Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics- Part 2

Author Streamed Wednesday December 22nd, 2021

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hey we're live i'm live it's gonna pick up where i left off yesterday i don't know how many of these i'll get through over the holidays but i'll give it a shot once again today let's see what he has to say today this is archbishop lefebvre's open letter to confused catholics let's see what he has to say the sacraments are administered in a manner which varies from place to place i will cite as examples the age for baptism and confirmation variations in the nuptial blessing introduction of chants and readings which have nothing to do with the liturgy but are borrowed from other religions or a purely secular literature some yeah that doesn't sound good does it i'm against that and principle sometimes simply to express political ideas e that's horrible latin the universal language of the church and gregorian chant have generally disappeared ye but not not because of the letter of vatican ii but the so-called spirit of all the hymns have been replaced by modern songs in which it is not uncommon to find the same rhythms as in places of entertainment catholics have been surprised also by the sudden disappearance of religious garb as if priests and religious were ashamed of looking like what they are parents who send their children to catechism discover that the truths of the faith are no longer taught even the most basic the holy trinity the mystery of the incarnation original sin the immaculate conception hence the feeling of profound disorientation is all of this no longer true out of date passe christian virtues are no longer even mentioned where can you find a catechism speaking of humility chastity mortification the faith has become a fluid concept charity a kind of universal solidarity and hope is above all hope for a better world i don't think um after the publication of the catechism but maybe i'm wrong maybe he was aware of the new catechism um but it can't be the case because he would have read it and he would have understood that uh all the principles catholic principles and teachings that he's emphasizing here and that he's pointing out as missing from the catechisms uh or that there are no catechisms promoting those catholic ideas and ideals uh they are all contained in the new catechism explicitly and clearly so i don't really understand what he's on about here as usual novelties like these are not the kind which in human situation appear at a certain moment in time so that we get accustomed to them and assimilate them after an initial period of surprise and uncertainty in the course of human life ways of doing things change if i were still a missionary in africa i would go there by plane and no longer by boat if indeed you could find a steamship company still in operation in this sense we can say that one should live in one's own time one is really forced to do so but those catholics on whom they tried to impose novelties in the spiritual and supernatural order on the same principle realized it was not possible you do not change the holy sacrifice of the mass the sacraments founded by jesus christ you do not change the truth revealed once and for all well i want to address this issue of the mass changing the mass what's essential in the mass is can be isolated and reduced to a very very small number of words gestures and rubrics i guess you could call them the rubrics of the mass the essential rubrics are very few in number and the rest is subject to change obviously we want to have decorum and good taste in the choices we make with any change to the liturgy but the liturgical reform i'm a big fan of liturgical reform in general to get rid of clutter or to make things more accessible and understandable to the lay faithful so we have more participation this was the goal that the council fathers had in mind at the second vatican council and even before the second vatican council in the first vatican council right we have to remember that this was all underway and it didn't appear in a vacuum or out of nowhere if the first vatican council had all kinds of things underway and it was just interrupted by the franco-prussian war i believe that's what happened you can look into the history and the details of that but my point here is that this is not the invention of vatican ii but the continuation of vatican one same thing with all the collegiality that a lot of radtrads get excited about in a negative and critical way they don't seem to realize that it's all in continuity with the first vatican those dogmas that were declared at the first vatican council are not the be all and end all they were part of a whole set of ideas that were going to be documented and implemented in the church and it had to wait until vatican ii sadly but that's the way it is but to say that there's some sort of break between vatican 1 and vatican 2 philosophically or ideologically or politically i think is unfounded and i've looked into this a little bit but the main point i'm making here is the liturgical reforms and uh the essence of the liturgy those essential rubrics are they don't include a lot of archbishop marcel lafave's favorite parts of the mass probably right so vatican 2 is very careful to emphasize the fact that in essentials we must have unity and in non-essentials we welcome diversity a healthy wholesome diversity a catholic diversity and in all things charity right this was carefully carefully articulated by the second vatican council so i disagree once again with archbishop the archbishop's negative assessment of vatican ii and liturgical reform and like i said last time latin is given pride of place and it is not to be eliminated from the mass that's an abuse right that we see rampant all i've seen is abuse in that regard here in canada and the masses i've been to in the u.s same thing um and uh what was the other issue the liturgy and oh yeah gregorian chant is also given pride of place in the church and latin is given private place in the documents of vatican ii so his beef here is not with the letter of vatican ii but with the demonic spirit of vatican ii you do not replace one dogma with another the pages which follow try to answer the questions you are asking yourselves you who have known another face of the church i shall try also to enlighten the young people born after the council and to whom the catholic community does not offer what they have a right to expect from it i would like to address myself finally to the unconcerned and the agnostics whom the grace of god will touch some day or another but who by then may find the churches without priests and a teaching which does not correspond to the needs of their souls then there is a question which by all evidence interests everyone if i can judge by the attention it gets in the general press especially in france the journalists are also showing some confusion a few headlines is christianity dying will time work against the religion of jesus christ will there still be priests in the year two thousand these questions i hope also to answer not with any new theory of my own but relying on unbroken catholic tradition unbroken yet so neglected in recent years that to many readers it will seem no doubt like as i said in my first part in this well i think will be a short series because i don't have the patience for it but i'll do a couple more maybe i'll see how i feel after this one but as i said uh the history of heresy is long and sordid and uh there's nothing new under the sun right so it's a bit naive to look at the past through rose-colored glasses it's just naive silly it in the best case scenario and the worst case scenario this man is again i don't understand how he cannot know what i know about the history of heresies in the church i just don't understand how he cannot know what i know it's not like i have libraries full of books i've read a couple of books about the history of the church a couple of books about the history of papacy a councils i mean nothing nothing major an expertise that i have i'm a catholic i'm interested in all things catholic and i've read a few books you know how can i know more about the history of heresy than archbishop marcel i don't chapter 2 they are changing our religion firstly i must dispel a misunderstanding so as not to have to return to it i am not the head of a movement even less the head of a particular church i am not as they never stop writing the leader of the traditionalists oh yeah we're 60 years later and you're being uh touted as the leader of the traditional movement so by some not by all but by some this guy is finding himself eating crow he's on the wrong side of history and it's just the sad sad truth of the matter 60 years later and he's still being held up as the leader of the traditional movement by some not by all so this is a bit of an embarrassing section to listen to here they have come to describe certain persons as le feveris as though it were a case of a party or a school this is an abuse of language i have no personal doctrine in the matter of religion all my life i have held to what i was taught well if you're teaching that there's heresy taught at vatican 2 then this is religion it's your own teaching it's not the catholic teaching the catholic teaching is that vatican ii called by the holy spirit by the inspiration of the holy spirit and protected by the holy spirit right that's what the church teaches your teaching differs from that your teaching contradicts that right from what i've understood here today last time today you seem to be opposed to vatican ii you mentioned heresy being taught at vatican ii that goes against the church teaching at the french seminary in rome namely catholic doctrine according to the interpretation given it by the teaching authority of the church from century to century since the death of the last apostle which marked the end of revelation there should be nothing in that to feed the appetite for sensationalist journalists and through them current public opinion i think you're the one feeding on sensationalism yeah i've i just got an email notification i completely lost my train of thought but i'll just let this play out yet on the 29th of august 1976 the whole of france was excited on hearing that i was going to say mass at lille what was so extraordinary about a bishop i had to preach before a panoply of microphones and each of my remarks was greeted as if it were a striking declaration yet what did i say beyond what any other bishop could have said there lies the key to the enigma the other bishops had been for a number of years no longer saying the same things how often for example have you heard them speaking of the social reign of our lord jesus christ that's a big point that they said of a cantus drill in time and time again but you'll find it in the vatican the second vatican council explicitly talking about the social kingship of christ okay and how the mass is a true sacrifice all the things that the set of econotists deny about vatican ii i've read the documents and those accusations are unfounded completely unfounded because they're explicitly the things that they say are not contained in vatican ii are explicitly contained in the documents of vatican ii my personal experience never ceases to amaze me these bishops for the most part were fellow students with me in rome trained in the very same manner and then all of a sudden i found myself alone but i have invented nothing new i was simply carrying on cardinal garonne even said to me one day they deceived us at the french seminary in rome deceived us in what had he not himself taught the children of his catechism class thousands of times before the council the act of faith my god i firmly believe all the truths thou hast revealed and that thy church doth teach because thou canst neither deceive nor be deceived how have all these bishops been able to metamorphose themselves in this manner i can see only one explanation they were always in france and they let themselves become gradually infected in africa i was protected i came back the year of the council when the harm had already been done vatican ii only opened the gates which were holding back the devastating flood in no time at all even before the end of the fourth session it was catastrophic everything almost was to be swept away are you joking have you read the documents of vatican ii archbishop because prayer is given and have you read the uh the catechism which is based largely on the teachings of the second vatican council prayer is given fully 25 of the document right we have like like all the catechisms that have come before we divide maybe half the catechism because we have the lord's prayer as one of the quarters we have prayer in general we have the liturgy which is prayer i mean what uh what else is there morality right so i think three quarters fully three quarters are about prayer the lord's prayer public prayer the literature uh sorry and uh what do we have we have public prayer private and what's the fourth part i think i just said i'll have to listen back to what i said anyway there's a lot of emphasis on prayer in the documents of the second vatican council and in the catechism and this fourfold division of the catechism is traditional go back to the other catechisms and you'll see that fourfold division right any christian who has an instinct for god a respect for him must be shocked by the manner in which prayers are now said learning prayers by heart as we did is now denigrated as parrot fashion children are no longer taught the words nor do they appear now in the catechisms except for the our father and even that is in a new version of protestant inspiration which makes the children address god as to to do this systematically is not a sign where to begin okay so um with the memorization i've memorized about an hour and a half while maybe an hour's worth of prayers um just because it's more handy than carrying around a sheet of prayers so i had a little pamphlet of prayers so it's up to the individual if they want to have a rich prayer life if they want to decide do you want to be looking at constantly looking at the prayers on a piece of paper or on your cell phone or do you want to memorize them i chose to memorize them even though my memory is infamous anyone who knows me knows i'm not good at remembering things but because it's important to me when things are important to me i remember them and the prayers are important to me i'm not saying my prayer life is rich and good and deep and tranquil it's not but i am it's important to me to prayer pray so i memorize the prayers the other thing uh he just mentioned and is foreign systematically is not a sign of great reverence and it oh boy this is ridiculous his claim that the personal what do you call these pronouns uh like personal pronouns like the second person pronoun singular is two in french vu in uh for the plural so the plural is vu the singular is tu okay in english we only use the plural you we don't say the though okay we say you and yours you you and yours not thee thou and thine okay out of politeness the english are so polite that they never use the informal they only use the formal that's the english language for you okay since whatever century i don't know which century but every book that i've read every prayer book catholic prayer book that i've read that has the imprometer every catholic uh book written by a canonized saint they always always always always address intimate form the the thou all the french prayers i've read that are in catholic books that have the impromature and the nihil upset they all use tu tua le tiene whatever all the forms of the second person singular because there's an intimacy when i first entered the church i entered in a french context and i asked my guide my sponsor my priest my monk who is helping me into the faith teaching me categorizing me i asked him why why would we be intimate with god isn't that an affront like when i meet a new person here in quebec i'm told don't use don't use to use vu because it's polite if someone's older than you if someone you have just met if someone's in a higher position of authority than you if it's a child or someone then you can immediately go to the the intimate or the informal so i asked my priest friend why are we being so informal with god and he just answered because no one knows you more closely and intimately than god god is your closest friend he knows everything about you he wants that that intimacy that proximity the informality when we pray we pray like we're speaking to a friend we don't have all the formality and all of that like you would if you met the queen of england you would have to go through all kinds of formalities but god is there with us 24 7 since our conception since before our conception he knew us before he formed us in the womb so that intimacy is an aid to prayer and it's an aid to philosophically understanding just how well-known we are by god and just how much he wants to be a friend and to listen to us in the vernacular i don't need to speak latin to god i can speak casually as long as it's respectful meaning that i fear god i fear i don't want to displease god i fear offending so we need to have that balance between a healthy and of course a fear of hell a fear of being abandoned by god and without god's grace i know for sure i'm destined for hell so i need to cherish the little faith that i have and help to nurture it nurture that little spark into a flame and hopefully that small and the intimacy that i can have with god the intimacy that god offers me is made manifest in many ways including the intimacy of language i can say thee it's a small thing but it's important thing i think this i think the archbishop misses the point or i've misunderstood his argument we'll see is foreign to the spirit of our language which offers us a choice of styles according to whether we are addressing a superior or a parent or a friend and in the same post conciliar our father one asks god not to lead us into temptation an expression that is equivocal at least while our traditional french version is based on the hebrew what progress is there in this it is interesting to note that the wording has changed exactly on that point that archbishop lefebvre is mentioning here lead us not into temptation right uh how do we phrase it now because i still use the old school form because i'm not too worried about being misunderstood by god i've never i've never understood the uh the need to change it but it's been changed and when i go to french mass we say it in the new with the new ending new ending lord's prayer lead pope francis has risked the wrath of traditionalists by approving a change to the wording of the lord's prayer instead of saying lead us not into temptation it says do not let us fall into right so instead of act god picturing god actively leading us into temptation like when god says he hardened actively hardened the heart of pharaoh god hardened active voice he hardened god hardened the voice excuse me god hardened the we know that god doesn't harden the heart of anyone not in an active way he allows barrow to harden his own heart he allows me to harden my heart he allows you to harden your heart and we speak loosely and we say god hardened my heart god hardened your heart god heart the other guy's heart so here in canada we have switched over to the progressive careful wordings we make sure that there's no ambiguity and i disagree with it in principle i disagree with trying to correct the traditional wording i use the traditional wording lead us not into temptation because i'm not a and i know that god does not lead anyone into temptation because that's what the church teaches teaches church teaches that god does not lead us into temptation and so when i read lead us not into temptation in the lord's prayer i understand that in the light of tradition using the hermeneutic of continuity rather than the hermeneutic rupture i'm not going to go out on the street with my sign and make a parade a protest shouting on the street corner on my soapbox about how god does not lead us into temptation so we need to change the wording of the lord's prayer that's not a battle that interests me so i don't even understand how this change came about i'm on the side of the traditionalists here if they were revolted by that unnecessary change then i sympathize with them right in any case uh it happened first in french i think it uh i think it happened first in english and then it crept into the french and then finally i saw it in the italian masses that i attended the change but anyway it's a very very very very very minor squirmish i don't see the importance of it really myself i mean okay they want to change it whatever but it's not something i'm going to get excited about one way or the other god understands god understands when i when i pray the lord's prayer god understands exactly what i'm doing in that prayer i'm praying the lord's prayer it's the prayer that the lord gave us how shall we pray this is how you pray okay am i going to quibble over wording am i going to say oh excuse me jesus um you know uh theologically blah blah blah no i understand i understand the lord's prayer the essence of it it's like i said it's one quarter of the catechism it's the one it's one quarter of this catechism and every almost every other catechism that i've read and i've read explanations of the lord's prayer time and time again by different saints i don't exaggerate okay maybe three or four interpretations of the lord's prayer it's not rocket science we don't need to get all uptight about wording right like i always emphasize with the sacred deposit of faith we have the tradition much of the tradition but we don't have the original autographs of sacred scripture what we have is a living magisterium that is protected from teaching error concerning faith and morals so that's what we have we don't need to quibble about this translation that translation yes we need to work at it we need to have good scholarship and all the rest but when it comes down to quibbling over how to phrase certain passages in traditional prayers i really don't think it's a big deal god knows your heart he knows why you're praying what you're praying for what your intentions are what your orientation is with respect to him and with respect to heaven so let's get past this topic the familiar style of speech has also invaded the whole body of vernacular liturgy the new sunday missile makes it exclusive and obligatory though one can see no reason for a change so contrary to french style and custom tests have been made in catholic schools with children of twelve or thirteen only a few knew the our father by heart and a few knew their hail mary with one or two exceptions these children did not know the apostles creed the i confess the acts of faith hope and charity and contrition or the angelus or the memorary when i went to opus dei uh yesterday i think that was yesterday um angelus because it was 12 noon and i said yeah i pray it every day but i know it in english so he prayed it with me in english but i didn't realize that he gives the call and i give the response so i was sort of like talking over him and he said okay i'm gonna say my part you say your part and he guided me through but i'm a loner i'm a lone wolf in the church i don't have a lot of guidance i've been seeking spiritual guidance for 11 years now without much luck and so i've just been and uh not really having the community and this opus dei priest emphasized that one of his goals with me one of three or four major goals he has with me is to get me some catholic friends get me some catholic community because he could see based on all kinds of stories that i was telling him he could see that i've not had the community i've not had even a good friendship with a catholic in real life okay it's one thing to chat with people online interview them once every six months or whatever uh do email sort of pen pal stuff with people overseas or in the united states that's very good that's those are true friendships and i love and respect those people and they've enriched my faith and they've given me joy and they've given me true friendship true faith true friendship is defined as of course as helping the other to get to heaven right so i have that i do value that but what this priest emphasized with me is that although that has a lot of value you need to have community you need to have a real life community in the church and i don't have that in my real life just as it's not as satisfying attending or watching mass on the internet which i'm gonna have to do for christmas and new year's and for every sunday until my scheduled appointments to go to private mass it's not the same experience obviously obviously you can get a lot out of it i don't get a lot of it but you can get a lot out of sitting and watching you know so a little bit different with my internet friends and my email friends i get a little bit more out of it than just sitting and passively watching a spectacle watching the mass even though the mass is sacred it's holy it's a true sacrifice but i don't uh if anything it makes me want to be there it makes me frustrated that i'm not there that's how i felt during lockdown the first time around now we're in the anyway end of rant let's continue and see what else he has to say how could they know them when most of them had never even heard them said yes that was my point about prayer i guess that if you care if you care then you'll know the prayer that's it right why do i have about an hour hour and a half's worth of memorized prayers because i have books about prayer and i have my favorite prayers i also have prayers of obligation i have to say these ones in the morning i have to say these ones in the evening the angelus i'm supposed to say at noon divine mercy what i'm supposed to say at 3 pm i don't always hit those targets and i don't really care i don't it's twelve o'clock somewhere and it's three o'clock somewhere right so and i'm during the week it's just uh not possible i do my i do my prayers when i can i do prayers in the morning i do prayer i do some prayers at lunch i do some prayers in the afternoon i just squeeze them in when i can sometimes i just do them on my way home some i do some prayers kneeling here you can see my kneeler there and uh what you can't see is this little white board there that comes off and there's a little mini shrine hidden in there with my hot water tank so uh i've got some religious icons these are the ones that get the approval of my wife because they're similar enough to the greek orthodox icons that she feels comfortable these two here with my little finger you can see it this one and this one these are religious icons painted by my wife so that's a very nice gift she gave me for my birthday a few years ago so she's not totally totally anti-christian anti-catholic but um the ones that are hidden here in this white i can't point because the camera's confusing me but the ones that are hidden here in this white cabinet she doesn't like them she doesn't like them because they look too catholic so those ones are hidden away but she let me get away with quite a lot she didn't like the holy family but she told me take it down and then i took it down then i put it back up and then she told me take it down again i put it back up and the third time i put it back up she hasn't complained since so i i think it's very important to have the holy family because my family's broken and uh my wife's anti-catholic it's just like it's very important to me to have the energy of the holy family i want to have unity and peace in my family unity and peace in my marriage unity and peace in myself unity and peace with my neighbors with my community with my city with my province with my country with my continent with my planet with the universe right unity and peace with the holy family represents that since i'm just rambling i should mention also the shirt's been peaking up from time to time as i adjust myself in my chair saint augustine florida this is a shirt that i got it's a town i think it's one of the oldest towns in florida saint augustine or st augustine and uh i got it just because this is one so continuing with archbishop lefeve prayer must be spontaneous we must speak to god out of the abundance of the heart so they tell us now and they scorn the marvelous education system of the church which has produced and perfected all these prayers which have been the support of the greatest yeah i would not give up the set prayers for anything i cherish the set prayers there's so much condensation so much simplicity and economy and beauty in these prayers that have been hammered out and decades or even centuries right the elegance the simplicity the beauty i can't achieve that i can't achieve that with my prayers my prayers are i love you god thank you god i'm sorry god please help me god nothing too elegant about that but there's a place for that too there's a place for that too the spontaneous prayers i love them i love them why do i love them i actually in terms of performance if you want to use that word without being sacrilegious or blasphemous but in the performance of prayers whether i speak it out loud or whether it's just in my head the performance i much much much much much much prefer the spontaneous little prayers i love you my spirit can soar just by saying to god i love you and i have a little secret love language that i use just between me and god and i don't think anyone would understand it maybe i think my wife would because i have a secret love language with my wife too so she's the one that maybe one of the few who would understand my secret love language but in any case um i love telling god that i love him i love in a more sorrowful way telling him that i'm sorry for being a disgusting sinner being so weak i wish i didn't have to be weak but i am okay so i enjoy expressing my sorrow to god i enjoy asking god for things i don't begrudgingly ask because god wants me to ask the saints tell me that and saint augustine tells me in particular that god wants us to ask much more than we want to ask his desire for us to ask is so much greater infinitely greater than our desire to ask god for this favor that so i make a little effort and try to ask god for stuff but i'm not very good at that i'm not the only thing the only thing i ask for god is for true and lasting conversion that's the main thing i ask for all day every day the true and lasting conversion of all sinners past present future most especially myself my wife and those are close to us and i can rattle on with the different names of those who are close to us or the categories of people that are close to us those that are close to us in space spatially those that are close to us in time here we are in the 21st century those who are close to us in both space and time so here and now i have this person close to me those who are close to us in terms of family ties family relationships those who are close to us in terms of uh other relationships those that are close to us in terms of our likes right oh i'm a big fan of charlie chaplin so i'm praying for those who are close to me in that way i'm playing praying for those who are close to me in other ways i don't like garlic so i'm praying for those who are close to me in that way is it silly to imagine all these different ways that i have proximity with people in different dimensions it's a bit silly yeah but the the basic idea is i'm praying for everyone all circumstances all places and times and uh i want the same thing for my enemy that i want for myself and my loved ones and that is true and lasting conversion because if the conversion is not true it's no good if it's true but not lasting then my hell will be worth worse than it would have been if i'd never converted at all saint paul talks about this very clearly and it's just common sense and intuitive and all the saints confirm that intuition right so for myself or the others i want true and lasting conversion that's what it's all about how many still practice and encourage morning and evening prayers well i'm a novice ordo catholic i came into the corrupt church and you know what i mean when i say corrupt church i mean the members are corrupt i came into the corrupt church in 2009 and i do morning and evening prayers where did i get that did i get it from archbishop marcel lefeve and the sspx and the rad trads and the set of accantus or did i get it from mother church so this is again stuff in nonsense blessing and thanksgiving at meals i have learned that in many catholic schools they no longer want the prayer at the start of the lesson on the pretext that some of the pupils are unbelievers or belong to other religions and that it would not do to affront their consciences or display a triumphalist spirit they congratulate themselves on receiving in these schools a large majority of non-catholics and even non-christians and doing nothing to lead them to god the young catholics meanwhile must conceal their faith this on the pretext of respecting the opinions of their schoolmates okay i can't really really relate to all of this because i am in a world that has always been anti-catholic it's always been secular it's always been atheistic it's always been satanic that's the world i know that's the world i came into so if i can have a couple of books that are truly catholic i got the bible i got a couple of books of the saints i got catechism some of the council writings whatever if i could have just a couple of books small shelf full like what i have here and this i reduced my physical book collection because i just don't like the burden of it we move way too often here in montreal because the greedy landlords want to kick us out all the time we don't own we rent so um i don't have a lot of heavy books right but i given away to the church a lot of really really excellent books but i just need a few and that's basically enough if i can have access to the sacraments to fuel my prayer life and i got a few books that's enough it doesn't take much to fuel my faith and uh i can be as traditional as archbishop marcel lefeve ever was and if i'm right about my hunch about the archbishop i'm more traditional because if you reject anything that mother church offers you especially the infallible ecumenical council that is known as the second vatican council if you reject that then i'm more traditional than you period right so this is all just a hypothetical fantasy comparing my traditionalism with lefevz right it's neither here nor there it's more of a joke than an actual uh comparison where i would say i'm more traditional than lefeve and all the sspx and all of that rad trads instead of the candice i do believe it's true i do believe that i am more traditional than these people because it's not traditional to stray from other church right but i don't make a big deal of it i'm mentioning it as a sort of gold to anyone that might be on the fence with tradition so-called traditionalism right you know if you know my channel you know i hate prefixes to christ don't put a prefixed prefix on christ i'm not a traditional christian i'm not a charismatic christian so that's the most traditional place you can be is to just be catholic period that's where i'm at that's where i want to be that's where i'm striving to be am i a holy man no i would say archbishop marcel lefeve is probably he was better meaning holier right i would easily admit that that's not the issue at stake during this talk about the confused catholics there's some things where even though i'm not holy i'm less confused about catholicism than archbishop lefeve was apparently if i'm right in my understanding of this letter the genuflection is now practiced only by a small number of the faithful it has been replaced by a nod of the head or more often by nothing at all one enters a church and sits down the furniture has been changed the pre dues broken up for firewood often seats have been installed if you're wondering what the predict is it's right here that's the little uh bench you can put your elbows on it to pray and your knees go on the padded part which you can't see here but there's a padded part on the bottom you've seen them at churches i three four years ago i paid i don't know what i paid for it maybe and i showed it to my priest and he approved so seems a little bit weird to buy a preview but i bought it put it in my shrine at it for a couple of years so that's what a pre-jew is he means pray you means god so that's how you pray to god on your knees dolled similar to those in cinemas thereby allowing the public to be more comfortably seated when the church the jumbo recliner uh church puno i haven't seen that one yet so maybe the reform of the reform took place in the 60s or 70s before i entered the church i don't know but that sounds bizarre church is used for a concert i that i have seen i'm disgusted by that i'm disgusted by the fact that we're renting out our churches in montreal for secular music i understand the church is bankrupt uh financially um here in quebec anyway but uh i just doesn't seem right to me i'm also turned off at my local parish because there's boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom all during the mass every sunday constant boom boom boom boom the music from the church basement why because there's an african protestant church that plays loud rock and roll music and i guess they sing i haven't heard the singing voices i just hear the bass of the drum boom boom boom boom altering the mass i mentioned it to the priest who happens to be of african descent i'm assuming he's someone made a joke recently about how it used to be taboo to call um people colored people and now we have to say people of color what's the difference like people of color colored person i just don't get it like all this racism stuff in the states is ridiculous it's all just completely ridiculous so much attention on skin color like what is what am i pasty white yellow pink like it's disgusting if you want to start describing my skin color you're going to turn your stomach i remember in the comment section one time one of my first uh videos that i did because i used to just hide my ugly face and when i got my webcam and i started showing my ugly face someone made a comment not on my channel but on someone else's channel made a comment about my welsh tan because it's just so pasty and disgusting with my sickly power but you know that's my heritage my heritage i'm the poster child for the white boy i'm irish scottish english and welsh boom and some scandinavian according to these dna things which i think are very very loose but anyway it came up pretty unanimous it's like the british isles i'm whiter than white so this whole racism thing is such a joke it's so pathetic it's such a waste of time and energy it's like i don't want i don't want people uh analyzing my skin tone it's disgusting right at least when i see when i see someone who's not pasty and white and sickly like i am they look beautiful they have nice darker skin olive skin and the mediterranean people they have nice brown skin in many parts of the world very very nice tone darker you know looks very nice jet blasting jet black skin looks amazing you know if you're gonna design a human it seems like that's the way you design it like a nice swarthy color black but beautiful this is what the the church is described as in the song of songs right the swarthy dark church well the lover you know ice worthy dark lover lover the church says i'm black but beautiful or is it the lover that says the beloved that says she's black but she's beautiful saint bernard of clairvaux does a nice analysis of the song of songs and he talks about the church how she's black but beautiful and that blackness of course corresponds with another type of the church that being the ark of noah one of my favorite icons i've got the icon of noah just up there i wonder if you can you can't see it it's too small but i'll point to it if i can get my arm to cooperate i feel like i've got some mental illness here trying to point with the mirror background my finger is on it right there you can see that's the icon of noah with his boat and the boat was covered inside and out with black pitch but the beauty on the inside is that light coming in from out right so you go into the darkness through the dark little door you crouch and you go in and you once you're inside you see the glorious light coming through it probably wasn't stained glass windows but that's how i imagine it because that's how the church is right we even have the nave that those roofs are shaped like noah's ark for a reason so the church is black covered with pitch so it can float so it can save you it's the only way to be despite uh rumors to the contrary and despite rumors by people like lefeve who want to say oh vatican two did away with no salvation outside of the church poppycock there's one church there's one truth there's one christ there's one god so uh yeah so the african music that plays at my sunday mass coming emanating from the basement it's eminently annoying eminently aggravating and i talk to my priest who happens to be a black man a person of color and we rent a note you know and at least it's a christian group so it's a christian community and you know thank god for that and i agree they seem like nice people i see them pouring into the basement before mass because it just so happens that their service is at the same time that the mass takes place on sunday morning anyway i don't want to complain but i'm just saying that the secular music would be even worse and there are many many churches that uh have been turned into condominiums so that's even worse i think than occasionally renting it out to a secular rock band or there was a demonic event that was hosted in one of the churches here in montreal a lot of my friends wanted to go to it it was explicitly demonic it was uh it's gallus a greek satanist okay imagine where is it here okay imagine renting out a catholic parish to the amanda galas the mesmerizing singer explains how hiv aids catholicism and injustice inspired a lifelong crusade to sing the truth so imagine renting out your catholic parish god help her i mean i'm sure she's a lovely woman who's just deeply deeply disturbed i wish her nothing but the best but as the pastor as the head priest of a church allowing this to take place like that the concerts that she puts on are are they explicitly satanic in a tongue-in-cheek way probably i mean that's that's how my satanism was when i was a satanist it does that make it acceptable for the if i did if i did my uh naked genitalia blow ups i had photographs of my genitalia not just life-size but 10 times life-size plastered onto the side of an art gallery if i did that in a catholic church when i was a satanist do you think that uh the danger of being an atheist is not that you'll believe nothing as chesterton famously quipped it's not the danger of believing nothing is the danger of believing absolutely everything and i'm living proof of that i went through so many crazy world views because if you don't believe in something you'll fall for as the old saying goes so yes i'm in complete agreement with lefeve that uh the secular movement the secular music and church is a danger and uh it's just one of many abuses that i think since pentecost i have been told of the case of the blessed sacrament chapel in a big parish church in paris which used to be visited by a number of people working nearby during their lunch hour one day it was closed for work to be carried out when the doors were opened again the pre-do's had disappeared on a comfortable pile carpet were deep upholstered seats evidently expensive and of the sort found in the reception foyers of big companies or airlines the compartment of the faithful changed at once some knelt on the carpet but most made themselves comfortable and meditated before the tabernacle cross-legged the parish clergy certainly had some intention in their minds one does not embark on expensive changes or alterations without thinking of what one is doing what we are seeing here is the desire to modify the relationship of man to god in the direction of familiarity and it's a horrifying story he just told it's horrifying and i'd like to say that i can't believe it that it's true no it couldn't be but i've seen stuff it's almost that bad maybe even worse okay it's hard to rate these abuses one that comes to mind which horrified me and i told it to my opus dei priest was the uh buffet the smack buffet that was set up at the back of an ultra liberal progressive catholic church here in montreal i won't name it you can private message me email me if you want why would you want to know you want to go there and visit it i mean it's just i just avoid the place like the plague very progressive and it looks visually different from the outside it's got banners peace love hippie stuff whatever but if you go inside on a sunday morning sandwiches chips pop whatever some more i guess brunchy type foods and there's coffee in the tea and water and everything and people are just back there mainly the men are back there before the mass right so they're supposed to fast you're supposed to ask i think they misunderstood and they they understood it to mean oh be sure you feast before mass make sure you don't forget to feast before mass oh don't worry we got that covered we've got a a whole table of food back here so we can remember we can always remember to feast before mass ridiculous i couldn't i couldn't believe it and that was just one blatant abuse and there were many many other blatant abuses i saw that day it ah and i spoke with the priest afterwards and i just gently tried to find out if he thought he was catholic and he just kept bragging about oh his his youth group hockey team the boys are so happy and they have so much fun and they go camping in the summer and they do this and they do that and how much fun he has with the young boys and i hope to god i hope to god i pray to god that there was not sexual abuse with these boys that this priest was so excited about i don't want to i don't want to disparage anyone i'm not going to name him i'm not going to tell you the name of the parish okay but i was creeped out i was creeped out by the whole thing the whole experience creeped me out and i think you'll that uh it's not right it's not right it's disgusting anyway i wish that priest well i wish this will perish well and you know i can't judge the heart of anyone but i can certainly judge object objectively that's wrong that's not good so let's i think i'm going to wrap it up i'll find a good moment to wrap it up here as if we were dealing with him as equals how can one acquire a conviction that one is in the presence of the creator and sovereign lord of all things if one suppresses the gestures that embody the virtue of religion does one not also run the risk of diminishing the sense of the real presence in the tabernacle catholics are likewise bewildered by the obstinate partiality to banality and even vulgarity in the manner in which places of worship are treated everything that contributed to the beauty of the buildings and the splendor of the ceremonies is decried as triumphalism the decor must now be nearer to that of everyday life but in the ages of faith they offered to god the most precious things they had it was only in the village church that were to be seen just those things that do not belong to the everyday world pieces of gold work paintings silks lace embroidery and the statues of the blessed virgin crowned with jewels christians made financial sacrifices to honor almighty god in the best way they could okay 23 minutes 20 seconds into the six and a half hour monstrosity it is interesting to listen to it is it is so i'll do another episode if i can tomorrow see how it goes uh might have some busy days coming up here but uh you know obviously i have sympathy for the traditionalist so-called archbishop lefebvre is right to be annoyed aggravated and disgusted by the sorts of things he's describing here is of course of course we have to keep our eyes on the prize we have to resist the temptation to throw out the right so that's it i'll leave it there for now i'm hoping to come back tomorrow and do another one we'll see how it goes so that's it thanks for listening thanks for watching take care of yourselves and we'll talk you