we have different roles especially when it comes to newborn babies which essentially is what the human race is supposed to do and that is to procreate and continue the race and I don't mean that moralistically that if you don't have children then your life has no purpose I just mean that stepping back way you're back from individuals and their situations you know that every species on this earth is supposed to continue I do often ask my guests about the left-right split it's very prominent in u.s. politics it's everywhere the left-right dichotomy can you just talk a little bit about how your feminism if you're comfortable calling yourself a feminist I don't know about that but how your feminism falls on a spectrum and if it has more moved from left to right or from right to left over the years please well two things one I no longer identify as a feminist and I use identify and with a very heavy heart I really have begun to loathe that word I think it's positively meaningless and overused but I used to call myself a feminist because I believe in the liberation of women and all these ethereal words that actually don't mean very much like the patriarchy and so on and so I don't call myself a feminist anymore and that will mainly be because I don't think feminists really means anything because somebody who's Pro prostitution will call themselves as a feminist also so I avoid that and call myself a women's rights campaigner for my whole life up until three years ago I was a paid-up member and voting on the left so I voted for the Labour Party and I voted for the Labour Party because they believe in investing in education they believe in investing in our health service and public services and helping the most needy however with good conscience I could never vote for that party again until they accept that what they've done to women by not allowing definitions in law and trying to eradicate what it means to be a woman in law and socially I couldn't with good conscience vote for them but there is nobody else to vote for anyway so in the United Kingdom you have the Conservative Party which you know people vote conservative because I think they're more trusted with money and actually you can say all the right things to all the right people about helping them but if you've got no money in the kitty you can't adhere to any of those promises so that would be somebody that voted conservative and we have the silliness of sort of saying if you vote Tory then you must hate the poor and all those things that go along with these divisions in politics and then the Liberal Democrats are just not worth voting for in the Greens I would never vote for the Green Party so that's you know that's where we are and feminism you know I've had a lot of arguments with feminists who seem to think that feminism belongs in the left and I actually think it is above politics party politics I think party politics are small-fry when it comes to the way globally women and the different sort of roots of attacks they will get the misogynist attacks from the left which are that women can be sex objects can be sold for money their bodies can be exploited they can be in sexual slavery they can be surrogates for people who want to rent their wombs and also that they don't really exist that's you know at the moment that's the misogyny coming from the left that anybody who says that a woman can be a woman and then the misogyny from the right is not the same as it is in the United States so we don't really have a very large group of people on the right who want to stop women's reproductive rights which is routinely sort of accused to be on the right even though I know people who are Catholic and very much on the Left who can't with good conscience ever agree that women could have a termination so I think at the moment I think left and right they're very not are not very useful when it comes to the work that I'm doing and I'm trying to get my message out to all women and men and children that what is happening is really scary and it's way too important to involve it in the minutiae of whether or not it's a left or right political view what do your opponents and enemy is say to critique you what's the most damning argument that they use against you meaning are there any areas where you need to improve no I've just been really honest with you saying that women don't have penises and that you shouldn't mutilate children's bodies there is no good argument to oppose it so the arguments will be that I'm a white supremacist or a Nazi that I'm a bigot that I'm right-wing you know anybody who says that you shouldn't transition children is automatically accused of wanting transgender children which I personally think is an oxymoron in the first place those two words do not go together under any circumstances and they will say that you know if you don't think a girl in America because should have a double mastectomy at 14 then you're not seeing a bigger so I would really welcome some good arguments but they always seem to be a concoction of Lies and emotion and baseless accusations I'm in a tricky situation as a cath when I talked to or interview so-called transgender person I want to love and respect this person as a human being and I want to be sensitive to the fact that they are very deeply wounded emotionally psychologically but at the same time I can't pretend that I'm okay with their agenda whether it's consciously their gender or whether they're just a little pawn in a very big game because you have to remember that from my Catholic perspective there's a spiritual battle taking place good against evil and there are precious souls on the line God wants your soul but so does Satan and there there's a big game of chess so I want to be sensitive to them as human beings but I don't want to cede any ground so you can't really give me advice from a religious perspective but just in terms of diplomacy perspective how would you recommend that I navigate that where I can stay firm but still be loving I think the ultimate act of love and compassion for a fellow human is not to indulge in something that ultimately causes them great harm you know the d'lai that they eventually will become whatever it is in their minds I they think they are heading towards that day's never coming you know I'm an atheist from birth and I've always felt that as an atheist there is no place in which I'm gonna find God you would probably disagree but because I think it's something that needs to embed in in an infant brain and I don't mean that disparagingly as if you have to be a child a baby ish I don't mean any of that I just mean that some of these really deeply held beliefs are more easy if you're young and if your life has always been part of that belief system but I must say some of the language when I do hear the yes speak about this like Sodom and Gomorrah you sort of think well more than anything I've encountered I do think this fundamental attack on what it means to be a man and a woman is more an existential crisis and something that that can only belong in some sort of heaven and hell' situation nothing else makes sense it's very dramatic it's really dramatic it's great do you know the Catholic Diocese where I live so we're under the Clifton diocese they pump this nonsense out in their schools that transgender is a thing really yeah what Pope Francis has spoken out against it people think he's so far left but yeah the church's teaching is very clear there are there are you know pro-choice Catholics and there are Catholics who want women priests and stuff like that and that is strictly forbidden and that's no offense intended to the women out there I mean the highest human ever created is a woman it's the Blessed Virgin Mary so there's no basis for attacking the church on the grounds of being anti woman or whatever but I want to get your perspective on so-called homosexuality what's your perspective on that I think consenting adults afraid to do whatever they like as long as it's not hurting anyone and I don't have to indulge or participate in it yeah that's the church teaching but the church teaching is also that you are hurting yourself if you engage in homosexual activity but do you have many allies that are coming onto your side of the battle and who are some of the heroes in the culture at large that you can look up to in terms of fighting the good fight for well not only women's rights but men's rights too well there's not many actually and most of them are unknown because anybody's speaking out against this is not given a platform so in Canada we've got Megan Murphy she's a good friend of mine and she's fighting very much fighting the good fight on behalf of women and the vitriol she receives from the Canadian Press and the trans activists in Canada is disgusting the only answer to that is that the Canadian Press seem to really hate women quite a lot in America we have an organization called wolf and the women's liberation fronts and they are doing the really gritty hard work of taking things to the Supreme Court and making challenges in law to try and protect women's rights because in America they're trying to get rid of any women's rights by saying that anybody can become a woman just by saying so and then in America you also have the Kelsey coalition journalist in America that are absolutely on point on this there's Madeline Kearns who's a Catholic working at the National Review she's doing phenomenal work she's just been on ben shapiro show so i'm hoping that she's gonna get picked up a little bit you know she's already fantastic but it'd be good if some of the main stream podcasts and media start talking to her then you've got brandon Showalter who writes with a Christian post he's doing some groundbreaking work over in the UK you've got some journalists Douglas Murray has just written something but there are no real heroes in this movement that are well-known that I can look up to because they're also very flawed so they might do some great work and then say that they don't want to work with anybody on the right which then just eradicate 50% of the women that needs their help and input and their kids you know are we saying that right-wing children children born into right-wing families deserve to transition because their parents having to vote for right-wing political parties it's crazy and I think it's worse from what I know and I don't I don't know this for sure from my feeling is the left of far more frightened by contamination from the right than the right is from the left yeah it's not productive and I don't know how we're gonna get beyond it and go back to what you said at the very beginning of this interview which is that your position is a common sense position with respect to something that is as obvious as the nose on your face yeah you know in terms of there are two sexes do you use words like gender and do you use words like Z or these different pronouns or you know do you cater to people's demands in that way at all absolutely not no I won't lie do you work around it or do you sort of as they would say throw it in their face if somebody was genuinely vulnerable and I don't believe most of these men are the way they talk about vulnerability is part of the fetishization of victimhood and what it means to be a woman which for them means to be a vulnerable flower that everybody needs to pander to and I wouldn't say that is what the experience of being a woman but I think that's part of the fetish and I think most of them altered liner files which is feta sizing about the embodiment of being a woman and you fall in love with yourself and lust with yourself as a woman and most of them want to find their route to that through a certain sort of pornography so I may use they if I absolutely had to if I really felt that it was not gonna serve a purpose for me so I was recently on the national TV and there was a man next to me who called himself a woman and I had to refer to him once in the third person so I've referred to him as they but it did make me pause because I would have used he normally yeah I saw that actually watched that it was a British news yeah it's called this morning it's quite a big sort of magazine it's one of the most-watched daytime shows it's a magazine show in the morning there was quite a bit of pressure on you to cave but you held your ground but I could see the pressure on your face that you were outnumbered therea yeah it's when you're in that situation and you're sat next to a man who the week before not the person who called themselves a woman so the host the week before had basically said to someone who who was a victim of rape that maybe next time they'll take a taxi home so you know very much that he's fully aware of what a man is and what a woman is and then he sat there and he's gas lighting you and he's telling you that you're unkind for saying that a woman is an adult human female and his wife sat next to him you know the three of them trying to talk about this poor vulnerable man who's now a woman and how terrible it is and not addressing any of the issues like the fact that in England a policeman can intimately search a woman's body as long as that policeman says he's female you know these are really terrible consequences of this stupidity and these three people the hosts especially are just sat there pretending that they don't really know why I'm even in opposition to this is just insane can you talk a little bit about the controversial billboard I've never seen it but I I heard I heard it thrown around that you had arranged for some sort of billboard or something like that is that true I did so last year in the summer I with my friend Dennis Allen who's probably actually one of my heroes in the movement and DOX Julia long I sort of said to Venice we need to get to the what is the absolute center of this entire debate what is it what is the thing that we're gonna lose that there's something central and I was like well came up with the fact that it's a word woman meaning the dictionary definition it's a very neutral thing it's a fact and so what we did in black with white writing as we put woman and then underneath the phonetic woman and the noun adult human female and we put that up on a billboard in Liverpool near the left-wing Labour Party conference and the idea was that the trans activists would get so cross and they would make a real fuss and it would really show up the fact that this really is a war on women and that's exactly what they did and more frightening than they're making a fuss because that was predictable was the fact that the Billboard company took it down on what basis because it was transphobic and they should have worked out when they got the copy that it was a transphobic message the dictionary definition of a woman and they put a big statement out about it and yeah it was sort of accused of being hate speech well so are there other if you'll forgive the word are there other stunts that you have in mind for the future I also lit up I put the dictionary definition in lights all over the National Gallery we did the Royal Opera House the BBC I've done a protest outside of Stonewall which is like an LGBT organization which is basically all about the tea and we did one and a half meter by one meter boards of the post-surgical pictures so the when a girl has a phalloplasty when a girl wants to make a pretend penis she gets the entire forearm of all the skin of her forearm gets removed and then what they do is they replace that forearm skin with thigh skin from the thighs so they take a graft from the thigh and then they patch it up because the thigh is more hairy and so that appendage never works and I read about one girl having thirty-one corrective surgeries because part of the complication was urinating out of a different orifice getting numerous infections having a stoma bag or a colostomy bag I don't what you call it you know not being able to sort of have a bodily function she was in hospital for over a year and so we put some of these not really not they were graphic but they weren't the sort of they weren't the genitals basically because that would just been too obscene but we put big boards outside of this sort of teacher conference because obviously our education system is being coerced and and manipulated to teach this to children so I've done that I think stunts in the future I don't know because it's only worth doing a stunt if the media pick it up you know though they picked up the Billboard they picked up the fact that I wasn't allowed to put my message on buses in Edinburgh in Scotland and that John Lewis said wait trays are quite a posh supermarket wouldn't put the billboards outside so they've done that I don't know I I guess I just have to keep trying to find things to do until everybody knows about it because the more people that know what's going on I think they'll oppose it what sort of budget have you had and where do you get your money I get my money from people buying t-shirts and stickers so what that enables me to do is to not really be accountable so I don't have to tell anybody or ask anyone's permission because most of them buy a t-shirt and I make sort of three pounds from the sale of a t-shirt and so that sort of builds slowly and sometimes people donate if you run something like this and you ask for donations and people kind of feel like it's their money that you're spending but when you sell a t-shirt two things happen number one you advertise your message every time somebody wears that t-shirt so it becomes I've had people write to me and say that they met somebody else with a t-shirt and they had chat or people have approached them to ask them about the t-shirt and what it means so absolutely I'm so proud of this idea of sticking this message on a t-shirt and stickers because it just becomes a conversation and a billboard in its own right and then you know that some of the biggest stunts like when you illuminate something that costs about four thousand pounds so the money comes it gets spent it pays for me to do my traveling because I have four children I don't really have a spare budget to do all this activism it's enabled me to buy sort of podcasting type equipment and cameras and the budgets not been massive and it's difficult to quantify because actually I have to buy a large stock of t-shirts and then hope they sell so it's difficult to quantify just because it gets spent very quickly are there X trends that come on board with your campaign that ever happen or is that something that you can envision happening in the future there are people that have D transitioned or even have transitioned that support what I do but I've run this very much I have Tim advisors one my friend Venice who she's so brilliant when it comes to how the public perceives things because I'm a bit like I want to do this I'm gonna do it and I do it and sometimes she'll be the person saying it's not quite advisable I don't think that's gonna get the response you think you're gonna get so she's fantastic and so I don't participate too much in collaborations or committee stuff because I think a that hinders what you want to do often because if you start trying to get approval from everybody you don't get anywhere very fast and also I just like doing things quickly you know what I do is very conscience based so I don't think I can stop doing this now because I can't unsee what I know I can't unknown I have met parents in Washington whose children have been lost to this cult who have had double mastectomy Xin Braddock or hysterectomies and think their parents are hateful because they don't want them to mutilate their bodies and I I can't walk away from it and I can't ask anyone's permission so I do prefer to do most of what I do on my own but what is more uplifting is I'll get an email from somewhere right in the middle of a red state in America who can't talk to anybody about this or rather a very woke state Oldtown their kids have to go to school and they they have to share locker rooms and their church is all pro-trans and then you you know someone's just recently come in and done a whole big LGBT inclusion at their church or their community centers and so on and they they feel like they're going mad because they think something that nobody else does that ten years ago everybody thought the same and then they'll watch one of my videos or they'll hear about me somehow and their rights mean you can feel it in their words that they're so relieved that they're not insane that actually they're not the only person in the world that thinks that women don't have penises and it's wrong to transition children and I get loads of letters like that and maybe I'll publish them and redact some of the details because sometimes it makes me very I don't have many experiences where I feel sort of an overwhelming sense of sadness or fear or whatever when they took the Billboard an eye I did feel very frightened because it was real because it wasn't just some silly people on social media this was a large profiteering corporation that decided that my message was against the interests of their profits which that worries me and it happened again to me today when I saw a girl she was in a car and she was crying because she'd gone and used a urinal for the first time and at the elation on her face about being able to use the urinal and I just thought I can't imagine that nobody realizes that's really messed up that somebody has pinned so much on doing something that actually really is physically impossible and won't last she won't be able you know her her fake appendage went last sort of a decade I'm sure shall have numerous complications that may live to regret it I interviewed a very controversial Protestant Christian gentleman by the name of Bill what caught he's been sued multiple times he's had to pay fifteen thousand two transgender and person that I interviewed recently Morgan O'Shea do you see any overlap in terms of the sort of activism or do you think it's apples and oranges whatever your view on homosexuality it's not really any of your business what two people do in the bedroom behind closed doors as far as I'm concerned that will go for any sort of sexuality as long as they're consenting adults I don't think it's anybody's business however once you start marching up and down the road it's not just saying we would like equal rights but it's saying look at what we want to do to each other and look at our fetish which must be if I was a gay man and I I wasn't into sort of those sorts of things I'd be really annoyed that actually my entire community was being painted as some sort of fetish perverts so I've heard of Bill more interestingly I've heard of Morgan who is a typical abusive man he's a really horrible misogynist vile man and he has way too much power and Trudeau is an idiot Trudeau is he's like the guy that was really good looking at school and then got old and he's still trading on the fact that he was a good looking guy at school is he Catholic we can't be Catholic when he's constantly forcing drag queens in people's faces my children went to a Catholic school we are very fortunate they went to a Catholic school when we lived in Bristol which is a larger city and we can't get them in here but there's something about Catholicism and most decent religions and that says it's a trade and you have to kind of do you the good stuff in order to be part of that community so you know I and I know that Catholics are humans as well and they've done terrible terrible things and and there are great people and bad people and and so on but I thought the goal of of wanting to be part of the immunity and and the community of the church and the kingdom of Christ is that actually he you do have to work towards it right you can't just say it yeah put your money where your mouth is for sure yeah he seems far too conceited to have ever I can't imagine him bowing his head to pray can you I don't know I really don't know him I just know that he's pro-choice and this is an issue of course that you you're on his side not on my side but even if you're not a vegetarian I think you can see the hypocrisy and someone that claims to be a vegetarian while gorging themselves 24/7 on meat right look I used to think it was just a purely anti-woman position to force a woman to have a baby but if you think that that baby is put there by God you can't really have any other position than pro-life surely because it's not yours it's a gift from God so it would be nonsensical to then be pro-choice Annette yeah are you still in touch with some friends from primary school high school and what do they make of your activism so I I sort of met my husband when I was quite young and most of my friends at school were male so I don't see many of them but my older friends they just agree with me and they think it's great I mean by hook or by crook and certainly not by any purpose I've become one of the most known people probably globally who are fighting against this stuff and that will include things like the safeguarding of children in schools and so you can't really oppose that there's not many people that can up then really can defend teachers talking about masturbation to primary school kids that's quite indefensible no matter where you are on the work spectrum scary scary stuff we're living in dangerous times from a Catholic perspective it's it's really devastating what do you make of this men's rights movement or whatever it's called I'm not into it obviously but what's up with it is there anything good in there is it just a bunch of trash I expect there are some good things in it Thanks if the men's rights activists were talking about male suicide and trying to change the way men deal with their problems I think it would be a really valiant exploit however I have yet to have any more than a few sentences of a conversation with someone calling themselves a men's right activist that didn't make me think they're just really really hated women okay have you heard about the pickup hardest movement is that connected yeah sad as a man you know these things don't happen in a vacuum you can't have somebody trying to sell this idea of a quick way to get a woman if we didn't live in the culture and the society in which we live which is a transactional often vacuous situation you know we've we've told women that their sexuality is the same as men's we've told men that their sexuality is all about trying to get as much from a woman as quickly as she possibly can when it comes to sex and I don't think either one of those situations is very healthy in the long term so nobody does well from that a pickup artist maybe he gets to sleep with a hundred women in a year or all 5,000 whatever it is but at the end of it I don't think they're a happier more content human I think he might need some reconstructive surgery on his appendage at that point he had probably well it's just you know if if you constantly do something casually and frivolously then when you do it with meaning it no longer has the meaning you want it to mm-hmm there's a Canadian by the name of as young kamesh II have you heard about controversy a few years ago surrounding him he's he I have you sir he was a radio DJ charismatic good-looking apparently he got the ladies but he liked it rough and when the story broke that some of the women were not happy more and more women started coming forward yeah he smashed me against the wall and I said no and he just kept going and he he got in a lot of hot water and my opinion was not very popular among my friends I said well these women if they were Catholic then they would find a nice Catholic boy and there would be no sex before a marriage and it would avoid a lot of these problems and my atheist friends obviously found that rather a silly and useless fantasy when faced with reality that most women today are experimenting with sexuality in their early teens if not before their teens at 11 12 years old and it's a reality that we can't just wish away we don't live in a Catholic Society so we're doing really if he'd been a Catholic yeah I would have solved all the problems but my point was that if you play with fire you're gonna get burned on some level they like danger they liked taking a risk and with this particular guy they got burnt is that a fair assessment or not two things one I think we have two separate acts of criminal abusive behavior yeah and that even if you put yourself in the way of that still isn't your fault if it happens it's just like you I would advise you know if I was out with some friends and then my friend was talking to a really charismatic man and I got the feeling from him that he wasn't all that he was cracked up to be then of course I would say to her don't go home with him but if she still did and something happened to her I wouldn't say well you shouldn't have gone home with him but I get it I think in some of these cities thing I think in some of the situation's it's a very fine line between victim blaming and taking responsibility so it's not my responsibility if somebody else does something bad to me but I do have to have the responsibility that there are bad things and bad people in the world so I have to ensure that I make my decision making is very risk-averse when it comes to putting myself in harm's way which is why I've never been a victim of anything because folks I really don't put myself in harm's way but you still can't blame anybody but the perpetrator of a crime if a crime happens I should just state for the record that I don't think that this man did anything wrong according to his worldview or that he did anything wrong according to the laws in Canada I think he just likes rough sex and I don't know what your history is like with sex but I mean I've been in situations where the woman wanted me to beat her up and I've said no because it doesn't do anything for me you know there's a lot that goes on behind closed Taurus right we live in a world called porn land that's why and all of our boundaries and sensitivities and accept it we're no longer and I use we as somebody who doesn't watch porn but we live in a society now where it's almost it's normalized that you are injured or hurt or that that's what happens in sex but I went to Thailand and the place I went to in Thailand we didn't know it at the time but it's like the pedophile capital of Thailand for a start but it's also it was absolutely brimming with Russian and Western men with oh fish vile awful they were just so horrible you could feel the misogyny as you walk past and I say that knowing that I probably sound silly but you could feel it and I kept my children very close and I stayed very close to my husband because it didn't feel very secure and it was just horrible and the way that women were laughing at the way the men were laughing it was very much about it described the power very very clearly and you knew that many of these women you know we're not in a happy situation and probably being paid for their company and that sort of place is what happens when men don't have successful relationships with women and I mean mothers sisters daughters wives because those men were acting in a way where they had no gatekeeping to the absolute destructive behavior that I think men are capable of and I say that not really believing that men are terrible humans any more than women it's just that men are much more controlled by their sexual urges whether that's nature or nurture whether that's how we socialize men to be or whether they're born that way I can't possibly tell you and I don't have that in my house because I married a fully fledged grown-up who doesn't hate women but there is something about the female in a social grouping that makes it a much better place to be mm-hmm there was someone who left a nasty comment to me on YouTube so I responded and I asked him if he was a compulsive masturbator and my spellchecker on Chrome underlined the word masturbator so I thought I spelled it wrong so I typed it in to google-searched masturbator and the first link okay the first thing that came up and I don't look at porn I don't look at anything disgusting on the internet since my conversion in 2009 and the first thing that came up was and I thought why is masturbator giving me a link to I mean I buy a lot of books on why does the word masturbator give me a link to Amazon so I clicked on it and I do regret it but I just want to share what I saw young teenage girls lying on their stomach pulling down their panties these are adults by the way I'm talking about silicon lifelike dolls with their behinds arched up slightly too aroused the purchaser of this product and they were surprisingly cheap but I really want to contact the manufacturer of that and find out how many of these do you sell and can we please have like a public list of people that buy this and I can't believe that when I shake hands with a businessman he might have had his hands on this young girl's plastic behind the night before I am disgusted I mean I'm more disgusted by myself because I was a sick masturbator myself for many years before my conversion and by the grace of God I don't masturbate anymore I don't look at porn anymore by the grace of God I'm no one to look down my nose at anyone I can guarantee you that but having seen the light it is rather disgusting and disturbing to see the lifelike products that are being sold on Amazon what's your comment on that well the free market does enable the most atrocious actions doesn't it but how is that legal to have what is obviously a very young girl with her Catholic girl skirt hiked up and her little lace panties pulled down around her knees and this is a full-size doll but there's no torso okay you have is legal it's legal because ultimately there are many pedophiles in positions of power and it's big money child trafficking can cause Wars as far as I'm concerned I think there are things there are situations in this world created to enable people to extract children so I think the global market of children for sex is too big for us even to imagine without weeping every night as we try and sleep but that's that's something to end on a positive note that's you know I I do think that at the beginning and end of this world there are some pretty evil people and they are very very powerful but I have to go and collect my husband from the train station okay okay do you have one minute left to say the final thought because I end of my interview I do ask the guests to leave the final thought just a little positive message of hope something cheery and bright so what do you think you might be able to say to anyone that's out there that's me know that with all good conscience everybody knows what is right and wrong and we all have the power to actually live by what we know is right and wrong and we don't need anybody else to validate our opinion on what is right and wrong because we have our conscience to rely on that's it