Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-09-22 - Jeremy Best

Author Recorded Sunday September 22nd, 2019

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Jeremy reached out to me on Facebook. He is a born-again Christian on fire for the Lord. I enjoyed meeting him and agreed to record part 2 soon since we got cut off prematurely.

Catholic vs. Protestant - 2019-09-22 - Jeremy Best

Author Recorded August 14th, 2016



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hello my name is jeremy best and you were listening to catholic versus protestant so just tell us a little bit about yourself who you are what you believe and why you believe it well I'm an American I was born in Lake Wales Florida I am a Christian I consider myself to be a child of God I have been in the Christian world and was raised Christian since my youth actually since I was born and I am married I have five children I've been married for 17 years first wife and my wife and I are very devoted Christians we are doing our best to seek the Lord and to find all of his ways and to please him I firmly believe that a Christian is a person who is born again filled with the Spirit of God in the Covenant the New Covenant and are doing their best to seek the Lord and follow him in all of his commands and his spirit 100% can you talk just a little bit about your childhood your upbringing and your first memories of God and religion how that impacted your earliest memories yes well it started off obviously I was raised in church so we would go every Sunday Wednesday Sunday night and probably other times during the week I know today Wednesday and Sunday night have been just about exit out of church protocol and I remember as a young child learning all the scriptures being acquainted with all the songs learning that Jesus loves me and that I'm a sinner and that I need to be saved and delivered and brought into his kingdom but it wasn't really until I started having some encounters with God that I remember going back when we used to have these summer camps that we would go to they were the organization of the so they called them Church camps and we would go and there would be revivals and you know people that were there geared to preach the gospel at our age and I I remember several accounts during those years where I had some major encounters with the Lord and there was crying and and there was fervency that was built in my heart and I felt a real strong connection to the Lord when I was 12 I remember having a strong connection with the Lord where he reached out to me and told me that he in the you know through through the Holy Spirit that I was you know called to do greater things and preach the gospel and do his will I guess what many Christians would call I felt like I had a calling growing up I was baptized and I did receive the Holy Spirit through prayer but looking back at my life I know that in a sense I didn't have a good take meaning when I was prayed for the Spirit of God you know definitely moved upon me but it never really took residency in my life it was about until the age of 17 that I remember having a major encounter with the Lord where the Spirit of God truly filled me where my cup was running over and there were many signs and wonders that began to follow my life after this point I had an incredible urgency and urging in my heart to read the Word of God and to know the Lord for myself I had I remember having dreams I remember having supernatural encounters with the Lord where I felt like he would speak to me and ever since then I have been connected to the Lord in a greater way than ever before I loved reading his word I loved doing the best that I can to keep his Commandments and to bring forth the fruit in which Jesus said we must do and I've had a very supernatural life a lot of times people say they don't encounter a lot of the things that maybe I've encountered in my life and so I don't therefore share them as much as maybe I should because some people just don't connect but the Lord has definitely been with me and he's with me now and we love Him are you the most on fire for the Lord or is the whole family on fire q just talk a little bit about the parents and the siblings and fervor and devotion yes my great grandparents I is the earliest of my generations that I'm aware of because of they were the only ones alive but they were very devout Christians they lived to be nearly a hundred years old they did everything that they could to keep the commandments of God in looking back I mean they weren't perfect but I don't recall them in a sense sinning in front of me they were just so devout to God and such good people my grandparents which were their children from on my mother's side on my father's side they are on the great-grandparents I never knew them but my father's side his grandparents are his parents scuse me are devout Christians very devout and it's interesting it did not continue with with with my biological father my biological father did not keep me as a child he gave me up for adoption when I was just a little boy I think around the age of 2 or 3 and I was adopted by a man who had a semi relationship with the Lord so my strong connection to God comes from my mother's side of the family so my mother's parents they are devout Christians they're not as strongly devoted on my grandmother as her parents but she's strong and my grandfather he's varied about he is a true man of God he has a very similar story to me in the sense of you know having a lot of connection with the Lord very spiritual connection and encounters and then my mother has had a very on and off relationship with God in the sense of her application she would never deny the Lord but her applications and her walk have been challenged and that's basically because of her father her father did not walk in the Lord and was a very serious alcoholic he brought a lot of turmoil into the family on his side so my sisters all of which interesting are believers you know they're younger everybody has certain amount of time that you have to walk with the Lord to kind of iron out wrinkles and fix things but all of them are serving the Lord they are all maturing at the pace in which God is leading them some more than others so that pretty much consists of my immediate family like I was saying on my father's side he was raised Christian but he did not get an encounter with God he did not come in what I would say become into covenant with the Lord and he turned skeptical he turned bitter he turned a few different ways which led him to become I wouldn't say he's necessarily atheist but he is close to it he just denies that there's a God he doesn't want to face the reality hmm this interview is obviously about you not your wife but if you can say a little bit about her faith journey and maybe your in-laws generally I don't know how I blew it is to talk about that but if you have anything to say now's the time my wife and I met around the age of 19 to 20 years old we got married at that time and I had a very amazing connection to her and the Spirit of the Lord told me to take her up as a wife through prayer and connection and she had a spirit about her she was raised Catholic but she will tell you that she was never really Catholic she was Catholic in the sense of of going to Catholic Mass and going to a Catholic school and she could tell you all the ins and outs about Catholicism but she will tell you right off the bat that something inside of her just didn't connect didn't click when when Mass was going on at her school she would be found in the bathroom just kind of hanging out until it was over with it wasn't that she was a rebellious person it was just that she never connected her parents are Catholic only by membership they would not to me be considered someone who walks in the faith or practices the teachings of the Bible but they would do the rituals Catholicism has a lot of rituals that they will have you walk through but there's no not for everyone but for many people especially in South America that I've noticed because I've met many of them they have no real connection to God in fact most of them don't even know who any of the key figures are in the Word of God so she when she married me she immediately saw the God the God in me and the love and me and the relationship that the king of kings has through me and she really amazingly just became the perfect match for me God really matched me up and she has she's got her own personal relationship with the Lord and she's filled with the spirit and she's got gifts and she definitely leans on me to help you know bring to fruition in her what God has for her but she in her own way has her own relationship with God and is taught by him and she does have a side in her family that's also atheist or evolutionist they have a strong side of evolution which brought about skepticism which brought about atheistic views yeah I converted from atheism 25 years of atheism back in 2009 so it's been about 10 years now and as soon as I converted I immediately knew that evolution was not the case but I wasn't adamant about it because I was under the impression that the Catholic Church allows diverse opinions on evolution and it's only recently that I've come to understand that the church does not allow us to believe in evolution we have to be special creationists so I'm young earth creationist now but it's not well known or well understood even by Catholics but we shouldn't be surprised by that because a lot of people in the Catholic Church don't necessarily know and there is the spirit of the age the spirit of the world and deception and so the veil will be lifted if God willing we make it to heaven but until then we're all subject to deception yes and that subjection by the way congratulate you on your deliverance into God and your testimony that is a phenomenal testimony of 25 years of atheism and you know I I am NOT on this broadcast to contradict the catholic' Church teaching or any of those things because they've not really been a relevancy in my life nor has Protestantism but the Word of God and the Spirit of God and that's which I hope to share a little later on is what my what my understanding is concerning the Word of God on what is the goals and the heart of God through the cross and you'll find that whether the church teaches it or they don't it doesn't matter it's in the Word of God and by the Spirit of God will he teach us and interpret those so it has been around for thousands of years in the Jewish culture as long as well as in many sects of the Christian culture that it that God created the heavens and the earth and six literal days and rested on the seventh and that evolution came about you know more so in the 1800s and they even tried to incorporate evolution teaching into the church by making it fit with gap theory and a couple other things but you will find that those teachings and those theories brought about some of the most greatest atrocities in the world in fact Christians truly believed that the slave trade and the slave ownership was justified because certain people or certain beings had not progressed far enough in evolution to be considered human so to speak and so we find that this teaching is definitely of a teaching of Satan yeah I don't know if you're familiar with the Cole Bay Center it's a Catholic creationist initiative I've come in contact with them since my coming out as a young earth creationist they're a good resource and of course I don't know if you know but I interviewed Kent Hovind you did yes Wow he is a big fan of mine I saw him when I was a boy about 30-something years ago he's a big fan of you or you're a big fan of him now I'm a big fan of his oh okay because you said he's a big fan of yours are you in the spotlight at all do you have public ministry that people are aware of well I in times past have had a public ministry I have traveled and evangelize in other countries but I took a sabbatical for reasonings of growth and the Lord's been taking me down an entirely new path in his kingdom and it sort of ripped the rug out from underneath me and that might be a discussion that we can have a little today or down the road there it would take hundreds of these podcast hours to share everything but but to put in a small context could be done sure I wanted to go back a little bit to the biographical questions and just ask if you went through a bit of a rebellion during your pubescent years around the when the hormones started kicking in I had a really dark rebellion obviously but can you just talk a little about the dark years place sure pretty much in my in my life I had very strong morals and principles growing up I did not practice in drugs or alcohol I did not press practice and sex I was pretty much in a sense even though I was the star jock in sports and I was you know involved in school I was between Christian schools and public schools depending on you know my family situations but for the most part I look back and I you know for a child especially in a teenager I walked a pretty good line it wasn't until about not eighteen or nineteen years old that did I really come against a strong test in my life which basically lasted about a year and there was some great turmoil in my heart that came about from some things and I didn't have answers to them and I was very perplexed and I almost was like the Apostles I I went back to I went back to fishing in the sense of going back to the flesh and I took about a year sabbatical and I did go and test my oats so to speak in the clubbing scene testing the world scene for several months I didn't do good at all in fact I was the the weird guy in the whole event I just didn't fit in it was because I was covered by the Spirit of God God had his hand on me and I remember one night coming to this recollection or this awakening in my mind and saying you know what I don't fit in I'm not doing well here because God has his hand on me and I remember telling the Lord to leave me alone and get out of my life and he did and the next day I felt it I actually that moment I felt it and I got scared but what was interesting David is God actually did take his hand off me and I began to fit in with the world I began to go and what I seeked doors were open for me and wasn't too long later down that I you know I came to my senses and I repented and I had a full come you know turn around but uh that that's about how that came about what triggered the repentance well I I never really walked fully away from God I just wanted his hand off of but what sparked repentance is sin always comes to an end of a season and I just started missing the Lord and I started just realizing that this wasn't the life for me and this wasn't who I was called to be and this wasn't how I was raised you know the Bible says raise a child up the way they should go and they shut out the part from it and I just all of those things just kind of joined and I also believe it or not I met my wife kind of at the very end of that sin trail and I was I was kind of already on my way back to God and when I found her I I felt the Spirit of God even in our sin God can talk to you God can work with you and God can relate with you you know sometimes we feel like God isn't there he's there you know and that's when I made a choice to kind of start heading home and it wasn't a very short time after that and I was you know God had you know accepted me back in and I was you know full blown in my you know the discipleship nice yeah I don't know if you know that I'm here in Montreal Quebec Canada and it's sort of like the Vegas of the north it's Sin City we have our own so-called gay village and we have prostitutes we have gambling marijuana is legal everywhere in Canada there's a lot of crime there's a lot of mafia and it's a pretty dirty place what is the south like are you in the Bible Belt is it squeaky clean polite and Christian or is there a dark side there too well historically if you look in the Bible pretty much all of the great evils of the world were centered around cities populations of great you know mass Sodom and Gomorrha Nineveh you know all the great cities so I am near Atlanta and Atlanta most definitely has a very very large homosexual community they have you know drugs and alcohol you know all the all the illicit things there's clubs galore there's a lot of money this is a very international City you can go just about anywhere and find little China or little Spain Spanish you know sectors here and there there's a Colombia era area and but where I live just simply because I like the country my my children I want to raise them in an environment where you know we can do you know outdoor things and I simply just don't like traffic either Atlanta has some of the worst traffic I've ever seen it's really bad but yes I to answer your question in a nutshell we do live in what's traditionally called the Bible Belt Atlanta has been dramatically overhauled though by the pollution of filth and sin and evil but the outskirts there are still a lot of very Christian people around here there's a lot of you know major movements of the Lord around here God is not dead he's definitely alive and strong in his people in this area but Atlanta is definitely on major hub in the world I did want to ask you about atheism in the world today it seems to be growing big waves of atheism and occultism and Satanism can you just talk about our current times I remember in my studies coming across a sage now a sage is a Hebraic term for a teacher of the law or a teacher of the Word of God in the ancient times and he said that the greatest sin on earth is for a man to believe that there is no God for there is no arm that could reach down and help him in historic times going back to the ancient world you might be able to correct me when a theism really started hitting the earth but from what I understand in my studies most of the ancient world if you didn't have a God you're something wrong with you in fact the more gods the merrier and this the the the rabbis or the you know and this time said that that was a better position than to not believe in no God at all because at least they had a high airpower in which they looked to a deity someone that was greater than them when you're an atheist by default you are the god of your own world and this is the highest tragedy a person can enter themselves into because when you by default become your own God then you look for no external help or deliverance the Bible says in the last days that the deception of the world would be so great that even the very elect would be deceived if it were possible I would have to say that evolution has been a strong contributor a very strong contributor to the fact that there is a higher number or rise of atheist in the world I would have to also say that there are many many Christians who have gone who have grown cold in their walk with God it's become more external and very superficial and my God is alive but Paul says I don't come with words of wisdom and philosophy I come with power and demonstration and you see when you see a man pray for somebody and they're raised from the dead or you see somebody who has been delivered of a great ailment in their life or a great burden or a demon or various things of this kind it it's hard to challenge that as a person and and it makes you open your mind to things that's why a lot of times when somebody who's called by God continually walks away from him he allows tragedies he allows things to come into your life that would cause you to be humbled enough that you would cry out to God for help most people are atheist until their dying you know and when they're dying is when they start to realize okay where am I going what's going on here you know you know they don't want to see their eyes shut cold and and and be nothing on the other side and I am certainly no expert on you know atheism but I do know that when God's people will awaken within their heart and walk in the power and the demonstration and the love there's just no reason for those who are called to do that I can see people having bitterness and resentment and skepticism with a lot of the things that go on in all sectors of professing Christians or Catholics or all the above and you know we need to overcome that by giving them the true gospel and giving them the true reasonings for Christ's death on the cross and what he's here to accomplish yeah I think we all have an innate knowledge about God about who God is what he is and the power of God but we like little children we prefer to have our little comfort there are little sins and to have our own way ultimately to do our will so that our will may be done I was 25 years an atheist as I told you but I don't I don't know that I ever really in my heart denied the existence of God it was probably only on my lips and I'm seeing a pattern with the atheist today that on the one hand they're willing to admit that they're not free but on the other hand they want to have everything that Christ represents which is freedom and truth and justice and it all just seems a little bit topsy-turvy to me yeah I want to have your cake and eat it too right well I I think one thing is is a lot of times you talk to an atheist who's living in a judeo-christian environment and they're reaping rewards just like my father who like I said I can't say he's full-blown atheist but he is he wants to live a life of morality but I asked him where did you get that morality he wants to live a life of you know the golden rule be good to your neighbor as unto yourself he's a very moral person which is interesting but he denies the fact of where it comes from nor does he want to submit or love his creator and I would have to say that the Bible says something very interesting and we have to we have to deal with it that's what one thing about the Word of God you can't just X out things in there and not deal with it but the Bible says because of your lust for more because of your rebellion your rejection of me I will turn you over that you may be leave the lye and so we can see that they there is a spirit in which somebody can have upon their life where they will actually believe a lot because they've been turned over and they have to be delivered they have to have that demonic power lifted from their life in order for them to see Jesus said he that have an ear let him hear but then he asked Peter who do you say that I am and he said well you're the Christ you're the Messiah and he said Peter flesh and blood has not given this to you but you have had your inner spiritual ears opened by the Father in heaven you've been granted this a lot of times I speak with people and I don't know when to shut up sometimes you ever you ever been in that position and I realize that these people haven't been permitted to see what I'm sharing and I've had to grow up in wisdom and to know that sometimes just people aren't ready for certain things and it's because they haven't been opened or granted that opportunity yet by the Spirit of God and I do believe that there are people who believe such great lies things that you and I just sit here and scratch our head like are they for real and it's because they have been turned over to the dark side so to speak if you want to bring in a Star Wars analogy and not everyone but I think a great vast majority have and we need to understand that as a Christian and pray for them and know that it isn't going to always be with words of wisdom or catching them with a free will argument that's going to deliver them they need the power of the Holy Spirit to break the chains of darkness in their life and that's where we must be and I believe that people who do debate the freewill argument and various other arguments it's necessary we need all realms body mind and spirit yeah I make it a priority in my podcast to put prayer number one my number one mission with this podcast is prayer so I make a small donation to a religious organization and they put the name on a list and then my guests all enjoy the benefits of the sacrifice of the mass which is a representation of the eternal passion and suffering and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but I wanted to ask you about the Trinity what sorts of relationships you have with the three persons of the Trinity please well I'm glad you asked the question because this is one of my favorite areas of topic and so I am going to try to share it with you in the way that I understand it the Godhead is a very mysterious thing and I don't think anyone's got their full hand on it but basically you have to start in order to truly understand Yahweh or Elohim or God as we call it in the West you have to start in the Torah which is the first five books the Pentateuch you have to study him there and then you have to study him in the writings which is the Psalms and historical writings and various things and then you need to study him in the prophets and then the Gospels and then your epistles on up through the book of Revelation and what you're gonna find when you do this study is that God literally came to earth and took on a body and he came as the son of man in the West or in the basically non what Eastern cultures they begin to say son of God for example Greek and Roman those places but in the Old Testament its son of man or the Messiah would come now we do see sons of Israel or son of God in some texts of the Old Testament but basically the way I see it according to Scripture is that God came down the Word of God became flesh like it says in John 1:1 and God dwelt amongst men he will be called Immanuel you know and when we began to study Yeshua or Jesus preaches on behalf of the father as a human but at the same time he's equal and 1 to God and when the apostles were sitting down with and they asked a very bizarre and unique question they said when are you going to show us the Father and Jesus makes a very funny statement he goes like almost like in a contradiction like oh geez guys how long have I been with you you don't you know me by now you know so we see many many statements that Jesus made that absolutely put him one and equal with God the Father now how do i reconcile the teachings of for example go into all the world and baptize him and baptize them in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit well we see that in the New Testament no one was ever baptized like that they were baptized in the name of Jesus we also see that in John chapter 17 verse 11 Jesus said as he was praying for his disciples he said father protect them with your name the name you gave me also in that same chapter or the previous chapter Jesus said I will send the Holy Spirit in my name so what we see is is that when someone is baptized there is a covenant or some wood some wood make an analogy or show it from a Hebraic standpoint a marriage ceremony you're becoming married to God or a betrothed to God through baptism where you're basically becoming in relationships so that what I in layman's terms look at baptism as it's an act in which you are entering into covenant it's an act in which you are entering into a means in which God can have a relationship with you and the promise is according to the Word of God and we see in acts chapter 2:38 that the Spirit of God would come to those who enter into betrothal or into covenant so when the Word of God says go into all the world and baptize them in the of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit the emphasis needs on to be on the word name so the name of God is Jesus or Yeshua because Jesus said so and the name has an equal to nature so if you are going to establish a relationship between someone and God through the means or the act of baptism you want to enter them into a covenant with the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit which is the nature so as a christian jesus said this is how you shall pray our Father who art in heaven how would be thy name then jesus said excuse me the book of john first john says whoever says that they are a Christian they must walk as Jesus walked and keep the commandments as he kept them you can see this throughout the epistles so the reason I'm saying this is this I must as a Christian or a believer in God I must have a relationship with the father in the sense that I view him as my Creator my lord my Adonai he is my everything but I view Jesus as my pattern he is the person in which I model my life after then the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God there's only one Holy Spirit in all the universe it's the Spirit of God God is omnipresent he's everywhere so if he allows me to have a part of his spirit it's not a different person or a different spirit it's simply a portion of himself so I have to learn to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit the Bible says or jesus said whoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven so he says whatever you say unto the Son of man whatever you say a mockery or condemnation towards Jesus meaning the Pharisees at the time that will be forgiven but if you do it unto the holy that shall never be forgiven so the reason I'm saying these stories in the Word of God is to bring relationship here the Spirit of God is one we can read the Shema which is an Israel terminology for a scripture I believe it's Deuteronomy chapter 6 verse 4 and it says this here o Israel the Lord our God is one and the Lord our God our Lord our God is one and God is one he is not a multifaceted God he's not three persons in one he is one God that came in a different form in order to show mankind how to live and he redeemed us under that form then he sent a portion of himself so that we may be empowered to be the sons of God we see in the book of Romans Paul says he that is led by the Holy Spirit shall be called the sons of God shall be a son of God he also spit speaks in another text that says he that basically in layman's terms he that doesn't have the Spirit of God is not a child of God so therefore the qualifications in order to be a child of God would be one who is born again full of the Spirit of God so that's how I view the word Trinity so to speak I don't necessarily believe in the Trinity as may say some do and I believe Jesus was God in the flesh it's very clear i believe in isaiah 44:6 I'm paraphrasing I know the Bible well but I don't have it memorized I apologize I wish I did but it but it but in isaiah 44:6 I believe it is God is speaking of himself that he says I am king of Israel he goes I know no other God but me I'm the only one in all the universe and he said right there he said something interesting I'm trying to remember here so I can say it he goes I am the beginning and the end I am the olive and the top basically the first and the last now the olive is the Hebrew word for first it's the first Hebrew letter and olive is the last so when they translated this potentially you know so well that the Greek reader or the Roman world could understand in the book of Revelation it says in chapter 21 I believe or it might be 22 it's talking about Jesus and he's right there and he says I am the beginning and the end I am the Alpha and Omega I mean there are hundreds of texts like this that put God and Yeshua or Jesus as the same person they are one and only when you read the book of Revelation I do not see anywhere in there where John describes what God the Father looks like with Jesus sitting at the right hand now I I believe in the father I believe he is a supernatural spirit that consumes the whole universe and he came in his son and you know so when I get to heaven I believe I'm going to see Jesus and he is going to be the full embodiment of God and if if if I am wrong I am still worshiping and walking in the father and I I pray to the Father he is my my my my master my creator the giver of life he's the give her at the commandments he's my all and all but from what I can see it in the text they are one in the same yeah they're definitely one in essence Father Son and Holy Spirit are all one in essence and it's a deep mystery that will never understand completely but what would you say the Catholic understanding of the Trinity is in Contra distinction to your understanding of the Trinity are there differences you know my ignorance of Catholic doctrine is is rather large but I do know I believe at a certain council meeting that they declared that God is three and one and so that there is I believe some parallels I believe we may even be very close to the same you know that it's it's it's really difficult for me to know unless I were to read all of the doctrinal views of your Catholic Church well it has been condemned as a heresy this notion of mo where God is one person who has different modes the father mode the son mode and the Holy Spirit mode and it sounded a little bit like that's what you were suggesting is that the case well like I said the the belief of the Godhead or the traitor so it's a very deep and very difficult subject to understand when when I asked the Lord to teach me about this he shared with me in the way that I understood and sometimes I may not relay that perfectly but yes if if you are saying or the Catholic view is saying this that when I go to heaven that I'm going to see three distinct persons for example here's God the Father here's God the Son here's God the Holy Spirit and I'll be able to shake all three of their hands then and absolutely I don't believe that at all yeah that's been thoroughly condemned by the church this idea that there are three gods that's thoroughly condemned no it's a deep mystery we'll never understand we will when I agree with you when we go to heaven God willing if we make it there we're going to see Jesus Christ in his flesh he's glorified flesh he never unning car nated he's still incarnate but he's glorified his glorified body now I want to ask you briefly about the 10 commandments I'm very passionate about the Ten Commandments and it's a very important part of Catholic life but I've interviewed a lot of Protestants and many of them say that we do not need to obey the Ten Commandments and that we are free from that of course I strongly disagree because jesus said if you love me keep my Commandments this is one of the areas that I would you know love to speak on further because if there is anyone who believes in the commandments of God it would be me and probably I take it much further than most and when Jesus said if you love me keep my Commandments it goes right back to the Trinity doctrine here are we talking about the commandments of Jesus are we talking about the commandments of the father so and this is where people get hanged up they only want to keep the teachings of Jesus and they even then they don't do it they think they're free from all that you that you just have to somehow in your inclinations and that you have to live in the clouds daily that you really only fall the Holy Spirit you don't really get the Word of God out say okay I am not supposed to do this and do your best to follow it until it becomes nature by the power of the Holy Spirit but when you study the Word of God you find that there are roughly 613 commandments in the Torah the Ten Commandments are kind of like icons on your computer when you click on them it opens up to more for example thou shalt not commit adultery well adultery is not the only sexual sin in which God wants you to be aware of anything with your body anything with your body that you commit sexual sin with that is outside a legal God willed type of marriage with a man and woman only then that would be adultery so for example if you commit sexual sins with an animal that's sin if you do it with another man if you're a man that sin or a woman with a woman and you shall not have sex with your mother you don't have sex with your father's sister I mean there's a number of Commandments probably thirty or so in all that fall underneath thou shalt not commit adultery and when we studied the scripture of Jesus he verifies these and he takes them further so when you study him and you learn something that the commandments that you find in the first five books of the Bible that is the fruit of the sin murder is the fruit of sin but the seed of that sin is one who hates their brother so the seed of murder is hate and the fruit thereof is murder so if you hate your brother you will then it will come to fruition that you will murder him and the the rabbinical writings and some scholars have gone even deeper if you do anything to take life from a person for sample bullying them or belittling them or making fun of them is a form of murdering your brother we're not talking about the act of killing them physically but you are demeaning and tearing down the life that is within them so the Spirit of God helps people go deeper into the knowledge of what the commandments were for and I think anybody as a Christian would agree that boolean is wrong I think anybody that's a Christian would agree that tearing somebody down and weakening their inward being is not right so how do we relate this to the Word of God it's right there so if the Old Testament so to speak has 613 commandments and then you come to the New Testament we find that I've actually never numbered them but I have I'm in the process of doing a study there are a lot of teachings that Christ had that talk about Commandments but there are many that are not there and we find in the Gospels that they say the Luke the writer I believe says that if all the teachings of Christ and all the miracles that he performed were to be written down all the books of the world could not contain them so if we don't have all of the teachings of Jesus then and how are we able to to fully walk in the commandments of Jesus it's a mystery to me and the reason is I believe God allowed this on purpose because the authority in which Jesus walked the earth now this is going to scare some people when I say this but it's true Jesus had no authority to do what he did except that he walk in authority that was already given before he came jesus says i preached the law and the prophets he got Authority because I actually believe on Mount Sinai if God and Jesus are one Jesus in a sense is the one that gave the commandments to Israel and if he's walking in them and living them in teaching them in a sense in his earthly life he was not the originator of those Commandments now because we know who he is and he is the giver of life and he is the word of God made and cut off in the flesh we know he's the originator but my point is God did not introduce it to the world through Jesus he brought it through Moses and the patriarchs so when you studied the gospel or excuse me the epistles and all of those books there are more laws that the Apostles enforced than Jesus taught so we know that the commandments have to come from the 613 derived in the Torah like Paul said all Scripture is useful for teaching rebuking correcting and instructing so my my instruction is this the Bible says something that I know everybody's heard but nobody understands that I've ever spoke to and that is the Bible says in the last days there shall arise a spirit of lawlessness now lawlessness and this text are in this context is not talking about the law of Trump or the law of Hitler or the law of Nero it is talking about the the people who have a spirit to break the law of God they have no concern for the higher power above them and the laws that God has given into the earth so when you study this and you see that the great deception that's coming is people are gonna walk and identify themselves in a spirit that believing that they're a child of God but yet completely denying God's sovereignty over their life in the law all's I mean why did Adam and Eve get kicked out of the garden it wasn't because they didn't necessarily believe that God existed it was because they absolutely sinned they broke a commandment and we see that Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of the commandments that we have broken and I have tons of Scripture and one of the the biggest things that helped me in my life growing up is when I began to study the Messianic prophecies which are the prophecies that prove that Jesus was the Messiah because in them it doesn't just tell us who the Messiah would be it would clearly teach us what his goals were through them God the Father's goals were through the Messiah why he would want to accomplish them and for example I actually made a note here hoping that I could share it but in Ezekiel chapter 36 verse 24 through 32 there is a great scripture here starting at verse 26 it says I'm just jumping into the middle of it it's necessary to read the whole thing but it says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh and I will put my spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws you will live in the land I gave your forefathers you will be my people and I will be your God and most people aren't aware that in Jeremiah 31:31 through 34 is the New Covenant hardly any Christians know the Covenant in which we live in the one that the Messiah at would establish and that scripture says the following in verse 31 it says the time is coming declares the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah it will not be like the Covenant I made with their forefathers when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt because they broke my covenant though I was a husband to them declares the Lord this is the Covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time declares the Lord I will put my law in their minds and I will write it on their hearts I will be their God and they will be my people no longer here's a great point will a man teach his neighbor or a man his brother saying know the Lord because they will all know me from the least of them to the greatest declares the Lord now we absolutely know that this is a messianic prophecy concerning what Jesus would accomplish in fact Paul the Apostle validates that this is our New Covenant in Hebrews chapter eight 8 through 10 and Hebrews chapter 10 8 through 31 that's if you believe that Paul was the writer of Hebrews so to circle back to what your question was the church is lost they do not know that the entire goal of God in the cross was to give us the Spirit of God that we may keep his Commandments that we may fulfill his nature that we may go even higher by allowing the Spirit of God to tutor us and mentor us and teach us like I was saying about the fruit versus the seed learning that you know I don't have a commandment that says to pick up paper when I throw it on the ground out here and you know littering but I feel a conviction come inside of me and say you know what that's not what God would do and that's where the Spirit of God jumps in where sometimes the scripture doesn't exactly give you no clarity but at the same time you can't run your entire life off of listening to the Holy Spirit only separate from the Word of God it's just impossible I've had people tell me by the Spirit of God told them but live with a woman and father her in the Bible while they weren't married and they were having sex and it's just incredible that you could hear a person who believes truly that what they're saying is from the Spirit of God now only by the Word of God could I contradict him the whole world needs a universal law from God it can't be subject to everyone's opinions and thoughts and intuitions it has to be universally ironclad down by God and he did just validated it and I am in 100% agreement with you and I may even take it further because there's a lot of things you know bless the different you know institutions around the world that they have omitted from Scripture and that they have negated in their walk not everyone is keeping the commandments and you know they've been twisted and many times they've been perverted or outright refused to be learned and you know it's I really believe it's every Christians job to sit down with the Spirit of God and say father teach me because I can prove to you that's why he died did you know in Ezekiel chapter 34 a whole chapter it's important that people read this chapter and also in Jeremiah chapter 12 you will find that God says that the Shepherds that are leading his pea people have stolen his sheep and he says that he is very displeased with them and that he will take his sheep back and that he will personally teach them he will personally guide them and when Jesus came if you read Exodus chapter 34 it's a messianic prophecy about what Jesus would do and you find that when Jesus came he said this he said I have come for the lost sheep of Israel in Ezekiel 34 he said the reason his sheep were lost is B because of the bad shepherds of Israel now I don't want to say Israel because the Christians have done the same thing anybody who says that Israel killed Jesus and that we have you know walked in him and this perfect world is wrong the Christians have violated God almost worse than the nation of Israel did because we have the Spirit of God we've trampled him we've trampled the blood by not taking advantage in what he purchased for us so when Jesus said I have come for the for the lost sheep of Israel he was proving that he is the object of Ezekiel 34 that he has come to establish a covenant so God the Father through the Holy Spirit can now personally teach every sheep what he wants to teach them so it's been really nice talking to you but I do have to let you go now and we'll definitely do part two I know you have a lot more to say and have a lot more questions for you and I really appreciate everything you've been saying but at the end of my interviews I do ask my guests to leave a little positive message of hope just some brief little message that's uplifting so just to wrap up the show what do you think you might be able to say to anyone that might be out there listening now well I would first say that the God of heaven on earth love to you and he desires to have an intimate real positive one on water relationship he desires to teach us the mysteries that we need answered he wants to teach us how to walk how to live how to avoid issues in our life and how to handle issues in our life and if we will seek him no matter if we're Muslim Christian Protestant Catholic Mormon you mainland if we will just set our religion aside for just a moment and just go and have a one-on-one conversation with the Lord and ask him to teach us and the lead is incus and to all truth he will do that and he will make a special encounter for us and he will answer our prayers if we would just believe and seek him with all of our heart seek ye first the kingdom of God

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