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Author Recorded Saturday May 25th, 2019

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In this episode I comment on some of the outtakes from Aron Ra's recent Part 2 interview. Please note that Aron uses explicit language a couple of times. • Support the CVS Podcast: • Be a guest on a livestream:

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meda as you know my name is David I'm the creator and host of CBS in this episode of Mehta I'm just going to comment on some of the outtakes from our on Raw part two if you haven't listened to our in raw part we can go ahead and listen to that if you'd like I published it just under a week ago I always edit quite aggressively and when I listened back to the raw footage I thought there were some interesting parts that deserve comment so that's what this med episode is all about I'll just be going through the parts that I cut out and listening and pausing to comment where I think it's appropriate so I have to question when you say you come out as a creationist my perspective is you have religion just base religion and that is assuming things to be true that are not evidently true and then we have degrees of religious extremism where you make believe things that are evidently not true or that we can prove or not true and that's where we get into things like geocentrism creationism flat earth and last Thursday as of and things like that so I have to have so it becomes how many the first question is do you want do you like do you prefer fact versus fiction right for a fact yeah for sure fact then why would you I come out as a creationist because there's absolutely no truth to creation whatsoever there's no proof of concept there's not one thing that can be argued in creation that is true but there are a hell of a lot of lie basically the idea is I stumbled upon a video that talked about the Blessed Virgin Mary and how she is the only Immaculate Conception and this is the theological idea that triggered me where I had to become a creationist because Adam and Eve were not conceived in the womb of a lower beast because before the fall they were without sin so if they were conceived in the womb of a lower animal like a primate for example then they would need to have been necessarily immaculately conceived and therefore let me in here yeah so the reason you believe in already falsified fairy tales you already believe in the falsified fairy tale because you believe the first help that's up you believe that Adam and Eve existed because Adam and Eve couldn't have been born by a by a primate but of course they are primates themselves oh why do you believe in the fairy tale that we can prove never happened are you talking specifically about God Christianity or I don't Eve all okay you said the Immaculate Conception of course need the character that you're talking about there was not ever supposed to be an immaculate conception that was a mistranslation as you'll see and when you know when you get to that part of the book you know there was never sympathy and she wasn't the only one either I mean so me there was lots of other people who said have been conceived by Virgin Zoroaster Buddha in once in one collection pledges I think Krishna was another one it was a lot of people that were immaculately conceived throughout man-made mythology urn obviously has misunderstood the Immaculate Conception to mean virgin birth this is a common misunderstanding so it's a bit of a blunder it's a little bit embarrassing but to err is human to forgive divine so not really a big deal and we can't really claim to be surprised when we listen to an anti-catholic talk about our religion if they're completely wrong about the most basic and fundamental dogmas of the church so you're just buying into another man-made mythology Adam and Eve were adapted from other legends not even related to each other that came from previous polytheism Adam is primarily based on a couple of characters one of them being adop and the man of the red dirt and Danny he was in one legend he was given the choice he was going to meet the gods and the he was warned not to eat anything that gods might give him because the gods were going to poison him and so he refused but what the gods offered him was the the food of eternal life that had Eitan that he would have lived forever but he thought it but he was warned that they were gonna try to poison him so he refused to eat anything and that's why man is mortal that's one of the legends that that's one of the older legends it's at least a thousand years older than the Adam and Eve story and another one is the story of Enki and and and what is it named in her sock where n he goes he goes trespassing onto the sacred garden of Inanna he goes and eats several of the fruits there and for every one that he he ate he was punished and in her saw caught him and she cursed him in the end the although he is divine he is still fallen so we have a fallen immortal in the sacred garden and then she forgave him and bore a child Brad otter to cure each of the wounds to his body and one of them nin T was the daughter born of the rib for she was meant to close the wound to his side all of these legends you know they're man-made Mis they're all a thousand years older than the Bible the Bible has no truth in it at all the only reason I believe in the Bible is on the authority of the Catholic Church is because I believe that God is a Trinity and the second person incarnated and founded the Catholic Church well then don't tell people that you believe in facts because clearly that is not the case well anyone that doesn't believe in God necessarily is depriving themselves of free will and morality and everything else we're depriving ourselves of insanity health is not a disease yeah but um no the point is that for example you I don't know if you believe in a free will or not but if you do it's proof of the supernatural right and so everything points to God well know if it was possible for either of us to have free will it would be me and not you you cannot have free will because your mythology prohibits it well we've had this conversation before and I don't think that foreign knowledge is the cause right like I can know what you're gonna do if God knows what you're going to do before you do it you don't have free well you can't do anything to surprise God what God already knew what you're going to do before you knew you were going to do it but it's only because he's outside of time God has decided that he's going to decide who believes and who doesn't and then he's going to punish those who don't believe even though he's the one that made them not believe you know that's not what the church teaches the church teaches that we have freewill and morality I know that rich doesn't teach that but Christianity does teach that and so does Islam islam teaches that quite a lot in fact i'm just reading the quran now and i was surprised that the parallels of how you know christianity and islam both teach this thing that that overrides the concept of free will that God controls absolutely everything there's nothing you can do to surprise him so you can't have free will the way that I see atheism is that little 2 year old child who denies eating the cake and the mothers pointing to the cake on the coffee table the cake which is half-eaten and then pointing to the trail of chocolate leading to the little boy's dirty feet and then holding the mirror up to his face and there's the chocolate cake smeared on his face and smeared on this chest and smeared on his little hands as he shakes his head no and he simply denies it and there's video footage of him eating the cake and we did the DNA test and saliva on the cake matches the saliva of the two-year-old kid ok I know you atheists love DNA and it's all very scientific so there you go the kid ate the cake okay so let's wake up let's admit that we have freewill that we have morality and that God is good and then let's get on with it praising him thanking him loving him and serving him so that we can be happy with him forever in the next life you would I have the same morality and it comes from the same source and it is not God you and I have the same morality being that we when we have morality because a lot of religious people will reject reality in favor of morality in favor of religion which is a bit of an irony the reason we have morality is because we evolved as a social species which means that we understand that we are happier when we help each other than when we hurt anybody for no reason so we don't want to about hurting people for no reason and we know that when we do that then we will piss off all of our neighbors and then we will be judged in the eyes of our peers as being terrible people who wants that nobody wants that so we are happier being communal being mutually supportive that's where our morality comes from he doesn't want to feel like a terrible person he does know a Joe he's just said he does not want to be judged as being a terrible person and if he's going to say that it doesn't matter how many people are against him that he will conform to the ideal the truth about what is objectively and eternally moral then welcome to monotheism that's monotheism you are now worshiping God Almighty congratulations but if you want to say that it's completely subjective temporary and relativist and subjective then welcome to relativism welcome to subjectivism welcome to arbitrary might makes right pragmatism creationism is a denial of science very specifically it's a denial of evolution but in a more general state it's a denial of the scientific method meaning methodological naturalism all of the facts that you are interpreting in one way I'm interpreting in another way right but no there is no interpretation of the fact so we have the position is for a creationist says that evolution is fundamentally false yeah and from science evolution is fundamentally true we can demonstrate it so there's no interpretation there can we show that evolution happens yes we can yeah can we show that microevolution and macro-evolution are the same thing yes we can can we show that evolution macro-evolution happens yes we can we can prove all of that can we proof dick about jack about any of the fables that you made up no you can prove that they're false we can prove that the the Noah's Flood never happened we can prove that all of these fables are taken from other things that make no damn sense we're made up by people who obviously had no idea what they were talking about and that's what wrong about everything well like in terms of science the very first thing that I don't buy is abiogenesis I don't buy that okay that's not evolution but that that's another important thing we got to get into so because life is ridiculously complex biochemistry then obviously the origin for it is also complex it's not one thing it was never lightning striking a mud puddle it is an overlapping series a sequence of it to have no less than a dozen different completely different chemical processes more or less concordant with each other and all of these could be true at the same time in a matter of fact almost all of them have already been demonstrated in the lab almost all of them so we know that every element of abiogenesis actually can be reproduced in a lab how does anyone take this seriously so he's claiming that almost all of the 12 elements have been reproduced so therefore we know that they can all be reproduced in the lab there's some tight reasoning for you know will I let it slide of course a let it slide let everything slide this is a two-year-old with cake on his face denying eating the cake it's a short-sighted selfish rebellion that's all it is it's silly now do I love little Johnny yes I do love little Johnny and so does his mother so that's why his mother's correcting him that's why his mother is holding up the mirror to him showing him the video footage of himself and the mother is going to invite the child to wash his face and to put on some nice clothes and eventually to act like a civilized young man and to grow up so really we don't need good arguments when dealing with atheists we just need a lot of charity and a lot of patience and a good sense of humor we know how the the phospholipid bilayer forms automatically upon contact with water we know how RNA creates DNA we know how RNA can be self formed it can be formed on spontaneous contact with muck Illinois it could be formed even without the normal enzyme we know how we can get from base chemicals to ribonucleotides to get to RNA we got it all the only thing we're missing is a couple of the organism organelles now we know that some of the organelles were formed by endosymbiosis from literally appropriating bacteria did you catch that he's explaining to me how close we are to fabricating life in the laboratory and he says the only thing we're missing is a few components that come from bacteria and then we can have that first life-form excuse me we're talking about the first life-form coming from nonliving matter and you're talking about borrowing a component from a living organism am I supposed to have and why supposed to take you seriously is there anyone out there if anyone's listening to this if you're an atheist if you believe in evolution even if you're a theist who believes in theistic evolution if you think that anyone on this planet can explain abiogenesis to me send them my way send me an email CBS broadcast at send me an email put me in touch with somebody because this cannot be the best that you guys have to offer in terms of evolution this is absolutely laughable it's a complete joke I can't believe that anyone takes evolution seriously it's such a sloppy joke I admit that my apologetics approach is very sloppy but it's for good reason it's because I've got God Almighty I'm comfortably seated in the Ark I'm in I could be as sloppy and as complacent as I want but you who are outside you who are trying to lure me out of the safety of the Ark out of the safety of the church evolution isn't going to cut it not for anyone that's thinking about it now I hadn't thought about evolution before for ten years I never really thought about it I just sort of assumed that it must be pretty good science because the consensus in the church and the Catholic Church seemed to be that it's the preferred option over creationism I've of course since come to find out that that's been exaggerated by those who are pushing evolution you know the Pope's haven't endorsed it as fully and as completely as I thought as I as I was led to believe but as soon as I started looking at evolution I realized that there it doesn't have a leg to stand on and this is a prime example we're talking about a fairy tale here a creation myth that is so loose and sloppy it's not going to convince anybody now granted Aaron is not a self-professed expert in the field of abiogenesis but you would think as an atheist he would tighten up his arguments a bit he would find out how did life come from non-life and just saying that we've built a few amino acids which were very unstable and that these amino acids are an essential part of life that's a joke I could file a piece of metal into what looks like a nut or a bolt or a camshaft and I could put a few pieces together using my intelligence I could design them because I'm an intelligent agent I could do that but even so it doesn't mean that I can look at the nuts and bolts in a helicopter and say that yeah basically I've done the proof of concept basically I could build a helicopter because I have fashioned these parts I've done basically done all the parts I just need to put them together and so I could basically build a helicopter and if I could do it in the laboratory that means that it could just spontaneously happen right well a helicopter is child's play compared to the simplest life form there's something like 750,000 jeans in the simplest life form and the mechanisms and the interdependence of these systems within the simplest single-cell organism is way more complicated and anything that anyone has ever built and if we could build life from nonliving matter we would be building life from nonliving matter that is a fact and so the fact that we aren't doing it means that we can't do it and the fact that we can't do it should tell earn and the proponents of evolution that it's impossible to do it so we're still we're looking at how a couple of these organelles got involved the important ones and then how we achieve homeostasis from the base form ISM so we have at least a dozen completely different chemical processes to begin with each one completely becoming completely complex and in some cases like the formation of ribonucleotides for example they noticed that it was a cyclic thing of inundation dehydration and irradiation and then repeating the process and that in this certain when you have it when you start with a certain chemical construct to begin with then these become increasingly complex and then when you add the appropriate phosphate at the right moment spontaneously you get ribonucleotides and these are the monomers for RNA so yeah we have all of that it's interesting to note here that the only reason the scientists are speculating that the first life from non-life took place through these cycles of wet dry wet dry wet dry with radiation peppered in when needed is because it's absolutely impossible to have stability in the components of life that you need to have the first life it's absolutely impossible to have them in the presence of water which destroys these components and then in the presence of radiation which destroys these components and then in the absence of water which destroys other components and so we need to have a piecemeal assemblage where the parts that you need water get the and then the parts that would be destroyed if water were present the water is removed and then the parts that are destroyed when there's radiation need to be free from radiation at that time and the ones that would be absolutely dependent on this sort of energy input from a blast of radiation would get the energy input and then this is a way of telling the story where everyone gets exactly what they need and no one's destroyed because it's if you want wet you get wet if you want dry you get dry if you need high-energy radiation you get high radiation if you need low energy absence of radiation that's what you get it's just promise I'll promise you anything it's like the guy that takes your daughter on a date he will say anything to get into her pants anything so that by the way is not evolution Kent Hovind who I understand you're gonna be lying you're gonna be interviewing soon he's going to lie to you a lot because that's what his whole career is and one of the lies he's going to tell you is that there are six levels of evolution so he calls cosmic he says Big Bang Theory he calls a cosmic evolution nebular theory he's going to call stellar evolution or core accretion theory he'll call planetary evolution abiogenesis he will call organic evolution these are all lies and then he will get to actual evolution and he's going to divide that into two subsets so micro evolution which is variation within species and macro evolution which is variation between species at or above the species level this includes speciation he will not admit that microevolution and macro-evolution are both evolution whether it's small-scale evolution or large-scale evolution it's still evolution he he will insist on dividing these into two different categories dishonestly he knows that's wrong but he's going to do it anyway he will admit that speciation happens but he won't admit that it is macro evolution even though you can go to evolution 101 and look it up in Berkeley University or pretty much any other source but it explains what's what macro evolution is it is speciation speciation is included so that's the that's the criteria that begins macro you gonna say it's never indecent speciation happens but macro revolution has never happened they're the same damn thing if you want to say that evolution can only mean the diversification of life then your beef is not with Kent Hovind your beef is with the dictionaries of the world because they all have multiple definitions with some technical highly technical definitions some broader definitions and the bottom line is who cares the question is not about language the question is about ultimate reality and the facts about what are the limits of change so I really don't see why he's so upset with the so called abuse of the word evolution who cares he was going to tell you that evolution is a religion even though it doesn't meet any of the criteria of a religion there's no faith required at all and joven knows this and he still lies about it because he tries to link evolution and Big Bang cosmology and he tries to come up with some strange definition where he can try to walk his way out of it and it won't work he will argue that speciation is not part of macro evolution that's another lie it is and you can look it up right now if you want to he will lie and say that back-row evolution and micro evolution are different theories but they are not they are both part of the one-and-only theory of evolution another lie that he will tell is that evolution is all these different theories like chemical evolution and stellar evolution and all that no there's the one theory of biodiversity that's all evolution is concerned with it is not concerned with the origin of life it's concerned with the diversification of life how you start with something already alive and it diversifies the pro because the processes are very different the dozen or so processes that lead to a biogenesis are not any of the same processes that are evolution so first of all with this idea that no faith is required to be an evolutionist and I'm sure urn would say also that no faith is required to be an atheist hogwash you have faith everyone has faith if you didn't have faith you wouldn't be here you require faith you need faith to exist if you ever had a crisis of faith as I had when I was an atheist and I'm not talking about my moment of conversion or the time leading up to my conversion I'm talking about early in life in my early 20s as an atheist as a nice guy agnostic I went through an existential crisis where I lost faith I'd already lost my faith in God but I lost faith period you can go back and listen to my CBS Mehta no faith reason I talked about the three essential components doubt faith and reason they're all absolutely essential so that's the first thing I wanted to mention the second thing was about this claim that arns making that the processes involved in abiogenesis are completely different from the processes that are involved in the diversification of life which he likes to call evolution that is complete nonsense it's the same mechanism for the evolutionist and that mechanism is ignorance and the word that they use for ignorance is randomness yes because randomness just means that we don't know we don't have access to the mechanism so we say it's random but this is nothing but ignorant is nothing more as science progresses we pull back the veil a little bit and we start to see some discover more and more of the mechanisms and then and guess what those parts are no longer considered random they're lawful they're well ordered they're part of natural science they're part of the natural world the reason we have science is because we live in a well-ordered universe to call anything random is to shout and scream from the rooftops that we are ignorant we do not yet have access to these mechanisms but we know in principle that they are orderly we know this why because we have science natural science would be absolutely impossible if we did not live in a well-ordered universe everything has a sufficient reason there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for absolutely everything in the natural world everything without exception so to call something random is to merely admit that we are ignorant for the time being of the mechanisms at play at that level of examination so we know certain things when we watch a billiard ball bouncing around the table and hitting other balls and knocking them into the cushions and into the pockets we have a Newtonian analysis that will enable us in ideal conditions to predict perfectly what motions are going to take place on this table in the quantum realm it's different we don't have the access that we have on the macroscopic scale so we have a veil which gives us randomness and we depend on statistical methods but guess what it's still a science it's still giving predictable results on average over multiple samples so there's absolutely no basis for saying that Kent Hovind is wrong to clump together abiogenesis in with this naturalistic worldview and the whole process of evolution evolution is just changes happening because of the way that things are moving around and if you're an atheist if you're a naturalist you are necessarily a hard determinist unless you're willing to abandon reason and science completely and I don't see why you wouldn't be willing to do that since you're willing as an atheist to give up free will and therefore morality and therefore if you give up free will you're willing to give up reason because if you're not reasoning freely you are not reasoning they're just things moving around in your body and you call that cogitation you're like a big calculating machine whose gears are never violating the laws of nature in any way whatsoever it's just a clockwork machine your mind is just your brain and your nervous system so for the atheist for the naturalist there aren't a variety of mechanisms one for abiogenesis one for the diversification of life that's nonsense it is what it is the whole universe is just a bunch of stuff moving around according to these fixed laws that's all it is and if you want to say you're are an draw over there and I'm Madras over here you're making a completely arbitrary distinction based on this boundary which you've accepted my sack of skin forms a boundary and your sack of skin forms a boundary and the Atheist just arbitrarily goes along with that and says oh you are a person over there and I'm a person over here or two people it's completely baseless there's no philosophical basis for that for the Atheist to say that I as a Catholic I have a philosophical basis to say that I am one person and you are a different person I have a philosophical basis for that but the Atheist does not have that there's only one mechanism for the atheist it's her determinism that's the only mechanism that's why Kent Hovind his right to say that evolution covers the whole gamut from this alleged Big Bang all the way up to Aaron raw so the singularity had the potential to evolve into Aaron raw and David Ross and Kent Hovind and all the rest of us and your dog too you know what you know what one of the most harmful things we ever did was that it caused more stupidity and impeded science and then cause well ever every almost every evil that we've survived in the last couple thousand years we've invented religion yeah man-made religion is stupid well they're all man-made aren't they that's not what I believe yeah but I I know that you live in a fantasy land and you have your right you can deny reality and move on strictly fixing without a single fact in it you are urn is quite a guy I do love him people don't get it they don't understand why I'm so charitable towards this man it's not because I'm a Christian and I love my neighbor it's no it's not I am a selfish rebellious sinner just like Aaron Roy is the reason that I love him so much is that I find his personality endearing he's warm he's generous he's kind he's innocent he's lovable he reminds me a lot of people that are very close to me I I know and love people like him of all the guests of inter he's in the top five for sure of people I'd love to just hang around with joke around with talk with and listen to I just I could sit at his feet and listen to his voice and laugh and I would enjoy it because I I'm able to enjoy everything but sin and I'm not condoning the errors and the sins or any other evil committed by anyone but I'm still able to enjoy it because I am NOT sinning by enjoying the things that I am NOT able to change if I could believe me if I could convert or in raw I would and I'm doing everything in my power to do that through prayer and the sacraments not through confrontation not through argumentation not through debate not through scientific studies that's not how to win souls my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then I would bring out the peer-reviewed papers and the arguments and I would bring out the proofs and I would strap him to a chair and indoctrinate him but my kingdom is not of this world so I can laugh knowing that I'm doing everything I can to convert this poor fool because the impediment to conversion is not intellectual it's volitional it's an act of the will Aaron does not believe because he will not believe in fact he's unable to believe because he's unwilling to believe it's his punishment he's being punished so I need to be sympathetic to him I need to be with him as he's being punished I need to suffer with him because it is painful watching my brother separate himself from Christ because when you separate yourself from Christ it doesn't end well we need to contemplate our own death we need to contemplate judgment for sin and we need to contemplate both heaven and hell and make a choice it's a choice of the will it's a free choice God allows us to be free he respects our free will he gave us our free will our free will is good but it's dangerous the only person in the universe that can keep Aaron raw out of heaven is the person in the mirror so if I can hold up a mirror to Aaron raw if I could be that mother to that two-year-old child that's smeared with chocolate and denying the even denying the existence of the chocolate cake much less that he ate it and he was selfish and that he was rebellious and that he violated that chocolate cake if I can hold a mirror up to this child and laugh along and love the child and maybe even reach out once in a while and try to wipe off some of the dirt off of his face I can do it with love I can let the Holy Spirit do his work as I accompany him on his path so there's a spiritual battle taking place it's very real if you don't know that you're part of a spiritual battle then guess what you are a pawn in a very very elaborate game you're just a pawn and if you wake up and realize that you are part of a spiritual battle and that your soul is precious and that ultimately your soul will end up with your body reunited in one of two places one of which is very pleasant and one of which is very unpleasant to put it mildly for all eternity if you realize that then you can be an active soldier for good and if God forbid you choose evil then you can be an active soldier for Satan but you know the outcome you already know that you will pay with eternal damnation and so you would need to be extremely foolish to make that choice but there are people that do make that choice and I personally believe that they all are given a chance to repent at the end of their life even Hollister Crowley I think had a chance to repent he was very sad at the end of his life and I'm sure I'm certain that God did everything in his power to give Aleister Crowley all of the graces he needed that's a dogma of the church that everyone receives sufficient grace for conversion to make it to heaven so that's what I want for myself that's what I want for my family that's what I want for my friends that's what I want for my acquaintances and that's what I want for my enemies true and lasting conversion but time is running out so let's wake up people wake up get into the arc if you're not in the arc get in the arc if you're not yet Catholic get into the Catholic Church find yourself RCIA find yourself a good church and if you've been away from the church you want to come back I know a couple people have reached out to me they're coming back and they're very very happy to have found their way back so come back to the church come back home that's my wish for you so and if you're in the church stay in the church and help as many as you can get into the church and help keep people in the church through your good example and if you have the charisma to and the opportunity to teach and to instruct and to prophesy whatever it is whatever gift you have whatever talent you have use it for the greater glory of God and try to stay in yourself because what does it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul so we all have the same objective eternal lasting happiness no one will deny that they want true and lasting happiness so let's all strive for that and help each other out so that's it take care we'll talk you