Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-05-25 - Kent Hovind

Author Recorded Saturday May 25th, 2019

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Dr. Hovind is a famous Christian creationist who taught science and math in highschool for 15 years. He thinks the Catholic Church is anti-Christ, while I believe that it is Christ, so much of our chat was about those differences. We also discuss evolution vs. creation. I enjoyed meeting him.See for more info on his ministry.

Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-05-25 - Kent Hovind

Author Recorded August 14th, 2016



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hello this is Kent Hovind in Lennox Alabama and you are listening to Catholic versus Protestant tell the listeners a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and how you came to believe what you believe today well okay my name is Kent Hovind I was a high school science and math teacher fifteen years I was raised in the Lutheran Church the Mennonite Church the Methodist Church and when I was 16 I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ got born again and became a child of God and started going to a Baptist Church and I guess if your program is Catholic versus Protestant I'd have to put myself in neither category the Protestants really started when Martin Luther protested against the Catholic Church with the 95 theses and the Wittenberg Church and he said I protest but there was even at that time there was a group of people who were not Catholic who were just simple Bible believers they've gone by different names down through history the wahlid NCN is the Baptist the Anabaptist etc so I guess I'm in category C the Baptist sure talk if you would just a little bit about your childhood some of the earliest memories that have to do with religion well my family mom and dad are descendants of Norwegian immigrants all for my grandparents immigrated from Norway in the late 1800s and settled in La Crosse Wisconsin almost all the Norwegians are Lutheran and so that's kind of the background my parents had and so my earliest memories as far as church I guess we're going to the Lutheran Church which is pretty much full of ceremony and pomp and things that I don't see in Scripture much in the New Testament church but that's kind of stuff they did my parents started a club called the walking or wheeling Club the Wow club to help polio victims and people in wheelchairs polio really hit hard when they started vaccinating people against polio started causing it all over the place and many people in the early 50s got polio I was born in January 53 and so my earliest memories I guess would be taking the people in wheelchairs up and down ramps and into activities bowling and stuff like that and we did that quite frequently my parents held there version of a Bible story every night and taught us quite a bit about the Bible I was not a Christian is not a believer it was more of a religion but um yes my dad was electrical engineer at caterpillar Tractor my mom was a kindergarten teacher public school for 20 years and so my mom really really focused on teaching us very early in life to read to love reading to read fast and to comprehend you know to focus and study and my dad taught us just everything about electrical plumbing heating we built nine houses I have built nine houses I guess in my career and so dad taught us all kinds of stuff I could build a house from the ground up design and everything so I'd have to really credit my parents with a lot they were just fabulous fabulous parents so I remember many many fond memories of both them if we moved when I was three to a newer house my dad built and we helped finish that off and then moved again when I was a senior in high school out to Groveland Illinois where we built another house right on the lake yeah I got a near ideal childhood except for they were not they were certainly not Baptist I guess and when I became a Baptist they became concerned that this was a little far off the beaten track compared to but they believed with the Lutheran we joined the Mennonite Church for a while about four or five years my formative years of maybe seven to twelve roughly and then because my dad had been a sergeant in World War two in the Marines and the Mennonites er you know pacifists they kind of gave him a heart or look down on him I guess for being involved in the war and so he felt uncomfortable I guess we joined the Mennonite or Methodist Church in Morton Illinois and I'm boy scouts there became an Eagle Scout when all through scouting with the Methodist Church and it was again a lot of pomp and circumstance in the Methodist Church ritual and little real spirituality I guess from what I'm looking back on it now I enjoyed it had a good time did not learn much about the Bible when I was 16 and got saved I started going to the little Baptist Church I really flourished I guess in my spiritual growth were you ever a theist and if not how close did you ever come at your darkest moment to dabbling with atheism I don't think I ever did I remember being very fascinated at an early age probably six or seven or eight with dinosaurs and I read prolifically on dinosaurs hundreds of books and you know children's books on the topic and I just thoroughly believed they live millions and millions of years ago because that's what all the books said and so I could name all the dinosaurs and knew what era theta came from and all that stuff and and and now I realize it is absolute propaganda it's pure baloney all the dinosaurs lived at the same time with people Adam and Eve and they were created in six days just like the Bible says God made everything in six days so dinosaurs was the hook I guess I would say the devil used to draw me into believing the earth is billions of years old and that's the hook he uses from men millions of people to getting him started off down the wrong track so that was became a passion of mine right our website today is dr. Dino dot-com my phone number is 855 big Dino shell like dinosaurs but now we're using for God's glory instead of the stupid evolution religion did you not undergo a rebellion in your pubescent years like most men do I really did not my parents were just really good it kept us busy working and earning our own money we had jobs as a probably a ten year old doing paper routes and we were always fixing things but we took it fix lawnmowers and cars and my dad taught us mechanics electrical plumbing we were just when a child knows how to do something and they feel some self-worth I guess they they're confident inside their own skin you know they don't need to approval of their friends and they don't need to do we ran off into do dumb stuff but no I was a virgin on my honeymoon when I was 20 years old senior year in college figured things out very quickly and it doesn't not take I've seen some stupid people figure that out no no no no rebellion what about your the tension in your relationship with the folks was it resolved before they passed on yeah that became resolved soon soon after they realized this is real genuine in my life by the time I was probably 17 that they were they never did you know join me in becoming a Baptist but they certainly did value I guess what had happened to me they couldn't they couldn't deny that something has changed this boy and it's good and we like it and I became a pastor of a Baptist Church not too in Pekin Illinois not far from Grove London they would come once in a while and they were very proud of me in my my spiritual walk they never did you know become Baptist but they they were both genuinely born again and saved my dad and mother and I all talked about it many many times they just didn't quite want to give up the tradition they'd been raised in you know Lutheranism was pretty well engrained generationally I guess hmm what are the deal-breakers for your Christianity in other words what does baptism teach as the fundamental and essential teachings that you can't stray from without losing your salvation well there are two there are two schools of thought among Christians one is that you can lose your salvation and the other is that you cannot possibly lose your salvation I would be in the second category there's only two religions in the whole world and that's Cain and Abel from the garden or from you know Genesis 4 Cain brought his fruit and vegetables and said God look what I did for you and God would not take it Abel brought a lamb and said God would you take this substitute in my place and God accepted it so most religions and I would certainly put the Catholics in this category most religions are trying very hard to please God with their works and they think that salvation is something that can be earned it's just exactly what Cain did God look what I did for you I brought all this fruit and vegetables I worked hard and they really are trying hard it makes some good neighbors I like living next to those folks they probably won't steal from you because they'll go to hell but no salvation it's completely a gift of God it's by grace that were saved it's by faith Ephesians 2:8 and it's not of works lest a man and should boast have you ever read the joint declaration between the Lutheran's and the Catholics on justification I have not I don't study I guess too much what they believe I study the Bible avidly I'll compare anything you yea with that have you ever read the documents of the Council of Trent I've read about some of heard some of those and no I was not not of any interest to me again it doesn't matter what a group of people teach you what what does the Bible say the Bible's real clear on most topics where do you think the Bible came from the Canon of Scripture do you think that we have an infallible list of infallible books I do now there's quite a controversy especially between the Catholics and others about which books should be in there but God is obligated to give us his words if your city passes an ordinance that says the speed limit is 40 on Main Street they're obligated to do three things publish it you can't give somebody a ticket for breaking a law they had no possible way of knowing because the law was passed in secret and never published secondly they have to post it and put up a sign speed limit 40 thirdly they have to preserve it if somebody knocks the sign down they're out there putting up a new one right away so if God is going to be the judge one day as he claims then it's his obligation to publish his words and to post them and to preserve them and there are two different completely different families of manuscripts that the Bibles are translated from there's what's called a majority text of which there are 5000 documents that the King James translators compared and used and then there's the Alexandrian text coming out of Alexandria Egypt of which there are primarily three complete Bibles all of which are different from each other and corrupted in many ways and so the King James translators definitely avoided that they knew about them the Catholic Bible the douay-rheims that do a Confraternity is translated from the Alexandrian manuscript which is why it has quite a few verses missing compared to the King James and the apocryphal books included King James himself came right after a Bloody Mary the Catholic and so King James had the King James translators put the Apocrypha books between the Testaments the old and new but clearly marked as not part of fabulous and you know canticle of canticles and estrous and all that but it's i would say it's not Scripture because the whole thing no Catholic Bible comes from the Alexandrian manuscripts there's a website a V publications which stands for authorized version a V patience calm that has a lot of information on that topic if you won't really really get into it okay do we have any original writings or are they all copies of copies of copies that we have used to make our Bibles yeah I think God made sure there were not any originals because if there was original piece of paper that Paul wrote a letter on or that you know Moses wrote on the people had worship the paper instead of reading the words on it they would build a shrine to the paper so but if we have thousands of copies that come from different countries and different eras that have never seen each other and yet they still match that's a great that's an excellent way to prove this is indeed the scripture so if the copies of scripture that are found in India are the seventh generation copy you know a copy of a copy of a copy you know a copy of a copy of a copy is perfectly fine if your copy process is careful and the way the Jews did it particularly they're real picky about preserving God's words even though they don't necessarily read them and believe them they certainly preserve them some of the scribes when they came to the word God or Jehovah are one of those words they would stop they would wash out their pen or feather in those days put in fresh ink they take a bath they did not want to write God's name down unless they were clean they would also put a certain number of letters per line so that when you got to the end of the line that you're copying if you don't end on that same letter you know oh because I made a mistake and you can go back and correct it line by line so if the copy process it was done in India and they got the seventh generation and you find the identical same one in Ireland on the twelfth generation copy and nothing is different you say wow these these two copies have not seen each other for eight centuries and yet they're still identical so the copy process that that's a test to prove that it did work and all that kind of stuff is uh Navy publications comm and other websites deal with with that but it goes to the two families of manuscripts the Alexandrian versus the Antioch and from Antioch where the church started in action developing in the book Acts in Psalm 12 it says the words of the Lord are pure like silver purified in the furnace of Earth purified seven times thou shalt keep them O Lord thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever so God is promising in Psalms 12:6 and 7 to preserve his words but if you read that identical same verse in a Catholic Bible they have changed it where God is promised to protect us from evil people which is not at all what it says but the reason the Alexandrian manuscript made those changes was because they changed thousands of things I've not looked at the Catholic Bible if you have one hand be there in Acts chapter 8 verse 36 this eunuch is talking to Philip and he said hey here's some water can I get baptized okay now do you have verse 37 what does that say no it's in parenthesis there's nothing correct because verse 37 says Philips answer to the guys question you know cases can I get baptized the answer was if you believe you may and he said I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God see according to the Bible you have to be a believer to get baptized well the Catholics baptized babies they can't be believers the Lutheran's baptize babies that's why they take that verse out it doesn't fit their doctrine they'll say late manuscripts insert this verse that's probably what it says in the footnote at the bottom which is absolute baloney the earliest manuscripts the best manuscripts every forty-seven thousand of them now have have acts 8:37 I believe is the number of manuscripts that don't all have the book of Acts in there but all the different manuscripts that have been compared over the centuries or forty-seven thousand when they found the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 I'm sorry there's 64,000 either either manuscripts or partials they call it a partial for instance if somebody died in the first century and they put a tombstone on their grave they might put a Bible verse on that tombstone well there's a great way to compare what the Bible said or what they thought is said back in the first century or they can find letters where George writes the letter to his grandma hey grandma you know be sure to read Psalm 12 and he quotes a verse in the letter and the letter is preserved so here we have one verse that we know exactly what is what it said you know 2,000 years ago so if you put together all the bits of data on the the Bibles and the partial information like that it points it real clearly to the King James Bible being exactly where God preserved his words he's obligated to do that someplace and so yeah I think that if you're gonna start a discussion on any spiritual topic you first need to decide which Bible are we gonna compare it's just like if you're talking to somebody in Europe you know you're doing measurements are you doing it in metric or standard there have been a lot of serious mistakes made because some German engineer sends the measurements in metric and some American engineer thinks it's in standard and messes things up so which Bible is right I think is a critical topic and I have because it took me 25 years of being a Christian to get to that point I used all the other versions and I've got you know Catholic Bible and I've got probably hundred different Bible versions but I am completely convinced and I'm willing to debate it or discuss it with anybody that God preserved his words in the King James and yours does not have verse 37 it probably does not have mark chapter 9 verse 42 or 44 or 46 one of those two of those are missing in mark chapter 9 he talks about you know those who are not saved go to hell where the fire burns and the the fire is not quenched you know I open up my computer and get a few others if you want to go down that rabbit trail but about two hundred verses missing from your Catholic Bible because they don't match the teaching of the Catholic Church that's why they take it out yeah let's say because you you consider yourself a Christian you probably consider Catholics to be either non-christians or Christians with carbuncles or something like that right well just because somebody believes in Christ does not make them a Christian you have to be born again there was a very religious Jewish leader in John chapter 3 who came to Jesus one night and you know they're talking about this and Jesus said you have to be born again see most Catholics that I'm aware of are trusting their religion or their works to get them to be into God's family how exactly do you get born-again baptism no that's just water if baptism washes away your sins then why on earth did Jesus die on the cross his death on the cross is what saves us it's a blood the in Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when they sinned they made themselves aprons out of fig leaves and God said no no no something has to die and he made them coats out of skins something died so that's the difference the Catholics are still making aprons out of fig leaves they're still trying to cover their stand with their own works no this church clearly teaches there's no salvation without the shedding of blood there's no forgiveness of sins and everything in the Catholic Church is Jesus Christ the church itself is the mystical body of Jesus Christ as st. Paul said right it's a deep mystery that they are one flesh yeah I completely disagree with that but I know that's what the Catholics teach their people but Jesus was talking to Peter and he said thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church well first of all that's the only verse anything near that topic anywhere in the Bible and the Bible's clear that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word is established there should be three verses at least on a topic like there are probably a hundred verses on the topic of of salvation how do you get eternal life and John 3:16 if you believe you have eternal life not if you get baptized there's no baptism involved and I think it's pretty sad but most Catholics are like I said they're really good people but they're trusting their works and it's not going to do any better than Cain did trying to please God with his works yeah so the image I have for the church and the image that's used by the early church fathers is that the church is the Ark of Noah the the Ark of Noah is the type of the church and the church is the anti-type of the Ark of Noah and so I trust Noah even though he's not God but I trust Noah because God established him he gave him the keys and if you didn't get into the ark you were doomed and if you did get into the ark even if you didn't merit it because you weren't righteous only Noah was righteous in his age right but there were eight people on the ark so even if you weren't right just as long as you got on to the ark you listen to no one you got in then you were saved so that's how I see the church and I don't see how you can argue with that sort of basic imagery yeah and I'm sure you see the Catholic Church as being the Ark right yep yeah yeah well that's a teaching course that profits them greatly people to believe that not only do they they attend and give their money you know how do you see Noah and the Church of Jesus Christ no connection there's a lot of symbolism in there but no the church is nothing like that Jesus Christ is the head of the church and his blood on the cross is the only thing that'll save us in the book of Exodus when they're getting ready to go out of Egypt God told them to kill a lamb and sprinkle the blood on the door on the top and on the two sides which of course should make the sign of the Cross out of the blood on the door and the Lord told Moses when I see the Blood I will pass over you and that started the Jewish holiday of the Passover which they still celebrate to this day so yeah it's only through the blood of Christ that our sins can be forgiven you only get born into God's family by receiving his free gift of salvation not by joining a church not by getting baptized he offers a free gift your parents gave you the gift of life you had absolutely nothing to do with it it was a gift mom and dad went through the pain paid the bills you know did all that stuff and you got a free gift out of the deal Jesus Christ did everything and I just believed that's why acts 8:37 has gone out of your Bible because the answer to the question can I get back apt the answer to the question is if you believe you can get baptized and they don't want that because they teach the people exactly what you what should now believe that you know they are the church and they are the Ark and you got to get in us or you don't go that's a very beneficial teaching financially for them I'm sure yeah what about what about John 6 with the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and then the early church fathers who very very clearly taught that if you didn't believe in the real presence then you are in grave danger even st. Paul talks about that no I don't think Paul talks about that but I know the early church fathers if by that you mean the Catholic Church Fathers yes but right from the beginning when the Catholic Church really got going with Constantine in the early 300s they persecuted those who resisted anything that they taught they even taught I think it was Augustine of Hippo I've got the quote here someplace said you know if someone does not believe like we believe this is an embarrassment to the world and these people should not be allowed to live you should take all means necessary to stop any doctrine against what the Church teaches and all you gotta do is look at the history of your church to see how many tens of thousands of Bible believers they killed in various ways you know cut off their heads torture them it was unreal the stuff they did and they they would probably still do it if they had the power so you have to be Catholic you have to be part of the Mother Church the Muslims do the same with their religion anybody who's non-muslim has to be killed I mean that's what they that's in the Quran there 109 verses in the Quran that basically teach you have to kill anybody who won't who won't agree with you it would they won't they won't bow to Allah and say Muhammad was a prophet they have to be killed that's what they teach mm-hmm what do you think about the Virgin Mary just generally well she was a virgin until Jesus was born and Joseph knew her not until Jesus was born after that they had at least seven more children she was not she's not the perpetual virgin that's a ridiculous doctrine that makes it subject is of course to deify her like wow look at that she's above sex look nothing wrong with sex God created it if he's first thing he said to Adam it's not good that the man be alone and somehow they get this idea that if they can somehow make the people believe that Mary was a perpetual virgin a that that's possible which I don't think it is she was married to Joseph who's probably a normal man like everybody else and and it clearly names brothers and sisters it gives their names a James was one of his half-brothers he wrote the book of James so no Mary is it was a wonderful woman who was chosen by God she probably was a fourteen or fifteen or sixteen year old girl that loved God was a virgin was impregnated by the Holy Spirit at Bor Jesus Christ and then went on and was married and had seven more children at least seven that are named in the scripture if you could convince me that Jesus had real blood siblings than I would abandon Jesus Christ as a false messiah that's why would that matter if you had real blood siblings that makes no sense at all because it's a dogma of the church that Mary did not have any other children and so if that dog might is false the whole of Christianity comes tumbling down yeah the whole of Catholicism comes tumbling down not Christianity Catholicism is Jesus Christ right they're one in the same they're as st. Paul famously said they're one flesh and it's a deep mystery yeah I think you're in the wrong church is the problem but that's another issue but what is the church the church is the is the collective body of believers who believe Jesus Christ died on the cross rose from the dead and they've accepted his payment for their sin well that describes me well if you died today where would you go probably purgatory and where do you find that in the Bible in the deuterocanonical yes there you go there's the problem again but do you think that you will be purified when you stand before God or do you think that something impure can stand before God oh yeah if I was trying to stand in my righteousness I would be in serious trouble but see the robe of Jesus Christ has put upon us when we receive him his blood pays for our sins all through the Bible God tried to drill this into the hard heads of the Jews it's the blood without the shedding of blood there's no remission the high priest did not appear before God without the blood he'd be struck dead and so if you try to appear before God trusting your works or your baptism or your church membership or God look what I did for you you're gonna get the same result Cain got and I'm gonna stand before God and say I want you to say anything Jesus righteousness was put onto my account all my sins are forgiven I'm cleansed I'm clean in God's eyes just like the priest was when the priest went in with the blood nothing else matters I guess you're a Baptist right is that the technical word for your form of Christianity Baptist yes I cannot find anybody closer to what the Scriptures teach than the Baptist if I could find somebody I would switch today the name means nothing to me it's the doctrine are you a non-denominational Bible Christian no no to me nondenomination always like a can with no label on it I go into the pantry I like labels on my hands says green beans I like I don't know good or bad green beans but I know it's green beans you know yeah but I'd like to talk to you if it's possible about those who are pushing evolution like I said I've interviewed are in RAW twice how do you engage with these people and is it an intellectual battle because I believe it's more to do with the will that childish desire they have to be rebels and to indulge in sin so can you just talk sort of about how I might best approach these people that are thoroughly convinced that if you don't believe in evolution you're a complete nincompoop Romans chapter one is very clear they do not want to retain God in their knowledge so that God gives them up to believe silly things anybody who believes in evolution is silly it's dumb at many levels do you really believe you came from a rock that's what they teach you know the earth began as a hot ball of rock and it cooled down over millions of years and then it rained on the rocks for millions of years and leached the chemicals and stuff and turned them into soup and the soup came alive and that early life form slowly evolved into us today so if you really boil it all down get rid of the fluff and feathers they teach we came from a rock they get mad when I say that but I show them right straight from their textbooks you know a series of quotes that just you can't come to any other conclusion I think evolution is one of the dumbest and most dangerous religions in the history of the planet there's nothing scientific about it evolution is not science it's nonsense it's lack of common sense so if you go to dr. Dino calm my video number one where I talk about the age of the earth how to prove the earth is not billions of years old I start off by early in the video by showing there are six different meanings to that word evolution six different levels or stages you have to have cosmic evolution you have to have or the origin of time space matter where did time come from where did space come from they want to say everything we see all of the matter all the stars all the planets was squeezed into a dot smaller than a period on a page I can't think of anything dumber than that but that's what they believed they really believed it are and Rob believes that everything we see I see I don't think you could squeeze a bowling ball into a dot smaller than a period on a page you're sure not gonna squeeze all planet Earth into a dot smaller than a period but that's a they start off with something so incredibly stupid and I be comprehension that they could buy such a thing but they do so then once you get this dot to explode in the Big Bang which is again absolutely ludicrous non-scientific then you have to have all the chemicals to evolve there are 92 different elements and according to their Theory their Big Bang created hydrogen lithium and maybe some helium you know well how do you get gold silver and platinum out of hydrogen gas I'd like to learn how to do that then you have to have all the stars evolving stellar evolution they've never seen a star form ever all we see are stars blow up once in a while but there's 70 sextillion stars visible from Earth that's 11 trillion stars per person every human on the planet could only 11 trillion stars and they want to squeeze all those into a dot smaller than a period on a page that is just mind-boggling ly stupid but they believe it number four you have to have what's called organic evolution life has to get started from nonliving material that has never been observed they can't even make it happen in the laboratory and one one atheist I debated one time if Ed hundred seventy debates now he said Hovind what are you gonna say if scientists make life in the lab I said well first of all I would like to point out they're nowhere close to making life in the lab nowhere close secondly if a bunch of scientists make life in the lab I guess that would prove it takes intelligence to make life wouldn't it it would prove creation not evolution and then you have to have what's called macro evolution where an animal changes into a different kind of animal no farmer on the planet has ever seen any plant or animal produce anything other than its kind apples produce apples cows produce cows there are no exceptions now if you want to believe that that's fine you can believe anything you want but it's not science it's certainly not common sense it's not observable lastly they use a term which I object to called micro evolution that's variations within the same kind little changes you know long hair short hair on dogs okay it's still a dog it's still recognizable as a dog to a four-year-old all you get is variations they call it micro evolution and I say okay I object to the term but that's as far as it goes the Bible says they will bring forth after their kind it says that ten times in the first chapter then it says it ten more times in the flood story Genesis seven and eight so here we have it very clear that they're gonna bring forth after their kind and that's all we've ever seen cows produce cows do you know of any exceptions to that and the atheists are in raw gets mad at me and says of course we believe dogs produce dogs that's going forward okay but in the past you believe an amoeba turned into a dog that's not science that's fairy tale Sponge Bob imagination stuff yeah is it always in one direction or can things simplify for example could a human being go backwards all the way go I'll go all the way back to being a single-cell organism again because that's where we came from so I think that you would have to admit if you're an evolutionist that each one of those steps along that pathway from molecules to man was a viable step so why could we not step backwards if each step was viable why could we not step back from the complicated to the simple do you have an answer about why we could not devolve back into a single cell from a human what yeah I could give you the synopsis of that it's Adolf Hitler the strongest survive the strongest are the only ones who have a right to survive and it's the right and even the duty of the strongest to eliminate the weaker so that the strongest can take over the gene code and they don't Hitler read a book by a Catholic priest in 1907 who wrote about the different levels of humans based on how far they've advanced from the Apes and so Hitler had the it has the Norwegians at the top of the list the blond-haired blue-eyed Norwegians as the most evolved then it was right below that was the Germans they were the second most superior race at the very bottom was the Jews right above them was the blacks try to find the guy's name here in a second who actually wrote the book but he was a Catholic priest who taught that stuff and Hitler loved that book and tried to try to speed up the process hey if the blacks are inferior and the Jews are inferior it would help evolution to get rid of them that's comments that's where the logic leads I asked my niece who's studying evolutionary biology at university she's an atheist I asked her she would be okay if it just so happens that there's an even more evolved race that comes back to earth to visit and they think were cute and tasty so they take us as pets and as a food source would she be okay with that and she just said well personally I wouldn't like it but the Gazelle doesn't like getting eaten by a lion either and really there's no difference we are just animals and if there's something more involved at once it'd take us as pets and as food source that's just the natural course of things what do you think about that attitude in a young person today well that's the logical way to think if evolution is true but that's why I say evolution theory is dangerous it gives kids a really false view of reality I was in a debate with one guy one time and he said he believed in evolution etc and I said well is your brain nothing but a random collection of chemicals that got together by chance over a millions of years he said yes I said then how can you trust your thoughts and your reasoning process yeah but I think it's pretty clear that humans are categorically different from the Apes no like we have free will we have reason we have culture we have music we have dance we have art we have religion it seems as plain as the nose on my face why don't the evolutionists get it oh they don't want to see there's actually three types of life on planet Earth there's plant life which only has a body there's animal life which has a body and a consciousness of life there's something different between plants and animals that's obvious to a kindergartner and then there's man which has a body soul and spirit we have a consciousness of life and a consciousness of God no Pig Bray's before he eats they don't have a consciousness of God we all do so man has a body soul and spirit Jesus on the cross said father into thy hands I commend my spirit but his body obviously went to the grave and his soul according to Psalms went to hell not to be tortured or tormented but to lead captivity captive those that were in Abraham's bosom or paradise which is where the Catholics got the crazy idea of purgatory there was a place before the Jesus died on the cross where the righteous went those who'd been those they trusted God to send a saviour by bringing lamb though their sins were covered whereas now with Jesus Christ blood on the cross our sins are cleansed and cleansed is very different than covered and so today to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord when you die today you go straight to heaven if you've trusted Christ and not your own works because salvation is not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His mercy and his blood Ephesians 2:8 9 for by grace are you saved through faith that not of works lest any man should boast if you could be saved and go to heaven because of your works or you're doing something you would brag about it when you got to heaven other than yourself who's out there doing good work to combat evolution and to bring about a good education about creationism can you talk about some of the big names well there are quite a few organizations Ken Ham as a friend of mine he's in Kentucky he built a model of Noah's Ark life-size it's beautiful you should go up and see it just near Cincinnati Ohio he and I would differ on a few theological things he's a Calvinist I think that's crazy but but no no I think I love what he does I wouldn't fight him for a second I recommend his stuff always have the guy that got me started it was a guy named Henry Morris who died years ago but he wrote quite a few books in the sixties and seventies on the creation you know just take the Bible literally if you add up the dates that are found in right there in Genesis it comes clearly to about 4000 BC 6000 years ago for the creation and jesus said in matthew 19:4 and in mark 10:6 that the creation of adam was the beginning and it says in Romans chapter 5 and first Corinthians chapter 15 that nothing died nothing died and Adam sinned man brought death into the world so to say that dinosaurs died before men got here is clearly calling the Bible a lie which of course they don't mind doing and so yeah Henry Morris and Duane Gish had a profound impact on me for there are many good creation ministries scattered around the world I recommend many of them throughout my slide presentation with my fifteen thousand slides when I use somebody else's information I put it right at the bottom where I got it from and I recommend quite a few things I kick a lot of dogs is walk by but so it seems like the movement with creationism is unified there's not a lot of infighting is that the case oh no there's a lot of infighting and it is sad it's very simple to solve everybody agree with me and it's all solved yeah give me three positives and three negatives about your character if you would please you probably have to ask other people that question I try very hard and have for 50 years that I've been a Christian I try very hard to please the Lord if he's happy with me I'm happy he's the only one I'm trying to please I think you'll find people who know me and have known me for a long time will say I'm I'm easy to get along with they try to replicate you'd find some people would say I'm too driven maybe that's a flaw but I I do enjoy picking on the evolutionists and atheist and pointing out the stupidity of their religion I think that's kind of like he lied your personality when he mocked the prophets of Bale some people say you shouldn't Mock the atheist and evolution as well if it's wrong I'm not even gonna ask God to take it away because I'm having so much fun doing it enjoy that have you ever converted an atheist oh yes many many many read the testimonies on our website dr. Dino I'd say many thousands have been murdered I get calls every day from people say man you changed my life he changed my mind one guy called me three years ago and said Kent I saw your videos on creation you have completely changed my life I said well good that's what I'm trying to do he said how can I help your ministry I said well we're trying to buy property in Alabama to build a Christian camp he said have you found something I said yeah it's an old gravel pit 140 acres it's beautiful perfect got ten lakes on the property and it's great exactly what I need he said well how much do they want for it I said they want 250,000 he said all right I'll buy it he bought it and gave it to us just because he loves our ministry change where we are right now Lenox Alabama Wow Lenox probably 35 so it's yeah I don't do it for that reason I'm not looking for any monetary gain but I think you'd find many thousands have testified that getting the information that while the Bible is true especially answering the question where do dinosaurs Vidia Christians have been really stumped by that for a couple centuries and it is sad there's no need to be the Bible says before the flood came the people lived to be 903 Genesis chapter 5 it could not be more clear Adam was 930 when he died Methuselah was 969 well it's also just a simple biological fact that reptiles never stop growing they grow all their life so before the flood came but people are living to be 900 and reptiles are living to be 900 we were so they grew to be huge so the dinosaurs were just big lizards and reptiles that lived with Adam and Eve Noah would have taken them on the ark probably babies just be sure to get a pink one and a blue one and after the flood the people killed most of them but they called him dragons back in those days because the word dinosaur was just made up in 1841 so getting dinosaurs settled in the Christian perspective is such a help to people I heard on the internet that there's bones with soft tissue from dinosaurs is that true that is true but it's better than that not only do dinosaurs always live with man Noah took him on the ark there probably are a few still alive I cover it for an hour in my video number three about dinosaurs still living like in the swamp in Africa where they report the MOCA lay MMB they call it which you show them a picture of an Apatosaurus they'll say yeah that's smokily MMB many of the dinosaurs that we find the bones of you can find spots in the world remote places usually jungles or swamps where they'll say oh yeah this creature is still alive out here there have been many reports in a remote section of Arizona where they're seeing small pterodactyls now of course if you say that the atheists are gonna jump on you and say you're crazy you're insane it can't be true because it goes so against their religion if you found a dinosaur alive if a Loch Ness monster which people say is probably a plesiosaur from everybody who sees it and they're 11,000 people that claim they've seen it if you capture the Loch Ness monster and it turns out to be a please yes or and you put it in the Brooklyn zoo they would put a sign on the gate that says come see the dinosaur that survived for 65 million years the thought will never cross their mind they're not allowed to think that maybe religion is wrong they're not allowed to think that you have any ideas about how you're gonna die and win well I decided as a child that I was gonna make Diane the very last thing I do no no no no impending prophecy it says in 2nd Peter chapter 3 that the scoffers in the last days people like Aaron raah the scoffers are going to be willingly ignorant of the creation the flood and the coming judgement of God and so I wrote a book on what does the Bible teach about the future what's coming next what on earth is about to happen for heaven's sake it's on our website dr. Dino calm or you can call hi-5 big Dino extension 1 but the Bible is pretty clear about the end times events what's going to happen I'm just guessing I don't know but I would guess in 2021 in two years it's going to start the 7-year period called the tribulation we'll know when to start it when they make a treaty and allow the Jews to rebuild their temple you will just keep an eye on Jerusalem if there's a treaty that allows them to rebuild the temple according to Daniel chapter 9 you can start your clock seven years later seven years of tribulation later Jesus comes and starts the sets of his kingdom the kingdom on earth so my just wild guess is 2028 is probably the end you know Jesus disciples asked him in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 and Luke 21 at the beginning of each of those chapters asked him the simple questions Lord when are you coming and what's the sign we should watch for and he goes on for 15 or 20 verses in each of those passages telling him about horrible tribulation gonna happen and then he says after the tribulation the Sun and the moon will go dark and then the Son of Man will come with the angels and blow a trumpet and catch his people up to heaven so anywhere my book I wrote on that is really getting a lot of people excited getting to a clear understanding of what does the Bible say about how it's going to end so that might be so I'm just guessing 2028 I'm 66 so I've got to make it about eight more years it should be fine I'm in real good health God's been good to me how many children grandchildren do you have we'll have three children five grandchildren all down in Pensacola Florida okay no great-grandchildren no not yet my oldest granddaughter is 17 so gonna go to college and then got more years and we'll see how do you pray for your enemies because you're supposed to love your enemies how do you pray for them do you just wish for true and lasting conversion or what do you do I prayed that God will do whatever it takes to to handle it I don't want to handle it I say God this guy I've had death threats oh yeah I said I say God I'm your child you protect me by whatever means you feel necessary so he wants to be loving and forgiving that's fine if he wants to play rough that's fine all through the Bible you see a variety of responses on that note at the end of my interviews I asked my guests to give the closing thought something positive and uplifting and edifying and hopefully something that will draw them into submission to Jesus Christ so what would you say to anyone that's out there listening now well February 9th 1969 a friend of mine said Kent if you died today where would you go I said well I've been baptized catechized pastor I circumcised imagine I you know what else is there and he said have you ever sinned I said well yeah he said well then you're going to hell I said wait a minute won't God put my good works against my bad he said what judge on earth would do that if you murdered one person and your defense was well look at all the millions of people I did not murder that's not gonna hold up two seconds in a court of law in an honest court and so God's not gonna put your good against your bad he's simply going to punish you for your bad which means you're going to be in serious trouble I said well yeah I would be in serious trouble he said okay Jesus died on the cross rose from the dead and if you'll accept his payment and call on him whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved so February 9 1969 I prayed a simple prayer I said Lord I am a sinner I deserve to go to hell but I believe you died for me I'd like to receive you as my savior would you please come live in my heart and he moved in and something began changing that day is like planting a seed the seed knows how to make the tree not the dirt dirts 100% stupid but if you get the seed in there and the dirt oh let it in it'll grow and person bless Jesus their heart he then begins to grow in them and make them a brand new person that's what he's been doing with me for 50 years now so I would recommend everybody first of all make sure you've got Jesus living inside of you have you asked him for forgiveness and then do what he says read the book do what it says

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