CVS Live - 2022-04-07 - Authority Part 12 (Pastor Artur Pawlowski)

Author Streamed Thursday April 7th, 2022

I've been following the hateful and unlawful persecution of Artur Pawlowski for months now. He is a real Christian walking the walk, and not just talking the talk. I am doing this video in order to highlight some of the existing interviews, because I don't want to reproduce them, but I want my audience to be aware of them and watch them:

CVS Live - 2022-04-07 - Authority Part 12 (Pastor Artur Pawlowski)

Author Streamed December 4th, 2021



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all right i am live this is gonna be a really quick one i just am doing this in preparation for my interview uh which will take place in about an hour and a half my interview of pastor artur pavlovsky hope i'm saying that right pavlovsky and uh if you don't know him then go and find out i'll get the links i'm going to put the links below here and i'll put the links below my interview which uh god willing will take place in about an hour and a half so a true hero canadian hero a polish canadian hero a man fighting for the truth for freedom and so i just want to share a couple of uh links you can find lots and lots of videos of pastor artur this one here on the screen now is laura lynn tyler thompson she agreed to come on to be a guest in a week or two she's very busy i think she may still be down in the states traveling around but uh love laura lynn love her a lot i've been following her she's my all-time top favorite uh alternative media person i also like uh rebel news and here we have you can see on the screen i've got uh video by rebel news you can check all these out journey put it this way i have an opportunity to come you can check all these videos out uh there's another good one over here please get out get out of this property immediately get out this one's good get out of this property immediately out i don't want to hear anything out of this property immediately i don't want to hear a word out of this property immediately until you come back with a warrant out out out out out out of this property immediately out immediately go out and don't come back that's right someone has to stand up to the tyranny and pastor artur has been doing just that what's his crime why is he considered one of the most dangerous criminals in canadian history why because he preached the gospel during a pandemic okay there may be other accusations against him but basically he was defiant of the tyranny he's defining defiant in the face of the tyranny here in canada it's ridiculous absolutely absurd so i made a donation today a very small donation you can make a donation go to the link you can see on your screen here save our rebel news all of them this doesn't this isn't normally a selling point but all of the money goes to the lawyers all of the money goes to the lawyers that's not normally a selling point like i said but in this case we need justice to be served we need good lawyers to fight these cases and there are many many cases that are going to be coming before the judges these are relatives of artur we have his brother david and his son i forget his son's name um this one you can find on youtube hello my name is david pavlovsky i am the brother of pastor arthur pavlovsky and i'm nathaniel pavlovsky the son of pastor arthur pavlovsky so the volume there is very low pastor arthur has been arrested maybe you can find another version of that but the volume is very low on this particular video and it does appear on arter's channel so lots of content you can see here on bit shoot for example i like to use bit shoot you know it's a bit radical sometimes you can see lots and lots of content pertaining to his arrest his journey generally i think he spent over 50 days in jail in alberta if i'm not mistaken calgary maybe red deer so i'm really looking forward to meeting him virtually over the google meet video chat software really looking forward to meeting him and talking with him and uh the reason i'm putting all these links together in them anymore there's just a few samples but um i believe stu peters came out with an interview of him my wife told me that let's check it out stu i'm not a huge fan of stupiders but let's see if it's up i'll do newest first here we go let's check this out for a few minutes here how's the volume it's buffering but the reason i'm putting the links is just because i don't want to repeat uh the same format i want to dive a little bit deeper into the religious experience more deeply than some of the other interviews but i want people to see his story and to go and watch these videos that he's done it's buffering i don't know if anything's going to play here i think viva frey may have done a talk about him if not with arter himself i reached out to viva fray because i'd like to interview him even though i'm not not a super huge fan but i did become a lot bigger fan when i saw him on the streets in ottawa wow yeah that really got me on board with viva frey wow what a guy so much chemistry with the ordinary people on the street and he seems very authentic and genuine i love that i'm not terribly interested in law per se and that's mainly what he talks about when i saw him but when i saw him on the streets in ottawa i fell in love with him and many people are in love with aviva frey too he's become very very popular so i gained a lot of respect for him because he went to ottawa and the work that he did the the genuine connection he has with the people on the street so i'm excited about some of these alternative media sources lorelin's my favorite she's christian she's sweet she's innocent and she's authentic and real i love rebel news i take it with a grain of salt because you never know with rebel news i don't know sometimes if they are doing a little bit of theater but uh some of the uh i do like i do have to admit i like every single person that i see on there in terms of the journalists and the hosts of the shows alexa level is my favorite because she's from quebec and she's got that charming quebecois accent and i've invited her on the show but she hasn't responded too busy too too famous so sort of those sorts of things she really blew up too in ottawa because of the attention she got and the i guess she was assaulted by a police officer [Music] and i think she's going to be probably sicking some of the rebel news lawyers on the people involved in that assault i don't know what the deal is i wish everyone well that is fighting the tyranny that's all i can say so i'm gonna go uh take a shower i got home from work had some food i'm gonna take a shower and prepare myself spiritually to meet with jesus christ and alter christus another christ in the person of pastor arthur pavlovsky and if you think i'm exaggerating it's because you haven't seen his testimony of his experiences in prison you have to watch his in interviews that's why i'm doing this little quick video about authority the authority with which jesus christ acts the authority with which he acts in his members he uses people like artur and others obviously as instruments of god's will and instruments of grace and it's amazing it's an amazing amazing story and i don't know how deep i'm going to get into the story because i want to cherish the little time i have with archer to talk about jesus christ and just direct my audience to some of these videos like laura lynn's and rebel news so that's it i hope you'll tune in and watch my interview of pastor harter that should be happening in about an hour and a half i'm very very excited and until then we'll talk very soon take care and god bless bye

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